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G7: Desperately Seeking Relevancy
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The upcoming G7 in Cornwall at first might be seen as the quirky encounter of “America is Back” with “Global Britain”.

The Big Picture though is way more sensitive. Three Summits in a Row – G7, NATO and US-EU – will be paving the way for a much expected cliffhanger: the Putin-Biden summit in Geneva – which certainly won’t be a reset.

The controlling interests behind the hologram that goes by the name of “Joe Biden” have a clear overarching agenda: to regiment industrialized democracies – especially those in Europe – and keep them in lockstep to combat those “authoritarian” threats to US national security, “malignant” Russia and China.

It’s like a throwback to those oh so stable 1970s Cold War days, complete with James Bond fighting foreign devils and Deep Purple subverting communism. Well, the times they are-a-changin’. China is very much aware that now the Global South “accounts for almost two-thirds of the global economy compared to one-third by the West: in the 1970s, it was exactly the opposite.”

For the Global South – that is, the overwhelming majority of the planet – the G7 is largely irrelevant. What matters is the G20.

China, the rising economic superpower, hails from the Global South, and is a leader in the G20. For all their internal troubles, EU players in the G7 – Germany, France and Italy – cannot afford to antagonize Beijing in economic, trade and investment terms.

A G7 rebooted as a Sinophobic crusade will have no takers. Including Japan and special guests at Cornwall: tech powerhouse South Korea, and India and South Africa (both BRICS members), offered the dangling carrot of a possible extended membership.

Washington’s wishful thinking cum P.R. offensive boils down to selling itself as the primus inter pares of the West as a revitalized global leader. Why the Global South is not buying it can be observed, graphically, by what happened for the past eight years. The G7 – and especially the Americans – simply could not respond to China’s wide-ranging, pan-Eurasian trade/development strategy, the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).

The American “strategy” so far – 24/7 demonization of BRI as a “debt trap” and “forced labor” machine – did not cut it. Now, too little too late, comes a G7 scheme, involving “partners” such as India, to “support”, at least in theory, vague “high-quality projects” across the Global South: that’s the Clean Green Initiative , focused on sustainable development and green transition, to be discussed both at the G7 and the US-EU summits.

Compared to BRI, Clean Green Initiative hardly qualifies as a coherent geopolitical and geoeconomic strategy. BRI has been endorsed and partnered by over 150 nation-states and international bodies – and that includes more than half of the EU’s 27 members.

Facts on the ground tell the story. China and ASEAN are about to strike a “comprehensive strategic partnership” deal. Trade between China and the Central and Eastern European Countries (CCEC), also known as the 17+1 group, including 12 EU nations, continues to increase. The Digital Silk Road, the Health Silk Road and the Polar Silk Road keep advancing.

So what’s left is loud Western rumbling about vague investments in digital technology – perhaps financed by the European Investment Bank, based in Luxembourg – to cut off China’s “authoritarian reach” across the Global South.

The EU-US summit may be launching a “Trade and Technology Council” to coordinate policies on 5G, semiconductors, supply chains, export controls and technology rules and standards. A gentle reminder: the EU-US simply do not control this complex environment. They badly need South Korea, Taiwan and Japan.

Wait a minute, Mr. Taxman

To be fair, the G7 may have rendered a public service to the whole world when their Finance Ministers struck an alleged “historic” deal last Saturday in London on a global, minimal 15% tax on multinational companies (MNCs).

Triumphalism was in order – with endless praise lavished on “justice” and “fiscal solidarity” coupled with really bad news for assorted fiscal paradises.

Well, that’s slightly more complicated.

This tax has been discussed at the highest levels of the OECD in Paris for over a decade now – especially because nation-states are losing at least $427 billion a year in tax-dodging by MNCs and assorted multi-billionaires. In terms of the European scenario that does not even account for the loss of V.A.T. by fraud – something gleefully practiced by Amazon, among others.

So it’s no wonder G7 Finance Ministers had $1.6 trillion-worth Amazon pretty much on their sights. Amazon’s cloud computing division should be treated as a separate entity. In this case the mega-tech group will have to pay more corporate tax in some of its largest European markets – Germany, France, Italy, UK – if the global 15% tax is ratified.

So yes, this is mostly about Big Tech – master experts on fiscal fraud and profiting from tax paradises located even inside Europe, such as Ireland and Luxembourg. The way the EU was built, it allowed fiscal competition between nation-states to fester. To discuss this openly in Brussels remains a virtual taboo. In the official EU list of fiscal paradises, one won’t find Luxembourg, the Netherlands or Malta.

So could this all be just a P.R. coup? It’s possible. The major problem is that at the European Council – where governments of EU member-states discuss their issues – they have been dragging their feet for a long time, and sort of delegated the whole thing to the OECD.

As it stands, details on the 15% tax are still vague – even as the US government stands to become the largest winner, because its MNCs have shifted massive profits all across the planet to avoid US corporate taxes.

Not to mention that nobody knows if, when and how the deal will be globally accepted and implemented: that will be a Sisyphean task. At least it will be discussed, again, at the G20 in Venice in July.

What Germany wants


Without Germany there would not have been real advance on the EU-China Investment Agreement late last year. With a new US administration, the deal is stalled again. Outgoing chancellor Merkel is against China-EU economic decoupling – and so are German industrialists. It will be quite a treat to watch this subplot at the G7.

In a nutshell: Germany wants to keep expanding as a global trading power by using its large industrial base, while the Anglo-Saxons have completely ditched their industrial base to embrace non-productive financialization. And China for its part wants to trade with the whole planet. Guess who’s the odd player out.

Considering the G7 as a de facto gathering of the Hegemon with its hyenas, jackals and chihuahuas, it will also be quite a treat to watch the semantics. What degree of “existential threat” will be ascribed to Beijing – especially because for the interests behind the hologram “Biden” the real priority is the Indo-Pacific?

These interests could not give a damn about a EU yearning for more strategic autonomy. Washington always announces its diktats without even bothering to previously consult Brussels.

So this is what this Triple X of summits – G7, NATO and EU-US – will be all about: the Hegemon pulling all stops to contain/harass the emergence of a rising power by enlisting its satrapies to “fight” and thus preserve the “rules-based international order” it designed over seven decades ago.

History tells is it won’t work. Just two examples: the British and French empires could not stop the rise of the US in the 19th century; and even better, the Anglo-American axis only stopped the simultaneous rise of Germany and Japan by paying the price of two world wars, with the British empire destroyed and Germany back again as the leading power in Europe.

That should give the meeting of “America is Back” and “Global Britain” in Cornwall the status of a mere, quirky historical footnote.

(Republished from Asia Times by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: China/America, EU, New Silk Road 
The China/America Series
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  1. And now it is clear that the so-called democracy is nothing more than a group of rascals dividing the wealth of the world among themselves, benefiting only their love failures in farewell. Luxury whores are today’s princesses.

  2. Those holograms in the picture look like zombies to me. Who are the people (or reptilians) handling them behind the scenes? How do European citizens feel today?

    When did the power of reason leave the West?

    ….Washington always announces its diktats without even bothering to previously consult Brussels….
    How did Europe go from Despotism to Enlightened Despotism to Mob Democracy (19th century) to Satrapy (20th century) without realizing it? Is their next stop going to be Despotism (maybe we’re already there – I am not a European citizen) in order to close the circle?

    The US-EU relationship is a Suzerain-Vassal relationship at its worse but the paid media (“gekaufte Journalisten”) will never mention it and the subjects of the Satraps don’t even realize it. Go figure out. Has an entire continent been zombified by the “gekaufte Journalisten” or has the planet been invaded by reptilians?

    …while the Anglo-Saxons have completely ditched their industrial base to embrace non-productive financialization…

    Margaret Thatcher destroyed the UK’s industrial base thinking that money printing was enough to let their slaves in the South do the real work while they are involved in a Rentier economy.
    I am surprised that all other European and Anglo-Saxons countries felt into that ultra-liberal trap and moved their industries to Asia.

    Do you know that Canada has $1.9Trillion GDP of which $1.7 Trillion is in Real Estate? The total household debt is guess what? $2.1Trillion.

    How can Canada be a member of G7 then? Where is its industrial base?
    That’s why I think that the above holograms are either zombies or reptilians – there is no reason behind it.

  3. BRICS is irrelevant,its basically only Russia and China now

    most countries are looking to ‘ hedge ‘ concerning China,a gradual decoupling is taking place

    India is playing a greater part in the Quad, Quadrilateral Security Dialogue,as is Japan along with America and Australia,basically an Indo – Pacific defence alignment

    Russia isn’t mentioned much here and thats good because it really is becoming less relevant by the year

    As for the EU and America,well they’re creating a green new deal,especially in green energy and basically this will end Russian exports of oil and gas, Russian experts know this and the whole green energy/ zero emissions thing is terrifying for them

    by 2050 the EU will be carbon neutral meaning no more hydrocarbon exports for Putin this probably explains why the Biden administration is relaxed about NS2 plus EU regulatory system basically constrain Gazprom from having a monopoly over NS2,plus Poland will end all imports of gas from Russia next year

    Good news though for Ukraine its economy is doing better than Russia according to the latest World Bank statement which show how stupid Russia were in invading Crimea,sanctions and a bust economy,staring long-term into the abyss,thats Putin gift to the Russian people!

    So China USA is basically the only game in town and China is a totalitarian communist regime,and totalitarian states do have a habit of failure,remember the USSR!!!!

    If i was a betting man I’d still have my money on the west for a long term punt

  4. The “Three Seas Initiative”: The West’s “Answer” to China’s Belt and Road?

    Science Fiction!

  5. Scummo Scott Morrison will be the jackal chihuahua at the enclave of White delusionists. I count the Japs as ‘honorary Whites’ as in the days of South African apartheid.

    • Agree: Ultrafart the Brave
    • Replies: @RobinG
  6. @alwayswrite

    … which show how stupid Russia were in invading Crimea …

    This one flippant lie tells me that the remainder of Alwayswrite’s contribution can be safely ignored as propagandic garbage. Even if he’s being paid to spew this nonsense, perhaps he shouldn’t quit his day job.

    FWIW, let’s play the game – how many troops and tanks did Russia send when it “invaded Crimea”?

    Answer – zero.

    For the innumerate amongst us (eg, Alwayswrite) that translates to “none”.

    If Russia can successfully invade and annex an entire geographic region with precisely zero military assets, then the rest of the world – especially the “Exceptional Nation” – better watch out. By immutable mathematical definition, Russia’s military prowess by that metric is literally infinite!

    Today Crimea, tomorrow the Earth, next week the Solar System, and then on to the entire Galaxy and the rest of the Universe! Team America ® must be positively green with envy.

  7. @Nostradamus

    Do you know that Canada has $1.9Trillion GDP of which $1.7 Trillion is in Real Estate? The total household debt is guess what? $2.1Trillion.

    Holy snappin’ arseholes Batman!

    That’s almost as bad as in Australia. What the hell were you Canadians thinking?

  8. Mikael_ says:

    I find this

    the Hegemon pulling all stops to […] preserve the “rules-based international order” it designed over seven decades ago.

    to be factually incorrect.

    The “rule-based” order is a deliberate term to distinguish it from “law-based” order that we [in the West] had before, and also for many decades post-WWII.
    Just now that the laws would restrict the Hegemon from pulling out all the stops, it is discarded, in an Orwellian way.

    Pepe should know better than to confuse the facts even a bit more.

  9. @Ultrafart the Brave

    Whatever,still got Putin slam dunked with sanctions,not very smart,plus Crimea is running out of water,plus Turkey would back Ukraine to join NATO

    So all told a really stupid thing to do by Putin and all because economically speaking Russia can’t compete with the EU it couldn’t offer Ukraine a better trade deal for the long term and for going to the EU ,Ukraine is punished by Putin and basically destroys all good will between the two countries

  10. LOL. Those stupid, dehumanizing masks and ridiculous distancing.

  11. @alwayswrite

    Russia did offer Ukraine a better trade deal. That’s why Yanukovich hesitated with the EU one, and that’s why it took a US-sponsored coup to derail the Eurasian Union integration.

    • Replies: @alwayswrite
  12. @siberiancat

    How could Putin offer Ukraine a better trade deal?????

    You’re talking about trading with the worlds largest trade block,but also allows for an unprecedented level of access for Ukraine industry into the EU internal market,which is worth far more to Ukraine going forwards than anything Putin could offer

    Putin’s solution, kick off a war!

    Which really isn’t what strong and confident country needs to do,only a weak and suspicious mentality would react in such a way,Putin knew his economy couldn’t compete with the EU but the absolute last thing was to have a future successful Ukraine,integrated in the EU sat right on his border

    Basically people in Russia would wonder,’ why is Ukraine doing better than us?,whats Putin done for us’

    So its easy to see why Putin kicked off,weakness and fear!

    There was no CIA coup,thats just stuff to scare the kiddies in Russia,you know all that stuff about colour revolution,its normally called democracy and progress,working towards a better future,but in Russia those are two dirty words,as they’d destroy the ability for Putin and his criminal friends to loot the country

  13. @alwayswrite

    You are wrong on every count.
    As siberianet points out, Russia offered Ukraine a better deal than the EU, which precipitated the American intervention in Ukraine.
    Russia didn’t invade Crimea or Ukraine – the US staged a coup in Ukraine and started a war.
    Sanctions have moved Russia closer to China – a net plus for both Russia and China.
    The US Green New Deal will be like all its other economic initiatives, designed to put the rest of the world in debtor’s prison.
    Europe will continue to need Russian gas and oil.
    I’m sure Crimea isn’t running out of water. You’re making that up.

    • Replies: @alwayswrite
  14. @Ultrafart the Brave

    Vassals are REQUIRED to bend over and mouth open for the BORG.

  15. @rebel yell

    If you think I’m wrong good,good for you,frankly i don’t care,you just keep taking the pro Putin kool aid

    But by 2050 the EU will be carbon neutral,that means no more Russian oil or gas,if you can be bothered if you try and break out of your bubble and actually use the internet you’ll find the EU policy document online,and i mean the document,not some filtered version coming via a biased so called journalist

    Sanctions may have moved Russia closer to china,however China is totally dominant in terms of its economy,which means Russia will be very much a partner of convenience and if China has stolen IP from the west/ America it won’t treat Moscow much better,unfortunately thats a lesson the silly Russians have yet to realize,they will in time though,so basically the relationship will ultimately be a net gain for China

    As for the so called green new deal this is something that actually terrifies the Russians as they know it’ll be the end of their major export market,then what for the Russians?

    The trouble is Russia are entering into an intensive competition as third a party,between china and America,and you know what they say, three is a crowd,so Russia basically are the unwanted and unloved hanger on who basically don’t have the economic heft to compete at this level

    If it was a geopolitical Olympics Russia would get knocked out in the semi-finals

    Have nice day

  16. @alwayswrite

    You’re obviously enjoying a “Portnoy’s Complaint” episode while writing such ridiculous BS.

    • LOL: Zina
  17. @alwayswrite

    About a year ago someone had requested a RETARD button…

    • Replies: @alwayswrite
  18. @Ultrafart the Brave

    That’s almost as bad as in Australia. What the hell were you Canadians thinking?

    I am not sure that Australians can be as crazy as Canadian beavers as far as house lust is concerned.

    Check out the below house picture that was sold in Vancouver B.C in 2018 for $4.28million. How could a reasonable person pay $4.3million for a house that has a 50-foot front? I can bet that nobody in Australia will be willing to pay $100,000 for that place:

    Below are the house details in case you’re shopping for a house in Vancouver B.C.

    [No. 380 West 62nd Ave in Vancouver sold for $4.28 million in February of 2018. Uh-huh, you read that right. That’s a ‘4’. At the time the province’s assessed value for the 50-foot lot was $3.2 million. Eighteen months later the owner tried to move it for $4.3 million. No takers. Over time the asking price was reduced to $3.9 million. Still not deal. Now it’s for sale at $2.9 million. Oops.

    In what universe, you might ask, is an old, ugly beater house in Canada’s third city worth even three million? How could anyone have been so myopic and possessed as to pony up well over four mill? ]

  19. @bike-anarkist

    Good for them,but please apply it to Putin

  20. Alfa158 says:

    “ But by 2050 the EU will be carbon neutral,that means no more Russian oil or gas”
    I congratulate Germany on the subtlety of their strategy to achieve this. The Nordstream 2 pipeline doubles the delivery of Russian gas to 110 billion cubic meters per year of natural gas, which when burned, translates to 100 million metric tons per year of carbon dioxide. Rather like a man curing his alcoholism by drinking all the booze he can get his hands so that he’ll no longer have anything available to drink.
    If it was up to me I would have worked toward carbon neutrality by shutting off the already existing pipeline instead of doubling it, but I wasn’t consulted.

    • Agree: Mulga Mumblebrain
    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
    , @JVC
    , @KA
  21. aisneach says:

    The difference between the ex-communist state of Russia and the “totalitarian communist regime” of China is :
    1) The Russians, under the leadership of Yeltsin, allowed a bunch of guys from Harvard tell them what to do, and that involved the plundering of Russia’s natural resources. The Chinese said “no”, we can figure this out for ourselves.

    2) US oligarchs did not outsource to Russia, but they did to China. That gave China a way to earn US$, the world reserve currency, and thus begin its impressive leap to become the second (maybe the first) biggest economy in the world in a short space of time. A historical feat by any measure.

    In fighting this battle, the US has to contend, not only with China, but with its own short-sighted, greedy, amoral oligarchs. I put my money on China. The US will be destroyed from within.

  22. Radrider says:

    Ha! The ukes are doing fabulously! Nevermind the next we will be hearing is the unfortunat.e deths of young ukes, because the country has no funds for hospitals. Uke is a ghetto , run by nazi militia. The end…..

  23. @Nostradamus

    In what universe, you might ask, is an old, ugly beater house in Canada’s third city worth even three million?

    OK, you got me there. The most extreme I’ve seen was a dump similar to the picture you posted which sold for about $1.5 million in Melbourne a few years back.


    It sounds like Canadians are on the same kool-aid as Australians, chasing capital gains to infinity and beyond, fully committed to the dogma of permanently rising real estate prices.

    The driving force here in Australia has been so-called “Negative Gearing” whereby real estate “investors” can write off their “investment” costs (including, critically, interest on their loans) against their income, thereby minimising or eliminating their income tax.

    “Negative Gearing” was introduced decades ago to encourage construction of more housing stock, but it has been hijacked by the “investor” class to drive homeowners out of the market and extract rent from them, while also driving prices into the stratosphere and creating the illusion of “wealth” as increasing prices are extracted from ever-greater fools.

    Now 90% of all Australian house sales are “investment properties”. The Australian government lacks the courage to do the ethical thing by wiping the “Negative Gearing” legislation, mainly because the politicians themselves are all up to their necks in their own private “investment properties”. Every time anyone in the corridors of politics suggests winding back “Negative Gearing”, all the vested interests from the real estate agents to the frigging blood-sucking banks to the alleged “mom & pop investors” (pig’s arse!) scream bloody murder and kick the usurper to death.

    I read a university report about 20 years ago which concluded that if “Negative Gearing” had never been implemented by the Australian government, then in the absence of the massive malinvestment which has followed ever since, the Australian GDP would then have been roughly double what it was at that time. And that was 20 years ago. That’s how seriously bad and damaging this has been and continues to be – a minority of greedy arseholes, including and especially the frigging political class and the blood-sucking banks, royally screwing over and destroying the country’s economic potential for their own short-sighted gains.

    Sounds like Canada has taken a serious hit too.

    • Replies: @Nostradamus
  24. @alwayswrite

    It’s 2021 and the EU still at only 18%. The US 12%. The EU is up from about 10% in 2008 though. Norway and Sweden are at about 60%, BUT not every country has the topography that Norway or Sweden do. Hydroelectric is great, but limited and S & N’s tiny population densities help a lot. You can only build as many dams as you have suitable rivers to build them on.

    But I think the biggest thing you are overlooking is 90% of the world is not the EU or the US and their energy needs are growing. Whatever demand lost from the EU will be more than made up from by India, China, etc. which will give them a further edge economically as most green tech save hydro is in many cases much more expensive to produce energy with than it would be to just buy fossil fuel. Those wind farms need expensive maintenance, especially the offshore ones.

    But either way natural gas, oil etc. aren’t going to become things of the past for quite some time. Certainly not by 2050.

    Green energy has become a religion of sorts, and it’s weird. And totally egocentric. See the sentence in bold above for why. Also, you won’t have much luck in telling everyone what to do if you also tell them you are their evil oppressors’. The west has gone mad on multiple fronts.

