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Conservative 'Kids': Not Dazed or Confused, But Combative
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What are our conservative “kids” thinking? I went in search of one such elusive creature and found Rob Shimshock, DC-based editor. In May, he published his first book, “Nightmare Crescendo: Breaking the Chokehold of Woke Capital.” In the dialogue below, Rob patiently explains the idiom in which he expresses his ideas, political and social. Amazon understood enough Millennial Speak to censor his ad campaigns.

ILANA MERCER: “Blistering diatribe” is the correct way to describe your first book, Rob. For me, it is a much-needed glimpse into the mind of a young, thoughtful conservative, ruminating about the state of our country. Explain what is this cabal that “ensnares” us all?

ROB SHIMSHOCK: If I were a magician and you asked me this, my response would be the expected “pick a card, any card.” Academia, Hollywood, the media, Silicon Valley, the banks … no matter which modern institution you choose, the house wins. Except this house doesn’t accommodate a family; in fact, it is explicitly anti-family, anti-Western ideals, and anti-natural law. It is what I term the “Nightmare Crescendo,” or an amalgam of woke corporations and social decadence that’s as loud and merry as any rock concert. But the volume keeps rising, slowly but surely deafening us to a whole host of horrors.

MERCER: In an atomized, alienated America, you find yourself directing existential questions to a higher-order computer program, to the AI (Artificial Intelligence) called Alexa. What, to you, is the significance of that? You ask, “Alexa, how long before groceries are denied to right-wingers attempting to purchase them at stores using Amazon palm-scanning checkout? How long before such individuals are labeled terror threats?” Indeed. It’s fair to say that CNN and the newly imagined ACLU will be cheering Bezos. But what exactly is the GOP doing, and why vote GOP if it is not looking out for the rights of dissidents?

SHIMSHOCK: Ah, yes, my chapter “Just Asking Questions,” where the narrator begins by asking Alexa when his “My Little Pony” hoodie is arriving, but gradually arrives at more intriguing questions such as whether Jeff Bezos supports diversity because a “heat map” Amazon uses to track Whole Foods stores pinpoints lower racial diversity as a factor making a given store’s employees more likely to unionize. I’d say it’s a cynical swipe at the opportunism and malice fueling “men” like Bezos to replace human accountability with machines pushing narcissism and hedonism for profit.

As for the voting question: American electoral politics is a two-party game for the foreseeable future. But it’s important to remember that neither side is an unshifting monolith defined by a couple hundred Beltway suits. As we’ve seen with the hottest issue of the last couple months–critical race theory–the decisions that matter are being made on the level of state government, school boards, and local interest groups. D.C. can proclaim that all citizens must observe “Meatless Monday” starting next week, but if the states reply “get stuffed,” I really doubt a national military whose collective nose is buried in “How to Be an Antiracist” and social justice cartoons is going to do jack about it.

MERCER: As a longtime paleolibertarian, I’ve managed to straddle the divide between conservatism and traditional libertarian economics, but not without ostracization and derision from one side. I don’t love trade deficits (2010), outsourcing (2003), humdrum work visas (2008), and I loathe what I’ve dubbed corporate “economic elephantiasis and gigantism,” untethered to corporeal communities. You go further. You call all us libertarians “Trojan whores.” Take it away, Rob!

SHIMSHOCK: I think the “paleo” part absolves you of any of my puny pejoratives, Ilana. As for the others, flip the number “12,” change “BC” to “AD” and you’ll get two centuries during which flashy gargantuans have rolled into a city and conquered it from within. But while the Trojan horse ushered in Greek military and scholastic supremacy–a noble subversion, if you will–the prostitute and Koch-inflated “LOLbertarian” lobby are vehicles for disease. I mean this literally, as they each embrace the sexual liberation that results in chlamydia, along with lower birth and marriage rates and general destruction of the nuclear family, but also figuratively as, with the libertarian’s soft spot for sickness, it’s a buy one, get fifty free sale. Trojan whores come stuffed with a free-market idolatry spawning tyrannical Big Tech monopolies, open-border mayhem spurring crime and cultural dissonance, the displacement of the American blue-collar worker, etc.

