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“One is the loneliest number,” Three Dog Night famously sang over five decades ago. But all it takes is one brave soul fighting against the tide to inspire 10. Ten become hundreds. Hundreds become thousands. Thousands become millions. Millions become a new majority.

Riverside County, California, Sheriff Chad Bianco is one.

On Monday, Sheriff Bianco announced he “will not enforce the (COVID-19) vaccine mandate on Sheriff’s Department employees.” In response to a cascade of draconian state directives and the Biden administration’s overt war on the unvaccinated, Bianco asserted his constitutional duty to protect the public “from the criminal element, as well as being the last line of defense from tyrannical government overreach.” Local media and establishment public health “experts” have condemned Bianco, but he refuses to back down:

“In November 2018 the residents of Riverside County elected me as their Sheriff. I stood before God and swore an oath to the Constitution of the United States, and the Constitution of the State of California. … As your sheriff I have an obligation to guard your liberty and freedom.”

Chicago police officer and Fraternal Order of Police president John Catanzara is one.

Catanzara is leading the charge against heavy-handed Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s vaccine mandate. Speaking on behalf of the rank and file, he declared two weeks ago that his union is “100% against mandated vaccines for our members” and blasted the dearth of studies for long-term side effects or consequences. “To mandate anybody to get that vaccine, without that data as a baseline, amongst other issues, is a ‘hell, no’ for us.”

The multiplier effect is real: “It ain’t just our guys. It’s the sergeants, lieutenants and captains,” Catanzara points out. “This is a united front.”

New York public school teacher and founder of Teachers for Choice Michael Kane is one. He has been a tireless advocate for parents and educators in the Big Apple. His group is “100% against forced medical mandates for any American to keep their job, especially educators.” On Monday, Kane was joined by several hundred public school employees, families and city workers who overtook Foley Square in opposition to Mayor Bill “The Bully” de Blasio’s authoritarian vaccine mandate with no testing opt-out alternative. Those who claim religious or medical exemptions will be barred from teaching in the classroom; school employees have until Sept. 27 to get the jab or lose their job.

Kane is not alone. He helped inspire thousands of protesters to join a march on Monday night across the Brooklyn Bridge as they waved signs taunting “Come and Make Me,” “Let Me Call My Own Shots,” “My Body, My Choice” and “No Medical Apartheid.” The fight has just begun. As Kane warns, “There are many other medical mandates that are coming soon, and we stand in opposition TO ALL OF THEM!”

Broadway star Laura Osnes is one.

Last month, she quit a one-night benefit concert after the venue required all actors to get the COVID-19 shot and no option to provide a negative COVID-19 test was extended to her. She walked away from the performance opportunity because “there is so much that is still unknown” about the experimental jabs. “I stand by the decision my husband and I, with input from our physician, have made for ourselves, our family planning and our future,” she wrote on Instagram. “I believe individuals have the right to do the research, consult a doctor, and come to their own conclusions before deciding whether or not to get any injection.”

Emily Dahl is one. Hannah Redoute is one. Bailey Korhorn is one. Morgan Otteson is one. Together, they are the four members of the Western Michigan University soccer team who banded together to sue the school over its mandatory vaccine policy citing their First Amendment-protected religious liberty. Last week, a federal judge granted their motion for a preliminary injunction against WMU, blocking the university from kicking them off the team after their requests for religious exemptions were denied by school officials.

Twelve other WMU athletes have since joined the quartet’s lawsuit: Taylor Williams, Jake Moertl, Maxwell Huntley, Kaelyn Parker, Annalise James, Reilly Jacobson, Kia Brooks, Aubree Ensign, Sydney Schafer, Danielle Natte, Nicole Morehouse and Katelyn Spooner.

In June, 153 health care workers in the Houston Methodist Hospital system quit or were fired for refusing to submit to mandatory jabs as a condition of employment.

Two weeks ago, 30 maternity ward nurses and staffers resigned in protest of the upstate New York Lewis County General Hospital’s vaccine mandate with no religious exemptions — forcing the facility to close the maternity department.

On Saturday, six Los Angeles police officers filed a federal lawsuit in U.S. District Court seeking to overturn the department’s vaccine mandate. They are not alone. More than 2,300 LAPD employees have filed notices seeking religious exemptions, and another 300 officers and staff have filed for medical exemptions — together constituting 20% of the workforce.

Remember: All it takes is one. Ten become hundreds. Hundreds become thousands. Thousands become millions. Millions become a new majority. This is how tyranny ends.

Michelle Malkin’s email address is


I told you it was coming. Back in May, on my show, “Sovereign Nation,” I chronicled significant signs of pro-life progress that were driving death-lobby Democrats mad — and I warned of a wave of intolerant tantrums to come as we hurtle into autumn. It’s here.

