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Mark Anderson on COVID & “Global Cities”: Back Door to World Government?
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The road to global tyranny runs through national governments relinquishing their sovereignty. Most opponents of the New World Order have assumed the process would be top-down. But now a consortium of oligarchs and their pet politicians are making an end run around national sovereignty from the bottom up, by unplugging the world’s biggest cities from their nations, and plugging them into a bankster-dominated Global Cities network.

Who’s behind this? The Council on Foreign Relations and its spin-offs…the Bilderbergs…the Chicago-ruling Pritzker family…the Trilateralists…the Brookings Institution…in other words, the usual suspects.

How much power do cities and their mayors really have? Do mayors run the world, as Rahm Emmanuel claims? Thanks to COVID-19, can mayors can cancel basic human rights, even Constitutional rights, impose total surveillance through AI and the Internet of Things, and bring their cities into alliances with other cities on the other side of the world, under the aegis of their oligarch sponsors?

Mark Anderson hosts the radio show STOP THE PRESSES! MWF from 2 to 3 pm Central at, aka RBN; is roving editor of American Free Press, specializing in think tanks, global cities, monetary reform and Congress; is contributing producer for which includes a Christian perspective; and blogs at

(Republished from Truth Jihad by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: Conspiracy Theories, Coronavirus 
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  1. The Zionist plan for well over a hundred years has been to destroy all the countries and replace them with a Neo-fuedalistic global tyranny. The contrived wars using the Hegelian Dialectic thesis – antithesis has always been their best tool along with control of the fiat banking cartel to transfer all the wealth to the top and fuel ever more government and wars for Greater Israel.

    New tools have been deployed by the Zionist syndicate over time including the “global warming” (climate change) rolled out initially by the elite’s Club of Rome and pushed by Occidental Petroleum CEO, Armand Hammers political shill Al Gore. It is amazing how many sheep have been suckered in by the medical fraud of the fake virus, fake, test and fake numbers. Reporter Harry Vox exposed the present covid 19 in 2014 from Rockefeller documents of 2012. The CDC was founded by them and the WHO is a front for Zionist and Epstein partner Bill Gates. The vaccine scam has been going on since the so called Spanish Flu of 1918 and vaccines have never worked as shown in Nephrologist Suzanne Humphries history vaccines using pubic data in her book “Dissolving Illusions.”

    Scores of countries had ordered the fake PCR tests back in 2018. Gates had his “Pre pandemic” meeting on 10-18-19 after which our shabbas goy senators held their closed door meeting and tipped off their big donors. Several senators were caught using this inside information at the market top right before the virus was sprung. The mRNA GMO Gates chemotherapy injection does not even meet the legal definition of a vaccine since it does not impart immunity nor does it prevent transmission. How could it since the virus is fake, having never been purified, isolated, nor identified.

    The Zionist are not just using the puppet actor politicians such as Trump, Biden and most of our shabbas goy congress but have operatives in almost all key positions including most governorships such as Nancy Pelosi’s nephew Gavin Newson in Calf., former Soros employee Whitmer in Michigan and our Governor for Israel first here in Texas, Wailing Wall kisser and Zionist, Abbot.

    While the fake environmentalists have been prophesying cataclysmic ecological destruction ( we are always on the last ten years) and almost all coastal areas were supposed to be inundated years ago, the elites have used the Green house gas hoax (there is no such effect) as a means to implement the long planned Neo-feudalist austerity, poverty and deprivation of the Sustainable Development Initiative Agenda 2030-21 as laid out by the global bankers U.N.

    The Green New Deal, Agenda 21, and a new rollout of what is referred to as technocracy, first introduced in the 20’s and 30’s are all just a repackaging of the Zionist tool of Communism as presented by the early industrialists operative Karl Marx (Moses Mordecai Levy). Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s grand father was the head of the Technocracy movement in Canada. Musk, like eugiiesict Gates (father head of Planned Parenthood) is connected to the rest of the Zionist elite. Their aim is to destabilize the countries so they can be subverted and controlled by the super rich monopoly capitalists (the real controllers of communism) as was, laid out in Marx Manifesto. The number 1 plank is the abolition of all private property. The elite know that when property rights are gone, all other rights will follow.

    • Agree: Robert Dolan
    • Thanks: Insouciant
  2. The Zionist elite plan is to pay off Local city council members on a regional basis to implement the Sustainable Development Initiative Agenda 20-30 -21 as a contract with the U.N. This nullifies all property rights due to all kinds of environmental restrictions. The individual loses all natural rights and becomes a serf dependent on whatever privileges the regional commission allows.

