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Aid to Israel is now a highly polarizing issue, a poll conducted by the Chicago Council on Global Affairs and the pro-Zionist Israel Democracy Institute have found.

The survey taken last month found that the US government’s deferential treatment of Israel is completely out of line and unrepresentative of popular opinion.

On the question of whether to restrict US military aid to Israel, 50% of all Americans support ending such support, compared to 45% who oppose it. Among supporters of aid restrictions are 32% of registered Republicans, 62% of Democrats, and 52% of Independents. This is a drastic rise from historical opinion polls for all political persuasions right, left and center.

In respects to the Israel-Palestine conflict itself, only 32% of Americans believe the US government should be getting involved on Israel’s side.

A glaring distinction is made clear when both the US and the Jewish Israeli public were asked about potential solutions to the dispute. Last July, it was found that 56% of Americans and 69% of Israel’s Arab minority support a two state solution, which would allow the West Bank and Gaza to become an independent Palestinian state. Only 34% of Jews in Israel support this view.

Even more telling were the answers on a potential one state solution. A one state solution would incorporate Gaza and the West Bank and transform Israel into an American or European style multi-racial democracy where Arabs in occupied territories would enjoy equal rights to Jews. Even higher numbers of Americans (60%) support this resolution, as well as 56% of Israeli Arabs. Meanwhile, only a paltry 14% of Israeli Jews would even consider such an idea.

The only opinion Israeli Jews responded favorably to was to maintain the status quo (42%) in the conflict, which means the slow and illegal expansion of their regime as they ethnically cleanse and kill Palestinians. This view was only shared by 26% of Americans and 15% of Israeli Arabs.

It is not controversial to say that global Jewry is by far the most vocal and powerful advocate for racial pluralism, mass immigration, and multi-culturalism in the West. Yet, in the Jewish state, the idea of a “rainbow nation” is rejected by a super-majority, who are so inflexible that they do not even want Palestinians to have even the most sensible demand of an independent nation composed of the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

As this poll run by the Israel lobby shows, Zionism in the United States is rapidly losing ground among popular opinion. This has yet to make any significant mark on Washington consensus, where both Democrats and Republicans have repeatedly shown that American aid to Israel is unconditional.

• Category: Ideology • Tags: Israel Lobby, Israel/Palestine 

Militant anti-racists are the lead suspects in a series of catastrophic train derailments in the Pacific Northwest.

Last November two left-wing activists, Ellen Brennan Reiche and Samantha Frances Brooks, were caught red-handed placing devices intended to jam train signals on the BNSF tracks outside of Bellingham, Washington.

During the arrest, Reiche and Brooks, who both appear to be white, had anarchist propaganda on them suggesting they are supporters of indigenism, a philosophy that opposes the existence of European descended people in the United States.

The two women have been convicted or pled guilty recently. While on paper engaging in sabotage of federal rail infrastructure is a serious act of terrorism, federal prosecutors have signaled that they will be suggesting punishments on the low end of sentencing guidelines.

There have been numerous attempts at derailing trains running on the BNSF tracks in the past year, including a successful potential attack last December, two weeks after Brooks and Reiche were arrested.

Last week, the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) released the findings of its investigation into the December 2020 derailment in Whatcom County, not far from where Reiche and Brooks were seen placing shunts to interfere with train signals.

According to the FRA report, “vandalism” may have been one of the causes for the crash. The incident caused 10 train cars to fly off the tracks and 29,000 gallons of crude oil to leak into the surroundings and engulf the area in flames. All residents within a half a mile radius of the crash were forced to evacuate.

The FBI claims it is investigating evidence that the crash was caused by human malice, but individuals in the railroad industry have been pushing for senate hearings in the Washington state legislature and are expressing frustration that the Department of Justice is not taking threats to their workers and train cars from left-wing terrorist sources seriously.

There is no reason to believe the spree of attacks on the BNSF rail line is limited solely to the two arrested women. The Antifa website It’s Going Down, which hosts a lot of indigenist and Pacific Northwest relataed content, includes a guide on how to use shunts to derail trains.