In a 5-4 ruling last week, the U.S. Supreme Court refused to strike down the Texas heartbeat law protecting unborn babies as early as six weeks of age. This follows nationwide adoption of heartbeat laws and other abortion restrictions in so many state legislators that the left-wing Guttmacher Institute apocalyptically reported that “2021 is on track to become the most devastating antiabortion state legislative session in decades.”

Extremist pro-abortion ghouls immediately lamented last week that more innocent human lives with detectable heartbeats in the womb will be saved thanks to the decision. Richard Hanania, a former Columbia University research fellow, complained that “(I)f red states ban abortion, we could see a world where they have five times as many children with Down syndrome, and similar numbers for other disabilities.”

Saved lives: horrors!

That callous response was tame compared with the unhinged rantings of actress Bette Midler, who called on all women to “refuse to have sex with men” in protest of state abortion restrictions. (I’d venture a guess that plenty of men would not consider abstaining from sex with Bette Midler a punishment, but I digress.)

The mayor of godforsaken hellhole Portland, Oregon, Ted Wheeler, indignantly proposed a resolution banning city trade and travel with Texas until the state withdraws the law or it gets overturned in court. (I’d venture a guess that very few Texans will consider Portland’s abstinence and withdrawal from the Lone Star State a punishment, but again, I digress.)

A literal Satanic Temple announced plans to defy the law and assist any woman who “wishes to undergo the Satanic Abortion Ritual within the first 24 weeks of pregnancy.” Meanwhile, web-hosting company GoDaddy showed its Satan-sympathizing colors by yanking down a whistleblower website run by Texas Right to Life that aimed to support enforcement of the heartbeat law.

Pro-abortion bigotry is similarly out in full force in the tech and entertainment industries. Standing up against the homicidal cancellation of unborn life will get you canceled by Hollywood and Silicon Valley.

The Food Network denounced former show host Josh Denny over his support for the Texas law, declaring that “his views do not reflect our company values and we regret giving him a platform.”

Denny, God bless him, did not back down.

“If you regret having ever given me a platform,” the actor and comedian retorted, “how about you send me a check for the (tens) of millions of dollars my show made for your network(s)? … You knew my views and my style of comedy when you hired me. My views represent the beliefs of half of this country.”

Indeed. Those views are also shared by John Gibson, who proclaimed publicly on Twitter that he was “proud” of the U.S. Supreme Court for affirming the Texas law protecting the unborn. “I felt it was important to go on the record as a pro-life game developer.” Gibson was the co-owner of Tripwire Interactive, a Georgia-based video game developer and publisher, and until Sept. 6, he was the CEO.

Throwing their own leader under the bus, Tripwire’s top brass wrote that they “are deeply sorry and are unified in our commitment to take swift action and to foster a more positive environment.”

“Sorry” for allowing diversity of opinion to rear its terrible head!

This is all but a prelude to the real abortion insurrection. On Oct. 2, two days before the new Supreme Court term kicks off, militant feminist leaders are planning the mother of all pro-abortion Women’s Marches in Washington, D.C. These are the types of women who have turned up at past protests dressed as vaginas and vulvas, howling at the tops of their lungs while vandalizing public facilities with sanitary napkins, and storming the U.S. Capitol and Supreme Court steps.

Very rich, isn’t it, coming from the same people who’ve been weaponizing Nov. 3 and Jan. 6 to cast their political opponents as the most dangerous public safety and homeland security villains. May I remind you that each and every one of the heartbeat laws and pro-life protections adopted this year came about peacefully and lawfully. Pro-lifers didn’t have to shut down highways, burn down businesses or incite violence like Women’s March allies in antifa and Black Lives Matter. They worked through the system — and it’s still not unacceptable to the mob.

Watch who abides by the rules of civility — and who breaks the rules when they don’t get what they want. History already shows us that some Capitol takeovers are more protected and equal than the others. I guarantee you that all the incessantly repeated narratives about “white supremacists” (like brown-skinned me) and Trump supporters being the real threats to democracy will be thoroughly debunked when the aggrieved abortion vigilantes in pink hats and raised fists return to Washington. Mark my words.

Michelle Malkin’s email address is


Ivermectin: Horse hockey vs. truth

Shhhhh. The information I’m about to share with you is dangerous and subversive. You cannot publish it on social media platforms without risking scary labels and permanent suspensions. You and anyone you discuss this topic with will be called anti-science “kooks,” “conspiracy theorists,” or “quacks.”

So be it. I’ve been called every pejorative name in the globalist elites’ overworn handbook of ad hominem over the past 30 years. Who cares?

The airwaves have been littered the past month with disparaging reports about Ivermectin, which the U.S. Food and Drug Administration warns should not be used to treat or prevent COVID-19. “You are not a horse. You are not a cow. Seriously, y’all Stop it,” the official FDA Twitter account snidely admonished last week.

