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Putin, Crusaders and Barbarians
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Moscow is painfully aware that the US/NATO “strategy” of containment of Russia is already reaching fever pitch. Again.

This past Wednesday, at a very important meeting with the FSB board, President Putin laid it all out in stark terms:

We are up against the so-called policy of containing Russia. This is not about competition, which is a natural thing for international relations. This is about a consistent and quite aggressive policy aimed at disrupting our development, slowing it down, creating problems along the outer perimeter, triggering domestic instability, undermining the values that unite Russian society, and ultimately to weaken Russia and put it under external control, just the way we are witnessing it transpire in some countries in the post-Soviet space.

Not without a touch of wickedness, Putin added this was no exaggeration: “In fact, you don’t need to be convinced of this as you yourselves know it perfectly well, perhaps even better than anybody else.”

The Kremlin is very much aware “containment” of Russia focuses on its perimeter: Ukraine, Georgia and Central Asia. And the ultimate target remains regime change.

Putin’s remarks may also be interpreted as an indirect answer to a section of President Biden’s speech at the Munich Security Conference ( Here is an excellent analysis, in Russian).

According to Biden’s scriptwriters,

Putin seeks to weaken the European project and the NATO alliance because it is much easier for the Kremlin to intimidate individual countries than to negotiate with the united transatlantic community (…) The Russian authorities want others to think that our system is just as corrupt or even more corrupt.

A clumsy, direct personal attack against the head of state of a major nuclear power does not exactly qualify as sophisticated diplomacy. At least it glaringly shows how trust between Washington and Moscow is now reduced to less than zero. As much as Biden’s Deep State handlers refuse to see Putin as a worthy negotiating partner, the Kremlin and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs have already dismissed Washington as “non-agreement capable”.

Once again, this is all about sovereignty. The “unfriendly attitude towards Russia”, as Putin defined it, extends to “other independent, sovereign centers of global development.” Read it as mainly China and Iran. All these three sovereign states happen to be categorized as top “threats” by the US National Security Strategy.

Yet Russia is the real nightmare for the Exceptionalists: Orthodox Christian, thus appealing to swathes of the West; consolidated as major Eurasian power; a military, hypersonic superpower; and boasting unrivalled diplomatic skills, appreciated all across the Global South.

In contrast, there’s not much left for the Deep State except endlessly demonizing both Russia and China to justify a Western military build-up, the “logic” inbuilt in a new strategic concept named NATO 2030: United for a New Era.

The experts behind the concept hailed it as an “implicit” response to French President Emmanuel Macron declaring NATO “brain dead”.

Well, at least the concept proves Macron was right.

Those barbarians from the East

Crucial questions about sovereignty and Russian identity have been a recurrent theme in Moscow these past few weeks. And that brings us to February 17, when Putin met with Duma political leaders, from the Liberal Democratic Party’s Vladimir Zhirinovsky – enjoying a popularity surge – and the Communist Party’s Gennady Zyuganov to United Russia’s Sergei Mironov, as well as State Duma speaker Vyacheslav Volodin.

Putin stressed the “multi-ethnic and multi-religious” character of Russia, now in “a different environment that is free of ideology”:

“It is important for all ethnic groups, even the smallest ones, to know that this is their Motherland with no other for them, that they are protected here and are prepared to lay down their lives in order to protect this country. This is in the interests of us all, regardless of ethnicity, including the Russian people.”

Yet Putin’s most extraordinary remark had to do with Ancient Russian history:

Barbarians came from the East and destroyed the Christian Orthodox empire. But before the barbarians from the East, as you well know, the crusaders came from the West and weakened this Orthodox Christian empire, and only then were the last blows dealt, and it was conquered. This is what happened…we must remember these historical events and never forget them.

Well, this could be enough material to generate a 1,000-page treatise. As it stands, let’s try at least to – concisely – unpackage it.

The Great Eurasian Steppe – one of the largest geographical formations on the planet – stretches from the lower Danube all the way to the Yellow River. The running joke across Eurasia is that “Keep Walking” can be performed back to back. For most of recorded history this has been Nomad Central: tribe upon tribe raiding at the margins, or sometimes at the hubs of the Heartland: China, Iran, the Mediterranean.

The Scythians (see, for instance, the magisterial The Scythians: Nomad Warriors of the Steppe, by Barry Cunliffe) arrived at the Pontic steppe from beyond the Volga. After the Scythians, it was the turn of the Sarmatians to show up in South Russia.

From the 4th century onwards, Nomad Eurasia was a vortex of marauding tribes, featuring, among others, the Huns in the 4th and 5th centuries, the Khazars in the 7th century, the Kumans in the 11th century, all the way to the Mongol avalanche in the 13th century.

The plot line always pitted nomads against peasants. Nomads ruled – and exacted tribute. G. Vernadsky, in his invaluable Ancient Russia, shows how “the Scythian Empire may be described sociologically as a domination of the nomadic horde over neighboring tribes of agriculturists”.

As part of my multi-pronged research on nomad empires for a future volume, I call them Badass Barbarians on Horseback. The stars of the show include, in Europe, in chronological order, Cimmerians, Scythians, Sarmatians, Huns, Khazars, Hungarians, Peshenegs, Seljuks, Mongols and their Tatar descendants; and in Asia, Hu, Xiongnu, Hephtalites, Turks, Uighurs, Tibetans, Kirghiz, Khitan, Mongols, Turks (again), Uzbeks and Manchu.


Arguably, since the hegemonic Scythian era (the first protagonists of the Silk Road), most of the peasants in southern and central Russia were Slav. But there were major differences. The Slavs west of Kiev were under the influence of Germania and Rome. East of Kiev, they were influenced by Persian civilization.

It’s always important to remember that the Vikings were still nomads when they became rulers in Slav lands. Their civilization in fact prevailed over sedentary peasants – even as they absorbed many of their customs.

Interestingly enough, the gap between steppe nomads and agriculture in proto-Russia was not as steep as between intensive agriculture in China and the interlocked steppe economy in Mongolia.

(For an engaging Marxist interpretation of nomadism, see A.N. Khazanov’s Nomads and the Outside World).

The sheltering sky

What about power? For Turk and Mongol nomads, who came centuries after the Scythians, power emanated from the sky. The Khan ruled by authority of the “Eternal Sky” – as we all see when we delve into the adventures of Genghis and Kublai. By implication, as there is only one sky, the Khan would have to exert universal power. Welcome to the idea of Universal Empire.

In Persia, things were slightly more complex. The Persian Empire was all about Sun worship: that became the conceptual basis for the divine right of the King of Kings. The implications were immense, as the King now became sacred. This model influenced Byzantium – which after all was always interacting with Persia.

Christianity made the Kingdom of Heaven more important than ruling over the temporal domain. Still, the idea of Universal Empire persisted, incarnated in the concept of Pantocrator: it was the Christ who ultimately ruled, and his deputy on earth was the Emperor. But Byzantium remained a very special case: the Emperor could never be an equal to God. After all, he was human.

Putin is certainly very much aware that the Russian case is extremely complex. Russia essentially is on the margins of three civilizations. It’s part of Europe – reasons including everything from the ethnic origin of Slavs to achievements in history, music and literature.

Russia is also part of Byzantium from a religious and artistic angle (but not part of the subsequent Ottoman empire, with which it was in military competition). And Russia was influenced by Islam coming from Persia.

Then there’s the crucial nomad influence. A serious case can be made that they have been scholarly neglected. The Mongol rule for a century and a half of course is part of the official historiography – but perhaps not given its due importance. And the nomads in southern and central Russia two millennia ago were never properly acknowledged.

So Putin may have hit a nerve. What he said points to the idealization of a later period of Russian history from the late 9th to early 13th century: Kievan Rus. In Russia, 19th century Romanticism and 20th century nationalism actively built an idealized national identity.

The interpretation of Kievan Rus poses tremendous problems – that’s something I eagerly discussed in St. Petersburg a few years ago. There are rare literary sources – and they concentrate mostly on the 12th century afterwards. The earlier sources are foreigners, mostly Persians and Arabs.

Russian conversion to Christianity and its concomitant superb architecture have been interpreted as evidence of a high cultural standard. In a nutshell, scholars ended up using Western Europe as the model for the reconstruction of Kievan Rus civilization.

It was never so simple. A good example is the discrepancy between Novgorod and Kiev. Novgorod was closer to the Baltic than the Black Sea, and had closer interaction with Scandinavia and the Hanseatic towns. Compare it to Kiev, which was closer to steppe nomads and Byzantium – not to mention Islam.

Kievan Rus was a fascinating crossover. Nomadic tribal traditions – on administration, taxes, the justice system – were prevalent. But on religion, they imitated Byzantium. It’s also relevant that until the end of the 12th century, assorted steppe nomads were a constant “threat” to southeast Kievan Rus.

So as much as Byzantium – and later on even the Ottoman Empire – supplied models for Russian institutions, the fact is the nomads, starting with the Scythians, influenced the economy, the social system and most of all, the military approach.

Watch the Khan

Sima Qian, the master Chinese historian, has shown how the Khan had two “kings”, who each had two generals, and thus in succession, all the way to commanders of a hundred, a thousand and ten thousand men. This is essentially the same system used for a millennia and a half by nomads, from the Scythians to the Mongols, all the way to Tamerlane’s army at the end of the 14th century.

The Mongol invasions – 1221 and then 1239-1243 – were indeed the major game-changer. As master analyst Sergei Karaganov told me in his office in late 2018, they influenced Russian society for centuries afterwards.

For over 200 years Russian princes had to visit the Mongol headquarters in the Volga to pay tribute. One scholarly strand has qualified it as “barbarization”; that seems to be Putin’s view. According to it, the incorporation of Mongol values may have “reversed” Russian society to what it was before the first drive to adopt Christianity.

The inescapable conclusion is that when Muscovy emerged in the late 15th century as the dominant power in Russia, it was essentially the successor of the Mongols.

And because of that the peasantry – the sedentary population – were not touched by “civilization” (time to re-read Tolstoy?) Nomad Power and values, as strong as they were, survived Mongol rule for centuries.

Well, if a moral can be derived from our short parable, it’s not exactly a good idea for “civilized” NATO to pick a fight with the – lateral – heirs of the Great Khan.

(Republished from Asia Times by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy, History • Tags: American Military, China, Eurasia, Russia 
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  1. But before the barbarians from the East, as you well know, the crusaders came from the West and weakened this Orthodox Christian empire, and only then were the last blows dealt, and it was conquered.

    This seems pretty clearly to me to refer to the Fourth Crusade (1204), in which Catholic crusaders invaded Orthodox Constantinople and sacked it, never getting as far as Jerusalem. These crusaders (“Franks”) then occupied the Morea and held it through a number of battles in an uneasy coexistence with the Byzantines. This lasted through the fourteenth century, with the Byzantines finally reclaiming the peninsula in 1430 – only to lose it all, along with Constantinople itself, to the Ottoman Turks a few years later. The Fourth Crusade and it aftermath indeed weakened the Orthodox Christian empire, leaving it vulnerable to Mehmet II.

    Moscow has long viewed itself as the “Third Rome” (the second being Constantinople, as successor to the Roman empire). The Rurikid monarchs of Russia had some dynastic claims as successors of the Byzantines, inasmuch as Ivan III had married a Byzantine princess, Sophia Palaeologina, and more remotely was descended from Anna Porphyrogenita, the wife of Vladimir I.

    Putin’s complaint that “crusaders came from the West and weakened this Orthodox Christian empire…” reflects the classic Russian self-identification as successors to th Byzantines.

    • Agree: El Dato, chris, frontier
  2. Likely referring to the crusades of the Teutonic Knights. Look up ‘northern crusades’ for a summary on Wikipedia.

    • Replies: @Jake
  3. A knack for historical perspective. Mr Escobar is a refreshing read. Past are the portends of the future.

    • Agree: Levtraro
  4. The stars of the show include, in Europe, in chronological order, Cimmerians, Scythians, Sarmatians, Huns, Khazars, Hungarians, Peshenegs, Seljuks, Mongols and their Tatar descendants;

    Don’t overlook the Alans. The Alan’s amuse me – no one could ever trust them and the universal reputation for treachery and betrayal in deal-making with other tribes contrasted with the largely unsuccessful outcomes.