Conservatives must act now if they wish to avoid a fate far worse than that of the Trojans.

MERCER: Moving to a more, shall we say, delicate part of your book, The data show that compared to young men, for whom it’s a “sex recession,” young women are hoing it up. From your experience with the dating app, I gather the problem is not only #MeToo, but “me, me, me” all the time. Is that right? What is it like for conservative young men out there?

SHIMSHOCK: On the Day of the Disconnect, when the Internet goes bye-bye and Big Tech CEOs are the subject of a tribunal that makes Nuremberg and the Salem witch trials seem small fry, online dating execs will have their feet held to the fire–perhaps literally!–for perpetrating one of the most heinous crimes against humanity: the commodification of romance.

Tinder, Bumble, and their co-conspirators have taken the pure and noble pursuit of finding a life partner and strangled its visage with edited and airbrushed “duckface” selfies, stabbed its vocal cords with vapid and robotic pick-up lines, and then rifled through the corpse to pluck out its heart — the thing capable of forging a long-term relationship — and replace it with a more monetizable libido that keeps users coming back for dopamine hits and one-night stands, at the small cost of their time, money, pair bonding ability, divorce rate, and immortal soul.


MERCER: What’s wrong with you, Rob? Why don’t you understand that you must “serenade her in front of her work colleagues,” cook for her, help pick her tattoo, and adopt her out-of-wedlock rug rats? For other maladjusted men like you, is it “swipe left” or “swipe right” on the mobile?

SHIMSHOCK: From what I’ve seen, it’s a hybrid approach: attend social functions but perhaps scroll through your options virtually while on the metro or in line. Ultimately, right-leaning men would do best to keep the first couple of dates apolitical and win women over with comedy, charisma, and compassion; then show them that someone possessing these traits can also hold certain views. Bear in mind that people are malleable and it is often just a matter of swapping out some of the John Oliver clips in their propaganda diet with cute and subversive memes.

MERCER: Hitting on another chapter in the lifestyle section of your book, what are the benefits to a guy of describing himself as a “high-capacity schizophrenic” in the woke workplace?

SHIMSHOCK: It’s all about earning respect, Ilana, by any means necessary. Purchasers of Nightmare Crescendo receive a syllabus for my course Structural Training and Foundational Understanding (STFU) 690, which describes how to get ahead in the workplace through use of body language, like jokingly threatening to throw medium-heavy objects, visual cues like punctured photos of loved ones, and, yes, confiding in colleagues about disorders they can’t be sure you don’t have because of patient privacy laws.

MERCER: LOL. Laughter is not a long-term strategy to the disillusion and societal dissolution you emote about, although it helps. What are you proposing?

SHIMSHOCK: I agree that it’s not enough to point and laugh at our problems. While conservatives often see Big Government as an impediment to freedom, Nightmare Crescendo envisions how this already-bloated bureaucracy may be redirected from exacerbating to easing social ills.

Like I said, state governments are useful on this front. But to get more creative, on the federal level, instead of sinking millions of dollars into left-wing university programs, the National Endowment for the Arts could pay artists who produce music with socially conservative messages. Establishing a Ministry of Culture is also an intriguing idea. There can be no doubt that China, which makes use of such a body, has a much more culturally homogeneous society than America. While the Chinese cannot bask in the glory of LGBT films like “Brokeback Mountain,” they also don’t have a media-academia-Hollywood-Big Tech apparatus that’s permitted to foment discord and incite riots. Is this a worthwhile tradeoff?

MERCER: Heaven’s Rob, you understand that if progressives get control of your Ministry of Culture, it becomes a ministry of twerking, with a transgender tush in the face of every three-year-old? That’s why conservatives and libertarians generally do not want the state in control. Address that criticism from statism, please.

SHIMSHOCK: Ideally, the Left would be blocked from gaining control of such a body. If this sounds anti-democratic, my question to you would be: To what extent has a public–whose perspective is so viciously warped by a one-sided media, academia, Hollywood, and Big Tech zeitgeist–been capable of functioning as a democracy? Is democracy vulnerable teens being bombarded nonstop with progressive platitudes by Lady Gaga et al.? Is democracy the ground of the new digital public square, opening up and swallowing conservatives with millions of followers whenever it feels like it? I don’t think so.