The lack of incentives for arresting left-wing terrorists and Antifa has caused the FBI to ignore or even enable (by only arresting opponents of Antifa) the threat. In the last year, Oregon and Washington, local anarchists have been allowed to shoot people they disagree with, allegedly derail trains, burn down buildings, and even create new countries.

• Category: Ideology • Tags: Antifa, Terrorism 

“Why Is Sweden Multicultural?”, a new documentary by journalists at Palaestra Media, is the most thorough investigation on the origins of Sweden’s failed multiracial experiment ever published to date.

The film examines the role of various interests, including the local Jewish community, in formulating a policy that has dragged Sweden from a successful nation admired around the world to now, in 2021, an incoherent and failed state.


Despite years of pressure and sanctions from the United States, Russian state-owned energy company Gazprom has finally completed the Nord Stream 2 pipeline.

Nord Stream 2 will exponentially increase the supply of natural gas to Europe, primarily to energy-starved Germany.

The completion of the project is historic, as it is one of the few times in post-war history that Germany has asserted itself and openly defied the will of Washington to pursue its own interests.

Construction of the underwater pipeline began in 2018 and was immediately attacked by the US and Ukraine. In 2019, ambassador Richard Grenell and other Trump administration officials threatened both Russia and the European Union with sanctions if the project was not immediately aborted, but the German government ignored the threat. Last July, Washington caved and signed a deal with Germany that centered around verbally condemning Russia and expressing support for the Ukraine.

The new mechanism for energy transportation to Europe could hurt the already struggling Ukrainian economy. While the Ukrainian government is openly hostile to Russia, they make billions from transit fees when Russian gas is transported through their territory to Western Europe. In has in recent years attempted to use its geographic position to engage in economic attacks by levying tariffs on Russian gas transit. With Nord Stream 2, Russia will be able to circumvent the Ukraine by moving gas through pipes under the Baltic Sea.

Though the European Union insists it will be energy independent in the 2040s through the use of renewable sources, in the short term they hope Nord Stream 2 will be saving them from an energy crisis as winter approaches.

This may be false hope. Many European Union leaders, including Merkel, have assured the US that they will not allow Russia to politicize the pipeline and continues to reiterate that Russian gas will no longer be needed in 25 years anyway. But Gazprom is only contractually obligated to provide 183 billion cubic meters of liquid natural gas until 2022 — not enough to avoid a steep increase in energy bills this winter in Western Europe — and there is no sign that it is feeling particularly generous in providing more.

The reason is not political, but a question of global demand. Global liquid natural gas supplies have been diverted away from Europe to Asia and Brazil during the summer due to the fact that the latter nations were willing to pay a higher price. The European Union is being pressured by the United States to continue attacking Russia and how it conducts affairs on its border, but ultimately, they are in a diplomatic bind due to their need for Gazprom to send more gas.

• Category: Economics, Foreign Policy • Tags: EU, Nord Stream 2, Russia, Ukraine 

The first democratically elected president in the history of the West African nation of Guinea, 83-year-old Alpha Conde, was overthrown and abducted last Sunday in a military coup.

The attack on Conde’s elected government has Washington’s fingerprints all over it. The White House is publicly disavowing the violence, but the coup’s leader, Col. Mamadi Doumbouya (pictured above), was trained by the United States in Burkina Faso.

More evidence of US involvement can be seen in video obtained by National Justice,showing members of US Special Forces accompanying Col. Doumbouya’s forces in the capital city of Conakry.

Flight patterns registered on Radarbox of what appears to be a CIA plane show that it departed from Andrews Air Force base and was flying all over Africa last week, with a witness claiming to have seen it land in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

When asked for context on the video above, a source in the Special Forces community told National Justice that his theory is that the CIA did a poor job coordinating both Guinean forces and the American personnel’s mission so they were caught red-handed on the scene.

Washington’s motive for taking down the government is related to Conde’s close ties with China, marking an escalation in the Cold War over African resources, mostly iron ore and bauxite in Guinea’s case. After winning the country’s first free and fair election in 2010, Conde rejected the terms of Western financial aid and chose infrastructure oriented developmental cooperation with China instead .

Most of the neoconservative and neoliberal think-tank establishment appears to be justifying the coup by fixating on the supposed hypocrisy of his relationship to China, which has strongly condemned the coup.

