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So Who Wants a Hot War?
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It’s not by accident that the Hegemon is going no holds barred to harass and try to smash Eurasian integration by all means available.

It’s a scorpion battle inside a vortex of distorted mirrors inside a circus. So let’s start with the mirrors in the circus.

The non-entity that passes for Ukrainian Foreign Minister traveled to Brussels to be courted by US Secretary of State Blinken and NATO secretary-general Stoltenberg.

At best, that’s circus shadowplay. Much more than NATO advisers in a frantic revolving door in Kiev, the real shadowplay is MI6 actually working very close with President Zelensky.

Zelensky’s warmongering script comes directly from MI6’s Richard Moore. Russian intel is very much aware of all the fine print. Glimpses were even carefully leaked to a TV special on the Rossiya 1 channel.

I confirmed it with diplomatic sources in Brussels. British media also got wind of it – but obviously was told to further distort the mirrors, blaming everything on, what else, “Russian aggression”.

German intel is practically non-existent in Kiev. Those NATO advisers remain legion. Yet no one talks about the explosive MI6 connection.

Careless whispers in Brussels corridors swear that MI6 actually believes that in the case of a volcanic but as it stands still preventable hot war with Russia, continental Europe would burn and Brexitland would be spared.

Dream on. Now back to the circus.

Oh, you’re so provocative

Both Little Blinken and NATO straw man Stoltenberg parroted the same script in Brussels after talking to the Ukrainian Foreign Minister.

That was part of a NATO “special meeting” on Ukraine – where some Eurocrat must have told a bunch of extra clueless Eurocrats how they would be carbonized on the spot by Russian TOS-1 Buratino’s terrifying explosive warheads if NATO tried anything funny.

Listen to the sound of Blinken yappin’: Russian actions are “provocative”.

Well, his staff certainly did not hand him a copy of Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu examining step by step the deployment of the annual US Army DEFENDER-Europe 21: “The main forces are concentrated in the Black Sea and Baltic region.”

Now listen to the sound of Stoltenberg yappin’: We pledge “unwavering support” to Ukraine.

Woof woof. Now go back to play in your sandboxes.

No, not yet. Little Blinken threatened Moscow with “consequences” whatever happens in Ukraine.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitri Peskov’s infinite patience is nearly Daoist. Sun Tzu’s Art of War, by the way, is a Daoist masterpiece. Peskov’s answer to Blinken: “It is simply not necessary for us to go around forever proclaiming: ‘I am the greatest!’ The more one does this sort of thing, in fact, the more people doubt it…”

When in doubt, call the irreplaceable Andrei Martyanov – who always tells it like it is. The Crash Test Dummy gang in D.C. still does not get it – although some Deep State pros do.

Here’s Martyanov:

As I am on record constantly – the United States never fought a war with its Command and Control system under the relentless sustained fire impact and its rear attacked and disorganized. Conventionally, the United States cannot win against Russia in Europe, at least Eastern part of it and Biden Admin better wake up to the reality that it may, indeed, not survive any kind of escalation and, in fact, modern Kalibrs, 3M14Ms, as a matter of fact, have a range of a 4,500 kilometers, as well as 5,000+ kilometer range of X-101 cruise missiles, which will have no issues with penetrating North American airspace when launched by Russia’s strategic bombers without even leaving the safety of Russia’s airspace.

The Patrushev effect

The circus went on with the phone call from “Biden” – that is, Crash Test Dummy with an earpiece and a teleprompter in front of the phone – to President Putin.

Call it the Patrushev effect.

In his stunning interview to Kommersant, Triple Yoda Patrushev mentioned a very civilized late March phone call he had with US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan. Of course there’s no smokin’ gun, but if anyone would come up with the face-saving idea of a Biden-Putin phone call that would have been Sullivan.

The spin from Washington and Moscow is only slightly divergent. The Americans highlight that “Biden” – actually the deciding combo behind him – wants to build “a stable and predictable relationship with Russia, consistent with US interests.”

The Kremlin said that Biden “expressed interest in normalizing bilateral relations.”

Away from all this fog, what really matters is Patrushev-Sullivan. That has to do with Washington telling Turkey that US warships would be transiting the Bosphorus towards the Black Sea. Sullivan must have told Patrushev that no, they won’t be “active” in Donbass. And Patrushev told Sullivan, OK, we won’t incinerate them.

There are absolutely no illusions in Moscow that this putative Biden-Putin summit in a distant future will ever take place. Especially after Daoist Peskov had made it very clear that “no one will allow America to speak with Russia from a position of strength.” If that sounds like a line straight out of Yang Jiechi – who made shark fin’s soup out of Blinken-Sullivan in Alaska – that’s because it does.

Kiev, predictably, remains stuck in circus mode. After getting sharp messages from Mr. Iskander, Mr. Khinzal and Mr. Buratino, they changed their mind, or at least pretend to, and are now saying they don’t want war.

