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The Cult of Ugly: Leftist Lies, Jewish Junk, and the Malign Martyrdom of George Floyd
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Gender-fluid Damarra Atkins worships at a mural of George Floyd in George Floyd Square, Minneapolis

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It’s a perfect image for our insane and ugly age: an overweight gender-fluid Black woman in a Wu-Flu mask pressing her head in worship against a giant mural of George Floyd at the site of his martyrdom in Minneapolis. The martyr is ugly, the mural is ugly and the mourner is ugly:

In its ugliness, the image confirms once again the words of the great Catholic writer Hilaire Belloc (1870-1953):

[T]here is (as the greatest of the ancient Greeks discovered) a certain indissoluble Trinity of Truth, Beauty and Goodness. You cannot deny or attack one of these three without at the same time denying or attacking both the others. Therefore with the advance of this new and terrible enemy against the Faith and all that civilization which the Faith produces, there is coming not only a contempt for beauty but a hatred of it; and immediately upon the heels of this there appears a contempt and hatred for virtue. (Belloc, The Great Heresies (1938), ch. 6, “The Modern Phase”)

Leftists do indeed hate beauty, which is why ugliness is the most obvious feature of leftism and its art, culture and acolytes. But, as Belloc explained, leftists can’t hate beauty without also hating truth and goodness, which is why they flocked so eagerly into the martyr-cult of George Floyd. He was an ugly Black criminal who killed himself with lies: he first tried to pass fake money to an Asian shopkeeper, then to conceal his possession of drugs when the police were called.

George Floyd as icon of anti-Whiteness

In life, Floyd was at war with Truth, Beauty and Goodness; in death, he became a leftist icon not despite his ugliness and criminality, but because of them. Leftism is powered by its contradictions, not weakened. It insists that “Black is White” in all senses, portraying violent Black criminals as saintly victims and civilized law-abiding Whites as murderous oppressors. This inversion of reality has sent the murder-rate soaring among young Black men in America, as leftists perform their usual trick of most harming those they claim to be most helping. But in reality leftists don’t want to help Blacks: they want to harm Whites. George Floyd is best seen not as an icon of Blackness, but as an icon of anti-Whiteness. From his dark skin and thick lips to his low intelligence and immorality, the destructive and criminal Floyd is the antithesis of a creative and law-abiding White. He represents Black savagery against White civilization.

And that is why he is now an icon of leftism. But even for leftists Floyd isn’t entirely perfect. If only he’d been Muslim too! Then he would have represented an even stronger antithesis to White Western Christian civilization. That’s why Black Muslims like Somalis are probably the leftist ideal as immigrants into Western nations. Steve Sailer has pointed out that White Scandinavian Minneapolis was once “the most boringly sensible big city in America.” Then leftists enriched it with Somalis and home-grown Black thugs like George Floyd. In Britain, the Jewish immigration minister Barbara Roche was very happy to enrich us with 200,000 Somalis and counting: “Since most were untrained and would be dependent on welfare, the Home Office could have refused them entry. But they were granted ‘exceptional leave to remain [by Roche]’.”

“Jews are, on average, ugly people”

And in Sweden the Jewish sociologist Jerzy Sarnecki (pronounced Sarnetski) does his best to deny that Somalis and other immigrants form the “vast majority” of gang-rapists. Sarnecki is very well-suited to serve as a high-priest in the lying leftist Cult of Ugly, because he has an ugly and unappealing punim (Yiddish for “face”). As Chateau Heartiste so often pointed out: “Physiognomy is real.”

The ugly Jewish sociologist Jerzy Sarnecki, who “prominently features in the [Swedish] media as an expert on all things crime-related.”
The ugly Jewish sociologist Jerzy Sarnecki, who “prominently features in the [Swedish] media as an expert on all things crime-related.”

And it isn’t coincidental that Sarnecki is both Jewish and ugly. He’s Jugly, as you might say: that is, he’s ugly in a characteristically Jewish way. I agree with a fascinating article at National Vanguard arguing that “Jews themselves are an unattractive and, on average, ugly people” and that “Jews, as a group, oppose beauty.” Indeed, as Kevin MacDonald has noted, the Talmud advises Jews not to regard physical beauty as important in marriage: “For ‘false is grace and beauty is vain.’ Pay regard to good breeding, for the object of marriage is to have children” (Taanith 26b and 31a).

Jewish junk for Juglification

Jews oppose beauty in all parts of life – art, music and architecture, for example. At the Occidental Observer Brenton Sanderson has examined the anti-art of Mark Rothko (1903-70) and Jewish attempts to uglify the operas of Wagner. The acclaimed Jewish painter Lucian Freud (1922-2011), grandson of the ideological uglifier Sigmund Freud and brother of the sex-criminal Clement Freud, spent a long career putting ugly bodies onto canvas. And I’ve been struck by the ugliness of the menorahs with which Jews have increasingly laid claim to public space in Western cities.

Some memorable menorahs
Some memorable menorahs
The ugly art of Jewish painter Lucian Freud
The ugly art of Jewish painter Lucian Freud

An article at, “How the Chanukah Menorah Made Its Way to the Public Sphere,” claims that “Through the years and the courts, a small spark in Philadelphia now lights up the world.” I disagree: I think the world has been uglified by menorahs, not enlightened. They’re Jewish junk expressing Jewish self-worship and the pursuit of Jewish interests. The article says that the “small spark” in Philadelphia was the lighting of the first public menorah “in front of Independence Hall,” which is home to the Liberty Bell, “the icon of American freedom.” But Jewish activism in America has always aimed to reduce the freedom of Whites and to destroy the nation they founded.

Ugly faces, ugly brains

In other words, that first menorah was a lie. Those who promote ugliness also promote lies and immorality, exactly as Belloc predicted. This anti-trinity is particularly obvious on the extreme left – Steve Sailer has noted that Antifa “tend to be ugly people with bad teeth and even worse taste in grooming.” The Cult of Ugly has ugly acolytes, just as one would expect. But two interesting questions arise here. What is the exact relationship between ugly faces and ugly ideology? And why are Jews and leftists “on average, ugly people”? If you consider that ugliness is a matter of asymmetry and ill-proportion, it would follow that there is some correlation between an ugly face and an “ugly” brain. The same biological factors – disease, inbreeding and harmful mutations – that distort the geometry of faces will also distort the geometry of the brain.

Portland antifa mugshots
Portland antifa mugshots

That’s why “physiognomy is real”: faces do say something about the brains that lie behind them and, therefore, about personality and behaviour. The correlation isn’t perfect, of course, but it’s strong enough to be useful and it’s clearly relevant to the ugly acolytes of ugly leftism. As for Jews and the ugliness of both their punims and their brains, note the studies that have identified marked inbreeding and higher rates of mental illness among Jews. For example, “Rabbis Eric Weiss and Nathaniel Ezray have said that ‘mental illness is a Jewish issue’ and point to the findings of geneticists at John Hopkins University who have identified a high incidence of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder among Ashkenazi Jews. Many suffer from an autosomal recessive trait that goes back thousands of years and which manifests as congenital lying, delusional behaviour and paranoia.”

Prime ingredient in a poisonous stew

This would certainly explain why Jews have, down the centuries, so often come into conflict with their gentile neighbours and been expelled from gentile lands. And ugly Jewish brains have consistently created ugly ideologies that war on the “indissoluble Trinity of Truth, Beauty and Goodness.” Jewish communism promised prosperity, peace and equality, but delivered slavery, slaughter and ecological devastation. Jewish psychoanalysis did sterling work on behalf of lies, ugliness and immorality, and is now a prime ingredient in the poisonous stew of Critical Race Theory (CRT) and the Transgender-Industrial Complex, where Jugly and immoral Jews are once again massively over-represented.

Young Woman with a Water-Jug by Jan Vermeer (c. 1665)
Young Woman with a Water-Jug by Jan Vermeer (c. 1665)

And Jugliness has been prominent in a recent assault on the “beautiful game,” as soccer is often called. It’s rightly called that, in my opinion: I would place soccer among the great artistic achievements of White Western civilization. But some White nations have contributed disproportionately to the beauty of that civilization and its art. The small nation of Holland, for example. The paintings of the great Dutch artist Jan Vermeer (1632-75) are sublime and so, in a lesser but comparable way, were the skills of the great Dutch soccer-player Johan Cruyff (1947-2016). The beautiful game is a White creation whose best and most intelligent players and coaches are still disproportionately White.

Dutch soccer super-star Johan Cruyff
Dutch soccer super-star Johan Cruyff

Jews are over-represented in the beautiful game not as creators or players, but as owners and exploiters. And when a group of big clubs recently attempted to form a money-grubbing “European Super League,” the “plan triggered” what the Jewish Chronicle called a “wave of antisemitic abuse” and “outpouring of hate … in which Jews are blamed for ‘ruining football’.” Jews are dominant at three of the six English clubs that wanted to join the Super League, including Manchester United, perhaps the world’s most famous club. As the proud holder of a season-ticket at White Hart Lane, I’m obviously not a fan of Manchester United myself, but I recognize that its teams and players have created some of the most beautiful soccer in history. I also recognize that the club’s current owners, the Jewish Glazer family, are not good for Manchester United or for soccer as a whole.

Jewish machers in the beautiful game: (clockwise from top left) The Glazer family at Man Utd; Roman Abramovich at Chelsea; Daniel Levy at Spurs; the late Malcolm Glazer at Man Utd

I’m not the only one recognizing things. A cartoon of the Glazers in the Financial Times captured their Jugliness in a way that makes me worried for the career of the cartoonist. Perhaps the cartoonist is one of those who “Love United, Hate Glazer,” as a popular slogan at United goes. If so, he’s right in both his depiction of the Glazers and his attitude to their behaviour. The Glazers are indeed Jugly and have indeed harmed one of the world’s greatest clubs with their greed.

The War on the West

Jews like the Glazers could never have created either Manchester United or the beautiful game in which the club has excelled. But Jews can and do use their financial skills to exploit soccer-clubs and the game as a whole. Manchester United fans haven’t succeeded in removing the Glazers as owners of their club, but they helped defeat the European Super League in which the Glazers intended to play a central role. As many White nationalists have observed of the affair: it’s a pity that White men don’t care as much about the future of their nations and race as about the future of their anti-White sports-clubs.

But for those with eyes to see, the money-grubbing Super League was yet another example of the central Jewish role in the war on the “indissoluble Trinity of Truth, Beauty and Goodness.” And day by day more people are acquiring eyes to see that lies, ugliness and evil are central to the war on the West. Members of any group are capable of joining that war, but some groups, like Blacks and Muslims, serve much more readily than others. However, Blacks and Muslims are merely footsoldiers. The generals and grand strategists are drawn disproportionately from that single small group known as Jews.

Ugly Jewess becomes beautiful shiksa: Ruth Bader Ginsburg was played by Felicity Jones
Ugly Jewess becomes beautiful shiksa: Ruth Bader Ginsburg was played by Felicity Jones

But even as they wage war on Whiteness, Jews accept White beauty as the ideal. The Jewish writer David Cole has pointed out that the very gentile actress Felicity Jones was chosen to play the very Jewish lawyer Ruth Bader Ginsburg in a recent biopic. RBG’s ugly punim reflected her ugly politics and Jewish-leftist Hollywood didn’t want that reality to appear on screen. Like the monstrous Caliban in Shakespeare’s Tempest (1610), the Cult of Ugly cannot bear to look upon its own image. And like Caliban, the Cult of Ugly will fall.

(Republished from The Occidental Observer by permission of author or representative)
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  1. unwoke says:

    “Jews are dominant at three of the six English clubs that wanted to join the Super League, including Manchester United, perhaps the world’s most famous club. As the proud holder of a season-ticket at White Hart Lane, I’m obviously not a fan of Manchester United myself..”

    You’re obviously not a fan at all unless you live in a time capsule. White Hart Lane was demolished four years ago. A brand new, much larger stadium, the generically named Tottenham Hotspur Stadium has been erected in its place. Jewish Daniel Levy is still the chairman (& highest paid CEO in English football) at the new stadium & club; & part owner through his investment co., ENIC, Ltd. They bought the club in 2001 from another Jew, the unpopular, Alan Sugar. Throughout much of its long history, Spurs have been informally known as a ‘Jewish club’; playing in what has been traditionally, a Jewish section of London & having many Jewish supporters in other parts. Spurs were also one of the six English clubs, including Manchester Utd., who were planning to be part of the proposed European Super League, but backed off like the others because of fans pressure against it. Levy said at the time though he thought it important the club take part in a “possible new structure that sought to better ensure financial fair play and financial sustainability whilst delivering significantly increased support for the wider football pyramid”. So this will probably come up again. Unless season-ticket holders at White Hart Lane can remove Daniel Levy, too.

    • Agree: Pheasant, Vojkan
  2. martin_2 says:

    Hold on a minute! You support Spurs. Aren’t they the team that all the Jews of North London traditionally support? Isn’t their nickname “the Yids”?

    • Agree: Pheasant
    • Replies: @moi
  3. songbird says:

    From looking at Holocaust memorials, I am inclined to say that Jews probably have less visuo-artistic capability. Though, I think it is difficult to say for certain. It’s hard to think of any good ethnic victimhood memorials, generally. And they fall into the category of relatively recent public political art in the West, which seems to be universally bad.

    Though, maybe, it would be consistent with the idea of verbal tilt. Good at getting approval for public art, but bad at executing it in a aesthetically-pleasing sort of way.

    I wonder about film, though I don’t know enough about it. There are a lot of Jewish directors. Have they composed good shots, or is that something done more by assistants? I used to wonder if special effects master Ray Harryhausen was Jewish, since he seemed to be a very popular figure among Jews, but I guess he was not Jewish.

    • Replies: @moi
    , @Dave Bowman
  4. Mulegino1 says:

    The diabolical vocation of Jewry since the first century appears to be the rejection of the eternal and omnipresent Divine Logos. It combines this with its usurpation by setting up its own counter/anti-logos which consists of the rejection of nature, beauty and all true standards, and their replacement of the Talmudic/Cabalistic concept of the Jews as a collective divinity and center of the created universe.

    Such a worldview is expressed in that ubiquitous inquiry, “Is it good for the Jews?” There is no room for universal questions of classical truth as rightful equation of thought and thing, morality, or Divine order throughout the created universe, only the barren interests of a litigious, self-centered and spiritually barren minority.

    The Jewish physiognomy reflects its spiritual and aesthetic sterility.

  5. A big problem of the modern age imo was the invention of the vaccine. Vaccines allowed the population to bloom but at a serious cost. It allowed those with weak immune systems to live. People with weak immune systems tend to have high muational load.

    They are abberant, in mind and body and they are naturally pulled towards corrosive ideas. This wasn’t evident immediately in the 19th century when vaccines began to be widely applied because the base population of Europe was very fit genetically owing to 1000 years of darwininan selection under feudalism.

    These mutants as Dutton points out, tend to disproportionately leftists. After all, what is leftist other than a revolt against the natural law and a cult of self mutilation? No sane person would willingly harm his own tribe, worship usury, sodomy and abortion and castrate little children in the name transgenderism.

    It reflects in the faces of the left, in the faces of the antifa freaks arrested during the riots. Ugly, deformed with assymetrical faces, mismatched features and a dead, vacant stare. These were the kids the Spartans in ancient greece would’ve abandoned in the forest.

    This is even confirmed by research by liberal institutions. Don’t be fooled by the hollywood babes. They are just hired mercenaries paid extravagantly by the Jewish mobsters/directors running the hollywood shtetl.

    This process of genetic deterioration is most advanced among the elites. The elites after all have lived outside of darwinian selection for the longest periods and have no doubt acumulated a treasure trove of negative mutations.

    Perhaps this is why the degenerate royal houses and merchant families of Europe sold their souls to Jewish banking so readily. Aberrant Jewish ideas like marxism, globalism and feminism appealed more readily to these people who had become genetically less tribal, pro-social and judgmental due to lack of evolutionary pressures.

    One has to wonder to what extent Jews themselves suffer from such mutational load. Like European royals, they are highly inbred. The Jews never practiced any genetic hygiene and their position as middlemen allowed to evade harsh conditions to a larger extent.

    Most Jews today are atheist though they still retain their tribal nature. It is an open question but in any case, they are extremely ugly.

    I once read a theory once that they are the descendants of temple prostitutes in egypt. The sire of society’s worst fiends. Not completely outside the realm of possibility if you ask me

    • Replies: @follyofwar
  6. To paraphrase Kevin Alfred Strom’s piece on MLK, ((( they’re ))) making another “Saint” of a Beast

  7. Without necessarily subscribing to this rant in its entirety, it did remind me of a couple of things.

    One of the stranger passages I’ve ever read was one in which an American Jewish propagandist (Ben Hecht) denounced Germans as above all, ugly. I’ve been to Germany, and while truth to be told, like any people they have their drawbacks, they are on the whole better looking than average.

    Then too, Jewish art really does tend to be ugly. This is particularly evident in painting, but one can also point to writers and musicians. In fact, what strikes me about most photographs of synagogues that I’ve seen is what ugly buildings they are.

    All that said, two of the better-looking girls I have met in my life were Jewesses.

  8. Another thought that comes to mind regarding the whole cult of George thing is that I’m reminded of an argument that was once advanced about Soviet state propaganda.

    Of course it was self-evidently false: ‘you are free’ when you literally are prohibited from leaving the collective farm, ‘you are well-fed’ when you are hungry, ‘socialism works’ when you can’t find a pair of shoes in your size, etc.

    But the theory is that this was the point: forcing people to at least tacitly acquiesce to to such obvious nonsense was a means of asserting the dominance of the state. If, after all, I say something that is true, your agreement doesn’t necessarily signify anything. If, on the other hand, I can compel you to assent to an obvious falsehood, I have forced you to submit to my will.

    So with George. It would have meant little if the killing had been an obvious and illegal outrage, perpetrated against a perfectly innocent citizen. The significance lay in forcing much of white America to at least remain silent as we were subjected to a deluge of outrageous lies and utterly unprovoked and unjustified vandalism, looting, and outright assault on in response to nothing especially unreasonable at all. After all, George Floyd clearly had to be restrained. At most, the officer was guilty of misjudging how long it was necessary to keep him pinned down.

    Therein lay the significance of the response. It was to force white submission to obvious nonsense and open criminality.

  9. @Caspar von Everec

    Regarding the claim of higher mental illness among Jews, a good place to start would be their command to circumcise all baby boys. Starting out life having your penis cut by an ugly mohel, (not to mention Metzitzah b’peh), is a sure way to imprint mental illness. The conscious mind may not remember, but underneath that, the subconscious retains everything. So said Freud, who opposed circumcision. As famous psychiatrist Karl Menninger said: What we do to children they will do to society.

    • Agree: Mulga Mumblebrain
  10. Thank you for this article which gave me the biggest headache I’ve had in years. lol Had I continued to look at those pictures, I have not the slightest doubt that a state of extreme indigestion would have accompanied the headache followed by the usual trip to the porcelain throne.

  11. lloyd says: • Website
    @Colin Wright

    Quite true. Jewish young woman can be strikingly beautiful. They have a mysterious Middle Eastern appearance in their eyes and eyebrows. Jewish men too often look cool. I am thinking of the young Elizabeth Tailor and of Jerry Lewis. As a young woman Ruth Ginsburg was not so bad. Strangely, the Israeli children of crooked teeth big noses Brooklyn Jews appear quite Middle Eastern and attractive. Those Israeli women with their slender bodies and hoisted big guns are real kinky.

  12. @lloyd

    I am thinking of the young [beautiful] Elizabeth Tailor and of [handsome] Jerry Lewis.

    Jerry Lewis was indeed good looking as a young man. As for Liz Taylor, she was raised a Christian Scientist and was 100% British. Like more than a few gentiles who spent decades in Hollywood, Taylor converted to Judaism.

    PS- Thank you, Tobias Langdon, for this daring and powerful essay. You’re on to something. There’s ample evidence that punim envy might well be a driving force behind the modern exaltation of (implicitly anti-White) ugliness.

    • Agree: Richard B
    • Replies: @lloyd
  13. Trinity says:

    I have called this (((revolution))), “The Revenge Of The Nerds” since (((its))) onset. A person really cannot help the way they look so I try not to go there, but as for being obese, putting plugs in your earlobes, ( I guess they call them earspools), dyeing your hair blue or tattooing your whole body, that takes some doing on your own accord. Jewish art? Name one Jewish artist worth a damn. I do find it amusing how (((the media))) always would poke fun at rural Southerners as being inbred and ugly when incest occurs much more often in the Middle East, Latin America, Africa, and probably Asia too. Southern women are the best looking women in the country if you include Texas as the South. Georgia, Florida, ( most are not from Florida I have to admit) and Texas cannot be beat by any state with the exception of WHAT USED TO BE CALIFORNIA. Probably way more incest and inbreeding going on in NYC, especially the Bronx than on the Redneck Rivieria, and I am even talking per capita.

