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Sending a colleague a picture of you pleasuring yourself with a rainbow colored dildo at work would get you immediately fired if you worked at McDonalds, but the rules are different at the FBI.

The photo above was submitted as evidence in a bombshell civil rights lawsuit by Supervisory Special Agent Karen Veltri against the Department of Justice over allegations of systematic sexual harassment, personal retaliation, and a general culture of reckless depravity during her time serving in the Las Vegas FBI’s counter-terrorism unit.

Dirty Old Men And Constant Unwanted Sexual Advances

According to court documents obtained by National Justice, Veltri’s ordeal began in 2019 when she interviewed to work on the FBI’s human trafficking task force.

Veltri was rejected for the position after then-Las Vegas Assistant Special Agent in Charge Frank Cucinotta recommended that she be placed on his International Terrorism and Domestic Terrorism unit instead. Agent Ray Johnson, who had wanted to grant Veltri her desired position, would later claim that Cucinotta “fought” him to get her placed under his direct chain of command.

Starting in early 2020, Cucinotta allegedly began making flirtatious comments, inquired about Veltri’s sex life and marital status, and was overheard elbowing another FBI agent and saying “she’s under me now.”

Over a period of many months, Cucinotta repeatedly made sexual advances against the plaintiff and would encourage her to stay late at his office but was rejected every time. He organized excuses for them to be alone together, and was especially persistent when his wife and kids went away on vacation.

Veltri repeatedly complained to Cucinotta’s superiors about the behavior and sought to avoid him, but Special Agent In Charge Aaron Rouse never investigated the behavior.

After Veltri filed official grievances over a hostile work environment, Cucinotta, who was angry at having his advances rejected, began retaliating against Veltri, including failing her on performance tests, doubling her workload, and demoting her.

Eventually Rouse had Cucinotta transferred out of the Las Vegas office, but instead of investigating him or suspending him, he awarded him a Medal of Excellency.

Ever since being transferred out of the Vegas office, Cucinotta, who styles himself as a “counter-terrorism” expert that has worked with Israel, he remains employed at the FBI despite misconduct complaints.

Drunk At Work and The Rainbow Dildo Picture

During Cucinotta’s harassment campaign, Veltri states in her lawsuit that she complained about his behavior to Supervisory Special Agent Robert Bennett, who appears to have been brought out of retirement in March 2020 after enjoying a sinecure as executive director of the notoriously corrupt Nevada State Athletic Commission.

Bennett then admitted to the plaintiff that Cucinotta’s behavior was inappropriate, but instead of addressing the issue, he started engaging in disturbing sexual behavior as well.

In one incident, she provides a photo from November 2020 when SSA Bennett sent her a picture from his office of him stimulating himself with a rainbow colored dildo.

Bennett, who appears to be bisexual, is also alleged to be a chronic alcoholic who kept a shotgun in his office along with his LGBT dildo. The plaintiff alleges multiple instances of the agent taking drunk naps in FBI cars during work hours and blowing up her work phone with bizarre incoherent messages, including one where he talks about wishing he could see Justin Bieber’s penis.

Despite fears of retaliation after clashing with agent Cucinotta, Veltri sent the text messages and comments to the FBI’s Equal Employment Opportunities department.

Yet, once again nothing happened to Bennett. Instead, SAC Rouse and Assistant SAC A. Cynthia gave the pervert awards for his politically valuable high profile “domestic terrorism” frame up of “white supremacists” as black riots raged on, and began retaliating once again against Veltri, including behaving in physically intimidating and confrontational manners with her.

Having exhausted all avenues for relief, including contacting FBI Director Christopher Wray who in December of 2020 sent out a sanctimonious email about sexual harassment, Veltri decided to file a lawsuit against Merrick Garland and the Department of Justice.

FBI “Domestic Terror” Agents Are Above The Law

One reason why the FBI agents accused of misconduct were tolerated by higher ups to an absurd extent is the nature of their work and the outcomes it produces.

While drunk and playing in his office with rainbow dildos, Bennett led his unit in the politically important “domestic terror” arrest of white men who the FBI was claiming were white supremacists planning to frame Black Lives Matter for violence in Las Vegas during the deadly chaos in the summer of 2020. SAC Rouse gave him an award for this endeavor, despite serious complaints about his behavior towards other agents.

