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[Excerpted from the latest Radio Derb, now available exclusively through]

Earlier: A Former Border Patrol Agent Reports, With Picture, On The THOUSANDS Of Illegals Thronging To The Southern Border

The border between Mexico and the state of Texas is 1,242 miles long, from Brownsville on the Gulf of Mexico to El Paso deep inland, where the state of Texas meets the state of New Mexico. The entire border, all twelve hundred miles, is formed by the Rio Grande river.

About halfway along that border on the Texas side is the town of Del Rio, population 35 thousand, eighty percent of them declaring themselves Latino. Largest employers: a U.S. Air Force base and a prison.

Across the Rio Grande from Del Rio, in Mexico, is the town of Acuña, which is much bigger—four times the population of Del Rio. I imagine the proportion of Acuñans declaring themselves Latino is very close to a hundred percent, but I can’t find confirmation of that.

If you drive from Mexico into Texas, there’s a fine expressway over the river that eventually becomes U.S. Route 277. The expressway is elevated across the river of course, then continues to be elevated for the first half mile or so into Texas.

Then you come to an official Port of Entry, with a CBP [Customs and Border Protection] station that will process your entry into the U.S.A.

Should you choose not to drive, and so long as the Rio Grande is running low, you can wade across from the Mexican side to the Texas side [Migrants at Texas bridge pose challenge for Biden, Irish Times, September 17, 2021]. That is, you can walk into the U.S.A. Once in Texas, if the sun is really hot you can walk in the shade under the expressway.

You can’t walk far, though. A couple of hundred yards into Texas you come to a chain-link fence patrolled by CBP. So you’re stuck there between the river and the fence, in the shade of the expressway overpass if you’re lucky, otherwise on the bare sandy earth nearby or the adjacent scrub.

At the time of writing here on Friday morning, there are ten thousand people stuck there between river and fence, and hundreds more joining them every hour.

If this were a military operation it would be called a beachhead. All these people want entry to the U.S.A.

Who are they? The greatest number, we are told, are Haitians. They are not actually from Haiti—not recently, at any rate. After the Haiti earthquake of 2010 some South American nations—I’ve seen Brazil and Chile mentioned, but there are likely others—took in Haitian refugees.

Once the Biden Administration threw open our southern border early this year, the word got around to these expat Haitians that instead of living in not-very-rich countries with not-very-enlightened attitudes about black people they could go live in a rich country where blacks are sacred objects who may not be criticized.

So, up they came…and are still coming. You can’t blame them.

We’re told that there are other nationalities in there too—Cubans, Central Americans, Venezuelans, and a sprinkling from everywhere else.

To judge from news photographs, though, the great majority are black, and so presumably Haitian.

So if you are one of the ten thousand—maybe twelve thousand by the time you hear this—parked there under the expressway—how do you proceed?

Well, first you get on line for a numbered ticket. You just take the ticket from a CBP or National Guard guy. These tickets are like the ones you get at the DMV: just a number to put you in sequence to go up and get properly processed. Except of course that while your DMV ticket has some number like 23 on it, presumably the ones CBP is handing out have numbers more like 11,823.

With that numbered ticket you can go stand on line for proper processing. You’ll be standing on line for days, of course. Maybe weeks: Todd Bensman, in a CIS report datelined today, says that “wait times have reached three weeks at current federal resources” [A New Beachhead Opens in the Biden Border Crisis, September 17, 2021].

The feds are of course completely overwhelmed, so that the processing, when you get to it, must be pretty perfunctory. If the feds don’t have anything negative on file about you—and if you’re a Haitian expat whose been living in Chile since 2010, they almost certainly don’t—you’ll get some papers stamped granting you the right to enter the U.S.A. and remain until date so-and-so.

Between now and then you should report to an immigration office…if you feel like it. If you’d rather not, that’s OK; we hardly ever deport people just for being here illegally.

You’re in!

This cannot end well. A three-week wait time, out there in the summer heat, among ten thousand others and with two thousand more arriving every day; wading back across the river to Mexico to buy food; and the sanitary arrangements don’t bear thinking about.

It looks to me like a seriously unstable situation. It looks that way to the CBP guys, too. Another quote from Todd Bensman:

Several officers … expressed fear that, should these immigrants become impatient with the ever-extending process periods under these living conditions, they will riot and easily overwhelm the relatively few available Border Patrol, National Guard, and Texas Department of Public Safety officers available for security.

Local officials and law enforcement say they can easily envision a nightmare scenario in which thousands upon thousands of migrants run through Del Rio.

