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January 24, 2021 • 38 Comments

From the World Economic Forum, the people who run the Davos shindig:

World Economic Forum Agenda Platforms Reports Davos 2021 Videos

Global Agenda SDG 05: Gender Equality Gender Parity Arts and Culture

How a genderless card deck might make you think differently about inequality

You might never have thought about the fact a king is worth more than queen…

This article is published in collaboration with Reuters
22 Jan 2021
Esther Verkaik

Indie Mellink wants to tackle the issue of gender inequality in card games, as the king is traditionally worth more than the queen.

To resolve this, Mellink created a genderless deck in which the king, queen and jack images are replaced with gold, silver and bronze.

1,500 packs of these gender-neutral cards were purchased worldwide within the first few months of availability.

Indy Mellink, a Dutch card fan, was explaining a game to her cousins last summer when she asked herself: why should a king be worth more than a queen?

The 23-year-old forensic psychology graduate, encouraged by her father, decided it was time to break with the centuries-old tradition of sexual inequality in playing card decks that rank men above women.

“If we have this hierarchy that the king is worth more than the queen then this subtle inequality influences people in their daily life because it’s just another way of saying ‘hey, you’re less important,” she said in an interview. “Even subtle inequalities like this do play a big role.”

Judging by how much money Disney makes peddling princess stuff to little girls, what card deck makers should do to make their products more popular with the new generation is to change the 10 card to a Princess Jackie card.

January 24, 2021 • 34 Comments

Open thread.

January 24, 2021 • 124 Comments

From Jeff Bezos’s Washington Post news section:

Amazon presses for in-person voting for unionization election in the midst of a pandemic

The e-commerce giant appealed a decision to hold mail-in balloting, arguing in part that the National Labor Relations Board pandemic election guidance never defined what an “outbreak” actually is.

By Jay Greene
Jan. 22, 2021 at 8:39 a.m. PST

SEATTLE — Amazon wants the upcoming unionization election at its Bessemer, Ala., warehouse to be held in-person, arguing against National Labor Relations Board guidance to hold mail-in balloting in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic.

The e-commerce giant late Thursday appealed the ruling by an NLRB hearing officer a week ago to allow roughly 6,000 workers to take seven weeks, starting Feb. 8, to cast their ballots by mail to be represented by the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union. Amazon argued in one of two filings that the agency’s pandemic-voting policy is flawed, in part because it fails to define what a covid-19 “outbreak” actually is.

That guidance “reflected assumptions developed comparatively earlier in the pandemic — before scientific understanding of the virus and possible precautions had developed to where it is today,” Amazon says in the filing.

January 23, 2021 • 119 Comments

Here’s a popular poster explaining why “equity” is better than equality:

As this poster explains, we need “equity” rather than equal treatment of the laws because some groups are more immature than others.

With “equity,” the little freeloader will get hit in the face by a home run and lose an eye.

January 23, 2021 • 167 Comments

From the New York Times news section:

Biden Seeks to Define His Presidency by an Early Emphasis on Equity

Only two presidents before him have used their first weeks in office to push for equality with the same force, according to one historian.

The New York Times reporters and, perhaps, Joe Biden, don’t seem to know that “equity” has replaced “equality.”

Please note that “equity” is the term now used to dog-whistle to the woke that you intend “equality of outcome” rather than “equality of opportunity.” Politicians who demand “equity” are demanding, in effect, quotas at the expense of the careers of competent white men and their families.

By Jim Tankersley and Michael D. Shear
Jan. 23, 2021

WASHINGTON — In his first days in office, President Biden has devoted more attention to issues of racial equity than any new president since Lyndon B. Johnson, a focus that has cheered civil rights activists and drawn early criticism from conservatives.

In his inauguration speech, the president pledged to defeat “white supremacy,” using a burst of executive orders on Day 1 to declare that “advancing equity, civil rights, racial justice and equal opportunity is the responsibility of the whole of our government.”

