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Their Name Is Adah and Noah Lesslie: Two White Children Among Those Whites Murdered by Black NFL Player
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Katie Miller Lesslie, Jeff Lesslie, Noah and Adah Lesslie:

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When was the last time a white individual murdered a black family?



The corporate/regime media would never let us forget this heinous crime. NEVER.

Academia would never fail in rehashing this story and Hollywood (every streaming service) would never fail in retelling the story.

Nevertheless, their Name is is Adah and Noah Lesslie. They were two white children murdered by a black NFL player. [NFL player Phillip Adams killed 5, including 2 kids and himself, in South Carolina: Authorities,, April 8, 2021]:

Former NFL player Phillip Adams fatally shot five people, including a prominent doctor, his wife and their two grandchildren before killing himself early Thursday.

York County Sheriff Kevin Tolson told a news conference that investigators had not yet determined a motive for Wednesday’s mass shooting.

“There’s nothing right now that makes sense to any of us,” Tolson said.

Dr. Robert Lesslie, 70, and his wife, Barbara, 69, were pronounced dead in their home in Rock Hill along with grandchildren Adah Lesslie, 9, and Noah Lesslie, 5, the York County coroner’s office said.

A man who had been working at the Lesslie home, James Lewis, 38, from Gaston, was found shot to death outside. A sixth victim, Robert Shook, 38, of Cherryville, North Carolina, was flown to a Charlotte hospital, where he was in critical condition “fighting hard for his life,” said a cousin, Heather Smith Thompson.

At Thursday’s news conference, Tolson played audio of two 911 calls, the first from an HVAC company that employed Lewis and Shook. One of the men, the caller said, had called him “screaming” and saying that he had been shot, and that his coworker was shot and “unresponsive.”

“I think there’s been a bad shooting,” a different man said in a second 911 call, saying he was outside cutting his grass and heard “about 20” shots fired at the Lesslie home before seeing someone leave the house.

Tolson said evidence at the scene led authorities to Adams as a suspect. He said they went to Adams’ parents’ home, evacuated them and then tried to talk Adams out of the house. Eventually, they found him dead of a gunshot wound to the head.

Tolson said both a .45-caliber and 9mm weapon were used in Wednesday’s shooting.

A person briefed on the investigation told The Associated Press earlier Thursday that Adams had been treated by Lesslie, who lived near his parents’ home. The person spoke on condition of anonymity because he wasn’t authorized to speak publicly.

However, Tolson would not confirm that Adams had been the doctor’s patient.

Lesslie worked for decades as an emergency room doctor, board-certified in both emergency medicine and occupational medicine and serving as emergency department medical director for nearly 15 years at Rock Hill General Hospital, according to his website.

He and his wife had four children and nine grandchildren, and were actively involved with their church, as well as with Camp Joy, which works with children with disabilities and where Lesslie served as camp physician for a week each summer. On Thursday, Tolson said the family had asked that any memorials be made to the camp.

Adams, 32, played in 78 NFL games over five seasons for six teams. He joined the 49ers in 2010 as a seventh-round draft pick out of South Carolina State, and though he rarely started, he went on to play for New England, Seattle, Oakland and the New York Jets before finishing his career with the Atlanta Falcons in 2015.

As a rookie, Adams suffered a severe ankle injury and never played for the 49ers again. Later, with the Raiders, he had two concussions over three games in 2012.

Whether he suffered long-lasting concussion-related injuries wasn’t immediately clear. Adams would not have been eligible for testing as part of a broad settlement between the league and former players over such injuries, because he hadn’t retired by 2014.

Adams’ father told a Charlotte television station he blamed football for his son’s problems, which might have led him to commit Wednesday’s violence.

“I can say he’s a good kid — he was a good kid, and I think the football messed him up,” Alonzo Adams told WCNC-TV.

Deputies were called around 4:45 p.m. Wednesday to the Lesslies’ home, and evacuated the neighbors as they searched for hours for a suspect.

