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Jonathan Simon Offers Updates on Election Fraud
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Jonathan Simon, one of America’s leading election integrity experts, asks: “What happens when a dangerous and serial liar like Donald Trump blunders onto an inconvenient and disruptive truth? The truth Trump is inadvertently pointing to is not that elections in the United States are rigged, but that our privatized, electronic vote counting system is unobservable and incapable of proving that it is not rigged. This is a true crisis for American democracy.”

I interviewed Jonathan Simon before and immediately after the 2020 election. How have his views on the national crisis of confidence around Trump v. Biden developed since then? Listen and find out.

Here are two charts illustrating his findings suggesting the 2020 election was rigged for down-ticket Republicans:

The House

“The first systemic anomaly to emerge on post-mortem was that, of 27 U.S. House contests rated as ‘tossups’ by the Cook Political Report and The New York Times, Republicans were victorious in all 27. Assuming tossup equates to a 50-50 chance, a penny flip, the probability of such an outcome would be less than one in 100 million…Virtually all these contests, being highly competitive, were heavily polled by a variety of different polling outfits across the political spectrum (though most were regarded as politically neutral), using a variety of methodologies and sampling techniques.”

“We can also view these competitive House contests in terms of the red (or blue) shift and identify which ones ‘flipped’ from predicted outcomes and by how much. The chart on page 4 below presents the contests that flipped from blue (prediction) to red (outcome) and the single contest, in Georgia, that flipped from red to blue. The CDs are ranked from highest to lowest red shift; the right-hand column shows the expected Democratic win percentage and the left-hand column the principal equipment in use. The asymmetry is clear enough and the correlation of Election Systems & Software (ES&S) equipment with the most egregious red shifts worth noting.”
(Republished from Truth Jihad by permission of author or representative)
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  1. peterike says:

    of 27 U.S. House contests rated as ‘tossups’ by the Cook Political Report and The New York Times, Republicans were victorious in all 27.

    Well yeah, because Trump won in a landslide. They didn’t fix every House race like they fixed the Presidential vote. This “evidence” of “cheating” is actually massive evidence that Trump truly won, unless you’re a biased idiot like Jonathan Simon.

  2. Jim H says:

    ‘Of 27 U.S. House contests rated as ‘tossups’ by the Cook Political Report and The New York Times, Republicans were victorious in all 27.’ — Jonathan Simon

    One wonders whether Jonathan Simon was already born in 2016, when polls indicated all year long a cakewalk victory for Hillary the Inevitable.

    Turns out that polls were badly tainted by selection bias, coupled with a reluctance by respondents to admit an intention to vote for ‘a dangerous and serial liar like Donald Trump,’ in Simon’s locution.

    Poll discrepancies are weak evidence.

    Statistical analyses showing improbable imbalances in vote totals; improbable turnouts in precincts; improbable mass vote dumps; skewed Benford’s Law distribution of leading digits in precinct-level totals; etc are stronger evidence.

    Strongest of all are post facto audits like the one just completed in Arizona. Meanwhile, the Lügenpresse carries on baldly referring to such audits as ‘false conspiracy theories.’ AP’s ink-stained stenographers reached an unprecedented new low yesterday, quoting (or maybe not) unnamed officials: ‘[Maricopa] County officials have said the vote review is being run by incompetent grifters.’

    ‘Incompetent grifters’ — now there’s a colorful slander, particularly when its source is ‘protected’ (if she even exists). Almost as colorful as Simon’s ‘dangerous and serial liar’ slur.

    There’s only one way to fix the Lügenpresse — with baseball bats and bullwhips, judiciously applied to the Mainstream Media’s sneering snakes and serpents.

  3. Rubicon says:

    “J. Simon, an election integrity expert” calling Donald Trump “a dangerous serial liar.”

    Yeah, sure. Most likely J. Simon is a Jew…………..and we’re supposed to believe anything this person says?
    Mr. Barrett, quit being so naive. Find some honest people to interview that have a track record for their sense of integrity.

    • Agree: Just another serf
    • Replies: @Kevin Barrett
  4. @Jim H

    Poll discrepancies are weak evidence.

    You are being kind. I am on a polling company’s list for quick/spot online focus groups, and am allowed to provide comments at the end. I have mentioned several times, that any question that has two factors is not a valid question. For example, do you support a candidate whose position on healthcare and education is xyz? I may on healthcare, but not on education. Most people would answer what they support and ignore the other. When possible, I refuse to answer the question, as it skews results. If I have to answer I ensure it is negatively, which also skews results. When a series of questions are asked, it is not uncommon for polling companies to “lead” you to the core reason for the poll and answer the way they want you to answer.
    There is an old saying, the only poll that matters is on election day. with electronic voting, that is no longer true, because electronic voting is as rigged as telephone polls.

    • Agree: rgl
  5. Bite Moi says:

    This was a coup. We are now the world’s largest banana republic.

  6. Are these cosmopolitans worth talking to?

  7. Weird interview from a suspicious guy. I picture him working on his scatter plots while seated in a bagel shop on the upper west side.

