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Lost in a Roman Wilderness of Pain
In praise of James Douglas Morrison, 20th century poet, dead at 27 half a century ago
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He was like Blake’s tiger, always burning bright and chasing Rimbaud rainbows – just to finish, like Marat, in a bathtub. He was only 27.

Jim Morrison died on July 3, 1971 in Paris. Half a century later, The Collected Works of Jim Morrison: Poetry, Journals, Transcripts, and Lyrics lavishly celebrates the soul of the poet.

Before he died, Jim had self-published three limited editions of his poetry: The Lords/Notes on Vision (1969), The New Creatures (1969), and An American Prayer (1970).

Now, finally, we may have access to his complete writings, including the screenplay for his 50-minute experimental film, HWY, shot in Godard’s cinema verité style in the spring and summer of 1969 in L.A. and the Mojave desert, with Jim playing a hitchhiker. Old-school petrol heads will savor Jim on the wheel of his 1967 Shelby GT 500 Mustang in this HD clip from a film inspired by HWY.

The Collected Works feel like a collar of magic jade fragments, complete with handwritten pages in notebooks, crossed out words, underlines, the whole perhaps similar to the ‘Plan for Book’ Jim once sketched.

The overwhelming majority of us baby boomers belong to the “die young, stay pretty, leave a beautiful corpse” generation. Following our own road maps, prone to trial and error, we did live all the roads of excess; but unlike Blake’s dictum, we may not have reached the palace of wisdom. We never cease to be amazed that unlike Morrison, Hendrix, Joplin, Otis Redding, we are survivors at best.

For so many of us then in our teens, from 1967 to 1971 the Doors were impregnated in our body and soul. Jim was the psychedelic Dyonisus, his excessive alter egos – Lizard King, Mr. Mojo Risin’- propelling him over and over again towards the next ride in the infinite highway.

Before he metastasized into instant legend, Jim was what Hunter Thompson would immortalize in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, which came out in 1971: “A man on the move, and just sick enough, to be totally confident”.

Now the poetry oozing out of the freestyle soundscapes weaved by Krieger, Densmore and Manzarek, or HWY as a sort of prelude to L.A. Woman (“cops and cars / the topless bars / never saw a woman / so alone”) may be relieved as a prequel to what was about to vanish, poignantly evoked by Thomas Pynchon in Inherent Vice, the Greatest Hippie Detective Novel – or Raymond Chandler on LSD:

The Psychedelic Sixties, this little parenthesis of light, might close after all, and all be lost, taken back into darkness… how a certain hand might reach terribly out of darkness, and reclaim the time, easy as taking a joint from a doper and stubbing it out for good.

And all the children are insane

Any Top Ten list of 20th Century Poetry in the Anglo-American sphere would necessarily include Yeats’s The Second Coming, Eliot’s

The Waste Land and Pound’s Cantos. From the mid-century beats, comes Ginsberg’s Howl. Afterwards it’s Dylan land – from

Ballad of a Thin Man, Desolation Row and Visions of Johanna to the total dilaceration in Blood on the Tracks (Tangled Up in Blue, Simple Twist of Fate).

And then, there’s Jim Morrison’s The End – the closing track of

The Doors, recorded in August 66, released in January 1967, six months before the Summer of Love.

It was my dear friend Quantum Bird – not even born when Morrison died – who led me to a re-appreciation of The End in the Western canon, prompted by a Morrison epigraph I used in a column on NATO.

Striking images emerge like rocks out of the Morrison river, like “the streets are fields that never die”, in The Crystal Ship, or “speak in secret alphabets”, in Soul Kitchen.

Strange Days could not be more contemporary: “Strange days have found us / strange days have tracked us down / they’re going to destroy / our casual joys / we shall go on playing / or find a new town”.

Yet we could only guess what shore Morrison’s Crystal Ship was heading for, the words – “be-fore / you / slip / in-to / un-consciousness” – coiling like a snake, barely whispered. The journey could be anything: Chandler’s Big Sleep, an overdose of heroin, a ghastly murder, suicide, even a suicide pact.

Morrison was usually Blake on steroids, rewriting “some are born to sweet delight / some are born to endless night” in his own way. The End is a journey through the corridors of the endless night (“the killer awoke before dawn / he put his boots on / he took a face from the ancient gallery / and he walked on down the hall”). No wonder Coppola carefully chose it for the opening of Apocalypse Now – or Conrad’s Heart of Darkness set in Vietnam, where the Empire was lost “in a Roman wilderness of pain / and all the children are insane”.

Ride the snake

In 1966, when he wrote The End, two years before the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy, it’s as if Morrison had already intuited that as a poet laboring at the apex of Empire, life would become necessarily unbearable.