Well, you are not a sheep, either. So don’t be cowed by Big Pharma and their bought-off Swamp bureaucrats. Seriously, y’all. These are the performative actors who’ve flipped and flopped on masks, rushed experimental jabs to market, brazenly denied deadly adverse events, and advocated mix-and-match booster shots as part of the most notorious junk science experiment in human history.

First things first: The government and corporate media’s repeated description of Ivermectin in headline after headline as a “horse de-wormer” is pure propaganda. Yes, it is used as an anti-parasitic for animals. But Ivermectin has been used to treat humans for parasitic infections for more than three decades. As Wisconsin critical care specialist Dr. Pierre Kory and his colleagues affiliated with the Memphis VA Medical Center-University of Tennessee, University of Texas Health Science Center, Hackensack School of Medicine, and Eastern Virginia Medical School noted in a recent literature review published in the peer-reviewed medical journal, the American Journal of Therapeutics:

“Originally introduced as a veterinary drug, [Ivermectin] soon made historic impacts in human health, improving the nutrition, general health, and well-being of billions of people worldwide ever since it was first used to treat onchocerciasis (river blindness) in humans in 1988. It proved ideal in many ways, given that it was highly effective, broad-spectrum, safe, well tolerated, and could be easily administered. Although it was used to treat a variety of internal nematode infections, it was most known as the essential mainstay of 2 global disease elimination campaigns that has nearly eliminated the world of two of its most disfiguring and devastating diseases.”

That’s right. Billions of humans around the world have taken Ivermectin (approved by the FDA and considered an “essential medicine” by the World Health Organization) under mass distribution programs to eradicate onchocerciasis (river blindness) and other tropical diseases. Ivermectin has also been shown to inhibit a broad range of viruses in laboratory studies, including HIV, influenza, West Nile virus, and other RNA viruses. In 2018, more than 130,000 patients in the U.S. were prescribed the drug. It is a human drug no matter how many times the mad cows in the media try to fear-monger you into believing otherwise.

So, should Ivermectin be pursued as a treatment or prophylaxis for COVID-19?

The COVID control freaks don’t even want you to ask the question out loud or debate it on the Internet. But unlike farm animals, you can exercise your free will and search for the evidence yourselves:

*A study in the peer-reviewed journal Antiviral Research reported that Ivermectin inhibited the replication of SARS-CoV-2 in vitro and concluded that “ivermectin is worthy of further consideration as a possible SARS-CoV-2 antiviral.”

*An analysis published in the peer-reviewed journal International Journal of Antimicrobial Agents in November 2020 found that “countries with routine mass drug administration of prophylactic chemotherapy including ivermectin have a significantly lower incidence of COVID-19… Prophylactic use of ivermectin against parasitic infections is most common in Africa and we hence show that the reported correlation is highly significant both when compared among African nations as well as in a worldwide context…It is suggested that ivermectin be evaluated for potential off-label prophylactic use in certain cases to help bridge the time until a safe and effective vaccine becomes available.”

*A small, pilot double-blind, placebo-controlled randomized clinical trial conducted in Spain and published in The Lancet in January didn’t find statistically significant differences in COVID viral loads, but did find “a marked reduction of self-reported anosmia/hyposmia, a reduction of cough and a tendency to lower viral loads and lower [antibody] titers which warrants assessment in larger trials.”

*A systematic review of Ivermectin’s antiviral effects published in the peer-reviewed journal Nature found that it “could serve as a potential candidate in the treatment of a wide range of viruses including COVID-19 as well as other types of positive-sense single-stranded RNA viruses.”

*A study in the peer-reviewed journal Chest found statistically significant lower mortality rates among hospitalized COVID patients prescribed Ivermectin (along with hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin, or both) compared with patients without Ivermectin in Broward County, Florida.

You can find more related studies on Ivermectin and COVID in PubMed, the federal scientific database, and weigh all the costs and benefits for you and your families. Remember:

“Misinformation” simply means information that the powers that be want you to miss.

• Category: Culture/Society 

Disgraced Andrew Cuomo abandoned the New York governor’s mansion last week, leaving nearly 15,000 dead nursing home residents in his wake as a result of a catastrophic executive order forcing their facilities to take in COVID-19-infected patients. He also left behind a bevy of female underlings with a mountain of sordid sexual harassment allegations. And, reportedly, Cuomo also ditched his poor dog, whom two state troopers claim he tried to pawn off to any willing taker.

But that’s not all.

In the dark of night, safe from public scrutiny or accountability, Coward Cuomo granted clemency to one of the radical left’s most notorious anti-cop convicts — a man whose family’s elite privilege I’ve chronicled for the past 19 years. David Gilbert is the Weather Underground domestic terrorist sentenced to 75 years-to-life in prison for his role in the infamous 1981 Brink’s robbery in Nyack, New York. Gilbert and his wife, Kathy Boudin, were leaders in the 1960s group of rich-kid agitators who bombed government buildings and corporate headquarters and aided convicted felons in jailbreaks.

