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Will the Poles Have to Pay Up to the Jews?
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Politico Europe reports:

The take-no-quarter Polish presidential election campaign ended this week with backers of incumbent Andrzej Duda insinuating that his rival would sell out the country to Jewish interests.

It’s a dangerous tactic in a country with a long tradition of anti-Semitism, but something that appeals to the country’s hard-core nationalist voters, crucial in a race that polls show as a dead heat between Duda and liberal Warsaw Mayor Rafał Trzaskowski ahead of Sunday’s election.

Jarosław Kaczyński, the leader of the ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party, made a rare campaign appearance late Thursday, taking part in an interview at an ultra-Catholic broadcaster, where he accused Trzaskowski of favoring the payment of restitution to Jews for property lost during World War II.

“Only someone without a Polish soul, a Polish heart and a Polish mind could say something like that,” Kaczyński said. “Mr Trzaskowski clearly doesn’t have them, seeing as he says that this is open to discussion.”

President Kaczynski is most memorable outside Poland as the twin brother of fellow politician Lech Kaczynski, who sadly died in the Smolensk air disaster in 2010.

Polish state television, which is acting as a cheerleader for Duda, has hit similar tones — asking if the Warsaw mayor “will fulfill Jewish demands.”

In the past, Trzaskowski has said “of course we have to talk to Jewish groups and try to resolve this.”

So is this anti-Semitism or a plausible critique? The “slippery slope” may be a logical fallacy, but it’s absolutely a social/political reality.

The issue of Jewish property restitution has been bubbling under the surface of Polish politics for years, and governments of both the left and the right have dodged the issue.

Before the war, about 3.3 million Jews lived in Poland, and about 90 percent of them were murdered in the Holocaust. Many of the homes and businesses they left behind either became the property of the state or were taken over by ethnic Poles.

Poland is the only post-communist EU country not to have passed a property restitution law. The official Polish position is that Jews were citizens of prewar Poland, and their heirs can fight property claims in the Polish courts like everyone else. However, many of these cases are very difficult to litigate and have stalled.

As well, Jewish groups want some form of restitution for the property of millions of Jews who died with no heirs because their whole families were wiped out. Polish law doesn’t recognize such a community right, as people who die with no heirs lose their property to the state.

The rub: the Poles still believe in the traditional Western notion of individual justice, as against the Levantine notion of collective tribal justice.

“I will never sign a bill which says that we will treat the inheritance of people from one ethnic group more favorably than from others,” Duda said this week, adding: “Let the one who started the war pay compensation.”

Well, except where the Germans are concerned!

The question troubles Poland’s relations with the U.S. and Israel, both close Polish allies. The U.S. Congress passed the Justice for Uncompensated Survivors Today (JUST) Act in 2018, under which the U.S. State Department has to report on progress made on property restitution in 47 European countries, including Poland. Last year, U.S. senators signed a letter demanding Secretary of State Mike Pompeo “act boldly” on the issue.

Eastern European governments always face such foreign pressure from the U.S. State Department, the European Union, and assorted NGOs. Many in the Middle East and Eastern Europe come to an early understanding of the power of ethnic lobbying in the U.S. when they witness the State Department effectively acting as a branch of the Zionist lobby and the holocaust industry.

The EU has been trying for years to cut off funding to Hungary and Poland – which is very substantial, billions amounting to 2-2.5% of GDP – to punish them for adopting “illiberal democracy.” These attempts have regularly failed because such a move requires the unanimous decision of 26 out of 27 EU countries, and Hungary and Poland can always be counted on to veto on behalf of the other.

However, the EU is now looking at cutting off funding for Polish regions that have adopted resolutions opposing gay marriage and cutting off funding to pro-LGBTI NGOs. This measure looks like it may be able to circumvent the national veto.

The PiS government promised to pass a property restitution law, but like its predecessors balked at the cost.

The issue was seized on by Krzysztof Bosak, a right-wing candidate who scored 6.8 percent of the vote in the first round of the presidential election held June 28.

He insisted that Poland “will not pay reparations for World War II,” adding: “In a legal sense, Jewish claims aren’t any sort of ‘compensation,’ and only an attempt at a capital transfer.”

Both Duda and Trzaskowski are trying to lure Bosak’s voters, with the Warsaw mayor appealing to their economic liberalism, while Duda plays up their common nationalistic views.

In the event, Duda was re-elected with 51.2% of the vote. The campaign proved extraordinarily polarizing and, given the pro-LGBTI Trzaskowski’s strong showing, suggests nativist and conservative populism may not have solid foundations in Poland.