• Category: Ideology, Race/Ethnicity • Tags: Haiti, Immigration, Joe Biden 

There’s another anniversary this September besides the 20th anniversary of 9/11: Fifty years ago this weekend, and also encompassing a weekend, September 9th to 13th, there occurred the Attica prison riot in western upstate New York. The final death toll for those five days was 43: thirty-three inmates of the prison and ten guards and other civilians.

The September issue of Chronicles magazine has a very fine article by Nicholas Jackson commemorating the anniversary. It makes the key point that the riot was not caused by a tightening of prison discipline, but on the contrary by a loosening.

Political scientists have often noted that authoritarian governments are most in danger of being overthrown when they try to liberalize. People get used to repression and learn to cope with it; but loosening up signals a lack of confidence among the rulers, and that gets people thinking, and rebelling.

Michael Gorbachev’s policies of glasnost and perestroika—”opening” and “restructuring” make the point: just as they were getting to be household words, the U.S.S.R. fell apart. The careers of Hu Yaobang and Zhao Ziyang in China, leading up to the 1989 protests in Tiananmen Square and elsewhere, would have made the same point if Deng Xiaoping hadn’t sent in the tanks.

So it was with the Attica riot. New York State’s governor at the time was Nelson Rockefeller, who was as liberal as a Republican can be without falling off the edge of the Earth. His Corrections Commissioner, Russell Oswald, was of the same stamp.

Quote from Nicholas Jackson in Chronicles:

The riot and hostage siege occurred because violent felons had been fortified and encouraged by progressive and liberal concessions in the previous decade—while, by the same concessions, wardens and guards were fettered, shackled, enfeebled, and incapacitated.

Massacre of the Guards—The Attica Prison Riot, 50 Years Later, September, 2021

So social reformers of the 1960s had been showing the same kind indulgence towards prison inmates as we are showing today towards criminals and rioters; and the same stern harshness towards corrections officers, as we today are showing towards police. If you want to know where current trends are leading, Attica offers a clue.

In his fine 1942 essay on Rudyard Kipling, George Orwell wrote the following thing

He [that is, Kipling] sees clearly that men can only be highly civilized while other men, inevitably less civilized, are there to guard and feed them.

Rudyard Kipling, Horizon, February 1942.

That is a key insight into human affairs; but unfortunately it is one we have become deeply reluctant to contemplate. As part of our current flight from reality, we would much, much rather not think about the fact that an essential part of the maintenance of any civilized society is, that some people must be treated harshly: deprived of their liberty, made to sleep on hard beds in bare cells, put under strict rules of discipline with penalties of extra harshness if they break that discipline, sometimes physically manhandled.

I have mentioned before a friend I had back in England forty years ago who had been a probation officer. He’d spent considerable time in prisons dealing with the inmates. He was a decent man: good company, well-mannered and well-read, a man of broad sympathies. Very few of those sympathies extended to the prison inmates, though. For the most part, he detested them. He summarized them as: “The sad, the bad, and the mad.”

The sad were not much in evidence in the Attica riot, to judge from Nicholas Jackson’s account. This was the Bad and the Mad on one side, on the other the prison guards, concerning whom Jackson tells us, quote:

Their only sin was doing their low-status, low-wage, yet highly hazardous, more-dangerous-than-thankless job. Indeed, salaries of guards at Attica were so low that many of them also held part-time jobs in the small town to make ends meet.

From the pictures in Jackson’s article it seems that the great majority of the rioting inmates were black.

I’d guess that most of the corrections officers, if not all, were white. Certainly all the dead guards listed on the Officer Down Memorial Page were white:


Beauty pageants are always worth a look. They had one in Ireland last week. The winner, the new Miss Ireland, was 26-year-old Pamela Uba, and a bonny colleen she is. Another thing she is, is … black.

Ms. Uba immigrated from South Africa at age seven. Now she is the very first black Miss Ireland, further reinforcing our perception of Ireland as the Heart of Wokeness.

Although for that title—not the Miss Ireland title, the Heart of Wokeness title—the Micks may have competition from their old enemy across the Irish Channel. August 31st a new Miss England was crowned. She is 25-year-old Rehema Muthamia and yes, she’s black too, from Kenya this time.

As Mark Collett over at Gab observed, quote:

Miss England and Miss Ireland … it’s almost as if there is a concerted effort to replace Europeans.

But hey, what did Europeans ever do to improve the world? Slavery, colonialism, Emmett Till, Stephen Lawrence, George Floyd

I for one welcome our new black overlords … and overladies.


We are now out of Afghanistan. This is such a relief after twenty years of futility, Joe Biden has been getting thanks from some surprising people—Ann Coulter and Richard Spencer, for example.

I’m as glad as they are. But I think the appalling mess Biden’s people made of the evacuation cancels out any gratitude due to the president. When the Soviet Union, on its last geriatric legs, made a cleaner, cheaper show of withdrawing from Afghanistan in defeat than we have, heads should roll.