The married militants acted as chauffeurs for the Black Liberation Army robbers who held up a Brink’s truck at a Rockland County mall and stole more than \$1.6 million. Two of the holdup victims gunned down in the botched Brink’s robbery were police officers. One was a private security guard. All three were military veterans from working-class backgrounds.

As I’ve noted previously in my columns dating back to 2002, Gilbert and Boudin’s abandoned son, Chesa, is the pampered Rhodes Scholar and now pro-criminal district attorney in San Francisco who has faithfully whitewashed his biological parents’ crimes (and those of his unrepentant adoptive parents, Weather Underground poster couple Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn).

Celebrating the clemency order this week, Chesa Boudin claimed that his father “never intended harm.”

What a steaming crock of San Francisco street manure.

Gilbert was defiant at trial and has called himself a “political prisoner” for the entirety of his 40-year imprisonment, which he has spent advising Black Lives Matter leaders and other fledgling Marxist militant groups. Gilbert called the deadly shootings and robbery “revolutionary expropriation.” As one of his sycophants explained, the domestic terrorist crimes were “aimed at supplying financial support for the Black Revolutionary Army, a militant spin-off from the Black Panther Party.”

Reminder: In 1973, Black Liberation Army/Black Panther member Joanne Chesimard (“Assata Shakur”) shot and killed New Jersey State Trooper Werner Foerster execution-style during a traffic stop. The gunfight also left her brother-in-law, Black Liberation Army leader Zayd Malik Shakur, dead. At the time, the Black Liberation Army had been tied to the murders of more than 10 police officers across the country. Chesimard, Zayd Shakur and another member were wanted for questioning in the murder of two of those cops when they were stopped.

Chesimard was convicted and sentenced to life in 1977 but escaped from prison two years later with help from violent left-wing accomplices. One of those thugs, Black Liberation Army killer Tyrone Rison, admitted to participating in a series of armored-car robberies, including a \$250,000 heist in the Bronx on June 2, 1981, that left a Brink’s guard dead. Rison also confessed to taking part in the planning of the Brink’s robbery in which Boudin said his father and mother meant “no harm.”

I remind you, again, as I have for the past two decades, that police officers Waverly Brown and Edward O’Grady and Brink’s guard Peter Paige were murdered during the homicidal siege. Brown, who served in the Air Force after the Korean War, had two grown daughters and a teenage son. O’Grady, who served in the Marines and did two tours of duty in Vietnam, left behind a wife and three children — 6, 2 and 6 months old. Paige, a Navy veteran, also left behind a wife and three kids — 19, 16 and 9.

If you care to take a stand against Cuomo’s last act of remorseless corruption and against the anarchotyranny that grips our country still today, please consider contributing to the O’Grady-Brown Memorial Scholarship Fund, which honors the memory of the fallen Nyack Police Department officers by supporting students pursuing careers in law enforcement. More information at


It’s time to end the madness. However you feel about Joe Biden’s handling of the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, I want you to focus on what’s best for Americans on American soil right here. Right now.

Our citizens are suffering under continued draconian lockdowns, medical tyranny, skyrocketing inflation, violent crime, cancerous homelessness, border chaos, ideological persecution, and Silicon Valley censorship.

Cops cannot or will not maintain law and order.

Gun owners who exercise their right to self-defense face scorn at best and decades in prison at worst.

Our troops are being emasculated and mass-vaccinated against their will.

The mental health crisis among veterans and teens is unceasing.

Health care workers have become shills and guinea pigs for Big Pharma.

Schools regulate how much air your children can breathe, whether they are allowed to have water breaks or sing in public, and how much guilt they must confess in the classroom for the sin of being white or part white.

Our criminal justice system is run by corruptocrats and hijacked by mob rule.

Election integrity is a joke and those who expose it are punished.

This country has transmogrified before our eyes into an incorrigible Clown World. The very last thing we need right now is to compound the chaos with the addition of 30,000 Afghan refugees imported through the “Special Immigrant Visa program” run by the notoriously open-borders, America Last U.S. State Department. According to documents obtained by Fox News over the weekend, the bureaucracy “plans to potentially relocate up to 30,000 Afghan SIV applicants into the United States in the immediate future” and resettle them at military bases such as Fort McCoy in Wisconsin and Fort Bliss in Texas “while still being vetted for parolee status.”

“We want to have the capacity to get up to several thousand immediately and want to be prepared for the potential of tens of thousands,” Pentagon Spokesperson John Kirby told Fox News. “Bliss and McCoy have the capability right now – and what’s advantageous is with a little bit of work, they could increase their capacity in very short order…We’re going to focus on getting as many folks out as we can.”