  25. There seems to be an extra jerkwad in that picture.

    • LOL: Z-man
  26. Z-man says:

    The G7 is obsolete. If anything the G20 is the one meeting that means something.
    But the corrupt nature of the ruling class no matter where it is, is the problem of the people.

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  27. @alwayswrite

    ‘Carbon neutral’ means no more hydrocarbon imports? I thought it simply means all the Carbon emissions must be equal to all Carbon absorption (I dont know how it is done, BTW). Even a Carbon-neutral country will need energy, and energy means some hydrocarbon involvement.

    • Thanks: showmethereal
    • Replies: @Twodees Partain
  28. @Tom Marvolo Riddle

    In short, all these ‘eco’ worship will make the cost of living shoot up in the US and the EU, and that means their economies can support less population; meanwhile Africa and India will carry on producing humans, and their cost of living is next to nothing compared with the eco-friendly European and American families… and that means more emigration…

    BTW, when we are “madly rushing towards technological singularity”, when one AI can send home fifty analysts, when 50 workers can produce the equivalent of 5000 workers in the “Fourth” Industrial “Revolution”, what is the need for Europe and America to import more people?

    • Replies: @Tom Marvolo Riddle
  29. @alwayswrite

    Well, by 2050 “Europe” wlll be a balkanized, less safe, less prosperous place with little social cohesion and trust. It will have at least a Muslim plurality, made up of Africans, Arabs, Pakis, Kurds, and Turks (esp in Germany and Austria). They will gradually take political and physical power from a frightened, aged, persecuted white populace. But hey, as long as they’re carbon-neutral and “standing up” to always-evil Russia.

    And how exactly are the US and Europe supposedly to phase out fossil fuels and end importation of oil and natural gas? Their population keeps growing, and (with few exceptions like France) they’re not willing to build new nuclear power plants. I’m all for increasing the power generated by solar panels, but in swathes of the USA and Europe that’s not very effective for a large part of the day and year.

    I’m all for conservation, use of mass transit or walking/biking instead of driving when possible, using geothermal energy in the niches where that’s possible, etc. But that merely keeps our total energy usage from going up in the face of a rising population — if we’re lucky and most people seriously reduce unnecessary use of energy. Don’t see that reducing total usage in Europe and the USA, let alone reduce it so much that they can stop buying substantial amounts of oil and nat gas from Russia et al.

    It would seem that Russia and other net exporters of oil and natural gas will likely have plenty of demand from the USA, and especially Europe, even three decades hence. But as Yogi Berra said, it’s hard to predict things, especially the future.

    • Agree: Bro43rd
    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
    , @Avery
  30. @Nostradamus

    Well, I liked Vancouver far more than Toronto and Montreal … lived in BC part-time for a couple years in the 2000s. So I don’t think it matters that it’s Canada’s “third city” by population.

    But yeah, I wouldn’t pay even half a million for that property, given what I can buy in many other good places for that amount.

    I wonder how far out on SkyTrain one has to live now to get a decent house for less than $750,000. (And when are the countries gonna get together and run one of VAN’s train or bus lines right to a border crossing in Point Roberts? Seem to recall the closest one could realistically get from VAN to Point Bob without a car was Ladner or Delta?)

  31. @Alfa158

    Easier said than done, like some of my great ideas too 😉

    Given that Germany won’t keep nuke power plants in operation, let alone build new ones, what would happen if you simply shut down the existing pipeline from Russia?

    Specifically where would Germans get their energy without nukes or the pipelines in question? From what technology or alternative exporter? What would it cost, and how would German manufacturing businesses survive with energy costs persistently far higher than their competitors?

    • Replies: @alwayswrite
    , @Joe Paluka
  32. Ross23 says:

    The so called “green new deal” is just another scan like MMG warming.

    A minority will get rich the rest will pay including the national debt.

    Alternative Energy cannot compete with fossil fuels. Electric cars need recharging that energy has to come from somewhere.

    They also require more carbon to make including the digging up of lithium for batteries by African kids.

    Not to mention the rare earth metals mostly controlled by China.

    They are just shuffling the cards moving the carbon from one place to another to conceal the truth.

    Piped Gas is quite a clean energy by the way anyway.

  33. Anonymous[117] • Disclaimer says:
    @Tom Marvolo Riddle

    Also, there is the intermittency problem of wind and solar energy – which hasn’t been adequately solved at present.
    As long as this problem persists, gas turbine generating plants are needed to fulfill demand capacity.

    • Agree: HbutnotG
    • Replies: @showmethereal
  34. @alwayswrite

    One deranged liar, scattering his turds freely, can really lower the tone, as this troll does.

  35. @Z-man

    Do you not value the eternal rule of the Western White demi-Gods? Are you a ChiCommSymp?

  36. @Tom Marvolo Riddle

    Imbecility on stilts, or deliberate disinformation. Green energy is already the cheapest form of energy production, and bound to get cheaper. It can be decentralised, unlike fossil fuels, saving on transmission costs and power losses, and being available much more quickly. And fossil fuels are a one-way trip to climate destabilisation Armageddon, but that, I have long been convinced, is PRECISELY what the life-hating denialist death-cult wants. An evil pathopsychology that wants to exterminate future humanity for the crime of being alive when the denialist has returned to the shite from which it crawled. Keep up your fossil fuel usage and we will not reach 2050.

    • Disagree: Bro43rd
  37. @aisneach

    The Soviet or rather ex Soviet didn’t need Harvard or Wall Street to rob poor old Russia,you know Russia the perpetual victim

    Russia was brimming with criminals ready to steal everything they could and take over from the old command economy this was easily done as thats what had been going on for decades,so basically nothing to do with the west,they robbed and destroyed their own country not to mention murder and imprison millions of their own citizens just to absolutely fail by 1990,enough said as the sordid criminal behaviour of Russia is so well documented

    • Replies: @GomezAdddams
  38. @Tom Marvolo Riddle


    I’d suggest you take yourself over to Rosbalt news agency,its Russian incidentally,but probably infiltrated by CIA,wink,wink


    The future isn’t gonna be oil or gas and according the the above article the west are forming up into some sort of club,the new rules will basically exclude those who can’t commit to compliance

    And don’t think China will help Russia out because they are as keen as anyone to see this new energy transition,which incidentally will include nuclear,and what is it Russia likes to pride itself on?

    Yup building nuclear power,so basically they’re accelerating this trend,thus helping destroy their own major export industry

    They think they can get past this by generating hydrogen,unfortunately the EU position is for green hydrogen,and I’ve just finishing reading the official EU document which will now form the rules,law and future EU directives and it clearly state who its preferred partners will be,America,UK and some nort Africa countries,interestingly it also clearly states that any country currently under restrictions,ie, sanctions will not become a partner!

    So all told the future for the Russian energy sector and its ability to generate earnings is gonna become a whole lot harder

    The question is how can Russia sustain itself as a supposedly global super power when its main export are dwindling in demand?

    Letters on a post card,address them to Mr Pepe Escobar,he’s the journalist and has a duty to report facts not make up BS!

    • Replies: @Tom Marvolo Riddle
  39. @RadicalCenter

    You honestly need to fully familiarise yourself with EU energy directives and future policies

    You’ll unfortunately have to trawl through literally thousands of pages of dull EU speak,but you will find the answers,and the answer is that the EU plan a massive use of green energy by 2050,which will include nuclear,about 15%

    And thats a fact, thats the policy and they’ll probably not achieve it,but China will if thats their intention,even if the EU don’t achieve their goals,they’ll have moved substantially towards it,which will almost certainly reduce imports of hydrocarbons from Russia,and therefore hurt the Russian economy

    Basically this whole energy transition is the biggest and potentially most dangerous shift in the balance of geopolitics

    • Replies: @Alfred
  40. @alwayswrite

    “As for the EU and America,well they’re creating a green new deal,especially in green energy and basically this will end Russian exports of oil and gas”

    This line alone demonstrates the need for a Delusional Liar tag.

  41. @Ultrafart the Brave

    Apparently, the Canadians were thinking: “Need more beers. Where’s my credit card, eh?”

  42. vox4non says:

    Actually the main antagonist is the USA, along with its chief cheerleader the UK, then next Australia and Canada, along with stringers who wants to be with the “cool crowd” like India and Japan. See, it’s the Anglo-Americans that had the world at its beck and call once upon a time but are now like spoilt children of a spent legacy. It would be amusing to see what tantrums they could throw if not for the nuclear toys they own.

    • Replies: @Badger Down
    , @antibeast
  43. Bro43rd says:

    90% of food is not grown where it’s needed most. To completely eliminate carbon based fuel usage will cause massive disruption to food distribution. We’ve already seen the fragility of the just in time supply chain. It’s an unattainable goal to begin with.

    It really boils down to a world war against the carbon based fuel oligarchy which has ruled the planet for the last century or so. And will continue to for the foreseeable future until personal fusion energy devices are mainstream (prob 50 yrs). So called green energy is a lost cause as it has been politicized & has been fully captured by those willing to feed from the state trough. Just another pork project now.

  44. Herald says:

    If you were a betting man, you’d be flat broke.

    • LOL: Fred777
  45. El Dato says:

    So yes, this is mostly about Big Tech – master experts on fiscal fraud and profiting from tax paradises located even inside Europe, such as Ireland and Luxembourg.

    How are those “tax paradises”?

    If those are “tax paradises” I am the King of Arabia.

    My 17% VAT on everything + 30% marginal tax on income monthly statements definitely tell me so.

    Even Amazon Servers in Ireland and more expensive than those in, say, Virigina. And I cann assure you that the VAT statement is attached.

  46. @alwayswrite

    the Quad,[…] an Indo – Pacific defence alignment

    Offence, not defence, my dear Homes. What did you think they were defending those two oceans against?

    And your last sentence has gone wildly wrong, sort of like casting swine before pearls in reverse. As a betting man, I shall ignore your statement.

  47. El Dato says:

    From Richard Sakwa’s “Frontline Ukraine”


    Article 7 called for EU–Ukrainian convergence in foreign affairs, security and defence, while Article 10 on ‘Conflict prevention, crisis management and military–technological cooperation’ notes in section 3 that ‘the parties shall explore the potential of military and technological cooperation. Ukraine and the European Defence Agency (EDA) will establish close contacts to discuss military capability improvement, including technological issues.’ Thus the EU asserted exclusivity in security matters, which would have become operative as soon as Ukraine signed up at the Vilnius summit. Although couched in classic European language of peace and development, the agreement in effect announced a formal state of contestation with Russia over the lands between. The EU ‘slid involuntarily into competition with Russia’.

    By the same token, yet another step was taken in the EU’s move away from being a peace project to perpetuating conflict in new forms, and thus undermining the credibility of the European project in its entirety. Since the establishment of the EaP, Putin had repeatedly advanced various formats for trilateral discussion between Moscow, the EU and the respective partnership countries. Various plans had been proposed to modernise Ukraine’s gas transit network and to manage the trade issues that would arise from signing the DCFTA. Such ideas were repeatedly rebuffed, with for example Barroso being quoted by news agencies as late as 29 November 2013 as saying: ‘Russia’s inclusion in the talks on setting up an Association Agreement between the EU and Ukraine is wholly unacceptable.’ It is in this context that Moscow expended an extraordinary amount of effort to dissuade Kiev from signing the agreement, including various sanctions and trade bans. The ultimate goal was to encourage Ukraine to join what was planned to become the EEU, but this did notnecessarily exclude closer association with the EU. Ways no doubt could have been found to ensure compatibility between the two free-trade zones, and indeed, if there had been the will, Ukraine could have acted as the bridge between the two.

    There were also ‘sentimental’ factors at work, with 3 million Ukrainians living in Russia, tied together by a plenitude of cultural and human ties. Emigrant remittances totalled some $10 billion a year, some 4 per cent of Ukrainian GDP. In 2012, Andrei Kostin, the head of VTB Bank, had already sought to convince Ukrainian politicians that the EU deal was an ‘arranged marriage’, whereas association with Russia offered the country ‘real love’. Putin repeatedly warned of Russia’s worry that once the Ukrainian market was opened to EU goods, the Russian market would be flooded by lower-quality Ukrainian items seeking new markets to the east. From July 2013 various crude sanctions were imposed, including a ban on imports of Poroshenko’s Roshen confectionery, on the grounds that they failed to meet food-safety standards. In September a ban was imposed on the import of railway wagons. Medvedchuk and what had now become his Ukrainian Choice party sponsored a publicity campaign to convince Ukrainian society that association with the EEU was in Ukraine’s best interests. The hardest line of all was pursued by Sergei Glazyev, Putin’s advisor on Eurasian integration, who in 2013 repeatedly warned Ukraine that signing the agreement could provoke social unrest and the possible secession of pro-Russian regions.

    Equally, on the other side, Štefan Füle, the commissioner for enlargement and European neighbourhood policy, stressed that Ukraine really did face a choice, and that the two free-trade areas were incompatible. In September 2013 he noted that the approaching Vilnius summit was ‘wrongly’ perceived ‘in some quarters’ as a threat, and ‘as a result, we have seen enormous pressure being brought to bear upon some of our neighbours’. He insisted that the aim was to work with the eastern partners to ‘build a zone of prosperity and stability in our continent’. However, he conceded that it is true that the Customs Union membership is not compatible with the DCFTAs which we have negotiated with Ukraine, the Republic of Moldova, Georgia, and Armenia. This is not because of ideological differences; this is not about a clash of economic blocs, or a zero sum game. This is due to legal impossibilities: for instance, you cannot at the same time lower your customs tariffs as per the DCFTA and increase them as a result of the Customs Union membership.

    He went on to warn:

    “The development of the Eurasian Economic Union project must respect our partners’ sovereign decisions. Any threats from Russia linked to the possible signing of agreements with the European Union are unacceptable. […] The European Union will support and stand by those who are subject to undue pressures.”

    In other words, the EU would forge ahead irrespective of Russian concerns, while appealing to universal principles of choice and sovereignty. Few in the abstract would challenge these principles, but for the first time in the EU’s history they were running up against the finalité of the EU, fizzling out in the ragged conceptual and territorial frontier between the Atlantic and Eurasian worlds. The EU had never before encountered opposition from an external power to its enlargement plans, and simply lacked the experience and language to maintain dialogue with a power that challenged the advance of the Brussels-centric Wider Europe.

    Despite all the governance and economic problems, it was clear that the EU was intent on getting Yanukovych to sign up in Vilnius. The EU set the deadline of May 2013 for Tymoshenko to be released, and when she remained in jail the Polish and German governments sought to broker a deal whereby she could go to the West for medical treatment. Since May 2012 she had been in Kharkov Central Clinical Hospital No. 5 to treat her spinal disc herniation. Complicating the situation was the accelerating pace of Eurasian integration. On 31 May 2013 Yanukovych signed a memorandum on deepening cooperation with what was taking shape as the EEU. Putin later commented on how he saw the situation:

    “Ukraine was supposed to sign an Association Agreement with the EU. Using absolutely modern diplomatic tools, we proved that the document is at least inconsistent with Russian interests since the Russian and Ukrainian economies are closely intertwined. We have 245 Ukrainian enterprises working for us in the defence industry alone.”

    The ‘diplomatic tools’ were on the rough side, yet sought to register Russian concerns.

    Instead, as Putin put it:

    “They told us to mind our own business. Excuse me, I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, but it’s been a while since I heard anything that snobbish. They just slammed the door in our face telling us to mind our own business.”

    Instead, Ukraine was posed with a stark choice, one that it had tried to avoid for two decades. The failure to reform the energy sector, sluggish economic performance and poor governance compounded its geopolitical ambiguity. The Association Agreement promised a shock to the system that was intended to address the internal problems, but it was embedded in a larger geopolitical project that placed Ukraine in an impossible position. Yanukovych was not particularly ‘pro-Russian’, but he understood that the Association Agreement would force the country to undertake radical changes that could threaten his own position. It became clear that the EU’s conditionality in the Tymoshenko
    case was itself conditional, and that Yanukovych would be allowed to sign even while she languished in jail. Although demonised later, Yanukovych was clearly acceptable as a partner if the EU was so keen to sign him up for the Association Agreement. Yanukovych was running out of road.

    On 21 November 2013 he announced that he would not sign the document as it was presently constituted, and needed more time to study the effect it would have on Ukraine. A number of factors weighed in the decision to postpone accession. It was certainly not simply because he was a pro-Russian ‘puppet’, although he had come under brutal pressure not to sign the Association Agreement. Putin, who had very little respect for Yanukovych personally, showed him the work of Glazyev and others demonstrating just how damaging it would be to Ukraine’s economy. Like most other Ukrainian leaders, Yanukovych had long been playing Moscow off against Brussels, in an attempt to get the best of both worlds. He now realised that the EU in fact had placed very little on the table that would be of immediate benefit, while the reforms would destabilise an already precarious situation. Moscow, on the other hand, offered a $15 billion loan and a hefty discount on the gas price. On 17 December the deal was signed, and an addendum was signed to the gas agreement of 19 January 2009 that reduced the price of natural gas for Ukraine by one third, from $410 to $268.5 per tcm. The deal with Russia, however, did not mean that in Yanukovych’s mind the door was closed to the EU, and he certainly planned to return to Brussels. He also played the Chinese card, a country that he visited in December, hoping that it would offer an escape route from the impasse in relations with Ukraine’s neighbours. In the event, things blew up in his face.

    The crisis was the culmination of sharpening domestic contradictions and deteriorating international relations. Ukraine had long exploited the contradictions between Russia and the West, but in the end this proved a dangerous game. Ukraine mattered to Russia more than any other country, and now there was the danger of a permanent estrangement. As Dmitry Efremenko notes, ‘the Eastern Partnership policy, which had been conceived by its proponents as a dislodging of Russia’s influence in the Western part of the post-Soviet landscape, inevitably drew the EU into a competitive geopolitical conflict’.

    Relations between the US and Russia also worsened. Putin considered the Orange Revolution a geopolitical challenge, as well as a model of political change that he feared could spill over into Russia. By then it was clear that the US had moved to become Russia’s main opponent. The September 2013 G20 summit in St Petersburg was marked by a bitter chill in relations between the two countries, exacerbated by attempts in Washington to lead a boycott of the Sochi Olympics, scheduled for February 2014. Equally, it was clear that the EU had blundered badly in its Ukraine policy. It had been unable to temper the partisan agendas of its ‘new Europe’ members allied with the more virulent Atlanticist countries elsewhere. The EaP in principle served an important purpose, but its implementation proceeded within the worst paradigm of competitive geopolitics.

    All the conditions were in place for the ‘perfect storm’ that hit Europe in late 2013. There was a deepening ‘Ukrainian’ crisis, with a president who had already destroyed civil society when he had been governor in Donetsk, and who was now generalising these corrupt practices to the country as a whole. The bureaucratic–oligarchic system of rule was also being destabilised by the greed of his ‘family’. This provoked a radicalisation of public opinion, as reflected in the 2012 parliamentary-election results. At the same time, the ‘Ukraine’ crisis was also gathering pace as the Atlantic and Eurasian integration poles radicalised their positions. The catalyst was the Association Agreement with the EU, but this was only the culmination of a broader failure to negotiate a mutually acceptable structure to post-Cold War European international politics. The country’s central position meant that when the two crises intersected there would be a rapid escalation of both. Tony Wood summarises the situation nicely:

    “For the US and Europe, the aim has all along been relatively straightforward: to wrest the country from Russia’s sphere of influence and continue the joint eastward expansion of NATO and the EU. […] For Russia, the basic goal has until recently been a symmetrical pushback: to keep Ukraine out of Western security and economic structures, leaving it as at the very least a neutral state, if not an active member of a ‘Eurasian Union’ dominated by Russia.”

    The two trains were hurtling towards each other.

    • Replies: @alwayswrite
  48. Biff says:

    As for the EU and America,well they’re creating a green new deal,especially in green energy and basically this will end Russian exports of oil and gas, Russian experts know this and the whole green energy/ zero emissions thing is terrifying for them

    It takes more energy to make a solar panel or a wind farm(not to mention the maintenance) than it will ever produce. Green Energy is a myth; a con jobs; there’s no blood from that turnip. Follow the money.

    • Replies: @alwayswrite
    , @HbutnotG
  49. Vojkan says:

    At present, their relevancy is measured by the damage they can inflict to the rest of the world. The goal for Russia, China and every sovereign country is to minimise that damage so that it becomes negligible. Then the G7 will become truly irrelevant and it will be ‘good riddance’.

    • Replies: @alwayswrite
    , @antibeast
  50. @vox4non

    OMG! You’re talking about USUKisrael (and it does).