In closing, I’d say that if America still stands a chance, we need to strive for cultural cohesion. I hear a lot of “Diversity is our strength” these days, but it’s hush-hush when it comes to another maxim, “United we stand, divided we fall.” Dissidents, not the establishment, need to be the ones to determine that culture and, to that end, humor is an invaluable weapon in our arsenal.


“Bearded Men Breast Feeding In Public: Paternal Or Kinky?” It’s on:





Ilana Mercer has been writing a weekly, paleolibertarian think piece since 1999. She’s the author of Into the Cannibal’s Pot: Lessons for America From Post-Apartheid South Africa (2011) & The Trump Revolution: The Donald’s Creative Destruction Deconstructed” (June, 2016). She’s on Twitter, Gab, YouTube & LinkedIn; banned by Facebook, and has a new Podcast

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  1. Rahan says:

    Establishing a Ministry of Culture is also an intriguing idea. There can be no doubt that China, which makes use of such a body, has a much more culturally homogeneous society than America.

    The whole eastern half of Europe has Ministries of Culture, frequently combined with Ministries of Sport and Youth and such.

    It’s one of those elements of the totalitarian past, combined with guaranteed healthcare, education, and pensions, and national academies of science, that everyone decided to keep.

    The sheer reluctance displayed by the West (Right, Left, and Center) in trying to learn at least anything from the East is rather surprising in its persistence. Unconscious arrogance aside, a crucial factor is probably the “perception time lag”, in the sense of on the one hand Westerners viewing Eastern Europe, Russia, China, Japan, and Africa the way they were 25 years ago, and on the other hand all those places viewing the West also the way it was 25 years ago.

    And yet Eastern Europe is a region of many different ethnicities and religions, which nevertheless managed to transcend the totalitarian past which right now is creeping into the West, applied by the current Neo-Feudalists through the use of various mechanics which Easterners are more than familiar with, and have even devised tripwires and tactics against those.

    Aside from an examination of how Eastern Europe managed over the decades to fuse the more positive elements of the totalitarian inheritance with the new democratic capitalist institutions, I always recommend researching the Eastern European format of democracy.

    Aside from Belarus and artificial formations such as Kosovo or Transnistria, all of EE functions as a full spectrum free market of political ideas and values. Total political pluralism.

    This has at least two major effects worthy of in-depth research:

    1) Visible and honest management of diversity

    2) Resulting compromise and de-radicalization

    Diversity management

    In a free market of politics, everyone gets representation. Peasants and farmers—they get an agrarian party. Old farts get a pensioner’s party. The local minority—likely from a neighboring country plus maybe gypsies—they also get a party. The workers, the greens, and of course everybody from left to right to center to zany indie.

    A US equivalent would be a political landscape with a “Boomer party”, a “Black party”, a “Latino party”, an “Immigrant party”, a “LGBT party”, a “Socialist party”, a “Cuban conservative party” and so on, with – very importantly—each of those parties having in theory the real chance of getting mayors, governors, congressmen, and having a go at the presidency. Not just fringe clubs for weirdoes but legitimate national parties with real chances of success.

    What you see is what you get. There’s no bait and switch, where you vote for some party, and suddenly it turns out that under the surface it has like ten factions of which two take over this year, and you thought you voted for say higher pensions and better healthcare, but instead get a million Somalians imported and Latino-transvestite lessons in your kid’s school.

    Or you thought you voted for a secure border and Christian values, but instead get a takeover of the country by megacorp monopolies and a Cuban immigrant lobby trying to start a war with Cuba.

    With so many viable political parties, compromise is inevitable. No one has a realistic chance of getting a majority, barring some black swan event, and instead governments and opposition blocks are formed through compromise. You have in government for example a coalition of big tent liberals, conservative socialists, and nationalist-populists.