And here comes the intersection between circus and the serious stuff. The “Biden” combo never said, explicitly, on the record, that they don’t want war. On the contrary: they are sending those warships to the Black Sea and – circus again! – designating an envoy, Ministry of Silly Walks-style, whose only job is to derail the Nord Stream 2 pipeline.

So the cliffhanger – like a teaser for Snowpiercer – is what happens when Nord Stream 2 is completed.

But before that, there’s something even more momentous: next Wednesday, on his speech to the Russian Security Council, President Putin will lay down the law.

It’s Minsk 2, stupid


Russian Deputy Foreign Minister, Sergei Ryabkov, has struck a much less Daoist note than Peskov: “The United States is our enemy, doing everything to undermine Russia’s position in the international arena, we do not see other elements in their approach to us. These are our conclusions”.

That’s stone to the bone realpolitik. Ryabkov knows the Hegemon’s “non agreement-capable” mindset inside out. So an added dimension to his observation is its direct connection to the only solution for Ukraine: the Minsk 2 agreements.

Putin reiterated Minsk 2 on his live teleconference with Merkel and Macron – and certainly to “Biden” in their phone call. The Beltway, the EU and NATO are all aware of it. Minsk 2 was signed by Ukraine, France and Germany and certified by the UN Security Council. If Kiev violates it, Russia – as a member of the UNSC – must enforce it.

Kiev has been violating Minsk 2 for months now; it refuses to implement it. As a faithful Hegemon satrapy, they are also not “agreement-capable”. Yet now they are seeing the – firepower – writing on the wall if they as much as think of starting a blitzkrieg against Donbass.

The open secret in the whole Ukraine/Donbass wilderness of mirrors under the circus tent is of course China. Yet Ukraine, in a sane world, would not only be part of a Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) corridor, but also part of the Russian Greater Eurasia project. China specialist Nikolai Vavilov recognizes the importance of BRI, but is also certain Russia is above all defending its own interests.

Ideally, Ukraine/Donbass would be inserted in the overall revival of the Silk Roads – as in internal Central Eurasian trade based and developed taking into consideration Eurasia-wide demand. Eurasia integration – in both the Chinese and Russian vision – are all about interconnected economies via inter-regional trade.

So it’s not by accident that the Hegemon – on the verge of becoming an irrelevant player across Eurasia – is going no holds barred to harass and try to smash the continental integration by all means available.

In this context, manipulating a failed state to meet its own doom is just (circus) business.

(Republished from Strategic Culture Foundation by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: American Military, Eurasia, Russia, Ukraine 
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  1. onebornfree says: • Website

    This “just” in:

    War is the primary “business” of all governments, worldwide. The US is no exception.

    For one thing, governments _always_ make war on their own population on a daily basis [via laws, taxes].

    Bottom line:

    If you want government, you _must_ have wars, either predominantly on its own citizens [eg China, India, Canada, Australia, NZ and others] , or on both its citizens and the government and citizens of other countries [ eg the US].

    The smaller and more restricted [via a constitution that actually works] a government of any nation is, the less it will be able to make war on either its citizens, or on governments/citizens of other countries.

    When the slaves oppression by government becomes a little too obvious to those very same slaves, [eg people wake up en masse to the Covid-19 scam],and they then start to get a little “antsy” , a war on another country is then required to distract the slaves from their own miserable situation and to “unite” everyone to fight the newly declared, foreign “evil” enemy.

    As historian Randolph Bourne said : “War is the health of the state”:

    Regardless of whether or not a state appears to win an external war,[or claims to], or not, the state nearly_always_ still wins via external war- that is, the war enables it to increase and further consolidate its power and control over its own slaves, who willingly [or are forced to] go off to fight the newly declared “foreign evil”,and perhaps even willingly die for their wonderful masters who can do no wrong.

    Just as the criminal state and criminal sycophants [eg “defense” contractors ], always prosper and expand via these domestic and foreign wars, everyone else left alive loses more of their individual freedom to live their own lives quietly, as they see fit, away from government interference.

    “The state is the most destructive institution human beings have ever devised – a fire that, at best, can be controlled for only a short time before it o’erleaps it’s improvised confinements and spreads its flames far and wide.” Robert Higgs

    Regards, onebornfree

    • Agree: Bro43rd
  2. Biff says:

    If your paying attention to today’s English speaking western media you would find a daily blitz of accounts of Russian Aggression. When in fact, even a cursory look at the situation it is the Western NATO allies(at America’s direction) making all the provocative moves up against Russia’s border(pumping in weapons and money), and all Russian activities seem to be reactionary – at the same time all media outlets have purged any and all moderate voices that might give the Russians an even handed review of all activities in central Eurasia.

    Now say for instance a war does break out and the western allies were victorious in that war(the victors’ write the history) how hard would it be to blame the entire episode on Russian Aggression?

    Then relate that to what you are told about WWII.

    Is history repeating itself as a farce this time?

