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Definitive Eurasian Alliance Is Closer Than You Think
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We have seen how China is meticulously planning all its crucial geopolitical and geoeconomic moves all the way to 2030 and beyond.

What you are about to read next comes from a series of private, multilateral discussions among intel analysts, and may helpfully design the contours of the Big Picture.

In China, it’s clear the path ahead points to boosting internal demand, and shifting monetary policy towards the creation of credit to consolidate the building of world-class domestic industries.

In parallel, there’s a serious debate in Moscow that Russia should proceed along the same path. As an analyst puts it, “Russia should not import anything but technologies it needs until it can create them themselves and export only the oil and gas that is required to pay for imports that should be severely restricted. China still needs natural resources, which makes Russia and China unique allies. A nation should be as self-sufficient as possible.”

That happens to mirror the exact CCP strategy, as delineated by President Xi in his July 31 Central Committee meeting.

And that also goes right against a hefty neoliberal wing in the CCP – collaborationists? – who would dream of a party conversion into Western-style social democracy, on top of it subservient to the interests of Western capital.

Comparing China’s economic velocity now with the US is like comparing a Maserati Gran Turismo Sport (with a V8 Ferrari engine) with a Toyota Camry. China, proportionately, holds a larger reservoir of very well educated young generations; an accelerated rural-urban migration; increased poverty eradication; more savings; a cultural sense of deferred gratification; more – Confucianist – social discipline; and infinitely more respect for the rationally educated mind. The process of China increasingly trading with itself will be more than enough to keep the necessary sustainable development momentum going.

The hypersonic factor

Meanwhile, on the geopolitical front, the consensus in Moscow – from the Kremlin to the Foreign Ministry – is that the Trump administration is not “agreement-capable”, a diplomatic euphemism that refers to a de facto bunch of liars; and it’s also not “legal-capable”, an euphemism applied, for instance, to lobbying for snapback sanctions when Trump has already ditched the JCPOA.

President Putin has already said in the recent past that negotiating with Team Trump is like playing chess with a pigeon: the demented bird walks all over the chessboard, shits indiscriminately, knocks over pieces, declares victory, then runs away.

In contrast, serious lobbying at the highest levels of the Russian government is invested in consolidating the definitive Eurasian alliance, uniting Germany, Russia and China.

But that would only apply to Germany after Merkel. According to a US analyst, “the only thing holding back Germany is that they can expect to lose their car exports to the US and more, but I tell them that can happen right away because of the dollar-euro exchange rate, with the euro becoming more expensive.”

On the nuclear front, and reaching way beyond the current Belarus drama – as in there will be no Maidan in Minsk – Moscow has made it very clear, in no uncertain terms, that any missile attack from NATO will be interpreted as a nuclear attack.

The Russian defensive missile system – including the already tested S-500s, and soon the already designed S-600s – arguably may be 99% effective. That means Russia would still have to absorb some punishment. And this is why Russia has built an extensive network of nuclear bomb shelters in big cities to protect at least 40 million people.

Russian analysts interpret China’s defensive approach along the same lines. Beijing will want to develop – if they have not already done so – a defensive shield, and still retain the ability to strike back against a US attack with nuclear missiles.

The best Russian analysts, such as Andrei Martyanov, know that the three top weapons of a putative next war will be offensive and defensive missiles and submarines combined with cyber warfare capabilities.

The key weapon today – and the Chinese understand it very clearly – is nuclear submarines. Russians are observing how China is building their submarine fleet – carrying hypersonic missiles – faster than the US. Surface fleets are obsolete. A wolf pack of Chinese submarines can easily knock out a carrier task force. Those 11 US carrier task forces are in fact worthless.

So in the – horrifying – event of the seas becoming un-sailable in a war, with the US, Russia and China blocking all commercial traffic, that’s the key strategic reason pushing China to obtain as much of its natural resources overland from Russia.

Even if pipelines are bombed they can be fixed in no time. Thus the supreme importance for China of Power of Siberia – as well as the dizzying array of Gazprom projects.

The Hormuz factor

A closely guarded secret in Moscow is that right after German sanctions imposed in relation to Ukraine, a major global energy operator approached Russia with an offer to divert to China no less than 7 million barrels a day of oil plus natural gas. Whatever happens, the stunning proposal is still sitting on the table of Shmal Gannadiy, a top oil/gas advisor to President Putin.

In the event that would ever happen, it would secure for China all the natural resources they need from Russia. Under this hypothesis, the Russian rationale would be to bypass German sanctions by switching its oil exports to China, which from a Russian point of view is more advanced in consumer technology than Germany.

Of course this all changed with the imminent conclusion of Nord Stream 2 – despite Team Trump taking no prisoners to sanction everyone in sight.

Backdoor intel discussions made it very clear to German industrialists that if Germany would ever lose its Russian source of oil and natural gas, coupled with the Strait of Hormuz shut down by Iran in the event of an American attack, the German economy might simply collapse.


There have been serious cross-country intel discussions about the possibility of a US-sponsored October Surprise involving a false flag to be blamed on Iran. Team Trump’s “maximum pressure” on Iran has absolutely nothing to do with the JCPOA. What matters is that even indirectly, the Russia-China strategic partnership has made it very clear that Tehran will be protected as a strategic asset – and as a key node of Eurasia integration.

Cross-intel considerations center on a scenario assuming a – quite unlikely – collapse of the government in Tehran. The first thing Washington would do in this case is to pull the switch of the SWIFT clearing system. The target would be to crush the Russian economy. That’s why Russia and China are actively increasing the merger of the Russian Mir and the Chinese CHIPS payment systems, as well as bypassing the US dollar in bilateral trade.

It has already been gamed in Beijing that were that scenario ever to take place, China might lose its two key allies in one move, and then have to face Washington alone, still on a stage of not being able to assure for itself all the necessary natural resources. That would be a real existential threat. And that explains the rationale behind the increasing interconnection of the Russia-China strategic partnership plus the $400 billion, 25-year-long China-Iran deal.

Bismarck is back

Another possible secret deal already discussed at the highest intel levels is the possibility of a Bismarckian Reinsurance Treaty to be established between Germany and Russia. The inevitable consequence would be a de facto Berlin-Moscow-Beijing alliance spanning the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), alongside the creation of a new – digital? – Eurasian currency for the whole Eurasian alliance, including important yet peripheral actors such as France and Italy.

Well, Beijing-Moscow is already on. Berlin-Beijing is a work in progress. The missing link is Berlin-Moscow.

That would represent not only the ultimate nightmare for Mackinder-drenched Anglo-American elites, but in fact the definitive passing of the geopolitical torch from maritime empires back to the Eurasian heartland.

It’s not a fiction anymore. It’s on the table.

Adding to it, let’s do some little time traveling and go back to the year 1348.

The Mongols of the Golden Horde are in Crimea, laying siege to Kaffa – a trading port in the Black Sea controlled by the Genoese.

Suddenly, the Mongol army is consumed by bubonic plague.

They start catapulting contaminated corpses over the walls of the Crimean city.

So imagine what happened when ships started sailing again from Kaffa to Genoa.

They transported the plague to Italy.

By 1360, the Black Death was literally all over the place – from Lisbon to Novgorod, from Sicily to Norway. As much as 60% of Europe’s population may have been killed – over 100 million people.

A case can be made that the Renaissance, because of the plague, was delayed by a whole century.

Covid-19 is of course far from a medieval plague. But it’s fair to ask.

What Renaissance could it be possibly delaying?

Well, it might well be actually advancing the Renaissance of Eurasia. It’s happening just as the Hegemon, the former “end of history”, is internally imploding, “distracted from distraction by distraction”, to quote T.S. Eliot. Behind the fog, in prime shadowplay pastures, the vital moves to reorganize the Eurasian land mass are already on.

(Republished from Asia Times by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Economics, Foreign Policy • Tags: China, Eurasia, Germany, Russia 
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  1. Something similar from my blog:

    Dec 6, 2017 – Idiots in Charge of Foreign Policy

    This year I made several posts about the idiotic foreign policy of the Trump administration, which he mostly inherited from Obama. Few Americans know what goes on since they rely on American media for news. For example, everyone knows that General Flynn plead guilty to telling a lie to the FBI that he didn’t contact the Russians after Trump was elected, but before he took office.

    This was not improper or illegal, so why did he lie? The truth is that he was acting for Israel to convince the Russians not to support a UN resolution condemning yet another illegal expansion of Israel via ethnic cleansing. Every nation voted to condemn Israel whilst its puppet allies looked away and refused to vote. Israel has long depended on the USA to veto such resolutions, but after kicking Obama around for years, he said the truth would not be vetoed.


    Israel was in panic and ordered Trump to stop the vote, or delay it until he he took office. Flynn contacted the Russians to see if a deal could be reached since they were angered by unfair sanctions imposed by the Obama mobsters. Flynn thought that since Trump and himself were acting as puppets for Israel he could lie to the FBI. But Trump threw him under the bus so he admitted to this petty “crime.” Few Americans know that federal agents are gods who must be told the truth lest off to jail you go.

    Trump’s effort to please Israel and the Saudis caused resentment in the Middle East by destroying Yemen and arming the Kurds. They are Israel’s proxy army who are threat to Iraq, Iran, Turkey, and Syria. As a result, there is now a “TRIISQ” alliance with Turkey, Russia, Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Qatar to oppose “orange revolution” coups organized by Israel, Saudi Arabia, Gulf states, and our CIA. They stopped the coup in Syria and just stopped one Lebanon, which may join this alliance.

    Few Americans are aware of this major change, even though its covered widely by the foreign press. Pictured are leaders of the three major TRIISQ powers who recently met to deal with the Kurdish problem. Even the idiots in charge of Trump’s foreign policy realize they’ve been outmaneuvered by peaceniks and their plan for a war on Iran is over. The USA/Saudi Arabia/Israel axis of evil can still attack Iran, but would risk a counterattack that could destroy American forces in the Persian Gulf region and result in the overthrow of the crazies running Saudi Arabia. As a result, the US war machine has returned to an old playground — Afghanistan and found a new one — Africa!

  2. Carlton Meyer @ 1

    Pepe is always the best. You comment is excellent. Thanks much.

    • Agree: dogbumbreath
  3. SteveK9 says:

    The most important issue facing America does not involve anything that Russia or China are doing. It is whether the core of American civilization, which still exists, can reassert control over the country, or whether far-left radicals will achieve power through the Democratic Party. Who could have imagined that the Bolsheviks could overthrow Russian civilization and dominate the country for more than 70 years? It can happen.

  4. 76239 says:

    “A nation should be as self-sufficient as possible.”

    So Russia should grow tomatoes, make smart phones and semiconductors instead of pulling natural resources like metals and petroleum out of the ground? Follow N. Korea eh? Its a way to the poor house. Produce what you produce best and then trade the surplus.

    What if we all grew our own food and made our own clothes and became self sufficient? What if we only bought products made in each of our states and cities and no where else? Intense poverty would follow. Its the iron law of comparative advantage. International trade and the division of labor is the only thing that will bring prosperity to the Russia or China. Trying to make everything yourself would be a disaster just like it would be if an individual or company decided to make everything in house.

    Same old statist, pinko economics. Pepe and Hudson- the dynamic duo of poverty policy mavens!

  5. Maybe some items in this article are guessing s?

  6. Mr. Escobar often extols the achievements of China and Russia in building Eurasian unity with the belt and road initiative. I have no reason to doubt any of his excellent reporting. But I am always reminded that ecological collapse is happening, that all this building and sleek modernization is pumping massive amounts of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, and that we are all fucked. Rapid ecological collapse is imminent.

    These wise leaders of Russia and China are building a twentieth century paradise in the twenty-first century. The former United States will soon collapse and then they will realize that all this effort was the reverse of what is needed. These clever leaders are not clever enough.

    • Agree: UncommonGround
    • Replies: @Derer
    , @GuestAug
  7. Iris says:

    So Russia should grow tomatoes,

    As it happens, and following US sanctions teamed with the 2014 Ukraine Maidan coup, Russia found itself obliged to fast-forwardly develop its agriculture and has inadvertently become a sort of organic agriculture powerhouse. (Often mentioned in RT’s Keiser Report).

    Trying to make everything yourself would be a disaster

    That’s at best economic naivety in a world where no day passes by without the US of A announcing some sanctions against a random country or corporation they don’t like, not even sparing allies with the exception of Israel.

    • Replies: @Iva
  8. @76239

    Agreed – the fact that Escobar’s apocryphal ‘analyst’ fails to understand the benefits of comparative advantage and the gains from specialisation and trade that ensue, makes it likely that the ‘analyst’ paid no attention in any International Economics classes that they undertook.

    There’s a reason that sanctions are a pain in the national taint: they undermine the massive benefits that can accrue when specialisation and division of labour are aligned with comparative advantage.

    Sanctions are a tilt towards autarky, and everybody with a lick of sense wants to avoid heading towards autarky because it’s the lowest-output equilibrium. That’s literally the reason why sanctions are a threat.

    Yet Escobar’s ‘analyst’ chum – assuming arguendo that he exists – is advocating that Russia and China effectively move towards autarky to the extent possible… i.e., the highest possible level of sanctions on themselves.

    “Self-sufficiency” is a stupid idea at both a national and individual level.

    Taken to its logical conclusion it is like advocating that a surgeon cleans his own operating-theatre (and prepares his own anaesthetics, makes his own instruments, and so forth).

    Even if the surgeon is inherently more productive than the available theatre-custodians, he is better off devoting all his efforts to the higher-return endeavour: he can make enough in ten minutes as a surgeon to pay the (less productive) cleaner to do the (lower-productivity) job.

    This is really all it boils down to: specialising in the thing that you’re comparatively best at, and “outsourcing” as much else as you can of everything else, results in the largest amount of output for all concerned. That’s why Japan is not a big iron ore producer, and why New Zealand exports relatively little wheat (even though a New Zealand farmer holds the world record for wheat yield – at 17.4 tonnes/hectare – another thing at which Ao Tea Roa beats Straya… suck it cuzzie!).

    Historically it’s why wives did the day-to-day housework, while the husbands spent the days in non-household work (and did home maintenance etc in their spare time: garbage, gutters, lawns, car maintenance etc).

    TL;DR: Anyone who advocates for autarky is a fucking idiot.

    There are some very rare cases where there’s a sensible argument for going against comparative advantage. Those are usually based on concerns of State – e.g., don’t rely on a potential enemy to produce critical defence supplies such as bullets; don’t let a hostile nation insert itself into your espionage and surveillance apparatus; don’t let your financial transaction network be hostage to a foreign power.

    Taking all possible variations on that theme together, they constitute a rounding error. SElf-sufficiency is the worst possible way to administer your own life, and autarky is the worst way to configure a national economy: all steps towards autarky have a negative expected yield.

  9. muy bien escobar. me pregunto como te pagas viajes. el resto analisis, sin viajar ni contactos inteligencia, ya se.o sea no se nada.agradezco tus paginas siempre leo. tu haces tu trabajo. hay mucho mas, no dices dices dices

    • Replies: @in the middle
  10. Erebus says:

    Trying to make everything yourself would be a disaster just like it would be if an individual or company decided to make everything in house.

    Not so fast.

    Of the two companies (both privately owned) I’ve been involved with in bringing in-house most/all outsourced components, one is a roaring success and world leader in its field. The other failed, but the failure had nothing to do with its quite successful mfg operations. Its lack of a clear succession plan led to shareholders parting ways and dissolution.

    I’m now involved with a 3rd, as the current supply chain disruptions force co’s to look to their own resources to survive.

    If you can bring, or develop the necessary skills in-house the advantages are patent… independence, quality control, & overall lower costs. In manufacturing, assuming one has the production volume it’s all about the skills. If you have the volume and can get the skills, autarchy wins every time.

    A typical Chinese business model is that of close cooperation between several companies that are separate only de jure, but de facto operate as one.
    EG: The grocery store I shop at is in fact several businesses under one roof – a fruits & vegetable store, a butcher shop, a seafood counter, and a general packaged foods store. One leads as the tenant, but all tend to their own business in terms of buying, displaying and selling their goods. It comes together at the end when one pays a single lump sum at the cashier. The proceeds are tracked by the scanning computer and then divided out accordingly. It’s completely transparent to the customer.

    Likewise, in the old(er) days, tooling co’s were often actually several businesses though they may well be under the same roof. One would have a lathe, another an EDM machine, another a CNC mill, etc and your tool would pass from one to the other as value was added. You paid a final lump sum to the lead co., but unless you knew how it all worked would have no idea your tool passed through 5 or 6 value adding co’s. It worked that way in many of the manufacturing companies as well, and still does in more than a few. Call it “Autarchy with Chinese characteristics”.

    Same old statist, pinko economics.

    Yeah. Those notions of “pinko economics” led China directly from being one of the world’s poorest countries to the world’s widest and deepest industrial infrastructure in less than a couple of generations, bringing 8-900M people out of poverty along the way. Meanwhile, outsourcing is in the process of sending the same number into poverty in the West.

    Ideologues are always certain, but only rarely right.

  11. This is really all it boils down to: specialising in the thing that you’re comparatively best at, and “outsourcing” as much else as you can of everything else, results in the largest amount of output for all concerned.

    You’re completely correct, when trading on a level playing field with honest participants is the name of the game.

    Trouble is, some of the players are playing “Games of Empire”, where sabotage and cheating are the methods of advantage.

    Take the very recent example of the Australian Federal Government tabling new laws to permit it’s canceling of trade agreements made by the Australian states, with Victoria’s ambition to participate in China’s BRI clearly in the cross-hairs. Australian foreign policy as a lackey to our American mob bosses, trumping sensible and rational trading behaviour by the individual Australian states. Australia – forever ready to shoot it’s own foot in loyal subservience to it’s American masters.

    Island nations like Australia & New Zealand have economic mass way too small to even think about going it alone, but countries like Russia & China together constitute a sizeable fraction of the Earth’s human capital and natural resources – probably a majority when the full scope of China’s & Russia’s Eurasian strategies are taken into consideration. Sure, they could probably do better in a friendly & fully inclusive global trading marketplace, but that’s not the reality.

    The reality is a world under economic and military coercion by the gangsta USA and it’s band of lickspittle minions. Witness (for example) the threats and sanctions directed at Russia & Germany over the Nordstream project, the demonization and economic thuggery directed at Chinese tech giants like Huawei, and the economic warfare and outright high seas piracy inflicted on Iran & Venezuela – so much for free trade & competitive advantage.

    That’s why Japan is not a big iron ore producer…

    And that’s why Australian Prime Minister Robert Menzies got the nickname “Pig-Iron Bob” – blissfully sending Australian iron ore off to feed the Japanese war machine, right up to the very day that Japan declared war on Australia.

    IMO one can excuse Russian & Chinese desire for self-sufficiency, given that they’re both effectively under siege by the “Exceptional Nation” and it’s willing minions.

  12. mirpaz says:

    Pepe voce esta sempre on top of the ball. Sinto saudade suas no 247. Bando de bundoes (brincadeirinha0 rsrsrs, por nao aceitar o assunto do banestado. Agora, hoje de manha, falavam muito do banestado…quero te ver de volta.
    Bjs no coracao e muita gratidao.

  13. anon[370] • Disclaimer says:

    A Germany-China alliance does not seem likely to me. Germany is still occupied by the USA. A military alliance seems utterly impossible; a trade alliance seems nigh impossible.

    • Replies: @JRB
  14. Erebus says:

    Taken to its logical conclusion…

    Taken to the point of “Reductio ad Absurdum” would more accurately describe your logic.

    The reality is that the inverse, namely outsourcing was taken to a similar extreme in the case of the US. The minute it’s unable to buy what it needs, what the US needs will become unavailable. That moment is approaching at an accelerating pace, and when it comes the USA’s living standard will come to its “look out below!” moment shortly thereafter. A little more autarchy would go a long way to ameliorating the coming pain.

    Comparative advantage between nations works when trade and supply chains, including logistics operate in a reliable and cost-effective manner. Take away either of those, and increasing autarchy becomes the only route to survival. We’re there now, at least on the global scale.

    Just ask Huawei. Or are they, like myself just a “fucking idiot”?

    • Agree: foolisholdman
    • Thanks: Iris
  15. If there is to be an alliance between Germany and Russia, what of Germany’s NATO membership and EU membership? France has the bomb so in theory it could provide the arsenal of a geopolitically independent EU. I guess I feel that France will have to be part of any new arrangement. And that the American price for allowing EU to have closer relations with Russia, is that Russia should separate itself from China.

    • Replies: @Tom Welsh
    , @RadicalCenter
  16. Anon99 says:

    I don’t think China and Russia really had intentions to do that but the US with it’s endless sanctions, entity lists, and “maximum pressure” aren’t giving them much of a choice.

    • Agree: nokangaroos, Tom Welsh
  17. Anon[331] • Disclaimer says:

    WSJ had an article a month ago about Germany being caught in the middle between the US-China spat. They said that Germany used to be much more reliant on the US, but in recent years the trade between Germany-US($123B/yr) and Germany-China($102B/yr) have grown to about equal, with US having a slight edge but China growing much faster, so Germany is really caught in the middle and is having a hard time taking sides.

