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The private and public sectors are waging war on white privilege across the nation. Every white individual is being judged solely by their race. The perceived evil history of white people in America (and for that matter, worldwide) is somehow the responsibility of whites living in 2021 and into the future to perpetually atone for... Read More
With the diabolically evil January 6 Hearings happening today - attempting to label all Donald Trump supporters as "white nationalists" - it's important to remember the only Capitol Hill Police Officer who directly lost their life to a terrorist attack in 2021 was a white policeman murdered by a black nationalist. His Name is William... Read More
It's all about Erasing America...[Democrats introduced a bill to rename more than 1,000 forests, lakes, and mountain peaks named with racist slurs or offensive language, Business Insider, June 19, 2021]: Congressional Democrats introduced a bill Friday to rename more than 1,000 places in the US named with offensive language and racist slurs. Democratic Sens. Elizabeth... Read More
A grim milestone, but one only possible because of the black and brown individuals shooting other black and brown people in Philadelphia. [Philly’s gun-violence crisis has surpassed a bleak milestone with 10,000 shot since 2015: Even in a city that has long been plagued by violence, the epidemic of gun crime has hit a level... Read More
We all know the quote. Today, it hurts more when you consider what should have been done during the Black Lives Matter insurrection of 2020: the US Military should have put down the riots after the burning of the 3rd Precinct in Minneapolis, with the elected officials in the beleaguered city acquiescing their monopoly on... Read More
It's not a conspiracy when the right people celebrate the disenfranchisement of White America. It's just a fact worthy of shouting from the highest hill. [Dem Senator Dick Durbin: White People Are Being Demographically Replaced, GOP Is Doomed, Information Liberation, July 19, 2021]: Meanwhile, the GOP is looking for the next non-white to promote as... Read More
There is no easy in way life. There is no easy way. When you understand this, you understand the comments of the NAACP leader from Fairfax County, who said, "let them die" when it came to those who opposed Critical Race Theory. [UPDATE: The NAACP Leader Who Declared 'Let Them Die' About Opponents of CRT... Read More
On the corner of Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcom X Avenues in Washington D.C., shots rang out in the evening sky. Cue the words of U2, "Free at last, they took your life/They could not take your pride." With virtually every fatal and nonfatal shooting in Washington D.C. the responsibility of a black individual... Read More
Previously on SBPDL: In 92.4% Non-White Baltimore City Schools (76.6% Black), Black Student Passes Three Classes, Ranking Near Top Half of Class with 0.13 GPA... Welcome to a school system where the student body is 7.6 percent white and 76.6 percent black (do the math… 92.4 percent non-white). Welcome to Baltimore, a city where white... Read More
Diversity sunk my battleship. From victory at Midway to disaster due to multiculturalism. How would you even try to explain this insanity to those men who defeated the Japanese in the Pacific Theater? ['Every officer is up to speed on diversity training. Not so much ship handling': Scathing official report finds US Navy is too... Read More
But aren't white people using their stimulus checks to buy guns? Why aren't they committing gun violence at the rate of black people across America? [Norfolk police chief believes increase in gun violence can be linked to stimulus checks, systemic issues,, July 12, 2021]: It was another dangerous weekend of violence in Hampton Roads.... Read More
In what world would you need to have increased safety measures at funeral homes, because of an increase of black on black shootings at funerals across Illinois? In the era where every private and public institution asserts 24/7 (seemingly state-mandated) the importance of Black Lives Mattering, the evidence increasingly piles up that to black people,... Read More
There's no getting off this ride. Once you accept, you are prepared for wherever this ride takes you. [BLM Group Declares American Flag “A Symbol Of Hatred”: “When we see this flag we know the person flying it is a racist”, Summit News, July 6, 2021]: A Black Lives Matter chapter in Utah has declared... Read More
Previously on SBPDL: Memphis Commercial Appeal APOLOGIZES for RUNNING Truthful Headline About Massacre of Five White Cops in Dallas Were the United States truly a nation dominated by white privilege, systemic inequality, implicit bias, and all of the claims made by the insidiously anti-white Critical Race Theory (CRT), we'd all know today is the fifth... Read More
We all know what happened. Just as we all know virtually no white people were responsible for the 108 shot/17 fatally in Chicago over July 4th, 2021 weekend. We all know who/whom is responsible for the fatal/nonfatal gun crime in Chicago. To admit this reality is to commit treason against the anti-white climate dominating our... Read More
So what happens when violence outreach workers get murdered before they get the chance to interrupt violence in a more than 70 percent black city? Just another day in Baltimore. [Baltimore anti-violence outreach worker, father of 11 shot and killed while getting food, Yahoo!, July 3, 2021]: A Baltimore-based outreach worker with the Catholic anti-violence... Read More