By the way, the Times of Israel has reported that Duda’s prime minister, Mateusz Morawiecki, is of Jewish descent, making a Duda rather ineffective anti-Semite. But the claim is disputed.

• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: Holocaust, Israel, Jews, Poland, World War II 
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  1. Let us hope and pray that the Poles continue to refuse to pay ‘protection money’ to the Jewish extortionists.
    No Holocaust occurred.
    Just a Holodomyr in which 10 million Christians were murdered by Bolshevik Jews. That is what Jews do: murder others for their land and property.

    • Agree: ivan, Druid
  2. songbird says:

    The idea that Israel is anyone’s “close ally” has always struck me as absurd, but Poland’s “close ally” is a really bizarre construction.

    • Replies: @Zolty89
  3. Rahan says:

    If Western Jews are forced to reimburse Europe for the population replacement plan and the censorship and political right curtailment, will this cancel out their claims to Poland?

  4. El Dato says:

    It’s not even the same Poland as the pre-WWII Poland.

    And how about restitutions for the various kinds of depredations (Soviet AND neo-Polish) commmitted during the War of 1920?

  5. Robjil says:

    Poland has something that no other nation has, it has a thousand year history of letting Jews settle in Poland with all the liberties that they wanted. This history is a good protection against Jewish plunder of Poland. Poland created the Askenazis by inviting them to settle. They grew into millions that we have today all over the world. If it was not for Poland, there would not be so many Jews in the world. Jews should thank Poland instead of trying to plunder Poland.

    Issued in 1264 by Bolesław Pobożny (Boleslaus the Pious), Duke of Wielkopolska (Greater Poland), this charter of liberties for the Jews – known as the Statute of Kalisz – was modeled on earlier rights extended to Jews in Bohemia, Austria, and Hungary. Composed of thirty-six articles, the Statute regulated matters of jurisdiction over the Jewish population, the rules for the credit and trade activities pursued by the Jews, and their relations with Christians. It brought order to the basic economic, organizational, and cultural/religious issues shared by all the Jewish communities within Wielkopolska. Initially, the Statute of Kalisz was binding only in Wielkopolska. However, it was later confirmed by King Kazimierz III Wielki (Casimir III the Great), who in 1334 extended it to all Jews in the Kingdom of Poland. As a result, Poland – and later the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (Rzeczpospolita) – became the early modern era’s greatest (if only numerically) center for the Jewish diaspora, for the reason that it guaranteed exceptionally advantageous conditions for life and for cultivating Judaism and Jewish customs.

    • Agree: Iva
    • Replies: @Don't Look at Me
  6. Chris Moore says: • Website

    Is Poland aware that half of that “reparations” money for the Jewish-constructed myth of “anti-Semitism” is going to ZOG warmongering efforts? Maybe the Jewish fifth columnists and the bribed and badgered corrupt-“liberal” and Judeophile “conservative” politicians who make the taxpayers pay it to the Zionists are.

    You really have to be diseased in body, mind and soul to carry out this evil, world-wrecking charade.

    One day soon these Zionists are going to get their world wrecked, and no one will give a rat’s ass, nor will they believe the latest Jewish wails of “another Holocaust” — whether valid or not.

    • Agree: Iva, Owen C.
  7. Which is why Poles still do not have visa-free travel to the US, unlike most of the rest of the EU; then again, is that really such a big deal anymore? I am surprised, however, that the Poles have not used forward basing deals for US assets as some leverage to correct this. Tells you who really pulls US policy levers.

    • Replies: @Anon 2
  8. anon[402] • Disclaimer says:

    It’s inevitable that this will happen. Jared Kushner is already planning for much of Poland’s housing stock to be transferred to New York investors with ties to Trump. Many Poles will soon find themselves subject to American-Jewish landlords who will crush them with extortionate rents. They’ll be forced to sell their daughters to the next Jeffrey Epstein just to survive.

