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Bush George Zimmerman Germans Germany Gladwell Global Warming Google graduate-degrees Graphs #GreatWhiteDefendantPrivilege Gregory Cochran Guest Workers Haim Saban Halloween Hamilton: An American Musical HammerHate hate Hate Crimes Fraud Hoax Hate Hoaxes Hate Hypochondria HateGraphs HateStat Health Hegira Height Height Privilege Hereditarianism Heroes Hillary Clinton Hispanic Hispanic Crime hitch Hodgepodge Holder Hollywood Homer Simpson Homicide Homicide Rate Houellebecq Housing Hox Hoxby Huddled Masses Hug Thug Human Genome Humor Hungary Hunt For The Great White Defendant Hypocrisy Ibn Khaldun Idiocracy immigration-policy-terminology Immigriping Incompetence India Indo-Europeans Inept Smears Inequality Infrastructure Intellectual Discourse Internet Interracial Marriage Intersectionality Invade Invite In Hock Invade The World Invite The World Iran Ireland Is It Good For The Jews? Is Love Colorblind Islam Islamic Jihad Islamophobia Islamophobiaphobia Israel Israel Lobby James Watson Japan Jared Diamond Jared Taylor Jason Richwine ¡Jeb! Jeb Bush Jewish Intellectuals Jews Joe Biden John Updike Judicial System Jurassic World Jussie Smollett Kaboom Kerry Killinger Kevin MacDonald Kids These Days KKKrazy Glue Of The Coalition Of The Fringes Knot Racism Kurds LA LA Times Lame Jesse Jackson Imitations Lame News Late Ov Latinos Law Of Supply And Demand Lebanon Lèse-diversité Let's Talk About My Hair Libertarianism Lolita Loooong Books Mad Men Madoff Magic Dirt Magritte Male Delusions Manspreading Marcomentum! Marizela Marketing Major Postmodernism Mass Shootings Massachusetts Math Matthew Weiner Media Meritocracy Merkel Merkel Youth Mexican Mediocrity Michael Bloomberg Michael Fassbender Michael Jackson Michelle Ma Belle Microaggressions Military Milner Group Missing The Point Moore's Law Mormons Mortality Mortgage Moynihan's Law Of The Canadian Border Mozilo Mulatto Elite Muslims Nabokov National Assessment Of Educational Progress National Immigration Safety And Quality Board National Merit National Question Nature Vs. Nurture Ned Flanders Neocons Neoconservatives Nerds New Orleans New York New York City New York Mania New York Times Newspeak Neymar Nicholas Wade Nieto Night In The Museum NIMBY Nirvana No Child Left Behind No Proof Bush In League With Lucifer Nobel Prize #NobelsSoWhiteMale #NotOkay Obama Wright Obamanomics Obey Giant! Occam's Butterknife Occam's Razor Occam's Rubber Room Oil Open Borders Orban Orwell Ostensibly Jussie-free Content Out-of-Africa Palin Partly Inbred Extended Family Peace Personality P&G Philosophy Of Science Pics Or It Didn't Happen Piketty Plaques For Blacks Poetry Poland Police Political Correctness Political Philosophy Polls Polygamy Poor Reading Skills Population Growth Post-Modernism Prester John Profiling Projection Pronoun Crisis Prudence PSAT Psychology Psychometrics Public Schools Puerto Rico Putnam Pygmies Qatar rabbits rabbits-are-fast Race And Crime Race And Genomics Race And Iq Race/Crime Race Denialism Race Hustlers Race/IQ Race Riots Racial Profiling Racism Racist Brain Racist Objects Menace Racist Pumpkin Incident Red State Blue State redlining Redneck Dunkirk redundancy Refugee Boy #refugeeswelcome #RefugeesWelcomeInQatar Replicability Replication Republicans Retconning Rice Richard Dawkins RIP Ritholtz Robots Rolling Stone Roman Empire Rome Romney Ron Unz Rove Russian Spies sabermetrics Sabrina Rubin Erdely Sailer's First Law Of Female Journalism Saint Peter Tear Down This Gate! Sammy Sosa Sand States Sapir-Whorf SAT scandals School Science Science Denialism Science Fiction Self-Obsession Serbia Sex Differences Shakespeare Silicon Valley Skull And Bones Skunk Works Slavery Reparations Slavoj Zizek Soccer Sotomayor Southern Poverty Law Center SPLC Stabby Somali Stage Standardized Tests Comparisons Statistics Statue Of Liberty Statue Of Libertyism Status Statute Of Diversity Statute Of Immigration Statute Of Liberty Stereotypes Steroids Steve Jobs Steven Spielberg Steve's Rice Thresher Columns Stoppard Stuff White People Like Sub-replacement Fertility Submission Subprime Mortgage Crisis Subrealism Sweden syr T.S. 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Who Whom Whooping Cough And Whooping Cranes Why We Can't Have Nice Things Willful Ignorance Woke Capital World Cup World War G World War H World War Hair World War R World War T World War Weed World War Z Wretched Refuse Wretched Refuseism Writing Yamnaya Yezidis Yogi Berra's Restaurant You Maniacs You Blew It Up