    I think for this reason that China should invite a team of German scientists/doctors to help them investigate the origin of coronavirus, whether it did come from the Wuhan lab or how. Not only is Germany perfectly neutral thanks to equal trades with both US and China, but Germans are the most honest people in the world. There is no doubt that China’s image has taken a huge hit with coronavirus and they are under a cloud of suspicion, esp. with Pompeo and his neocon mouthpiece Breitbart daily reminding people that this is a “China virus” or “Chinese virus”. China needs to open up for international investigation, and Germans are the only people the world can trust to give a fair and honest investigation.

    • Troll: d dan
  18. Self sufficiency saves on the cost of transportation so there is some advantage.
    Agricultural products should have no restrictions.
    Trading in manufactured gods depends very much in volumes of individual products.
    Large volumes of one type industrial product require specialization so they should be produced in one country.
    Small volumes of industrial products should be produced by each country by itself.
    There also consideration should be given to life span ( or duration ) of the industrial product.
    Products with short time usage should be produced by each country by itself.
    Products with a long duration should be specialized. (Like machinery)

    • Replies: @Badger Down
  19. Mefobills says:

    So Russia should grow tomatoes, make smart phones and semiconductors instead of pulling natural resources like metals and petroleum out of the ground? Follow N. Korea eh? Its a way to the poor house.

    I think the Russian’s are still feeling the reaming from the 90’s implosion. The jew boyeez from Harvard convinced Russia to do just what you suggest.

    Russia became an extraction economy doing what they do best, becoming hewers of wood and drawers of water.

    And bonus, their platinum was made into catalytic converters in other economies, so others gained the increment of production. Meanwhile, former Russian nuclear engineers walked around drunk because they were unwilling to be degraded labor, digging holes in the earth.

    Autarky is good. Being an independent country is the goal.

    You also cannot develop a middle class unless you have a diversified economy.

    Fortunately, Russia has the Stolypin group as advisors, and not you.

    • Agree: Fred777
  20. Has Germany had enough 3rd worlders dumped on them to put an end to that nonsense?

    • Replies: @Patagonia Man
  21. Mefobills says:

    The last time Germany stepped out with Baghdad to Berlin railroad, the finance capitalists in London got their panties in a serious twist, and plotted war.

    Today’s incarnation of Finance Capital/Sea Power/Rim theory vs Industrial Capital/Land Power/Area Denial is not a faint echo, but the same forces at play.

    Finance Capital is not interested in “lifting all boats” but is self interested in taking rents and unearned income, and is Malthusian with regards to human populations.

    As I’m fond of pointing out to Unz readers, Industrial Capitalism was actually born in the American Colonies.

    Wall Street and London Finance Capital eventually overcame the American System of Economy, and now is the epicenter for finance capital Globo-Homo.

    Of course, Germany cannot plot its true course and break away from Uncle Schmuel, to be part of Eurasia until traitor Merkel is gone.

    Even in a trading alliance, autarky to the extent possible is good. Germany will need gas/oil and perhaps uranium from Russia, and Russia will likely want machine goods and advanced technology from Germany.

  22. Voltair says:

    Bring it on.
    Germany and as many European nations that are willing join up with Russia….the perfect marriage “Eurussia”
    The new West…the third power block ready to balance out Angloamerica and China.
    Much safer world.

  23. Larry says:

    There is no such this as an American civilization.

    Anyway, to the article.

    The Chinese government has done the right thing but remains a dictatorship, thus, crippled.

    Russia is also a one-man show thus is also on thin ice.

    I am naturally pleased these two governments are no longer exterminating their own people by the millions but they are hardly an example to follow.

    • Disagree: Biff
  24. slorter says:
    @Carlton Meyer

    Thanks for that comment as well!

  25. slorter says:

    Thanks Pepe! Good read!

  26. Derer says:

    International trade and the division of labor is the only thing that will bring prosperity to the Russia or China.

    Nothing new…actually the alliance is created exactly for that to trade in a complementary fashion. China with consumer goods and Russia with natural resources, potentially Germany with technology. The “Made in China” label can be seen in retail stores allover that world – a results of comparative advantage that Washington elite seems to not understand.

  27. President Putin has already said in the recent past that negotiating with Team Trump is like playing chess with a pigeon: the demented bird walks all over the chessboard, shits indiscriminately, knocks over pieces, declares victory, then runs away.

    Damn, that is one of the funniest things I have read in awhile. Putin has interesting analogies.

    • LOL: Iris
  28. glib says:

    This post is too black and white. Obviously having a complete supply chain for armaments is a must, and Russia and Iran are alive and kicking precisely for that. Agriculture, also, better give the country self-sufficiency.

    But here we are looking at Eurasia being self-sufficient in everything, and frankly, I think it will work. What can the west withdraw, that these countries can not produce themselves? fridges?

    • Replies: @Mefobills
  29. JRB says:

    That is indeed the weak point in this analysis. Germany and the rest of Western Europe is completely under control of the deep state faction in the USA that is/was associated with the Clinton’s. Germany cannot just switch sides. The USA and Israel will never allow it. Apart from that around 70/80% of the population in Western Europe is still quite happy with the status quo. They are totally brainwashed by the education system and the mainstream media.

    • Agree: Parsnipitous
  30. utu says:

    Wannabe gonzo journalist Pepe is taking his daily coke breakfast with too much of Russian vodka.

    • Replies: @Parsnipitous
  31. Tom Welsh says:

    Wrong, silly man!

    Universal trade, specialisation and “comparative advantage” are all theoretical concepts that look delightful on the printed page – or in a speech given by a charming con man.

    They are an EXTREMELY bad idea when they entail relying for things you need to survive on parties who are absolutely unreliable. “Not agreement capable”.

    What a wonderful idea: get all your food and technology from someone who is your determined and committed enemy, and who is just waiting for you to stand squarely on his trapdoor before opening it so that you plunge into the crocodile-infested lake below.

    The UK, where I live, has done exactly that. By 1945, through extraordinary efforts, the UK had made itself 100% self-supporting in food. Today, it imports somewhere between half and 40% of its food (estimates vary – in typical 21st century style – depending on the politics of the people giving each estimate).

    The fact remains that if enough countries that currently supply the UK with food were to cease doing so – or if international trade were to break down, perhaps because of war – either half the British people would starve to death quickly, or they would all starve to death slightly more slowly.

    To get an idea of the terminal stupidity (or devious malice) of some people, look at this article:

    “Food self-sufficiency would be a disaster for Britain”

    The author somewhat exaggerates the amount of food grown in the UK – he puts it at two thirds of requirements, instead of half.

    But just look at his ridiculous arguments. Only a clever intellectual, as George Orwell said, could believe anything so stupid.

    • Agree: Mefobills, Patagonia Man
  32. @Carlton Meyer

    I can’t say I like Trump’s foreign policy, but I can’t say I dislike it either!

    He is an accelerator for the internal collapse of the US, which is – sadly – better than a collapse of the whole world caused by the US (and friends).

    • Agree: Parsnipitous
    • Replies: @Herald
  33. @SteveK9

    Either Bolsheviks or Empire. Wasn’t it similar in 1917?

    The left sure is misguided across the world now, but the right is too. Save America from communism, and what – some more Empire?

    US needs to show the way and adopt the Swiss (Athenian) model of democracy, with some direct right for citizens to at least repeal representative decisions. Imo that’s its only hope.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Ugetit
    , @Malla
    , @Malla
  34. Levtraro says:

    … the iron law of comparative advantage

    Just because you call it “iron” doesn’t make it more solid. A country’s security is directly proportional to its self-sufficiency in basic industries.

  35. Tom Welsh says:
    @Ultrafart the Brave

    “You’re completely correct, when trading on a level playing field with honest participants is the name of the game”.

    Fair enough… so far.

    But how safe is it ever to count on a level playing field with honest participants?

    Hardly ever. Even if you could trust corporations to play fair and keep their promises (you can’t) there are governments – which are even worse than corporations, as they are mostly run by lying, cheating, larcenous swine like Mike Pompeo.

    The first principle of military planning is to judge by capabilities, not intentions. Saddam Hussein and Colonel Qadafi no doubt thought they were on good terms with Washington right up to the moment when the air raid alarms went off.

    If the Americans can defeat a country by military force, they will do so. If it takes economic and financial trickery, they will use that. If subversion and bribery work best, they’ll use those methods.

    And of course if they can simply starve a country of essential resources – why, that is the cheapest and easiest of all!

    • Replies: @Majority of One
  36. @76239

    Iris and Kratoklastes are wrong. Their thinking presumes that a country is such a small geographical unit that it lacks both sufficient population and a diversity of resources and climate to be capable of enough internal specializaton to make internal trade economically viable. In fact, large countries will enjoy economies due to lack of friction created by various intractable barriers to international trade. Of course, eliminating those barriers is what free-market guys are all about, but achieving such requires too much devotion to theories of frictionless ball bearings and perpetual motion machines.

    Both autarky and free trade are myths. Mixed economies will do best but nations should strive for internal diversity and independence from reliance on foreign trade partners where possible.

  37. Tom Welsh says:
    @Mitchell Porter

    “And that the American price for allowing EU to have closer relations with Russia, is that Russia should separate itself from China”.

    Do you hear yourself, smug arrogant American?

    Whether Russia has close relations with China, Germany or anyone else is absolutely no business of the USA.

    They can go piss up a wall.

    • Replies: @Mitchell Porter
  38. idealogus says: • Website

    Strange how the current situation resembles that of the Peloponnesian War.
    Then there were 3 powers. Sparta – economically poor but militaristic land power, Athens – sea power and trade and last one Persian Empire – big money and population but week military.
    Two European powers and one Asian. The struggle did not go directly but through the vassal states in which each power tried to impose a favorable leadership.
    Just like now.
    Sparta is Russia, the USA is Athens and China is Persia.
    Even the fights are in the mirror. The Spartan armies reached the walls of Athens but failed to overcome them. Just like in the Cuban missile crisis in which the Russian army reached the American border but failed to overcome the wall created by the Atlantic and the Pacific.
    At one point in the Peloponnesian War Sparta came to demand peace and was on the verge of capitulation just as Russia was in Yeltsin’s time.
    Feeling strong, Athens began a wave of invasions abroad just like America which invaded Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, etc. In the end, they turned out to be a catastrophic failure like the Sicilian campain for Athens or Afganistan for America.
    The war ended with the victory of Sparta, which was financially aided by Persia. And now it will be the same.
    If China helps Russia economically, it will defeat America. How?
    Just like 3,000 years ago.
    1) On the advice of a broken Athenian (American) traitor, Sparta occupied an important silver mine that produced half of Athens’ income.
    Now the American traitors have multiplied spectacularly and when wirh traitors advices the dollar loses its state of American surplus currency it will suffer a serious blow.
    2) with Persian money a large part of the Athenian army (especially sailors) was bought by the Spartans
    3) a devastating plague epidemic hit Athens (COVID ??? and BLM +Antifa- epidemic of minds)
    4) the final blow that collapsed Athens in one day was the destruction of the Athenian fleet by the Spartan fleet created with Persian money and on which were Athenian sailors (also bought with Persian money)

    America will collapse one day when of the 11 aircraft carriers (i think) at least 7 will be destroyed.
    There would be many more, but I will leave another time.

    • Thanks: utu
    • Replies: @Alfred
    , @Miville
  39. In the long run what belongs together will grow together; of course this is causing night sweats in Sodom-on-the-Potomac: Imagine being relegated to your own stinking island, like (gasp!) like Little Britain!

    – Fortunately for all concerned (except the World-at-large) this is still the distant future.
    Ferkel is no Bismarck, and even the Iron Chancellor might get a little gloomy
    at the situation …
    Germany is a torso, occupied (and paying for it), not sovereign (“enemy state” clause), sucked dry by most of her neighbors (who provide always ready goons should she get uppity) and run by a Bank roughly as deutsch as Drafi Deutscher; contrary to popular belief Poland and the Baltics are not armed against Russia …

    … but Henry Morgenthau and Nathan Kaufman were right on one thing: In the end, bleeding the Germans only makes them stronger (the decline of the US follows the same law).
    Contempt for the parasitic neighbors is growing nicely, the parasitic rulers are – yet – sacrosanct.
    Russia is the logical way to look, for more than one reason; and Brexit is going to accelerate it.
    How the times have changed: Cold War humor held the difference between a German optimist and a pessimist was the optimist learns Russian, the pessimist Chinese 😛

    All that said, these are future tendencies – but getting a distinct flavor of jockeying for position for the next World War (see Brexit again).

    (and Kratoklastes, thanks for the laugh with the iron ore 😀 )

  40. T.T says:

    A new renaissance would require an increasingly intelligent population, we are moving to an idiocracy where the new equity-driven societies will increasingly lead to third-world governments and societies. America’s cultural dominance is not yet over, and here in Europe we will probably go all-in on identity politics with our new migrant friends, with shitty consequences. Russia has experienced severe brain-drain and lack of fertility of the cognitive elite. The same counts for China, although china might accept differences in intelligence and enact genetic engineering and selection to counteract it. China tends to be agreeable though for better and for worse.
    At the very least it would be lovely to reduce American cultural dominance with this new ”allience”, but that also means reducing one of the rare somewhat libertarian and freedom focused (compared to the rest of the world) cultural influences.

  41. Jake says:

    That the Elites of the Anglo-Zionist Empire are obsessed with using blacks and other non-whites, as well as homosexuals (white Antifa is filled with gays), to wage culture war against white middle America is the reason that the US has failed to understand and then react promptly and correctly to what Red China does.

    Add in that the Elites of the Anglo-Zionist Empire hates Russia at leasts as much as they hate white middle America, and you can see real trouble looming from stupid decisions.

  42. The Saker and Pepe Escobar have one thing in common: they are full of gas. Russia is no China! Russian love for good life, complete with vodka and women, is not in line with chinaman’s industry and more importantly, passing up present luxuries for future benefits. And expanding China would need the eastern half of Russian territories; therefore, it won’t be China-Russia combine against the US but it will be the American-Russian force against the belligerent China. Get that through your thick head!

    • Troll: Biff
  43. Herald says:
    @Ilya G Poimandres

    Internal collapse is good for the rest of the world as you rightly say. In the long run it may also be good for the US, if it stops the Washington crazies from causing a war, that can’t possibly be won.

    • Agree: Ilya G Poimandres
  44. Dumbo says:

    “America is the only country that went from barbarism to decadence without passing through the civilization stage.”

    (attributed to Oscar Wilde, although I’m not sure it’s really his)

    • LOL: Parsnipitous
  45. “The New York Post” published a report on the kilometer-long queues for free food in Queens.
    They write that the record queue length a couple of months ago was about 28 blocks
    !!!! INSANE !!!!


    What’s wrong with you UNZ ??!!
    “Endles” posting about the latest American/Western ‘Kasperle-Theater’ of absurdly ruminant nature !!
    And by the way one get a better understanding of Russia/Putin & Co. – while using English only (which seems foolish today concerning all those translation toools to get a far mor acurate and precise picture of Russia (left, right and everything inbetween)… read less The.Saker or John.Helmer but more ‘Reminiscence of the Future’ aka &
    In the meantime in your very own country “THINGS” really are falling apart…

    Politically, theoretical & as well practically as actually REAL-economically with enormous consequences for squillions of very REAL HUMAN BEINGS all across the USA… and yet the whole THEME seems on the sideline concerning your bloging…
    I wonder why, Mr. Unz??!!
    Invisible People
    Hotel industry survival & millions of jobs lost during covid-19, 2020

    Since the public health issue began escalating in mid-February in the U.S., hotels have already lost more than $46 billion in room revenue. This figure is devastating with hotels currently on pace to lose up to $400 million in room revenue per day based on current occupancy rates and revenue trends.

    STR and Tourism Economics are projecting revenue losses of 50% for the year. Last week, revenues were 45% of what they were last year per STR.The human toll is equally devastating with major hotel managers already reporting significant layoffs and furloughs.The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that 4.8M hospitality and leisure jobs have been lostsince February.With more than half of direct hotel employees laid off or furloughed, hotel workers are losing more than $1.7B in earnings each week.

    Individual hotels and major operators are projecting occupancies below 20%. At an
    occupancy rate of 35% or lower, hotels may simply close their doors, putting 33,000 small business at immediate risk.STR reported that in May, U.S. hotel operating profits fell by 105% compared to last year, meaning that hoteliers simply have no revenue to pay their costs.
    Study Showcases Potential Negative Impact Of Coronavirus Pandemic on Hotel
    Industry Employment
    The hotel industry supports nearly 8.3 million jobs total (direct hotel operations, guest spending, indirect supply-chain and induced), but drastic declines in occupancy rates will lead to massive job losses. Nearly 4 Million Employees Who Work In Or For The Hotel Industry Are Projected To Lose Their Jobs In The Coming Weeks, Or Have Already Been Furloughed.
    A new national report shows that the hotel industry is facing a historic wave of
    foreclosures as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to devastate small business hotel
    owners and its workforce
    COVID-19 Travel Industry Research
    “Alice” in Disaster-Land…..

    U.S. restaurant industry facing “mass extinction” due to covid-19 !!
    How many may survive ??
    ‘On the Brink’ of Economic Collapse: COVID-19 Response Is Killing the Restaurant

    It’s not too far of a stretch. The restaurant industry is currently leading all other sectors in terms of closures nationwide, according to data released last month by the customer review platform Yelp. It’s ahead of retail stores, beauty salons, bars and fitness studios.
    According to the National Restaurant Association, 15.6 million people in the U.S. are restaurant industry employees. 10 million people filed for unemployment insurance in the past two weeks, according to the Labor Department—at least half of which are likely those who formerly held jobs in the restaurant industry.
    Restaurant Industry Expects the Loss of 5 to 7 Million Jobs Due to Coronavirus.
    6 national restaurant chains in deepest trouble amid COVID-19 include Outback
    Steakhouse, IHOP and Denny’s
    Remember… R.I.P. Pizza-Hut already !

  46. The reinsurance Treaty followed the League of the Three Emperors comprising Germany, Austria-Hungary and Russia; it had collapsed because of the rivalry between Vienna and St Petersburg – a bad omen. The reinsurance treaty itself, aimed at keeping the peace in Europe, lapsed after Bismarck left office. Renewal of the treaty would probably not have prevented Great Power rivalry plunging Europe into world war one, and as a consequence world war two. A Berlin-Moscow-Beijing alliance will ultimately not prevent the world going to war a third time. It is not a new Renaissance we have to look forward to, but a new Dark Age.

  47. @76239

    “A nation should be as self-sufficient as possible.”

    So Russia should grow tomatoes, …

    Russia will probably import tomatoes.

    … make smart phones and semiconductors …

    Is there a reason Russia should not?

    … instead of pulling natural resources like metals and petroleum out of the ground?

    Why do you say instead?

    It’s the iron law of comparative advantage.

    No offense, but I almost certainly have a tighter analytical grasp of Heckscher-Ohlin-Samuelson trade theory than you do. Your Iron Law turns out to be a mild, second-order theoretical effect which is probably swamped by first-order practical effects. At moderate tariff levels, your Iron Law is rusted right through.

    The theory is roundly contradicted by experience. Admittedly, its differential equations are neat, which is why the theory appeals to intellectual vanity. My advice to you would be to loosen your attachment to vain theory and resort instead to plain common sense—for relying on others to supply what one could for a few extra pennies have produced for oneself is unwise on the face of it.

    Follow N. Korea eh?

    Not quite.

    It’s a way to the poor house.

    Not for Britain during the 18th century, it wasn’t. Nor for the United States or Germany during the 19th. Nor for Japan during the 20th.

    Whether global-economy theorists like it or not, history has delivered her judgment: mild mercantilism is effective.

    • Agree: Patagonia Man
  48. @76239

    And the bullshit flows without ceasing.
    The 500,000 Iraqi children slaughtered by the Albright cow clearly benefited from US comparative advantage in Pharma, didn’t they?

    • Thanks: Iris
  49. @Tom Welsh

    I’m not American, and I’m just trying to perceive the power relations here.

    I see two scenarios. For now EU is a US satellite and Germany is under American nuclear umbrella. German-Russian entente won’t happen unless US approves, US top concern is China, so it won’t be allowed to happen unless Russia strategically moves closer to America and further from China.

    The other scenario is that EU becomes militarily quasi-sovereign – either NATO becomes a duopoly of America and Europe, or America dumps NATO entirely and EU has to fend for itself. In that case, Germany is under French nuclear umbrella, and German-Russian entente will require French approval.

    I suppose Turkey shows a third possibility but that would require Germany to marginalize itself within NATO and EU, which seems unlikely.

    • Replies: @Derer
    , @Tom Welsh
  50. GMC says:

    Historically, we need to remember that when the Soviet Union gave back East Germany, it wasn’t losing anything because the West German government was run by the ” Partner Tribe” — same as the Soviet Union was. In fact, the whole Soviet , Communistic, Zionist take over of the Americas and Europe , started a very long time ago and has evolved into what we see today. The jury is out , when it comes to the question of where China, Russia and the Western NWO stands – in regards to their relationship. Germany’s government hasn’t changed a whole lot since the Wall came tumblin down.

  51. GMC says:
    @Carlton Meyer

    Flynn working with Turkey and Israel – since they are both high end lobbyists in DC ?? Would he take a plea to cover his ass with the other country’s – Maybe.