    • Replies: @Supply and Demand
    , @Wade
  14. Trinity says:

    Lizzy Taylor was not a Jew, she converted to Judaism. I saw the 1986 version of Lizzy up close and personal and I was not impressed much at all. Hell, Lizzy would have been 54 years old which is hardly ancient especially if you live an EASY LIFE. I have seen plenty of 50 year old women that looked better and they probably didn’t have professional makeup artists, and all that baloney as a crutch. Jerry Lewis? I heard the dude was a grade A asshole, and while not butt ugly he was hardly a good looking man.

    Watched the original, “The Longest Yard” a few weeks back with Burt Reynolds in the starring role, not that Adam Sandler shit. Oh boy, the opening scene with Anitra Ford, who was a REAL Jewess, at least I think she was a Jew. That scene was still enticing even to an old has been like me. Ford was probably better known for her work on “The Price Is Right” game show back in the day. Also met an Israeli “skripper” at the old Tanga Lounge in Tampa, that chick was built to please. Cue: Brick House by The Commodores

    There are RARE exceptions of decent looking Jews but they are few and far between, but I have never thought of Jewish men as “cool.” Oops, excuse me Fonzi aka Henry Winkler. What is it about Jews wanting to be Italian or act Italian? Andrew “Dice” Clay aka The Fat Fonzi always tried to appear Italian, and act and talk like a guido.

  15. E_Perez says:

    I think the article is off-base when referring to Jewish persons. There are physically attractive Jews and there are ugly ones, as in most races.

    But when it comes to arts and even social sciences (Freud, Reich,…), the Jewish “Cult of Ugliness” (and sex) is undeniable.

    Not all what National Socialists exhibited in Berlin as “Degenerate Art” was Jewish, but a big portion of it.

    Funny, how late the Anglo-Saxons discover and understand the NS reactions to Weimar and their importance to our current system.

    • Agree: Rogue, Ace
    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
    , @Alden
  16. Trinity says:

    You know Jewish men are NOT cool when Neil Diamond is the Jewish version of Elvis. lololol.

    For all the Limeys that read this site, this one is for you Cockneys.

    Cue: Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond, better yet try the Elvis version, much, much better.

  17. Richard B says:
    @Colin Wright

    It was to force white submission to obvious nonsense and open criminality.

    That’s exactly right.

    It’s also what accounts for the moral insanity of Jewish Supremacy Inc.

    This would explain why, though JSI is good at infiltration, subversion, radical ingratitude, betrayal, destruction and death, they’re no good at social management.

    Which is why, as Tobias said in yet another excellent article,

    the Cult of Ugly will fall.

  18. @Richard B

    ‘…This would explain why, though JSI is good at infiltration, subversion, radical ingratitude, betrayal, destruction and death, they’re no good at social management…’

    They’re at a dead end, but haven’t realized it.

    The behavior you describe relies on being outside the power structure. Once you are the power structure, it simply becomes cultural suicide. They’re all but literally chewing off their own tail.

    For our part, we need to recognize who they are, accept what they’re doing — and start to rebuild the world without them. It no more makes sense to try to include them than it would to pour bleach into your fish tank. This can’t go on the way it has.

    • Agree: Richard B
  19. Rahan says:

    This “communist cult of ugliness and immorality”, which also Western fascism used in the 1930s as one of its major justifications of how it has to save the West from the East, is based on like three years around the Russian revolution, when the weirdoes had a free hand to experiment.

    Which gets conflated with the decadence of Weimar and such, which can be a rather low-information approach.

    The decadence happens in time of chaos and weak state. When the state reasserts itself (like under Stalin from the late 1920s onward), the decadence gets rooted out instantly.


    In classical Eastern communist regimes. Including the identical worship of the “simple toiler at one with the soil” and the “patriotic worker ready to forge iron and to throw himself at enemy tanks”.

    Physical fitness. Marital fidelity. The circle of life. Full-bosomed mother figures. Athletic youths. The whole thing.

    We only need remember the classical scandal of Khrushchev losing his shit when he saw that his liberalization gave Soviet artists the idea they can do decadent stuff.

    Otherwise classical Soviet and allied aesthetics was absolutely identical to classical fascism aesthetics.

    Both types of regimes “saving the world from decadence” in their crude ways.

    Stalin would have utterly approved of Trump’s attempt to bring back classicism in institutional buildings.

    “Stalin classicism”.

    Best Korea.

    And North Korean art esthetics is, let’s be honest, something a young Adolf Hitler would have gladly made a career out of, had he been given the chance.

    Which is not to say that the current globohomo push into ugliness and decadence isn’t as degenerate as always when they find a weakness, like back in Weimar. But conscious forced adherence to classical standards of beauty developed by Ancient Greeks and Romans and then 16th-17th century post-Goths is no guarantee of sanity either.

    The latter is enforced by the state from above, the former is produced through infiltration of institutions and media and academia, and brainwashing of kids.

    If only there was a way of organizing society that would be neither. We could call it, for example “Western Democracy”. Sounds pretty cool. Unless someone infiltrates and dismantles it.

    • Thanks: follyofwar
    • Replies: @Rahan
    , @obwandiyag
  20. @Colin Wright

    The killing of Floyd looked to me to be killing by reckless indifference. Only Chauvin would know whether he intended to kill deliberately, and he didn’t confess. Out here it would, I think, be manslaughter with exacerbating circumstances. The riots that followed were run by someone, as the piles of bricks and other projectiles carefully arranged for the convenience of the rioters showed.
    I’d bet it was the ‘authorities’ hoping to crank up the strategy of tension and divide and rule tactics. The wrecking of black and other minority places was self-harming, and the devastated areas are, I believe, already being bought up by the rich, the hedge fund vampires etc, for later repair and gentrification.

  21. @E_Perez

    It must be quite a psychic burden for Jews to exist in a mental and social ghetto, millennia old, that they must carry about with them always. Living apart from and in opposition to the rest of humanity, suffering constant ‘pre-traumatic stress syndrome’ caused by the perpetual fear and certainty that the goyim are just waiting for the chance to rise up and slaughter the Jews, again! Centuries of endogamy, rabbinical terror, epigenetic influences annual celebrations of Holy Genocides like Passover and Purim, and cruel lunacy like the ‘chicken-swinging’ and periodic massacres committed by and against the Jews, no doubt causes great psychological torment. No wonder that when they create works of art and imagination, that they are full of golems and other horrors.

    • Replies: @Sarah
  22. @Trinity

    Southerners are the desert sibling fucker semites of white people.

    • Troll: Polistra
    • Replies: @Trinity
  23. AceDeuce says:

    RE: Vermeer

    As I’ve said, Shakespeare died at 52; Vermeer at 43; Robert Burns only made it to 37. Yet the likes of Whoopie Goldberg, Madonna, and Rosie O’Donnell keep on going.

    • LOL: Ace
  24. Although, white America is waiting for the Democrats to get bored with their BLM/George Floyd toy. It has served the political purpose for which it was created and is becoming a political liability to the Dems.

    The rot started in the sixties when America conceded the moral high ground to the left by accepting the idea that “racism” is bad and making concessions to shut up them about it.

  25. @Trinity

    Neil Diamond, has been talking, not singing, that song for years. His voice is gone.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  26. Trinity says:
    @Supply and Demand

    Still following me around huh, Jew boy. The thing is I have lived all over and observed people from NYC to Omaha, Nebraska. I was in NYC during the 1980s and I remember a Jewish couple named, Joel Steinberg and Hedda Nussbaum, both butt ugly, probably like yourself. The police said their home was absolutely filthy, Steinberg abused his wife Nussbaum, but even killed the 6 year old girl that they had adopted. I believe the little girl was a White gentile IF I am not mistaken.

    The Jew like yourself hates the South because of OUR physical beauty. That is why they project their own habit of having sex with family members on Southerners. The men and women of the South are generally more physically attractive than anywhere in the nation, whether you like it or not, you better learn to love it. Elvis Presley was not a Yankee. hahaha. And Southern women are known for their beauty, Jew boy. I had to think hard to even recount two Jewess women who I found attractive. Hell, boy, I remember me and my friends sitting at a table with some women we were trying to pick up and one of the women blurted out that I was pretty. Imagine being called pretty by a woman. One woman in a Middletown, NY bar said that I was a really, really good looking man. Put you and me in a setting with women and you won’t be noticed. It ain’t bragging if it is true. I have been told that I was good looking by countless women, I SWEAR BEFORE GOD ALMIGHTY. hehe. How about you, Shlomo?

    Like I said before, there is more incest going on in NYC, than in Atlanta or the Redneck Riviera. Hell, you are not even a real “Semite”, boy. YOU PEOPLE even hijacked that one. Hell, a lot of people don’t know what the hell you are. You are definitely not White, or a Semite. Your kind also self project when you claim Whites have no culture. Whites have more culture than any tribe around, while MUTTS like yourself HAVE NO CULTURE TO SPEAK OF.

  27. @kerdasi amaq

    It remains to be seen if its support of BLM and Antifa “is becoming a political liability to the Dems.” As last year clearly showed, they know how to fix elections, especially with Big Tech and the MSM (now also the military) providing cover and supporting their anti-white decadence. And, the republicans, as well as the dissident right, are too weak and disorganized to provide a meaningful alternative. Our side has lost the culture war. Jewish ugliness prevails.

  28. Richard B says:
    @Colin Wright

    They’re at a dead end, but haven’t realized it.

    The behavior you describe relies on being outside the power structure. Once you are the power structure, it simply becomes cultural suicide. They’re all but literally chewing off their own tail.

    Great comment and spot on. Couldn’t agree more.

    As far as we’re concerned, Shakespeare said it best, The Readiness is All!

    • Thanks: Colin Wright
  29. Trinity says:

    Some strange reason those Limeys across the pond love that song. I know they play it before big fights. Not so sure about other sporting events. Admittedly it isn’t a bad tune, but Elvis does it so much better and Elvis does the Simon & Garfunkel classic, “Bridge Over Troubled Water,” better as well. Diamond was the Jew Elvis, hahaha or at least he tried to be. Tom Jones was the Poor Man’s Elvis, that clown tried to compete but comparing Tom Jones to “The King” is akin to comparing Andy Warhol to Michelangelo. Neil Diamond is in the same league with Engelbert Humperdinck. Humper was singing about “please release me let me go,” when everyone was telling him to go away already. lol.

    • Replies: @E_Perez
  30. @Mulegino1

    Add to that their thirst for blood: Twenty million Russian and Ukranian peasants, millions of Vietnamese, over a million Iraquis, tens of thousands of Syrians, thousands of Palestinians. And this is just during my lifetime. Historians surely can add to the list.

    • Agree: Mulegino1
    • Replies: @Trinity
  31. Trinity says:

    American preachers are quick to point out that (((communism))) has killed more people than any religion to counter the anti-religion crowd that claims religion has killed more people, but we all know that (((communism))) is really just Judaism so I guess the anti-religion crowd is right about that one at least.

    Imagine someone with the balls to say that Judaism has killed more people than any other religion or ideology?

    Last night I decided to watch the gay guys over at CNN lie just for laughs. Seems like there is a rash of hate crimes against Jews as of late, yep, they mentioned about 3 and no one was seriously hurt. I think one “Jew” attacked in NYC had a slightly bruised eye, not even a shiner, just a tiny bruise. Now the “hate crimes” perpetrated against “Asians” have had serious injuries and even deaths, however, WHY NO MENTION EVER OF HATE CRIMES AGAINST WHITES??? Never mind that the so-called, “hate crimes” against “Asians” and “Jews” combined doesn’t even add up to the number of Black on White attacks in one single day in the United States or the anti-White rhetoric spewed on (((CNN))) 24/7/365 for decades. Oh, and they were still spewing that “6 million Jews died in the “holocaust.” Hell, even the (((official narrative))) has lowered that number by a couple of million and yet these edumucated gay guys still spew the false “6 million” number.

    • Thanks: GeneralRipper
  32. Anonymous[123] • Disclaimer says:

    The shopkeeper who ‘shopped’ George Floyd is a Palestinian, ironically enough.
    A Palestinian also founded BLM – years before the Floyd incident.

    I really honestly couldn’t give a shit about the Arab/Israeli conflict – I worry more about my garden roses – but a point is largely missed that Palestinians are just as toxic to Europeans as many another non white ethnicity, and their immigration to Europe should be banned.

    • Replies: @nsa
  33. Stealth says:

    Folks can’t help being ugly, and it doesn’t make them bad. Most people are not beautiful, to say the least.

  34. Old people usually get pretty ugly. I guess you hate old people then. You think they’re evil because they’re not pretty like young people. (Even if they were pretty when they were young people.) And I guess you think that young pretty people are the avatars of truth, goodness, and the American Way, if you maintain the consistency of your logic.

    What a bunch of shit you babble.

  35. Soccer is boring and sucks in general.

    Moreover, for your information–they’re all on steroids and it’s all fixed. Idiot.

    • Agree: Sollipsist
  36. @Rahan

    People unlike you who actually grew up under communism have fond memories of socialist realism and all its accoutrements. It reminds them of home. And the warm bosom of the family. And nostalgia for beautiful days gone by. And distaste for a modern capitalist world full of fucking billboards everywere, blocking the view of nature’s beauty and flogging useless shit, which I guess you think is real “art.”

    • Replies: @Colin Wright
    , @Getaclue
  37. jamie b. says:

    Floyd appears to be eating Atkins…

  38. @Trinity

    White Southerners clean up nicely when they have access to economic opportunity. A lot of dirt-poor Southern men learned engineering in the Armed Forces or in their states’ land-grant colleges, and then they acquitted themselves well in the early space program. That shows they had the cognitive ability for that sort of work all along.

  39. Trinity says:

    Believe it or not, some White Southerners are content being welders, farmers, mechanics, etc., and wouldn’t want to be cooped up in an office, sure that breed is dying out because of people not wanting actually work, but it was fine for many generations. Hell, my father made a damn good living working for General Motors, good enough for us at least.

    Intelligence is all relative. Put Neil Armstrong in the African Bush and let him try and survive and his intelligence for his chosen field would be of no value. That African tribesman would be more intelligent in that given scenario. Southerner’s receive a bad rap particularly about their accents but their accent is no less intelligent than my Bawlmer accent, ( my original place of birth) or a Brooklyn accent. The first White people that I ever heard say ax instead of ask were from Brooklyn and Queens. And when did the number three become “tree?” haha. When I lived in Omaha, Nebraska, I noticed they had loads of telemarketing jobs before that kind of thing went over to India. I thought about it, and realized that people from Omaha really didn’t have an accent hard to understand where as a New Yorker or native Alabamian might be hard to understand for some people. So what did they do, they placed that shit over in India and you have people harder to understand than Southerners or someone from Brooklyn.

  40. I’m sorry but soccer? Jesus. I’m not even American, but I totally agree with James Woods in Vampires, when he asks (it is the last chance they have) if the protagonist has ever played football. “Well, I played some soccer …”

    The despair! Soccer! We’re fucked!

    • Agree: Sollipsist
  41. lloyd says: • Website
    @mark green

    I had always assumed Elizabeth Taylor was ethnically Jewish. She had that visual deep set eyes and arching eye brows of the beautiful Rebecca Jewish women now almost a stereotype with Israeli born women. I googled. Her family were wealthy cosmopolitan Americans dealing in art. Her parents could also pass off physically as Jewish. She once told Richard Burton to f### off when he denied she was Jewish. She was fanatically Jewish and pro Israel. So not just publicity. So there may be a family secret that she kept. It would fit her theatrical personality. I got into a dispute in Unz Review, even Ron Unz joined it, over whether Whitney Webb is Jewish. I saw a video of her interviewing a whistle blower on the Epstein scandal. The whistle blower started talking on Jewish supremacy in her experience and saying she had never encountered it with white people. Whitney suddenly became very uncharacteristically evasive and said nervously “a certain ethnic group” and changed the subject. The way all Jews do when confronted head on with the Jewish question. In that they are not so different from any other minority. Arab Americans cannot compete with Jews in the show business and political world. They are just not cool Jerry Lewis style. They are either over serious like Ralph Nader or clownish like Jamie Farr. Israel and Zionist Jews however are running out of slack and coolness.

  42. Trinity says:

    The dumbest and most ridiculous thing, hell it is downright childish, is these race hustlers making little kids “say his name.” Sheesh, I have heard the name George Floyd more times than I have ever heard the name George Washington. This shows you these racist Marxist clowns FORCE FEED EVERYONE SHIT DOWN THEIR THROATS UNTIL THE REPEAT THE MANTRA LIKE A BUNCH OF RETARDS. Another thing I have noticed about “The Revolution Of The Nerds” is the CONSTANT referencing of “we are making history,” or “will you be on the right side of history.” This FORCE FEEDING USEFUL IDIOTS IS CREEPY AND DEMONIC.

    I actually thought Chauvin was guilty of manslaughter ONLY, but ONCE AGAIN, the Black CRIMINAL DID NOT COMPLY WITH OFFICERS ORDERS. Had Floyd put his hands behind his back he would have been out of jail within a couple of hours if he met bail or out the next morning. The guy passed a fake twenty, it wasn’t the crime of the century and he might have obtained the fake twenty somewhere and had been unaware it was counterfeit. The guy was high as a kite, but I also question whether he was mentally ill as well. Who in their right mind is going to act the fool over such a minor charge?

  43. E_Perez says:

    Tom Jones was the Poor Man’s Elvis

    “Sir” Tom Jones, please!

    Sir Tom Jones is part of the British nobility, Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) and knighted for his services to mankind … correction: music – while Elvis is just a US truck driver.

    No service to music, no empire, no Queen, no nobility.

    What is a singing US truck driver compared to an officer of her Majesty’s British Empire? (Which didn’t exist anymore at the time he was knighted, but that’s a detail).

    • LOL: Trinity
    • Replies: @Dave Bowman
  44. ” “beautiful game,” as soccer is often called. It’s rightly called that, in my opinion: I would place soccer among the great artistic achievements of White Western civilization.

    It’s nothing more than a boy’s ball game. If you like it fine, but calling it one of the highest artistic achievements of western man is being ridiculous. Artistic achievements are the fine paintings in the Louvre, the Gothic cathedrals of Europe, Mozart Symphonies, and great literature. If Soccer is great art, then every sport is great art, from jogging to Ice Hockey. Athletics can be choreographed in an artistic way as in Synchronized Swimming or Figure Skating but professional soccer is a sport where horrible, sweaty, primadonnas, run around in a field dressed like little boys, kicking a round piece of inflated rubber into a net. No higher thinking involved, no real work, just sweaty men performing for overweight, beer swilling troglodytes who can barely walk. This goes for all major spectator sports all round the world.

  45. @lloyd

    Elizabeth Taylor wasn’t of Jewish descent, she married a jew by the name of Michael Todd in 1959 and converted. He died in a plane accident a year later.

  46. @Trinity

    Neil Diamond converted to Christianity many years ago.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  47. @Trinity

    The dumbest sounding accent is the New York/Philadelphia accent followed by the valley girl way of talking with the intonational rising and falling. Some southern accents sound unintelligent, but they’re usually exaggerated comedic accents like those of Pat Buttram, Slim Pickins, Larry the Cable Guy, Jim Neighbors and Jeff Foxworthy.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  48. Trinity says:
    @Joe Paluka

    Really, I had no idea about that. Thanks for the 411. Good for him. He was and is still the Jewish Elvis though. lolol. I saw him sing ” America” at the Statue of Liberty 100th Anniversary celebration held at Governors Island, New York in 1986, that is where and when I saw Lizzy Taylor as well. Didn’t get as close to the Jewish Elvis as I got to Liz though.

    Hmm, trying to come up with a tune for Neil’s conversion. Change? Lets keep it 80’s style. Congrats for seeing the light, Neil Diamond.

    Cue: Change by John Waite

    • Replies: @Jim Bob Lassiter
  49. E_Perez says:

    I would place soccer among the great artistic achievements of White Western civilization.

    Are you cynical or fooling your audience Mr. Langdon?

    This boring 90min spectacle where tatooed 3rd world clowns are running around, providing some seconds of suspense to millions of braindead idiot spectators, most of which being whites identifying their nation with immigrant soccer idols – an “achievement of White Western Civilization” ?

    You can’t be serious.

    Look at the ‘French’ soccer team to see the “achievements of White Western civilization.”

    • Agree: Jimmy le Blanc
    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  50. Trinity says:
    @Joe Paluka

    My ancestors are from JawJuh, and migrated to Bawlmer. hehe. Philadelphia accent is more like a Baltimore accent than a New Yawk accent, IMO. Hell, Baltimore is like a little Philadelphia. An accent is an accent, it has nuffin to due with intelligence and sheeit. haha. The ONLY accent that annoys the hell out of me is the Boston/New England/Providence, R.I. etc. accent. Gawd, I hate that accent. It grates me worse than someone running their teeth across an old school chalkboard.