Allison Hope, who lives across from Adams’ parents’ home, about a mile from the Lesslies, said police allowed her to return home around 9 p.m. Wednesday. Moments later, a vehicle pulled into the Adams’ driveway and law enforcement quickly surrounded the property.

She said they spent hours negotiating with Phillip Adams, using a loudspeaker and sending in a robot to scan the house. She said authorities repeatedly asked Adams to come out, and promised to get his disabled mother out safely, before Adams shot himself.

“This is something I can’t grasp yet. I can’t put it all together and I’m trying to,” Hope said.

Adams often isolated himself, even as a player, his agent, Scott Casterline, told the AP. Casterline said he spoke regularly with Adams’ father, who left him a voicemail Wednesday morning.

“This is so unlike him. He had to not be in his right mind, obviously,” Casterline said, adding that Adams struggled away from the game.

“He had an injury his rookie year. Some teams wrote him off and he had that stigma of a guy who was hurt,” Casterline said. “It was hard for him to walk away from the game, especially a guy as dedicated as he was.”

“We encouraged him to explore all of his disability options and he wouldn’t do it,” Casterline added. “I knew he was hurting and missing football but he wouldn’t take health tips offered to him. He said he would but he wouldn’t.”

“I felt he was lost without football, somewhat depressed.”

Cowboys cornerback Kevin Smith, who trained Adams, said the former NFL player had opened a shop selling smoothies before COVID-19 hit. Both he and Casterline emphasized Adams didn’t drink or do drugs.


Lesslie founded two urgent care centers and had traveled the country giving lectures to an emergency nurses’ group, his website said. He wrote a weekly medical column for The Charlotte Observer and became a prolific author, writing several volumes with advice on how to lower cholesterol and blood pressure, and lose weight.

The physician also penned a number of collections of what he termed “inspiring true stories” from his work.

“I know without a doubt that life is fragile,” Lesslie wrote in one of those books, “Angels in the ER.”

When you have children, every illusion in life fades. Everything you ever believed as theoretical becomes irrelevant and the protection of your children becomes paramount.

There was a mass black on white shooting (murder) only a few days ago, and the names Adah and Noah Lesslie mean literally nothing to Americans across the nation. They were two white children murdered by a former black NFL player.

And no one cares.

White privilege? Structural equality? Implicit bias?

Tell Adah and Noah Lesslie how much these ideas exist.

RIP Adah and Noah Lesslie.

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  1. loren says:


    An illegal alien stands accused of murdering his neighbor in the sanctuary jurisdiction of Chicago, Illinois, after suing the city’s police department for including him in a “gang database” of suspects.

    Luis Pedrote Salinas, a 30-something illegal alien, has been arrested and charged after allegedly murdering his next-door neighbor, 41-year-old Francisco Zamora, in the victim’s home this month

  2. loren says:

    If you’ve seen the 2009 film The Blind Side, then you’ll remember it as the heartwarming story of Michael Oher, a homeless boy who becomes an all-American athlete after being taken in by a caring family. But you may not have been aware that the movie is actually based on a true story, which makes it that much more heartfelt.

  3. Notice how everyone interviewed is making excuses for this child-murdering animal?

    -“He a good boy”
    -“Not in his right mind”
    -“Feetsball dun did him wrong”
    -“He was isolated”
    -“He was so dedicated to the game”

    No matter how evil they act, people always have to diminish their responsibility.

    I would think that oppressed people would find themselves being unfairly blamed for things as opposed to always having excuses made on their behalf…

    • Agree: Augustus
    • Replies: @loren
  4. DMZABO says:

    Imagine this……A negro with mental health issues ? And it’s deplorable that the leftist pig Marxist news media goes right for the “football concussion“ excuse. They have said on the radio I was listening to that they could identify only 2 known concussions during his NFL career . So if that’s all it takes then “Honky Cracker” Troy Aikman and his over 20 documented NFL concussions should be a closeted serial killer by now? This concussion issue is nothing more than a cover up for negro mental dysfunctions.

