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The Dictatorship of Numbers
In Continuation of a Conversation with Paul Craig Roberts
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Here are few numbers, we’ll start with two: 447 million and 4.67 billion. These two numbers speak volumes, and are in the foundation of the America’s decline and increasingly irrational behavior which may, quoting Bachman Turner Overdrive’s famous hit, get us to the point of a proverbial ain’t seen nothing yet. The first number is a population of European Union, while the second one is a population of Asia. Asia’s population constitutes around 60% of all the world’s population. Second place in this count is taken by Africa, around 1.37 billion, and the third–by Latin America and Caribbean with respectable 659 million which is considerably larger still than the population of the European Union. The Northern America’s population is around 371 million, which in the larger scheme of things doesn’t look that impressive. In fact, it isn’t.

The history of colonialism—I deliberately omit here this qualifier “Western”, there were all kinds of colonialisms—as related to classic capitalism was more than just about exploitation of colonies for the benefit of metropole. While images of extraction of natural resources from colonies and shipping those to metropoles are correct, they do not form a complete picture. In the end, colonies were viewed as markets where metropole would sell its products. The larger the colony, the more numerous its population was, the larger was the market for products manufactured in metropole. This all made a complete, however often bloody, economic sense in the times of a good ol’ industrial capitalism when metropole would get resources from colony and turn them into finished product and then will ship this finished product, with a huge value added, to be sold in colony. For Native Americans who sold Manhattan to Dutch in 1626 for allegedly, and hotly contested by historians, $24 worth in finished goods, whatever was offered was a huge value for them because they could not produce those items, be that, as mythology states, shiny glass bids or whatever else much more technologically advanced Dutch would offer them. That is how it worked more or less for centuries. The more and better items one produced the richer one would become. That is until FIRE economy and simulacrum of the post-industrialism were revealed to the world by people most of who would have difficulty passing a general contractor exam, not to speak of getting industrial engineering degree.

Fast forward to May 2000 to the passage of House Resolution 4444 China Trade Bill. In one of the most profoundly mindless and ignorant statements of America’s foreign and economic policy, Bill Clinton proclaimed that:

“Today the House of Representatives has taken an historic step toward continued prosperity in America, reform in China and peace in the world. If the Senate votes as the House has just done, to extend permanent normal trade relations with China, it will open new doors of trade for America and new hope for change in China. Seven years ago, when I became president, I charted a new course for a new economy—a course of fiscal discipline, investment in our people and open trade. I have always believed that by opening markets abroad we open opportunities at home. We’ve worked hard to advance that goal of more open and more fair trade since 1993, all the way up to the landmark legislation I signed just a few days ago to expand trade with Africa and the Caribbean Basin.”

Cringeworthy in its sheer falsity and insufferable pathos—the economic equivalent of Chamberlain’s “Peace in Our Time” 1938 proclamation, after signing the Munich capitulation to Hitler—Clinton’s declaration rattled even those who otherwise wouldn’t even pay much attention to the economic affairs of the United States. China, wasn’t upset; why would it be? Both NAFTA and China’s accession to the WTO served as a massive vacuum cleaner sucking the life from American industries and, to be sure, these weren’t banking or financial consulting “industries” which were being shipped abroad. American manufacturing started to leave its own shores. America started to lose its only tool which was and even today remains the only valid mean to an end of economic prosperity—manufacturing capacity. A concept which is beyond the grasp of most American economists and political pseudo-scientists most of who today wear Chinese tailored suits, carry iPhones manufactured in China and use laptops and PCs assembled there as well.

To be sure, America still produces some things—civilian aircraft, as an example. But since the whole Boeing 737 Max affair, which can only be described in strongest profanity, the shining from the polished outward façade of Boeing is largely gone and the stalwart of the American commercial aviation has de facto lost competition to its EU rival Airbus. Cars? Sure. America still remains competitive at manufacturing trucks. The rest? America’s sedans are not competitive and lose out to Japanese and Korean car makers both domestically and internationally, enough to take a look at Ford losing Russian market to Asian, Russian and EU automakers, with the last Ford Focus plant closed in Russia recently. In other, rather startling development, America’s main soft power export, Hollywood is losing its piercing power in China and in Russia. In fact, it is not just losing it, it already lost it. If such a proposition would have been laughed at 20 years ago, the fact that Russian-made movies dominate today Russia’s box office is accepted as absolutely normal. Same is true for Chinese movie market, so much so, that Hollywood is forced to pander to China to have a shot at gigantic Chinese movie audience. Even before the pandemic, Hollywood performance was not impressive and was on decline. Hollywood’s “values” of a radical feminism, anti-male misogyny and promotion of the sexual deviancy are hardly in demand in largely conservative Chinese and Russian societies.

Sure, there are some items which the United States manufactures today which are in demand, or, if one gets to the reality of it all, forcefully imposed on customers—America’s hugely overpriced and dubiously effective weapon systems. This is what remains of once America’s mighty industrial plant which could produce anything from socks and kitchen combines to good combat and excellent commercial aircraft. Today this capacity is no more, since it is China who is the world’s consumer goods main manufacturer, and the only way the United States is capable to secure any market for its weapons is to retain Europe, NATO that is, as its main customer and vassal. NATO will gladly (if not, color revolutions are a good tool for convincing those who have doubts) “buy” America’s weapons and “defense” of Europe, but America needs Europeans to believe that hordes of democracy-hating, only two-gender accepting, backward bearded Russian Ivans are ready to pounce to deny Europe her favorite values of a complete sexual depravity, her cities, also known as dirty multicultural cloacae and declining economy for the reasons only Americans know, while Russians overwhelmingly, especially Russian youth do not want to identify themselves as Europeans.

So, to convince those 447 million EU’s residents that they need America’s protection and weapons, America needs Russia to get into the war in Ukraine and if it will end up with utter destruction, and it will if Russia really decides so, of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and, likely, Ukrainian statehood, so be it. Americans never really cared how many aborigines die, as long as it works for the US bottom line. Or, if one may, a condition of American condition, which is deteriorating steadily because not only the United States increasingly has very little of substance, that is of high value added, to sell to the world, but forming economic and military monster of Eurasia removes the United States from its, grossly exaggerated to start with, self-proclaimed status of global hegemon to the status of, at best, one of the few big shots on the planet. At worst, the United States is removed from Eurasia as a viable competitor and is relegated to a status of a regional power—still powerful relative to its continental neighbors but not having a shot at this second number of 4.67 billion. This is a big chunk of population and customers. Now imagine if the United States loses EU. Suddenly 4.67 billion become 4.67 billion + 447 million = 5.117 billion, it is 65% of Earth’s population. It is a huge majority of world’s population and, most importantly, population much of which can pay for goods, unlike it is the case with gigantic population of Africa. Moreover, this population is concentrated within a single continental mass which is insulated from the United States by two oceans. The United States cannot allow this consolidation of the market to happen and the loss of Europe, Washington’s thinking goes, is tantamount to capitulation. So, the United States must hold on to EU, or whatever it will become once EU inevitably collapses, and NATO remains the only tool to drive European weaklings into submission. Making Russia obliterate Ukrainian Armed Forces is a perfect way to scare Europeans into abandoning any attempts to economically compete with the United States and deny them access to Russia’s energy.

Considering an extremely low level of Western scholarship in the field of practical geopolitics and its pseudo-scientific offspring—geoeconomics—which failed for the last 30 years to come up with even the fuzziest description of the emerging world, it doesn’t matter if the United States “retains” Europe or not anymore. The reasons for the utter failure of those “academic” predictions and resulting policies are numerous but few of them are worth focusing on.

  1. Europe is not anymore a crucial trade partner for Russia and mutual trade plummeted in the last few years. The trend will continue and it is not only due to America’s pressure, albeit that too, on EU but is a result of Russia steady change of both economic model and her reorientation towards Asia which is now largely complete. Russia simply doesn’t need anymore many goods she used to buy in the EU. The policy of import substitution on average is a success and Russia economically insulating herself from the West will continue.
  2. A much-discussed pipeline of Nord Stream 2 is, actually, not a crucial economic project for Russia anymore. Russia can absorb losses if the project eventually sabotaged by the United States and its European poodles such as Poland, but for Germany, and EU in general, this sabotage will result in catastrophe, due to European greens’ suicidal energy policies which make European goods costs extremely energy-dependent. In realty, America’s attempts to sabotage Nord Stream 2 are primarily directed against EU in general, and Germany in particular, not against Russia per se.
  3. The United States lost the arms race. America’s weapons acquisition process and military doctrine-mongering cannot be viewed anymore as a normal, that is logical and justified, process. While still being able to produce some state-of-the-art platforms and enablers, such as signal processing, combat computer and communications networks, recon assets, in terms of actual weapons the United States begins to lag behind Russia not just in years but in generations. As recent, February 2021, Congressional Budget Office report on missile defense admitted, the United States is defenseless against salvo of combination of new Russia’s cruise missiles and that there is nothing to stop them. There isn’t. US air defense systems lag behind Russian ones dramatically and the gap only grows with Russia’s S-500 getting into serial production and the latest S-350 already being deployed into the first line units.
  4. The United States simply cannot develop modern supersonic anti-shipping missile and the US Navy is forced, incomprehensibly, to buy Norwegian Kongsberg Naval Strike Missile—an underwhelming subsonic missile which is no match for modern high supersonic and hypersonic strike weapons Russia deploys, and is not survivable in modern air defense and ECM environment.
  5. Lastly, the intellectual level and the level of awareness of modern American elites is in a precipitous decline, which inevitably resulted in the embarrassment of America’s last elections, especially scandalous debate between two geriatric candidates in 2020, which paraded the US as Springeresque tawdry TV show. Resultant loss of a legitimacy and yet another confirmation of the America’s position as a non-agreement capable entity hardly serve as boosters for America’s already tarnished reputation as a big-mouth bully and its elites being uncultured and uneducated.

The United States already fails to meet a number criteria imperative for the status of superpower, among which a military one is crucial. If some American military “strategists” still exercised a suicidal idea of fighting Russia conventionally in Ukraine in 2014, today in 2021 such an idea is downright mad, because the United States cannot win conventional war in Russia’s vicinity and any US force will be annihilated. This leaves the United States only two options:

  1. Indeed, believing its own propaganda, try to unleash mayhem in Ukraine, provoke Russia into a direct military operation and then introduce whatever the force US and NATO will muster into the theater of operations. Any such plan is bound to fail miserably because not only such a force will be annihilated but participating NATO nations will face the possibility of their military installations destroyed by stand-off weapons. That raises the possibility of US escalating to nuclear threshold which means that the United States may cease to exists as a country. This is an undesirable plan and majority of US policy makers, bar some severe cases of psychological Russophobic disorders which are numerous in the current Administration and America’s elites, understand what it means. So, while not completely impossible, a probability for such a plan being implemented is fairly low. Not to mention the fact that for the US to fight conventionally around Russia will require assembly of the force which will dwarf whatever was assembled for the First Gulf War. There, the United States had almost 6 months to do so.
  2. So, what’s left realistically is to push Ukraine into the suicidal campaign with Russia being designated aggressor before even the first shots are fired. What the United States does not recognize is the fact that this unties Russia’s hands who already has an overwhelming escalation dominance not only over Ukraine, but whatever might be attempted in terms of “support” for irrational regime in Kiev. Russia has many options, the United States has one—it needs war in Donbass, which, Washington’s thinking goes, will allow to drive Europeans into submission, which allegedly should allow the United States to save her hegemonic status. It will not even if Europe is driven into submission.

United States today has the only one resource left which allows it to stay relevant—virtual reality of both money “printing” press and of the media propaganda which is increasingly ineffective. One could hide America’s decrepit cities, mass riots, destruction of the education system, incompetence of political and military top echelons, suicidal social practices and breakdown of law and order, aggravated by huge lines to food banks for only so long. Now it is in the open and even subjugation of Europe and, allegedly, opening Europe’s markets to those few items the United States can still provide for its clients there, does not change the fact that the United States as it exists today has no future with or without Europe and that it still has to recon with China’s immense manufacturing capacity and Russia’s advanced military might which drive unification of the Eurasian market whether the United States unleashes war in Ukraine or not. Even without EU this market dwarfs whatever the United States will be able to “salvage” in order to avoid relegation to a lower league. It cannot stop a process which was ongoing for years now, once Russia, after, the bloody coup in Ukraine, understood that there is nobody to talk too in the combined West which apart from losing its military and economic power, started to disintegrate from the inside due to Western societies becoming increasingly totalitarian and unable to face the reality that we still live in the highly industrialized world which needs energy, industrial plant and weapons which will defend them. Both China and Russia seem to accumulate all that and with it the fate of the United States is sealed. Bill Clinton may have thought that he “charted the new course for a new economy” in 2000, too bad for him, and the US, the “new economy” turned out to be an old one. What? You didn’t think that jeans, smartphones and rocket engines grow on the trees, did you?

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  1. Both NAFTA and China’s accession to the WTO served as a massive vacuum cleaner sucking the life from American industries

    Really? The chart, below, suggests that China had nothing to do with American industries’ decline:

  2. anonymous[139] • Disclaimer says:

    The oil pipeline to Germany may not be financially important to Russia but it’s a political step in the direction of greater German-Russian cooperation. There’s always been a school of thought that the two could have a very successful symbiotic relationship, each having things useful to the other. The issue has been in building confidence that neither would want to exert control or threaten the other. Putin’s policy has been to be as non-threatening as possible in furtherance of this, being seen as reacting to provocations rather than initiating actions that could be construed as aggressive. The US role is to sabotage this by creating conflict on the ground and thus keeping itself relevant along with its instrument NATO. Ukraine provides a great opportunity, pushing its dupes forward into the line of fire and creating chaos for years to come. If the supposed leadership of Ukraine follow through with some rash action they’ll then flee westward to collect their reward, leaving their countrymen holding the bag. They may settle on a policy of low level provocation, shelling and attacking on a regular basis, hoping for a disproportionate response. Russia is engaging in something of a waiting game where the US weakens internally from political and cultural decay and internal divisiveness. In thirty years the geography of Germany and Russia won’t change but the US may have diversified itself into an atrophied version of itself, loosening its hold in Europe.

  3. @Godfree Roberts

    Oh, yeah.

    The process honestly began right after WWII, when a triumphant (in the worst sense of the word) America told Japan, Not-True-Korea, and Germany that America would help them rebuild and modernize their factories, purchase their industrial goods, and allow them to have a protectionist local economy. Thus, my grandfather’s workshop here in America was using 100-year old motors, while Japan was getting up-to-date manufactories and an economy that was able to nurture, invest in, and develop them. This all made sense from an “empire” stand point, but was self-destructive in regards to the majority of the population. It all might have even been okay of America also invested in itself (outside the corporations which benefited from the looting of Germany…which, fair is fair in war), but it didn’t, because America’s rulers have never much given a damn about their own people, let alone anyone else’s.

    China was just the continuation of a trend.

    Anyhow, America’s best option going forward remains making peace with the world, adopting an old school Russian\American\German or New School Chinese industrial economic model, peacefully trading where it needs to, and seeking help where necessary (the Chinese and Japanese seem pretty great at making trains and airports these days), and most importantly, uniting with Mexico, Canada, and Central America in a kind of egalitarian union state where we can do most of our own production.

    Then, we’d be sitting on about 600+ million people, and could probably have a moratorium on the rest while we do to the Americas what the OBOR and TSR were doing to Eurasia.

    It’s like the Good Alternate Reality version of the Monroe Doctrine.

  4. Levtraro says:


    On the one hand USA/NATO bigshots want a big and photogenic Ukrainian-Russian war that completely wipes out the current Ukrainian political and military leadership in order to scare the EU and thus help maintain the EU within the USA military orbit, while at the same time launching a new propaganda campaign of Russian demonization to, among other things, cancel NS2.

    On the other hand the Ukrainians only want to cut their losses so they just want a tiny timid little war just enough to force, they hope, the Germans to cancel NS2, against their own economic interests, to save those gas transit fees that they so much need given the state of the Ukranian economy.

    On the yet another hand the Russians don’t want any war, big or small, but they have promised to go big and threatened the Ukranian statehood if the Ukraine launches her limited tiny timid little offensive intended to force, they hope, the Germans to cancel NS2.

    Difficult to predict the outcome but it seems on balance the most likely outcome is no war.

    • Replies: @Beckow
    , @Tom Welsh
  5. the United States as it exists today has no future

    Prophetic words!

    • Replies: @Fr. John
    , @Wally
  6. For Native Americans who sold Manhattan to Dutch in 1626 for allegedly, and hotly contested by historians, $24 worth in finished goods ….

    You choose an interesting illustration of exploitation, because the Canarsie tribe only had claim to the southern part of Manhattan, but weren’t very clear on this to the Dutch, who thought their purchase included the northern part of the island, which were hunting grounds of the Wappinger tribe. Kind of an early version of selling someone the Brooklyn Bridge.

    Then there’s this …

    China Secretly Purchases Hollywood

    Media industry analysts have warned that Hollywood has become so awash with Chinese funding that China now essentially owns and controls most of the Hollywood entertainment industry.


    And this …

    China is about to own New Year’s Eve in New York.

    A Chinese billionaire is buying Dick Clark Productions, which owns Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Year’s Eve as well as other big-name properties such as the Golden Globes, the Country Music Awards and the Billboard Awards. The price tag is about $1 billion, although The Wall Street Journal says it has recently been valued at considerably less.


    Yep, in addition to owning pieces of major Hollywood studios, the Chinese own the rights to America’s premiere party.

    Hollywood’s “values” of a radical feminism, anti-male misogyny and promotion of the sexual deviancy are hardly in demand in largely conservative Chinese and Russian societies.

    No, but if you wanted to crush the Yanquis, you might weaponise their own culture against them by hollowing out their values.

    I won’t even bother with ChiCom influence over American sports, which has been trumpeted in the last few days since the MLB All-Star Game decision; suffice it to say, the NBA and NFL are also having strings pulled by the Chinese.

    Talk about selling your country down the river. US leaders aren’t even bothering to offshore assets anymore.

  7. SteveK9 says:
    @Godfree Roberts

    Pointing out the obvious, this is not a measure of decline. I suppose when manufacturing is fully automated and manufacturing employment is nearly zero, that will mean there is no manufacturing?

  8. SteveK9 says:

    I would agree with everything here, except the degree. Things are not that bad for the US in general. I’m going to have to find a good analysis of the US manufacturing economy, but I can tell you on a small scale … medical devices along with the support industries, the US still has many terrific manufacturers. I often tried to buy some ‘cheap’ stuff from China and India … glass syringes, double planetary mixers for example. The products were junk. That is probably changing but even China admits that at the highest end of manufacturing they are still lagging. Japan/China have always been imitative, not innovative. That is not true of Russia however. I would agree that China, India, etc. continue to advance and have caught up to the West in a number of areas, but who cares?

    Trump’s plan to disengage from the Chinese economy was a good one, but too many interests here to be successful.

    America’s problems are all internal and mostly cultural at the moment. America has no external enemies. MIC creates them, to maintain its existence at the bloated level it has reached. The American empire is not necessary nor advantageous for Americans, it just serves the purposes of the usual greedy and power-mad crowd that exists everywhere there are humans.

    If the rest of the World ceased to exist it would mean nothing for the welfare of America … in principle. America has every resource necessary (the same is true for Russia by the way). There are still plenty of fossils fuels around (Alaska) and even if we ran out, there is an unlimited supply of uranium (and thorium). That is not to say, that America could not destroy itself, which it is in the process of doing.

    The founders of America are rightly regarded as men of genius. That system may not have been perfect (although it contains within it methods to correct any defect), but it is as close as humanity is likely to come and it has influenced every system of governance on the planet, including Russia and China. The problem is not the system, it is the fact that we are in the process of destroying it. Hopefully that process will not continue but it will be the work of decades to reverse the effects of ‘wokeism’.

    The moment I felt that something had gone seriously wrong was after the 2016 election, the Democratic Party decided that it would tell obvious and grotesque falsehoods about Trump’s ‘collusion’ with Russia. Attempting to gain political advantage by telling lies, which could lead to a war with Russia, and leave the US a smoking pile of radioactive ash (along with most of the rest of the World) is truly despicable.

  9. @SteveK9

    As a share of GDP, manufacturing has held steady at 18% for a long time, but that’s cold comfort to the millions of manufacturing workers who have no jobs.

    Similarly, China’s trade embargoes have had little effect on Australia’s GDP thanks to income from Australian mineral exports. But, as a share of employment, the embargo has been devastating.

    • Agree: Radicalcenter
  10. anonymous[239] • Disclaimer says:

    For Russia and China to remain safe from the Empire during the 21st century, I believe three main factors need to happen in the Eurasian arena.

    1. China and Russia should forge a solid and visible partnership dominating the heartland of Eurasia. The heartland partnership will have a joint influence on Central Asia. The partnership will be so formidable that the states to its periphery will avoid supporting the Empire in any confrontation because of the odds of victory by the Empire aren’t good and repercussions of failure deter. For example, Poland will not try to subvert Belarus at behest of the Empire to severe the country from Russia. Vietnam will not deepen ties with the Empire against China. The heartland partnership will not be a military alliance because a military alliance might unintentionally cause key states like Germany and India to tilt towards the Empire. For example, a China-Russia military alliance leads to India scaling down arms purchases from Russia and defense ties as a source of leverage currently to keep India from aligning more closely with the US is lost. Germans who don’t see Russia as a grave threat will become unnerved by the size of a behemoth heartland alliance.

    2. China needs to become a developed country. If China’s income levels are less than half of the US, it’s economy will be almost 2-times the size of the US. This is still distant but the finish line is visible. It will take 20 years more of fast growth under moderate pressure for China to cross the finish. Without a huge and developed Chinese economy, the Empire will still be able to use financial sanctions (as nothing will replace the dollar as the reserve currency) and export controls to cut off critical technology like microchips and drilling equipment (if the US doesn’t produce the technology, the Empire can prohibit Europe, Japan, and South Korea from exporting). In the past decade, the Russian economy hasn’t grown fast, so I am assuming in the future Russia will remain an upper middle income country rather than a developed one.

    3. The US goes to war against Iran with the aim of regime change. The effect of the war is to completely alter the geopolitical focus for the entire decade. Pressure against China and Russia will be lower during the period than it is now. It is half of the time frame necessary for China to become a developed country.

    There is a fourth factor that could be as important as the three Eurasian factors but is US domestic. If medical insurance in the US is massively expanded requiring spending of approximately $30 trillion over 10 years then the Empire’s military budget will be curtailed to help pay for it and some overseas military bases will be closed or pared down. I do not assume the US economy will collapse even over the long term but I do assume that average growth per capita over the long term will be very low exacerbating US societal problems. I predict by mid-century the US economy will remain the richest country among ones with more than 10 million people as it is now. This last point might be contentious here but I think it is a healthy assumption from a planning stand point.

  11. One could hide America’s decrepit cities, mass riots, destruction of the education system, incompetence of political and military top echelons, suicidal social practices and breakdown of law and order, aggravated by huge lines to food banks for only so long.

    AFAIK the author is still residing in decrepit, broken down California.

  12. My own country, I find myself rooting against. Marty articulates all this depraved insanity, but we knew it just the same. May the psychopaths that own the US allow the world to pass us by peacefully. I’m hopeful but not at all optimistic. Thanks for the heads-up to Marty, PCR, Giraldi and Ron Unz. It sounds like Ukraine is coming to a head much faster than anyone in conventional media thought. These sneaky bastards instigating war are themselves cowards. This here can get THEIR driveways in their gated Northern Virginia mansions turned to glass. Hope they realize it in time. With my last hours on earth I’m gonna go play golf, have a scotch, grill a steak and screw my girl. Y’all solve this.

    • Replies: @animalogic
  13. @Verymuchalive

    When the Democratic Decrepits compete with Marty on the sidewalks he’ll leave. No biggie.

  14. @anonymous

    It is NOT an oil pipeline.

    It is Natural Gas and is not solely for Germany. It is a Second Pipeline hence Nordstream 2. Nordstream One has been running for > 10 years but Nordstream 2 has twice the capacity.

    Nordstream 2 is supposed to feed into west European pipelines including the supply from Rotterdam to Bacton in UK.

    Quite why people in USA have ZERO idea of what goes on in Europe is a question for the education system.

    Reagan tried to stop the Yamal gas pipeline from the USSR in 1982 and failed.
    USSR and Russia have been reliable partners in supplying energy to Europe for decades –

    Moscow is in Europe

  15. @Godfree Roberts

    Share of GDP is ridiculous. US manufactures Jet Fighters, Rockets, Weapons Systems with VERY BIG price tags so GDP is inflated.

    USA cannot manufacture TVs, mobile phones, computers, and a whole swathe of consumer goods it once excelled at.

    You have simply proven the author’s point by quoting Share of GDP.

    What does a nuclear submarine cost ? What does an F-35 cost ? How many TV sets would you need to sell to have the same share of GDP ?

    If an Attorney bills $1000/hr and an Industrial Worker $60/hr. – how does that compute in GDP by Expenditure calculations ?

    • Agree: HeebHunter, Fred777
    • Replies: @showmethereal
    , @Curmudgeon
  16. @anonymous

    Income levels depend on PPP not $.

    Americans have low standards of living once they have paid for College Education and Health.
    Without Excessive Credit Americans would be paupers.

    No American could survive at European Cost of Living for Rents, Cars, Gasoline, Energy

    It is not incomes that matter – it is eating and living and education and staying healthy

    • Agree: showmethereal
  17. It’s been 7 long years since Victoria Nuland’s and John McCain’s successful bloody color revolution in Kiev, cowardly accomplished in the dead of night, when President Putin was pre-occupied with keeping the Sochi Winter Olympics safe from terrorism. Russia’s response was to hold a referendum in Crimea which asked its people whether or not they wanted to rejoin Russia. The overwhelming vote was to return to its original homeland.

    I’ve always wondered why Putin didn’t offer the Donbass the same deal. Didn’t they also hold non-binding referendums to go the same way as Crimea? Instead, they have been fighting with their US-funded and US-armed Western Ukraine “brothers” ever since. How many of them have needlessly perished?