A basic atom bomb depends on a mass of nuclear material going into a spontaneous fission reaction. You put two or more subcritical masses into some device, keeping them apart from each other. Then, when you want an explosion, you bring them together to form a critical mass. Bang!

Similarly, the current mess is the result of two subcritical masses of insanity coming together:

Our foreign policy insanity—these dumb missionary wars we keep getting involved with—has been a constant for decades now. It’s possible we have finally learned our lesson; but I seriously doubt it. I look forward to milking that insanity for commentary as long as I can work a keyboard.

So let’s see what this week has shown us about our immigration insanity. The focus of concern: the floods of Afghans we have taken in.

The original idea, which seemed reasonable (at any rate to me) was that we should take in and settle Afghans who had trustingly put their lives on the line to help us advance our foreign policy, as insane as that policy was. That would be a fair and decent thing to do.

As it’s worked out, though, none but a small proportion of the tens of thousands of Afghans we’ve brought in belong to that category. Most are just random Afghans who got to Kabul airport and bribed or elbowed or threatened their way onto a plane. Far from owning Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) papers to show they have at least claimed to have helped us, many have no papers at all.

Meanwhile, Afghans who are SIV applicants but could not make it to Kabul, are being hunted down and killed by the Taliban. Moral of the story: Put no trust in the U.S.A.

Ann Corcoran has noted that most of the incoming Afghans are likely being admitted on parole, not as refugees. What does “on parole” mean? If you follow Ann’s link to the Homeland Security Today website, you get this:

Parole does not confer immigration status and does not provide a path to permanent residency or the ability to obtain lawful immigration status. However, a parolee may be able to obtain lawful status in the United States through other means.

Information for Afghan Nationals on Parole into the United States, Homeland Security Today, September 1, 2021

If you have been following immigration issues these past few years you will be rolling on the floor laughing at that. As Michelle Malkin says in regard to judgements and appeals in our immigration courts: “It ain’t over until the alien wins.”

With the two million or so illegals coming in across our southern border every year now and our immigration-control apparatus totally overwhelmed and demoralized, this will be more true than ever.

And our immigration insanity only starts there. It proceeds through the lunacies of Birthright Citizenship and unrestricted Chain Migration to a sort of generalized version of Michelle’s apothegm:

“It ain’t over until the alien, and all his offspring and relatives, and anyone who can buy fake papers in the local bazaar ‘proving’ he is a relative, win.”

Stateside, meanwhile, odds are we have just acquired a big new set of social problems we could very well have done without.

Afghanistan has a mean national IQ variously estimated as from 80 to 84. This is likely related to extraordinary levels of inbreeding.

Quote from a study published 2012 in the Journal of Biosocial Science:

In Afghanistan, the prevalence of cousin marriages is estimated to be 46.2 percent. The prevalent type of cousin marriage is first cousin marriage (27.8 percent), followed by double first cousin marriage (6.9 percent), second cousin (5.8 percent), and third cousin (3.9 percent). Such marriages became the main reason to get genetically disabled children.

[Consanguineous marriages in Afghanistan, by K. Saify & M. Saadat, Journal of Biosocial Science, January 2012].

“Double first cousin,” in case you’re wondering, means first cousin once removed, which is to say either the child of your first cousin, or the first cousin of your parent.

And they are all Muslims—devout adherents of a faith not best known for its readiness to assimilate to non-Muslim host cultures … to put it mildly.

As James Kirkpatrick has documented, these Afghans will be settled in small towns in Red States as much as possible.

Twitter is full of people asking why they can’t be settled in Malibu or Martha’s Vineyard. Stephen Miller and Tucker Carlson discussed it on Fox News:


  1. Because our ruling class live in such places, and they don’t want any concentrations of unsightly poor people around them.
  2. Because those places already vote Democrat, so there is no need to plant settlements of future Democrat voters there.

• Category: Ideology • Tags: Afghanistan, Immigration, Joe Biden 

The cruelest month

For patriots, August was a terrible month, a month of national humiliation. I share the general anger and despair.

As if the national news wasn’t depressing enough, here on Long Island we were forecast to take a major hit August 22nd from Hurricane Henri. The Derbs obediently bought in extra supplies of food and necessities. I changed the oil in my generator, topped up its gas, and gave it a test run. We were all ready for the onslaught.

It never happened. Henri changed course somehow. All we got was a couple of days of intermittent rain showers.

A nearby friend emailed in with this:

America can’t even do killer hurricanes anymore.

Later in the month Hurricane Ida proved him wrong; but he caught the general spirit of the mid-August moment pretty well.

Peak crazy?

Have we reached Peak Crazy yet?

