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Almost Missouri on the beta testing of the corporatist neo-liberal establishment that was the Trump presidency: The State of the Union will be a heavily militarized event. Trump was mocked for wanting a military parade through the capital during his term; now Joe Biden is getting a permanent one. The left used to recoil in... Read More
There is no need to fear here. J1234 writes: Relatedly, a reminder that as the state-enforced eugenics movement of the Progressive Era was a predominantly leftist cause, so are the voluntary individualistic eugenics of today a primarily leftist cause. The following graph shows the percentages of people, by political orientation, who would want (or want... Read More
The following graph shows how views on abortion have changed over time by political persuasion: Ronald Reagan's famous Morning in America ad explicitly focused only on economic prosperity. The aesthetics hinted at cultural issues, but they were an afterthought. The modest differences between liberals and conservatives at the time explain why. By the time of... Read More
After a month in office, flip a coin to see if an American is convinced Biden is not a pretender: One-third believe the election was stolen from President Trump and the remaining one-sixth are not sure. The certified vote total has Biden beating Trump by less than 5 points but the YouGov survey respondent pool... Read More
The following graph depicts immigration sentiments by various demographics as measured by doubling the percentages who want immigration "increased a lot", adding to it the percentages who want it "increased a little", subtracting from that the percentages who want it "decreased a little", and finally subtracting from that twice the percentages who want it "decreased... Read More
The subsequent graph shows how baby boomers, defined as those born from 1946-1964, self-identified when asked about their political orientations in 1974 all the way through how they did so when asked in 2018: The one demographic trend American conservatives had in their favor--the positive correlation between age and a tendency towards rightwing politics--is at... Read More
In a week we will have confirmation that January 2021 was the best month for American incomes in history, surpassing the old record set in April of 2020 at the epidemiological nadir and economic zenith of the Covid crisis. This miraculous feat will occur in spite of record trade deficits and weekly jobless claims being... Read More
Almost Missouri on nature raw in tooth and claw: You are walking through the woods when you come upon a grizzly bear. It sees you and draws near. Whatever you're able to do in the next few moments constitute the full the extent of your "natural rights" in this world. Everything else is a privilege.... Read More
- Is the February cold snap climate modeling's stagflation? Probably not, but expertise from the comment section is thanked in advance for explaining why. Are there supposed to be days of record breaking low temperatures across huge swaths of the North American continent if the center of the temperature distribution is accelerating its movement towards... Read More
Racists are the neo-liberal establishment's biggest boogeymen. Communists are the right's biggest boogeymen. Because the neo-liberal establishment has a lot more influence in the modern West than the right does, racists are the worst thing a person can be. Even in the midst of The Great Awokening, though, a majority of Americans oppose censoring them:... Read More
There is no battle for the hearts and minds of the GOP electorate being waged. Trumpism has won decidedly. The idea that there is a McConnell/Romney/Cheney wing on one side and a Cruz/Hawley/Greene wing on the other among voters is fake news. The merchants of mendacity are lying when they frame it this way. The... Read More
The following graph shows the percentages of respondents, with the 13% answering "don't know" excluded, who express a favorable opinion of the people who trespassed into and vandalized the Capitol Building on January 6: Overall, for each person with a favorable opinion, six respondents express a negative one. Not as widely despised as 9/11 obviously,... Read More
Apropos recent remarks about how conservative whites will increasingly come to wield civil rights legislation as an aegis against systematic oppression against them, consider two current events germane to the subject. The first has garnered a lot of attention--gone "viral" as they say: But, but, it's whiteness, not white people per se! POCs can fall... Read More
If the UR commentariat thinks it's a bridge too far, dfordoom suspects the prospects elsewhere are grim: AaronB on how the elite uses the archetypal racist white prole in their morality play: It is the elites that are playing divide and conquer. They are trying to get you to focus on race and not on... Read More
Even Californians shot down a proposition to allow institutions more latitude in using race to make hiring, firing, and acquiring decisions. If immigration was the electoral $100 bill lying on the sidewalk in 2015, opposition to race preferences is the one lying there today. Support for it is limited primarily to blue checkmarks and their... Read More
The percentages of people, by belief or lack thereof in God, who think "religious extremists" should be forbidden from "publish[ing] their views on the internet": Because atheists and agnostics want to let religionists hoist themselves with their own petards, or because they are genuinely more tolerant of free expression and open inquiry than theists are?... Read More
The inverse correlation between total fertility rate and per capita CO2 emissions at the national level is a modest but not insignificant .35. I've little insightful to add to that result, a result more modest than I imagined it would be, but since it was a slog to calculate, it may as well be shared.
