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How Can We Blame This on White People?: 114 Shell Casings Found at Another Black on Black Mass Shooting at Aurora Juneteenth Celebration
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PREVIOUSLY ON SBPDL: Freedom Rang Out on Juneteenth! Mass [Black on Black] Shooting in Oakland at the 2021 Juneteenth Festival

If you can’t laugh, you’ll never understand they joyous nature of what Juneteenth exposes for those truly paying attention. [114 shell casings recovered at site of deadly shooting outside Aurora Juneteenth celebration,, June 20, 2021]:

One person is dead and four others hurt after multiple shooters opened fire in a strip mall parking lot in Aurora early Sunday morning.

The phone began ringing off the hook at Aurora’s Public Safety Dispatch Center just after 4:15 a.m. on reports of gunshots and a possible active shooter.

“The Public Safety Dispatch Center received at least 50 calls for service,” the Aurora Police Department said.

There was a huge crowd in the mall parking lot when officers pulled up. Police were able to find one shooting victim on the ground suffering serious injuries and performed CPR until medical arrived. He later died at an area hospital.

Four others, three men and a woman, were also shot but transported themselves to hospitals before police arrived. All are expected to survive.

Police say the crowd at the mall had been there for a Juneteenth celebration, which grew so large it began overflowing into the parking lot. This was not affiliated with the city-sponsored Juneteenth event, which took place Saturday afternoon at the Town Center of Aurora.

“At some point earlier in the evening presumed organizers of the celebration began denying access to the unit. This led many attendees to gather in the parking lot. It is currently unknown who organized the gathering or the name of the establishment in the unnamed unit,” police said in a news release Sunday afternoon.

Witnesses say there were multiple shooters. Officers collected 114 shell casing at the scene.

Early on, police thought the shooting may have been gang-related, but it’s not clear from the APD’s update whether that is still suspected.

We will continue to update this article as we learn more.

Oh, this mass shooting was definitely related to Juneteenth despite officials playing down the connection.

Meanwhile, in South Carolina, two separate shooting incidents erupted at a Juneteenth celebration. Somehow, this is the fault of white people. [Deputies investigating 2 separate shootings at Clover Juneteenth celebration,, June 20, 2021]:

Deputies are investigating two separate shooting incidents that happened at a Juneteenth celebration Saturday night in York County.

Deputies said just before 11:30 p.m., they responded to the intersection of Oakridge Road and Bellaire Circle in the Oakridge community in Clover after getting a 911 call about several gunshots being fired during a Juneteenth celebration.

Throughout the investigation, deputies learned three people were shot. Two of the victims were taken to the hospital by personal vehicles.

The third victim, a 17-year-old boy, was taken to Atrium Health in Charlotte by helicopter. Deputies said all the victims are from Gaston County.


“We were celebrating Juneteenth with free food, inflatables for the kids, water, just a good family time, and we opened it up to every community so everybody can can celebrate it because that’s what Juneteenth is about. And people from a place we have no idea where they are from, outside of our family, outside of our community, took advantage and destroyed what we are trying to celebrate,” said Jailah Williams, who was at the celebration.

In addition to the three people who were shot, officials said several cars were shot during the incident.

“This is completely out of character of our neighborhood. It does not speak for what we are,” Williams said.

Deputies said they also are investigating a separate incident that happened about 30 minutes before near Regal Road and Oakridge Road.

The victim told detectives that around 10:55 p.m., a car leaving the same Juneteenth celebration pulled in front of their car and almost caused a collision. The victim said he honked his horn and flashed his headlights at the car.

Then, the suspect vehicle pulled up next to the victim and fired shots into the side of the car.

The victim said he had his wife and two children, ages 8 and 11, in the car at the time of the shooting. Officials said a bullet hole was found in the right rear passenger door, where one of the children was sitting.

Deputies said the suspect in this incident was driving a dark-colored four-door Chevrolet Malibu with a Georgia license plate.

No arrests have been made in either incident. If you have any information about these cases, call the York County Sheriff’s Office at 803-628-3059.

Again, if you can’t laugh, you’ll never understand the inadvertent joke the passing of a Federal holiday surrounding Juneteenth, and what it purports to celebrate, represents.