The ridiculous narrative of white Nazis dressing up in black face to commit the acts of Antifa and BLM violence the nation was being shocked by during an election year was concocted by politicians and the media. The FBI’s “Boogaloo Bois” arrest in Las Vegas played a vital role in providing perpetrators to help validate the lie.

According to the complaint, Bennett was also responsible for investigating leads into Trump supporters who entered the Capitol on January 6th.

Photographic evidence of sexual harassment at a major business would be a big institution in most circumstances, and this should be particularly so for the FBI — the appointed “woke” guardians of “civil rights.”

Yet because America’s elite use the FBI as a tool to use against their political critics, Veltri’s heavily substantiated and accusations are being blacked out everywhere outside of the New York Post and the relatively small conservative site, The Blaze.

• Category: Ideology • Tags: FBI, Sexual Harassment 

The NYPD has a message for New Yorkers: don’t criticize Israel in their city.

Last May, demonstrators took to the streets of New York to protest the slaughter and ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people.

They are now suffering selective prosecution at the hands of the ostensibly American NYPD, who are not only trained by the Israeli government, but even have an official branch in Tel Aviv.

Since June, multiple protesters have been arrested for “hate crimes” related to anti-Israel protests. The main crime appears to be public expressions of outrage at the Jewish state’s violent and genocidal policies.

In one viral video during May 20th demonstrations, a man lit a firecracker that Jews and Israeli propagandists on social media claimed was a bomb.

The footage clearly shows that nobody was hit with sparks from the firework, but a 55-year-old Jewish woman claimed to have suffered an injury and filed a police complaint. According to the New York Post she was taken to a hospital for “burns to her back” then quickly released. Police did not mention this woman’s supposed injury in their press release.

NYC has strict fireworks laws and setting them off is a class B misdemeanor, but because of the political context of the incident (the suspect was protesting against Israel) he has been hit with second-degree reckless endangerment as a hate crime.

The individual in question, 24-year-old Mohammed Othman, was also charged with first-degree gang assault as a hate crime and third-degree assault as a hate crime related to a minor skirmish with a group of Zionist counter-protesters. Multiple other Palestinian protesters are being charged for the incident but the Jews who were arrested were quickly released and driven home by the cops. The two Jewish “victims,” Amit Skornik and Snir Dayan, are trained IDF soldiers and were mutual combatants.

Hate crime enhancements, which are primarily applied in defense of privileged groups like Jews, gays, and occasionally blacks, significantly increases penalties for crimes.

But the NYPD is not stopping there.

On July 2nd, its hate crimes task force demanded the public to inform on three individuals who posted a sticker of the Israeli flag with a Swastika superimposed on it. The obvious context is the liberal view that Israel is a Nazi state, and is not aimed at any group in America.

The tweet, which declared the three “hipster” looking Arabs as hate criminals, tagged the Anti-Defamation League and Simon Wiesenthal Center, demonstrating that the investigation was politically motivated.

Hate Crimes Are Political Crimes

In an unrelated case, a young black man pulled down a rainbow homosexual flag in his neighborhood. He did not damage the business or hurt anyone, but the NYPD is nevertheless launching a city wide manhunt to find and punish the individual.

On June 16th, the NYPD announced a similar investigation over an elderly white woman who apparently made “anti-immigrant” remarks, then started shaking a pepper shaker.

Days before, they published a Wanted tweet for a mentally ill black man who “made anti-Semitic remarks” to a Jew, but did not touch him.

Many of the incidents on the NYPD’s hate crimes bulletin appear to be First Amendment protected speech or minor violations, rather than violent assaults.

The distinctive factor in all these cases is that the “hate criminals” are expressing views that go against America’s ruling political ideology.

Jewish controlled leftist groups that claim to be for civil liberties, such as the ACLU, all support hate crimes laws.

For Arab-Americans who believed they would have leeway to protest against Zionism that Black Lives Matter rioters had when protesting against whites last year, they can now see who really controls America.


The family of 27-year-old Fi Duong thought they escaped government oppression when they left Vietnam. They were wrong.

