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A social media comedian was arrested in an explosive FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force raid yesterday morning.

Paul N. Miller, a 32-year-old Romani entertainer who uses the moniker “GypsyCrusader,” was snatched from his home in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida ostensibly over committing a gun offense three years ago.

Neighbors expressed that they were more terrorized by the brutality of the FBI’s militarized arrest, which included tossing flashbangs into his room, than at Miller’s behavior, which was described as low key.

Miller has grown in fame in recent months for dressing up like The Joker and making politically incorrect jokes about race and sex on the chat app Omegle. He uses a number of props in his act, including a clown gun that fires a flag that says “nigger.”

Jonathan Greenblatt, CEO of the Jewish activist group the Anti-Defamation League, took to social media to brag about his group’s role in directing the FBI’s resources. Greenblatt presented the arrest as retaliation for “harassing users on Omegle with racism.”

According to the FBI’s criminal complaint, Miller is accused of being a felon who possessed a firearm on January 17, 2018. The indictment does not give any details about this three year old gun charge. Miller was convicted of selling drugs more than a decade ago.

A source familiar with Miller’s case told National Justice that the charge may stem from a gun safety class he allegedly took in 2018. One does not need to be a firearm owner to take such classes. The charges are specious and politically motivated.

The ADL does not shy away from flagrant hypocrisy on the question of trafficking in racial humor, it only opposes it when an out-group uses it. On the day before Miller’s arrest, Greenblatt took to social media to wish “mazel tov” to Sasha Baron Cohen, an ADL member whose claim to fame is dressing up in costumes and racially abusing strangers on the street for mean-spirited laughs.

According to court documents, Miller’s supposed gun crime took place locally to his residence in Broward County, which begs the question of why he is being federally charged. The timing of FBI Director Christopher Wray’s Congressional testimony on “domestic terrorism” on the same day likely played a role in this ridiculous theater.

If convicted, Miller faces up to 10 years in prison. He is scheduled for a hearing in the Broward County federal court later today.

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A shocking 2015 body camera video of a Burlington Police Department officer shooting a white woman in her yard in front of her young children has emerged online six years later.

Local officials fought a lengthy legal battle in Iowa courts looking to cover the incident up. In 2018, a federal judge forced them to release the video to the public, but it was largely ignored by the mainstream media and activist groups for political and racial reasons. The officer, Jesse Hill, is black, while his victim, Autumn Steele, is white.

Hill, who yells “I’m going to prison” after killing Steele, was never disciplined for the shooting. He testified that the family dog was attacking him, but this was later found out to be a lie. Steele’s family eventually won a $2 million dollar wrongful death settlement in their civil case. Separate litigation over the incident is ongoing due to Burlington’s stubborn refusal to release additional pieces of evidence proving wrongdoing by officer Hill.

While Iowa has open records laws that in theory guarantee public access, police departments in the state force families and advocates to fight expensive legal battles in hopes of deterring requests for video in cases of obvious wrongdoing. The lack of interest from outlets like the New York Times and CNN in police brutality cases when the victim is white also allows them to avoid scrutiny and criticism for this practice.

Jesse Hill continues to work for the BPD as a school resource officer (SRO) at Burlington High School. Seeing Hill’s history of, at best, flagrant incompetence in wielding his firearm, the fact that the local police find it appropriate to allow him to carry a gun around children is an act of mind boggling disregard for public safety.

The decision to keep Hill may be motivated by fear of being accused of racism. The Burlington Police Department is only 2% black, making Hill a prized token that must be kept on the force by all means.

Over half of all police shootings are committed against white people — roughly proportional to the overall white population — despite being significantly less likely to commit crimes (especially violent crimes) than blacks. Because white people are not allowed to have political advocates, discussion on the subject tends to focus exclusively on black figures like George Floyd, while genuine injustices against innocent people like Autumn Steele are ignored.


We will be discussing Borzoi’s new book tonight on The People’s Square.


MP3 will be uploaded here.

If you didn’t catch it, here is an interview with National Justice editor Eric Striker on The Realist Report.

• Category: Ideology • Tags: Political Correctness 

Virginia has become the first southern state to declare “racism” against blacks to be a public health crisis.

According to the bipartisan resolution passed in the state senate, state employees will now be mandated to take critical race theory classes, criminal laws will be reformed to avoid prosecuting blacks at higher rates, health care will be provided to illegal aliens free of charge, and tax dollars will be set aside for “community engagement across the state on recognizing racism.”

The reforms allow Virginia’s plutocratic elites to take attention off themselves and blame the perceived racial beliefs of rural whites for the rising income inequality.