    • Agree: LondonBob
    • LOL: Anon 2
    • Replies: @OttoVB
  9. Iva says:

    “in a country with a long tradition of anti-Semitism,”……. this is a false statement. Poles were never antisemitic. Yed Washem has the most trees planted by Jews to Poles who save their lives. Poland NEVER collaborated with Germans in exterminations of Jews. It is just Jewish propaganda started by Singer, Gross and other Jews. There were no Polish government in Poland during WWII like it was in Holland , France and Belgium, Sweden , Denmark etc … and those governments actively collaborated with Germans. Holland for example handed over to German all addresses where Jews lived. In Poland AK , the underground army, would assassinate anyone who collaborated with German against Poles or Jews. If you look at the history of Jews in Poland you will find out how during 100 years of occupation of Poland by Russia, Prussia and Austria Jews ALWAYS collaborated with occupation forces against Poles. May Poles were taken to Siberia because Jews would tell occupant who participate in upraise against them. After WWII Jews took positions in oppressive communism regime, and thousands of Poles lot lives because of them. Some of them still alive and countries they live in refuse to expedite them. “in a country with a long tradition of anti-Semitism,” ……..would not have so many Jews in government. Head of Peace and Justice party is a Jew, and his uncle was very brutal to Poles. There are no security by synagogues like in the US and other European countries, there are no incidents of booming Jewish restaurants or museums, no attacks on Jews in Poland. I really do not understand this statement. It is not true and it shows your ANT-POLONISM.

    • Thanks: Włodzimierz
  10. Iva says:

    International Jewish Organizations are NOT entitled to “reparation” for properties left without heirs after WWII. They were Polish citizens and in a situation like this Treasury takes over the properties lie this. The same law applies in the US. Will the US pay Poland for properties left by gen Pulaski???????? Maybe Poland should demand this . Whole Chicago was his property. How much is it worth it now?????? The World is not practicing TRIBAL LAW. Yes, they were Jews, but they were also Polish citizens and a Polish and international law applies here. The US didn’t have RIGHT to pass the law that other countries had to obey. I hope Poland will NOT give to the pressure of Jewish organizations and the US government. I hope Poland will NOT pass the law to accommodate this. Historian and filmmaker Edward Reid said that #447 voted by Congress and signed by Trump is opening Pandora box to African American reparation and Native American.……his video of historic facts was taken of the YT

    interesting comments to this article…

  11. “Before the war, about 3.3 million Jews lived in Poland, and about 90 percent of them were murdered in the Holocaust. ”

    Riiiight. The most highly networked population in all of Poland, a population that ran the customs/import/shipping business for 500 or more years, just sitting there as the Germans entered the country. The group that had a ton of relatives in the Soviet leadership and relatively high wealth had absolutely no ability to get out of danger.

    Putin said recently that the Soviets saved millions of Jews from Eastern Europe. Odd, then, that 0.9 * 3,300,000 = 2,970,000 dead in Poland.

    Either the Soviet/Russian government lied about saving Jews, or the Jews are lying about how many of them perished. I think I know which to bet on.

  12. Iva says:

    …….”Duda rather ineffective anti-Semite……… are you kidding me?????? Duda is Israeli ass kisser.

  13. @Iva

    “in a country with a long tradition of anti-Semitism,”……. this is a false statement. Poles were never antisemitic


    I agree. They SHOULD HAVE BEEN anti-semitic given how the Jews treated them. Spitting on churches and gravestones, calling them ‘pigs’, luring them with drugs/alcohol into bankruptcy, sexually abusing their children who worked in Jewish households as domestic servants.

    Simply pick up any book written by a Jew who lived in Poland before WW2 and the German invasion. There are a ton out there, and they all admit that the Jews acted badly to the Poles.

    Chinese or Arabs wouldn’t have tolerated even a fraction of that behavior.

  14. If the Poles and Hungarians had any sense they’d exit both the EUSSR and NATO (EUSSR’s enforcement arm). Neither Israel or its dancing monkey the Rotten Banana Empire are friends of the Polish or Hungarian people any more than Kang Jared, Queen Esther and Ringmaster Cheetohead are.

    Whenever these lying extortionists make demands for “restitution”, they should reply “only after George Soros is forced to hand over his entire fortune”. Funny how the extortionists never want to make the guy who actually looted the assets of Jews for real Nazis (including the famous Adolf Eichmann) pay up. Guess some Nazis are more equal than others – quelle surprise.

    Just another fine day in Clown World.

    • Agree: anonymous1963
    • Replies: @Auch Gast
  15. I wonder would the claimants concede similar rights to ethnic Germans summarily expelled from Poland, Russia and numerous other parts of eastern Europe?

    • Agree: Rob McX, JackOH
    • Replies: @LondonBob
  16. 4justice says:

    As property continues to be stolen out from under Palestinians ethnically cleansed by Jews in Israel. Some do indeed consider themselves more equal than others.