  • A professor of medicine at the University of California apologized to his students for saying the words “pregnant women,” instead of “pregnant people,” in a medical classroom.
  • Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon noted that the 2020 census result just came out this month and, quote from him: “For the first time in American history the number of white people went down.” The studio audience, which was almost entirely white, erupted in cheers and wild applause.

  • Oregon Governess Kate Brown has signed a bill ending the requirement for high school students to prove proficiency in reading, writing, and math before graduation.
  • The University of Pittsburgh, in an official posting at its website, is seeking applicants for an Assistant Professorship in Structural Racism, Oppression, and Black Political Experiences.

Some follow-up notes on those.

On that first bullet point: I spotted an early instance of sex denialism five years ago, and included a link in a PowerPoint presentation I gave at AmRen that year. I thought at the time that sex denialism was so absurd it would stay out on the fringes. That was too optimistic of me. It is now orthodoxy in our medical schools. In our medical schools.

On the same topic: The Economist has this month been running a series of Biology Briefs for schools. The one in the August 21st issue included the following text:

Complex algae, animals, fungi and plants all have predictable life histories which separate out three basic aspects of development—the creation of an autonomous individual, growth and reproduction—and run them sequentially.

In some creatures, including humans, the move from one phase to the next has an obvious continuity. Fertilised eggs turn into fetuses, which become babies, who grow into two different sorts of adult, which, between them, can then produce new fertilised eggs.

Making your way in the world, August 21, 2021

“Two different sorts of adult”? Isn’t that … problematic?

The Economist rarely deviates from early-2000s neocon orthodoxy. They are open-borders, race-denialist, climate-alarmist, Trump-deranged, and fully on board with missionary wars—the whole neocon deal.

That’s just the line pushed by senior management, though. I bet the magazine’s fully-woke junior staffers have been having angry meetings about this Biology Brief. I await the apology that must surely be forthcoming from The Economist.

And on my second bullet point, about the 2020 census numbers, David Cole had interesting things to say the other day. Sample:

Whites who checked [i.e. on the census form] “white plus something else” rose a whopping 316 percent since 2010. So while “white alone” did indeed fall to under 60 percent of the population for the first time in census history, white alone plus white combo came in at 71 percent. [Isle of L.A. Part I: The Changing Colors of the Landscapeby David Cole; Taki’s Magazine, August 24th 2021.]

That, assuming Cole is right, confirms my belief that for a true picture of how the racial composition of our population is changing, you first have to get a handle on how people describe their race on census forms is changing. So far as I have seen, David Cole is the only person making a serious attempt at that.

(Cole is also an instance of something that seems quite common: the native white Californian who feels a generalized gratitude to Hispanics for having displaced blacks.)

Geezer philosophy

A friend asked me what I thought of this, from a saner time:

An individual human existence should be like a river—small at first, narrowly contained within its banks, and rushing passionately past rocks and over waterfalls. Gradually the river grows wider, the banks recede, the waters flow more quietly, and in the end, without any visible break, they become merged in the sea, and painlessly lose their individual being.
—Bertrand Russell, Portraits from Memory, 1956

My thoughts? Mixed. It’s a noble sentiment, elegantly expressed; but there is a great deal more to be said.

Whatever you think of it as a prescription for old age (Russell was 81 when he wrote it; he lived another sixteen years), it surely isn’t one that many of us follow. So: pre-scriptive, OK, but de-scriptive, not much.

• Category: History, Ideology • Tags: Political Correctness, White Americans 

You’ve been hearing a lot recently about how Afghanistan has been America’s Longest War. No: Immigration has been our Longest War, ours and Britain’s. From the Hart-Celler Immigration Act to today: 56 years. From Enoch Powell’s famous speech urging immigration restriction to today: 53 years. There have been some small victories for common sense this month. But also bad news. The whole experience has been a complete, and possibly terminal, failure of Democracy.

First, the bad news.

You probably saw the reports that encounters on our southern border—encounters, that is, between agents of U.S. Customs and Border Protection and foreigners trying to enter our country illegally—these encounters hit a record number in July: over 210,000.

That number is the more striking because in normal years fewer and fewer illegals attempt the crossing in these hot summer months. Now that trend has reversed: the July figure is up eleven percent from the June number. The year-to-date figure is over a million.

CBP estimates that over and above the 210,000 aliens encountered, a further 37,000 illegals reportedly evaded Border Patrol entirely. Nobody can tell me how they get that number, and experts, like Todd Bensman at the Center for Immigration Studies, think it is “likely a significant undercount.”

So, 210,000 encounters in July. What happens to the people who are encountered? Well, some become apprehensions, the rest become expulsions.

