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Freezing Texas should commission a monument: Greta Thunberg and Bill Gates save the Texans from global warming by turning them into icicles. So much for global warming, the reddest herring ever caught in the Gulf of Mexico!

The Texans have got the real New Green Deal, very expensive and uncertain. The deal is “Freeze and pay through your nose!” The green alternative pure cheap and plentiful energy is the stuff the dreams of AOC are made of. It is not likely to work out. Wind and sea are wonderful but hardly a reliable source of energy for heating in sub-zero temperatures.

The destruction of the oil, gas and coal industries (as preached by the Global Warmers) would definitely kill a lot of people, many more than its normal exploitation. The spell of frost in Texas would cause only small discomfort if the local providers weren’t threatened with extinction and unwilling to work on the gas-oil-coal infrastructure. They aren’t likely to invest if warned that this work will soon become obsolete, to be replaced with wind turbines and solar energy. Just compare the poor condition of Texas with that of Russia, where temperatures below -30 Centigrade (-22 F) cause no discomfort to citizens, because the Russians aren’t shy of using gas and oil on top of nuclear power.

If I were a conspiracist, I’d accuse the Biden administration of meddling and intentionally freezing the Trumpist Texans. I’d do it anyway as revenge for them blaming the corona crisis on Trump. Washington definitely didn’t try to force Texan energy suppliers to provide much needed heat for the Republican-dominated state. But Bidenists’ main crime is their declared adherence to the green projects, based on their irrational belief in the Global Warming myth.

The Warmers have dropped the term altogether. Indeed, the term “global warming” didn’t survive the impact of reality. You can’t convince a freezing man it’s too warm or frighten him that it will be warmer. So the Warmers would speak of “climate”. Climate is a playful creature; it plays havoc with weather. For sure. We should forget the very words “global warming”, as if they were never spoken; it’s Climate now.

Fine, let the Climate be! All through our long history as a species, we have lived in a constantly changing climate. We can’t do anything about it, for good and for bad, just dress according to the season. I am not afraid the Warmers will change the climate. Manmade pollution is a piss in the sea, and manmade efforts to change the climate are equally futile. But for sure they can make us miserable before making a dent on the climate.

Even the direction of the climate drift is not certain. The Warmers (like Greta) say our planet is warming up because of carbon dioxide (CO2) produced by mankind. Many experts say the planet is actually enters the new Ice Age due to diminished solar activity (here), connecting it to Maunder Minimum or Gleissberg Minimum. In Israel, a popular expert Chaim Noll says the real problem is desertification, while CO2 is good for plants and prevents semi-arid areas turning into desert. Still others say the changes are perfectly normal; we have been through such changes before.

We really do not know for sure what’s going on and whether we can or should do anything about it. And now, at the time of the great freeze, Bill Gates has temerity to publish his Warmer’s Manifesto, How to Avoid a Climate Disaster by Bill Gates. The book was heavily promoted, and got fawning reviews, though it is as silly as any of these books. Gates wants us to stop travelling (unless you can afford a private jet, of the kind Gates has invested in), stop eating meat (worms should be good enough for the hoi polloi, or synthetic meat produced by the same Gates, for cows fart, and farting is warming the planet). Knowing his and his ilk’s ability to mobilise the media, I wouldn’t be amazed if he succeeds in convincing the West. And any disaster in meat-producing Texas would be grist to Gates’ mill.

Besides being silly, this guy knows too much! In 2015, Gates gave a “prescient warning about the threat of a pandemic”, says a reviewer. To what extent was it “prescient” if in the same 2015, Gates patented a coronavirus quite similar to the one that attacked mankind in 2020? Perhaps he is prescient “for the same reason that arsonists have the earliest knowledge of future fires”, as Ron Unz remarked.

The fact-checking site ‘corrects’ me:

Fine, so he had five years to bring his “weakened version” to full strength!

Now he promotes plans that would make our world uninhabitable. Blotting out the sun is one of his great ideas. Gates wants to spread some metallic powder in the air so the world will enter eternal darkness. No farting cows, no Covid-spreading beaches: a cold world, all too similar to Texas at this moment is our future if we do not stop these bastards.

I have a simple clear-cut proof that Warmers do not even believe in the nonsense they utter. (Some, like young Greta, do not understand what they say.) They speak of farting cows, but they never mention the biggest farting cow: the US Military, which is bigger than all the armies and fleets of the world put together and has the biggest carbon footprint on earth. Greta and Gates never called for its cutting down to size, let alone dismantling, though in the prism of their logic all Americans should be able to eat juicy steaks and drive gas-guzzlers for a hundred years just by scrapping their Juggernaut.

Their ideas are bonkers. In order to switch to electric cars, we would need to destroy Africa and Latin America, to get the rare earth elements (like lithium) for the batteries. Africans and Latin Americans from devastated lands would be forced to move to Europe and the US, a win-win for tycoons, but lose-lose for the people. The problem is with very rich folk, I wrote in my recent piece. They want to reshape humans, planet Earth, our future. Why? Because they can. Or they think they can.


Millionaires want to make money. Billionaires want to make history. We may add that multi-billionaires take it further; they want mankind to adapt to their needs and wishes. As for people who control trillions, why, they care about our wishes as much as we care about ants while sweeping the garden. We do not apply ant-killer until anthills encroach on our flowerbeds; but we do not hesitate if we deem it necessary. Mankind came across many megalomaniacs; some of them had a lot of power. Genghis Khan was one. However, they were always territorially limited. Mighty Genghis could send tremors all the way to Rome, but the English and French didn’t have to care about the rising Mongol empire. New super-tycoons have no such limitations. Globalisation has allowed them to think outside the box. Their moves had been long anticipated by cinema, the world of dreams. As dreams allow a psychologist to ponder man’s desires and fears, cinematography offers insights into the collective ego of mankind. What did we fear in the relatively free Seventies?

A classic villain of 1970s and 80s was the evil tycoon. James Bond took on some of them. Meet Hugo Drax of the Moonraker, or Karl Stromberg of The Spy Who Loved Me; these guys were willing to destroy mankind to replace it with a better version. Stromberg planned to trigger a global nuclear war and survive it underwater. Drax intended to poison mankind with his deadly gas and repopulate the world with his new chosen ones. Another one was de Wynter, the super-villain of The Avengers, played by Sean Connery. He controlled the world weather, and could kill us all off by hurricanes and tsunamis.

Before the tycoons, when the Cold war raged, a villain was a KGB agent or a Chinese operative. As détente calmed relations between the blocks, the agents went out of fashion; later, the fantastic villains of Marvel came into a vogue. The evil tycoons were uncomfortably close to the real thing; and they moved from the cinematic world into our reality.

The world we live in is the world formed by evil tycoons. They are the modern Demiurges, the evil creators of the Gnostics, an early sect that confronted the Church. Like the Demiurges, they are practically omnipotent; stronger than the State. The government needs lot of permissions and authorisations to spend a penny. If a penny had been misspent, the dark word ‘corruption’ will sound. ‘Corruption’ is a silly concept; by applying it, the oligarchs eliminated state competition, for they can pay whatever they want to whomever they wish. The State must observe intricate arcane rules, while the tycoons have no such limits. As a result, they shape our minds and lives, making the State a poor legitimate king among powerful and wealthy barons.