    Thats just the beginning. The Zionists paint a picture of ecological harmony and equality. Lenin and the Bolshevik (Jew) thugs painted a favorable picture for the Russian peasants as well. The reality was the murder and starvation 30 million Russians while the Zionist Jews plundered the wealth of the country all while massive aid from the U.S. kept the Jews in power. Of the original 486 Soviet officials all but 16 were Jews. After the “Great Purge” of Stalin at the end of 1936 the top ranked officials of the 40 Soviet Republics i.e. party secretaries who held the actual executive power, consisted of 4 Russians, 2 Armenians, 1 Georgian, 1 Buryat and 41 Jews. All major projects in the USSR were done by slave labor from the 11 regional Gulag systems as reported by Solzhenitsyn. 10 of them run by Jews.

    This was all a great experiment by the Zionist elite. While Jewmerica’s taxpayers supplied constant agricultural, industrial and financial aid, the Zionists including the Jew Koch family, Rockefeller’s and many others on Wall St. made huge profits. The Technocratic tyranny of Agenda 2030-21 will end up the same way because it is driven from the top by a new generation of Zionists cut from the same cloth and heirs of the same diabolic agenda with the same purpose. Total control and plunder of all humanity. The same elite who have fabricated the world wide medical conspiracy of the fake virus with the Gates mRNA chemotherapy injection, have a place for all their livestock on the New Green Deal sustainable plantation.

    • Agree: Druid, Alfred
    • Replies: @Steven80
  3. Kaner says:

    Kevin . I actually got my eye caught there, coming from a land that had been ruled by, Israel Firster, former IDF, son of a father that helped take down the King David Hotel . I mean , if our military werent the biggest bunch of pussies, hed have cuffs on, boarding a one way plane to TelAviv. And make him pay for it. I do have compassion but i digress. … i still wonder why you associate with that disgraceful , juvenile embarrassment of a website known as VT. Uncle Gordie has truly gone senile . Or got a HUGE check. Im writing because someone just reminded me how we used to get Dr. Preston James of which nobody seems to know the whereabouts. He was a treasure. The only thing that was worth a shit going to VT was the 9/11 Nuke issue and MH17. Fantastic stuff, but long gone. Instead, we get Carol, who needs to understand not one person cares what she thinks , and what used to, Angry Mad at the World , ive never gotten laid, Ian . I wish Jonas would distance himself and go to something more credible and stop wasting his talent and sense of being reasonable . Im sure you have your reasons. Your the only one worth a darn to listen to there. . First person to give my any legit insight into Burma. @Tapley. Great stuff to copy/paste for reference

    • Replies: @Sinewave
    , @Kevin Barrett
  4. February 17, 2021 The Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports that South Dakota has received more than 189,000 doses of vaccine and administered nearly 163,000 of those, or about 18,500 doses per 100,000 people. That is one of the top rates in the country, according to the CDC.
    About 16% of the South Dakota’s population has received at least one dose of the vaccine and more than 7% has received two shots, according to state figures.
    So it seems the Governor is not telling the citizens of South Dakota to not take the dangerous vaccinations/really untested dangerous gene therapy and is fully co-operating with warp speed vaccinations.
    Check out the South Dakota Department of Health COVID …. Search Engine CDC South Dakota vaccination
    The masks are nothing compared to being shot up with who knows what and vaccination passports Hopefully the people of South Dakota are just receiving a placebo or last years flu vaccination and not the real mRNA shots DO NOT GET VACCINATED for something that statistically would not kill you and may not even be real, if it is a real circulating virus it was lab created to….. get everyone to take dangerous shots

  5. Steven80 says:
    @Mark Tapley


    I think there is something else – demographic situation is deteriorating rapidly, that means no western government can allow more of the same welfare policies. With less earners, few young and many old people, the governments are taking debt (printing money and pretending they’ll repay it) in order to keep the illusion that everything is OK. This is not forced in my opinion by the super rich and the bank owners (1% of the 1% – and you know who they are), because they have enough money.

    If any western government stops printing money (which in essence deprives young people of children, as many of them cannot purchase homes -money printing inflates home values, not only shares), the welfare state will collapse, and they will be voted out of power. There is no solution to the problem, short of benevolent dictatorship. WHich is not such a crazy idea…

    See this guy’s blog –

    The author simply explains what the powers that be are afraid of and why they act this way. Of course, Jews just pursue their own agenda, as they are asset owners and are getting richer with the current money printing. They are probably helping the process, which at this point is sadly unreparable.