He has ordered his coronavirus response team to ensure that vaccines are distributed equitably. His $1.9 trillion recovery plan targets underserved communities by calling for paid leave for women forced out of jobs, unemployment benefits that largely help Black and brown workers, and expanded tax credits for impoverished Americans who are disproportionately nonwhite.

And the new administration is preparing to take sweeping steps in the months ahead to directly address inequity in housing, criminal justice, voting rights, health care, education and economic mobility.

“Racial equity is not a silo in and of itself,” said Cecilia Rouse, Mr. Biden’s nominee to lead his Council of...

January 22, 2021 • 223 Comments

Another baseball great has died. Home run champion Hammerin’ Hank Aaron, who broke Babe Ruth’s career homer record in 1974, died at 86. No cause of death has been given (0ther than being 86). Aaron had himself publicly inoculated with the Moderna vaccine on January 5.

Aaron trailed the slightly older and more famous Willie Mays in home runs for most of his career. But when the Milwaukee Braves moved to Atlanta in 1966, after the signing of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the previously somewhat overlooked Aaron benefited from moving from a pitcher’s park to a hitter’s park and posted huge numbers in his later 30s.

Eventually, Aaron’s homer record was broken by Barry Bonds after he got tired of so much publicity going to lesser players who were clearly on the juice like McGwire and Sosa, and decided to show what a great player could do with the aid of modern pharmaceuticals. Aaron was unenthusiastic about Bonds’ feat.

Aaron still holds the all-time career records for runs-batted-in and for total bases. The man could hit.

January 22, 2021 • 122 Comments

Here’s a recent graph from Maccabi Healthcare Services, one of the 4 Israeli HMOs, on the trajectory of their first 50,000 clients vaccinated. The green line represents 50,777 members who were age 60+ and vaccinated on December 19-24 (green line) versus Maccabi’s entire clientele of 480,000 age 60+ clients, including the 50k vaccinated (blue line).

The horizontal axis is days after the patient’s first dose. The vertical axis represents percent infected (blue and green lines) or percent hospitalized for COVID among the inoculated (yellow line).

So, the Pfizer vaccine doesn’t do anything for a couple of weeks after the first dose, but then kicks in on Day 14. By the end of the 3rd week, which is when people are supposed to go back for their second dose, it’s about 60% effective. And that’s probably understated because the blue line is 11% made-up of people in the green line, plus over time the blue line includes more and more people who were inoculated after December 24 and are entering the third week when the vaccine starts to work.

So this isn’t quite as good as in the Pfizer clinical trial. I believe they reported 89% efficacy from one dose by the end of three weeks, but their clinical trial sample wasn’t skewed as old as this one. But, it’s pretty good. It should make the Brits feel better about their controversial First Doses First strategy.

Another Israeli HMO called Clalit earlier reported 33% efficacy from Day 14 thru Day 17. But in the Maccabi graph, efficacy steadily improves through Day 22, then flattens somewhat in Day 23, which is a different metric than what Clalit reported. So the two results might well be reconcilable. I don’t think those two studies are all that contradictory. Clalit just chose a metric they could release faster: efficacy through Day 17, while Maccabi waited until they had efficacy through Day 23.

So some takeaways from the Maccabi numbers:

  • The vaccine is having real positive...

January 22, 2021 • 386 Comments

From Affirmative Right:

Next here are Biden’s existing appointments and nominees for these 21 positions and their ethnicities:

Secretary of State (Antony Blinken – WHITE-JEWISH)
Secretary of the Treasury (Janet Yellen – WHITE-JEWISH)
Secretary of Defense (Lloyd Austin – BLACK)
Attorney General (Merrick Garland – WHITE-JEWISH)
Secretary of the Interior (Deb Haaland – MIXED RACE (Red Indian + Norwegian))
Secretary of Agriculture (Tom Vilsack – WHITE-CATHOLIC)

Vilsack was born in a Roman Catholic orphanage in Pittsburgh so he has deep roots in farming.