  17. Iva says:

    Duda is not a good president because he is too weak with Israel and the USA. Constantly giving in to them, like a servant. On one of his visits one of the photos show s this. Trump sitting at the desk signing some papers and Duda standing next to him like a butler and leaning to put his signature.  I think it was done on purpose by Trump to show who is the boss. However, Trzeaskowski would be even worse. Trzeaskowski was studying in England on Soros scholarship so we know he would serve globalists/zionists/communists. Trzaskowski’s mother was a communist who was reported to communist regime secret service on people, even on her friends. This person raised Rafal Trzaskowski. He comes from a family with this kind of history. 

  18. Anon[293] • Disclaimer says:

    Considering the Jewish run concentration camps in Poland after the war, targeting Poles, the history of Jewish rent / tax collecting in Poland, and the Jewish-Communist atrocities in Poland, shouldn’t the Poles be asking for restitution from Jews?

    Perhaps the agitation of the Poles, by the Jews, is meant to be a “best defense if a good offense” gambit.

    It is lost on me as to why the Poles need to respond to the Jews. They have to well-know that the Jews are not reasonable negotiators. What use is it to speak to them?

    They will only seek to mire Poland ever-deeper into hell. Assuming for one second the false premise that Jews have a claim anywhere but Israel and would have justification for negotiation at all.

    And that Jews have a claim in the Levant is highly questionable and pretty much granted in the vain hope that Jews will leave everyone else alone.

    The devil leaves no one alone.

  19. Looks to me like a traditional Jewish shakedown. And when did Poland and Israel “become allies”?

    • Replies: @Undocumented Shopper
  20. Anonymous[954] • Disclaimer says:

    The EU is really taking the PiS out of Poland.

  21. Maciano says:

    All of the EU funding shd stop, I’m all for starting somewhere.

    As a Dutchman I think we’ve been robbed for far too long.

  22. Truth3 says:

    Every Russian, Ukrainian, Belarussian, Baltic, and other citizen descendent of the USSR should sue Israel and NYC and London for reparations of \$1 Million for every person killed by the USSR Security Services between 1917 and 1938, when they were wholly under Jewish control.

    Sixty Million x \$1 Million = \$60,000,000,000,000.

    Sixty Trillion. In Gold.

    Six Million ounces per year, for, say… 666 years.

    If they don’t pay up annually, Putin could launch nuclear weapons upon all three.


    • Replies: @Malla
  23. LondonBob says:
    @Irish Savant

    Good to see you Irish Savant, always enjoyed your blog.

  24. Gordo says:

    They get it from the Poles, its the UK next.

    Blatant shakedown.

    • Replies: @Iva
  25. Whenever you read propaganda, find out which facts go unmentioned.

    Politico Europe and other media say nothing about the The American-Polish Claims Agreement of 1960. In that agreement, Poland paid the US government \$40 million (in 1960 dollars) and the US agreed that any claims related to World War II would be paid by the US government.

    Poland settled this rather cheaply, but the country was broke, so both sides were satisfied. It often happens that debt is settled for pennies on the dollar.

    What is happening now is that Jews 1) regret having signed this agreement 2) pretend there is an unresolved issue there.

    • Agree: Iva
  26. Palestinians should go to the EU and demand restitution from the Zionists for all the property (and properties) they have lost to ‘Israel’.

    • Agree: Owen C.
  27. Iva says:

    I think next is the Vatican. Last winter the Vatican gave Jewish historians all correspondence of the Pope during  WWII. They are going to look if there is any reason to blame the Vatican for “not doing enough for Jews” and extort money from the Vatican. This is what Jews often say “Poles  didn’t do enough to save us” . There was a death penalty for hiding a Jew and still lots of them were hidden by Poles. When I hear statements like this I ask “show me one Jew who defended Poles  from Jewish communist oppressors. ZERO.
    I just wonder if the US Congress and the US president will participate aginst the Vatican like they did aginst Poland.

    • Thanks: Gordo
    • Replies: @Grahamsno(G64)
  28. A123 says:

    Relations between Israel and Poland are good and will remain so.

    There are some extremists on both sides saying some ludicrous things (mostly for domestic consumtion). However, both Poland and Israel are on the same side against Merkel’s authoritarian SJW policies, administered via the Globalist EU. The leaders of both nations will not allow this to get in the way.

    The issues are actually fairly contained:

    -1- A very small amount of acreage that previously held exclusively religious structures (e.g. Temples).
    -2- Individual articles of Personal Property (e.g. Paintings) that were looted. Given that most of these items were stolen by the Germans and sent to the Reich, there are not that many items being looked at.

    In some ways it is more about honor and recognition, not monetary value.