Whoa, whoa, whoa, Nelly. When do ordinary Americans, whose neighborhoods will be flooded with all these untold numbers of “folks,” get a say about this “Import First, Ask Questions Later” refugee dump? Who voted for 6,000 of our best and bravest American soldiers to be used as travel agents and security guards for unlimited numbers of poor, unskilled, and unvetted Afghans and their families who will soak up precious public resources in our age of pandemania?

Bleeding heart Democrats and Biden-bashing Republicans are both tripping over themselves to virtue signal over the sight of desperate Afghans clamoring into helicopters and planes to get out their Godforsaken mess of a country. I understand the impulse to exploit the withdrawal fiasco for political gain. But pull yourselves together and think, people. Think.

The “Special Immigrant Visa” program was originally created to help a small number of Afghan and Iraqi interpreters who worked for the U.S military. By 2018, the U.S. Government Accountability Office reported that a whopping 60,000-plus individuals—about 20,000 principal SIV holders and their families—had been admitted to America under SIVs and received federal resettlement assistance upon arrival. The number of SIV visas has grown steadily over the past decade as the number of troops in the Middle East has shrunk. In 2017, 26,000 troops were stationed in Afghanistan and Iraq; that year, 18,000-plus SIV applications from Afghans and Iraqis were approved.

Do the math. This isn’t compassion. It’s a con game.

At what cost? In July, Open Borders Inc. advocates helped push through \$1 billion in new funding for the Afghan SIV program. The cash benefits flow immediately —including resettlement grants, cash, medical assistance, social services, employment services, food stamps, case management services, and welfare that can last up to five years. Despite all that, the feds found that 60 percent of SIV holders were unemployed 90 days after arrival.

Meanwhile, Afghan SIV holders in Northern Virginia—where the numbers have increased more than tenfold since fiscal year 2013 and almost doubled from fiscal years 2015 through 2016, according to the GAO—were straining schools, hospitals, and affordable housing before COVID chaos. Imagine what the impact will be now—and don’t be naïve about the demographic and electoral consequences of recklessly throwing open the gates to these masses, let alone the public safety and national security implications of allowing untold numbers of refujihadis to blend in with the refugee population, which I’ve reported on extensively in my books and columns.

How do we prevent the refugee resettlement racket from pressuring American politicians to keep importing endless numbers of people from countries that hate our guts? Twenty years of reflection upon the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq should make it clear to all who truly put America first:

Mind our own business first, put our country and its people first, and stop exporting American soldiers to wage endless and hopeless wars in countries that hate our guts.

• Category: Culture/Society 

Never have so many won so many accolades for so few real achievements on the world stage. That about sums up the Olympics 2021 — or, as I call them, the O-limp-ics 2021. Indeed, the time has come to retire the hallowed motto of the Games: “Faster, Higher, Stronger.”

In our modern age, it’s: “Woker, Weaker, Loser.”

Take Megan Rapinoe, please. The infamously pink-purple-haired captain of the U.S. women’s soccer team teared up after America’s 1-0 loss to Canada, which hadn’t beaten the U.S. since 2001. “This sucks,” she lamented in a post-defeat TV interview on USA Network. “It sucks.” With a runny nose and watery eyes leaking, she complained: “I don’t think I’ve ever lost to Canada, so it’s a bitter one.”

Well, she is certainly a bitter one, ain’t she? Perhaps if Moany Megan had spent more time running drills on the field instead of running her mouth about Black Lives Matter or gender politics or her hatred for former President Donald Trump, she’d be on the gold medal stand instead of out in the cold. Good riddance.

Then there’s Laurel Hubbard, the New Zealand weightlifter hailed not for her victories but for being the “first out transgender woman to compete in the 125-year history of the Olympics.” Hubbard’s first outing consisted of failing not once, not twice, but three times to lift at 120 kilograms and 125 kilograms. Never mind. She’s already “made Olympic history” and become an “inspiration” for “young people” to “be their authentic selves.”

Three failed lifts? Woo-hoo! Bucket list items checked off! Now, Hubbard says, “it’s probably time for me to start thinking about hanging up the boots.” Talk about resting on your, um, laurels.

(Meanwhile, the actual victor and natural-born female in Hubbard’s event, China’s Li Wenwen, set three Olympic records as she won the gold medal. But, hey, who’s keeping track of the winners?)

Next up, Simone Biles: After bailing on her teammates last week and then withdrawing from the individual all-around competition as well as event finals in uneven bars, vault and floor, the acclaimed gymnast squeaked out a bronze on beam on Tuesday. She lost out to two Chinese athletes who don’t have the celebrity distractions of social media, Sports Illustrated photo shoots, and endorsement deals with Nike, Hershey’s, Kellogg’s, Visa, United Airlines, Uber Eats, Mattress Firm and Beats by Dre that Biles has racked up.

Who needs medals when you’ve got \$5 million in glistening lucrative contracts hanging around your neck?