  51. @Nostradamus

    “Gomez—Canada’s economy is red hot and where all the action is. Most Americans for example do not realize Canada is now in the big Leagues with 1 Trillion National Debt and all 10 provinces running up big tabs. Alberta has a 102 Billion Debt and it came up from 0 in 2004 but it had a golden opporunity slide away. Scot Morrison from Australia was going to have 4 big companies arrive Alberta and tear down the mountains and foothills of coal for an incredible payout of 1 Billion —over 23 years. Now just this morning a Hydrogen plant will be built for 1.3 Billion—-See–the more they spend the more they invest” ……. and B Rupt knows his Balance Sheets.

  52. @Biff

    Biff,you’re wrong!

    Are you seriously telling me the Chinese have invested all this time ,money and resources into PV for nothing?

    I think you’re totally behind the curve in terms of what the Chinese are planning

    • Replies: @antibeast
    , @Alfred
  53. @RadicalCenter

    The picture of these idiots standing on the stairs is the dumbest picture I’ve ever seen of politicians at a meeting. They look like an album cover for a 1960’s easy listening band sans the instruments.
    The politically correct covid masks really send the message, even we don’t have the power to remove them!

  54. @alwayswrite

    “ If i was a betting man I’d still have my money on the west for a long term punt”

    Good strategy provided that you are already totally broke with nothing left to lose.

    • LOL: Biff
  55. @Nostradamus

    Canada is a member of the G7 because Macron thinks Trudeau has a nice butt.

  56. Anon[840] • Disclaimer says:

    the Trans-Eurasia Express (Cargo Trains from China to Germany) already runs 60 trains a week. One train every 3 hours ! The new Silk Road is in place.

    While Washington was busy formenting death and destruction in the Middle East and Europe, the Chinese and their many partners were busy little beavers creating long term value. Washington squandering $7 trillion blowing sh*t up has consequences. Rather than learning a lesson from failure and reforming ; Washington seems to be determined to continue its self-destructive behaviour.

    Many say that Biden=Andropov.

  57. This whole scenario is nothing more than a stage for the ueber-woke, crazy-ass Germans, to elevate JB to sainthood along with BO and BC.

    In Germany, the ultimate madhouse of planet mirth, there is a rabid hatred for the US Republicans which permeates all of their lunatic society and is a daily topic of conversation. The bonkers Krauts are fixated upon the US Republicans and even their so-called conservative parties railed against DT during the phoney election.


  58. Leo Den says:
    @Liborio Guaso

    Those rascals dividing the wealth of the world are concentrated in the West. They’re a group of sub-humans whose god is money, and they’re the ones wagging Western politicians.

  59. Alfred says:

    As for the EU and America,well they’re creating a green new deal,especially in green energy and basically this will end Russian exports of oil and gas, Russian experts know this and the whole green energy/ zero emissions thing is terrifying for them.

    You can keep your windmills and the shiny solar parks that don’t work when it is overcast. I would opt for the dependable nuclear and fossil fueled electricity.

    FYI, the cost of electricity in Australia is 6 times the cost in Russia – because they export their coal. 🙂

    Black Days & Darker Nights: Engineers Spell Out Threat Posed by Increasing Reliance On Wind & Solar

    • Replies: @alwayswrite
  60. @El Dato

    Inviolability, is a word often mentioned in the first Articles of the EU Ukraine Agreement,strange how Sakwa doesn’t mention this because obviously Putin didn’t respect this idea although it was mentioned often enough

    So Putin annexed Crimea throwing the whole EU Ukraine Agreement back in the face of those who signed it,this single act shows how Putin has absolutely no respect of sovereignty or bilateral agreement between partners,basically a gross and desperate act of a weak country and weak leader

    Putin also knows in spite of what is contained within the relevant Articles that the EU is not a defence union,its powers are derived almost exclusively from so called ‘ soft power ‘ dynamics resulting in the
    Brussels Effect,so Ukraine basically gets pulled towards the greater gravity of the EU trade model thus placing russia at a distinct disadvantage in trade terms

    So basically nothing to do with defence or security,the whole point of these Articles Sakwa refer to is to not interfere with Ukraine democracy and decision to join the more valuable trade partner,the defence and security issues couldn’t and wouldn’t compromise Russian security

    only in their paranoid minds of Russia is this the case,finally on this subject the actual agreement doesn’t state anywhere about NATO,although now ironically its more likely that Ukraine will try for some sort of inclusion into NATO,so not only has Putin got his country hit by damaging sanctions but also,potentially,accelerated Ukraine to do the exact opposite of what he wanted!….and people think Putin is some sort of master at state craft!

  61. @Vojkan

    Ukraine was a sovereign country,didn’t stop Russia annexing part of Ukraine though

    And the damage done to the Russian economy is totally self inflicted due to sanctions

    Annexing Crimea was a truly dumb thing to do,it got Putin a bit of a bounce but the days of a high oil price are over and the standard of living in Russia is in decline,the inequality between the rich and poor is even greater than America,America still has enough energy to transition to the next phase of its development,unfortunately Russia doesn’t offer a very a good or positive model for anybody,maybe Venezuela,but thats about it

    • Replies: @Vojkan
    , @Badger Down
  62. MLK says:

    Channel Trump, begin by using some Common Sense.

    Depending on what aspect you’re considering, China is either rising or, in ever more categories, has risen. Anyone trying to convince you otherwise should be ignored, or if prominent (e.g. “Biden”) acting in furtherance of China’s advance.

    The same holds for Russia a bit differently. What kind of an idiot fails to notice or acknowledge that Putin has executed masterfully in the last 20 years. Besides, which power is that currently has “Yeltsin” at the helm?

    As I’ve been saying, it’s a Sad Story. It’s impossible to overstate how thoroughly the US (and its allies) f**ked up the post-Cold War 30 years. Could you have figured out how to drive Russia into a Strategic Alliance with China? Would you have been so successful if given free reign to offshore your manufacturing base and jobs to China, giving it open access to US markets under the brilliant plan that was and remains “They’ll sell us everything we need and cheap.”

    Look, s**t happens. I consider it essential progress that the ruling and governing classes in the US and the West now present as tired and desperate for CCP China to take over global leadership.

    I won’t belabor it because nobody ever listens. Suffice it to say, the CCP’s secret sauce of perpetual power looks rather appealing in contrast to how exhausting and downright disappointing it is to have to compete for the consent of the governed.

    (By the way, don’t forget that while it’s common sense that most Chinese don’t want to upset the CCP dominion applecart for good reason, they ain’t being asked for their consent, just as they weren’t when Mao et. al. were breaking millions of eggs to make his communist scramble.)

    As I predicted, after a monumental election steal and installation of “Biden,” the payoffs and giveaways to the global Get Rid Of Trump coalition of the willing have come as fast and furious as they can get away with. Especially ominously, that’s included Obama’s signature addition — putting a big, beautiful national humiliation bow on the package (e.g. the Alaska meeting set-piece).

    Would that it were so that those in power in the US and the West were merely weak and confused. They’re utterly comprised. So thoroughly from “Biden” and his administration through the administrative/national security state, it’s difficult to figure out who the principals belong to.

    Common sense dictates that wasn’t the plan beginning in 2016 up to today. Team Get Rid Of Trump By Any Means Necessary, anyone who is anybody, foreign and domestic, through everything at destroying Trump and MAGA. He still won the election in a landslide and refused to concede.

    The 64K question of the moment is how foreign powers adapt to survive and achieve their objectives until there is a resolve for the struggle for power within the US. Already we can see tensions among the principals.

    China unsurprisingly wants out of the headlines, so to speak, and a return to continuing its all around rise with the US paying for it.

    Russia wants tensions reduced and the geopolitical sore points resolved in its favor. It was and remains indifferent as to whether what it horse-trades with the US in return is in the US national interest (as Trump pursued) or wholly arrogated by corrupt and compromised ruling and governing elites, as was and is again the case through Clinton, Bush, and Obama, and now after a Trump pause that refreshes, “Biden.”

    Iran is clearly a problem for all concerned because it insists on humiliating the US as a central component of its geo-economic and (regional) geopolitical wins. No doubt China and Russia have tried to tell it what time it is. So far they’ve failed.

    • Replies: @Rdm
  63. @Alfred


    Didn’t some fool long,long ago also say driving a car,or rather automobile,above 20 miles per hour, would probably kill you!

    Didn’t you also have to walk in front of those infernal machines with a red flag??

    Didn’t someone say get a horse instead?

    Its called progress brother,you need to get with the game plan

    • Disagree: Badger Down
  64. antibeast says:

    At present, their relevancy is measured by the damage they can inflict to the rest of the world. The goal for Russia, China and every sovereign country is to minimise that damage so that it becomes negligible. Then the G7 will become truly irrelevant and it will be ‘good riddance’.

    The relevance of Western has-beens such as the UK and France as well as Western wanna-bes like Canada and Australia is measured by how obsequious they are to the diktats of the USA Empire. But Germany and Japan (and possibly Italy) are better off joining the new international order centered in Eurasia as opposed to being used as hardworking but invisible grunts by the Atlanticists in their globalized world. The reason is that both Germany and Japan run their industrial economies by exporting their manufactured goods all over the world. But the problem is that they are paid in USD which effectively serves as a ‘globalist tax’ collected by the Atlanticist rentier class of financial capitalists based in Wall Street and the City of London. With Germany and Japan (and possibly Italy) becoming part of the Eurasian-bloc, the Atlanticist-bloc led by the USA Empire will become truly irrelevant except for the massive hordes of Black and Brown migrants flooding into their shores. If and when that happens, the West as we know it will be ‘gone with the wind’.

    • Agree: Rdm
  65. G-7 scheme to include India and South Africa would not fly simply because Germany hates the darkies of both those countries (though some middle age German broads do visit Africa to get laid by black boys) but loves China.

  66. antibeast says:

    If the ‘five-eyes’ bloc of WASP countries (USA, UK, Canada, Australia, NZ) want to go bed with India, the Anglos should import as many Indian Hindus as they like so they can recreate the caste-based society of Hindu India in the West. That way, the Anglos can become the new Brahmins of the West.

    But leave out Japan which is, will continue to be and has always been a part of East Asia.

  67. Where’s the girls? Surely there is at least one female foreign minister in the G7? Or is this an all male dance and stripper routine the Brits hired for entertainment? We do know the British elite like to swing both ways. Seriously they all look like weaklings in this photo with their masks and six feet apart.

    • Replies: @Tom Marvolo Riddle
  68. Vojkan says:

    It is unfortunate that you bothered to answer me because I stopped reading your comments immediately after the very first I encountered.

    • Replies: @alwayswrite
  69. @Joe Paluka

    I agree. My first response on seeing it was ‘What complete f@cking idiots’. Moronic, soulless virtue signalling leftard phaggotry.

    I am pretty sure this is part of a directive from FreeMasonry or some secret society (where they take turns raping each other and children after satan worship).
    It really is amazing how pathetic and degenerate these losers are.
    These clowns actually think they run the show when they are getting closer and closer to a day of tbe rope in which upper management and the scum they serve get culled.
    Tables will turn once people see the stacks of bodies killed by the spike protein.

  70. @alwayswrite

    I hear people like to call you “alwayswrong”, I think it’s apt. I’m more worried about non-biodegradable trash and chemicals in the water basin then your retarded “the earth never changes in temperature naturally” nonsense. Grow a brain or stfu you cultist.

  71. @Old and Grumpy

    I bet they don’t even lift. Pathetic.

  72. anon[406] • Disclaimer says:

    I’m not a big fan of BRI. I think that is just Chinese imperialism by another name, and I deplore imperialism of all stripes. The high speed rail proposed will go through a large part of Central Asia, bringing in cheap Chinese goods and decimating their mom & pop craft industries which give them their distinctiveness. Meanwhile, the installation of Huawei’s 5G network everywhere will bring the internet to all of these countries, allowing lying scumbag propagandizing American media to reach previously remote places, along with American style e-commerce like Amazon which will put all their retailers out of business, and Western style degeneracy including pornography, LGBTQ mania and child porn to all these previously happy, untouched societies, destroying their families and traditional culture.

    So in the end, BRI will end up extending America’s reach and influence including love of money and luxury, rapacious capitalism, degeneracy, privacy invasion, not to mention hacking to the rest of the world, replicating the American nightmare everywhere. And we have China to thank as the enabler. In the end the Chinese are not much different from the Jews, only think short term profits and selfish wants and needs, without thinking what’s good for the rest of the world.

    • Replies: @alwayswrite
  73. antibeast says:

    Are you seriously telling me the Chinese have invested all this time, money and resources into PV for nothing?

    While PV could generate electricity for rural areas, the transmission line power losses make it far less efficient than other sources of energy for urban areas. So PV installations would not work for urban areas as they require lots of space which is available only in rural areas. That’s the reason why China is investing heavily in natural gas and nuclear power plants in addition to building new latest-generation super-critical coal-fired power plants which has higher energy efficiency and lower carbon emissions.

    • Replies: @HbutnotG
    , @showmethereal
  74. @aisneach

    Naturally I do agree with you! But also here is another factor. China did build everything new with the latest technology. Everything what they did not have. But US was already built up.
    In US many things would have to destroyed to be built up with latest technology.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  75. Petermx says:

    This article gives me some satisfaction. It’s a fitting end for the jealous Anglo-Americans that let themselves be led by Jews into two world wars because they could not compete with Germany. It is not yet clear because the USA still has a lot of talent in the sciences it gained as a result of WW II but the chart suggests a continuation of the downward trend that only became obvious (but not to everyone) within the last 4 years that the US has serious economic and social problems.

    In reality, I think the downward trend of the US economy began in the 1970’s. US success in information technology and biotechnology hid, but did not make up for the loss of US competitiveness in manufacturing. Not by a long shot. But it was only within the last year that President Biden discounted claims of Chinese economic power, responding “come on man” when someone suggested China was surpassing the US in economic strength. What else can he say?

    President John F. Kennedy –
    “And on August 21, 1937 – two years before the war that would claim 50 million lives broke out – he wrote: ‘The Germans really are too good – therefore people have ganged up on them to protect themselves.’”

    I believe Europe could greatly improve economically if they basically did what China did. China was not the first to do it. The EU should form “Fortress Europe” and only import what they need from others, food and raw materials that they don’t have. Then eastern Europe and southern Europe could be revived and manufacture clothes and other items currently imported from China and elsewhere. If they want to import some technology they don’t have such as 5G, they can offer to buy it from China (and eventually develop their own). German exports to China might decrease but exports to other parts of Europe would increase. New factories could be built in eastern Europe instead of China. The “refugees” (economic migrants) should be sent back to their countries of origin and Europe should stop importing people from other continents. Israel should do that. Europe should help couples have children who will grow up and go to work after university. I think this would improve the standard of living in Europe and might help bring Europeans closer. There is still a lot of animosity, no doubt still encouraged by some people that benefit from it, while portraying themselves as the victims of everyone else there. Oh, and Europe should refuse to join America’s wars against Arabs for Israel. That will stop the flow of millions of refugees and other migrants into Europe.

  76. @alwayswrite

    Man, you’re all over these comments. And it’s junk. Next time, instead of blurting nonsense repeatedly, try asking up to three questions.
    BTW, nah, forget it.

  77. @Old Brown Fool

    Pretty much yeah, the story of recent decades has been the western elites doing everything they can think of to sabotage their countries. It’s pretty infuriating.

    But on the plus side it’s great lifting fuel. I bench almost 4 plates now, and I weigh 150. Getting pretty swole man. Silver linings.

  78. Petermx says:
    @Joe Paluka

    LOL. I was thinking pretty much the same thing.

  79. @antibeast

    Oh really? Try this: Ask 10 Japanese people which country is nearest to Japan. Most (at least six out of ten) will give you a wrong answer.
    The US terrorists (Perry, Schiff, and so on) really messed up Japan.

    • Replies: @antibeast
  80. @Nostradamus

    When did the power of reason leave the West?

    This is merely the best of many gems in your comment, Nostradamus.

    The collective loss of the power of reason in the West is so complete it has almost become difficult to describe. Like a fish trying to describe water.

  81. @Nostradamus

    Looking at the tall apartments in the back indicate why. In a premium area. Land may be zoned for multiple family residences. It’s the land value not the house.

  82. G7 is like a rapist talking about womens rights, these are the monsters who rolled out their covid-19 illusion and fraud and psyop on the world to depopulate and install a one world draconian, demonic, government, if ever there was a meeting in hell with satan, these monsters would be in attendance, on second thought, maybe satan is in attendance at the G7, they are certainly doing his business.

  83. @alwayswrite

    If I wanted to parody an ignorant, subliterate, Dunning–Kruger–afflicted true believer in the magnificence and continued hegemony of the ZioAnal Empire, I could not do better than by simply copying-and-pasting this fellow’s scribbles.

    • Agree: Erebus
  84. @Old Brown Fool

    Another meaning of “carbon neutrality” is global famine as plant growth declines. It’s a good thing that humans are powerless when it comes to affecting the production of carbon in the biosphere.

  85. JVC says:

    Despite the GND pipe dreams, a carbon free economy isn’t possible with intermittent renewables (ie wind and solar),, and the western world seems to have given up on the only carbon free (if such is even possible) energy source–nuclear generation. Maybe some genius (not Musk) will come up with some sort of grid scale storage system for when the wind doesn’t shine, but there isn’t any thing on the near horizon. Without the Russian gas, much of Europe will freeze if they do go carbon free.

  86. Alfred says:

    You honestly need to fully familiarise yourself with EU energy directives and future policies.

    Yes. A bunch of crooked lawyers are going to overcome the laws of thermodynamics. They will dictate when the wind shall blow and the sun shine. 🙂

    A bigger bunch of clowns than the EU and its fake parliament it is hard to find. Here they are hard at work. Most days, they just clock in and leave – so that they can collect their daily attendance allowance.

    Parliament pays out a flat-rate allowance of €324 ($390) to cover accommodation and related costs for each day that MEPs are in Brussels or Strasbourg on official business, provided that they sign an attendance register.

    Summary of Allowances

    • Agree: Jazman
    • Replies: @Rdm
  87. Oilman says:

    For EVERYONE travelling to England today and coming from an “amber listed country” which is the colour list codes for entering England, you must on arrival in England :

    ” quarantine at home or in the place you are staying for 10 days
    take a COVID-19 test on or before day 2 and on or after day 8″

    Which countries are on the “Amber list”? Every G7 are! So, for you and me, we must follow strict rules but those rules are not applicable for those representing the G7? Do they have superpowers? Are they 100% immuned but everyone is not? Why is it that they are above the rules?

    That really makes me mad!

    So, from now on, what’s good for them is good for all. Screw the rules!

  88. @anon

    LGBTQ is the defining issue of our times

    Every war,this new cold war,needs ideology,and its been missing from this current iteration

    Nobody is interested in Assange,or Snowdon,or chomsky,or forced labour in china,but a single black man gets killed and…boom,sooner or later its gonna happen to a LGBT person in Russia or Iran

    We’re now entering into the real cold war

    Us and them!

    Us = the west,progressive free,individuals,LGBT inclusive,tolerance

    Them= the other,repressing,hateful,totalitarian

    This will be the ideological battlefield of the 21st century

    All big business and corporations are signing up, if you’re country doesn’t those big businesses won’t invest,as they’ll never do anything to upset the LGBT / woke ideology

    If your country doesn’t sign up,are you listening Russian,Iran,North Korea and China,then you’ll end up getting the same treatment as apartheid South Africa

    Its coming folks,believe me,its coming

    • LOL: Rogue
  89. anon[228] • Disclaimer says:
    @Liborio Guaso

    The campaign to normalize Jolani was publicly initiated by the International Crisis Group, a Brussels-based think tank
    pro-Israel think tanks had spent years quietly lobbying for Washington to support al-Qaeda’s Syrian franchise, and succeeded in securing shipments of weapons from the CIA to some of its battlefield allies.

    Though figures involved in this coordinated lobbying push were featured in Smith’s PBS Frontline report, they were presented to viewers as dispassionate analysts or former officials with no ulterior interests.

    Framed as hard news yet shaped by one of the most insidious public relations campaigns in recent history, the nationally broadcast PBS special provided an effective vehicle for rehabilitating a jihadist leader and perpetuating the decades-long dirty war against Syria.

  90. Alfred says:

    Are you seriously telling me the Chinese have invested all this time ,money and resources into PV for nothing?

    For the Chinese, their investment is a rounding error. They are the main producers of many of these rare minerals. The rest of the world is investing much more and the Chinese will be the beneficiaries of these malinvestments. The quantities of rare minerals will increase and their prices will be much higher. The charts below are out of date. Today’s prices are much higher.