    What would have happened, instead, if Putin had rolled the Russian tanks into Kiev and crushed this Washington-financed coup in its infancy? It would probably have taken about a week and saved thousands of lives. Obviously Putin is a master geo-political chess player, but even grandmasters sometime make mistakes. I really wanted to see McCain and Hillary rail impotently against Russian “aggression,” while they could have done little other than to shake their angry fists at “dictator” Putin, and complain to the UN.

    Now, the situation in Ukraine seems to only be going from bad to worse, with no way out other than for Moscow to do what must be done to stop the US/NATO encirclement of Russia. Before he goes to sleep at night, I wonder if Putin ever second-guesses his decision to act so passively 7 years ago?

    • Agree: GMC
  18. @SteveK9

    Large parts of electronics manufacturing are fully automated. Modern textile plants have very few operatives. Manufacturing IS automated but SERVICES are not.

    The decline in Manufacturing Employment has been replaced by huge increases in Employees in Education, Health, Government – usually on higher salaries. That allows higher Consumption of FOREIGN Consumer Goods and a bigger trade deficit

    It is not simply a shift from Manufacturing to Services but a higher relative Cost Inflation in Services where per capita output stagnates or is negative

  19. Levtraro says:

    follyofwar said:

    I’ve always wondered why Putin didn’t offer the Donbass the same deal.

    Because Crimea was an autonomous republic inside the Ukraine with her own House of Parliament that could pass a law to vote for secession and incorporation into the RF while the Donbass were two provinces (oblast) of the Ukraine (Lugansk and Donetsk) without their own house of parliament but instead ruled by a governor appointed in Kiev. Totally different administrative setup.

    • Replies: @Featherless
  20. @Paul Greenwood

    Large parts of electronics manufacturing are fully automated. Modern textile plants have very few operatives. Manufacturing IS automated but SERVICES are not.

    Practically any complex assembly requires human input and even CNC operations require operators’ supervision. Practically any complex assembly requires human participation and automation by and in itself is a tricky thing. Anybody calculated the energy consumption (let alone servicing) by a single “robot” and its costs? Shipbuilding, aerospace and other heavy and machine-building industries still require a huge qualified labor pool. The United States lost this pool.

    When industry or the government is unable to hire or retain U.S. workers with the skills sets, or capabilities, needed to support the industrial base,gaps in U.S.-based human capital arise.In December 2017,a survey of 662 manufacturing companies conducted by the National Association of Manufacturers found the inability to attract and retain a quality workforce the top business challenge, cited by 72.9% of respondents. To address this workforce challenge, 66% of respondents said they are increasing the workload of their existing employees. 34.4% stated their company had been unable to take on new business and had lost revenue opportunities because of the inability to attract and retain workers.128Given the number of manufacturers who exist in the supply chain of the industrial base, these numbers are significant.The industrial base consistently competes with commercial industry for STEM talent, and the education pipeline is not providing the necessary resources to fully meet current or future demandsin the commercial sector and defense ecosystem, such as software design engineers and biophysicists. In addition, the trade skills gap affects a wide range of occupations(e.g., industrial machinery mechanics and welders) which could have potentially significant impacts on production of critical defense-related materials, vehicles, and machinery, as well as other goods and services necessary to supply our nation’s armed forces.

    I suggest to read a whole thing to understand the depth of a problem. Especially pages 42-44.

    • Agree: Jazman
  21. Yee says:

    The Alarmist,

    “Talk about selling your country down the river. US leaders aren’t even bothering to offshore assets anymore.”

    Meanwhile, US corporations have been buying up leading Chinese local brands in every industries…

    I’m pretty sure China lost more to the US in this exchange…

  22. Beckow says:

    …it seems on balance the most likely outcome is no war.

    I agree. Unless an accidental war starts: after all a lot of emotional people are playing with matches around a lot of dynamite. A lot of life is unplanned.

    The underlying equation is simple: wars are a bloody, physical event that pushes aside words and ideas. The only thing that matters is who wins. In this case it seems obvious.

    • Agree: Levtraro
    • Replies: @Featherless
  23. anon[209] • Disclaimer says:
    @Godfree Roberts

    Your graph shows a decline in employment as the result of progressive automation. It has nothing to do with china. You know this.

    Look at the actual industrial output for the US:

    As you can see US industrial output has essentially been flat since clinton handed the keys to the kingdom to china. A chart like the one you posted makes you look like a sophist sock puppet.

    • Troll: Godfree Roberts
  24. Perimetr says:

    The US is rapidly transitioning to third world status. It’s lack of industrial capacity combined with a pathetically dumbed-down educational system, combined with endless military spending has resulted in a crumbling infrastructure and increasing social chaos. The majority of the US population believes the presidential election was stolen and no longer trusts MSM “news”. There is a fence around the Capitol building and thousands of troops stationed in D.C., with the democrats and Biden going all out to destroy the remnants of the Constitution. This is a recipe for civil war.

    Should the US manage to engage in military conflict with China, I fully expect China to nationalize all the US industries now located there. Good luck finding much at Walmart when the dollar is no longer accepted in exchange for Chinese goods and services.

    Of course, those are minor problems compared to what happens if the US/NATO get into a shooting war with Russia.

    • Agree: Peripatetic Itch
  25. @Andrei Martyanov

    If Russia is soooooo much better,why don’t you go and move back ?

    Well let me suggest its not so good,and it’ll get worse

    Putler of course knows this,why else would he make himself emperor for life

    Because he knows that the system he’s created in Russia is failing,he knows the demographics are terrible because without a high oil price he’s got very little to offer Russians,apart from silly little wars against clapped out former Soviet states like Ukraine, or propping up tin pot dictators like Assad,which for some strange and inexplicable reason useful idiots in the west think is some sort of anti imperialist push bacck by Putler,looks more like a bit of Russian imperialism if you ask me

    Anyways I’d not dash off to Russia because its gonna end up going belly up and likely owned by the Chinese before long,another form of imperialism

  26. Anonymous[226] • Disclaimer says:

    Do you *really* *seriously* want more mestizos?

    • Replies: @Boomthorkell
    , @Seraphim
  27. @SteveK9

    “The founders of America are rightly regarded as men of genius. That system may not have been perfect (although it contains within it methods to correct any defect), but it is as close as humanity is likely to come..”

    Near total nonsense.

    If copying the exact literal system recommended in Spirit of the Laws – verbatim – by a (notably inconsistent) French Nobleman is the standard of genius, that’s a pretty low bar, but its reinforced with a lot of propaganda influencing those who don’t actually know anything about who/where the US system originated.

    While Washington himself was truly notable for acting in an often self-deprecating / self-denying manner, and seeking to lead by personal example – most of the second generation of founders are boardroom scoundrels AWOL from any front line combat –

    Hamilton, notably, refuses an infantry commission early on, but demands to lead a ‘final assault’ at the final Yorktown battle, once the last surrounded British troops are cowed under massive bombardment, and French encirclement, simply wanting to surrender. My paternal ancestor was also there, but he had risked his backside in previous infantry battle.

    The so-called Founders and Framers are basically a nonsensical construct, as all Constitutional Convention attendees (even Anti-Federalists) sat / voted on the framing committees –

    What you actually had in fact was a division of (1) Arch-Federalists and (2) Delegate Founders, the former being international mercantilists, who had planned the entire event as a false revision of the Confederation documents, illegally scrapped under the legal terms of the AoC. They lied and did it anyway – in the process dictating to the American people who actually did the suffering, fighting and dying.

    Like most schemes, the earliest and shakiest period of Success was generally the most honest and just – Its later, once safety is assured that the scoundrels being to work their opportunistic strategem against the trusting.

    During the AoC, written during seemingly hopeless warfare at a time when its signers had legitimate fear that they would be captured and hung – you had just provisions encoded providing –

    1) Term Limits on office holders
    2) Limits on immigration into the nation so no region could overwhelm another
    3) States recall of all representatives – at will
    4) No structure for a central govt to enforce its will over free people

    All of this was deliberately stripped out in the later Constitution, once Jefferson was out of the way in France, and unable to act against the Federalist cabal.

    This is not at all an ideal system for the ‘people’, its an ideal construct for private control of Govt, which was the point of the Privately owned US Bank that the ‘Founders’ (Arch-Federalists) forced through using the claim of “Implied Powers”, after this same Constitutional proposal was SPECIFICALLY DENIED to them at the Constitutional Convention.

    The Revolutionary war was not won by Yankee ingenuity or genius, since most of them would not fight, and many who did were literally paid mercenaries. The Revolutionary war was entirely won in and by the South, and it had nothing to do with import / export taxes.

    In the South, it was a war won by small landowners who wanted to be free of landlords and feudal rulers who held the permanent title to your land and home. All of this was given up going from the AoC to the Constitution, which was immediately convoluted by implied powers law to, as Hamilton specifically wrote “crush the states into mere corporations”.

    Once you train the unaware to cheer their own enslavement, the sky itself becomes the limit on what you can impose upon them.

  28. @alwayswrite

    was that the best you managed neverrite??
    The utter stupidity of ur comment tells a few vital things about you, no one positive.
    The most favorable i can say is that ur comment show us ur education and intelligence level, what it tell me is that you are way below the average European iq level and i am surprised if u manage to walk and breathe at the same time🤷‍♂️

    I bet that you imagined Hr Martyanov would cry himself to sleep bc of ur “brave and stunning” comment, you fail so epic that almost feel sorry for you😏

    • Agree: Seraphim
    • Replies: @Majority of One
  29. Andrie

    If by the “‘aboriginals” you mean the American Injuns…I would be more than happy to send these highly racialized Democratic Party Voters….who voted for adult diapers Biden….to Russia. You know about “MANCORN” right?

    There is nothing special or unique about the European conquest of North America as far as the Human Species goes. The Tartars have their own version Russian History(I’m not pro-Tartar and Crimea belongs to Russia).

    Go read Mark Twain’s “‘the Noble American Injun”…

    Not trying to be mean…but I am fed up with the romanticizing of the migrants from Siberia known as the American Injun.

    • Agree: Curmudgeon
  30. Passer by says:

    Europe is not anymore a crucial trade partner for Russia and mutual trade plummeted in the last few years. The trend will continue and it is not only due to America’s pressure, albeit that too, on EU but is a result of Russia steady change of both economic model and her reorientation towards Asia

    More on this – Iran wants to join the Eurasian Union with Russia.

    Asian Countries Now Have More Diplomatic Missions In Russia Than The EU

    Top russian foreign tourist destinations are now non-western – Turkey, China and Thailand

    Chinese tourists in Russia reach near 30 %

    Asian and russian cars now dominate Russia’s car market

    “The sights of Volkswagen Golfs and Ford Fiestas on the road is actually quite rare ”

    New pipeline for Russia, Mongolia and China in the works

    North–South Transport Corridor in the works between Russia, Iran and India

    • Replies: @Old Brown Fool
  31. @Andrei Martyanov


    A friend, a director-level employee with an engineering background who has worked with multiple multinational companies in various capacities, but has been primarily based in the US, sees it this way:

    American manufacturing moved to China not because of dumb labor, but because you could hire high IQ people for dirt cheap. If your machine broke down, no problem; some Chinese guy (with basically a masters in EE) would pull out the circuit boards and using probes and other instrumentation determine what board needed replacing and he would work annually for a fraction of the salary of his equivalent in the US.

    Manufacturing in the US is a nightmare: at our US facility our only requirement for a assembler was a high school degree, US citizenship, passing a drug and criminal background check and then passing a simple assembly test: looking at an assembly engineering drawing and then putting the components together. The vast majority of Americans were unable to complete the assembly test, while for our facility in China they completed it in half the time and 100% of the applicants passed. An assembler position in the US would average maybe 30 interviews a day and get 29 rejections, not to mention all the HR hassles of assemblers walking off shift, excessive lateness, stealing from work, slow work speed and poor attitudes.

    The product line is highly specialized equipment, so it makes no sense to fully automate it, most of the components are assembled by hand and for certain steps we use custom engineered jigs. And for those saying that the position wasn’t paying enough, it paid $12 an hour starting in an area with an extremely low cost of living where property taxes for a 2000 square foot house would be $800-$1000 a year. Assemblers don’t make $150K. An assembler takes parts and puts them together. The position starts at $12 an hour in flyover country which is pretty reasonable compared to other jobs that only require a GED and no prior work experience. Offers medical, dental and annual raises with plenty of opportunity to move up in the company. The national average salary for a Production Assembler is $33,029 in United States, which is what you would be making if you stayed for 5+ years.

    Finding an American worker capable of passing these simple requirements and passing the assembly test is merely impossible nevermind being competent, punctual and of good moral character (not stealing from company or starting conflicts with coworkers). And these are the main groups that apply for this position. The same exact product line has the same facility in China, and the same positions in China pays the same wages as other positions there with only a high school degree and no work experience. Yet the applicant quality is much higher, and this applies as well to the white collar professions that support the manufacturing: schedulers, quality inspectors, equipment testers and calibrators, engineers, supply chain managers, account managers, sales etc….their labor quality is simply higher. I suspect the blacks and Hispanics are probably too dumb to get affirmative action too dumb to go to college, so they probably average 75 IQ and their Chinese equivalents are probably 95 but the performance gap is massive.

    • Replies: @Chinaman
    , @Schuetze
    , @Rubicon
  32. Bill H. says: • Website
    @Godfree Roberts

    GDP is a ridiculous manner in which to measure an economy. If I pay you $20 to mow my lawn and you pay me $20 to mow your lawn, we have added $40 to GDP, but what product and what benefit to the economy have we created over each of us mowing our own lawns, which would have added zero to GDP? Economists invented this nonsense so that they could justify a lot of other nonsense that they promulgate.

    • Replies: @nsa
    , @frankie p
    , @Rdm
  33. @follyofwar

    time…the weapons, economy, alliances were neither ready nor in place, it was the beginning. putin knows, xi knows, syria & iran know…the game is long & the goal worth doing it well. putin in the minds of the red shield stole the game & bounty from their grasp. he did…he knew what he was doing…i believe he still does.

    • Agree: Alfred
  34. Love numbers, but here is the thing: history and cycles on a time line, and if America collapses it wouldn’t be any different than any other part of the planet collapsing, because as throughout history, the criminal psycho elites do the same thing over and over throughout history expecting different results…insane then, insane now. If America collapses now, then in about fifty years or more, so will China. And in another hundred years, so will that which replaces China. If it’s a one world govt., then that will collapse even quicker. Because the criminals, the psychopaths, the elites, are criminal psycho elites for a reason, by way of insanity and spiritual evil….Gee if they keep killing babies, then where do they get their adrenochrome? Bwahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahh!

  35. @follyofwar

    Even when taken by surprise/shock, Putin is ever a master chess-player. His thinking tends to be long-range and highly geostrategic. Yes, the Maidan coup was barely seven years ago. At that time Russian weapons development was advancing rapidly, but it was not quite yet up to speed.

    What I’m attempting to convey here is that the multi-generational systems which make that country’s current military establishment the world-leader in both conventional and post-conventional warfare, particularly in missiles, aircraft and perhaps, most critically in doctrinal and technological training of its cadres and ultimately bringing its lower ranking NCO’s and even private soldiers into a generally world-class status were not yet in place.

    While the Evil Empire and its NATO minions and gophers were giggling over their 2014 advance into Ukraine, they were promptly stymied by Putin and his military planning cadres in their grand scheme to grab Crimea (the premiere prize of the Anschluss) and turn it over to the U$ Navy, where the base at Sebastapol would dominate the Black Sea and gravely threaten the security of European Russia.

    Like an experienced boxer, Putin and his geostrategy staff elected to accept a temporary loss of Ukraine in order to buy the 5-7 years they would need to develop and finalize their 4th and 5th generation weaponry and to transform their entire military establishment into the lean, clean and mean machine which would make Mother Russia into an entity which would be essentially immune to attack on any level up to and possibly including all-out nuclear warfare—the latter being an outcome they would much rather avoid, even though contingencies must enter the equation.

    When it comes to warfare, the dichotomy between the Evil Empire, dominated by City of London and Wall $treet highest finance, versus Russia, the most apt analogy may be aces-high poker players contending with deeply strategic chess-masters.

    The poker barons always keep their attention fixed on their own bottom lines, greed- motivated profits and maintenance of social control mechanisms. Chessmasters contrarily envision endgames.

    The Evil Empire’s philosophy is best characterized by the words of the premiere robber-baron, John Davison Rockefeller: “Competition is a sin”. When psychopathic and sociopathic impulses are not prime motivating forces; the opposing philosophy perhaps could be characterized as “Superiority knows no competition.”

    • Agree: Alfred
    • Replies: @GMC
    , @Know Your Enemy
  36. frankie p says:
    @The Alarmist

    “No, but if you wanted to crush the Yanquis, you might weaponise their own culture against them by hollowing out their values.”

    The Jews have already succeeded in doing this. The values are hollowed out already.

    • Agree: Johnny Walker Read
  37. @Anonymous


    No. Unification means less immigrants, as most of them would live in their home environments when pay is the same and it isn’t any cheaper to hire a Mexican vs. An Anglo American anywhere. Additionally, with industry and agriculture being profitable in Mexico again, they would largely return to their home territories. This being born our by interviews with most legal and illegal migrants.

    As I’ve said before, the “Racists” and the Mexicans win out with unification. If a person wants more immigration and race movement in North America, keeping Mexico and the Centro American states as vassals feeding labor to subsidized corn farms and lower other businesses is the current and “preferred” course of action. This is why destroying that option is best.

    • Replies: @fatmanscoop
  38. nsa says:
    @Bill H.

    “…..if I pay you $20 to mow my lawn and you pay me $20 to mow your lawn, we have added $40 to GDP……”
    Think big, Bill. Each of you should pay each other 1 million dollar IOUs to mow each others lawns, so you can both become millionaires and add $2 million dollars to the national GDP.

    • LOL: animalogic
  39. @Per/Norway

    En ord ved det Norsk til “Always”: “Stokkarn”. Det navn min Bestfar’s bror var Per Anton Overset. Unskild, men min forstår og skriver Norsk…ikke so bra. Ganska beder Tysk. Studieren I Amerikaner “Hog” Skolen 1959-1962. Also kann Ich das Deutsch sprechen zo gut wie ein vier Jahre Deutscher, aber hören vielleicht zo gut wie ein drei jähre. Aber ganz besser lesen wie beiden.

    Indeed, “Always” happens to be not totally atypical of the deliberate dumbing down policies which have dominated the American educational system for the last ten decades–thereabouts. These policies were foisted by the “educational theorists” John Dewey and James Bryant Conant, both lead professors of education at Columbia University, a Rockefeller connected Ivy League institution. Their ruling elite perspective was that Latin, Greek and calculus were not needed by those who would labor in their factories and till the soil.

    Some years ago I encountered a 1906 8th grade graduation test which was required of students in the state of Kansas. My conclusion, after struggling through it was that a significant proportion of American PHDs would be unable to pass that exam.

    Takk, Per. Fra hverdan i Norge kommer de?

  40. @Trial by Wombat

    A necessary footnote on Jefferson, who was effectually exiled by the arch-federalist conspirators to the position of Minister (ambassador) to the court of the King of France. While entangled in that awkward situation, Jefferson penned a number of letters to sympathetic correspondents. In those missives, Jefferson railed against the propounded Supreme Court system. He decried it as the introduction of a totally monarchical element into what was supposed to be a republican form of governance. His warnings went unheeded by the majority of the delegates.

    Some few years later, within hours of Jefferson’s inauguration into becoming America’s third president, the lame-duck, devout Federalist, John Adams, named the arch-Federalist John Marshall as Chief Justice of that monarchical Supreme Court. In a monarchical “ruling” shortly into Jefferson’s administration, the Marshall dominated Nine Black Robes decided in the case of Marbury v. Madison that the Court had the implied power to counter-act legislation passed by Congress and signed by the President.

    The egregious precedent which was set in that “ruling” eventuated into the courts taking unto themselves the power of CREATING laws—the power of a monarch. In the latter 19th Century, American courts gradually trashed the fail-safe concept of Jury Nullification, where jurors would retain their common law powers to find on the law as well as the facts. Nowadays, virtually all American courts treat Jury Nullification as utterly taboo and generally as “contempt of court”…another assumed power. In more recent years, Federal district courts, in particular, have created a monstrosity they prefer to call “case law”. Constitutionally, there is no such animule as case law. In truth this usurpation is nothing more than case PRECEDENT.

    A precedent is not law. But try telling that to a Blackrobe.

  41. @Levtraro

    Thank you for this explanation, of the (administrative) difference between Crimea and Donbass.

  42. @Beckow

    I think if there’s a real hot war, Russia, to avoid things getting too out of control, will use the Donbass “technically” as proxies, ie.: arm them to the teeth, and assist them with everything they need, but officially not be directly involved, not attacking from Russia.

    • Replies: @Beckow
  43. sally says:
    @Godfree Roberts

    Both NAFTA and China’s accession to the WTO served as a massive vacuum cleaner sucking the life from American industries and, to be sure, these weren’t banking or financial consulting “industries” which were being shipped abroad. American manufacturing started to leave its own shores. America started to lose its only tool which was and even today remains the only valid mean to an end of economic prosperity—manufacturing capacity. A concept which is beyond the grasp of most American economists and political pseudo-scientists most of who today wear Chinese tailored suits, carry iPhones manufactured in China and use laptops and PCs assembled there as well.

    Dare you plot the impact of USA copyright, patent, and license laws against the same decline. Likely you will find the great sucking of monopoly power(copyright, patent and license) is much stronger than any WTO vacuum cleaner, no matter the size of the Vacuum.

    When the political system of the USA was invaded by foreign oligarch power, the monopolies powers the nation state (USA) were handed out (like land grants of former kings and queens) like candy to those the oligarch’s pointed to Its was candy free day at the congress and in the white candy house.

    Monopoly powers were gifts made by the nation state [USA] to its feudal lords. and lords they became, Microsoft, Apple, Intel, Google, Boeing, Exxon, Monsanto, and several others <=all listed under monopoly power (in the section monopoly power made these few wealthy, powerful and positioned them so the nation would protect them from competition by anyone else) on Wall Street. The problem in the USA is the Oligarch controls the nation state, and the Oligarch have used their control, to rob America blind(IMO).
    Good article and excellent comment with a wrong causal conclusion IMO. The death of America came about because a few mostly then foreign Oligarchs discovered they could use the USA to rob America blind.. Its beginning was signaled when Lincoln was shot and it became obvious in the legislative acts of 1912 and 1913. Its impact was first felt <=when Americans were forced into supporting the oligarch take possession and control of all the oil in Europe and the removal of German competitive genius in what is called WWI.

  44. JM says:
    @Godfree Roberts

    The first decades of the graph likely show increase in manufacturing productivity, while the more recent decline (say the last 3 decades) likely arise from the closure of existing factories on a grand scale due to the institutional changes arising from Globalisation and the deliberate shift of production to the Third World which really took off (it was planned from America) when China gained mass access the the now open American market.

  45. Chinaman says:
    @Godfree Roberts

    Hispanics are probably too dumb to get affirmative action too dumb to go to college, so they probably average 75 IQ and their Chinese equivalents are probably 95 but the performance gap is massive.

    The average IQ of Chinese ( using PISA as a proxy) is 108 with a standard deviation of 15. A 95 IQ is almost a full standard deviation off the average so and only 16 percent of Chinamen have a IQ lower than that.

    Although labour supply is shrinking, I doubt these anyone with a 2 digit IQ would be even be allowed in the labour pool…

    • Replies: @Easy Pete
    , @Anonymous
  46. Seraphim says:

    It’s not for nothing that the “Native American Party”, the font of ‘White nationalism’ called itself ”Know nothing”!

  47. tosca says:

    Hitler has been created by international finance to fight Russia, with the scope of weakening both Germany and Russia, the two enemies and the games of intern. fin. So that the whole continent would fall in ruins as a ripe fruit to suck. That policy has not changed since. Ukraine is the ‘new’ Germany thrown like a stone to Russia, with the same aim, weaken Europe AND Germany, AND Russia. Remember The Bagdad Bahn. The Western ‘geopolitic’ has remained unchanged. Pay attention though: the real actor has never been US, but those who stood and still stay behind and use the US. NWO and the destruction of the US are one strategy. The US have become useless for the real powerful whom are never cited. Europe is a colony since 1945 and is military occupied ever since. Poor of us!

  48. @SteveK9

    men of genius

    “All men are created equal”

    More like a bunch of either low IQs tards or insidious, satanic merchantd who were freemason.

    One is the best case scenario, the other is historical fact.

    Muttmerica deserves all that is coming.

  49. Franz says:
    @The Alarmist

    China Secretly Purchases Hollywood

    In the 70s is was the Arabs after OPEC blew a hole in US purchasing power.

    Remember Howard Beale’s talk-with-the-boss in Network? “We know things are bad… we know about the depression…”

    In the 80s it was Japan, buying up ranch land and Madison Square Garden.

    The movie starred Michael Douglas and was called Black Rain. In it, a Japanese cop tells his American counterpart, “We build the future. Americans only make music and movies.

    The 90s opened with NAFTA, which made legal what had been going on for decades prior: WWII “worker shortages” (a familiar excuse?) started the Bracero Program in 1942. It’s been going up and down ever since.

    Note that the biggest state of the art auto stamping plant was the Hermosillo Stamping and Assembly Plant, and went into production in 1986. That was a billion dollar baby and was in the design stage during the Carter Administration, a dozen years before NAFTA.

    As with the Myth of 1965 Immigration, they were only making legal what they were already doing.

    By the 90s people in industry know the higher ups were only talking about the new, fabulous opportunities in Asia. This time they meant China and India. North America was already a saturated market; Asia was the future.

    A thumbnail sketch of any Rustbelt city will reveal this was all earlier than the official dates, and all planned like Ike planned D-Day. The elites are not caring about us. Destroying the USA is a business plan, and that’s it.