Secretary of Commerce (Gina Raimondo – WHITE-CATHOLIC (Italian American))
Secretary of Labor (Marty Walsh – WHITE-CATHOLIC (Irish American))
Secretary of Health and Human Services (Xavier Becerra – HISPANIC (Mexican American))
Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (Marcia Fudge – BLACK)
Secretary of Transportation (Pete Buttigieg – WHITE-CATHOLIC)

Buttigieg’s father was a Marxist Catholic from Arab-speaking Malta who taught at Notre Dame. His mother, Anne Montgomery, might have been Protestant.

Secretary of Energy (Jennifer Granholm – WHITE-CATHOLIC (Scandinavian + Irish))
Secretary of Education (Miguel Cardona – HISPANIC (Puerto Rican))
Secretary of Veterans Affairs (Denis McDonough – WHITE-CATHOLIC (Irish American))
Secretary of Homeland Security (Alejandro Mayorkas HISPANIC-JEWISH)
Trade Representative (Katherine Tai – ASIAN (Chinese American))
Director of National Intelligence (Avril Haines – WHITE-JEWISH)
Director of the Office of Management and Budget (Neera Tanden – ASIAN (Indian-American))
Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (William Burns – WHITE CATHOLIC (Irish-American))
Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (Michael S. Regan – BLACK)
Administrator of the Small Business Administration (Isabel Guzman – HISPANIC-JEWISH)

I don’t see a huge amount...

January 24, 2021 • 25 Comments

There is a lot of rhetoric floating about in the usual Reddit/Blue Check crowd that these were the largest demonstrations in Russia of the Putin. This is not really even true – the Bolotnaya/Prospekt Sakharova “meetings” against electoral fraud in Moscow drew more people, though one may argue this is an unfair comparison since they were agreed upon with the Moscow Mayoralty. Long-forgotten protests against the monetization of benefits in 2005 also drew large numbers, though I don’t recall tallying numbers then being in trend.

But regardless, the fact cannot be stated enough – even the very highest (verging into absurdity) estimates of 40,000 turnout promoted by Reuters (Russia MFA: “Why not 4 million?” would only account for a grand total of 0.25% of the Moscow metropolitan area. The “White Counter” organization which counts crowds estimated peak turnout at 15,000 people. This, incidentally, happens to coincide exactly with my own prediction:

Probably the factors that increase turnout are somewhat stronger than those that decrease, so if I had to pick a number, I’d say 15,000 as opposed to 5,000 will turn up.

You cannot expect very high turnout in the context of Putin having an approval rating of 65%, and where only 15% of the population believes Navalny’s version of his poisoning. This is cardinally different from Belarus, which many people are now comparing Russia to. Although Belarus doesn’t allow opinion polls, there is convincing evidence that the elections were massively fraudulent, with Lukashenko getting no more than 35% of the vote. So of course this was a much greater impetus to large-scale protests.

Again, at least 100,000 turned up in Minsk, or 5% of its population. Half a million turned up in Kiev, or almost 20% of its population. Meanwhile, just 0.25% of Moscow turned up. These are not color revolution numbers!

The Russian police handled the protests very professionally, giving scant...

January 23, 2021 • 142 Comments

RT journalist Bryan MacDonald collating protest turnout data – mostly from Kommersant, a paper that is marginally opposition-leaning, but by not means pro-regime.

Data from Far East and now from the Volga suggests 0.2% of population is protesting in the more “agitated” cities, this tallies with my prediction this will be bigger than ~7,500 at NeDimon (2017), but smaller than ~60,000 at Bolotnaya (2011).

Journalistic coverage following typical post-2012 pattern: Hacks & activists gushing about unprecedented numbers based on nice ground-level camera angles, while bird’s eye view photos decidedly less impressive and concordant with objective estimates of attendance.

Note that Saint-Petersburg metropolitan area has 6.5 million people. 5,000 people attending according to Kommersant.

Haven’t seen any estimates for Moscow yet, but to be fair, it looks like the only legitimately “big” protest (if still highly modest relative to the 15 million people it its metropolitan area).

Probably at least the 15,000 people that I predicted:

Here are some literal children (anyone remember онижедети?):

January 22, 2021 • 96 Comments

This week’s Open Thread.