  91. @Ultrafart the Brave

    What the hell were you Canadians thinking?

    We weren’t thing at all – that is the problem.

    What I maintain is among the most significant events of the 20th century was the revival of non obstante or the granting of special permission by the Crown / government to its friends to violate the law.

    In 1689 under the Bill of Rights, the English Crown entered into a contract with the People that it would never again “in perpetuity” engage in the practice. The drafters of the Bill of Rights even referred to it as a pretended power to emphasize that it is malum in se or evil / wrongful of itself, and had never had any legitimacy.


    As of 1689 – and as a condition of retaining its crown – the Crown was compelled to acknowledge and contract that the law is the law of the land – and not of the person.

    In 1981 the Crown in right of Canada egregiously violated its contract by not only reviving the practice, but also extending it into the criminal law realm where no government had previously been brazen enough to even attempt it (in material part):

    Senator Buckwold: Then looking at the reverse aspect, the bank, theoretically, could be prosecuted for [violating the criminal / anti-racketeering law]…

    Mr. Paul-Emile Wong, Consumer Research Branch, Department of Consumer and Corporate Affairs: …theoretically, yes. That is one of the reasons this [soon to be new] section [of the Criminal Code] is unusual, in that it requires the consent of the Attorney General before [criminal] prosecutions are initiated, thus preventing the application of the section to [criminal] commercial practices to which it was not intended [by the bankers and other controllers of the credit / money system] that it apply. It then becomes a question of the Attorney General’s discretion [non obstante or administrative apartheid]. ((Senate Select Standing Committee on Banking, Trade and Commerce) (SSCBTC) transcripts; 4-11-1980 [November 4, 1980], 24:28)

    These days, getting Canadians to understand how important it is is like pulling teeth.

    Anything more complicated than the plot of an episode of Gilligan’s Island is over the heads of most. We also appear to be living in a world with a maximum five-year time horizon – whether past or future – as if history, and how we got here, were irrelevant.

    Here is my latest effort at simplification and link to the briefest explanation of the consequences that I have been able to put together (Hope it helps):


    I look for anomalies as a special source of information.

    There is, for example, an anomalous situation under the Criminal Code of Canada.

    If you rank-order all 800-plus offences according to how much money is obtained in fact in violation of them, and on a most-specific and mutually-exclusive basis, then there is one section or crime that is at least 100-times greater than its next closest competitor, and regardless greater than all of the other offences combined.

    Another anomaly is that in 1981 the Crown in right of Canada unlawfully, illegally, and unconstitutionally revived the practice of non obstante or dispensation to give designated Friends of the Crown constructive special permission to violate the law.

    The next anomaly is that the Crown in right of Canada not only revived such scandalously illegal and wrongful practice, and in breach of its contract with the People under the Bill of Rights of 1689 – but also concurrently extended it into the criminal law realm – where no former government had been brazen enough to even attempt it. You’ll never guess what section they attached it to.

    The next anomaly came in 1990, when the Supreme Court of Canada unanimously ratified a unanimous decision of a panel of ex-bank-lawyers (appointed and not elected) calling themselves the Ontario Court of Appeal that violations of the criminal law by financial corporations are not illegal because the criminal law only provides that offenders will be severely punished, but does not otherwise directly state: Don’t do it.

    Here again, you’ll never guess what section they based it on.

    Thirty years later, and private Canadian financial institutions have systematically looted $10 trillion from the People of Canada in direct violation of that law “at the pleasure of Her Majesty”.

    (The piece has been renamed What happened to the $10 trillion?)

    • Agree: frontier
    • Replies: @Rdm
    , @Nostradamus
  92. @alwayswrite

    Turkey would back Ukraine to join NATO

    As if Turkey had not been a member of NATO for decades. No one shouldn’t be called stupid simply for having a divergent view, but this fellow is objectively stupid. What’s more, he’s sure he’s the smartest guy in the room. Individuals like him are the reason democracy doesn’t work.

    • LOL: showmethereal
    • Replies: @alwayswrite
  93. frontier says:
    @Liborio Guaso

    And now it is clear that the so-called democracy is nothing more than a group of rascals dividing the wealth of the world among themselves

    Your comment is much like Escobar’s surface scratching – shuffling pretty words around but ultimately irrelevant. Except that you’re not only superficial but also plain wrong.

    Democracy is a political system, dividing the wealth is finance. There’s absolutely nothing “democratic” about the US financial system, it’s a purely feudal arrangement, just read the laws. Moreover, even the “mavericks” like Hudson and MofoBills, are going crazy about making it more feudal. These are the choices you get from the loud-mouth econ establishment – feudal, more feudal or straight up slavery… where’s that “democracy” you were talking about?

    To be precise, the American democracy was breached by a few not-so-distant legislative acts – the repeal of Glass-Staegall, bank deregulation by Garn-St.Germain and several others in the same vain. They were greased by “free trade” inaction, supported by the moronic economics establishment despite the warnings from industry.

  94. @antibeast

    the Anglos should import as many Indian Hindus as they like so they can recreate the caste-based society of Hindu India in the West.

    It has already happened in Canada! But honestly, most Indian immigrants where I live (Nelson, BC) . seem to be leaving their chains of caste behind. The men are more relaxed when with their women in social settings than I remember 20+ years ago in Vancouver. They are not ready to pounce if their women speak to occasional Caucasians! The women love to flirt!!

    • Replies: @antibeast
  95. antibeast says:
    @Badger Down

    I once asked a Japanese friend of mine what she thinks of China and here’s what she said:
    We Japanese are the true inheritors of Han Civilization in East Asia!
    Flabbergasted, I asked her why she thought that way and she retorted:
    Because the Mongols failed to conquer us!
    And that’s the reason why the Japanese elites study Classical Chinese Culture to this day.

  96. FB says: • Website

    Ahh, now it all makes sense:

    ‘Alwayswrite’ the FUDGEPACKER, lol!

    LGBTQ is the defining issue of our times

    Us = the west,progressive free,individuals,LGBT inclusive,tolerance

    Them= the other,repressing,hateful,totalitarian

    So this is why this subretard is on this silly Jihad here on the UNZ comment section—he doesn’t like that Russia and China don’t particularly adore the fudgepackers!

    Look you pederast freak: NOBODY cares about homos, except for the small number of homos themselves.

    Homos have done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to advance human progress. In fact, they are a self-extirpating species, by nature of their rejection of natural man-woman reproduction.

    This is why they are on their loud and disgusting proselytizing mission—to convert gullible young people and even children, because that is the only way they can sustain this sick mutation of the human species.

    I don’t think you’ll find many takers here, flameboy.

    • Replies: @alwayswrite
  97. antibeast says:

    Those Indian women must be lower-class desis then ergo they must have been born outside the subcontinent to non-elite family backgrounds. The Indian Brahmin elites whom I’ve met tend to stay away from those lower-class types because they think of their upper-caste status first and foremost including membership in social clubs or choice of marital partners. In this sense, they’re similar to the WASP elites with their upper-class society of ‘exclusive’ schools, clubs and churches. The Indian Hindus treat the Dalits like shit while the WASP elites look down on poor White Trash. Both have very similar mindsets.

    • Replies: @Malla
  98. Agent76 says:

    Jun 10, 2021 Great Reseters Prep Cyber Scamdemic

    Welcome to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news.

    • Replies: @ImaBotKnot
  99. @Ray Caruso

    Ray you’re on the wrong side of history

    You believe whatever Pepe Escobar writes,good for you,but Escobar is a one trick click bait biased journalist masquerading as some sort of geopolitical genius

    A few years ago he was relentlessly pushing blather about BRICS now he hardly ever mentions it,basically because its an embarrassment,he’s pushing the 17+1 format in much the same way but basically that format has fizzled out to nothing,so its really just about China,i won’t bother about Russia because they’re not really important,they just make a lot of noise and try to frighten people with nuclear war,which they blame the west for

    Anyways if you’re not to old you’ll live to see my analysis is correct,the world is in a major energy transition,this will not be good for Russia or most OPEC countries,basically they’re all living on borrowed time

    America and the EU plus Japan and India are gonna be the future,because they are free and believe in human rights,thats why they all support LGBT rights,oppressive countries don’t,so they’ll suffer and be cut out of the international trade and investment strategies of the worlds biggest companies,they used to be called Trans National Corporation once now they really can be 😁

    • Replies: @Badger Down
    , @tobi999
  100. Fred777 says:

    Consider our DOW Jones Industrial index includes such manufacturing powerhouses as McDonalds, American Express, Goldman Sachs, Salesforce, United Health, JP Morgan and Disney. Yes Disney. That is our “industrial base”

    • Agree: HbutnotG
  101. Malla says:

    Ironically the WASP elites were saviors of the Dalits and hated by the Indian upper caste elites. Pretty strange if you ask me. The brutality and shit done to the Dalits during the pre-British period by the upper castes Hindus or in some case Muslim elites on Kaffir subjects, was far too much for even the WASP elites (British Lords) to digest.
    It is interesting that when lower caste leader and eminent lawyer Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar went to London at the cusp of Indian Independence to discuss about separate electorate for Dalits, which Gandhi using his cunning had denied the Dalits, Labour PM Clement Attlee refused to meet him. Leftist Labour party, supposedly for the rights of Working class did not give a crap about long suffering Dalits!!! But Conservative MP Churchill met him and aired his points on Dalit rights in the British Parliament.
    According to Ambedkar, in his well researched and well reasoned works,the severity of discrimination and its endurance of the Hindu caste system had no parallels in the world. Ambedkar discussed Japan and Europe as well as slavery in the New World, in his analysis but according to him the Hindu caste system was not comparable but an unique extreme evil with no parallels.

  102. @Ultrafart the Brave

    mainly because the politicians themselves are all up to their necks in their own private “investment properties”

    The next time an Australian politician talks about democracy you should remind him that Australia is a Plutocracy because that’s exactly what it is.

    Real estate capital gains are not taxed in Canada.
    When you buy a junk for $4million, the owner doesn’t have to pay taxes on $millions.

  103. HbutnotG says:

    I can see the car batteries quickly going the way of Mallory batteries. Cost 4X as much but last 1/25 as long.

  104. How is the illegitimate Biden Crime Family boss Joe CornPop going to explain to the other ‘White’ G7 attendees that the greatest problem facing America are ‘White Supremacists aka domestic terrorists?
    This should be interesting if not downright hilarious.

  105. @Ultrafart the Brave

    Yes I caught that. The people of Crimea had a referendum, and they voted overwhelmingly to rejoin Russia. Therefore the USA claims that Russia “invaded” Crimea.

    A couple of other knee-slappers…

    By 2050 the EU will be carbon neutral, meaning no more hydrocarbon exports for Putin.

    The West has been vowing to go “carbon neutral” for decades. It hasn’t happened. Besides, Russia exports a lot more to Europe than just hydrocarbons. Russia sells mining products and raw materials to Europe, plus agricultural products, iron and steel, machinery and transport equipment, chemicals, and manufactured goods.

    Europe talks about cutting off Russia, but this is mere talk, spoken to please the USA, which wants to sell things to Europe at ruinously high prices, and lend Europe the money to buy these goods. So the USA wants to reduce Europe to a debt slave, in addition to being a market slave.

    Dream on. This will not happen.

    Good news though for Ukraine its economy is doing better than Russia according to the latest World Bank statement.

    Well, if it comes from ZOG (the World Bank) it must be true, right? Ha, ha, ha!

    So China USA is basically the only game in town and China is a totalitarian communist regime, and totalitarian states do have a habit of failure, remember the USSR!!!!

    China’s power is growing exponentially because China’s government retains control of China’s banks (including the central bank) and because China’s government actually invests in Chinese industry. (When the U.S. government throws oceans of money at rich corporations, the latter use the money to play in the markets).

    As ZOG and the West die from their own evil, it is pathetic to see people whine about it, and try to vilify China. Not a single one of our problems came from China. Tranny supremacy, BLM supremacy, banker supremacy, Jew supremacy, the war on white hetero-males, endless wars for Israel – China had nothing do with any of this.

    • Thanks: FB
    • Replies: @showmethereal
  106. Malla says:

    the Anglos should import as many Indian Hindus as they like so they can recreate the caste-based society of Hindu India in the West. That way, the Anglos can become the new Brahmins of the West.

    I do not know how much WASP elites are in this, but there is no doubt that it are Jews too who want Hindus in the West. Brahmins and Jews have more in common with each other than Hindu upper castes have with Anglo elites. Indeed the Hindu upper caste vehemently hate Anglos, it were the dalits who were more pro-Anglo. Brahmins and Jew shave old ancient connections and have many strange similarities. Both believe they are a chosen people, are a holy people. Both use cunning and parasitism to go to the top of societies. Both are excellent in making ideologies and mythologies to trap their opponents and to rile up the masses. Anglos were on average in many ways opposite of Brahmins and Jews on average, in nature. One Bengali Brahmin told journalist and author, Mededith Townsend “We Brahmins are as intelligent as the English but what the English have is doya”. “Doya” in Bengali translates to “daya” in Hindi which in English means “kindness, mercy”.
    That is why even South Indian rationalist Periyar compared Brahmins to Jews, not Anglos. Indeed the Anglos were anti-Brahmin in nature.
    “The Jews are only interested in themselves, and nobody else. They somehow contrive to have the rulers in their pocket, participate in governance and conspire to torture and suck the lives out of other citizens in order that they live (in comfort).” These blatantly anti-Jewish lines were penned on March 20, 1938.
    These are the next lines: “Are they not comparable to the Brahmins who too have no responsibility but have the rulers in their pocket, have entered the ruling dispensation and been lording over (all of us)?”

    This is Periyar E.V. Ramasamy writing in his magazine Kudiyarasu, and he is being unusually mild here. (Naan Sonnal Unakku Yen Kopam Vara Vendum, vol. 4, p. 532, compiled by Pasu. Gowthaman)

    In all his agitations – and he had many – the lowest common denominator was the Brahmin. Even while criticising non-Brahmin national leaders like Gandhi, Subhash Chandra Bose and Sardar Vallabhai Patel, Periyar said that they were all victims of a Brahmin conspiracy. He said, that Gandhi was killed by Brahmins because Gandhi was turning into a Periyar himself! Periyar and his disciples attributed grand conspiracies and clever manipulations by Brahmins for the plight of the non-Brahmins.

    Periyar’s conviction was that after the end of British rule , independent India, under what he believed would be Brahmin rule, would be worse if there were not adequate checks and balances to curtail the dominance of the Brahmin castes.
    He wanted the British to continue to remain in power – while simultaneously complaining that they were succumbing to the machinations of the Brahmins.

    He once said
    “Hindu society as such does not exist. It is only a collection of castes. […] Indeed the ideal Hindu must be like a rat living in his own hole refusing to have any contact with others. […] There is no Hindu consciousness of kind. In every Hindu the consciousness that exists is the consciousness of his caste. That is the reason why the Hindus cannot be said to form a society or a nation. There are however many Indians whose patriotism does not permit them to admit that Indians are not a
    nation, that they are only an amorphous mass of people.”
    He accused Ambedkar for selling himself to the Brahmins: “The Brahmins had paid him a price. The price is this: he asked for 10% reservation and they gave him 15%. They knew that even if they gave him 25%, not even three or four percent of qualified people would be available [among the Dalits].
    He accepted the Constitution written by the Brahmins and signed on the dotted lines. He did not think about others.” (Periyar E.V.R. Chintanaikal, Anaimuthu, 1974, p. 1,860)

    But Periyar was not playing a narrow identity politics here; on the contrary, he was accusing Brahmanism of reducing human beings who deserved self-respect into narrow caste clusters in strife with each other, to the benefit of those at the top. And he was also aware of the problem of castes stepping on each other to climb the pecking order.

    • Thanks: Ivan, Miro23
    • Replies: @Malla
  107. @The Anti-Gnostic

    Pathetic, isn’t it?

    The image encapsulates why ZOG and the West are dying.

    No Empire can continue forever on bullshit alone.

  108. @alwayswrite

    Phuc Global Homo and Phuc you LGBTiQPWXYZ. You anal pounders have killed 38 million with HIV/AIDS, while another 35 million are walking incubators infecting millions more.
    Stats curtesy WHO/CDC – so they could be a lot higher.

    • Agree: FB
    • Replies: @alwayswrite
  109. HbutnotG says:

    Scrubber denial is rampant. I remember when the scrubber was invented and used. Detroit’s skies went from black to blue literally over night – 60 years ago.

  110. @antibeast

    ZOG and the West are in their twilight.

    Give it just a little more time, and Japan will go with the winner.

    Japan will abandon ZOG and will ally with China, as will most other nations.

    Taiwan will rejoin China, Jews will be run out of Palestine, and the USA will become a dystopia.

    • Agree: Arthur MacBride
    • Replies: @Miro23
  111. @The Anti-Gnostic

    LOL. Those stupid, dehumanizing masks and ridiculous distancing.

    No kidding. That men allow themselves to be humiliated in a photo shot like that says all you need to know. It’s as if they are all real live Peter Sellers characters.

  112. @FB

    Wow that stirred you from your bunker

    I note you still haven’t answered me about Albert Kahn and all those factories 😉

    LGBT is the ideology which will bury Russia and Iran,all the worlds big corporations are on board with
    it they wont invest anywhere if they think the transgender mob are about to descend upon them

    You see its soft power dynamics that win not hypersonic wizbangs

    Besides it doesn’t matter what you think its happened,you’ll need to get over it,besides the transhuman revolution is also upon,so that basically ends the meaning of ‘ normal humans ‘

    Look forwards to your answers about those factories 😁

    • Replies: @FB
    , @Anonymous
  113. @CelestiaQuesta

    Russia has a huge problem with HIV/ AIDS,probably one of the worst in any supposedly developed country but don’t tell Putin

  114. HbutnotG says:
    @The Anti-Gnostic

    A gigantic “7” …and 8 figures. Looks like a modern textbook for 1st graders.
    Same mentality.

    • Replies: @Badger Down
  115. @Agent76

    Crimson Contagion, Event 201 Operation Lockstep Clade X Data Collection points for Tiberius program and Operation Warp Speed

    In addition to the mass of information Palantir has access to through HHS Protect, the company is also a member of the COVID-19 Healthcare Coalition, a “collaborative private-industry response” involving Big Tech, NGOs, and health-care corporations that “share and leverage real-time data, best practices, and clinical expertise” for the official purpose of “preserving healthcare delivery” and “protecting people” during the coronavirus crisis. Other members, aside from Palantir, include Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Salesforce, and IBM as well as the CIA’s In-Q-Tel and the murky US intelligence contractor, the MITRE corporation. The massive amount of data shared by the coalition’s members, which also includes most major electronic health-record companies in the US, is aimed at “unlocking large-scale analytics for COVID-19.”

    Be a good person and ask Jesus to Save You.

    Really Nothing Else Matters as the Injections continue with their vaccine passports The RED CREEPING DEATH spreads.

  116. RobinG says:
    @Mulga Mumblebrain

    Jingjing is on her way to Xinjiang (via Inner Mongolia)

    Hear the Uyghur Islamic leader tell the truth about Xinjiang

  117. @Mulga Mumblebrain

    And how’s the weather down under?

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  118. Eagle says:

    Would you trust a man who praises China and Russia,
    slanders the West,
    yet lives in Bangkok and Paris?

    bourgeois Bullshitter?
    Can’t walk the walk?
    Rebel without a cause.
    Party man trying to act relative?
    Gringo hanging with the bad boys?
    I can’t grow up-guy?
    I am serious-guy?

    • Troll: Mulga Mumblebrain
  119. Malla says:
    V. T. Rajshekar Shetty (1984). The Dilemma of the Class & Caste. Dalit Sahitya Akademy. p. 25

    The “independence” achieved in 1947 is for the Gandhi and Nehru families […] Not for us. The British imperialism was replaced by a more dangerous “Brahmin imperialism”. Our people were much better off under the British. In fact, we have to be grateful to the British but for whom the Indians would have remained barbarians.
    For Dyal, who turns down the volume of radio he’s listening to as he recalls pre-Partition days, life is little more than memories of a lost yesterday. “Partition did no good to farmers. They were better off under the British rule. Things were affordable then, and both rich and poor could eat and live well. Even buying cattle was affordable. Farmers were not under debt and buyers used to purchase grains from their (farmers’) houses. Now, farmers take their crop to the grain market and wait for days, even protest, to get their crop purchased. The condition of farmers has really declined, while those of landless tillers is really pitiable.”
    Their latest posts are themed around the elections. In one, an old man, who has lost faith in the country’s politicians, says, “…India was better off under the British rule because people didn’t have to overpay for basic things like food and commuting”
    Rashtriya Sahara
    Sahara India Mass Communication did a survey of freedom fighters and people who were displaced during the freedom struggle . As per the survey most of the interviewees responded to our questions and we came to the following conclusions : In the ultimate analysis it was shocking to know that the people who have lived during the British rule and managed to survive the period after independence do not have a very positive view about the state of affairs in India . It was shocking to know that they appreciated the British governance against which they fought .