In recent years, the median income of Virginia households has continued to plummet, while wealth inequality has risen.

While Democrats and some Republicans are blaming the abstraction of “racism” for this, the poorest and most neglected counties in Virginia are in fact its whitest.

In Dickenson County, which is one of the whitest parts of America with a population over 10,000 (99% white), about one in four people live below the federal poverty rate (almost double the national average).

Buchanan County, the poorest region in the state, is 97% white.

In cities like Martinsville, where the population is roughly half white and half black, the difference between white poverty (17%) and black poverty (26%) is not very significant.

According to studies produced by Virginia Commonwealth University’s Center on Society and Health, stress-related early deaths of white Virginians between the ages of 25-54 have shot up 331% from 1995 to 2014. The main culprit has been downward mobility and lack of opportunities following the deindustrialization of the state’s whitest regions.

The state’s politicians do not appear to have any interest in this crisis, preferring instead to blame middle and working class whites for the problems blacks are facing in rapidly gentrifying metropolitan areas.

It is unclear how the mostly symbolic gesture of yanking down Confederate monuments or forcing whites to be racially abused in order to keep their jobs will even materially benefit average blacks.

Virginia has been at the forefront of “criminal justice reform” and claims to be one of the nation’s safest states, but close scrutiny of its recidivism rates show that state officials are lying. A disproportionate amount of the violence is committed by blacks against other blacks, though whites are also victimized by blacks during infamous events hosted in the state like “black bike week.”

Nevertheless, leaders in the southern state continue to deliberately invert reality in order to attack whites. Last summer, Richmond police provoked laughter after they announced that the violence by Black Lives Matter rioters in their city was instigated by “white supremacists” disguising themselves as black militants. No evidence was ever provided.

While overtly allocating state support and programs based on race has generally been taboo in America, this has become normalized in the last year. Struggling white people in Virginia can expect their government to become less and less responsive to their needs and interests after this resolution.

• Category: Ideology • Tags: Blacks, Political Correctness, Virginia 

A House Homeland Security Committee member today sent Secretary of State Anthony Blinken a letter calling for the immediate designation of the Proud Boys and Oathkeepers as international terrorist groups.

The author of the letter is Josh Gottheimer, a Jewish congressman from New Jersey. In the request, he cites a Jewish activist group, the Anti-Defamation League, along with the Southern Poverty Law Center, as main authorities for characterizing Proud Boys as a “white supremacist” group looking to engage in political violence domestically and globally.

If the State Department adheres to Gottheimer’s recommendations, membership and financial transactions for either group will qualify as federal crimes. Being listed as a Specially Designated Global Terrorist (SDGT) also unlocks extra surveillance powers for intelligence services to utilize.

More concerning is the legal gray area of targeted, extrajudicial killings of American citizens for merely belonging to a SDGT. While drone strikes against Americans inside US borders have no precedent, US citizens — including a 16-year-old boy — have previously been assassinated by their own government in the Middle East.

American officials have already broken the seal on frivolous terrorism designations. Last year, the State Department arbitrarily classified the Russian Imperial Movement (RIM) as an international terror group. Gottheimer cites this as a precedent for labeling a political group as terroristic with scant evidence. RIM is an above ground Russian patriotic group that has never attacked the United States nor engaged in “terrorism.”

Lack of evidence for calling the Oathkeepers and Proud Boys terrorists does not appear to have impact on the actions of liberal regimes. As in Canada’s decision to identify Proud Boys as terrorists, the goal is political theater meant to scare people out of engaging in right-wing political advocacy of any stripe. Such attempts at government overreach turns the label of “terrorist” into a partisan joke.

While it is unlikely that Gottheimer’s demands will be fully met, the fact that he is allowed to use his position on a national security committee in this fashion reveals the mindset of many prominent Jews and liberals. The New Jersey Democrat is no far-left crank, he has previously served as an adviser to John Kerry, Wesley Clark, and both Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Currently, elites are debating the potential efficacy of a new domestic terrorism law. There are hardly any voices defending the right to free speech or assembly for white men or right-wingers. The only opinions allowed to be publicly voiced are between national security officials and Jewish groups that are openly calling for a full on war against all those who protest against them, and left-wing organizations that fear a domestic war on terror could impede the criminal activity of Antifa and Black Lives Matter.

No matter what the ruling class ends up deciding, the civil rights of at least half the country are an after thought.


Two Jewish organizations in France, CRIF (Representative Council of French Jewish Institutions) and LICRA (International League Against Racism and Anti-Semitism), are lobbying the embattled Emmanuel Macron government into beginning the process of outlawing Generation Identitaire (GI), a group that uses art and symbolic gestures to protest against globalization and immigration.