Either you embrace the idea espoused by those pushing the 1619 Project and the anti-white concept of Critical Race Theory (that America was racist from the start and demonized non-white people from the moment Europeans stepped foot on this continent, thereby castigating your ancestors and your progeny as hopeless bigots, xenophobes, and supremacists, unworthy of... Read More
"Perhaps its fate that today is the 4th of July, and you will once again be fighting for our freedom, not from tyranny, oppression, or persecution -- but from annihilation. We're fighting for our right to live, to exist...." - Independence Day, 1996   Once we understand this, all that's happening will make sense. [4th... Read More
Previously on SBPDL: In 2020 St. Louis - a 49% Black/43% White City - 92% of Known Homicide Suspects Were Black When pointing out black people are behind virtually all the gun violence in St. Louis, the only solution is to blame... food insecurity (despite seven percent of whites living below the poverty line in... Read More
Just make it illegal to arrest black people. Call it the George Floyd Pass, where you always get freedom even if you get caught committing a crime. As long as your melanin is the correct tint. Because the very act of standards in civilization dictating the act a crime means an individual judging the black... Read More
Do you want one story to prove Black Lives Don't Matter? Here you go. Pay attention. There will be a quiz at the end. Shot. [Charlotte’s unsolved mass shooting: There’s a reason police have no witnesses, activists say.,, 7/22/2020]: CHARLOTTE, N.C. (Devna Bose/Charlotte Observer) - Hundreds witnessed a mass shooting last month on Charlotte’s... Read More
Previously on SBPDL: Black Lives Matter Protesters in Minneapolis Rally for Black Criminal Killed by Cops, Leave Upon Learning the Criminal Is White... White privilege, right? Police kill white man in Portland, and make sure to reiterate it was a white man they killed so Antifa/Black Lives Matter terrorists won't riot. Because white lives don't... Read More
The Chicago Sun-Times has reported the murder suspect is black. Not one media outlet has reported the murder victim is white. Her Name is Anat Kimchi, a white female murdered randomly by a homeless black man in Chicago. [UMD doctoral student fatally stabbed in broad daylight in Chicago, CBS says,, June 22, 2021]: A... Read More
Previously on SBPDL:Freedom Rang Out on Juneteenth! Mass [Black on Black] Shooting in Oakland at the 2021 Juneteenth Festival Were America a nation dominated by "Karen's," and truly haunted by the legacy of Jim Crow, white privilege, structural inequality, implicit bias, and redlining, this video would be all that were necessary to play on network... Read More
PREVIOUSLY ON SBPDL: Freedom Rang Out on Juneteenth! Mass [Black on Black] Shooting in Oakland at the 2021 Juneteenth Festival If you can't laugh, you'll never understand they joyous nature of what Juneteenth exposes for those truly paying attention. [114 shell casings recovered at site of deadly shooting outside Aurora Juneteenth celebration,, June 20,... Read More
It wouldn't be a proper Juneteenth celebration without a black on black shooting at a Juneteenth parade! A mass shooting to boot![1 dead, 5 injured in shooting at Oakland's Lake Merritt, police say,, June 19, 2021]: One person is dead and five others are injured after gunshots were fired at Lake Merritt near the... Read More
Do we call this Peak Negro? If not, it's hard to come up with something topping this one. Seriously. [George Floyd statue unveiled outside City Hall in Newark,, June 17, 2021]: The city of Newark is paying tribute to George Floyd with a new statue in front of City Hall. Mayor Ras Baraka, actor... Read More
Pittsburgh is 64.8 percent white and 26 percent black… in 2015, 93 percent of known homicide suspects were nonwhite (low clearance rate in the city for homicides, entirely due to the black population protecting black criminals). Here’s the simple truth: 85 percent of the city’s 311 homicides between 2010 – 2015 had a black victim... Read More
Kansas City, Missouri is 55 percent white and 30 percent black. Our friends at the Kansas City Police Department put together one of the more thorough analysis of homicide available in all the nation on yearly basis. The 2020 Homicide Report was especially revealing, noting of 176 victims: 72 percent were black 20 percent were... Read More
Most important consideration when making a purchase online that will conclude with the transaction requiring an in-person exchange of goods: don't buy from blacks. His name is Alexander "Cody" Presley. He was a white man merely trying to by an ATV, and he ended up dying protecting his family from black criminals. [Branchville teen accused... Read More
In a city approaching being 80 percent black, one of the whitest (and nicest) communities in Baltimore has reached its breaking point with 37 small business owners threatening to stop paying city taxes until something is done to combat the rising [black] violence. Fells Point is 61 percent white, and with Baltimore's demographics approaching 80... Read More
Her name is Elizabeth Mann, a white grandmother of 8 and mother of 3. She was murdered in an attempted car jacking by a black female. Were white privilege, systemic inequality and implicit bias a reality, we'd all know what happened to Elizabeth Mann (she was murdered by a black female teenager in a "carjacking... Read More
The Great Replacement came to Jackson, the capital city of Mississippi. A little more than 50 years ago, Jackson was majority white. The civilization these white people was for a far different demographic than the racial group that inherited the city once white flight created a black majority. Sustaining the infrastructure they were bequeathed via... Read More
