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His Name Is Kristopher Roukey: White Father, Working as a Lyft Driver, Murdered by Black Male
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We’ve gone over this before.

White privilege in America doesn’t exist. It’s a myth, used to devalue all white individuals as collectively guilty for some (increasingly nebulous) constantly moving and evolving problem plaguing non-whites that obviously will never, ever be resolved.

In the meantime, hardworking white people completely devoid of the magic of white privilege are increasingly deprived of their lives by individuals enriched with melanin. [Man arrested in Akron shooting death of Kristopher Roukey, a Lyft driver from Hudson,, May 4, 2021]:

A Hudson man working as a Lyft ride-share driver was shot and killed Sunday at an Akron intersection.

Kristopher Roukey, 48, of Hudson, was shot multiple times near the intersection of East Market Street and Buchtel Avenue by a man walking on the street. The accused shooter was arrested at noon Monday at a home a short distance away.

Callers to 911 describe a man who was shot sitting alone in the driver’s side of a vehicle, and a shooter walking away from the scene, according to recordings released by police.

Akron police said it’s been determined Roukey was a Lyft driver, but it’s unknown how his work was related to the shooting.

Officers responded to reports of a shooting at the intersection at 4:55 p.m Sunday. Police said Roukey was unresponsive and had been shot several times.

He was taken to Summa Akron City Hospital, which is near where the shooting happened. He died in the hospital about 5:30 p.m.

According to a news release from the U.S. Marshal of Northern Ohio’s office, Kahlyl Powe, 23, is accused of fatally shooting Roukey.

Powe was quickly identified as a suspect by Akron detectives, according to the news release. Officers and the Northern Ohio Violent Fugitive’s Task Force were able to find and arrest him in the 500 block of Buchtel Avenue, just blocks away from where the shooting happened.

A firearm also was recovered during Powe’s arrest, according to the news release. He is charged with murder, according to the news release.

Lyft issued a statement to Beacon Journal partner News 5 Cleveland saying it would assist law enforcement with the investigation.

“We are heartbroken by this incident and our hearts are with the driver’s loved ones during this incredibly difficult time,” the statement said. “Safety is fundamental to Lyft and we are in touch with law enforcement to offer our assistance.”

The city of Akron released a statement Monday, identifying Roukey as the husband of a city employee.


“We were deeply saddened to learn that yesterday, the husband of a dedicated member of our Recreation and Parks staff was lost to senseless gun violence here in our community,” Mayor Dan Horrigan said. “We understand a suspect has already been taken into custody with the swift assistance of the Northern Ohio Violent Fugitive Task Force and the Akron Police Department. Our hearts are with the family and friends of the Roukeys, as they cope with the tragic loss of a life cut too short.”

In the news release, U.S. Marshal Pete Elliott said: “Senseless violence and murder will not be tolerated in any of our communities in northern Ohio. Law enforcement will work day and night to bring those wanted for these heinous crimes to justice. Hopefully the swift arrest of this suspect will bring some closure to the family of the victim.”

His Name is Kristopher Roukey, a white male and father of two working as a Lyft driver. He was murdered in the afternoon at 4:55 p.m. by a black male.

All of this happened in a nation, we are constantly reminded by our elite in government, the corporate media and academia, utterly overwhelmed with white supremacy, white privilege, systemic inequality, implicit bias, and institutional racism.

If any of this were true, the corporate media wouldn’t stop taking about Kristopher Roukey.

Instead, they refuse to report he was a white father murdered by a black man.

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  1. This is insane. Is there a week that goes by that a white person is not murdered by an African-American? There are 40 million black people in the U.S. and proportionately speaking, the murders represent a small percentage of them, yet, it all comes down to this very thing, the proportions. Whites are not killing anyone in this amount of numbers, especially blacks. We are being lied to constantly, repeatedly, day after day, by the irrational and insane method of reporting as represented by the so called establishment media reporters, NONE of whom can be any longer taken as being servants of the truth. Propagandists yes, servants of the truth?, ..LOL

  2. I’m getting a little tired of the “senseless violence” euphemism for premeditated murder.

    I’m also put off by government bureaucrats who bestow high praise on their fellow bureaucrats.

    • Agree: NY Girl
  3. loren says:

    Roukey has 2 nice looking children [or more properly off spring, young adults].

    lyft-ing is for the poor, the desperate and the recently unemployed.

  4. loren says:

    Ohio is the rust belt..was it yet one more robbery gone rong?

  5. Rooster11 says:

    Food delivery driver is quickly becoming one of the most dangerous jobs in America. I read another article on some MSM website (don’t ask) that said the same thing… but of course never mentioned the reason why. I imagine this is a great job to be red-pilled in no time at all!

  6. loren says:

    this guys mugshot is scary

    Man paralyzed while robbing Virginia Beach 7-Eleven is granted medical pardon to live his last few months with family. [family?]

  7. Does anyone else get sick of the pre-printed, form-letter bullshit statements that always accompany events like this?

    “We are deeply saddened/heartbroken…” (sure they are)
    “Safety is our #1 priority…” (yeah, thats why they won’t let their drivers be armed)
    “We are working with local law enforcement…” (doing what, exactly? giving them critical information like how many kids the dead guy left behind?)

    And then there’s the obligatory “SeNsElEsS gUn ViOlEnCe” comment from the cuck mayor…followed by the “wE wOn’T tOlErAtE tHiS iN oUr CoMmUnItY!” from the local PD/DA. (If the events of the past year haven’t convinced you that black violence absolutely will be tolerated by the authorities, then nothing will.)