January 22, 2021 • 59 Comments

Plus ça change… Just like three years ago on March 26, 2017, the protest “Freedom to Navalny!” tomorrow is to start on Pushkin Square (see above) and march down the central Tverskaya Boulevard down to Manezh Square, which is right next to the Kremlin.

I attended that prior protest (as an informal observer, not a participants – though the distinction would have been theoretical had I been arrested), and confirmed for myself that the police estimate of ~7,500 was accurate:

The regime loyalist I was with estimated there were about 5,000 protesters. A guy with a Ukrainian flag lapel badge whom I asked for his opinion said 10,000. Taking the average estimate from supporters and detractors was a good strategy for estimating crowd size in 2011-12, and coincidentally enough, the resulting figure of 7,500 coincided exactly with the police estimate of 7,000-8,000 protesters. This is not altogether bad, thought quite insubstantial in a city of 12 million.

To be sure, this was an unsanctioned protest, and as I pointed out earlier, a lot of the risk-averse office plankton who form the bulk of Navalny’s support don’t turn up to such protests. They don’t want to run the risk of getting arrested, not when it could impact on their employment. Still, this is about 3x fewer participants than in the last big protest of the 2012 wave, which was also unsanctioned, the farcical “March of the Millions” of May 6 to which about 25,000 turned up.

Will there be more or fewer people now?

Certainly the events preceding this are much more dramatic – the poisoning of Navalny, direct accusations that this was attempted murder on Putler’s part, Navalny’s return to Russia on a sealed airplane, and a corruption investigation now targeting Putin himself (as opposed to his underlings). Certainly it is my impression from Le Reddit that Western normies, buoyed by the removal of Bad Orange Man, are expecting great things from this.

But in the world...

January 22, 2021 • 169 Comments

Good taste, not overly tacky (e.g. too much gold like with Trump). I’d probably build something like that as a strongman.

There’s nothing cardinally new about Navalny’s video.

The construction of a palace at Gelendzhik in Krasnodar Krai linked to friends of Putin was “leaked” to the world more than a decade by Sergey Kolesnikov, a businessman involved in the project. Incidentally, the first photographs of the palace appeared at the Russian language version of Wikileaks website, a detail that seems to have been written out of contemporary accounts now that Assange has long become unhandshakeworthy while the election of Biden has given the West the impetus to start intensively building up Navalny as the figurehead of the Russian Maidan.

Why does Putin need a palace? Well, as I noted back in 2019, it seems to be a relatively cheap way to maintain elite discipline while pursuing a sovereign course.

In traditional societies, it is mainly the aristocracy’s sense of solidarity, noblesse oblige, feudal bonds, the Mannerbund institute. Though I don’t mean to idealize it. It proved completely maladaptive come the industrial age.

In totalitarian regimes, chiliastic ideology and repression/terror plays a major role.

Modern, largely non-ideological populist regimes at odds with GloboHomo – that’s Putin, Orban, etc. – distribute resources or economic “demesnes” to their cronies, creating networks of personal loyalty unbeholden to the global elites – a sort of “counter-elite,” or Dugin’s so-called “patriotic corruption“. One additional “benefit”...

January 19, 2021 • 173 Comments

Pretty cool that the US has constructed a Blue Zone in its own capital. Although the 25,000 National Guardsmen are apparently unarmed, which suggests that the Dems don’t actually take MAGA terrorists seriously. But it’s good theater.

Or, I suppose it could be that THE PLAN is coming to fruition. Any hour now.

January 17, 2021 • 411 Comments

This week’s Open Thread.

January 17, 2021 • 67 Comments

Navalny didn’t pass through Berlin Airport on his way to Moscow.

Sealed train in 1917, sealed airplane in 2021.

Plus ça change.

January 23, 2021 • 23 Comments

‘You can drive out Nature with a pitchfork, but she keeps on coming back.’ – Horace

No matter the deprivations white liberals (once dubbed Disingenuous White Liberals) are willing to expose themselves to when it comes to engaging in mental gymnastics to excuse away the reality of black criminality, equalitarian contortionists will always fail.