The ultimate question: was the black murderer in this heinous black-on-white murder in Fargo, North Dakota, a refugee resettled in one of America's whitest major cities? Was this murderer of an innocent white teenager brought to our nation by a refugee resettlement agency? Her name is Jupiter Paulsen, a 14-year-old white girl stabbed more than... Read More
So how is life in one of America's blackest city's, where the nearly 90% black population has created such a thriving community that no movie theater has been opened in more than 20 years... Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Jackson, Mississippi, where the cousin of Emmett Till is trotted out to tell the nearly all-black... Read More
No words. Because if white privilege, structural inequality and implicit bias were true, Laura Miles husband would never have had to heard her scream. Laura Miles was a white woman. Her abductor and murderer is a black male. [Husband of woman killed in Chesapeake heard struggle on phone before her abduction, court documents say, Virginian... Read More
  Imagine living in Seattle, Washington. You are a citizen of King County (renamed to “honor” Martin Luther King Jr. in 1986, because William Rufus DeVane King – who it was originally named after – was a slave owner). It’s a 71 percent white county. The 2020 King County Firearm Violence report, published by the... Read More
  Be a white man who loses two wives to cancer. Watch your 12-year-0ld son die of cancer, and still dedicate your life to the betterment of humanity. Give all of your soul and heart to improving the lives of others, and find yourself in your final moment of life murdered by two black males... Read More
Previously on SBPDL: In 92.4% Non-White Baltimore City Schools (76.6% Black), Black Student Passes Three Classes, Ranking Near Top Half of Class with 0.13 GPA...   No need to reinvent the wheel. Welcome to a school system where the student body is 7.6 percent white and 76.6 percent black (do the math… 92.4 percent non-white).... Read More
Let's take a quick look at what's happening in The City Too Busy To Hate. Shot: A black candidate for mayor, who moonlights as a city councilman, has advocated for defunding the police. Chaser: A bunch of black kids just stole his car in broad daylight. [Atlanta 'defund the police' backer has car stolen --... Read More
Previously on SBPDL: When Race Isn't a Social Construct, But Something to Bludgeon White People with on a Never-Ending Basis: Coca-Cola Forces Employees to "Try to be Less White"   It's no longer about profitability and return on investments for shareholders; it's about a never-ending apology tour (and forcing white employees through dehumanizing struggle sessions)... Read More
Just make it illegal to arrest black people and People of Color (POC). Please. End the games. End the charade. Law and order is dead. Just admit what's happening. [Seattle inspector general sends police chief a letter “urging” SPD to eliminate traffic stops for minor violations, Law Enforcement Today, May 22, 2021]: In a recent... Read More
I'll be there for you... Why do white people like the sitcom Friends so much? Because it is a show about a white people and unapologetically about white people. That's not allowed anymore. [Friends: The Reunion’ Under Fire for Lack of Black Celebrity Guests, Breitbart, May 16, 2021]: Showrunners for Friends: The Reunion are facing... Read More
His Name is Cash Gernon. A 4-year-old white boy, abducted from his home and stabbed to death by an 18-year-old black male. Were America a nation truly dominated by systemic racism, implicit bias, structural inequality, white privilege, and, yes, even white supremacy, we'd know his story and how this toddler was murdered far beyond any... Read More
We all know it's coming. It will happen in our lifetime. But what will it take? There is no such thing as white privilege in America, save an elite promoted to their position in life based solely on a devotion to advocating for advancing all things non-white. All at the expense of the standards set... Read More
Diversity is just another word for less white people. Somehow, our military's devotion to eradicating the number of white males involved in TRADOC will make us safer, more secure, and a greater beacon for democracy. [TRADOC hosts ‘game changing’ diversity and inclusion training, Army.Mil, May 5, 2021]: The U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command’s diversity... Read More
So an institute launched by a black college after a black college student was murdered by another black individual in 2012 proves Black Lives Don't Matter, and no one outside of Little Rock, Arkansas pays attention to the findings. ['It's a people problem:' Arkansas Baptist College hopes research institute reduces crime, KATV.COM, May 8, 2021]:... Read More
Take off the Mouse ears. It's okay to say goodbye to Mickey. The Walt Disney who interviewed Wenhrner Von Braun in the 1950s, compelling America to go to the stars, is dead. Where once the heavens were the goal of Walt Disney, now his namesake is entirely dedicated to the advancement of anti-whiteness in every... Read More
"Nobody Kill Anybody," was the plea. Black Lives Matter is the mantra, after all... It was a Ceasefire Weekend in 75% black Baltimore, a city that has lost 27,000 residents since 2010. Basically, black leaders pleaded with black people not to kill one another. Those pleas to remember Black Lives Matter didn't work. Ten black... Read More
Failing to provide the necessary fealty to Black Lives Matter immediately makes one a "white supremacist." In Texas, a state long believed to be home to the most American of Americans, Black Lives Matter (BLM) terrorists blocked a major road in Plano. A white man got out of his car and demanded police do something... Read More
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