  52. @Kratoklastes

    You make some good points, Kratokoastes, as is often the case. But can’t we readily distinguish between an individual, family, or town trying to be self-sufficient and an entire large, populous nation trying to be self-sufficient?

    Should the leaders of a nation allow their people to be at the mercy of foreign peoples for the necessities of life — water and crops?

    Should the leaders of a nation allow their people to be at the mercy of foreign peoples for the necessities of modern life, health, and longevity, including medications and critical medical devices?

  53. @Really No Shit

    I remember in the bloom of my political youth, Blair stating in his 1997 campaign, ‘education, education, education’.. Sure he then became a war criminal by slaughtered some people, but this instinct was correct.

    China hit that 2500 years ago with Confucius, and they haven’t looked back.

    China may expand into Eastern Russia – their historical tendency has been to populate lands across their borders, not lands far away.

    But the world is in a new paradigm since the 1800’s, and nations adapt, and I give the Chinese – who have been educating themselves for 2500 years – good odds for sticking to benevolence over greed.

    Russia is smart, but less wise. We are much more fatalistic than the Chinese though (just remember the last Emperor of Russia), and this emotion is evident in our literature and music. Russians and Chinese (broadly, Asians) will work together well – we both love study on average, and we aren’t big on Empire historically.

    Both like a good chess/go game too, and long term thinking is not absent like in the West.

    My father says there is a difference between those nations that chose Dionysis (‘the West’), and Apollo (‘the East’).. I must enquire more really!

    • Replies: @Really No Shit
  54. @Larry

    The Chinese government has done the right thing but remains a dictatorship, thus, crippled.

    Would that Britain had a government thus crippled!

  55. Chris Moore says: • Website

    It occurs to me that the world has moved on from the world war era that delivered the US to the top of the heap, and the warped and entitled US liberals and neocons and their mentally diseased partner Israel just can’t get over it or themselves.

    The American People are fine. It is their primitive Zionist “elites” and their endless wars/permanent revolution/creative destruction “break things to get your way” impulses who are holding back progress into the 21st Century.

    These Zionists are immature, mentally and emotionally stunted people. And they’re running the US in an emotionally stunted way.

    • Agree: Robjil
  56. Anon[331] • Disclaimer says:

    WSJ had an article yesterday about the 37 year old founder of TikTok. To my surprise he was educated at a university in Tianjin China and never obtained a degree in the US or worked in Silicon Valley. I then found out that the same is true for the founder of Alibaba and now probably the richest man in China, Jack Ma. He graduated from Hanzhou Normal University, applied to Harvard Business School 10 times and got rejected 10 times. The same is also true for all 5 founders of Tencent, all graduated from Shenzhen University in China, a couple also went to South China University of Technology and Nanjing University for their Master’s. None had ever worked in SV or obtained a degree in the US.

    The founder of Zoom, Eric Yuan, received his bachelor’s degree from China’s Shandong University and master’s degrees from China University of Mining and Technology. After moving to the US he obtained an Executive MBA from Stanford.

    So it appears China already has good enough universities to educate their own tech talents, they no longer even need Western universities. In the QS World Ranking of Universities 2021, China’s top two universities, Tsinghua University and Peking University are ranked #15 and #23 respectively, Nanjing University is ranked #124, Tianjin University is ranked a lowly #387, South China University of Technology is ranked #462, Shandong University is ranked #485, Shenzhen University is ranked btwn 600-650, Hanzhou Normal is not even ranked:

    It was really a revelation to me. I had always assumed these founders were graduates of top universities in the US then received their training in SV, like all top tech talents in the US, but turns out they are all graduates of unheralded universities in China and never worked in the US. It appears China no longer even needs Western universities to educate their top talents, they are perfectly capable of producing their own top tech talents in their own universities. All the ones who came to school in the US are probably the second rate lazy spoiled children of the rich!

    • Thanks: showmethereal
  57. @Mitchell Porter

    Both Germany and France are becoming poorer, more violent, lower-trust African / Arab / Turkish societies where Islam will be the dominant force. The more intelligent, civilized, trustworthy, productive Europeans are dying off. Germany’s military is an utter joke.

    Neither Germany nor France will be able to field enough loyal youngish European men for meaningful land forces,. They will have to rely on foreign mercenaries and robots; the mercenaries likely would be mostly nonEuropean and nonChristian, and the robots would most likely be made in China or eventually Russia. Median age is about 42 in France and a shocking 47 in Germany — and rising in both — and the native fertility rate ensures a death spiral.

    Even with its inadequate defense spending, Germany still isn’t caring for its own elderly citizens. Nor is it willing to protect its own women and girls from systematic rape, intimidation, and harassment by the nonEuropean invaders, who increase in numbers and confidence / belligerence with every passing year.

    Germany also is destroying its own industries by shutting down both nuke and fossil-fuel power plants and thus making energy exorbitant.

    How useful an ally is an old, aging country with declining native population, deep self-loathing and lack of confidence, few big deposits of oil or natural gas or even coal or other natural resources, self-inflicted unaffordable energy, no serious military capabilities, no meaningful reserve of loyal younger men for land conflicts, substantial and increasing debt, a steadily growing hostile and aggressive fifth column, and the beginnings of what will be a flood of natives fleeing for greener pastures? (And yes, I do realize that much of this describe my own dear country, the usa, to a disturbing degree as well.)

    The meaningful military, economic, and cultural alliance is China-Russia; Germany soon will not be particularly impressive or useful in any of those respects.

  58. trickster says:
    @Really No Shit

    I agree with you and believe you are quite right. I am always intrigued by political gurus and bloggers waxing about this and that and YET everything these people forecast and foresee, even with the help of functioning crystal balls, psychics and mediums always seem to turn out the opposite.

    Even in our own private lives things always seem to turn out different to what we expected.

    History in the international arena is replete with numerous examples.

    So yes, I think it will be Russia/ USA etc against China. As for the Saker and Pepe …….they need to stop eating all those beans and prunes.

    • Replies: @Really No Shit
  59. Ron Unz says:

    It was really a revelation to me. I had always assumed these founders were graduates of top universities in the US…It appears China no longer even needs Western universities to educate their top talents, they are perfectly capable of producing their own top tech talents in their own universities. All the ones who came to school in the US are probably the second rate lazy spoiled children of the rich!

    Yes, I definitely agree, and I think that’s been the case for the last couple of decades, at least with regard to undergraduate education. Basically, the Chinese students who go to American colleges are the ones from elite or wealthy families who didn’t do well enough on their exams to gain admission to China’s top universities. The key issue is that Chinese elite admissions policies are almost entirely meritocratic, while America’s elite universities have become extremely corrupt.

    I discussed the whole issue in my long Meritocracy article back in 2012:

    Or consider the case of China. There, legions of angry microbloggers endlessly denounce the official corruption and abuse which permeate so much of the economic system. But we almost never hear accusations of favoritism in university admissions, and this impression of strict meritocracy determined by the results of the national Gaokao college entrance examination has been confirmed to me by individuals familiar with that country. Since all the world’s written exams may ultimately derive from China’s old imperial examination system, which was kept remarkably clean for 1300 years, such practices are hardly surprising.[9] Attending a prestigious college is regarded by ordinary Chinese as their children’s greatest hope of rapid upward mobility and is therefore often a focus of enormous family effort; China’s ruling elites may rightly fear that a policy of admitting their own dim and lazy heirs to leading schools ahead of the higher-scoring children of the masses might ignite a widespread popular uprising. This perhaps explains why so many sons and daughters of top Chinese leaders attend college in the West: enrolling them at a third-rate Chinese university would be a tremendous humiliation, while our own corrupt admissions practices get them an easy spot at Harvard or Stanford, sitting side by side with the children of Bill Clinton, Al Gore, and George W. Bush.

    • Replies: @Philip Owen
    , @Anon
  60. Levtraro says:

    Not only is Germany perfectly neutral thanks to equal trades with both US and China, but Germans are the most honest people in the world.

    Hilarious! After Volkswagen cheating emissions scandal, allegations of Deutsche Bank money laundering and other shenanigans leading to huge fines, Berlin airport nearly decade long delays including bribes, Siemens corruption scandal, well, you catch my drift.

    • Agree: dogbumbreath
  61. Anon[331] • Disclaimer says:
    @Ilya G Poimandres

    US needs to show the way and adopt the Swiss (Athenian) model of democracy, with some direct right for citizens to at least repeal representative decisions. Imo that’s its only hope.

    Such direct referendums are already available in CA and WA. In CA voters approved Prop. 209 in 1996 which prohibits giving preferences by race, but the University of CA system started holistic admissions to get around it, and now lawmakers are putting it back on the November ballot to get voters to repeal it:

    In WA, voters approved a similar measure in 1998. But the (D) controlled state legislature passed a new bill in the middle of the night to repeal it. Last November the (R) put it back on the referendum and voters again voted to reject Affirmative Action. But no matter, University of WA has adopted similar holistic admission to bring in under qualified blacks and Hispanics(and 18% foreign students as cash cows), and if you go to any government office like the DMV, all the employees are women and POC, some barely speak English.

    WA voters also rejected the Carbon Tax in 2016 via voter referendum; the next year, (D) governor Jay Inslee brought it back anyway, and had it passed by the (D) controlled state legislature, so that he could count that as his signature achievement to run for president.

    The Lawless Left will do what they want regardless of what the voters decide.

  62. @Kratoklastes

    The US became the world’s biggest economy behind a wall of tariffs. The free market killed British industry. Comparative advantage is a theory that doesn’t take the reality into account, capital follows profit and uproots entire manufacturing economies if it needs to.

    • Agree: Patagonia Man
    • Replies: @Kratoklastes
  63. Mefobills says:

    Kratoklastes is “black and white” because he has been brainwashed with lolbertarianism, which itself is a sub-branch of liberalism.

    He agreed with this post from 76239

    Same old statist, pinko economics. Pepe and Hudson- the dynamic duo of poverty policy mavens!

    Hudson has almost single-handedly resurrected Classical Economics.

    Classical Economics is the only branch that includes rents, unearned income, and usury in its analysis. THE ONLY BRANCH! Classical economy also looks at balance of flows between nations. Unbalanced flows, such as the U.S. exporting dollars in trade imbalance is nothing but bad and is comparative advantage for the finance class only.

    Classical economy is a threat to neo-liberal economic constructs, because neo-liberalism lies by omission. Neo-liberalism also confuses people with false concepts like comparative-advantage, and marginal utility – which sound good in theory, but are BS in reality. In other words, neo-liberalism (especially including lolbertarianism) is a propaganda operation designed to dupe and confuse. The devil can then hide in plain sight while he picks your pockets. If you follow neo-liberalism to its root, you find the (((usual suspects))) funding the operations.

    Once one has been properly duped and hypnotized, if somebody (like Hudson or Pepe) comes along, and says something countervailing, but deep down the listener/reader knows it is undeniably true, then the first stages of Grief sets in:

    The 5 stages of grief and loss are: 1. Denial and isolation; 2. Anger; 3. Bargaining; 4. Depression; 5. Acceptance.

    Some Unz readers are further along in their development. Some have progressed all the way to level 5, and are willing to reject false narratives and accept observable reality. Westerners have been programmed with false narratives since birth, so it takes an unusually strong mind to overcome these shibboleths – a mind such as the one Hudson has.

    Lolbertarians are an especially hard nut to crack, because they are well meaning people who have been snared into cul de sacs of bad thought. Their comments are in the 1-3 categories. If one is an old lolbertarian, then their brains may be calcified with age and fixed, hence you get black and white thinking and regurgitation of tired worn-out shibboleths.

    Russia and China are really at war with the City of London. The City is where the big-bang event took place in 1694.

    This is a combination of four things: 1) The first privately owned corporate bank, where the stock owners become hidden string pullers. This bank then issues its privateer credit rather than the King issuing sovereign credit. 2) Stock Owned Corporation, such as East India company, which on-sell their stock into markets, creating hidden string pullers. 3) Stock Market Capital, where this “free market” then becomes god. 4) A merging of the previous three elements into a hidden hand of collusion.

    Finance Capitalism inverted the natural order, or the logos hierarchy. Finance Capital then funded banker apologetic economics. While finance capital was in its infancy in Amsterdam, it also funded Judeo-Christianity by printing Athias bibles by the millions and at great expense, to then insert their finance “capital” as the ruling hierarchy. Today’s judeo-christians are totally confused about what the word sin really means, so the Athias operation was a success.

    (China is screwing up some though, by not releasing debts, allowing a private bank financed property bubble, and their ham handed operations in the Uighur region.)

    Western Globo homo neo-liberalism is butt-hurting about China especially, because China is running an industrial capitalist economy (formerly known as American System of Economy) and putting lie to neo-liberalism’s false constructs.

    • Thanks: Herald
    • Replies: @anon
    , @utu
    , @glib
  64. d dan says:

    “I think for this reason that China should invite a team of German scientists/doctors to help them investigate the origin of coronavirus, whether it did come from the Wuhan lab or how. Not only is Germany perfectly neutral thanks to equal trades with both US and China, but Germans are the most honest people in the world. “

    No, US should invite a team of German scientists/doctors to investigate Fort Detrick and all the hundreds of P3/P4 bioweapons labs ran by US Army throughout the world – if you are really sincere (which I am sure you are NOT) about your trust of German neutrality.

    Don’t pretend you are a neutral observer – you are likely the same troll in Ron Unz’s other thread that repeatedly throws out hilariously outlandish lies

    • Replies: @Anon
  65. Thim says:

    The 11 carrier task forces are worthless, he says.

    American planners are ruthless. We all know this. If the plan is to position the carriers strategically, then launch a massive first strike, are they still “worthless”?

    • Replies: @Astuteobservor II
  66. @Ron Unz

    I sometimes lecture to an MBA course at a Russell Group (think Ivy league) university in the UK which draws 80% of its students from overseas. The, many, Chinese I have come across are duffers. They clearly paid someone to sit their English tests. Motivation levels appear to be low. They are not like the Chinese post grads I knew 40-50 years ago. They are the most fashionably dressed, in their own styles-the girls are chalky white face at the moment. The Thais are outstanding scholarship pupils, paid for by the government. Many Arabs are there on merit too. Not so much fashion on display with either group.

    • Replies: @Alfred
  67. @76239

    Trying to make everything yourself would be a disaster.

    I wonder how the west was won, I mean, did the old west imported all its goods from china? or they were creative and made things themselves while colonizing the west. Plus probably things needed were made in New England, and Chicago, etc., and transported west to the settlers.

    • Replies: @Alfred
  68. @trickster

    “…these people forecast and foresee, even with the help of functioning crystal balls, psychics and mediums…”


    “So yes, I think it will be Russia/ USA etc against China…..”

    Thank you!

    “…As for the Saker and Pepe, they need to stop eating all those beans and prunes.”

    You, sir, took words right out of my mouth!

  69. @Larry

    There is no such this as an American civilization.

    Of course there is an American civilization! Its located in southern North America, (North America has three countries, Canada, USA, and Mexico.). Mexico’s civilization is thousands of yrs old, in case you did not know.

    The issue is that people think ‘American’ conveys only the old US of A. Ignorance is bliss.

    One could say, the USA has not civilization, but even that is wrong. Although not that good, the US has a civilization, which consists of consumerism, decadence, stupid movies, fatness, junk food, and people who think they are the center of the universe.

  70. Anon[331] • Disclaimer says:
    @Ron Unz

    It is surprising to me as I had always assumed that the reason so many Chinese students are flocking to US universities is because their own universities are subpar. But it appears maybe it’s the students themselves who are subpar, like in Japan — only the losers leave. Which begs the question, why are we rushing to give them OPT, H1b and green cards and referring to them as “best and brightest”? China is clearly not sending their best.

    Some years back I read an article in The Economist discussing the unique relationship between Stanford University and Silicon Valley which they credited with spearheading America’s tech boom. Stanford graduates have founded Google, Netflix, Hewlett-Packard, SunMicro, Yahoo, Cisco Systems, Akamai, TSMC, Nvidia, Micron Technologies, Electronic Arts, PayPal, Palantir, Pandora, Instagram, LinkedIn, Intuit, Snapchat, Expedia, Zillow, WhatsApp, Nike, Charles Schwab, Trader Joe’s, Capitol One, The Gap, Bain & Company…phew! You name it, a truly impressive roster, and that doesn’t even include the multitude of influential venture capital firms in and around Palo Alto founded by Stanford MBAs. TE suggested that a top notch STEM oriented university is essential in starting a new Silicon Valley anywhere, which was why Cambridge University was trying to be the Stanford of the UK by cultivating a startup industry around its campus.

    But there is no Stanford of China, is there? Instead, their tech founders seem to be coming from anywhere and everywhere. A truly democratic system. I think this is how it should be. Although there are some exceptions like founders of YouTube(UIUC) and Twitter, most founders of top US tech firms still only went to a handful of top universities in the US.

  71. Anon[331] • Disclaimer says:
    @d dan

    Yes the virus could have come from the US, but the US is not being accused, China is, at least by the US and Australia, and under a cloud of suspicion by other countries. What better way to clear their name by inviting such an investigation, if they truly have nothing to hide? Even if turns out it did come from an accidental leak from the Wuhan lab, the German scientists could suggest ways of improvement so it never happens again. By trying to “save face” as they always do, the CCP only invites more criticism and ill will.

    • Replies: @Iris
    , @d dan
  72. @martini barcelona

    Coming to our senses, and make Iran our friend again, if they trust us, is the best policy. I don’t know what is the issue with the Iranians for some time. Yes, I know they took our embassy etc. So what? No one died. The Israelis killed several in the USS Liberty incident, and yet we don’t do anything harmful to them even after killing Americans there. No incident where Iran shoot out an American naval ship, happened, even after we destroyed a passenger plane of theirs. Now a day that we do have the internet, I am amused of how most Americans against their better sense, brain washed by the media and their ‘churchianity’ leadership continues to call the talmudists ‘god’s people’. Considering all the information available now a day thanks to the internet, of how those odious people have created destruction thought-out history, and their useful idiots, i.e. the three branches of the US gov.

    One only needs to read:
    Jealous God, Chosen People, Promised Land . . .
    Clash of Civilizations

    Laurent Guyénot

    And the scales in our propagandized mind, falls off and our discerning eyes see the light again.

    • Thanks: RadicalCenter
  73. Derer says:
    @Mitchell Porter

    Porter: “German-Russian entente won’t happen unless US approves,”

    Members (Germany) of NATO can withdraw from the cold war relic…if the membership goes against their national interest (Nord Stream).

    Porter: “or America dumps NATO entirely”

    Hell will freeze sooner than that happening. NATO is US foreign policy instrument with the appearance of fake collective decisions.

    BTW, what happens in EU Germany decides not the France.

  74. Iris says:

    What better way to clear their name by inviting such an investigation, if they truly have nothing to hide?

    Disingenuous comment.

    The World Health Organisation has long announced that it will lead an international mission into China to conduct a full investigation into the Covid-19 outbreak’s.

    The groundwork for such mission has already been completed with the support and cooperation of Chinese authorities.

    • Replies: @Zarathustra
  75. Mefobills says:

    But there is no Stanford of China, is there? Instead, their tech founders seem to be coming from anywhere and everywhere. A truly democratic system. I think this is how it should be.

    It’s not democratic. It has nothing to do with democracy.

    Below link is how the Stanford cycle came about, and quele surprise! government was involved as the fourth factor of production. Hewlett and Packard were instrumental in putting together the cycle.

    If China cannot replicate the success, it is because Chinese students may not be as smart and innovative as their IQ would lead one to believe. Or, the Chinese government is missing some key understanding. IQ’s are only an indicator of intellect, but there are other factors going on regarding human intelligence and creativity.

    If the U.S. returned to the American System of Economy, there would soon be ASS KICKING with rising standard of living, and other countries wouldn’t know what to think. The human capital of America is just fine, and does not need to import people from anywhere. The land mass of North America has all it needs. White people produce a significant high IQ fraction; a fraction which is responsible for pushing technology and science.

    Who cares about how good Chinese students are, it is irrelevant. The big problem is that America converted to the British/Jewish system and this has made the country malfunction, and in a way the founders never intended. The founders also never intended a universal suffrage democracy where wymmn vote with their feeeelings.

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
  76. @Thim

    In a war between USA, Russia, China, carriers are worthless. Just big targets.

    And if you are talking about a first strike, that is why Pepe mentioned subs. How do you first strike subs when you don’t even know where they are.

    Nuclear armed subs are the ultimate second strike ability.

    • Replies: @Herald
  77. Horus says:

    The Putin pigeon chess story about Trump is false. The same story was floating around about Obama when he was president, and the story itself has been around for at least 14 years.

  78. @Anon

    Not their best is still pretty good compare to most American students. And they pay the fat, fat full tuitions.

    I actually think that Chinese tech founders coming from everywhere is actually a testament to the strength of the avg education level of Chinese higher Ed.

  79. Mefobills says:

    One could say, the USA has not civilization, but even that is wrong. Although not that good, the US has a civilization, which consists of consumerism, decadence, stupid movies, fatness, junk food, and people who think they are the center of the universe.

    If you could time transport back to 1960, you wouldn’t be uttering the above comments.

    The country was 89% white European, and remaining were mostly negroes who had repopulated with an amazing reproduction rate outstripping European derived people, even with European immigration.