    • Agree: Ann Nonny Mouse
    • Replies: @Jake
  3. Donbass loses in a hot war along with the neighboring Ukrainian oblasks (territories). Organization of Security & Cooperation in Europe are the heroes

  4. Cowboy says:

    Pepe Escobar / A Roving Eye on Globalistan Smoking ganga with Peepee

  5. anonymous[139] • Disclaimer says:

    People like Blinken are what pass for savvy foreign policy gurus here in the US since they know two cents more than the average American which is nothing whatsoever. He uses sanctimonious sounding language which sounds impressive to the Americans but got shot down by the Chinese in Alaska who cut through his bs. American policy has just been grab what one can by any means including wars of aggression, essentially gangsterism in fancy clothes. It would be nice if they would quit talking about “consequences” already because it’s just a straight up array of who has the force and tools to do something. Playing games of chicken are reckless and show how inadequate these people really are. Just hope these fools don’t drag us into disaster with their hubris.

  6. Chris Moore says: • Website

    Careless whispers in Brussels corridors swear that MI6 actually believes that in the case of a volcanic but as it stands still preventable hot war with Russia, continental Europe would burn and Brexitland would be spared.

    There go the Brit jackasses again… always looking to replay their “greatest hour” WW2. Just like the Jewish jackasses, they beat off over all that death and destruction, and dream of the Anglo-Zionist coalition coming out on top in WW3 like it did following WW2.

    And look… there’s ((Blinkin)) and ((Zelensky)) stoking the fires. And Jew-stooge Biden with his gang of shyster Woke Dems managing things on the domestic front, and the fake “opposition,” neoconned GOP watching their backs.

    What crass, shallow, pretentious, self-absorbed, deranged fools these Zionist jackasses are and have always been. They behave as if there’s no Internet that can track exactly what they’re up to practically in real time, and fantasize that their authoritarian, war-footing censorship can again win the day.

    The “Chosen-Elect” are die hard fanatics and egoists who think they’re entitled to murder millions to maintain their vainglory and bank accounts. It’s little wonder they projected the perpetration of a (fake) “Holocaust” onto their victims (millions upon millions of Whites), they’ve been so busy orchestrating a TRUE holocaust of humanity for over a century.

    • Thanks: Bro43rd
    • Replies: @Ann Nonny Mouse
  7. Anonymous[149] • Disclaimer says:

    Here’s from Blankenship Wikipedia page:

    Blinken attended Harvard University from 1980 to 1984,[17] where he majored in social studies and co-edited the weekly art magazine of The Harvard Crimson.[

    so he went to Harvard for social studies?!?! Wtf. We have an 8th grade nerd running diplomacy. And than this:

    Personal lifeEdit

    Blinken is Jewish.[105] 

    Nuff said. Thanks for the warning

  8. Who will lose a hot war: the dombass civilians and surrounding Ukrainian oblasks (territories). Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe are the real heroes.

  9. I used to be neutral regarding the Russia–borderland conflict, but not anymore. Ever since the borderlanders elected that repulsive Jüdlein clown depicted above their president and threw in with the GayNegro Empire, the kind feelings I once had for them vanished. The borderland is a really sick place, combining the worst features of the Gay (“Western”) countries with the worst ones of the Sub-(Sahar/Hum)an ones. Its main industries are prostitution and gangsterism. I hope that abortion of a state soon ceases to exist and goes back to the fold, which is to say, to the beneficent bosom of Mother Russia.

    For those who don’t know, “Ukraine” is such a fake country that it even lacks a proper name, a trait shared, incidentally, with the state currently occupying central North America, the GayNegro Empire. “Ukraine” means nothing more than “borderland”, and it should be called the borderland in order the convey its fakeness. Borderlanders like to pretend they are a nation, but they are no more different from patriotic Russians than Bavarians are to north Germans or Sicilians from Lombards. Borderland statehood is all about deranged Ukronazi supremacy, which unlike the original German variety, is not even partly justified.

  10. Hot wars consume vast amounts of chemicals, refined minerals, currencies and transportation services, and are tremendously profitable to those who speculate on commodities.

    Cold Wars do too, without the risk of annihilation.

    In the boardrooms of the Fortune 500’s, the question is always how to maximize tensions for profit. They’ve had it far too easy for the last 60 years. BRI is putting an end to their game by changing the playing field, and they’re not coping well.

  11. Jake says:

    That has been the norm in and for the English-speaking world since the Anglo-Saxon Puritans set the nation firmly, and apparently irreversibly, on the side of Judaizing self-righteous imperialist, which would become the best and most important model for both Orwell’s Oceania and Tolkien’s Mordor.

  12. @Chris Moore

    I don’t like to say it, but I think, on the contrary, that Brexitland should be the first target, along with all American forces in Syria, no survivors, and secondarily all other American bases outside their own shores.

    Europe would not suffer from the sudden disappearance of all mammalian life on that offshore island. There might quickly be peace.

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