  5. unit472 says:

    Adams didn’t just happen to have a gun on him and fly into a rage at the doctors office. Adams was hunting the doctor and went to Lesslie’s home intent on killing everyone there.

    Despite his good fortune to have had 6 seasons with the NFL ( earning far more than what most Americans earn in a lifetime) he had blown through his money and, at age 32, he was a man with no skills or ability to do anything other than run fast. There would be no more cheering crowds or million dollar contracts. If his life was over then he would end the lives of other, more successful people to show them he still mattered.

  6. anon[221] • Disclaimer says:

    pap said he was good, yt-murder presumably ok in de thug-communerty

  7. TNC says:

    Once again, the wrong people are rioting

  8. loren says:
    @SCuba Steve

    liberals hate responsibility…that shift the blame is a ‘he was not responsible’ thing.

    did he have a motive? was it ‘no pills, i kills’? he even killed the gardener.

  9. You ask the question “When was the last time a white individual murdered a black family?”

    The answer is 1996. Sort of.

    That was the year that two white rednecks raped a young black girl. Of course this was not in the real world but rather in a Hollywood movie. Because in the real world interracial rape is always black men raping white girls and women not the other way around. In “A Time to Kill” Mr. black ubiquity – the black guy who is in every Hollywood movie – Samuel L. Jackson plays the father of a little black girl in Mississippi who is raped and murdered by evil white men and when he murders the white guys and is persecuted by all the racists in the Deep South and you get a court room drama. As the white hero lawyer Matthew McConaughey struggles to free him – he is up against the all powerful Ku Klux Klan.

    Just like real life?

    • Thanks: Achmed E. Newman
    • Replies: @SCuba Steve
    , @Alden
  10. HT says:

    Many of these savages walk a fine line each day. It does not take much to cause them to engage in senseless violence. Why do people act so shocked when blacks do violent things when in reality it isn’t that unusual? Yes the level of what he did is truly shocking but insane senseless violence is what characterizes them. There is a reason segregation existed and it was to protect civilized people. We now have a country where civilized people are no longer protected and the savages are free to roam. And of course, the same excuses will be made that society is to blame for this horrific event instead of the savage who did it.

  11. Incredible as it seems.. MSM has barely touched this event and the few stories I have read have a link to suicide prevention at the end of the story. Suicide prevention!!! Because the rocket scientist offed himself.

  12. WOW This whole article is just to stroke White lib buffoons and kneegrow worshiping idiots to virtue themselves straight to (he-double hockey sticks.) “””She said they spent hours negotiating with the gunman, using a loudspeaker and sending in a robot to scan the house. She said authorities repeatedly asked the gunman to come out, and promised to get his disabled mother out safely, before the gunman shot himself.

    “This is something I can’t grasp yet. I can’t put it all together and I’m trying to, and I witnessed it,” Hope said. “I feel bad for him because if it was mental or something going on in his life or whatever, you know, he needed help, and that’s the sad part.”

    The gunman often isolated himself, even as a player, his agent, Scott Casterline, told the AP. Casterline said he spoke regularly with the gunman’s father, who left him a voicemail Wednesday morning.

    “He was part of my family. I loved him. He’s a great kid, a great guy. This is so unlike him. He had to not be in his right mind, obviously,” Casterline said.

    “All of us who knew Phillip are shaking our heads. He struggled away from the game. I tried to get him to come to Texas. I was going to find him a job, but he wouldn’t leave South Carolina because he had a son. He was a good father.”

    “Seeing Phillip shoot two kids, it’s not him. I can’t fathom it. It’s devastating for the victims and the families,” Casterline said.

    Former Cowboys cornerback Kevin Smith, who trained the gunman leading up to the 2010 draft and after he entered the league, said he was a hard worker. He and Casterline both said the gunman had opened a shop selling smoothies and juice before COVID-19 hit and emphasized he didn’t drink or do drugs.””” I cannot believe all the lying BS coming out of these peoples mouths. If it’s some black mass shooter thug it’s “he was a goot boy,DINDUNUFFINS” …looking for all these imaginary reasons why. And no one cares about the contributing,necessary White humans who were exterminated. Hardly any sympathy at all for the REAL people harmed.Instead it just spews lies and BS about what a great guy this black degenerate was. Unreal. Just unreal. And always excuses .Always all these outside forces. Oh,it was because of football. LOL. yea ok.