    In other words, Negroes are highly successful in North America in evolutionary terms.

    There was a tiny amount of Tejanos or other Hispanics who had become land owning, and were merging into the American culture. There were practically no Asians of any sort.

    The Immigration cut-off in 1924 was to consolidate to the new American Man. The 1965 immigration act was funded into being by the (((usual suspects))), and if you trace the usurpation money it would originate from finance capital.

    The U.S very much had a homogeneous and European derived culture (despite the negro), that has since been destroyed.

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
  80. Alfred says:

    Thank you. A very interesting comparison.

    Most Greeks don’t realise that in the famous victory of Alexander against Persia at Persepolis, 1/3 of the Persian army was composed of Greek mercenaries. After their victory, Alexander’s men proceeded to kill all the occupants of the villages where the Greek mercenaries lived. They slew all their women and children.

  81. @Mefobills

    Before HP, there was IBM setting up a punched card plant between its two biggest West coast customers Boeing and Lockheed. San Jose was half way between the two. This became the centre of the disk drive world.

    Hollywood should have honourable mention too. HP’s first contract was to supply amplifiers for Disney’s Fantasia which heavily depended on high quality recorded music. Ampex, an early player in magnetic storage, for long bigger than silicon, supplied studio video recorders to television companies. Like HP, the military contracts came later. When Steve Jobs died he was the largest shareholder in Disney and sat on the board. Pixar had become Disney.

    • Thanks: Mefobills
  82. Derer says:
    @the cleaner

    So it was all right when America with its energy wasting auto industry in collusion with oil barons kept frivolously polluting this planet for decades. Fortunately Japs made stop to that scheme. BTW fracking is excluded from the environmental protection laws in US despite being dangerous pollutant. It was US that pulled out of the UN accord.

  83. As much as 60% of Europe’s population may have been killed – over 100 million people.

    This number is pulled out of someone’s ass. Mr. Escobar really had me going until that point.

    • Replies: @Herald
  84. anon[544] • Disclaimer says:

    their ham handed operations in the Uighur region

    According to the Western MSM, the Chinese are committing genocide in Xinjiang. The British Jews Board of Deputies compares China to Nazi Germany over the treatment of Uyghurs.

    Here are some facts: The Uighur population is more than triple since the CCP took over China. Amid the “concentration camp” accusation, the head of the UN counterterrorism department and his people went to investigate and wrote a favorable report. The World Bank did the same and wrote a favorable report. The Human Rights groups were invited to go but refused on the ground that their visit would legitimate the Chinese government’s action.

    Which Countries Are For or Against China’s Xinjiang Policies?
    Take a guess

    But wait, there is more, the latest news I’ve seen is that the Chinese government is accused of committing genocide in Inner Mongolia.

    • Replies: @Mefobills
    , @Tom Welsh
  85. Alfred says:
    @Philip Owen

    They are not like the Chinese post grads I knew 40-50 years ago.

    When I was an undergrad at Imperial College in 1968-71, we had three ethnic Chinese in our class. One from Singapore and two from Hong Kong. One of the two from Hong Kong always wore a rather tired looking grey suit and a soiled tie. He was not very good at English. I was a bit surprised as to how he got to enter this rather selective institution. He often arrived late. he always sat at the back row. He often looked tired. I felt sorry for him. I assumed he was working late at some Chinese restaurant to pay for his studies. Only much later did I realise the truth.

    He was the oldest brother. The one who got kidnapped. The ransom was reputed to be $80m – a lot of money in 1997.

    Boardroom battles, bribery, and kidnapping: Meet Hong Kong’s richest family, who has lost over $2 billion since the protests began

  86. Herald says:
    @Astuteobservor II

    Looks like @Thim didn’t really read the article or suffers from short short memory syndrome.

    Further to the points you make, let’s see just what would happen, if the US tries to moves half a dozen carriers too close to Russia and/or China. Also if the crazies in Washington ordered the Navy to attempt an unprovoked kamikaze attack, not too improbable, might the Navy bigwigs just say no? A submarine first strike would have more chance, but it would still end up with the US being turned into a smoking ruin.

  87. Alfred says:
    @in the middle

    I wonder how the west was won, I mean, did the old west imported all its goods from china? or they were creative and made things themselves while colonizing the west.

    The only thing they imported from China was indentured laborers to build the railways and suchlike. Pretty well everything was made in the USA. There were duties to be paid on imports so as to protect local manufacturers. Clearly, this is something that the media and the universities don’t want people to know anything about.

    In a similar way, Great Britain became a great industrial power by obliging the Indians, Egyptians and all the others to import all manufactured goods. My Egyptian grandfather managed somehow to build the first factory in Egypt in modern times. I have no idea how he got the British to allow him to do it.

    Today, in much of French-speaking West Africa, the banks are controlled by France. They won’t lend money to any African who proposes to manufacture locally. Why do you think the French keep troops in many of those countries? Meanwhile the French-approved despots spend much of their wealth in Paris.

    In fact it is much worse than that. The European Union subsidizes Italian exporters of tinned tomatoes to such an extent that local canners in most of Africa cannot compete.

    So much for free trade!

    • Thanks: Marshal Marlow
  88. Herald says:
    @Morton's toes

    Pepe might not be too far away from the mark. The population of Europe in 1360 can only be roughly estimated, but some put it at about 40 million. If 60% of 100 million had been killed by the Black Death, then the remaining population in 1360 would be about the 40 million mentioned above. All very crude and of course not worth losing sleep over.

  89. Mefobills says:

    China is ham handed with the Uighurs not because of the concentration camps, but because they are not using their sovereign money power and funding removal.

    It would be easy enough to give Uighurs money to leave and go to Turkey.

    Here are your choices: 1) Concentration camp 2) Vasectomy 3) Money

    Basically, it is a version of take the gold or the lead (bullet to the head).

    Globo Homo recycled Petrodollars into Chechnya by building Madrassas and creating Takfiri’s.

    The Chinese are not stupid and are aware of Globo Homo’s operations, especially in the “Muslim” underbelly. The third world war is already operating, it just hasn’t gone hot yet.

    China’s operations in the Xinjiang are defensive in nature in my opinion. But, they are losing the propaganda war because of the connections to Nazi concentration camps.

    The average sheeple person does not know that German concentration camps were a place to reeducate communists. They were a place intermediate between prison and civilian life. Grifters and slackers were also put into the concentration camps so they could learn how to work.

    You can break the average person down in about 8 weeks and then their minds are ready for re-education.

    The military does it all the time with their boot camps. Once a Marine always a Marine.

  90. TG says:

    Interesting, but the idea that the Black Death delayed the renaissance by a century is rubbish. The Black Death CREATED the renaissance.

    Before the Black Death, Europe was basically pushing up against the limits, it was stagnant and corrupt and miserably poor. The Black Death cut the population – and this is the key thing – it kept coming in waves, and kept the population down for generations.

    Now yes I know, more people means more production – but only if they have enough tools and resources. The trick is not the number of people, but whether they are pushing up against the limits. And yes the limits can be raised – but only by the application of existing tools and resources, and – critically – only if you are not already pushing up against them!

    After the Black Death, Europe became instantly prosperous. The standard of living in post-Black Death England was much higher in real terms than many modern countries like India and Pakistan etc. They say that necessity is the mother of invention, that’s rubbish. Necessity is the mother of poverty and ignorance and chronic malnutrition and stagnation (ask a Bangladeshi). It is widely held prosperity – and abundant tools and resources etc. – that gives a society the foundation for progress.

    • Thanks: Tom Welsh
  91. @Tom Welsh

    Mr Welsh: One thing to bear in mind is that the regime in the District of Corruption does not answer to the American people and is not, of itself, politically or economically independent.

    As a Brit you should be well aware of City of London as the world capital of finance, insurance, media, resource extraction and even determinant of world time zones. It is an open secret that since collapsing British bonds by false information indicating that Napoleon and not Wellington was victorious at Waterloo allowed the Rothschild Crime Clan to dominate in The City and thus over the British government and quite possibly of the Crown.

    All clear-minded delvers into meta-political reality full well understand that the primary owners of the U$ puppet-regime by means of their control over the “Federal” Reserve Bank, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and, ultimately, the International Bank of Settlements, just happens to be that self-same Rothschild Crime Clan, based primarily in City of London, but also quite present in Paris, Frankfurt, New York and other major banking centers.

    In cahoots with their Warburg and Schiff kinsmen, Lazard Freres, the Rockefeller Crime Clan and the House of Morgan, the Babylonian Blood Brotherhood calls all the shots for their minions such as their made-man George $oro$ and their shared one, Heinrich Kissinger. Those minions then extend that control mechanism to every major institution in the U$, commencing with the puppet-regime in the Di$trict of Corruption.

  92. anon[191] • Disclaimer says:

    The greatest advantage of going to the Ivy League universities, is not that you will discover great unknown truths, but the social connections you make with people who have the money to make things happen. It doesn’t take a genius to have the idea of a facebook, snapchat or ebay, (anyone could come up with the idea), but going to Harvard gives you the connections to present your idea to people who can put you in touch with people who can finance, hire the right people to do the legwork and organize your idea. A lone inventor can have the greatest ideas in the world and create the greatest devices, but if he doesn’t have access to the people who can finance and manufacture the device, he’s totally blocked from taking it any further than his laboratory.

    China seems to have all the things in place to create its own big high tech companies independently of the US or Europe. It doesn’t matter that scientist A with a great idea (who earned his computer science degree from Wing Wong Technical University which is placed 999th in the world’s ranking of universities), it only matters that scientist A can be put in touch with the Lai Ka Shings and the Jack Ma’s who have the money to finance his idea.

    • Agree: Philip Owen
    • Thanks: Majority of One
  93. @peter mcloughlin

    Otto von Bismark’s greatest act of diplomacy was the creation of “Der Drei Kaisers Bund” among the imperial regimes of Germany, Austria-Hungary and Tsarist Russia. After Wilhelm rather unceremoniously sacked Bismarck affairs began to go to hell in a hand basket.

    Conniving as always under the regime of Rothschild agent Benjamin Disraeli, Britain began scheming with France to seduce Nicholas II of Russia’s government away from their natural allies and partly due to the intense Francophilia present in much of the Russian aristocracy and literati,the dirty deal got done. Ultimately, the breakup of the autocratic alliance opened the doors for the likes of Max Warburg in Germany to encourage Kaiser Wilhelm II’s militaristic pomposity to build up their fleet, Der Kriegsmarine, to rival that of Britain. This did not go over well with the British public and the French were still smarting over their humiliation by Prussia and its allies in 1870 and the clueless
    Russians allied up with those scheming bastards.

    Thus, by means of deception on the part of the minions of highest finance capital, the powder keg was in place. All it took at that point was a shooting in Sarajevo and the greatest catastrophe to strike Western Civilization was enabled. The Old World Order was taken down and the grundlage for the New World Order was set in place.

    • Agree: Alfred
  94. @Mefobills

    By calling them concentration camps you are just spreading the good ole msm propaganda.

    Regardless of their real objective.

    • Replies: @Mefobills
  95. Mefobills says:
    @Astuteobservor II

    It was a place to concentrate people and labor.

    • Troll: d dan
    • Replies: @Mefobills
  96. @Alfred

    I am glad that they favor Italian businesses and farmers, whether to the disadvantage of africans or not. Italy is a member of the EU and a kindred people of the other members; Africans are not.

    • Replies: @HeebHunter
    , @Alfred
  97. anon[327] • Disclaimer says:

    Those 11 US carrier task forces are in fact worthless.

    Excellent homeland for the Wandering Parasite.
    And salt is an excellent barrier.
    Put all 11 in the Dead Sea.

    A case can be made that the Renaissance, because of the plague, was delayed by a whole century
    What Renaissance could it be possibly delaying?

    Who cares?
    Delayed the likes of Gates, Schmidt, Swinewood,
    NSA and 8200, and America’s ADL-approved Democracy.

    Another renaissance would be more spyware, twerkart, empty mouthers,

  98. d dan says:

    “Yes the virus could have come from the US, but the US is not being accused”

    So the reason to investigate a country is based on whether someone accuse you – and not based on “probable” causes nor scientific data? Sounds like “solid” reasoning, no? Also, who said US is not being accused?

    “China is, at least [accused] by the US and Australia, …”

    So Australia, a country that relies a lot more on trades with China than Germany, has accused China. There goes you original stupid reasoning that Germany is a “neutral” country because she has balanced trades with both US and China.

    “China is, … under a cloud of suspicion by other countries.”

    So is US, and even more so – if you are not aware of it. Many countries (e.g. Japan, Korea…) refrain from voicing out because they don’t want to offend US. Others (e.g. Iran, Russia, China,…) are more outspoken or less subtle.

    “What better way to clear their name by inviting such an investigation, if they truly have nothing to hide? “

    Firstly, same reasoning applies to US – what better way to clear US name by inviting such an investigation, if US truly has nothing to hide? Secondly, as pointed out by another commenter (Iris), China has agreed to work with WHO to investigate the origin of Covid-19. What about US – oh, Trump decides to quit WHO – what a convenient “coincidence”? Thirdly, it is the “investigator” that people are objecting, not the investigation.

    “Even if turns out it did come from an accidental leak from the Wuhan lab, the German scientists could suggest ways of improvement so it never happens again. “

    Same applies to the hundreds of bioweapon labs throughout the world, ran by US Army, stationed in many badly managed, minimally supervised, corrupted and/or poor third world countries. Please tell which countries (US or China) needs “suggestions” of improvements?

    “By trying to “save face” as they always do, the CCP only invites more criticism and ill will.”

    This has nothing to do with “save face” – and if it is, it is most likely that US/Trump is the one trying to “save face” for their terrible handling of Covid-19 and for the election.

    Everyone in Unz can remain anonymous. By hiding under Anon handle, you choose not to reveal your comment history, and thus telling the readers you are not interested in serious debate and exchange. You lost 50% of your credibility before your very first “rebuttal”.

    Finally, you are obviously trolling – it is too easy to tell. And no, you are not going to start a “war” between German/European readers and Chinese readers here – most people here is smarter than you.

    • Thanks: dogbumbreath
  99. Mefobills says:
    @peter mcloughlin

    It is not a new Renaissance we have to look forward to, but a new Dark Age.

    The dark ages were because Rome turned into a creditor Oligarchy. Rome did not know how to release debts and prevent land from becoming polarized into creditor hands.

    Metal money was consecrated to the vaults, and land polarized into Latifundia. Serfs working on Feudal estates owed their masters tithes in the form of their produce, and not money – as the metal money had gone into hiding.

    Fourth crusades in 1203 sacked Constantinople and liberated tons of gold that had been consecrated to the vaults.

    Byznatium controlled the price of its gold coin by interdicting eastward flows of silver and westward flows of gold.

    Our Jewish Haiabaru Caravaneer friends were simultaneously taking usury on the exchange rate difference in India, where the gold silver ratio netted a 100% profit. The secret Jewish mechanism of usury was kept secret for almost a millennium.

    Bosporus crossing between east and west was where the gold was piling up, and this was liberated in the fourth crusades.

    It is also no accident that Mecca and Medina were entrepot cities on the Caravan routes, which is why the Jewish merchant always had a underhanded advantage over the native Arabs.

    About 100 years later in Italy (Venice sacked Constantinople) the Renaissance began. The Renaissance could not have happened without money to lubricate trade.

    Humans are pretty ignorant when it comes to monetary history, and why wouldn’t they be? They are taught a sanitized version of history that ignores the money.

    Finance Plutocracy (finance capital) today, is again attempting to enclose the lands in the form of corporate governance. Polarization is the transfer of life energy from permanent debtors to permanent creditors.

  100. utu says:

    Classical and neo-liberal economic theories describe the same reality and they are equally not wrong though the neo-liberal economic is mathematically more pure and thus simpler. The difference between them is in the merit function on which the economic systems operate. What parameters of the merit function are optimized and on what domain. In the case of neo-liberalism the domain of optimization is global and more parameters are free to use in search for the optimum while in classical economics the range of domain is restricted and some parameters are not free because they are controlled by extra-economic considerations including some that have origins in ethical values. In the end both optimizations produce different outcomes with different distribution of wealth and power. The wealthy get more rich in the neo-liberal economics so naturally they will support the neo-liberal method in running the economic system and because the neo-liberal system is simpler to comprehend as it has much smaller set of constrains that need to be justified outside of the relatively simple field of variational calculus it is easier to find supporters of it among the hoi-polloi like the libertarians who were propagandized with one of the most primitive memes humanity ever invented which is that liberty, no constrains is good in absolute sense and thus anything can be sacrificed for it. This naturally leads them to acting against their self-interest resembling those of some communist inmates of Gulags who rationalized that if only comrade Stalin knew the ‘mistakes’ of the system that put them into the Gulag would not have occurred. They could not get that the flaw was a feature just like poor libertarians do not get that w/o the government control they would be even worse off.

    Both Hudson and you mystify the problem too much and lose readers in too much nitty-gritty as well as in creating straw men like for instance the usury. The usury is unavoidable and inescapable. There alway will be the cost of money. Even Roman Catholic Church understood it and opted for setting limits on the interest rates rather than enforcing interest free lending. The so-called interest free lending in Islamic banking is just a semantic trick. The interest is in the fee.

  101. Mefobills says:

    There alway will be the cost of money. Even Roman Catholic Church understood it and opted for setting limits on the interest rates rather than enforcing interest free lending. The so-called interest free lending in Islamic banking is just a semantic trick. The interest is in the fee.

    Thanks for the thoughtful reply. Unfortunately we modern humans are not able to define our terms.

    Usury is not just interest on money. In Franklin’s Pennsylvania colony, they issued extra money so that the interest on loans could be made. They kept the loans on land to 8 years and collected the interest in a fee like way over time. This is not usurious, because the intent of the creditor (the state bank) was to improve the commons.

    Usury is a power relation.
    For example, in Ancient Venice if a Widow wanted a loan, she would be turned down. It was known that sharks would give a desperate widow money, then she wouldn’t be able to pay it back, nor the interest, and then soon she would lose her house and both she and her children would be on the streets.

    Another power usury relation: During harvest in ancient Greece, there would not be enough silver to pay for harvest, so Greek farmers desperately sold their wares cheap. Then they would not able to pay back their silver debts to the Jewish lenders, and their lives would be enslaved into the silver mines in Lydia.

    The Islamic Riba is the pursuit of exploitative gains, and this includes more than just interest on loans.

    Aristotle noticed the differences thousands of years ago. Cows would multiply by nature, but money doesn’t… it is sterile. You cannot get two coins to fornicate and make new coins, no matter how much you rub them together.

    It is humans who create wealth through their activity.

    Also, what is the cost of money in a banker hypothecation event? Let’s say you buy a house and over 30 years you pay 3X for said house. The banker only had to type up a debt contract and presto he created new bank credit from nothing. Was that worth your life energy … his few minutes of work?

    Banker has/had a money power relation over you.

    So, the cost of money argument is yet more deception foisted on the mind of modern humans. Today’s money is bank credit. When you pay back interest on your house loan, car loan, or whatever, it passes through your double entry ledger, and lands on the banker’s ledger as his profit.

    • Replies: @utu
  102. anon[102] • Disclaimer says:

    Armageddon’s teams seem to be getting aligned, getting ready to take the field. Be sure y0u have Christ.

  103. Mefobills says:

    This is for D Dan who somehow thinks I’m a troll by explaining how Concentration camps concentrate labor:

    Hitler was appalled at what the British had done during the Boer war, and hence the German concentration camps were places where people did not go to die.

    People graduated from the German camps.

    I also seriously doubt that the Chinese camps are where people go to die either.

    • Replies: @Astuteobservor II
  104. Jakamarra says:

    I used to consider Pepe one of my favourite geo-political analysts. I’ve come to realise he has a clear bias in favour of China and a socialist model and refuses to comment on what this China model would mean for the world. A global interconnected control and surveillance web that utilises all of China’s investments in AI supercomputing and tracking. China is moving us into an era of absolute authoritarian control that is great if you love to give away all your freedoms to the state. It all looks good on paper and will be extremely peaceful I’m sure. The world of trade will run oh so smoothly but don’t you dare think differently as the thought police will come for you. Don’t question anything and you will be fine… This Marxist model is being implemented in New Zealand and in some states of Australia right now particularly Victoria. It is being implemented under the cover of the Covid and let me tell you it is a nightmare. Pepe doesn’t mention that part of the equation.

    • Replies: @HeebHunter
  105. @Eugene Norman

    Nonsense. (Also: the ‘raw’ output number is a bad basis for comparison – better to use per capita output).

    For a start, the proximate cause of the Great Depression was the Smoot-Hawley Tariff, which crushed world trade – as very straightforward trade economics would predict.

    Tariffs cannot improve economic activity; all they can do is protect import-competing industries, which in turn raises the domestic cost of production (to the extent that import-competing inputs are part of the cost of production of domestic goods) and therefore raise the domestic price level.

    They are a net negative for productivity – import-competing industries that require tariffs are a priori less productive than the foreign industries from whom they require protection (otherwise they would not need protecting). As inputs into domestic production, tariff-protected import-competing goods are more expensive, reducing operating surplus (i.e., value-added) in industries that use them and therefore putting downward pressure on measured productivity (value-added per worker-hour).