Both the United States and NATO have been furious at Africa’s deepening ties in recent years. Many African states have stated that they prefer dealing with China over the US and Europe due to the fact that Beijing’s trade agreements are straightforward — developing infrastructure in exchange for resources — while not intervening their domestic political affairs or trying to re-engineer their cultures through liberal NGOs.

Rather than change failing diplomatic overtures to be more appealing to African nations, the “rules-based liberal order” looks like it may prefer to simply overthrow popularly elected governments instead. If scenes like Guinea repeat themselves in other states, China may be forced to deepen its engagement with Africa beyond its simple roads-for-minerals strategy.

• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: Africa, American Military, China/America 

An upcoming Israeli film that sympathetically portrays a group of Jewish terrorists who attempted to murder millions of German civilians by poisoning their water supply is enjoying uncritical publicity in Zionist media.

The film, “Plan A,” is based on a true story that director Yoav Paz extensively researched through recently unveiled testimony as well as the book Li Nakam Veshilem (Vengeance and Retribution are Mine) by historian Dina Porat.

Following the end of the second world war, a group of approximately 50 Jews led by communist partisan and Israeli national poet Abba Kovner formed a group called “Nakam,” or “the avengers.”

The group concocted a scheme to infiltrate post-war Europe and kill millions of German citizens by adding arsenic to their drinking water — a plot they called “Plan A.” Were that to fail, they had a “Plan B” where they would poison German soldiers held in Allied prisoner of war camps. According to Kovner’s testimony, the future first president of Israel Chaim Weizmann aided his organization in the operation.

“Plan A” failed when British security forces intercepted members of Nakam and they were forced to throw their supply of poison overboard of their ships. Individuals in the Zionist movement also believed that a terrorist attack of such a magnitude would’ve caused diplomatic problems for the soon to be founded Zionist state and may have tipped the British off.

Eventually they succeeded in partially achieving “Plan B.” They infiltrated the American run Langwasser internment camp and were able to poison thousands of captive German soldiers by putting arsenic in their bread. While many were seriously ill, the New York Times claimed at the time that there were no known deaths, though this incident has no been closely investigated. The criminals in question were thwarted in their other operations but released after a few months.

According to Paz and his brother and co-writer Doran, the point of their movie is not to examine “right and wrong” or “black and white,” but instead to make Jewish viewers sympathize with the Nakam’s mindset and actions.

Stephen Applebaum at Jewish News appears to come away with the message the directors were trying to convey, “Putting yourself in the shoes of the Avengers today is a queasy sensation. Their suffering and loss is made palpable in the film, but so is the suffering, loss and horror they planned to inflict on millions. What would you have done? Hopefully, none of us will ever need to find out.”

Though “Plan A” is in English and has a relatively well-known cast, including German actor August Diehl and “Bladerunner 2049’s” Sylvia Hoeks, there are not many reviews for the upcoming feature set to debut in America and Europe on September 13th.

Cath Clarke at The Guardian is so far the single exception, but she focuses on the film’s technical failures rather than the dark message suggesting that Jews should consider indiscriminately killing people from ethnic groups they have grievances or grudges against. A film promoting such a dangerous message in any other racial and historical context would’ve undoubtedly garnered much more controversy.

• Category: Arts/Letters, History • Tags: Holocaust, Jews, Movies, Terrorism, World War II 

A new report by Arab news outlet Al-Khanadeq has confirmed what many have suspected: the October 17th movement was an attempt to destabilize the Lebanese government.

The protest group suddenly appeared on the scene in 2019, when they took to the streets demanding the government disarm Hezbollah, one of Israel’s most powerful foes in the region, and replace the carefully designed sectarian balance of the state with liberal “technocracy.” They remain active, launching sporadic riots that are openly supported by US figures as diverse as neo-conservative former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and US Senator Bernie Sanders.

According to an investigation by journalists at Al-Khanadeq, 32,000 activists working for US-funded non-governmental organizations (NGOs) were spread out throughout the country and tasked with organizing and seeding the October 17th movement. The network of NGOs are a front for American intelligence services and are openly run out of the US embassy, with controversial ambassador Dorothy Shea serving as their spokeswoman.