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  1. The negroes had a bongo party on Sunday in Wildwood FL. Turned into another senseless act. Media tried their best to cover up for their pets, however, the place was a pig sty, trash was everywhere. The sheboon who got plugged served time in prison for attempted murder.

    • Thanks: AceDeuce
  2. Polistra says:

    Isn’t shooting legal now? When the Numinous Ones do it, I mean.

  3. how are they affording this much ammo. these guys are shooting up a storm nationwide, but the average joe can’t go to the store and buy anything for less that 1 dollar a round, if they can even find anything to buy.

    wish i could blast off 120 rounds at the range any random afternoon and not worry about the price.

    i remember when .45 was 50 rounds was 5 bucks, and that’s going ‘all the way back’ to the 90s. it was dirt cheap even further back.

  4. HT says:

    One thing for sure is Negroes are not very good shots.

  5. Rooster11 says:

    The MSM was on high alert to suppress any negative stories on juneteenth, unless they were so egregious they had to report on them to do narrative control. Slowly you’re seeing more and more local stories start to trickle out on the real juneteenth celebrations. I hate social media as much as the next person, but this is one area where it truly excels; showing the animals in their natural habitat. There’s no doubt that juneteenth will eventually morph into something like a nation-wide version of devils night in Detroit.

    • Replies: @Female in FL
  6. Luludog says:

    One dead out of 114 shots fired? Please don’t draft any of these sharpshooters into the military. We’d be doomed for sure.

    • Agree: VivaLaMigra
  7. jsinton says:
    @prime noticer

    Used to plink 7.62 * 39 for 6 cents for the better stuff, 4 cents for the cheap stuff. Had mountains of shell cases laying around.

  8. 114 shells, zero hits. Yup, black shooting all right.

  9. Augustus says:

    Chicago had a “quiet” weekend with only 47 shot and 10 dead.

  10. Bubba says:
    @Female in FL

    Didn’t know about this one and thanks for the info – you ain’t kidding!

    Whether it’s Juneteenth, Father’s Day or any other day of the year, whenever the boons get together…

  11. Bubba says:
    @prime noticer

    The orcs sure have plenty of money for guns, ammo, weed, etc…

    And I’m sure they are all responsible citizens and pay for good health insurance to cover the costs of their mass shootings.

    • LOL: Augustus
  12. “HA-HA!” ~ Nelson Muntz

  13. Why, Sailerman do you say Aurora and York without following up with the State? I figured Aurora is Colorado but York could have been Pennsylvania, but it’s really South Carolina? I have to check the area code of the police departments begging for information regarding the incident to figure out the location of the black depravity. Naming the city without naming the State is like naming Palmer without naming Jack. Name the State, wouldja? Lots of this in VDare for some reason.

  14. Anonymous[143] • Disclaimer says:

    Those Nondescript , Colorless Out of Towners strike again!

    One thing I have learned is when a Negro says they don’t know the perps and that those perps definitely don’t live anywhere nearby , they in fact know who they are and where they live.

    No snitching! Isn’t an old wives tale; It’s why their communities are chaotic and violent: no accountability

    • Agree: VivaLaMigra
    • Replies: @Polistra
  15. anon[182] • Disclaimer says:

    Too bad they can’t aim. This kill rate is not up to par.

  16. Pirate999 says:

    As pointed out by prime noticer the price of ammo will make this sort of thing much less frequent very soon, sorta of the plan.

    • Disagree: VivaLaMigra
  17. @prime noticer

    I have the same question living here in Southern California. How can they afford this amount of fireworks!! It is true that here in Gavin Newsom land,money is given away freely. but fireworks are shot off all year round at any time, day or night. The Forth of July isn’t necessary, except as an excuse to shoot off ten times the normal amount. Last year, they even shot them off on Christmas Eve, thereby giving new meaning to the song, Silent Night. In any case, where do these people get the money for the endless amount of fireworks that are exploded? Fire works are very expensive.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  18. Neuday says:

    One thing for sure is Negroes are not very good shots.