According to French media, Macron and a wide variety of Jewish groups believe that outlawing GI and other “far-right” groups could be useful in undermining Marine Le Pen’s 2022 electoral prospects.

The government in France has been aggressively disbanding nationalist groups in recent years. In 2019, the CRIF pressured the Macron government into moving forward on banning Bastion Social, a patriotic group made up mostly of students that advocated for the ethnic French poor, after its members defended themselves from repeated attacks by criminals and anarchists. Bastion Social’s headquarters in Lyons, which sought to provide shelter to the homeless, was raided and closed down by the police.

While the media repeatedly links Le Pen to GI’s publicity efforts that bring attention to the immigration problem in Europe, she has prohibited members of her party, Le Rassemblement national (RN), from protesting in defense of GI’s right to advocacy. Her father, Jean Marie Le Pen, has publicly condemned her for the decision.

Starting in 2011, Le Pen has purged numerous members — including her own father — for opposing homosexuality, Zionism, or a variety of other positions. This has allowed her party to receive somewhat friendlier treatment in some circles of the French elite, most notably BFM TV which is controlled by the Jewish plutocrat Alain Weill.

Le Pen’s shift away from an ethnic grounded nationalism towards a more liberal type focused on the effects of Islamic culture has helped her party avoid banishment and state pressure, but Macron has cynically capitalized on this. Macron has been aggressively campaigning against Islam after the brutal murder of a liberal French teacher, leaving Le Pen vulnerable to being outflanked on her main issue in next year’s election.

As for GI, much of the commotion created around them is based on lies. The organization specifically bans “anti-Semites” from membership, but this did not stop Zionist groups from inventing a brazen lie, claiming that they were chanting “dirty Jews” at one of their events (video emerged showing that the people chanting this were counter-protesters).

While Macron and his supporters have recently condemned the influence of anti-white American culture in their educational system, there is no reason to believe they are sincere. In France, the native majority is regularly persecuted for advocating for their own interests, particularly when their interests clash with the local Jewish power structure.


Fresh off a summer of prolonged murder and arson organized by leftists, the Department of Homeland Security announced the lucky winners of its “domestic terrorism prevention” grant system last September.

One recipient program is at American University’s School of Communications, which got $568,613 from the DHS to partner with Google’s Jigsaw (an AI project that specializes in manipulating search results to achieve political ends) in order to “define and describe the growing threat of violent white supremacist extremist disinformation, evaluate attitudinal inoculation as a strategy for communication to combat the threat, and develop a suite of operational tools for use by practitioners and stakeholders.”

The highly subjective language of this description is only the tip of the iceberg. The project is being led by Kurt Braddock, a professor of Public Communications at AU. Braddock is known for pioneering social engineering and Soviet-style indoctrination techniques as a “vaccine” against what he arbitrarily deems to be “hate.”

Braddock’s leading role in this project, which seeks to develop his theories and put them into practice on a wide scale, is cause for concern. He doesn’t hide his fanatical left-wing prejudices, and he makes it a point to show his disregard for fundamental American values like free speech.

“Stochastic Terrorism”

Last month, Braddock penned a piece for Common Dreams declaring Donald Trump a “stochastic terrorist.”

The logic of the stochastic terrorism concept is that an individual engaging in lawful political advocacy should be found guilty of a crime if a person who he has no relationship to but shares his critique crosses the line and becomes violent. In other words, guilt by association.

In his article, he asserts that Trump should’ve been held responsible for the FBI agent instigated plot to kidnap Gretchen Whitmer, merely for previously tweeting the slogan “LIBERATE MICHIGAN.”

To understand the absurdity of the idea, Dylann Roof told investigators that his main inspiration for the shooting spree at the Emanuel AME Church in South Carolina was reading interracial crime statistics, which the FBI itself compiles and releases every year. Under a system that prosecutes stochastic terrorism, the FBI itself would be partially responsible.

For Braddock, there is no such thing as the peaceful expression of beliefs or even raw data that challenges his worldview. Most enlightened people side with Socrates in the trial that found him guilty and put him to death for blasphemy, but the assistant professor upholds the Athenian court’s decision, “As a professor of communication, my teaching and research is based on a fact that has been clear since the days of Socrates– words have consequences,” he says.

In an interview with CBS News earlier this week, he reiterated this view, complaining that “far-right leaders” will be emboldened by Trump’s Senate acquittal into making statements that “motivate the far right” due to seeing a lack of “repercussions.”