    In order to not lose voters next time, all three parties have to achieve a compromise which allows every party to achieve at least half of its stated objectives, without going completely against the stated objectives of the other two. In the end the socialists for example get to run healthcare and pensions, the nationalists get to run the military and education, and the liberals get to privatize a couple of factories and carry out a Pride parade.

    Every time one of these three parties tries to push farther, for example the liberals want gay school lessons or total privatization of the railways, or the socialists want total nationalization of industry and land, or the nationalists want to laws to jail people who “lie about history”–the other two push back.

    Periodically rightwingers in “old democracies” lose their shit and shoot up a mosque, or a synagogue, or a leftist youth camp, or some such. This happens, because Western Democracies gradually morphed into post-Western post-Democracies, and thus forgot that the point of free speech and political pluralism is to decrease radicalism. Thus the patriotic rightwinger in the post-West feels more and more out of options.

    The narrative in the West is increasingly that the more free speech and political pluralism there is, the bigger the danger of Hitler arising from the grave, whereas if speech is tightly controlled and political values are only allowed to manifest within a narrow corridor, then democracy is safe.

    Any non-globohomo democrat knows the reverse is true.

    Let us consider the life journey of a potential terrorist, who was instead born and raised in a hypothetical “Eastern Malvonia”. At some point, perhaps in his twenties, young Filip Jujik is struck in a very urgent manner that the fatherland is in danger and/or the whole of Europe. There are a number of completely legitimate political parties and media to absorb his energy. Sure some people will yell at him that his is Hitler arisen from the grave, but just as many if not more will tell him that he’s right.

    And so young Jujik becomes a member of the “Eastern Malvonia Front for Patriotic Rebirth”, and because EE has real political pluralism, this is not some fringe movement, but a national political party, which at the very least has its own mayors and municipal council members, and at best has real chances of entering the national Parliament, the EU parliament, and having a go at the presidency.

    Perhaps young Jujik’s talents are funneled into being a journalist for the party website or a host of a polemical cable TV opinion show. Perhaps he simply rises through the party ranks. At 25 he becomes a municipal counselor. At 30 — the mayor of some small town. Then suddenly his party enters into coalition with 2-3 parties of comparable size, and they break into national Parliament.

    As he rose through party ranks over the years, Jujik became more mature, he now sees many subtle ways in which to gradually achieve what he wants to achieve. He becomes minister of culture and youth patriotism and gets to work. On the next elections he goes for EU parliament and if he wins he gets to leer at Merkel or Macron or Biden during big meetings where he represents his country.

    Middle-aged Jujik is now an important elements of the checks and balances inside his country and even on the continental stage. He works with likeminded politicians from Latvia to Portugal, and uses his influence to put pressure for the release of say Canadian dissident journalists when they are inevitably arrested in Sweden on some made up charges.

    But if there was no total political pluralism EE-style, and no free speech, then young Filip Jujik would have instead either become a bitter drunk, or picked up his hunting rifle and decided to go out with a bang.

    • Thanks: beavertales
  2. Until you openly declare the (((ownership))) of your aforementioned media, academia, banks and Hollywood, all your “enlightenment” is pointless. We know where the attacks on us originate. But until you state the lack of diversity other than Jewish at the top of all of those entities, then demand a plan to share THAT equity, those at the top will continue. To Shimshock and Mercer I would say, “Seeing through the game ain’t the same as winning the game”. I read these interviews repeatedly one after the other and the same is always true. The enemy that profits from our destruction is never named nor a plan for their comeuppance advanced. Anglin edges in but rarely Mercer.

  3. I’m asking this in all seriousness, why am I not allowed to beat this person with a pipe ? he is publicly abusing a child,why isn’t curb stomping allowed ?

  4. 1. seductive Jewess spots potentially dangerous hardRight guy…..

    2. seductive Jewess circles in to tame same and protect her Tribe.

  5. I would not touch Rob with a ten foot pole. Why Ilana Mercer thinks his brand of collectivism is interesting surprised me at first. But then it occurred to me that since I don’t object to outsourcing, trade deficits and work visas, maybe we’re just fundamentally at odds philosophically.

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