    It hurts to repeat it but sometimes we must: We lost WWII. Let that sink in.

  50. @Godfree Roberts

    Sir James tried to warn us.

    • Replies: @bayviking
  51. Franz says:
    @Godfree Roberts

    The chart, below, suggests that China had nothing to do with American industries’ decline

    The chart is correct.

    Dr Ravi Batra, an economist, many years ago considered it the “agrification” of US industry. That is, as with farm work needing less people but producing greater yields, industry needs far fewer workers yet can remain productive and competitive.

    This is why Japan has lots of fairly well-paying make-work jobs to keep their worker’s sense of worth and dignity.

    Americans will never stand for that, Atheist-Calvinist twits that they are. Dignity comes with a billion-dollar portfolio and a spare country to run to when the going gets rough.

    • Agree: bayviking
    • Replies: @Daniel Rich
  52. Escher says:

    I don’t agree with what the commenter is saying about Russia and Putin, but it is interesting that Mr. Martyanov chooses to stay in the irreversibly declining American empire rather than move back to his motherland.

    • Agree: Mr. Hack
    • Replies: @alwayswrite
  53. @Boomthorkell

    “and most importantly, uniting with Mexico, Canada, and Central America in a kind of egalitarian union state where we can do most of our own production.”
    Sounds like a reasonable idea — however, here’s the rub: the US does not do — has never done — “equals” (ie egalitarian union). The US does do vassals, subordinates, clients etc. So any such “union” would likely begin or end up as a variation on the old Delian League….

    • Agree: Boomthorkell
    • Replies: @Boomthorkell
  54. Druid says:

    ItALL started with the false flag, indie job of 911

    • Agree: Chris Cosmos
  55. @Jim Christian

    “With my last hours on earth I’m gonna go play golf, have a scotch, grill a steak and screw my girl. Y’all solve this.”
    With the exception of the golf perhaps, the world would be a much better place if most people limited themselves to such basic wholesome pleasures as you refer to. And allowed or facilitated such pleasures for “the other guy” too. There’s enough pie there if the 1% were collectively placed in a large sack & chucked in the sea….

    • Agree: Montefrío
  56. Schuetze says:
    @Godfree Roberts

    My brother with 2 businesses in California has been telling me for years that he cannot find capable employees, and these are mostly service jobs.

    This ZH article is actually quite shocking:

    “Sierra Pacific Industries, which manufactures doors, windows, and millwork, is so desperate to fill openings that it’s offering hiring bonuses of up to $1,500 at its factories in California, Washington, and Wisconsin. In rural Northern California, the Red Bluff Job Training Center is trying to lure young people with extra-large pizzas in the hope that some who stop by can be persuaded to fill out a job application. “We’re trying to get inside their head and help them find employment. Businesses would be so eager to train them,” says Kathy Garcia, the business services and marketing manager. “There are absolutely no job seekers.”

    Free extra-large Pizza and they won’t even apply. lol. Even in America, the land of fatties. David Stockman has been railing on for years now about how all the money printing is ruining the US, and he was right.

    “Even more amazing: a stunning 91% of respondents said they had few or no qualified applicants for job openings in the past three months, tied for the third highest since that question was added to the NFIB survey in 1993.”

    Social Security was already toast, now with that Millennial work ethic and drug habit backing it up, Boomers are doubly screwed.

    • Thanks: Godfree Roberts
  57. “The Northern America’s population is around 371 million, which in the larger scheme of things doesn’t look that impressive. In fact, it isn’t.”
    Matters not?


    It’s ‘too late’?
    ‘We’ have ten years?
    “ . . . our best estimate is that the net energy
    33:33 per barrel available for the global
    33:36 economy was about eight percent
    33:38 and that in over the next few years it
    33:42 will go down to zero percent
    33:44 uh best estimate at the moment is that
    33:46 actually the
    33:47 per average barrel of sweet crude
    33:51 uh we had the zero percent around 2022
    33:56 but there are ways and means of
    33:58 extending that so to be on the safe side
    34:00 here on our diagram
    34:02 we say that zero percent is definitely
    34:05 around 2030 . . .
    34:43 need net energy from oil and [if] it goes
    34:46 down to zero
    34:48 uh well we have collapsed not just
    34:50 collapse of the oil industry
    34:52 we have collapsed globally of the global
    34:54 industrial civilization this is what we
    34:56 are looking at at the moment . . . “
    Louis Arnoux.

  58. @follyofwar

    “I’ve always wondered why Putin didn’t offer the Donbass the same deal. ”
    Rightly or wrongly, I think Putin had a few reasons for not allowing the Donbass to reincorporate with Russia via referendum.
    1. If/when the Ukraine stabilises, Putin wanted a large minority of pro-Russia voters in Ukraine, to hopefully help place pro-Russia (or at least sympathetic) governments / presidents in Kiev. (ie as the President was pre-2014 revolution).
    2. In theory there were greater PR or propaganda gains to be had from not incorporating the Donbass.
    3. There was basically no need. Russia supplied logistics, intelligence, even (informally) troops to the breakaways. The Ukie-nazis never had much chance — some would add that their chances are not much better in 2021.

    • Agree: Notsofast
  59. Schuetze says:

    It is amazing how consistent the Russian authors are here at UR. Every.single.time they rail on about Nazis, yet fail to name the Jew.

    Benjamin Netanyahu: “America is a golden calf and we will suck it dry, chop it up, and sell it off…”

    Benjamin Netanyahu: “Once we squeeze all we can out of the United States, it can dry up and blow away.”

    These Russian authors at UR also consistently blow their own Russian horns about how great things are in the Russian empire. They would have us believe that miraculously those famed Russian workers dropped their vodka bottles and transformed themselves highly motivated and highly skilled model workers of the 21st century. They would have us believe that the miserably exploited Russian whore is a thing of the past, and that the Russian women now are all devoted mothers.

    To me it looks like the US, the EU and Russia are all operating on their own version of the yid plantation. The Russians are serfs, the Europeans are peasants, and the Americans are slaves, but their masters are always Hebrew.

    • Agree: AH14
    • Replies: @HallParvey
    , @AH14
  60. —the economic equivalent of Chamberlain’s “Peace in Our Time” 1938 proclamation, after signing the Munich capitulation to Hitler—

    Actually not so cringeworthy … and it was not the craven capitulation you portray … unless your wish is to preserve judeo-bolshevism, show trials, holodomor, forced relocation of kulaks, “permanent revolution”, Cold War, etc etc.

    Chamberlain’s honourable attempt to prevent war is still the whipping-boy of the JWO. But was a better option than what did actually take place, 60 million dead, Europe devastated end to end, mass rape/children crucified to barn doors by Russian “soldiers” …

    Perhaps the American Genl Patton was right and the western powers should have joined the Axis in Op Barbarossa to crush said judeo-bolshevism once and for all. I’m almost finished “Always with Honor” by Russian Gen Pyotr Wrangel and there is no doubt that he would certainly have done so, as it is a matter of historical record that some 3.5 million Russians assisted the drive against that foul and bloody system.

    • Replies: @Jake
    , @Seraphim
    , @Spender_CGB
  61. @Majority of One

    Thank you for bringing up the extremely interesting & incredibly meaty issue of Marbury v. Madison..
    That said, I agree with this decision. It’s a necessary evil.
    I can’t go thru the many arguments pro/con.
    I will say this —
    Given the existence of an ultimate founding document of a Sovereign nation (the Constitution) & given that the document explicitly calls for a clear separation of power btwn the 3 (co-equal) branches of government & given that the constitution orders the creation of a Supreme Court, it is therefore implied as both inherent in the Constitution & by legal & common logic that such a court be the final arbitrator of that constitution & all laws made pursuant to it. Should the SC not be such a final arbitrator, the SC would essentially have no reason to exist. B/c any court is NOT merely a place of debate & suggestion. A court by its very nature makes binding decisions. A court executes the Law. Anything less & it is NOT a court.

  62. Jake says:

    America started to lose its only tool which was and even today remains the only valid mean to an end of economic prosperity—manufacturing capacity. A concept which is beyond the grasp of most American economists and political pseudo-scientists most of who today wear Chinese tailored suits, carry iPhones manufactured in China and use laptops and PCs assembled there as well.

    Yes, as you note America started to lose its manufacturing capacity – even its desire to have a manufacturing capacity – long before Bill Clinton took Hillary to the White House. And there is something else wrong with the quote: Most of those making the decisions knew what they were doing, knew what they were arranging.

    The answer for how that could be so, how the Yank Elite intended to destroy the US’s dominance in manufacturing is found in this sentence of yours: This all made sense from an “empire” stand point, but was self-destructive in regards to the majority of the population..

    The Yank WASP Elite was acting out being the Brit WASP Empire 2.0. And there is nothing the WASP Elite despises more, is more disgusted by, than the vast majority of whites it lords over. That contempt for the vast majority of whites guarantees that WASP Elites, whenever they feel they are not required to be halfway decent toward ‘the white trash,’ will reveal that their ally is the Jew and they will romanticize and use any non-whites, especially black Africans, to put the rednecks in their place.

    Sending American manufacturing overseas kills 2 birds for the WASP Elite (the Elite of the Anglo-Zionist Empire) with 1 stone: it gets richer and richer and richer, while the white middle class is significantly reduced and the white working class is forced into nearly hopeless poverty.

    • Thanks: Boomthorkell
    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  63. Jake says:
    @Arthur MacBride

    Why would the Anglo-Zionist Empire wish to utterly destroy Jewish Bolshevism?

    Now you know why Patton had to die.

    • Replies: @Arthur MacBride
  64. Lee says:

    From the posted article…………..

    United States today has the only one resource left which allows it to stay relevant—virtual reality of both money “printing” press and of the media propaganda which is increasingly ineffective. One could hide America’s decrepit cities, mass riots, destruction of the education system, incompetence of political and military top echelons, suicidal social practices and breakdown of law and order, aggravated by huge lines to food banks for only so long.

    Blah,blah,blah……………another US sucks and is on its way down.Really,then why do so many people from every country on the planet want to get to America?

    • Replies: @Herald
  65. TKK says:
    @Godfree Roberts

    HIS NAME IS ON THE CHART. He is posting his own work as evidence.

    He is a paid shill for CCP. Or- even more ridiculous and accurate – he’s not and wants to be.😂

    • Troll: Godfree Roberts
  66. Seraphim says:
    @Arthur MacBride

    If the western powers would have joined the Axis in Op Barbarossa you would have seen again the Cossacks in Paris drinking in the bistros!

  67. Notwithstanding Merkel’s recent perfunctory and platitudinous murmurings regarding the Ukrainian situation, Russo-German relations and cooperation has been steadily improving in recent years – and this doesn’t only include the Nordstream projects. Germany, in contrast to the hysterical Russophobia we’ve seen from the US/UK, have taken a notably sensible and prudent approach towards Moscow, this further underscored by the news that the Germans are set to purchase a large batch of the Sputnik V vaccine. Russia’s European reach is not to be underestimated.

    Many wonder why Putin’s going along with the whole COVID agenda. Well, not only was it a huge coup for Russia to win the vaccine race; it’s also hugely profitable!

    Another element to consider is Africa, a continent comprising of some 1.3 billion people, with its population due to double by the middle of this century – indeed Nigeria is due to be the world’s second most populous nation by the end of the century. It’s also the planet’s fastest urbanising region, outstripping even China and India.

    And who is driving a lot of this growth in resource-rich Africa? China. Their Belt and Road initiative has made them Africa’s number one economic partner with their influence and power now enormous.

    The US is in a state of decline; societally, culturally, morally and, of course, in terms of its international standing and influence.

    Last year’s widespread rioting and apparent social unrest, the (contrived) Capitol scenes and the transparently rigged election means that, in the eyes of the world, the United States has lost any remaining shread of moral authority it once may have possessed.

    America in the 2020s is effectively where the UK was in the 1920s, except far less united. Its fall from grace seems both inevitable and inexorable.

    Britain global military presence became simply unaffordable and unviable after two World Wars, and became a millstone around its neck that it simply had to cast off.

    It seems incredible to me that the USA hasn’t learnt these lessons and seems intent on provoking multi-theatre warfare against the allied forces of China, Russia, Iran and the DPRK.

    And yet here we are…

    • Agree: Majority of One
  68. GMC says:
    @Majority of One

    Excellent comment – I hope you are correct.

  69. @Jake


    The “history” books do not attempt to explain why an imperialist power with an empire on which the sun never set and a capitalist power (two systems incompatible with each other) should combine (for a price) and go to the aid of a bolshevist power which was sworn to destroy both of them …

    … nor that without such aid, judeo-bolshevism was kaput and dead in the water against a combined Axis plus such Russians who fought with them to defeat the murderous evil that had overtaken their country.

    Unless those imperialists and capitalists were controlled by the same people who had conducted the 1917 Jewish coup in Russia …

    Nah, that couldn’t possibly be right …
    The BBC would have told us about it …

    • LOL: Peripatetic Itch
    • Replies: @Chris Moore
  70. As a person living in the USA I don’t completely agree with this general obsession with American decline. Not that the points made here are not valid–they are, but that the USA proves to the world that smoke, mirrors, and slight-of-hand works and actually creates a kind of magic. MMT, for example, is a kind of magic–just pump money in and get more money out. The American system lives by what used to be called “the confidence fairy” and it works! We had much of this decline talk after the 2008 crash with commentators saying that the economic fundamentals indicated a double-dip recession/depression but it never really happened. A lot of people were cheated out of their houses but most recovered and got back on their feet and the society was not essentially damaged. Americans adapt to crises by adapting, breaking old bonds and moving on. Somehow the system limps on despite the fact that all major institutions are, at least in part, cons and are systemically corrupt. Each generation is less intelligent yet we have created a cyber-world to live in that seems to meet human needs. And yes, that’s because of the dynamics that follow the dollar-based financial system.

    We are in a very deep period of transition in the USA and in the world–whatever follows will be radically different and human abilities and goals will change–the center of that change will be in North America and that change will be in the direction of mystery and paradox. On the surface societies like Russia, China, and so on will try to more perfectly live out the Western values of competency, work, education, and pragmatism while we in the USA go off to somewhere over the rainbow in a proto-hippie and perhaps psychedelic world.

    • Replies: @HeebHunter
    , @Serge Krieger
  71. If it comes to war in Ukraine, I hope that after the initial barrage and rollover Russia unleashes its Chechen special forces in the clean up ops to flush out the last ZioNazi, Jihadi and US/Western private merc contractor scumbag.

  72. frankie p says:
    @Bill H.

    Not to mention the fact that if you miss a credit card payment and are punished with an additional payment, this “fine” is also added to GDP. Too rich in the USA.

  73. @Majority of One

    Good comment.

    Whatever you think about him, it can’t be denied that Putin is by far and away the most brilliant geopolitical strategist in the world today.

    When you think about how far Russia had fallen in the 1990s and where they are now, the turnaround has been astounding.

    And it’s mostly down to just one man.

    • Replies: @Anon
  74. MLK says:

    Kudos to this author and PCR because, whatever nitpicks I have, it’s such a Sad Story at this point that they get points for this concise diagnosis.

    But, as Russia proved beginning at the start of the new millennium, big league sovereigns can move from circling the drain to stabilization and then resurgence much faster than even informed and intelligent observers expected.

    The key inflection point begins before what this articles rightly identifies as signal in the path of American decline. The 1989-1991 period, in geopolitical and geo-economic terms is truly where we must begin to understand what has followed.

    The collapse of the Soviet Union and its Warsaw Pact, followed by the American decision to expand NATO and loot Russia, rather than integrate it through something akin to the Marshall Plan.

    You’ll note that China got nearly opposite treatment from the US (The West) after Tiananmen Square. That was the beginning of Western business elites and the governing class learning to love and emulate the CCP. Suffice it say, what’s not to love if you’re properly situated?

    While it didn’t rise to the longstanding ‘Two Cheers for CCP China,’ which is now within an inch of a loud and proud three (see e.g. Godfree Roberts), it’s worth remembering what elements of the Soviet system were appealing within The West and by whom.

    It isn’t that there is nothing The West can learn from China, but that its Ruling and Governing Classes, tired and discredited as they are, are selfishly focused on adopting its systems of control.

    THE lesson that the American Project in particular must get its collective mind around, from both Russia and China, is that control of your own national destiny is a necessary but insufficient condition precedent for success.

    The current situation — an illegitimate, Potemkin Village Idiot as president — is utterly untenable and everyone knows it. Much perniciousness has come from claims that we are “exceptional.” But that is emphatically true in an altogether ominous way across the globe now that foreign and domestic malefactors succeeded in operation Get Rid Of Trump.

    While it isn’t exciting, sometimes things get so far off the rails you have to go back to the ineluctable basic observation that the situation is untenable.

    Say what you will about the Russians, but they pissed away a decade in contradistinction to China’s “century of humiliation.”

  75. Miro23 says:
    @Godfree Roberts

    That chart of US non-farm employment starts after WW2 (1945) so it looks like an artificially high start point. The US’s industrial competitors were in ruins.

    The chart therefore shows the rebuilding of European and Asian industry ( inevitably reducing the share of the US in world manufacturing). It shows some stability 1970 – 1980 which may have been some sort of natural equilibrium, but also the decline restarting in 1980.

    The further decline probably had a lot to do with digitalization/internet. The opening up of new outsourcing possibilities (vast excess profits, less regulation and less US manufacturing hassles). The move also received strong intellectual support from the neoliberal fashion that took over western university economics departments at about the same time (certainly the one I was at – manufacturing was “old economy”, advanced economies were “service economies”, and manufacturing was low grade, dirty, polluting stuff that needed to be done offshore. Everyone wanted to be an investment banker – even the STEM guys).

    It’s interesting that manufacturing (exports) did well in Weimar Germany with the collapse of the D Mark, but that’s because they still had factories and trained workers. If the US dollar goes the same way, then the US won’t have either the factories or the workers.

    • Replies: @showmethereal
  76. Hegar says:

    In the end, colonies were viewed as markets where metropole would sell its products. The larger the colony, the more numerous its population was, the larger was the market for products manufactured in metropole. This all made a complete, however often bloody, economic sense in the times of a good ol’ industrial capitalism

    Typical socialist propaganda view. But what to expect from a Russian, who’ll take any chance to smear Westerners. Colonies were a way for the White race to expand. And yes, it improved our economy – oh, how terrible! Terrible for little kids sitting in front of a computer, who have money handed to them.

    Socialist parties in Europe, whether Social Democrats or communists, all opposed the Western empires, calling non-Whites “the oppressed races”. Marx’ son-in-law said he was “proud of having the blood of three oppressed races” – Black, Indian and Jewish. He said he was most proud of the Negro blood. Because it was the most “oppressed”. (They’d prefer to stay in the Stone Age, I guess? Why haven’t they returned to it, then?)

    After WWII the socialist parties were in control of Western Europe’s politics, with conservatives frantically apologizing for fascism, which meant actually fighting for conservative values. The socialists demanded that the colonies be disbanded.

    When Whites were attacked in Algeria, by Arabs with Soviet guns and money, the socialists cheered in France. They paraded in Paris and demanded the Whites be abandoned. Algeria was surrendered like Tunisia before it, and the Whites were forced to move back to France. Like in other colonies, Whites had to return. The growth of the White population in Africa stopped and was reversed.

    Andrei Martyanov: “Colonies were just for selling stuff! CAPITALISM!!!”

  77. anon[163] • Disclaimer says:

    America’s greatest enemy are its own elites, and their property. tje mainstreammedia. The academic liberal arts get in some punches too.

    Everybody could have peace and prosperity if our elites would get out of the way and let it happen.

  78. @Trial by Wombat

    Shorter, less concise version of your excellent post would be that the Constitution was a compromise between people with very different basic views of how to order society. The “progressive” side never really agreed, it was just a temporary fix.

    The ink was not dry before the “progressive” side of that compromise was busily working its way around it.

    Today, thanks to the importation of waves of wage labor immigrants* who are dependent on “progress” for their daily bread there is no longer a need to maintain a fig leaf on either the compromise or the Constitution.

    Jefferson’s republic of yeoman farmers and tradesmen never had a chance.

    *in full flood by the ’40s – the 1840s.

    • Replies: @another fred
  79. @another fred

    Lately I was looking from a night mountain-top
    On a wide city, the colored splendor, galaxies of light:
    how could I help but recall the seine-net
    Gathering the luminous fish? I cannot tell you how
    beautiful the city appeared, and a little terrible.
    I thought, We have geared the machines and locked all together
    into inter-dependence; we have built the great cities; now
    There is no escape. We have gathered vast populations incapable
    of free survival, insulated
    From the strong earth, each person in himself helpless, on all
    dependent. The circle is closed, and the net
    Is being hauled in. They hardly feel the cords drawing, yet
    they shine already. The inevitable mass-disasters
    Will not come in our time nor in our children’s, but we
    and our children
    Must watch the net draw narrower, government take all
    powers–or revolution, and the new government
    Take more than all, add to kept bodies kept souls–or anarchy,
    the mass-disasters.
    These things are Progress;
    Do you marvel our verse is troubled or frowning, while it keeps
    its reason? Or it lets go, lets the mood flow
    In the manner of the recent young men into mere hysteria,
    splintered gleams, crackled laughter. But they are
    quite wrong.
    There is no reason for amazement: surely one always knew
    that cultures decay, and life’s end is death.

    The Purse Seine, Robinson Jeffers

  80. @animalogic

    A court by its very nature makes binding decisions. A court executes the Law. Anything less & it is NOT a court.

    What good is a binding decision if it is not the wise and proper decision? To make wise and proper decisions, you need perfect knowledge. Otherwise you get declarations that carbon dioxide is a pollutant or that corporations and oligarchs can control elections.

    It’s called shooting yourself in the foot.

    • Agree: Schuetze
  81. @Godfree Roberts

    The chart does not show what Godfree Roberts says. The US lost manufacturing employment because of technology and automation. It did not lose manufacturing. With the Soviet collapse in 1991, China and India abandoned their restraints on foreign capital. Wall Street, claiming to be acting in shareholders’ interests, drove US manufacturing offshore to Asia, principally China. In pursuit of short-term profit, US corporations developed China’s economy for China.

  82. @Schuetze

    To me it looks like the US, the EU and Russia are all operating on their own version of the yid plantation. The Russians are serfs, the Europeans are peasants, and the Americans are slaves, but their masters are always Hebrew.

    Under the sign of the cross, whatever version, all men are Jews.

  83. @animalogic

    A court by its very nature makes binding decisions. A court executes the Law. Anything less & it is NOT a court.

    Binding decisions have a way of reflecting the dogma of the day. Yesterdays binding decision is todays forgotten history.

  84. This is message for FEARLESS LEADER !

    Everybody else…do NOT read !

    OK ?

    Everything go’ing OK here….per plan !

    Capitalist pigs keeling each other !

    Comrades….we win ! we win ! we win !

    With Love

    Boris & Natasha

  85. @anonymous

    Superb comment, sir.

    I would quibble only that it is impossible for Germany to pose even the slightest military threat to the Russian Federation. Germany’s “military” is puny and mostly poorly equipped sand maintained. Germany’s “military” could be readily defeated by Turkey or Iran 1-on-1 without US intervention.

  86. @Godfree Roberts

    You are correct. The decline in the manufacturing capacity of the United States has nothing at all to do with China’s growth, at least not directly. Following WWII America’s manufacturing capacity decline for obvious reasons. It was just a matter of time before the European and Japanese manufacturing bases came back in line, denting what was, of course, the realignment of production that had taken place in the United States in order to serve the war and post-war needs. Regardless of anything else, America’s manufacturing capacity was bound to decline through the fifties and sixties. Thereafter, America’s inability to hold its ground was due primarily to the creation of the petro-dollar. Nixon closed the gold window, exacerbating the declining trend in the American economy due to governmental interventions in the marketplace and the “Great Society” programs as well as imperial reach in places like Indochina. It costs 7.5 cents to make a one-dollar bill and 12.5 cents to make a one-hundred-dollar bill. After 1971, we made money for practically nothing and sold it dearly. That’s where American manufacturing went. For the short-term benefit, it gave away the long term. And that’s not to say anything of all the other incidentals that have led to the decline, such as the educational disaster of our primary and secondary institutions, not to say anything of the government getting into technical education destroying the once vibrant private system that produced millions of well-trained tradesmen. It is now too late to fix the problems.

  87. @The Alarmist

    A supposedly “prestigious” event in Scumbag New York City, the National Felon League, and the National Boon Association — not much of a loss. None ever played a part in our family’s life, and they never will. Take ‘em, China.

    Now baseball is a different story. Our family and several friends’ families have together decided not to attend, watch, buy, or support MLB in any way because of their constant politicking, especially their anti-white lecturing and now pro-voter-fraud extremism — whether or not MLB is also influenced by China. We love our national pastime but don’t need the disloyal, bullying owners and overpaid unpatriotic coward NOTHINGS who play in the MLB to enjoy it. Minor leagues here we come.

  88. Herald says:

    Blah,blah,blah……………another US sucks and is on its way down.Really,then why do so many people from every country on the planet want to get to America?

    Martyanov has clearly got it all wrong. Prospects at home and abroad have never looked so good.

  89. @Paul Craig Roberts

    The US lost millions of jobs in the textile and garment industries to cheaper labor. These low-paying jobs meant little to analysts and economists, but livelihoods to the people who lost them and the small towns they supported. The blows were cushioned by expanding credit and the welfare state it financed, but the butcher’s bill is yet to be paid.

    I was there. I saw it.

    • Replies: @Andrei Martyanov
  90. Alfred says:

    There are still plenty of fossils fuels around (Alaska) and even if we ran out, there is an unlimited supply of uranium (and thorium).


    The Great American Oil & Gas Massacre: Bankruptcies Hit New Milestone as Bigger Companies Let Go

    The last time many reactors were built was in the 1970’s. The knowledge is gone. The engineers are not there. It would take decades to replace existing antiquated and dangerous plants.