    Larry The Cable Guy is originally from Nebraska btw, and people from Nebraska don’t really have much of a regional accent. Last I heard he was claiming to be living in Sanford, Fla. Who knows, the guy probably has a couple of homes. I remember when Larry The Cable Guy made his start on the Ron & Ron Show based out of Tampa Bay. “Let The Puppies Breathe.” hehe. Inside joke.

  51. Jews have done immense harm to the west.

  52. @lloyd

    Taylor was a convert to Judaism. She was not ethnically Jewish at all.

  53. TKK says:

    Maybe back in the 70s.

    I live in the South, and was born here.

    90% of Southern women are morbidly obese. They eat like farmhands 3 times a day and don’t move much. They are physically disgusting.

    These sweat hogs do several things in addition to being tubs of arrogant lard:

    -get tattoos
    -get piercings
    -have bizarre fake acrylic nails
    -or, as they get older, cut off their hair and wear these aggressive short hair, highlighted monstrosities that resemble black women.
    – hero worship black male athletes. Watch any sporting event in the South- high school, college or pro, and these pathetic women basically cry and salivate over illiterate blacks who can chase a ball.

    Add in the fake & treacly concern “Bless your heart!” , gossiping, family worship, Jesus is Lord, Puritanism that glosses over vicious and tribal pettiness and you have one of the most repellent group of women on the planet.

    The days of the sweet Southern peach are over.

    • Replies: @Polistra
    , @Stealth
    , @Trinity
  54. cortesar says:

    If had just one word to describe the decay of today, the lunatic world that surrounds me, that word would be Ugliness.
    Yet the prevalence of it, the glorification of it, the acceptance of it explains and clarifies all other sicknesses of our world.
    Civilization that doesn’t place the beauty in to the center around which it moves is alien to me and forever it will be

    If you already have not you must watch this extraordinary documentary from Roger Scruton

    Why Beauty Matters

  55. The reader is probably aware that the US State department has issued directions to fly the flag of this BLM organization at US embassies in honor of this negro.

    This country is so far gone, and simply not salvageable at this point. Those in the Biden, Obama families and others will prosper regardless. You, dear reader, and your family will be crushed in the decade ahead.

    As to Jewish involvement in this horror, one would need to be an imbecile not to recognize this.

  56. Actually, More Dead Blacks is one silver lining in all this.

    Why should we care if BLM led to more dead blacks? We should care about the harm it did to nonblacks.

    Do blacks care about victims of black violence? No, BLM is their expression of total disregard and contempt for nonblacks. Black rob, loot, riot, and go nuts and wreak havoc and don’t care.

    But along the way, order broke down and more blacks died cuz blacks kill blacks. Well, that is something to celebrate.

    Never care for people who attack you and don’t care. You should only care that your kind has been attacked. If, as a consequence of black attacks on nonblacks, more blacks died, that is a GOOD thing.
    They got what they deserved for acting so wild and crazy.

    It’s like this. As the result of WWII, many Germans died. But why should the victim nations of Germany care that many Germans ended up dying? Germans got burned by their own war-making.
    Likewise, blacks got burned by their own riot-making and looting. The best thing to come out of this is MORE DEAD BLACKS.
    They attacked society, which is all of us, and many of them ended up dead. They don’t care about nonblack victims, so why should we care about them?

    • Replies: @Badger Down
  57. @obwandiyag

    ‘…People unlike you who actually grew up under communism…’

    Also unlike you — which goes far to explain your post.

    • Replies: @obwandiyag
  58. Blacks went from imitating white Christians to imitating Jews.

    Christianity is about “I am unworthy, forgive me lord.” In other words, there’s something higher than you and your people in the world. There is God and Jesus.

    In contrast, while God is supreme in Judaism, Jews are higher and better than the rest of humanity. So, Jews think, “You lowly goyim serve and obey us Jews!” Instead of “I am unworthy”, it’s about “We are worth more than the rest of you goyim.”

    Blacks once got some humility from white Christianity, but of late, they’ve been acting more like Jews. They act like they are the best and most precious folks, and that the rest of humanity exists to flatter, coddle, serve, and revere them. And if they don’t get that love, praise, reverence, worship, and etc. they feel hurt, offended, violated, and wronged.

    Fish rots from the head. Thanks Jews.

    • Agree: Gaspar DeLaFunk
    • Replies: @Peter D. Bredon
  59. nsa says:

    “……..and their immigration to Europe should be banned”
    Haha. Get ready for a new wave of muzzie critters when the Talibs retake Kabul, thirsting for revenge. All those Afghan quislings who sided with the invaders will be seeking the greener pastures of EuroWeanieLand, Amelika, Canada, Australia. Then expect another wave of Syrian takafiris when Assad gets around to settling scores. Maybe destroying whole countries at the behest of the vile jew wasn’t such a good idea after all.

    • Replies: @Bookish1
  60. Rogue says:
    @Colin Wright

    This article was indeed something of a rant. Some truth in it, to be sure, but otherwise just subjective blather.

    Several folks I know from many years ago who had traveled to Israel (male and female and non Jewish) spoke about how hot Israeli women were.

    I’ve never been to Israel, so don’t know whether it’s true or not, but anyway, that’s the feedback I got.

    With regards to music, there have been some very talented Jewish artists.

  61. Rogue says:

    I knew a few Jewish women in my native South Africa in the past, who were certainly quite attractive.

  62. Rogue says:
    @Joe Paluka

    Yeah, his waffling away about soccer pretty much reduced the impact of the article to just subjective noise, for the most part.

  63. @cortesar

    Scruton was the scrotum who took Big Tobacco money to lie about the effects of cigarette smoking. You don’t get any more morally ugly than that.

  64. @E_Perez

    Football was first practised in China. How it migrated West, I do not know. It is definitely, in its pure form without capitalist blood-suckers draining its life-blood and innocence, one of mankind’s higher achievements.

    • Replies: @Theone
  65. @Trinity

    Don’t comply-get killed, slowly and terribly, on the spot. Justice, Yankee-style. I wonder if George has met Crazy Horse up there in the sky?

  66. When Andrew Sullivan is insightful.

    When Andrew Sullivan is a pathetic buttcucker.

    Uhhhhhh, CRT is bad cuz it’s ‘antisemitic’. Never mind it’s been the tool of Jews to turn whites into soul-slaves of Jews and blacks.

    • Agree: Mehen
  67. Ghali says:

    Very extreme and racist rubbish. A Black Somali Muslim Police officer is serving a10-year prison sentence for mistakenly shooting a White woman, Noone supported him, and the Somali Community is too small to have an influence on US corrupt justice system. The beautiful game was the creation of African Children. Brazil’s Pele and Argentina’s Maradona were not Whites. Maradona scored over 300 club goals, while Pele struck over 700 club goals. How many goals Cruyff scored?

    • Replies: @Theone
    , @Rogue
    , @Dave Bowman
  68. theMann says:

    And you know what Manchester City fans call all of you?


  69. It sounds like bitterness from a white wage slave. Ugly people who are successful and creative get laid. Wealthy Jews are running circles around whites. Whites give them their power though. Who made who bankers and tax collectors? Whites are missing something between the ears related to decision making. Whites worship the Jewish god, whites live in the wealthy Jewish economic system, consume wealthy Jewish media, and vote for their puppets. Creating civilization doesn’t appear to be North Western Europe’s strong suit. They were late bloomers. We don’t know what they believed because they were illiterate tribes. They took to that Judeo-Christian poison quickly so whatever it was, it probably wasn’t very captivating. Christian whites either worship the Jews or try to LARP as Jews with their British Israelism nonsense.

    Whites are like the easily manipulated proletariat in 1984. If whites were smarter they’d dissemble this new world order. The whites that seek political power cravenly eat the feed from wealthy Jewish hands, being careful to not bite their master’s hand that feeds them. Whites would rather destroy each other because they find it fun. It wasn’t so long ago that they were tribes like the Amazonians, raiding and fighting each other. An old habit that is hard to kick I suppose. Their adherence to the Judeo-Christian tradition is probably terminal. They’ll wax and wane about developing the modern world while China moves forward in creating the future. The new Jewish Question is, can wealthy Jews buy off the Chinese princelings and make them slaves too? Americanized Chinese like Andrew Yang know how to suck up to their money. Americanized Indians do too like Nikki Haley. It is hilarious to watch their whiteness in action. Americanized Indians are already used to living in a caste system. Brahmin, Jews, it doesn’t matter. They know their place is below their betters in the hierarchy.

    What is there to conserve? Whites had a short lived scientific and industrial revolution. They can be proud of that. The Egyptians built pyramids. Now they are irrelevant like whites are going to be. They can be proud of their people’s previous accomplishments. The Chinese can be proud that they are an ancient civilization with many successes and are currently building off the short term successes of Western Europeans without the Judeo-Christian taint. People of European descent need to stop blaming the Jews for their own stupidity.

  70. I grew up in the shitholes of Los Angeles among blacks because my father died of wounds from the Korean War and my mother was left to raise six kids, and we were forced to live in low rent areas populated by blacks. My mother was left for dead by a blank woman while on her way to the corner market to buy milk and bread for us kids. I was seven years old. She was stabbed over twenty times after leaving the store for no other reason than she was white. This was around 1960. I spent most of my youth attacked and abused by blacks for the same reason, just for being white.
    And now here we are, called Nazi white Supremacists, domestic terrorists for no other reason than we are white. I don’t hate blacks, I despise those blacks who justify their hatred for whites by their own racists hate promoted by race hustlers who try and claim the higher ground of being victims of white racism.
    They will never tell you about black on white crimes, or the criminals they never found, like my mother’s attacker. This black pos is most likely dead by now, but the damage they caused to their kids will live on until we are long gone and forgotten.
    Phuc George Floyd and BLM. May they rot in hell.

    • Thanks: Rahan, anarchyst
    • Replies: @GomezAdddams
  71. Thanks to Saint Floyd, we can all take a knee and be called white Supremacists and domestic terrorists.
    And thanks to the illegitimate Biden Regime, they will round us up and lock us away for years without a hearing.
    Phuc George Floyd and BML. And may Biden and his anti white caliphate rot in hell.

  72. Vojkan says:

    Lucian Freud obviously isn’t Camille Pissarro.

    “Rabbis Eric Weiss and Nathaniel Ezray have said that ‘mental illness is a Jewish issue’ and point to the findings of geneticists at John Hopkins University who have identified a high incidence of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder among Ashkenazi Jews. Many suffer from an autosomal recessive trait that goes back thousands of years and which manifests as congenital lying, delusional behaviour and paranoia.”

    The keyword there is ‘Ashkenazi’.

    That said and while certainly not trying to diminish the role played by Jews in what the author imho correctly notices to be a war against the trinity of virtue of ‘Truth, Beauty and Goodness’, they didn’t start it, they are merely opportunists who profited from it to gain as much wealth and power as they could.

    Satanic nihilism – nowadays passing under the innocuous names of progressivism or liberalism or leftism – has very gentile roots going much deeper in the past than Jewish influence over European affairs. It may be that Jewish power is not actually the cause but rather our deserved punishment for our abandonment of virtue and our indulging in sin.

    • Replies: @Wielgus
  73. Icy Blast says:

    Ingrid Bergman played the role of Golda Meir.

    • Replies: @Orville H. Larson
  74. Ross23 says:

    This is why they will loose in the same way the USSR lost because their views are unnatural and ugly.

    Human beings are attracted to beauty, mental stability, strength and things which are close to nature.

    By contrast repelled by uglyness, weakness and mental instability and unnatural things.

    Countries and societies that gravitate to each one of these two respective poles will weaken or strengthen.

    This is why countries like Russia that reject this woke idiology are in ascendant and nations like the US that accept this are becoming a mess.

  75. robwin says:

    It just boggles the mind, and is a perfect metaphor for the madness of out times, that a thug like Floyd has been elevated to saintly status. It would be laughable were it not so serious. Future historians will have a field day with it.

    As for Jewish ugliness I have but one thing to say: Hedy Lamarr.

    • Replies: @James J O'Meara
  76. Dumbo says:

    This is a truism which Keats wrote most memorably, Beauty is Truth, and Truth, Beauty.

    That doesn’t mean that ugliness is necessarily evil, but evil people are usually ugly in one way or another, if not physically then in some aspect of their behaviour, or the way they dress and act.

    Antifa is a prime example of uglification, some of the women there might not be so ugly if they took care of themselves, but it is really an uglification process, with the hair dying, and weird clothes, and not showering, and using drugs. All the progressive aesthetic, from graffiti to piercings, is a process of uglification.

    Jews, I don’t know, they suck at architecture (as someone said, most synagogues, even old ones, are ugly, impossible to compare them to churches, not to mention the ugliness of modern architecture which is mostly Jewish, Gehry, etc). Visual arts, also, not so great at except a few exceptions.

    They tend to be good occasionally at cinema and literature. But even here, they tend to on the darkest or most evil aspects of life, rarely on beauty or on innocence. A good example was Billy Wilder, he made some admirable movies, but almost always with dark, cynical stories showing people as evil or amoral. Kubrick is the same, in a different way (much less humor).

  77. Polistra says:

    Most of the South isn’t like that. You just live in a very bad neighborhood.

    • Replies: @TKK
  78. anonymous[122] • Disclaimer says:

    Jewish psychopathy? Passover’s bloody human sacrifice ritual is ugly.

    Premise 1: Only Jews observe Passover.
    Premise 2: “Christ our Passover lamb is sacrificed for us.”
    Conclusion: Christians are Jews.

    Stop being so damned fugly, christfags. You were born right the first time. It’s OK to be born white.

    • Replies: @Theone
    , @Mulegino1
  79. JessicaR says:
    @Colin Wright

    Yes. Thank you. There are lots of attractive Jewish women out there–and I am not Jewish. I also find this article to be long on vitriol and short on genuine analysis.

    And comparing the photograph of a woman in her 80s with a woman half a century younger and using it as proof of “Jewish ugliness”? Really?

  80. Z-man says:

    “Jews are, on average, ugly people”

    Above average…LOL!!!
    However I have seen some hot Jew girls in my lifetime. Went out with one or two. They didn’t look Jew-ish. (Grin)

    • Replies: @Peter D. Bredon
  81. Sarah says:

    As for Jews and the ugliness of both their punims and their brains, note the studies that have identified marked inbreeding and higher rates of mental illness among Jews.

    I don’t agree with this; there must be other causes or at least another one that makes inbreeding is bad in this case.

    I come from a very large family where for centuries people have been marrying cousins, but beware, mostly third cousins or more.

    Inbreeding is bad between first cousins.
    Inbreeding in the second degree is bad if repeated.

    My family and ancestors are thousands of healthy, healthy and beautiful people. I have not found any ugly, low-IQ, or with hereditary diseases.

  82. Sarah says:

    Cue: Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond, better yet try the Elvis version, much, much better.

    Thank you for making me discover the version of Elvis Presley😃The one of Neil Diamond is not bad but almost inaudible☹️

    • Replies: @Trinity
  83. Black Martyr sites need Ryder Truck treatment. 🔥

  84. Sarah says:
    @Mulga Mumblebrain

    That’s why they needed a state for themselves. Their expulsion from Palestine was a real catastrophe.

  85. @CelestiaQuesta

    You indeed had a very hard and unfair childhood and all of this could have been prevented had people taken responsibility for their actions —look into that mirror —and not do something that deliberately causes others pain. I hope that Black stabber faced her own just desserts. The justice system is a sick joke and too many criminals have had it their way too long. Derek Chauvin did not choke Floyd —had he done so—Floyd would be on the street —-legs flailing —-and no sound. Now his family is 27 million dollars richer thanks to the taxpayer —-the upper 1% pay none and the Black welfare crew pay zip….

  86. re: inner ugliness and outer uglisness.

    Very interesting article. I tend to agree with the author’s idea that inner ugliness and outer ugliness often correlate but this article depicts it as a basic truth. This idea is (obviously) not part of any “official” psychology but it feels somehow unavoidable. Some time ago I read an article (I believe it was here at UNZ Review) where a commentator said about Ginsburg that she could only be ugly after her whole life of doing evil. And for some reason this comment has stayed with me and now I’m beginning to understand why. My thanks to the author.

  87. Dumbo says:
    @Johnny F. Ive

    People of European descent need to stop blaming the Jews for their own stupidity.

    Jewish alert, Jewish alert! LOL.

    P.S. There is no “Judeo-Christian”, it’s an oxymoron. Jews sent Jesus to be crucified and then created their own Talmudic religion after Christ. They completely diverged more than 2000 years ago. The best Jews converted to Christianity. Stop with the pilpul!

    • Replies: @Johnny F. Ive
  88. Dumbo says:

    Some Jewish girls are pretty when young, and they have big knockers, but they tend to age badly, worse than Northern Europeans and definitely worse than Southern Europeans.

    Jewish men are usually not that attractive even when young (unless they are heavily mixed with whites). Their money can be attractive, though.

  89. @lloyd

    Jerry Lewis? Well when he took out the fake buck teeth and the nasal screaming and acted normal,yes he was a decent looking guy.
    Aside from his grotesque personality,I heard he was a bit bisexual.

  90. @Joe Paluka

    Wether soccer is a great art or not is all in the eyes of the beholder. The writer’s more relevant point is to notice what Talmudists do to any trend once they subdue it to their selfish interest. Just look at old Hollywood pre Jewish dominance and how it morphed into Hollyweird under Jewish dominance with all kind of subliminal messages against tradition, the family, beauty, God and the White race of course.

  91. @Trinity

    “Congrats for seeing the light, Neil Diamond.”

    Or seeing the \$\$\$?

  92. HT says:

    Yes, the Judeo-Media creates these mass hoaxes but let’s be honest. The only reason they succeed in dragging down the country further is because of so many stupid, guilt ridden whites who buy into them. A society that cannot see what this is really all about and that so easily embraces the Negro criminal culture doesn’t deserve to survive and won’t.

  93. @Trinity

    Apparently, Floyd started acting a fool when the overdose he swallowed took effect. Had the cops left him in the car, called an ambulance and allowed him to die from the OD by himself, there still would have been an outcry, but it may have been harder for the media to turn the cops into murderers in the eyes of all the TV addicted fools that make up the majority of the US population.

    The cops probably felt pressured by the presence of a hostile crowd of onlookers, and felt they had to let Floyd out of the car. That was a major mistake, IMO.

  94. @Joe Paluka

    I agree. If soccer is art, then so is a contest of which guy can jack off and tapdance at the same while running the farthest. Sports involving a ball can be entertaining to some people, but to view those sports as art is going too far, IMO.

    • Replies: @Peter D. Bredon
  95. @lloyd

    Almost all icons of Hollywood have Jewish blood in them, albeit, in many a case going back to several generations past thus hard to imagine.

    • Replies: @lloyd
  96. teo toon says:

    Did not God Himself declare their sin was apparent in their face.

  97. Mehen says:
    @Johnny F. Ive

    Creating civilization doesn’t appear to be North Western Europe’s strong suit.

    Come again?

    • Replies: @Johnny F. Ive
  98. Flubber says:

    Its five out of six clubs that are Jewish owned.

    Fenway Sports Group, owners of Liverpool is run by John Henry

    The majority stake in Arsenal is owned by Stan Kroenke.

    So if the 6 clubs, 5 owned by Jews and 1 by Arabs.

  99. Mehen says:

    Bobby Fischer, Jewish chess champion, once said:

    Jews hate nature and the natural order, because it’s pure and beautiful, and also because it’s bigger and stronger than they are, and they feel that they cannot fully control it. Nature’s beauty and harmony stands in stark contrast to their squalidness and ugliness, and that makes them hate it all the more.

    Pretty deep, IMO.

    • Thanks: Old and Grumpy
    • Replies: @Trinity
  100. geokat62 says:

    Jewish machers in the beautiful game: (clockwise from top left) The Glazer family at Man Utd; Roman Abramovich at Chelsea; Daniel Levy at Spurs; the late Malcolm Glazer at Man Utd

    Did the author intend to include a photo after the colon?

  101. Are we all allowed to use the word jugly? Or do you intend to trademark the apt descriptor? It is rather remarkable that the Brits finally got pissed off over something like the Super League. White working class girls being groomed with drugs and booze only to become enslaved prostitutes…not so much. I’m guessing the ticket prices for soccer games is rather exclusive.

  102. RBG was, in her youth, not bad looking … Only with age- meh…

    • Replies: @Dr. Charles Fhandrich
  103. @Johnny F. Ive

    I agree. Whites need to realize the game they’ve been playing (against their conscious will). Until then the J will rule. Whites are becoming an absolute minority very fast in the USA and also in Europe, albeit slower. This is one of Judaism’s end goal – total subjugation of whoever they perceive as an enemy. And for Judaism that’s basically pretty much everyone, but especially Whites. And the fact Whites have been ok with being on the losing side of history means they must be lacking something. Something that the J has.