    All residential and commercial property issues were legally extinguished during the post-war period. New titles were established to create unambiguous ownership (authority & responsibility) needed for reconstruction. Essentially every war damaged country went through this legal process, so it is not even unique to Poland.

    Again, some wacky extremists may try to bring individual suits, but such actions are showmanship for domestic consumtion. These are not substantial challenges that could blow up a relationship that serves the interests of both Poland and Israel.

    The U.S. Congress passed the Justice for Uncompensated Survivors Today (JUST) Act in 2018, under which the U.S. State Department has to report on progress made on property restitution in 47 European countries, including Poland.

    This law is so insubstantial that it passed both the Senate and House on Voice Votes.

    This is another example of action being taken for domestic consumption. It gave the Senators and Representatives a good talking point for constituent gatherings, but it does not actually *do* anything. There are no penalties. It is simply adds one to the hundreds of thousands of reports annually generated by the U.S. Government.

    Last year, U.S. senators signed a letter demanding Secretary of State Mike Pompeo “act boldly” on the issue.

    The U.S. is openly discussing relocation of strategic assets from Germany to Poland because the Germans are militarily and politically unreliable. Why would the Trump Administration place national strategy at risk pushing this fairly trivial issue?

    Pompeo received the letter from the Senate, and we have heard nothing since then.

    PEACE 😇

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @anon
    , @Druid
  29. Anonymous[368] • Disclaimer says:

    In other words, the US military will flood Poland with criminal, ithyphallic ghetto blacks.

    Expect a huge crop of half caste babies.

  30. anon[333] • Disclaimer says:

    The U.S. is openly discussing relocation of strategic assets from Germany to Poland

    The American troops will act as enforcers for Jewish reparations demands and for promotion of homosexuality and transgenderism. They’ll also be exempt from the Polish judicial system, and be encouraged to rape Polish women (especially black servicemen; since abortion is illegal in Poland, this will eventually lead to many mulatto children in Poland who will become an audience for BLM propaganda).

    • LOL: Owen C.
    • Troll: A123
  31. @anonymous1963

    And when did Poland and Israel “become allies”?

    Speaking of alliances, there is a phrase “exotic alliance” which was coined by Stanislaw Cat-Mackiewicz, who was one of Poland’s leading journalists, and briefly, a Prime Minister of Poland’s government-in-exile.

    An exotic alliance is an alliance which is not based on common interests, or is even contrary to interests.
    For example, the alliance between the United Kingdom and Greece was not exotic despite the distance because the United Kingdom had a strategic interest in controlling the Mediterranean Sea.
    But the Alliance between France and Czechoslovakia was an exotic one and the Czechs learned about it the hard way, in Munich in 1938.

    The “alliance” between Poland and Israel is an exotic one.
    It is good for Israel, for example, Poland blocks anti-Israeli proposals in the European Union.
    In return:
    – Israel meddles in Poland’s affairs
    – Poles get accused of running Auschwitz
    – outlandish financial demands are made

    • Replies: @Druid
    , @Wielgus
  32. Auch Gast says:
    @Exalted Cyclops

    NATO being the military enforcer of the EU … hilarious, Sir.

  33. Snert says:

    The article begs a very important question: who, exactly, is responsible for making restitution?

    It can’t be the Polish government, as it neither caused the war, nor confiscated the real properties in question.

    You might argue Germany is responsible, as it caused the war. But after the war ended, Germany was not asked to make war reparations payments to any of the countries it had invaded or to any party, whether a state actor or private party. And the government that did exist in Poland during the war, the Generalgouvernment, was barely a real government, and more of a puppet created by the Nazis.

    Then there is the problem of how to establish who has, or had legal ownership of the confiscated properties, unless the people seeking reparations can supply deeds and other verifiable proofs of title.

    Many Jews became Displaced Persons (DP’s) after the war, and few had retained any assets or titles and so effectively lost control of their real properties if they had had any, or failed to re-establish claims to same after emigrating to Israel or other countries.

    In addition, many documents relating to real properties in Poland may have been destroyed, either by physical destruction caused by military operations, or through the direct actions of the Nazi regime.

    To further complicate matters, while Poland was under Communist rule, ownership of real property would have been outlawed, as under Communism, the state takes ownership of everything. Accordingly, deeds or other proofs of title may have been destroyed or altered. Any attempts on the part of Jews who left the country to establish post-war claims to property would have been rejected by any of the Communist governments that were then in power.

    And as the Communist government in Poland no longer exists, it can’t be held accountable.