    So tariffs impoverish the citizenry – who pay higher prices for all goods, and suffer lower aggregate wages (through lower aggregate productivity) – but they enrich unproductive import-competers, who are a concentrated group able to buy political clout. That is why tariffs exist: they focus benefits to a key political constituency, and the costs imposed on the economy are diffuse and difficult for the layman to notice.

    Tariffs coincided with, but did not cause, the rapid economic growth in the US that happened after WWII.

    Australia was also a high-tariff economy – right up until the mid-90s: the think-tank I was at in the 90s led the charge in making the economic case for tariff abolition during the 80s and 90s. The populace now understands that “protect the car industry” is code for “give carmakers more money and make cars more expensive for consumers” (they never quite grasp that protectionism makes everything more expensive).

    Anyhow… as to the actual reason that the US leapfrogged the UK and the rest of Western Europe: there are two primary causes – the massive drain on UK public finances because of war debt; and the US becoming the world currency for the pricing of key commodities (most prominently, oil and gold).

    The US getting key commodities priced in its currency made USD the de facto global reserve[1], which meant that everyone had to run trade surpluses with the US in order to obtain sufficient USD for reserve purposes. So USD was inherently stronger than ‘pure’ economic differentials would dictate.

    The fact that the US capital stock survived WWII virtually unscathed, and that it lent vast amounts to the UK and France in both WWI and WWII, was also a plus for the US economy. During WWII, UK government debt expanded 14-fold, and debt repayments consumed 50% of all government revenue (and put upward pressure on tax rates – stifling the private sector): the UK had domestic rationing until 1955 because of their warmongering fucktardery.

    The US had a post-WWII population about the same as the sum of any two of the UK, France and Germany, which would have helped the ‘raw’ number even if relative productivity and capital-intensivity were the same – which is why per capita is more useful.

    The ‘free market’ didn’t kill British industry: government intervention did.

    First, by killing off roughly 6% and 3% of their adult males in WWI and WWII (respectively) didn’t help for labour force demographics (or capital formation).

    Expanding the level of government interference in the economy from 7% before WWI, to more than 33% for every year since 1956 (and higher during the wars) was far worse though.

    If government is 33% of the economy and the budget is balanced then government must take 50% of all private sector income to pay for itself. That is a gigantic disincentive to capital formation and enterprise – it’s a much larger negative than international competition.

    If government doesn’t tax the private sector enough to pay for the government budget, it must accumulate debt – which is repayable at positive real interest rates.

    This means that the share of future income required to achieve balance will be commensurately higher, since it will include current budget cost, plus a growing interest expense generated by all accumulated debt. That’s not a good thing for the yield curve – growing government debt tends to increase long-term interest rates (or did until everyone lost their fucking minds in the late 1990s), and since the government bond curve is the anchor for corporate debt, firms find it harder to finance projects.

    If you add in stupid government shit like trying to ‘pick winners’ by favouring some non-comparative-advantage sectors – and the waste and bureaucratisation that ensues – it just adds icing to the “It’s basically government’s fault” cake.

    ① the US rise to per-capita pre-eminence had fuck-all to do with tariffs, and everything to do with being ‘last man standing’ after (WWI and) WWII;
    ② UK industrial hollowing-out had fuck-all to do with ‘free markets‘ and a lot to do with the massive fiscal burden accumulated by the UK a a result of its two stupid wars, and its subsequent economic dynamics.

    There is a great deal of ruin in a nation (as The Master once quipped), but waging war is a quick way to introduce dynamics which will exhaust the nation’s capacity to produce.

    [1] Prior to WWII the UK had been the primary beneficiary of reserve status – which is a good part of the reason it was the pack leader for output per capita until WWI (by the end of WWI it was fiscally fucked and had screwed up its national capital allocation for 3 generations, participating in a navy-building spree in competition with France and Germany, and to a lesser extent the US). As a result of the pound being a key clearing currency for trade, the US had to tend to traded-goods surplus with the UK, which meant that the USD was undervalued relative to a non-reserve schema. The opposite is true now (i.e., USD is overvalued relative to all sensible equilibrium concepts).

    • Replies: @Astuteobservor II
    , @utu
  106. Iva says:

    The US went to Ukraine to steal their gold. After gold was loaded on an unmarked plane Ukraine stopped matter.

  107. Ugetit says:
    @Ilya G Poimandres

    US needs to show the way and adopt the Swiss (Athenian) model of democracy…

    Athenian democracy only works for small groups consisting of intelligent, moral and responsible persons, and even then it has only a small chance of lasting very long. In the rather populous US, the people are generally ignorant, degenerate, and irresponsible and that includes, especially, the “elite.”

    So forget about “Athenian democracy” happening any time soon.

  108. @RadicalCenter

    Those same subsidizers and the subsidized are the lot who pushed for the import of savages into Europe, you git.

    • Thanks: Alfred
    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  109. @Jakamarra

    You are such a laughble goy it is almost heart breaking instead of being amusing.
    Do you really think China is the forefront in the brutal methods you just mentioned? Do you really think this isn’t the reality in the west right now?
    Me thins that the average Westerner is literally more retarded than a subsaharan Black at this point.

    • Replies: @Jakamarra
  110. anon[373] • Disclaimer says:

    Backdoor intel discussions made it very clear to German industrialists that if Germany would ever lose its Russian source of oil and natural gas, coupled with the Strait of Hormuz shut down by Iran in the event of an American attack, the German economy might simply collapse.

    But windmills and solar cells from green energy will supply all the power Germany needs. Al Gore, Greta, and AOC said so. Settled science.

    In parallel, there’s a serious debate in Moscow that Russia should proceed along the same path. As an analyst puts it, “Russia should not import anything but technologies it needs until it can create them themselves and export only the oil and gas that is required to pay for imports that should be severely restricted.

    As far as business goes, the UN principles that yielded the new ratings of ESG (environmental, social, governance) will keep all these dealings transparent and squeaky-clean for the world markets. Just more ways to invest for your IRA.

    /sarc off/
    Actually your article is very interesting, thanks.

  111. @Iris

    Looking for footprints in the bottom of Mud creek?

  112. @Mefobills

    Like I stated. It doesn’t matter what you think or what it truly means. It matters that in the current state of affairs, it means nazi concentration camps.

    Don’t spread msm propaganda, unless that is your goal.

    • Agree: d dan
    • Replies: @Mefobills
    , @Badger Down
  113. utu says:

    Just a list of talking points consisting of some facts, rhetorical arguments and some demagoguery. This is the problem with the Trotskyist Hudson and you. All the points in your litany can be resolved to your satisfaction only in a global communist system that even Stalin and Trotsky did not dream about. This is the reason you guys will never get traction expect for among the ignorant hoi-polloi susceptible to demagoguery. Do you guys really want to try another Trotsky and Stalin experiment?

    The power relations can’t never be eliminated completely. They can be controlled and limited. But calling them usury is doing a great disservice to your arguments because usury is just lending on interest not even an excessive interest. And yes, lending money is power relation between those who have and those who have it not and this will never be abolished outside of your Trotsky-Stalin utopia.

    People are willing to pay 3X the purchase price of their house in 30 years because otherwise they would not be able to purchase houses at all or it would take them 10-20 years to save for the cash price. In Soviet Union people waited for apartments 10-20 or more years while in the meantime they were living in shared apartments with their parents, grandparent and neighbors who used the same bathroom and kitchen.

    While gold does not breed like cows there are miners of gold and silver who increase the amount of gold and silver which allows them to purchase extra cows that farmers bred so farmers can pay off their debt. The money for interest payment in the fiat money system comes from other loans by other people and from defaulted loans. This is a dynamic system that requires new players to enter to sustain it but there is nothing wrong with it.

    What difference does it make whether it is a private bank or government that makes credit from nothing. When Soviet Union decided to build a great dam on some Siberian river or nuclear plant it created a credit from nothing that resulted in moving of tens of thousand of workers to Siberia with promises of a better life while people left behind lived in the same crappy quarters. Talking about power relation.

    • Replies: @Mefobills
  114. US is toast. No way we can ever compete with the Chicoms. We’re bombing, dividing looting and destroying while the Chinese are cooperating investing and building.

    China punishes corruption and crime, America rewards it. All the same corrupt bad actors that are responsible for running ourr country into the ground, still being appointed by Trump and will be by Biden as well. In China the likes of Lloyd Blankfein and Steve Mnuchin would have been put to death or at least sent to prison for life, here they’re allowed to continue to fuck us over.

    Every institution is corrupt including the courts regulators and military. Thats a death sentence for a nation as far as I can tell.

    I was watching this video of Chinese school kids the other day, I’ll post it below for anyone that hasn’t seen it. It pretty much explains why they’re going to win, and we’re going to lose. These kids we’re all working together, cooperating, working as a collective. Here in ‘Merica kids are playing games like dodgeball, the goal being to knock the piss out of everyone else till you’re the last standing, individualism. No wonder our society is collapsing.

    Half the population hates the other half, and its all by design. The media and pols keep everyone at each others throats to protect their owners hold on power. The constant partisanship and divisiveness, for nothing more than to maintain their own privilege, keep the people fighting each other instead of coming for their scalps. You cannot have a successful or even normal society living this way.

    Our own govt, elites and intel agencies responsible for trafficking drugs into the country, handing out guns, destroying communities. Big Pharma pushing drugs that turn people into lunatics and zombies. The goddamn food and water is toxic. Go look at some of the porn out there on the internet, the music and movies. College kids prostituting themselves to pay for school. This is all poison on society.

    This is a failed state, a country that can’t even provide the basic necessities for its citizens. Millions of homeless. 3rd world “healthcare system” that most can’t afford. Millions in the gulag. Everything costs too damn much. Can’t even deal with a virus the rest of the world beat pretty easily. Don’t manufacture anytthing anymore except weapons of war. Our political and ruling class nothing more than a mafia organization.

    I could go on. The system has failed. Anyway here the video if you hadn’t seen it

    • Agree: Iris, Tom Welsh
  115. Jakamarra says:

    China’s investment in AI is at forefront of the surveillance nightmare that is being implemented with the help of Israel and their security intelligence apparatus. Your Marxist (watered down Talmud) poison is a threat to the world and needs to be exposed just like the Capitalist ‘Hegemon’ needs to be exposed. We know quite well who is behind both demented ideologies..

  116. @76239

    Who are you addressing your points to? You’re attacking a straw man. Nobody is saying these countries should make everything themselves. They are saying they should make those things that are *essential for their national security* themselves.

  117. Alfred says:

    Italy is a member of the EU

    If you think that the EU likes Europeans so much, why are they punishing countries like Poland and Hungary that want to keep non-Europeans out?

    You are sorely deluded my dear friend. The EU is the greatest threat to ethnic Europeans.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  118. utu says:

    Alexander Hamilton and Friedrich List disagree. And Portugal from David Ricardo example also disagree. The comparative advantage theory and argument are static in nature while the real world is always dynamic. The weaker countries want to compete with stronger countries while the stronger countries want to keep the status quo. They wanted to keep Portugal with its wine and cork while preventing Portugal from building steam engines. David Ricardo was ‘court economist’ that served the British Empire while Hamilton and List saw through it and realized that going against dogmas of Ricardo would serve their countries better. By rejecting David Ricardo both the US and Germany in 19th century were able to catch up with the UK.

    • Agree: Mefobills
  119. @RichardTaylor

    Apparently not.

    “Angela Merkel says she would let a million migrants into Germany again in similar circumstances when asked if she regretted opening borders in 2015”


  120. @76239

    “Its the iron law of comparative advantage.”

    ohh, for Chrissakes!!!

    You do know that the theory of Comparative Advantage was promulgated by the leading trading nation at the time – Britain, right?

    And you do know that the only reason Britain was the leading trading nation was that it had its Civil War and Industrial Revolution before other countries, right?

    IOW its advantage was political – not economic!

    And you do know that the leading economic competitors to the UK: France, Germany, US and more recently Japan all developed their economies behind trade barriers – quotas, tariffs, and subsidies, right?

    • Agree: Alfred
    • Disagree: Mefobills
    • Replies: @Mefobills
  121. @Anon

    Just so you know, Germany has been an occupied nation since 1945.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  122. @Zarathustra

    “Trading in manufactured gods”
    I’ll buy that!

  123. Alden says:
    @Really No Shit

    I agree. It’s none of my business what Germany, Russia and China do, but why would prosperous, reasonably well organized, Germany and China want to get involved with the corrupt disorganized failing economy that is Russia?

    About the only thing Russia manufactures well is military things. Before 1917 it was the breadbasket of Europe for centuries. It’s at least feeding its people, but there’s not much surplus.

    Putin probably wants to parasite off prosperous China. China probably wants to colonize eastern Russia. None of my or the USA’s business.

  124. @Alden

    China and Russia hug each other to fend off the biting cold. Winter is coming. White walkers are at the gates: Taiwan, South China Sea, the Ukraine, Belarus. The Night’s King, for all its domestic shitshow, is truly terrifying, because it is crazy.
    In general, Chinese and Russian do not like each other. Their cultures and values are too different. But each country looks just dreamy in the eyes of the other, in contrast with the Night’s King, who is constantly hawling, probing, cursing, throwing tantrums and threatening to TURN YOU ALL.
    Maybe some peoples want to be turned. They are already in zombieland, so why not. But Chinese and Russian don’t. This simple truth seems extremely hard to get across to the average American. That is the mortal sin of American Exceptionalism. “we are the envy of the world”.To my knowledge, only two countries in the modern world use that as the official line. USA and North Korea.
    Allow me to correct a common misunderstanding of China/Russia dynamics in Western minds. China DOES NOT want to colonize Russian Far East. I did not say “Chinese”, because there are enough butthurt Chinese internet warriors crying for it, for whatever psych reason. But the collective action speaks otherwise. In fact, the Chinese Notheast (formerly known as Manchuria) has been in serious depopulation for the last two decades, despite state efforts to stem it. Reasons? Chinese hate cold weather. People breed poorly in cold places. Chinese Notheast is socially stagnant, young people can’t bear it and run south.
    The point is, Chinese are depopulating a huge area south of Russian Far East, within their own country with much better infrastucture. Try talk them to go farther north across the boarder, into the jaws of suspicious Russians.

  125. glib says:

    I can only spend my other daily comment (I am in Unz’ doghouse, and my buttons are frozen) to thank you for such illuminating posts.

    • Thanks: Mefobills
  126. Anybody who bets on Germany is bound to lose his stakes. It is no longer the tough nation of soldiers and engineers that scared the world in the 20th century, but an effete bunch of gays and cringing hipsters who call Merkel “Mutti” (momma) and are trying to dismantle their own economy faster than it can be destroyed by crises; the reason why there is no BLM nonsense in the Feral Republic is that Antifa and their chimpanzee clientele are being force-fed at the taxpayers’ costs, getting all and even more for free (probably mostly for the purpose of satisfying the German females, most of which are more unconditional congoid-lovers than Desdemona ever was). The only thing currently worse in Germany than its economy is education, where in some of the States they have even abolished mathematics in elementary school in favour of “Sexual Diversity” as an actual subject. Trust me, I spent several decades there and left last year for a nice town in the Intermarium, without any intention of ever returning. Concomitantly, the Chinese are outpacing everybody else on the planet – comes as no surprise to me, I used to teach at one well-known university (STEM) some 20 years ago and was so impressed by the ability and commitment of my Chinese students that I started learning Mandarin.
    So I really do not think that any Chinese-Russian alliance will reach out to the west, or if it does, it probably will not invite Germany to join.

    • Replies: @Mefobills
    , @Tom Welsh
  127. Mefobills says:
    @Astuteobservor II

    Don’t complain unless you have a solution. What would you call them?

    • Replies: @d dan
  128. Mefobills says:

    The power relations can’t never be eliminated completely. They can be controlled and limited. But calling them usury is doing a great disservice to your arguments because usury is just lending on interest not even an excessive interest. And yes, lending money is power relation between those who have and those who have it not and this will never be abolished outside of your Trotsky-Stalin utopia.

    Usury is defined incorrectly by you, leading to faulty thinking.

    Controlling money by having the money Sovereign is not Trotsky-Stalin utopia. When Hudson describes the bronze age Temple Cults having mixed economy, is that Trotsky?

    Here is something I wrote on the Bank of Canada. Are you seriously going to say that Canada was a bad place, because it controlled its money and prevented usury? Also, if you read the article closely, you will see where I call their positive interest system NON USURIOUS.

    I already gave you the example of the Pennsylvania colony, which had interest and it was non usurious. Maybe Benjamin Franklin was really a Trotsky-Stalinist forerunner?

    Since you don’t have a decoder ring in you mind, the way to think about it is ask a simple question to yourself.

    Is the money supply pumped with extra “credit” or does it drain with interest?

    Once you can answer that question to yourself, then you are on your way. If the intent of the creditor is to grab the assets of the debtor by virtue of creditor power, then it is usurious.

    Franklin spent into the commons, improving said commons and hence labors ability to trade and become efficient; and the people then had extra money to pay back interest on their loans. There was interest on the loans, and the interest was held to not go exponential. Any extra interest collected by the bank above its costs, was recycled and channeled back into the commons. Taxes were LOWERED, as the money did not go to parasitic finance class.

    Schacht’s mefobills were not usurious and they had interest PAID, not collected. The holder of the bill, the longer they held it, was paid MORE. The money fluxed OUT of Reichsbank toward the holder. In other words, the money supply was pumped with extra credit, and was not drained.

    The money system gave life to the people, and did not dissipate them by draining their life energy toward a plutocratic creditor class.

    China with its state banks can release debts and do whatever the hell they want. They can give life or take it away. Privateers in almost all cases (really all cases) work to self aggrandize, so they take life away, something like a vampire.

    If Chinese leaders lose their mandate from heaven (meaning they start screwing the population) then there is a long tradition to remove them from power.

    • Replies: @Mefobills
  129. Mefobills says:

    Even wikipedia strangely enough gets it partly right:

    Usury (/ˈjuːʒəri/)[1][2] is the practice of making unethical or immoral monetary loans that unfairly enrich the lender. The term may be used in a moral sense—condemning, taking advantage of others’ misfortunes—or in a legal sense, where an interest rate is charged in excess of the maximum rate that is allowed by law. A loan may be considered usurious because of excessive or abusive interest rates or other factors defined by a nation’s laws. Someone who practices usury can be called a usurer, but in contemporary English may be called a loan shark.

    There is a long history of thought and scholarship on usury, especially with the Catholic Schoolmen. They even defined what kinds of loans can collect interest and which should not.

    Modern man has regressed because these concepts have been erased from his mind by changing language, by changing the meaning of words, or making the words fall into disuse.

  130. Herald says:

    New Zealand has now introduced “concentration camps” for all those who test positive for the coronavirus scamdemic.

    • Agree: Tom Welsh
    • LOL: Mefobills
  131. Mefobills says:
    @Onan the Barbarian

    So I really do not think that any Chinese-Russian alliance will reach out to the west, or if it does, it probably will not invite Germany to join.

    You may be right as German people have been beat down. Germany, if it flips would re-arrange the whole chessboard.

    If you think in terms of hundreds of years, like the Chinese do, then the German people can be revitalized.

    What are the strategic planners of Germany doing?

    1) They will getting their energy via Nord Stream 2.
    2) They are NOT buying F-35’s.
    3) Germany has not been paying full freight for its NATO membership.
    4) Many Germans are waking up to the idea that they were the victims in WW2, not the aggressors.

    • Replies: @Onan the Barbarian
  132. d dan says:

    “Don’t complain unless you have a solution. What would you call them?”

    “Training school”, “adult education center”, “vocational institute”, “job and social club”, “community cooperative”, “diversity and culture society”, … – do you really help?

    “Concentration camp?” Keep it for your own country.

    A disinterested neutral person would at minimum, respect what others like to call about things belonging to them. That is called courtesy. FYI:

    “A look at vocational education and training programs in Xinjiang”

  133. anon[544] • Disclaimer says:

    It would be easy enough to give Uighurs money to leave and go to Turkey.

    Why would China want to do that? And why Turkey? Turkey just extradited a few hundred Uyghurs to China not that long ago. Some of them fought alongside ISIS and believed they would be rewarded in heaven by killing Kafir /infidels.

    Would the US or the UK take them? China probably would be happy to send them. As far as I know, a few Uyghurs are still being held in Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp. (nice name, by the way, “Detention Camp”, not military prison as it should be called)

    Some people think Uyghurs are Turk, and some Turks dream about the revival of the Ottoman Empire and see Uyghurs as Turks. But Uyghurs are not Turks. There were no Uyghurs at the dawn of the 20th century, and they are not connected to any contemporary ethnic groups. Uyghurs are a relatively new group. Their language belongs to the Turkic group, and most of them are Muslim. That is the extent of the connection to Turkey.

    Xinjiang borders with Afghanistan. The CIA created Osama bin Laden and his group, more or less, to fight against the Soviets, and the US has been trying the same tactics against China. The US is winning the propaganda war as no country can match the US propaganda machine, but China is winning the war against terrorism. There has been no terrorist attacks in a couple of years.

    • Replies: @Mefobills
    , @ploni almoni
  134. Mefobills says:

    I would be doing the same as China. My advice to China’s leaders is to step up their game. Just by the mere offering of money to eject Uighurs flips the narrative from coercion to choice.