The Corona crisis is a result of their activity. Now, a group of WHO scientists completed its four weeks inspection tour of Wuhan trying to find out how the virus found its way to humans; some of them think (as President Trump did) the virus escaped the Wuhan Lab. Matt Ridley of The Daily Telegraph concluded his piece analysing their findings: “A growing number of top experts [he provides the list] say that a lab leak remains a plausible scientific hypothesis to be investigated”. It is rather unlikely, said the WHO, but other explanations (pangolins etc) also border on the improbable. The Chinese are understandably upset. Hua Chunying, the spokeswoman for the Foreign Affairs ministry (the Chinese counterpart for the State Department’s Ned Price) rejected the idea saying, “The United States should open the biological lab at Fort Detrick, and invite WHO experts to conduct origin-tracing in the United States”. The Guardian report said she promoted “a conspiracy theory that it came from a US army lab”; while Ms Hua accused the US of spreading “conspiracy theories and lies” tracing the source to Wuhan. Whatever we say is a fact-based result of diligent research; whatever you say is a conspiracy theory – both the US and China representatives subscribe to this mantra.

Our own Ron Unz made an excellent analysis of these accusations and counter-accusations in his April 2020 piece. He noted that the virus attack in Wuhan took place at the worst possible time and place for the Chinese; therefore, an incidental release (or intentional release by the Chinese) is extremely unlikely. Ron Unz suggested that it was an American biowarfare attack upon China. Didn’t American people suffer from the disease? Yes, the US government is “grotesquely and manifestly incompetent” and they were likely to expect “a massive coronavirus outbreak in China would never spread back to America”.

Perhaps, but a better explanation is that some evil tycoon(s) played the part of Karl Stromberg who intended to nuke both Moscow and New York causing war and world-wide devastation, as in the James Bond movie. It could be somebody like Bill Gates, who is a major investor in Wuhan Lab. A fact-checking site with its weasel language admitted that the Lab “has received funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, but Bill Gates can hardly be called a “partner” in the laboratory.” Sure, not a partner. Just an investor, and that is more important than a partner. And he is not the only one; other multi-billionaires also are involved in bioresearch, in vaccine manufacturing, in Big Pharma. “Glaxo, BlackRock, and Bill Gates are all partners, but not owners of Pfizer”, says another fact-checker. “In 2015, Anthony Fauci did issue a USD 3.7 million grant to the Wuhan Institute of Virology, but not to “create the coronavirus” – the fact-checking site adds. Well, you could not possibly expect Fauci to word the grant in such a straightforward way, could you?

Perhaps it is too formidable a job even for an evil tycoon like Gates. A plot of several evil tycoons is more likely. Together, they could try to change the world and mankind to suit them.

The evil tycoons could poison China on their New Year holiday and take this uppity state down a ring or two. They could import the virus into the US to undermine and remove Trump whom they hated. (He was certain to win the elections but for Corona.) They could poison Europe to weaken it and make it more docile and obedient to their demands – and to buy their assets on the cheap. Corona and lockdown did not harm them for they are normally withdrawn from the bustle of the common man’s life.

The billionaires control the media; that much we know, and the part media has played in the Corona crisis was enormous. The media coverage of the crisis has a huge hidden cost. Try to publish information you consider important on the front page of a newspaper. It will cost you a lot. Still, all newspapers belonging to the Billionaires’ Media block beginning with the New York Times and ending with Haaretz gave at least a third of its front page to Corona news each day. The sheer cost of this advertising runs into billions. Will we ever know who paid for it?


At 78, after a prolonged illness and without recovering consciousness, Joe Biden succumbed to the Presidency. The last hopes of the last QAnon believers vanished like smoke in the night, with Biden assuming the mighty US throne. This is truly a dark day for America and for the world, as the US example will be followed by many. It is also a farewell to the real world we were brought up in. The new world is virtual, like most of the inauguration. It is virtual and dark, ruled by digital companies fronted by old and tired politicians.

The creepy voice of Biden, the voice of a dirty old man offering sweets to a nine-year-old, delivered some platitudes. Biden was greeted by the dead – by flags marking those who died of Covid – all highly symbolic: he was elected by the dead, so he owes them. They say that a man was so annoyed because his in-laws voted for Biden that he stopped visiting their graves. The King of the Dead, a character out of Game of Thrones, came to govern America on behalf of lifeless machines.

The frail old man will lead the old women. Together, they are the Gang of Four: Harris, 56, Pelosi, 80, Clinton, 73. His first days, his first acts were ominous. He donned the mask, an attribute of Death, and obliged all federal officials and civil servants to wear masks. He invited Latin America to invade the US. He opened the gates for immigrants from the Middle East. He promoted sex-change for boys and girls. He returned the US into the climate-change impending disaster of the Paris Accord. He sent more troops to Syria. He started a new campaign against Russia and sent warships to the South China Sea.

At the same time, Pelosi eliminated the words mother, father, son, daughter, husband, wife from the vocabulary of Congress as ‘sexist’. Such purged language would never allow a rendering of Virgil’s miraculous prophecy (Incipe, parve puer, risu cognoscere matrem) into English, or any other sacred text. It does not matter much; in the Covid world, there will be no church anyway, no marriage, no woman or man; instead of making children locally, new Americans will be imported. Indeed, if everything else is outsourced, why stall at reproduction?

The Biden regime is just a front for the power of Big Data, of the five giants that removed Trump and installed Biden in the White House. We shall see soon whether the power-thirsty politicians will be satisfied with fronting for real power. Trump was the last wholly human statesman at the helm of the Republic, and he was defeated by the mail-in vote.

Whenever Trump complained that it is open to fraud, Bezos’ Washington Post screeched, ‘President Trump has peddled false claims or imaginary threats about voting by mail’. Three days after Trump’s removal, Amazon (owned by the very same Bezos) rejected mail-in voting for its unionising employees as the mail-in vote is notoriously unreliable. “We believe that the best approach to a valid, fair and successful election is one that is conducted manually, in-person, making it easy to verify”, said Amazon. The mail-in vote for the Presidency was a must because of the pandemic, but there is no outbreak when Amazon employees try to join a trade union.

Likewise, the looting of BLM was ‘largely peaceful’, but selfie snapping in the Capitol was a work of ‘internal terrorists’. The victors are so dishonest, that I feel pity for Trump – and for all of us.

I do feel pity for Donald Trump, though his last days in the White House were anything but inspirational. He did not dare to pardon people who went for him into the Capitol, he didn’t pardon Assange or Snowden, but surprisingly he pardoned a whole lot of Jewish cheats. The Jerusalem Post published the list of prominent Jews he pardoned. On the list is an Israeli spy runner Aviem Sella who was responsible for Jonathan Pollard; the rest are dishonest machers like Sholam Weiss (who stole US $150 million, sentenced to 850 years) or Eliyahu Weinstein (stole up to $200 million, sentenced to 24 years). See also a detailed analysis here. A devout believer in the demonic power of Jews, Trump had thought to make up to them to avoid their anger. In vain: there are already plenty of cases against him, from potential tax fraud to sexual assault allegations. A legal storm is brewing and Mr Trump may not be able to weather it as he has done in the past, say the US federal prosecutors.