    • Replies: @Auch Gast
  34. Lot says:

    “The official Polish position is that Jews were citizens of prewar Poland, and their heirs can fight property claims in the Polish courts like everyone else. However, many of these cases are very difficult to litigate and have stalled.”

    A distant relative did this successfully about five years ago, and was returned a small house or apartment worth about US \$65,000. Sorry I don’t have any details, like if the defendant was a private owner or government entity, other than than they hired a local Polish lawyer and it took a few years. It didn’t sound very difficult other than the wait, and they didn’t need to travel there or go to court. They are boomers born in the USA to USA-born parents, so I’d guess it was the Polish lawyer who tracked them down somehow as the heirs.

    They decided to just hold onto the property and rent it out, and plan to vacation there for a few weeks when the current tenant decides to move out.

  35. Druid says:

    The zio A123 back again with his bs and obfuscation. I wish you would just F off!

  36. Druid says:
    @Undocumented Shopper

    Maybe the phrase “dumb po_lak”actually has some meaning!

    • Replies: @Undocumented Shopper
  37. Wielgus says:
    @Undocumented Shopper

    In 1995, on a visit to Poland, I went to see Pulp Fiction in Cracow. I had already seen it in England, and with French subtitles in Paris. One thing I noticed in Cracow was nervous laughter when “Pumpkin” talks about the perils of trying to rob stores owned by Jews – “Grandpa Irving” who owns a gun etc. The line got no particular reaction when heard in London or Paris, but a certain sensitivity to the Jewish question was still noticeable in 1990s Poland.

  38. Malla says:

    Also add all the Tzar’s and Russia’s wealth looted out of Russia after the Bolshevik revolution. That would be a ton of money.

  39. Auch Gast says:

    Poles are eagerly jockeying for their position on the victimhood totem pole. But they aren’t nearly as good at that as the Jews and don’t have nearly as much leaverage.
    And Jews aren’t going to share with you anyways.

  40. @Druid

    In Druid’s case, phrase “dumb_redneck” has some meaning.

  41. Cking says:

    How does such an irrational demand for reparations claim any attention or traction? Poland is supposed to forget the 1920 Bolshevik Invasion. Did not Poland lose the entire nation to the Soviet Army whom many in the Pale of the Settlement saw as their liberators? The centuries old offensive to destroy Catholic founded civilization in Poland is completely obliterated. There are a few huge omissions in trying to frame the historical and present political outlook; and it’s not the Quixotic quest for justice. And how is this claim for reparations even rational with all that’s been done by Israel’s governance over Palestine? Many Jews simply left Poland under Stalin’s rule, abandoning worthless properties and businesses. Israel’s claims on Poland will be viewed as another form of extortion, primitive acquisition by specious politics and other means.

  42. @Iva

    The Vatican’s toast its going to be much bigger than the boy molestation scandal, the WW2 Pope knew what was going on and never did once condemn the Nazis publicly, he was rightly worried about the Bolsheviks but there’s no excuse for his shameful silence. The Jews will strip mine the Church. The current idiot Pope should have never allowed the archives to be opened to the Jews a race of lawyers. It’s going to be damning to the church they have no idea how badly fucked they are.

  43. @Robjil

    Maybe they can’t help themselves.

  44. Holocaust “reparations” to Jews are like slavery “reparations” to Blacks – the latest in a never-ending series of payoffs. Giving in only emboldens them to demand more and more and more.

  45. Zolty89 says:

    Israel is no ones friend, or did it ever share its resources with anyone else?
    All what concerns them is centered around themselves alone.

    The most profitable theme in Hollywoods history is the “spell” that binds almost all western states being their lapdogs, just being freed from the emotion of guilt.

    Make other people feel guilty is the power to enslave them without having to shoot a single gun.

    The irony is: Only good people can feel guilty, dont let you get fooled into guilt slavery. Guilt slavery is like debt slavery. They dont let you repay it ever completely.

  46. Dube says:

    Argument by Stuart Eizenstat from his keynote address to the 2009 Holocaust Era Assets Conference, with brief response.

    Governments should recognize the special needs of Holocaust survivors and other Nazi victims, who may be more vulnerable than the rest of the elderly population, and consider a variety of creative mechanisms to provide assistance to needy survivors, including special pensions to non-residents, and the use of assets from heirless property.