    Some countries will take them. Turkey is only an example. Also if Turkey doesn’t take them it destroys the Muslim Brotherhood narrative.

    Ultimately the education camps will work. I’ll stop using concentration camp because of the negative image it conjures even though the German camps were positive.

    • Thanks: d dan
  135. @SteveK9

    America is a failed experiment as the enemy is inside. The Jews will destroy America through their useful idiots – the Blacks. It is the Jews who kept the Blacks down all these years by first importing them as slaves and then, after emancipation, kept down through the KKK et al as cheap labour, all the while blaming the WASPs.


  136. @Alden

    By any definition, Russia is far from a failing economy. True, it isn’t as good as China’s, but, doing much better than the US, which in the proverbial handbasket headed off to you know where!

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
  137. Tom Welsh says:
    @Mitchell Porter

    Apologies for my assumption that you were from the USA, and my rather rude tone. US imperialism makes me very angry, and I don’t always manage to remaine urbane.

    I enjoyed your calm and objective reply; thanks very much. But I don’t see why the German people cannot – with sufficient desire and effort – free themselves from US control. They have to assert themselves, and if paid traitors get in the way, prosecute and punish them for treason.

  138. Tom Welsh says:
    @Onan the Barbarian

    As far as I know, Germans who call Frau Merkel “Mutti” are using sarcasm.

  139. Tom Welsh says:

    “Athenian democracy only works for small groups consisting of intelligent, moral and responsible persons…”

    Which is why it failed so catastrophically in classical Athens.

    • Replies: @Ilya G Poimandres
  140. Art says:

    America cannot win at geopolitical gamesmanship.

    There is no question, but that Germany, Russia, and China are led by national innate patriates. They have serious leaders that guide and lead serious nations.

    Not so with America. Our nation is being led by another nation — Israel.

    “We the People” do not have a chance for a successful geopolitical future – PERIOD!

    Jews run America for their tribe.

  141. @Carlton Meyer

    Erdogan seems too volatile and unhinged to be anybody’s ally, but besides that, great points and thank you!

  142. @Kratoklastes

    Tldr? Coming from You?

    Here’s one for you then: intelligent, yet idiot. Should be the motto of all libertarians.

  143. @utu

    As always, a disgusting troll. Thanks for reminding me to put you on the ignore list.

  144. @ChiNoneCom

    You take Zionist trolls too seriously. Don’t waste energy on anons whose only purpose is to waste your energy.

  145. Mefobills says:
    @Patagonia Man

    I meant agree. Agree. Thanks.

  146. @76239

    In theory you are correct… But the issue is the United States seeks to control the entire world economy. Like “the beast of Revelation” is seeks to control who can buy and sell what to whom… So unfortunately – countries not willing to bow to the US have to try to become as self sufficient as possible.

  147. @Kratoklastes

    But that doesn’t make sense since the US is trying to shut out Russia and China as much as possible and strangle their economies

  148. @HeebHunter

    Not sure what that has to do with my comment, although I am oh so hurt and embarassed by your prissy little old man insult “you git.” Or are you from formerly-great formerly-britain and that is what your overblown bucktoothed ugly tiny dying financier-worshipping muslim-colonized nation considers a rough putdown?

    Read my comments, and you will readily know that I despise anyone who has enabled, funded, excused the immivasion of italy, germany, and my other ancestral countries in europe, as well as that shitty rainy overrated little island. That includes the traitors in the EU and US and “UK” governments, the Vatican and Roman Homosexualic Church, the whole lot of them.

    If the EU is to subsidize or favor anyone, should it be fellow europeans and EU members or should it be nonEuropeans and non-EU members? It would seem we would agree on this question if you are not too dim to grasp it.

    Now GIT.

  149. @Alfred

    I agree. Any country that wishes to survive needs to exit the EU and completely close its borders to african, arab, and muslim immigration ASAP.

    While the EU exists, however, if it subsidizes any business or person, it should subsidize italians and other europeans rather than africans. Pointless, of course, if one lets africans and other incompatible or hostile or uncivilized people settle in europe so much that they wreck and take it over from the inside. We are in agreement.

    • Replies: @Alfred
  150. @Patagonia Man

    True. And soon they will transition from US occupation to nonEuropean-Muslim colonization. What progress.

  151. @Alden

    There are plenty of problems with Russia’s economy, demographics, and culture without inventing our own “facts.”

    Who was the top exporter of grain in the world in 2019, edging out the usa?
    “Not much surplus” indeed.

    In other agricultural products, Russia is indeed not yet a major exporter. But they have a vast reserve of open land, including fertile farmable land and land for slaughter animals, in absolute terms and relative to their small population. They would seem to have much more potential for sustainable increased ag exports than overcrowded polluted China, terribly overcrowded and still worsening India, and increasingly economically, socially, and infrastructure-strained and coastally crowded US. There will be many hundreds of millions of people in China, India, and Africa who will be competing to buy the food they need to survive from Russia.

    Russia is also at the top in designing, manufacturing, and selling nuclear-energy equipment, while unrealistic fools in places like Germany and California are harming their industries and their people’s standard of living by both closing nuke power plants and disfavoring fossil fuels in favor of alternative sources that are useful but grossly inadequate on their own (solar and wind).

    But it’s true that Russia cannot compete with the USA in exporting homosexual deviancy, mental illness and self-mutilation (“transgenderism”), and embarassing levels of Negro worship and self-abasement.

    • Replies: @showmethereal
  152. @Mefobills

    Silicon Valley is known as the start up capital. NY has become the second such center… But here is the thing – China now has more valuable start ups than the US. So how does that square with your comment??? Seems China doesn’t need a Stamford.

    • Agree: Mary Marianne
    • Replies: @Mefobills
  153. Tom Welsh says:

    “According to the Western MSM, the Chinese are committing genocide in Xinjiang”.

    I suppose that might be of concern to anyone foolish enough to read the Western MSM. I never do. There is more than enough interesting and fairly honest material on the Web to keep one busy 24 hours a day.

    Why waste time to pollute one’s mind with dishonest propaganda?

  154. Mefobills says:

    So how does that square with your comment??? Seems China doesn’t need a Stamford.

    My comment is that you need government to pump prime the process. Government is the fourth factor of production.

    If China cannot duplicate the model, that is on them.

    But, apparently China can duplicate the model, and it is diffused (not just in one area of the country).

    If you read my comment history, I make it very clear that China is Industrial Capitalist, which is the American System.

    America has always been at war with itself. American System vs Jewish/British. The pumping of Treasury money (with deficit spending) into Research Colleges goes back almost to Alexander Hamilton… or the American System. The idea is to use state credit to improve a countries technical and scientific base, and hence multiply the labor value of the population.

    The U.S. started out with Public colleges that were a low cost subsidized education, it had public water, public libraries, postal roads (to get mail to people) and so on… the idea was to have high quality labor so they could compete with anybody. America didn’t want Coolie labor. Production was to be improved with mind, matter, and machine.

    Of course, things are reversed now. American’s are becoming coolie labor while China improves their mind, matter, and machines.

    Finance Capital has their favorite colleges, places like Harvard where students make personal connections to then be connected to wall street and “international finance” i.e. Jewish/British system.

  155. @Erebus

    I think it kind of depends on how large your country. China is large enough that it can play-pretend that each province is its own “country”, and each province can then specialize in its own best industries. Guangzhou specializes in consumer electronics, another province might specialize in developing automobiles, trains and/or airplanes; the south specializes in rice farming, northern provinces specialize in wheat farming; etc. Collectively, all these very diverse specialized provinces make it so that China produces most things in-house like an “autarky”.

    But that’s not a model North Korea can copy and still become rich on, because North Korea is comparatively tiny. I mean, what are they going to do? Have only 10 people work in every single industry they need to be “self-sufficient” in? Not every 10-people team will be made up of geniuses that can design and build AI-controlled machines to do the job for them.

  156. @ChiNoneCom

    Chinese people don’t hate Russians. In fact, they have quite a bit of respect and affection for them, historical grievances notwithstanding. The Chinese remember and are grateful for the helping hand the Russians gave them when they were starting out with their industrialisation, and they think Russian women are beautiful. And now, the Chinese understand that their future is heavily dependent on Russia because without its cooperation China’s long-term security cannot be achieved.

    • Agree: showmethereal
  157. @Mefobills

    By 2030, 2040 the German people will have ceased to exist as a distinct ethnical entity, so whatever they are now planning or waking up to will be meaningless – imported Afrabians are easily outbreeding them, with more than 50% of children currently being born in the FRG already having “Subsaharan or Oriental background”. Hence, educated Germans are leaving in droves for Eastern Europe because they do not want their children and grandchildren being force-compacted with the violent morons from the “sun countries” (the Germany school system is overwhelmingly public, and many of the few existing private schools are run by sectarian cranks, so they are no alternative either). The remainders will be quickly absorbed; low-IQ girls in particular are very much attracted to congoid goofs and oriental knifeslingers. If some future government had the guts to correct this and start sending the chimps home, this would immediately be classified as genocide by the UNO. In either case, the French will be drinking to the final demise of their ancient enemies until they realize that for more than half a century their preposterous “grand nation” had been running on German money, and that the chimps will take la belle France next.
    So I expect that the Chinese will consider Germany in its current state a poisoned bait which they are not going to swallow. They are having enough troubles of their own with Uighurian would-be jihadists. Maybe some day after 2040, 2050 they will come to the European Darfur then left of Germany and start doing things their way, as in Africa. As you said, they are planning in centuries.

    • Agree: Mefobills
  158. @RadicalCenter

    In the past few weeks China and Russia announced they began their year of joint scientific discovery…. One other thing they announced was research soybeans and grains…. The inference being they would work together to secure a stable supply of Russian soybeans and higher yields to China. One thing though – it’s not pollution in China – it’s the water. They don’t want to grow things that require a lot of water.

    • Agree: d dan
  159. Miville says:

    I am fed up with America indulging in comparisons with Athens or Rome. America has no nobility, nor of blood, nor of character, nor of ambition. America is Carthage : like Carthage, it has no art worthy to be called such, no literature, no civilization worthy of the name. Like Carthage it is governed by the judicial branch of power and by billionaires currying for the favor of the greater number of citizens having been made such as mercenaries after having immigrated at the highest bidder’s behest. Like Carthage it had no forum, no agora, but rather a walled stock exchange street, the Byrsa. America is waiting for a four century long decadence hoping to finish as the new Rome but the Scipio to come is what it will face, not what it once had. Last but not least America is an essentially Semitic creation.

  160. map says:

    No, you don’t understand what comparative advantage is. You’ve described a “competitive advantage.”

    Competitive advantage is: “I am the best tailor and you are the best baker. I focus on making clothes and you focus on making bread. I can then exchange my clothes for your bread.”

    That is not an interesting question.

    Comparative advantage is: “I am the best baker and the best tailor. Does it still make sense to trade?” To this theory, the answer is yes, if you can focus on that activity that makes you the most money. If baking makes more than tailoring, then give up the tailoring business and focus on baking, even if it means the bread you buy is not as good as what you make.

    The problem is, comparative advantage does not work. Say you shut down the tailoring business. That means there is one less tailor and all the people that work for you have to find work within a smaller tailoring pool of companies. This lowers wages and work opportunities.

    Look at the problem with scale. Comparative advantage means whole swaths of your population is unemployed, underemployed and earning far less money. The industries that were shuttered did not result in people working better jobs at all. What they are trained in disappears, and they cannot be easily trained in something else. The result is the massive losses we’ve seen as a result of these theories.

    Remember, these theories were built when the British Empire ruled half the planet, and whatever trade happened occurred under one sovereign flag run by the East India Company. Free Trade under a multitude of sovereigns is impossible since each government can use power to tilt the trading arrangement in its own favor. What they are “best at” is simply a matter of subsidizing at the expense of any private entity stupid enough to compete with the state. You would need your entire unemployed population to move to the growing country just to find work, which puts pressure on that country’s own workers. Basically, mass migration through economics instead of war. It’s all nonsense.

    • Thanks: utu
    • Replies: @denk
  161. Alfred says:

    We are in agreement.

    Thank you. But why do you think the Africans and others are coming to Europe. Don’t you also agree that if they thought that they had a future in their own countries that they would remain?

    What I am trying to say is that stopping Africans from making even the simplest of things is a sure way of encouraging emigration to Europe.

  162. I came across this piece recently:

    A recent article in the South China Morning Post posited that “[c]racks are opening in the Russia-China relationship.” Indeed, the list of differences between Moscow and Beijing has grown significantly in the past few months.

    First, the commemoration of the 160th anniversary of Vladivostok was taken as an affront to China, as the city is the capital of the region annexed by the Russian Empire in 1860 after China lost the Second Opium War. Second, Russia signed an arms deal with India shortly after New Delhi and Beijing entered a military confrontation along their disputed border in the Himalayas. In the meantime, China still awaits delivery of its S-400 anti-aircraft missile-system, which was first “delayed” due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic but then labelled “suspended” by Moscow.

    Yet, the most significant of these cracks is the suggestion, allegedly from New Delhi, that Russia could join the U.S.-led Indo-Pacific grouping, something that – according to SCMP’s Maria Siow – is perceived by Chinese commentators as a “betrayal of China” and an “idea as explosive as asking Russia to join NATO.”

    • Replies: @Showmethereal
    , @denk
  163. antibeast says:

    Below link is how the Stanford cycle came about, and quele surprise! government was involved as the fourth factor of production. Hewlett and Packard were instrumental in putting together the cycle.

    The initial impetus for the creation of Silicon Valley came from US government funding of the US Space industry as well as the US Defense industry. However, it was only after Wall Street financiers had established Venture Capital firms on Sand Hill Rd. that Silicon Valley took off.

    If China cannot replicate the success, it is because Chinese students may not be as smart and innovative as their IQ would lead one to believe. Or, the Chinese government is missing some key understanding. IQ’s are only an indicator of intellect, but there are other factors going on regarding human intelligence and creativity.

    IQ has nothing to do with Silicon Valley. New York has Columbia University, Boston has MIT and Harvard while LA has Caltech, but none of them turned into Silicon Valley which had Stanford. Besides, UC Berkeley and the other UC schools are world-class Universities with tons of US government-funded scientific research but none of them turned into Silicon Valley either. The key difference is the presence of Wall Street-financed Venture Capital firms on Sand Hill Rd. that has succeeded in attracting hi-tech entrepreneurs from all over the world to Silicon Valley unlike the other centers of scientific research and academic excellence in the USA.

    Without Capital (with a capital “C”), nobody — no matter how intelligent — can succeed in the world of high-technology which feeds off billions of VC money. And the people with Capital are those Venture Capital firms on Sand Hill Rd. run by Stanford/Harvard MBAs with ties to Wall Street globalist elites.

    If the U.S. returned to the American System of Economy, there would soon be ASS KICKING with rising standard of living, and other countries wouldn’t know what to think. The human capital of America is just fine, and does not need to import people from anywhere. The land mass of North America has all it needs. White people produce a significant high IQ fraction; a fraction which is responsible for pushing technology and science.

    The 20th century American System of Economy was based on heavy manufacturing industries which are dependent on labor, energy and raw materials. But that kind of economy will no longer work for the USA in the 21st century due to high costs of labor, taxes, health insurance, regulatory compliance, etc. The only comparative advantage are land and energy which are relatively abundant in the USA.

    Who cares about how good Chinese students are, it is irrelevant. The big problem is that America converted to the British/Jewish system and this has made the country malfunction, and in a way the founders never intended. The founders also never intended a universal suffrage democracy where wymmn vote with their feeeelings.

    Silicon Valley succeeded due to Sand Hill Rd. venture capital and Wall Street finance capital without which the likes of Apple, Cisco, Intel, Facebook, Google, HP, Oracle, etc. wouldn’t have prospered. China’s problem was the lack of Capital for hi-tech entrepreneurs which is why a large number of Chinese tech entrepreneurs like Pony Ma, Jack Ma, etc. got funding from foreign VC firms. But that has changed as China now wants to bet the farm on technology industries while relocating its manufacturing industries to lower-cost developing countries all over the world. This was partly the impetus behind the BRI because those developing countries don’t have the infrastructure to support manufacturing industries which took China decades to build. There’s a lot of talk about India replacing China as the global manufacturing hub but Indians simply don’t have the physical infrastructure, industrial supply-chain, technical workforce and administrative capacity to support large-scale manufacturing industries.

    There is a false misconception that China’s GDP is dependent on manufacturing goods for export to the USA. That proportion reach its peak in 2007 right before the Global Financial Crisis of 2008 which forced China to restructure its economy away from low-cost manufacturing industries to high-value technology and service industries. Since then, only 2-3% of China’s GDP consists of manufactured goods to the USA, of which some 60% of that being US or other foreign-branded goods, leaving only 1% of China’s GDP as exports of Chinese goods to the USA.

    During the last ten years, China has already restructured its economy for more technology and services industries and less export manufacturing industries which are being relocated to all parts of the world. Instead of manufacturing, China is investing heavily in technology and services industries, from both the State as well as the private sector. Those days of sweatshop factories such as knitting sweaters or assembling goods and smokestack industries such as steel mills or aluminum smelting — the kind of industries that Trump wants for America — is gone for good in China.

    • Thanks: dogbumbreath
  164. @Anon

    Yep. Looks like you’re right.

    • Replies: @Showmethereal
  165. @Alfred

    British policy was free trade. Egyptian cottons could be sold on in London on the same terms as Indian (high end hand made) and Manchester (heavier, machine made) cottons.

  166. @Ugetit

    I think there needs to be a balance – elected representatives have the power to create or strike laws, but the citizenry should have the power to reverse those laws.

    No more. Direct democracy alone is a tyranny of chaos – a society needs a directing mind, which Parliament etc embodies. But the people have a right not to be oppressed by laws they don’t agree with.

  167. @Tom Welsh

    Yeah, but that’s like saying the Newcommen engine failed, so damn all industrial progress! Athenian democracy was version 1.0, the first attempt. The Swiss are really the second attempt – and they have prospered (even before that infamous ‘Nazi gold’!).

    It makes sense that the body (citizenry) and head (elites) within society have a direct line to each other. Not a one way line like with direct democracy where the tail wags the head, or with any elite tyranny (including representative democracy) where the head wags the tail – but a dependent relationship, where both parties have some say.

    • Replies: @Tom Welsh
  168. GuestAug says:
    @the cleaner

    Rapid ecological collapse is imminent.

    I think at least the Chinese are quite aware of this. That is why the the Communist Party has a MODERATELY prosperous society as its goal, which is a polite way of saying that an infinite economic growth on a finite planet, as pursued by the Anglo/American empire, is an insanity.

    And if Pepe is correct regarding Putin’s plan to export the bare minimum of carbon-based energy, they might understand that too. Although they probably would not mind a bit of global warming if it makes Siberia a more livable piece of real estate.

    • Replies: @Showmethereal
  169. @Obsequious

    SCMP is a British and US aligned news team. The Diplomat is Japan and India. So in other words – neither publication is kind to China nor Russia. They are projecting what they hope to happen.

    • Replies: @Obsequious
    , @Erebus
  170. @GuestAug

    Indeed. That is also why they emphasize the real exonomy over the financial economy. Their stock market rules were recently loosemed but were very strict. For instance – until very recently a start uphad to already show profits before filing an IPO… But lomg story short yes they realize quarter by quarter growth is not how companies should run. It is not sustainable.

  171. @Godfree Roberts

    Very interesting… Where did you find those rankings?

    • Replies: @Godfree Roberts
  172. denk says:

    Russia could join the U.S.-led Indo-Pacific grouping, something that – according to SCMP’s Maria Siow – is perceived by Chinese commentators as a “betrayal of China”

    If Russia joins the Indo-Pac group, it’d be a betrayal of China.

    Would PUtin repeat the folly of GOrbachev Yeltsin ?

    Fool me once…..

    • Replies: @Erebus
  173. denk says:

    IM still waiting for you to back up this bombshell

    YES !
    China supplies AK47 to the rioters who kill whites

    • Replies: @denk
  174. denk says:
    @Really No Shit

    Russian love for good life, complete with vodka and women,

    it won’t be China-Russia combine against the US but it will be the American-Russian force against the belligerent China

    yoU’r anti-life
    UN Votes on prohibition of further development of WMD.

    and a gawd damned MCP to boot,
    UN votes on woman’s rights

    Why the fuck would the Russians have anything to do with a mofo like you ?

    • Replies: @Really No Shit
  175. @Showmethereal

    But isn’t it true, for example, that Russia has suspended delivery of the S-400 to China? I think the elements of conflict between Russia and China are real and they cast doubts on whether their strategic partnership is sustainable. One must remember that Russia has an interest in ensuring that China’s power is balanced out and that Russia doesn’t become a mere appendage to the Chinese hegemon.

    • Replies: @showmethereal
  176. Menes says: • Website

    I had always assumed these founders were graduates of top universities in the US then received their training in SV, like all top tech talents in the US, but turns out they are all graduates of unheralded universities in China and never worked in the US.

    It is very fortunate for China that it has such a deep bench of talent. Very interesting post. I had lazily assumed that both Tik Tok and Zoom had to be birthed in Silicon Valley by chinese entrepreneurs educated at Stanford. These apps have suddenly taken the world by storm.