The underlying first principle of all of Braddock’s work,seen in works like Weaponized Words which talks about using social psychology and manipulation to alter people’s political values, relies on the assertion that simply disagreeing with him on a broad range of issues is an act of violence.

Braddock’s Experiments Aren’t New

While Braddock may present his ideas and experiments as novel to DHS grant makers, they are in truth mostly taken from the established work of Chinese commissars in the 1970s and 80s.

In Michael Keane’s The Chinese Television Industry, he details the Maoist theory of culture and mass media. Journalists and state-backed intellectuals in China were instructed to become “guardians of the soul” tasked with instilling loyalty to the ruling elite’s interests as a way to “protect” the masses from the “viral infection” of so-called disinformation and counter-revolution.

The process of social engineering was referred to by Chinese officials as “positive education.” In Keane’s retelling, “positive education” was described as a way to “inoculate” the people against ideas critical of the state. Positive education methods were used until the 1980s.

In Braddock’s experiments, individuals are shown pro-white or populist arguments deliberately taken out-of-context in a way to induce a psychological response. The subjects are then rapidly bombarded with ideological “counter-arguments,” almost identical in method to what Maoists did on a wide scale in China.

Braddock claims these experiments have shown a high success rate in “inoculating” white people against anti-establishment ideas. Through his partnership with Google, he is trying to figure out ways to apply this on an industrial scale to social media, similar to how Mao attempted to solidify obedience to his doctrine through newspapers and television in China.

Petty Partisanship, Not Science

Braddock’s social media behavior reveals an individual deeply entrenched in the world of the online far-left.

In one tweet tagging Tom Cotton, he refers to him as a fascist “licking the boots of those who advocate white supremacy” over a June op-ed calling for government action against unabated anarchist violence.

In an older message from 2016, Cotton refers to Antifa members who tried to stab outnumbered Sacramento nationalists attending a permitted march as “counter-protesters.”

A cursory look at Braddock’s personal webpage is filled with Rick & Morty references and infantile writings that demonstrate a lack of professionalism, such as a self-description that reads “Terrorism is bad, so I try to understand, interpret, and stop it. Counter-terrorism is good, so I try to do work that helps it.”

It should be noted that the money behind this crusade was allocated to Braddock’s team by the Trump administration. At best, the grant is a huge waste of taxpayer dollars. But the malice behind his thinking should not be underestimated. This small-souled man isn’t a blogger for the Huffington Post, he has the full deference of history’s most advanced surveillance state. If he gets his way, half of America could be classified as terrorists targeted for re-education. The consequences of this kind of designation is no laughing matter.

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The People’s Square will be live tonight at 9 PM Eastern Time. We will be interviewing attorney Augustus Invictus, who has faced unfair prosecution for his beliefs.

Catch it live here.

Find the mp3 uploaded later here.

• Category: Ideology • Tags: Alt Right, American Media, Judicial System 

A former employee is exposing one of the largest leftist book publishers in the world, Verso Books, as a dangerous work environment that systematically protects credibly accused rapists and sexual harassers while ignoring their accusers.

Verso was founded in 1970 to specialize in promoting books inspired by the Frankfurt School, an influential line of leftist ideology that de-emphasizes working class interests and prioritizes racial, gender and sexual identitarianism instead.

The publisher is known for releasing some of the most extreme “feminist” books ever written, including Sophie Lewis’ Full Surrogacy Now: Feminism Against Family, which calls for policies that would forcibly abolish the concept of motherhood. It has two global headquarters, one in London and another in Brooklyn, the latter which is outfitted with a bar and dance floor used for parties where Marxist intellectuals, wealthy New Yorkers, local “Antifa” organizers and liberal journalists socialize together.

But not all is as it seems for the company that aggressively signals support for the “MeToo” movement.

Late last month, former Verso publicist Emily Janakiram blew the whistle on the toxic conditions created at the office by its boss, Jacob Stevens, along with the corporation’s board of directors.

In September 2018, Janakiram attended a company event with Stevens. They were alone drinking at the bar when he allegedly began telling her that she needed to find a way to “stand out.” He is accused of following the strange comment with a remark claiming that he hired her because he wanted a physically attractive woman at his office.

Due to his position of authority over her, Janakiram says she tried to ignore the comment. When she decided she wanted to leave, she grew concerned when her boss was insisting on sharing a cab home.

Such an exchange would quickly get a shift supervisor at McDonald’s fired, but in Janakiram’s case, Stevens was sheltered by Verso’s loose work place behavior standards. Verso’s HR coordinator appears to be Stevens’ personal friend Duncan Ranslem, for example. Janakiram became the first woman in the company’s history to file a sexual harassment complaint.