    I recommend the text “Psychopathology of Judaism” by Herve Ryssen to get a (very valid IMO) viewpoint on how Judaism operates and how the J mind works.

  104. Stealth says:

    I am a born and raised rural Southerner, and I have never heard anyone use the expression “bless your heart” in an ironic or sardonic way. I think that’s a yankee invention.

  105. @Colin Wright

    Brilliant post Colin and I totally concur with your conclusion on how the state uses these things.

  106. Theone says:
    @Mulga Mumblebrain

    Soccer came from China?.even in S.America we know thats bullocks (and impossible too)

  107. Theone says:

    I live in S.America and can tell you most things you know about pele is bullocks too,soccer is NOT “FRUKAN”,and if they were good players or not is irrelevant to the FACT that they did not create the game.

  108. Trinity says:

    Well there are some obese women down here just like everywhere. Not every women in the South is a looker obviously and I have a problem with Southerners gossiping and fake politeness myself, but to claim that 90% of women in the South are obese is laughable. And no while I do see mixed couples of Black male and White females in the South, MOST of those couples feature an obese Southern woman and a Black male. Maybe what you saw were all those Yankee women who have flocked to places like Florida, northern Georgia, North and South Carolina, Tennessee, etc. Funny, how Yankees couldn’t hold their mud in the shitholes they helped create up North and then they come down here and want to make the South like the places they fled. I know living in Florida, which is getting even worse with all the people now fleeing New Yawk City, that people did not really appreciate Yankee snowbirds invading the state. As if Florida didn’t have enough pushy New Yawkers already, now that are receiving more and more.

    I would like to know what place in the South you lived, because while not every woman down here is good looking we still have a fairly large sample in my neck of the woods. I am into fitness and that takes me to hiking trails, parks and the gym so I generally run into women who exercise. I see women all the time with tanned toned legs and a shapely arse, flat midriff, and shapely toned arms, not overly muscular but toned.

    The odd thing I notice about young guys nowadays when I go to the gym is they stick together like a bunch of homos, and prefer to talk to each other and I hardly ever see one approach a woman. Couple of old farts like me go to the gym and we have mentioned this to each other. Now I have a couple of sons older than these twenty something chicks and I am not approaching them for anything other than small talk, but I do at least joke around with them. I see a lot of hard talk against women on this forum and I think, well, IF these guys never even approach a woman, no wonder they hate women so much. I see a gorgeous lady in the gym working out and these dudes are clustered together like a bunch of fairies. I mean you don’t have to stalk her like a creep but at least make some small talk.

    • Replies: @Jiminy
  109. TKK says:

    Said the obese Southern female, miffed.

    You are right.

    It is worse. I forgot to add their penchant for bullying each other on Facebook and feminizing their entire houses in tacky clutter, and making their sons soft , whining mama’s boys.

    But, to state that I live in a bad neighborhood- is that the sum of your debating skills? To imply I am poor? THAT’S your comeback?

    I offer Exhibit A, Your Honor.

    • Replies: @Polistra
  110. J Daley says:

    Another superb essay by Tobias Langdon. Ugliness is one of Mother Nature’s warnings to stay away. The fact that the most in-your-face Jews who are the ones screaming “antisemitism” the most are usually the most physically repulsive, and offensive specimens of humankind who demystify the universal contempt for Jews in a heartbeat which betrays their claim to desire the eradication of “antisemitism” when they constantly reinforce our aversion.

  111. Theone says:

    When they say Christ os their passover lamb theu are implicity rejecting the unnecessary bloodshed that passover represents.

  112. Trinity says:

    There are two singers that could always do a cover of a song and make it better than the original IMO. One was Elvis and the other was Linda Rondstadt.

    • Thanks: Sarah
  113. Two ugly practices the author neglected to mention: tattoos and piercing. I can’t go anywhere without seeing some sloppy White whore or child-man with garish images covering their exposed skin, or metal studs sticking out of the more delicate appendages. It disgusting. It’s a debasement of Whites and White culture. I’ve done a cursory search and found nothing, but I would not be at all surprised if Jews started the whole commercial tattoo industry.

    • Agree: Sarah
    • Replies: @Jimmy le Blanc
    , @Marckus
  114. Marckus says:

    Allow me to summarize:

    >Blacks are naturally ugly and stupid. They are rudderless and are always looking for some rock to hold on to. Floyd is just the latest in a long line of bizarre characters they worship as a Hero. This is the best they can hold up and venerate as someone to look up to. Go figure !

    >Jews are ugly and smart BUT their cleverness results in arrogance and ultimately leads them to do stupid things. That is why they hold the record for continual persecution and being kicked out of 120 or so countries. Smart at the beginning but dumb in the end, same as Blacks. The only difference between these two groups is the timing of the idiocy, it manifests in blacks at the start and in Jews at the end.

    In both cases their corroded souls reflect in their faces making an already vile face even more ghastly and repulsive. Old age compounds this, think Adelson and Soros !

    As for Jewish women being hot, I advise anyone flying in the US to walk with a handkerchief and a small bottle of perfume. They stink to high heavens. Once they get past 35 and a few kids you are dealing with 200 pounds of chilled liver. Dig the photo in the article !

    Jewish women are drawn to uglyness ie their own men. With your Elvis good looks you wont score nor should you wish to. If Jewish women are your thing grow a beard, wear small horn rimmed glasses, rock long black curls and coats, small hats or the Lee Van Cleef sombreros, get a 56 inch paunch and oh, stop bathing or washing your clothes. You will soon be the hottest stud horse in Tel Aviv.

    In addition your savings in soap, water and laundry detergent will grow your capital.

    • LOL: Jimmy le Blanc
  115. Anonymous[169] • Disclaimer says:

    Jewish men DON’T “oppose beauty,” you dullard. We are fascinated by and crave gentile women; i.e., shiksahs! Look at the perfect example — director Spielberg — who dumped Amy Irving for Kate Capshaw!

  116. Trinity says:

    That is why they are pushing the transgender thing so hard. Tucker had a segment on his show about how some people instantly regretted trying to change their sex and how they contemplated suicide as the only way out. One guest described how much he had bled after the operation. Tucker came up with the interesting observation that the people pushing this tranny agenda are themselves trying play God, convincing people that if you don’t like your sex, we can change it for you.

    I am not a Bible thumper but I do believe in a God and identify as Christian, IF people cannot see that something Satanic is behind what is going on not only in America but around the world, then they are fools. “The synagogue of Satan” thing mentioned in the Bible appears VERY REAL to me, and it doesn’t take reading the Bible from cover to cover to see it.

  117. Rogue says:

    The rules for the modern game of soccer (association football) was drawn up by the English in the latter half of the 19th century.

    Different types of football had existed for possibly millennia before that, but the game we know today is nearly 100% a British invention.

  118. moi says:

    Mr. George Floyd is a wonderful and apt hero for black Americans to emulate. Scratch that–they already do and have been doing so for quite some time.

  119. @Jimmy le Blanc

    Found something. Apparently, a big nose known as Lew the Jew was instrumental in founding the modern tattoo industry. They have celebrated his “contribution” to modern civilization in several art exhibits.

    • Thanks: Sarah
  120. Fr. John says:

    “The Jewish physiognomy reflects its spiritual and aesthetic sterility.”

    Their covenant has been annulled.
    Their race (On us and on our children) will FOREVER remain, until and unless they acknowledge Jesus as their Messiah (and the Church’s- God’s Israel, today. [Gal. 6:16]. No, the ‘unilateral lifting’ of the anthemas in the 1960’s was meaningless. Because it was done by the leader of a filioquist cult ,(RCC) and an apostate Hierarch (The CIA-backed Novus Ordo so-called Ecumenical Patriarch).
    THE ENTIRE CHURCH has to agree to lift those anathemas. Until they do, the Jews are damned.

    Their [Jewish- i.e., Talmudic] culture is sodomitic, abortionistic, feminist, syncretistic, racially supremacist, blasphemous, and mired in satanic ritual and imagery. Listen to any of Fash The Nation’s analyses of the (((Tribe))). It’s an eye-opener.

    As for hate? Well, we’ve known what do to for over 2000 years.

    “Live in peace with your enemies, but only with your Personal Enemies, and NOT the ENEMIES OF GOD.” – St. Theosodius of the Kiev Caves Lavra

    “I for my part maintain that to hate the enemies of God is lawful, and that such a hatred pleases the Master. By enemies I mean those who in every way deny the glory of the Master, whether the Jews or those who are manifestly idolaters or those who thought Arius’ teaching make an idol of the creature, and so take up again the Jewish Error. “ – Gregory of Nyssa, Letters, #3.8

    For it is only in hating God’s enemies, that you can love God with your WHOLE heart. Rev. 3;16

    • Replies: @Mulegino1
  121. @kerdasi amaq

    The sixties was the worst decade for Western civilization. Every social pathology the West suffers from today can be traced to the sixties.

  122. @Mulegino1

    Here he is in al his diabolical artificial glory.

    • Replies: @Mulegino1
  123. Marckus says:
    @Jimmy le Blanc

    Yes indeed. I know a girl who put a crow tattoo on one of her tits when she was 18 and wrote some stupid name under it. By the time she hit 45 it looked more like an eel with feathers and whereas the letters in the name could originally fit on one line, it now engulfs the equivalent of an 8 x 11 page…in length that is. What a surprise !

    In addition, I always get a laugh when I see the street punks with tattoos all over the place, pants hanging at the knees, bandannas hanging out the back pocket, dog chains, piercings, Mohawk hair styles, sleeves rolled to the shoulder to display the symbols, wrap around sunglasses and generally unwashed. They look so bad ass. What is even more bizarre is a black man with tattoos. You can barely see the things. One blazing summer years ago one of these creatures was watching me as I innocently counted out my money for some ice and sodas. With a casual glance I put my wallet back in my pocket raising my shirt a bit higher so the fucker could see I was strapped. Tattoos and all, the poor fellow visibly shrunk. Bad ass my ass ! Another fruit cake ! One rapper even sewed a diamond to his forehead and others insert diamonds and gold in their teeth. Who can explain it !

    Tough like Floyd “Dont shoot me man, please man please” .

    In a fight these rings are especially appealing targets and deserve special attention. Seize firmly, twist and or pull. Wicked stuff ! LOL

    One police officer told me even the cons in jail regret these stupid tattoos. Many try to remove them inside the big house or when back on the street. Why ? Because they are a further means of identification. The files of these fellows are full of pictures of every mole, scar, missing finger, dental work and tattoo…..all computerized. When the victim says ” I was mugged by a guy wearing a mask. His left thumb was missing, he had a gold nugget sewn to his left nostril, platinum teeth, a wooden plug in his septum, his left earlobe hung to his shoulder and had 8 diamond earrings” the Man knows in minutes “Dat Nigga we is loking fuh is LeShawn Bubba”

    To your point, it shows the whole practice of disfiguring their bodies is sheer stupidity and satisfies ends only they can figure out, if indeed they are able to even think.

    • Thanks: Sarah
  124. Mulegino1 says:

    Christianity recognizes and prioritizes the prophetic and anagogical nature of the Old Testament texts that prefigure and point towards Christ as their fulfillment, i.e., their spiritual meaning. Christianity was never a derivative sect of Judaism as the latter post-dated the founding of the Christian Church. The New Testament is the unveiling of the Old- the full grown butterfly- versus the dead chrysalis of Judaism, which considers and venerates only the naked letter.

    If you had read what I wrote more carefully, you would note that I referred to the Jewish physiognomy , as reflective of their spiritual sterility and deficiency, not their psychopathy, which flows directly from it.

    In contradistinction to Judaism and the morbid and morose nature of Jewry, Christianity has, from its inception, what Cardinal Newman referred to as the power of assimilation and chronic vigor. It was able to assimilate and transform the best aspects of Hellenic and Roman culture and make of them a philosophy, art, architecture, liturgy all its own- a ne plus ultra of magnificent Divine-human collaboration. And much-if not most of it- was done by white Europeans, the fertile ground on which the seed sown by Christ bore the greatest fruit.

  125. Leo Den says:

    The ugliness on the outside usually mirrors the soul on the inside. And the war on the West stems from their control of the financial system.

  126. bayviking says:

    Tobias goes on to the only defense, which is no defense at all, for the murder of George Floyd, namely character assassination. If we really believed the words in the Declaration of Independence, that all men are created equal, we would never engage in character assassination of a victim to defend a murder charge. If those words actually reflected how our society operates every human being and especially every native born citizen would be provided the same benefits and consideration under the law, regardless of race, religion sex or any other odd characteristic. Sometimes our Courts actually do recognize this fact and rule accordingly. But more often than not money talks and shit walks. Money is most certainly the only thing DC listens to, in spite of the flowery words they invent.

    If hate is ugly, Tobias Langdon’s opinion is incredibly ugly and resentful of the success of others, especially if they are Jewish . I think Albert Einstein and Jonas Salk are among the most wonderful people to have graced the earth, to name two people raised in the Jewish tradition who have contributed mightily to the healthy, humane, development of modern civilization. Einstein recognized the importance of socialism to the development of a healthy, humane civilized society and Salk lived by the same principles. Langdon fails to recognize that people who try harder are often more successful. His generalizations regarding blacks, Jews and Somalis are disgusting. Comparing a picture of eighty year old Ginsberg to her young actress double, as if that proves all Jews are ugly is disgusting. We are all emersed in a gun laden, violent society, while pretending to be magnanimous. That is pretty ugly.

  127. @Trinity

    The men and women of the South are generally more physically attractive than anywhere in the nation, whether you like it or not

    I find the German/Scandinavians of the Midwest and Northwest to be more attractive than the thinner, frailer Southerners but I think you are spot on about Jewish envy.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  128. As I understand the conventions of replying on columns, 2 left and right parenthesis surrounding a name indicates a Jew. Further, that the author of that curious custom believes and knows that a Jew is not an autonomous individual with opinions of his own but rather implementing a genetically inherited program outlined in his holy book to enslave the rest of the world. As this is a fantasy propogated by some commenters here, I suggest they and others should surround their names with 2 left and right curly brackets (e.g. {{Smith}}) with a view of outing them and themselves so we can identify them and treat them with the kindness rightly due to lunatics.

  129. @Marckus

    Great stuff!

    Personally, I believe we live in the Age of Mental Illness. Tattoos and piercings are just two of the manifest symptoms. There are hundreds more.

    • Agree: Sarah
  130. I think Albert Einstein and Jonas Salk are among the most wonderful people to have graced the earth

    Einstein actively promoted dropping an A-bomb on Kyoto, the cultural center of Japan, to destroy forever the Japanese link to their own past. Salk injected the entire population with cancer cells. Of course no research of the effects of this were ever done but oddly, cancer rates skyrocketed 20 years later. I would put both in the “Monster” category but I don’t control the schools and media.

    • Replies: @bayviking
  131. Mulegino1 says:

    Nothing in Der Stürmer could hope to compare with this.

    While it is true that there are freaks and weirdos in all races and tribes, Jewry seems to be irresistibly drawn to raising its own worst and most perverted elements to prominence.

  132. Trinity says:
    @Alfred Muscaria

    You definitely have some big corn fed Nebraskans out there. VERY NICE & GENUINE. Great people but man I couldn’t take the brutal winters and the hot summers. Summers in Omaha were hotter than Florida and Georgia. My only complaint about Nebraska was the weather, GREAT PEOPLE for the most part. Most down to earth people that I have ever met for the most part.

  133. Ace says:
    @Mulga Mumblebrain

    The saintliness of Floyd needs to be balanced by an aversion to such reckless concepts as “reckless indifference.” Officer judgment needs to be raised to the heights when the perp is a committed criminal. If the suspect is clean and, especially, if he doesn’t resist arrest, THEN we engage in the breast beating, posturing, soul searching, introspection, micro analysis, and chin stroking.

  134. Agent76 says:

    Sep 3, 2020 Emmett Till’s Mother Speaks | The Murder of Emmett Till

    No one ever served prison time for the killing of Emmett Till, a fourteen-year-old black boy from Chicago.

    Sep 1, 2020 Brandon Leake Performs Heart-Wrenching Spoken Word to His Mother – America’s Got Talent 2020

    Brandon Leake from Stockton, California, will leave you emotional with his poetry about social justice and police violence.

  135. Mulegino1 says:
    @Fr. John

    Their [Jewish- i.e., Talmudic] culture is sodomitic, abortionistic, feminist, syncretistic, racially supremacist, blasphemous, and mired in satanic ritual and imagery.

    That is very true. The idea that Christianity is an offshoot of Judaism is particularly false and offensive. The fact is that Judaism is a pharisaical/rabbinist cult of rejection which is anti-Christ and anti-Christian in its very essence. It is a diabolical reaction to the spread of Christianity. Being anti-Christ is the spiritual core of the tribal Jewish identity. The route of escape from Judaism is a repudiation of that identity, and the embrace of Christianity, the true heir of the Old Testament promises and the everlasting covenant.

    Individuals cannot be faulted for being born or brought up as Jews, since these are not matters of choice. It is the acceptance of the identity (anti-Christ/anti-Christianity) that marks the Jew as the enemy of God and Christ.

  136. Wielgus says:

    Camille Pissarro was Jewish, though possibly Sephardic rather than Ashkenazi.

    • Replies: @Vojkan
  137. @Jimmy le Blanc

    The sixties was the worst decade for Western civilization. Every social pathology the West suffers from today can be traced to the sixties.

    I would go with the 20’s as the progenitor of the 60’s. I knew my (((Greatest Gen))) grandparents and every pathology blamed on the boomers was already firmly established from what I saw.

  138. Wielgus says:

    Taylor exhibited the fanaticism of the convert.
    Woody Allen reportedly couldn’t believe that Jason Biggs, capable of projecting a nebbish-style awkwardness in film roles, is not Jewish. But in fact his ancestry is part Sicilian, part English.

  139. Re Ginzburg, you’re missing an important caveat. Jewish women are often rather attractive in their youth, hence the appropriateness of the casting for a film about Ginzburg’s rise to prominence. This allows them to marry off their daughters to the goyim (well, that and the money needed by bankrupt “elites”). People are often surprised when a beautiful young actress is “revealed” to be Jewish. Huysmans mentions in Against Nature that every brothel has various stock characters, including “the beautiful Jewess.”

    One problem is that as they age, the “jewy” features — big, hooked noses and batwing ears– become more prominent as the rest of the face tightens. Also, years of greed and other sins begin to show up in the eyes.

  140. @Bardon Kaldian

    It’s being inundated with sick communist, nazi and other inhuman ideologies that corrupt both mind and body. In fact, these ideas are often used to control people by other people who don’t believe one tiny bit of any of it. For example, the so called capitalist zillionaires in the tech fields and their U.S. representative lick spittles, who are all enthusiastic and thrilled about what communist China can do for us. Warren Buffet just recently touted the “free” business climate in China and how it is a great opportunity for people…..Uh, cough, cough…..It even encompasses religion as with my uncle, a Catholic Priest, who is often playfully chided by his brother as “having it really good” in preaching what he probably doesn’t believe

  141. Dgjot says:
    @Jimmy le Blanc

    That’s what I think too. In 1963 I was 11 years old when the Beatles invaded America. Call me crazy but it seems like from there, everything went downhill. Suddenly all my “friends” and acquaintances were into the drugs and “free love” crap. If you were “straight” (like I was), you were ostracized. They would all sit in their mom’s garage getting stoned. Me? I went out and joined the Army and then later on got a job in a factory. I worked there 43 years then finally retired.
    My friends & acquaintances are dead from drug usage and I’m sitting in my own house, spending my fat 401K and pension as I please.

    • Replies: @James J O'Meara
  142. AReply says:

    Sensation of feeling aghast at this article are squelched by by noting its thinking is a vague area between the clinically stupid and psychopathic.

    So to recap: To the brave contrarian thinking of not-all-stupid-ideas-are-equally-crazy-Unz, it’s now cut and dried: “Round up the uglies and gas them, because commies?!”

    Yes, of course: Why can’t the American white man self-select the advancement of the human species by exterminating whomever he finds ugly in comparison to TV stars? A.I. can help make this happen, and your selfies are being scanned and compared to a canon of ugly. Pls welcome the trains when they arrive for you. You’ll be off to a better way!

    I’ve been looking for my own enclave of dipshits, but am truly overwhelmed by my encounter with this soiree of intellectual mutants. This blog takes me high-minded into the redolent red tribal beating heart of fully-hinged American lunacy.

    Plus lots of dickwads on sidelines!

    Keep your heads in the toilet. What you’re looking for is down there.

  143. The idea that “the purpose of marriage is children” sounds like something a lot of Unz-readers would endorse, does it not?