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As I pointed out in 1997, over the last quarter of the 20th Century, a narrowing gender gap in Olympic sprinting races is less often proof of the triumph of feminism than proof that runners are getting away with taking more Performance Enhancing Drugs. Because anabolic steroids are artificial male hormones (with some but usually... Read More
  The debate over the nature of biological species has many aspects. One question is the biological nature of species: are they groups of interbreeding organisms, phylogenetic branches on the Tree of Life, or something else? Then there is the ontological question: are species natural kinds, sets, or individuals? Recently, the debate over species has... Read More
Su Bingtian of China ran 9.83 to be the fastest qualifier in the men's 100 m dash semifinal. He will be the first nonblack to compete in the 8-man Race to Be the Fastest Man in the World since the 1980 Moscow Summer Games. After 72 consecutive black finalists over the last 9 Olympics, the... Read More
The Race to Be the World's Fastest Man, the Olympic men's 100 meter dash, is a fine generator of data relevant to classic questions of nature and nurture. For the last 9 Summer Games, from 1984 through 2016, all eight men to make the 100m finals each time have been of at least half-black ancestry,... Read More
From ABC News: That's a low hospitalization rate, although I'm not sure if that's just those from Massachusetts. Provincetown attracts many from outside the state: e.g., Andrew Sullivan flies in each summer. The initial findings of the investigation led by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, in conjunction with the Centers for Disease Control and... Read More
From the Chicago Sun-Times news section: Professional equity demanders just can't stop thinking about your house. Yup, when they talk about eq
Razib Khan reviews Charles Murray's Facing Reality in Quillette: And Robert Verbruggen reviews Facing Reality in National Review: What to Make of Racial Gaps By ROBERT VERBRUGGEN July 29, 2021 11:25 AM Facing Reality: Two Truths about Race in America, by Charles Murray (Encounter Books, 168 pp., $25.99) With Facing Reality, Charles Murray aims to... Read More
From the New York Times: Simone Biles’s Brother Is Acquitted of Murder Charges Tevin Biles-Thomas was charged in the fatal shooting of three people at a New Year’s Eve party in 2018. This week, a judge said prosecutors had not presented enough evidence to convict him. By Eduardo Medina and Alyssa Lukpat June 16, 2021... Read More
The semi-official Governors Highway Safety Association released a report last month on traffic fatalities per 100,000 from 2015-2019 (thus leaving out the big increase in the black death rate that began in June 2020): Whites appear to now be worse drivers than Hispanics, which is interesting. I can recall Thomas Sowell remarking many decades ago... Read More
From the Washington Post news section: The best place to ride out a global societal collapse is New Zealand, study finds By Adam Taylor Today at 1:00 p.m. EDT If the skies were to darken, seas swell and economies crumble, where would be the best place to ride out global civilizational collapse? In the southwestern... Read More
The great physicist, who won the Nobel in 1979, has died at 88. Weinberg's fellow U. of Texas physicist Scott Aaronson has written an appreciation. Here's one part of it that's not over my head:
From the New York Times news section: "Motoko Rich" would be a good name for a villainess in a James Bond movie. July 27, 2021 TOKYO — Just four days after Naomi Osaka mounted the stairs to light the Olympic cauldron, presented as a symbol of a new, more inclusive Japan, that image was undermined... Read More
From the Associated Press: So that clears that all up! Move along, folks, nothing to see here.