  8. Massive mountains of evidence of fraud. Trump won for sure.

    And I’m not even a Trump fan.

  9. aj54 says:

    the author is attempting to preemptively cast aspersions and doubt on the AZ audit, which shows Trump easily won

  10. @Jim H

    I think that committing physical assault on the MSM presstitute vermin would be demeaning, morally inadmissable and a risk of contracting disease. Better sentence them to some nice stretch at hard labour, then a lifelong loss of civic privileges, like appearing in the press or on radio, TV etc. Perhaps they’d make competent pig-handlers, if the pigs are prepared to lower their standards.

  11. dimples says:

    Where does Mr B get all these idiots from? Does he pick them at random from the telephone book? Another bottom of the barrel jokestein.

  12. anastasia says:

    Another fraud pretending to be objective. Come out of the closet and show yourself buddy.

  13. Jonathan Simon leads off with:

    a dangerous and serial liar like Donald Trump

    That’s all you need to know. He’s clearly a partisan hack, and all that follows is a partisan criticism of the attempt by Trump’s supporters to conduct an audit in order to establish one way or the other — prove or disprove — their and Trump’s contention that the election was stolen.

    His partisan view fatally biases his analysis and disqualifies his conclusion.

    I would add that the massive resistance to the auditing of the election results in the various democrat-run large cities in the crucial swing states is a clear indication that the Democrats aren’t interested in clearing up the question of the legitimacy of the election. The Democrats “won” — by hook or by crook — and that’s all that matters to them.

    The divisiveness in the country doesn’t matter to them, since it can be exploited to serve their interests. They can brand the GOP base as extremist criminals and insurrectionists and violent domestic terrorists, and with that justify all manner of legalized revenge, and suppression of their political activities. The truth is that their resistance to any audit of the 2020 election results is grounded in their own guilty suspicion — possibly actual knowledge? — that the election was indeed stolen.

    The audits will continue and multiply as we approach the 2022 mid-terms and the fateful 2024 electoral moment, and if proof emerges that the election was stolen, there will be an unprecedented disruption in the American political system.

    I for one wait enthusiastically for the truth to be revealed, whatever that truth may be. Bring it!

    • Replies: @Sin City Milla
  14. Lots of diligent folks work hard to expose the steal, but to what end? Recucklican jellyfish wanted Trump gone. They saw their chance to rid themselves of the man who exposed them as lazy, cowardly fools (before becoming one of them.)

    Since no one is going to prosecute the thieves, Secession it is!

  15. In Germany, the wokest looney bin in all of Europe they have already begun to elevate JB into the Wallhalla of revered leftist crazies such as BC, BO, etc, etc.

    Germany, the gift which never keeps giving both Goy and Hebrew, including such bombastic contributions to mankind’s lunacy such as the Frankfurter Schule ( Hebrew) and the worldwide madness of “Gruen” ism. (Goy)

    The hate expressed towards DT in Deutschland being unmatched anywhere on planet mirth.


  16. @Rubicon

    Jon Simon’s ethnicity is irrelevant. But Trump’s loyalty to a genocidal foreign self-defined “Jewish state” is not. Trump is so Israeli-owned that he criticizes American Jews for not being as fanatically loyal to Israel, and disloyal to America, as he himself is!

    How did “Jew-hating morons for kosher nostra frontman Trump” attract so many members?

    • Replies: @Wyatt
  17. The fact that election fraud is only being investigated on the side of the loser (Trump) makes me think that the fraud in places like Florida was so extreme that Trump was likely the net beneficiary of any dirty tricks that both parties tried to play.

    Trumpkins just refuse to accept that people realized that Trump was an unrepentant Jewish actor and that good, honest American people chose the alternative, Catholic Joe.

    • Replies: @rgl
  18. Cking says:

    “We have put together the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of US politics.” JB. Does anyone believe Joe Biden won 81 million votes? It should be equally obvious to everyone as it was to me early on that Establishment Republicans were never in trouble. Simon’s assertion points to the obvious, lending credence to belief that election rigging occurred; Establishment Never-Trump- Republicans were rewarded for going along, ignored, and/or were never in trouble in getting elected or reelected.

    Gee, if the Dominion computer system, the pallets of ballots, taking three days to tabulate, until the electorate ‘got it right’ does not arouse your suspicion and therefore deserving of a recount and audit, where many more anomalies were discovered, I don’t know what will.

  19. @Jeff Davis

    I think we had that moment n it was a big yawn. The 2020 election was stolen in broad daylight n everyone knows it was stolen. No one cares, at least not enough people care to do much of anything about it.

    2024 will be more of the same, even more massive fraud by Dems, even more obvious with little effort at concealment, Dems crowing “our democracy worked”, Repubs pretending to be outraged then shrugging their shoulders n going on as usual. Maybe arrests of “white supremacists”, being anyone who dares to question the fraud. And more Repubs crossing the aisle to vote with the Dems against their own party, shekels jingling in their pockets.