According to an FBI criminal complaint, Duong has been closely surveilled by the FBI for the past six months, including while he engaged in religious activity.

In conversations with undercover FBI agents, Duong held that he entered the Capitol on January 6th to film the events in a journalistic capacity. The man was a member of a Virginia-based Bible study group that Jewish Joint Terrorism Task Force special agent Jason Jankovitz decided to open up a domestic terror probe into.

Agents repeatedly tried and failed to snare Duong into a Molotov cocktail plot because he owned multiple empty glass bottles. They were not able to charge him for any explosives related crimes, but the New York Times and various other outlets are reporting him as a terrorist anyway.

Feds At Bible Study

According to Jankovitz, Duong popped up on the FBI’s radar after an undercover Metropolitan police officer made contact with him outside the Capitol on January 6th.

A week later, the MPD officer introduced Duong to an undercover FBI agent, who he invited to a Bible study group he attended in Alexandria, Virginia. The suspect expressed anguish over the fact that his family fled persecution in Vietnam in hopes of obtaining freedom in the United States, only to now be subjected to similar oppression in America for his patriotic beliefs.

At the house, the FBI agents participated in discussions about the Bible and the group of friends also shot firearms together. The criminal complaint also describes plans to improve their driving skills and train together in martial arts.

Outside of telling group members that he had entered the Capitol to film as a journalist, description of an instance where he had infiltrated an Antifa event, and discussions of Virginia peacefully seceding from the United States, there was nothing in the group that justified federal agents spying on them.

Failed Attempts At Entrapment

Multiple agents began isolating members and trying to talk them into behavior that could be construed as a domestic terror plot.

Judging from the affidavit, Duong was meticulously law abiding. He discussed plans to obtain a suppressor for his rifle but only after filing the proper paper work with the ATF, for example. The complaint against Duong focuses heavily on his political criticisms of Antifa, Black Lives Matter and the Democratic Party, but does not describe any activity that could be prosecuted as criminal.

After noticing a box of empty glass bottles in the suspect’s home, agents began pressuring him to make Molotov Cocktails.

While creating the contraption — a glass bottle filled with gasoline and ignited with a rag to make a small fire — for entertainment value does not strike most people as a serious crime, federal prosecutors on a political mission have in the past charged making Molotov cocktails as the same thing as building an actual bomb.

Last June, two FBI agents pressured Duong into trying to build Molotov cocktails to test them out in West Virginia. The suspect then changed his mind last minute. He told the two undercover agents that he wanted to obtain permission from the ATF to construct the explosive device before actually doing it.

The agents soon peer pressured him into another attempt, this time at an abandoned prison in Fairfax County, which the FBI could use to dump serious charges on the man.

He was picked up in an undercover FBI vehicle and the men engaged in “reconnaissance.” At the site, Duong was recorded telling the agents that he liked the idea, but would seek to get formal permission from the state before testing the devices near the facility.

Ultimately, the undercover agents got frustrated and decided to charge him for trespassing at the Capitol. In spite of this, the FBI complaint features the phrase “Molotov cocktail” over 24 times, which is an attempt to paint the suspect as a dangerous criminal when he appears before a judge.

It should be noted that an FBI criminal complaint is merely a narrative constructed by the agent authoring it, and should thus be taken with a grain of salt.

Even as the only information available to the public at the moment, there are already serious civil rights and freedom of religion questions, including in respects to bias and hate when it comes to a federal agent of Jewish ancestry deciding to target men of the Christian faith for surveillance while they engage in fellowship and worship.

• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: Domestic Terrorism, FBI 

The once peaceful nation of Sweden is shocked and dismayed after a 33-year-old police officer was executed at random in a Gothenburg suburb.

According to a report in Aftonbladet, the officer, Andreas Danman, was on a routine patrol in a suburb with a large immigrant population talking to a group of men when he was suddenly shot. He died on the scene. Danman leaves behind a pregnant girlfriend.

The attack has sparked outcry from the public, even forcing provisional Prime Minister Stefan Lofven to comment.