    • Replies: @Malla
    , @A.z
    , @Miro23
    , @ivan
  120. anon[738] • Disclaimer says:

    Vancouver B.C. is being swallowed whole by mainland Chinese dirty money. Toronto is not far behind.

    • Replies: @bike-anarkist
  121. Miro23 says:
    @A little boy in the crowd

    ZOG and the West are in their twilight.

    Give it just a little more time, and Japan will go with the winner.

    Japan will abandon ZOG and will ally with China, as will most other nations.

    Taiwan will rejoin China, Jews will be run out of Palestine, and the USA will become a dystopia.

    They know a sinking ship when they see one. Also Russia has some attractions for Europe that ZOG doesn’t.

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  122. A.z says:

    What’s wrong with u ? Ukraine in this mess because far right egged on by neocons couldn’t wait for the elections and did a coup where as in the elections they might have won but couldn’t trust the population when the Russian backed guy actually called for elections after the protest. The rejection was done by the coup installed government that finally made Russia turn east as they saw their opponents will not abide by any rules when trying to subjugate them. The Russians tried to play by the rules like buying of the leader with a billion dollar deal so he rejects the European deal the protesters cried foul and forced a concession for an early elections where the Russians had very little chance their people winning but as long as there was democratic process going they had cards to play because of the sizable Russian population within.
    So the neocons went ahead with their coup just like the typical us response to everything which is whatever we say goes and no rules apply to us… the thing is us has shown in every occasion since Vietnam when it comes down to do the actual fighting they can’t win wars. So now the global south is charting its own course and us has nothing in its toolkit to stop it except propaganda it can’t even carry out successful coups in a thoroughly corrupt county like Venezuela.
    I m not being sarcastic when I say keep defending the current us ways of doing things because we want the corrupt empire to fall as it will by following the path it is on

  123. Malla says:

    Interestingly here is a Kenyan freedom fighter MP who is regretting taking part in the freedom struggle which had led to the British leaving Kenya and Kenya becoming more impoverished as a result. If he would have had a time machine, he would go back to the past and not have taken part in the so called struggle.

  124. A.z says:

    See the big picture u r free and can pursue ur ideas and take down the brhamman order where as before first u had the added task of removing the colonial order first, one of the person u quoted wanted the British to stay , that person was a moron who was conned by the British to buy into the divide and rule strategy just like the Hindu elite when the bri first came in to conquer India and just like the Muslims when the Hindu population was calling for greater autonomy. Churchill was as true a RACIST as u can find and every action taken by him was to preserve the British colonial order and keep us brown people under the British jack boot.
    Sad fact India siding with the old order now instead of standing shoulder to shoulder with the new emerging better world order

    • Agree: showmethereal
    • Replies: @Malla
    , @Malla
    , @Malla
    , @Malla
  125. FB says: • Website

    I note you still haven’t answered me about Albert Kahn and all those factories

    Look you silly little faggot, I have REFUTED so much of your total bullshit already that any normal person would slink away in shame.

    And about Albert Kahn, the architect:

    He built a practice with hundreds of architects; in 1937 his firm designed 19 percent of all architect-designed factories in the U.S.

    Very good. The man was a good designer and was in demand.

    In addition, under a unique contract in 1929, Kahn established a design and training office in Moscow, sending twenty-five staff there to train Soviet architects and engineers, and to design hundreds of industrial buildings under their first five-year plan.

    Wow! TWENTY FIVE whole staff that built the entire Soviet union single-handedly. That must be some kind of record?

    Do you know how many Nasa and ESA [European Space Agency] personnel and astronauts are in Moscow’s Star City right now? Being trained by Russians?

    Or over the last 10 years that American Astronauts have been going to the Russian-designed International Space Station on Russian Soyuz spacecraft?

    Its a lot more than 25. It’s a lot more than TEN TIMES THAT NUMBER.

    • Agree: Jazman
    • Replies: @alwayswrite
    , @Jazman
  126. Anonymous[427] • Disclaimer says:

    Don’t you ever get tired of it crossing swords with FB and getting your ass spanked and then coming back with another idiotic post leaving yourself open for another repeat of what you got before, I’ve heard of stupid, but that’s going way beyond that boundary.

    • LOL: FB
    • Replies: @antibeast
    , @alwayswrite
  127. 36 ulster says:

    They look like characters from a Magritte painting.

  128. @RadicalCenter

    Sure, go ahead-ignore solar, solar thermal, batteries, off-shore wind, tidal, wave and other increasingly cheap renewables, and burn your fossil fuels. You won’t even make it to 2050, but I suppose you just don’t care. Hard to get out of your cultic ‘thinking’.

  129. @Miro23

    The USA is a dystopia already. And getting worse every day, hence the need for an external enemy, but China ain’t Iraq or Grenada. Watching an animated corpse like Bidet mumbling that ‘America is back’, is hilarious, but darkly ominous.

    • Agree: Miro23
  130. @Peripatetic Itch

    It’s winter, brains-trust. I see you pick your sources with the moron’s discernment.

    • Replies: @Peripatetic Itch
  131. @Petermx

    I enjoyed your comment.
    It is poetic justice that America who , like England and France, couldnt compete with Germany are now having their tech stolen by their parasitic overlord, Israel.
    Like a demented Janus, America eliminated c9mpetition the went around the globe talking ‘free markets’, ie. Open your markets to us.
    As this fell apart in the 70’s, they then conspired with the KSA et al to have dollars for oil be.forced on the world.
    Now, loss of reserve currency looms.
    Even worse 100 million adults have been injected with a bioweapon,the spike protein, that is slowly sickening and killing off America. How many will die over the next 1-5 years. At some point, the American society could easily collapse as its’ future labour force gets jabbed and becomes subject to prion disease.
    I would have never believed so many people have not cottoned on to the psychopathy of the American state after 30 years of murder and mayhem a la zionists and MIC.
    I dont k ow if the end game for this insane cabal is anything more than population decline in some insane Malthusian frenzy. While frothing for war with Iran and China they kill off their domestic population?
    I guess it all makes sense to a lunatic.

    • Replies: @Petermx
  132. Anon[419] • Disclaimer says:
    @Mulga Mumblebrain

    But, but windmills take twenty years to pay for themselves and then
    their productive lives are over and they need to be replaced, so they
    never ‘pay out.’ And those EVs? The carbon generated to make all those
    batteries and fuselages work out to no net carbon reduction. All for show
    and to enrich the pockets of the politicians invested in ‘green’ companies.

  133. Miro23 says:

    It’s totally unfashionable to say it, but the British sent their best as administrators to India – people who learnt local languages, were uncorrupt, impartial with regard to the law, and administered the country in a way that was fair to all castes and religions. This lead for example to the loyalty of Hindus and Moslems the Indian Army.

    • Agree: Malla
    • Replies: @Malla
    , @Malla
    , @Malla
  134. @anon

    All criminal elements, that even the current CCP administration has clamped down hard on those stealing China’s money to buy Canadian real estate that ALL Canadian levels of government turned a blind eye!

  135. Anonymous[793] • Disclaimer says:

    Industrial America was built by British capital and general European technology supplied to American workers (to include European immigrants, plus emancipated slaves and Mexican migrants) in the 19th to early 20th centuries.

    Instead of investing heavily and intensively in their own nations, British and also French businesses financed massive infrastructure and factory production in the Americas, with most capital and technology transfer going to the rapidly-growing United States.

    WHY would the British and French ever have built up the United States, when it was obvious by the year 1890 or so that America would someday dwarf their economies, and supplant their places on the global stage?

    Very simple. The profit motive, the natural desire for greater wealth by British and French elites. Americans got British manufacturing technology and French trading expertise, and in return Britain and France reaped the lower production and lower raw materials costs that was America’s comparative advantage at the time. Everyone was a winner!

    EXCEPT, of course, the British and French failed to consider some very central facts: The United States had a higher birthrate and could absorb a lot more immigrants than Britain and France put together.

    Ultimately, brain power and cultural factors being roughly equal, POPULATION GIVES WEALTH AND POWER. More Americans than British. Inevitable result, the United States became more powerful than Britain. (So did Germany, for essentially the same reason – population advantage).

    Here’s some cool numbers. Populations of the 3 most advanced countries in the world on the eve of World War 1.

    Britain: 43 million
    Germany: 65 million
    United States: 92 million.

    It’s really just the iron law of mathematics, that’s all. And of course, the greed of British elites, who essentially threw their own British people under the wagon wheels, to build up their greatest rival, the United States.

    The British wanted Americans to be good little country idiots forever, supplying unskilled and semi-skilled labor and raw materials for Britain’s prosperity. Americans as cowboys, frontiersmen, hunters, ranchers, herders, and other un-threatening occupations. “Americans can’t run factories or build ports, railroads and modern cities on their own, every Englishman and Frenchman knows that!”.

    But Americans COPIED, and LEARNED, and upped our game. OOPS! The British and French outsmarted themselves.

    I am 100% sure that a pre-emptive war was considered by elites in London and Paris to “keep those inferior Americans down”. Think Crimean War, but instead of against Russia, this time against the U.S.
    I have actually read that Britain and France would have launched this war, except for Germany worrying them more in Europe.

    IMHO, the same process has played out over and over again throughout the last 200 years.

    So what has happened in the last 20 years between the United States and China, is really nothing new. Maybe the warp speed of China’s rise is unprecedented, but the process itself was predictable.

    The U.S. effort to “constrain and contain” China is classic Anglo-Saxon “surround and strangle” strategy. It worked in the past with obliging opponents such as Napoleonic France, Wilhelmine and Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan and the Soviet Union. Yet all those powers had one thing in common – they were EXTREMELY antagonistic abroad, and relied too much on military power and not enough on industry, economics, peaceful trade, and adroit diplomacy.

    Modern China and Russia are markedly different. They simply cannot be isolated. IMHO, there is no scenario in which that can be done.

    When I hear G-7 these days, I honestly think “obsolete anachronism, a dried-out husk” of a grouping.

    Contain nations who are not attempting dominance but engagement with the world, as China and Russia are? That goal and strategy are dead before they leave the garage.

    • Agree: Biff, antibeast, HeebHunter
    • Replies: @FB
  136. @antibeast

    “Because the Mongols failed to conquer us!”

    Err… they were invaders by land, not the Sino-Vikings!

    • Replies: @antibeast
    , @Malla
  137. Refl says:

    Those holograms in the picture look like zombies to me. Who are the people (or reptilians) handling them behind the scenes? How do European citizens feel today?

    When I see those non-characters, in a way I start to like mask-fascism. If only they could leave those of us in peace, who have remained sane.

    About a year or so before Covid broke, I was present at an hour long speach of some rather known official of a very tolerant party, for whom I formerly voted (I once belonged to the well-meaning crowd, shouldn’t have done it – I know, I know…)
    That PoS spent his whole speach bashing Trump, Putin, AFD, all of them together, and then the whole idiocy all over again from start to finish. Masks are a supreme way of shutting them up.

    If only I had some hope for what is to come after this!

  138. FB says: • Website

    Excellent comment!

    WHY would the British and French ever have built up the United States, when it was obvious by the year 1890 or so that America would someday dwarf their economies, and supplant their places on the global stage?

    Very simple. The profit motive, the natural desire for greater wealth by British and French elites.

    This is it in a nutshell.

    Look, nobody goes and builds factories in China or wherever without a very good reason. The reason being that they figured, rightly so, that this was the best use of their money.

    Now you have all kinds of sour grapes from Americans, crying literally rivers of bitter tears about how China STOLE their cheese!

    I mean come on! This is not the fourth grade where things are explained by way of cartoon themes.

    And we can be very thankful that China is turning around and making the most of its own development, by also engaging with all kinds of other countries, especially in the global south, to also build THEM up, and pull them along the path of human development!

    Sure, that is also good for China. It’s going to create its very own ecosystem where the US and its MO of extracting ‘vig’ as the Mafia calls it [from vigorish], or ‘tribute’ as it has been called in the past, to a system where China and all its partners no longer have to support a useless US Imperator.

    This is why China is building out the BRI, and this is what is going to become the new ‘system.’

    China may well assume the role of first among equals [why not?], but I don’t think many serious observers are worried that it wants to DOMINATE as has been the US creed for the last 75 years.

    And that is in fact a very BIG difference!

    • Agree: Jazman
    • Replies: @antibeast
    , @alwayswrite
  139. Petermx says:

    Thanks for your comment. I like your name. LOL.

  140. Anonymous[793] • Disclaimer says:

    In US many things would have to destroyed to be built up with latest technology

    This is EXACTLY what the United States should have done, and should be doing. China is following a Singapore playbook when it comes to infrastructure, public goods and the civilian economy.

    Research Singapore, fascinating case study. Sure they’re only 5.5 million in that place, still, it’s their policies and attitudes that bear emulating. Even the Chinese are impressed, and are going to implement features of the Singapore model on a huge scale.

    In essence, Singapore always strives to have the very latest, very best technology and methods in use in their lives – everything from educational practice, infrastructure, building codes, medical tech – you name it. In the late 1980s, Singapore was cutting-edge modern for that era. They had a newly-built country. Talking civilian side, their military was not cutting edge – although they were dubbed the “Israel” of the region with respect to their military – still, it wasn’t a priority.

    But Singapore kept on investing, kept on tearing down the old to build always the latest and the best. THAT’S THE KEY. By the year 2000, they had brand new everything, and the old 1980s Singapore was gone. And they just keep going. In the early 2010s, they had the latest tech for that era, and now, in 2021, they are still at the cutting edge.

    Go there, you’ll see what I mean. Quite impressive.

    So, it can be done. A country NEVER has to fall behind, if it will plan, invest and look ahead. China is moving along this path. Why don’t we?

    • Thanks: showmethereal
  141. @alwayswrite

    Holy crap did someone do a job on you. Do you honestly believe in this green new deal BS? I mean come on.

  142. tobi999 says:


    you must be a delusional liberal BLM transhuman non binary gender cyber fighter for the brainfucked neo-liberal elite….

    otherwise so much bullshit it one comment here I haven’t seen before….

    the US and EU are not anymore industrial powers….wealth created by money printing…won’t work….your IQ-levels are dropping down….your productivity also…you and your kind are too ignorant and self-centred your vision short sighted just far enough to seeyour false self-reflection in the mirrow…its very very sad.

    you and people like you are the reason for the collaps of western society….

    you are what is wrong with the West….and you mindset jut shows how deep this delusion goes…

    good luck with your green deal…from your banker mafia communists…that will take away all your belongings….be happy and have nothing….less then Russians and Chinese… even they have property rights….

  143. tobi999 says:

    are u an idiot???

    I am German, most young Ukrainians are now here some work to clean…some are hookers…some drive in delievery vans where they are even sleeping in, in sleeping bags….the EU deal fucked the Ukraine….because of its hight standards EU can export to Ukraine but Ukraine can not export to EU as it doesn’t full fill the requirements…Ukraine Economy is death….zero…why they are so afraid if Russia won’t pass aynmore their gas via Ukraine to EU??? if their Economy is doing so well…Why is the Ukrainine population shrinking so much….

    you are the biggest clown and delusinal dreamer….what ever drug you take…take less it seems fucking your perception of reality…

  144. KA says:

    Zero emission Carbon free— BS while the GENIUS makes money on the back of the tax payers and the customer.

    May be another method and means to squeeze the 3rd world and even attack them militarily or impose sanctions .. Who knows but someone would make money and then buy NASA or get subsidized to do other interesting stuff

    Here is TESLA model-

    “In a push to reduce carbon emissions, governments around the world have introduced incentives for automakers to develop electric vehicles in return for credits.
    As Tesla only sells electric cars, it receives these credits for free and can sell them at a huge profit to other automakers who can’t meet regulatory requirements.

    Tesla raked in $518 million in revenue from sales of regulatory credits in the first quarter of the year, helping the U.S. electric vehicle maker post another quarter of profit.

    Because Tesla only sells electric cars which come under the ZEV category, the company always has excess regulatory credits and can effectively sell them at a 100% profit.

    Since Tesla receives all these regulatory credits for free, it can essentially sell them for a 100% profit. This has been behind its recent profitable quarters.”—

    I have tried to understand how this is different than from making money by selling indulgences by the Pope in not so distant past .

  145. G7 is to be pronounced Gay Seven.

    • Replies: @alwayswrite
  146. @Ultrafart the Brave

    ” Gomez–the sad fact is Canada thinks it is an adult but spends like a kid in a candy shop. Nationally it is over a Trillion in Debt and provincially all are running big tabs—BUT the best thing is that Debt is not important –it is how you feel spending is what matters—–and to repay —are you being serious? Well OK then—-when negative interest rates kick in –those most in Debt will benefit the most…” and this was simply too much from Spencer Spender—the Debt will simply go away given time mantra…….

  147. @alwayswrite

    Go to Sourh Chicago some weekend night and shout ” You coons should be thankful you live in Freedom–_Democracy–Pursuit of Happiness and I am taking up a silver collection for Chauvin–and then count to ten ——-

  148. @Mulga Mumblebrain

    China is rising faster and faster.

    ZOG is sinking faster and faster.

    This is to be expected. No empire can last forever on lies and hoaxes, and on attacking the people who built it.

    Just yesterday China passed new laws in answer to ZOG’s ever-increasing sanctions on China. Any foreign company that does business in China will be expelled if it participates in any ZOG sanctions against Chinese personnel or Chinese interests. The foreign company’s assets will be seized, and its foreign personnel ejected. The law specifies that there will be no discussion, and no appeal.

    As Biden shuffles around with dementia, wheezing that “America is back,” China says, “No more Mister Nice-guy.”

    Meanwhile Russia is conducting large-scale naval exercises in the middle of the Pacific, which ZOG regards as ZOG territory.

    There is nothing that the ZOG cancer can do about any of this except throw pathetic tantrums. If ZOG was able to do something, it wouldn’t be ZOG.

    All ZOG knows is tranny supremacy, BLM supremacy, Jew supremacy, vaccine supremacy, and banker supremacy. Good riddance.

    • Agree: GomezAdddams
  149. Avery says:

    {Well, by 2050 “Europe” will be a balkanized, less safe, less prosperous place with little social cohesion and trust. It will have at least a Muslim plurality, made up of Africans, Arabs, Pakis, Kurds, and Turks (esp in Germany and Austria). They will gradually take political and physical power from a frightened, aged, persecuted white populace. But hey, as long as they’re carbon-neutral and “standing up” to always-evil Russia.}

    Unless (West) Europeans’ native populations wake up from their collective SorosaComa, then your prediction will sadly come to pass. Sadly, because Christian Europe gave modern world and us living in US so, so much.

    When Muslims take over, West Europe will become like the rest of the Muslim world.

    Regarding hydrocarbons of Russia: people assume that Russia will blindly keep relying on hydrocarbon exports to finance itself. Who is to say that Russia will not become self-sufficient in all things, including generating the necessary national income from its internal consumption.

    Also, none of the renewables that I know of can cook your food as cheaply and as efficiently as natural gas. I am pretty sure by 2050 and well beyond people will still need to eat and will still need to cook the food they eat.

    I think petroleum is too valuable a substance to burn for locomotion, because all the plastics we use in modern world are derived from petroleum and other useful products we use everyday. But there does not seem to be anything on the horizon that has the energy density of petroleum for locomotion at prices that average people can afford. (…..Tesla notwithstanding).

  150. Malla says:

    It’s totally unfashionable to say it,

    The tragedy of our times is that it is unfashionable to speak the truth in so called days of “freedom”. Humanity will pay a heavy price for this.

    British sent their best as administrators to India – people who learnt local languages, were uncorrupt, impartial with regard to the law,

    Very true.
    The Indian Civil Service examinations of the British Empire were some of the most difficult and demanding examination taken at its time, earlier by Britishers and later by both Indians and Britishers. Only the Indonesian administration examinations for the Dutch Empire came close.
    For example, nowhere, except perhaps in the British Indian Civil Service, was as much care taken in the selection of officials as in the Dutch East Indies. All appointments to the higher administrative posts in Java followed a rigid examination in the history, geography, and ethnology of the Dutch East Indies, the political and social institutions of the native Indonesians, and in the Malay and Javanese languages. The officials who were to be charged with the administration of justice would have had to hold the degree of Doctor of Laws from one of the Dutch universities, and in addition pass examinations in Islamic law and local common law.