    Even the Goths and Romans – with their mutual history of betrayal and invasion – agreed on one thing at Châlons. Box-in the backstabbing Alan’s to the center of the line where they could be held in check when they inevitably attempt to switch sides, should the Huns start to prevail.

  5. Friends prowled Afghanistan in 60’s/70’s for drugs (easy) women (ditto). Those local girls strutted around in Bikinis, yeah bikinis. What about the Taliban? They hated it but they were a tiny faction, of little real importance. Until, the USSR adventure and the US armed them and the others to chase out the infidel. History is written by…..well, who?

  6. @Robert Magill

    Indeed – and as India was a Soviet client in the Cold War the US decided to try to kill two birds with 1 stone. Befriend Pakistan against India – and train those tribes on the Pakistan side of the border to flood the other side to help their ethnic brethren. As usual it came back to bite in the end. Actually Pakistan has suffered too

  7. John Hagan says: • Website

    Well, if a moral can be derived from our short parable, it’s not exactly a good idea for “civilized” NATO to pick a fight with the – lateral – heirs of the Great Khan.

    Cold War 2: Possible senarios of a new cold war with Russia. Examining the differences of both societies and the inequalities that may come into play.

    • Replies: @RobinG
  8. TheIdiot says:

    Page 36 1948 NSC 20/1 (Declassified)


    August 18, 1948

    V. The Pursuit of our Basic Objectives in Time of War

    “If, as is more probable, little dependence could be placed on the liberalism and moderation of a post-hostilities Russian authority, it might be necessary to alter these borders quite extensively.
    This must simply be chalked up as one of the questions which will have to be left open until the development of military and political events in Russia reveals to us the full nature of the post-war framework in which we will have to act.”

    Since when the aim of changing country’s sovereign borders by means of a war is defined as a “containment”?

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  9. Here is a great article about plans to formally make NATO an offensive alliance.

    One key step is to eliminate the veto power of each member so the USA can order actions without interference from its vassal states.

  10. @Robert Magill

    Your chronology is awry. The US began arming and training Sunni fascists in Afghanistan from the mid-70s aided and abetted by the Saud vermin. After ’77 when Zia the fascist took power in Pakistan and lynched Bhutto, the Axis of Evil arraigned against Afghanistan included Pakistan, the UK and Israel as well. Later Najibullah kept the jihadists at bay until the mega-Quisling Yeltsin, cut off his arms supply.

  11. >free from ideology
    >(((vday))) parades


  12. Schuetze says:

    Putin stressed the “multi-ethnic and multi-religious” character of Russia, now in “a different environment that is free of ideology”:

    “It is important for all ethnic groups, even the smallest ones, to know that this is their Motherland with no other for them, that they are protected here and are prepared to lay down their lives in order to protect this country. This is in the interests of us all, regardless of ethnicity, including the Russian people.”

    What a load of Talmudic word salad.

    Putin is a Freemason and a crypto-jew, just like Lenin and Stalin.

    The Khazarian mafia runs Russia, and Putin is their puppet. Putin tells the Russian goyim to “lay down their lives in order to protect Khazaria”, er, Russia. This is what the Rabbi’s told the jews in the US in 1937 when they knew that they had already succeeded in starting WWII for Israel:

    The Central Conference of American Rabbis at the 117th Annual Conference, held in New York City on June 26, 1937, declared for “Exemption of Jews from military service in accordance with the highest interpretation of Judaism.”

    Our Talmud tells us “When you go to war, do not go as the first but as the last, so that you may return as the first.”

    Why should we, the only truly international people, be concerned with the mutaole interests of stupid Goyim nations? ‘We must do everything in our power to help the great president who has helped us so greatly in establishing control. Support the draft law when it is presented to the American people. Support England and France, for they are fighting Judah’s greatest enemy, the Goyim German State.

    Putin is just another crypto-jew dual citizen pretending to be a good goyim.

    • Agree: Johnny Walker Read, Thim
    • Troll: Mulga Mumblebrain
    • Replies: @Sirius
    , @GMC
  13. Putin is still behind the times if at this advanced point, and so late day, he can speak as he is doing
    currently. I mean this is more than 100 years beyond the ‘Russian Revolution’ and the slaughter of the Russian royalty, the imposition of ‘bolshevism’ on the Russian people.

    that some semblance of a Russian people have survived all of that is miraculous. but the people and states that planed and carried out all of this are still right there, with the same goal it as not achieved with all their efforts so far, all this time – the full subjugation of the Russian people, and the re-writing of the Russian people to suit their needs, goals and desires: the very same people whose endless goal is the full consumption of the Russian people and state

    so what is Putin quarrelling about then, something we do not know!?

    we all know! knew a long time now Vlad! no need to plead a case with us. what I at least wish to see is a Russian response to the perps as comprehensive, relentless, vicious, limitless, zero sum… as the games those who have put Russia into their cross hairs have made it play games with Russia. that is the truth. and those games will not end until one or either side of that equation are destroyed ending the process

    Putin sits back and waits, seemingly a genuinely and peaceful man, desirous of a decent, democratic and peaceful situation coming about in the world. but that cant happen with a capitalist dominated way of life in the world. and additionally, especially given who the capitalist are – the Zionists.

    the Zionists used to be Russian themselves, indeed still are Russian. so Putin knows them well. Putin should not have a doubt in his mind about who and what they are and what he must do as a result, if he is to save Russia lead that nation to the most complete independence, that is essential in ensuring the best most safe and secure possible, Russian future

    Putin must destroy the Zionists to some extent, reduce them, take away their power in the world. those who survive must be reduced to levels of existence from which they can no longer do to the human species, what they have managed to do over the past couple of centuries at least. the Zionist power to drive the human species must be ended permanently, or the human species itself would not survive for much longer.

    it is not as if Russia is the only people under such attack from the Zionists. as noted the whole planet is, all of humanity is. all humanity is under such attack which will not stop until capitalism and Zionism are no longer factors of human social existence. that is as clear as daylight! it has long been clear in fact and it is a wonder that it has not also been clear to Putin for long as well

    the nations of the world have been cowed into silence, submission and complicity with the Zionists in the carrying out of their programs against humanity.

    the Zionist have been free to act while all other peoples and nations have been totally constrained from action, from defending themselves against Zionist attack on all levels of existence, from realizing what is going on against them and acting in self defense and in retaliation.

    Putin better wake up and smell the cookies – or is it roses? it is time Putin gave the Zionists work to do, real challenges to deal with that demonstrate what’s coming for them now. to get them of their aggression without consequences train, so that they pay for their crimes against humanity. its not too late but it is way past time to start to attack the Zionists where it really matters

    we have what is shaping out to be a fake Covid 19 pandemic situation on planet earth currently, that is nothing but a genocidal attack on humanity as whole. we have vaccinations that are total lies, that have nothing at all to do with the pandemic as described.


    the vaccinations do not stop the pandemic, do not protect the people from the pandemic, does not stop the need for the people to use the prescribed previous behaviors to deal with the pandemic. the people MUST! be vaccinated, but still MUST wear masks, and double and triple masks at that.
    the people must still sanitize constantly , continue socially distancing etc.


    the vaccinations are clearly irrelevant to the Covid 19 disease. has nothing to do with Covid, do not affect Covid in any way at all. so why are we being given the vaccinations? what is the purpose of the vaccinations?

    it is turning out more so everyday, that the vaccinations have been made to rewrite human DNA for awful purposes of social control, not to control the so called pandemic…WHICH SO-CALLED PANDEMIC IS LOOKING MORE AND MORE LIKE A GENOCIDAL PLOT AGAINST HUMANITY!

    who made such a plot? who is carrying such a plot against humanity? why isn’t there an investigation of all such accusation. isn’t there clearly already reason given who are making the accusation of plot against humanity…lots of totally qualified and reasonable people!!!???

    Putin as leader of one of the top 3 countries on planet earth has the power to do so, and should see that such investigations get going by international agencies as a start.

    Additionally Putin should also put together investigatory panels of his very own, to do investigatory jobs as well. one of those panels should be exclusively Russian of impeccable character and scientific qualification. but Putin must also get together investigators from other countries as well, of impeccable character as well, protect them fully, setting them free to prove what the comprehensive truth is with the with the Corona virus

    if there is a conspiracy with the Corona pandemic, an actual genocidal attack on humanity, we will come to know who the culprits are. we would have proven it and it would be time to bring the accused to justice. we know that the major health corporations are right up in there in that mix, so they must be brought down: their owners and officers arrested, charged and tried and executed where found guilty. their crime: mass murder and genocide!

    the corporations themselves would be confiscated and disbanded, sold off as singular assets, never to be re-assembled as corporations. such resources as their sale returns will be used as compensation for people everywhere put out by the criminal activities of those corporate entities

    we know that there is the general impression that organized international Zionism is actually behind all of the Covid development, along with the the Zionist captured American national factors that have the resources to carry out such a massive program of a global attack on humanity:
    infecting the world with Covid bacteria, along with a global media program to carry out the propaganda to make all the related ideas plausible to the people- that Covid is a natural and real pandemic, and to get the people to accept such a story.. while also to be willing take vaccinations themselves…vaccinations that are going to imprison their bodies forever

    such an investigation would put all of the Zionist forces on the back foot. but that would just be the start. there is a whole lot those people must answer for. the point is make them answer for it ALL! All of it period! going as far back as investigations can go, to come forward again with evidence of Zionist crime against humanity.

    the point is to prove the Zionist guilt, charge them with their crimes and try them all in courts of law, and as punishment if guilty to strip all their ill gotten wealth as compensation for those who have been hurt and harmed by Zionist crimes, along with their power to corrupt and poison the world intellectually, emotionally, etc.

    that is what Putin can start in the world, to put the Zionist world on the backfoot, to stop their free and open criminal behavior without consequences so far, on the whole human species.

    as I have noted Russia is full of actual, factual power in the world that Putin has rendered useless with his ridiculous pacifism that his enemies laugh at, as the actions of a blind fool, and continue to advance and impose on him and Russia, every time he takes a peaceful step…which in fact relative to those people is always a backward step

    • Replies: @Johnny Walker Read
  14. Pamela says:

    Once again Escobar indulges in his ongoing campaign to support the anti-Russian meme of mixed race tarnish. He has not yet I think written an article not pushing the labelling of Russia as “Eurasia” the word first coined by the British in India for a person of mixed parentage -one English one Indian. It was resurrected in 1947 by the dystopia novelist George Orwell in “1984” to refer to Russia and now it has a 3rd life after Harvard University spread it via Humanity Depts To be applied to Russia. Now he goes a step further to spread the image of Russians as half Mongol which DNA studies have proven untrue. He plays the subtle game of pretending to be supportive while dropping poison in the ear. Russians are of many different ethnicities but non of them are Oriental neither do they carry the genes of fearsome marauding Mongolia invaders .

  15. GMC says:

    Well, the Russian people are a little different from the Americans, ask any old time Alaskan about the old Russians there. I’ll tell you they are, since I fished next to them in the 70s. But old Alaskans are way different than lower 48ers too. Russians seem to be a very old fashion type , very straight , very conservative/ frugal, like early Americans/Europeans , that used whatever they had – in order to make do. Of course, it depends on where you live , how economically advanced you are etc. – like anywhere.
    Asian mix ? As in Asian personalities , maybe because of their sometimes isolated way of life for centuries , that made them untrusting of foreigners . They are definitely people of the land and spend a lot of time outside, love gardening , walking everywhere . My main observation – Old Souls. Ukrainians – a little more laid back but similiar. Thanks for the article – Love the History of the Steppe too.

    • Thanks: Mustapha Mond
    • Replies: @SafeNow
  16. Sirius says:

    If that is true why did he expel Berezovsky and jail and later expel Khodorkovsky?

    • Replies: @Schuetze
  17. moi says:

    All I know is that Putin is a total wuss who loves Israel and buys into the holocaust nonsense.

  18. @ben sampson

    Any questions?

  19. “Well, if a moral can be derived from our short parable, it’s not exactly a good idea for “civilized” NATO to pick a fight with the – lateral – heirs of the Great Khan.”