It used to be that the great majority of encounters led to expulsions: 85 percent for Donald Trump’s last full month in office. Eighty-five percent of illegal border crossers were expelled.

You will not be staggered to learn that the proportion of expulsions has declined dramatically under Biden. For the month of July it was down to 47 percent [Migrant encounters at U.S.-Mexico border are at a 21-year high, by John Gramlich, Pew Research, August 13, 2021] the first time it has ever been less than half.

Most expulsions are done under Title 42, an order out of the Centers for Disease Control [CDC], issued in March last year, when the COVID pandemic was getting up steam. Title 42 is hated hated HATED by the Open Borders lobbies.

In fact, doing a Google search on “Title 42,” as I just did, opens your eyes to how many Open Borders lobbies there are, toiling away tirelessly on behalf of immigration scofflaws.

There may be more of these Open Borders lobbying groups than there are illegals violating the borders!

Well, some good news on Title 42: The CDC is holding the line. They announced August 2nd that they’d keep it in place with a review every 60 days (so the next review is October 1st).

All right, that’s expulsions, what about apprehensions? I mentioned that in July, for the first time, there were more apprehensions than expulsions. What happens if an illegal is apprehended?

What happens is, the illegal is taken into custody by CBP and held awaiting some kind of ruling. Well, that’s the theory. In practice, the numbers now are far too great for proper adjudication, so a lot of them just get released.

One way to get yourself into the adjudication process is to claim Asylum. Again, the numbers claiming Asylum are way greater than can be adjudicated in any timely fashion, so they’re given a card with a date when they’re supposed to appear, and released.

But in the matter of Asylum, there was a positive development this week. The development concerned MPP, the Migrant Protection Protocol.

MPP—informally known as the “Remain in Mexico” policy—was another Trump initiative. It came into force via a Department of Homeland Security order in January 2019. MPP allowed border officials to send Asylum claimants back to Mexico while they waited for an adjudication in the U.S.A.

All that mighty host of Open Borders lobbyists of course hated MPP as much as they hate Title 42. There were legal and judicial battles, rulings and appeals. Then in February this year Biden ended MPP, letting the Asylum claimants come flooding in.

That got us off to the judicial races again. In April the states of Texas and Missouri sued the Administration on the grounds that ending MPP had started a flood of illegal aliens that was imposing costs on those states.

In June DHS Secretary Mayorkas doubled down by issuing an order formally ending MPP.

Forward to this month, August. Two weeks ago a federal judge in Texas ordered MPP to be reinstated, saying the Administration hadn’t gone through the right procedures to annul Trump’s order.

• Category: History, Ideology • Tags: Britain, Enoch Powell, Immigration, Joe Biden 

[Excerpted from the latest Radio Derb, now available exclusively through]

It looks as though, after twenty years of futility, two and a half thousand U.S. military deaths and twenty thousand wounded, along with a trillion dollars of spending (give or take a couple hundred billion), we may actually be disengaging from Afghanistan.

Disgraceful” is a word that keeps coming to mind. It’s been an absolute policy failure on the part of three different administrations—four, if you count the current one, which perhaps in fairness you shouldn’t.

If our political system was fit for purpose, there would be impeachments of civilian officials and courts-martial of senior staff officers—dozens of them in both cases—for these twenty years of lies and incompetence.

It’s been obvious for most of those years that our war in Afghanistan was of benefit to only a tiny fraction of Americans: defense contractors, the congressvermin who take their campaign donations, and senior military types wanting to put another colored ribbon on their chests and nail down another post-retirement company directorship.

For the rest of us it’s been money and lives down the toilet.

One consequence of the Afghanistan fiasco: a mighty flood of refugees.

A key term here is “SIV,” which stands for “Special Immigrant Visa.” I went to the State Department website with the idea to do a deep dive into this SIV business, but I got lost in the bureaucratic Esperanto and had to give up.

I did at least learn, though, that there are two distinct visa programs in play here:

The State Department website, which is aimed at people applying for these visas, carefully cautions you to know which visa you’re applying for. The first category there talks of numbers of visas in the thousands and tens of thousands; the second one, if I haven’t mis-read the Esperanto, is limited to fifty visas a year.

The whole issue is further complicated by:

As you can see, the matter of visas for Afghans wanting to settle in the U.S.A. under some claim to having helped our war effort is deep and tangled in both legislation and litigation. You could get a Ph.D. in this stuff, if you had a lot more patience than I have.

Casting around for something I could understand, something giving actual numbers, I found this excellent piece by Daniel Greenfield over at, title: ‘Saving Afghan Interpreters’ is a Scam That Would Bring 100,000 Afghans to U.S.[July 23, 2021]

Sample quote:

When the media claims that we’re leaving Afghan interpreters to die, it’s lying. There are few actual interpreters actually applying for SIVs. The vast majority of applicants were just making money from the U.S.