He could be lucky to avoid prison; unless he asks Mr Putin to lend him his excellent if uncompleted Gelenjik Palace. On second thoughts, perhaps the palace was built for exactly such an occasion.

The Jews do not need him: they have very strong positions in the new administration, while gratitude is not a renowned Jewish trait. The Jewish news agency JTA boasted of the Tribe’s achievements: the State Department, CIA, National Intelligence, Homeland Security, NSA, Treasury and in addition “Nine Jews are in the new Senate (including the new Majority Leader) and 25 in the House of Representatives, making up more than 6 per cent of the total Congress. That’s more than triple the percentage of Jews in the general population. There are also two Jews out of the nine justices on the U.S. Supreme Court.”

This is not a good sign: Jews are good when allied with the oppressed. Then they use their energy to promote the cause of the downtrodden. While at the top, they oppress more vigorously than anybody; ask the Palestinians, if in doubt.

Mind you, I do not subscribe to the idea of Jewish supremacy and massive IQ. The all-Jewish country of Israel is devastated by three lockdowns, by the biggest vaccination drive in the world (86% already vaccinated), by an ongoing civil war of Zionist power against Orthodox Jews who refuse lockdown and vaccination; by the forthcoming fourth national elections, as liberals incessantly try to remove the Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu saying he is Israel’s Trump. This week, Israel’s only remaining international airport was closed down; the people were told nobody would get out at least until the summer. In this small country with its huge density of population and poor housing it feels too much like a ghetto for comfort.


President Trump was decisively beaten, if not fair and square. The hopes of millions of American voters were squashed and extinguished. The saga of the Orange Man is over. The victors used a gambit: they sacrificed the sanctity and security of the Capitol, allowed intruders in, permitted them to take selfies in the Speaker’s office, and then faked horror and outrage. The attempted calls for electoral transparency were deflated in real time as huge crowds were dispersed, electors were confirmed, and the ascendancy of Biden was assured, while Trump followers were branded ‘domestic terrorists’.

Donald Trump denounced the people whom he personally called to protest. His close political allies withdrew their support. Within hours, or even minutes, this ruler of the world admired by millions became a non-person. Like a boy who posted an obscenity, he was banned by Twitter and Facebook. Time will tell whether he will go to prison, as so many Dems pray for, but his political life seems to have ended, even if his cause may live.

The deck was stacked against President Trump from Day One. His orders were ignored. The US courts, judges, police, the whole system of law enforcement was against him; his orders were blocked or overturned, while the media made fun of him and the opposition relentlessly delegitimised him. He was blocked even by Fox News. Dem-run states adjusted their laws to assure the elections’ result. Trump was a lame duck from the very beginning of his presidency to its bitter end. He was kept on a short leash by the almighty Deep State, and when he tried to free himself, they pulled the leash.

On January 6, a massive demonstration in his support gathered in Washington, DC. Hundreds of thousands Americans came to the capital to demand justice after the election fraud became obvious. They hoped that the Republican representatives would refuse to certify the fraud and appoint a commission to check and recount the votes. Some of the protesters managed to break into the Capitol, or were let in by the police. This peaceful Occupy Capitol action, the exercise of a natural right to protest, was met with lethal fire, and a young female protester from San Diego, Ashli Babbitt, was murdered by the plainclothes police. The Republican representatives were cowed and surrendered; Biden was confirmed to take office.

The horror and outrage of the Dem politicians and media were as faked as their news. During last year, many government buildings were taken over by Dem-sponsored BLM activists, and in not one case did the police use lethal weapons or even rush the protesters out of buildings.

“Shortly after 8 p.m. Wednesday, hundreds of protesters gathered outside the locked King Street entrance to the Capitol, chanting “Break down the door!” and “General strike!” Moments later, police ceded control of the State Street doors and allowed the crowd to surge inside, joining thousands who had already gathered in the Capitol to protest the votes. The area outside the Assembly, which is scheduled to take the bill up at 11 a.m. today, was crowded with protesters who chanted, “We’re not leaving. Not this time.” …

Department of Administration spokesman Tim Donovan said although protesters were being encouraged to leave, no one would be forcibly removed. … Mayor Dave Cieslewicz said he had instructed … Police Chief Noble Wray not to allow his officers to participate in removing demonstrators from the building.”

This was what happened in Madison, Wisconsin in March 2011, as Steve Sailer reminded us. Indeed, this is what the protesters expected; some were dressed in flamboyant carnival attire; they behaved well and peacefully, within acceptable limits. It was not an insurrection; they didn’t try to take over the Congress in any meaningful sense. For them, it was an honest and funny way to express their indignation. But the real gambit plotters intended to frame them. They even murdered four protesters hoping they would respond with violence, but in vain.

White American protesters are exceptionally non-violent lot; as with Occupy Wall Street a few years back the January 6 Capitol protesters were timid and obedient as lambs. For this reason, BLM was invented, for Blacks are able to riot violently, as opposed to well-trained whites. It is not a race thing: lily-white French Yellow Vests and Ukrainian nationalists have fought the police all right. But US whites are not prone to riot, not since the Civil War. Being a foreigner, I do not understand why the Americans want to keep their guns if they never use them, but that’s the way they are.

Anyway, their non-violence didn’t help them. The president-elect Biden begrudged them even the name of protesters: “Don’t dare call them protesters. They were a riotous mob, insurrectionists, domestic terrorists.” Indeed, the name should be preserved for Deep State-authorised looters and their brethren all over the world, whether in Hong Kong or Minsk, in Seattle or Portland.

Russian social networks were comparing the Washington DC events with those nearer to home and complained of ‘double standards’. The US media expressed no indignation when their appointee Boris Yeltsin shelled the Russian Parliament in 1993. The New York Times and the State Department had encouraged the nationalist mob to storm Ukrainian government offices in 2014. They cheered on the opposition in Minsk in taking over their parliament after failing to win elections. The Belarus protesters claimed their country’s election results were rigged, just like Trump supporters did for the US elections, but Biden didn’t call them “domestic terrorists”. (Actually, neither did President Lukashenko: he called them ‘protesters’, and their violent demos were dispersed without a single shot fired.) In such cases, Jews respond with “How can you compare?!”

The Russians compared the Capitol ‘coup attempt’ with their own semi-staged ‘coup’ of 1991, a partly pre-planned provocation. In 1991, the feeble coup organisers could not detain Yeltsin and surrendered as if on cue; the wave of indignation removed Gorbachev and the Communist party from power. In the Capitol, too, police waved the ‘invaders’ in, as you can see on this video forwarded by the BBC. More videos suggesting Capitol police involvement in the ostensible provocation are presented here. The orchestrated indignation allowed the victors to censor and purge the defeated Trump and his followers. Just as the USSR went down in August 1991, Trump’s America went down in January 2021, and the liberal elites representing the big corporations came to power. It was achieved by a provocation, but ordinary Trump followers were really angry with the Election Steal. Likewise, 1991 was a provocation, but ordinary Russian citizens were angry at Gorbachev’s perestroika, while the liberal elites used it to dismantle the Soviet state and transfer all assets to their oligarchs.