    “The Crucifixion of the Goddess: The rise and fall of Western Romanticism” by LAURENT GUYÉNOT
    ( discusses the zoological approach to human sexuality, as opposed to Aryan romanticism in all its senses. Something else the Nazis took over from the Jews.

    Ugliness, personal, artistic, even liturgical, is also characteristic of Protestantism, due to its Judaizing momentum. Alan Watts noticed this when he was an Episcopal priest (the battles, going back to the Reformation, btw High and Low Church, where beauty was a sign of Papacy), and after his senses were enlightened by LSD, tried to understand it:


    “The insides of most Protestant churches resemble courthouses or town halls, and the focal point of their services is a serious exhortation from a man in a black gown. No golden light, no bells, incense, and candles. No mystery upon an altar or behind an iconostasis. But people brought up in this atmosphere seem to love it. It feels warm and folksy, and leads, on the one hand, to hospitals, prison reform, and votes for all, and, on the other, to sheer genius for drabness, plain cooking ungraced with wine, and constipation of the bright emotions—all of which are considered virtues.

    “If I try to set aside the innate prejudices which I feel against this religion, I begin to marvel at the depth of its commitment to earnestness and ugliness. For there is a point at which certain types of ugliness become fascinating, where one feels drawn to going over them again and again, much as the tongue keeps fondling a hole in a tooth. I begin to realize that those incredibly plain people, with their almost unique lack of color, may after all be one of the most astonishing reaches of the divine Maya-the Dancer of the world as far out from himself as he can get, dancing not-dancing.” — Beyond Theology, Chapter Two, “Is It Serious?”

  144. @Mehen

    They don’t have a noteworthy ancient civilization to list and they probably still wouldn’t have a noteworthy civilization without Greco-Roman learning. Their indigenous religions were no match to the Jewish heresy that conquered their souls. Whatever those were are a mystery because they weren’t creative enough to create a writing system and write stuff down.

    • Replies: @Malla
  145. @Mulga Mumblebrain

    You fail to take into account the high levels of fentanyl in Floyd’s system without which he would likely not have died nor even been so agitated as to resist arrest. The proper authority, the medical examiner in Minneapolis, noted zero signs of mechanical asphyxiation in the initial autopsy.

    But yes, Catherine Austin Fitts has pointed out that 34 of 37 cities where rioting/looting/arson occurred had federal reserve banks. They used the violence to obtain cheap property, as with the scamdemic.

    • Agree: Getaclue
  146. Dgjot says:

    I was one of those “Christians” who used to think the Jews were Gods chosen people. Not any more.
    The more you study the Bible, the more you can recognize the difference between those who truly follow God/Jesus and those who are just posers.
    God allowed the Jews to go into captivity many times, not just in Egypt. Every time they rebelled (and they rebelled A LOT) God would punish them.
    I am not fond of and have no respect for the Jews. They are hypocritical, greedy, lying, deceitful miscreants.

  147. @Colin Wright

    “They’re at a dead end, but haven’t realized it.”

    Like that old joke the Joker quotes, they’re like a dog chasing a car; they wouldn’t know what to do if they caught it.

    Seriously, Jews have no idea how to run a state or a society. Sunday Schools and Biblical Epics tend to lead people to imagine some kind of Jewish “kingdom” or even “empire” but if you actually read the OT (unhistorical, but it’s their own version) it’s just a series of putsches, civil wars and being crushed by every empire around.

    As for Israel today, well, just look.

    The first king, Saul, was a Nixon-like failure, but David was pretty good. Of course, he couldn’t have been very Jewish, what with that Jonathan business and dancing around like a Kansas City faggot.

    • Replies: @Ian Smith
  148. AReply says:

    USA Beauty-selection-process memory lane…

    Tulsa’s Greenwood neighborhood found prosperity after the 1921 massacre. Then the highways arrived.

    Exterminate All the Brutes!

  149. @Trinity

    IIRC, there was some pre-cancel culture controversy when Neil admitted (bragged?) that he wrote the song about Caroline Kennedy, after seeing her on TV at her daddy’s funeral.

    So many layers of Jewish perversity.

    Note, also the writer of “Girl, You’ll Be A Woman Soon.” A Tarantino favorite.

  150. FSKazi says:

    I will agree that some Muslim immigrants have become a pawn in the hands of (((you know who))), but may I kindly remind you that the most servile foot soldiers of them have been and still are WHITES starting from the Balfour Declaration to the ready blind support of Israel.

  151. @Trinity

    I think it’s fairly well established that the “Southern” or even “Hillbilly” accents are fairly close to Shakespeare’s accent. The point being these were immigrants from the British Isles at that time, who then lived fairly isolated lives. Nothing “low IQ” about it.

    It also ties in with the whole Cavalier/aristo thing. The dropped ‘g’s, use of “ain’t” and “don’t” and hard “American” ‘r’ in the Limehouse dialect affected by Bright Young Things in the 20s sounds pretty Southern. Here’s Ian Carmichael (as my great grandfather, Lord Peter Wimsey!):

    Believe it or not, George W. had a bit of the same tendency, a combo of his father’s WASP elitism and his Texas upbringing: it’s my peoples’ language, and I’ll pronounce it any way I damn well please.

  152. @Mulga Mumblebrain

    The killing of Floyd looked to me to be killing by reckless indifference.

    What kind of psychedelic are you on?

    Floyd the thug died of a fentanyl overdose, self-administered. Chauvin was using a technique in his police training.

    What the devil are you mumbling about?

  153. bjondo says:

    Ugly face reflects
    ugly soul reflects
    ugly beliefs reflects
    ugly, barbarous god.

  154. @Mulga Mumblebrain

    I actually thought Chauvin was guilty of manslaughter ONLY,

    Now WHY would you think something like that? Are you STUPID? Or just trying to get along with the mob?

    Chaivin was guilty of doing his job. Floyd was guilty of killing himself.

    Do not honor the thug.

    • Agree: GeneralRipper
  155. Vojkan says:

    His parents were both Jewish but neither was Ashkenazi. I mentioned him to say that not all Jews are enemies of beauty and that to blame only Jews for the war on the ‘trinity of virtue’ is reductive. I do however agree that the Ashkenazi are an exceptionally destructive bunch.

    • Replies: @Wielgus
  156. Getaclue says:

    The Devil Worshipers of the Aztecs did the same, lots of tattoos and mutilation — it is a Devil Worship related thing, even if the losers who do it don’t know — many of the tattoos and ink used are actually cursed by Satanists before injection (as is Cocaine/Drugs imported, Master Recordings of Music these days also….) — I recently saw a very good movie on the Drug Cartels of Mexico, who love tattoos and mutilation and cutting off heads of people in massive numbers as well as pulling out hearts — it pointed out that the popular conception that they are Drug Dealers dabbling in Satanism is incorrect — they are Satanists (worshipers of the Aztec “gods” of the past/Demons) and Drug Dealers secondly to that….

    • Agree: Jimmy le Blanc
  157. @Colin Wright

    Ad hominem fallacy nothingness. I am still right.

    And you know nothing about me, and won’t.

  158. Miro23 says:

    Leftists do indeed hate beauty, which is why ugliness is the most obvious feature of leftism and its art, culture and acolytes. But, as Belloc explained, leftists can’t hate beauty without also hating truth and goodness, which is why they flocked so eagerly into the martyr-cult of George Floyd.

    Something to keep in mind is that the Pre WWI European elites were classical – having an education in the Greek and Roman classics and building beautiful classical cities reflecting desirable proportion and harmony. Those elites are long gone, but their cities are still there – London, Vienna, Prague, Budapest, St Petersburg etc.

    Meanwhile, Jewish culture developed in Europe’s ghettos, with its own closed religious rules and entirely different values suited to their tribal hot houses. The classical world was the enemy or at least something to be tricked and manipulated for gain.

    So now that Jews rule the West – classicism – beauty – harmony are out, and Jewish ghetto rules are in – plus having fun with the counter-cultural destruction of classicism.

  159. @Priss Factor

    “In contrast, while God is supreme in Judaism, Jews are higher and better than the rest of humanity.”

    Worse: as Laurent Guyenot has documented here, Jews actually do worship themselves. Literally.

  160. Svevlad says:

    That’s Israelis. Far less inbred, and prettier as a result, but in personality approaching their Arab neighbors real quick.

    It might be that the uglier their thoughts become, they uglier they become.

  161. Jews or Jeus release the Blacken upon the white race, and whites make their sacrifice. No Perseus among the white race. (Btw, Kraken looks like the same monster in CLOVERFIELD).

  162. @Dumbo

    I’m not Jewish. Their Talmud is as worthless to me as their Torah. I don’t need their religion of narcissism, resentment, and social isolation. You don’t need dead Jewish converts to Christianity to tell you what to believe either. Here is the real thing if there is such a thing:

    White people are stupid. Together they could ignore the wealthy imposed laws, banking, and government. They need people to obey. They can’t make 300 million people obey with their thugs if those people are all going their own way. We could use cryptocurrencies and free ourselves from them. We could create autonomous zones. People pulled it off during the George Floyd riots. We could collectively laugh at their tax collectors and their government. We can create our own governments right now. We can get rid of and gain control of corporations. We can ignore their intellectual property rights, create a commons, and siphon whatever we please from what they have. We can end schooling and provide free education centers open to all without the silly expensive credentialism. We can drop the bibles and create new indigenous religions based on DMT. We can be free and form organic communities free from the control of rent seekers.

    Jews aren’t making white people be slaves. White people are enslaving themselves by submitting to their system, by believing in a culturally appropriated Jewish heresy, but they’d have it no other way which is why I call them stupid. They can’t imagine anything but repeating the recent past where Northwestern Europeans were briefly number #1. If it isn’t the wealthy Jews and their puppets taking advantage of them then it will be someone else. I expect whites to continue to blame their own subjugation on others while waxing and waning about white greatness that is now behind them unless they develop their capacity to imagine new successful ways of social organization where people can flourish and collectively act on it. White people are having too much fun playing victim and victimizing each other in the US over identities invented by the corporate media. Their savage tribalism over these invented identities is embarrassing to watch. Their whole social fabric is unraveling but they happily attack each other with glee. No good working class jobs for male bachelors and no virgin brides for them either. Northwestern Europeans probably would still be in caves if it wasn’t for Greco-Roman learning. It is obvious to see where they are degenerating back to. Christianity is the perfect slave morality for a slave race.

    • Replies: @Dumbo
  163. Getaclue says:

    LOL…yes, that’s why they tried to escape risking death on rafts or whatever? No one has “fond memories of socialist” bs — utter garbage

    • Replies: @Rahan
  164. @Johnny F. Ive

    “We don’t know what they believed because they were illiterate tribes. They took to that Judeo-Christian poison quickly so whatever it was, it probably wasn’t very captivating.”

    An important point that “neo-pagans” need to think hard about. As Goethe observed, our ancestors’ religion, whatever it was, was childish, resigned to fate and gloomy, and we have advanced beyond it. More light, not back to the darkness, should be our motto.

    What made Christianity appealing? I agree with Michael Hoffman (the enthogenic researcher, not the conspiracy theorist conveniently named Michael Hoffman II): Christianity taught that Fate could be overcome. In particular, while the Norse gods await Ragnarok, Jesus triumphs over death itself. He was, even in Northern terms, a badder ass than Odin. This was the Christianity that conquered the North, not the “gentle Jesus meek and mild” sort.

    If Siegfried had been as bad ass as Jesus, he would have risen from the dead, not been burned on a pyre by his wife while Wotan and the gods await their doom.

    Related to Fate is the idea of the blood feud. (a la Siefgried and Hagen) All those sagas the “neopagans” swoon over are taken up with one family exterminating another family, usually over nothing, or a misunderstanding. Christian “forgiveness” and “love your enemy” put an end to that, allowing long lasting societies to be developed; as you say, previoysly they weren’t good at that.

    • Replies: @Dave Bowman
  165. Getaclue says:

    Who cares about stupid sports? The fact Jews own the Clubs etc. is a great tip off all of it should be abandoned immediately. The true “opium” of the people “professional sports” — fat ass YTs wasting their lives watching garbage and worshiping mostly retarded “stars” — Here is what is up out of their own mouths, YT needs to give up the sports bs, mainly watching Negroes run around kicking a ball or whatever (and here I see booting a ball — it’s actually called “art” (vomit)) and recognize what is happening as these Tribals tell stupid YT flat out!:

    • Replies: @Malla
  166. @robwin

    Did someone say Hedley Lamarr?

  167. @Z-man

    Not Jewish at all.

    • Replies: @Z-man
  168. @Twodees Partain

    “If soccer is art, then so is a contest of which guy can jack off and tapdance at the same while running the farthest. ”

    Don’t give the Jewish pornographers any more ideas.

    • LOL: Twodees Partain
  169. @Dgjot

    The Beatles invasion was in 1964, and I was there as well; watched them on Ed Sullivan.

    I make this point because you may be recalling 1963 because of the JFK assassination. Arguably, the impact of the Beatles was magnified by the negative atmos’ in the US after November 1963.

    The conspiracy minded will pipe up at this point and say this was “no accident.” I would label that moment the “salient point” where things went wrong: our last truly independent President. Not saying I agreed with all his policies — but hey, They screwed over Nixon too, with Watergate. That’s where the “intelligence community” first slipped off the chain and began running things.

    • Replies: @Jefferson Temple
  170. Gender fluid my ass! You have someone who’s sick in the head “posing for an exploitative selfie before the shrine commemorating Saint Floyd of Fentanyl

  171. @Peter D. Bredon

    Worse: as Laurent Guyenot has documented here, Jews actually do worship themselves. Literally.

    This is why a statue of Ron Jeremy sucking his own thing would be the most honest expression of American Power. They should put it up in the mall.

    • LOL: Bardon Kaldian
  172. Anonymous[123] • Disclaimer says:

    The Cult/Church of St George Floyd…According to the YiddishGospels…The next a federal Act named after Floyd, the vatican Beatification of GFloyd…The Floyd Studies Institute…please enough…ALL these for a Robber/Drug addicted/traficker/rapists/burglar…so vomiting..who/where are the VICTIMS of Floyds Crimes?? …Someone somewhere is LIMAO make us look like fools…telling us thata shit is actually gourmet food…NO it is SHIT…

  173. Jews push BLM and promote a black ‘victim’ of a white cop as the defining idol of Americanism. It’s all about baiting ‘white guilt’.

    If whites weren’t such useless cucks, they would idolize a victim of Jewish tyranny. Pick some Ukrainian girl who died in the Great Famine(perpetrated by Stalin and Jewish Bolsheviks) or some Arab girl or boy who was killed by IDF or Wars for Israel.

    Spread PLM or Palestinian Lives Matter messages and share the holy icon of victimhood under Jews.

    But all we get from whites is ‘we stand with Israel’ and ‘we must oppose antisemitism’.

    And whites seem incapable of arguing that something is bad or evil because it hurts Jews. Rather, whites feel they can defend themselves ONLY BY arguing that what is bad for whites is also bad for Jews and blacks. So, BLM is bad because it led to more dead blacks. Never mind all the whites attacked by BLM mobs. And never mind what mass immigration and Diversity have done to whites. Instead, whites argue ‘diversity means more Muslims who attack Jews.’ Whites never seem to point out that blacks take pleasure in white pain, and that Jewish Power is the main force behind the Great Replacement.

    The equivalent of current white idiocy would be if, following the attack on Pearl Harbor, whites argued, “The attack on US navy was so very bad because Japan has gotten involved in a war and, as a result, many Japanese may suffer.” And upon that logic, instead of retaliating and attacking Japan, suppose the US pleads with Japan to tone things down because if the war escalates, more precious Japanese lives will be lost. Pathetic, no?

    That is White America in relation to Jews and blacks today. No matter what Jews and blacks do, white moral argument is ‘Uh gee, that is troubling and unfortunate because… uh… it may lead to harm to Jews and blacks.’ If a Jew kicked a white guy in the ass, the white guy would say, “Gee, that wasn’t a good thing because you may have hurt your precious foot on my big fat white ass.”

  174. hillaire says:

    Obviously a man of ‘langdons’ calibre doesn’t give a toss about blacks kicking an inflated bladder on piece of lawn… he just wanted to reference Vermeer and play to to the gallery…

    • Replies: @Jiminy
  175. In connection with the theme of this article, it’s interesting to note that Christianity itself started as a Jewish cult of the ugly. In accordance with the prophecy of Isaiah 53, He had no beauty or majesty to attract us to him, nothing in his appearance that we should desire him, Jesus was thought by early Christians such as Tertullian and Irenaeus to be hideous. According to these and other early sources, Jesus was well below average in height, hunchbacked, balding, and ugly, exactly like the cartoon Jew we see in Anglin’s Daily Stormer.

    • Replies: @Dave Bowman
  176. bayviking says:
    @Alfred Muscaria

    You might also have said, a letter from Einstein triggered the Manhattan Project. It might be the most important letter ever. Actually, Einstein didn’t write the letter, although he reviewed and signed it. It was written by physicist Leo Szilard. Fission, the splitting of atoms, had been achieved in December 1938 in Germany which had closed uranium trade in a what is today the Czech Republic, a mine they controlled. These facts alarmed US scientists.
    “If I had known that the Germans would not succeed in constructing an atom bomb, I never would have moved a finger,” wrote Albert Einstein in his 1950 autobiography. So he certainly made mistakes and had regrets. He also wrote in Out of My Later Years: “Since I do not foresee that atomic energy is to be a great boon for a long time, I have to say that for the present time it is a menace.”
    Kyoto, which is home to more than 2,000 Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines, including 17 World Heritage Sites, was once at the top of the A-bomb target list. Kyoto was seen as an ideal target by the military because it had not been bombed at all, so many of the industries were relocated and some major factories were there. Most scientists on the Target Committee also preferred Kyoto because it was home to many universities and they thought the people there would be able to understand that an atomic bomb was not just another weapon, but a turning point in human history.
    Einstein was not involved in the bomb’s creation. He was not allowed to work on the Manhattan Project, deemed to big a security risk as he was both German and had a history as a left-leaning political activist. When hearing that the bomb had been used in Japan, he said: “Woe is me.”
    The science Committee on the Social and Political Implications of the Atomic Bomb was chaired by James Franck and included Glenn Seaborg and Leo Szilard. Its report argued that postwar international control of atomic power was the only way to stop the arms race that would be inevitable if the United States bombed Japan without first demonstrating the weapon in an uninhabited area. Oppenheimer, Fermi, Compton, and Lawrence (the Scientific Panel) disagreed with the Franck Report, however, and concluded that no technical test would convince Japan to surrender.
    I don’t know where your allegation against Einstein came from, but I cannot verify them, so I’m not going to spend any time investigating your other allegation.

  177. Z-man says:
    @Peter D. Bredon

    LOL, but that punch line took too long. I’m a movie buff but have never watched Cabaret and never will, unless I end up in a nursing home and I’m forced to watch it. (Grin)

    • Replies: @Dave Bowman
  178. Trinity says:

    Wonder WHY George Dubya Bush didn’t invite the parents and family members of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom to the White House and call for racial healing in America?




    A Jew gets a bruise on his eye and suddenly it is mainstream news, and suddenly America is being overrun with “auntie Semitism. Oy vey, the horror. “Hate speech?” Certain (((networks))) spew anti-White hate speech 24/7/365. Just ask Tinkerbell Anderson Cooper whose ancestors were slave owners, and Cuomo the Homo and Don “Limon.”

    • Replies: @Dave Bowman
  179. anon[148] • Disclaimer says:

    Watching on the History channel the series of Men who made America, Foods that made America, Cars that made the world; in short, things that made humanity better, had one glaring omission, the creativity in the ethnic group discussed in the article above.

    Amazing that this group still is in love with a political system that was written about by Marx, that was written before any of these inventions were discovered.

    Maybe what the real problem is, its a mental sickness that knowing what they really are, is their biggest problem

  180. hillaire says:
    @Joe Paluka

    Langdon scored an ‘own goal’ here (if american look it up) hehe…. africans and football go together like love and marriage… or big conks and circumcision.. (and NO englishman calls football ‘soccer’ unless he’s a soft southern bastard who doesn’t know anything about it or an american ‘female’ (karen)..)…

    I mean after all football’s not high art is it, it’s a fucking game… and a fucking shit one at that (rugby is a much more satisfying saturday scrap)..

    let us face the fact that sport is only entertaining when one is actually playing and competing… ‘following’ such nonsense seriously implies imbecility.. it is after all, for children..

  181. Dumbo says:
    @Johnny F. Ive

    “There’s nothing wrong with Jews, only with White people”.

    LOL. Do you even hear yourself talking?

    It’s the opposite, there’s nothing necessarily wrong with white people (well, there’s plenty wrong, but no more than any other humans). But Jews (some call them Phoenicians) are… special. In some ways, good, in others not so much. Everyone knows that. Even the ancient Greeks and Romans knew that.