In 2018, the GSS queried respondents about their views towards major religious groups in the US. How things shake out, by 2016 presidential vote: Incredulity will be expressed about the Christian figure among Clinton voters. It's important to remember that Democrats are not just white liberals and they're certainly not just blue checkmarks on Twitter.... Read More
There is a substantial amount of pushback against hiking the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour and some resistance to student debt loan forgiveness, but the rest of the wish list is electoral catnip: Remember, Mitch McConnell lost the GOP the Senate by refusing to sign onto the promised $2000 $1400 stimulus premium Trump... Read More
Our elites, never missing an opportunity to weaponize Wokeness as means of to sowing discord among the population, have asserted it is unfair for elderly people to get the Covid vaccine ahead of non-whites. The public doesn't buy their nonsense, though. They know age is the biggest risk factor by a mile: Some humanity remains... Read More
Riffing again off a comment thread from a recent post on verbal intelligence by race and political orientation, average Wordsum scores among Democrats, independents, and Republicans by self-described political orientation follow. Wordsum is a ten-question vocabulary test with results that correlate with IQ at .71–quite rigorous for the social sciences, but of course not perfect.... Read More
Apropos a discussion in a recent comment thread regarding political orientation, race, and intelligence, let's take a look at what the GSS offers us. We'll use the Wordsum test. Wordsum is a ten-question vocabulary test with results that correlate with IQ at .71--quite rigorous for the social sciences, but of course not perfect. For one... Read More
Supply and Demand may be an Xer or maybe just an astute generational critic. Probably both: Wency goes meta on the GameStop escapade: It's bad that the incestuous, rigged system of corporate cronyism conspiring with the TreasureFedin has rendered a company's fundamentals as hardly even an afterthought to its valuation, especially in the short- to... Read More
A hobbyhorse around here is documenting instances of Thomas Sowell's Black Rednecks and White Liberals phenomenon at work. Briefly stated, it is the tendency for white liberals to be on one side of a cultural issue with blacks and white conservatives on the other side of it. Here's another addition to that index: Because the... Read More
Average (mean) support for a person to "end his or her own life" across four unfortunate life circumstances, by race: GSS variables used: RACECEN1(1)(2)(3)(4-10), HISPANIC(1)(2-50), SUICIDE1, SUICIDE2, SUICIDE3, SUICIDE4
The following graph shows public support for the right of a person to end his or her life by that unfortunate person's circumstance, over time: What was the minority position a generation ago now has the support of two-thirds of Americans. Most people support the idea of someone suffering from an incurable disease voluntarily taking... Read More
Net favorable (unfavorable) ratings of nine prominent US congressional members, by partisan affiliation: The new GOP women have hastily stepped in to address leftist TDS withdrawals. Republicans haven't instinctively rallied behind them in response yet. I suspect they will, but maybe these ladies will play the Goldstein role the empire so desperately needs someone to... Read More
He has a lot of work in front of him to stake out territory on Mars, but Elon Musk's weekly trips to the moon are becoming a regular thing. He tweets about a financial instrument, any financial instrument, and it immediately shoots up by double-digit percentages. What's going on here? A few possibilities come to... Read More
The following graph shows net support (opposition) to "the US government doing more to fight domestic terrorism" by selected demographics: Nearly twenty years ago, Republicans, flush with corporate cash, waged a war on terror while ignoring the perceived systematic civil rights violations perpetrated against groups like gays and immigrants. That war created countless terrorists and... Read More
From Pew Research comes an interesting survey on who the perceived demographic winners and losers will be under the Biden/Harris administration. Among Republicans: Republicans are being red-pilled. Four-in-five Republican voters are white, and they understand that the influence awarded to non-Asian minorities will come at their expense. Especially encouraging are the dual perceptions that the... Read More
The subsequent graph shows support today for FDR's executive order 9066 (though FDR is not mentioned in the question) that "created military exclusion zones during World War II and allowed for the forcible relocation of Americans of Japanese descent to internment camps", by selected demographics. The YouGov survey does not break out Asian responses. We'd... Read More
The following graph shows net support for toughening (easing) the legal requirements for obtaining a divorce in the US over the past decade by intelligence bucket as measured by the Wordsum vocabulary test. To avoid racial confounding and language fluency issues, the analysis is restricted to non-Hispanic whites born in the US. Values are calculated... Read More
Arclight on how it is mourning in America: The wheels are coming off of the international credit system. The crash is going to be spectacular. Assuming some semblance of elective government remains in place, it's better not to be behind the wheel when it happens. Almost Missouri offers a somber postmortem on the Trump presidency:... Read More