    Well, well! So Putin Khan is the inheritor of the Great Ghengis and Kubla Khans… Biden is shaking (from alzheimers) in his loafers… Lol!

    • Replies: @Skeptikal
  20. Schuetze says:

    Both Berezovsky and Khodorkovsky are free as a bird billionaires. Khordorkovsky was hardly put in a Gulag. Besides, this argument boils down to “Jews never hurt other Jews therefore Putin can’t be crypto-jew”, which everyone knows is a false strawman argument.

    A far stronger argument, if true, would have been “look at how Putin has courageously battled Jewish Power worldwide, and look how he stopped Jewish exploitation of Palestine”. Of course you cannot argue that because Putin has done nothing against Israel, who bombs Putin’s supposed ally, Syria, with impunity. Of course the Ashkenazi rape of Libya and Ukraine, and the theft of all their gold reserves, happened under Putin’s watch as well. All Russia, and Putin, have accomplished is to prolong chaos all over the middle east so that Israel can consolidate power without committing IDF manpower.

    • Replies: @Iris
  21. Marckus says:

    Russia this, China that, Iran the other, Venezuela so and so. Somebody needs to tell Greta the real cause of climate change is all that hot carbon dioxide from the White House and the Pentagon.

    The US has been reduced to dropping a missile here and there on people of no consequence. We are the tiger that squeaked.

    Fruitcake Joe is too busy coping with his dementia to remember if Vlad is president of China or Xi is the Mullah in Iran. Kamala is busy chewing her fingernails waiting to be the first Black East Indian Afro Chinese American Jamaican Mulatto President.

    These people have no will to fight. They are the worn out circus midgets shouting threats outside the motorcycle gang’s clubhouse.

    “When you must shoot shoot don’t talk”. The US is a bitch and the King Bulls of the school yard know it !

  22. GMC says:

    You have to look at the whole picture and remember that a man like Putin { a professional KGB one even} who has dealt with – every type of deception organization , can easily play along and actually agree with some of the bull shit . But he understands that his main agenda is to get Russia back on its feet. Putin has dozens of enemies, – hell , he stopped the looting of Russia, by not only the Russian oligarchs but the Entire financial industry in the West. And all these people live, scheme, still loot and steal – where? The West. Is President Putin part of the NWO ? He certainly has to deal them them, because of Russia being a nuclear super power and Ru is a global player in industry. But compare the taxes that Ru. big industry adds to the Russian treasury vs the US globalist – bailouts.

    I judge Putin on what I personally see in Russia – infrastructure being built along with renovations and new construction of schools, hospitals, recreational areas, national security, and the amount of corruption. He doesn’t fit the description of a person – workin for the Zionists, jews etc. especially since he just made sure that no dual citizens will hold an important job in the Gov. – Nope , comparing Putin to all the Western Presidents together is a no brainer – I’ll take one Putin over them all. Not saying things can’t change – but highly unlikely.

    • Agree: Robjil, niceland, Derer
    • Thanks: Alfred, Iris
  23. Levtraro says:

    All I know is that Putin is a total wuss who loves Israel and buys into the holocaust nonsense.

    Clearly this is all you know.

    • Replies: @moi
  24. Walter says:

    They say that when Putin visited Mt Athos, the monks seated him in the throne of the Byzantine emperor. Maybe they did…

    Never believe a story until it’s been denied…

  25. Scythians and Sarmatians were described as blonde, red-headed, and blue-eyed. Yes, they were Iranic-speaking, but they formed in the Eastern Europe, just like Slavs whose large part of ancestry also arrived from central Asia not much earlier. Scythians and Sarmatians then (alongside Austro-Goths) merged into the now huge Slavic population.

    So mentioning them in the same vein as Turkic peoples and/or Tatars is not very scholarly IMO.

    • Agree: Alfred, Schuetze
    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  26. Schuetze says:

    “I judge Putin on what I personally see in Russia”

    I don’t live in Russia, I have no Russian friends or family, I only watch the occaisional RT Crosstalk or articles I read from Southfront or RussiaInsider. So I would not even start to try to debate on what he has done for Russia, Russians or the Khazarian Mafia/Oligarchs. In fact, I hope what you write is true, and that he is a true nationalist primarily concerned for the good of ordinary Russians. I do have my doubts, so I am playing the devil’s advocate.

    Here are a few data points that I use to extrapolate:

    – Putin is a crypto-jew.
    – Putin is a Zionist
    – Putin grovels at the wailing wall and wears a yamulka just like all the western political whores
    – Putin is often photographed surrounded by Rabbi’s
    – Putin has a personal Rabbi
    – Putin has close relations with Chabad Lubbowitz
    – Putin supports the Holohoax lie
    – Putin blames Germany for WWII and ignores USSR guilt, especially Katyn
    – Putin lost/handed over Ukraine and all their gold reserves
    – Putin didn’t stop all the bombing, looting and murder in Eastern Ukraine.
    – Putin did nothing about MH17, assuming it wasn’t Russia’s BUK
    – All the unknowns surrounding downing of the jet carrying Lech Kaczynski
    – Putin’s failure to stop the rape of Syria and Libya
    – Putin won’t say the truth about AGW or Covid
    – Russia appears to be participating in Weather Modification

    There are many more data points I could list, but I think you get the point.

    • Thanks: HeebHunter
  27. Mefobills says:

    Very nice and balanced reply.

    There are many people alive who refuse to believe what their eyes tell them.

    Other people build up all kinds of weird connections in their brain, and when confronted with the incongruity of their position, they get mad.

    It is to much mental work for some to get rid of their false belief systems.

  28. Vojkan says:

    Just as according to Zionists, anyone who doesn’t revere Jews as the God’s gift to the Mankind is a nazi anti-semite mass-murderer, according to Jew-obsessed alt-rightists, anyone who doesn’t go full Hitler on Jews is either a crypto-Jew, a cuck or a communist.

    • Replies: @Avery
  29. Anonymous[370] • Disclaimer says:

    And how do you know this or did you look into your crystal ball or do you think he should go to war with Israel and the resulting world war that it would ring in, sometime you need to look outside the box that your thinking is in, Russia has done very well under Putin’s management much better than the west who are now circling the sewer both morally and financially.!!

    • Replies: @moi
  30. Mefobills says:

    You are spinning up a fantasy.

    The West wants to expand because finance capitalism makes new debts that are exponential. Russia’s lands are to be attached to new debt instruments, and preferably in dollar terms. New debts pay old debts, and Western Oligarchy is paid for as Russia gets strip-mined.

    Also consider that the Petro-dollar is under attack if Russia gas/oil becomes dominant, and the petro-dollar is a major weakness for the west.

    In the 90’s Russia was punked by the ((Chicago boyeezz)) and much of Russia’s patrimony was transferred or put into dollarized debts, which then crushed Russia into an existential crises.

    Putin was part of Andropov’s group, which was built up to save the Soviet Union with good management. Putin was groomed as a bureaucrat and manager.

    During the 90’s the last center of power to remain standing under the assault of (((FINANCE CAPITALISM))) was the FSB. The FSB then engaged in a counter attack by installing Putin. Everybody should remember that Putin was installed, or approved by Yeltsin, and Yeltsin admitted he had failed.

    Putin then went after the agents of Mammon in their midst, by taxing them and forcing them out of government. This is decidedly AGAINST Jewish Zionist method, where the methods are to infiltrate the money centers, the press, the schools, and government. Jews for the most part left Russia after the wall fell, because they feared that Russians were going to exact revenge and kill them. Putin also went after the Chechens almost immediately. Chechnya at the time had been subverted by recycled petrodollars, which were funding Wahabi Madrassas. Zionism was undermining the soft underbelly of Russia via Islam, in the same way it is trying to undermine China today in Uighur regions.

    The default position is that Russia was on its last legs due to the predations of our (((friends))), where the country had a dollarized debt hook thrust in its mouth, and it quickly devolved in a way similar to Red Berlin, where our (((friends))) did the same to Germany.

    If you consider that Russia was nearly dead, and that Putin brought it back – it is practically a miracle. That Putin has to triangulate power centers should be no surprise to someone that is aware of power dynamics, and that Russia was weak.

    A wise leader will absorb blows, and make friends of enemies, but in the end will do the right thing for his people. Putin has done exactly that. If he butt-smoochios with a few Rabbis, or even talks to Israeli leaders, that in no way implies that Putin is a Zionist and part of the now parasitized (((western cabal))).

    Why should Putin engage precious political capital fighting holohoax lies, etc. He has bigger fish to fry, like getting agriculture back on its feet, and fending off existential threats. Holohoax is not an existential threat.

    The insane finance-capitalist West really does want to kill Russia and then strip-mine it. Our Jewish friends also have historical grievances against Russia, as is evident by all of the Neo-Cons lining up in the Jew-Coup Russiagate saga.

    • Agree: Biff
    • Thanks: Iris
    • Replies: @Schuetze
  31. Anonymous[160] • Disclaimer says:

    Please stop calling President Putin “Vlad”. “Vlad” is the familiar form of Wladislaw. The familiar form of Vladimir is “Volodya”.

    • Replies: @Skeptikal
    , @Seraphim
  32. Iris says:

    Of course the Ashkenazi rape of Libya and Ukraine, and the theft of all their gold reserves, happened under Putin’s watch as well.

    Actually not. The rape of Libya, which indeed could have been prevented if Russia and China had vetoed the No-Fly-Zone 1973 UN Resolution, as they later spectacularly did for Russia, did not happen under President Putin’s watch.

    At the time in 2011, Putin was Prime Minister under President Medvedev, who is Jewish. Their relationship had notoriously become very bad and tense, and many were publicly questioning whether Medvedev was to make a gambit and seek a second presidential term.

    • Replies: @Schuetze
  33. AH88 says:

    I just laugh and laugh at all the fools who don’t realize that Putin’s a Jew. Jewtin is just false opposition and I hope Assad and the Iranians don’t actually trust that rat. If Putin was really the savior of the White race than why do they have parades with Soviet symbols? Why won’t he declare war on Israel or name the Jew?

  34. @GMC

    I have the utmost respect for Mr. Putin (I am an American). I have NO respect for ANY American politician, as they are all a part of the corrupt (American / Zionist) system. Unlike the American politicians, Mr. Putin is actually making things better for the Average Russian citizen. Perhaps that explains why his approval ratings are so high in Russia.

    • Replies: @Thim
  35. Avery says:

    {“… according to Jew-obsessed alt-rightists, anyone who doesn’t go full Hitler on Jews is either a crypto-Jew, ….”}

    Right. Well said.

    The delusional, irrational Hitler apologists are too obsessed with whatever they are obsessed with to understand that Hitler and his delusional evil gang are singularly responsible for the untimely deaths of about 60 million Caucasians (“whites”), and the inconvenient fact that Hitler’s evil stupidity is the reason that Western Europe today is infested with the SorosaVirus, and the reason Germany today is a prostrate land which is no longer the homeland of the proud, intelligent Germanic peoples but a dumping ground of world’s “refugees” – orchestrated by her GloboSorosaMasters.

    • Troll: HeebHunter
    • Replies: @Carlton Meyer
  36. Schuetze says:

    Actually you are making my point. If Putin were such a nationalist and patriot, then that entire fake wife-swap between Putin becoming Prime Minister and Medvedev President would never have happened. Putin would have stepped down from president and disappeared into his palace on the black sea.

    Putin kept his hands on the real power behind the scene, Medvedev was just a place holder. Medvedev was to Putin what Joe Biden is to Obama.

    • Replies: @Iris
    , @Mefobills
  37. Alfred says:

    There are many more data points I could list, but I think you get the point.

    I think we can both agree that militarily, socially and economically the USA is in decline. We can also agree that Russia is far stronger, more united and economically solvent than was the case only 20 years ago.

    Putin has no reason to do anything. In fact, he must do nothing to upset present trends. By playing their game, he is delaying any military conflict. By delaying any such conflict, he is more likely to win it. It makes perfect sense.

    Here is something that the Iranians have put on a website of theirs. The Persian text says something like “The Sunset of America”.

    • Replies: @Schuetze
    , @Iris
  38. Schuetze says:

    “The West wants to expand because finance capitalism makes new debts that are exponential.”