    Even Churchill said in the British Parliament
    Winston Churchill: Our Duty in India
    “Gandhi stands for the substitution of Brahmin domination for British rule in India. You will never be able to come to terms with Gandhi.”
    There is a more squalid aspect. Hitherto for generations it has been the British policy that no white official should have any interest or profit other than his salary and pension out of Indian administration. ”

    However Churchill was himself responsible for the debacle of the Indian services. His and the Jew Samuel Montagu’s destruction of General Dyer after the Amritsar incident , means many intelligent British folk who looked forward to a post in the Indian services did not want to serve a government hell bent on destroying the Raj itself and attacking civil servants after their hard service to Empire. That is why quality deteriorated and Indians having an acute eye for quality, lost respect for the “British Sahib” and it further helped dissolve the Raj. As planned by some nefarious globalist elements. The same thing happened in French Algeria, where the French Government itself put restrictions on French Generals.

    I wonder if Lee Kuan Yew was partly inspired by this Anglo-Dutch Imperial system when he designed Singapore’s success. He surely was into neo-Confucianism, i.e. taking the best elements of Confucianism for a modern World. Maybe he combined neo-Confucianism with this Anglo-Dutch Imperial service model. Meritocracy, take the best brains for Government and pay them extremely well.

    • Replies: @antibeast
  151. antibeast says:

    The Mongols did try to invade Japan, TWICE, but failed each time due to the typhoons hitting the Mongol Navy. The Japanese term kamikaze which means ‘divine wind’ was used to refer to this phenomenon of typhoons saving Japan from the Mongol invasions.

  152. Malla says:

    But after the end of Empire in India?
    For instance, during British Raj, if any Indian wrote to any public functionary, including the Viceroy of India himself, we would receive a reply within a week, signed under the superscription, “I am, Sir, Your Most Obedient and Humble Servant”. The first thing the new revolutionary, anti-colonial, Socialist democratic rulers of free India did was to notify the deletion of this formula, no doubt for fear that it might put “wrong” ideas in the minds of the people as if they were the sovereign masters and those running the governments were their servants. As for receiving replies even from the bottom rung, forget it. Even retired IAS (Indian Administration Service) officers are considered worms by incumbents junior to them by 30 years or more!

    From Vishnu Khare (1997). Five Decades of Free India
    “Between Naive or Vested Euphoria and Doomsday Cynicism Falls the Reality. Most government servants and workers in the so-called public sector began shirking work by 1957. Rumours of bribery and corruption began to be widely heard. Freedom became freedom from honest public service. As for almost everything one had to go to various offices several times, even a petty clerk holding a file became a centre of power. Soon the elderly began to say openly that the British Raj was better, for there was no injustice, delay and corruption on such a scale in pre-1947 times – not many seniors of that era are still alive but the refrain keeps returning in community conversations among those who were barely young 50 years ago.”

    Chinua Acebe, the great Nigerian Igbo author would later write
    Before (British Nigeria), justice may have been fierce but it could not be bought or sold . . . . There were titles and distinctions, but they were gained by hard work ….Now all that is changed.”
    Ohaeto Ezenwa, Chinua Achebe: A biography (Indiana University Press, Bloomington, IN, 1997), p. 88

  153. @alwayswrite

    Still relentlessly pushing blather, alwayswrong.
    India is free and believes in human rights!

    • Replies: @alwayswrite
  154. Malla says:

    We see the same thing in Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon)
    Ceylon to Sri Lanka
    Naturally, those who endorsed discipline and hard work and enjoyed the consequent prosperity they experienced under the British, blamed late S.W.R.D. Bandaranaike for what followed after 1956. Still, after half a century of independence from colonial rule, some parts of Sri Lanka give the impression that very little has changed since the British left in 1948.

    Indeed, everywhere you look there are relics of those colonial days often preserved with affection and pride. Some of the institutions – like the Tea Propaganda Board and the tourist office – still use the same Ceylon in their literature. The army still uses British mess kit and customs, and bases its structure on the British army. One only has to walk down any street in Colombo or any other city to see the red concrete pillar-boxes, with the ER (for Elizabeth Regina) displayed clearly in front standing by the side of the road. Though not in use anymore, they stand there with some pride beside the blue metal pillar boxes that are in use today. A few Sri Lankans, both urban and rural still look up to the British Royal family as if it is their very own. A few affluent Sri Lankan families flew to England to witness the wedding of Prince Charles and Diana. They brought back memorabilia and with great pride they exhibit them in their sitting rooms. “In the good old days of British rule, we lived in peace, enjoying plenty of cheap crispy bread and butter … the good old days will never dawn on us again … when the police band was a must for all fashionable society functions and weddings and when the curtain fell the band would play ‘God save the King’. Oh! I think of those days fondly” our neighbor told me one morning when we were discussing the deteriorating values of our society.


    He had served the country as a public servant for many years and he expressed his sentiments strongly about the direction the country (Sri Lanka) was heading since the departure of the British.
    […] Mr. Senerath [the neigbour] brushed the salt off his lips with his right palm and talked about his childhood days. […] He talked of a magic Britain that could do no wrong, a demonic Sri Lanka whose politicians were taking its citizens deeper and deeper into a black hole.
    […] When I said, but you must be glad when the British left, he said, “No. I am not glad. I wish we were back in the forties.” […] “But this country has been ruined by the politicians” he said with disdain. “My generation of public servants feels like I do, because we have seen and worked under ideal conditions. I’ve never heard my colleagues say, Thank you England for leaving us like this. Can’t you see? We are in a mess now – we were better off under the British.”

  155. @HbutnotG

    When I was in Tokyo, I kept seeing No 5 buses everywhere. Eventually I learned that there are many bus lines, but they all have a big 5 on the back, purely as decoration.

  156. antibeast says:

    And we can be very thankful that China is turning around and making the most of its own development, by also engaging with all kinds of other countries, especially in the global south, to also build THEM up, and pull them along the path of human development!

    By building up the BRI, China is replicating in the Global South exactly what it has accomplished during the last 40 years. The reasons are the same causes which spurred Western multinationals to ‘outsource’ their manufacturing to China, namely, to lower their production and shipping costs, buy access to foreign markets, internationalize their supply-chains, etc. As China becomes more ‘developed’, it has to relocate its own manufacturing industries to the Global South due to rising production and shipping costs at home. Now that China has taken up the slack to fulfill the need for infrastructure and manufacturing industries in the Global South, the West is now crying foul because it wants to keep the non-West in a perpetual state of neo-colonial underdevelopment for as long as possible. The Western oligarchs do this by buying off Third World elites so that their impoverished countries would remain Third World shitholes forever.

    But the trend is clear: the Western share of the global GDP has been declining for the past four decades and will continue to do so in the next few decades until the Global South surpasses that of the West. When that time comes, Westerners will have no choice but to behave just like any other citizens of this planet of ours.

  157. @FB

    Hahahaha what a failure,so angry ain’t you,you just can’t except that Russia was a third world country back then,thats why they needed America to invest their superior knowledge,let that word ‘ superior ‘ sink in!😁

    Without Kahn no factories,even Stalin admitted it although he didn’t attribute ‘ his’ successful five year plan to those who deserved it,Americans

    Without American knowledge no five year plan,at least not in time for the big show down, fact! Kahns team actually trained over four thousand Soviet engineers,your sorry attempt to hide the truth is so typical of one who’s mind has been twisted by Soviet propaganda,sad all your so called engineering knowledge and you can’t even see the truth,basically you can’t even find it,although its not difficult

    Anyways it doesn’t matter because the best part,which i know you hate and simply can’t come to terms with, is after only 67 years the whole dung heap of Marxist Stalinist garbage fell apart,so basically a total waste of time ,money and human life,you can’t engineer people into a dumb utopian murderous state can you😁

  158. @Homophobe1

    G7 = winning team,i think is what you meant

    Well it is now after they kicked Putin out,be really didn’t fit in,what was it Angela Merkel said about him

    ‘ He lives in his own world’ poor chap!

    Well Merkel would know exactly what kind of person Putin is

    • Replies: @GomezAdddams
  159. Malla says:

    British to buy into the divide and rule strategy j

    What bullshit, there was no general divide and rule strategy. In some specific cases this strategy might be used but Indian powers used it too involving the British and other European powers. In general the policy of the British Raj was UNITE AND RULE. Divide and Rule is a theory that upper caste Hindus of the Indian National Congress used to stifle all other Indian political groups seeking their own interests within the Raj. If the Muslim league brings some of their concerns on the table, the freedom fighters of the INC used the trick that they Muslim league folk are succumbing to the “Divide and Rule policy of the British”. Which was bullshit. Similarly if the lower caste leaders brings some of their concerns on the table, the freedom fighters of the INC used the trick that they are succumbing to the “Divide and Rule policy of the British”. Which was bullshit too. Same with the Justice party of South India. North East Indians who wanted independent nation separate from India. Basically this trick was used by the Indian National Congress to bully out other groups and make itself seem as the sole representative of the Indian people. They used this trick so much on the Muslim League, they stiffed the Muslim League so much that the Muslim League had enough and started to demand a separate country called Pakistan.
    Later Muslims have been pushing this theory to go scot free and push the idea that before British rule, “lowly pussyboy Kaffir” Hindus lived happily under the macho Muslim rule and the British used divide and rule to instigate Hindu subjects against them Islamic rulers. This is a way to wash away all their historical sins and blame everything on the British, except that Hindu fundamentalists would not be fooled by this cunning eye wash. I am not saying that Hindu Muslim relations were not good time to time under Islamic rule, some Muslim rulers were surely tolerant. But there is the other history of intolerance and brutality too against Hindus by Muslim rulers and invader hordes. And this Muslim theory is bullshit as this does not explain the mighty Hindu Maratha Empire which was the defacto power in India when the British conquered India. Hindus on the other hand consider the Muslims of the Muslim league as stooges of the British and thus divided the country with Pakistan. Similarly upper caste Hindus, would blame everything on the British and try to go historical sin free. That the “caste system was started by the British” canard, an idea so weird and false, basically accuse the British who tried to get away with the evil system for creating the evil system in the first place! To go scot free of historical sins of brutality on lower caste people as well as Hindu destruction of Indian Buddhism in the past.
    Basically Divide and rule is used to explain why the British could conquer India so easily and why they could rule India of hundreds of millions, so easily with few people. The real reason why the British (or other Europeans like the French or Dutch won so easily against native armies) could conquer India so easily is because they were on average more braver and physically stronger in battle, more resourceful, had a slight technological edge, paid their soldiers on time compared to native powers, and most importantly, were more disciplined and regimented compared to most Asian armies. Simple. The British could rule India easily because the masses of India were either indifferent or supportive of British Rule because the British were reasonably tolerant, were more just and kind, brought stability to India after centuries of war, brought modern technology and infrastructure, rule of law etc… of course Indian nationalists would not like these facts, hence the bullshit concept of “Divide and Rule” which is a lie.

  160. Malla says:

    to buy into the divide and rule strategy

    Contrary to popular history there is little evidence of British rule having a negative impact on religious relations in India. Chaudhuri (2015) compares directly ruled & natively ruled states in India and finds British Rule had a significant negative effect on Hindu-Muslim violence, suggesting it actually improved relations. Verghese & Foa (2018) replicate these results, and suggest that that rise of the Maratha’s planted the seeds of Hindu nationalism. This view is supported by Bayly (1985) & van Der Veer (1994) who argue communalism predates the British. Other explanations include the rise of Hindu-Muslim revivalist movements see Hardy (1972), the rise of Pan-Islamism see Robinson (2007) or much earlier Islamic conquest see Nicholson (2013) as causing these identities. Hardy (1972) goes as far as to refer to “balance and rule” instead of divide and rule.
    Leonard (2003) concurs with this too:


    Communalism in present-day India, Dick Kooiman and others suggest, may be credited not so much to colonial ‘divide and rule’ policies, conscious or not, but to the inauguration of constitutional reforms and consequent political mobilizations.
    Furthermore, opinions on such a policy among officials were mixed see Sir John Strachey in 1880 as quoted in Doyle (2017):
    Nothing could be more opposed to the policy and universal practice of our Government in India than the old maxim of divide and rule; the maintenance of peace among all classes has been recognised as one of the most essential duties of our ‘belligerent civilisation’; but this need not blind us to the fact that the existence side by side of these hostile creeds is one of the strong points of our political position in India.

    As Ambedkar, the leader of Dalits and author of the Indian Constitution, himself wrote

    “The first point to note is that the Hindus and Muslims must decide the question themselves. They cannot invoke the aid of anyone else. Certainly, they cannot expect the British to decide it for them. From the point of view of the Empire, it matters very little to the British whether India remains one undivided whole, or is partitioned into two parts, Pakistan and Hindustan, or into twenty linguistic fragments as planned by the Congress, so long as all of them are content to live within the Empire. The British need not interfere for the simple reason that they are not affected by such territorial divisions.”

    Some references and further readings
    Chaudhuri (2015)
    Colonization and Religious Violence: Evidence from India by Arka Roy Chaudhari
    This paper looks at the long-run effect of British colonization on Hindu-Muslim violence in India by comparing incidence of communal violence over the period 1950-1989 across areas which were under direct British rule with areas that were indirect British rule i.e. under native kings. Using the Doctrine of Lapse as an instrument, I find that British annexation has a negative and significant effect on religious violence in independent India which goes against the popular narrative that British rule led to a worsening of Hindu-Muslim relations.
    Verghese & Foa (2018)
    Precolonial Ethnic Violence The Case of Hindu-Muslim Conflict in India(2018)
    Ajay Verghese & Roberto Stefan Foa
    We construct a new dataset of all conflicts between Hindu and Muslim polities from 1000–1850 A.D. and use it to generate an estimate of conflict stock. We find that historical violence correlates with contemporary riots beginning around 1700 A.D. – before the British ruled the subcontinent. We suggest that this statistical relationship is driven by ethnic counter-mobilization: the decline of the Mughal Empire and rise of the Marathas in the late 17th century sowed the seeds of Hindu
    nationalism, the proximate cause of contemporary riots.
    Bayly (1985)
    The Pre-History of ‘Communalism’? Religious Conflict in India, 1700-1860 by C. A. Bayly
    Modern Asian Studies Vol. 19, No. 2 (1985), pp. 177-203 (27 pages) Published By: Cambridge University Press
    van Der Veer (1994)
    Religious Nationalism: Hindus and Muslims in India by Peter van der Veer (Author)
    Professor of Comparative Religion at the University of Amsterdam, Peter van der Veer’s timely study on the relationship between religion and politics in India goes well beyond other books on this subject. He brings together several disciplines—anthropology, history, social theory, literary studies—to show how Indian religious identities have been shaped by pilgrimage, migration, language development, and more recently, print and visual media.

  161. antibeast says:

    alwayswrong loves getting his ass spanked, you know, kinky sex and all that jazz.

  162. @Liborio Guaso

    I would have liked Uncle Fester appearing as an invited Guest and doing his best Mike Pompeo pose with a lit light bulb in his mouth————

  163. Malla says:

    buy into the divide and rule strategy

    An example about why “Divide and Rule strategy” is a lie when the British Empire policy was UNITE AND RULE and maintaining peace in the vast Empire, i.e. Pax Britannia. That the British officers were literally matured parents to childish Indian Hindus and childish Muslims thug mobs going all oooga booga and getting into fights over small matters. It was the loosening of British direct control with time, which made relations in between communities worse.
    From the Book Mother India


    “Something, again, is to be learned from the simple history of a park designed for the city of Lucknow. When the ground came to be surveyed, it was found that a little Hindu temple lay in one corner of the allotted area. Following their established policy in such matters, the British authorities left the temple undisturbed.
    Then came the Muhammadans of the city, saying: “We, too, desire a place in this fine new park wherein to say our prayers.”
    So the Municipal authorities arranged that a suitable open space be set aside at the opposite corner of the park for the Muhammadans. And the Hindus worshiped in their temple, and the Muhammadans worshiped in their open space, both quite happily and innocently, for a matter of eight years.
    In the interval came the “Reforms,” came the fruit of the “Reforms,” came a tension, stiffening steadily.
    For Lucknow is a Muhammadan city, in the sense that all the important people, all the old families, all the great buildings and monuments, are of the ancient Muhammadan kingdom of Oudh. Wherefore the Muhammadans felt that if the control of India was about to revert to Indians’ hands their city of Lucknow ought to revert to them.
    But, though the history and the aristocracy of Luck-now are indubitably Muhammadan, in the population of Lucknow the Hindu outnumbers the Muhammadan three to one. Wherefore the Hindus, filled with sudden fear of the future, now asked each other:
    “If this Swaraj is indeed coming, where will it plant us Hindus of Lucknow? Under Muhammadan masters? Better were we all dead men!”
    Upon which they began to organize, to assert themselves, perhaps rather aggressively and offensively, and particularly to do so each evening, toward sunset, in that little old temple by the park.
    Now, sunset is an hour appointed for Muslim devotion. For eight years the Muslim prayer-rugs had been spread, five minutes before sunset, in that same little park, and the faithful, kneeling in rows, had said their vespers there. Nor would they submit to interruption by obstreperous Hindus now. So, they issued an edict: The Hindus, hereafter, must choose for their temple meeting a time that did not clash with the Muhammadans’ evening prayer.
    The Hindus resented the edict of the Muhammadans. The Muhammadans resented the resentment of the Hindus. Tinder smoldered up to flame. And presently big gangs of each religion gathered in the park at one and the same hour to fight the thing to a finish.
    In the matter ensuing, the Muhammadans seem to have been the more skillful, since they swept the field quickly of human impediments and were about to smash the offensive temple itself, when a detachment of police, reinforced by British troops, intervened.
    Thus this particular incident came to a standstill, such of the combatants as were able dispersing to their homes. But an intense and really dangerous feeling, bred of the battle and of the fear and jealousy in the air, survived in full vigor. If a small lurking party of the other side saw a Hindu or a Muhammadan pass in the street, that party would dash out, seize and beat him. To restore confidence it was necessary for two or three days to patrol the city streets with British cavalry.
    Enter, then, the British District Commissioner–for cities, as well as rural parts, have their commissioners. And the Commissioner, obviously, must “arrange.” For the quarrel was literally ruining the town. Trade was suffering, small shops were failing, the people were boycotting each other, and fresh broils and violence, promising any eruption, disfigured every day.
    So the Commissioner invited the leaders of the factions to come to his house and talk it over–because his house was the only place where they would meet in peace. They came, and sat, and came again. They sat and talked and talked again. And neither party would yield an inch.
    The Hindus insisted that they must begin to beat their prayer drums five minutes before sunset. The Muhammadans as firmly maintained: “At exactly five minutes before sunset we must begin our evening worship, which you Hindus shall not disturb.”
    Yet at last the Commissioner prevailed. For he elicited from the Hindus a concession of five minutes, and from the Muhammadans a concession of five minutes. Then, with his combined winnings safe under his feet, he proceeded to extract from the Hindus a promise that, during the last ten minutes before sunset, they would not play music in their temple; and from the Muhammadans a promise that on the dot of the first of the silent ten minutes they would begin their ten-minute vesper prayer.

    For, during the conferences in the Commissioner’s drawing room, the fact had developed that the Muhammadans’ objection lay, not to the Hindus’ praying, but to the din they made at their prayers, hammering temple gongs and drums.
    Those joint conferences in the Commissioner’s drawing room lasted, altogether, fifteen hours. As the fifteenth hour closed, the Commissioner’s dinner-gong rang in the hall. Whereupon one of the Hindus pondered aloud:
    “That gong’s voice, over in our temple, wouldn’t reach so far.”

    “Will you try it and see?” asked the Commissioner, quickly. And to this day the Hindus of that Lucknow temple worship to the low and mellow voice of the British Commissioner’s dinner-gong.”

  164. @Mulga Mumblebrain

    Winter? Damn. You still have that? I thought sure you told us it was all going to be gone by now. Promised us even.

    If not you, then your alter ego, Miss Saint Greta, for sure.

  165. antibeast says:

    I wonder if Lee Kuan Yew was partly inspired by this Anglo-Dutch Imperial system when he designed Singapore’s success. He surely was into neo-Confucianism, i.e. taking the best elements of Confucianism for a modern World. Maybe he combined neo-Confucianism with this Anglo-Dutch Imperial service model. Meritocracy, take the best brains for Government and pay them extremely well.