Under the auspices of the US State Department and the Agency for International Development (USAID), 60 “civil society” groups that in 2016 were combined under the “NGOs Are Stronger Together” project by agents of the United States were utilized to help spur unrest. According to Lebanese state records, an estimated 12,000 protesters were full-time paid activists belonging to this coalition, while approximately 20,000 were volunteers recruited and utilized by them.

A USAID report released in 2020 reveals that there are over 8,000 NGOs officially operating in Lebanon, but Lebanese intelligence officials believe the number is closer to 14,000.

US-funded NGOs received a massive influx of cash in the run up to the protests. \$259.7 million was injected into these groups in the first few months of 2018, which increased to \$334.5 million during the same time frame.

Aside from rioters and phony journalists, the US has also been funding the political vehicle for October 17th, the Sabaa Party, which in spring 2018 was able to elect a single parliament candidate, the TV news celebrity Paula Yacoubian, who immediately supported the protesters when they arrived on the scene, including leading a theatrical storming of the parliament.

Yacoubian and her party have been defensive when asked about the opaque funding for Sabaa. According to the party’s leadership, it is bankrolled by a Gulf businessman. Al-Khanadeq disputes this, citing evidence that it is in fact financed and directed by Washington.

It appears that ultimately, the attempt to use “soft” power to turn the Lebanese against Hezbollah and liberalize their society further has failed. Various Jewish and American sponsored regime change operations related to the October 17th movement have fizzled out. Last July, US diplomat David Hale decided to give the Lebanese state a more direct ultimatum: reform or face further economic decline.

• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: CIA, Hezbollah, Lebanon 

Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr, a Republican who worked on Donald Trump’s failed 2020 campaign, has made a move that puts “woke” criminal justice crusaders to shame.

Today his office announced that it would be charging former Glynn County head prosecutor Jackie Johnson with Obstruction and Hindering a Law Enforcement Officer and Violation of Oath of Public Officer, a felony that is punished by up to five years in prison, for recusing herself from the Ahmaud Arbery case and “failing to treat Ahmaud Arbery and his family fairly and with dignity…”

Gregory McMichael and his son Travis, both white, stand accused of murdering black career criminal Ahmaud Arbery. In video taken during the incident, the McMichaels had information pointing to Arbery engaging in a rash of robberies in their town, including of a man dying from cancer, and attempted a citizen’s arrest. When they confronted Arbery. the running black man is then shown on film getting the jump on Travis McMichael, and trying to wrestle his firearm away while punching him. Arbery was shot during the struggle.

The two men acted well-within Georgia’s citizen’s arrest and self-defense laws, but the national media concocted a racial narrative claiming that Arbery was only jogging and that the McMichaels could only be motivated by racism because they are white.

Following the incident, Johnson told police not to arrest the father and son until there was evidence that they committed a crime. Johnson then recused herself from prosecuting the case due to her experience working with Greg McMichael during his time as a police officer, a role he retired from in 2019.

Johnson’s supposed crime, according to Carr, was first in not ordering the immediate arrest of the McMichaels, and second when she recommended Waycross Judicial Circuit District Attorney George E. Barnhill to handle the case in her place.

The charging affidavit claims that Johnson violated her oath of office when she chose Barnhill because she had previously asked for his advice on whether to prosecute the McMichaels. Barnhill was forced to recuse himself after he found video evidence proving that Arbery was indeed the town burglar and thus he did not believe the two white men had engaged in criminal wrongdoing.

Rather than accept the consensus of his own staff that the two white men are innocent, AG Carr was recently decided to dismiss a third prosecutor in the case.

On paper it will be difficult to prosecute the McMichaels under state law, which is why the highly political Department of Justice’s Civil Rights division and the FBI have stepped in to try the men federally with “hate crimes” and attempting to kidnap Arbery.

Unlike with similar cases such as George Zimmerman’s shooting of Trayvon Martin in 2012, the Republican Party and conservative media are actively helping leftist groups attack the McMichaels while hiding the trove of evidence that has come to light in the last year that vindicates them.