    The characteristics needed to become a good shot are not possessed by a vast majority of the negro race. If negroes had those characteristics, then they wouldn’t be negroes, meaning they wouldn’t be so endlessly troublesome for the rest of humanity. Who was it that called them “half-child, half-devil”?

  19. Let’s face it, black shootings are pretty mundane. Nothing new, surprising or abhorrent about them killing each other. It’s part of their social system. Only difference between here and Africa is that it’s taken to a higher level over there, with unrestrained warring between factions seeming a routine part of their existence. “Disruspect” on a grand scale.
    The really disturbing part is not only the danger to Whites, but the enormous costs involved for TNB.
    Some figures found in a search:
    Medical helicopter rides bordering on $50,000.
    ER expenses varying depending on services needed, but let’s say, $5,000 per person.
    So, just for the three shot in South Carolina, that works out to about $65,000, bare bones.
    Yes siree Bob, Juneteenth looks to impose yet another financial drain onto those (White) people, who, as we know, continually need to be schooled on the tremendous value of black folks.
    You may now throw your confetti into the air.
    Total separation is the only answer.

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
  20. loren says:

    Minneapolis Star Tribune
    Minneapolis poised to rename street whose namesake supported eugenics and Hitler
    Zekriah Chaudhry, Star Tribune 17 hrs ago

    Prodded by a petition drive, the city of Minneapolis may rename a street that memorializes a former council member who’s best known for championing eugenics and Adolf Hitler.

    The petition to rename Dight Avenue has gathered 750 signatures since its June 1 launch and has the support of City Council Member Andrew Johnson, whose south Minneapolis ward includes the street.

    The avenue was named for Charles F. Dight, a physician who served four years on the City Council, shortly after he left office in 1918. According to a 1984 article in “Minnesota History,” Dight contributed to the passing of an ordinance requiring milk pasteurization.. ///////

    Zekriah Chaudhry, I wonder what his ancestors did.

  21. @Rooster11

    I agree, the Oakland EMT video was one for the books. It went viral and not because of the msm.

    • Replies: @Rooster11
    , @aleksander
  22. “How can we blame this on White people?”

    Easy: White people invented and refined projectile launching firearms and ammo. (with some contributions from Asians)

  23. @HT

    Negroes aren’t good shots because they go berserk/hysterical and use the “spray and pray” method in the hopes that one of the bullets will actually strike the target. It’s the equivalent of watching someone who’s unskilled getting into a fist fight and seeing them go berserk and start flailing around and “wind-milling” like an octopus on crack.

  24. Rooster11 says:
    @Female in FL

    I often wonder how fast things would change if the MSM was truthful. Imagine Jane and John Normie sitting down for dinner with the 5 o’clock news on, and the Oakland EMT video was shown, with a deep dive analysis of the situation. Then the next night, another full length clip of black guys playing the knockout game on elderly people. The following evening they could show the statistics of black on White crime, highlighting that it’s a nation-wide issue, and maybe even have one of those “Town Hall Discussions” with real people voicing their opinions.

    How fast would the perception change? One week, one month? I imagine the turnaround would give us whiplash.

    • Replies: @Augustus
  25. SafeNow says:

    $150,000 in medical costs to treat a gunshot victim, and $12,000 to treat a stab victim, according to my quick research. I think hospitals must secretly enjoy the fact that the wounds are not fatal, as the non-fatal surgeries provide resources, and crucial training for surgeons. You have to dispense a whole bottle of aspirin, one at a time, to patients to make that $150,000; lots of separate billing, a real hassle.

    • LOL: Augustus
  26. @loren

    Disgusting all around. We truly live in 🤡🌍

  27. @Neuday

    The characteristics needed to become a negro are not possessed by a vast majority of shooting enthusiasts. If shooting enthusiast’s had those characteristics, then they wouldn’t be firearms enthusiasts, meaning they would be endlessly troublesome for the rest of humanity. Who was it that called them “half-child, half-demon”?

  28. anonymous[352] • Disclaimer says:
    @Dr. Charles Fhandrich

    A lot of blacks and immigrant groups engage in fraud – tax fraud, insurance fraud, welfare fraud, etc… About half the pandemic unemployment funds disappeared due to fraud. And little to nothing is done about it. So not only are the elites robbing us blind, a substantial number of “citizens” are, too. Think about it, you have diversity running some of these govt depts, they can get kickbacks for allowing fraudulent activities. I know of one case, a DMV employee(Dominican) was selling driver’s licenses. Just the tip of the iceberg.