    Regulators ponder 100-year licenses for nuclear reactors

    As for thorium, tell us of a single functioning thorium plant on the planet. 🙂

    Why do you think they are stopping commuting and flying? The Great Reset?

    • Replies: @Buzz Mohawk
    , @RoatanBill
  91. GeeBee says:

    Chamberlain’s “Peace in Our Time” 1938 proclamation, after signing the Munich capitulation to Hitler

    Why must otherwise informed and rational writers trot out this sort of thing? Yes of course, we all know that Adolf Hitler was the ‘acme of evil’, ‘uniquely evil’, in fact; and that he shall sit for evermore atop the pinnacle of human demonology. Or, in other words, he is a handy scapegoat/totem for evil/whipping boy. We all ‘know’ this of course, because the victorious and entirely unblemished allies – whose prosecution of WWII was carried out entirely selflessly, in order that ‘freedom and democracy’ might be allowed to flourish – have told us so. Every day of every week of every year for eighty years and counting. So it must, of course, be right.

    I cannot help but wonder, however, how ‘patriotic Americans’ might react had the boot been on the other foot back in the late-1930s. That, say, Texas had been given to Mexico by some international treaty in 1919, and a President had later come along – let’s call him Newville Chambermaid – and declared his intention of taking it back into the American fold. He might have put an imaginary German leader – let’s call him Randolph Hilter – under pressure to accept taking Texas back.

    Would we now, more than eighty years later, continue to be regaled with slurs that ‘Hilter had capitulated to Chambermaid’?

    Knock it off guys. Enough already!

    • Thanks: HeebHunter
    • LOL: Schuetze, El Dato
    • Replies: @HeebHunter
  92. Reasonable arguments abound here, in the article and in the comment’s section, but when anyone posits large populations as desirable, they lose.

    A larger population does indeed produce more and more desperate workers who will work cheap, but it does not necessarily give rise to quality of life. America’s smaller population is a feature, not a bug, even though it has been ignored for overseas profit.

    Humans everywhere, like any other stupid species, overpopulate themselves to Malthusian reductio ad absurdum levels. America is in competition against greater numbers. Soviets beat Germans from the East the same way, via greater numbers, no matter how stupid and brutal.

    Big deal. Life goes on. Weeds take over gardens that are improperly managed. The United States is improperly managed.

  93. @Escher

    Oh isn’t it just!

    Well he knows full well that he’d take a massive pay cut to do the same job

    Plus it always baffles me how these ex Soviet types rock up in the USA and write their ranty blogs about imminent implosion of America,you know, its all a cess pit run by gay people,yet he just loves to post how much he loves western rock bands who invariably are some of the richest hedonist types on planet earth!

    curious,must be a hang up from all that Soviet indoctrination,which of course we all know was a total failure in creating a meaningful system to compete with capitalism

    So if capitalism can’t go to Russia,Marty the Great goes to the heart of the Great Satan,brilliant!

    • Agree: Mr. Hack
    • Replies: @Johnny Rico
  94. @Passer by

    In Asia (Eurasia), Russia will be the only European (White) country, and will be in demand; the glamour of Europe is still there in Asian eyes.

  95. Tom Welsh says:

    “On the yet another hand…”

    I think what you mean is

    • Thanks: Levtraro
  96. @Alfred

    As for thorium, tell us of a single functioning thorium plant on the planet. 🙂

    Work on thorium reactors in the US basically stopped decades ago, when it became clear that it would work and was superior for civilian electricity production, so your point is what, exactly? Yes, it will take a long time to get the thorium cycle up to industrial scale, but there is no doubt that it can be done. It has been only politics, superstition and a conspiracy by oil interests to thwart the development. That and the fact that the thorium cycle produces nothing weapons-grade.

    It really is reminiscent of Edison, with his DC, trying to frighten people against Tesla’s far superior AC, which is an integral part of the modern world.

    In China, they are working on thorium. Why do suppose that is?

  97. @gleongelpi

    It costs 7.5 cents to make a one-dollar bill and 12.5 cents to make a one-hundred-dollar bill.

    After the digital dollars came into existence, it did not cost even this much – a few cents’ worth of electricity can make one richer by literally billions. So much of this digital “money” has been created now it is not even possible to print all of it into physical existence. This website gives a good idea:

    Anything that can be created in infinite quantities at virtually no cost, will be eventually worth nothing.

    • Replies: @gleongelpi
  98. “Same is true for Chinese movie market, so much so, that Hollywood is forced to pander to China to have a shot at gigantic Chinese movie audience.”

    There was a time when Hollywood (read Neal Gabler’s tome on how Eastern European Jews made it all possible) produced movies that one was thrilled to watch it over and over again but today it’s a cesspool of Jewish mediocrities.

    Just the other day, I was watching the Birdman of Alcatraz with the late Burt Lancaster and Carl Malden about a man and his struggle with the society/prison warden. But today you can’t even get Tommy Lee Jones or Sean Penn (both second rated compared to Lancaster and Malden) instead you’re given the likes of Stephen Dorff (what a faggoty assed performer). The state of Hollywood is the story of emerging America. It’s too sad even to think about it!

  99. Chris Moore says: • Website
    @Arthur MacBride

    Unless those imperialists and capitalists were controlled by the same people who had conducted the 1917 Jewish coup in Russia …

    I’ve long said the ((Bolshevik)) revolution was just another chapter in the Russian Empire vs. British Empire “Great Game.” But yes, it now seems that ((they)) were pulling the strings on most of it once they thoroughly infiltrated the Brits.

    Exactly when that was is up for debate, but it was most certainly a gradual and insidious process, so even the colonizing host didn’t know it was being colonized by the parasite, and probably it still doesn’t, as the parasite has control of its brain via culture, MSM and other psychological-manipulating mechanisms.

    • Replies: @Arthur MacBride
  100. @Majority of One

    What a covoluted mess. More examples that prove liberalism is retarded and Man cannot be ruled by mere laws.

  101. @GeeBee

    Relax, friend. By their own decree, “ignorance is not an excuse”.

    They really want to join shlomos and their daddies in that methane-smelling eternal boiling pit. Just let them.

  102. @Chris Cosmos

    over the rainbow in a proto-hippie and perhaps psychedelic world

    More like Escape from New York, Mad Max in Atzland and Adventures in the Eastern Jungles of Chimpcongo.

  103. Dr. Paul Craig Robert’s has been for many years now, “ANOTHER VOICE CRYING IN THE WILDERNESS”. His many essays on economics and social policies, have gone largely ignored by those whom he quite rightly calls, the ignorant and uneducated buffoons who call themselves “representatives” of the U.S.

    Read carefully his last sentence and you will understand, that President Donald Trump, whether one likes his personality or not, was right about almost everything and the present administration, nothing more but the same charlatans that brought the U.S. to its present position, is wrong. Dead wrong.

  104. Beckow says:

    …Russia, to avoid things getting too out of control

    Well, ideally. But if there is a real war things will be out of control by definition. Not sure it would matter how it is arranged technically. As with all wars, the only thing that matters is who wins. Kiev is unlikely to win.

  105. @another fred

    The US lost millions of jobs in the textile and garment industries to cheaper labor.

    Go to any electronics store and take a look. Or go to any Lowe’s or Home Depot–those are not textile or garments which are sold there. Check “Made in….” labels there. Well, you got my drift.

    • Replies: @another fred
    , @alwayswrite
  106. Heres some real ‘ dictatorship of numbers’ ,which is a population decline in Russia of some 30 million by 2050, leaving the mighty Russian bear with just over 110 million people

    Well that’ll be fun trying to be some sort of ” super power” with demographics like those!

    The fact is Putin has failed,he’s busy building an authoritarian state,which will go down just like the last one did

    Russia will be slowly subsumed into the Chinese empire,that’ll be Russians fate

    Unfortunately people like Marty think its great that Russia is selling China high tech radars and aircraft,unfortunately he fails to understand that this is simply a transfer of technology to the Chinese who will copy and finally surpass what Russia can make,after that Russia becomes a vassal state to China

    • Replies: @Jake
    , @Anonymous
  107. Anonymous[721] • Disclaimer says:

    and most importantly, uniting with Mexico, Canada, and Central America in a kind of egalitarian union

    No thanks.

  108. Rdm says:
    @Bill H.

    There are many bureaucracy in every step in administrations, SSA, UPS.

    How many return packages are added to GDP?

  109. @alwayswrite

    I have no problem with Andrie being here. The Russians in America are trying to knock some sense into our heads. And there is no nice and polite way to do this. Larger point:You have Clintonian hatred of the Russian People and you want them dead. So Andrie being here is completely beside the point.

    Andrie is flabbergasted…I think this is the right word…that a Nation he admired from afar is destroying itself-already has.

    • Replies: @alwayswrite
    , @Zommeo
  110. Rdm says:

    I agreed the first statement but you diverged rather quickly to suck our forefather’s dicks.

  111. SafeNow says:

    Sorry, academia, for quoting from the traditional, rather than “refreshed” canon. But “Land of Lost Content” came to mind after reading the essay and comments.

    • Thanks: Arthur MacBride
  112. Yee says:

    Paul Craig Roberts,

    “US corporations developed China’s economy for China.”

    Oh, please…

    Foreign investments only account for 12% of total investments in China, the vast majority is domestic. And among those 12% FDI, 80% are from other Asian countries. Actually, US investments in China is smaller than European ones.

    And furthermore, the US is the largest receiver of FDI in the world for decades. Whatever amount you invest in China, you receive many times of that in US economy.

    What don’t Americans settle down and find out what really cause the problem in US economy instead of “China, China, China” all the time?

    • Agree: antibeast, showmethereal
    • Replies: @d dan
  113. AH14 says:

    Great post like always. If Russians weren’t generally drunken imbeciles they would be the best golems in the world. The truth though is that they are so incompetent and useless that it’s a safe assumption the Jews who control the Anglosphere; EU, US, Russia and China will go ahead and break up Russia via military defeat in Ukraine, Syria and Iran soon.

    Faker and Martyanov will be assuring us that all is well in the new jewSSR as it’s literally being annexed by China in a year or 2. The Jews realize that the Chinese whom they control will be better managers of the territory that is currently with in the borders of the RF so they will set that in motion very soon, Russia is already collapsing and the Jews know they have to keep ahead of it.

    In any case it makes sense that the Russians are always bragging about how great and exceptional they are. It’s often the case that the loudest braggarts are actually the most insecure and I think Martyanov and faker prove that nicely.

    • Agree: Schuetze
    • Replies: @TheJamesRocket
  114. AReply says:

    Reading PCR is to observe a semi-random pattern of neural firings in the service of what he seems to think is a science of America, but over the long haul — and I’ve been reading his essays for more than a decade — amounts to nothing more than drum-beating of a very personal Promethean worldview which which is aghast with the consequences of his own work.

    Yes the facts are in, that over the last 75 years, the Orient has been brought online and exploded industrially to such a fantastical and horrifying degree of “progress” that the human condition is culminating in a total attenuation of the eco-sphere.

    If there ever was a time when the human-experience was known to itself, in the full face of the dubiousness of such an idea, that time is now. We know ourselves like never before, and what’s obvious is how maladapted we are!

    PCR is a Reagan-era zombie.

    Superficially, PCR is bringing home the good news, The Good Word, that we’re on the wrong track as a nation. The unspoken, epic irony is that he brings us this news at the end of his life, after we succeeded in making the entire world in our image.

    So looking in the mirror, what sage advice does PCR have for the astute reader?

    Parse his essays down and it’s a formula:

    We let manufacturing escape to the orient, we deal in fear, our politicians are blind or blind-sided, and btw he was an Asst Secretary to the Treasury under Reagan (we’ll come back to this in a second) all in the determination of the following

    Quoted from his article above:

    …One could hide America’s decrepit cities, mass riots, destruction of the education system, incompetence of political and military top echelons, suicidal social practices and breakdown of law and order, aggravated by huge lines to food banks for only so long.

    Let the court note in the Record, these conditions are the product of a Conservative, Republican America. It’s PCR’s own doctrinal system, and his generation of Conservative mindset that got us here.

    And after receiving every opportunity to win hearts and minds, to create a viable commonwealth, what is PCR’s bold recommendation to a new generation on how to take stock and address the epic failure of Conservatism? He no recommendations at all. He can only allude to a better day, long since passed, under St. Ronald Reagan when America had a song in her heart and a spring in her step. It is this 80s America of his mid-life he regales with a peculiar sort of Grandpa-Simpson onions-on-my-beltbackwards-looking nattering about the Russkies, who now, in truly Strangelovean turn of history, accelerated beyond their trappings as a regressively misguided, post-aristocratic, totalitarian Cold War enemy, shattering into a shining thousand-points-of-black-light beacon of oligarchy shining upon a velvet painting of a commonwealth of poker-playing capitalist dogs… Plus Ukraine.

    Putin on Monday gave final approval to legislation allowing him to hold office for two additional six-year terms

    //Putin proposed the change last year as part of constitutional reforms that Russians overwhelmingly backed in a vote in July. Lawmakers approved the new bill last month.//

    Addt sources report:

    //President Vladimir Putin signed a law on Wednesday allowing civilian officials he has appointed to remain in their posts past the age of 70 if they choose, a government website said.//

    //The law, signed by Putin, limits any future president to two terms in office, but resets his tenure. It also prevents anyone who has held foreign citizenship from running for the Kremlin.//

    — That’s mighty GOP of you Puty!

    Let’s be clear, PCR is a very old man, fixated and funded in a RT revue of his life’s work and its mortal consequences. Like all Republicans he’s in a state of abject denial, and running away in horror from his own work while blaming everything behind him for his own immanent demise. But what’s behind him is himself.

    As a very able blogger has diligently recorded every detail for 16 years, “Look on my works ye mighty and despair”.

    The Reagan Revolution at 40

    All that matters now about PCR is he had his chance. Only he knows if he fought the good fight, but America, through the so-called virtues of Conservatism, is in tatters, and Republicans only ideas are to keep wrecking it.

    Let’s pause for a moment to note that Biden, who suffers the same folly as PCR has somehow turned himself around so that he can see his own reflection, and is making arm motions that appear to be concerned with getting back in game. After Trump, any willingness to regard the contents of the mirror in critical self-reflection and assessment is a welcome turn.

    • Replies: @Majority of One
  115. @Andrei Martyanov

    Which has nothing to do with my point.

  116. @War for Blair Mountain

    I have no hatred for Russia,just the idiots who have learnt nothing from history and are currently creating yet another authoritarian mess

    Putin has failed,he’s failed on the economy thats a fact, supported by the continuing exodus of some of Russia’s best people,Marty is evidence for this,he didn’t just rock up in the USA for the hell of it,or because he liked western rock music did he!

    He’s flabbergasted,as you put it,because he basically doesn’t understand the west,so it suits him to keep up with his rather boring negative narrative of collapse

    Therefore he finds the simple narrative of Putin,like so many conservatives types, as some sort of solution to America’s problems

    Putin is attractive to so many in the west,from the extreme left to extreme right,its basically a tactic to destabilise the west,with the rather daft idea that Putin and his Chinese pals can create some sort of new and alternative system,its called ‘ useful idiots ‘ i believe,surely you’ve heard of the expression?

    Well they can’t and won’t, create a new multi- polar system,basically the Chinese will bin Russia as soon as they can,as they are the ones with the economic might, not Russia,and the Chinese are the ones who basically want to own the so called international rules based system,Putin, the idiot thinks the system is all washed up and has said so,which is basically Putin projecting his own fears about the state of Russia

    • Replies: @Ponder
  117. @Chris Moore

    I tend to think that the Rus v Brit “Great Game” was real but simply a rivalry which never reached serious on the ground conflict. It was possibly created/fed by the talmudists as the ones who would do that, hoping for conflict … I have no evidence to offer for this except their modus operandi up to this very day and generation.

    Benjamin Disraeli in my humble opinion is significant, Jewish Prime Minister of England, confidant of Queen Victoria no less, published Coningsby wherein he openly stated that power is not exercised by governments etc but in secret behind the curtain … an example of early Victorian chutzpah … Baghdadi Jews commanding British armed forces to wage an Opium War on China … Jewish full command of GB easily by 1875 or so would be my estimate … then the 1897 Zionist Declaration in Basel kicked off the horrors of the C20.

    And still ongoing by the same people and their paid lackeys.

  118. @Andrei Martyanov

    It’s called globalisation

    Of course if you think Russia can become some sort of autarky then good luck

    Judging by the continuing brain drain from Russia obviously the better educated Russians are voting with their feet

    With its appalling demographics i can’t personally see much future for Russia,it certainly can’t go forwards thinking it can be some sort of global power,or create some sort of alternative economic system it simply doesn’t have the ability to create and sustain the creative entrepreneurial echo system and with Putin’s dash towards authoritarianism,i see Russian human capital being seriously ill used

    Unfortunately development in hypersonic wiz bangs isn’t gonna do the average Russian much good

    • Replies: @Ron Unz
  119. d dan says:

    “Foreign investments only account for 12% of total investments in China, the vast majority is domestic. And among those 12% FDI, 80% are from other Asian countries. Actually, US investments in China is smaller than European ones.”

    Correct. This is too hard a fact – it will destroy the ego of so many Westerners and their narration that “the West builds/develops China.” Chinese saves a big percentage of their earnings, and put them back to investment, upgrading, education (instead of consumption, military, financial…). That their government is willing/capable/competent to interfere and plan also helps.

    Look further to the percentage of foreign direct investment to China, say in 2017. See how (un)-important US/Western investments to China:

    Hong Kong 72.1%
    Singapore 3.6%
    Virgin Islands 3.0%
    South Korea 2.8%
    Japan 2.4%
    USA 2.0%
    Cayman Islands 1.6%
    Netherlands 1.6%
    Taiwan 1.3%
    Germany 1.1%

    China has been the most productive country in the world for thousands of years in human history (e.g. It is a country with only 6% of world arable land but supports 20% of world population.) Whatever the West do/don’t do, it may slow/hasten the trend, but it will not change the ultimate return to normal.

    “What don’t Americans settle down and find out what really cause the problem in US economy instead of “China, China, China” all the time?”

    The future of American economy lies on them figure out how to find a niche to utilize the strengths of the country and avoid its weaknesses to fit into the global supply chain centered around China and the greater Euro-Asia. The smaller countries, especially those in East Asia, have been able to accept and adapt to this hard-cold fact much earlier, but America is too arrogant/dumb to change the mentality – they just talk about decoupling or autarky, or whatever the imagined economic/political/military/security threats. Their “learning from history” consists of debating whether Clinton was right/wrong to let China into WTO. So they are likely to be the last to (be forced to) make the adjustment, and left with the worst position (even compare with smaller countries) after the great re-arrangement.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Zommeo
  120. @Godfree Roberts

    At least until very recently, like after 2010, America still made 25% of manufactured goods of world by value…with 6% of world’s population…and using 25% of world’s energy…so not only was our industrial base still pretty high though not nearly what it should be and exporting industries was totally horrid behavior by elites, but greenies whining we use 25% of world’s energy with only 6% of population should be wondering how we manage to drive all these cars and live in big houses and manufacture so much while using so little energy comparatively…and that was before solar panels were popping up everywhere and windmills were chopping up bald eagles.

  121. @Arthur MacBride

    I generally agree…Russia and America were pretty much the 2 great Christian countries, now it’s just Russia…in early 1900s Russia I have read was told to get a Fed Reserve too but refused, while America acquiesced, hence Russia had to be violently destroyed by Bolshevik revolution…while America has also been slowly destroyed, milked the whole way…

  122. Ron Unz says:

    It’s called globalisation

    Of course if you think Russia can become some sort of autarky then good luck

    I might agree with that. But the Biden Neocons have now decided to follow the lead of the Trump Neocons in launching a full-fledged New Cold War against China. And the combination of China, Russia, and Iran is an extremely powerful economic/military/political block, arguably quite a lot stronger than the US+EU.

    As this article noted, one of America’s few remaining powerful advantages is its legacy control over the world financial system due to the dollar being the reserve currency. Unfortunately, in the last few years it’s begun so severely abusing that power with endless arbitrary sanctions that the rest of the world must be eagerly looking for a replacement, and the Digital Yuan may fill that role. There was a big front-page article in the WSJ a few days ago on exactly that subject, and Fred Reed had written a column a couple of months ago:

    A very substantial fraction of the world’s manufactured goods comes from China and a similar fraction of oil, gas, and other natural resources is available from Russia and Iran, while the former also sells excellent military technology. If they decide to price those goods in digital yuan, America may have very serious trouble, and ordinary Americans may suddenly discover just how poor they really have become.

    For example, ordinary Africans like to buy Chinese consumer goods and their countries pay for those by selling their natural resources to China. They can use their Chinese smartphones for those transactions. So why would they need dollars for anything? Same for many other parts of the world.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  123. @Arthur MacBride

    I agree with you. Chamberlain was an honourable man who tried to keep the peace. To get a clearer view of England and the powers who called the shots. Read Archibald Maule Ramsey, The Nameless War.

    The book is available at

    • Replies: @Arthur MacBride
    , @JM
  124. Anon[352] • Disclaimer says:
    @Know Your Enemy

    And it’s mostly down to just one man.

    Most pertinent sentence in a profound observation. Putin needs to watch his back, as the Skripal and Navalny poisonings could well have been warnings to him from a frustrated American spook community. It was always a very real possibility that the Malaysian jetliner was truly mistaken for Putin’s presidential plane by the Ukie launchers of the Buk missile, which is why the cover-up in place of an actual investigation that allowed no actual data be considered.

    • Replies: @Alfred
  125. Anonymous[721] • Disclaimer says:
    @d dan

    they just talk about decoupling or autarky, or whatever the imagined economic/political/military/security threats.

    Yes, and this is the correct strategy. That is why you’re always on here whining about it.

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
  126. @animalogic

    Anima: You quite overlook Jefferson’s point of view and its implications. The Extreme Courtesans, aka the Blackrobes, indeed constitute a monarchical element in what the less greed-motivated and more idealistic founders intended as a republican form of governance.

    Let’s examine the constitutive reality of the Supreme Court as it was established by the arch-Federalists. For starters, every single member of that body is a LAWYER. Also known as pettifoggers, lawyers in all too many instances are opportunists, with some of them additionally being parasitical.

    The Netherlands feature a court system where judges are never lawyers. To become a judge, one of a panel of three, if memory holds, one goes to a judge-school, not an institution for lawyers. Considered objectivity appears to be the aim there. A second facet of this approach is that the courtroom is never dominated by a singular ego, where the Blackrobe’s shit never stinks and he essentially melds into a tinpot god. In the English model of juridicial empowerment, one is obliged to enter a PLEA to the “court”. Free individuals do not plea or plead. They state their case, such as they feel it, see it and comprehend it. Certainly, many accused will deviate from the truth in their accounts. Examination of testimonies by a panel of three diverse individuals is far more likely to arrive at some fair measure of verity and objectivity than a single all-powerful authority figure.

    Secondly, additional to being lawyers (a plurality or possible majority of whom belong to the guild of attorneys, the American Bar Association) these attorneys are doubly politically connected. Their guild openly uses the term “Bar”. What is meant by this? In England, in order to become a barrister/solicitor, an aspirant literally stands before the “Bar” at Temple Court, City of London. What does that imply? The Bar is literally a fixture and in order to cross that bar, certain agreements must be met. The aspirants become lieges of the Law Lords of Great Britain and of the Crown. The establishment is purely hierarchical …top down. There is not one scintilla of republicanism, to say nothing of democracy in the entire matter. It so happens, that by the Treaty which ended the Revolutionary War versus the Crown, certain agreements went into force. Among those codicils was the quiet establishment of the American Bar Association as essentially a branch office under the aegis of the Law Lords of Britain. So, simply stated, the American legal system as currently established, falls under the rule of the Brits.

    The other half of the politically connected situation is that, at the Federal level, all district court judges; appeals court judges and of course, the institution of the 9 Blackrobes happen to be not only political appointees, but hold their positions for life. Thus the hoo-ha about Trump’s appointees to the “Supremes”, with Democrats bitterly opposing his nominees and the then Republican dominated Senate doggedly in support. Totally political and subject to the whims and schemes of the ruling national committees (Politburo) of the duopoly prostiticians, the Republicrats and the Demolicans.
    Both of these parties are subjected to control to these national committees, who in turn receive their marching orders by the financial elite. That’s how it all works. totally political and totally controlled by the Bank$ters who OWN the “Federal” Reserve Bank.

    Thusly is the American court system an essentially totally corrupted politically monarchical or even dictatorial scheme.

    Personally, though an idealist, I am not a reformist. It is not my studied belief that the current system can be reformed. The American public has been so deliberately dumbed down over many decades and generations that it no longer can be considered as composing that body of citizens once envisioned as THE sovereign power, We The People.

    As a body of serfs, the American people are SUBJECT to a legal system which is absolutely not one of justice, rather one of LAW. That sounds reasonable at first glance, but then consider that laws in federalized, top-down America are not enacted by statesmen, but by pro$titicians who are the products of political machines, who deem them to be properly “on message” and not likely to upset the agenda.

    Additional to statutory law, there are Federal Register REGULATIONS which somehow have been granted the power of law. No individual could possibly even read all these departmental regulations. Their amassment would pile up to be tens, if not scores of yards high. Even so, with more than 5,000 felony-level statutes on the books, the average American, according to one author, with or without knowing it, commits no fewer on average than 3 felonies per DAY.

    Law in America is corrupt and corruptive. Unless one has unlimited financial resources, well-protected ones; it simply is not possible to receive JUSTICE under this ruptured republic’s legal system.

    We Americans happen to exist under the rule of law. Do you UNDERstand? Or do you stand UNDER unjust and unjustifiable laws?

    • Thanks: Joe Levantine
    • Replies: @RoatanBill
    , @Joe Levantine
  127. @Alfred

    The US Fed Gov has made any significant testing of the thorium fuel cycle illegal. That goes along with making the mining of rare earth elements also illegal, via regulation, since rare earths are usually found along side thorium deposits.