  13. Bite Moi says:

    dindunuffins———-I highly doubt that Mr. Orc just snapped.Bet he has at least a couple dozen prior arrests.

  14. loren says:

    los angeles…what others say it was 25 white families and 5 colored.
    Fox 11 Los Angeles
    23h ·
    BREAKING: County Supervisor Janice Hahn Friday announced new legislation that will allow Bruce’s Beach in Manhattan Beach to be returned to the descendants of Willa and Charles Bruce, a Black couple who were subjected to years of harassment for operating a beach resort that was ultimately condemned and seized by the city nearly 100 years ago.

  15. KenH says:

    Well as usual the media excuse machine is at work vindicating the animalistic negro for his senseless murder of white people. But if a former white NFL player murdered a black family then it would be an example of the hideous evil of the white race and the FBI would be busily looking through his social media posts for any evidence of wrongthink.

  16. I wonder if the clown in the White House will admit that everything was incorrect about this incident, from the color of the assailant committing a mass murder, right down the wrong weapons being used? From everything I’m hearing lately (evidence aside) AR-15’s are always used, and it’s nearly always a crazy white boy doing the killing. I guess this explains the confusion on getting a handle on the who, what and why.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  17. Just dropping in to read the updates.

  18. Bite Moi says:

    dindunuffins———-I highly doubt that Mr. Orc just snapped.Bet he has at least a couple dozen prior arrests.

  19. RickTen99 says:

    The majority of negroes lack the all important anger control gene. It’s simply gone or was never replaced when the tree monkeys decided to walk on two not on four. Violence erupts in a fraction of a second when most negroes are denied something or disagree with whatever. Commonly called the “chimpout” it makes sense that somewhere the anger control switch is missing from their body components.

  20. Thanks Paul… I have been very ill for the last few months.

    I looks like It’s getting harder and harder to put anything on the internet. Especially the truth.

  21. D-FENS says:

    I just saw an ad for a doorbell/security camera that tells anyone approaching that they are being monitored. The ad was narrated by an obvious negress and the porch pirate discouraged by the system was a blonde White male.

    So sick of this shit!

  22. @Patrick Boyle

    little black girl in Mississippi who is raped and murdered by evil white men

    They actually didn’t kill her. If they’d been black rapists, they’d likely have killed her and set her on fire (we know how much they like fire).

  23. What is the connection between this former NFL player and the family he killed? None of the articles I’ve read discusses this point. Was he a former patient of this doctor?

    • Replies: @AnalogMan
    , @Patrick in SC
  24. Tell Adah and Noah Lesslie how much these ideas exist.

    Dylann Roof didn’t kill any children. Just sayin…

    • Replies: @loren
  25. @DMZABO

    I keep pointing out certain things about blacks but people on this website fail to acknowledge these basic truths. I despair.

    Yes, you know that blacks in America have an IQ of 85 – a full standard deviation lower than the IQ of whites. Everyone knows that, but do you realize that this means that the whole upper cohort of intelligence in America is going to be largely vacant of blacks? In other words for the most important positions in society, Black Lives simply Don’t Matter. The math is not that hard.

    I keep trying to explain that the shape of the Normal Curve implies that the 15 IQ point difference factoid understates the real world situation. If you focus on the crucial top 2% the white/black IQ difference is huge – almost 13 times. Those 15 points at their respective means, implies that black people who are smart enough to actually matter to the world are almost totally missing. This is an observation that corresponds to normal perception but is often lost on those who don’t understand the implications of the the shape of the normal curve.

    I would be encouraged if anyone who posts here would acknowledge the 13X figure. It’s bad enough that the liberals and neo-Marxists try to diminish the real and profound differences between the races but to have the racially enlightened ignore the palpable facts is discouraging.