LSD + Rimbaud + insights in Navajo land only amplified his aesthetic and philosophical illuminations. The End includes references to “every element of systemic collapse”, as Quantum Bird remarked, from imperial arrogance to cultural collapse, from wokeism to loss of control of the empire’s own internal space, from dystopic propaganda to the sense of total bewilderment facing a dying ethos. Woke soldiers are about to be reprogrammed as serial killers.

Morrison had his vision way before the Summer of Love, way before Woodstock (summer of 1969), way before the Stones at Altamont (winter of 1969) – the official end of peace and love.

When the Empire collapses “in a desperate land” – look at the tawdry, farcical Afghanistan remix, happening right now – there’s “no safety or surprise”. It’s “the end of laughter and soft lies / the end of nights we tried to die.”

The end of everything that stands.

I’ll leave you now mentally riding a Mustang in the desert, down on the infinite highway and – in geopolitical synchronicity – riding the snake.

Julian Assange – held under psychological torture in Belmarsh by the lords of the Empire for the crime of committing journalism – is 50 years old today. Julian Assange was born the day Jim Morrison died.

Dance on fire. If you dare.

(Republished from The Vineyard of the Saker by permission of author or representative)
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  1. What shit.

    Jim Morrison sucks. His father was the emperor of the navy. Jim Morrison was a psyop. Welcome to apolitical drug-taking.

    Moreover, in the 60s, the Doors were just another band. Like the Grateful Dead.

    It’s only in these perverted after-days that we get this stupid obsession with them.

    Moreover, their music sucks. That damn tweetly organ, Jesus Christ, how cheesy and soul-less. “I am the lizard-king”??? Are you kidding. Here’s my answer: “No, you’re not.”

    What a bunch of juvenile sophomoric pablum.

    Morrison has been taken up as a hero by all the stupid all-American, regular, normal, garden-variety weirdos, they are legion, they all think they are “different” when they are all “different” in the same way, people who think they’re “dark” or something. Punks. Perverts. People who think hurting people for sexual pleasure is a good thing, that is, people who need help–and won’t get it.

    This writer has been losing his mind lately. Who knows what is up with him.

  2. Thanks Pepe. Will be buying this today. The “Lizard King” will always represent something infinite and that which is just out of reach in all of us, the ‘other side’.

  3. Jim Morrison.
    Another phony, proferred to idiotic Boomers by their MIC; if you can’t co trol the opposition then lead it.
    Show me the body. Right, you can’t.
    The real Morisson got tired of.doing his ‘patriotic duty’ and wanted out.
    The Beatles= Tavistock Institute

    The whole 1960’s was a psy-op to make boomers believe anything they wanted. A generation of useful idiots.
    Total BS brought to you by the CIA and the Satanic Jew filth.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  4. anon[151] • Disclaimer says:

    Modernism is OK, but the world would be a better place if pseuds fixated on Jones’ In Parenthesis instead of Eliot. Dylan is cynically obscure at best, and at worst, plumbing genocidal Zionazi depths sucking up to Izzie promoters with Neighborhood Bully. Fuck his nasal whining. And Morrison was one of the beltway brats hothoused in the canyon to drown out spontaneous social realism in music (see Dave McGowan,) which continued in obscurity (e.g. Ry Cooder.) Morrison did improve markedly with practice, which is more than you can say for Dylan.

    When in doubt, look to the people the USG killed, like Tupac and Phil Ochs and John Lennon.

  5. In 1966, when he wrote The End, two years before the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy, it’s as if Morrison had already intuited that as a poet laboring at the apex of Empire, life would become necessarily unbearable.

    There was a real poet somewhere in him but he was too much of a ham and had all the downsides of self-destructive Marlon Brando. Lennon and Jagger also had a serious streak but also humor and lightness(at least before Lennon got Ono-ed) to balance things out. Morrison would have done better with a bit of gaiety, and indeed, one of the best Doors songs is ‘Touch Me’, which could have been a number for Engelbert Humperdinck or Tom Jones. But more often than not, he took himself way too seriously, made worse by his clownishness. If one wants to do serious, better to go the Pink Floyd route. Floyd was intensely focused on their projects. Morrison was supposed to be this soulful poet but was loutish drunk or puking(from being drunk) half the time.

    “The End” was used to great effect in APOCALYPSE NOW but could have done without “Pa, I wanna kill you. Ma. I wanna f—————.” That wasn’t shocking. Just stupid.

  6. @steinbergfeldwitzcohen

    The whole 1960’s was a psy-op to make boomers believe anything they wanted. A generation of useful idiots.

    So, the CIA gave us the Vietnam War and the anti-war movement? I dunno know about this.