    The US has an estimated 100 years worth of thorium, sufficient to power the entire country, buried in barrels in the Nevada desert. The Uranium processors have a vested interest in stifling the thorium fuel cycle because they make their money on the uranium fuel cycle. These corporations provide campaign contributions to make sure laws are passed to keep them in business.

    Norway, the Czech Republic, China and India have active development programs. Soon, the world will be purchasing thorium reactor technology from one of those countries because the US intelligentsia is too stupid and too corrupt to allow for local development. Just like the development of 5G and 6G technology, the US will be sucking hind teat when the rest of the world will be advancing via a modern reactor technology.

    The US invented the thorium fuel cycle and its patent holder, Alvin Weinberg, spent the last years of his life trying to advance the technology after he was fired for daring to have an eminent scientist such as himself declare that the light water reactor, that he also holds the patent for, was an accident waiting to happen. Fukushima, Chernobyl, Three Mile Island.

    The US Fed Gov is the most corrupt and stupid gov’t on the planet. No other even comes close.

    • Replies: @Realist
    , @Alfred
  128. Speaking about Russians in America…

    A year ago I was speaking to three Russians living in America…two brothers(two dentists from Crimea)….and their friend(emergency room physician from a city in Siberia now working at a hospital in the toilet bowl Queens NY). All three of them told me that the bluffs at Horton’s Lighthouse overlooking the Sound reminded them of Crimea…..Just remember:FLUSHING…Queens…

  129. I don’t understand why you folks seem to think a world run by Russia,an authoritarian kleptocracy,Iran a fundamentalist religious dictatorship,and China an ultra nationalist communist totalitarian state, will be so much more civilized than what we currently have,it’s very disturbing that people living in free countries would want the above to run the global trade system

    Lets face it, all you’re doing is encouraging a totalitarian form of imperialism

    With all due respect Mr Unz,your blog would be closed down in china and Iran,if you were a citizen of those countries,and offering the kind of content criticism you have here,critical bloggers of those states are persecuted, tortured, killed and imprisoned,you’d just about get away with it in Russia although Putin is clamping down

    Those countries above are not our friends,they’re not capable of creating a new global rules based system,China is a joyless thin skinned totalitarian state,any criticism of them gets them hopping mad,Iran basically has set itself up to destroy Israel,why when they’re not even next to each other is beyond me????
    And Putin is fully signed up to the kind of madness neo Nazi stupidity espoused by Alexander Dugin,who again states the purpose of Russia is to destroy America!

    The greatest irony is Dugin is a fascist and closely linked to the Kremlin and influential think tanks,but Putin likes to inform us how Russia saved the world from fascism,wow! And Putin just loves encouraging fascist idiots in the EU in Italy and France for example,the word hypocrisy suddenly springs to mind,obviously Putin must think France and Italy have the right sort of fascists,and Ukraine doesn’t

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Rdm
  130. @Spender_CGB

    Thank you.

    I am hoping that a day may soon arrive in which Neville Chamberlain will be accorded the honourable memory which is his due.

    I also agree on Archibald Maule Ramsey’s “The Nameless War”; I have a hard copy and hope others reading your post may access it. Another man of honour.

  131. Agent76 says:

    Aug 26, 2015 How the West Re-colonized China

    The “Chinese dragon” of the last two decades may be faltering but it is still hailed by many as an economic miracle. Far from a great advance for Chinese workers, however, it is the direct result of a consolidation of power in the hands of a small clique of powerful families, families that have actively collaborated with Western financial oligarchs.

  132. Anonymous[182] • Disclaimer says:

    The comment boards at UNZ lean fascist because the general user base has an accurate historical perception of WWII and Holocaustianity. Obviously, you still get a lot of fags like d dan, Mulga, Corvinus, Godfree, denk, Rich, A123, mcohen, Fran, you, and others I can’t be bothered to recall at the moment, but the general base is good and has strong inclinations towards positive statism.

    • Replies: @alwayswrite
  133. And speaking more about Russians in America:

    Herb Brooks and the US Hockey were very lucky up in the Adirondacks back in the day. The Russian Hockey Team and their coach mentally took that night off…for whatever reason. Now the US Hockey Team got obliterated 100 to 0 two weeks later by that same Russian Hockey Team.

    But what that US Hockey Team did in the Adirondacks was to propel Ronnie Reagan into the Whitehouse…BUT….here is what USA!!!…USA!!!….USA!! POTUS RONNIE REAGAN did for Amuurica-jimmy Cagney Yankee Doodle Dandy…….42 years after USA USA !!!…POTUS RONNIE REAGAN got involved in Afghanistan to kill Russkies. And he sided with the side of notorious Tribal Warlords who raped young Afghanistani boys…using our tax dollars…The Taliban was the response to US Tax Payer funded child rape. And the Adirondacks…Lake George specifically….is infested in the Summer Time with Isis looking Muslim “‘Americans” driving around Lake George….in fucking BMWs…

    So fuck you to the corpse of Ronnie Reagan and to Herb Brooks and the US Hockey team…you handed over the Adirondacks over to the Muslims….Lake George used to be a Whitopia for NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN WORKING CLASS FAMILIES….

  134. @Anonymous

    Positive statism, Hahahahahaha hahaha hahaha

    Oh that’d be funny if all that positive statism hadn’t murdered so many,usually their own citizens,but i forgot, they must have been the wrong kind of citizens!

    • Replies: @GeeBee
  135. @Majority of One

    A multi millionaire friend of mine, Richard Simkanin, was charged with tax evasion. He put full page ads in a national newspaper proclaiming he wasn’t going to pay an income tax and wasn’t going to withhold wages until someone showed him the law that said he and his employees were liable.

    When he first started this crusade, I warned him he’d never win because I thought he was wrong, but he insisted. I attended meeting with his lawyers, anti tax activists, etc and slowly realized, via evidence, that he was right. There is no law, just regulations the IRS creates on their own. The Constitutional amendment that provides legal cover for the IRS was never properly ratified and on top of that only federal employees were subject to the tax.

    He eventually ended up in court where he was not permitted to speak eventually. Being found guilty, he went to prison and died there due to lack of medical care.

    Regulation are used to side step the law and the courts uphold it. When he was sent to prison, I knew I had to get out of the US. When he died, that was motivation to finally leave.

    • Thanks: RadicalCenter
    • Replies: @Majority of One
  136. @Chris Cosmos

    “the center of that change will be in North America and that change will be in the direction of mystery and paradox. ”

    Do you mean going full transgender?
    It sure within mystery and paradox agenda you mentioned.

  137. @AReply

    My question is that whether Areply is a member, or merely an aspirant to a seat on the Democrat National Committee. The surprisingly intellectually cogent screed was nevertheless compelling in its pretzelogical sort of way, while internal processes were without conscious intent, aggravating my bile-producing glandular secreters…

    …Then the coda. Somehow our ace pretzelogician comments that Biden “has somehow turned himself around…(and is) concerned with getting back in (sic) game.”

    Any reasonably objective observer who has not limited his informational input to the well-compensated pre$$titutes offering their bromides over the mass media of memory-holes, mimefields. mind-control memes and out and out mesmerization…will happen to have a more nuanced take on our duly selected pretzeldent.

    To put it simply Joe Biden is mentally incapacitated and all but the terminally deluded know that. Biden’s dementia has made the U$, the laughing-stock among anyone, particularly internationals, who have seen videos of his stumbling, stammering somnolence. Meanwhile, Willie Brown’s laplander, Kamala’s Foote and her Yiddischer hubby are busy biden their time while discussing new drapes for the White House.

    Both political parties are OWNED at the National Committee level and are responsive only to the imagery presented by RCA back in the day with their doggie, Nipper, staring wonderingly at the ancient morning-glory-horn record player, while beneath the image are the words “His Master’s Voice”.

  138. GeeBee says:

    Many of us here were just like you until quite recently. My advice is to read with a critical but open mind the comments that you are all too ready to dismiss as ‘ridiculous’, soaked as you are in the wonders of ‘freedom and democracy’ and its unending (but, if you look carefully enough, patently false and indeed ludicrous) self-congratulation.

    As I myself discovered – when I was well into my fifties – I had a very great deal to learn about today’s world, and especially so regarding the role of the USA in the wake of its great and despicable triumph in 1945.

    • Thanks: RadicalCenter
    • Replies: @alwayswrite
  139. @Ron Unz

    Wholeheartedly agree, Ron. Most Americans seem blissfully unaware of the accelerating pace of the world’s decoupling from the US dollar.

    The recent decision by China and Russia to conduct their energy deals in Euros instead of dollars is a big one, but there will probably be many more such decisions ahead:

    The author of the column below seems too optimistic (from the US perspective) in identifying obstacles to the yuan becoming the world reserve currency:

    People are in for a rude awakening when the dollar falls to a level commensurate with the facts rather than our absurdly out-of-date self-image as “the richest country in the world.” Namely, the dollar must ultimately fall to reflect our weak & partially deindustrialized economy, tens of millions of dead-weight lower-intelligence residents, massive government debt, massive household debt, decaying infrastructure, unfunded private and government pension liabilities, egregious obesity and poor health among a majority of Americans, and apparent lack of a realistic coordinated trade and economic policy.

    Even if the dollar could somehow avoid a drastic drop relative to other currencies due to the above factors, the recent spending and borrowing binge under the guise of the “pandemic” seems likely to give the dollar a push down the hill. The US government has probably “printed” and borrowed more from 2008 – 2021 than in the previous half century, even relative to GDP.

    You make an overlooked point about the impact of de-dollarization on the average American: what will happen to consumer prices when China et al. decide to demand payment in yuan (digital or not)? Those cheap tools, shoes, clothes, TVs, computers, smartphones, and furniture made in Asia will become expensive, then outright unaffordable.

    Then imagine fuel prices once the big net oil/gas exporters bow to the inevitable and demand payment in yuan or rubles. Ten bucks for a gallon at the pump, tens of millions freezing in winter because they can no longer afford to heat their homes, and skyrocketing prices for everything that is trucked or shipped using fossil fuels. How long will the Saudis, Russians, Nigerians, and Qataris put up with bullying from a deeply dysfunctional, bankrupt, declining power? It may be fairly soon that these net exporters see the writing on the wall and switch to the currency of a more competent, confident, rising power.

    Hungry, cold, frightened Americans will find that our country is well on the way to being the kind of “s—hole” that arrogant Americans foolishly deride.

    • Replies: @Majority of One
    , @Miro23
    , @utu
  140. Our ‘advantage’ in commercial airplanes is mostly due to the fact that we barred our two main competitors (Germany and Japan) from making aircraft after WW2. Britain’s tanking their aviation and automobile industries through the socialist decline in that country helped a lot, also.

  141. Andrie

    I got bad feelings about the Black Sea these days. I can easily imagine the following:

    USN Commander Latisha…and USN Commander LA-TRINE…both enthusiastic supporters of BLACK LIVES MATTER….both have a bad hair day…each one gives the command to shoot down a Russian SU-27 buzzing the respective destroyers they are in command of……Sean Hannity wakes up in his Llyod Neck Mansion that day and spots the mushroom cloud over Manhattan…..

  142. antibeast says:

    Stupid video with lots of historical inaccuracies such as 1). no mention of the US sanctions on China after Tiananmen, 2). no mention of China’s accession to the WTO, 3). no mention of the fact that the USA banned China from defense, space and supercomputer technology, 4). no mention of the fact that State-owned enterprises comprise 50% of China’s GDP, and 5). no mention of the fact that East Asian investors specially Overseas Chinese account for the vast majority of FDI into China, not the West much less the USA because US multinationals outsource much of their manufacturing to Asian contract manufacturers like Foxconn which is repeatedly mentioned in the video to make it appear that it is a Western company when it was founded by Terry Guo from Taiwan. The white guy in the video claims that Deng’s deal with the Rockefellers was equivalent to the Treaty of Tientsin which is complete non-sense as the only thing that Deng did was to allow US multinationals to invest in China which had to be withdrawn after Tiananmen. What he was right though is to point out the graft and corruption of the Dengist Kleptocracy which had been purged by Xi’s crackdown on the ‘tigers’ since assuming power. Lastly, what on earth does ‘industrial colony’ means? China’s accession to the WTO allowed foreign investors to move their factories to China which had nothing to do with Deng’s deal with the Rockefellers. But foreign investment comprise only a small percentage of China’s total investment capital with the Chinese State comprising the vast majority of China’s capital stock. That’s why China can build 35,000kms of high-speed rail network which no Western country can match. In addition, China’s tech industry has grown rapidly producing homegrown stars like Huawei which is not even mentioned in this stupid video. Samsung which was mentioned in this video withdrew from China after losing to domestic brands like Xiaomi which has been building factories outside China to serve export markets. And China wants to Chinese OEMs to go overseas as Chinese labor costs have gone up which is forcing Chinese factories to adopt industrial automation using robotics, AI, cloud/IoT, etc.

    Western financial oligarchs don’t own anything in China as the State owns its own Central Bank and its entire Banking/Financial System. The only thing they own is company stock in a few Chinese and lots of Western or Asian multinational corporations which have invested in China to serve the Chinese market as well as export markets in the rest of the world. Lastly, China is not a neo-colony of the West but an Asian military power which has deployed its own hypersonic missiles guided by its own satellite navigation system.

  143. Realist says:

    The US Fed Gov is the most corrupt and stupid gov’t on the planet. No other even comes close.

    I totally agree and have said as much on this blog. Your example is a good one, sadly only one of millions.

    But I blame the insouciance (PCR Copywrite) and stupidity of the American people for allowing this situation to exist and fester over many decades.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  144. @RoatanBill

    Thanks, RB: Federal prisons are crowded with martyrs like your idealist friend. In larger numbers in those places are victims of numerous federal “laws” and “regulations”, most of which are victimless crimes and would never be considered crimes of any sort within a just society.

    If the Constitution and its enabling precondition, the Bill of Rights is the law of the land, which has long been claimed, while at the same time, unlawful legislation is creating victims throughout the fruited plain and bureaucratic regulations are accorded the power of law in a totally corrupted court system; can it be said that America is a land where the “Rule of Law” is paramount?

  145. Alfred says:

    by the Ukie launchers of the Buk missile,

    If there had been a Buk missile, thousands of people would have seen it and filmed its trail. Kindly stop repeating obvious nonsense.

  146. @RadicalCenter

    Systemic breakdown looms in America’s not too distant future. I look forward to be able to return to my rural homestead, its 3 major gardens, 7 smaller beds, wood cookstove, wood heat, walking water and running outhouse. Even all the above is hardly self-sufficient, though Amish folk are seeping into the neighborhood and others here and there are waking up to gardening, food preservation and an extremely limited consumer lifestyle. Life may hang-on in closely knit rural communities, far from the madding crowd.

    The above scenario will not, unfortunately, apply to the 4th-tier megalopolitan suburb where I will reside for some more weeks. People in this “never-never land” are thoroughly anesthetized from base-level common-sense approaches, as they are so caught-up in the workaday rat-race and into consumerist nostrums and various modalities of escapism that they have little or no time or inclination to give more than passing consideration to the immanent collapse of what they had been sold as the “American Dream”.

  147. Agent76 says:

    Apr 9, 2021 China’s Taiwan INVASION Getting Closer

    China sent warships to Taiwan, its aircraft carrier the Liaoning, putting US China relations on edge and threatening Taiwan independence.

    Aug 10, 2020 Nord Stream 2 final stretch & Russia-Cyprus try to mend fences

    • Replies: @showmethereal
  148. Alfred says:

    mining of rare earth elements also illegal

    It is not illegal in the USA to mine rare earths. It is uneconomic at present.

    The collapse of American rare earth mining — and lessons learned (2019)

    You give a list of countries allegedly developing thorium reactors. Any proof?

    China produces a lot of the world’s rare earths – including thorium. They have a huge expansion in nuclear energy underway. Why do they ignore the claimed wonders of thorium?

    The same applies for Russia. They are building uranium reactors in many countries. Are the also corrupt and or stupid? 🙂

    Thorium cannot in itself power a reactor; unlike natural uranium, it does not contain enough fissile material to initiate a nuclear chain reaction. As a result it must first be bombarded with neutrons to produce the highly radioactive isotope uranium-233 – ‘so these are really U-233 reactors,’ says Karamoskos.

    This isotope is more hazardous than the U-235 used in conventional reactors, he adds, because it produces U-232 as a side effect (half life: 160,000 years), on top of familiar fission by-products such as technetium-99 (half life: up to 300,000 years) and iodine-129 (half life: 15.7 million years).Add in actinides such as protactinium-231 (half life: 33,000 years) and it soon becomes apparent that thorium’s superficial cleanliness will still depend on digging some pretty deep holes to bury the highly radioactive waste.

    Don’t believe the spin on thorium being a greener nuclear option

    It is funny how people just assume that engineers were really stupid 50 years ago.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
    , @RoatanBill
    , @glib
  149. bayviking says:

    The Godfather of US Foreign Policy for Democrats and Republicans is still Henry Kissinger whose motto is “Control food and you control people, control oil and you control nations”. Archer Daniel Midland and Cargill control US grain, and the US remains the worlds largest supplier of grains. Additional efforts are in play to control seed supplies through patents. But there is an international campaign to adopt sustainable farming practices in which self sufficiency in food supply is a primary goal. Meanwhile, I have heard that the seemingly philanthropic Bill Gates is buying up farmland at a furious pace and is determined to preserve seed patents, many of which have a thousand year history and should never have been patented. These are all important considerations omitted entirely from Paul Craig Roberts’ (PCR) analysis. To which you can add Intel and AMD’s microprocessors, capital equipment for making chips, Microsoft and the US software industry in spite of Boeing’s strategic faltering.

    You can be sure, no one except vintage WWII policy wonks in DC likes Kissinger’s approach to foreign policy. But those are the people running DC.

    The US military is a giant money wasting machine that hasn’t won a war that counts as a war since WWII. Few remember, that at that time, Russia and China were on the same side as us.

    There is no military solution to this problem, which is going to grow much worse when China and Russia are finally able to break out of the dollar monopoly which permeates 88% of all international trade. They are working diligently on doing that, but it will not work very well until most countries accept that alternative.

    All we can do is retreat, use our resources more wisely, and like we have forced Russia to do, rebuilt our independent manufacturing capacity. Japanese diesel engines last twice as long as US diesel engines, and that list goes on and on. So the US has a long way to go now, but go it must.

  150. @GeeBee

    Well for my part I’ve spent the last ten years watching what Russian point of view is,via RT International, kremlin propaganda,encouraging a spectrum of conspiracy idiots,anti capitalist,anti imperialist,and other anti western types,oh plus i must have read just about every one of the alternative media websites listed on this site,and frankly I’m not impressed with negative and depressing so called analysis pumped out from these people

    I’ll leave you with this though,i used to read a lot of stuff by Marxist, especially American Marxists who came to the conclusion,the wrong one as it happens,that America was finished,bankrupt totally finished by the Vietnam war,destroyed they claimed by the superior Vietnam communist no less!

    They were wrong,just as most of the folks here are wrong about just about everything,especially the end of America

    My advice is this,don’t bother with the alt media, its depressing and bad for your mental health better off reading Lenin little book about capitalism and imperialism,as Lenin would have recognized all thats happening is division and redivision of the global economy within a capitalist and imperialist system,this time the Chinese want the creme

    The idiots who think this’ll create a better world are frankly delusional, it’ll either end in global war or a global totalitarian system based upon the Chinese social credit system

  151. @Realist

    Yes, the bulk of the US population is completely ignorant of what is happening. Gov’t schools, team sports, the controlled media, currency instead of money, etc, and they just don’t catch on. They elect their favorite sociopath and then go back to sleep.

    The problem is they drag me and you with them. Their ignorance along with their stupidity allows the fraud to continue till the crack up boom happens and it’s around the corner.

    Here’s something I just discovered. I pay attention and try to stay informed but didn’t know this:

    Directly from the Fed’s own web site. Over the last year, they created $14 Trillion dollars above and beyond the then existing $4 Trillion in the system. That’s nearly a 500% increase in the currency in the system. Where did that currency go? My bet is they gave it to the banks and corporations world wide to keep the system from imploding.

    Sooner or later that amount of currency is going to hit the economy and the effects of the hyperinflation they already baked into the cake will be felt. When that happens, Weimar, Argentina, Zimbabwe, etc will pale in comparison.

    I have to get more ammo. The ignorant savages are going to go ape shit.

    • Agree: Realist, Jazman
  152. @Majority of One

    Great analysis. The truth you mention here is anathema to most Americans. Though you could add the dominant position of a certain ethnicity in the legal system in addition to their dominance of the financial, media and dental industries.

  153. @Trial by Wombat

    Yours is one the best and most erudite comments on a current subject that I have ever read on The Unz Review. As you will note, I completely agree with you.

    I have all three of the famous treatises on the subject you so aptly described. Charles Beard’s 1913, “An Economic Interpretation of the U.S. Constitution”, Lundberg’s 1980 classic, “Cracks in The Constitution”, and McGuire’s recent 2005 study, “We The People”.

    All three of these treatises discuss and demonstrate that the U.S. Constitution was primarily designed to support the interests of the Colonial elites. The idea of this document being some type of a newly born creation with ingenious constructs was simply the sugar coating for the masses.

    The U.S. Constitution was in fact nothing new at all since most of it was predicated on Roman Law and political infrastructure as well as English Common Law.

    As you stated, The Articles of Confederation were doing fine with only some needed refinements, which was the actual purpose of the convention in 1787; not the nascent creation of a centralized form of government that was finally fulfilled by Lincoln in the 1860s.

    Though the United States has some very serious issues that need to be resolved on a national level, a partial return to a new Articles of Confederation would not be a bad idea. The problem is that most Republican representatives have practically no idea on how to lead appropriately, while I fear our Democratic representatives appear to pander to the Left far too much for our own good.

    Both those of the Right and the Left have real, legitimate grievances that need to be addressed. The Right has every reason promote a new level of nationalism to return to a national sense of pride while the Left is attempting, though in a somewhat infantile manner, to address the complete inequities in US society that has plagued this nation since its inception.

    The question is, how do we d this together without ripping our throats out?

    When one reads substantial sources on the American Revolution, a reader will quickly come to the question as to why there was a “revolution” in the first place. Taxes!? What nation does not tax its people. As far as unfair taxes are concerned, this idea is somewhat of a hypocrisy. Prior to the 7 Years War, if the historian Fred Anderson was accurate in his definitive study on the subject in his magnus opus, “Crucible of War”, there was only one “Royal” colony in North America; Pennsylvania. But the other colonies wanted to become Royal Colonies as well due to their “service” during that war. They were made so and this is what brought the additional taxes as all Royal Colonies were primarily taxed somewhat higher for the extra privileges and services they received from The Crown as a result.

    As you stated, The American Revolution was won in the South where Colonial Forces had better capabilities to implement the necessary strategies and tactics, which would eventually be reminiscent of the Fabian Strategy of guerilla warfare developed by the Roman, Quintus Fabius Maximus in antiquity. Washington was eventually given credit for its implementation but he had very little to do with it.

    While the South turned the tide against the British, Washington was in upstate New York committing genocide against our American Indians.

    Washington himself, though a fine military administrator, was hardly a giant of strategic and tactical thought. And he had less to do with the eventual winning of the conflict than those which he commissioned to do so as his general officers.

    Finally, like you also stated, the U.S. Supreme Court has become an abomination over the decades. Instead of being a final arbiter between states, it instead quickly morphed into an institution that would dictate what was considered Constitutional law and what was not, the result being the creation of law indirectly through its decisions.

    There are some studies that have been written on this matter, which demonstrate that the Supreme Court is probably the most dangerous construct the “Founders” created as it has done more harm than good to American society over our many years than any other political branch in our national government…

    • Replies: @Bill
  154. Miro23 says:

    The recent decision by China and Russia to conduct their energy deals in Euros instead of dollars is a big one, but there will probably be many more such decisions ahead.

    And Germany and France won’t mind Thanks to Russia and China, it does favours for their economies (rather than the US).

  155. @Alfred

    I’m an engineer. I’ve researched thorium energy for the last 15 years. I’m fully aware of how the fuel cycle works and the need for a starter to produce the neutrons to initiate a chain reaction. Once the reaction is established, it’s self sustaining.

    Here are just 2 videos that go into the issues with thorium and rare earth metals:

    The statement from Karamoskos is disingenuous and simplistic. The actual fuel cycle produces many elements via transmutation and uranium is created from the thorium along the way. The fuel is the thorium that needs to be replenished as it’s used up. It is not your typical uranium cycle. The waste stream is a tiny fraction of current Light Water Reactors and the waste from those reactors can be processed as fuel in the thorium cycle to get rid of the bulk of the existing waste.

    I don’t keep track of sources as I’m not a journalist. The countries I mentioned each have on going research programs for thorium power. The one in India is a bastardized version and isn’t promising IMO. A molten salt reactor was run at the Oakridge National Labs for years, decades ago, as proof of concept only. What’s being done now is scaling up the technology and looking at SMR (Small Modular Reactor) and LFTR (Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor) methodologies for power plant sized applications. It takes time to do the research and is why there aren’t any running versions although Thorcon has a deal with Indonesia to build a demo plant they couldn’t build in the US.

    I’m not trying to convince you of anything. You can stay ignorant by listening to the enviro and green zealots if you like.

    • Replies: @Alfred
  156. JM says:

    Thanks for the reference.

  157. The object is not to convince 447 million europeans that they need the protection of the Washington regime. The object is to convince the weak leaders of those 447 million europeans. The 447 million europeans don’t give a damn about thr Ukraine, and don’t want a war any more than the 203 (?) million russians. (Sorry if I got the number of russians wrong.)

  158. Chris Moore says: • Website
    @Arthur MacBride

    Baghdadi Jews commanding British armed forces to wage an Opium War on China … Jewish full command of GB easily by 1875 or so would be my estimate … then the 1897 Zionist Declaration in Basel kicked off the horrors of the C20.