    The issue that brings me here this afternoon is the statement that – “Imagine this……A negro with mental health issues ?” I have posted here at least a three times recently the factoid that the American Blacks receive the diagnosis of schizophrenia at three times the rate of whites in America. Why doesn’t anyone bother to mention that when they comment? Do you think I just made it up?

    If you don’t believe me – look it up. It’s not really controversial. Blacks are indeed crazy. Or maybe I should say that they are the crazy race. If you don’t want to bother with looking it up, I can provide references. I have a whole book in my library on how a liberal professor explains away this well known fact as a product of white doctors being intimidated by the Civil Rights Movement in the sixties. He doesn’t say it isn’t true – because everyone in medicine knows it to be a fact – blacks are judged crazy far for often than whites or Asians – but he blames it on whitey.

    I am occasionally challenged on this blog – but not often enough.

    I see today on the news that the Biden administration is trying to phase out the SAT tests. You should be concerned. This is an idea put forward by the Marxists in the Biden Administration. Remember the one thing both the Commies and the Nazis could agree on was to abolish IQ and IQ like tests. The Commies because they believed that the state could have anyone master any skill through government action. This led to the doctrine of the “New Soviet Man” freed from his heredity by his revolutionary politics. This of course led to Lysenkoism and mass starvation – first in Russia and even more disastrously in Red China where it killed 65 million Chinese in a few years. The worst disaster in human history man made or natural. The Nazis didn’t like IQ tests because such tests showed that the Ubermensch Nazis were not as smart as the supposedly Untermensch Jews.

    Political freedom demands IQ tests. Oppose this dangerous trend. I’m preparing a new video on the communist threat – Joe Biden.

    • Thanks: DMZABO
  26. @D-FENS

    The whitest demographic in America is a burglar in a Brinks commercial…

  27. @loren

    I bet the resort was justly and properly condemned for being a public nuisance.

    • Agree: SCuba Steve
  28. Despicable white democrats are just as bad as the people who keep targeting and murdering on the basis of race. No one in their right minds can’t see by now what the face of the democratic party leaders really look like.

  29. loren says:
    @SCuba Steve

    dylann [what a spelling] was he the jew in the trench coat mafia, on meds?

    Lifestyles of the Rich and Marxist: Patrisse Cullors
    Maybe you can make a good living with a major in moonbattery after all. Patrisse Cullors describes herself as a “trained Marxist.” As a founder of Black Lives Matter, she has played a key role in turning the country against itself, driving crime into the stratosphere by hamstringing the police, causing $billions in riot damages, and destroying innumerable lives. It has all worked out fine for Patrisse:

    A secluded mini-compound tucked into L.A.’s rustic and semi-remote Topanga Canyon was recently sold for a tad more than $1.4 million to a corporate entity that public records show is controlled by Patrisse Khan-Cullors, 37-year-old social justice visionary and co-founder of the galvanizing and, for some, controversial Black Lives Matter movement.

    Kahn-Cullors, a UCLA and USC graduate married [sic] about five years ago to social activist (and amateur boxer) Janaya Khan, co-founder of Black Lives Matter Toronto, created the #BlackLivesMatter hashtag in 2013 in response to George Zimmerman’s acquittal in the 2012 shooting of Trayvon Martin…

    from moonbattery, link to photos there…having been to topanga, its very rural and white, near malibu.

    • Replies: @SCuba Steve
  30. loren says:

    moon battery

    Race-Based Healthcare Access in Boston
    Equity demands that everything to be controlled by the government and distributed according to the cultural Marxist caste system — not just the money you earn but also healthcare:

    A Boston hospital says it will offer “preferential care based on race” and “race-explicit interventions” in an attempt to engage in an “antiracist agenda for medicine” based on critical race theory.

    In the near future, people will be left to die because they are white. Advocating race-based vaccine distribution was only foreshadowing.