Details of the emerging about the killer have only exacerbated the national outrage. While Swedish media deliberately hides the race of criminals to deceive the public, the shooter was identified as 17-years-old Sakariye Ali Ahmed by alternative journalists, a known criminal who has a previous attempted murder conviction from 2020.

The suspect, who is black, was arrested and convicted in 2020 for stabbing a man in the neck on a train. The juvenile was also convicted of threatening a classmate at his school with a knife during lunch. Despite the danger he posed to the public, Swedish courts sentenced him to just one year of detention in a juvenile facility.

According to court documents from the case, the suspects mother had previously alerted authorities of the danger her son posed, including his plans to stab people on public transportation. The Swedish police, who are subjected to anti-racism courses and trained to provide non-white perpetrators with special treatment, ignored the warnings.

Now with the death of a police officer on their hands, the country is demanding a national conversation on how it approaches race, criminal justice and immigration.

The fragile Social Democrats are already under pressure after Lofven, who remains as caretaker Prime Minister, was forced to resign after a vote of no confidence. The Swedish parliament is currently in chaos, with the socialists abandoning their coalition with the Social Democrats for the latter’s economic concession to the center-right neo-liberal Center Party.

The major parties on the left and right have similar opinions on immigration — that more is better — but this incident could help produce surprise results for any contender that opposes immigration if and when new elections are held.

Sweden, once the pride of European social democracy, is increasingly being looked at as a failed state. Thanks mostly to mass non-white immigration, the country has become one of the most violent and dangerous in Europe.

• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: Black Crime, Immigration, Sweden 

A self-described collective of “black queers” based in Ireland raised close to €30,000 for workshops and speaking engagements, then they disappeared.

According to reporting by The Burkean, several Irish liberal “allies” showered money on the group in question, Black Pride Ireland (BPI), at the height of the George Floyd protests in America last year.

After raising the cash, ostensibly to finance workshops, speaking tours and travel to protests, the group became inactive. BPI’s homepage has been mostly offline since June of last year. The group’s Instagram has occasionally updated with appeals for more money, while their Facebook account hasn’t said anything since September 2020.

The group’s mysterious disappearance prompted questions from donors angry at the money having been potentially stolen. Last March, a local anti-white non-governmental organization called Migrants and Ethnic Minorities For Reproductive Rights (MERJ) released a statement from BPI assuring that everyone’s money was going to the fundraiser’s stated purpose, but that members were merely taking a prolonged break.

Ireland Targeted For Washington’s Globalist Experiment

Ireland’s close cultural and economic relationship with the United States and membership in the European Union has turned it into a petri dish for NGOs seeking to replace its native population and loosen its social and national cohesion.

Earlier this month, the Irish national team was booed and made fun of by fans during a match with Hungary after making the bizarre and belated decision to kneel in honor of George Floyd. Team manager Stephen Kenny, who presumably instructed his players to engage in the ridiculous gesture, expressed dismay that Hungarians jeered instead of joining in with the fad.

But not all or even most Irish people approve of the direction their country is going in. Recently, famed columnist John Waters was reported to the police after he said in an interview that Leo Varadker, who is a gay Indian neo-liberal, is an ethnic interloper that should be barred from the country’s politics. “He is not Irish. He’s an Indian who has no love for Ireland whatsoever…”


A brand new anti-white media initiative aimed at influencing and mobilizing Asian-Americans has launched.

The enterprise, which calls itself “,” claims to be the “uninhibited, authentic expression of Asian American identity…”

While there appear to be some Asians working for Yolk as low level writers, its most important positions are occupied by Jews.

The publication’s editor-in-chief is listed as Heather Lowenthal, a Seattle-based video producer at Parallel Productions, Inc, who does not appear to have any Asian ancestry.

The money behind the operation is being handled by their Chief Business Development Officer (CBDO) Ben Press, a Hollywood mover and shaker and Democratic Party fundraiser who serves on the Committee of the Jewish Museum in Los Angeles.

Two “LGBT” activists, Francine Strickwerda and Tracy Dethlefs — neither of them Asian — also appear to be playing an important role at the venture. On his social media page, Dethlefs repeatedly references his adopted Asian child and promotes the discredited conspiracy theory that Trump-inspired white domestic terrorists are behind the rash of violence against Asians.