    Which brings an interesing investing opportunity – whenever there’s a centralised media push for people to store their gold, silver and other assets into quazi government or bank custody (say, safe boxes in banks), they may be reading for the titanic bubble to pop. Another indicator- when many of you-know-which -tribe start getting second passports. It’s worth selling shares (if you own some) when this happens.

    • Replies: @Mark Tapley
  6. @Kaner

    I think VT is still very much worth reading, even though I disagree more with Gordon/Ian/Carol than I used to. Finding people you disagree with who are not utterly predictable imbeciles is always a worthwhile exercise, and VT can still be insightful and less than entirely predictable. Just trying to figure out what the heck Gordon is really thinking is worth the price of admission.

  7. Good interview, good information.

  8. @Steven80

    When the free market economy falls under control of a private banking cartel as happened in Jewmerica in 1913 the predominate socio-financial class is able to game the system for their benefit. This is what is causing the maladjustment and mismanagement of the economy. The overall population is not an issue as we see the same process underway in all countries where there is a privately owned fiat banking cartel as in practically all the world. Governments can do the same thing on their own but it gives them more credibility if the elite parasites use a third party.

    The insiders who desire to live in perpetuity off the wealth of the society overall set up a private banking cartel for three primary reasons. First they want to get all of the country’s banking under their control. They don’t want any competition. They want everyone under their paw. Second, by using their monopoly to generate fiat credit through this system, over time the wealth generated by the producers in the real economy can and will be transferred to the government (banking cartel elite parasites) at the top. Finally this banking cartel will work in tandem with their cronies in the government and the private sector to run financial scams including wars, financial crises and the usual boom and bust cycles as a means to fleece the flock with the insidious hidden tax of depreciation. The elites own financial guru, the Bolshevik pervert Keynes exposed the game long ago:

    “By a continuous process of inflation, governments can confiscate, secretly and unobserved, an important part of the wealth of their citizens. By this method, they not only confiscate, but they confiscate arbitrarily; and while the process impoverishes many, it actually enriches some….The process engages all of the hidden forces of economic law on the side of destruction, and does it in a manner that not one man in a million can diagnose.” There you have it.

    We have experienced this not only with the massive growth of the parasitic government with the manufactures of never ending conflicts (the health of the state) but in the repetitive boom and bust cycle all while a constant (as Keynes pointed to) cycle of wealth transfer has gone on since 1913 of ap. 50% every 17 years. This process has accelerated over the last decade since the “bailout for billionaires program in 08 and the insiders have made massive profits under the cover of the fake virus. Today Black Rock, one of the biggest groups of quasi government criminal Jew vulture groups has 8 trillion under “asset management” and will again as in 09 pick up massive amounts of failed businesses real estate and mortgage defaults as the result of the banking cartels “fine tuning, quantitative easing and stimulus packages.”

    The only thing the Zionist elite and their banking cartel are afraid of is that enough of the barnyard animals will figure that everything the elites do and say is a lie and a fraud. The elite know that at least 90% of the sheep will never do anything as long as they get one meal per day. That is why the Zionists make sure they control the media and “education” along with distractions such as adolescent sport venues and Jew entertainment.

    The fiat system depends on the creation of credit as a means to generate “money.” As debts are paid the money is extinguished (as well as the interest) and the process continues with new fiat lending. When you add say a 20 billion dollar per year deficit for the Israeli foreign Legion (U..S. military spending) and various transfer payments for all the socialistic programs then that debt must also be monetized through FED bond sales at auction with loads of other bad debt. This puts additional burden on taxpayers yet unborn and makes Jewmerica even more uncompetitive.

    None of this is a big problem as long as the Zionist elite can keep the herd rounded up and moving steadily along . The whole objective is control. Now Jewmerica’s once unassailable middle class has been eviscerated from all of this plundering of their wealth. Had this wealth been left in the hands of the producers instead of stolen by the cartels depreciation tax and wasted on contrived wars, multiple rackets including military spending, fake NASA programs and trillions on transfer payments, this country would be overflowing with peace and prosperity. Once the herd is completely plundered most of the population are just “useless eaters” as far as the Zionists are concerned. The purpose of the fake virus is to condition the goyim with fear of an imaginary virus so they will give up their natural rights while submitting to the mRNA injection to weaken the livestock and lower fertility to begin thinning the herd as the plans for corralling them in the technocratic Neo-feudalism of urban surveillance and control continues.

    • Thanks: Insouciant
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