    A Boston Review article titled “An Antiracist Agenda for Medicine” lays out a plan from Brigham and Women’s Hospital that implements a “reparations framework” for distributing medical resources in order to “comprehensively confront structural racism.”

    Only liberals could impose blatant, malicious racism where no racism previously existed while congratulating themselves for confronting racism. Their capacity for sanctimonious hypocrisy is surreal.

    If you don’t agree that you should be deprioritized for medical care because of your race, on top of being denied care, you may be canceled as a racist. Meanwhile, preferred

    • Agree: Sick 'n Tired
    • Replies: @Bite Moi
    , @SCuba Steve
  31. R.I.P. little ones.
    You two certainly didn’t deserve this.

  32. AnalogMan says:
    @Abelard Lindsey

    Was he a former patient of this doctor?


  33. @D-FENS

    It should have a black person snooping around and then the voice coming from the security system says, Whoooo-oooo! I’s be da ghost of old racist crackas!

  34. loren says:

    first Black woman Supreme Court justice. [like wow]

    Demand Justice
    We can’t afford to risk Democrats losing control of the Senate before President Biden can follow through on his promise to nominate the first Black woman Supreme Court justice.

    It’s time for Justice Breyer to announce his retirement.

  35. HT says:

    The media basically buries these horrific hate crimes when they involve a black killing whites. I guess the next phase will be the media actually celebrating black on white murders as part of their evolving social justice mission.

  36. (you can’t handle the truth!) NFL Superstar Murders entire white family in heinous Racist HATE CRIME. there, i fixed the title for you! you’re welcome.

  37. All hands on deck! Feds and Philly Locals Generalize Negro Violence to All!

    • Replies: @AR in Illinois
  38. @Abelard Lindsey

    I believe he was (a former patient of the doctor, that is).

    • Replies: @Alden
  39. Bite Moi says:

    loren——–My wife is an RN.She maintains that the current heath system does not ,in fact,meet the needs of her black patient’s.They do not give a damn about “tests”,plan of care,who da doctor be,or their diagnosis unless dying.Meeting their needs is as simple as loading their ass up with heavy duty pain meds,Ativan,and feeding them,and their extended “famblies” every 2 hours.

    • Replies: @Sick 'n Tired
  40. Bite Moi says:
    @Patrick Boyle

    Patrick Boyle——-Unless they are isolated almost entirely fron negroes,even White liberals can see the difference in IQ.Those White liberals who only interact with the top 1% of blacks definitely don’t see the IQ gap.I assume,like me,you have also read “The Bell Curve” and “Whitey on the Moon”. THEY are not like US. There is no “Talented 10th.Maybe there is a talented 0.5-1%.The remainder of that “Talented 10th”,if White, would just be Joe and Jane average.

  41. @Patrick Boyle

    I agree with everything you had to say. Even when it comes to the military, the so-called “tip of the spear” is solid white~ blacks are in the rear with the gear. As for blacks and mental illness, I’m sure it goes far further than schizophrenia- I’ve noticed that blacks tend to be highly OCD in that they’ll repeat the same phrase ten thousand times like a demented parrot on crack when excited or agitated. They simply can’t help it. Trying to shut them up is like going down to the beach with a broom and trying to sweep all the waves back into the ocean~ an effort in futility. I’m sure other disorders and illnesses (such as narcissism) are more prevalent in that population as well. Put simply, they’re a mess. We don’t even have to go into their crime rates.

    As for the 13X figure, I believe that you’ve pointed it out before and noted that in all the major scientific awards/prizes, blacks are glaringly absent~ which is no surprise to anyone paying attention.

    Phasing out the SAT test doesn’t surprise me- can’t make them look bad now, can we? If entry into Colleges and Universities was based purely on merit, the black population in said institutions would plummet drastically. Even worse is United Airlines declaring that they’ll insist on 50% of their new pilots being minorities which, of course, means they won’t be selected on the basis of merit or skill but on the melanin content of their skin. They’ll be Affirmative Actioned right into the pilots seat but hopefully there’ll be a White or Asian co-pilot who can take over when the inevitable happens.