Always.[Portland mayor proposed bringing back controversial Gun Violence Reduction Team: ‘Sell it to the new council ASAP’, Oregon Live, January 13, 2021]:

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler told his top staff last month he was interested in reinstating “part or all” of the city’s disbanded Gun Violence Reduction Team and instructed them to find a way to convince the incoming City Council to support the controversial proposal.

“The dissolution of GVRT came at the request of the community, but I cannot escape the reality that the victims of gun violence in our community are overwhelmingly people of color,” Wheeler wrote in a Dec. 17 text message obtained by The Oregonian/OregonLive through a public records request.

“Let’s put together a plan and sell it to the new council ASAP.”

After floating the idea to his closest advisers that evening, however, the mayor apparently changed course. By the next day, Wheeler’s move to promptly bring back the Gun Violence Reduction Team appeared to be off the table in a meeting he held with Portland police.

Jim Middaugh, a spokesman for Wheeler, said Tuesday that the mayor continues to consider all options as he seeks to reduce the number of shootings in Portland.

“He is deeply concerned about gun violence and wants to challenge the entire city organization to come up with solutions,” Middaugh said.

Wheeler’s text message came near the end of a year marked by a surge in homicides and shootings citywide and only days after his office helped end an armed occupation outside the so-called “Red House on Mississippi,” which a longtime Black and Indigenous...

January 21, 2021 • 38 Comments

To paraphrase Aragorn from Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, “Open war via wokeness is upon you whether you would risk it or not.”

When every problem non-whites face can be blamed on whites, and only a handful of whites notice the logical conclusion of such a scenario, the totality of the Woke Wars inevitable victory becomes daunting. [Incoming White House Climate Team Blames ‘Systemic Racism’ for Climate Change, Washington Free Beacon, January 18, 2021]:

A pair of top incoming White House environmental aides has blamed “systemic racism” as a driver of climate change in an attempt to justify a government-led economic overhaul.

President-elect Joe Biden named progressive policy adviser Maggie Thomas as Office of Domestic Climate Policy chief of staff and climate advocate Cecilia Martinez as “senior director for environmental justice” on Thursday. Both Thomas and Martinez have cited racial inequality as perpetuating climate change, arguing that the Biden administration’s environmental policy must be centered on “racial and economic justice.”

“Unless intentionally interrupted, systemic racism will continue to be a major obstacle to creating a healthy planet,” Martinez said in a 2019 press release touting her “Equitable & Just” climate platform. “The only path forward is to design national climate policies that are centered on justice.”

For Thomas and Martinez, such policies require “massive” government spending and the “realignment of public dollars at all levels.” Thomas’s climate plan demands “trillions” in public investment—not only to “crack down” on oil production and shift away from the nation’s “fossil fuel economy” but also to fund welfare programs, including rent and utility relief. Martinez’s platform calls for much of the same, including increased government investment into “affordable...

January 20, 2021 • 46 Comments

There’s a great line at the beginning of Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade that has always stuck with me. After a young Indiana has been thwarted in acquiring a priceless artifact, the antagonist tells him, “You lost today, kid, but that doesn’t mean you have to like it.

We all know what’s coming in the Biden Administration. The Egalitarian Empire prepares to level all standing in its way, remaking society in a more equitable format (anti-white), starting with the economy:

Power will movefrom Wall Street to Washington over the next four years.

  • That’s the messagebeing sent by President-elect Biden, with his expected nomination of Wall Street foe Gary Gensler to head the Securities and Exchange Commission, and by Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio), incoming head of the Senate Banking Committee.

Why it matters:Biden is charting an economic policy that’s visibly to the left of Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. If he succeeds, it’s going to show up not only in taxes and spending, but also in regulation.

Who to watch:Biden is being pulled to the left on economic policy not only by the Democratic Party, but also by economic orthodoxy.