    • Agree: rgl
  20. Anonymous[341] • Disclaimer says:

    “The first systemic anomaly to emerge on post-mortem was that, of 27 U.S. House contests rated as ‘tossups’ by the Cook Political Report and The New York Times, Republicans were victorious in all 27. Assuming tossup equates to a 50-50 chance, a penny flip, the probability of such an outcome would be less than one in 100 million…

    First: since when are we believing NYT polls? What they present as a tossup does not translate into a real world 50-50 chance – obviously.

    Second: the math is wrong. Getting the same coin flip result 27 times in a row is not one in a 100 million occurrence. The number you’re looking for is downright astronomical – obviously.

    • Replies: @Kevin Barrett
  21. @Anonymous

    First: NYT and other polling aggregates were extremely accurate in the US before the introduction of black box voting machines in 2004, and are still extremely accurate in most foreign elections. When they’re off, it’s a strong prima facie indicator of fraud.

    Second: Maybe my math is rusty, but it took 30 seconds and a calculator to see that the odds of 27 coin flips coming out “Republican” are approximately one in 134,228,187.92 which, as Jon Simon says, are “less than one in 100 million.”

    • Replies: @Patrick McNally
  22. @Kevin Barrett

    While I’m not a fan of Republicans (or Democrats) I don’t think one can rely on polling as well today as in 2004. It’s not just Diebold and such. The environment of today, especially in the last year with Black Lies Matter and Antifa running wild, means that all traditional means of polling are now suspect. There are many allegedly “toss-up” regions where someone today is contemplating a vote for Trump would not respond honestly, and for good reason. The classical assumption behind polling was that most people is asked wouldn’t hesitate to answer truthfully “I voted for Bush/Kerry/whoever!” Nowadays that assumption is a lot more dubious.

    • Replies: @rgl
  23. LOL ,”serial liar” what , you mean like Biden, Harris ,Obozo,any DEM in particular…actually doesn’t matter who/what DEM. Get a shovel.

  24. Wyatt says:
    @Kevin Barrett

    Because he spoke the language of the populist nationalists and because he didn’t give the long-noses what they wanted. They wanted Syria, he stopped the strikes on it. Bush followed the Clean Break Papers, Obama did as well and now Biden is going to continue the job. The primary reason the media hated Trump was because he not only was a threat to the Establishment, but because he wasn’t continuing the pattern of destabilizing every Middle Eastern country that was Israel thought to be a threat.

    The only time CNN called Trump “presidential” was when they thought he was bombing Syria.

    • Agree: Rubicon
  25. @peterike

    Either dozens of elections were rigged for House Republicans or a handful of swing state elections were rigged for Biden. Application of Occam’s razor points to the latter being more likely.

  26. rgl says:

    I wonder what the result would be were it to be found that indeed there was massive voter fraud? Would the election be declared a do-over?

    If it is found that Trump *actually* won, civil war couldn’t be ruled out. I would bet that republicans, if given the choice of supporting the case for fraud, or suppressing said evidence to prevent a wider conflagration would choose the latter.

    Personally, I think there will be a lot of sound and fury that will ultimately signify nothing.

  27. rgl says:
    @Patrick McNally

    Polls are entirely useless. A ‘sampling’ of 1000 people does not constitute a national consensus. As statistics go, polls are as easily skewed as presidential elections apparently are. You bring up a very astute point also … in today’s political climate, how many people – seeing violence done to people every day due entirely to their politics – would first survey the surroundings, and conclude an answer that won’t get them beaten to a bloody pulp by either the ‘woke’ crowd, or the ‘deplorables’.

    Good post you make.

  28. rgl says:
    @Supply and Demand

    The fact remains however, that a very large number of people do not believe that the election was fair. A very large number of people believe that political fuckery occurred.

    If for no other reason than to put this to bed, a comprehensive audit should be conducted. Restoring faith in the system should be the priority, not CYA.

  29. gepay says:

    It is obvious that Jonathan simond has a bias. He sounds like my mainstream Democratic relatives who still think Obama was a great President and person. To me that mainstream Republicans at lower levels clobbered the Dems is equally supposing that the vote for Biden was manipulated. He was the weakest Democratic candidate in the last hundred years. Nobody came to the very few rallies he held. I agree with jonathan that the 2000 and 2004 presidential elections were manipulated by the Repubs. But who remembers that Al Gore’s VP candidate was Lieberman. And look at what Kerry has done lately. Obama was someone who could talk like a decent guy you wouldn’t have been upset if your daughter had married him I agree with Kevin that Trump was a shill for the Israelis. I knew that Trump would be a disaster when I looked at his cabinet choices. Just different billionaires (deep state} for him than Hillary. the Deep State is not some small group of jewish illuminati. “Its a big party and we aren’t in it.” George Carlin. Who ever is pulling the strings on Biden is just obviously more competent then whoever was running the Hillary camp. More competent about getting what they want from the American electoral “system”. US foreign policy is still the main contributor to the worlds misery. As Putin said, the names change but the policy remains the same. Two wings of the same bird of prey.

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