    The Zionist nation’s obsession with Jerusalem will be it’s undoing. I call it the Zionist nation instead of the Jewish nation because the “white” and now POC-collaborators are now fully implicated in its crimes, and have together formed a international Zionist “block” that just digs itself deeper and deeper…

    Are these Moses-style “Jews,” or an amalgamation of Hebrew, Khazar-Hebrew, Brit-Hebrew, mixed-Hebrew, and now extended familia scum that has adopted an obsession with Jerusalem as a symbol and yet another prop or plot device to provide them an imprimatur of authenticity?

    The parasite doesn’t really have any emotional attachment to anyplace, yet understands that others do, and so surrounds itself with Jewish fanatics to authenticate itself, and uses the fanatics on the ground to do the dirty work for its real agenda, which is profit-seeking Globalist totalitarianism headquartered in Jerusalem, to be run by “Jewish” parasites who are no longer Jewish — if they ever were.

    OTOH, you could say that the Hebrew people were one big gang of parasites from their very origins, manufacturing myths that their tribal God of the universe “gave” them this spot of prime Mediterranean real estate that they chose to squat on, and incrementally make theirs through terror and treachery, on the condition that they continue the terror and treachery ad infinitum.

  159. @Alfred

    I did a search and found this:

    Read and watch the video with closed caption turned on.

    I also found references for Norway and the Czech republic. If I can find them, so can you.

  160. @Agent76

    Chossudovsky claims to be a ‘Canadian’. He isn’t. He grew up in Swtzerland, attending boarding schools. He is a strange guy,; father is a Russian Jew emigre.

    He moved to Canada at age 22 and has had an academic career at a low rent school in Ottawa. He also runs a ‘Centre for Global Studies’ outfit in Montreal, Canada.

    He is a less well known polemicist than Chomsky but follows the same schtick: ‘capitalist-imperialism bad, bad, bad’;and on jews ‘…..sound of crickets…’ .

    His site does publish some good stuff by vaccine realists, global soutb, etc. but you have to sift out the agit-prop.

    If Professor C wasn’t a Jew he would have to work for a living. Because he is one, he got funding to babble and spew. Jews play a numbers game. They fund a lot of screamers, yellers, shriekers, grifters, polemicists and con artists. The alt-kike is 90% jew run. Anywhere there is info, there is a Jew making sure that it complies with the London-Tel-NYC consensus.
    Freedom is now simply a matter of being free from Jews. They have invaded every aspect of life in the West and the result is a massive decline in freedom.

    We as a species have 2 choices: slavery under Jews or freedom.

    • Agree: HeebHunter
  161. Jake says:

    So it is then either vassal state to China or a vassal state to the Anglo-Zionist Empire?

    We know what being a vassal to Anglo-Zionism means: it means Jews per capita own and rule; it means Negroes and Mohammedans brought in by the tens of millions; it means gays propped up to have moral control over the society.

    So exactly what about the Anglo-Zionist Empire makes you most happy for your future controlled by it?

  162. @Godfree Roberts

    Well said Godfree. The US elites are undergoing an epidemic of psychopathy, as their eternal Empire of Full Spectrum Dominance crumbles. And instead of finding fault in their own behaviour, they have chosen scapegoating. Of course EVERYTHING wrong with the USA is Evil China’s fault.
    In the two-bit vassal appendage, Austfailia, the hate frenzy has been mounting for some years, led by the Government controlled ABC, and the Murdoch cancer. Not that the remainder of the totalitarian, Group-thinking, dissent free zone that is the rest of the laughably self-proclaimed ‘Free Press’ was far behind.
    The Chinese Embassy tried, politely, to expose the lies concerning Xinjiang this week. Lies of particularly evil, hate-mongering and rabid ferocity, concocted by truly Evil racist thugs. Lies that five minutes research can destroy, but the local presstitutes did their owners proud. Fairly hissing and spitting (the ‘females’ in the lead in histrionics, alas)their contempt and hatred (and performing for their owners, a constant necessity)for this vile Chinese ‘propaganda’ and ‘lies’, the Chinese effort was wasted before it began.
    The Chinese now occupy the same sort of position that Jews did in Germany in the latter 30s. The universal demon, the monsters capable of any crime, hated and feared by ‘the world’ ie the White Boys’ Club, all of the world that matters for the local racists. The ‘New Nazis’ as an increasingly frequent trope has it. At least I can begin to understand how it was to live in Germany in the 30s now. The absence of resistance from anyone in the local ‘elites’ to this genocidal hatred being deliberately fomented says a great deal about moral bravery in this country, these days.

    • Agree: Godfree Roberts, Alfred
    • Thanks: Miro23
    • Replies: @Rdm
    , @Chris Moore
    , @Easy Pete
    , @JM
  163. @Boomthorkell

    Sensible suggestions, all, regretably, anathema to the financial bloodsuckers who control your country. A trail of tears lies ahead, for us all. Parasitism must be extirpated from human life, before it’s too late, if it is not already.

    • Thanks: Boomthorkell
  164. @alwayswrite

    …if you ask me…

    Nobody’s asking you, but could you please flush the toilet and open a window when you’re done…?

    • LOL: Zarathustra
  165. @anonymous

    You seem not to appreciate just how vast the Chinese economy already is. It surpassed the USA in PPP terms in 2014, and is growing twice as fast, without the huge edifice of parasitism that is the USA’s financialised economy. Moreover China is now the scientific/technological leader in many fields, and will soon be in the rest.
    The choice for the gangster regimes of the West is to co-operate peacefully or die in a war of aggression designed to perpetuate the White Western ubermenschen’s reign by ‘..bringing China down’. We can all tell already which path the ruling Western psychopaths will choose.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @anonymous
  166. BorisMay says:

    550 million is the actual population of Europe. And the entire area is owned, in debt to and governed by Jews. When the Euro goes pear shaped and Hungary, Poland, Germany, France and Italy revert to their old national currencies after declaring independence from the EU, these Jews will depart in all directions of the compass with all the spoils they can carry.

    The US will be welcome to Europe, the remainder of which, including Britain, will be the fascist states they all ready are and will have collapsed in to insignificance, become depopulated after the faux Covid-19 vaccination programme and no longer functioning as cohesive states.

    The only way to save Europe is for it to amalgamate with Russia since they form the natural geographic entity of Europe in toto west of the Urals. Uncle Sam can’t allow that, of course, because the US would then become something approximating to an over-egoed Venezuela, replete with Joe Biden’s communist utopia.

    • Agree: Alfred
  167. Anonymous[357] • Disclaimer says:
    @Mulga Mumblebrain

    the White Western ubermenschen’s reign

    This faggot just has one gimmick. When the tread on his tires gets low, this faggot will change up his username.

    • Agree: dimples, Ed Case
    • Thanks: SeekerofthePresence
  168. anon[339] • Disclaimer says:

    Geopolitical Numerology brought to you by anon as found on the internet:

    When 4 is presented repeatedly as 4444, it gets rid of the ominous connotation and takes on auspicious meaning.

    – 4 sounds like “water” in the Chao Zhou dialect, and water represents money in that area.

    – The look of 4444 resembles four rockets neatly shooting towards the sky. It is a very good sign that signals your fortune to be like the rockets shooting high into the sky.

    Will it be money flowing to Qin or will it be rockets shooting up from Qin? The stars and numbers are not clear on this Unzonians. We just have to wait and see.

  169. @Franz

    This is why Japan has lots of fairly well-paying make-work jobs to keep their worker’s sense of worth and dignity.

    Oh, c’mon. You call 760 JPY per hour [$6.5] a well-paying job…?

    Sitting in an office from 07:30 until 20:30 doesn’t translate into hard work. In most cases it’s just being there and not wanting to leave [early], coz everyone else’s still sitting in the office…

    I guess you know very little about the real Japan…?

    • Replies: @Franz
  170. @alwayswrite

    He loves Bachman Turner Overdrive. What does that tell you?

  171. @gleongelpi

    Thanks. I had not connected the the super-privileged petrodollar–which must have seemed like a brilliant idea at the time–to our decline.

    For years I have been pointing out that our intellectually mediocre, morally compromised, amateur leaders operating on a 3-year horizon disadvantages us because China appoints morally mature, professionally seasoned geniuses operating on a 50-year horizon. Now the 50 year is up.

  172. @Paul Craig Roberts

    The chart does not show what Godfree Roberts says?

    The chart shows a decline in manufacturing employment and Godfree Roberts says, “The chart, below, suggests that China had nothing to do with American industries’ decline”

  173. Zommeo says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    I agreed that. Sometimes we need an outsider to knock on our moldy brain and make some sense.

  174. This is unreadable. The writer needed to give this to an English speaker to clean up.

    • Replies: @Jake
  175. Zommeo says:
    @d dan

    This is eyes-opening. Need to digest.

  176. Franz says:
    @Daniel Rich

    Oh, c’mon. You call 760 JPY per hour [$6.5] a well-paying job…?

    If what you have is a pensioner who just wants to stay busy, yeah.

    I worked for them here (States) not there, so I don’t pretend I know much about Nippon, but they DID say the have a preference for full employment even where it don’t make much sense.

    Then there was Edward Luttwak who broke with his neocon friends over free trade (Ed’s an anti) and he found their emphasis on lots of scut workers impressive too. He mentioned getting a fill-up at a service station somewhere near Tokyo. where a whole crew of fellows washed his windshield, checked his tires, and so on.

    Ed said, “I’d have had as many young guys around my car in the States too. But instead of putting a shine on it they’d be stealing the car and robbing me.”

    It’s a different culture entirely and might be misleading, I guess. They did mention that the generation of Japanese who admired America is mostly dead.

  177. Rdm says:

    It’s because you don’t grasp the entire hypocrisy of the world events yet. Once you’re in tune, you’d see clearly why some of them are speaking up the alternative.

  178. utu says:

    “what will happen to consumer prices when China et al. decide to demand payment in yuan “ – They tried it once and ended up being fed opium.

  179. glib says:
    @Paul Craig Roberts

    The chart does not show what Godfree Roberts says. The US lost manufacturing employment because of technology and automation.

    Well, before China there was Japan. I think that trend is a necessary consequence of empire, if you want to keep your colonies (Germany, Japan, Italy) somewhat satisfied, while, for example, Gladio-ing any attempt at independence.

  180. Rdm says:
    @Mulga Mumblebrain

    I agreed.

    It’s like Jews excel in many things but when whites can’t catch them up, they blame them for every aspect of their lives. From Jews perspective, those skits are always lower in IQ spectrum.

    • Replies: @anon
  181. S. Clark says:

    I read PCR all the time, and Andrei Martyanov offers a compelling vision. I feel we’re watching the endgame of a hundred year’s war of globalist domination versus nationalist states, and sense the national government in America is in free fall, and globalist corporations will take control, or simply be more open. As someone said, things aren’t getting worse; only more clear. This is the view advanced by Andrew Anglin in The Daily Stormer.
    At this point, I’m not sure anything can be done unless the system self-destructs in some way. I don’t think we’ll vote our way out of this anymore. Wc simply could be the start of a new phase in Western history; a corporate dictatorship…Rome with computer chips in our bodies, and most people will approve if it means ‘prosperity’ and ‘freedom from Covid.’
    Perhaps what we’ll see in America is like the world Robert Kaplan noted in a series of Atlantic Monthly essays twenty years ago, where the country will be divided into super affluent pods populated by world citizens and the latest amenities surrounding them, while there are larger swaths of rural folk getting by, with ungovernable urban fungi stretching and simply abandoned. Sounds very familiar, and I’m not sure anything even resembling national unity exists. I would dread someone thinking a war with Russia or China would ‘bring us together.’ I’m starting to feel, like more than a few Americans, that if a Russian or Chinese flag were planted near me, I might feel safer, even freer. Covid has created a western dictatorship as well as a self-destructive binge that seems embedded in us.
    I remember a professor of mine in grad school over thirty years ago, a Soviet scholar, predicted that the USSR and PRC may break up, but eventually, they would come together because either country would find attempts to become capitalist and absorbed by corporate, western domination would be too much for their sense of nationhood, and they would rather join forces against a western monolith rather than submit to it.
    In his book Blood, Tears and Folly, Len Deighton summed up the results of WWII in the present day (1993) status quo: ‘Hitler’s oppressive intolerance and his racial policies played an important part in mobilizing Americans to Britain’s cause. Since that time America’s racial balance has changed dramatically, so that soon Americans of European descent will be a minority…Europe has also changed so that most of the countries engaged in the war have become multi-racial societies. The clear-cut issues for which America fought in those times may never come again.’
    ‘Only Japan has kept its racial integrity…The success of the United States of America in this economic clash will show all countries that open, integrated societies prosper. The success of Japan’s closed, class-conscious, racially exclusive society will convince them otherwise.’
    Substitute ‘China’ for ‘Japan’, and we have the same question.
    As for comments of Mr. Martyanov criticizing America while living in it, I’m reminded when someone asked H.L. Mencken why, if he hated America so much, he stayed here. Mencken smiled back: why do people go to zoos?

  182. Chris Moore says: • Website
    @Mulga Mumblebrain

    The Chinese now occupy the same sort of position that Jews did in Germany in the latter 30s. The universal demon, the monsters capable of any crime, hated and feared by ‘the world’ ie the White Boys’ Club, all of the world that matters for the local racists. The ‘New Nazis’ as an increasingly frequent trope has it. At least I can begin to understand how it was to live in Germany in the 30s now. The absence of resistance from anyone in the local ‘elites’ to this genocidal hatred being deliberately fomented says a great deal about moral bravery in this country, these days.

    Got it. You’re willing to adopt the lying, racist Hebrew-Khazar-Zionist narrative about Evil Racist White Nazees when it suits your Commie purposes and agenda, but you want to reject the lying Zionist narrative when it’s used to justify ZOG-hijacked Anglosphere aggression and crimes against humanity against the developing world.

    Like so many of your kind, you’re a cynical opportunist out for easy loot and power. You Zionist collaborators are scum of the earth, whether collaborating on the lying, racist, anti-European WW2 narrative, or collaborating on the current Zionist narrative against the “deplorable” white working class Americans, or both.

    Yet you reject the racist Zionist colonizing narrative being used against developing nations and Chinese CCP, that they’re “terrorists” and aggressors stealing Western intellectual property.

    Does it ever occur to you that when you get in bed with Zionist narratives, it’s In for a penny, In for a pound? It’s called “selling your soul,” but the concept of a soul is apparently alien to your kind of power-mad, money-crazed, “morally outraged” egomaniacs looking to exploit the Zionist murdered millions for your own agenda, to set up your own monolithic, self-dealing, totalitarian oligarchy.

    And you wonder how Zionists accumulated so much power? The answer is that scum like you grow like weeds, so they’ve always had plenty of lowlife collaborators to choose from.

  183. Shame on you for showing us a map that puts Crimea as part of Ukraine. Crimea is part of Russia.

    • Replies: @Jake
  184. TGD says:
    @Paul Greenwood

    Large parts of electronics manufacturing are fully automated.

    True for the most part but many basic industries still require a large workforce even though many processes have been automated.

    Years ago, the electronic components that went into radios and televisions were hand set and hand soldered under the chassis. Today, all of the electronic components are on printed circuit boards and a machine automatically places them on the board. An early pioneer in surface mount and “through hole” mounting technology is Universal Instruments of Conklin, (Binghamton) NY . Most of their machines are now made in China.

    Years ago, the world leader in electronic components manufacturing (resistors, capacitors, coils) was Sprague Electric Company of North Adams, MA. Up into the 1970s, they employed several thousand workers. Now, Sprague’s former facilities have been turned into a museum and new age propaganda center called the “MASS MoCA.”

    Whatever was left of Sprague’s component lines was purchased by Vishay Intertechnology of Malverne, PA, which was founded and owned by (((Felix Zandman))).

  185. @Old Brown Fool

    That’s true. But I was trying to make a longer-term comparison. And your statement actually verifies my position to a large degree. Thank you to adding to what I said.

  186. Neilo says:

    Donbass was left in Ukraine like a bleeding ulcer to stymie Ukraine accession to NATO. NATO entry rules are that no State can join NATO if there is an ongoing internal (military)conflict.

  187. Easy Pete says:

    Yet I can find videos of Chinese men fishing in a river metres from a bloated corpse: something you’d expect to see in India.

    How is it that the Great Famine came about if the population average is so good?

    I cannot readily believe that such a densely populated, enormous nation with borders to so many other races, and with such a dysfunctional history, has a level of general intelligence that would see it gain world control. Why did such a brilliant nation fail to dominate history? Where is the naval history?

    • Replies: @littlereddot
  188. Easy Pete says:
    @Mulga Mumblebrain

    It was inept propaganda, typical of China’s mishandling of foreign relations. Bringing out a Uighur woman to speak about how great Xinjiang is while sneaking duffel bags of cash into state party offices. Crass.

  189. @Paul Craig Roberts

    If USA lost the number of manufacturing jobs due to tech and automation, why isn’t godfree correct?

    I thought that was exactly what the graph showed? That the American manufacturing jobs were in decline waaay before the mid 90s.

    That was actually a perfect rebuttal.

  190. Excellent article. No bias. It is mirror to reality.

  191. anon[164] • Disclaimer says:

    Asia’s population constitutes around 60% of all the world’s population. Second place in this count is taken by Africa, around 1.37 billion, and the third–by Latin America and Caribbean with respectable 659 million which is considerably larger still than the population of the European Union. The Northern America’s population is around 371 million, which in the larger scheme of things doesn’t look that impressive. In fact, it isn’t.

    the author seems to think the goal is to irresponsibly overpopulate the planet with low IQ mongrels

    when you do this apparently you “Win”

  192. glib says:

    Further, he explained in his blog that as a Russian living in Azerbaijan he was not given a Russian passport in the 1990s. One of the commenters there suffered the same fate in Tajikistan.

  193. glib says:

    I see no show stoppers in that statement. You have to handle 99Tc or 129I in spent uranium fuel too. If Russia managed to have a closed fuel cycle while burning unenriched uranium, and with the (Eurasian) burst of new research generated by peak oil, my money is on Th reactors to happen.

    Basically, IMHO they found a way to pass the fuel through a breeder to enrich it (with plutonium), then to place it into a regular reactor (PWR of some sort). I assure you it will be quite radio-active when it exits the breeder. I see no difference in doing it with Th.

  194. Alfred says:

    Like it or not, it is not going to happen. We are 50 years past the point when these choices could have been made. It is pointless discussing the validity of your argument. Like discussing how many angels can dance on a pin head. 🙂

    The US can no longer build in a reasonable time and at a reasonable cost a conventional (uranium-fueled) nuclear power station. Do you think that now is the time to try out something untested and unproven?

    How about this for the “learning curve”. This “study” does not point out the obvious – that US engineers are not what they used to be. They are less intelligent and worse educated than hitherto. But how can a report by MIT point out something so obvious?

    Among the surprising findings in the study, which covered 50 years of U.S. nuclear power plant construction data, was that, contrary to expectations, building subsequent plants based on an existing design actually costs more, not less, than building the initial plant.

    Study identifies reasons for soaring nuclear plant cost overruns in the U.S.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  195. JM says:
    @Mulga Mumblebrain

    In the two-bit vassal appendage, Austfailia, the hate frenzy has been mounting for some years, led by the Government controlled ABC, and the Murdoch cancer. Not that the remainder of the totalitarian, Group-thinking, dissent free zone that is the rest of the laughably self-proclaimed ‘Free Press’ was far behind.

    You’re a lying, traitorous piece of filth. What’s your ethnic background?

  196. @AH14

    The Jews realize that the Chinese whom they control will be better managers of the territory that is currently with in the borders of the RF so they will set that in motion very soon

    The Jews don’t have nearly as much control or influence in China as they do in America. So your prediction is clearly invalid.

    Russia is already collapsing and the Jews know they have to keep ahead of it.

    Huh? What possible evidence is there that Russia is undergoing a collapse?

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  197. Jake says:
    @Nicholas Stix

    I didn’t find it difficult to read, but then again, I’ve had to grade papers written by Numinous Negro college students.

  198. Jake says:

    What? You mean that the independent nation Ukraine, back in about 1700, did NOT take Crimea from the Turks to stop Turkish raids to capture whites as slaves, and that the Soviet Union just stole it from Ukraine to give to Russia?

    That is the notion the Neocons nurture. Surely Neocons do not lie.

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  199. @Alfred

    You apparently haven’t researched anything about thorium and new reactor designs, but have opinions based on a complete lack of knowledge.

    No one in his right mind wants to build pressurized reactors. It’s the pressurization that led to Chernobyl and Fukushima. No one wants to build anything that looks like existing reactors because of their proven failure record in some instances. What the whole world wants are safe reactors and the SMR’s are going to provide them.

  200. annamaria says:

    We have Masha Gessen on this forum, and she has a new plume de nom “alwayswrite.” Write, “Masha,” write. Nothing exposes the “fighters against Amalek” better than their hate-oozing pronouncements against Russia.

  201. @annamaria

    Who the hell is Masha Gessen?

    • Replies: @Spender_CGB
  202. anon[349] • Disclaimer says:

    It’s like Jews excel in many things but when whites can’t catch them up, they blame them for every aspect of their lives.

    yes, just like when black and latino POC cant catch up to whitey its due to “systemic racism” and the remedy is affirmative action – and who is leading the charge on this narrative? jews

  203. @The Alarmist

    “Hollow out their values”? That’s a mighty powerful trick… to hollow out that which is already hollow.

    • Replies: @The Alarmist
  204. Sparkon says:
    @Paul Craig Roberts

    My understanding is that China had opened up to foreign investment in the late 1970s after the death of Mao in September 1976, and the arrest of the Gang of Four the following month brought Mao’s Cultural Revolution to an end.

    Economic reforms began during the “Boluan Fanzheng” period, especially after Deng Xiaoping and his reformist allies rose to power with Deng replacing Hua Guofeng as the paramount leader of China in December 1978. By the time Deng took power, there was widespread support among the elite for economic reforms. As the de facto leader, Deng’s policies faced opposition from party conservatives but were extremely successful in increasing the country’s wealth

    In 1979, China established what Deng Xiaoping called “special zones” in six coastal areas:

    The Shenzhen Special Economic Zone (Chinese: 深圳经济特区), was established in May 1980, and is the first special economic zone in the People’s Republic of China. Five other special economic zones have since been established.

    For those who may not know, Shezhen is home to the biggest electronic markets in the world. Chances are there is something on your desk right now that was built in the Chinese city, including components or the actual PC, laptop, and smartphone, along with the mouse, keyboard, and LCD monitor.

    In my view, it was the market demand for “IBM compatible” PC clones that fueled China’s economic growth during the 1980s, even though many of these computers were US designs, the parts came from Taiwan and eventually mainland China.

    Finally, as I see it, the Soviet Union did not collapse but at all, but rather was methodically dismantled at the hands of Premier Mikhail Gorbachev.

    “Tear down this wall, Mr. Gorbachev!”

    It’s that line from a 1989 speech by Pres. Ronald Reagan, the former Hollywood actor, that makes me think the entire so-called “collapse of the Soviet Union,” was scripted and part of a plan.

    Of course, Reagan didn’t really cover up his wife’s former Red sympathies, did he, or was it really “The other Nancy Davis” who had the suspected Red sympathies and associations?

  205. @InnerCynic

    Be charitable. When I left the US a couple decades ago, there were still plenty of people with good values. Could it have been so thoroughly corrupted so quickly?

    Having said that, I drove through what used to be the Bible Belt a few years ago and saw large billboards along the Interstate advertising a sex shop, so maybe you have a point.

  206. Anonymous[106] • Disclaimer says:

    Wow just think of that why in a hundred years Russia won’t have any population at all and the London and Wall Street bankers can take it over without firing a shot, we never have to worry about being subsumed by anyone else for the simple fact is we are immensely dislike by most of the world and hated by the rest, people and their dreams…

  207. Sparkon says:

    Speakng of numbers and perceptions, it’s worth pointing out that the map atop this article uses the highly misleading Mercator projection, which distorts the sizes of northern lands, especially Russia, Canada, Greenland, and Alaska, (and to a lesser degree China and the continental USA), making them appear much larger physically than they actually are.

    This map from nature index shows the actual size of each country overlaid on the familiar but misleading Mercator projection:

  208. @Zarathustra

    From Wiki

    Gessen is nonbinary and trans and uses they/them pronouns.[4][5] Gessen has written extensively on LGBT rights.[6] Described as “Russia’s leading LGBT rights activist,”[7] they have said that for many years they were “probably the only publicly out gay person in the whole country.”[8] They now live in New York with their wife and children.[9]

    I won’t post a picture because it makes Medusa look like Marilyn Monroe.

    • Replies: @Cortes
  209. Ponder says:

    Surely, if what Putin has done for Russia is failure, then what is your definition of success and what is your take on the US trajectory since Putin took over Russia?

    Secondly, the Chinese have not yet shown those tendencies that you are alluding to, unless resolution of border issues and sea issues with their neighbours is what you are referring to. What evidence is there of imperialism to lands beyond their immediate borders? And if non exists, then what you refer to is not imperialism. In fact, China has resolved all her border issues except with India which doesn’t seem to want that resolved — afaik.

    Thirdly, just to take up for Andrei — not that I know him — but I think he migrated to the US when Russia was being dismantled by the very US, i.e. in other words prior to Putin and Russia’s turnaround. There are many factors to migrating, particularly if you already have family ties and their relationships to their friends and companions etc, property issues and so forth, and probably most of all, if you are retired and starting over may be daunting or whatever. So, the refrain of go “back to Russia or Africa and some such” is frankly infantile to say the least.

  210. @Paul Greenwood

    “Share of GDP is ridiculous. US manufactures Jet Fighters, Rockets, Weapons Systems with VERY BIG price tags so GDP is inflated.”

    True… But it also proves that the US defense budget is an anvil for US taxpayers

  211. I’ve lived overseas and have no illusions that there is a “perfect” place anywhere on the planet. There are simply degrees of “bad” i.e. Bad vs less bad. Having said that I’ve seen the coarseness of America over the decades and it is to weep

  212. Very interesting piece. Thank you.

    These days, I rarely watch Hollywood TV or movies. I’m enjoying Russian and Chinese films and shows (English subtitles) that I find on Youtube. The latter are refreshingly free of “Woke” preachiness (although, admittedly, possessing underlying ‘key messaging’ of their own). I’m waiting for Youtube to soon start cancellation . . .