The article remarks that this was not the first troubling incident related to sexual misconduct. Janakiram recalls that from November 2017 to January 2018, she repeatedly tried to bring attention to two Verso authors being accused of rape, Gopal Balakrishnan and Franco Moretti.

Balakrishnan, a Verso board member who only resigned on his own in late 2018, was fired from his tenured teaching job at UCSC for incidents of sexual misconduct going back to 2006 and is currently being sued for trying to rape one of his intoxicated graduate students.

Moretti, an academic now in his 70s, has been accused of sexual assault against his students at three separate universities he has worked for.

Yet, even at the height of the “Me Too” moment, the board at Verso closed ranks and refused to either suspend Balakrishnan or terminate Moretti’s book contract in light of the mountains of evidence available to them. While Verso is a loud supporter of the “Me Too” campaign, in private the board derided it as “corporate neoliberalism” and compared the suggestion of canceling Balakrishnan or Moretti to “burning books.”

As for Stevens, Janakiram finally received a letter from the HR department apologizing for his behavior, dated May 2019. She says they begged her to keep the dispute private. She found the letter to be contrived and legalistic and gave up on holding Stevens accountable, so she quit.

Then, in August 2020, she flew into a rage when she saw Verso was hosting a “Me Too” event featuring Tara Reade. She demanded they pull out. Ultimately Verso responded to her complaint by promising to publish more feminist books and internally addressing issues with their work place culture.

Ultimately, all of the radical feminists at Verso wound up defending Stevens against his accuser because they were either having sex with him, making good money, or supported Verso ideologically, according to Janakiram.

It should be noted that Verso has yet to address the claims publicly or reprimand its director. On social media, none of the the “believe all women” feminists are daring to take Janakiram seriously. Digital media, which is often gossip-hungry, is also conspicuously silent.

• Category: Ideology • Tags: Progressives, Sexual Harassment 

Violent blacks in New York City are enjoying a golden age for crime after the Mayor’s office and mostly white and Jewish leftists came together to cut funding for the NYPD and release perpetrators without bail. They were also successful in getting the NYPD’s plainclothes anti-crime unit abolished last summer, despite protests against doing this from the actual black community.

The predictable result of this has been an explosion in violent crime in the city, especially inside its subway system, where a serial killer has stabbed multiple people and blacks have made a sport out of pushing people in front of incoming trains.

The New York Times published an article on February 4th detailing the case of a man who for months repeatedly attacked women outside the Morgan Avenue L Train stop in Bushwick, a neighborhood populated with wealthy cosmopolitans and Antifa supporters who have been pricing out the local blacks. The assailant is a black man who admitted to police he was specifically targeting white women for random beatings. So far, 11 victims have been identified, but there are likely more.

In the report, the women noted that the police did not take the attacks seriously. Some of them did not bother filing a police report, while another called 911 but the police never came.

One of the victims, Bianca Fortis, is a left-wing journalist and a Black Lives Matter protester since 2015. Fortis complained to the Times about the lack of warning about a man attacking almost a dozen women in separate incidents in the same place, including in broad daylight, who remained at large. In truth, any flyer or display would’ve been instantly ripped down by residents in the name of combating racism.

According to court records, the attacker, 29-year-old Khari Covington, is a life long violent offender who was jailed for a brutal mugging in 2013 and again for a separate 2015 robbery. He was paroled last April only to be arrested again in September for the beating of his ex-girlfriend. A judge released him without bail despite the parole violation. He began assaulting white women as soon as he was out, telling investigators who caught him last month that it was because they kept rejecting his romantic overtures.

It doesn’t seem like Fortis has learned anything from the experience. In a January 2nd Instagram post warning women about Covington, her description deliberately omits her attackers race, effectively making the announcement worthless.

Hipsters and leftists, who gentrified neighborhoods such as Bushwick and Williamsburg by suppressing black crime with NYPD military policing, have been faring poorly after getting what they asked for during the summer. In October, 20-year-old left-wing activist from Indiana Ethan Williams was shot in the chest and killed by blacks while sitting on a Brooklyn stoop. In August, hipster NYU film grad Sam Metcalfe was paralyzed after a gunfight between nearby blacks caused a stray bullet to sever his spine.

Nevertheless, overwhelmingly white mobs of anarchists continue to agitate in Manhattan to “defund the police.” 100 rioters clashed with cops on Friday, leading to scores of injuries and arrests.

In the world of luxury beliefs, reality has become permanently inverted.

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