    • Thanks: Dr. Charles Fhandrich
    • Replies: @AR in Illinois
  29. DMZABO says:

    This not just in…….NEGROES AREN’T NORMAL!

  30. @Neuday

    Who was it that called them “half-child, half-devil”?

    Kipling, “White Man’s Burden”.

    • Replies: @Bite Moi
    , @Gaspar DeLaFunk
  31. HT says:

    Totally agree. For most it requires time and effort and diligence. There are several variables (sight, grip, trigger pull, focus, etc.) and you have to master them all in coordination to be a good shot. You don’t just show up at the range and do it with speed or jumping ability like a Negro basketball player.

  32. @Female in FL

    Gotta love the black girls twerking up against the ambulance with Bantavious pumping behind. I mean this is an ambulance transporting SHOT BLACK PEOPLE to the hospital, and all the other blacks can do is take selfie videos of themselves shaking their booty ON THE SIDE AND HOOD OF THE AMBULANCE. The ambulance can’t leave. To get shot black people to the hospital.

    It confirms what we are already know. No one hates black people more, nor has more contempt for them, than OTHER BLACK PEOPLE.

    • Agree: DMZABO, bruce county
    • Replies: @Female in FL
    , @AnalogMan
  33. No universe, galaxy, solar system, planet, continent, territory, island, nation, state, county, city, parish, prefecture, town, village, neighborhood, block, kollij, high school, kindergarten, restaurant was ever improved by an influx of blacks, a truth that will stand as long as the sun and moon both shine.

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
  34. bj0311 says:
    @prime noticer

    Haven’t you seen the signs at your local gun store, EBT Cards accepted? Seriously though, when you do not have to pay rent or buy food with your own money it is amazing how affordable drugs, smokes, and ammo become. Maybe you just need to head you your local welfare office and get a little back of what is really yours to begine with.

  35. bj0311 says:

    So these anointed ones brutally slay a young Puerto Rican couple in Chicago. And what to the dems say,

    A Democrat activist named Richard Taite snapped back that the couple had it coming.

    “I’m sorry is that a confederate flag they’re flying from their car?

    Except it was a Puerto Rican flag

    • Replies: @Trevor
    , @Non PC Infidel
  36. Looks like we can blame everything on Wypipo these days. Or at the very least, “Systemic Ray-cissm an’ shee-it”. Just this morning, I don’t know why the thought crossed my mind, but I was thinking, I wonder if blacks are dying at a higher rate in car accidents, because of their aggressive nature that carries over to their driving.

    Well, lo and behold, I must be psychic, because this just popped up:

    And of course, they’re trying to come up with every excuse imaginable except for the real ones: They Don’t follow rules, and they’re too damn aggressive. But no, instead they pull things out of the air like “black people are more likely to be pedestrians because they can’t afford a car”, “black and brown people tend to live in neighborhoods with fewer sidewalks and crosswalks”.

    Last time I checked, most black people tended to live in urban areas. And urban areas have sidewalks and crosswalks. You know what tends to NOT have sidewalks and crosswalks? Rural areas? And what usually lives in rural areas? White people.

    This little blurb is especially precious: “Black pedestrians were 82 percent more likely to be hit by drivers, according to a 2021 report from Smart Growth America, a Washington, D.C.-based advocacy group focused on urban development.”

    Of course, they only focus on who’s getting hit. But, who’s doing the hitting, for the most part?

  37. From the looks of it. It appears we’re going to need to start reporting a extra set of statistics to gauge the shooting prowess of our white oppressed colored volk.

    Along with the number of wounded and killed we need to compile statistics on the number of shots fired (shells collected) to the number of hits on target. We might also want to take into account the heat index and whether their was a full moon.

    Obviously these volks in Wildwood were just throwing lead down range while the intended/unintended targets accidentally moved into the line of fire.

    I mean, how can you blame the shooter if while you’re bobbing and weaving and ducking to get out of the way you intentionally move into the path of the bullet.