  213. Cortes says:

    Just imagine Menachem Begin’s twin sister.

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  214. @Miro23

    You make good points…. I can’t understand how many don’t realize that US manufacturing became so dominant because of the 2 World Wars. The world was bound to re-balance.

  215. @Paul Craig Roberts

    I must disagree that US corporations developed China’s economy for China. Most of the manufacturing capacity were from manufacturers on Hong Kong and Taiwan who were expecting the PRC to collapse “any day now” and they could make China fully capitalist. Then Singapore got in on it for business purposes. Japan followed after. Germany got in too. Had US companies not started outsourcing their manufacturing what would have happened? Japanese and German brands would have had an immense advantage over US brands. German and Japanese brands did not destroy their local manufacturing even while making bags of money in China. Japan’s problems are caused by other issues.
    Can you honestly say that US industrial workers would have kept US companies competitive in the global market? Maybe the in the US if protective barriers were put up – but otherwise….??

    Even now as China moves up the value chain – those same contract manufacturers are not making socks and underwear in China… They themselves are moving those things to much cheaper locations in South East Asia – and even Africa to a less extent.

  216. @Paul Greenwood

    Concerning textile industry.
    Making yarn and weaving is highly automated. But making final products as shirts and pants etc. is actually very labor intensive. And those jobs were exported to China and India.

  217. @Cortes

    That’s harsh on Begin.

    • LOL: Cortes
  218. @Jake

    Another, now ubiquitous lie, which I just heard again on the CIA’s ABC radio here in Austfailia, is that ‘Russia invaded Georgia’. The sneak Georgian attack, led by the USA Quisling psychopath Saakashvilli, on South Ossetia, followed by Russian response, has now been officially memory-holed by the presstitute vermin. Stalin, that good Georgian, in disappearing his old comrades from pictures, was a beginner compared to these presstitute scum.

  219. @TheJamesRocket

    Believing that ‘the Jews’ control China is paranoid psychopathy raised to the nth degree. A deal of Sinophobic contempt in there, too, I would imagine.

  220. @Agent76

    Losers of a civil war can’t be “independent”. US-China relations are rocky because the US interferes by helping get elected and independence leaning party in Taiwan. Anyone with a quarter of a brain has know for the past 40 odd years that would cause a re-igniting of the Chinese civil war. Washington is the cause as Tapei (like Tokyo) has to take orders.

    Same with Nordstream 2… It is not really US business other than not wanting Russia to have a closer relationship with European countries.

  221. @Boomthorkell

    No. Unification means less immigrants, as most of them would live in their home environments when pay is the same and it isn’t any cheaper to hire a Mexican vs. An Anglo American anywhere. Additionally, with industry and agriculture being profitable in Mexico again, they would largely return to their home territories. This being born our by interviews with most legal and illegal migrants.

    As I’ve said before, the “Racists” and the Mexicans win out with unification. If a person wants more immigration and race movement in North America, keeping Mexico and the Centro American states as vassals feeding labor to subsidized corn farms and lower other businesses is the current and “preferred” course of action. This is why destroying that option is best.

    Total nonsense. of course abolishing the borders would lead to a huge mestizo population, obvious.

    • Replies: @Boomthorkell
  222. @fatmanscoop

    Only if there is an economic pull. Blowing up the pull and push factors removes any need for movement. Set up a border with moratorium at Panama and call it a day. Set a minimum wage too while at it, and abolish corn subsidies or give then to Mexican farmers too. Add industrial jobs being brought from Asia to the Mexican states, and the ending of drug trafficking through the central Americas, there will be no North American migrant population flows. Again, these things happen because of the current economic and political situation.

    You could do this without unification, of course, (good to start by fixing here first) but I figure with the connected economies and overlap of peoples, it’s a good deal overall. Plus, we can focus all our Empire building here.

  223. Anon[228] • Disclaimer says:

    >The problem is not the system, it is the fact that we are in the process of destroying it.

    Are you daft? That a system may be destroyed by hostile elements within it is a problem of the system. If a government is built upon lessons of the past and takes every precaution against devolution into mob/idiot/resentful rule yet succumbs to them, then the government has failed to uphold itself.

    This isn’t something that man had ever managed. To create a stable/perpetual state is to do the impossible.

    The human condition overrules.

    • Replies: @Allan
  224. @annamaria

    We have Masha Gessen on this forum, and she has a new plume de nom “alwayswrite.” Write, “Masha,” write. Nothing exposes the “fighters against Amalek” better than their hate-oozing pronouncements against Russia.

    If it is her, then it is not surprising. I mention her lack of any expertise (no surprise here–no systemic education and meaningful professional career) in anything other than writing Russophobic platitudes, in my latest book. But then again, she is an Exhibit A of the current America’s (lack of)expertise in pretty much any meaningful aspect of foreign relations, practical geopolitics, or, rather, what it means nowadays with “geopolitics” being a misnomer for interdisciplinary field of global power balance, and military. She is an embodiment and a symptom of the America’s Russia Studies field.

    • Replies: @alwayswrite
    , @Jazman
  225. @SteveK9

    I suggest you start removing ALL dual citizenship owners from the government
    Especially the ones that are God’s chosen people too
    Your country would recover in years not decades

  226. anonymous[895] • Disclaimer says:
    @Mulga Mumblebrain

    It surpassed the USA in PPP terms in 2014

    I tend not to use PPP because it is an additional estimate and can be inaccurate.

    without the huge edifice of parasitism that is the USA’s financialised economy.

    From a planning standpoint, it is bad methodology to assume the US economy is hollow and on brink of collapse. You can believe this and I’m not arguing otherwise on the merits of the claim. But for planning, conservative assumptions should be used for the default scenario. By default, I assume the US economy is not going to grow much over the long term but it will still remain the richest large country in 2050.

    Moreover China is now the scientific/technological leader in many fields, and will soon be in the rest.

    This is the kind of boastfulness that leads to problems. If you were to divide technology into 40 different fields, in how many areas does China have leading technology? Not many according internal assessments. China is still technologically dependent on the rich world and needs time to become truly developed. Only through sober assessment and hard work over the long haul will China get there. This kind of premature victory declaration leads to bad decisions. For example threatening Taiwan in 2021 rather than waiting to become much stronger.

  227. @Andrei Martyanov

    Well i suppose i could have called myself ‘ all ways right’ !

    In the sense I’m not wrong,unlike Marty who can pontificate about how terrible the west is,and how its run by dumb stupid people,unlike Russia,wink wink!

    I’d take your so called ‘analysis’ of the west more seriously,but i don’t take lectures from people who are citizens of former broken,discredited totalitarian dictatorships,places riddled with criminals from top to bottom,you know the Soviet system,one minute totalitarian communist super state, the next minute the same communist miraculously turned themselves into full blown capitalist!!!!wow just how did they do that?????

    I’m afraid the thieving that took place in the collapse of your former country was well established and counter to the claims made,wasn’t a product of the west, it was a fully established way of life of your old and now thankfully extinct country

    So your current narrative, about the imminent end of America, is based upon your hate and inability to come to terms with the collapse of the Soviet bent and unsustainable system

    As for Putin,well he’s a product of that bent criminal system,he came to power off the back of the Moscow apartment bombings in 1999, funny how no one ever mentions that!

    Many think it was a state act of terrorism,the FSB actually got found planting more explosives,i think a certain Mr Putin was in charge of security at the time,which means he’s either incredibly incompetent for not stopping this atrocity or complicit,oh, everyone who was tasked with investigating this crime is now dead!…. how convenient

    So it looks like Russia is ruled by an ex KGB idiot or criminal, whatever, he’s done very little to give Russia a truly world class economy,as I’ve mentioned if he had Russia wouldn’t be suffering the current demographic decline and slow brain drain of potentially Russia’s best people,he’d have created a far more dynamic entrepreneurial and creative cultural,but unfortunately for the future of Russia it seems Putin hates things like that,no they’re the products of a liberal western culture trying to destroy Mother Russia,yeah whatever!

    My recommendation for Russia would be for the elites and FSB to get rid of Putin before he drags Russia,Europe and America into a disaster

    I know you won’t agree but frankly,as I’ve said i dont do lecturers from kremlin shills with a big chip on the shoulder

    And just for the really thick and dumb,no I’m not Masha Gessen

  228. The USN new policy to decisively defeat the Russian Navy is for all USN Ships to have Commanders with names such as Commander LATASHA LATRINE….from Harlem NY…

    • Replies: @Badger Down
  229. @Boomthorkell

    Basically the TR model … Nice to see someone else likes the idea of a more United Western Hemisphere

    • Agree: Boomthorkell
    • Replies: @Boomthorkell
  230. Reaper says:

    “not competitive”

    The whole western economy is non-copetitive.

    And it comes down to fundations.
    The old wild-capitalism was competitive because it cared for:
    – effective production
    – profit based on production

    There were no overwhelming paid holidays, various subsidies, support, artificial high wages, free services for wokies, extra privilages for protected groups/ minorities.
    And mainly were no crazy left-liberal-feminist-wokie equity legal system at all.

    Right now all Taygetus positive survives on support without meaningful production.
    There is an overwhelming burden in health system because it offers free services for the ones with defects, for erderly, and others who in normal circumstances would be incapable to finance it for themselves.
    There is an extensive social system which reward the non-productive.
    A higher education system which provides for left-liberals/ advocators, offers extra spaces/ points/ privilages for protected groups, when financed by the productive ones tax money.
    Legalisation with all the forced “equality”, quotas, fixed wages (no matter how productive someone).

    How much does it cost to take care/ support:
    – someone with dementia
    – a drug user
    – a down-syndrome
    – a retard
    – all the just for females/ people of color/ lgbt programs/ business startup subsidies
    – to run their NGO-s
    And there is mile long list.

    And the roots of this madness actually did not come from originally the left or socialism.
    This emerge from the Church when they definied “The Deserving vs the Undeserving Poor”.
    In their dictionary “deserving” was the ones who did not capable to work, or capable only in very limited manner same true to upkeep themselves (alone cannot, or limited).
    While “undeserving” was and still the ones who temporary get into a bad situation, but otherwise capable. So instead of support (to make them productive again/ to resolve the problem) they get the stick: workhouse, discriminization, lack of support and disdain.

    This is not just a system, it is people too:
    Many, when meet with a capable man, who lost his job for reasons outside his influence, and probably housing too think in a manner: “It`s a vagabond, why do not work you lazy bastard? A parasite if get anything, should help on himself: undeserving for support.”
    Attitude towards one who with minimal support can be productive again.
    While the same persons often happy to make charitable donations/ have no complains when the state does from their tax – for example care homes for the ones who never can be productive. Even if to upkeep such a person does cost during the years… 100 times more, 500 times more, any times more than a temporal help for a capable one…
    Sensitizing training?

    While the capable provides for the non-capable.
    And the “undeserving” (in a Church-leftish definition) in double bad because they temporary cannot provide for the non-capable.
    Off course when a capable becames a ruin, a cripple, alcoholic, drug user, madman, whatever becames “deserving”, a poor bastard who “deserve” help/ support. But not before.

    The exact opposite of logic.
    Only this emerged to an even greater madness with the left-liberal-feminist-wokie equity legal system.

    And because not just the health/ social support system infected with this, but the employment too in ever increasing manner off course this makes western economies/ societies non-competitive.

    Sure from a business perspective any businessman who is not a total retard will prefer to bring production to elsewhere:
    Where workers will do productive work for 2$/ hour and do not demand 15$/ hour, where can employ productive ones, AND NOT forced to employ females/ people of color/ lgbt/ disabled/ others who in many cases less productive/ more troublesome, but have the same rights/ ever more expectations.
    Where the manager did NOT GET a “sexual harassment” complain just because did not give extra privilages for a female, did not became “racist” just because kick out a less productive worker, etc…

    • Agree: Badger Down
    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  231. Aun says:

    Traitor FM lavrov

        This Minsk 2 was forced on Donbass by Russian FM lavrov and Putin to rescue British and American mercenaries trapped in enclaves in Donbass in February 2015.
    Anglo-Saxon did not spare Russian mercenaries in Syria in 2018.

    Foolish Russians were saying that sanctions would be lifted by December 2014 !
    Those who do not know their enemies ,are doomed to perish !!

  232. @alwayswrite

    My recommendation for Russia


    • Replies: @alwayswrite
  233. Aun says:

    Russian naivety

       Russia wanted to be cheated so she was cheated.deliberately living in delusion despite evidence to the contrary

    What has putin and his traitor FM lavrov done in last 5 years ,? Calling for ceasefires in Donbass ( in2015 ) and in Syria ( 2016) when pro  Russian side was winning ? Why?
    To please Anglo-Saxon who are real enemy of Russia.
    Never learnt bugging this moron Russia.
    Still rooting for INF treaty which protects her main enemy England  1500miles west  and which Russia has to tackle whether she wants it not because her main enemy’s plot is to create war between two strong nations in Europe andand t watch on the side line .
    Germany and Russia beware ! 3rd world war has been in way for last 5 years

    More naivety of lavrov and Putin

    . like sanctions on NK imposed this year,

    sanctions and breaking deal with Iran etc,

    shear cowardice and ignorance shown when dealing with Georgia and Ukraine etc.,
    arming Muslim fundamentalists in Azerbaijan against historical orthodox brothers and allies in Armenia (it’s Serbia all over again),
    cooperating with Israel against Russian allies in Syria,
    keeping Belarus at arms length because Lukashenko doesn’t like Putin’s criminal oligarchs and much, much more.
    With friends like that why would anybody need enemies? Is there any wonder that Russia is cornered and can never win a nuclear war.

    Russia needs to eliminate England only as a serious trouble maker the english pirate race has been

    Ten topol nukes will sort out england  for ever

  234. Aun says:

    4th June, 2007.

    President Putin is wrong when he says ( in Munich security conference 2007) that Russia should or will target the missile on Europe if america goes with anti missile defence plan in Poland in Europe.

    ]In fact it was not America but england which asked for ABM against Russia. BBC spy journalists were harassing presidential candidate Gore not to go ahead with Florida recount on ground” ally like britian want to conclude AMB deployment in Yorkshire as soon as possible so there should be no delay in govt. formation.” In other word accept fraudulent win of bush for sake of england !
    Russia must target (rather than should) the nuclear missiles with multiple war heads against all ( including military instalations) of england because this cold war -like the one before- is being started by england for the benefit of english race is race war between the english parasite race versus the rest of the world-the sooner the rest of the world realizes that better it is for the world.
    look how Germany was vilified soon after fall of soviet union-look how russia is being vilified immediately after Putin made russia strong.
    Russia’s “partners” understand only two things: the big wallet and the big gun, as satan understands only Saint George’s spear. Time is near.
    -such is the evil propaganda of british spies inside america. .
    Poland is nothing but a proxy for the british bastards.
    It is no use targeting Poland -target the main villain which is england and the english nation which must be sorted out by the world.

    face 0f the evil.

    When someone asked Bismark once what he would do if the British invaded, he said he’d have the border police arrest them (or words to that effect).-thaqt is how low the germans thought of the English army capability –and the Germans were right as was shown the cowardice of non fighting coward English trrops in both world wars-they instigated others to fight but remained behind in actual fighting till late.
    Remember Bismarck said that when the pirate empire called british empire was at height of her pseudo power-in other words Prussians could defeat the English race at the height of their so called power. and that was at height of pirate empire of the british at Victoria’s time.And rightly so. english then and now are ready to fight only unarmed civilians.
    Prussia was the strongest army in the world at that time. It tells you how low English race is compared to the Germans and how much Germans could have gone up had they been not made to fight Russian in plot created by the English race-that plot is called world war 1 and WW2.

    • Replies: @Majority of One
  235. So like there were humpback whales all over the place out by Gurney’s a few weeks back..and they had nothing good to say about the Western Ukrainians…so the humpback whales all decided to fart in the general direction of Zelensky and Kiev….I thought that was kind of groovy man…true story…

  236. @animalogic

    I was just thinking of making every province a state. Every province. Every Estado.

    We can drop the stars on the flag and just have some dragons. Dragons are cool anyway.

  237. @Brown Stars of David

    Ha ha, and likewise!

    God, we’d be an amazing power! Rich, prosperous, united and completely defensible. A vast population for work, but one no longer susceptible to previously possible exploitation, and with a wealthier South, the wealth would circulate on the continent to the rest of us too.

    We wouldn’t need much of a military as well, being a gigantic island border by oceans on all sides, and a canal at the bottom.

    We’d put Australia to shame.

  238. @War for Blair Mountain

    Gurney’s was Dick and Pat Nixon’s weekend getaway back between 1971-1974….the humpback whales stayed away a long time due to the revolting stench that came from one of the rooms at Gurney’s….No amount of Lysol could destroy the malodorous bacillus that came off from Dick’s and Pat’s sex organs……true story…

    Zelensky and Kiev are another revolting malodorous bacillus……Iskanders loaded with napalm might do the job….I hope Iskanders and napalm are not in short supply in the Russian Military….The stench is most revolting….

  239. Allan says:

    Yes, the human condition is powerful, but there is a problem with your comment where it reads

    If a government is built upon lessons of the past and takes every precaution against devolution into mob/idiot/resentful rule

    In fact, the con artists in Philly ignored important lessons of the past and seeded their pseudofederation with a powerful enticement for rabble rousers, scam artists, wastrels, and the bottom class. The means of self-destruction was embedded in the system at the very beginning.

    For two fatal problems with the USA, see the preamble of the Constitution where it reads “We the People”. First, the phrase is a brazen lie in historical terms, for fewer than 50% of “the People” ordained and established the Constitution. Such dishonesty at nearly the very beginning of a political project will poison that project forever. It will normalize and encourage habitual lying, thus making honesty in daily politics a chump’s hobby. On the other hand, anyone who detects the lie is positioned to destroy the reputations of the founders and subsequent members of the ruling class. These truth tellers will be hated intensely and ostracized, if possible. This development cannot improve the stability of a system already suffering from design flaws.

    A more important problem with the phrase “We the People” is that it plants in the thoughts of the populace the pernicious idea that absolutely everyone has some authority to rule and a right to participate in the establishment of the state and the law which will govern them. Not even children, habitual drunks, and congenital fools were excluded, but surely it would not have been controversial to count children as “People” who have no authority. So if the holy Fathers had been truthful, prudent men, they would have begun with a defensible phrase like ‘We the qualified Adults’. But then they’d have been different men altogether (and probably some women, too), not the clever, impatient schemers who met in Philadelphia during the summer of 1787.

    Since the topics of Martyanov’s essay include Russia, some people might be wondering if the constitution of Russia has any similar defect. It appeared so to me when I last looked at Russia’s several years ago. (Granted, I read only an English translation made available by the Russian government.) At the time I was looking for a passage similar to Article VII of the USA’s constitution. A7 claims to state the law of “Ratification” and “Establishment” of the Constitution, but it was used as if it were the law before it had been ratified and established, just as if its publication alone were sufficient to make it the law. One does not need a degree in philosophy or computer science to figure out the problem there: The con [law] artists in Philly presupposed the lawfulness of their own scribbling, then used that presupposition to manufacture consent to their populist reorganization of the empire. They pretended that A7 is “the supreme Law of the Land” before the Constitution itself could have been the supreme law of the land.

    Now, competent, honest republicans would have known that Article VII didn’t need to be included. If the provision were lawful for its ostensible purpose, it had to have been established independently. So at most it is a restatement of relevant law, but we have a good reason to doubt that it’s even this much. The Constitution’s apologists never explain exactly how and when the substance of Article VII became law, and con law texts for law students and scholars just glide right by the matter with a few perfunctory words. Totally absent from American con law and politics is a coherent theory of how to convert the other parts of the Constitution into “the supreme Law of the Land”. One kook in Texas, I think, with a popular website insisted that the same trick is used in statutes. (This neatly impeaches the output of legislatures, which was not the conclusion that he was looking for.) So how is it unfair to conclude from all this that the apologists have no justification at all for their faith and, at most, only a thin reed of precedent of the States’ constitutions upon which to rest their hopes? The Constitution is fake law, and the USA is a doomed system because her system is a fraud.

    • Replies: @Majority of One
  240. @Andrei Martyanov

    Ok have it your way,or rather Putin’s

    But it’ll be slam dunk and not to Russian liking

    Oh,and what a silly thing to say that Russia has won the arms race! Like it some sort of start and finish line

    Well Russia couldn’t compete last time, rather the Soviet system couldn’t and Russia currently isn’t stronger

    Don’t expect any help from china,they’ll see Russia under Putin for what he is,a total liability

    I see erdogan is backing Ukraine for NATO membership,maybe Turkey should lone Ukraine some of those S400 wiz bang things with all the fabled power they give,which is basically more Russian BS!

    • Replies: @Majority of One
    , @Aedib
  241. @alwayswrite

    You do not speak PHD language so you are nobody!

    • Disagree: Badger Down
  242. @Aun

    English targeting by Russia? Okay, but it’s not the English “race”, the people of that Sceptred Isle. Rather, the targeting should be non-nuclear, but highly specific: Maybe a dozen hypersonics to rain down on City of London some Monday morning around 9:30 a.m.

    City of London, in case you don’t know, is a privately-owned, independent realm also known as “the square mile” where even Busy Lizzy, now the world’s most prominent widow as well as being the planet’s premiere landowner; needs to inform the Lord Mayor of the C of L as to her intentions to pay their eminences a social call—special regalia and all that, so that all know who’s calling the shots. The City is the world headquarters of banking, insurance, shipping, metals and various other minor monopolies. Rottenchild Bank should be first on the target list.

    Without C of L, the world banking cabal would literally lose it’s head. Confusion would reign. Even Wall $treet would have people looking up through the windows to see whether they are next. Langley and the Pentagram would include scenes of top administrators tearing out their hair. Worldwide, people who are informed and knowledgeable would be cheering.

  243. @alwayswrite

    Woo Woo. Someone has swallowed the mass media of mesmerization, monotoned messaging and mind-control memes, hook, line and stinker.

    • Replies: @alwayswrite
  244. @Allan

    The enabling precursor for the Const. in order to be ratified by the states, was addition of the first ten Amendments to that document, the Bill of Rights. Though long the only bulwark against federal over-reach up and down the line; the B of R was effectually eviscerated by the Patriot Suppression Act (they did not properly give it that fully descriptive title) as a result of the 9-11-01 Inside Job and sending U$ Army created anthrax packages to the two senators most well positioned to oppose the legislation.

    Another Senator, Minnesota’s Paul Wellstone, was assassinated via the crash of his plane, some two weeks before the 2002 election. The same tactic was used to murder JFK Junior, when with his magazine “George”, he appeared to be ready to “out” Daddy WarBu$h (George Herbert Walker Bush) for his longtime role as the CIA’s organizer of the ill-fated Bay of Pigs operation and his probable role as the organizer of 11-11-63 in Dallas.

    Reform is not possible under the Constitution, anyway, as it was effectually replaced under the ACT of 1871, where Congre$$ and a compliant president, in order to meet usurious Civil War debts to London Bank$ters (the Rottenchild Crime Clan & Unindicted co-conspirators); Congress (1. made the American people into surety for those loans and (2. established the United $tates of America CORPORATION under the laws of the $tate of Delaware (a Dupont crime family fiefdom). So since 1871 and enhanced by Congre$$ and a blackmailed Woodrow Wilson, to surrender creation and control over the nation’s money supply to the World Bank$ter Cabal.

    Thus, the Constitution is a dead-letter and has not been recognized as the primary source of law by the courts (the effectual Monarchy) for many decades.

    • Replies: @Allan
  245. Aedib says:

    You are over-emotional about the disintegration of Ukraine. You should accept that Crimeans and Donbass people want to leave this failed state. The concept you are unable to comprehend is called Democracy.

    • Replies: @alwayswrite
  246. Anonymous[294] • Disclaimer says:

    First: try to be a bit more objective. Multiple studies I’ve seen put the average IQ in China at 105 which is great so there’s no reason to cherry-pick the absolute highest number you can find o the net.

    Second: a 108 IQ population with Standard Deviation of 15 would result in approximately 28% of them scoring in a two-digit range. Surely, you’re not suggesting that they’re not “allowed in the labour pool”. Maybe you’re overestimating your own IQ.

  247. @Aedib

    Hahahahahaha 😂😂😂😂

    To much kremlin kool aid me thinks

    Anyways I’m out of here to many kremlin cretins for my liking

    • Replies: @Aedib
    , @Zarathustra
    , @Seraphim
  248. @Majority of One

    Well if you represent the alternative…..

    Yup, just another useful idiot for the kremlin

    They must love you guys

    Oven ready idiots of the useful variety for Putin

    Just look at that dumb comment about the city of London,wow what utterly stupid brainless nonsense

    I bet you read David Icke

    • Replies: @Majority of One
  249. And this ain’t no jive:

    In the Hamptons, if drive behind a car with the iconic 1960’s piece sign on the bumper…..well, move up and around and look at the driver….it’s always a middle aged White Boomer Woman who voted for the old farting hairy lesbian Hillary Clinton in the hopes that Hillary’s boys in the Azov Brigade would fire lots of artillery shells into Donbass kindergarten classes….and if they artillery shells hit a young pregnant Russian Donbass W0man….blowing her fetus out with umbilical chord attached……even better……….And this is the Foreign Policy of the…all-grown-up-now …White Boomer Women who whored around at the 1969 Woodstock Concert….

  250. Fr. John says:

    “the United States as it exists today has no future-
    Prophetic words!”

    Literally, this is an Economic Jeremiad. And everyone’s comments are all, ‘But, but,… muh free enterprise! ANYTHING but the reality….

    RELIGION is the only thing that will turn the tide- and only Orthodox Christianity is the sole option. But Unz’s readership have all been talmuddied in the brain, one way or another, so ‘fingers in ears.’ In that regard, you’re all Leftists.