    • Replies: @Raccoon
  42. Alden says:
    @Patrick in SC

    So were thousands of local residents former patients of Dr Leslie.

    • Replies: @AnalogMan
  43. Alden says:
    @Patrick Boyle

    Both book and movie “ A Time To Kill were based on the rape of 2 little White girls by a black.

    Race traitor author John Grisham reversed the races 2 White men rape and kill 1 black girl. If his own 8 and 9 year old daughters were raped and killed by Black Muslims Grishman would turn the atrocity into another race reversal best seller.

    • Agree: David In TN
    • Replies: @Patrick Boyle
  44. @Lancelot_Link

    Hilarious, it could be a story covered by PK. I’ve noticed that almost all of these media companies have removed comments by their readers. Gee…I wonder why.

    • Thanks: Lancelot_Link
  45. The sixth victim, Robert Shook, has died. He and James Lewis were working on the HVAC. Shook managed to call his boss, who dialed 911.

  46. @loren

    Always “the hustle”…

    having been to topanga, its very rural and white, near malibu.

    Even the Kang and Kwain of BLM don’t want to live around negroes. Shocking… 😂

  47. @loren

    It’s in the same vein as taking the Land O Lakes butter girl off of the box and leaving only the land behind.

    So in essence, they kicked an Indian off of their land in an effort to address past injustice… 🤔

    On the mind of a progressive could come up with such idiocy.


  48. Piglet says:

    Sorry to report that the sixth victim, Robert Shook, has died from his wounds.

  49. CCZ says:

    Sadly, Robert Shook, shot in the driveway of the Lesslie home, has become the 6th fatality.

    (Reuters) – Robert Shook, an air conditioning technician has become the sixth person to die after being shot by a former National Football League player at a South Carolina home last Wednesday, the county coroner said. He died from his wounds on Saturday.

    Say their names!!!!

  50. CCZ says:

    Party Time!!

  51. Listener says:
    @Patrick Boyle

    “Political freedom demands IQ tests. Oppose this dangerous trend. I’m preparing a new video on the communist threat – Joe Biden.”

    Pat where can we find your videos? Viewed one a couple years ago and it was great.

  52. Alden says:

    Robert Shook, the AC man wounded by Adams died of his wounds Saturday. So that’s 6 Whites murdered by a black.

  53. Anonymous[239] • Disclaimer says:
    @CLand Steamer

    The clown in the White House (trump) is gone. Or didn’t you know?

    • Replies: @By-tor
  54. Jiminy says:

    He probably once was a good kid, but clearly he was a bad adult.

  55. @CCZ

    We are just one racial incident away from chaos.
    No one is safe, no city, town, state free or clear.
    Let me give an example. It was around 3 years ago, in Riverview, Mi. (I have tried to search & find story, it’s gone), but I read it @ .

    RVPD tried to stop an unhinged young bf for the usual traffic offenses, she refused to pull over right away,( something all of us readers here would do btw), but eventually she fled into the lot of a business that was closed for the day. One way in one way out. So she’s boxed in. But it wasn’t quite done. If I remember correctly she kept putting her car in f and r placing an officer in absolute danger as he had exited his cruiser.

    His fellow officers closed in and used their vehicles to prevent any further danger and they managed to gain control. Here’s the thing, he could’ve used deadly force and it was proven he’d of been cleared, but he didn’t.

    I distinctly remember the Supervisor or Chief stating that he was grateful it ended without tragedy. But by now we all know facts don’t matter to BLM and msm, nor “Reverend” and “community activist”.

    Had Shaneakqua earned her demise that day, the dark tide of destruction would’ve swamped my area courtesy of BLM. It could be your neighborhood as easily as mine.

    Oh and as an aside, never once did the negro leaders of SE Mich praise Law Enforcement for showing incredible restraint and valuing life over property.

    The lying, hypocritical, ungrateful MFr’s.