It’s getting more and more difficult not to root against American Olympians who’ve turned the medal stand into their own personal grandstands. According to The New York Times, several militant athletes have been plotting for weeks to hijack the Games. U.S. shot-putter Raven Saunders, who won a silver, told the newspaper she raised her arms and crossed them in an “X” as a predetermined symbol to represent “unity with oppressed people” and “the intersection of where all people who are oppressed meet.”

Never mind her physical accomplishments. What really matters is that the 25-year-old is taking a stand for “people who are Black, L.G.B.T.Q. and those who have struggled with mental health as she has,” the Times reported. She said she wanted “to be me, to not apologize.”

What a sorry example of Olympic competition. You’ve got one job: win. If you can’t cut it, find a different calling, and share your troubles with a therapist, not the world. Sheesh.

The bad news is there will be five more days for Saunders’ fellow co-conspirators to woke-ify the world stage. Her compatriot and victim of oppression, American fencer Race Imboden, flashed “a black X with a circle around it on his hand during the medal ceremony for the foil competition on Sunday.” American hammer thrower and tantrum thrower Gwen Berry, who turned away from the flag in June during the Olympic trials, is still set to compete; so is an American sprinter named Noah Lyles, who “often wears a black glove and raises his fist on the track before his races,” according to the Times.

The O-limp-ics 2021 are proof-positive that spoiled American athletes top the planet in self-absorption, narcissism and entitlement. Take a bow.

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It seems there’s no sanctuary from draconian mask and vaccine mandates. You can’t get on a plane, go to school, work at a hospital, perform onstage, compete in sports, exercise at a gym, worship in church or walk outside without the long shadows of Big Pharma and the COVID-19 control freaks looming over every aspect of your lives. Every breath, every movement, every tweet, every Facebook post, every Instagram meme is being monitored for compliance.

There is one escape hatch, however. If you’re an illegal alien, congratulations! Privileged border trespassers have been handed special “Get out of COVID Tyranny” cards, while the Biden administration is poised to send vaccine squads door to door to harass law-abiding citizens. Immigration rules don’t apply to illegals, and neither do the invasive pandemic rules imposed on our citizenry.

Fox News reporter Bill Melugin reported on Tuesday that “after an incident at a Whataburger, police in La Joya, (Texas,) say they’ve learned illegal immigrants who test positive for COVID-19 are being released from federal custody to a local Catholic charity in the (Rio Grande Valley,) which then places them in local hotels without notice.”

Border Report, a publication of Nexstar Media Group, also discovered that Catholic Charities of the Rio Grande Valley, or CCRGV, had placed illegal aliens at a local hotel that “reportedly did not contain them inside their rooms. The La Joya Police Department issued a public health warning citing reports that visibly sick migrants had been at a burger joint not wearing masks.” Border Report spoke to CCRGV executive director Sister Norma Pimentel, who told the outlet that the situation “has been corrected” and “a security guard was hired at the hotel to keep the migrants inside.”

It is unknown how many COVID-19-positive illegals have been housed at hotels in Texas, but the federal government’s outsourcing arrangement with Catholic Charities has been in place in the Rio Grande Valley since at least May 2014. I interviewed former U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement special agent Victor Avila in April about illegal alien-coddling activities at the CCRGV he observed, including routing untold numbers of border trespassers onto buses or planes without IDs (try doing that, my fellow Americans!). Avila also told me he saw envelopes being handed to the illegal aliens at the Catholic Charities facility, which he believed to be cash.

Catholic Charities certainly has money to burn. As I reported in my 2019 book, “Open Borders, Inc.,” Catholic Charities raked in an annual revenue of nearly \$4 billion in 2016, \$1.2 billion of which came from government sources. Taxpayer funding is the largest single source of funding for Catholic Charities, comprising more than one-third of its total funding.

Operating under the umbrella of the illegal alien amnesty-promoting U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, Catholic Charities employs an estimated 65,000 employees engaged in affordable housing, health, welfare, employment, and immigration and refugee resettlement. In 2016 alone, Catholic Charities’ members served 413,050 immigrant and refugee clients. Immigrants (no distinction is made between legal and illegal) received help with “Dreamer” applications, detention and removal hearings, visa applications and citizenship services. Refugees received “interpreter services, job placement, employment training, outreach, counseling, legal services, and matched savings programs.”

As I warned in my book, what every Catholic who believes in a sovereign America needs to understand is that the radicalized leaders of Catholic Charities are using your collection-plate contributions to implement Marxist-inspired liberation theology principles; think of it as faith-based socialism for a borderless planet. What every taxpayer needs to know is how much of this Catholic largesse for open borders has actually been subsidized by you.

By one Washington Times estimate, some 57 government agencies now contract with the Catholic Church. From the federal Corporation for National and Community Service in 2016, for example, Catholic Charities agencies scooped up \$14 million. That year, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services provided the largest infusion of tax dollars, followed by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, U.S. Department of Agriculture and other major agencies. The federal funding includes both direct government grants as well as “pass-through” money funneled through to Catholic agencies from federal grants to other state and local entities or nonprofit groups (including the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops).