The race of the suspects, rather than the facts of the case, is all the press and state activists have focused on. Both defendants have been held in jail without bond since Spring 2020 as COVID restrictions threaten to push their trial fall trial date even further. The judge in the case, Timothy Walmsley, has recently ruled that Arbery’s extensive history of violent crime will not be admissible in court in hopes of undermining their argument that they engaged in self-defense. A third man, William Bryan, is also facing charges.

Even if the McMichaels are found innocent in Georgia, they will still have to fight their federal trial, which is slated for 2022. With prosecutors being indicted for not obtaining the result politicians and anti-white activists seek, there will be enormous pressure on both the US Attorney and the judge in the case to make an imprisonable offense stick.


The Australian parliament has recently passed one of the most egregious attacks on privacy rights and civil liberties in the world.

The Surveillance Legislation Amendment (Identify and Disrupt) Bill 2021 was rapidly snuck through with little debate or fanfare in a 24 hour window. The piece of legislation has the support of both the Liberal and Labour parties.

The law is a radical departure from due process. The new powers allow Australian Federal Police (AFP) to hack and take over the personal accounts of targets they label as “terrorists,” which in recent years has meant white people who advocate for nationalist beliefs, as well as other dissenting opinions.

Under the new rules, federal agents no longer need to establish suspicion of criminal activity before a judge to obtain a warrant. Instead, the agency itself will make these calls with the intention of “disrupting” activity and networks.

The standard for what could provoke state action is low and there are hardly any independent safeguards against abuses. Former Home Affairs minister Peter Dutton, an early advocate of the bill, promoted the bill as a way to shut down child pornographers and drug traffickers, but critics have held that it is a government power grab that will be used to silence and intimidate critics of the status quo.

To demonstrate its potential use, the Australian federal police have recently been targeting a group called the National Socialist Network (NSN). There is no evidence that NSN has engaged or plans to engage in any terrorist activities, yet police have pursued members in a myriad of ways due to their stated critiques of Jewish power and mass immigration. Thanks to the ideologically-laced and arbitrary label of “terrorist,” virtually anyone who disagrees with the powerful could be caught in the dragnet.

Parliament member Lydia Thorpe of The Greens, the only party which opposed the buffed up surveillance powers, said in an August 27th statement that Australian Federal Police (AFP) and Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) are now “judge, jury and executioner,” and complained that the parties overrode all of their recommendations for greater safeguards to protect innocent people from abuses.

The Australian government’s ability to alter data from within could also allow them to frame innocent people for crimes, delete exculpatory evidence, and possibly even destroy inconvenient material gathered by journalists. Refusal to comply with “data warrants” is now a crime punished by up to 10 years in prison.


Many have criticized Department of Defense Lloyd Austin’s campaign to purge the US military of nationalist or culturally conservative political beliefs.

The reasoning is that army service generally attracts those with more right-leaning beliefs, thus attacking them for their political views undermines their morale in conflicts abroad. .

But what if the purpose of the ideological crackdown isn’t to win wars outside of the United States?

Cindy Bronson, a gay activist social media personality currently serving as a U.S. Army Staff Sergeant, may have the answer.

In a video published two days ago on TikTok, Bronson responded to a civilian’s video calling on the military to join armed citizens in opposing the increasingly tyrannical government.

In the clip, Bronson appears in full uniform, and states, “your little good ol’ boy system is not going to fare well for you.”

Bronson then continued, “understand that if active duty military actually get deployed within the United States, that weapon is not just going to be pointed at other people, other countries, it’s pointed at you.”

“If you do not get in your house when I tell you to, you become the enemy. Martial law. You know, when your rights get curtailed?”

On Twitter, Bronson claims she was only describing the insurrection act. The glee and joy with which she described the idea of using the US military to oppress her enemies suggests otherwise.

Military regulations generally frown on soldiers making political videos on social media. Bronson’s clip, which is a thinly veiled warning to critics of the government, goes beyond merely antagonizing a civilian and into the territory of undermining the military’s prestige and credibility as a politically neutral institution.

The armed forces are one of only a handful of institutions in America that enjoys widespread support (69%). Videos like Bronson should be grounds for discipline or even a court martial, but because she holds far left political beliefs, she may represent the views of the current military establishment much more accurately than ordinary Americans think.

• Category: Ideology • Tags: American Military, LGBT, Political Correctness 
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