On the other side are stories like this one from Chad Robichaux over at American Greatness. Robichaux is described as “a former Force Recon Marine and Defense Department contractor with eight deployments to Afghanistan as part of a Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) Task Force.” He writes very eloquently of combat operations he was engaged in, helped by an Afghan interpreter he calls “Bashir.”

This Bashir, Robichaux tells us, saved many American lives and was unfailingly loyal to our troops there. Yet now he’s a Taliban target, in peril of his life:

He has been on the move with his wife and kids, relocating daily to stay safe. He has tried multiple times to get out, but for years the special immigrant visa process has been broken and now the U.S. embassy in Kabul is closed “due to Covid.”

Abandoning Allies Is Current American Policy, August 7, 2021

Robichaux and his former teammates have raised \$80,000 to help Bashir move to a safe country with a U.S. embassy where he can apply for asylum.

Has Chad Robichaux made up the Bashir story? Well:

  1. I would be very wary about saying so in his presence or anywhere near it: his American Greatness byline also tells us he is a former professional mixed martial arts (MMA) champion; and

I’m happy to see that Hungary is in the news. Longtime readers and listeners know that I am a Hungarophile from way back. A quick scan of the Derb archives shows fond mentions of Hungary all the way back to April 2002. One of the longest reviews I’ve written in recent years was about a 20th-century Hungarian novelist. (The magazine that published that hasn’t sent me a book to review in the five years since, I can’t imagine why).

There are two reasons Hungary is in the news, a political reason and a media reason. The political reason is that the EU, the European Union—which, to a good first approximation, means Germany—is ganging up on the current Hungarian government under Viktor Orbán, who has been Prime Minister of Hungary for fifteen of the past nineteen years.

The media reason is that nationalist-conservative gadfly Tucker Carlson is in that country this week, broadcasting his nightly Fox News show from Budapest.

Those two reasons have a common origin. Viktor Orbán has pursued a strongly National Conservative policy line. He has set his face firmly against mass Third World immigration and established secure national borders. Orbán’s Hungary has strong natalist programs to encourage Hungarians to marry and have children. In June this year Hungary’s National Assembly, with Orbán’s encouragement, passed a law banning the promotion of homosexuality in school educational materials [Hungary passes law banning LGBT content in schools or kids’ TV, by Jennifer Rankin, Guardian, June 15, 2021]. Orbán has severely curtailed the propagandizing activities of George Soros … And so on.

Orbán’s Hungary, in short, is an unapologetic beacon of National Conservatism. That’s driving globalist Progressives crazy, both in Europe and here. The EU is threatening to cut off financial support for Hungary, even perhaps to expel Hungary from the EU if the country doesn’t get in line with globalist-Progressive ideology. That’s a real threat to Orbán.

Hungarians would like to stay Hungarian, without the blights of mass immigration and Heather Has Two Mommies textbooks in kindergarten.

On the other hand, they like being in the EU. Their country is comparatively poor, down there with Romania and Greece in the EU rankings of per capita GDP, and that financial support comes in handy. So, with employment opportunities limited, so does the ability to travel freely to work in other EU countries without passports and visas.

There’s an election coming up next April, or theoretically even earlier, and the pro-EU forces are looking strong [Hungarian Finance Minister Revives Debate Over EU Membership, by Zoltan Simon, Bloomberg, August 2, 2021]So the EU may have their way with Hungary after all.

And yes, our own globalist Progressives hate Orbán, too. “Hate” is in fact too mild a word for effusions like those of neocon David Frum on Twitter this week. Sample, quote:

When American media personalities express admiration for Orbán, that is what they are admiring: plunder of the public for the benefit of a complicit few; suppression of media that report the plunder; racism and reactionary religion as cover for the gullible and/or hypocritical.

Wow: “plunder of the public for the benefit of a complicit few; suppression of media that report the plunder.” Nothing like that could happen here in the Land of the Brave and Home of the Free, could it? Excuse me … [cough, “Hunter Biden … laptop … cough].

Now, it’s true that Orbán makes that kind of thing easier than it ought to be. Yes, he’s too tolerant of corruption, especially when it enriches his own family and friends. But—and now I’m quoting, quote:

The unhappy truth is that liberalism as we Americans have known it is probably dead. Our future is almost certainly going to be left-illiberal or right-illiberal. It’s not the future I would prefer, but we are not being given a choice here.

I took that from a brilliant piece by Rod Dreher at The American Conservative (Tucker To Hungary, Nixon To China, August 4, 2021). It’s a long piece, four and a half thousand words including footnotes, but well worth your time and trouble.