  56. @Lancelot_Link

    I don’t know all the facts, but they’ll eventually see daylight. When this story first surfaced, the comments on Fox2 Detroit broke down into two camps.

    1) White people who were outraged and support law and order, rule of law, and feel that a violent assault of a Federal Employee warrants the stiffest prison sentence allowed.

    2) blacks who swear she threw the first punch, so therefore the attack was entirely justified. Racial slur was used= severe beating is required and justifiable.

    Naturally the video initially shown was edited, so we need to see the complete and unedited footage before passing judgement. However, it makes sense that biased media would share around video with TNB omitted to further validate The Narrative. If that is indeed the case, see No.2 above.

  57. @CCZ

    Did you notice all the idiot Whites around there also? How dumb do you have to be to get into the lion cage at feeding time?

    • Agree: AnalogMan
  58. @Bite Moi

    My ex is an ICU nurse and said the exact same thing. Blacks treat hospital stays like they are on vacation at a 5 star resort. They run the staff ragged with demands, have 10 family members/friends in the room (which usually aren’t private rooms), try to stay over night, steal supplies like gauze from the rooms, be loud and obnoxious (that’s a given anywhere they go), and get pissed when they are asked to leave or told visiting hours are over.

    One of my favorite stories she told me was about some old obese sheboon who was in the hospital a few days because she had a heart attack, and every day 6-8 family members would show up with bags of fastfood and they’d all spend the day stuffing their faces with McDonald’s and Popeyes fried chicken, even the lady who had the heart attack!

    • LOL: Lancelot_Link
    • Replies: @Liberty Mike
    , @Bite Moi
  59. @Bite Moi

    There is no “Talented 10th.Maybe there is a talented 0.5-1%.The remainder of that “Talented 10th”,if White, would just be Joe and Jane average.

    That’s it. The term refers to the 10% of the negro population who, if left to their own devices would not be indistinguishable from a pack of a pes.

  60. By-tor says:

    Now look at what is happening after just 3 months of solid Clown Rule.

  61. @HT

    Yeah they fly off the handle at the tip of the hat if someone looks at them the wrong way. Then its guns a blazing and they dont give a damn who they hit. Old people, children, does not matter a bit.

    However, if the police are chasing a piece of filth who happens to be on his 27th felony, they expect them to be ultra cautious and not use violence because that may just well be a future lawyer.

    The news makes me so sick I can hardly deal with it anymore. Not only are White people being killed and robbed by Blacks, we also have to sit by and take the blame for it.

  62. Raccoon says:
    @Non PC Infidel

    From the Cockpit Voice Recorder:

    “Dis bes yo cap’n speakin’.

    One ob de jet engines has stopped workin.

    Nebbermin’ dis plane can fly on one engine, so youse all safe wid me!”

    A little bit later:

    “Dis bes yo cap’n agin.

    De udder engine has stopped workin’. At dis rate, we’s gonna be up here all night!”

    • Replies: @Bite Moi
  63. AnalogMan says:

    But only one of them killed him and his family. That’s the only one who is relevant to this article. What is your point?

    • Replies: @Alden
  64. @Alden

    Thanks for the info – I guess. I’m even more outraged over this movie now than I was before.

  65. Bite Moi says:
    @Sick 'n Tired

    Sick ‘n Tired———-Living with a nurse is probably like being married to a police officer.They do tend to share the same world outlook. P.S. One of our family friends owns and operates a small,independent pharmacy.He has been robbed 3 times.Says he has a few doses of a paralytic near the narcotics if anyone gets the drop on him.Revenge from the grave.

    • Agree: Sick 'n Tired
  66. Bite Moi says:

    Raccoon——–Totally-damn-hilarious.Would’a been even funnier if i had not been drinking hot coffee.

  67. Trevor says:

    NFL player Phillip Adams killed 5, including 2 kids and himself, in South Carolina: Authorities

    The 6th person shot, one of the two HVAC workers, has died.

    So he killed 6, plus himself.

  68. Alden says:

    What was the point of Patrick SC noting that Adams was a firmer patient if Dr Leslie.

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