    As for that sub-Nietzschean talk of “slave morality”… Whatever. I like Nietzsche, but he ended up mad. I don’t know why so many people hate Christianity, but it’s probably for the same reasons that they hate Beauty, Truth and Goodness, or anything that gets close to it.

    • Agree: Getaclue
  182. @bayviking

    I don’t know where your allegation against Einstein came from, but I cannot verify them, so I’m not going to spend any time investigating your other allegation.

    Einstein was a liar and duplicitous. Maybe he said bomb Kyoto maybe not. I tend to believe it but my other statement that Salk grew his “vaccine” on cancerous Hela cells is an accepted fact. I personally think vaccines are a plague not a salvation and have caused way more health problems than they prevented.

    • Replies: @bayviking
  183. lloyd says: • Website
    @A Half Naked Fakir

    Hollywood has always been shaped by narcissists, homo/bisexual, theatrical neurotic personalities. That is Hollywood. The sociopaths are given free reign. Any theatrical organisation that is not regulated by a higher social organisation is like that. Hollywood’s best era was under the Hayes Office. Script writers and directors had to struggle to produce witty rather than sleazy work. Naturally open and crypto Jews found a home in Hollywood. When the Hayes office was closed down, they went full Monty. Me Too is the consequence. The female actors suddenly discovered they were all being treated as whores. In the theatrical world before it became respectable, actresses were all considered whores and in the pre- Restoration era were played by boys. That of course was entirely pedophilia.

  184. America is an empire and a murder machine. It has invaded and destroyed countless lives. US sanctions also destroy millions of lives.

    So, all this Floyd nonsense is a form of moral tokenism. By making a big show about Floyd, Americans can fool themselves that they really really care.

    This is how Political Morality works. It’s about show and tell, symbolism, hype.

    Never mind the millions killed by the US empire. You see, Americans go weepy-poo about Floyd, and that must mean they are GOOOOOOD people.

    It’s rather like a perverted version of Christianity. As long as Christians went weepy-poo about Jesus and a handful of saints, it didn’t matter how many people they killed to expand the Western Empire.

    And so, no irony among those who paint bombs with BLM signs. Drop and destroy entire villages, including children, but the US military and foreign policy must be moral cuz… BLM.

    They should paint Floyd on all the bombs and missiles used by the US. How can use of such weapons be immoral when they spread the gospel of Floyd with a bang?

    BLM is also a message to the world that White America is over. Jews are saying the Empire is now about Jews ruling over Diversity. Jews used whites to gain world hegemony, but the great plan is to replace white cucks with diverse cucks who will take over as the new managers. So, it will be Jews on top, Asians as managers and engineers, whites as guilt-ridden cucks, and blacks as symbols.

    At any rate, Jews did this and got away with it because no one dared to mention BLM, like globo-homo, has been a weapon of Jewish Power.

    What do we get instead from ‘conzos’? “We must stand with Israel.”

    • Agree: Polistra
  185. gatobart says:


    I mean after all football’s not high art is it, it’s a fucking game… and a fucking shit one at that (rugby is a much more satisfying saturday scrap)..

    Actually, rugby was born out of the frustration of some losers who couldn’t play Football. I happened to have read some books on the History of Football years ago and in them I found some interesting data. For instance, people have been playing Football in some form or another for many centuries, using for that any round thing they could kick around, even human skulls, is what those books said. And there was a time when the game had became so popular (mind you, no radio, no TV, no internet, no YT) that entire towns were playing it and there were even matches between towns situated a few miles one from the other so the pitch, so to speak, was the entire territory between the two towns and the teams were formed by hundreds, the entire populations of both towns, including children. So before going on insulting Football, in your blessed ignorance, you should become more informed and acquainted with the illustrious origins of the game.

    Also, the loser(s) I was referring to was some guy who was playing Real Football and he became so frustrated because he couldn’t reach the other goal with the ball in his feet that he simply took it in his hands and ran to it to score. Other losers watching were so marveled by this particular loser’s move than they decided to start playing Football that way, which is course completely betrays the purpose and the name of the game. Also from the books.

  186. @James J O'Meara

    Are you not conspiracy minded?

    I was not yet born when the British invasion of the sixties occurred. I love a lot of the music though. That’s why it has pained me to accept that the Beatles were a lot more like the Monkees than we were led to believe. Not really organic and not that talented as songwriters or instrumentalists. It’s a shame. I don’t know whether or not they were deliberately brought over to give Americans a reason to stop mourning JFK but it’s possible. More likely they were trying to make a ton of money and, yes, continue to subvert American youth.

  187. Jewish Power wants us to chant mantras, not ask questions.

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  188. @bayviking

    The science Committee on the Social and Political Implications of the Atomic Bomb was chaired by James Franck and included Glenn Seaborg and Leo Szilard. Its report argued that postwar international control of atomic power was the only way to stop the arms race that would be inevitable if the United States bombed Japan without first demonstrating the weapon in an uninhabited area. Oppenheimer, Fermi, Compton, and Lawrence (the Scientific Panel) disagreed with the Franck Report, however, and concluded that no technical test would convince Japan to surrender.

    Now- this is interesting …

  189. Polistra says:

    You obviously live in a bad ‘hood–that’s your own admission.

    Your response is “obese Southern female!” which (despite being zero for three) is conclusive evidence of your own hypocrisy. But seriously, sorry I touched a nerve there.

  190. Ian Smith says:
    @James J O'Meara

    I think I speak for a lot of long-time Counter Currents readers when I say I’d love to know how a guy who’s into Alan Watts, Harry Partch, and MST3K became so down on the Tribe. A future essay, perhaps? 🙂

    • Replies: @James J O'Meara
  191. @Colin Wright

    Orwell’s 1984 where Winston Smith must believe 2 + 2 = 5.

    But let’s admit there’s a lot of cowardice and corruption on the Right.

    Jews deplatformed Alex Jones but he blames the ‘Chicoms’.

    Jews rigged the election, but so many conzos blame Venezuela, Iran, China, and yes, even Russia!

    Unlike the Stalinist state, there was enough freedom in the West for people to speak the truth. But the fact is the whites lacked the guts to speak the truth.

    Looking back, there was something to what Muhammad Ali said about the Vietnam War. He said the ‘Vietcong didn’t call me ni**er’. So, why should he got there and fight?

    But whites could have asked the same question. The Vietcong were not burning down US cities, looting and raping and causing all the harm. The Viet Cong didn’t pass the immigration act of 1964. Why were whites over there fighting the Vietnamese who had done NOTHING to white America when the real threats faced by whites were from Jews and blacks?

    So, Ali was right about the stupidity of blacks fighting and dying in Vietnam. But whites would have been right to ask the same question. Why go halfway around the world to fight Vietnamese when the real enemy of the white race is in the US?

    And the same lessons apply today. Why should whites care about Israel? Why should they hate Syria, Russia, China, Iran, Venezuela, and fill in the ____ when the real enemy of the white race is right there in the West in the form of Jewish supremacism and black thuggery?

    All this ‘hate the foreign enemy’ is a distraction. Or it is an act of cowardice. Easier to bark at faraway ‘enemy’ than deal with the enemy right in front or behind you.

    • Agree: Alden
  192. @Mulegino1

    The Jewish physiognomy reflects its spiritual and aesthetic sterility.

    But look at Robert Redford, Brad Pitt, George Clooney, and Mitt Romney.

    You might say they got ‘Aryan’ physiognomy, but all we get from their dimwit cucking.

  193. Ian Smith says:
    @James J O'Meara

    Is that how the rumors about Richard Gere started?

  194. @Priss Factor

    The INCONTROVERTIBLE truth is, by definition ‘antisemitic’. That is Jewish elite power-to deny that it exists, and destroy anyone who dares to speak the facts.

  195. @bayviking

    Did the Germans really ‘not succeed’ in creating an A-bomb? An A-bomb, then H-bomb, in the hands of the most aggressive and genocidal power in history, the USA, was a disaster in the making, and still is. Without the Soviet bomb it would have been used in Korea and China. for a start.

  196. George Floyd (PBOH) is the Jesus that America deserves. He’s everything Americans secretly admire all encapsulated in one life trajectory: a degenerate grifter, recreational hard drug user, ex-convict, social parasite, and porn star. He’s also a black man, which means his many failings are the fault of your White Privilege and White Fragility. How dare you utter St. Floyd’s name in vain, you cretins! He died so America could be redeemed of its racist sins. In fact, it’s redundant to juxtapose racist and sin, since there is only one sin in America and it is racism. Everything else goes and nobody cares, but woe to thee that starts noticing group patterns.

  197. @Peter D. Bredon

    I saw, some years ago, a leading Judaic state, flat out, that Hitler’s real crime was not genocide but ‘deicide’ because the Jews are God. I think it was Foxman, but it is down the Memory Hole now, so I cannot tell whether he did say it, or it is a confection. But it is what the Talmudists believe.

  198. moi says:

    Mr. Langdon elides the fact that dumbass whitey Christians sold out the country to the Jews and even now genuflect to them (Trump, Biden, Pelosi, most of Congress, etc.).

  199. Mulegino1 says:

    Einstein was an incorrigible Jewish publicity hound and a creature of Jewish marketing.

    He plagiarized from Di Preto, Lorenz, Poincare and got the equations for general relativity from Hilbert weeks before he “published” them himself. His Serbian wife, Milva, did most of the equations which he took credit for but were beyond his abilities (which is why he agreed to share the Nobel prize money with her even before he got the prize).

    He probably would not have scrupled in the least if the bomb had been used on German civilians. As we know, the bomb was dropped on the two main centers of Christianity in Japan instead of Kyoto or Tokyo. It was a terrible crime to use the atomic bombs or the incendiary bombing on Japanese and European civilians.

    • Thanks: Orville H. Larson
  200. @James J O'Meara

    Just a thought: I am told German Jews look down their,ahem,noses,at Slavic Jews and don’t want them in their fancy shmancy synagogues. Since they often marry out,and their wives convert, you have shiksas pouring into the synagogues and the Jews kept out!😄

  201. Australian Rules Football is a beautiful sport and fans love to watch “the big men fly”. Professional play is so balletic and graceful and we Australians are very endeared to our game, the players and indeed “the culture”.
    Right now there is a controversy regarding the disconnect between the fans -who comprise club membership, and the club boards, which have become inner sanctum clubs of elites of the business world. One imagines that it has become quite a privilege for certain already privileged individuals to join the board of an A.F.L. Club, and love of the game is hardly relevant.
    Ask Mark Korda why he wishes to be on the board of the Collingwood Football Club.
    Collingwood is working class club and is proud of that tradition, and members are fed up with the disconnect. They are “talking about democracy!” and have been overwhelmed with fans wanting to sign a petition demanding a spill on board membership.
    Needless to say, A.F.L. board members are disproportionately Jewish.
    Sport morphs into show biz and product placement commercialisation, but fans tend to remain faithful to tradition.

  202. Alden says:

    I’ve been around jews all my life. I’d say about 80 percent are unattractive. Very very few are 7 on a scale of 10.

    I knew one Jewish man who looked like that Egyptian movie star Omar Sharif. He’s the only what can be called handsome Jewish man I’ve ever known. And I have known many.

    My high school was about 40 percent Jewish. Every neighborhood I’ve ever lived in has been heavily Jewish. Jewish women try hard to look good. But the best they can achieve is 5-6 on a scale of 10. German woman are on average very very good looking, much more good looking than French or Italians on average. .

    Jewish ugliness is probably the result of arranged marriages at every economic level. In Christian Europe arranged marriages were really only for the upper classes. But in a society where marriages were arranged for everyone and only for money, well, the results are obvious. Same with Arab Muslims not a good looking people.

    Posting carefully made up and posed pictures of a few Israeli or Jewish actresses can’t refute the fact that 80 percent of Jews are 5 or less on a scale of 10.

    Goldie Hahn is a beauty. And she inherited her looks from her German not Jewish parent. Another Jewish very beautiful actress is the one who played Phoebe on Friends. And 1930s actress Paulette Goddard probably the most beautiful of all a 12 out of 10.

    I remember entering college after high school. And being shocked at how good looking everyone was compared to my Jewish high school. Or the pretty catholic high school girls identified by their uniforms. On a scale of 1 to 10 six to ten mostly eights. In contrast to the 3 to 6 Jewish girls most being 4.

    • Replies: @DaveE
    , @HbutnotG
  203. BLM got totally crazy in 2020 cuz of the bidding war.

    Usually, Jews and Libby-Dibs needed not worry about the black vote because it was reliably Democratic. And the kind of bland generic white candidates put up by the GOP had no appeal to blacks. Even though the great majority of blacks voted Democratic in 2016 and 2020, Trump was the GOP candidate in a long long time with any appeal to a segment of the black population. If Billy Boy Clinton was the ‘first black president’, Donald Trump was the ‘first ni**a president’. Clinton was a jazz man, but Trump rubbed shoulders with rappers and had a rapport with the likes of Mike Tyson. For Democrats to win in some states, black support has to be HUGE. So, even a slight shaving off of black votes can mean electoral loss for Democrats. If GOP relies on whites voting 60% Republican, Democrats rely on blacks voting way over 90% Democratic. Democrats took the black vote for granted, just like they did with white working class and ethnics in the past, especially following the Great Depression and New Deal.

    But eventually, the Democrats began to lose the white working class, the ethnics, and the Southern whites. A lot of this had to do with blacks. When the Democrats were about ‘class justice’, many have-lesser whites voted for the Democratic Party. Working class, ethnic whites, and southern whites were reliably Democratic for a long time. But when the Democrats moved more toward ‘racial justice’ rhetoric, followed by black pathology and crime unloosed on the nation, many whites began to move to the GOP. Also, with booming times, many children of working class parents rose up the ranks to become middle class and higher, and back then, money and success were associated with WASP-heavy GOP. It’s like Italian-Americans became more Republican with socio-economic improvement.
    Back then, the GOP stood for tradition and respectability, concerns that still mattered. Today, no one cares for tradition. Also, respectability means nothing in a degraded culture where even adults have green hair and tattoos.
    What matters now is the cachet of being faddish and fashionable; that’s what appeals to the successful, and today’s affluent and educated are far more likely to be Democratic, especially as the Party is now shamelessly pro-money and pro-success. Democrats lost the white working class but gained something far more valuable: the white educated and elite classes who hold the more valuable cards. Also, globalism is geared to favor the urban rich and has little room for white working class unless one is a truck driver(that is until self-driving cars become a thing). So, Democrats won over the useful kinds of whites whereas the GOP hasn’t a clue what to do with the ‘loser’ white working class that voted for Donald Trump as the Party’s been for so long a wing of the Chamber of Commerce. As for Trump, he got their votes and they showed up at his rallies in droves, but his presidency has been about ‘Muh Israel’ and ‘Muh Negroes’.

    In the foreseeable future, the Democrats may no longer need the black votes so much. In California, for example, the black vote is meaningless. But in places like Atlanta, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, and etc., black votes can tip the scale. So, for the time being, the Democrats need all the black votes they can get. Before Trump, this wasn’t much of a concern as it’s difficult to imagine blacks voting for the likes of Mitt Romney or Jeb Bush. But Trump struck a nerve with a segment of the black population.

    And in a way, the Democrats do have a reason to worry about the black vote. The Obama presidency blindsided Jews and Democrats to this fact. Blacks overwhelmingly voted for Obama, and it seemed like Democrats had an effortless lock on the black vote. And yet, it’s possible that black support for the Democrats actually eroded from 2008 to 2016 despite their record support for Obama. After all, the Democrats increasingly became the party of the rich, the privileged, the gentrifiers, the great replacers(with mass immigration replacing not only whites but black Americans), and globo-homo. Indeed, but for his race, the Obama presidency was most memorable for its globo-homo glitz. In a way, Obama was the ‘first gay president’. And even more than Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, he was a tool and invention of Jews, therefore the ‘first Jewish president’. He tried to salvage his black credentials with BLM near the end of his second term, but Michael Brown was too much of a hard sell and the craziness led to Dallas shootings of white policemen. (Of course, no one took a knee for the dead cops.)


    In 2016, Hillary lost narrowly largely because the black vote wasn’t out in force for her. And Biden, the favorite of the Establishment(along with Kamala), got the nomination because of black votes in the South. So, 2020 victory hinged heavily on the black vote and black complicity in election rigging. And this time, Jews felt they needed to enter into a real bidding war for black loyalty. In the past against milquetoast GOP candidates, the Democrats need not worry too much about the black vote. But there was the chance that Trump might shave off just enough black vote to push him over the top. If Jews and Democrats took the black vote for granted, they had to jealously guard it and bribe it with lavish prizes in 2020. And that’s why the George Floyd and BLM thing got so out of control. Of course, Jews hate Trump because his swaggering style had an awakening effect on White America, and BLM & Floyd Cult were also to reinforce the ‘white guilt’ mechanism.

    Anyway, as the saying goes, “Why pay for something when you can get it for free?” And that’s how Jews and Democrats had come to feel about the black vote. As blacks were so resolutely pro-Democratic and anti-GOP, it didn’t require much effort to keep blacks voting for the Party. Black votes were essentially free, and of course, it was even more so with Obama. Even if Obama didn’t do much for blacks, his blackness had blacks voting for him as a ‘bro’.
    But post-Obama was like a rude awakening for blacks. They were happy to have a brotha in the White House for eight years, but when the jig was up, blacks were feeling like Janet Jackson singing, “What have you done for me lately?” Obama yrs were mostly about gentrification, more mass immigration, more globo-homo, and etc. Indeed, it seemed as if black issues were pushed to the rear in favor of not only homos but freaking trannies. Also, Obama didn’t say anything about policies like Stop-and-Frisk and, if anything, mostly seemed in be in cahoots with the urban yuppie gentrifier class. In a way, all this BLM hysteria is about Jews and libby-dib elites trying to distract blacks from the fact that THEY did most to lock up record number of blacks, replace blacks with immigrants, favor globo-homo over black issues, and have the IDF teach US police a few tricks on how to control the colored folks.
    Obama years to blacks were, in a way, sort of like Reagan years to True Conservatives and the Clinton years to True Liberals. Because Reagan was president for 8 yrs(and George H.W. Bush for 4 more yrs), it seemed as if Conservatism really won, but during that period, the US became more soulless and less socially conservative. And while the Clinton years seemed like the triumph of Good Ole Liberalism and boomer idealism, it was actually a time of hyper-capitalism and massive deregulation. It took the passing of the Reagan-Bush era for conservatives to finally wake up and realize nothing had been conserved. And it took the end of the Clinton Era for liberals to realize how Clinton had been the tool of the chamber of commerce and the rise of the oligarchs. And it took the end of the Obama era for blacks to wake up and realize, “Sheeeeeeeiiiit, we ain’t got nothing in them eight fa**oty years.”

    And this explains why certain segments of the black population were receptive to Trump in 2016. Obamagic had had a sandman effect on them. They were asleep thinking a brotha was in charge when, in fact, the trends during the Obama years favored the urban yuppie class, the Wall Street oligarchs, and globo-homo types. In a way, this is the danger of having ‘your guy’ in office. His position creates the impression that your side is on top when, very likely, it is losing out to other forces obfuscated by the false comfort of ‘your guy’ being on top. Blacks felt a post-Obama funk as his presidency wound down. After Obama, blacks were no longer interested in a white leader. Also, there wasn’t another black candidate around that could appeal to white voters, which were crucial to Obama’s wins as a Nice Negro. Then, it’s understandable why Trump’s message of America First had a certain appeal to blacks who feel they themselves should be favored over immigrants, and this sentiment goes back to Booker T. Washington who appealed to American elites to end immigration and hire blacks for jobs.

    So, in a long while, Jews and Democrats actually had to fight for black votes and hearts & minds. While they could rest assured that the great majority of blacks would still vote Democratic, they feared that Trump might shave off just enough black votes to win a second term. Or not enough blacks might show up to vote, which is why Covid hysteria was useful to carry out election fraud on an unprecedented scale.
    Anyway, to win over blacks in 2020, Jews went crazy in the bidding war. For a long time, it was understood that the GOP wouldn’t even try to win over black votes. GOP would do the bare minimum to look ‘un-racist’, and Democrats could be assured of the black vote. But Trump made a real play for the black vote, and this meant that the Democrats couldn’t rely on the old tricks once again and rest on their laurels. They had to bid up higher and higher in the Afro-auction. Jews took no chances. What they did for Michael Brown wasn’t enough. And BLM-as-movement wasn’t enough. George Floyd had to be sanctified. Not merely a victim but a saint. And BLM was transformed from righteous rage to rapturous religion. Jews and Democrats pulled all the stops in showering blacks with glittering prizes.