    One thing worth learning from the Doors…

    Don’t use ‘toad’ is a song. It turns the song cartoonish. Take “Riders on the Storm”. That’s dark and moody song, but has the line, “There’s a killer on the road, His brain is squirmin’ like a toad”.

    ‘Like a toad’ ruins it. It turns the song into a Looney Tunes cartoon. A killer with a toady brain. I could never take this song seriously because I see this brain-as-squirming toad.

    Never use ‘toad’ in a song. Same with the Jim Croce song. “I’ve Got a Name” is a wonderful song… except it has the line, “Like the pine trees lining the winding road. I got a name, I got a name. Like the singing bird and the croaking toad.” I can understanding comparing oneself to a singing bird but why with a croaking toad? It’s why I can never enjoy this song, as good as it is. I can’t help seeing the the narrator as a big toad, a kind of ugly kermit.

  7. IvyMike says:

    I toad you once and I toad you twice, that’s a great lyric using toad.
    1st part of Pork lips Now is genius, hell in a hotel room in Saigon, they ought to have handed Martin Sheen an Oscar for that, then retired the award. The surf assault is pretty good, then the movie starts sucking as soon as they head upriver, too bad.
    Did that fat despairing drunken pop idol who died in a bathtub really have anything to say? Just more bubblegum music to my ear.

    • Replies: @PJ London
  8. Right_On says:

    For many of us then in our teens . . . The Doors were impregnated in our body and soul

    Reminded me of the time I’d ‘dropped acid’ and was heading for bummersville, when a French friend put on the Strange Days album and said to me, “Listen to Jim. He’s one of us.” That helped, so I was amused to discover later that actually Morrison loathed dropout hippie types (like me!) and wanted people to do something constructive with their lives: “The hippie lifestyle is really a middle-class phenomenon, and it could not exist in any other society except ours, where there’s this incredible surfeit of goods, products, and leisure time.”

    Morrison’s hero, Rimbaud, eventually became a gun-runner. If Jim had lived, I wonder what he would have moved on to do . . .

  9. Having once read Dave McGowan’s book on Laurel Canyon, I never can see Jim Morrison this way again. Too bad. Some really good songs but also some very trite ones. But at the end of the day he will always be the son of Admiral Gulf of Tonkin.

    Jim apparently never showed an interest in music prior to becoming a rock star. At least the Beatles were a real band before phony Beatlemania was engineered for the masses.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  10. @obwandiyag

    Have read many posts for many years of the Great Escobar and one thing most clear is that he is a writer well-read and thoroughly-steeped in history and research.

    Imagine my surpirse when @obwandiyag posts a note that (among other things) indicates this Escobar piece might have been better researched!

    So, Esco, most respectfully, I request you have a look at the article by one of the very first for-real- awake-Americans, Mr. Dave McGowan, may his memory be blessed:

    What @o-yag notes was written about in detail by Mr. McGowan in 2008 ; it is well-researched and meaningful. Starting with the fact it was the Lizard King’s very own papa who was THE man in the middle of the sham that was the Tonkin Gulf incident.

    McGowan’s work is worthy of anyone’s reading who attempts to make sense out of the Deep State miasma in which we all labor–he was among the very first to begin to bring into focus disparate parts of the picture. His work deserves credit as it makes Dave McGowan one of the very first canaries in the coal mine to tell us that what Eisenhower warned most clearly about in his farwell address–was already happening only a few years later:

    “In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist. We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes. We should take nothing for granted. Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense with our peaceful methods and goals, so that security and liberty may prosper together.” (As many times as I read this, or hear this in Ike’s own words, it is still hard for me to fathom that a man so connected to absolute power through the military AND the executive branch would warn of the dangerous path ahead, and be willing to speak it out-loud.)

    Thanks are due Dave’s daughter and others who have kept the torch burning in Dave’s memory and to make his writings available on the net, including his observation of other American icons that put him decidedly before his time, as documented at the overall site:

    Anyone who followed rock music in the mid 60’s through the 70’s will especially enjoy the light Dave shines on the Laurel Canyon music scene of the time, where we find the subjects of this exercise, USN Admiral George Morrison and his enigmatic and iconic son Jim, at centerstage.

    That someone as connected as Mr. Escobar writes about Jim Morrison in such vivid detail without mentioning the family connection to one of the seminal event of the decade (behind only JFK’s murder) tells me Pepe simply didn’t know.

    Not incidental in McGowan’s chapters appear dozens of details about many of the counterculture’s leading lights of the time, who, according to Dave McGowan, turns out were sons and daughters of many parents and families from deep inside the MIC. Certainly a coincidence!

