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William Woodward: Biden an Improvement on Trump?
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In the previous show Prof. Kevin MacDonald of the Occidental Observer joined Cat McGuire to discuss her article “I was at the Washington D.C. ‘Save America’ rally“. Both Kevin MacDonald and Cat McGuire are former leftists who no longer identify as such.

Another psychology professor, William Woodward of the University of New Hampshire, continues to espouse the same left-liberal ideals that have inspired his commitment to many causes, including 9/11 truth. Among his interests is the “neocolonial heritage of Western psychology”— a very different approach to the discipline from Kevin MacDonald’s. Woodward, unlike MacDonald, sees (faint) hope for a better US foreign policy under the coming Biden Administration. He recommends Ray McGovern’s “Can Burns Change the CIA?” and hopes the answer is “yes.”

Our discussion includes my attempts to explain to William Woodward that Kevin MacDonald’s positions are not as crazy or extreme as the MSM and ADL say.

(Republished from Truth Jihad by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: 2020 Election, Donald Trump, Joe Biden 
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  1. Wyatt says:

    There’s something churlish about boomers discussing political philosophy and only one of them has even a shred of pragmatism within the whole thing. It’s so easy for these old men to treat Trump’s unwillingness to murder innocent people in the Middle East as if it’s some point on a list that can be counterbalanced by some personal quality like “narcicissm.”

    Thousands of people are going to be murdered over the next four years for the benefit of Israel, but that’s not pressing. That’s not a cause for outrage or even concern. Trump put a halt on it, limited American involvement in an illegal war and annexation by a hostile foreign power that has a stranglehold on the American government.

    But that’s not really that important. What’s important is the analysis and the big brains who make their money and prestige on pretending to know what they’re talking about. Disgusting.

    • Replies: @Iris
  2. Iris says:

    I totally agree with your comment, and I find it to be archetypical of the opposing views often expressed on the UR by Americans who otherwise seem to share the same core values and objectives: retrieving their country’s sovereignty from the hands of Israeli influence and ending the demented spree of imperial foreign wars.

    In other words, people who seem to genuinely want the same things still manage to have completely opposite views of President Trump. I think the reason for this contradiction lies in “those that cannot be named and their agenda that can’t be exposed”.

    I have carefully read President Trump’s farewell address. It is amazing that he managed to, all along his speech, list all what, in his opinion, he managed to achieve for the sake and in the interest of the American people, but never uttered against whom he fought to achieve it. Such is today’s strange political discourse that the consequences can be acknowledged, but the causes never even uttered, just carefully tiptoed around.

    The truth is that no US President can put in words America’s Nr1 problem, the loss of its sovereignty to a cabal of foreign agents with control over the country’s main financial and economic levers, for he would end up at best as Nixon, at worst as JFK.

    Nobody can publicly say that the “greatest democracy in the world” has fallen under total control of a racist, backward Middle-Eastern ethno-theocracy, without risking losing their lives.

    The only clear and dissident policy statement President Trump made in his address was his pride in not starting any new war. This, at least, can still be said publicly as Team Zion hasn’t a valid excuse (yet) to sell a new foreign war.

    Ultimately, President Trump’s pandering to Israel and meeting every Israeli demand was probably his way of saving what could be rescued of American national interest, and in particular to stop the bleeding of economic and human resources in endless imperial war, a foremost Zionist goal but one they at least cannot publicly endorse . Those who criticise President Trump are barking at the wrong tree: his submission to Israel only reflects his realism about who really controls the USA.

    • Replies: @Kevin Barrett
  3. Dear Kevin,
    Could you please put up your John DeCamp interviews. It’s impossible to access them. Thank you Kevin for your work. You are a real Beni Adem. I learned more from your podcasts than years in these disgusting universities. God bless!, an anonymous fan

    p.s. I got into the whole pizzagate thing. Ritual pedophilia is the glue that ties the elites together. What a disgusting society. John Decamp, Nick Bryant and Homer van Meter were on to something. They worship satan to get “power.” Yes they do. It’s pretty obvious.

    • Replies: @Kevin Barrett
  4. @Do us a favor!

    Sorry, the John DeCamp interviews disappeared into the GCN archives. In 2009 GCN promised to send them to me, but failed to do so and stopped returning my emails. Maybe I pissed off Alex Jones?

  5. @Iris

    “Ultimately, President Trump’s pandering to Israel and meeting every Israeli demand was probably his way of saving what could be rescued of American national interest…” HILARIOUS! Thank you, Trumptard, I needed a good laugh.

    • Replies: @Iris
    , @profnasty
  6. Iris says:
    @Kevin Barrett

    That’s an extremely disgraceful, discourteous and incongruous reply I would have never expected from a highly-educated person.

    I often get annoyed to read how people insult you, because of your dissident opinions or your faith, but I see now that you are no better.

    I am actually neither a Trumptard nor an American. I am a European, and if you had a tiny modicum of information, you would have known that large swathes of European genuine political dissidence, left and right, do support Trump because he did show more restraint engaging into military confrontation with Russia.

    Similarly, having lived and worked in Arab countries for years, I have more close Muslim friends and acquaintances than you will ever make in your whole life. All the educated and savvy Muslims I know, especially the elderly family friends, are perfectly conscious that the impeccably-choreographed international media campaign against Trump, managed by the same parties who never report the abject abuse of Palestinians and other nations on the receiving end of Zionist genocidal policies, has only one meaning. That the former President, for all his flaws, did not adhere to a full-fledged Zionist war agenda for which the Middle-East and its people are going to pay a dire price under Biden.

    You are an utter intellectual disappointment. That is, of course, assuming that you really are who you pretend to be. Regards.

    • Agree: profnasty
  7. I can only bear five minutes listening to Barrett’s inner female. And like any woman, Kayla Barrett is oblivious to real danger while fixating on shallow things like Trump’s name calling. We just witnessed the death of the Constitution but Kayla Barrett cannot get over how rude Trump is. And just like every woman’s ex-husband, Trump is a ‘narcissist.’ When an honest history of the fall of Western Civilization is written, the Sis-minded, shitlib, so-called men like Kayla Barrett will be ascribed a leading role.

    • LOL: profnasty
  8. Oh, yeah, a senile man who has never achieved anything in his life is an improvement on a successful businessman who cut taxes, got unemployment to record lows, made us energy independent, and dialed back the Bush/0bama wars. I only wish he had ended them.

  9. profnasty says:
    @Kevin Barrett

    Love-Hate on you Kevin.
    Trump did less damage than most.
    All you anti-Trump intellectuals.
    What else you got?
    Sometimes you speak in chapters instead of paragraphs. / High intellectuals are not always great communicators. /Trump speaks at 3rd grade level, but he makes points clearly.
    Who is your viable candidate? Whomever, the Oligarchs will not accept him.

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