    Its all so very predictable…and so very tiresome. 😒

  8. loren says:

    these killers growing up is often financed by taxes. no family, just a mother or granny.

    and the prison time is on yr dime.

    and the Whites killed, their value is incalculable.

    • Agree: Polistra
  9. That looks like some sort of throwback to a million years,B.C.! I would never give a ride to that thing!

    • Replies: @loren
  10. + R.I.P. + Kristopher Roukey

    Just look at that photo of the ‘groid, (which we must assumes is the suspect Powe since there isn’t a caption for the photograph). Let me guess: special education student since 1st grade, free lunches and free books all through school, free housing, in and out of the justice system since early adolescence?

    Just wasting money on those people for decades.

    A tangent: I saw a black person a few days ago! It was the first one that I’ve seen this month! The black person in question was walking along the footpath and everyone was just staring at him since they’re so rare here (thank God).

    • Agree: Bernie
    • Replies: @loren
  11. From the “fictional” drama Every Police Station.

    Police Chief: “We don’t know the alleged suspect’s motive.”

    Reporter: “The black alleged shooter shouted ‘Kill Whitey!’ 10 times as he allegedly shot his White victim. Isn’t that a hate crime?”

    Police chief: (shaking head) We don’t know his motivation at this time. But we’re investigating.”

  12. RickTen99 says:

    Will Dementia Joe or the Kammeltoe call the family? Will a bunch of demorat politicians show up at the funeral? Will there be live coverage of the riots, looting and burning of businesses?
    No, an 8th grade graduation photo of the feral niggro at the age of 19 will be held up by his momma as the news media replays her words, “He be a gud boy”. The prison population will welcome the latest murderer with open arms and good samaritans will scream for his release from prison in a few years saying he’s a changed man. Meanwhile Kris Roukey will still be dead.

    • Agree: TTSSYF
  13. Kahlyl Powe—————–where does this scum get their handles? Hopefully it will be Powe Wow before long —he deserves being turned over to someone who knows how to handle trash…..

    • Agree: Cauchemar du Singe
    • Replies: @loren
  14. usNthem says:

    There’s a creature straight out of a nightmare. Negros + guns = senseless bilence & murder.

  15. We’re on our own now.

    We’re at war. Act like it.

  16. m. says:

    kbd = killed-by-dindu

  17. indocon says:

    This happened in the home town of that 2 digit IQ beast called Labrone. What the F is happening in this country, especially the Republican Party, how corrupt and depraved can they be?

  18. loren says:
    @Gaspar DeLaFunk

    I didnt read the sad tale. did he get in the car?

  19. loren says:

    what nation? if usa what county?

  20. loren says:

    Kahlyl is eubonix for Kah-Lil, id guess.

  21. I’ve been to Hudson many times before. It might be the perfect representative of a classic, white American town. It’s a shame that this man had to venture into the jungle surrounding his hometown.

  22. I’m to the point where I think that anyone who’s guilty (beyond any shadow of doubt) of cold blooded murder should be put down like a rabid dog within 24 hours. No prison, no social workers, no psychiatrists wailing about their early home life, no talk of rehabilitation- just a quick trial where the incontestable evidence is presented and then the bullet. You murder someone in cold blood and your own life is forfeit. Too harsh?

  23. @Non PC Infidel

    I agree with that, and I’ll go you one further: anybody convicted of a violent crime like murder, armed robbery, rape, home invasion, car-jacking, or unjustified shooting, should go away for life, no parole. Parole should be abolished for all violent crimes. All juvenile violent crime should be prosecuted as if committed by adult.

    Yes, we would need to build many more prisons. I’m fine with that. Most of our local violent criminals are either armed juveniles who’ve been pampered and repeatedly released by our stupid justice system, or adult armed felons who have been stupidly paroled. Lock them up forever! Put some teeth in the justice system for the protection of law-abiding peaceful citizens.

  24. @Dr. Charles Fhandrich

    This is insane. Is there a week that goes by that a white person is not murdered by an African-American?

    No. Not by a damn sight.

  25. magila says:

    With the obligatory “Go Fund Me”.

  26. loren says:


    FAIR LAWN, N.J. — Eight-grader Robeson Bennett is the only Black boy in his honors classes and one of only a handful of Black students in the entire honors program at a middle school in West Orange.

    Some Black students have thrived, educationally and emotionally, through remote learning

    And his parents had to fight to get him into the program. Despite having straight As and his teachers’ support, the testing 14-year-old Robeson took determined that he was “not appropriate” for honors classes, his mother said. [WHY???]

    His mom, Micaela Bennett, said classrooms traditionally cater to white students, so “a Black boy may do better in his bedroom; he’s more comfortable.

  27. @loren

    Stories of little Shitavious “hacking” (his mom probably leaves her Amazon open) delights shitlibs as if he was a Rhodes Scholar.

    (Of course, if the mom hadn’t left her Amazon open there’d be no Shitavious.)

    • LOL: Polistra
    • Replies: @Walker
  28. Polistra says:
    @Dr. Charles Fhandrich

    Is there a week that goes by that a white person is not murdered by an African-American?

    There’s scarcely a day that goes by, as near as I can determine.

    Most instances don’t make ‘the news’ or stay very ‘local’…

    • Replies: @loren
  29. loren says:

    are there records someone can link to?

    how many blacks killed by blacks, in USA, 1960-2010..50 years.
    300,000 murdered?

    how many whites killed by blacks in that time? how many 1000s?

    and the final kicker…how many blacks killed by whites?

  30. The media only cares about the narrative.

    • Agree: SCuba Steve
  31. Walker says:
    @Sick of Orcs

    Oh yeah – I see what you did there – ha

  32. This kid is dead only because being called a bigot is a fate worse than death in the USSA.

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