    Although I do not align with all noted by @obwandiyag, I am grateful for his post that caused me to remember Dave McGowan’s writings and to mosts happily re-discover their availability online.

    Am looking forward to a sequel to this article should Mr. Escobar decide to continue his research.

    • Thanks: Boomthorkell
    • Replies: @Boomthorkell
    , @alwayswrite
  11. I think it’s now obvious that Escobar writes this stuff whilst heavily under the influence of mind bending substances,the BS level is outstanding !

    If he thinks Assange is a journalist then he really is off with the little people,honestly St Julian is a Kremlin useful idiot,Putin should award him the Order of Lenin for his outstanding efforts in trying to undermine western freedom

    Personally i hope Assange rots in jail he’s scum and a traitor,he’s lucky he’s not Russian as he’d have got the novichok treatment,oh and didn’t Assange come to some agreement with Putin not to leak any stuff,i note Assange hasn’t got anything to say about Navalny,you’d think he would as he’s a big truth warrior

    The other point about this drivel Escobar wrote is the garbage about Afghanistan,just for balance he could have mentioned the Soviets experience there, lets remember they not only failed but that failure helped the whole filthy inhumane Soviet experiment on its way to the graveyard of really bad experiments

    Nobody wins in Afghanistan

    • Troll: Mikael_, PJ London
    • Replies: @anon
  12. Alfred says:

    Anyone who injects heroin has to be really stupid. I remember from my time in Paris when crowds of girls went to see his grave at Père Lachaise.

    What a selfish and nihilistic life. Today, with Fentanyl widely available, he would have gone at a much younger age than 27.

  13. ““The hippie lifestyle is really a middle-class phenomenon, and it could not exist in any other society except ours, where there’s this incredible surfeit of goods, products, and leisure time.”
    100% correct.
    The 1960’s was the swan song to the post-war dream, & the post war consensus.
    A Fin de siècle period, 30-40 years too early.
    The birth of “popular” moral irresponsibility, if not decadence.
    Excuse the trite saying, but they sowed the wind & we are reaping the whirlwind……

    • Agree: Miro23
  14. Realist says:

    Yes, Rap is much better.

  15. The world was not ready for Utopia yet, and those who tried to found it only got laughed at for their pains … To live for one’s principles, at all costs, is a dangerous speculation, and the failure of an ideal, however humane and noble, is harder for the world to forgive and forget than bank robbery or the grand swindles of corrupt politicians.

    Louisa May Alcott penned those words in 1873, reminiscing about her participation in the transcendentalist movement thirty years earlier.

    In our youth, we were touched by fire, wrote another member of her generation. We were the final spark of freedom in what was once the American republic, the natural progression of all the liberation movements that came before us. But our disobedience terrified the ruling elite and our failed revolution created only more oppression. If you weren’t an adult before the dark cloud of Reaganism suffocated our land, you cannot know what it was actually like, once upon a time, to be an American.

    • Agree: New Dealer
  16. Mikael_ says:

    Wow, quite an unexpected twist at the end.
    Thank you, Pepe!

  17. voicum says:

    Sorry but, for lack of a better word , you , sir, are a moron.

  18. @Awake Not Woke

    It’s a shame when things people like are tainted by the truth of the past, but yet maybe some good comes out of all the evil. The Farmer’s White Horse, you know? I mean, we got Pepe out of it, ha ha.

    It’s incredible though, how deep the ruin goes.

  19. @Awake Not Woke

    Yeah your kinks,Oops sorry i meant links really interesting….not

    Just a load of old conspiracy blather by another attention seaker,read it about six years ago Escobar needs to stop grasping at straws and start doing his job as a journalist,otherwise he may as well join David Icke and the little green men brigade 👽👽👽👽

    • Replies: @par4
  20. German music composer Richard Wagner wrote both the libretto (words) and music for each of his opera stage works. … His Tristan und Isolde is sometimes described as marking the start of modern music. Wagner had his own opera house built, the Bayreuth Festspielhaus. Both his operas, staging and music still rivals that of any modern day musical composer or music production.
    Watching a Wagner Ring Cycle in Bayreuth is one of the greatest musical experiences any music enthusiasts could ever attend.
    You will not see the lead singer pull out his cock and masturbate during a performance, and you also don’t need LSD,DMT, POT or narcotics to enjoy it.

  21. @Priss Factor

    Alex Jones is selling T-Shirts witch ‘SAVE THE FROGS’ printed on them, which is ironic considering he started the whole gay frog movement.

  22. @Jefferson Temple

    before phony Beatlemania was engineered for the masses

    Marketed yes, but early Beatles had mania-producing qualities.

    • Replies: @Jefferson Temple
  23. @obwandiyag

    Jim Morrison sucks. His father was the emperor of the navy. Jim Morrison was a psyop. Welcome to apolitical drug-taking.