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Russia is the Enemy Number One

St Petersburg, the Tsars’ seat and still the most civilised city, the culture capital of Russia, enjoys its wonderful Yuletide. Fluffy snow had covered the streets, decorated hills and seashore, softened the air, and turned this fascinating city into a fairy winter tale. Christmas trees adorn the city squares and private dwellings. The magnificent imperial cathedrals are open for prayer, confession, liturgy and communion. In its Opera House, the best performers sing Wagner’s Ring and Verdi’s Aida; the ballet stages the Nutcracker; Beethoven’s Ninth extolls Joy in the Concert Hall; the Hermitage Museum presents Raphael followers with paintings brought from all over Europe, as if the plague had never ventured out of Wuhan.

It’s not art only Leningrad is known for: the colossal nuclear icebreaker Arctica had been launched recently off its shipyard to make the ice-bound seas navigable year round. Shops and restaurants serve their plentiful customers. Schools function as usual. The masks are supposedly obligatory in the public transport and shops, but people take it easy. The main thing the Russians had learned from the late years of Soviet decay is to sabotage the stupid decisions of the authorities, and now they fully employ this art. They do not fight; they do not quarrel; they say “yes” and ignore the corona prohibitions like they ignored Brezhnev’s rules. It is probably one of the best places to be in the world ruled by Bill Gates and his Ethiopian WHO supremo. Still Russia is under threat, not of a new virus mutation, but of something much worse.

The projected victory of Joe Biden immediately manifested the choice of the Free World’s Enemy No. 1. Until December 13th, it was China or Iran. On December 14th, the electors were certified, opening the way for Biden’s inauguration; and on the same very day the alleged hack of the US government networks was declared to be the Russian Hack. President Trump pooh-poohed this claim but Joe Biden immediately slapped his wrist. Oceania had always been at war with Eurasia!

Representative Adam Schiff, a Democrat, the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee and the leader of Israel Lobby, tweeted that Trump’s comment was a “scandalous betrayal of our national security” that “sounds like it could have been written in the Kremlin.” You’ve got the message, if you do not call for action against Russia, you’ve got to be a Russian agent.

As if on cue, the US politicians of both main parties went on calling for vengeance to be meted on Russia. Trump’s Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was the first who attributed the hack to Russia. The Illinois Democratic Senator Dick Durbin said alleged Russian hack ‘virtually a declaration of war by Russia on the United States’. Marco Rubio, a Florida Republican senator and leader of the Senate Intelligence Committee, tweeted that “America must retaliate, and not just with sanctions.” It is an act of war, he said to newspapers. A Democratic Colorado congressman Jason Crow compared the hack to Pearl Harbor, implying the US may and should nuke a couple of Russian cities like they did to Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

This is a good reason to worry for Russians, as the Americans are likely to “retaliate”. In 2019, the US had launched an unprecedented cyber-attack targeting Russia’s electric power grid online, as the New York Times reported. That was ‘retaliation’ for alleged Russian involvement in 2016 elections, debunked since then by Mueller’s investigation. That was under Trump, whom Biden described a Putin’s puppy. Now Biden says he will put Moscow on a tighter leash. Scott Ritter sensibly mused that if ‘Biden seeks to put a shorter leash on Russia, he may find Putin’s bite is far worse than his bark’. Perhaps. Putin is a soft-spoken guy with a big stick, and such people are dangerous for their enemies.

This week, the US applied new sanctions against 45 advanced Russian industries including Rosatom, the leading builder of nuclear power stations and Soyuz rocket maker Progress. The West-dominated Court of Arbitration for Sport ruled Russia wouldn’t be able to use its name, flag and anthem at the next two Olympics or at any world championships for the next two years. The US closed down two of its consulates in Russia, leaving only the Moscow Embassy open. The embassy may also be closed or slimmed down for its persistent interference in Russian internal affairs.

Russia well may feel itself threatened and besieged just like the Soviet Union was, though in transition to its present state, Russia withdrew its troops from dozens of countries including East Germany and Baltic states and fulfilled every wish of anti-Soviet politicians since 1991. It is so unfair, for the USSR offered an alternative to the Western ways of development, as opposed to Putin’s Russia that subscribes to every notion of Western discourse. 9/11, Moon landings, whatever – official Russia accepts official version.

Russia agrees to the climate agenda, and Putin sounds as a true believer that the world will become uninhabitable unless CO2 emissions are lowered. The global warming does not threaten Russia at all, for it is a northern country where temperatures today go down to minus 50 degrees Centigrade (-58 F). It can stand a lot more warming, but Putin abides by Greta rules.

Russia agrees with European (and Biden’s) approach to Corona crisis. It is not a safe haven for Covid sceptics. Putin thinks that vaccine is useful and necessary, and Russia had started mass vaccination campaign in beginning of December. The only difference is that he supports Russian vaccines, and they are cheaper, less ambitious, easier to handle and are generally better and safer than the gene-modifying Pfizer and Moderna. Oliver Stone took it!

Putin approved of a deal between Sputnik-V producers and the Anglo-Swedish AstraZeneca. Sputnik is better, but “the move is seen as a long-awaited vote of confidence by a Western manufacturer in Sputnik V, which is the target of a foreign-backed smear campaign.” Sputnik-V had been smeared all right. One example. It is the most popular vaccine in Africa, and ferociously anti-Russian Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) speaks of “Russian Disinformation Popularizes Sputnik V Vaccine in Africa”. Anything Russians say is Disinformation, you know. Still Putin perseveres to manage within these harsh limits. He is no Covid sceptic, no way.


Germany, the powerhouse of Europe and the centre of the Corona restrictions battle, unleashed the Kraken against the disaffected. If you are not happy to wear a mask, stay-at-home, shelter-in-place, you are an anti-Semite. And this is a criminal offense in Germany, punishable by years of prison. It is certainly a scary accusation that can ruin your career, at least.

How did they build the logical chain from Corona to Jews, considering Jews weren’t particularly prominent among lockdown supporters? The Corona protests drew huge numbers of Germans, altogether in their millions. The government described the protesters as neo-Nazis. They unleashed their fierce dogs of Antifa to attack protesters. They tried to shame the protesters, saying they walk together with Nazis. This is standard procedure in Germany and elsewhere: describe your opponents as neo-Nazis and Russian spies. This is very far from the truth, but it does not stop the effort to delegitimise the protest.

The corona protesters didn’t like it. Instead of being against the Jews as described, they actually identified with Jews. They compared themselves to victims of Nazi persecution like Anne Frank and Sophia Scholl. Anne Frank, a Jewish girl in occupied Holland, was forced to stay indoors and hide for many months. Her memory was awoken by an 11-year old German girl who had to celebrate her birthday in hiding from Corona police. Sophia Scholl was a German Christian who bravely spoke against the Nazis and against the mistreatment of Jews. A young German woman said she “felt like Sophia” as she gave away leaflets against the government restrictions. What could be more anti-Nazi than such comparisons? This didn’t help them at all.

Such a comparison is “Trivialization of the Holocaust”, a crime under German law, said Felix Klein, Germany’s Commissioner for Anti-Semitism. He is not Jewish, but a great philo-Semite. It is a violation of copyright, he might add. How dare you compare your goyish problems with the Holocaust? It is only Jews who may compare whatever they like with the Holocaust.