    In almost all European countries, heirless property reverts to the state. But, in the case of heirless property owned by Holocaust victims whose entire families were killed by the Nazis, national governments should not be the ultimate beneficiaries. Funds obtained from such heirless property should be used to assist living Holocaust survivors and other victims of Nazi persecution. […]

    No country has a moral right to hold onto property that belonged to Holocaust victims. Where there is a living owner or heir, the property should be returned to that person. Where there is no living owner, countries should consider using some portion to help needy survivors in their declining years. […]

    The largest amount of Nazi-confiscated Jewish real property is located in Poland. Poland has repeatedly committed to pass legislation to establish a compensation process, but has yet to enact it. Poland has shown positive leadership on Jewish memorial sites and on Jewish and, most recently, Catholic, communal property restitution. We look forward to seeing similar leadership regarding immovable property.

    First, it seems that liability of the Polish state is yet to be established in this claim against Nazi actions. Next, how can needy survivors remain unsecured while ample funds already have been paid? Further, heirless property escheats to the state, but the state provides many necessary conditions of life, as recognized by Socrates in the Crito. So the state is the appropriate beneficiary.

    This understanding gives due respect as well to other Nazi victims, whom the speaker has acknowledged. It may be most just and most practical to continue making settlements on a case-by-case basis.

  47. HdC says:

    “Judea declares war on Germany” screamed international headlines in 1933. France and Britain, plus various hangers-on, declared war on Germany in 1939. German expatriates, caused by the Diktat of Versailles were murdered by the tens of thousands in Poland, with that governments permission.
    And Germany is, and remains, the Bad Guy??? HdC

  48. OttoVB says:

    That is a more realistic vision I certainly do agree with.
    Behind the scenes the jews are already “in discussion with the Poles” where they want to settle in Poland, how much land they demand and all the cost of their “removing” from Israel to Poland is to be payed by Germany.
    This is the jewish settlers demand when coming to Poland to take their “properties” at their will and demand and where. The demand is they want 30% of Poland as their “land”.

    You never can make this creepy sh**e up, can ye.

    The Germans hearing this, want their part of Germany before 1939 back.

    • LOL: Anon 2
  49. While the disappearance of numerous Jewish communities from Poland after WWII is a fact, IHR research has pointed to population relocations, notably to remote areas of the USSR. This is discussed by Ron Unz in the American Pravda article on Holocaust denial.

  50. TGD says:

    Speaking of restitution, 10s of thousand of Israeli teens are treated to a free trip to Poland to tour Auschwitz every year and every year they leave wreckage in their wake. Why do the Poles tolerate this destructive behavior?

    From Y-net news.

    The relationship between Israel and Poland is in danger, according to Israel’s Ambassador to Poland, David Peleg.

    Peleg expressed concern for the good relations between the two countries, following the publication of an article in the Polish-language Przekroj weekly, which accused Israeli teens of damaging hotel rooms and traumatizing locals during visits to Poland.

    About 25,000 Israeli teens visit Poland each year. Accompanied by Shin Bet security guards, the teens visit concentration camps, and learn about the Holocaust. Recently, there has been an increase in the amount of reports in the Polish press concerning the unruly behavior of the these visitors.

    The article published in Przekroj, titled “Young Israeli’s run amok in Poland”, describes incidents of Israeli teens playing football in the hotel hallway at 2 am, burning carpets, breaking furniture, and leaving a mess in their beds and sinks.

    Other teens were accused of hiring a stripper, and still others were said to have humiliated flight attendants while flying with the Polish Lot Airlines.

    The article also criticized Shin Bet guards, and featured quotes by locals claiming that the guards beat them and forced them to undergo humiliating security checks.

    Polish sources involved in the planning of the trips told the Polish weekly that the itineraries only included visits to concentration camps. “From that perspective, Poland looks like one big Jewish cemetery, nothing more,” said Ilona Dworak-Cousin, chairman of the Israel Poland Friendship Association.

    “The Israeli youth sees Poles as second-class humans, and treat them as potential enemies”, said Professor Moshe Zimmerman of the Hebrew University’s History Department.

    Peleg said that such articles portrayed Israel’s youth in a negative light, and endangered the future of such trips.

  51. Dube says:

    Here is a detail from a more complete argument (linked). How deep are Uncle Sam’s pockets?


    A. Compensation for private property in Poland already paid to rightful owners.

    In calling for the return to the rightful owner of a property that was “wrongfully seized or transferred,” the Bills violate the Agreement between the Government of the United State of America and the Government of the Polish People’s Republic regarding claims of nationals of the United States signed at Washington on July 16, 1960, and registered with the United Nations by the United States of America on January 6, 1961 (“1960 Treaty”).

    Under the 1960 Treaty, Poland paid the United States \$40 million in full settlement of claims of nationals of the United States for nationalization or other taking of property, appropriation or loss of use of their property and debt owed by enterprises taken over by the State.