Catholic Charities has also reaped unknown financial and in-kind contributions from governmental and intergovernmental agencies ranging from the European Union to the United Nations to the governments of Austria, Australia, Canada, Columbia, El Salvador, Germany, Honduras, Sweden, Switzerland, the U.K. and the World Bank.

It’s bad enough the multibillion-dollar illegal alien racket run by Catholic Charities puts “welcoming the (border-jumping) stranger” above America’s own homeless, jobless, veterans, Native Americans and poor. But for federally funded Catholic Charities and Biden officials to work together to undermine our borders and open our doors to hordes of maskless COVID-19-carrying trespassers flouting our laws — as we citizens suffer under unceasing pandemic oppression — is unholy treachery.

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Two weeks ago, I introduced you to the case of Jan. 6 Capitol rally defendant John Steven Anderson, whose lawyer Marina Medvin is fighting for the release of 30 seconds of an exculpatory Capitol surveillance video clip that prosecutors don’t want the public to see.

There’s a new filing in the case from lawyers for a press coalition that also wants the video made available publicly. The lawyers point out that the feds agreed to release four clips of video from Capitol surveillance cameras in a separate Jan. 6 case–one clip of which was tweeted out by reporter Ryan Reilly:

As the July 21 motion from the Press Coalition lawyers points out:

The four Capitol surveillance video clips released in the Morss case depict activity in the tunnel leading to the Lower West Terrace doors to the U.S. Capitol. See Gov’t’s Mem. in Supp. of Pretrial Detention at 12-17, United States v. Morss, Dkt. 80.

    The Video Clip at issue in this case, according to Defendant Anderson, depicts activity in the same exact location.

See Mem. in Supp. of Def’s Oral Mot. to Remove Designation of “Highly Sensitive” from CCTV Video Clip at 2, Dkt. 24. In fact, the Video Clip at issue here depicts events that occurred in the Lower West Terrace tunnel at approximately 2:53 PM, see id., while Exhibit H from the Morss case depicts events that occurred

    just four minutes later

, at approximately 2:57 PM, see Gov’t’s Third Suppl. Mem. in Supp. of Pretrial Detention at 4, United States v. Morss, Dkt. 91 (describing Exhibit H).

Here’s another clip in the same tunnel, used as a DOJ exhibit in other case, tweeted out by another reporter:

The absurdity and disingenuousness of the feds’ “mosaic theory” rationale for suppressing the Anderson video grows ever more apparent.

Free the Anderson tapes!



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Cut-and-run Democrats are making headlines this month for bailing on their state legislative duties in order to sabotage election integrity efforts in Texas. After jetting off on a private plane to Washington, D.C., in hopes of meeting with President Joe Biden last week, six of the high-flying fugitives came down with COVID-19. On Monday, aides to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the White House who had hosted the runaways also tested positive for COVID-19. Every one of them claims to have been fully vaccinated.

All germs aside, we’ve seen these politically toxic Democrats before. In 2011, I gave a handy nickname to an entourage of liberal Wisconsin and Indiana state legislators who went AWOL to stop their GOP counterparts from passing public employee union reforms: “Fleebaggers.” (I used the term as a rejoinder to leftist elites and their media shills like CNN’s Anderson Cooper who referred derogatorily to tea party conservatives as “teabaggers,” which has an offensive connotation.)

As I reported at the time, those tail-tucking Democrats paralyzed Republican fiscal reform efforts by crossing state borders and seeking refuge in neighboring Illinois, the nation’s sanctuary for political crooks and corruptocrats. A prominent Wisconsin political activist summed up the cowardice of elected truants in 2011, and her words still resonate today: “As the daughter of former Wisconsin Senate Minority Floor Leader William R. Moser, D-Milwaukee, Dist. 6,” Mary Magdalen Moser told me, “I am ashamed of the actions taken by the minority party to subvert our system of government by boycotting its legitimate processes. Anarchy is undemocratic, and I know that my dad is spinning in his grave right now. … I do not support refusing to participate, because that will not solve any of the issues facing our state.”

Eight years before that episode, more than 50 Texas Democratic state lawmakers holed up in Oklahoma and New Mexico for weeks to stymie a vote on Republican-sponsored redistricting plans they opposed. Oregon Democrats pulled the same stunt in 2001 to stop votes on redistricting legislation. More recently, in 2019, Republicans in Oregon emulated their colleagues on the other side of the aisle and decamped to Idaho to protest cap-and-trade legislation and stymie a quorum.