And they do. Last week Peter Wolodarski, a youngish Polish Jew recently appointed chief editor of the liberal Swedish newspaper “Dagens Nyheter” (DN), called Donald Trump “antisemite”, while his editorial columnist Lisa Magnusson compared the brutality of the Belarusian police with that of the Nazis. A shocking trivialisation of Holocaust, this comparison. Fewer people suffered at the hands of the police during after-elections protests in Minsk than in Paris, let alone Nazi times when every fourth Belarusian perished. It is a peculiar claim to call Trump, the best friend of Israeli Prime Minister, an “anti-Semite”, said Stefan Lindgren, the editor of the independent Swedish site Nyhetsbanken. Jews are allowed to trivialise Holocaust and wake up the Nazi memories anytime, apparently.

German Jews were eager to please the government by confirming the Nazi libel. The President of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, Josef Schuster said, “Just as the demonstrators show complete disregard for the health of others so, too, they show no respect for the victims of National Socialism.” Annette Kahane, a prominent Jewish SJW in Germany, went further. Among the protesters there are leftists, rightists, Muslims and Christians. This means that they are united by anti-Semitism, for there is nothing else to unite them with, she said.

Annette Kahane is a larger-than-life SJW. She was born into a privileged Jewish family in the GDR, and while at university, collaborated with the Stasi Secret Service, denouncing her schoolmates for their lack of devotion. She recognized the forthcoming collapse of the socialist state, and by the time of the Fall of the Wall Ms Kahane was already a great supporter of unification and a pro-Western freedom-fighter. She was able to hide her Stasi past for a while, but not for long. After unification of Germany, the Stasi archives were open, and her past came to light. But she survived it all right, and founded the German analogue of BLM in defence of black immigrants. Now she is a leading SJW, an anti-fascist fighting for every good cause against all bad causes. Her seal of approval had been quoted by German papers: so indeed, the Corona protesters are anti-Semites, if Ms Kahane says so.

That’s what interests me. Why, if one dislikes some hateful things: banksters, the bombings of Gaza, ill-treatment of Palestinians, George Soros, Charlie Hebdo, Antifa, War on Terror, Blairism, Corona lockdowns and masks and quarantine – it appears to be pure anti-Semitism? Why is the defence of the Jews always connected with defending the nasty policies of the rulers? Why are there powerful Jews who invoke the tragic Jewish history in order to protect certain horrors? Are Jews the willing scapegoats for the rulers of the world? Is there any nastiness the ADL and the likes of Ms Kahane would not subscribe to as their own? Are these immoral persons involved in a sinister plot against real Jews by making anti-Semitism an unavoidable choice of every honest man? Or do they feel some inherent quality of Semitism that we are not aware of?

Logic says, these accusations should be refuted as unrealistic. The Orthodox Jews presented the strongest opposition to lockdowns. In Jerusalem and in New York, they broke every restriction, and overcame every attempt to stop their prayer. They also voted en masse for Trump “the antisemite”. Who is a more authentic Jewish representative, a Jerusalem Rabbi or the shameless SJW hussy of Berlin? The rulers prefer ADL and their German snitches, for they are always ready to add the weight of dead Jews to whatever cause should be promoted.

Indeed, antisemitism is used as a tool and as a weapon everywhere, but it seems Germany is the only place in the world where Corona protesters are deemed antisemites. This is for two reasons. Germany makes it a criminal offence, so it is easy to brandish. The second reason is German Jewry. It is a special case. Once it was the most proud and distinguished of Jewish tribes, but very few of them remained in Germany. They moved to the US, to Israel, or perished in the war. Instead, Jews from other countries moved in. Peculiarly, they consider themselves – no, not German citizens, but overseers of Germany on behalf of the occupying globalist forces. I heard it from German Jews: “We were fostered on Germany so the Germans won’t ever go back to National Socialism”.

Michel Friedman is an example of a new German Jew. He was a politician with the Christian Democrats; then he ran afoul of the law. He hired a few Ukrainian prostitutes and offered them cocaine. Police discovered this by chance; he had to leave politics, but no worry, he became a prominent journalist. While writing for Vanity Fair, he trapped Horst Mahler, the German dissident.

After interviewing him, Friedman went to the police and denounced the old man for his Holocaust denial. Mahler was imprisoned and regained freedom just last month after many years of confinement. Friedman is still doing great, he has his own show on TV, and he calls Germans to fight hate, hate that he likely caused himself to a great extent.


The G20 leaders have reached a consensus of a magnitude previously observed at Warsaw Pact summits. News in brief: they want to vaccinate us, and then, before we become restless, switch to combating global warming. If we survive masks and vaccines, austerity will kill off the survivors.

Remember, before the pandemic there was Greta? Greta will return, as soon as everyone gets a jab. This Save-The-World program appeals to a significant part of humanity, including Russians, Europeans, Americans. First, a jab to save us; then, save the planet from warming. So much of this world-saving is straight out of a comic strip. Now let us take time to look at what is happening.

While you were spending your weekend preparing for Thanksgiving, the leaders of twenty of the world’s leading countries held their Online Summit. Usually they come together, talk, discuss problems on the sidelines – this time it was all online. Although the summit was formally hosted by Saudi Arabia, Zoom is Zoom – the hosts of the summit had few opportunities to show off their hospitality. And there was little controversy. The leaders generally agreed with each other.

The main dissenter – the Orange Monster, aka President Trump – could have shoved a cane into the spokes of the-too-fast-by-half-chariot, but he had no time for them. He was immersed in his battle for the White House in the courts, and in his spare time he played golf.

The previous G20 summit tool place in March, and there they decided to open the gates for lockdown and destroy the world, as we knew it. Before March, the Covid obsession was still a minority interest. Russians just laughed about it. After the March G20 decision, it became the top priority. The November Summit affirmed the March decisions, and went further, much further.

While President Putin stressed at the summit that the main danger to the world is unemployment, poverty, and economic depression of unprecedented scale, other speakers gave the impression that they were satisfied with the current situation, because it allows everything to be rebuilt. Build back better, is the slogan of Joe Biden:

For some, Covid is a plague, but for our leaders it is an Overton window. I’d advise them to eat a slice of lemon before speaking. This, of course, will not help against Covid, but at least it will wipe the blissful smiles off their faces.

(“Eat a slice of lemon before speaking”, was advice given to a lady who complained of getting too much male attention in Italy).

The Chinese leader Xi proposed introducing worldwide QR codes so that without them people could not irresponsibly roam the planet. Nobody objected, but they did not support this initiative either. Xi is afraid that the wily Westerners will impose their own sanitary passports allowing only people injected with Western vaccines to travel. This possibility worried Putin, too, as Russia has developed two or three of their own vaccines. If the Chinese and Russian vaccines aren’t recognised by Europe, their people won’t be able to travel.

The WHO fancied that this virus was not the last; there will be more pandemics, and only vaccinations, masks and generous contributions to its budget will save us. They also promised a new wave of Covid in January, and then another, and so on until the earth will be covered with vaccines. To help poor countries, the leaders declared that the repayment of debts may be postponed, and that vaccines will be supplied to the impecunious nations for free. Free for them, but you will pay for them.

