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Can Republicans Admit That the System Failed?
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Alone among the 50 states Arizona is conducting an audit of the 2020 election. The majority Republican state senate is the impetus behind the audit. The courts have supported the audit against attempts by Democrats to shut it down.

The Democrats’ opposition indicates that the audit is likely to turn up electoral fraud. But what are the Republicans likely to do with the finding? Will they largely cover it up in exchange for reforms to clear voting rolls of the deceased and those who have moved out of state?

Republicans are committed to the system. They want to prove that the system works, not that it fails, which is what socialists and communists claim. If there was fraud in Arizona, there was likely fraud in other swing states. A failed system would vindicate the communist claim that democracy is a fraud and constitute a propaganda victory for the enemy. This is the way most Republicans think.

This way of thinking suggests that the likelihood is high that the Arizona election audit will legitimize the stolen election as a fair one

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