From the New York Times opinion section, a very clever op-ed designed to get NYT subscribers nodding along and saying, "Why, of course!" Admittedly, rather like Steve Goodman and David Allan Coe's "You Never Even Called Me by My Name," to be the perfect NYT op-ed, it would need to add references to transphobia, redlining,... Read More
I've long argued that you can't understand the contentious topic of college admissions without understanding which type of alumni are more likely to donate to their dear old alma maters. In 2011, I read about a man in the metal bending business donating $200 million to USC: From Wikipedia: I believe some of his children... Read More
From Glamour: My impression now is that Simone Biles pulled out to protect her neck. She felt herself losing the cognitive ability to stay focused on where she was in the air while doing her dangerous routines. (This might have something to do with Ritalin being illegal in Japan. Or maybe not. It turns out... Read More
From Nature: Whoever thought that the words "do better" would become a tell for a proto-Stalinoid mindset? Unlike many other Black scientists from history, high-quality images of agricultural scientist George Washington Carver — shown here with students at the Tuskegee Institution in Alabama — are readily available. Credit: Bettmann/Getty Last month, Nature published a Comment... Read More
From the Associated Press: Brisbane picked to host 2032 Olympics without a rival bid By GRAHAM DUNBAR July 21, 2021 TOKYO (AP) — Brisbane was picked Wednesday to host the 2032 Olympics, the inevitable winner of a one-city race steered by the IOC to avoid rival bids. The Games will go back to Australia 32... Read More
From my new column in Taki's Magazine: Read the whole thing there.
iSteve commenter Gamecock Jerry writes: She's 24, which is old for a female gymnast. Maybe she would have lived up to the hype if the Olympics had been held in 2020 when she was a year younger. Her routines are sometimes so extraordinarily difficult that the governing authorities have decided not to give her extra... Read More
The New York Times and the Washington Post mostly run in lockstep in their use of Woke jargon, except for the term "patriarchy," which the Times now loves much more than the Post does. From Rozado's Visual Analytics: So, 2013 was the year the Great Awokening began in the mainstr
It sounds like all this #BlackGirlMagic / #RacialReckoning / #Intersectionality hype might be taking a toll on Naomi Osaka, the torch-lighter who just went out in the third round of the Olympic tennis tournament, and Simone Biles. The media wants these poor girls to embody #BlackSupremacy and
George Orwell wrote in 1945 after a visit of a Soviet soccer team Dynamo to play some "friendlies" against Arsenal in the Soviet-allied UK set off violence on the field (and would have caused violence in the stands if Stalin had let any Soviets out of the Soviet Union): George Orwell The Sporting Spirit Now... Read More
Not surprisingly, veteran iSteve content generator Chanda Prescod-Weinstein is involved.
I appreciate the Internet for giving me an outlet for all these obscure statistics I come up with without my having to inflict them on people in real life.
I'm getting depressed about covid. It's suddenly pretty bad again in SoCal. A friend's mom is in the hospital with it even though she appeared to have had it before. And the Israel and UK data suggests that the vaccines don't work quite as well against the current Delta variant from India as they had... Read More
African-Americans are the poorest Americans but also the richest Africans. Why?
From the Washington Post Lifestyle section: But don't the Onwuamaegbus have a whole continent where they'd be free from white microaggressions? Yesterday at 6:00 a.m. EDT After seven years of corporate life, Mary Smith had a routine: putting extra effort into her hair (so as to not appear too Black) and her demeanor (ditto) and... Read More
From Material Religion, an academic journal: Mimicking Religion as Coping Strategy: The Emergence of the Bell-Curve God in Singapore Lily Kong This is an Author's Accepted Manuscript of an article published in Material Religion, 27 October 2016, ... The importance placed on education and, relatedly, examinations, in many Asian societies is well known. The means... Read More
From a New York Times article about Argentina:
A common response to my pointing out that the rate of being a known murder offender in FBI crime stats is 8 times higher among blacks than among nonblacks is that murder is so incredibly rare that it's pointless even to know this fact. The argument in effect is #BlackLivesDoNotMatter when it comes to black-on-black... Read More
From City A.M.: UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson strikes even me as a bit of an IQ fetishist:
Nowadays, fortunately, we have more scientific explanations for why the top Japanese woman tennis player is half-black than discredited eugenics ideas like fast-twitch muscles. Now, we know it's due to Black Girl Magic! Seriously, we used to at least have smart white guys like Richard Lewontin and Stephen Jay Gould making up our rationalizations about... Read More
During the Great Awokening, the phrase "generational wealth" has become fashionable. It means, in effect, having so much money that you can't blow it all on yourself and thus will leave some for your kids. It's a nice thing to have. The New York Times uses the phrase in a variety of contexts, but, increasingly,... Read More
Good question. America leads the world's discourse. America's elites decided during the ongoing Great Awokening (c. 2013-?) that it is crucial to finally give voice to the voiceless, such as blacks and women, to find out what all the great ideas they must have dreamt up in their years of being silenced and marginalized since... Read More
From the New York Times news/sports section: The Japanese should have gotten the 100% Japanese baseball pitcher/slugger Shohei Ohtani, who is currently flabbergasting the North American MLB with his Babe Ruth-like combo of pitching and home run hitting, to light the torch. That two of the opening ceremony’s star roles went to multiracial athletes underscores... Read More
I like the background picture of Usain Bolt looking over his shoulder at all the other very black black guys 2 or 3 meters behind him.