The Fleebagger virus is contagious, but of course, only Democrats are immune from establishment criticism. Throughout the entirety of the Trump presidency, Democrat obstructionists and their propagandists accused political adversaries of “subverting the democratic process.” When President Donald Trump asserted his plenary powers over immigration, he was accused of having “zero tolerance” for democracy. When he appointed conservative judges, he was accused of “subverting democracy.” When he challenged the deep state, he was attacked for “subverting Democratic norms.” And, of course, when he challenged the legitimacy of the 2020 election results, it was tantamount to a “coup.”

Everything their political enemies do subverts and sabotages “democracy,” but when cut-and-run Democrats evade their own basic duties of representative government, resistance is patriotic again. Rachel Maddow and Vice President Kamala Harris compared the yellowbellies to civil rights heroes. The fleebaggers will undoubtedly be nominated for NAACP awards and the Nobel Peace Prize.

It’s enough to make you superspreader sick. The solution? Permanent quarantine from office.

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I sent a simple request in April to my government for public data that taxpayers have the right to see. Through the federal Freedom of Information Act, I asked the Transportation Security Administration (as well as the Federal Bureau of Investigation) for the following information:

No. 1: The policy statement outlining the processes and criteria according to which officials nominate, consider and approve names for the no-fly list, selectee list and extended selectee list.

No. 2: All information, documents, records and communications within the TSA and/or between the TSA and the FBI regarding attendees of the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol rally and their inclusion on the no-fly list, selectee list and extended selectee list from Jan. 6, 2021, through the present. (I requested copies of all information, records, emails, phone logs/transcripts, letters, notes, memoranda and all electronic or nonelectronic communications/records/information related to aforementioned events and aforementioned parties.)

No. 3: All information, documents, records and communications within the TSA and/or between the TSA and the FBI using the search terms “Nick Fuentes,” “Nicholas Fuentes,” “Nicholas J. Fuentes,” “America First,” “Lauren Witzke,” “AFPAC” or “Groypers.”

You’ll be interested to know, my fellow American citizens and taxpayers, that the price of unlocking the TSA/FBI’s no-fly secrets is precisely \$4,536 (\$28/hour). Michael Tobias, government information specialist at Department of Homeland Security/Transportation Security Administration/Freedom of Information Act Branch, informed me that “it would take a combined search time of 162 hours” to fulfill my request and that half of the estimated cost — \$2,268 of the \$4,536 — would be due up front as an advance payment. “Thank you and have a great day!” Tobias ended his missive to me.

So much for “freedom” of information. LOL.

I have appealed this onerous tax on investigative journalism and refiled my FOIA request this week, noting that I am a member of the media and reiterating that any information I receive will be shared with the public. Stay tuned for updates, but in the meantime, ask yourselves (and your elected representatives, while you’re at it) this question:

What is our government trying to hide at such a high cost to ordinary Americans?

As I reported in this column in April, the subjects of my FOIA request (Nick Fuentes and Lauren Witzke) have faced repeated obstacles to traveling by air since the beginning of the year. Their plight is part of what I believe is a clearly coordinated campaign of discrimination by Big Government and Big Tech against America First nationalists. Remember: Multimedia entrepreneur Nick Fuentes has been banned by all the usual Big Tech suspects (most recently by Twitter last week after the Anti-Defamation League published a hit piece), along with livestream service DLive, Coinbase and every payment processor for his forceful advocacy of populism, an end to mass migration and protection of the nuclear family. Former Delaware GOP Senate candidate Lauren Witzke (banned from Twitter for calling a pedophilia-flirting transgender activist “demonic”) had her Wells Fargo account shut down just last month.

Both attended the Jan. 6 U.S. Capitol rally for former President Donald Trump, but neither had entered the building. Neither has been charged with any crimes. Both were peacefully exercising their First Amendment rights. Yet, President Joe Biden’s TSA and multiple airlines told Fuentes he no longer has “clearance” to fly; Witzke cannot check into flights online, is swabbed for explosives and has “Secondary Security Screening Selection” marked on her tickets. My FOIA request would help unearth clues as to the criteria for putting untold thousands of innocent American citizens on secret lists and tyrannically classifying them as “security” threats.

Witzke called out the feds’ information lockdown for the bribery that it is: “The full force of the federal government is trying to extort ordinary Americans who just want to know the truth. WHY are they persecuting us?”

Laura Loomer, another early and repeated victim of Big Government/Big Tech abuse, also weighed in: “Not only are they trying to extort people for wanting to know the truth, but they won’t even reply to my lawyers requests to find out why the FBI has illegally red flagged me” and prevented her unilaterally from owning firearms. “The federal government is illegally extorting Americans and they are abusing their power to politically persecute and target political opposition.”

The rest of the deep-pocketed corporate media remains stubbornly uninterested in freeing the truth on behalf of persecuted dissidents. It’s not a newsflash, but it bears repeating: The Fourth Estate is not a neutral actor, but an active collaborator with the Swamp and Silicon Valley in stifling America First.

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