    The West is merely the current Jew Golem. That era is coming to an end. Russia and/or China will soon pick up the flag for gods chosen people. This has nothing to do with “finance capitalism”, it has to do with Eretz Israel and eternal Jewish vengeance.

    There will be a jubilee, and all the debts for rich jewish oligarchs, hedge fund owners, and other hucksters will be forgiven. The stupid goyim will be left with Klaus Schwabs “great reset”. They will own nothing and “be happy”. Exactly what role white Christian Russian slavs will play when they are subject to the Noahide laws is not clear, but if you read between the lines of what Escobar has written, they will be but one small minority in a great, multi-culti, Khazarian empire.

    • Replies: @Mefobills
  39. Derer says:

    Putin seeks to weaken the European project and the NATO alliance

    Not only Putin the whole planet want to dissemble the Washington generals’ sinister project – NATO. Europeans themselves want to unload the American yoke on Europe thru NATO, that Washington ruling clique hold onto with tooth and nails. Europe does not seek enemies, it is the US military complexes that cannot live without conflicts.

    Those that constantly slandering and provoking Russia need psychiatrist help. Those schizophrenics are constantly bragging about their affluence in comparison to Russia, then who have more to loose from a nuclear holocaust. Russians can take only so much insults, backstabbing and condescending before their missile will fly over New York or LA. They have some more resolute politicians than Putin waiting to grab the power and then the US honeymoon will be over.

  40. Derer says:

    Your confusing religious-based post has nothing to do with the present reality in Europe.

    • Replies: @Crawfurdmuir
  41. Derer says:

    Israel is located in the middle of Muslims hate sea, so Putin has sympathy for that predicament. Why it is that ignorant people consider Israel Jews self-preservation with American Jewish Lobby disloyalty and abuse of ordinary Americans – a main cause of antisemitism.

  42. Beagle says:

    Putin is talking about the Fourth Crusade. Through royal political jousting, the original purported mission to save Christendom from Seljuk Turks transmogrified into a Crusader sack of Constantinople in 1204.


    • Agree: Iris
  43. Schuetze says:

    “By delaying any such conflict, he is more likely to win it. “

    Win it for whom? Escobar just wrote 2000 words about how glorious the multi-culti “Russia” is. Putin famously quiped about what a tragic mistake the break up of the USSR was. Of course at this time he was also including all of the Warsaw pact and all the ‘stans in this calculation. The USSR was never about “Russians” who were the empires tax-donkeys and gulag occupants. The USSR was a talmudic creation from beginning to the very end, when the Ashkenazi oligarchs walked away with all the wealth and productive capacity.

    I’ll say it again, I hope I am wrong, I hope Putin is the great white hope. But I think faith in Putin is almost as misplaced as faith in Donald Trump. I wanted Trump to be a “success” for the deplorables, but I knew from the beginning that he was controlled opposition. They are both Zionist stooges, they are both crypto-jews.

  44. @Avery

    It was Britain and France who declared war on Germany, and Hitler attempted to make peace several times, promising to withdraw from France. But Churchill and Roosevelt wanted to conquer Western Europe and killed most of those whites (often with deliberate mass bombings of civilians). Control is maintained via NATO as American occupation troops remain everywhere.

    • Thanks: Schuetze
    • Replies: @Avery
    , @Seraphim
  45. Iris says:

    More like: “The United States are facing a shock”

  46. Iris says:

    If Putin were such a nationalist and patriot, then that entire fake wife-swap between Putin becoming Prime Minister and Medvedev President would never have happened.

    Putin did so because he is a lawyer by training and understands the importance of formally respecting the Constitution.

    And he stayed in function because he knew that he was the right man to save Russia and lead her, safe and prosperous, throughout the 21st Century.

    Putin is a geopolitical miracle. He is a blessing for Russia, and a strong Russia is a blessing for the rest of the world. History will mark him as one of greatest political leaders that ever existed.

    • Replies: @Schuetze
  47. Thim says:
    @Brad Anbro

    Recent polls showing over 60% of Russian men dislike Putin and do not want him to stand in 2024. It is the women, the mindless women, who support him.

    • Replies: @Brad Anbro
    , @Alfred
  48. @Schuetze

    this is great reasoning! you almost got me convinced!

    but it is time to give the Zionists some of their own medicine. there are many ways to do it legally…they are exposed. and other ways too of course. Russia is strong, getting stronger and the Zionist may not be as strong as they think.

    but the attack must be fil, comprehensive and unceasing, relentless. they must not get out and up again out of this. it is time to put them down. the have are putting out genocidal vaxx that will leave the people biologically tattered. no more time to play

  49. The zionists are going to eventually force a war with Russia and this may be an attack on Iran by the ZUS which will act as the cause, with Russia coming in on the side of Iran and then the war will go nuclear , which is what the zionist want, they want armaggedon, and feel they can survive in their DUMBs which they have throughout the ZUS and Israel and ZBritain and ZEU, and the millions that will die in this war are of no concern to the zionists, as this fits with their depopulation agenda and what they dont get with their covid-19 vaccinations they will get with their nuclear war with Russia.

    Zionists are destroyers of nations and humanity.

  50. SafeNow says:

    Thanks for your insights into the Russian people based on your firsthand observation. I will add mine, based on being an online chess player. (1) They tend toward what chess players call “quiet moves”; patient, not impetuous. (2) If a position is lost, they will resign, which in chess is considered the respectful and dignified thing to do. An American is more likely to stubbornly and uselessly fight-on.

  51. @Crawfurdmuir

    That is how I read it.
    Is Putin sending a message to fellow Christian-European civilizations about the dangers of infighting?
    A lack of unity, petty infighting and greed have combined to nearly destroy Europe more than once.

  52. Schuetze says:

    “Putin did so because he is a lawyer by training and understands the importance of formally respecting the Constitution.”

    Please allow me to paraphrase. Lawyers are paid liars, and Putin lied in order to violate the spirit and written word of the constitution in order to retain power. In other words, Putin is a banana republic president just like Obama.

    “He is a blessing for Russia, and a strong Russia is a blessing for the rest of the world. History will mark him as one of greatest political leaders that ever existed.”

    Don’t you understand that this is precisely what Obama supporters say about him? Just wait until France elects a magic negro as president, maybe then you will understand how it works.

    I don’t rule out that Putin could be a “geopolitical miracle”. Hitler was one too, he saved Germany from genocide by Jew, for 12 years anyway. Many claim that Hitler was nothing more than Zionist controlled opposition. We will have to wait another decade at least until we can be sure about Putin.

    • Replies: @Mefobills
  53. @Derer

    The main cause of distrust of Jews is Jewish behaviour.
    I reject the term anti-semetism completely.

    If you push and kill your way into the Middle East then how can you complain when you end up surrounded by hostile Arabs? Isn’t what you have done idiotic and suicidaL?

    Then you complain?

    Liar. Con man. Maniac. Murderer.

    • Thanks: HeebHunter
    • Replies: @Derer
  54. Mefobills says:

    This has nothing to do with “finance capitalism”, it has to do with Eretz Israel and eternal Jewish vengeance.

    It has everything to do with finance capitalism. Our (((friends))) invented the construct when they were in Amsterdamn. It then jumped to London, then wall street.

    It was used to fund world war 1 and 2. Eretz Israel is an objective, and it had to be funded did it not? There would be no Zion or Israel without funding and war.

    Rothschild is finance capitalism by issue of privatized debt instruments against society; the usury gained is then used to fund Zion. The funding also includes brainwashing and narrative control, including ownership of the press. The Jews would be nothing without finance capital.

    The West is merely the current Jew Golem. That era is coming to an end. Russia and/or China will soon pick up the flag for gods chosen people.

    It’s not coming to an end. I even have people like you telling me otherwise as there is mass confusion about reality. Judeo-Christianity came by Jewish funding out of Amersterdamn stock market capital. Today, Judeo-Christianity is the dominant religion type in the West.

    In other words, the West has a form of Jewish religion, and a money type and economy that is Jewish.

    Russia is Orthodox Christian, and does not worship the old testament or the jew. Russia even has a modicum of control over their central bank.

    Russia and China are not going to pick up the flag for god’s chosen people. There is no evidence. That is you making up things in your mind that has no basis in reality.

    China has kept their state banks, and recently resisted ((Kudolow’s)) efforts to insert Western private bank and finance into China as part of the Tariff deal. That Jewish method is thankfully been put on the back burner.

    China is industrial capitalist, not finance capitalist. China’s communist party is Chinese, and is firmly in control. Russia is now a Christian Theocracy. When Russia went into Syria it was to protect Christians who were being massacred, and not out of some sort of love for Syria.

    Putin is establishing Christian Orthodox churches everywhere, within walking distance of neighborhoods if possible. That action is decidedly NOT ZIONIST.

    Russia has resurrected the symphony of Church and State, which is a direct lineage from Byzantium. Russia even controls their press, and has laws on the book that can ferret out NGO activity like NED. If you examine Byzantium, especially Justinian, then you will find out they were very Jew-wise.

    The gig is up in both Russia and China – the Jew has practically no chance of infiltration and takeover… the west on the other hand, is fully parasitized.

    white Christian Russian slavs will play when they are subject to the Noahide laws is not clear

    More fantasy. If anything the Duma is more firmly in control than ever. New laws that are written are not creating a Jewish Kritarchy in Russia.

    Russia is on a different civilizational path than the West, it is not good to use your reality and impute it to others.

    • Agree: Arthur MacBride, Iris
    • Replies: @Schuetze
    , @General Koofta
  55. An interesting debate on Pres Putin. The vdo below features one of his enemies, one of the erstwhile looters of Russia, a (((citizen))) of Perfidious Albion who has the power to get the Magnitsky Act passed, one of the people behind the curtain …

    Speaking as a Christian, merely the survival of Russia from the talmudic hyena is nothing less than a miracle. Let alone today’s ongoing prosperity … the person who has engineered this, of course with help, is Vladimir V. Putin … are we to believe that he is doing this in order to hand the country back over to the said hyena and its obedient freemasonic depraved Weimar-era “free west” ?

    Personally I doubt it.

    • Thanks: Mefobills
    • Replies: @Mefobills
  56. Skeptikal says:
    @Temporary Insanity

    I don’t think the Russians are the heirs of the Great Khan.

    By the time Muscovy finally basically got rid of the Mongol remnants in the form of the Golden Horde, the latter was many generations and centuries away from any Great Khan ruling over all.

    The last khanate to be eliminated/broken was in the Crimea, I believe, by Catherine the Great.

    Pepe doesn’t mention the role of the Cossacks in securing the nascent Russian state’s borders and as forward troops in conquering and holding lands to the east, across Nomadistan. Maybe the “self-governing” features he mentions originated with the Cossacks.

    In case anyone wants a short movie break with lots of horses and fabulous score (written by the Viennese composer for films Franz Waxman)—the Ride to Dubno is one of the greatest movie scenes of all time:

  57. Mefobills says:

    Please allow me to paraphrase. Lawyers are paid liars, and Putin lied in order to violate the spirit and written word of the constitution in order to retain power

    He is trained out of Andropov’s group, and that has much more bearing on anything, including being a lawyer.

    You are convinced of your position about reality, but it is a bag full of hot air. The dissident right is not served by fantasy, but instead needs to get real.

    If people are led down into cul-de-sacs of bad thought, they are effectively neutralized.

    Your fantasy also does not square up with Putin recently devolving power down to the Duma, when the new constitution was written.

    If you have some sort of knowledge in your brain, and it comes up against information that does not square up, then you need to do a re-think.

  58. Skeptikal says:

    Show respect.
    Use the patronymic.
    It is Vladimir Vladimirovich.

  59. that is very strong reasoning Mefobills. you are probably right about Putin. I hope so! you can have no idea how much I want your opinion to be the right one, the accurate impression of Putin

    something must be done about the Jews at this point or they will do humanity in. with technological means there is the power in the world available with which humanity can be done in quit easily. that is how we got Covid. and no doubt there is more like that to come

    The Jews/Zionists must be stopped and stopped now or there is soon going to be a huge hole in the human population, punched by the Covid vaccinations. Putin is the man, Russia the nation, to begin that process

    my comment above attached to scheutz was meant as reply to your comment on Putin. sorry!