    And, the shooter should only be able to collect points if the target that was struck by a bullet was the intended target and the intended target was hit before everyone started running for their lives.

    Otherwise, it’s just a matter of happenstance and sheer coincidence.

    Definition of happenstance. : a circumstance especially that is due to chance. The bullet and the victim came together by mere happenstance.

  38. @Luludog

    Witnesses say there were multiple shooters. Officers collected 114 shell casing at the scene.

    Since shooters, I guess we can associate “multiple shooters” with black people, while “active shooters” can mainly be associated with white people, like to carry pistols around for easy concealment. The question remains as to exactly how many multiple shooters there were.

    If all the pistols had 8 round magazines with one in the chamber that would give us approximately 12 shooters. Highly unlikely. Next question. Are shooters known for carrying around extra magazines for these types of circumstances? Highly unlikely given the fact that most shooters can’t think that far ahead.

    I would also likely exclude extended magazines as pistols with extended magazines would make concealment rather difficult. I guess the best we can deduce is that some of the shooters had the modern double stack 9mm magazine pistols with at least 15 rounds per magazine.

    It would be interesting to read the police report to find out the types of calibers of the round casings. We could then determine whether some of the “multiple shooters” had access to what is literally called a chopper (AK47) in street parlance.

    Inquiring minds want to know but some of those inquiring minds are to lazy to do the work to find out.

  39. Polistra says:

    It’s also one of several reasons why the official crime stats understate the case when it comes to the Numinous Ones. That is, when the official stats even report the relevant data at all.

  40. Bite Moi says:
    @Female in FL

    Female in FL————At worst a black on black shooting is a misdemeanor homicide.Keep “da bilence” totally in the ‘hood,and “the man” should treat it like a traffic violation or noisy disturbance.In the case of a drive-by,i would issue a noise violation and a traffic ticket. If the shooter misses the intended victim; the more serious charge of reckless driving would apply.Slow down and aim.

    • LOL: Female in FL
  41. Bite Moi says:
    @Mr. Rational

    Mr. Rational———–Kipling sure wrote that poem for the ages.

  42. @Jim Christian

    Go to the link to read the article and maybe go to their homepage to find that out. Many Christians need to be spoon fed simple things since they don’t think independently but this is asking a little much.

    • Replies: @Jim Christian
  43. @aleksander

    Exception being when a settlement is in the works, he was a great father, baby daddy, baby, give you the shirt off his back, he’s going to change the world,etc. Then they revert back to Africa when the check is cashed.

  44. Trevor says:

    Here’s a story and video about the same event from another source. It tells about how a mob of NAPAs pulled a PR couple from their car and murdered and attempted to murder them.

    This could happen to any of us and it is likely to become an increased part of the TNB repertoire in the future (just like carjacking became a black thing).

    Check out the comments.

    • Replies: @AR in Illinois
    , @loren
  45. @Female in FL

    and one Tampa woman, 25-year-old Cornecia Quanshay Smikle, was killed at the scene… bystanders at the party pointed to 22-year-old Rapheal Tyree Thomas, of Tampa, as the lone gunman, Chief Deputy Chris Haworth said.

    What makes you think they were black? J/K.

    They cooperated with police. That’s progress.

  46. Augustus says:

    Take heart, Rooster. I think things are finally turning. Make as many people as possible aware of the black crime statistics. At least now when I quote the stats, I get knowing looks and nodding heads along with the angry looks of “good whites.”

  47. Seems like we need a bunch more of these holidays if they are gonna shoot themselves to death.

  48. Re the Arvada ambush of a police officer, Good Samaritan stepped in, both their names have been released but not the perp. Police raided an apartment, looks like a nest to me, plus a negro was standing outside.

  49. AceDeuce says:

    One thing for sure is Negroes are not very good shots.

  50. AceDeuce says:

    Remember, only 185 shoplifting days until Kwanzaa…

    • LOL: Mr. Rational
  51. Dr. X says:

    Cleveland, OH: Black Woman Attacks White McDonald’s Employees

    • Replies: @Non PC Infidel
  52. @bj0311

    Reminds me of the story of a Norwegian couple who were flying the Norwegian flag outside their home and had to take it down because they got tons of harassment from hopelessly ignorant, uneducated negroes and woketards who thought it was a Confederate flag.