    Many race-traitors were sons of race-ists.
    Many degenerates were sons of preachers and ministers.

    Bergman’s pa was a minister but Berg rejected God.
    Peckinpah’s pa was a judge but Peck sympathized with outlaws.

    Morrison’s generation often rebelled against their crewcut dads.

  24. Peepe,
    Always angry with the West.
    But won’t move to China or Russia.
    He likes his hedonism.
    All talk, no walk.
    Live where you praise.
    Leave where you hate.
    Peepe wouldn’t last in China or Russia too long.
    Not his style.
    He is not their style.
    But he makes money spewing totalitarian bull shit.
    The angry 60s guy who found a gig where he didn’t have to grow up..

    • Agree: alwayswrite
  25. Lussier says:

    Morrison seems to have literally transcended time and space.

    I met a group of girls from Finland in the Washington DC area, some years ago, and their main purpose in the United States was touring a series of locations that Morrison had frequented or been associated with.

    When you are picking up hotties from beyond the grave, who were not even born yet during your lifetime, it has to be acknowledged that the man had a unique quality. As not so great a fan, I feigned interest for a weekend.

  26. “All the children are insane.” Hey Jim, you thought the Manson Family was crazy, get a load of Antifa!

  27. RT international/ America, is Kremlin propaganda,it should stop blathering about America and concentrate on its own problems

    If you go to your link and click on the section titled ‘ Russia & FSU’ and scroll through you’ll start to see the stories about covid in Russia,which is truly a disaster plus stories about climate change which are happening even faster there with potentially disastrous consequences going forwards

    But don’t bother yourself you just stick to your pro kremlin propaganda bubble thats exactly what Putin wants you to do!

    Never mind stupid lyrics from some dead old druggie pop star,if you want real ” insane” 😵 just look at the Putin regime 😜

    • Replies: @Jefferson Temple
  28. ricpic says:

    The author places two lines by Blake…

    Some are born to sweet delight;
    Some are born to endless night.

    …next to four lines by Morrison…

    The killer awoke before dawn,
    He put his boots on,
    He took a face from the ancient gallery
    And he walked on down the hill.

    …and is oblivious that the juxtaposition makes clear beyond all doubt that Blake is a genius and Morrison is a mediocrity. Why? Blake’s lines sing. They are true and will ALWAYS be true. Morrison’s lines are….what?….typewriting?

  29. @Priss Factor

    Maybe so. I certainly still enjoy the early Beatles music for its joyful exuberance. At the same time, they used to bring teenage girls in for a free concert and encourage the screaming. That also was the case at the airport when they first arrived in America. So maybe a lot of it was engineered and then herd mentality took over. Probably the same with Elvis.

    “Show business is an extension of the Jewish religion” John Lennon

  30. @Jefferson Temple

    Jefferson you’re obviously not keeping up with Kremlin propaganda are you,don’t be a tool

    • Replies: @Jefferson Temple
  31. @obwandiyag

    Let me guess, you are a member of “The Accordion and Banjo Band”. You haven’t had any success. You practice in Mom’s basement and you have a jealousy problem. Pretty close, eh?

  32. anon[187] • Disclaimer says:

    “Personally i hope Assange rots in jail he’s scum and a traitor”
    Why do you need company?

    • Replies: @alwayswrite
  33. @anon

    I’m free, not in jail 😂😂😂😂😂

    Anyway what exactly was it that Saint Julian did for me?

    Did he make me more free?

    Did he tell me the ‘ truth’ about how naughty governments carry on?

    Nope,he’s just as the judge described him,what was it, a narcissist,a dumb stupid narcissist,who hates everything and thought like all other dumb revolutionary fools he thought he could change the world

    I did laugh though when Ruptly ,(thats kremlin propaganda by the way),were there to see Assanges sorry dirty arse dragged out of the embassy i bet they had to fumigate the place after years of that dirty twat Assange

    And what exactly was he doing in that embassy?

    Playing with his skateboard in his dirty underpants,shagging women, being a twat!

    Funny isn’t how the Russians new he was gonna get arrested,just waiting for it weren’t they 😜

    So basically Assange allowed everyone to play him,Trump,the Guardian newspaper and then the Kremlin,who even appeared just like magic at that moment he was taken

    Sorry to piss on your parade but Assange is the worlds greatest idiot,oh and one more thing,apart from idiots like Craig Murray,no one gives a flying f@#k about him 😩

    • Replies: @PJ London
  34. par4 says:

    It’s spelled seeker

    • Replies: @alwayswrite
  35. Reading the comments of the stupid and deranged haters (of both Morrison and for some reason Assange), it surprised me.