  • Led byincoming Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, the economic policy team has signaled that it will be the first administration ever to construct economic policy around issues like race, gender equality and climate change, rather than around traditional indicators like gross domestic product or deficit ratios.

  • Gensler has a skepticism of Wall Street learned the hard way — in the halls of Goldman Sachs. He won’t be snowed by bankers trying to tell him that they know better than he does [4. Wall Street power shift,, January 16, 2021]

“… construct economic policy around issues like race, gender equality and climate change, rather than around traditional indicators like gross domestic product or deficit ratios.”

The other nations of the world and...

January 19, 2021 • 29 Comments

In a year all life in America was mandated to believe Black Lives Matter (above all other lives), someone forgot to tell the black population of Tampa Bay this monumentally important decree.

Gun violence, almost exclusively with a black suspect (invariably, almost always a black victim) doubled in 2020 from 2019, though we were required to believe Black Lives Matter starting around the end of May.

Again, someone forgot to tell the black community in Tampa Bay of the Holy Writ surrounding Black Lives Matter. [Tampa police march with shooting victims’ families to seek help making arrests: Cardboard cutouts of Patrick Reed, Dwayne Saddler and Devante Brown rose above the crowd in a mile-long walk through the predominately Black neighborhood of Jackson Heights.,, January 17, 2021]:

Patrick Reed was picking up his 12-year-old son up from football practice last November when he was killed in a drive-by shooting, his mother said. Her grandson told her a crowd of people watched the 36-year-old Tampa man use his body to shield two children as bullets sprayed through a park.

Another crowd witnessed the shooting death of 28-year-old Dwayne Saddler during a party in the College Hills neighborhood last July. And another saw who shot 27-year-old Devante Brown in March when he left his home in the Tampa Park Apartments to hang out with friends.

Still, the people who killed Reed, Saddler and Brown remain at large, Tampa Police said, leaving their families with a growing agony. Now, as shootings tear Tampa’s Black community apart, those left behind are banding together to bring an end to “no-snitch culture.”

On Sunday, the mothers of Devante Brown and Dwayne Saddler urged their neighbors to take a public stand against the gunfire, joining Mayor Jane Castor, Tampa Police and others for the first in a series of “peace walks” under the banner “Rise Up for Peace.”

Tampa Police say the surge in shootings began in March as the coronavirus pandemic forced people...

January 17, 2021 • 66 Comments

“Life is a storm my young friend, you will bask in the sunlight one moment be shattered on the rocks the next. What makes you a man is what you do when that storm comes. You must look into the storm as you shout… Do your worst for I will do mine. Then the Fates will know you as we know you as a man.” – paraphrased from The Count of Monte Cristo

Is all lost?

Are we destined to watch America sink into the same doldrums as Rhodesia, South Africa and San Domingo (Haiti) before us?


All is not lost.

This too shall pass.

Why? Because all across America, people still have the ability to read about what happened to Milan Loncar, a white male who was murdered by two blacks in Philadelphia as he was simply walking his dog.

Stereotype confirmation has a tendency to reinforce views, mores, and opinions many Americans are increasingly keeping private, and using as a justification for moving far away from the diversity we are mandated to believe is our greatest strength.[Video shows recent Temple grad fatally shot while walking dog, New York Post, January 15, 2021]:

A young Philadelphia man walking his dog was fatally shot during an apparent robbery attempt just one block from his home, police and his devastated relatives said.

The victim, identified by family members as 25-year-old Milan Loncar, was strolling with his beloved dachshund-Chihuahua mix, Roo, just before 7 p.m. Wednesday in the city’s Brewerytown section when two male suspects approached him, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported.

One of the assailants pointed a gun at Loncar as both suspects started reaching towards his pockets. The 2019 Temple University graduate was then shot once in the chest and later died at a hospital, police said.

Investigators on Thursday released disturbing surveillance footage of the slaying. The suspects then fled on foot westbound, police said.

A $20,000 reward is being offered for information leading to an arrest. No one was in custody as of Friday, a Philadelphia...