    LKY said that the ancient Chinese invented the Imperial Civil Service based on meritocratic selection by Imperial State Examinations which the British then copied by creating the British Imperial Civil Service based on their own Imperial State Examinations. The ancient Greeks invented the Western model of ‘democracy’ which LKY claimed would not be appropriate for Asian countries with millennia-old tribal customs, ancient religions, ethnic identities and communal interests. The English didn’t have a Civil Service until they copied the Chinese Civil Service in the 19th century.

    • Replies: @Malla
  166. Jazman says:

    Problem with brainwashed morons is they do not have shame or they got used in loosing debates all the time

  167. ivan says:

    Malls you are the type of guy who might enjoy Nirad Chaudhary’s , Thy Hand Great Anarch.

    • Replies: @Malla
  168. Rdm says:

    It’s not about CCP or Democracy.

    If the system works, people cheer and support it. It’s the human nature. If you go back 40 years, Americans will be thumping their chests with can-do attitude. It’s because the system worked at the time. Does it matter they bomb Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and never looked back to clean up their landmine and mess? It did not. Americans were happy, sending men to space and believing in Moon Landing. How many of Americans detest on hearing “Communist” and feel almighty and arrogant on “Democracy” back then?

    For China, it’s not the label, it’s the system that they have been experimenting over many centuries. If nobody gets Deng Xiaoping famous quote “It doesn’t matter if it’s a black cat or white cat, as long as it catches mice.”, I don’t know who will get the quote. It’s easy to say they all understand. But just pause for a moment and reflect. It’s the mindset of China as a whole. It’s not the label or the skin. It’s the purpose of the system. If the system works, it works. People will cheer for it.

    If no one can see it, we need to shake their body and throw some sense into them. That is China has already risen. If they can build the world most efficient, longest, fastest trains, they can continue to do so in space exploration. Once it’s taken shape, you’d bet Chinese will be sustaining their economy self-sufficiently without relying on the West.

    The only flimsy tenuous hold on to the relevance in World Affairs by the West is, let’s face it, because of their mouthpiece MSM, keep spewing out their presence. It’s like Kardashian. No talent, but if there’s one mouthpiece keep publishing every daily activities of her, it’s the self-glory with no substance.

    This is how the West is becoming to represent and G7 is the tip of the iceberg.

    • Agree: GomezAdddams, Robjil, vox4non
    • Replies: @MLK
  169. Rdm says:

    Do they get paid more if one of them becomes ultra feely touchy on human rights and broach about Xinjiang genocide?

  170. Rdm says:
    @Timothy Madden

    The next anomaly came in 1990, when the Supreme Court of Canada unanimously ratified a unanimous decision of a panel of ex-bank-lawyers (appointed and not elected) calling themselves the Ontario Court of Appeal that violations of the criminal law by financial corporations are not illegal because the criminal law only provides that offenders will be severely punished, but does not otherwise directly state: Don’t do it.

    Did those ex-Bankers happen to be Jews?

    • Replies: @Timothy Madden
  171. @Badger Down

    You don’t get it do you!

    Nobody cares about human rights, doesn’t mean the west won’t weaponize it though

    And as soon as you build it into international trade legislation there you go,the perfect tool to deal with recalcitrant nations,always selectively applied against those the west hates

  172. @FB

    “First amongst equals” says FB!!!!!!

    Are you having a laugh,Chinese totalitarianism is only equal to North Korea,its just well hidden behind lots of glitter and glitz,its the equivalent of a Potemkim village with “Chinese characteristics”


    China is building the BRI because its an imperial state always has been for millennia,i bet Lenin would call it out as such!

    China don’t build countries up in the global south you great big sap,they’re capturing them into Chinese imperialism,blimey didn’t you learn anything whilst attending that university in East Germany?

    Seriously FB,or should i say Failed Bolshevik,you need to go back to Marxist, Capitalism/ imperialism 101 classes,because obviously you ain’t got a blind clue whats going on

    • Replies: @GomezAdddams
  173. Malla says:

    Churchill was as true a RACIST as u can find and every action taken by him was to preserve the British colonial order

    It was Churchill who spoke in support of the Dalits though and met Ambedkar while Clement Attlee refused to do so.
    From Churchill’s speech.

    If the British people are to lose their Indian Empire, they shall do so with their eyes open, and not be led blindfold into a trap.


    Gandhi stands for the substitution of Brahmin domination for British rule in India. You will never be able to come to terms with Gandhi.


    But that is not all. To abandon India to the rule of the Brahmins would be an act of cruel and wicked negligence. It would shame for ever those who bore its guilt. These Brahmins who mouth and patter the principles of Western Liberalism, and pose as philosophic and democratic politicians, are the same Brahmins who deny the primary rights of existence to nearly sixty millions of their own fellow countrymen whom they call ‘untouchable’, and whom they have by thousands of years of oppression actually taught to accept this sad position. They will not eat with these sixty millions, nor drink with them, nor treat them as human beings. They consider themselves contaminated even by their approach. And then in a moment they turn round and begin chopping logic with John Stuart Mill, or pleading the rights of man with Jean Jacques Rousseau.


    Let me just direct your attention once more upon these untouchables, fifty or sixty millions of them, that is to say more than the whole population of the British Isles; all living their lives in acceptance of the validity of the awful curse pronounced upon them by the Brahmins. A multitude as big as a nation, men, women and children deprived of hope and of the status of humanity. Their plight is worse than that of slaves, because they have been taught to consent not only to a physical but to a psychic servitude and prostration.

    There is a more squalid aspect. Hitherto for generations it has been the British policy that no white official should have any interest or profit other than his salary and pension out of Indian administration. All concession-hunters and European adventurers, company-promoters and profit-seekers have been rigorously barred and banned. But now that there is spread through India the belief that we are a broken, bankrupt, played-out power, and that our rule is going to pass away and be transferred in the name of the majority to the Brahmin sect, all sorts of greedy appetites have been excited, and many itching fingers are stretching and scratching at the vast pillage of a derelict Empire. I read in the Times newspaper, in the Times mind you, only last week of the crowd of rich Bombay merchants and millionaire millowners, millionaires on sweated labour, who surround Mr. Gandhi, the saint, the lawyer, Lord Irwin’s dear colleague and companion. What are they doing there, these men, and what is he doing in their houses?

    They are making arrangements that the greatest bluff, the greatest humbug and the greatest betrayal shall be followed by the greatest ramp. Nepotism, back-scratching, graft and corruption in every form will be the handmaidens of a Brahmin domination.

    • Replies: @Malla
    , @alwayswrite
  174. @Anonymous

    in a word no!

    FB basically can’t except that the Soviet system,the greatest exercise in socio economic engineering,was a total failure,not only did it fail it killed millions of its own citizens in the process

    He claims that currently Russian engineering is the best,although it doesn’t translate into the macro economic reality of the Russia economy which in all honesty struggles to gain top ten in the most important current developments in science and technology,we’ll call it the 4th industrial revolution,and its not one Russia is gonna do very well in

    He plays his little games of obfuscation and cherry picking very well,but most of it is just an act of smoke and mirrors

    It seems that plenty of folks are taken in by this,he likes to parade his credentials about engineering maths and physics,but mostly they’re irrelevant in terms of the historical record of how Russia as a political economy has failed,which he obviously can’t deal with,emotionally he seems to go off into,literally,outer space to prove points which are basically irrelevant

    The Soviet system failed,and thats his problem,the current system under Putin,basically a continuation of the worst criminal elements of that old and dysfunctional system continue,hence my scepticism about its validity as a sustainable system

    Hope that helps,oh,plus my main bugbear is idiotic journalist’s who ‘ big up’ all this BS about Russia

  175. Malla says:

    Churchill sez

    I read in the Times newspaper, in the Times mind you, only last week of the crowd of rich Bombay merchants and millionaire millowners, millionaires on sweated labour, who surround Mr. Gandhi, the saint, the lawyer, Lord Irwin’s dear colleague and companion. What are they doing there, these men, and what is he doing in their houses?

    Check dis out from “The Heart Of India” by Alexander Campbell, Pg 85
    “Rich mill-owners and landlords supported Congress Party not because they loved the masses but because they hoped for own selfish purposes to oust British finance-capitalism. This was capitalist contradiction we were entitled to exploit. In this way even Indian capitalists helped to smash the yoke of imperialism. As Palme Dutt has written ”

    further from the same book, page 112, we get
    “Ferguson, fortified by a couple of after-breakfast brandies, was in a good humor. He lit a cigar, and talked exuberantly about the cotton trade, of which he appeared to know a good deal. “I managed a textile mill at Kanpur, once,” he explained. “It was owned by a Hindu who gave money to Gandhi and who used to make speeches about Robert Owen. The mill made 300 per cent profit every year and the workers were treated worse than pigs.”

  176. Malla says:

    Thanks Ivan, I already am a fan of Nirad Chaudhary. And that book has been on my shopping list for some time. maybe will get it to read. I am a fan of V.S. Naipaul and Shiva Naipaul too.

    • Replies: @ivan
  177. billb says:

    “Good news though for Ukraine its economy is doing better than Russia according to the latest World Bank statement ”

    Doing better than Russia? At less than 1/3 the GDP per capita, compared to parity as part of the Soviet Union they are a hollowed-out hulk of a former nation.

    The young are streaming into Europe to clean toilets. Their formerly robust aerospace, industrial and high-tech base is decimated.

    It’s essentially a failed state. Corrupt to the core and dependent on imports for everything. Just the way the TPTB want it. Too bad about the Ukrainian people.

    • Replies: @alwayswrite
  178. @Malla

    Whatever,the biggest mistake Churchill ever made was to not bomb the hell out of the Soviet Union with atomic weapons when the west had the chance

    What a missed opportunity

    • Replies: @Malla
    , @Anonymous
  179. @Timothy Madden

    It seems to me that the “non obstante” provision is also generously applied to all members of the British royal family. That’s one aspect of the law that I never knew existed – Weird isn’t it!

    Excerpts from

    [The Queen’s courtiers banned “coloured immigrants or foreigners” from serving in clerical roles in the royal household until at least the late 1960s, according to newly discovered documents that will reignite the debate over the British royal family and race….

    …Exemptions from the law:

    In the 1960s government ministers sought to introduce laws that would make it illegal to refuse to employ an individual on the grounds of their race or ethnicity.

    The Queen has remained personally exempted from those equality laws for more than four decades. The exemption has made it impossible for women or people from ethnic minorities working for her household to complain to the courts if they believe they have been discriminated against.

    In a statement, Buckingham Palace did not dispute that the Queen had been exempted from the laws…

  180. RobinG says:

    So refreshing….

    Putin on Trump –
    “Well even now, I believe that former U.S. president Mr. Trump is an extraordinary individual, talented individual, otherwise he would not have become U.S. president,”

    “He is a colorful individual,” Putin said. “You may like him or not, but he didn’t come from the U.S. establishment. He had not been part of big-time politics before, and some like it, some don’t like it but that is a fact.”

  181. @billb

    Actually thats the way the fascist Putin wants Ukraine,in fact you need to swap out the words ‘Ukraine’ and replace it with Russia and you’d be closer to the truth

    Anyways it doesn’t much matter as Russia is truly screwed,well it has been that way for the last hundred years or so,just one disaster after another,so Putin is basically nothing more than the most recent caretaker helping Russia on its way to oblivion

  182. @Nostradamus

    The Guardian !!!!! Absolutely pathetic bunch of Bolsheviks

    Seriously,they’re a bunch of communist scum,always running Britain down,they need a turn in a Gulag then they’d know how lucky they are to have Queenie

    Besides if Queenie was such a racist how come she’s just had her troops full of ethnic minorities parade in front of her?????

    Guardian,bs newspaper,loved St Julian of Assange,then threw him under the bus

    • Replies: @Nostradamus
  183. MLK says:

    The United States is a constitutional republic, not a democracy.

    Obama and all of the Marxist filth started substituting that they were fighting for/defending “our democracy.”

    No Constitution, no Bill of Rights (Obama described both as “just a piece of parchment”) — just Antifa/BLM Brown Shirts on the streets “protecting our democracy.”

  184. @alwayswrite

    The Guardian !!!!! Absolutely pathetic bunch of Bolsheviks

    I don’t think that the “Queen’s Consent” rule – The “long-established convention” by which the Queen is “asked by Parliament to provide consent… for the debating of bills which would affect the prerogative or interests of the Crown”
    was invented by the Guardian. They just get the information from the Archive and expose it to the public.

    Below is another example where the non obstante provision was used to hide the Queen’s wealth from the public eyes:

    • Replies: @alwayswrite
  185. “Joe Biden and other G7 leaders hope their plan, known as the Build Back Better World (B3W) initiative, will provide a transparent infrastructure partnership to help narrow the $40 trillion needed by developing nations by 2035 and Gomez—Amtrak will indeed fly across both the Atantic and over the Pole with rail networks built on stilts and deliver the rider from London to DC and from DC to Bonn at speeds of 900 miles per hour” and although Raymond Rail has many ideas–I think this is a tad too far—-how much of this 40 trillion will Canada kick in–0??

    • Replies: @Nostradamus
  186. @alwayswrite

    USA is done —Red and Blue States will soon be Black honey child —and all those left behind dim wits will be sponsored for PHD on the publie purse. Another mass shooting today and all continues as has been the case for the past 30 years and the Debt is now reaching 30 Trillion—in the parlance of Professional Wrestling——USA is now a ham and egger——imagine 2 trillion and 20 years and can not defeat cavemen in Afghanistan—talk about tinsel and trans… at G7 talking 40 trillion more—-WHO is going to repay this Debt—Santa Claus—–??

  187. @MLK

    USA is in a state of coming disintegration —Anarchy with American Characteristics—–mixing Red and Blue —Black is the result —

  188. It’s no coincidence that Covid emerged exactly when the first train of chinese goods arrived in Europe, courtesy of the BRI. China has not derived any benefit from the “China virus”, and it’s silly to think they released it deliberately. They already won the economic war. And anyway, no-one has explained how the Iranian political class was devastated by a Chinese virus, whether from a wet market or a weapons lab. That story has been memory-holed and the MSM isn’t interested in investigating.

    If the pandemic were instead the work of an older world power trying to assert control, that gives me heart. Because it will fail. At least China’s dominance involves producing real goods and services. A power that needs suspect vaccines, whose true purpose we can only speculate upon, in order to dominate us, is sheer malevolence and must be destroyed.

    • Agree: Mulga Mumblebrain
  189. @GomezAdddams

    Build Back Better World (B3W) initiative

    Doesn’t that ring the bell to you?

    For me it sounds like “Perestroika” (restructuring) and “glasnost” (openness) by Mikhail Gorbachev.
    After Gorbi (Gorbachev) took over the Soviet Union’s helm in 1985 he started to “build back better” and we all know that by December 26th 1991 the USSR was gone forever! I remember the last minister of foreign affairs was called Eduard Shevardnadze who later became the president of Georgia before being “color revolutionized” by McCain.

    My crystal ball shows the following:

    Joe Biden = Mikhail Gorbachev
    Antony Blinken = Eduard Shevardnadze

  190. @Anonymous

    “Also, there is the intermittency problem of wind and solar energy – which hasn’t been adequately solved at present.”

    They are claiming battery storage… But they conveniently leave out how “dirty” mining for the materials for batteries is. Hydro and nuclear are probably the best when you factor everything in… But… Politics

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  191. @antibeast

    Leading in the hydrogen industry is the next goal. Japan and South Korea were ahead – but that is quickly changing

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  192. Anon[158] • Disclaimer says:

    G7, NATO and EU-US – will be all about: the Hegemon pulling all stops to contain/harass the emergence of a rising power by enlisting its satrapies to “fight” and thus preserve the “rules-based international order” it designed over seven decades ago.

    This bunch of old drunk idiots want to lead the way with their armies of mercenaries and people in Europe and Canada accept this?

    NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg and the EU Foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini during NATO summit in Turkey.

  193. @showmethereal

    Leading in everything but lying, genocidal aggression, self-delusion and bullying. Hence the frenzied panic of the White, Western, ‘Gods Upon the Earth’.

    • Replies: @GomezAdddams
  194. @showmethereal

    The intermittency problem is solved with batteries, solar thermal, pumped hydro etc, but the denialist death-cult must keep on lying. It’s in their DNA.

  195. MaryLS says:
    @The Anti-Gnostic

    The masks are stupid. They look like idiots, and some of them surely are.

  196. @MLK

    The United States is a neo-feudal corporatist oligarchy, a pathocracy, a plutocracy, a kakistocracy, a kleptocracy, but it is NEVER either ‘democracy’ or ‘republic’.

  197. @A little boy in the crowd

    “Yes I caught that. The people of Crimea had a referendum, and they voted overwhelmingly to rejoin Russia. Therefore the USA claims that Russia “invaded” Crimea.”

    Well anytime a 5 Eyes/G7/NATO/EU doesn’t like an election result they claim the voting had “irregularities” etc to say the voting was false. Right as we speak the US favored candidate in Peru is claiming the same thing for losing. But in truth that gang is responsible for more election manipulations than anybody.
    Where is Guidao now anyway… The US and EU declared him “winner” in Venezuela.

    • Agree: GomezAdddams
  198. @Nostradamus

    I appreciate what you are saying and I agree that the reported practice excluding minorities is wrongful, but I don’t think that it is technically non obstante.

    As far as I know all of the Courts throughout the English system are still owned as the personal property of the Crown, and as such have no jurisdiction over any member of the royal family. I believe that if she had a mind to do so, the woman known as Elizabeth II could gun me down in the street for fun (anywhere in the English system) and there is nothing that any court could do about it.

    The Crown (which is not the same entity as the queen or the royal family) no longer owns the law itself – but it still owns the courts, and that is why they have constructive immunity.

    Prince Andrew, for example, may be vulnerable under U.S. law if he did anything seriously wrong there (he may still have some form of diplomatic immunity but that is not as comprehensive).


    Although I am not altogether certain that the U.S. ever has been a separate nation – the fact that the ultimate authority is the Supreme Court which is administered by past or present members of the BAR is prima facie evidence that the Crown never did cease to own the land on which the U.S. is located. It may be the U.S. is and always has been a pretense to disguise the fact that the Crown continues to own it all.

    Under the de facto doctrine, the fact that nominal Americans and the U.S. Government itself continue to obey the members of the BAR means of itself that the Crown is still in charge. (It is hard to know with certainty because they lie pathologically about most everything and call it a virtue).

    Regardless, under the Bill of Rights the Crown forever renounced the power of non obstante or dispensation (selective non-prosecution), and to concede that the law is the law of the land, and not of the person or the personal property of the Crown to do with as it pleases.

    In Godden v. Hales (1686 – three years before the Bill of Rights) a special group of twelve judges was assembled to consider the question of the king’s ability to grant such dispensations, and concluded/summarized:

    We were satisfied in our judgments before and, having the concurrence of eleven out of twelve [judges], we think we may very well declare the opinion of the court to be that the king may dispense [grant a non obstante] in this case; and the judges go upon these grounds:

    1. that the kings of England are sovereign princes;

    2. that the laws of England are the king’s laws;

    3. that therefore it is an inseparable prerogative in the kings of England to dispense with
    penal laws in particular cases and upon particular necessary reasons;

    4. that of those reasons and those necessities, the king himself is sole judge; and then, which is consequent upon all,

    5. that this is not a trust invested in, or granted to, the king by the people, but the ancient
    remains of the sovereign power and prerogative of the kings of England; which never yet was taken from them, nor can be.

    But that all changed regardless three years later under the English Bill of Rights of 1689 and the abolition in perpetuity of non-obstante. The entity that emerged under and as a signatory (contracting party) to the Bill of Rights was not the same entity (power-wise) that preceded it.

    The rights were not taken from it / them – it / they voluntarily gave them up in order to reestablish their privileged positions.

    When the Crown in right of Canada revived dispensation / non obstante in 1981 to give its banking friends permission to violate the criminal law – it ceased to have any lawful existence. It cannot even qualify as de facto because it is in breach of its contract.

    This is not a minor detail – these private businesses have since near literally obtained all of the property in Canada by criminal means as a direct function of the breach of contract. That is what forced the former bank lawyers on the Ontario Court of Appeal (in 1989) and then the SCC (in 1990) to unanimously rule that criminal acts committed by financial corporations are not illegal.

    Either they are all going to jail forever – or something really big happens that changes everything. That is what covid is really about. Or at least as an amateur statistician I have to believe that there is a very much non-trivial possibility / probability of it.

    I hope I am wrong, but I don’t think so. The judges cannot even grasp how batsh*t crazy the decision was. In 31 years no one has even mentioned how nuts that is (“not fundamentally illegal”).

    • Replies: @Nostradamus
  199. @Rdm

    I have no idea. I never even look at the names of the judges other than to note personal relationships or connections to other judges. What is going on is so prima facie insane that it just confounds the issues by even going there.