(Not that they need it. Poor countries do not suffer of Covid. China’s neighbour Mongolia, despite open border with China, had no Covid. Poor Cambodia, ditto. Africa, none, excepting South Africa. )

The EU representatives called for Global Rebuilding – Build Back Better. That is, we will rebuild everything, but better and in way which is inclusive, green, sustainable. And much more expensive. And at your expense. The struggle for the climate is austerity under another name; it calls for a radical drop in living standards. We shall tighten our belts, and we will regret that Covid did not relieve us from unnecessary torment.

In past forums, Trump has constantly spoken out against the fight against warming, but this time he resigned himself. And his likely successor, Joe Biden, has already pledged to return America to how it was with the WHO and the Paris climate agreement.

So the worldwide rebuilding, perestroika seems to be as inevitable as Gorbachev’s in 1986. The Russian perestroika killed more people than Stalin’s Gulag; it destroyed the livelihood of millions. The wealth of the Russian people has been looted by Messrs Abramovich, Deripaska et al. From the earliest days of these changes, a minority of Russians weren’t optimistic about the outcome, but they were marginalised and their voices were silenced. Now the same is in store for the disaffected and dissidents – if all 20G take this disastrous route, this is well-nigh unavoidable. I do not know what is worse, the Covid lockdown or climate austerity, but there is no need to decide for we shall have both.

A few numbers regarding climate austerity. The Russian perestroika reduced CO2 emissions by 5 per cent year after year for ten years. The Great Depression was even better: a 10 per cent drop in emissions year after year. Millions of Americans died (The Grapes of Wrath), and nobody told them they were saving the planet. Optimistic researchers with the Global Carbon Project say the emissions should be cut by 5.5 per cent per year over the next 45 years. This is a deadly collapse; what we have now is a preview of what they have in store for us and our children. (You can check the numbers here).

The Chinese do not mind this, as they do not mind lockdowns, face recognition and social rating. Their popular film The Wandering Earth shows a world that fights global warming the Chinese way and depicts a future so grim that 1984 looks Utopian beside it. Even so it was still considered a positive and encouraging film by the Chinese audience. We should not accept Chinese methods of fighting diseases or climate change or indeed general governance. They are too different.

If they insist on fighting global warming, let us begin with them personally. Let Gore and Greta and their followers live ecologically on average salary. It is not difficult to live green if you are a millionaire. Do it on the average income. After you pay electricity, water, rates, transport, school you won’t even think of paying much more for making your car “green” and CO2-neutral. You’d be happy to survive as it is. I’d make it a law: every green activist should surrender his assets for safekeeping and manage his green life on the average income for at least one year.

The summit called for further digitalisation, for increased information flows across borders, for a combination of distance learning with conventional learning. Perhaps some digitalisation is unavoidable, but do we need more of it? We need more freedom, and digitalisation appears to be strongly repressive. It is a good tool for tyranny. Any tyrant of old, be it Hitler or Borgia, would be able to achieve much more in union with Zuckerberg. We need to stop the data giants, tax them to the hilt, make their life miserable, change their CEO by users’ vote at least once a year.


President Trump gave to Israel all she could wish for; he hoped that in return, the Jews would give him America to rule another term. A simple give-and-take, but it didn’t work out as intended. If he were to run for the presidency of Israel, he would have it. If Brooklyn were to decide who’d inhabit the White House, he would be the Chosen one. But Trump’s plan to bribe US Jews by bearing gifts to Israel failed completely.

East Europeans define the difference between Jews and Hungarians (or Poles) as follows. All of these would sell their grandmother for a fistful of coins; but only a Jew would deliver. This non-delivery of America will be remembered by future US presidents. Perhaps we witness a defining moment for the downturn in American support of Israel, in direct contradiction to the main thesis of our colleague Philip Giraldi who said this week that “Israel’s Power Is Unlimited”. Why did it happen? The US Jews didn’t take the bait. And now for details.

“Zionist” is a euphemism for “Jew”, isn’t it? Up to a point. Zionists, that is Jews (and others) who care and work for Israel, are strongly supportive of the US President, but Jews that matter, that is elite liberal progressive US Jews, won’t support Trump even if he were to pave Tel Aviv with golden bricks. Three out of four US Jews voted for Joe Biden, about the same proportion of Jews who voted for Barack Obama, though Obama was quite critical towards Israel, while Trump did all the Israelis could wish for.

The Jews that cared more about Israel voted for Trump, but they are powerless. They have money, they have good positions in society, but they aren’t top dogs. The Orthodox Jews are for Trump; not so much for the sake of Israel but rather for his conservative agenda. They do not like gay parades, do not care for transgenderism, and for them, Black Lives do not matter much. Social justice is not their credo.They have little influence outside their own milieu. They voted 77 to 23 for Trump. Right-wing Jews are strongly Zionist and support Trump. Their publication FrontPage Magazine is all out for Trump. But they would be for Trump even if he hadn’t left Iran agreement.

Polls of Jewish voters show that they do not care much about the steps taken by Trump in order to please Israel. They are worried about Covid pandemics, about medical care, while economics occupies fifth place in their concerns, and Israeli-related acts are at the very bottom. The only place where one can notice some positive change is Florida, where Jews actually shifted in noticeable numbers to Republicans. But even there it seems to be a part of a Latino shift rather than a separate phenomenon.

Elite Jews voted for Biden and for Dems as advised by the NY Times. For them, Trump’s friendship with PM Netanyahu was a drawback rather than an advantage. If they care for Israel, they would prefer a quieter approach as usual, within the Two States paradigm. None of what Trump did for Israel found a response in their hearts.

According to the AJC (American Jewish Committee) Biden bested Trump on every issue including handling the coronavirus pandemic, 78%-19%; combatting terrorism, 71%-26%; dealing with Iran, 71%-27%; handling crime, 72%-24%, and strengthening U.S.-Israel relations, 54%-42%. (The Republican Jewish Coalition has slightly better numbers, as they polled older Jews.) Trump has expressed frustration that his Israel decisions have not garnered greater support in the Jewish community, and many activists have spoken of “treason”.

If Trump had known in advance that courting Jews would bring neither votes nor political profit, probably he would have wasted less time in the Zionist cul-de-sac. Jews are connected with the Dem Party, remember! All Jewish congressmen but two are Democrats; strongly pro-Israel Senator Chuck Schumer, the Dem leader in the Senate, is as hostile to Trump as any man. Only those Jews really matter; only those Jews have their unique access to media, movies, art, politics, and universities. Perhaps they would act differently if Israel were in danger; but thanks to the generous politics of Donald Trump they didn’t need to worry about Israel. (Preceding American presidents were aware of this catch, and were careful not to give too much to Israel. This was also the view of Dr Kissinger).

Israeli Jews are much more pro-Trump than their American cousins. If Israel were a US state, it would be deep red. They feel gratitude to the man who moved the US Embassy to Jerusalem and recognised Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. They appreciate his drive for normalisation with the Arab states; his non-interference in the Palestinian issue; his recognition of the Golan Heights. Being more conservative, they are on the same page as Trump on many issues. However, even before Trump, the majority of Israeli Likud-voters are and have been for the Republicans for many years. They did not like Obama and Clinton, and they do not care for Biden. A prominent high tech Israeli personality prophesied that Biden would bring disaster for Israel.