January 15, 2021 • 75 Comments

Wait, wasn’t this already implemented as our new National Anthem and hasn’t it already usurped Francis Scott Key’s work?[Dem Whip James Clyburn to Propose Making “Black National Anthem” Official US National Hymn to “Bring the Country Together”, Gateway, January 12, 2021]:

House Majority Whip James Clyburn (D-SC) said he will propose to make the “Black National Anthem” the official US hymn in an effort to “bring the country together.”

“To make it a national hymn, I think, would be an act of bringing the country together. It would say to people, ‘You aren’t singing a separate national anthem, you are singing the country’s national hymn,’ ” Clyburn told USA Today.

Yes they did, and that was before every game.

Black-Run America (BRA) was a joke of a term more than a decade ago. It’s now reality.



January 13, 2021 • 63 Comments

Anyone who supports Black Lives Matter is a terrorist. You support individuals who engaged in shocking violence across America during 2020, all in the name of a black career criminal who long ago held a gun to the pregnant belly of a woman during a home invasion.

Yes, this is why George Floyd was in jail. A sane society would have never allowed him out.

Our society? Allowed him to become a martyr in late of May of 2020, causing massive damage to our nation’s biggest cities, and shocking violence nearly causing a child to be burned alive in Richmond, Virginia as Black Lives Matter protesters blocked firefighters from battling a fire and removing said child from the building. [VA Police Chief: FFs Blocked from House Fire with Child Inside: During an emotional news conference, Richmond Police Chief Will Smith said police needed “to force our way to make a clear path for the fire department” to reach the scene of the blaze.,, June 1, 2020]:

Firefighters were blocked over the weekend from trying to reach a burning house with a child inside, an emotional Virginia police chief said during a Sunday news conference.

Richmond Police Chief Will Smith said rioters had intentionally started a fire in “an occupied building on Broad Street” early Sunday. Officers were called in because fire apparatus were being prevented from reaching the scene.

“This is not the only occupied building that has been set fire to over the last two days,” Smith said. “But they prohibited us from getting on scene. We had to force our way to make a clear path for the fire department. Protestors intercepted that fire apparatus several blocks away with vehicles and blocked that fire department’s access to the structure fire. Inside that home was a child.”

Firefighters and police eventually were able to help the people, he added. But the chief and Richmond Mayor Levar Stoney decried the actions of individuals who were using protests...

January 11, 2021 • 31 Comments

Previously on SBPDL: Black Police Chief of 44% White/42% Black Norfolk, Virginia Admits the Truth: Blacks Represent 94% of Shooting Suspects in the City

Go ahead and say it again. It’s all but required to repeat ad nauseam, correct?

If you fail to repeat it, your acceptance in public life will be revoked.

Black Lives Matter, right Winston?

Meanwhile, in the real world, we see how futile it is to convince black people to believe black lives matter. [Killings and shootings jumped sharply in Norfolk in 2020. How much is the pandemic to blame?, Virginian -Pilot, January 8, 2021]:

NORFOLK — Amidst a pandemic, a cratering economy, and social unrest, the number of homicides and shootings spiked in Norfolk last year to their highest levels in more than a decade. What didn’t change was the people who were killed and those suspected of doing the killing.

Poor, Black people.

There were 48 homicides in Norfolk last year, 34% more than the average over the past decade. It’s also the same number of killings Norfolk had in 2016 when a gang war in some of the city’s poor, Black neighborhoods caused the number to jump.

More than 90% of those killed in 2020 were Black, in a city that’s about half white. Police have cleared just under 60% of the cases, which usually means they’ve arrested someone. More than 90% of the people suspected in the killings are Black.

Michael Maslow, the acting deputy police chief, told The Virginian-Pilot in a phone interview that the nature of homicides and gun violence hasn’t changed much. It’s increased, but it’s still disproportionately hurting Black people, specifically Black men. It’s often between people who know each other, and some of it involves gangs.

Maslow became the second-highest ranking person in the Police Department in May after leading investigations into violent crimes for nearly seven years.

Shootings, which Norfolk Police Chief Larry Boone has described as the “tell-tale story...