    • Replies: @TheIdiot
  60. Mefobills says:

    Putin kept his hands on the real power behind the scene, Medvedev was just a place holder. Medvedev was to Putin what Joe Biden is to Obama.

    Medvedev was not toothless. That is you making crap up again. Medvedev was responsible for rolling over on the Libya debacle, allowing the West free reign, and Putin was furious.

    Medvedev is part of the fifth column atlantacists that are still present in Russia. Putin has not neutralized this column. Atlantacism is part of Jewish method.

    The Atlantacists are not ascendant in Russia, but instead are slowly being repressed and losing power. Atlantacists are finance capitalists. Putin’s chessboard is much more complicated and requires a lot more triangulation, than you give him credit for.

    The group that is ascendant in Russia are the old guard soviet communists, who would like to go scorched earth against the west, and that includes Jewry. They are tired of Putin taking it on the chin.

    Putin’s taking it on the chin is a Judo move, allowing the west to trip itself up instead. Don’t get in the enemies way when the enemy is self-inflicting wounds.

    • Agree: Alfred
  61. @Mulga Mumblebrain

    I agree completely. The liars keep repeating that the USSR suddenly invaded Afghanistan. In fact, USUKisrael set the whole thing rolling. The Afghan government felt obliged to invite the USSR in to help out. There are parallels to the US war in Syria.

  62. @Pamela

    “The word first coined by the British in India for a person of mixed parentage -one English one Indian”: I think that was “Anglo-Indian”.

    • Replies: @Pamela
  63. @moi

    What you need to know is how many countries Putin could be arrested in if he believed the holoho to be a crock and said so.

    • Replies: @moi
  64. @TheIdiot

    America’s putative victims ought to work hard to create a mutually hostile Disunited States of America, say four or five across the entire fifty. Hawaii deserves to be free, as well.

  65. RobinG says:
    @John Hagan

    The Magnitsky Act [2012] was the first salvo of the New Cold War. Russiagate is the ongoing skirmish.

    Russiagate became a meme with the advent of Trump, but its roots are in the 1990’s, after the breakup of the USSR. American vulture capitalists (the “Harvard Boys”) flocked to Russia to take advantage of the confusion. Bill Browder not only gamed the system, he used fraud to strip Russian assets, set up shell companies to hide his crimes, stashed his ill-gotten gains in off-shore havens, and gave up his US citizenship to avoid taxes.

    So U.S. investors who expected Putin to be a “sober Yeltsin” were dismayed that he was not a puppet, but a populist and a nationalist, determined to regain Russia’s control of her own assets. Browder was convicted of fraud. He had fled Russia, but his accountant Sergei Magnitsky was arrested, and died in jail. Browder lobbied vigorously for the “Magnitsky Act” and sanctions against Russia, but he is only the front man. The oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky, even while in prison in Russia, spent millions supporting Browder’s lobbying. These oligarchs, who accrued vast wealth while ordinary Russians were literally dying in the streets, just want to get even. Along with the foreign investors who lost their cash cow, they want to bring Putin down.

    Russia became a convenient scapegoat for Hillary, and a useful cudgel to wield against Trump. While hamstrung from improving relations with Russia, was Trump ever the real target of Russiagate, or was he collateral damage in the Deep State’s ongoing effort, via Putin, to demonize Russia?

    A brief history of the new US cold war with Russia, 14 min.

    • Agree: John Hagan
  66. Jake says:

    Which in terms of ethnicity and language was a replay of Viking gangs conquering areas of Slavic peoples. Pepe writes:

    It’s always important to remember that the Vikings were still nomads when they became rulers in Slav lands. Their civilization in fact prevailed over sedentary peasants – even as they absorbed many of their customs.

    His first sentence is true and extremely important. His second sentence is false. Slavic culture conquered the Vikings (pirating/pillaging Germanics) in that those Germanic pirates embraced Slavic language and cultural patterns and proclivities.

    It is analogous to the Franks. Franks were a Germanic tribe of barbarian pirates/pillagers, but a couple of centuries before the death of the Western Roman Empire they had become trading partners and allies of various Gaulish Celtic tribes, all of whom had been influenced deeply by specifically Latinate culture (Celtic and Latin/Romance are actually 1 Indo-European language family, not 2 families; Germanic, like Slavic is another family). Over time, Frankish leaders tossed aside their tribe’s original Germanic language to adopt the half Latinized form of northern Gaulish Celt that would become known as French.

    When conquering warlords and their descendants get absorbed by the language and culture of those they defeated militarily, then the long term winner is the defeated culture, not that of the warlords.

  67. @Pamela

    Me, I’m proud of my mongrel-sorry, Mongol- blood!

    • Replies: @Pamela
    , @Seraphim
  68. @Indifferent contrarian

    Seventy thousand years before they were all African and rather darkish. Looks like they got an invigorating dose of Neanderthal genes somewhere or other. Mind you, I was impressed in Kashmir, long ago, by how many red-haired and bearded old geezers there were, until I was informed that it was just henna that the old goats thought made them look more yooffull.

  69. @Derer

    Your confusing religious-based post has nothing to do with the present reality in Europe.

    My comment was not “religious-based” – it was historically based. It is true that Russia has historically viewed itself as successor to the Roman (Byzantine) empire, based on common religious identity (Eastern Orthodoxy) and the Rurikids’ imperial lineage. This identity persisted as late as World War I, when Russia entered the conflict on the side of Serbia. The Orthodox Serbs were Russia’s allies because they were co-religionists.

    Putin has revived Russia’s ancient claim to be protector of the Orthodox. It is immaterial whether he has done so because of sincere belief, or based on what he regards as strategic concerns, or in pursuit of personal political advantage.

    There has been a significant revival of Orthodox worship in today’s Russia. Putin has thought it worth his while to visit Mount Athos – twice. Here is a BBC article about his second visit:

    It notes that Putin ” has embraced his Orthodox faith and is believed to have a good relationship with Patriarch Kirill.”

    Again, it makes no difference what his motivations for so doing are. He is publicly identifying himself with the Orthodox Church and is cultivating its leaders. His mention of “crusaders” is clearly in the context of the Fourth Crusade, and makes perfect sense as part of his public stance as a faithful Orthodox Christian.

  70. @Thim

    “Thim” – I moved to NE Tennessee from northern Illinois. While in Illinois, my wife and I were in the process of remodeling our kitchen. I was banking at a local Chase branch and wanted to get a simple “signature loan” to cover the cost of the remodeling, as I did not want to deplete my savings account.

    I sat down with a loan officer who was an immigrant from Russia. His command of the English language was impeccable. I let him know of my hobby of amateur radio (ham radio) and that I talked with Russians frequently. I told him that I had a question for him and would like an honest answer. He told me that he would give me an honest answer.

    I asked him if the average Russian was better off under communism or are they better off NOW? He told me that things in Russia for the average citizen were much better under communism, as the Russian oligarchs had looted the country but that this was changing. He told me that Mr. Putin was in the process of returning the Russian economy back to the Russian people and that things were getting better.

    I would very much like the opportunity to meet Mr. Putin but I know that I will never have that opportunity. I would not walk across the street to shake the hand of ANY American politician.

    A few years before George Carlin died, he put out a video (available on YouTube) which spells out EXACTLY what the “political situation” is in the USA – that the politicians (all of them) do not give a damn about the Average American, because they are too busy serving the “Big Money” interests.

    I am a 69 year-old retired industrial electrician and I use my real name, as I am not ashamed of my opinions, which are based on facts that I have learned. The country that I “thought” I grew up in and worked in never existed, except in my own mind.

    • Replies: @Iris
    , @RobinG
  71. Mefobills says:
    @Arthur MacBride

    Perfidious Albion is the epicenter of finance capitalism.

    When the Jew jumped to London with creation of BOE in 1694, a silent big-boom shook the earth.

    The construct of double entry credit money created at debt entered the world scene. The first central bank using debt mechanism came into being, and this bank was the main control center – which turned England into a vampire.

    Stock Market finance instruments, and bank stock ownership found its way into a “free market” where these instruments were euphemized as assets, the same as something tangible. Never
    mind that finance instruments in FC often have fraud and abuse on the other side, and not production.

    The hidden control mechanism of money control was now in place, where hidden actors became sting pullers for civilization. The paid off and owned press became a place to manufacture consent, and politicians became compromised and paid for puppets.

    We impute almost magical power to the Jew, but if you dig down to the tap root, you will find two things: 1) An in-group that uses usury and finance methods to fund their operations. 2) A supremacist belief system that sanctions usury and predation.

    Part of the method is for top jews to frighten bottom jews into compliance, which is why the odd anti-semite act is often carried out by jews themselves.

  72. Iris says:
    @Brad Anbro

    I asked him if the average Russian was better off under communism or are they better off NOW?

    Actually, I think that Russians under Communism were better off than Americans NOW.

    I am certain that under Communism, Russians did not have 70,000 adults dying of drug overdose every year, which is as good an indicator as it gets of the despair a society is drowning into.

    • Replies: @Brad Anbro
  73. Pamela says:
    @Mulga Mumblebrain

    And so you should. But I know how the average Saxon mind works, and I’ve studied the history of them in India. I know how they generally react to anyone they want to put down and if they can use their mixed blood they will. That’s why Orwell used it in 1984 – it was a tecnique used by “The Party” to stimulate race hatred.

  74. Not really directly following from the article being discussed, but a few points regarding Russia under Putin.

    In 2005, under the auspices of the Russian Academy of Sciences, a research team led by Irina Ermakova studied the effects of RoundUp Ready (glyphosate resistant) soybeans on test animals. The results indicated serious problems with the genetically modified soybeans. Here is link to a synopsis on the subject:

    At the time the Monsanto glyphosate based weed killer was deemed by Monsanto and the American regulatory bodies to be safe, and the RoundUp ready soybeans were the most widely grown beans in the US, and at that time widely grown in many other countries. American political and regulatory system corruption, as well as Monsanto’s guile, combined to promote the said technology as benign and beneficial.

    The more general point is that the corruption complex of the United States promoted a technology on behalf of convenience and profit, which does harm, while the Russians took a closer un-corrupted look, and alerted anyone listening.

    Fast forward to today, and I am not qualified to pronounce the Russian COVID-19 vaccine as likely much safer than most of the C-19 vaccines produced in the West, but the Russian vaccines I take it are not based on new experimental technology, and seem at this stage associated with very little adverse reaction.

    So two examples do not form a solid foundation for a grand conclusion, but to paraphrase Paul Craig Roberts, every American institution seems corrupt. I don’t get the impression of endemic corruption from Russia at all. I’m sure there’s lots of corruption in Russia, but it doesn’t seem to have been normalized. Snowden is hiding out in Russia, and Assange, perhaps the most effective publisher of official secrets of our era, is in a British dungeon, presumably hoping not to be sent to the US for further torture.

    I’ve commented elsewhere that perhaps the three most prolifically demonized political figures in the Western media over the last century are Hitler, Trump and Putin. In conventional mass media Trump derangement syndrome has been paralleled by Putin and Hitler demonization syndrome. So is there a great sin that these three have in common?

    All three explicitly and implicitly were concerned with restoring their potentially powerful countries to health, after different debacles. They are/were primarily ‘sovereigntists’ rather than internationalists or globalists. And the logic of the person concerned with and loyal to, on a primary level, the well being of their own country and people, whether that is ultimately good and wise logic, or foolish and destructive logic, is always somewhat at fundamental odds with the command and control logic of those whose primary goal/allegiance is international ownership and transnational profit seeking financial arrangements, or global empire.

    • Thanks: Buck Ransom, Alfred
  75. Pamela says:
    @Badger Down

    No, an Anglo-Indian was one who was born in India, and mainly grew up there. They contributed hugely to Indian development, and always thought of India as home, but they were of English descent, both genetically and culturally.

    • Replies: @Skeptikal
  76. Pamela says:

    Russians were, in general, well off under Communism after Stalin and before Gorbachev and the economic collapse. But times are different. They are in the main just as well of now as then, but in a different way, because times are different. They are much much better off than when the Corridors of Kremlin were filled with Americans robbing them blind along with the Russian Jewish Oligarchs. Then they were starving to death with no hope. Now, they know they own their own country, they are free and nearly all are above the poverty line. Putin has made it a target to get them all out of poverty by 2024.