    Any former bank lawyers directly appointed by a former bank director (Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, for example, of the CIBC) who unanimously rule that criminal / racketeering offences committed by financial corporations are not illegal – belong in a psychiatric facility whether they choose to worship at a church, a mosque, a synagogue or whatever. Nuts is nuts.

    • Thanks: Rdm
  200. ivan says:

    V.S Naipaul’s Among the Believers was a revelatory book when it came out in 1979. Too bad the policy makers in the West preferred to get their nostrums about the Islamic world, from among the likes of Bernard Lewis instead of him.

    For one thing, they would have early on caught on to duplicitous nature of Pakistan and not wasted untold billions, that in the event had only strengthened the fundamentalists.

    • Agree: Malla
  201. Malla says:

    I agree with what you say about these kinds of exams having their origins in historical China adopted by the Europeans. All I was saying it that maybe LKY had observed this in real time first hand.
    After all Singapore was a part of the British Empire and India was an important part of the Empire, actually India was a mini Empire within the vast British Empire, with India at times running parts of the Empire in the Middle East and South East Asia. Indeed the Indian rupee was legal render in parts of the Middle East. So LKY would have known how the Raj was run.
    Also Dutch East Indies/ Indonesia was nearby to Singapore.

  202. @Nostradamus


    If you look carefully you can see her green scales👽

  203. @alwayswrite

    The Russian mafia lives in USA —in Jersey and Trump Tower.

    • Replies: @alwayswrite
  204. @GomezAdddams

    Funny i thought most of them lived in the Kremlin

  205. @Timothy Madden

    This is really scary because since 1981 there have been at least 7 federal elections in Canada and at least 2 new federal parties were created (NDP & Bloc Quebecois). They keep telling the sheeple that they are protected by the Bill of Rights but the courts also know that they can use the “Bill of Frauds” when necessary.

    What are “journalists” that are supposed to be the 3rd power in a “democracy” and supposed to be at the forefront of such issues, discussing during those elections which are the real opportunities to force politicians to be honest?

    What is the purpose of new political parties when their charters just ignore the flaws in the fundamental law?

    • Replies: @Timothy Madden
  206. hillaire says:

    Isn’t the G7 merely piss and wind, as much a hologram as peepees ‘biden’. ?….

    After all it seems cooperation between these mendicants is at an all time high having closed down the global economy…

    taxing amazon hehe, come now… they have just gifted the bug-eyed mendicant the entire retail sector..

    You see what peepee doesn’t tell you, is that this little soiree was all about nudging the imbeciles into ‘the new abnormal’… and the best way forward to deal with dissent…

    Ask the ‘financialists’ schlomo and lord arse crack in their new HQ in chinkyland… but hurry up because they are about to blow the mine..

    james bond style…

    • Replies: @alwayswrite
    , @hillaire
  207. @hillaire

    The biggest hologram is the BS coming out of Escobar

  208. @Nostradamus

    I really don’t know. I arrived back in Canada in October after have been in South Africa and Swaziland (now called eSwatini) since 2015 doing research and writing.

    The whole country seems to have gone down the tubes while I was away.

    I do know that back in the late 1990’s the website of the Governor General (the Queen’s representative in Canada) had a fine-print notice or disclaimer that the Government of Canada is de facto (as opposed to de jure) meaning that it exists because the People are choosing to recognise it even though it has no legal existence. When some people noticed and brought attention to it – they removed it, and it has not been back since (as far as I know).

    When it comes to the purported government of Canada – there’s enough anomalies and weird stuff out there for several seasons of the The Twilight Zone.

    The formal name for what you refer to as the Bill of Frauds is the de facto doctrine – sometimes called the doctrine of necessity. Basically it means that the powers that be have decided that Canadians would experience greater harm by knowing the truth (the system will collapse) rather than facing reality and fixing what is wrong. Staying in power is always Job One.

    • Thanks: Nostradamus
  209. hillaire says:

    Oh.. and if anyone is interested…

    all the ‘financial’ institutions are buying up real-estate and land like there is no tomorrow (which of course there ‘isn’t’) take a look… ‘black rock’ is draining ‘your’ treasury and buying up ‘your’ country…. and that will be with the trillions $ these clowns at the Gay 7 have given to them…

    and guess what…. with the mind numbing inflation that’s coming your way, you are all going to be absolutely fucked…

    but not ‘them’… oh no siree they are going to own ‘everything’…

    and you..

    ‘you will own nothing’…

  210. @Mulga Mumblebrain

    Morticia —the Clintons are back and just read this–another statistic —-kennedy was the men on the knoll and now —-that meeting on the tarmac—-Hillary will be President Hallowe’en 2021 when Amtrak Joe ——opens his door and the Joker is there —-

  211. I was hoping that the G7 would agree to a universal 0.01 % micro tax on all electronic transactions be they for credit cards, inter-bank, crypto, ATM withdrawals-whatever. It could amount to hundreds of billions in revenue dollars that would put an end to the next world war, a new war created by banks and their share holders. For additional information about the micro-tax concept visit

    It just might save us all from the “everything bubble” that economists keep warning us about

  212. Smith says:

    Same old, same old.

    We are seeing two sides forming (USA-led vs anti-USA), but the USA is now back to the “Deep State” without the Orange buffon messing up their plan, I don’t think it will be going to war any times soon, it needs to rebuild itself first.

  213. tobi999 says:

    boy in which world do you live?

    Japan and EU….both are old sick man with decreasing population…

    your evil Chinese are now leading in nuclear core fusion….
    India will buy Gas and Oil from Russia and Iran for decades….so will China and many Eurasian Countries… they won’t accept a dictate from US+NATO………they will continue growing their economy and give a fuck about you and your delusional clowns….

    how long can you keep the citizens in the US+EU in lockdown and starve to death until they revolt…

    you live in a fantasy world….you did not even realize that the abilities of buying and consuming in the US and EU have dropped sinces decades….while they have increased in the East….this will power the economic growth of China and Russia and the other Asian Countries….

    where does Apple and GM sell more smartphones and cars in the US, EU or China?….you have become irrelevant….

    nobody takes the US and EU anymore seriouse…

    people like you are the reason that the West is collapsing…you are bankrupt thats why they say be happy and own nothing…your derivative bubble,your debt.. they need it as collateral… pretend you can run away from that….just like the politicians in the West………do you work for them. do they pay you to spread your fantasies here???

    • Replies: @alwayswrite
    , @RobinG
  214. vox4non says:

    Don’t think the WASP countries will leave out Japan as it will give them cover to say that they are multi-cultural and democratic. Plus, any Japanese PM with a bit of backbone gets pushed out soon. That said, I think the average Japanese don’t want to be any sort of punching pillow for the powers that be.

    I do agree that the WASP should get as much Indians as they want so that they can thoroughly bugger each other.

    • Replies: @antibeast
  215. vox4non says:

    Too sound for European leaders, who have been thoroughly compromised by the Anglo-Americans. I fear that the US/UK will once again use European soil to hash out their differences with Russia/China. So we may once again end up with the devastation but the US/UK keep their homes untouched.

  216. @tobi999

    You need to keep calm,you’re obviously hysterical and dont understand the economic concept of creative destruction,well its taking place all the time,and unfortunately many folks on here basically misunderstand that concept and see collapse as opposed to evolution and renewal

    The whole global system is now in a state of flux,the new normal is disruption and will continue for decades,this is due to technology and covid which demonstrated beyond doubt that the old model was no longer viable,and viability in this sense applies full spectrum including energy,so i wouldn’t bet on Russia supplying energy for decades because they know the green energy deal is a massive existential threat to their economy

    People like me basically point out facts unfortunately people like you don’t like that,well tough,but i don’t understand why you’d want a world run by communist thats mad

  217. @alwayswrite

    Amtrak Joe doesn’t know what conntry he’s in at this moment —–

  218. antibeast says:

    Westerners are easily fooled by the superficially ‘modern’ facade of East Asian societies. Both the Japanese and South Koreans are ethno-nationalists, of the ‘blood and soil’ variety, and far more xenophobic than even ‘Communist China’. East Asia is too homogenous — racially, culturally and ethnographically — for the Woke agenda to succeed. So the Woke West led by the WASP elites would find it difficult if not impossible to impose their negro worship and LGBTQA transgenderism on the Japanese and South Koreans. But the WASP elites seem intent on turning their own White societies into a caste-based system, effectively turning the Woke West into a Western version of Hindu India, with the WASP elites as the new Brahmin elites.

    • Replies: @Malla
  219. RobinG says:

    your evil Chinese are now leading in nuclear core fusion….

    What do you know about fusion research in China? Do you have link(s) for current information?


  220. Malla says:

    Western version of Hindu India

    Exactly as I was thinking, the West, especially the USA is turning into a Hindu India. A small elites and the rest living in slums and groups given ranks based on their loyalty. Check out the Kalergi plan, Kalergi spoke of Jews being the Brahmans of the World.

  221. Malla says:

    Bomb the USSR? Churchill’s cabinet was full of Soviet lovers. Like Anthony Eden. Sent back loads of Soviet POWs back to Stalin even when they did not want to return. Many committed suicide but the ruthless British establishment kept on sending them back to gulags and death. Even sent Cossack women and children and old people. What a bunch of scum they were.

  222. Malla says:

    Kublai Khan sent a letter to Japan’s Kamakura Shogunate asking them to surrender and join the Mongol Empire. The Mongols have conquered Russia, Islamic World, China, Korea and now Kublai Khan wanted Japan to bend down to the Khans. Japan’s Govt ignored his letter. After the first invasion, the Japanese realising that the Mongols had a war technique being different. Tsushima and Iki were conquered and destroyed, inhabitants slaughtered. Even then the more heavily armoured Samurai defeat the Mongols in some areas.
    In the second invasion after the conquest of Southern Song, the Japanese had built coastal walls preventing the Mongol fleet from creating a beach head. Kublai Khan, 5th Khagan-Emperor of the Mongol Empire and simultaneously Emperor Shizu of Yuan China, sent five Yuan emissaries in September 1275 to Kyūshū, who refused to leave without a reply. Hōjō Tokimune, the officially regent of the shōgun, but de facto ruler of Japan (Kamakura Shogunate) responded by having them sent to Kamakura and then beheading them.

    In the autumn of 1280, Emperor Kublai held a conference at his summer palaces to discuss plans for a second invasion of Japan. More than 1,500 ships were requisitioned for the invasion: 600 from Southern China, 900 from Korea. Reportedly 40,000 troops were amassed in Korea and 100,000 in Southern China. A combined force of Yuan Mongol dynasty China and its vassal, the Goryeo Kingdom of Korea on Japan.
    The Japanese fighting technique was very different from the invaders which left them confused. From the Japanese book Hachiman Gudōkun
    “According to our manner of fighting, we must first call out by name someone from the enemy ranks, and then attack in single combat. But they (the Mongols) took no notice at all of such conventions; they rushed forward all together in a mass, grappling with any individuals they could catch and killing them.”
    And even if the Kamikaze Storms saved Japan, the Japanese fought back extremely hard. Samurais Kawano Michiari and Takezaki Suenaga would lead boats full of Samurai and attack the invader ships. In such close quarter combat the Japanese with their superior swords and swordsmanship had an advantage over the Mongols.
    After the Mongol navy is destroyed by the divine winds, the survivors on Japanese shores were hunted down and killed. Every Mongol, Korean and Northern Chinese were killed. but the Japanese spared the lives of Southern Chinese. The Japanese considered the newly conquered Southern (Song) Chinese as fellow sufferers of Mongol invasions and did not consider them responsible for the invasion.
    The defeated Mongol Empire/Yuan China lost most of its naval power, and its naval defense capability declined significantly after this defeat. Korea (Goryeo Kingdom), which was in charge of shipbuilding for the invasion, also lost its ability to build ships and its ability to defend the sea since a large amount of lumber was cut down. As a result of the war, there was a growing recognition in China that the Japanese were a brave people and any invasion of Japan was futile. Intellectuals of the Mongol Empire regarded Japanese swords as a threat. Wang Yun, who served Emperor Kublai Khan, and Zheng Si-xiao, a surviving retainer of the Song Dynasty, mentioned in their book that “Japanese swords are long and extremely sharp.” They argued that the combination of a brave samurai and a Japanese sword was a major threat. During the later Ming Dynasty China, invasion into Japan was discussed three times, but it was never carried out considering the result of the invasions of Japan during the Mongol Yuan period.

    There was even a third planned invasion of Japan by the Mongol ruled Yuan China and a fleet built but that fleet was sent to Vietnam to take revenge for its first defeat in Vietnam. The Vietnamese defeated that fleet.

  223. Anonymous[935] • Disclaimer says:

    Didn’t know England had any nukes, I guess you learn something new every day, seeing the U.S. was the only ones to have them in very limited quantity or are you trying to imply that England had control of our weapons and military.

  224. Anonymous[935] • Disclaimer says:

    No I believe it was the foolish Bush the younger who stated that the constitution was only a G.D. piece of paper and promptly wiped his ass with it, that of course was after he got the Patriot Act and Homeland Security Act passed and of course it hasn’t been a republic in only the man above knows how many years.

  225. @Malla

    The names of ascribed societal status groups for the Anti-Aryan Animal Farm’s equivalent to North Korea’s Chulsin-seongbun could be as follows:

    * The illuminous: Equivalent to the haeksim; includes at least the Rockefeller and Rothschild families.
    * The pillar-men: Equivalent to the dong-yo; includes at least vaccinated people, criminal migrants, race-mixers, and mixed-race people.
    * The animals: Equivalent to the jeokdae; includes at least unvaccinated people, Ahmadis, Quranists, mostly Indo-European-descent folks (especially, but not limited to those who revere the gods and goddesses of the Indo-European Folk Religions, who shun Communist cacoethics, and who won’t go into miscegenation), and anyone who doesn’t want to get involved in the persecution against such people

    • Replies: @Malla
  226. antibeast says:

    Exactly as I was thinking, the West, especially the USA is turning into a Hindu India. A small elites and the rest living in slums and groups given ranks based on their loyalty.

    The Woke Left seems intent on turning Whites into the new Dalits of the USA.

    Check out the Kalergi plan, Kalergi spoke of Jews being the Brahmans of the World.

    Here’s what the new Indian-style caste-system will look like in the USA:

    Brahmins: Jewish Elites
    Kshatriyas: WASP Elites
    Vaishyas: WASP, Asian, Latino, Black Middle-Class
    Shudras: Latino, Black Working-Class
    Dalits: White Trash, Ghetto Blacks

    1. Jewish Elites will become the new Brahmins of the Woke USA.

    2. The WASP Elites will retain all their ‘white privileges’ as the Kshatriyas of the Woke USA.

    3. The Vaishyas will have to be multicultural in order to manage and staff the globalist USA.

    4. The Shudras will be comprised mostly of Latinos and Blacks who will be trained to become servants of the globalist USA.

    5. White Trash will become the new Dalits while Ghetto Blacks will remain the old Dalits.

    Blacks will be given preferential treatment in all aspects of life so they can ascend the social ladder while Whites will be denied opportunities in all aspects of life so they will descend the social ladder. Those Whites will be encouraged to intermarry with non-Whites so they can join the Vaishya or Shudra castes. The rest of the Whites who refuse to intermarry with non-Whites will be treated as ‘White Trash’ belonging to the lowest caste as the new Dalits while Ghetto Blacks who fail to ascent the social ladder will retain their status as the old Dalits.

    • Replies: @Malla
  227. d dan says:

    It is so funny to hear those clowns from G7 that they want to start their own infrastructure projects to counter China BRI. This is wrong in so many fronts that is beyond common sense:

    1. Building infrastructure is one of China’s greatest strengths and the West’s weakness. China is known to build the Great Wall thousands of years ago. They dug the world longest canal without modern equipment in 600 AD. More recently, America had to import Chinese coolies – the most illiterate and unskilled labors from China – to help complete the Transcontinental Railways that White workers couldn’t or unwilling to do. Today, China is home to 7 of the 10 longest bridges in the world, the largest dams, the longest tunnels, the most high speed rails miles, some of the tallest and largest buildings, airports, … Simple consideration in *tactics* dictates that you don’t pick your opponent’s strong area to compete in.

    2. Building infrastructure in other countries is obviously the wrong *priority* for the West, given that there are plenty of infrastructure that need to be built and repaired at home. America is behind China and East Asia countries in 5G, and even 4G stations coverage. There is no high speed rail – the one proposed in California lingers for decades. One of the largest oil producer state Texas had to endure embarrassing electric blackouts recently. Successively Presidents from Obama, to Trump to Biden and many others in the Congress and states repeatedly call for big infrastructure projects, not only as stimuli for the economy but also to provide jobs for the workers. All these proposals are stalled because of lack of funding and political wills. And yet they want to build and believe they can be successful in building infrastructure in the developing countries?

    3. Western funding in infrastructure building usually seeks higher interest rates because they are much more short term oriented. They are more risk-averse – risks like political uncertainty, terrorism, dangerous terrain, harsh environments,… Western builders therefore avoid many difficult but critical projects. Funding through IMF/World Banks usually come in “packages” – with political strings attached and other demands. *Affordability* and debt traps are very real – not just in term of financial obligations, but the loss of sovereignty for the host countries.

    4. China believe building infrastructure in BRI countries will help to uplift the global economy, especially in the developing world. Rising economic tide will benefit everyone, including China. It reduces poverty and inequality among nations. Uplifting billions of population dilute the importance of G7 markets. If the B3W initiative is successful, it will only help to achieve China *strategy*. Those types of competition will incentivize Chinese companies to work harder and help to ensure Chinese reach its goal faster.

    In conclusion, the B3W proposal therefore represents an awful choice for the West, an indication of lack of quality thinkers that reek of desperation, prejudices and outdated mentality. Compare with China, G7 has a few hundred years of opportunities and head starts in building infrastructure in Africa and Asia – aftercall, most countries were their colonies. If they were willing and able, they would have done so long along – when those countries were part of their empire and could have help provide more direct economic benefits to the colonizers. Today, countries as diverse as Morocco, United Arab Emirate, Pakistan, Laos are seeking cooperation with China. In one or two decade time, it will be true karma to see those “low IQ” countries enjoy better infrastructure than their former colonizers.

    So, don’t cry for G7’s colossal mistakes. Laugh at them – it is funny.

    • Agree: antibeast
    • Replies: @antibeast
  228. antibeast says:
    @d dan

    Western governments have a poor track record in planning, financing and implementing infrastructure projects within and outside the Western World. A good example of this phenomenon is high-speed rail which Western countries such as the USA, Canada, Australia, etc. lack. China not only leads the world in the length of high-speed rail lines but also leads the world in high-speed rail technology which it is now exporting worldwide. Another good example is the 4G/5G telecommunications industry in which the top five vendors are from China (2), Finland (1), Sweden (1) and South Korea (1), with none from the G7 countries. China has much better infrastructure than the so-called ‘developed’ countries in the Western World which proves its track record in planning, financing and implementing infrastructure projects within and outside its borders.

    Here’s the world’s first 350km/h high-speed freight train in China:

    If the US government can’t even build its own infrastructure at home, then how can it help build the infrastructure of developing countries in the non-Western World?

  229. @Mulga Mumblebrain

    Apple Daily has long been known in Hong Kong and the national public opinion field for being a veteran in spreading rumors. During the riots that victimized Hong Kong in 2019, Apple Daily incited violence by inventing rumors and spreading lies almost every day. They showed, in a full page, how US agencies trained pupils to do online attacks, and made delicate posters that cast the rioters as heroes. Their incitement lured many young students into becoming cannon fodder for the riot organizers.

    Even after the riots were quelled, they still fabricated news of a person beaten by the police over nothing in January 2020, which prompted the Hong Kong police to send four successive letters to Apple Daily as a protest in January.

    The case of its founder and controller Jimmy Lai Chee-ying explains why Apple Daily has such an attitude. They take money from Western bosses. In January 2015, Oriental Daily News reported that most of the funds for the illegal act to “Occupy Central” came from Jimmy Lai and the US National Endowment for Democracy, with the latter playing “color revolution” in one country after another.

    In June 2019, the month when Hong Kong first suffered from the riots, Western financial capital hyped up the international stock market, which pushed Next Digital’s prices up by 131 percent. Then Jimmy Lai and his group sold it for a lot of money, which is believed to have continued fueling the riots.

  230. Malla says:

    Brahmins: Jewish Elites
    Kshatriyas: WASP Elites
    Vaishyas: WASP, Asian, Latino, Black Middle-Class

    So not forget the upper caste Hindus in the West.

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