Life, and especially political life, rarely offers perfection as one of your choices. Perfection in national leadership for me would be a leader who believes in and promotes National Conservatism and does all he can to stop the Cultural Revolution, while being personally frugal and honest, with no track record of enriching himself or his family from the public fisc. That would be perfection.

What if Rod Dreher is right, though? What if the choice we end up with is between an Orbán type, sincerely National Conservative all the way through, but not averse to putting his hand in the cookie jar now and then [Viktor Orbán is winning his culture war, by Rod Dreher, Spectator, August 3, 2021], up against, on the other hand, a willing tool of the nation-destroying revolutionary Left with just as sleazy a personal record?

I personally would not hesitate for very long, especially if the party of the second part there was incoherently senile.

Is Rod right? Is our future destined to be either right-illiberal or left-illiberal?

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Sleeping prone is harder than you’d think

As followers of Radio Derb are aware, I was out of action for a couple of weeks there in mid-July.

What happened was, I broke the First Rule of Being Over Seventy.

First Rule of Being Over Seventy: Don’t fall!

Fortunately I didn’t break anything else. I was tidying up the home gym when my feet got tangled with each other somehow. I lost balance, keeled over, and landed with my full weight (180 lbs.) on a stray dumbell. The point of impact was quite precisely the fleshiest part of the human frame—well, of mine—and that accounts for no bones having been broken.

The dusky melancholy sprites who afflict us with minor troubles, thus frustrated in their attack on my skeleton, took their revenge on my soft tissues. Over the next week I developed the Mother of All Bruises: a vast black terrain of shattered capillaries and homeless blood.

I could not sit; my right hip joint went on strike; standing for long was painful; likewise lying down in any normal position. My only relief was to lie prone, face in a pillow, chancing suffocation. It is actually possible to sleep in that position, although it took me three or four unhappy nights to master the art. Sleeping prone is harder than you’d think.

Now, at month end, everything’s much better. The Mother of All Bruises faded from black to purple and split into lesser units. Watching this day by day has brought to mind plate tectonics: one of those YouTube clips of Pangea, the ancient super-continent, breaking up into Africa, Asia, the Americas, and so on.

As my dear mother used to say: Worse things happen at sea. I am sure there are people reading this who have far greater misfortunes to contend with. My honest sympathies. I wouldn’t have given as much of an account as this, but people have been asking.

Staircase wit

That first week, with Pangea at its most alarming, I went to see a doctor. He didn’t have much to offer: “It’ll heal, take a few weeks … cold compresses … easy on the painkillers …” I did, however, come away from the consultation with an item of staircase wit.

As usual, before seeing the actual doctor I was taken into one of the examination rooms to be weighed and have my pulse and temperature checked by a PA, in this case a pretty young Indian lady. “What brings you in here today?” she chirped after closing the door.

Me: “I can show you faster than tell you.” I unbuckled my belt and opened the zipper on my shorts preparatory to dropping them.

She: “No, no … Wait! … Please … No! Wait! …” This was said in a high register. Apparently she thought I was going to flash her.

Shorts dropped, Mother of All Bruises in plain sight, her voice went down an octave. “Oh, my goodness!”

That was my cue to respond: “Aw, that’s what women always say when I drop my pants.” Of course I didn’t think of it at the time, and the consultation proceeded in a normal fashion, our voices appropriately pitched.

On reflection, it’s probably just as well I didn’t think of it. I’d likely have ended up on the sharp end of some “harassment” lawsuit.

Guilt exhibitionism

It’s silly, I know, to make fun of people’s names; but every time Secretary of State Antony Blinken is in the news, his name fires off a chain of neurons in my brain that ends with the childhood ditty “Wynken, Blynken, and Nod.”

If you follow the plotline there—come on, it’s only four stanzas—you learn that Blynken is actually one of the eyes of the tot who is being lullabied to sleep. Wynken is the other eye and Nod is the kiddie’s head.

What’s the relevance of that to U.S. foreign policy? None that I can see. I have idly wondered, though, with Blinken at Secretary of State and sleepy Joe Biden nodding off in the White House, which administration figure could stand in for Wynken.

I favor the sinister apparatchik Merrick Garland, our current U.S. Attorney General. Comrade Garland doesn’t actually wink when addressing us, but neither does he do a very good job of concealing the subtext of his remarks: You know what I’m trying to do here. I don’t need to spell it out, do I?

Where was I going with that? Oh yes: Secretary of State Blinken. July 13th he announced that he will issue a formal invitation to the U.N. Human Rights Council to have their Special Rapporteurs on racism investigate the state of affairs here in the U.S.A. and issue a report.