  77. frontier says:
    @Mulga Mumblebrain

    Najibullah kept the jihadists at bay until the mega-Quisling Yeltsin, cut off his arms supply.

    Why wasn’t China helping him? Ah yes, to please the US elites and get the outsourcing going. Too much corruption in this game.

  78. Seraphim says:

    They will prefer Vlad because of its association with ‘Vlad the Impaler’ Dracula the Vampire.

    ”Vladimir Putin Exposed as a Vampire”, by Hedvig Werner, Feb 2nd, 2017:
    “President Putin is actually one and the same as Vlad the Impaler, Prince of Wallachia—otherwise known as Count Dracula”

    ”Lyudmila Putina Once Called Her Husband a Vampire”, June 6, 2013

  79. Avery says:
    @Carlton Meyer

    {“It was Britain and France who declared war on Germany,…”}

    This has been debated on @ron.unz threads ad nauseum.

    1.Nazi Germany began rearming and militarized the Rhineland in violation of the Versailles treaty she had signed.
    2.Nazi Germany invaded and annexed Austria.
    3.Nazi Germany invaded and annexed Sudetenland. (part of Czechoslovakia at the time).
    4.Both France and UK agreed that Hitler had legitimate cause and accepted it at the Agreement of Munich.
    5.Next, Nazi Germany invaded Poland: France and UK declared war on Nazi Germany.
    What ensued was known as the period of Phony War, when nothing much happened between Nazi Germany, France, and UK.

    The real war broke out when Nazi Germany invaded USSR.
    Stupid Hitler, without thinking of the consequences, declared war on US, after the Imperial Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

    And the rest is history, as they say.

    Had Hitler been satisfied with Austria and Sudetenland, none of what you ascribe to Churchill and Roosevelt would have happened. But Hitler’s prime goal for starting WW2 was to invade and gobble up the vast, fertile lands West of the Urals, inconveniently populated by Slavic peoples, who clearly had no right to be living on lands that rightfully belonged to the alleged ‘Master Race’.
    Hitler invaded USSR, and got his clock royally cleaned by those Untermenschen Slavs.
    Hitler’s mass murdering goons got Operation Uranused by those lowly Slavs, i.e. got royally Butt F___ed. Serves them right, for causing all that death and destruction in USSR and everywhere else.

    • Replies: @ivegotrythm
    , @Vojkan
  80. I read Mr Putin’s comments as observing the unspeakable truth (at least unspeakable in the west): Russia is the bulwark between western Europe and the Asia, and the countries of western Europe are harming their own long term interests by mounting an economic/social crusade aimed at damaging Russia.

  81. RobinG says:
    @Brad Anbro

    Your bank officer was indeed honest. But while there’s nobody here of Putin’s quality, there have been a few who fight (as best they know it) for the populace.

    This is a compilation of admissions of te guilty.
    Tulsi Gabbard calls out the US dirty war on Syria that Biden, aides admit to

  82. @Iris

    Some time ago, a columnist (Paul Craig Roberts?) wrote a piece on how the USA and Russia have basically “traded places” – how Russia actually has MORE freedom, less crime & drugs, etc. and how the USA actually has LESS freedom now – more surveillance, more crime & drugs, etc.

    The United States is well on it way to becoming a washed-up Third World Banana Republic and I have been able to witness this transformation since I first entered the workforce, full-time, back in 1972. The changes that I have seen are absolutely appalling and NONE of the politicians give a damn about it.

    • Thanks: Iris
  83. Schuetze says:

    “In other words, the West has a form of Jewish religion, and a money type and economy that is Jewish.

    Russia is Orthodox Christian, and does not worship the old testament or the jew. Russia even has a modicum of control over their central bank.”

    That sure was nice of the money changers to allow Russia a “modicum of control”.

    In my post #26 above, I listed some reasons why I think what is going on in Russia is not as it appears, not simply Putin the Great reinvigorating the Orthodox Church in Russia. I explained that I base this opinion on that list of reasons, but that there are more.

    One big reason has been Russia’s behavior during this plandemic, which was clearly a planned hit on the global economy. Russia had its “Sputnik” vaccine, which jews brag was developed in Israel, ready before the end of the “first wave”. Putin had foreknowledge and, at least in the beginning, participated in this “great reset”. To me this is a smoking gun, for China too.

    I simply do not believe in the efficacy of any of these vaccines against this “virus”, Russian or otherwise. I believe that there are other, far more effective treatments. So why would Putin play along with this entire global hoax to shut down the worlds economic system?

    The global warming hoax is happening in parallel to and is joined at the hip with the plandemic. Both the climate hoax and the plandemic clearly have as their main goals the shutting down, or at least “great resetting” of the global economy. Russia joined the Paris accord in 2019, and China was a charter member. Russia actually would benefit from Global Warming anyway, so why would Putin go along with this farce?

    Then there is all the atmospheric spraying and ionospheric heating.

    “The Sura Ionospheric Heating Facility, located near the small town Vasilsursk about 100 km eastward from Nizhniy Novgorod (geographical position 56.13° N / 46.10° E) in Russia, is a laboratory for ionosphere research. Its ionospheric heater, similar to the American HAARP, is capable of radiating about 190 MW, effective radiated power (ERP) on short waves. This facility is operated by the radiophysical research institute NIRFI in Nizhny Novgorod.
    The frequency range of the heating facility is from 4.5 to 9.3 MHz. The facility consists of three 250 kW brodcasting transmitters and a 144 crossed dipole antenna-array with dimensions of 300 m x 300 m. At the middle of the operating frequency range (4.5 — 9.3 MHz) a maximum zenith gain of about 260 (~24 dB) is reached, the ERP of the facility is 190 MW (~83 dbW).”

    There are also at least 2 ELF transmitters in Russia as well, check out this map:

    To me it seems clear that Putin and Russia are participating in numerous globalist campaigns against humanity. Of course I cannot know what the agreements are, or what their role is, but they are clearly involved, and Russia is clearly involved in the “great reset” as well, even having had foreknowledge.

    Shutting down the global economy to bring the planet into line with the Paris accord and Agenda 2030 means the crippling of economic activity. Zero carbon means zero air travel and zero bunker fuel operated ocean transport. You said that Finance Capitalism requires exponentially increasing debt. But how can you have exponentially increasing debt with an imploding global economy? Clearly this will lead to hyperinflation of the global reserve currency which is currently the dollar. This is why I say that the great reset has nothing to do with financial capitalism. Putin isn’t stupid, and he is in on this entire “great reset”.

    I will explain to you what I think is going on, much of it comes from Catherine Fitts.

    I believe that they are taking us, Putin and Xi included, into a new kind of economy based on social credit, not financial credit. It will be centered around digital currency, a micro-chipped humanity, UBI (Universal Basic Income) and the surveillance state. China is currently the model for all this, but it will go much further. Credit will not be allocated by your productivity, but by your social interactions. If you want credit to buy a house, you better be a good social serf. You must behave and think in the required manner. Fitts calls it the Beast System, and AI will be at the center. Likely that global brain will be centered in Jerusalem, possible underneath the third temple to Solomon. This is of course the all seeing eye of the Illuminati.

    So the question here is if Putin is really trying to keep Russia and Russians outside of this coming Beast System. I don’t think so, I think all this orthodox revival is merely window dressing.

    • Replies: @ivegotrythm
  84. Skeptikal says:

    An Anglo-Indian is a person of mixed descent, not an English person born in India.
    One of my oldest friends is an Anglo-Indian.
    Both her maternal great-grandfather and I think her paternal grandfather as well were English.
    Her father worked for the railway, which was quite often the case.

    An author who wrote quite a lot about this class was John Masters.
    One of his best-known books is Bhowani Junction.
    Made into a movie starring Ava Gardner.
    It centers on events in the railroad town Bhowani Junction.

    • Replies: @Seraphim
  85. @Schuetze

    That is the question. But if he were NOT trying to keep Russia outside of the coming Beast System, there would be NO need for “window dressing.”

    • Replies: @Schuetze
  86. @Avery

    Germany violated the Versailles Treaty? Everyone has now agreed that the “Versailles Treaty” was a great evil. But who was it that signed the Versailles Treaty for the Germans? Who represented both sides?
    Austria and the Sudetenland wanted to be annexed by Germany. The Czech state created by the Versailles treaty may have objected to that. Were they a legitimate state? Does Czechoslovakia still exist? Even German Switzerland was interested in becoming part of the Third Reich.
    You say: “Both France and UK agreed that Hitler had legitimate cause and accepted it at the Agreement of Munich.” So? Then where is the problem?
    Then, Britain betrayed the Munich agreement by instigating Poland to provoke Germany by slaughtering Danzig Germans, not allowing Germany a Danzig corridor (as they were previously inclined to do, since Danzig was really German) because Britain promised Poland they would go to war to help the Poles if they were attacked. Britain then went to war against Germany when Germany went to war against Poland. That was their plan. However, when two weeks later the USSR went to war against Poland, Britain did not see it necessary to declare war on the USSR as they had promised Poland “if they were attacked.” Chamberlain said this secret agreement with Poland was forced on him and he said by whom it was forced.
    The “phony war” was Hitler trying to be nice to France and Britain, and not retaliate for being invaded, leaving the door open to avoid war. That would be “peace.” Being nice did not work. Roosevelt maneuvered Japan to attack Pearl Harbor, and the British were assured it would happen and sit tight until it did. If “stupid Hitler” declared war on the US it was because everyone knew that provoking the Japanese to attack Pearl Harbor was in order for the US to go to war with Germany, as part of the Big Plan declared already by Samuel Untermyer in 1933.
    The Soviet Union was preparing to invade Europe from the moment it was created by Wall Street buying the “provisional government” outright. On the eve of the Soviet Union attacking Germany, the Germans attacked the Soviet Union.
    The “ad nauseum” about “uebermenschen, untermenschen,” has not gotten to you yet, has it? But maybe it has because you are spouting it up out of your system. The regions of the Soviet Union that were occupied by the Germans were delighted to see them. But the Big Lie came back and punished them with deportations and repressions. You prefer the “Big Lie.”
    You are not a nice man.

  87. Vojkan says:

    Before invading the USSR, Germany invaded Greece and Yugoslavia. Both were kingdoms where ‘Judeo-Bolshevism’ was illegal and communist militancy a marginal phenomenon with no popular support. Both would have most probably remained neutral had they not been invaded and anyway represented no danger whatsoever for Germany.
    Greece had a Danish-German king and Yugoslavia a regent who descended from the Karadjordjević and the Demidov and was married to a descendant of the Romanov. That’s who Germany attacked. Up to one in ten Greeks and one in seven Serbs died during WWII. Serbs suffered full-fledged genocide on the teritory of the German puppet “independent state” of Croatia. Greece endured continuous political instability until 1974 and Yugoslavia became a communist dictatorship. In both countries, German invasion was a boon for communists. Actually, from today’s perspective, the greatest achievement of Hitler’s wars is to have turned the Eastern half of Europe into a big communist concentration camp. So, the Hitler fan crowd here should really give it a break.

    • Troll: Schuetze
  88. Seraphim says:
    @Carlton Meyer

    Britain declared war on 3 September, two days after the invasion of Poland.
    At the time the assurances given to Poland by the British and French Governments in April 1939 that “in the event of any action which clearly threatened Polish independence, and which the Polish Government accordingly considered it vital to resist with their national forces, His Majesty’s Government would feel themselves bound at once to lend the Polish Government all support in their power” has been formalized into the “Agreement of Mutual Assistance between the United Kingdom and Poland.-London, August 25, 1939”
    Should one of the Contracting Parties become engaged in hostilities with a European Power in consequence of aggression by the latter against that Contracting Party, the other Contracting Party will at once give the Contracting Party engaged in hostilities all the support and assistance in its power.
    ARTICLE 2.
    (1) The provisions of Article I will also apply in the event of any action by a European Power which clearly threatened, directly or indirectly, the independence of one of the Contracting Parties, and was of such a nature that the Party in question considered it vital to resist it with its armed forces.
    ARTICLE 3.
    Should a European Power attempt to undermine the independence of one of the Contracting Parties by processes of economic penetration or in any other way, the Contracting Parties will support each other in resistance to such attempts. Should the European Power concerned thereupon embark on hostilities against one of the Contracting Parties, the provisions of Article I will apply.