  177. Erebus says:

    SCMP is a British and US aligned news team.

    For now, but that’s changing…

    SCMP was acquired by Alibaba Holdings, who’s slowly and subtly turning SCMP to a more balance outlook.

    • Replies: @showmethereal
  178. @denk

    Because, unlike you, who is a dirty yellow rat, the majorities in both, Russia and America, are White Christians and not dogs and cats munching, godless heathens. And besides, the God fearing Russians know all too well that you over-breeding, filthy pandas are waiting in the wings to crawl all over their underpopulated, unspoiled, beautiful land mass to get your greedy paws on the arctic circle… any other questions danky denk?

    • Troll: showmethereal
    • Replies: @denk
    , @denk
  179. Erebus says:

    If Russia joins the Indo-Pac group, it’d be a betrayal of China.

    It would indeed be, but one must keep in the forefront the overarching idea that nations have no friends. As the Russians are fond of saying: “Russia has but two allies, its Army and its Navy.”

    Nations have only interests and if the calculus of power being run at the Kremlin comes up “Indo-Pac”, the Kremlin by necessity must to go there.

    The world is turning from a hierarchy of nation-states to a multi-polar matrix of civilizational states, so there are compelling reasons for Russia to go that way. As the US dissolves into a rump US, Europe will be left floundering – devoid of direction, security, vision. Liberalism has reduced it to the civilizational equivalent of porridge, and multi-culturalism is taking it to zero. In such a circumstance, Russia floats to the top as as the most powerful single civilizational/national entity in what would still be an economically and militarily powerful block if the Kremlin could bring the rest of it onside and help Europe rekindle its European-ness.

    As luck would have it, to that end, they have a Lavrov – the only diplomat on the planet who could conceivably create and work a calculus that would be impossible for the target countries to ignore, and perhaps compel them to gel into a block.

    The power reality is that China is so far ahead of the rest of the pack economically that there ain’t no catching it. It’s 1/6th of humanity FFS, all singing from one songsheet. Nothing else even comes close now, and the gap will widen going forward. All of Eurasia and SE Asia is, or soon will be sleeping with an elephant. However benign the beast may be, if it rolls over you get squashed and it simply won’t notice. Everyone else needs a guarantor of immense power to make them confident that the beast will stay on its side of the bed. In the foreseeable future, both militarily and civilizationaly that power defaults to Russia. Simply, there’s no-one else.

    Meanwhile, the US is a slow motion train wreck, Europe is adrift from its moorings, India doesn’t have any moorings, the SE Asian micro-nations are looking furtively left and right, while Russia is reviving its ancestral civilization’s mojo. Who can assemble and then lead that pack? Nobody but Russia. If they succeed, Russia’s status and security in every sense of that word is immeasurably enhanced.

    In short, the Kremlin would be derelict in their duties if they failed to make the attempt to consolidate Euro-asia as a counterfoil to China’s inexorable rise. I also think that the Boyz in Beijing would welcome it. They know how the calculus works, and they know that there’s a yin for every yang. Having a deeply civilizational counterparty on the other side of the table representing a block of interests it effectively controls has gotta be a hell of a lot more efficient than facing a collection of lost souls who’ve no real idea what they’re negotiating about.

    Orwell’s 1984 contemplated a Eurasia and an Eastasia. We see them forming now.

    • Thanks: Iris
    • Replies: @denk
    , @Anonymous
  180. @Obsequious

    The Russians said they did not suspend the shipments of S400 (which China already has some)… It said it delayed because of Covid. Again – western oriented (and Indian) media is often like a fly looking for feces on the sidewalk. Now what do Russian and Chinese owned media report on each other… See below. I even through in a Forbes article just for fun – about the fear that the intelligence community says that Russia and China are jointly working on new submarines. Then a UK report chooses to point out that while the US is holding drills with “partners” – China is joining Russia’s war games. So it all depends on what media is reporting what. There are concrete things – and then there is gossip. The SCMP and Diplomat reports were gossip.

    Now it is true Russia does not want to play side kick to China… But it doesn’t need to. Neither one of them wants the west telling them what to do. They both realize their past blunders and that having peace between them benefits the other to do what they want.

  181. @Erebus

    True.. But very slowly… You can check the roster sheet of journalists. Though I’m sure the ones who are real “foreign agents” are planning their exit now that the anti subversion and anti collusion laws have been put through in Hong Kong.

    • Agree: Erebus
  182. denk says:
    @Really No Shit

    hey mofo,
    get out of your mom’s basement, get a life.

    Russians, with the rest of world , have been voting you as greatest threat to world peace,
    WTF are you doing in Syria, Iraq, Afghan..?

    • Replies: @Really No Shit
  183. denk says:

    It used to be called Asia Pacific, but the decider rubbished it, henceforth its Indo Pacific, cuz

    ‘we see India as the natural leader of Asia Pacific’


    YOu’r saying its in Russia’s interest to join this fukus orchestrated, India led vassals of Jp, SK, Oz…
    to contain China ???

    • Replies: @Obsequious
    , @Erebus
  184. @denk

    The thing with the US is that it’s just not a white country anymore, and I’m not even talking about the fact that non-white minorities are about to outnumber the whites. Studies have shown that white Americans have lower average IQs than their white European counterparts and this has been attributed to generations of racial mixing (with blacks, Native Americans, etc.) in the US. In other words, white Americans are not really white, so any appeal to white solidarity between Russia and the US would be taken with scepticism by the Russians.

    • Replies: @denk
  185. denk says:
    @Really No Shit


    real shit head troll

    If only…..

    Why am I breaking my own rule,
    Dont feed a troll ?

    Cuz we are not dealing with a couple of trolls,
    real shit head represents the vast majority of murikkans !

    with due respect to the silent minority of
    thinking yanks,
    An endangered species.

    • Replies: @Really No Shit
  186. @denk

    “WTF are you doing in Syria, Iraq, Afghan..?”

    I will tell you: we’re keeping the dirty yellow rats out of the Middle East lest they pollute the Holy Land. Only if you were as God fearing as…

    • Replies: @denk
  187. @denk

    with due respect to the silent minority of
    thinking yanks, An endangered species.”

    A facetious attempt to placate the angry American populace by a few gratuitous words isn’t going to fly … we all know we’re dealing with EVIL!

  188. denk says:
    @Really No Shit

    we’re keeping the dirty yellow rats out of the Middle East lest they pollute the Holy Land. Only if you were as God fearing as…

    Hey mofo,

    YOur god fearing white xtian Russian ‘bro’,
    the Syrians, Iraqis, Afghans….
    ask you to FUCK OFF. !

    why are you still there, mofo ?

    • Replies: @Really No Shit
  189. @denk

    “why are you still there, mofo ?”

    For all chinaman’s advances, you’re ignorant to the very bone of your feeble body and therefore, you’ll never understand the West including Russia. Now I am going to swing by the local school to see if the dirty yellow rats have lined up to get free lunches on the taxpayers’ dime…

    • Replies: @denk
  190. denk says:
    @Really No Shit

    *the majorities in both, Russia and America, are White Christians*

    white xtian solidarity eh ?

    I already cited two reasons why Russians wouldnt want anything to do with you…

    1] Russians celebrate life, you’r pro death.

    2] Russians respect women, you’r MCP

    Here’s no
    3] The pre-meditated destruction of white christian heritage,

    This twit is so shameless, could be someone trolling to incite a flame war bet Chinese/murikkans.

    I rest my case.

  191. You don’t need me to start anything between us and the dirty yellow rats… your actions are speaking louder than words. Wuhan was the first shot fired in the upcoming holocaust … Now, go sing “The East Is Red.”

  192. [S]erious lobbying at the highest levels of the Russian government is invested in consolidating the definitive Eurasian alliance, uniting Germany, Russia and China.

    Neither Angela Merkel nor anyone likely to become the leader of Germany can be trusted. Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping are patriots who want to go down in history for contributing to the greatness of their countries. Merkel, like all other “Western” “democratic” leaders, is a malignant nihilist who wants to go down in history for having contributed to the destruction of her country and her people—her admission of over a million Moslem rapefugees into Germany makes that abundantly clear. How can you trust someone like her when it’s impossible for a healthy mind to understand the thought processes of such an individual?

  193. Erebus says:

    YOu’r saying its in Russia’s interest to join this fukus orchestrated, India led vassals of Jp, SK, Oz…
    to contain China ???

    Not really. My point leans on the notion that, as Lenin supposedly said:
    “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it”.

    Yes, it’s in Russia’s interest, and it’s also in China’s interest. Maybe even more-so China’s in the sense that it needs those countries onside to give BRI the push it needs. BRI needs as many productive, wealthy economies onside as it can get, and if India can be brought to its senses so much the better. Who can bring India to its senses? If there’s anybody besides Russia, I don’t see them.

    Everyone understands that Indo-Pac will inevitably lose/shed its FUKUS origins and affiliation as FUKUS loses steam and goes dead in the water. That day approaches at an accelerating pace. What then?

    Do you think JP, SK, or even OZ would fall in line behind India? Not for a microsecond. However, they may well fall in line behind Russia after FUKUS melts down. Russia’s ability to project power on the continent, its resource base, and its newly revitalized civilization provide a level of guarantees that no other country offers. JP’s, SK’s & IN’s importance to Eurasian integration is patent. How to bring them into a Eurasian security structure dominated by China is not. Russian leadership addresses that issue.

    The fact is that all those countries are wary of China. ASEAN as well. They’re not afraid that China’s gonna invade or bomb them, but that their interests won’t be adequately respected in China’s shadow.

    Whatever China’s current behaviour and intentions, they’re almost irrelevant in the power equations. Behaviours and intentions can change. The CPC won’t be there forever, or won’t remain unchanged forever. Only capacity matters, and China’s capacity to do harm is as great as its capacity to do good.

    In that sense, China has to be “contained” for Eurasia to work.

    Who then can bring those countries to the table by guaranteeing China’s good behaviour? It won’t be India. They can barely find a toilet. On the Eurasian continent, the only country that comes close to China in terms of overall power is Russia.

    Likewise, those European countries who are looking East, and the Central ‘Stans need to make deals with China to “contain” Russia. Putin & Lavrov won’t be there forever, and who knows what will replace them. All the smaller fry will depend on a security matrix that ultimately depends on those two keeping each other in line.

    • Thanks: Iris
    • Replies: @denk
    , @Showmethereal
  194. denk says:


    Of course you’ve no evidence.
    Sponsoring armed insurgents in foreign lands is a FUKUS specialty, never never was Chinese up of tea.

    The last time you played this cruel trick ,
    framing ethnic Chinese INdon as CCP trojans horse, complete with CIA planted ‘Chinese supplied AK47, three millions innocent people were slaughtered like sacrificial lambs by Clinton’s ‘our kind of guy’ Suharto, in Indonesia, billed as ‘the model moslem country’.

    [[[five liars]]] complicit in the greatest genocide of 20C

    May be you’r an insider.
    When is the FBI gonna discover an arms cache from the chicoms to the BLM ?

    • Replies: @map
  195. denk says:

    FUKUS goes kaput,
    hmm, that’s an interesting thought 😉

    India would definitely hang on to Russia’s coattail for dear life, that’s the fate of Indians, they’d rather kowtow to white men than make nice with China as equal partner.
    Centuries of fukus rule did wonder to the Indian psyche ,the perennial white men’s sepoys. 🙁

    Oz might follow suit with its Indian buddy,
    It suffers both sinophobia and Russiophobia.
    BUt its white supremacist mentality might tilt the balance towards Russia.

    A Chinese overlord ?
    Over my dead body !

    Jp would be lost at sea.
    It has terriroty disputes with both Russia, China.
    It fears the bear while loathes the dragon. [1]
    Between the rock and a hard place.
    May be it’d choose to commit harakiri 😉

    • Replies: @Erebus
  196. denk says:

    With fukus backing, the Indians are going full confrontation with China.

    In the latest provocation, the mofo deploy a secret weapon,..
    a special force of ethnic Tibetans,

  197. @Erebus

    Very good analysis… Though for historic reasons South Korea roots for China because they have DEEP resentment toward Japan. They cant say it openly as to not offend the US. But they know their history and recognize for centuries it was China who kept Japan away from them when they were a protectorate of different Chinese dynasties. Speculation as to why Kim had his brother assassinated in Malaysia was that China and South Korea were grooming him to take over. Based on certain things found in Wikileaks btwn PRC and SK — and the fact he was under protection living in China.

    But again you made a great analysis overall.

  198. Erebus says:

    Jp would be lost at sea.
    It has terriroty disputes with both Russia, China.
    It fears the bear while loathes the dragon.

    Naw. The Executives and Directors of Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, Suzuki, Yamaha, Sony, not to mention their enormous Civil Engineering co’s, know how to make their voices heard.

    The politicians will kowtow to them instead of to Washington. With FUKUS in free-fall, Russia & China will find it much simpler to find face-saving ways to (dis)solve the territorial disputes, and Japan gets a shot at a renaissance supplying the Silk Roads with hi-end products and infrastructure. IMHO, they’ll jump at it like a hungry hound after a T-Bone.

    If anybody’s gonna be lost at sea, it’s OZ. They’re gonna have to swallow a few courses of humble pie to get to where they need to be. Otherwise, they’re staring at Indonesia’s rampant growth and 100s of continental competitors in the only goods OZ has to sell (extracted resources and meat) while their military faces a Russian supplied Indonesian air force and a Chinese navy. Oops.

    NZ has hedged its bets much more wisely.

    • Replies: @denk
  199. Anonymous[152] • Disclaimer says:

    Hmmm, not seeing it. Although you raise good points.

    You approach it from the standpoint of traditional “counterbalancing” power politics.

    If you’ll permit me to summarize/paraphrase your reasoning: China is going to be so powerful and dominant in every way that, in order to have any hope for the other civilization-states of Eurasia to retain independence, they will have to naturally band together under their strongest, most cohesive member-other-than-China, which would be Russia.

    In other words, a world coalition consisting of Russia, Europe, North America, much of the Middle East, South Asia/India, Central Asia, and probably including Japan and Korea may just be able to barely stabilize the Eurasian grand strategic situation, such that China can be peacefully kept in check in the coming centuries.

    That is ONE possible scenario.

    Let me illustrate this scenario with an analogy, that of 19th century Europe (for “Europe” substitute “World”) With an overwhelmingly powerful Germany (China), and with Britain (the United States) in slow-motion collapse, it inevitably falls to France (Russia) to rally the rest of the continent (planet) to check Germany.

    BUT the rest of Eurasia/ or indeed the World, will no more want to follow Russia than they wish to defer to China. Why would they? We are talking about ancient and very proud peoples here: the Europeans, the Arabs, Persians and Turks, India, the Malays, Thais and Viets of South East Asia, the Japanese, the Koreans. Why trade one hegemon for another? It will not happen, IMHO

    The real outcome, IMHO, will be a world of roughly equal civilization-states, all of whom take care not to impinge on each others’ affairs. A stable, long term arrangement of economic engagement, with geopolitical non-interference.

    It has been a strange Anglo-Saxon concept that economic ties must bring with it geopolitical meddling. In the long history of mankind, trade was often divorced from politics – that is the classic situation, beginning as far back as the Bronze Age. And so it will be again.

    The “West’ will bifurcate. The United States will continue to try and maintain our “primacy”, thinking that we are still in the Age of Western Dominance (which started after 1500 AD, and is now waning).

    But Europe, in contrast to the U.S., senses that that Age is in the process of ending, after nearly 5 centuries. This does not mean that European civilization will die, or European identity weaken, far from it. It will only mean that we will live in a world with other, equally mighty cultures and races, and that Europeans will be able to integrate themselves with this new Age of Mankind.

    As to Europe stopping all immigration, or even repatriating all non-natives, that can well be done, and it won’t affect the essential global diplomatic matrix. After all, it’s not non-Western/White elites pushing immigration into Europe or North America, it’s the Western elite, no one else. The non-West does not care what the West does in its own lands! It’s the West’s elites that have their own agenda, again IMHO.

    Essentially, due to not being able to read the handwriting on the wall, the Unites States and its follower nations will, unconsciously, be choosing to isolate themselves from the march of human history.

    Well, they’ve made their choice.

    • Replies: @Erebus
    , @antibeast
  200. denk says:

    Studies have shown that white Americans have lower average IQs than their white European counterparts

    I pissed off lots of yanks, even the 5%
    thinking ones with this …
    Its the people, stupid. !

    Here’s the proof,

  201. denk says:

    FUKUS sinking into oblivion.

    That sounds nice, but….

    Is the outlaw gunslinger willing to ride into the sunset without a fight ?

    History doesnt bode well .
    WW1, WW2…
    Can China/FUKUS escape
    The Thucydides trap ?

    FUKUS is setting off fire all around China,
    Lakdhad, SCS, TW, ECS.

    Here comes NAATO, the Asian Nato.

    • Replies: @Erebus
  202. Erebus says:

    Is the outlaw gunslinger willing to ride into the sunset without a fight ?

    Not if they can get their Indian sepoys to do the fighting.

    Doubtless they’d happily fight China to the last Indian, and India may be stupid enough to oblige them, but neither the Japanese nor the S. Koreans would want anything to do with it, and the Aussies are really too far away to do much.

    Your SCMP link is 3 yrs old, and the “Quad” hasn’t really gelled. I’d submit that that’s because there isn’t much it can do beyond a few high-seas piracy incidents with China’s merchant fleet and all the members know it.

    Nevertheless, the diplomatic blunders that the Chinese seem to have a penchant for doesn’t help their cause. “Warning” ASEAN to stay away from entanglements with the US without offering an alternative isn’t going to charm anybody. Heavy handed rhetoric plays right into the US’ hand.

    The Chinese are in desperate need of a Chou En Lai, but there doesn’t seem to be one on the horizon. However, at about the same time the “Quad” was forming, ASEAN met in Sochi and unanimously signed a Declaration with the RF entitled “Moving Towards a Strategic Partnership for Mutual Benefit”. So, the structures are in place (or in progress) and a Lavrov is waiting in the wings.

    One can be hopeful that should Russia get a hold of the Quad they’d do as good a job of bending its trajectory and events as well as they did in Syria, Venezuela and most recently Belarus.

    • Replies: @denk
  203. Erebus says:

    In other words, a world coalition consisting of Russia, Europe, North America, much of the Middle East, South Asia/India, Central Asia, and probably including Japan and Korea may just be able to barely stabilize the Eurasian grand strategic situation, such that China can be peacefully kept in check in the coming centuries.

    Sorry, but if that’s supposed to be a paraphrase/synopsis of what I wrote, it’s wildly off the mark.

    I don’t expect a “world coalition” in any sense of the word. In fact, I expect the world to fragment, and that the largest, most cohesive and prosperous block will coalesce around 2 poles (namely Russia & China) on the Eurasian continent.

    That doesn’t mean every country on the continent will join wholeheartedly. Some will keep themselves at arm’s length while some go their own way altogether. EG: I expect the UK to attempt to resuscitate as much of its Commonwealth as it can as a means of remaining reasonably powerful – the biggest fish in a small pond strategy. Others, such as France may try to go it alone by taking back their African colonies. And so on.

    Furthermore, I don’t expect the USA to survive in its present form beyond this decade, so I don’t know what contribution N. America could make to your world coalition.

    • Replies: @Obsequious
  204. denk says:

    Not if they can get their Indian sepoys to do the fighting.

    Doubtless they’d happily fight China to the last Indian

    Indeed, Divide and Conquer, oldest trick
    in FUKUS playbook.

    ‘When my cables to London and Washington confirmed this rather important fact, I assumed I could suggest to my superiors to ease up on their instant denunciations of Chinese “aggression” and their promises of immediate arms to India. Their response was swift: “We fail to see that it is not in the Western interest to have the Chinese and the Indians at each other’s throats.” London and Washington went along with this grubby realpolitik. Soon the commentators and experts in the Western media and elsewhere were retailing ominous tales about China’s aggressive intentions throughout Asia’


    A leopard never change its spots,

    FUKUS, Once a pirate, always a pirate,
    India, Once a sepoy, always a sepoy.

    We’r now seeing a replay of 1962…

    FUKUS crying itself hoarse, from the state dept down to the media, ‘Chinese aggression

    Think tanks expurts shoring up Indian backbone..
    This is not 1962 India, you guys will whack the chicoms and redeem yourself’

    FUKUS arms sales to India, Apache tank killers, AWACS, smart missiles, I heard F35 is on the card.

    I wonder what Trump promise Modi in private ?
    At the very least, intel of Chinese troop deployment, jamming of Chinese satellites and missiles, collaborating attacks in SCS, TW straits when tshtf ?

    Whatever, the INdians seem very emboldened.

    Doubtless they’d happily fight China to the last Indian, and India may be stupid enough to oblige them*

    Looks like the Indians really want a re-match.

    Cold war might turn hot,
    Lost lost for Asia, win win for FUKUS.
    Indians aint that smart as advertised it seems.

    QUAD updated…

    ‘The Modi govt has removed India’s chastity belt and is readying it to be another concubine in the superpower’s harem’


    • Replies: @Erebus
  205. @Erebus

    Do you think Russia and China will have an adversarial or a cooperative relationship in their management of the Eurasian bloc?