    For if nothing else, it’s clear that The Doors work is the most ever-lasting of any music of the 60s (coming in a distant 2nd would be Credence). Still played all over the world, moreover, sounding contemporary still.

    That’s a stunning accomplishment.

    And it doesn’t matter who Jim’s daddy was. And it doesn’t matter whether Jim was into music before he started The Doors with Ray.

    And it doesn’t matter what he did on stage. And it doesn’t matter how he died.

    I saw The Doors twice. They were a good performing band. The first time was at the very first rock music festival ever held (Magic Mountain atop Mt. Tamaulpais in Marin, a month before Monterey Pop). They were just one of the many bands that came onstage. Then a few years later, I saw them at the Berkeley High School Community Theater.

    That time Jim had on leather pants and was considerably more diva-ish. He insisted on doing one of his poems, which was boring. The Doors were good with both words and music, not just Jim alone.

    My friend Cathy fucked Jim one night. My friend Stephen claimed that all the gays in the countryside surrounding San Francisco had Jim over many times.

    He did have that pan-sexual quality.

    It doesn’t matter.

    The work is what lives. Even girls not born then know it.

    In Mexico, they like but 3 American rock bands: Credence, The Eagles, and The Doors.

    Their music lives. It doesn’t matter what Jim was. The only thing that matters is the work.

    P.S., to the dipshit who thinks Assange’s personal habits or personality is something to disparage: free speech and journalism don’t care about bad breath and grody underwear. Focusing on that? You’re worse than an idiot, you’re a despicable turd..

    • Replies: @alwayswrite
    , @Priss Factor
  36. The Doors were a product of their time but also had a thread in their music, because of Morrison, that runs right through time, right up to now and will continue to go into the future. This was not the typical drugs, sex and rock and roll type band. It’s difficult to explain the effect they have on one. It’s a mixture of hope and despair. A combination that like the study of philosophy, will forever leave one in a stoic state of mind at best and a cynical state of mind at worst. That’s what happened to Morrison and I believe also affected Kris Kristofferson and indeed, is a common state that grips many a military brat. Probably a struggle with their trying to reconcile themselves with the values of their parents.

  37. @restless94110

    Assange was a tool of the Kremlin

    He came to some sort of agreement not to publish the dirt on Russia


    did he think Putin would take him out?


    Or did he see Putin as a means to help amplify wikileaks via RT international and Sputnik news,more likely

    Assange operates the following tactics,’ the enemy of my enemy is my friend ‘

    Therefore Assange is a traitor,i think if he was Russian lets say collaborating with Navalny he’d be either in a Russian prison or the cemetery by now

    Please grow up and stop your little fantasy about Assange he’s not a hero and has a very selective idea about who he supports

    Personally I’m glad he’s in prison, i hope he stays there forever

    • Replies: @restless94110
    , @ValMonde
  38. PJ London says:

    Agree about the acting, disagree on the music. It was an inspired choice.
    The concert scene and bridge scene perfectly encapsulated the war.
    Brandon’s “the horror” will be iconic for ever.
    Nothing I have seen since comes close A porkers lips.

  39. PJ London says:

    “Playing with his skateboard in his dirty underpants,shagging women, being a twat!”
    Projecting much?
    What have you contributed to this world?

    “To stand up for truth is nothing. For truth, you must sit in jail.”
    ― Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

    • Replies: @alwayswrite
  40. @PJ London

    Assange never stood up for truth though,his life was about hacking and antagonizing the Americans,his bias was very obvious about this,and i simply don’t believe he couldn’t have published significant dirt on Putin’s regime,but then why should he!

    As for my own life i never discuss personal details but i can assure you my contribution has been vastly more constructive and beneficial to the welfare of other people than anything shitty arse Assange has done with his miserable twisted life

  41. @alwayswrite

    Assange was a tool of the Kremlin

    He came to some sort of agreement not to publish the dirt on Russia

    You have no proof of that. That’s because that is BULLLLLSEEEEEIITT!

    All your other hooey about Assange is vile nonsense. I’m sure you also believe the Trump had prostitutes piss on him in a hotel and all of the other idiotic Russian nonsense.

    Finally, you vile lunatic, better be careful of what you wish for. Because you are wishing for someone who exercised his right of Free Speech to be locked up forever.

    They coming for you next, you imbecile.

    P.S., You do realize don’t you? Even if Assange decided for any reason whatsoever to give the Russians a break, that isn’t illegal. It is each person’s choice what they report on. So what has gotten you so mean and mad? Who gives a shit. That’s not even one of the bogus bullshit charges the US is trying to try him on (meaning he is innocent until proven guilty, remember?)