Many Asians, such as commentator Vanessa Chan, have expressed confusion over “white” people seeking to control what Asians think, how they vote and what they consume. “I see the whites are still doing stuff like this in the year of our lord,” wrote Chan, conflating Jews for Gentile Europeans.

Wealthy Jews are by and large in charge of most major media aimed at minority groups. Univision, America’s most popular Spanish-language television channel, is controlled by Israeli billionaire Haim Saban.

Black Entertainment Television (BET) is owned by ViacomCBS, which is chaired by Shari Redstone, who inherited the company from her late father Sumner.

Smaller minority oriented anti-white publications, such as Blavity (Aaron Samuels), Cocoa Butter By Buzzfeed (Jonah Peretti), NBCBLK (run by the Jewish Roberts family in charge of Comcast), and Unbothered by Refinery29 (Nancy Dubuc of Vice) all specialize primarily in agitating black people against non-Jewish whites.

While has yet to produce anything yet, its editorial line is not hard to predict.


In the last 24 hours, activist Jewish judge James Boasberg has defied prosecutors to protect Big Tech and the corrupt FBI. These decisions represent a massive setback for forces inside the state attempting to rebuild public trust in American institutions.

Yesterday, Boasberg refused to give FBI attorney Kevin Clinesmith jail time for his role in framing Trump campaign aide Carter Page as a Russian spy.

In 2017, Clinesmith altered an email intended for a FISA court to exclude Page’s service as a CIA source. The goal of the lie, which violated Carter’s rights by putting him under strict surveillance, was to help set the stage for the Russiagate investigation of Donald Trump.

Clinesmith is broadly hailed as a “resistance” hero, but an inspector general report selected him to take the fall for what appeared to be the systematic abuse of the US government’s intelligence apparatus to undermine a political opponent. He pled guilty in August 2020, while prosecutors in his case demanded he serve prison time for the abuse of his office.

By refusing to punish Clinesmith, Boasberg, who is an Obama appointee, guarantees that abuses in the FISA court will continue.

Earlier today, the White House did not deny reports that the National Security Agency (NSA) was spying on Tucker Carlson’s private communications in order to find something that could get his show taken off the air.

Attempts At Busting Tech Monopolies Thwarted

Boasberg also issued a ruling today that dismissed two lawsuits demanding permission to regulate social media company Facebook.

The two lawsuits — one filed by the Federal Trade Commission and another by a collection of bipartisan Attorney Generals — were dismissed by the judge on legally questionable grounds.

According to Boasberg, the FTC took too long to declare Facebook’s acquisition of competitors like Instagram and WhatsApp as abusive. He also said it was illegitimate for litigators to argue that Facebook had a monopoly just because Myspace and Friendster were defunct, and agreed with the social media giant’s argument that Youtube, Twitter, and Apple’s iMessage could be counted as Facebook competitors despite the latter providing a different service.

Boasberg’s decision is part of a systematic problem where federal judges are biased in favor of big capital. Attempts to block the AT&T-Time Warner merger, the growth of 1-800-Contacts, and Qualcomm’s deals represent recent attempts to regulate monopolies that have been blocked by federal courts.

By defending monopoly capital’s rigging of the market and letting off individuals accused of framing American citizens so that they can open up frivolous investigations into them is certain to infuriate the public on both sides of the aisle.

• Category: Ideology • Tags: Facebook, Judicial System, Monopoly 

6/28/21 National Justice has received word that the photo circulated belonged to a different Mike Davis at Lonoke County Sheriff’s Office.

We are retracting this part of the story until more information becomes available.

A 17-year-old boy, Hunter Brittain, was shot by police near Cabot, Arkansas last week in what witnesses and family members are saying was a homicide.

According to his grandmother, a witness who was his passenger, and his employer, Brittain, who is white, got up in the middle of the night to try and fix his truck after being called to report to work at his construction job at 6 AM.

After leaving the auto shop to test drive his vehicle, Brittain was stopped at a traffic light by a Lonoke County Sheriff’s Department deputy.

According to another teenager, who was in the truck during the incident, Brittain’s truck was not coming to a full stop when he pulled over, so he got out and attempted to put a can of motor oil behind the tire to stop it from rolling.