The subsequent graph shows net support for toughening (easing) the legal requirements for obtaining a divorce in the US over the past decade. Values are calculated by taking the percentages of respondents who think divorce should be made more difficult to obtain and subtracting from it the percentages of respondents who think it should be... Read More
Gaslighting, living in an alternative universe, or missing something? These are the things that go through my head when I see data like this. The following graph shows the percentages of Americans who perceived the large military presence at Joe Biden's sparsely attended--excluding the National Guard troops, that is--presidential inauguration: Excepting white men without college... Read More
There will be no wall and Mexico will not pay for it. Most Americans are okay with that. After all, we'll need a way to get out of here when the collapse comes! Excluding the 10% of the "not sure" responses, support for president Biden's executive order diverting border wall funds away from continuing construction:... Read More
As the saying goes, nothing is more permanent than a temporary government program. Support for extending the pause on federal student loan payments is broad and overwhelming. With the 13% of "not sure" responses excluded: For those with federal student loan debt there's a good chance forgiveness is coming. Risk tolerance will vary, but the... Read More
Everything the neo-liberal establishment doesn't like is "white supremacy". Kind of funny how the actual supremacists have weaponized accusations of white supremacy as a way to roll roughshod over any threat to their power, but it's effective so they do: This unprecedented mania, the ultimate in blow off tops, is a Trump residual, you see:... Read More
You're a hedge fund client. That means there's a good chance you make the rules or own those who do. Among those rules are those about Covid--the restrictions, the severity, who is impacted, how long the disruptions will last, how long the fear will linger--not because you know the specifics from the beginning, but because... Read More
The following graph shows net support for toughening (easing) the legal requirements for obtaining a divorce in the US. Annual values are calculated by taking the percentages of respondents who think divorce should be made more difficult to obtain and subtracting from it the percentages of respondents who think it should be easier to obtain,... Read More
In a previous discussion thread a question about the racial dimension of homelessness. Here are the US rates per 10,000 people by race as of 2019: Men comprise 70% of the US homeless population. As the tragic Pacific Islander figure suggests, Hawaii has the highest rate of homelessness in the country. At the risk of... Read More
Christopher Chantrill on a member of the Establishment who tried, and tried, and tried again--in vain--to tell that Establishment it was steering the ship of state into an iceberg: He gave them an answer predating Andrew Yang by over a decade. Instead of following his advice and instituting a UBI, they're going to raise the... Read More
The sample was drawn from the San Diego metropolitan area so sentiments by partisan affiliation skew a little further to the left than they would in flyover country, but the pattern must be broadly in line with that of the country as a whole:
Martin Luther blew the whistle on corruption and exploitation in the Church. He found sanctuary under Frederick the Wise in Saxony. Frederick wasn't especially interested in Luther's grievances, but he did have a desire to take the Holy Roman empire down a few notches. Edward Snowden blew the whistle on corruption and exploitation in the... Read More
One of the worst boomercon takes during the runup to the 2020 presidential election was that Joe Biden was the antifa and BLM candidate. It may have been an electorally useful tactic--though not useful enough--but in terms of truth value, there isn't much. To assume they have a candidate is to fundamentally misunderstand what those... Read More
Black Americans think the arc of history has been bending away from justice for generations: They must think Jim Crow was bad but Jim Snow is even worse! Okay, that's probably not it.
The graphic from the previous post updated to include three more Republican senators and a Democrat with a stellar political future in front of her: While Mitch McConnell doesn't get much love from anyone, at least he directionally aligns with the voter sentiments of the party he allegedly represents. Republicans scarcely like Romney more than... Read More
McConnell wants the GOP to dump Trump but the voters would prefer to ditch Mitch: It's hard not to sympathize with the independents' bipartisan negative assessments across the board. Julian Assange continues to rot in inhumane captivity and Edward Snowden remains exiled in a land admittedly less oppressive to the human spirit than our own.... Read More
A substantial minority of Americans do not think their fellow citizens should have the ability to protest against perceived unjust political actions. The following graph shows the percentages of people in opposition ("not sure", constituting 10% of the sample, are excluded): We are headed past authoritarianism on our way to totalitarianism. A sentiment like that... Read More
The following graph shows average perceived political biases of the major social media platforms by the public, computed by taking the percentages of each group who perceive social media as having a leftist bias and subtracting from that the percentages who perceive it having a rightist bias. Positive numbers thus indicate perceived liberal bias, negative... Read More