  53. @PO'd in PG County

    In urban areas, negroes have a habit of walking in the street (ala St. Swisher of Ferguson) as if it were a jungle pathway or they’ll blindly walk out in traffic just daring traffic to hit them. Everyone is supposed to stop because they be kangs and kweens and oh so special. As is, how many stories have we read where unsupervised black chil’ren will rush out into the street from between parked cars in the urban jungle, get hit and the community will attack and injure or kill the driver as if it’s the driver’s fault? The same thing happens in sub-Saharan African countries so this is just negroes regressing to the African mean. Besides, aren’t sidewalks and crosswalks and even traffic laws symbols of the white patriarchy and an attempt to control black bodies and tell them what to do? Homie ain’t go no time for dat and will show Da Man by walkin’ wherever he want to and drivin’ like a drunken ape! Of course, others will be blamed for the consequences of such stupidity but that too is African behavior.

    • Replies: @Resartus
  54. AnalogMan says:

    No, that’s not true. I do.

  55. @Dr. X

    The hoodrat should have been clubbed like a baby seal and tossed into the dumpster out back since the consequences she did suffer aren’t enough to change her behavior or attitude. As long as they’re allowed to get away with this kind of behavior without severe consequences, it will only grow worse. They don’t respond to anything except raw, naked force and fear. Anything else and they just shrug it off- it ain’t nuthin’.

    Ten to one, she’s done things like this before and will do it again multiple times.

  56. @anonymous

    My wife used to work for a medical service. The Hispanic woman at the front desk used to give HER medical card to her relatives to use for medical services at other places. They would just lie about their name. This is extremely prevalent with those people. I’m guessing with nogs it’s probably the same.

    • Replies: @Bite Moi
  57. @PO'd in PG County

    And of course, they’re trying to come up with every excuse imaginable except for the real ones: They Don’t follow rules, and they’re too damn aggressive.

    That’s why this is a thing:

    The only solution is for White people to have the legal right to correct them anywhere, anytime, and cane/beat/shoot them if they refuse to comply.

    Or have them removed to Liberia, along with their children.

  58. @Lancelot_Link

    Plainly and simply, go fuck herself, asshole.

    • LOL: Lancelot_Link
  59. @PO'd in PG County

    In Chicago a newish trend is for the gangbangers to drive alongside each other on Lake Shore Drive and trade shots at 45 mph. This probably doesn’t help.

  60. @Jim Christian

    While this is Paul Kersey not Mr. Sailer, I completely agree with you on this one, Jim. I went on a rant on Peak Stupidity just two days ago on this very topic, coincidentally. From Who, what, when, WHERE, why, how:

    The worst perpetrators of this media stupidity are the TV news sites.


    I look at the station call sign at the top. Sure a call sign starting with “K” means west of the Mississippi River (I think?), and “W” is for east of it. Well, that doesn’t narrow it down much. They show the weather usually, so I can tell that it’s not Minot or not Sarasota. That just doesn’t cut it. I need to imagine the place before I can understand. I’ll look all around the front page, once it settles the hell down, and mostly find nothing. They’ve got to know there is google/bing/duckduckgo/etc. out there for which people from out of town can find their stories. I end up looking up the station location by call sign!

    What’s the problem with people? Are there really people who don’t care where it happened? “Something happened. Here’s who, errr, if he’s not black.. Here’s what. Here’s when. Here why, at least as it fits our narrative. Here’s how. Where? You don’t need to know that.”. I just can’t think without a location. Perhaps this is another young-people thing. “What do you mean, where? It happened on the internet, that’s where. Duh?!”

    I can’t listen to stories from friends without usually having to interrupt just for a couple of seconds to ask “where?” Without a location, I can’t visualize it, meaning I can’t listen.

    Thank you for bringing this up, Jim!

    PS: York County is in SC, just south of Mecklenburg County, where Charlotte, NC is. Gaston County (where Gastonia is) is just west of Mecklenburg County, and Clover is due south of Gastonia, back in York County, SC.