It was then that Sgt. Michael Davis, who has been on the force since 2013, opened fire and killed him.

Only Black Lives Matter?

The local community has reacted with fury at the incident. They have been protesting every night since the incident. One video on Facebook shows trucks doing burnouts in the parking lot of the local Sheriff’s office to express their rage.

Sheriff John Staley has attempted to quell crowds, led by Brittain’s heartbroken grandmother, that have been making noise outside his police department by telling them that they were suspending Davis and that Arkansas State Police were investigating the incident.

But Staley and local media have not released a photo of the officer in question, nor any details outside of his name. Nobody has even confirmed if Davis even had his body camera on during what appears to be an appalling act of callous disregard for human life.

While the NAACP and Urban League have released statements condemning the police shooting, attempts by some younger members of the protest to generate national attention to this case by tying it to the Black Lives Matter movement have failed.

So far, national media has refused to report on this textbook case of police malfeasance, despite the fact that the victim is highly sympathetic.. As of this time, there has been no interest from the FBI to look into whether Brittain’s civil rights were violated. The people protesting appear to be white and local, suggesting that regional Black Lives Matter and leftist groups are not offering any meaningful support.

Lonoke County is poor and overwhelmingly white, with a per capita income of $17,397, which is well below the federal poverty line. This allows institutional abuses to go unchallenged.

National Justice will continue following this story as it develops.

• Category: Ideology • Tags: American Media, Judicial System, Police 

For years, anarchists and black grievance groups have been smashing, vandalizing and defacing statues and monuments dedicated to white people, who they dislike for racial reasons. Politicians and law enforcement have either expressed support for the criminal behavior or refused to prosecute it.

Now, statues and murals dedicated to George Floyd are, according to the media, being tagged with “” by a nationalist group of the same name. This act of tit-for-tat civil disobedience has stirred anti-white groups and politicians into an uncontrolled rage.

In New York, the city’s presumptive next Mayor Eric Adams is demanding the FBI investigate who splashed paint on a bust of Floyd in Brooklyn. The physical ode to Black Lives Matter that has come to symbolize institutional anti-white hatred and exploding black crime rates to much of the public is not federal property. If the law is applied as it is meant to, the FBI would be out of its jurisdiction.

Governor Andrew Cuomo, whose political career is collapsing under accusations of incompetence that killed numerous elderly people from COVID and a slew of sexual harassment complaints, roared on Twitter that he was unleashing the NYPD Hate Crimes unit to find the men or man who painted the Floyd monument.

He ended the message by spewing that people who politically disagree with him should “Get the hell out of our state.”

Selective Prosecution

New York state has been the site of some of the most egregious yet officially tolerated hate crimes and acts of vandalism for the past year. Some of the targets anarchist and Jewish groups hit were Church property, such as numerous instances of Virgin Mary statues being smashed and spray painted, while figurative displays of a variety of white men were also regularly brazenly destroyed. Nobody was ever arrested for these attacks nor was much of an effort ever made to find them.

Over the past year, numerous officials have gone so far as to express support for the attackers. Last year in Boston, when a statue of Christopher Columbus — a symbol representing the Italian-American heritage — had its head removed by anarchists, Mayor Marty Walsh expressed support for the hate crime and subsequently permanently removed the remains of the sculpture.

The scramble to utilize an all-hands-on-deck law enforcement response to find the culprits behind the sprayed protests against George Floyd monuments represents an ideological double standard to people in the country who have looked on with dismay as police tolerate or even help violent anti-white hate groups destroy public property.

Public Shows Support For Patriot Front

An examination of comments on social media sites such as Youtube underneath news videos on the recent acts of civil disobedience shows that the overwhelming majority of the public either supports the actions or believes that it is unfair to selectively prosecute them.

Anthony Cumia, the former first mic on the legendary radio show Opie & Anthony, declared on his program that he did not understand how painting blackface on a black man could be racist.

Most websites that allow open comments sections feature ordinary people not affiliated to any political group celebrating the action.

If the FBI and prosecutors decide to ruthlessly pursue the alleged perpetrators, they run the risk of galvanizing the frustrated white masses behind them, a catch-22 that is likely being discussed at high levels.