However, in Israel, too, there is a sharp division between elites and Deplorable masses. The Deplorables support Netanyahu and Trump, vote domestically for Likud or religious parties. The Deplorables rule Israel for over twenty years; Netanyahu is the Israeli Trump who succeeded to keep power.

The Israeli elites support Biden. For them Trump is a mirror image of their own PM Netanyahu, the man they hate with gusto. The problem with Israeli elites is that they have lost their ability to govern. Their parties disintegrate; their causes are lost. If there is a common cause for Israeli elites it is rejection of PM Netanyahu mirroring the NeverTrump spirit of American elites, and their belief that they are elites and destined to govern.

They want to get rid of Netanyahu, like the US elites wanted to get rid of Trump. This desire caused three rounds of national elections in the last year, but despite trying hard, they could not vote him out. Now they hope he will be removed by the Supreme Court, and by massive demonstrations near the PM’s residence. They say he is corrupt, that he takes bribes, that he didn’t save Israel from Coronavirus – just like the Dems had tried to impeach Trump for ridiculous reasons. They want Netanyahu to die in jail, just like the Dems hope to see Trump rotting in Guantanamo. (There are hundreds of women ready to swear Trump almost-raped them fifty years ago when they were underage.)

The case against Netanyahu is feeble at best. He received a pack of cigars and a box of champagne from an American film producer; he promised to help a newspaper publisher if he would stop attacking him. A murky case connects him to a German submarine sale, but it is too opaque even for Netanyahu haters.The PM had been indicted by the state attorney, but by Israeli law, he does not have to resign unless found guilty. Israel is experiencing huge and violent demos against Netanyahu almost daily. But the deplorables still support their Bibi, and vote for him. As opposed to Trump, Netanyahu has a newspaper, and it makes a lot of difference.


The French President stepped on a rake for the second time, and was duly slapped in the face by its long handle. French products went off the shelf in the Arab and Turkish shops; heads chopped off in the midst of pandemics; a lot of animosity, anger, smacking of a civil war. Vous l’avez voulu, you asked for it, Emmanuel Macron! We saw it in 2015, why did you push “Replay”? Anyone can step on a rake once, but to repeat this mistake? It is not a sign of a smart guy, unless this response is exactly what he wanted.

Macron is surely a smart guy. He had a few good practical reasons to provoke French Muslims. Not an ideological man, he wanted to steal the right-wing electorate of Mme Le Pen. They are known for hating foreigners, first of all the large Muslim population of the republic. The Muslims do not fit the self-image of a Frenchman, the slim man in beret and mackintosh with a baguette under his arm. It was not hard to make this Muslim population angry, and then to manifest Macron’s iron fist in dealing with them, and voila! the nationalist voters are in the pocket of the French president.

The replay was jumpstarted by Charlie Hebdo. This small satirical magazine of little artistic value usually publishes bad taste cartoons of public loo wall quality. It wouldn’t survive but for grants and government subsidies. It is so minor that it would not be noticed either but for the mainstream media that bring its message to the last immigrant banlieue. Now they have republished some nasty cartoons aimed at the Prophet Muhammad. The immigrants and their children didn’t enjoy this premeditated insult to their faith. Think about having a good laugh over the Holocaust in the presence of a Jewish person and you’ll understand. Even peaceful and calm people dislike being offended. However, the publication was of little importance, as opposed to Macron’s public and well-covered support for it. He positively celebrated this publication and added a few well-chosen and offensive phrases against Islam. This was the ringer.

Tartuffe would be proud of Macron who declared that Charlie Hebdo is the true carrier of the French Republican spirit and its love for unbridled freedom of speech. It would be bad enough if true, but it is not. France, and the entire world, is now in the middle of a huge offensive against free speech. Facebook banishes accounts and removes posts, Google shadow bans sites, the venerable has been both banned on Facebook and shadow-banned on Google. President Trump has his tweets removed or appended with a health warning on Twitter. The proposed new hate law of Scotland would make it a crime to express opinions likely to cause discomfort even within the four walls of your own home. For a long time it has been a crime to say “hateful things” in the public space, and in the UK there are a hundred thousand “hate crimes” a year committed, according to the thought police.

France is leading the assault against free speech. French Writer Hervé Ryssen Jailed for Criticizing Jews;French Court Sentenced Alain Soral to Pay Jewish Organization $158,500 for Re-Releasing 128-Year-Old Book – say the recent headlines. The new French law bans “hate speech” on social media. The law obliges platforms and search engines to remove offensive content – including religious bigotry – within 24 hours or risk a fine of up to €1.25m. This law, and other hate laws are applied in defence of Jews, but strangely do not defend Muslim or Christian sensibilities.

The chief editor of Charlie Hebdois aware of this discriminatory order and approves of it. A Spiked journalist reports on meeting him: “Biard[the editor] is not in favour of unregulated speech. He supports French laws that outlaw Holocaust denial, and is sympathetic towards laws on hate speech. He approves of prosecution of French comedian Dieudonné, who has been arrested numerous times for saying the Shoah wasn’t important.” You may not speak against Jews, but attacking the faith of poor Muslim immigrants is perfectly all right, for they are people of no importance, and they should learn who is their boss and what is the true faith of their new homeland (a hint: it is not Christianity). If they make trouble it is even better for they can be hit hard.

Theoretically, it is illegal in France to insult Muslim (or Christian) beliefs. The European Court of Human Rights had ruled so explicitly in a judgment in the case of Otto-Preminger-Institut v. Austria: “The respect for the religious feelings of believers guaranteed by Article 9 can legitimately be considered violated by provocative images of objects of religious veneration, such images can be considered a malicious violation of the spirit of tolerance, which should also be a feature of a democratic society.”

In the case of Wingrove v. the United Kingdom:

“… Respect for the religious feelings of believers can become the basis for the state’s legal restriction of the publication of provocative images of objects of religious veneration.”

In the case of Pussy Riot v. Russia:“Given that the applicants’ presentation took place in a cathedral, which is a place of religious worship, the Court considers that (the State’s) interference can be regarded as having the legitimate aim of protecting the rights of third parties.”

Such activities should be illegal, but apparently are not. This unfairness is a source of aggravation: Muslims were laughed out of court when they complained against particularly vile Charlie’s cartoons, but Jews almost always win when they go to court against their denigrators. (Full disclosure: I was also sued by LICRA, the French Jewish body, while my French publisher was financially devastated by their Lawfare).

Thus, France (like the rest of the West) has very little freedom of expression left, and Macron’s claim that Charlie cartoons should be celebrated as a sign of Liberté sounds particularly hypocritical and false, like George Bush’s They hate us for our Freedom. As if that weren’t enough, then came the push to make every Muslim in France aware of this Macron-approved Charlie nastiness. In schools, a lesson was dedicated to educating children in the crude pornography of the cartoons. It was claimed (and I have no way of verifying) that the murdered French teacher had shown cartoons mocking the Prophet for five years every year since 2015, as he did this year after Macron’s speech. He allegedly added another pornographic cartoon and suggested Muslims might leave the classroom if they did not want to be offended. I can imagine the cry (selection! deportation!) if a teacher had suggested that Jewish pupils should leave the room. The upset Muslim parents went to the police and complained. The teacher lodged a counter-complaint alleging defamation. It is difficult to judge now whether the slain teacher was acting as he was obliged to by the authorities, or whether he was especially zealous in delivering the smut.