    • Replies: @Jim Christian
  61. Bite Moi says:
    @AR in Illinois

    AR in Illinois———Just another fine example of “Diversity is our strength.”

  62. loren says:

    Where are the comments?
    also GP uses term ‘hate crime’–thats a PC term. any crime with a victim is a hate crime.

  63. D-FENS says:
    @Female in FL

    On the news report for that incident, they showed EIGHT mugshots of the perp. And I think he’s only 23.

    • Replies: @Female in FL
  64. @Mr. Rational

    I thought it was Dr. Jill Biden!

  65. @D-FENS

    They found the negro hiding under a car, the video of the cop yanking him out was must see tv. It was akin to the teenapers joyriding in a stolen vehicle, it flipped over, cops grabbed one of their 6’ long limbs and yanked him out. The mammy was pissed. I think that was in South Florida.

    • Replies: @Sick 'n Tired
  66. @Neuday

    Who was it that called them “half-child, half-devil”?

    Anybody with more than half a brain in their heads, who has had any first-hand experience with them?

  67. @Female in FL

    Yes it was not to far from my house. Me and the GF watched it happen live on the news, and were laughing as the cops pulled more and more of them out of the car. Like a magician pulling scarves out of his sleeve.

    • LOL: Female in FL
    • Replies: @Lancelot_Link
  68. First ‘Juneteenth National Independence Day’ Marked By Mob Violence, Mass Shootings, Public Executions & Attacks On Police (

    A compilation from blacklist news, CNN, Conservative, and

    1) Couple pulled out of their car and shot in Humbolt Park, Chicago.
    2) At least 21 people shot in Chicago overnight.
    3) Seven people shot in Oakland, CA.
    4) White woman (who joined celebration) beaten by loudly cheering mob during riot in Long Branch, NJ.
    5) Woman fires at police and then is killed by return fire in Flint MI.
    6) Multiple shootings in Clover, SC.
    7) One man killed, four wounded in Aurora, CO.
    8) One person killed, four injured in Granger, IN.
    9) One killed, three injured in Atlantic City, NJ (CNN)
    10) Two people killed after concert in Baton Rouge, LA. (Conservative
    11) Shooting that injured first responder in Raleigh, NC. (
    12) Four injured in Richmond, VA. (CNN)
    13) Eight shot including two children in Dallas, TX. (CNN)
    14) One dead and four injured in Anchorage, AK.(CNN)

    The final three occurred on Saturday, so it is unclear if they were related to the holiday. This list is very likely incomplete.

    No one makes a more emphatic statement for total separation than do blacks.


    • Agree: Mr. Rational
    • Replies: @Keiser Zouze
  69. Resartus says:
    @Non PC Infidel

    The same thing happens in sub-Saharan African countries so this is just negroes regressing to the African mean.

    Can’t forget all those Africans cutting into Gas Pipelines, setting off explosions killing 100 or more in some cases……
    It seems to happen at least once a year, that’s just the ones that get reported…..

    • Replies: @Sick 'n Tired
  70. @Achmed E. Newman

    And Aurora is a city in every single one of our 50 states. I’m to assume Co..

  71. @Resartus

    Not to mention the environmental destruction from when they cut into the gas lines and leave crude oil spilling out all over the ground and into rivers, after they fill up their few buckets/barrels.

    • Replies: @CCZ
  72. CCZ says:
    @Sick 'n Tired

    And electrical transformers vandalized and the internal cooling and insulating oil drained and sold as cooking oil.

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
    • Replies: @Bite Moi
  73. Bite Moi says:

    CCZ———-White men’s fault.If White men hadn’t invented the electrical grid……………

  74. Let them kill each other off, so that way when the race war they have been asking for comes there won’t be that many left to finish off. Time to get serious with these people!!!!!! They have no idea the Pandora’s box they are opening. Not a lot of people say it in this time of age for fear of being persecuted, but nobody likes black ghetto trash!!!!!!!’

  75. @Oil 'n Water

    The list goes on and on…… like Lebrun said some months ago We are being hunted every time we step outside our doors!!!!!! LOL laugh my ass off. The day of reconciliation is coming for these blacks, and the funny thing is that they have no idea what anger they are unleashing……

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