From the New York Times news section: No, the intersex Semenya, who is built like an LSU cornerback, won silver in 2012, sportingly spotting
Other than drunks on skid row downtown, Los Angeles didn't have many homeless people in the postwar era. That was largely because of the immense Camarillo State Mental Hospital, which had 7,000 residents/inmates/patients or whatever you want to call them in 1957. For example, Charlie Parker recorded "Relaxin' at Camarillo" after his six restful months... Read More
A video from Kimberlé "Intersectionality" Crenshaw's African American Policy Forum. I especially like how whites are faster relay runners because they unfairly get to carry massive batons stuffed with money. This event would be a lot more fun to watch than most Olympic running races. I want to see this in Tokyo!
Since the invention of polyurethane wheels in the late 1970s, Los Angeles's Venice Beach has been wildly popular with tourists. From FoxLA: ... Meanwhile, sanitation workers continues to clean up the Venice Boardwalk. The Venice Boardwalk has become an area of great concern to residents due to a recent increase in crime. For the past... Read More
From the Daily Mail: PUBLISHED: 17:18 EDT, 22 July 2021 | UPDATED: 17:22 EDT, 22 July 2021 I've been an outspoken critic of performance-enhancing drugs since the 1990s. A question I've been wondering about lately, however, is: What if PEDs really aren't that deadly? What if they provide more health benefits than their costs? For... Read More
Tyler Cowen writes at Marginal Revolution about the increasing demands by women professors to be called "Professor" by their students rather than by their first names: An interesting question is whether the women professors who are demanding to be called "Professor" are in hard fields where tech culture is influential and it's common for professors... Read More
Fortunately, 2010's 33.0% was down from 2000's 36.7% at the end of the Crack Era. I wonder what has happened since? In the mid-2010s, The Establishment decided to be nicer to black criminals, which would drive down the felony percentage. Unfortunately, black criminals, judging by the ~40% rise in murders in the years since Ferguson,... Read More
But who is on the top? It kind of looks like a white woman, a "Karen" if you will. Is that really who we are? Is a white women named Karen truly on the Right Side of History?
From The Atlantic: The Racial Reckoning is coming for ... board games. The problem, evidently, is that in historically accurate strategy board games, the white people usually win in the end, which is intolerable. We need historically accurate board games in which sub-Saharans conquer England. But ... that hasn't happened (yet).
From The Atlantic: I.e., the Past, not the Future. Some SoCal writers like the Future, such as Robert Heinlein, who stayed only from 1934-1946, though. Heinlein's protege Ray Bradbury, I'm not so sure about. This landscape is bejeweled with engineering feats: the California Aqueduct; the Golden Gate Bridge; and the ribbon of Pacific Coast Highway... Read More
On the one hand, race does not exist biologically. On the other, nothing is more significant nor fascinating to black women than the racial distinctiveness of their hair.
From the New York Times news section: Fear, and Discord, Among Asian Americans Over Attacks in San Francisco A string of attacks against older people of Asian descent has led to calls for more police officers, an idea rejected by the city’s Asian American leaders. By Thomas Fuller July 18, 2021, 3:00 a.m. ET SAN... Read More
From the New York Times: We Are Leaving ‘Lost Einsteins’ Behind July 21, 2021 By Thomas B. Edsall Mr. Edsall contributes a weekly column from Washington, D.C., on politics, demographics and inequality. In the international competition to produce a work force equipped to cope with accelerating rates of technological innovation, the United States is leaving... Read More
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