Russians are amazed by the waves of madness washing over the United States. The recent riots, looting, destruction of memorials, hardball election politics and rumours of impending civil war do not fit the US image in Russian eyes. A Latin American country, say, Colombia or Guatemala, perhaps, but not the United States. The country they admired so much is no more, they say. They regret it instead of gloating, as you may expect.

Far from feeling hostility, for many years (at least since the early sixties) Russians considered the US a model to follow. Nikita Khrushchev, the powerful ruler (1953-1964) who ditched Stalin and removed his remains from the Mausoleum on the Red Square, was fascinated with the US. He imported US corn (maize) and considered this American staple the key to Soviet prosperity. Those were the days Russia discovered jazz. The brightest young things of Russia aped American fashion, as recalled in the 2008 period piece Stilyagi (The Hipsters). Under Brezhnev’s ‘mature socialism’ this fascination with things American became more sedate, but it remained a strong element of counterculture, and it allowed for the quick surrender of the Soviet Union to the US in the Gorbachev era. Love of America remained a hallmark of Russian elites, but now it has been supplanted with bewilderment. They can’t possibly understand why this great civilization is committing suicide; but then, who does?

Russians perceived the US as a dynamic and orderly society, allowing ample space for individualism, seeding its pop culture and making no ideological demands. This last quality was so attractive to Russians that they enshrined it in their new post-Soviet constitution. Article 13 states: Ideological plurality shall be recognized in the Russian Federation. No ideology may be instituted as a state-sponsored or mandatory ideology. Russians felt so strongly about this because even though their own ruling ideology had decayed and collapsed, they were still required to pay tribute to it for many decades. While writing a dissertation, a scientific or polemic article, the author was supposed to quote Marx, Lenin and a more recent Party document, and stress a continuity of his own ideas with the ideas of the founders. They did not believe it, but they reflexively repeated it by rote because it was expected of them. Ditching these ideological duties had a profoundly liberating effect on the people, and they naturally thought that following all American customs would lead them to American prosperity and freedom.

Even then the new orthodoxy was already forming in the US, but it took a few years until an awareness of this change seeped into Russian minds. By 2010, the Russians were so free of ideological limitations that Westerners could no longer even grasp the shocking possibilities. Russians had become, and remained so until very recently, completely politically incorrect.

At that time it was perfectly acceptable to advertise a flat for rent to ethnic Russians only; natives of Central Asia and Caucasus need not apply. Ads for employment would specify sex, age and height of the desired applicant, like “A female secretary age 21-33 height above 173 cm (5’7 feet) is wanted by a law firm”. A philosopher might present arguments for slavery. Mass murder and ethnic cleansing weren’t beyond the pale to discuss. Africans could be described as ‘monkeys’, while Armenians and Georgians were ‘greaseballs’. In the politically correct Soviet days such terms of endearment were totally unacceptable, but with the fall of the old ideology, everything became permissible.

The very terms “Left” and “Right” have a totally different meaning in Russia and in the US. In Russia, the Left pushes for nationalization, for the expropriation of large enterprises and natural resources, for empowering workers and for raising the living standards of the working class. Its practical slogan is “Reverse Yeltsin’s privatisation, restore the Soviets”. The American Left had similar ideas until it was revamped by Cultural Marxism into a minority cult for hipsters and severed its connection with the workers. The Russian Left is represented by the Communist Party (CPRF), the biggest opposition party in the Parliament, and by a few smaller communist parties. While the American Left is led by Jews, feminists, gays, some token “People of Colour”, and fights discrimination by gender and race, the Russian Left is predominantly ethnic-Russian and fights for a massive redistribution of wealth and power from the oligarchs to the people.

Only in the last ten years have Russians become aware of the new ideology practiced in the US. The demands of America’s version of political correctness were too outlandish for them. ‘Wokism’ is unknown in Russia, except to tiny pockets of Moscow hipsters who are as foreign and strange to the average Russian as the Précieuses ridicules of Molière to his contemporaries. Russian hipsters attract more ridicule and derision than fear and hatred.

However, there never was much for a moderate ‘woke’ person to complain about in Russia.

Traditional feminism was never a problem there: the Soviets practiced equality between men and women. Women could vote from the earliest days of the revolution. There were female ambassadors and ministers, and female railway workers, too. Female managers and CEOs were not unusual, as you can see in this popular movie. Russian women worked just as hard as men, as depicted in The Girls. Russian women once envied the lifestyle of the American housewives of the 1950’s who did not work and instead took care of home and family, but this luxury soon disappeared in the West as well.

No one fought over abortion: Russia is very liberal from this point of view, and was so for many years, at least since 1956. Before the advent of family planning, abortions were extremely frequent; now they are less so, but they are legal and covered by social medicine.

Jews weren’t a problem either, for the majority of Russian Jews had already emigrated to Israel or to America, while those that remained in Russia were the assimilated children of mixed marriages. After that the Russian Jewish Lobby disappeared (if it ever really existed). Jews were equal but not dominating. Russians weren’t indoctrinated in Holocaust dogma, so this was not an issue, either.

There were no racial tensions; Russia had very few blacks, and they were extremely well treated. Famously, a black man imported by the innovator Tsar Peter I had a good career, married the daughter of a nobleman, and his descendant became a great Russian poet. There were slaves in Russia, but they were white. Russian serfs were integrated with the rest of the Russian people after their liberation in 1861. Anton Chekhov, the playwright, was the grandson of a serf. People with different ethnicities weren’t discriminated against historically. Tatar and Georgian, Ukrainian and Polish nobles were accepted equally at the Tsar’s Court, and later their representatives sat in Soviet parliament. So while Russians could never understand America’s problem with race, they could always congratulate themselves for being cutting-edge progressives.

US ‘wokeness’ is globalist, and is designed to undermine and supplant traditional cultures. However, it seemed at first to be an innocent fashion statement. Russia began to get used to the new crazy standards as though they were any other artefacts of America’s McCulture.

Israel Shamir
About Israel Shamir

Israel Shamir has written extensively on public affairs, primarily relating to the Israel/Palestine conflict and Russia, including three books, Galilee Flowers, Cabbala of Power and Masters of Discourse available in English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Norwegian, Swedish, Italian, and Hungarian.

He describes himself as a native of Novosibirsk, Siberia, who he moved to Israel in 1969, served as paratrooper in the army and fought in the 1973 war, afterwards turning to journalism and writing. During the late 1970s, he joined the BBC in London later living in Japan. After returning to Israel in 1980, Shamir wrote for the Israeli daily newspaper Haaretz, and was the Knesset spokesman for the Israel Socialist Party (Mapam), also translating and annotating the cryptic works of S.Y. Agnon, the only Hebrew Nobel Prize winning writer, from the original Hebrew into Russian.

His perspective on the Israel/Palestine conflict was summed up in The Pine and the Olive, published in 1988 and republished in 2004. That same year, he was received in the Orthodox Church of Jerusalem and Holy Land, being baptised Adam by Archbishop Theodosius Attalla Hanna. He now lives in Jaffa and spends much time in Moscow and Stockholm; he is father of three sons.