    That recent Manifesto by Dugin should be re-read, along with the 1995 Unibomber’s screed.

    Here’s just one section from Dugin:

    “So we have determined our place on the scale of history. And in doing so, we got a fuller picture of what the Great Reset is all about. It is nothing less than the beginning of the “last battle”. The globalists, in their struggle for nominalism, liberalism, individual liberation and civil society, appear to themselves as “warriors of light,” bringing progress, liberation from thousands of years of prejudice, new possibilities – and perhaps even physical immortality and the wonders of genetic engineering, to the masses.

    All who oppose them are, in their eyes, “forces of darkness”. And by this logic, the “enemies of open society” must be dealt with in their own severity. “If the enemy does not surrender, he will be destroyed.” The enemy is anyone who questions liberalism, globalism, individualism, nominalism in all their manifestations. This is the new ethic of liberalism. It’s nothing personal. Everyone has the right to be a liberal, but no one has the right to be anything else.”

    Here’s a link to the latter:

    Point 18 “…The leftist’s feelings of inferiority run so deep that he cannot tolerate any classification of some things as successful or superior and other things as failed or inferior. This also underlies the rejection by many leftists of the concept of mental illness and of the utility of IQ tests. Leftists are antagonistic to genetic explanations of human abilities or behavior because such explanations tend to make some persons appear superior or inferior to others. Leftists prefer to give society the credit or blame for an individual’s ability or lack of it. Thus if a person is “inferior” it is not his fault, but society’s, because he has not been brought up properly.”

    • Replies: @Reaper
  251. Allan says:
    @Majority of One

    The enabling precursor for the Const. in order to be ratified by the states, was addition of the first ten Amendments to that document, the Bill of Rights.

    You don’t understand my remarks, and the BoR is irrelevant in any case to the issues I raised. The alleged “Establishment” of the Constitution took place in June of 1788. The BoR was approved by Congress more than a year later, in Sept. 1789, and adopted in Dec. 1791. Your comment, however, involves some marginal quibbling about a political deal, viz., acceptance of the C in exchange for a promise of a BoR. In fact, I’m concerned about the plain mendacity and perversity of the preamble, the deceitfulness of A7, and the technical matter of when and how to ratify and establish the C, assuming for just a moment that it’s even logically possible. These issues would remain had the con artists reneged on their promise of a BoR.

    Finally, whether or not the courts adhere now to the content and substance of the C is secondary to the fact that they affirm it as “the supreme Law of the Land”. This maintains the appearance of legitimacy in the eyes of the many Americans who are gullible enough to believe that the C is law.

    P.S. Nice work with the kookish spellings (“U$ Army”, “WarBu$h”, etc.) and crank ideas (“the United $tates of America CORPORATION”). I’m sure that you’ve dissuaded a dozen potential dissidents with that noise during the last 10 years.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Majority of One
  252. Aedib says:

    Your insults are unable to stop the disintegration process.

  253. @alwayswrite

    I am crying now. Please do not leave. Just try to be more factual and reasonable.
    Any person who comes to this site with a stormy attitude and try to impress and teach everybody will receive strong opposition. By leaving you would show your tender vulnerable will and lack of endurance and stamina. You would part as a looser. So man up even if you are a woman.
    It is time for you to show that you are right. That is what you have promised us.
    You should not break your promise!!!!!

  254. Anon[272] • Disclaimer says:

    Going back to your reply to me, I agree that “We The People” is dishonest. The Declaration wasn’t law, though. It was a message to a king, and can easily be interpreted as “we the people who are managing this thing”. I agree that it might’ve been better to be more explicit.

    In any case, the law which forbade women/africans (all non-euros)/poor from voting existed. Laws regarding both ethnicity and character of immigrants existed. It took time for popular support to begin eroding the designs of the founders. I don’t know what the USA would look like if, for example, African slaves were returned to Africa, women were never allowed the vote, and Jews were denied entry due to their historical character, but I’m almost sure it would look better than it does now. What if Hart-Celler 1965 had never been passed?

    Perhaps the phrase “We The People” in a message to a king is the sole reason that the laws, themselves, were destroyed but I doubt it. If a force willing to destroy laws exists it will manufacture a pretense if one cannot be easily found. A change to that sentence wouldn’t have changed the outcome. A sentence isn’t that powerful.

    Back to the human condition. Liars win in the short term as they avail themselves tools unavailable to the honest. The Liars eventually win control over too much of a civilization. “Too much” in the sense that a civilization cannot tolerate an unlimited amount of liars in its hierarchy, as nature, the ultimate judge, isn’t fooled by lies. This is the repetitive story.

  255. Seraphim says:

    I associate with Zarathustra in asking you to not leave. We all need moments of comic relief and you proved to be one of the best jesters around, even if not ‘always’.

  256. @Allan

    “Kookish spellings” is quite revelatory of your status as an academicist and quite probably a convicted rationalist and materialist as well. Your pedantic poseur position is intellectually vapid and indicates an authoritarian streak which you tend to project towards the opinions of those who do not adhere to your Chicago Book of Style standards of pious pomposity.

    For your inflammation, my utilization of dollar $igns to signal the identity of the Bank$ter elite which controls essentially each and every major institution in this ruptured republic happens to be a symbological embed, which informed individuals recognize on both a conscious and subconscious level.

    Thus, the U$ Army is indicative of the fact that the highest levels of Flag rank; the level of corruption via the WarDefen$e Indu$try (aka Malcom Moos’/ Eisenhower’s “Military Industrial Complex) is rife throughout the thoroughly brown-nosed constant climbers of the Chain of Command $crotum Pole unto a glorious cre$cendo as an extremely well paid lobbyi$t for that afore-mentioned consortium.

    Referencing Daddy WarBu$h, signals his descent from one Prescott Bu$h, an archetypical Connecticut Yankee who was the prime bagman for the Union Bank of New York on behalf of the Brown and Harriman Crime Clans. Bu$h pater’s contribution was to engender a huge loan from those venturing capitalists to one Fritz Theissen, who with that funding, was enabled to establish Nazi Germany’s largest steelworks at the now Polish city of Oswiecim (aka Auschwitz).

    As for the United $tates of America Corporation, it is strikingly evident and obvious that you have dismissed this factual reality out of hand without doing the essential depth research (needless to say without parroting the “on message” presentations of Gooble or Wickedpedia.)

    Do you happen to be a law school professor or some other form of pettifogging $hyster?

  257. @alwayswrite

    Your bet is duly accepted. You appear to be acquainted with the controversial Brit. Can you please detail the extent of your relationship? Thank you.

  258. Wally says:

    But how can anyone believe Martyanov who says:

    “Cringeworthy in its sheer falsity and insufferable pathos—the economic equivalent of Chamberlain’s “Peace in Our Time” 1938 proclamation, after signing the Munich capitulation to Hitler”.

    That’s ridiculous and goes against the actual facts.
    Chamberlain made a fair & just deal for all involved. Martyanov doesn’t know what he’s talking about when it comes to Chamberlain’s ‘appeasement’ that wasn’t.
    Czechoslovakia: How Britain Turned the Failure of a State into a Cause for War: By John Wear :
    Now this is about real appeasement:
    FDR [with the USSR] Conspired to Start World War II in Europe:
    Collusion: Franklin Roosevelt, British Intelligence, and the Secret Campaign to Push the US Into War, by Mark Weber:

    • Agree: Arthur MacBride
  259. vox4non says:

    If only this came true. Too logical and peaceful for the powers that be.

  260. Reaper says:
    @Fr. John

    Dugin often controversial but more often right.

  261. Bill says:
    @Steve Naidamast

    All three of these treatises discuss and demonstrate that the U.S. Constitution was primarily designed to support the interests of the Colonial elites.

    It’s really goofy. US Constitution fans simultaneously believe that the Constitution aimed at creating a republican order reminiscent of the Roman republic (which is true enough) and that this wasn’t a conspiracy by the elites to maximize their own wealth and power (which is bizarre). I mean, whose interests do they think the Roman republic served? The plebs’?

    When one reads substantial sources on the American Revolution, a reader will quickly come to the question as to why there was a “revolution” in the first place.

    Absolutely, and this goes to the first point as well. The Revolution saved us from suffering the horrible fate of Canada. Not exactly a boon to all Americans. So who did benefit? Why did it happen? To serve the Colonial elite and for no other reason. They got richer and more powerful. Nobody else saw their life change much for the better.

  262. @Jake

    The Yank WASP Elite was acting out being the Brit WASP Empire 2.0.

    Well, yes, and no. The Brit WASP elite influence ended in 1660. The Puritans were/are protestants, not Protestants, and many consider them not to be Christians at all. It was the Puritans who led the way in allowing their country to be controlled by the quiet invasion of bankers, and subsequently became controlled by the merchant class. While the US started as an isolationist country based mainly on agriculture, the business interests gained control, in the mid 19th century, and the US has been expansionist since that time.
    The “Empire” is a business model.

    Merchants have no country. The mere spot they stand on does not constitute so strong an attachment as that from which they draw their gains.

    Thomas Jefferson

  263. @Majority of One

    Somewhat ironic, because by the time of the Constitutional Convention, the Monarchs in the UK were virtually powerless. There only function in “creating” law was signing a law enacted by Parliament. The best they could manage was a delay in signing, not a veto.

  264. @Paul Greenwood

    I agree for the most part, but it is not that the US cannot manufacture items such as TVs, mobile phones, etc. There has been a conscious choice not to. The controlled demolition of the American economy (and by extension Canada and other “Western” countries) began with Volker’s high interest rates through the 70s and 80s, along with loosened trade rules, including lower tariffs.
    I’ll give you an example of how the scam works in the “West”. In the early/mid 70s, the cost of living in the UK was related to the income. For example earning the equivalent of $100 a week ($2.50 an hour) would be a very good wage in the UK, but not in the US. By the end of the 80s, you would be paying, in pound sterling, what you would be paying in US dollars for the same product. They simply lowered the US standard of living to that of the UK and manipulated currencies to achieve it. Globalization was well on the way. The same was true in Asia. What was manufactured in Taiwan for pennies, was sold in Taiwan for pennies, but in the US for dollars.
    Then, the old GATT “dumping” rules went out the window. At one time there had to be an internal market for the product, otherwise a product was “dumped” unless there was a specific agreement between countries to waive the provisions. The Japanese were allowed to sell TVs in North America, even though their electrical system was 220V 50Hz. The TVs were, in essence, made only for export. The same could be said for cars. The UK and Japan have RHD vehicles. The UK exports were converted versions, which were also sold on the continent. Other than the early years, the Japanese cars were specifically designed for the US. The US stood back and allowed the most flagrant example of dumping to occur. Toyota built a car plant in Germany, built a car, marketed as “a German car”, which was only available in North America, and called it a Lexus. I’m not going to say that US automakers haven’t shot themselves in the foot, they have. My point is that our so-called “representatives” in government, only represent their own interests, as determined by their corporate donors, not the interests of the electorate.
    Free trade isn’t free. It has a cost to the electorate.

    • Thanks: Majority of One
  265. bayviking says:

    What a fabulous post. My point has been that our constitution assigns COngress and the White House the responsibility to “promote the general welfare”. and you will never hear those words or any proposal in support of those words coming out of DC, with the possible exception of a few progressives that constitute a minority limited in power.

    I’m going to get his book right away.

  266. @Reaper

    American Expat Questions

    1. Just where did neo-liberalized uber free market capitalism get the USA? Sidewalks full of human excretion from homeless? Tent cities? Rust-belts?
    2. If social democracy is so awful why do Australia & NW Europe have a higher quality of life than the USA. And they do overall.
    3. Norway uses its oil as windfall & Texas privatizes it. Both are oil-rich. Which has better infrastructure, less crime, better public transportation, less economic inequality? Right outside Dallas & Houston skylines build by oil companies is stark poverty & ghettos, some of the worst in the USA. Why? Because the government assures the public that if they give these companies tax breaks that they will create new jobs.
    4. Why hasn’t a higher minimum wage destroyed Australia & why is their economy fine & standard of living higher? Why are Americans afraid of a higher minimum wage? It worked in Australia & New Zealand.
    5. Why do Americans associate higher minimum wage or tax spending with Communism when Australia & Norway are not Communist?
    6. Why are Americans so afraid of socialism 31 years after the Berlin Wall came down & other countries have better social safety nets, free health care, free education?
    7. Why was the US slightly better under Bill Clinton when corporate taxes were higher & went downhill during the Bush era?
    8. Why do the US hick GOP support wars overseas? What is gained for them?
    9. Why does the USA resist the same economic models that Australia & NW Europe employ when those countries still have wealthy people.
    10. Why don’t more Americans compare their country to Australia or NW Europe?

    • Replies: @Zarathustra
    , @Reaper
  267. Corrupt says:

    “7. Why was the US slightly better under Bill Clinton when corporate taxes were higher & went downhill during the Bush era?”

    It wasn’t because of the taxes. Bill Clinton happened to be President when the PC became ubiquitous in U.S. business and increased productivity immensely. The largest gains in productivity were already baked in by the time Bush became President.

  268. America is so fucking doomed. Supernatural intervention is required. But methinks the Supernatural will not intervene, for the rotting stench of America is too overwhelmingly malodorous for even a Supernatural Entity that has the best defenses against the smell of intense rot…….

    • Replies: @Reaper
  269. @Jeff Stryker

    Because US has a holy obligation (from Creator?) to rule the world what has uncontested priority.
    Looks like cost of ruling the world is kind of burden.
    He he.
    BTW you have beaten everybody. You have no opposition. Congrat.

    • Replies: @bayviking
  270. The Aryan Expansion vs the Rising Tide of Color

  271. @Boomthorkell

    A few years ago, what you say here would have been anathema to me. Now, it looks much, much more appealing. The truth is, the USA of today is already mangled; whether it was mangled by design or not, it can’t go back to the 1950s… and such an equal union of American states as you envisage — offering few reasons to flood the north if the south has actual opportunities — is a healthier approach given the real situation on the ground than most of the other proposals making the rounds. While I lament the loss of American cultural homogeneity, I happen to like both Spanish and South America very much personally; and I can well see a new normal in which the average educated person was highly functional in both English and Spanish being stable for a considerable time if it could once be brought into effect. It would no doubt be messier in practice, but the current situation is hardly clean.

    • Replies: @Smith
  272. Smith says:
    @Passing Poet

    The hispanics will ironically save America.

    Just keep them far and away the zionists and sephardic jews like AOC.

  273. Reaper says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    No need for supernatural.
    Just a total collapse, and a cleaning civil war with no more than 60-75 million dead.
    After that can reborn on new fundations.
    And come back to power in one generation (25-30 years).

    There are only a few Western European state which can made normal with just a 20-25% death toll.

  274. @Majority of One

    I would submit the biggest obstacles to good governance and why we perpetually face the self destruction of governments are as follows.
    Good governance/leadership requires altruism and intelligence. The altruistic typically dont seek power and if they have it, lack the intelligence to make the right decisions. The intelligent who gain power typically lack altruism and use it to their own ends. The larger a society becomes, the more anonymous our leaders become, compounding the challenge of finding those with both qualities. This is a challenge we may never overcome unless humanity can evolve to universal altruism., which coincedentally, ironically would negate the need for governments at all.

    • Replies: @Majority of One
  275. Reaper says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    There are little connection between our comments.

    Are you living in Australia as an (US citizen) expat?

    “If social democracy is so awful”

    It is – in my opinion.
    It`s re-distribution/ loan financing mechanic is destructive.
    It`s legal system is awful.
    It destroys merits, destroys society.

    Norway is a bad example.
    With it`s overwhelming criminalization of the homeless, giant taxes, even some funny event happened when a worker “should” pay more taxes than his WHOLE wage actually was (means over 100% tax).
    Society? It`s a mess, just like Sweden and Finnland. Wokistan and feminist utopia.

    ” Because the government assures the public that if they give these companies tax breaks that they will create new jobs.”
    That is a classical. There are many factors outside tax breaks to increase the willingness of employment expansion.

    “Why are Americans afraid of a higher minimum wage?”
    Probably for the same reason what happens in the EU.
    Production goes elsewhere: either East EU, where wages are much less, or outside the EU, where it is even less, also other conditions are more favorable for business.

    “Why do Americans associate higher minimum wage or tax spending with Communism ”

    I talked about liberal-socialism (or social-democratic).
    Not communism.

    “Why are Americans so afraid of socialism 31 years after the Berlin Wall came down & other countries have better social safety nets, free health care, free education?”

    Americans have less experience about socialism (liberal-left) yet it is growing since the 90`s, and especially since Obama.

    Social safety nets: for who?
    Anarchists, junkies, the overprivilaged who have an extra hole, minorities, “refuge seekers”, and probably in the end of the list if funds remains in the budget can get some who by core should.
    But they are not in priority in a liberal-left to support. Well actually are priority: to get robbed from funds which will re-distributed for the wokie mob.

    Free health care?
    There are no FREE health care.
    That is paid from either taxes, social “contribution”. Which in most cases comes from the workers/ employers (after their workers). So from the productive ones.
    Or other federal/ state funds – includes loans.
    Quality/ attitude is another matter, that vary between countries.
    In many places with “free” health care you must go to private if want a quick/ effective/ complex solution. While still obligated to pay taxes/ contribution…
    Where does funds directed? Overwhelmingly towards certain groups, many who do not contributes, but gets services (no: not talking about who temporary cannot contribute). And wokie causes can be financed by the health budget as well.

    free education?
    Yes, yet in ever increasing number must be a liberal-leftist or feminist or colored, or faggot, or other wokie to get in/ remain there, both as student and teacher.
    Teacher? Hm, many more like advocator/ indoctrinating assistant than teacher, and it is less and less about any kind of education.

    So finance the enemy with free “education”. Congratulations.
    (Some tax money for ISIS perhaps? Even that is a less destructive enemy in a long run.)
    And off course because they have the paper they get well paid jobs afterwards (not in production off course). Well for a while, because if they not so much baa with the wokie mob may get canceled.

    The problem is the liberal-left, and it`s policies, re-distribution, legalization and loan politics: in regard of goverment spending/ incomes (among others).

    There are social programs/ socialist policies which can be fine/ neccesary, or simply sensible.
    There are no problem with a sensible government intervention (spending, some level of taxation, some regulation).

    The question is not: should the government… do this or that.
    For what purpose/ goal?
    Who`s interest is that?
    If tax/ spending: who pays it, and who does benefit from it?

    And then:
    Yes liberal-left/ can be called social-democratic is bad by fundations, and off course rotting as a whole.
    So must be destroyed down to it`s fundations/ roots.

    Only on new fundations can be built a better system.

  276. bayviking says:

    The US couldn’t beat a Vietnamese peasant, ISIS, or the Taliban. ran now runs Iraq. The US has lost control of its Southern neighbors that are sick and tired of being abused by the dictators we impose on them.

    • Agree: Zarathustra
  277. @Freedomstillisntfree

    Fascinating perspective. Implicit is an impetus for a general awakening of higher consciousness in perhaps 10% of the populace. Do some research on the “Hundredth Monkey” phenomenon for some intriguing insights.

    IMHO, a generally heightened level among Americans is maybe at the 3% level, while another 3-4% are approaching that status. For a breakthrough, the Gamer Generation needs some preternaturally wise souls among their company to create some new playzones which elevate rather than enervate the gamer addicted. A meme conducive to self-discovery and cosmic-conscious among Gen Z’s could transform the society in a surprisingly short time.

    • Replies: @Freedomstillisntfree
  278. @War for Blair Mountain

    Send in the USS Nebbish.
    [commissioned as CVAN-68, “aircraft carrier, attack, nuclear powered”, but she was later redesignated as CVN-68, “aircraft carrier, multi-mission, nuclear-powered”, on 30 June 1975]

  279. @Majority of One

    Unfortunately, from what I can tell genz is comprised of 99% savage little idiots. So hoping for that cascading social evolution to happen any time soon appears to be wishful thinking, especially given their collective state of mind are drilled into them via the idiot factories we call schools and popular culture as a whole. Each generation appears to be getting dumber, lazier and more emotionally unstable and it appears to be by design., as if to prevent the scenario you describe, a collective evolution via micro evolution hitting critical mass. Much would have to change for this to happen. The current order seems to be designed specifically to hinder any growth in humanity.

    • Agree: Zarathustra
  280. Rubicon says:

    Disclaimer says: “….but the US may have diversified itself into an atrophied version of itself, loosening its hold in Europe.”

    All good points are being made here, especially by the author of this subject matter.

    We’ve lived long enough in American to sense a terrible decline in most facets of what were the American lifestyle.

    What we have witnessed in the last 30+ years is the astronomical rise of America’s Super Elite.
    You have thousands of multi-billionaires who are siphoning off billions of “FED” moneys,playing their casino games in The Market…….the list is endless. EVERYTHING has been corrupted by these people:

    The Media, All areas of the Social Arena, bought off polticians….bought off Judicial leaders, even the Supreme Court of the US………..
    it’s definitely an America in decline.

    We welcome the author’s valid points (and others) about how Russia has moved onwards in trading with China, Asia, parts of Latin America, etc. It gives us Americans hope even though hundreds of thousands of American citizens will probably die…………..all because we live in this creaking ship owned by The Elite who are dead set on harming us into total oblivion.

  281. Rubicon says:
    @Godfree Roberts

    “As a share of GDP, manufacturing has held steady at 18% for a long time, but that’s cold comfort to the millions of manufacturing workers who have no jobs.”

    Be VERY careful in how the US configures its GDP.

    The US govt. INCLUDES in its GDP the earnings of The Super Elite with its profit-makings each month. It’s money ONLY The Elite are privy to; none of it goes to enhance civilians; ALL of it goes to further “enhance” the profits of the very wealthy.

    Wish we could remember the website that explains this very clearly,but it was someone like Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, or Doctor Michael Hudson who first clued us into this fact.

  282. Rubicon says:
    @Godfree Roberts

    Godfree notes: “And for those saying that the position wasn’t paying enough, it paid $12 an hour starting in an area with an extremely low cost of living where property taxes for a 2000 square foot house would be $800-$1000 a year.”

    You should listen to Dr. Michael Hudson’s new article on UNZ regarding the huge increase of American INSURANCE: Auto, Home, costs per person along with MEDICAL COSTS, RENTAL COSTS, City Taxes, Water/sewage costs, Food inflation, Prescription medicine costs, Electricity/Natural Gas costs and State/Income taxes.

    You add all those costs up, and it’s no wonder why, about 30-35% of the younger generation is still living at home with their parents, grandparents, and/other relatives.

    Another words, with the HUGE RISING IN THE COSTS OF LIVING, earning $12.00 an hour simply WON’T CUT IT.

    America has, in the last 10 years become a VERY expensive place to live for millions of US citizens.
    We can thank the FIRE SECTOR Oligarchs who charge us astronomical fees.

  283. Rubicon says:

    We think the author and most all commenters are are missing the point:

    The US Elites already KNOW they’ve destroyed America. The only thing left is for the US Multi-billionaires to keep piling up their riches before the US Ship finally sinks.

    Think about it. In the last 50 years, with the onslought of NEO-LIBERALISM, these people have been destroying everything in their sight:
    buying off all the politicians
    erasing ALL common sense banking rules
    exporting millions of decent paying jobs overseas; leaving most American asking, Duh, what happened?
    Banks/Insurance/Real Estate Elitists have pulverized most all of the decent wage jobs;
    indebting millions if not most Americans with credit card, mortgage, auto & home loans.

    On goes the laundry list of these predators, to the point now, that IF/WHEN the US Hegemony dies, they’ll say:

    “SO WHAT? We’re now multi-billionaires. Hell, we’ve stolen so much for the last 50 years, that our grand kids and great grand kids will have an easy LIFE.

    THAT is what is going on!!! The US Ship will sink and they’ll go on with their extravagant lifestyles, no matter what.

    n America, it’s been almost 50 years since “NEO-LIBERALISM” was adopted in both the USand the UK.
    That’s 50 years and what have the US Elites done to destroy America:

  284. @Easy Pete

    “Why did such a brilliant nation fail to dominate history? Where is the naval history? ”

    Domination of History
    Because China had started to lose its appetite for territorial expansion by about 1000 AD. It has stayed almost the same geographically until about 1700 when it was incorporated by a non-Chinese people, the Manchus, into their Qing Empire which lasted till 1911. The territories of Tibet, Xinjiang and Mongolia were all conquered by the Qing. The modern day PRC, considers itself the successor (after the ROC retreated to Taiwan) to the Qing. You will note that due to the Century of Humiliation, the PRC is super anal about not letting pieces of its territory be carved out by foreigners again.

    Naval History
    In 1405, decades before the voyages of Columbus. The Chinese Ming Dynasty sent naval fleets of 300 ships and 30,000 sailors and soldiers. They sailed through Southeast Asia, India, Arabia up to East Africa. They set up trade and diplomatic links, but did not colonise a SINGLE petty kingdom. Now you contrast this with the experience of the Europeans. Entire continents colonized, tens of millions genocided.

    Clearly the Chinese view of the world and the way their perceive their own place in it is totally different from the Western view.

    But what is clear from all I read from Western commentators is that they view Chinese actions and intentions through the lenses of their own attitudes. Westerners cannot comprehend why a technological and powerful people will not dominate others.

    But this is not the most interesting thing to me. What is more interesting is why you have even asked these questions, when the answers are easily found on the internet if you were interested. Why is there such ignorance of things non-Western in the West? Is it by accident or design? This is the interesting question to me.

    • Replies: @Sick of Orcs
  285. @littlereddot

    But what is clear from all I read from Western commentators is that they view Chinese actions and intentions through the lenses of their own attitudes.

    Why is that surprising? Through what other lens would they view others?

    Entire continents colonized, tens of millions genocided.

    “Did you know? Recent estimates place the death toll of The Great Leap Forward and its corresponding famine at 45 million deaths, far greater than the number killed in WWI. Two-three million of the deaths were due to torture and execution.”

    As for colonization, clearly the Red Chinese are trying to catch up using globalist propaganda and spies.

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