    So please give up on your blind, vile hatred of Julian. He is literally THE face of the 21st Century. We all stand or fall depending on his fate.

  42. Wow that P.S, sounds like you’re having doubts 😁

    Whatever Trump did,or allegedly did was done in private,Assange basically took what was private and made it public with the intention of causing maximum damage to America and its allies,he obviously turned a bling eye to whatever Putin’s been up to,show me all the leaks about Putin

    You can’t can you,thats why Assange is a biased and obsessive loser,I’m never gonna lose my freedom because I’m never gonna indulge in the type of stupid and very high risk game St Julian engaged in

    All this,’ they’ll be coming for you next BS’ is just more hysteria by idiots who deliberately equate the west with some sort of Nazi regime,which is pretty rich when Assange sucks Putin’s cock and helps him promote his Eurasian project,basically a creation of neo Nazi fascist like Alexander Dugin

    So please spare me your drivel you’re way out of your depth sonny,just like St Julian 😝

    • Replies: @Rahan
  43. ValMonde says:

    Had Assange been detained in a Russian labor colony, you and your ilk would have be whining to no end about “evil Putler”. But since he’s been tortured in a British dungeon on deep-state request, you are jumping from joy as if he’d revealed to the world your own browsing history.
    As to Navalny, this particular political midget has outlived his usefulness to his neocon sponsors.
    With 1% popular support, they would prefer him dead, really. Luckily for him, they botched the murder attempt. So they sent him back to Russia, to serve a prison sentence for his past shenanigans. Russia literally saved Navalny’s life.

  44. @alwayswrite

    You strike me as someone who has a personal grudge against Assange. Why? All he did was provide a medium for hidden facts. Were you or someone you love in the national security establishment burned by Wikileaks?

    The problem with your focus on the Kremlin is that you ignore the reality of the US corporate MSM. Hillary got caught using a non-secure server for classified business as SoS. She blamed Russia. It was pitiful, as was the Russia collusion disinformation op against Trump. Putin and Russia are the go to for the two minutes of hate that brainwashed Americans engage in on cue. The American media give zero fucks about the truth. If they were legitimate journalists, rather than Mockingbird propagandists, most people who read foreign reports, such as RT, would stop reading foreign reports.

    • Replies: @alwayswrite
  45. @restless94110

    For if nothing else, it’s clear that The Doors work is the most ever-lasting of any music of the 60s (coming in a distant 2nd would be Credence). Still played all over the world, moreover, sounding contemporary still. That’s a stunning accomplishment.

    “Light My Fire” is one of the greatest songs, but rest of the first album ranges from okay to good. I like the punchy “Break on Through”, but the band, except on “Light My Fire” and few other songs, was weighed too heavily toward the Morrison cult — in contrast, despite Jagger’s star role in the Stones, every band member mattered. It was like Morrison with a backup band, Door and mat than the Doors.

    Also, the contradiction within Morrison didn’t quite work. Dylan and Lou Reed could rock, but they staked their claim as Rock Artists. Personal expression conveyed through rock form. Morrison clearly regarded himself as an artist — he dabbled in poetry and philosophy, he majored in art-film-making — , but much of the energy went toward sexy strutting, something David Lee Roth did to perfection in songs like “Jump”. Did Morrison wanna be soulful stud or poet of his generation? No wonder Oliver Stone gets him. Stone’s persona has also been divided between Artist and Entertainer.
    This wasn’t a problem with Mick Jagger. Jagger could be cerebral, a man of wit and taste; he could also be sexy and soulful, but it was all so effortless, done with humor and charm. Both modes came naturally. But Morrison stained to be the Bad Boy sexy mofo of rock. He pushed it to parody with all the problems with the police. And he also aspired to be serious. It was like he was trying to be Dylan and Elvis at the same time, and he didn’t have the focus and savvy to make it work. (Bruce Springteen did make it work.)

    Better than Jim Morrison was Van Morrison who worked within the limits of his soulful and poetic yearnings. Thus, he balanced passion and poetry rather than having them tear him asunder in two directions. Jim Morrison’s worst sin was the humorlessness. Lizard King? What the hell is that? It’s the sort of stuff cooked up by someone whose brain is squirming like a toad.

    When it comes to West Coast Rock, the Byrds are tops for me. I feel about Jefferson Airplane the same I do about the Doors. Talented in part and some good songs but ludicrous when ‘serious’. Mamas and the Papas had some good songs, but maybe male-female dynamics of the band was fated for trouble.

    It’s indicative of the divided opinion about Morrison and the Doors that the first and second editions of Rolling Stone Record Guide diverge so drastically in their appraisals. (Dave Marsh’s take on Grateful Dead is pretty hilarious too. Of the Dead, AMERICAN BEAUTY is a true masterpiece.)