We Americans are guilty! Secretary Blinken wants everyone to know. Guilty, guilty, all guilty! Let the U.N. human rights experts come and inspect us, then issue a report telling the whole world how shamefully racist and xenophobic we are, and always have been!

Hoo-kay. Here are the current member states of the U.N. Human Rights Council.

Argentina, Armenia, Austria, Bahamas, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, China, Côte d’Ivoire, Cuba, Czech Republic, Denmark, Eritrea, Fiji, France, Gabon, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Libya, Marshall Islands, Malawi, Mauritania, Mexico, Namibia, Nepal, Netherlands, Pakistan, Philippines, Poland, Republic of Korea, Russian Federation, Senegal, Somalia, Sudan, Togo, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Uruguay, Uzbekistan and Venezuela.

Just a few questions here.

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Earlier, by Paul Gottfried: Did Pre-MLK America Really Need Redemption?

I’m going to offer for your consideration what Winston Churchill would have called a naughty question. Here’s my naughty question: Is Jim Snow worse than Jim Crow?

I need to define terms here. For 245 years this country of ours has lived more or less uncomfortably with the fact that a big minority of its population is black while the rest, the majority, isn’t. The size of the minority has dwindled some since Independence, when we were 16 percent black; today it’s 13 percent.

You can break that 245 years into three segments, marked off by two significant events: the end of the Civil War in 1865, and then the Civil Rights revolution, for which the 1964 Civil Rights Act is a convenient marker. That gives you 89 years of slavery, 99 years of Jim Crow, and 57 years of Jim Snow.

Those latter two segments are what I’m comparing: Jim Crow, when blacks were under legal disabilities in some states and social disabilities most everywhere, and Jim Snow, when blacks enjoy preferences and favoritism, “racism” is a sin of well-nigh religious gravity, and a white person who expresses negativity towards blacks is excluded from polite society and social media.

When asking “Is Jim Snow worse than Jim Crow?” I also need to define “worse.” Worse how? Worse for whom? I’ll answer both together with just: worse for our country. Is the U.S.A. more stable, more harmonious, more fair, safer, happier under Jim Snow than it was under Jim Crow?

Even with those definitions spelled out, I still don’t really have a question you can get to grips with. Those 99 years of Jim Crow covered a lot of social change. Jim Crow 1890, Jim Crow 1920, and Jim Crow 1950 were very different Americas. Take lynchings, for instance. The numbers for those three years were 96, 61—and two [Lynching Statistics by Year And Race, UMKC School of Law ].

It was the Jim Crow of the 1950s that the Civil Rights activists wanted to reform, though: a country pretty much like today’s, with widespread prosperity, a welfare state, modern media and communications, and so on; an all well within living memory.

So here’s my naughty question more precisely phrased: With the race issue in mind, is the Jim Snow America of 2021 more stable, more harmonious, more fair, safer, happier than the Jim Crow America of 1950?

I’m looking for a balance sheet of pros and cons. There is, for example, racial unfairness in both countries. Under 1950 Jim Crow a less capable white person might get hired over a more capable black because the boss didn’t want blacks around. Under 2021 Jim Snow a less capable black person might get hired over a more capable white because the company fears discrimination lawsuits if they don’t hire enough blacks.

Those are different unfairnesses, but they’re both unfair to the guy who didn’t get hired.

Or take the matter of ordinary everyday human dignity. For sure there were offenses against dignity in Jim Crow America, when an adult black man had to put up with being called “boy.” But then, in Jim Snow America adult white people will lose their jobs if they don’t sit quiet and obedient through a company-sponsored seminar about how evil and oppressive they are and how ashamed of their ancestors they should be.

So, just as with unfairness, there are indignities on both sides of the balance sheet.

Likewise with safety. Take homicide as the extreme. In 1950 whites sometimes killed blacks and vice versa; same today. What are the numbers? How does the balance sheet work out?

And then, harmony. You’ve been reading a lot in recent months about the demonization of whiteness: negativity towards whites in schools, colleges, and corporations. Was there something balancing in 1950s Jim Crow America? Was there negative propaganda demonizing blackness? I suppose there was some; but again, what does the balance sheet look like?

So there’s my naughty question. I leave it with you to discuss among yourselves. I have some guesses I could offer; but as an old math major, I’d like to see the answer in good quantitative form.

Perhaps one of our universities could assign it as a research project in the social sciences…

I know I’ve already sent some readers to the fainting couch. For goodness sake, Derb, don’t you know that Jim Crow America in 1950 was a hell on earth for blacks? It was like North Korea for them! They tiptoed around in terror of saying the wrong word or looking the wrong way at someone! Any one of them, at any time, could have the door of his cabin kicked down in the middle of the night and be dragged off to be lynched! Haven’t you heard of Emmett Till?

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