    And what do you expect will happen to the US? Do you think it will break up into smaller ethno-states along racial boundaries?

    (And I just wanna say that I find your analysis interesting and enlightening.)

    • Replies: @Erebus
  206. Tom Welsh says:
    @Ilya G Poimandres

    What particularly disturbs me about the violent and catastrophic failure – indeed, self-destruction – of Athenian democracy is how amazingly close the parallel is with today’s USA.

    The Athenian citizenry were eager – well-nigh desperate – to confirm their feelings of superiority by conquering others. No matter where, no matter how constituted. They sent large expeditions against Cyprus, Egypt, and numerous Greek cities before embarking on the conquest of the other great democracy of the time – Syracuse.

    The Athenians set up the Delian League, supposedly as a united alliance to resist future Persian aggression. At first members were supposed to contribute soldiers and warships, but soon most of them settled for money – which thus came to be almost indistinguishable from taxation. Any who refused to contribute were viciously attacked and brought to heel.

    Much of the proceeds, instead of being spent on defence, was lavished on beautifying and glorifying Athens. Pericles built the Parthenon (the Temple of the Maiden) and many other magnificent works of art and architecture with money taken from the “common” treasury.

    “It was from the alliance’s treasury that Pericles drew the funds necessary to enable his ambitious building plan, centered on the “Periclean Acropolis”, which included the Propylaea, the Parthenon and the golden statue of Athena, sculpted by Pericles’ friend, Phidias. In 449 BC Pericles proposed a decree allowing the use of 9,000 talents to finance the major rebuilding program of Athenian temples. Angelos Vlachos, a Greek Academician, points out the use of the alliance’s treasury, initiated and executed by Pericles, as one of the largest embezzlements in human history; this misappropriation financed, however, some of the most marvellous artistic creations of the ancient world”.

    How many parallels with the modern USA can one find? A sprawling empire that grew out of a supposedly defensive alliance; a strong tendency to treat allies as subjects; a brilliant scheme to lay hands on almost unlimited funds; a rooted belief in national superiority and supremacy; a legalistic culture that placed great value on rhetoric and persuasion; and a recurring tendency to exert brute force just because it could.

  207. Erebus says:

    Thanks for the links denk.

    Eurasian Times is, of course an Indian site and full of Indian bravado. I wouldn’t give much credence to what it’s sputtering about at any given time, though I sincerely hope that India soon buys a LOT of F35s, especially if they sell their Sukhois and MIGs to Indonesia, Malaysia etc. That’ll render the Indian Air Force useless sooner than anything China could counter with.

    The Indian populace is being treated to same full-on anti-China propaganda drive that the US is and I’m told it’s having an effect. That high altitude brawl which saw 20 Indian soldiers die in a freezing river has them baying for blood. If we see a 1962 reprise, I’m pretty confident we’ll see the same result, or maybe even worse. India needs a badly battered ‘n bloodied nose to knock enough sense into it that their misplaced bravado becomes obvious even to them.

    Be that all as it may, (as Bhadrakumar notes) India under Modi is not a serious country. It flips, then flops, then flips back again like some sort of itinerant peddler of tin pots thinking his negotiation tactics will gain him something more than the exasperation of his potential customer. That’s the tell-tale mark of an empty mind, and a weak nation. Weak nations get led around by the nose by whoever they perceive as strong. They’ll be ripe for the picking when the USA withdraws from the world stage, but who knows what damage the sycophantic loonies in Delhi may wreak before that happens.

    • Replies: @denk
  208. antibeast says:

    You approach it from the standpoint of traditional “counterbalancing” power politics.

    That has never worked in the past due to conflicts of interests between rising and declining powers on the one hand and their allied states on the other. Such coalitions tend to be short-lived as they dissolve at the slightest chance of gaining some tactical advantage to serve the parochial interests of each coalition state. For this reason, the QUAD — consisting of USA, Japan, Australia, India — simply won’t last as their parochial interests would diverge thereby undermining the rationale behind the creation of the coalition in the first place. Tehran’s decision to dump India in favor of China is an example of this conflict of interests between India and the USA over Iran.

    China’s strategy is to avoid conflicts of interests by promoting a supranational vision of an integrated Eurasian continent, with regional powers and their allied states all sharing and benefitting socially and economically from a peaceful and prosperous Eurasian commons. China only needs to convince all the Eurasian Powers — Russia, Iran, India, Japan, Indonesia, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Germany, Italy, France, Turkey, Pakistan — as well as their allied states that the shared Eurasian commons will and can guarantee a peaceful and prosperous future for EVERYONE on the Eurasian continent. China’s vision of the shared Eurasian commons is defined by the numerous multilateral institutions which it has created such as the SCO, AIIB, BRI, RCEP, etc. The fact that Australia is geo-physically part of Asia is also another example of how its interests diverge from that of the USA over China’s Eurasian vision which benefits Australia but threatens US hegemony.

    Lastly, China’s Eurasian vision fulfills Mackinder’s Heartland Thesis which posits that whoever gains control of the Eurasian continent will end up controlling the world. This Eurasian strategy runs counter to Mahan’s Sea Power Thesis which posits that whoever gains control of the world’s oceans will end up controlling the world. According to Mahan’s Sea Power Thesis, the US Navy acts as the main instrument for the projection of US military power outside of the North American heartland of the USA Empire, serviced by a global network of US military bases in allied states all over the world. In effect, China’s Eurasian strategy follows Mackinder’s Heartland Thesis which cost-effectively bypasses the Sea Power of the USA Empire while Eurasian Powers such as Russia, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan and others have seen the wisdom of China’s Eurasian vision. QUAD members such as Japan — as a trading nation dependent upon imported commodities such as food and fuel as well as exports of its manufactured goods — simply can’t afford NOT to partake of the benefits of the shared Eurasian commons, making Japan’s interests incompatible with that of the USA over China’s Eurasian strategy.

    Once Eurasia goes, the rest of the world follows. That the USA became an “accidental superpower” (Peter Zaihan) was due to its geophysical isolation in the North American continent which allowed the USA to finally emerge as the Anglo-American successor to the British Empire after WWII and during the Cold War till today. According to Zaihan, that same geophysical isolation will leave the USA politically isolated in Eurasian affairs in the 21st century, which was exactly its geopolitical status throughout the whole 19th century. And as Blacks and Latinos gain more influence in US society and politics, the transformation of the USA from a predominantly White European-American Nation in the 1950s into either a half-mestizo country like Mexico or a half-mulatto country like Brazil would have been completed by the second half of the 21st century. That implies — ipso facto — that the USA will become more integrated with Latin America in the 21st century rather than with Eurasia during the 20th century.

    • Thanks: dogbumbreath
    • Replies: @showmethereal
  209. @anon

    Uyghurs are not “Turks” of Turkey, they are “Turkics” of which there are many groups such as in Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, etc. Uyghur Turkish is an ancient form of the language and there was a Uyghur kingdom in Urumchi more than a thousand years ago. China annexed their region in modern times and named it Xinjiang. Children should be seen and not heard.

    • Replies: @anon
    , @showmethereal
  210. Erebus says:

    Hi Obsequious,
    I think that with their present leadership, China & Russia will have a very mature power relationship. Each knows who they are, and who the other one is. On those matters where their interests converge, they’ll be cooperative. On those where they diverge they’ll do some hard-nosed negotiating and find some compromise they can both live with.

    This is early days for Eurasia, and so the grand over-arching project of Eurasian Integration looms over every discussion. Looking forward, after Eurasian Integration has entrenched itself as the new normal is when things get tricky. As the Chinese say, no mountain can have more than 1 tiger. It’s then that I see The Great Eurasian Project bifurcating.

    As for the US, yes, though I don’t think the US will break up along racial lines so much as cultural. When one drives across the US, as I have several times, one is struck by the radically different peoples one encounters. I have no real idea how many different “countries” would result, but I’d guess that 5-6 “blocks” of former states will emerge with some sort of mutual defence and trade pacts holding them together and at bay with each other. Some will be 1 former state like Texas. Some will be a combination like New England. Some (like N. Michigan, Upper NYS, Minnesota) may petition Canada to subsume them. Some may find themselves subsumed by Mexico (though I’m shooting in the dark here).

    IMHO, the US is facing a USSR collapse x10. Unlike the USSR, I see no centre, no “heartland” that can hold through the maelstrom and begin re-building after the winds of change die down.

  211. anon[544] • Disclaimer says:
    @ploni almoni

    You don’t know what you are talking about. Have you ever looked at the map of the Han and Tang dynasty? The Manchu/Qing Dynasty re-conquered the region round 1755.

    East Asian migrants arrived in the eastern portions of the Tarim Basin around 3,000 years ago. The ancestors of Uighur peoples settled in the area much later around 845. But Uyghur kingdom was not the “Uighurs” as we know today.

    The Qing “final solution” of genocide to solve the problem of the Zunghar Mongols, made the Qing sponsored settlement of millions of Han Chinese, Hui, Turkestani Oasis people (Uyghurs) and Manchu Bannermen in Dzungaria possible, since the land was now devoid of Zunghars.[11][12] The Dzungarian basin, which used to be inhabited by (Zunghar) Mongols, is currently inhabited by Kazakhs.[13] In northern Xinjiang, the Qing brought in Han, Hui, Uyghur, Xibe, and Kazakh colonists after they exterminated the Zunghar Oirat Mongols in the region, with one third of Xinjiang’s total population consisting of Hui and Han in the northern area, while around two thirds were Uyghurs in southern Xinjiang’s Tarim Basin.[14] In Dzungaria, the Qing established new cities like Ürümqi and Yining.[15] The Qing were the ones who unified Xinjiang and changed its demographic situation.[16]

    The depopulation of northern Xinjiang after the Buddhist Öölöd Mongols (Zunghars) were slaughtered, led to the Qing settling Manchu, Sibo (Xibe), Daurs, Solons, Han Chinese, Hui Muslims, and Turkic Muslim Taranchis in the north, with Han Chinese and Hui migrants making up the greatest number of settlers.

    • Thanks: showmethereal
  212. denk says:

    Biegun said that Washington’s aim is to get the Quad grouping of four countries to work together as a bulwark against “a potential challenge from China… (and) to create a critical mass around the shared values and interests

    Wonder what’s this canard of ‘shared values about ?,
    It cant be democracy right ?


    First shared value,
    [[[They]]] consistently score the highest % of sinophobes in international polls.

    One might venture that may be they bear some historical grievance against Chinese imperialism ?

    Irony of irony !

    Here’s [[[Their ]]] second shared value

    They’ve all been aggressors against China, since time immemorial !

    GO figure.

    • Replies: @Erebus
  213. Erebus says:

    Naw, their “shared values” are much simpler.

    Almost certainly the truth of the matter is that the US filled a few bank accounts in Nevis, the hired actors (aka “politicians”) recognized the value, and started reciting the script they were given.

    If the US wanted to point them at NZ instead, they’d all turn on a dime and just as suddenly be barking about NZ’s WMDs, “aggression”, “gassing their own people”, “genociding Maoris”, blah, blah, blah…

    • Agree: Iris
    • Replies: @denk
  214. denk says:

    Hillary the enforcer Clinton

    You’r either with us or against us

    NZ has long lost its virginity 🙁

  215. @ploni almoni

    The first half of your comment was correct – but not the second. The area called Xinjiang was inhabited by Han before Uighurs… NEITHER are the original inhabitants. The Han used to fight with the natives in that region… 2000 years ago it became part of Han dyansty China. Over time China retreated from there… But then in the Qing dyansty era they took it back again. In fact – in that era parts of what is now Tajikstan and Kazakhstan were are a part of western China.

    Accurate history

  216. @antibeast

    What do you make of RCEP in the post Covid politics??

    IMHO – India showed itself to be “batty” and withdrew before Covid (to me they shouldn’t have wasted so much time and never gotten involved in the first place)….. Australia does whatever the US tells them nowadays… Everyone is gung ho. But Japan is the key. Whoever takes over after Modi will set the tone. India and even Australia aren’t needed for RCEP…. But Japan is. It is the second biggest economy in Asia and is still more advanced than China in a few sectors… In addition the new leader will set the tone for the proposed trilateral free trade between China-South Korea-Japan. Abe and the right wingers in Japan were holding that up as well.

    • Replies: @antibeast
    , @Malla
  217. rbblum says:

    No surprise. China is all business focussing on education. American schools are dumbing down and indoctrinating students receiving participation degrees & student loan debt.

  218. Von Rho says:

    Mr. Escobar did a passionate analysis that does not agree with the actual possibilities given by reality. In a hangout held with his colleagues from Brazil a few weeks ago, he had a hyterical fit when people called Alexande Dugin, a friend of Mr. Escobar, as “a fascist”. Well, Dugin calls himself as a follower of the “third way”. Mr. Escobar, as a former Trotskyist, must know that there is not any “third way”, but only two: either capitalism or socialism. Third way is fascism, which, as well as “bonapartism”, serves to the burgeoisie to sustain its incomes during the crises that periodically affect capitalism. The cycles of fascism last only a few years, long enough for liberal capitalism be restaured. In addition, Dugin translated into Russian several authors like Evola, a right-wing Italian writer who in WWII came to live in Nazi Germany (where he was hit by a bomb in Vienna), because Mussolini (inciedentally, a Buddhist, like Mr. Escobar too) would not have been as right-wing as Evola wished, preferring Hitler. Perhaps it should be more correct to consider Dugin as a “traditionalist”, concept that fits for some Orthodoxes and Roman Catholics, but not for Protestants (due to their “hystorical” and “rational” nature, related to the “free-examination” of the Bible), and that means that there would be an ineffable wisdom, common to all religions, but whose essence can be reached only by a mystical ascetism transgressing the positive laws of the Universe, that is, secretly condemning morality, matter and rationality (like in a Nazi feast): it is the doctrine of gnosis. In this approach, God would not be the creator, but just an artisan god (like the Great Architect of the Universe), who only operated the pre-existing matter, which would be originated, as well as all living beings, by emanation from the “Whole”, that is the Divinity. Evola was preceded by Guénon, a French esoterist who collaborated with the magazine “Il Regime Fascista”: traditionalism supports fascism. At that time, the 1930s, everyone said: “Sell your U.S. dollars and buy German marks, the Anglo-Saxon estabilishment will soon be over, look at the enormous German progress under Hitler”. In the 1980s I heard at University: “All of you must learn Japanese, because they will soon take over the world”. China today is the same thing. Taoism is fetichistic, that is, they do not developed the capability of abstraction like Western civilization, which went through politeism and monoteism, overcoming the primitive animism which condemned Chinese culture to become materialistic. Taoism worships Heaven, Mountain, Man, Earth, but does not have gods, except those brought by Buddhism. Chinese traditional culture is good at dowsing, Feng-Shui, but not at astronomy, which gave rise to overcoming the “Big-Fetish”, or the Earth. With astronomy, the first science according to Comte, the stars soon became gods and science advanced along with religion and further, as a corollary, with ethics. It was just due to Christianism, that both Illuminism and the Western progress became possible (the Western civilization is always overcoming itself). Mr. Escobar knows that the “Silk Road” project stopped. Western elite has centuries of tradition and will not allow to be overtaken by a materialistic culture that does not have humanistic development. The giant has feet of clay… that are cracking.

    • LOL: Erebus
    • Replies: @denk
  219. denk says:
    @Von Rho

    Western elite has centuries of tradition and will not allow to be overtaken by a materialistic culture that does not have humanistic development


    Anti- Children,
    Anti-Indigenuous rights,
    A gawd damned MCP to boot.

    For evidence, check fukus UN voting record.

  220. antibeast says:

    What do you make of RCEP in the post Covid politics??

    RCEP was supposed to be signed last November 2019 but India withdrew at the last minute, leaving the rest of the member-states until this November 2020 to sign the trade pact. Both Japan and Australia wanted India to join the RCEP as a counterweight to China but Modi wanted to maintain India’s protectionist policies against foreign-made manufactured goods as part of his “Make in India” program. Same reason why Trump withdrew the USA from the TPP which has since evolved into the CPTPP. Ironically, Trump dumped India from the GSP after the US Trade Department singled out India for having the highest tariffs ‘of any major world economy’ – 13.8% – under its Most Favoured Nation (MFN) tariff rate. Here’s a concise article on the withdrawal of the USA and India from the TPP and RCEP, respectively:

    The salient point here is that both Trump’s USA and Modi’s India tend to pursue their own parochial interests which not only contradict each other but also contravene against regional trade pacts such as the TPP and RCEP. Without the confluence of interests between Trump’s USA and Modi’s India, how would the “Indo-Pacific” strategy concocted by the US Deep State succeed in containing the rise of China in Asia? The public bromance between Trump and Modi could symbolize the budding relationship between the WASP Elites of the USA and the Brahmin Elites of India but the White Nationalist power base of Trump’s USA are hardly enamored of the looming prospect of imported millions of Brown Sepoys to serve the Globalist Elites in the USA. White Nationalists are going to view the whole “Indo-Pacific” strategy as yet another Trojan Horse to inundate the USA with non-White immigrants from the non-Western World, which is likely the true motive of the US Deep State.

    • Replies: @showmethereal
  221. Malla says:

    It could have worked remarkably well in the early founder father WASP society of the USA. The US Society of today is too screwed up and racially diverse (permanent screw up).
    Thanks to the racial diversity, the USA has only two options—> Balkans or Brazil. And both are horrible options.

  222. Malla says:
    @Ilya G Poimandres

    Either Bolsheviks or Empire

    USA looks more like Bolshevik AND Empire. As it has become more Bolshevik with time, it has also become more Imperial with time. No wonder the semi-Commie hippy movement (directed by the deep state) strangely coincided in the same period as the US war against Commie North Vietnamese. Imperium and Bolshevium walking hand in hand.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  223. Malla says:

    Whoever takes over after Modi will set the tone.

    The problem is Modi may not go that easy. Even if he has screwed up a lot. He speaks the talk of the population at large.
    Teflon Modi’s unabating popularity
    I have already written about the decolonisation-recolonisation theory of Indian society. India is decolonising its residual Angloness and becoming itself but at the same time getting super recolonised by Zion/ZOG as the upper caste Hindu vibration matches the Jewish vibrations more. We are natural allies.
    Modi is the man of the people, a former tea-seller (that is a lot of B.S. too), he speaks the talk of the people the Modi phenomenon is basically revolt of the hardcore Brahmanical super native BJP against the earlier Anglicized mild Brahmanical elites of the Congress who in turn had earlier spearheaded the revolution against the British Raj. With him India, as a civilization and people becomes itself, hates Angloness within India, wants retribution and revenge against Muslims, wants serious action against enemy nation China for national pride, pro-Mercantile Capitalist and pro-Zion.
    The thing is what may come after Modi may even be worse. Modi may be the start of a race to the bottom as Indian society goes more and more native.
    It is the common man, the man of the streets, who wants to take revenge on muslims for the past brutalities and nuke Pakistan and maybe China. It is the common man who wants the world to know the superiority of India’s Civilization and to bow down to us. It were the sensible westernised elites who held them back, mocked them hicks and tried keeping things in control but the Westernised elites are losing power (or lost power now). Ironically it were these same Westernised elites who spearheaded the fight against the British Raj, the Hindutva RSS was hiding then. But now in turn there is a silent revolution against them!!
    After Modi we may eventually get this.
    Yogi Adityanath who is in the BJP party and now Chief Minister of UP, the most populous state and thus the state with most seats in the Indian Parliament.
    And if and when he comes, he will make Modi look like a moderate. To be honest, Modi is very moderate compared to Yogi.

  224. I actually meant to write “Abe” and not Modi… LOL. That’s my fault. I was saying Japan is a big key

    • LOL: Malla
  225. @antibeast

    Understood. Though I was reading last month that all the ministers expect RCEP to be done before year end… I still wonder how the US will try to use Australia and Japan to try to sour the deal

  226. map says:

    No, no evidence.

    I am just noting the remarkable uniformity in how BLM and Antifa are equipped.

    You also realize China makes an AK47-pattern rifle, right?

  227. Anonymous[152] • Disclaimer says:

    USA looks more like Bolshevik AND Empire. As it has become more Bolshevik with time, it has also become more Imperial with time.

    Something which is both Bolshevik and an Empire? Doesn’t that sound awfully like the old, now defunct Soviet Union, especially in its declining phase?

    Not a good trajectory for the U.S.

    • Replies: @Malla
  228. @Astuteobservor II

    Your use of the N-word trumpets your bias and propaganda. Why select a Jewish insult instead of an English word?

  229. Malla says:

    Agreed but at least the Soviet Union had was not culturally degenerate in the last half of its existence. Soviet women were not twerking to savage ghetto rappers. They were learning ballet. And atleast in the USSR you had superior economic safety nets for the people even if per capita income was lower than the USA. USA today is way worse.

  230. Why do the people of the Western World face what they do today? What is the reason for their degraded state today, put in the broadest of terms? The answer is simple when stated broadly—THEIR BEST INTERESTS HAVE BEEN BETRAYED BY THEIR OWN TREASONOUS LEADERS FOR YEARS AND YEARS. There is no other reason for the Wests predicament today. A political virus had decimated the white western world, the leadership of which, has separated and therefore caused whites to be continually at war with each other. It’s insanity personified..

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