    Germany being the attacker Britain was bound to fulfill its obligations. Hitler made the same mistake like the Kaiser’s in starting the war believing that Britain was not serious. The reappointment of Churchill to the War Cabinet should have given him food for thought.

    • Replies: @Schuetze
  89. Seraphim says:

    The Oxford English Dictionary give the definition:
    “Of mixed British and Indian parentage, of Indian descent but born or living in Britain or (chiefly historical) of English descent or birth but living or having lived long in India”
    The ”All India Anglo-Indian Association” holds that Anglo-Indians are unique in that they are Christians, speak English as their mother tongue, as well as have a historical link to both Europe and India.

  90. Seraphim says:
    @Mulga Mumblebrain

    Pamela is a ‘Cymraes’ in love with a Russia of fantasy (but with scant knowledge of the real Russia), which she wants to see as racially pure as the Cymry. She hates the ‘Saxons’.
    She believes that ‘Eurasia’ is a term invented by Orwell.

  91. Schuetze says:

    It is known as the dialectic and the strategy of tension. That is why there is constant climate panic and covid hysteria. Wars and rumors of war is just a more ancient method of keeping the goyim very afraid. If everyone was getting along all hunky-dory then people might take the time to think about why untested DNA altering mRNA therapies were being pushed on them.

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  92. Schuetze says:

    “Germany being the attacker Britain was bound to fulfill its obligations.”

    Pat Buchanon blew a giant crater in that ridiculous argument in his book The Unnecessary War. It turns out that Churchill was in secret negotiations with Ambassador Grey and others in order to prepare the ground work for the war, which they knew was coming because they were going to cause it. England never should have signed the agreement, and its signing was an act of treason against the English people. Here is a great podcast by ACH where Peter Hammond reviews Buchanon’s book and shows what that drunken lech Churchill was up to:

    • Replies: @frontier
  93. frontier says:

    Churchill was in secret negotiations with Ambassador Grey and others in order to prepare the ground work for the war, which they knew was coming because they were going to cause it.

    Congratulations Einstein, you discovered America… The above has been known to everyone with a brain even before 1941, I’ve read papers from the time right after the Munich agreement which stated it clearly. Only the idiot Hitler was clueless about it… or pretended to be. He was either a complete idiot or a complete traitor . The people who worship him are exactly the same – either idiots or bought up trolls.

  94. moi says:

    Of course, the USA would go to war with Russia to defend the Jewish State–it would be its duty to its boss.

  95. moi says:
    @Badger Down

    That would prove that not just Putin but Russia itself is a wuss.

  96. @RobinG

    Do not be fooled by Tulsi Gabbard.
    She is an operator just like Trump, Paul Ryan, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Joe Bidet and many others.
    It is her assignment to keep you believing in a system that screws everyone. She is the hail mary pass to bring America back from the ruins at some point in the future. The American political system is run by the Billionaire donors.

    • Disagree: Iris
  97. @Vojkan

    So, the Germans destroyed the Balkans in WW2. They expended enormous resources, for no apparent reason, to conquer Eastern Europe and paved the way for communism.

    The Soviets are wonderful, peace loving people who did no wrong. Same for England and America right?
    I’m thinking Skopje (steel), Romania (oil), Greece (Black Sea access). The Germans had plenty of reasons to do what they did. Everyone on the planet with a brain saw what Communism meant in Spain. The Reds would take turf and immediately get out ‘The List’. Top of the list were politicians and priests who were executed after dark.
    Marxist Bolshevik behaviour is the same everywhere it goes. Homicidal blood lust, murder, rape and torture.
    Go sell your crap elsewhere.

    • Replies: @Schuetze
  98. Schuetze says:

    “I’ve read papers from the time right after the Munich agreement which stated it clearly. “

    So you accept that Churchill and Roosevelt instigated WWII, and you are proud of it because Germany lost. You are no better than your fellow tribe members, the disgusting Neocon scum.

  99. Schuetze says:

    The joke here is that it was Churchill, working with the Bolshevics, who performed a coup on Yugoslavia, that forced Germany to intervene. If the idiot Serbs want someone to blame for their misery, it is England and the USSR. Or to put it more precisely, as always it was Jews carrying a 2 millennia old blood vendetta who re-started the war in the Balkans.

    Of course of all the nations of Europe, Serbia deserved any devastation that came her way for having started WWI, which was really just the first act of WWII.

    • Replies: @Seraphim
  100. @Pamela

    So you think that past the Urals it was inhabited by Europeans?

    • Replies: @Pamela
  101. @GMC

    Good point. By that token – Judging between Putin and Pompeo – then i would say the KGB must have been much more effective as an intelligence service than the CIA during the Cold War.

  102. TheIdiot says:
    @ben sampson

    Jewish nation is a global Superpower
    it is the No 1 Superpower,
    it was there before the rise of the U.S.A.
    it will be there after the fall of the U.S.A.

    it is everywhere (incl Russia and China)
    it is untouchable
    it is organised much better than MOSSAD

    it was there before and will be there after the MOSSAD
    MOSSAD is just a poor mimic of the Jewish Nation’s internal organisation
    this organisation knows no borders, no nationalities, no laws, no morals
    this is why it is where it is, this is why it will not be defeated

    this organisation defeated Spanish, French, British, Russian and German Empires,
    it went on to defeat the USSR and the rest as it did not suite the grand plan any longer
    it now owns the world, it owns the world in its (significant, incl Russia) entirety already
    what you see is a simple routine and ongoing restructuring of its possessions

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  103. Seraphim says:

    Right, didn’t Hitler realize that he was facing the same Churchill-Roosevelts (in the plural) ‘cabal’ which brought down Germany in WW1, when he declared war on America? The famous ‘Anglo-American Establishment’ of which Churchill was a member in good standing (he was half-American, how come that people forget that?).

  104. @TheIdiot

    Resignation or celebration?

    • Replies: @TheIdiot
  105. @Schuetze

    Climate panic is just the sane reaction to rapid climate destabilisation. Any other response is self-deluding, pig ignorant or morally insane-or some combination of these.

    • Replies: @Schuetze
  106. Seraphim says:

    Actually it was Austro-Hungary and Germany who started WW1. They did it in the exact same way in WW2. Why would the ‘idiot Serb’ accept a German domination?

    • Agree: Derer
    • Replies: @Vojkan
    , @Schuetze
  107. @Mefobills

    If Putin is establishing a Christian Orthodox agenda, why did he leave Christian Armenia to get decimated by Turkish and Israeli drones and phosphorous weapons last year… try again oh deceived one … he is a crypto jew run by chabbad lubovitch plain and simple… and the wealthiest of the oligarchs for his troubles complete with swollen botox face and contortionist gymnast sex partner after dumping his wife… how jewish of him

    • Agree: Schuetze
    • Replies: @Alfred
  108. Vojkan says:

    German and Jewish supremacists. Both imagine that they are God’s gift to the Mankind. Both believe that the rest of us should show reverence to one while hating the other. They just can’t figure out that everyone one in their right mind despises both and that they only appeal to people without dignity, honour or morals. Because they are the same despicable mass-murdering sh*t. Speaks volumes about their famed intelligence.

    • Replies: @Schuetze
  109. Derer says:

    “kill your way into the Middle East”

    Nonsense! You blame the WWII victors and their “wisdom” (do you need a list) who created the state of Israel in the ocean of hating Muslims. Without them that would never happen. They are responsible for the consequences especially the Washington ruling elite.

  110. Schuetze says:
    @Mulga Mumblebrain

    “rapid climate destabilisation” = a storm. Weather panic panic fits perfectly into the scare the goyim and keep the goyim scared playbook, and it works perfectly on you.

    Have you ever heard of Geoengineering or Weather manipulation? Do you rule it out categorically?

  111. Schuetze says:

    Austro-Hungary started WWII the exact same way they started WWI. Fascinating. Tell me more.

    What next? Yugoslavia fell apart because Serbs were so hard working, peace loving and worthy of trust?

    • Replies: @Seraphim
  112. Schuetze says:

    “Serbia’s “warning” to Austria-Hungary

    Following the assassinations, Serbian Ambassador to France Milenko Vesnić and Serbian Ambassador to Russia Miroslav Spalajković put out statements claiming that Serbia had warned Austria-Hungary of the impending assassination.[135] Serbia soon thereafter denied making warnings and denied knowledge of the plot. P”

    Lol. Those braniac Serbs can’t even keep their story straight as long as Joe Biden.

    Rade Malobabić

    In 1914, Rade Malobabić was Serbian Military Intelligence’s chief undercover operative against Austria-Hungary. His name appeared in Serbian documents captured by Austria-Hungary during the war. These documents describe the running of arms, munitions, and agents from Serbia into Austria-Hungary under Malobabić’s direction.

    The Serbian mafia military was running guns and assassinating royalty trying to get a war started. Just like in Yugoslavia in the 1980’s before the break up. This is why Serbian immigrants are detested all across Western Europe. They are thieves, scoundrels and murderers, devoid of honor, even worse than gypsies. Same as it ever was.

    • Replies: @Derer
  113. Seraphim says:

    Germany started WW2 with Austria (actually incorporated in the Reich) and Hungary in its tail under the pretext that it was attacked.

    • Replies: @Schuetze
  114. Vojkan says:

    Before the assassination of Franz-Ferdinand, there was the annexation of Bosnia-Herzegovina in 1908, a land that has always been majority Serbian, until the genocide during WWII. Germans / Austrians had no business being there and the Austrian archduke was well served for provoking Serbs on the most important date in Serbian history. As for the end of your comment, it is more telling of the sh*t you have between the ears instead of a brain than it is of Serbs.
    Btw, I definitely prefer the company of gypsies to that of Germans. Gypsies, as flawed as they are have a soul, contrary to Germans.

    • Replies: @Schuetze
  115. Pamela says: • Website

    I have written a full answer to your comment here. NO point in me repeating me it. None of Russia has EVER been “inhabited by Europeans”.
    Europeans are those who live in the nations of the Atlantic Peninsula. France, Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Italy, Greece, Spain. Go see if you can find me one single referrence anyone from these nations makes where they call themselves “Eurasians”. There are none. More and More Escobar is trying to make the word Eurasain, mean Russian. He never refers to the Caucasian Islamic states, Russia’s Near Abroad, as Eurasian, but always Central Asian. He never refers to China as Eurasian, but only China or Asian.
    Only Russia. Why? Give you 3 guesses.

    • Replies: @showmethereal
  116. Schuetze says:

    Germany wasn’t in Serbia during WWI or when Serbia started the war. The nasty piece of work called Serbia was committing terrorist acts throughout the balkans all through the 20th century, especially during the lead up to their world war. This Serb depravity is why Slovenia,Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro and even Kosovo were so desperate to be free of those thieves, scoundrels and murderers. Yugoslavia is an impossibility because of this Serb dishonor, and the only thing that held it together was all the other peoples mutual disgust with Serbs and Serbia.

  117. Schuetze says:

    Nobody except you has ever accused Hungary of starting WWII with Germany. You are correct, after anschluss Austria was a part of Germany, but saying thst Germany with Austria started WWII is as absurd as saying Germany with Bavaria and Alsace started WWII.

    One very important point here is that Judea declared war on Germany already in 1933, and France invaded Germany (the Saar) already in 1939. England also declared war on Germany, not the other way around. Germany invaded Yugoslavia only after a coup was pulled off by England and the USSR. But clearly, the truth is irrelevant to you in all your blood lust for Germany.

    • Replies: @Seraphim
  118. Alfred says:

    Recent polls showing over 60% of Russian men dislike Putin and do not want him to stand in 2024.

    Perhaps you should show us how the questions in this “poll” were phrased – and their order. Here is an example of how it works. 🙂

  119. TheIdiot says:
    @Mulga Mumblebrain

    This is not a matter of emotions but a matter of fact

    What one does or does not on a matter of fact is one’s own free will, or is it?

  120. Alfred says:
    @General Koofta

    why did he leave Christian Armenia to get decimated by Turkish and Israeli drones and phosphorous weapons last year

    He warned Armenia about Azari preparations and offered to help. His offer was rejected by the traitor Armenian prime minister who works for Soros.

