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Greece: Sound and Fury Signifying Much
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All of Europe, and insouciant Americans and Canadians as well, are put on notice by Syriza’s surrender to the agents of the One Percent. The message from the collapse of Syriza is that the social welfare system throughout the West will be dismantled.

The Greek prime minister Alexis Tsipras has agreed to the One Percent’s looting of the Greek people of the advances in social welfare that the Greeks achieved in the post-World War II 20th century. Pensions and health care for the elderly are on the way out. The One Percent needs the money.

The protected Greek islands, ports, water companies, airports, the entire panoply of national patrimony, is to be sold to the One Percent. At bargain prices, of course, but the subsequent water bills will not be bargains.

This is the third round of austerity imposed on Greece, austerity that has required the complicity of the Greeks’ own governments. The austerity agreements serve as a cover for the looting of the Greek people literally of everything. The IMF is one member of the Troika that is imposing the austerity, despite the fact that the IMF’s economists have said that the austerity measures have proven to be a mistake. The Greek economy has been driven down by the austerity. Therefore, Greece’s indebtedness has increased as a burden. Each round of austerity makes the debt less payable.

But when the One Percent is looting, facts are of no interest. The austerity, that is the looting, has gone forward despite the fact that the IMF’s economists cannot justify it.

Greek democracy has proven itself to be impotent. The looting is going forward despite the vote one week ago by the Greek people rejecting it. So what we observe in Alexis Tsipras is an elected prime minister representing not the Greek people but the One Percent.

The One Percent’s sigh of relief has been heard around the world. The last European leftist party, or what passes as leftist, has been brought to heel, just like Britain’s Labour Party, the French Socialist Party, and all the rest.

Without an ideology to sustain it, the European left is dead, just as is the Democratic Party in the US. With the death of these political parties, the people no longer have any voice. A government in which the people have no voice is not a democracy. We can see this clearly in Greece. One week after the Greek people express themselves decisively in a referendum, their government ignores them and accommodates the One Percent.

The American Democratic Party died with jobs offshoring, which destroyed the party’s financial base in the manufacturing unions. The European left died with the Soviet Union.

The Soviet Union was a symbol that there existed a socialist alternative to capitalism. The Soviet collapse and “the end of history” deprived the left of an economic program and left the left-wing, at least in America, with “social issues” such as abortion, homosexual marriage, gender equality, and racism, which undermined the left-wing’s traditional support with the working class. Class warfare disappeared in the warfare between heterosexuals and homosexuals, blacks and whites, men and women.

Today with the Western peoples facing re-enserfment and with the world facing nuclear war as a result of the American neoconservatives’ claim to be History’s chosen people entitled to world hegemony, the American left is busy hating the Confederate battle flag.

The collapse of Europe’s last left-wing party, Syrzia, means that unless more determined parties arise in Portugal, Spain, and Italy, the baton passes to the right-wing parties—-to Nigel Farage’s UK Independence Party, to Marine Le Pen’s National Front in France, and to other right-wing parties who stand for nationalism against national extermination in EU membership.

Syriza could not succeed once it failed to nationalize the Greek banks in response to the EU’s determination to make them fail. The Greek One Percent have the banks and the media, and the Greek military shows no sign of standing with the people. What we see here is the impossibility of peaceful change, as Karl Marx and Lenin explained.

Revolutions and fundamental reforms are frustrated or overturned by the One Percent who are left alive. Marx, frustrated by the defeat of the Revolutions of 1848 and instructed by his materialist conception of history, concluded, as did Lenin, Mao, and Pol Pot, that leaving the members of the old order alive meant counter-revolution and the return of the people to serfdom. In Latin America every reformist government is vulnerable to overthrow by US economic interests acting in conjunction with the Spanish elites. We see this process underway today in Venezuela and Ecuador.

Duly instructed, Lenin and Mao eliminated the old order. The class holocaust was many times greater than anything the Jews experienced in the Nazi racial holocaust. But there is no memorial to it.

To this day Westerners do not understand why Pol Pot emptied Cambodia’s urban areas. The West dismisses Pol Pot as a psychopath and mass murderer, a psychiatric case, but Pol Pot was simply acting on the supposition that if he permitted representatives of the old order to remain his revolution would be overthrown. To use a legal concept enshrined by the George W. Bush regime, Pol Pot pre-empted counter-revolution by striking in advance of the act and eliminating the class inclined to counter-revolution.

The English conservative Edmund Burke said that the path of progress was reform, not revolution. The English elite, although they dragged their heels, accepted reform in place of revolution, thus vindicating Burke. But today with the left so totally defeated, the One Percent does not have to agree to reforms. Compliance with their power is the only alternative.


