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US Air Force Flew Full-Loaded F-16s from Japanese Base to Menace China
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The F-16 really is a beautiful piece of engineering.

It is the Silver Wraith of the skies.

The Drive:

The four U.S. Air Force F-16 fighter jets that recently flew a mission over the highly contested South China Sea were photographed landing at Yokota Air Base in Japan, en route to their home base at Misawa. The images confirm that these jets were armed for counter-air operations with a heavy load of live air-to-air missiles. The jets’ appearance in the South China Sea last week coincided with the biggest presence of People’s Liberation Army aircraft in Taiwan’s southwest air defense identification zone (ADIZ) in recent times: 25 aircraft in all.

The Viper photos, taken by Iori, whose tweets can be found here, detail the jets’ extensive armament. Each jet was armed with five beyond-visual-range AIM-120C-7 AMRAAM air-to-air missiles and a single short-range AIM-9 Sidewinder — one of the latest AIM-9X missiles on some of the jets, or an older AIM-9M on the others. Under the belly, each aircraft was fitted with an AN/ALQ-184 electronic countermeasures self-protection pod. All of the weapons were live, a relatively uncommon sight, especially over Japan, and indicated that this was much more than a simple long-distance training mission and, instead, a calculated signal to the Chinese military and possibly even a contingency operation.

As evidenced by the AN/ASQ-213 HARM Targeting System, the distinctive pod-mounted sensor found under the right side of the aircraft’s intakes, these jets are the radar-killing Wild Weasel F-16CM versions but, on this occasion at least, they were carrying maximum air-to-air load-outs. That these live missiles were then taken over the sensitive South China Sea suggests a willingness to demonstrate U.S. ability to generate defensive combat air patrols (CAPs) in proximity to Taiwan, as well as other hotspots in the region.

The photos were taken on April 17, when all four of the jets that had been involved in the South China Sea flight on April 12 touched down at Yokota Air Base, in eastern Tokyo, at around 3:00 PM local time, presumably for a fuel stop, before departing again around 5:00 PM. They then flew home to Misawa Air Base, their home station, around 400 miles further north.

The American people should be asking if a war with China is actually desirable, but there seems to be no interest in that question.

The people should ask: “How is this good for America?”

Instead, people seem to be totally unaware that it is even a question they should be asking.

Most right-leaning people in America are still stuck in a very unfortunate fantasy wherein Joe Biden is actually an agent of the Chinese. This would mean that China, through their control of Joe Biden, is running a massive smear campaign against itself, and threatening a war with itself.

Schizophrenically, right-wingers who more or less deny the coronavirus will also claim that China sent the coronavirus as some kind of biological weapon.

I’ve been reading the WikiHow on How to Talk to a Schizophrenic in order to try to explain to Republicans the fact that the Jewish media is using the China thing as a distraction, while also plotting a war against them to solidify a global government system. It hasn’t really helped. They typically just accuse me of being “in on it” with the Chinese.

When these people start talking about alleged threats from China (most of which are not based in reality at all, a few of which are distorted truths), I’ve really focused on the fact that China is most concerned about Taiwan, and that the US could more or less get any demand fulfilled in exchange for surrendering Taiwan, but it just doesn’t register.

Meanwhile, the left is unconcerned about foreign policy completely, and is focused on attempting to start a war inside of the United States, against the cops and against white people.

As far as I can tell right now, it seems more likely that Russia will be the first target of the current military regime of the United States. The military is threatening both Russia and China equally, but there is more chatter in the media aimed towards justifying a war with Russia.

Russia would also, very clearly, be an easier target than China. Russia has a lot of internal problems, which would become much exaggerated during a war.

The end goal is to overthrow all regimes that are opposed to the Western, Jewish-dominated New World Order system. So both Russia and China are going to have to change their governments in the near future. However, taking out Russia would mean that China is the only major target left.

The biggest question right now is how much, if at all, China would commit to helping Russia defend herself against a ZOG attack.

A war between the US and the combined forces of Russia and China would be interesting. A war between the US and Russia alone would not really be very interesting. Despite how nutty the US has gotten, the ZOG military still maintains the ability to pretty well crush Russia. That’s true at least as far as an observer is able to observe.

If you don’t think this is really happening, then you probably need to rethink that: StratCom just issued a warning to Americans that we might be nuked as a result of the Biden Regime escalating tensions with these two nuclear powers.

Over the last years, we’ve seen a total march toward a New World Order, but a New World Order cannot exist alongside these two independent regimes. Therefore, it is a historical necessity that these regimes be crushed.

Whether or not Americans are taking this seriously or are more concerned about sussing out the Mystery of the Racist Cops, the rest of the world is very much focused on the bizarre, deranged actions of the US military.

When we said that the Biden Administration would be war-hungry, even we couldn’t have predicted that they would be this aggressive. Probably the most frightening part of all is that no one really seems to have any idea who is in charge. The military seems to largely be operating on its own, with the Administration officials and the media left to simply explain what the military is doing after the fact.

So, basically: make sure you have a desk to hide under.

(Republished from The Daily Stormer by permission of author or representative)
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