    Don’t forget that Soros organised demonstrations in Armenia against Russia. Putin wanted Armenia to have a good lesson and to recognise who its real protector is – not the West.

    Pro-West NGOs, Armenian unrest and the destabilization of Russia (2015)

  121. Derer says:

    Control your hate! WWII murderers, scoundrels, thieves with the name similar to yours, hated Serbs for their heroic resistance against the vicious invader – Schueltze that was long time ago.

    • Replies: @Schuetze
  122. Seraphim says:

    England declared war after Germany invaded Poland. See #88 above. Hungary invaded Slovakia in March 1939 and parts of Romania in 1940.
    The ‘coup in Yugoslavia’ was a popular coup, against the widely unpopular forced adherence of Yugoslavia to the Tripartite Pact. And for sure any residual sympathy for Germany disappeared completely after the bombing of Belgrade on the Orthodox Easter Day (Operation Retribution), unnervingly enough a day chosen by the Allies for bombing Belgrade (April 1944, March 1999 – Operation ‘Merciful Angel’). Speaking of blood lust.
    And why should have Germany invade Greece?

    • Replies: @Schuetze
  123. @Pamela

    Sorry – but you are off your hinges. The reason he calls Russia “Eurasia” is because it is a landmass that covers Europe and Asia. China doesn’t. China is only in Asia.

  124. Schuetze says:

    “The ‘coup in Yugoslavia’ was a popular coup”

    “In 1940 and early 1941, Hungary, Romania, and Bulgaria all agreed to adhere to the Tripartite Pact and thus join the Axis. Hitler then pressured Yugoslavia to join as well.[13] The Regent, Prince Paul, yielded to this pressure, and declared Yugoslavia’s accession to the Pact on 25 March 1941.[14] This move was highly unpopular with the Serb-dominated officer corps of the military, a large part of the Serbian population, and liberals and Communists.[15] Military officers (mainly Serbs) executed a coup d’état on 27 March 1941, forced the Regent to resign, and declared 17-year-old King Peter II to be of age.[16]”

    Communist Serbs, working with communist Russians and Zionist English, performed a coup on the Yugoslav government. Serbia tried to grab control of all of Yugoslavia in 1941 just like in 1989. This is why the rest of Yugoslavia, like the rest of Europe, despise Serbs. No only are they stupid war mongers, they make great murdering puppets for Russian communists.

  125. Schuetze says:

    In one century idiot Serbia nationalists lured idiot Russian nationalists into their quest for empire and started 2 world wars and almost a third one in 1999.

    “Early on 11 June 1999, a column of about 30 Russian armoured vehicles carrying 250 Russian troops, who were part of the international peacekeeping force in Bosnia, moved into Serbia.

    Upon hearing of the deployment, American NATO Supreme Allied Commander Europe General Wesley Clark called NATO Secretary-General Javier Solana, and was told “you have transfer of authority” in the area. Clark then provisionally ordered a contingent of British and French paratroopers to be flown in by helicopter to seize the airport by force. Staff officers had grave concerns that helicopters might be fired on by Serb forces

    The following morning, Sunday 13 June, Clark arrived at Jackson’s HQ in Skopje. It was pointed out to Clark that the Russians were isolated and could not be reinforced by air and that Russian support had been a vital part of getting a peace agreement; antagonising them would only be counterproductive. Clark refused to accept this and continued to order that the runway be blocked, claiming to be supported by the NATO Secretary-General.[2] Jackson refused to enforce Clark’s orders, reportedly telling him “I’m not going to start the Third World War for you.”

    Russia was forced to call off the reinforcements after Bulgaria, Hungary, and Romania refused requests by Russia to use their airspace.

    3 times in a century Serbian military thugs tried to bully the rest of the Balkan countries into their never ending dream of forming “greater Serbia”. 3 times they failed. Twice they started world wars. There are no Zionist stooges like Serbian Zionist stooges.

    • Thanks: HeebHunter
  126. Vojkan says:

    You are a true cretin with absolutely zero knowledge of history, aren’t you?

    Communists had nothing to do whatsoever with the March coup in Belgrade, which the British helped organise. Communists put up a resistance to Germans only after Germany attacked the USSR and their leaders weren’t Serbs.

    Josip Broz Tito, Ivan Ribar, Vladimir Bakarić were Croats, Edvard Kardelj was Slovenian, Mosha Pijade was Jewish, the only nominal Serb in the leadership was Milovan Djilas, he was actually from Montenegro and became Yugoslavia’s most famous dissident after the war. Initial Serbian resistance to the German occupation wasn’t communist at all, it was led by Draža Mihailović, colonel in the royal army. Communists prevailed only because of Churchill’s decision to support them instead of Serb nationalists.

    But then, one can hardly expect a hateful nazi moron to be knowledgeable.

    • Replies: @Schuetze
  127. @frontier

    [Vacuous comments filled with racial/ethnic slurs, profanities, and generalized calls to violence are much less likely to be published, and if continued may lead to general trashing of other comments by the same individual.]

  128. TheIdiot says:

    On every line of your comment there is a lie, hatred and misrepresentation

    Indeed, this has to be the most perverse, ludicrous, uninformed, malicious

    Mis – Interpretation of history I have ever come across,

    I do wonder now if one of the Schuetze’s is pictured on
    that famous Waffen-SS executions photo

    Puts you surely on par with modern Ukrainian neo-nazi movement

    • Replies: @Seraphim
  129. Schuetze says:

    You truly are an idiot. Even Wiki tells us more truth than your communist brainwashing can handle.,_World_War_II

    The March 1941 coup d’état against the pro-German government of Yugoslavia, while primarily backed by the UK government, was also actively supported by Soviet intelligence agencies, GRU and NKVD, following Stalin′s instructions, with a view to strengthening the USSR’s strategic position in the Balkans.[37] On 5 April 1941, the new government of Yugoslavia and the USSR signed the Treaty of Friendship and Non-Aggression,[38] which did not commit the parties to military assistance in case of aggression.

  130. Schuetze says:

    Communists had nothing to do whatsoever with the March coup in Belgrade–Serbia_relations#Soviet_influence,_World_War_II

    “The March 1941 coup d’état against the pro-German government of Yugoslavia, while primarily backed by the UK government, was also actively supported by Soviet intelligence agencies, GRU and NKVD, following Stalin′s instructions, with a view to strengthening the USSR’s strategic position in the Balkans”

    Serbians enjoy wallowing in a pig sty of lies. Of course they make the best slavs (slaves).It is only to be expected, no other race of people could start so many world wars over their own idiotic fantasies of empire. Oops, I forgot about Poland.

    • LOL: HeebHunter
    • Replies: @Vojkan
  131. Seraphim says:

    Possibly, he chose his moniker ‘Schuetze’ because it is so close to ‘Schutz-Staffel’.
    I suspect that Schuetze is in fact a Croat. Germans despise, of course, all the ‘Balkaniks’, but rarely use hate filled language. They denounce so furiously the ‘Greater Serbia ambitions’ because it opposed the “Greater Croatia” ambitions of Pavao Ritter Vitezović and Ante Pavelic. They live with the myth that all South Slavs are ‘Croats’ (all Slavs actually, Croats created the myth of ‘Pan-Slavism’ -Pribojevic, Krizhanic). Their ‘Panslavism’ was in fact a tool for Catholic propaganda, that hit a snag with the Orthodox Slavs, especially in Russia. But one may doubt whether the ‘Croats’ were Slavs at all!

    • Replies: @Vojkan
    , @Schuetze
  132. Vojkan says:

    Wiki seriously? I wouldn’t be surprised if Croats redacted that entry. Anyway, my source pertaining to the March coup is much more reliable than a bunch of Croatian bots. I happen to have worked for the son of regent Paul, the late prince Aleksandar Karadjordjević in the 1990s.

    • LOL: Schuetze
  133. Vojkan says:

    I suppose a true German would have written ‘Schütze’ rather than ‘Schuetze’ as I don’t see a German nationalist “modernise” spelling to accommodate to foreigners. Moreover, I’d expect a true German to know that the word has several meanings. As it is, his accuracy matches more that of a horoscope than that of a sniper.

  134. Schuetze says:

    “I suspect that Schuetze is in fact a Croat”

    Beat that strawman, bludgeon him and thrash him until he is a mere pile of straw. Whatever you do, ignore the truth. Repeat after Elie Wiesel: “it should have happened”, “it happened in my mind”.

    • Replies: @Vojkan
  135. Lots of bleating and butthurt around here from the slav(e)s. Lets us be simple.
    Regimes and periods come and pass. But Germany will always be the ruler of Central Europe proper (and Prussian land, of course). The deluded idiots to the East can play games all day. Nobody will see them as anything but chumps.
    Right now, pooland is learning its place after the (((trump))) farce.

    You whiggers better sweep the floor for another Aldi and Lidl.

    • Replies: @Seraphim
  136. Seraphim says:

    Admittedly, the Krauts make the best Wurst in the world. Conchita Wurst. And they have their heebes back (from the East).

  137. Vojkan says:

    Well, that’s actually a compliment to Germans, as we think that they just can’t be such dummköpfe. Personally, I don’t think the Croats can either. That level of boneheadedness is Albanian-grade.

  138. russia pretends it is the 3rd Rome, but has never been a part of Rome.

    that is Mother Russia’s Holy Blind Spot

    it is cringe to hear them speak of any relation to Rome

    • Replies: @Smith
    , @Seraphim
  139. Smith says:
    @Fray Juan Crespi

    It’s because of russians connection with Constantinople, which was more Rome than Rome after the fall of the Western branch.

    Still, russians should embrace divine Mongol tengri-ism i.e. the OG pagan religion, or go back to Stalin era agnostic/folkoric atheism. Christianity is bad.

  140. Seraphim says:
    @Fray Juan Crespi

    You must understand that Russia did not base her imperial ‘pretensions’ on the phony ‘Third Rome’ ideology (concocted by the ‘repentant’ Judaizer, Feodor Kuritsyn – the real identity of the mysterious monk Feofan – by a re-elaboration of ancient apocalyptic/millenarist prophecies which flared up after the Fall of Constantinople to Islam).
    Russia IS, religiously, culturally, legally, the successor of the Christian ‘Roman Empire’ (improperly called Byzance): ‘Basileia Rhōmaiōn/Romania/Romiosini’ – with which it had been intimately related for hundreds of years. Her Grand Princes have been always considered as relatives of the Imperial family (either directly by marrying ‘Byzantine’ princesses of the Imperial family, or ‘symbolically’ in the conception of the “Byzantine Commonwealth’, and that was the basis of their claim to the title of Tsar. They were crowned with the crown conferred by the Emperor Constantin Monomakhos to his nephew (or even grand-son) to the Grand Prince of Russia Vladimir Monomakh (a saint of the Orthodox Church).
    The “Third Rome” ideology was a ‘Catholicizing’ invention (the precursor of the ‘consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary’) which Russians actually dismissed. Indeed Russia had no relation with the ‘Rome’ of the Popes whose attempts to bring Russia under their sway she thwarted determinedly all along her troubled history. Catholics, the atheist-agnostic ‘West’ in general (and the “Fatima” fanatics), cannot understand that Russians think that they are under the “Pokrov” (the ‘Protection’) of the Mother of God since the day of their baptism, the day of the birth of the Russian nation.

    • Replies: @Seraphim
  141. Seraphim says:

    A ‘lapsus calami’. The monk was Filofei (Philotheus of Pskov).

  142. @Mulga Mumblebrain

    “Gomez —just read in the today’s bible “The Washington Post” that US President Joe Biden is reflecting on his upcoming European trip and then meeting with Vladimir Putin. Amtrak Joe Biden elaborating on his planned agenda and particularly noting that he believes the United States ‘MUST’ lead the world from a position of strength”. and John Hagee knows Israel ( Israel has no better friend than John Hagee!” from Benjamin Netanyahu and the Supreme Commander aloft —who we refer to as the Almighty ” and the reverend Jim Bob Bakker the Second knows his Saddam and Armand Hammer like the back of his derriere !!!

  143. @Schuetze

    “The Croatian Catholics however are worser” to quote GWB on this matter.

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