    From the first edition of Rolling Stone Record Guide, reviewed by Billy Altman.

    From the second edition of RSRG, reviewed by Dave Marsh.

    Dave Marsh’s pan of the Dead cult in the second edition. (First edition was much kinder under another reviewer.)

  46. “Light My Fire” is one of the greatest songs, but rest of the first album ranges from okay to good. I like the punchy “Break on Through”, but the band, except on “Light My Fire” and few other songs, was weighed too heavily toward the Morrison cult — in contrast, despite Jagger’s star role in the Stones, every band member mattered. It was like Morrison with a backup band, Door and mat than the Doors.

    I sincerely do not understand what you are saying. Every song on the first and even the 2nd album was astounding and had nothing to do with exalting Jim..It was a band,dude.Not a Jim Morrison thing.

    Also, the contradiction within Morrison didn’t quite work. Dylan and Lou Reed could rock, but they staked their claim as Rock Artists

    That is ridiculous nonsense. How would you even know what Reed or Dylan thought about anything.

    You are a lunatic You can share a photo of some book? Who gives a shit what you think, boobie?

    I don’t care what you say about anything. Morrison was a band member. He was 27 years old dude. It wasn’t about some nefarious plot.

    Take a chill pill. Stop with the complications. It was simple.

  47. Rahan says:

    Congrats on graduating from Brezhnev levels of whataboutery, to Andropov levels of whataboutery.

    • Replies: @alwayswrite
  48. @Jefferson Temple

    RT is Kremlin propaganda its stated aim is to cause trouble and spread misinformation into the free world

    Note i used the words ‘ free world’ thats because Putin’s regime doesn’t believe in the free world

    as clapped out products of Soviet exceptionalism Putin’s regime hate the west,they can’t compete with the west on equal terms so they’ve taken to their old KGB tricks to try and even things up,honestly thats how desperate they are,they’d create an entire misinformation propaganda ecosystem like RT international and Sputnik costing literally billions,replete with dozens of hateful western useful idiots,like Assange or Craig Murray or John Pilger all blathering away,just like you about the West MSM without any irony who’s show they’re on and how Putin’s regime kill journalist or imprison bloggers for telling the truth about Russia

    Jefferson you honestly haven’t a clue what you’re talking about,never mind the real danger those above mentioned pose towards the international order,they’d bring it down tomorrow if they could,Assange has obviously tried,thankfully he’s failed

    The trouble with you people is you’re so hateful,bitter and twisted but don’t actually have any meaningful alternative to what exists,Putin certainly doesn’t

    So ask yourself this,what would the world look like if Assange got his way?

    I’d say total f@#king anarchy,it’d be like one vast Mad Max film,thats Assanges world,right there

    Over and out 😝

    • Troll: Jefferson Temple
  49. @Rahan

    Rahan i love your poster,a real life mass murder,he didn’t need whataboutery he just killed people,millions and then leaves it to the dysfunctional residue of his legacy to rehabilitate his reputation,did you know Putin has brought in new laws prohibiting anything negative being written about Stalin and his collusion with Hitler,which as we all know started WW2

    Anyway apparently Stalin is very popular in Putin Russia,how ironic that we’ve come from mass murdering totalitarianism under Stalin to corrupt corporate fascism under Putin,Putin who courts Nazi’s across Europe even allows them a training camp

    Theres actually something seriously wrong with Russia,no wonder Putin is worried about Russian DNA being stolen,as the world could probably find a vaccine to stop their madness

  50. JackOH says:

    I’m not sure your harsh criticism is completely warranted, but it’s not unwarranted either. Morrison’s poetry was adolescent artsy-fartsy. His persona was standard-issue record company/Hollywoodish stuff. Masculine, but sensitive, in a non-faggoty sort of way.

    I had The Doors’ first album, liked it, but listened to it rarely, I guess partly because the artistic pretensions were so obvious–oh God!–we’re so hip–even a young guy in his late teens–myself–could spot them. Ditto with Black Sabbath and its grasping at a sort of musical diabolism to channel the idea of English kids with no chance of a decent job. I listened to Sabbath, too, but there was no doubt in my mind, then or now, they were working a groove.

    • Replies: @obwandiyag
  51. @JackOH

    The routine weirdo shit is the worst part.

    “The Crystal Ship,” “Before you slip into unconsciousness, give me just a little kiss.” “I am the lizard king.”

    There is a mentality, more common now than then, that just loves that “dark,” weirdo nonsense. As I have been at pains to point out, routine weirdness is common as dirt, American as apple pie, phony as a two dollar bill, and they all think they were the first to think of being weird.

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