    So, if the Black Vote would have fetched \$1,000 in past auctions, the bidding wars in 2020 raised it to about a million dollars. Jews did for BLM what some people did for Bitcoin. Made it rise through the roof. If Hillary had won in 2016 and if she ran for re-election against someone like Jeb Bush or Rick Santorum, none of this would have been necessary. Jews and Democrats could have rested assured that the black votes would be there. Also, it wouldn’t be the end of the world if Jeb Bush or his ilk won because he’s such a total wussy cuck. But Jews truly hated Trump and what he stood for, and they were willing to DO ANYTHING to unseat him. Indeed, what Jews pulled off in 2020 is like what South Korea did with the steal in the 1988 Olympics. It was obvious Roy Jones clearly won the match, but SK wanted the gold. People always knew there was corruption in the Olympics, but they thought there’s no way South Korea would pull something so low, so obvious, so foul IN FRONT OF THE WHOLE WORLD. But yep, their provincial pride overrode sense and decency, and so, the steal happened right in front of eyes of the world.
    Approaching 2020, many wondered what Jews would do to beat Trump. After all, they pulled all sorts of dirty tricks with ‘Russia Collusion’, ‘Ukraine scandal’, and other BS. But few people thought Jews would go totally crazy and pull off Covid nuttery and BLM lunacy just to win an election. But they did just that in front of the whole world. Jews have no sense of limits in having their way. But because Jews control the media and top institutions, they fooled just enough people and got away with it. Unlike South Korea that fooled no one, Jews were able to fool so much of the world with their utter BS. But then, even people who were not fooled nevertheless gladly went along with it because they’ve been led to think they’re the ‘best and the brightest’, therefore ANYTHING is justified in wresting back control from Trump the Nazi and the Deplorables(even though the people in charge in the Trump White House were the same Israel-Firsters).

    In a way, blacks have much to thank Trump. Thanks to Trump, Jews and Democrats went all in to win back the blacks. Even Covid hysteria was put aside to let BLM run riot. Blacks got both the spiritual prize as the holiest race and the material prize as they got to run wild and loot and steal. Indeed, even as their stores were being stripped clean by crazy Negroes, the ‘woke’ companies were singing paeans to BLM under the guidance of Jews who control the gods. The Jewish Mind uses the Black Body to attack whites, body and soul.

    If not for Trump, all this attention and adulation wouldn’t have been showered upon blacks. Blacks became especially precious in 2020 precisely because Jews feared that record number of blacks might vote for the Orange Man. Of course, Jews know the real truth. They know George Floyd was just a scumbag who died of drug overdose(like so many white working class), and they know Derek Chauvin is a victim of legal lynching. It’s like Jews knew Russia Collusion thing was a hoax but pushed it just the same. And they attacked Trump on the Ukraine scandal because it was really ruinous to Biden, the real crook involved with regime in Ukraine installed by US-instigated coup. The real problem for Jews wasn’t that Trump was ‘racist’ but that he came across as least ‘racist’, at least when it came to blacks. (When it came to Mexicans and Chinese, it was a different story.)

    In a way, we see a pattern here. Jews are a ‘jealous god’ and didn’t want Trump to take any credit. They didn’t want Trump to take credit for ending the war in Afghanistan, so they delayed it… until Biden could take credit. And notice how Jews are now talking with Russians to arrive to some agreement. The very Jews who howled about Trump being a puppet of Putin are now dealing with Russia. Again, Jews didn’t want Trump to take any credit in world affairs. What they shamed Trump for doing, they are doing it themselves. It’s like the Kate Beckinsdale character in THE LAST DAYS OF DISCO. She says she could never date a guy in advertising but it’s really to dissuade a friend from dating a guy that SHE wants. Jews will tell you not to do something, but when you choose not to, they do it and reap the rewards for themselves.

    American culture and politics have devolved into a ritual of appeasing Jews, homos, and blacks. Wall Street bailouts, Wars for Israel, globo-homo mania, tranny nuttery, BLM riots, Floyd cult, and etc. This is no way to have a healthy society. But as the fish rots from the head, Jews deserve the most blame for leading America by the nose into the abyss. And yet, all we get from conzos is ‘Muh Israel’ and “Please don’t call me ‘racist-wacist’.”

  204. Bookish1 says:

    Except Spain just rounded up 6500 blacks and sent them back to Africa. The precedent has been set for European countries.

  205. AReply says:

    Submitted for your review: Beautiful white geniuses at work…

    Adam Curtis – The Way of All Flesh

  206. Yes!
    There is something to it. I have noticed it also. But it is not that Jews love ugliness.
    The Jews have some kind inborn idea to desensitize themselves. Jews do not want to be emotional,
    because their perception is that emotion and love of art is obstacle to success.
    Even circumcision is done for this purpose to make Jews less sensitive.

  207. @Dumbo
    I didn’t say, “there’s nothing wrong with Jews, only with White people.” There’s something in the bible about “not bearing false witness.” I said white people gave Jews an opening and are unable to free themselves. They are unable to socially organize any other way with all the tools available to them like Bitcoin, the internet, 3D printers, and autonomous zones. Maybe they need the Jews to rule over them like Rabbi Ovadia Yosef said. I hate to say it but Western gentile wage slaves aren’t working to disprove his gentile beast of burden theory. They are proving it. They are working and voting to make wealthy Jews even richer and dying for their security objectives.

    People hate Christianity because of white Christians. They and their promised land are insufferable. White anti-white fanatics are insufferable too. They are both holier-than-thou, self-righteously pushing their insufferable beliefs onto other people. White people love to find something new to terrorize each other with and their enemies love helping them find these things. The WASP elite are torturing their own white children regarding whiteness. They spend large sums to instill white guilt in their white offspring. They engage in this act of sadism to fit in and for some because they enjoy hating other whites who don’t hate themselves like they do. They end up intoxicated on their own self-righteousness. Whites love their inquisitions or as they are known now as domestic wars on terror. They’re destroying themselves. It seems like it is their fate. Baked in the cake and they are incapable of changing the recipe on their own. They need help to their detriment and the help they receive is to their detriment.

    I’m done seeing what white people think here. You can give the field goyim some pointers on how to escape their cage but they have traumatically bonded with its structure. It is all they know. The house goyim probably like their privileged position over the field goyim. Their master gives them a better wage after all.

    • Replies: @Vojkan
  208. @Icy Blast

    Ingrid Bergman portrayed Golda Meir? I’m a Bergman fan, but I must have missed this. (Now there’s a case of Beauty and the Beast! Golda Meir must have been beaten with an ugly stick.)

  209. @Ian Smith

    Perhaps. For now, note that MST3k’s head writer, Mike Nelson, is an evangelical Christian. Watts was pretty based, enough to be canceled today. especially on male/female polarity and Social Credit (a la Ezra Pound). As an Episcopal priest, he stated that “Love your enemies means love them AS your enemies” (Behold The Spirit, 1947).

    “To anticipate a bit, and to make a point Watts would likely never make himself: when the Romans put an end to the childish Temple cult, Jews could have followed Christ in his new, Third Age religion of the Holy Spirit, but instead clung to the Pharisees and their adolescent, Protestant religion of disputation and book-learning. Like Protestantism, this brought many good things: literacy, high IQ, financial wizardry; and many bad things: Tay-Sachs and other genetic diseases, short stature and slight builds, striking lack of attractive women, etc.”

    “Watts never disparages Jews and Judaism as such, but does says that “Christianity is different in principle from Judaism and other legalistic religions” (Behold, p.213) — which today would certainly be called “anti-Semitism – and goes on to relate it to “monkey religion” (alluding to his discussion of the attempt to achieve union with God by imitating, monkey-like, the superficial actions of the saints).”
    (reprinted in Mysticism After Modernism (Manticore, 2021)

    • Replies: @Ian Smith
  210. DaveE says:

    I’ve been around jews all my life. I’d say about 80 percent are unattractive.

    Buddha said, directly, “You become what you believe.” When taken in the context of reincarnation – multiple lifetimes, one the direct continuation of the last – the Jugliness of Shlomo becomes obvious, inevitable and brazenly clear.

    The outside is a reflection of what is contained within. “The Chosen Race” is ugly because it’s adherents are vile creatures and have been for many, many lifetimes,practiced continually, or thousands of years, whichever terminology you prefer. To worship and practice a demonic ideology, over multiple lifetimes, makes you ugly on the outside – and even worse on the INSIDE.

    You become what y0u believe.

  211. HbutnotG says:

    So much ethnic jibber jabber.

    My (public) HS was 1/3 Juice, 1/3 Goy and 1/3 coloreds (1/35 Armenians). It was a magnet honors HS with trade curriculums too, btw. You generally attended that school by invitation only. A number of very famous people went there; of all 3 categories. A real natural ethnic mix that place!

    There were good lookers and fuglies in all three groups – about equal. I will admit many of the Jewesses and a few of the Jew guys looked definitely Jew. Of course, the coloreds all looked colored, but there were some good lookers there, too; and we had them all – eggplants, Jersey Whites, cinnamons, cocoas – you name it. It was pre-1970 and we all got along. Getting good grades was what we all had as a common goal. It’s a culture thing for sure – color itself has nothing to do with it – I saw it for myself. There were super sharp coloreds that headed off to MIT or Stanford – even though affirmative action was still just some hippie dream, if that. It also had the biggest harp & vocal ensemble (famous too) in the country – this was nowhere near LA, or NY, btw. If Juice were anything unique – I’d say they flooded the Air Conditioning & Refrigeration curriculum. Those guys did very well with just their HS diploma!

    I’m certain very few of you had the experience I had.

    So, certainly no liberal, I read this race jabber and what I see is (what’s the Italian word? geloso?) a lot of poorly raised hicks with ma & pa too wrapped up in bowling, hunting, and beer, satisfied with living hand-to-mouth even though in mid-20th century US, being upwardly mobile was attainable (even to coloreds) – you just had to set your priorities in that direction. It also was an example you set for the kids. Just going door-to-door in my totally white neighborhood the household culture varied tremendously from one house to the next. The most uniformly successful ethnic in that neighborhood were the Ukrainians; the biggest flops were Irish. In general, Catholics were more driven than Lutherans, but even that varied. I just have to set the facts straight here.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  212. Trinity says:

    New Joisey is the armpit of the Northeast. Good lawd, even the beaches suck azz there. Been to the beaches at Belmar, Wildwood, Cape May, you can have your “worldly” experience in that sewer. Even New Yawkers make fun of New Jersey. My captain lived in Middletown, New Jersey, dude was good people, and his wife made me a nice Eye-talian dinner. I had a friend in Marlboro, New Jersey. Those towns back then weren’t that bad, but look at the rest of New Jersey. You have Bayonne, Newark, Trenton, Elizabeth, all shitholes. Tell da troof, you are a New Joisey Jew. I am right? Only a New Joisey or New Yawk Jew uses “coloreds” to describe Blacks.


    • Replies: @HbutnotG
  213. Vojkan says:
    @Johnny F. Ive

    “The union of beauty with truth is the integral transfiguration, the illumination of life.” – Nikolai Berdyaev.

    I believe most US WASPs have a warped understanding of Christianity.

    On Dostoevsky and Nietzsche, by Berdyaev:

    Do a search on him, he may help you gain a different outlook on Christian thought.

    • Replies: @Rogue
  214. Wielgus says:

    Yes, I wasn’t quite sure of the point you were making with Pissarro, but you have clarified it.

  215. @Johnny F. Ive

    “People of European descent need to stop blaming the Jews for their own stupidity.”

    True, true. He needs to understand, like all other races do, that every other race hates him, and none with more intensity than the jews. The European man is too gullible. He wants well for others. How stupid.

    I am not holding my breath, but he needs to wake up to the fact (yes fact!) that every damn jooh is a deceiver, even if deception is very far from his (the Europeans) own natural behaviour or train of thought.

    Christianity is a slave religion. The white man became too sedate and imported all this cheap labour for the physical work. So you have an influx of people ripe for Christianity, and poof, off you go. And since the bible is psychotic, you may find any opinion for whatever you want. But the fundament is always ‘love thy enemy’, ‘turn the other cheek’, ‘the meek shall inherit the earth’ and ‘we are all equal in the eyes of the lord’. The pagan religion was, as O’Meara points out, maybe too dark, but also too accepting because of its polytheism. They were not clever enough to see the deception of Yahwe, the god of lies far more vicious than Loki.

    He does not see the deception of the Chinese stealing his knowledge at his universities or the blacks stealing his daughters either.

    So Johnny, what the white man needs to do is to build up an immense collective scepticism, bordering on hate, to you even before they have met you, just as you are towards him. Then he is where he needs to be.

    But as I stated, I am not holding my breath.

  216. Rahan says:

    LOL…yes, that’s why they tried to escape risking death on rafts or whatever? No one has “fond memories of socialist” bs — utter garbage

    They do, they do.
    Soviet-type socialism affected different societies differently. It:
    1) Held down some European places like Hungary and Czechoslovakia
    2) Lifted up some places like Turkmenistan and Tajikistan
    3) And fitted quite well some Eurasian areas in the middle

    So there is indeed real nostalgia out there.


    Firstly, there are the old farts in Central Asia who miss the Soviet system because back then there was less clannishness and corruption, and better functioning economies and infrastructure, and the local tinpot tyrants had to pretend to behave better in order to not get fired by Moscow. Plus medieval social norms were also suppressed. Plus the state enforced hygiene and health rule developed by a more sophisticated society.

    Secondly, there are the old farts in the generic Eurasian swaths. They miss the golden years of the Soviet system, where as long as you didn’t insist on demanding free speech and political pluralism, or on wanting the unrestricted right to private initiative or private property, or freedom of movement, or an abundant choice of products and services, life was great.

    Imagine: first the state provides you with free education and free health care. Then the state tells you where to live and what to work. You’re assigned a roof over your head of some sort, although frequently what today globohomo promotes as “co-living”.

    Not only is there no unemployment, but the cops can stop you on the street and demand proof that you’re gainfully employed, because it’s illegal to be a “social parasite”.

    If you are competent and pull your weight, you get all sorts of bonuses and incentives from work, including free holidays within the glorious motherland. If you are incompetent and lazy, no one fires you anyway, and keep pretending to work, get paid a set amount for this pretense, and can spend all your free time drinking and banging drunken ladies who have chosen the same lifestyle.

    You’ll even be automatically promoted every few years if you do not fuck up catastrophically.

    All you have to do is watch your tongue, follow the written and unwritten rules, be content with living on sausages, dumplings, pasta, bread, porridge, and canned fish (which you lined up ages for), be content with waiting for a washing machine or a TV set or a car for years, and not want more out of pop culture and fashion than you are given.

    And up to circa 1980, the Soviet cars and TV sets were actually equivalent to Western European ones (albeit you can’t just decide to buy one, not without “connections”, nor easily get spare parts or have it serviced, but hey what are you some kinda imperialist pig?)

    You can even just eat every day in a cheap worker’s eatery (like IKEA but crappier), and at home only lie in a drunken stupor, if you’re so inclined and have no wife to make you soups, salads, and pies.

    And if you’re all that but also have a minimum of competence and discipline—your life can be excellent. Just follow the party line and know your place.

    Additionally, people of more cunning and energetic nature could enhance their quality of life through connections and black-market stuff.
    Thirdly, there are the old farts in the European places. There we have the generic pining for the times when the sun was warmer, colors were brighter, bones didn’t ache, and your boner was firm.

    But additionally, in Soviet-style communism there was no porn and no drugs (at least outside an underground minority), pop music was clean and life-affirming, the state made an effort to educate kids in patriotism and physical fitness and discipline, promiscuity was frowned upon, and there were standards of modesty in behavior which young women did not as a rule cross.
    To summarize:
    For some, the Soviet system was a modernizing project which they miss

    For others, the Soviet system was the perfect way of organizing society if you want a guaranteed education, healthcare, a job, and a place to live, as long as you follow the rules.

    For others still, the Soviet system enforced a “clean morality” which today they find lacking all around them.
    The Great Reset system Globohomo is ushering in today has many similarities with the Soviet system. You’ll also own nothing, live in communal flats, have a very restricted choice of products and services and where to work and what to say out loud, but the morality will be the reverse of the Soviet one—the more drugs you smoke and the bigger the dildo you ride while you smoke them, and the more viewers watch you do it—the better.

    And instead of pretending to work and to be a physically fit patriot, you’ll just get your good behavior allowance and be encouraged to hate your ancestors and be a degenerate slob.

    • Thanks: Rogue
    • Replies: @Rahan
  217. Rahan says:

    And instead of pretending to work and to be a physically fit patriot, you’ll just get your good behavior allowance and be encouraged to hate your ancestors and be a degenerate slob.

    In other words, unlike the totalitarian system of old which tried to be “a stern but fair father”, the Globohomo system is in essence “the psychotics enabling Jewish mother”. The Globohomo utopia is the mother of Jessica Yaniv ruling every aspect of everybody’s life, and also directing foreign policy.

  218. There was a saying among the ancient Greeks, that whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad. A year ago, the karma of his evil deeds finally caught up with a drug addicted career criminal. It was his assassin’s fine madness to think he could walk away from carrying out his evil deed so blatantly without facing consequences. Sometimes when volatile toxins collide, there is a explosion much greater than the sum of its components. But anyone who has a grownup’s understanding of the rule of law gets it, that a monstrous crime was committed that threatens the safety of all of us if left unpunished, and this was just that one time too many.

    The right uses the reaction to the event to belabor its usual, tiresome character assassination of all black men. The Dems (for there is no real left in American politics, get real, they all serve the ruling class) use his killing to solidify support among blacks, only to make an end run around a rival political party energized by their betrayal and the rants of a loudmouth con man.

    Floyd was no hero of anyone’s freedom, but his legend grows in the telling until it bears little relation to a person who once walked the earth, like the fables about Jesus, or George Washington, or Hitler. We are a myth-making species. Nuances do not enchant us: we love to cheer victim/heroes and hiss at perpetrator/villains. And it’s too challenging to consider that maybe there may be only victims, of circumstances greater than our fragile mortal selves, which are oblivious to our petty wishes and pretty hopes. Or, heaven forbid, that we are all in this together, whether we approve of who we have to sit beside or not.

  219. turtle says:

    Neil Diamond is the Jewish version of Elvis

    Barry Manilow

    • Replies: @Trinity
  220. Jiminy says:

    There is a very good documentary about Vermeer and his paintings and how he achieved the visual quality that separated his work from that of others. Apparently he set up a very large camera obscura in the studio, and then sat in there and painted the subject as it appeared, projected upon the surface of the canvas. He seemed to be one of those talented people who really were ahead of their time.

  221. George Floyd is the new Christ of American Decadence that will end up in the depth of Hell.

  222. Trinity says:

    hahaha. Damn, Barry Manilow makes Neil Diamond look cool. I have a confession to make before God and everyone else though, I actually liked ONE SONG by Barry The Nose. It was “Can’t Smile Without You.” I have a very eclectic taste when it comes to music, I even had room for one Barry song. I think Bette Midler and Barry started together or had some sort of history together. Midler like MOST Jewish women was not easy on the eyes but I loved her in the movie, “The Rose” based loosely on Janis Joplin. Loved the soundtrack of that movie as well. I really liked one song in particular in that movie.

    Cue: Midnight In Memphis by Bette Midler from the movie, “The Rose.”

    • Replies: @turtle
  223. Jiminy says:

    It’s funny that you should write about the young women at the gym, and going up to talk to them. It reminded me a lot of my own dad. He knew more of the young women at the gym than a lot of the young guys did. I’m sure he only went there to chat them up.
    But at his age I think it probably boosted his ego as well, more than anything. Often he would arrive on his motorbike or his a v8 sports car, he wasn’t overweight and he liked to talk. But what was surprising was that after he died suddenly, the city’s female basketball league team were there at his funeral. So he must have made an impression on them as well down at the gym. He certainly had the gift of the gab.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  224. Wade says:

    I live in Arkansas, grew up here.. I’ve never known of any 1st, 2nd or 3rd cousin marriages. It’s pure bunk. If it was ever “common” at all it was probably limited to very remote, rural areas mostly before the 1950’s and the practice has certainly been extinguished since.

    All of my ancestors arrived here in AR in the mid 1800’s, on both my mom and dad’s side of the family. My own grandparents are a mixture of Anglo Saxon, Irish and Welsh. If anything, we are quite “diverse”. I seriously doubt inbreeding was ever a mainstay here.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  225. anonymous[251] • Disclaimer says:

    Anybody else notice that the leading TV sex expert adviser was the extremely ugly Jewess “Dr. Ruth” Westheimer.

    She’s enough to want to make healthy men want to give up sex entirely.

    The Jewish mayor of Minneapolis seems to be real idiot.

    He was video taped doing celebratory break dancing with BLM boys from the ‘Hood.