    1 The \$40 million paid pursuant to the 1960 Treaty represents over a billion dollars in 2017. Hence, this substantial compensation was intended to settle property claims against Poland by US nationals. In accordance with Article IV of the 1960 Treaty, the United States agreed to fully indemnify Poland for any property claims of US nationals, which occurred on or before the entry into force of the 1960 Treaty.

    2 On March 31, 1966, the Foreign Claims Settlement Commission of the US completed its administration of the Polish Claims Program pursuant to the 1960 Treaty and submitted a final report to various committees of Congress. The principal amount of awards under the Polish Claims Program totaled \$100,737,681.63 plus interest in the amount of \$51,051,825.01.3

    Accordingly, in light of the contractual obligation of the United States to provide indemnity to Poland for private property claims, the enactment of the Bills that direct the US Secretary of State to pressure Poland to pay further private property claims violates the contractual obligation of the United States.

  52. Anon 2 says:
    @The Alarmist

    Correction: Poland has had visa-free travel to the United States
    since the fall of 2019. This was accomplished primarily because
    of the close relationship between Trump and President Duda
    of Poland. The latter has just been reelected for another
    5-year term

  53. Anon 2 says:

    Western Europe, incl. the German states, solved its Jewish problem by expelling the Jews during the Middle Ages and into the Renaissance. Jews were expelled from England, France, Spain, Italy, German states, etc. Russia, watching this closely, barred the Jews from settling in its territory. The result was that the Jews ended up in the vast underpopulated Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth a highly decentralized republic with religious liberties which were then lacking in Western Europe. Poland also accepted thousands of religious dissidents from Italy and Scotland who were gradually absorbed into the population. Hence to this day you occasionally run into people named Taylor, etc in Poland. Krzysztof Zanussi is a famous film director. For the Jews Poland became Paradisus Iudaeorum (Jewish Paradise), quite a contrast to the depredations suffered by the Jews in violent Western Europe. The Polish, like the Czechs, are a peaceful people, and the Germans and the Jews took advantage of that. The Jews had a population explosion in Poland, and by 1600 about 90% of the world’s Ashkenazi Jews were found in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, which was vast not because of military conquest, the Polish are too peace-loving for that, but through a personal union between Poland and Lithuania (Union of Lublin, 1569). Lithuania in those days included what today are Belarus and western Ukraine.

    Poland was almost completely at peace while the Western Europeans were butchering each other with glee during the Religious Wars. Unfortunately, the peace didn’t last. In the 1650s Sweden, energized by the Protestant fundamentalist frenzy, invaded Poland and ended up killing, directly or indirectly, 4 million people, i.e., one-third the population of the Polish- Lithuanian Commonwealth, in the process raping and killing thousands of Jews – the Jews should demand reparations from Sweden for this massacre. Poland, being peaceful, permissive, and decentralized, refused to have a standing army, unlike its neighbors in the West and North, and paid a severe price. Apart from the rescue of Vienna by King Jan Sobieski in 1683 where the Polish hussars defeated the Ottomans, Poland never regained its former glory – its violent neighbors made sure of that.

    • Replies: @HdC
  54. HdC says:
    @Anon 2

    35,000 or so murdered German expatriates (thanks to the diktat of Versailles) would disagree with you.
    Fact is, Germany, previously the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nations, is / was the most peaceful country in Europe.
    If you want to talk about warmongering, Britain takes the first prize in Europe. An essay on this was published some years ago in Chronicles, a Magazine of American Culture. The essay cited 2 American and 2 British studies to support this assertion.
    Certainly between WW1 and WW2 Poland was a most bellicose country. Just read Polish newspapers of that period.

  55. cutting off funding for Polish regions that have adopted resolutions opposing gay marriage and cutting off funding to pro-LGBTI NGOs.

    And who promotes LGBTI etc., etc., nonsense. The globalists and many Jews. It’s time to put WW2, and the flawed history of it in the rear view mirror. As history has been written by Jews making them a protected class deserving compensation from Gentiles around the world for events, that anyone who does a little investigation can see were fomented by Jews for the purpose of the creation of Israel. The Jews have their Israel, so move there, and get on with your lives, or forever hold your piece.
    The war against the traditional family has run it’s course. The Luciferian Rockefeller/Rothchild hoard has lost this fight. More and more Americans have awakened. They now realize to survive as a sovereign man with a family they must disassociate from the fictional perverted norm, and live a life of God and family.

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