Whether media reports of Patriot Front’s involvement are accurate or not, the group is certain to enjoy new interest and popular support from the media coverage the incident is receiving.


The Southern Poverty Law Center’s (SPLC) intelligence program “Hatewatch” has declined heavily since the departure of Joseph T. Roy, but the law firm and left-wing extremist organization has over the years relied heavily on a small group of informants — overwhelmingly mentally unstable women — to blog about nationalist movement gossip, violate people’s privacy, and expose individuals to intimidation campaigns from adjacent communist and anarchist paramilitary groups.

Previously, National Justice exposed one operative, Katie McHugh, who decided to betray her friends for money.

Now, after an exhaustive investigation, National Justice can report that 27-year-old American Airlines flight attendant Samantha Taylor Froelich of Farmers Branch, Texas, serves as the SPLC’s self-described Antifa activist Michael Edison Hayden’s “go to” for help obtaining information — some of it inaccurate and all of it outdated — of people she once crossed paths with during her stint (roughly from 2016-2018) as an alt-right activist.

Identity Evropa Women’s Coordinator

Froelich joined defunct group Identity Evropa in late 2016, according to media interviews she has done using only her first name.

While individuals familiar with Froelich recall that she was not very thoughtful, she was able to memorize slogans and use her sexuality to quickly rise through the ranks.

Eventually, Froelich became a relatively known organizer inside the alt-right despite her general lack of deep understanding of the politics or ideas involved. One individual characterized her as treating politics as more like a fad than a worldview, while three other individuals believe she may suffer from Borderline Personality Disorder.

Why She Left

According to two individuals familiar with Froelich, she began expressing concern of suffering personal financial or social retaliation for her political activism after the 2017 Unite the Right march in Charlottesville.

She had agreed to do an interview with a Jewish activist named Glenna Gordon after the rally, where her photograph and information would be published in a New York Review of Books attack piece, then began expressing fears about what would happen when it would come out. At the time, there was widespread belief that Identity Evropa would be subjected to lawsuits for the rally and she did not want to be targeted.

Gordon then allegedly agreed to not publish her name in exchange for denouncing.the alt-right and collecting all the information she could find on her comrades and friends and giving it to hostile actors. Eventually, a network of Jewish journalists encouraged her to provide other people’s sensitive information to Antifa groups and the SPLC.

Informing On Her Friends

Froelich, along with McHugh, has provided the SPLC with almost everything it has published since 2018 on alt-right groups and individuals.

For example, two years ago it was Froelich who provided video of a private gathering during an event she attended. Froelich also provided the SPLC with a photograph of this journalist at a private meeting, though this was never published, likely to protect her collaboration.

She has also personally helped attempts at doxing numerous individuals in Identity Evropa and various other groups, which has subjected them to institutional retaliation like the loss of careers, as well as prolonged periods of violent threats from anarchist street gangs.

While Froelich claims in public that she fears imaginary neo-Nazis will pursue her for “leaving the movement” without providing any evidence, individuals whose lives she has ruined never held ill-will towards her and were hurt by her cowardly betrayal, they told National Justice.

Froelich’s behavior, in reality, was simply an amoral act of self-preservation, not motivated by fear of “white supremacists,” but fear of being persecuted by the media and NGO groups she now serves.

A Failed Attempt At Forming A “Re-Educated Racist” Career

While Froelich makes painstaking efforts to hide her full name, she does not hide her work with the SPLC on other front.

She has made numerous media appearances using her first name Samantha, including on the SPLC’s attempt at podcasting, “Sounds Like Hate.”

Like McHugh, Froelich publicly presents as a former white nationalist who suddenly saw the light and became a radical leftist.

While both women have been goaded into performing to bolster media narratives about “white supremacy” and “domestic terrorism,” neither of them appear to have had the success of individuals like Christian Picciolini in transitioning this into a lucrative scheme.

While left-wing activists are eager to use information provided to them by the occasional unscrupulous or cowardly “re-educated racist,” they do not ever truly “forgive” those who have ever engaged in thought crimes, making a life of loneliness and isolation the only reward for collaboration.

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