Greece is only the beginning. Greeks driven out of their country by the collapsed economy, demise of the social welfare system, and extraordinary rate of unemployment will take their poverty to other EU countries. Members of the EU are not bound by national boundaries and can freely emigrate. Closing down the support system in Greece will drive Greeks into the support systems of other EU countries, which will be closed down in turn by the One Percent’s privatizations.

The 21st century Enclosures have begun.

(Republished from by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Economics, Foreign Policy • Tags: Banking System, Eurozone, Greece, Syriza 
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  1. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    You tell ’em PCR. What we really need is a dictatorship of the proletariat. Like when I was in charge and those Kulaks got what was coming to them.

  2. Well yeah… if you get deep in debt and refuse to work for a living, there comes a time when you might have to sell a couple of your Cadillacs. It’s a regular Greek tragedy, innit?

    We’re already in Round 5 and over €300 Billion have been thrown down the rathole. And everyone with a pulse knows full well the Greeks will ultimately default on every penny of it. Extend and pretend!

    Visit Greece if you dare. Along with an over-proud, indolent populace you’ll find luxury mansions by the thousand, yachts filling the harbors, privately- and publicly-owned islands; countless billions in marketable assets which could quickly be sold to help pay down the nation’s debts. Not to mention graft and tax scamming on a colossal scale. Every single person demanding to be paid in cash, off the books and under the table. But why even lift a finger to sell or to work when you can blame Germans and get more of that ‘free money’?

    The solution is to throw a few hundred billion more down the drain, with the sincere expectation that this will cause the Greeks to depend less on handouts. Why punish people just because they are dependent, lazy, and dishonest? Reward them! Punish hard-working taxpayers in all the other countries. That makes sense. Great plan.

    • Replies: @Bill Jones
  3. War for Blair Mountain [AKA "Great Battle for Blair Mountain"] says:

    But Paul…you and Noam Chomsky aid and abet the GREEDY CHEATING WHTE LIBERAL ONE PERCENT with your enthusiasm for the mass importation of the highly racialized high fertility nonwhite scab labor Democratic Party Voting Bloc.

    Another point:the homo filth norming of the US goes homo hand-in-hand with the slave wage labor policy of nonwhite scab labor enthusiasts such as you and Noam Chomsky.

    How about a Pol Pot type solution to the problem of the White Liberal Greedy Cheating Mega-CEO Class?…….During the French Revolution, the Female Fish Mongerers’ whose children were starving… working class French Women…stormed the Bastille and ripped the intestines out of King Louie’s political advisors.

    I’m all for a Vlad the Impaler solution….

    The Golden Dawn is coming to power…This will trigger a German and French Military invasion of Greece..And I fully expect that the parasite Noam Chomsky will support a German-French Military invasion of France.

  4. War for Blair Mountain [AKA "Great Battle for Blair Mountain"] says:

    Should read:German-French Military invasion of Greece.

    Kyle McKenna is an example of why freemarket-libertarian fanatics are pure evil.

    The only viable alternative for European People=RACIAL NATIONALISM+RACIAL XENOPHOBIA+RACIAL COMMUNITY+RACIAL ANARCHO SYNDICALISM……and if the greedy cheating repellant parasite Noam Chomsky doesn’t like it:TOUGH SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Oldeguy says:

    “Class warfare disappeared in the warfare between homosexuals and heterosexuals, black and white, men and women”.
    Spot on analysis of how Identity Politics paralyses the 99.09 % into internecine squabbles over crumbs falling from the tables of the 0.91 % and ludicrous kabuki theater symbolism struggles over distractions like display of the Confederate flag.
    These times are badly in need of a coherent, well thought out Class Conscious, Color Blind, Gender Blind, Everything Else Blind, Ideology to oppose what is known overseas as Neo-Liberalism and here is a sort of Free Market Uber Allesism.
    Ya can’t beat Somethin’ with Nothin’.

  6. War for Blair Mountain [AKA "Great Battle for Blair Mountain"] says:

    That’s because you support the homo-filth norming of Europe and the US. Revolting against the revolting homo-filth norming of Europe and the US goes -hand-in-hand with the war against the revolting greedy cheating one percent. Syriza was more interested in homo filth norming Greece and flooding Greece with millions of young African and Muslim Male rapists than waging war against the Banksters. Syriza was an example of Z Magazine-Counter Punch Politics in action.

    The European Left and US Left are filthy repellant degenerates.

  7. War for Blair Mountain [AKA "Great Battle for Blair Mountain"] says:

    The above is my response to Oldeguy

  8. @Kyle McKenna

    “Why punish people just because they are dependent, lazy, and dishonest? Reward them! Punish hard-working taxpayers in all the other countries. ”

    Alternately, you could punish the banks who were stupid enough to lend them money and stop the rot at its source.

    • Replies: @Oldeguy
  9. Oldeguy says:
    @Bill Jones

    True, but since that would jeopardize the future of casino type finance, it’s obviously ” unworkable “.

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