    J Ryan
    Left Behind in Chicago

    • Replies: @Alden
  226. bayviking says:
    @Alfred Muscaria

    Prove Einstein wanted to bomb Kyoto or spare me your obvious antisemitism. Einstein’s only Nobel prize was for explaining the photo-electric effect. But for some unexplained reason, which you begrudge, Einstein is credited worldwide with a Special Theory of Relativity and a General Theory of Relativity. Is it possible that was because he wrote two papers with those names while working in a patent office no less?

    There is no doubt other physicists would have written such papers if Einstein had not done so first. There is also no doubt Einstein had to collaborate with many other mathematicians and physicists to write those papers. No man is an island. There is also no doubt he had a terrible relationship with his wife who was an aspiring physicist, embittered by the burdens of child rearing. Einstein’s Jewishness was genetic, not religious. To write him off as a just a lying publicity hound is disingenuous to say the least. Princeton certainly kept him.

    To make the claim that modern cancer rates are attributable either partially or fully to vaccines is equally disingenuous. We live in a world smothered in cancer causing chemicals, including oil, most having been grandfathered into widespread use in the USA. Our bodies, when functioning properly are able to fight cancer cells, including your alleged vaccine cancer cell, as long as it can see them. Curie and Fermi, probably had no idea what new risks were associated with their ground breaking research which ultimately killed them. I am not Jewish and Israel abuses the claim that every opinion that what they do is wrong is antisemitic. But for you to project such evil intent on Einstein and Salk only reveals your prejudice, which probably is wider than these two marvelous individuals..

    • Replies: @Alfred Muscaria
  227. Trinity says:

    Actually I remember when I was young and my friends dad was probably in his 40’s and he told me and my friend we didn’t know shit about picking up women, and he was right. haha. My friend’s dad must have been 350lbs but he told us to get out there and TRY. I am actually pretty serious about keeping fit, been doing it now for well over 40 years and it is a part of my life, just like brushing my teeth, eating, etc. My diet is what needs help though. haha. I have no delusions about being attractive to women who are 15-20 years younger than my sons, I just see them usually by themselves, looking uncomfortable in a room that is probably 80-85% male and not one guy their age even approaches them. I figure they feel a guy my age is less threatening. But I must admit there are some dirty old men out there who actually think they could nail these 20-somethings. haha. Maybe if they had Donald Trump’s money, and then only maybe.

    I even talk some to the young guys there. I have two sons but I always wanted a daughter, which is usually the opposite with most men. I just think the young men of today are too passive and sit back and wait for some woman to come along and jump in their arms. That ain’t happening and IF it does, you better tread carefully, there is something rotten in the state of Denmark. I had the same problem in my younger days and got absolutely nowhere. When I took that old fat guy’s advice, things started working out much better. Not trying has to be a huge regret to live with and youth it seems is indeed wasted on the young. Seems to be a lot of hate on here directed towards White women, but how in the hell are these guys going to hook up with a woman if they never even try? Go figure that one out. haha.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  228. Trinity says:

    I hear ya, my parents were born and reared in the small town of Cuthbert, Georgia, which is also the birthplace of heavyweight boxing champion, Larry Holmes and football player, Rosie Grier. Amazing that such a small town produced a football HOF and an all time great fighter. Holmes left Cuthbert when he was 5, but he was still born there. I have never heard of any sort of incest or seen some character like the guy picking the banjo in the movie, “Deliverance.” That is pure Jew horseshit. I would bet you a steak dinner that more incest goes on in any large Northeastern city than any small or rural part of the South. My friend growing up in Baltimore just recently confided in me that he was molested by his Uncle who adopted him and his brothers. He molested the brothers as well, they ended up in prison and both shot themselves. Jews and incest and inbreeding. Well, hell, seems like Jews and Arabs are the kings of sexual perversion and incest is one of their sick habits to say the least.

    (((They))) self project all their faults onto others, (((they))) are the most racist group along with Blacks on the planet and yet they accuse Whites, (especially Southern Whites) of being the most racist. While in NYC, I worked at the Governors Island Fire Department and we had two crews. It was odd, that we had 3 Irish brothers on one crew, myself, and some other White dude, and the captain was Italian. The other crew had two Puerto Ricans, one of whom was Black Puerto Rican, a Black dude originally from Florida, and two White guys. The captain of this crew was White. The Chief was White but he did his eight hours and left. Anyhow, the shit that I heard and saw between both crews. Sometimes I would work with the other crew if someone wanted to switch or if I wanted extra days off. I saw a White dude piss in the Puerto Ricans boots. The Black dude from Florida was racist as hell and I think the dude was making a move on me, no shit. He was a creepy SOB, no doubt. I heard “nigger” more working there than I had ever heard in my entire life. And the Puerto Ricans dudes were as racist as shit as well.

  229. @bayviking

    But for you to project such evil intent on Einstein and Salk only reveals your prejudice, which probably is wider than these two marvelous individuals..

    It was a tribal effort without which we never would have heard of these monsters.

    • Agree: Publius 2
  230. @Trinity

    It was different then. Nowadays trying to pick up women is seen differently. These days they probably pick each other up on pickup sites instead of IRL. Probably you will have a guy and a girl exchanging messages via their phones in a coffee shop or in whatever setting where they may even be sitting across from each other while pretending to everyone else present that there is nothing going on between them. And I guess the guys wait for the girls to initiate conversations because if they do it it may be regarded as sexual harassment.

    I remember years ago making a complement to some girl about her looks (something like “Hey good looking, Wow, etc. etc.) on some beach in US and getting a nasty feminist type response. So I said: “Hey I was only joking, you’re actually an ugly bitch”. And that drove her even more mad.

    Another time in the UK I was walking in front of two feminazi looking girls and I held the door open to them to let them through first while giving them a smile and got a really nasty look for trying to act like a gentleman and treat them like ladies. By coincidence soon after we were walking back the other way and this time after going through the door I slammed it into their faces. I mean you just can’t please some of them. Of course there are still some pleasant women out there, I guess, who appreciate gentlemen and like to be treated like ladies. On the other hand I’ve picked up many women by being nasty to them instead of being nice. You never know and have to adjust your behaviour accordingly but some are just not worth it. It’s quite a tiring game and I never enjoyed acting fake nice or nasty just to get a girl instead of being natural.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  231. turtle says:

    I’ll take J.J. the way she took Southern Comfort – straight up.
    No “Hollywood movie star chaser,” thank you.

  232. Trinity says:
    @Commentator Mike

    I always hold the door open for men or women behind me going into the convenience store, and I noticed that NEARLY EVERY GUY will say thank you, and only a scant few women will say thank you and those women are always 35 and older. I guess you young guys do have your work cut out for you. I can’t imagine anyone, male or female not liking to be complemented on how they look. Sheesh, who the hell is going to get pissed off about being told they look good. No wonder young guys are gun shy nowadays.

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  233. Trinity says:

    Damn, I just thought of Jew Eric Carmen and The Raspberries. Might be considered bubble gum but I could dig, “Go All The Way.” Not a bad looking dude. And then there are the uber Jews in KISS, Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley. I heard Simmons sports a wig and is as bald as a cucumber. Stanley, like Steve Tyler, looks like an old drag queen lately. hehe.

    Cue: Dude Looks Like A Lady by Aerosmith

  234. @Priss Factor

    Priss, your comment was fine until you off-tracked to Germany.
    Are you sure that Germany started the second world war?
    Might the Jews have started it, say in 1933? Or perhaps in Paris 1919, finagling the French into demanding reparations that bankrupted Germany (and enabled Jews to buy Germany for peanuts)?
    I’ll leave it there.

    • Replies: @Bookish1
    , @Alfred Muscaria
  235. Publius 2 says:

    Harrison Bergeron

    • Replies: @cortesar
  236. HbutnotG says:

    Sheesh! You don’t know what a Jersey White is? Time you learned.

    A Jersey White is a colored with cafe au lait complexion, often hazel green eyes, a fleshy face, brown rather than black hair (but not reddish and no freckles – that’s a cinnamon), and in mid 20th century was a classic example of a colored “yuppie.” I presume that they were heavily involved in the “passing” thing earlier in the century. They certainly had the anti-white attitude the cinnamons did (Rev Wright, Coleman Young were cinnamons) and likewise, didn’t “pass” for white and we’ve seen what that resulted in. [ironically, my dad told me that cinnamons were raised for temperament but I think he was pushing the envelope there] Jersey Whites typically dressed urbanely (London Fog coat for example) the women died their hair blonde, and many had higher up office jobs downtown. Many were clerks in better department stores. I don’t know where the name came from – I learned it from my dad.

    If you’re interested I can fill you in on Rhode Island Reds, Peppers, and what “cocoa” or “standard” means.

    Jew? Well no; I’m (nominally) Roman Catholic (ancestors for generations were devout Virgin Mary adorers) – but I did find out recently that despite that, I’m 1/32 Jew which explains a lot, including my intellectual talents and the physiogamy of my dad and his relatives. I do believe in genetics and natural selection which I elaborated on for the Irish Savant readers recently. The Irishmen didn’t like it but fuck ’em. It is what it is.

    I spent about 6 hours in Joisy on our vacation about 60 years ago. And yes – it stunk and the people talked funny.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  237. Bookish1 says:
    @Badger Down

    Germany did not start ww2. It is a deeply complicated subject but I have studied it for many years.

    • Thanks: Publius 2
  238. Michelle says:

    I disagree. A lot of Israeli Jews are gorgeous. It’s having too much European blood that makes them ugly. The exact opposite of what happens when Europeans mix with other races. Yonatan Netanyahu, por ejemplo, just totally, mouth wateringly, scrumptious!

    • Replies: @Trinity
    , @Bookish1
  239. Publius 2 says:

    It’s not possible for an ape with an IQ of 80 to be “in his right mind” by human standards. Are you a boomer?

  240. Trinity says:

    Damn, thanks for the 411 old-timer. Tell me what a Rhode Island Red is? I used to have a rooster that I called “Big Red” like the gum. I also had a neighbor named Booger Red, who lived next door to Skeeter, and down the road a piece was Cooter & Shakey Puddin’.

    “Jersey whites” kind of sound like high yellers and are those Rhode Island Reds the same as redbones by chance? Tell me about them “Peppers,” mister, and I’ll give ya a dime for your time.

    • Replies: @HbutnotG
  241. Trinity says:

    What about that girl who shills for shekels for elderly holocaust victims in Russia or some cold part of the world? I was wondering, she is standing out there in a large coat and it is allegedly so cold there but there is no frost coming out of her mouth or those old ladies when they talk??? I heard that lady is raking in millions, couldn’t she send those poor “holocaust victims” to Israel on her dime??

    She has a brand new commercial about Israelis who have lost their homes due to those rockets that struck Israel. She and/or that organization are asking for 45 dollar donations. What would you give her, a five or two twenties and a five?

    • Replies: @Michelle
  242. @Trinity

    It depends if the young bloke is good-looking or not. Having a bag of money hanging out of your pockets increases your attractiveness, too. It’s simply selective pressure, is it not?

  243. Rogue says:

    Scripture tells us that “we look through a glass darkly.”

    No Christian denomination of any kind, be it Church of Rome, Eastern Orthodox, or the various Protestant denominations have a complete monopoly on Christian theology or doctrine.

  244. @Johnny F. Ive

    Jew parasites need to stop following Europeans around and parasitizing off their societies.
    Too lazy to do actual work kike?
    Screw you.
    Go to Israel and work.
    You know that there are tons of jobs in human trafficking, child exploitation and drugs in Israel. Seriously, get a job.

    • Replies: @Johnny F. Ive
  245. @Jimmy le Blanc

    Another way of putting that would be that the CIA did a very thorough job of destroying American Culture. Primarily, this was done in the News Room, aka the Jews Room. IOW, a marriage made in Hell: Psychotic FreeMasons and Jews conspiring to destroy what is good for the sake of power and control.

  246. Bookish1 says:

    The best looking jews are the ones that resemble Aryans. The hooked nose skinny faced jew is as ugly as sin.

    • Replies: @Michelle
  247. HbutnotG says:

    Rhode Island Reds are an interesting lot. Moderately to very dark but with a definite reddish hue to it; tend to be taller and slender, facial features not so pronounced. The nose may be wide but it is not fleshy, flared nostrils are the usual. Large eyes are typical, but in contrast to a Jersey, not set deep. The most interesting thing about R I Reds is that they have a violent streak and are over represented in prisons, way more than the average colored. They were the most likely to sport a dew rag back in the fifties and walk with the arms swinging, hands in knuckle drag position. On the other hand, Dionne Warwick is a R I Red. [she has been known to on occasion stop singing and bark at someone in the audience for talking loud during her performance – and frankly, I give her full credit for doing so]. Finally, habitat is important. A Jersey is usually seen in a more “dignified” setting – a well tended neighborhood (even if older houses) a bus stop in front of a nice classic city library, or behind the counter in a “better” store. R I Reds are seen lurking in front of a “Checks Cashed” sign or in a liquor store.

    Is “redbone” perhaps a southern cracker term that Yankees dubbed R I Reds? Could be.

    The high yeller thing differs from the Jersey, easily confused by the uninitiated. A high yellow in order to count as such must lack the fat nose and heavy lips and in general, sport “Europeanoid facial features” yet have the same complexion as a Jersey. On that note, 50 years ago my dad mentioned that he theorized that eventually all humans would eventually look like the “high yellow.” That old fart got a lot of things right – yes, it took a long time to see how that would come about. That comment totally puzzled me back then. And, oh, the most defining difference…a Jersey mated with a Jersey has Jersey offspring; but a high yellow mated with another high yellow has offspring of all sorts of colors and types.

    Cocoas peppers & standards are terms I made up myself, and probably there are few people that can identify them as subtypes. You might be interested in my upcoming coffee table book “North American Negroes” It’s a picture book. Time-Life refused to publish it years back. Meantime, I’m coming up with a coloring book supplement that comes with a set of 26 custom colored pencils mostly in sienna and umber shades. Also in the works are coffee table picture books on Juice, Slavs, and Dagos. Can you differentiate a middle Italian from a northern one; a northern Italian from an Austrian? A Slovak from a Czech? You can learn from my book.

    As you can see I have the “teacher gene.” My elementary school teachers often remarked that I was born with a blackboard strapped to my back. Shit. I wish I went to ed school and be sucking in that \$100,000/yr pension for life instead of sweating ridiculous bowlshit like organic chemistry (with its asshole enantiomers); electrophysics and comparative anatomy. Oh well…next time.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  248. @steinbergfeldwitzcohen

    Field goyim, don’t you have anything worthwhile to contribute? It isn’t my fault that our ancestors willingly became field and house goyim. It isn’t my fault that their ignorance, greed, and spiritual depravity opened the way for parasitic infections. Normal ethnic groups have ethnic religions. There is something wrong with people who worship foreign gods, adopt a foreign history, and let foreigners walk all over them without a fight. People know more about ancient Jewish history than their own ancient history by far. The Jews in Israel know what is up. They got their god who chose them and gave them a wasteland called the promised land. The ancient civilized world made the mistake of messing with these people, and uncivilized Europeans were ill equipped to deal with them. The Assyrians could have finished the problem off but failed to do so.

    The truth hurts but I believe Europeans can develop cognitively enough to free themselves. We can emancipate ourselves by social organizing in a different way, but I think the field goyim may want to stay wage slaves and complain about their impending doom. The house goyim loves the little bit of mammon they receive so much that they serve their master well. The Jews shall have their revenge against Europeans with the help of their house goyim unless the field goyim free themselves and go their own way. The field goyim herd has a choice: the slaughterhouse or reject our current system and grow something separate from our current system from the ground up with Bitcoin. If we ignore their banking, legal system, and religions built off their own false religion then they are powerless. They need us to play their game with their rules like good house and field goyim. We can ignore them like people did with the entertainment industry with file sharing.

  249. cortesar says:
    @Publius 2

    HARRISON BERGERON by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

    THE YEAR WAS 2021, and everybody was finally equal. They weren’t only equal
    before God and the law. They were equal every which way. Nobody was smarter
    than anybody else. Nobody was better looking than anybody else. Nobody was
    stronger or quicker than anybody else. All this equality was due to the
    211th, 212th, and 213 th Amendments to the Constitution, and to the unceasing
    vigilance of agents of the United States Handicapper General.

    Kurt Vonnegut got it wrong (or he was optimistic), it took 60 years less before every one was equal each and every way
    So I took a liberty and corrected it
    Joking aside Harrison Bergeron is most farseeing short a story ever written
    Goys get your handicaps on and shut up

    Full Text

    • Replies: @Publius 2
  250. @songbird

    I used to wonder if special effects master Ray Harryhausen was Jewish, since he seemed to be a very popular figure among Jews

    I began an interest in Harryhausen’s work very young, and often also wondered about the same thing, as the surname tends to suggest it.

    Harryhausen was born in Los Angeles, California, the son of Martha L. (née Reske) and Frederick W. Harryhausen. Of German descent, the family surname was originally spelled “Herrenhausen”

    – – Wikipedia

    With a mother’s name of Martha Reske, my personal guess would be that, Yes, he was technically Jewish – though I’m sure I’ve also read that he did not wish or consider himself to be so.

    He also moved permanently to England very young – which is one way to get away from Jew-infested Los Angeles.

  251. Trinity says:

    You are indeed quite a teacher, old timer. Thank you very much for responding to me. You are an EXCELLENT writer as well. I hope you stick around. Thanks again, for the info.

  252. Would these be allowed?

    Suppose some guy insists he’s double-male, or feels like having two penises? Would a doctor add another penis to the one he already has? What if some guy insisted he’s triple-male? Would he get two more penises?

    Or what if a woman insists she identifies as multi-boob and wants 4 more breasts added to her chest?
    Or what if she says she’s male-chested and female-groined. She keeps her vagina but replaces her two breasts with two penises?

    Or what if some guy says he’s a shift-sexual, meaning he doesn’t believe his penis belongs between his legs; it must be shifted elsewhere. He feels it must be on the top of his head. Would this be allowed? Graft his penis onto his head?
    And if you say THAT’S CRAZY, are you shifto-phobic?

    As crazy as it all sounds, who would have thought things would have gotten as crazy as the did? ‘Rachel’ Levine lecturing to us about mental health?

    • Replies: @Alden
  253. @E_Perez

    For your much-needed information and education – coming from a Brit – Tom Jones was nothing but an over-rated second-rate pub singer in the grindingly-poor Welsh valleys, who got his naive eyes well and truly blinded by the lights of Las Vegas far too early in life (via a Jew agent, of course), and never looked back. It’s common knowledge that for at least the first 20 years the cheating, disloyal sex-mad scumbag made a fool of himself all over America’s tv chat shows, and screwed a different dumb showgirl virtually every night – whilst his shy, lonely, deserted wife sat at home in tears reading the Sunday papers headlines about his seedy exploits, and couldn’t even bring herself to show her face in Court to divorce him.

    Tom Jones’s disgusting adolescent behaviour, and the fawning publicity and massive wealth as a showbiz reward, also encouraged millions of other British “men” in the 1970’s to “normalise” their adulteries in increasingly open ways – and I believe thus helped in a strong way to lay the social foundations for the millions of husband-less women and fatherless children we have seen as a standard all over Britain ever since that time.

    And then he got knighted by suggestion of some brain-dead government civil servant – with the support of cretins like you – for spending his worthless career helping to undermine and weaken the social fabric of Britain. The arrogant, loud-mouthed, talent-free, degenerate Welsh cunt should have been castrated instead.

    • Replies: @E_Perez
  254. @Ghali

    A Black Somali Muslim Police officer is serving a10-year prison sentence for mistakenly shooting a White woman

    TEN YEARS ? So with 50% parole the low-IQ sand-nigger bastard will be out of prison in FIVE YEARS – for murdering a defenceless young White woman in her nightdress in cold blood – and the murderous cunt was not even made to take the stand to try to explain WHY he did it, in case it hurt his feelings ! Is that what you dumb African cretins call justice ?

    And for your further information – across Britain there are dozens of now major-league football clubs which were founded, by industrial factory teams, in the mid-nineteenth century – decades before any White man ever set foot in Africa, let alone discovered a few village kids kicking a dead animal around the clearing.

    Football was invented by Whites. It’s called history.

  255. @James J O'Meara

    Related to Fate is the idea of the blood feud. (a la Siefgried and Hagen) All those sagas the “neopagans” swoon over are taken up with one family exterminating another family, usually over nothing, or a misunderstanding

    Yes, indeed.

    You mean… like, err… Isaac, son of Abraham, “father of Israel”… and Ishmael, son of Abraham, “father of the Arabs”, who continue to feud, hate, despise and destroy each other today, as only deranged, in-bred blood-cousins can – and always will ?

    You mean that kind of shitty mythology, right ?

  256. @Dr. Robert Morgan

    Very true.

    But the difference being, of course…

    … that very many male Jews really DO look like the caricature – hence… umm… the world-recognised caricature.

    But Jew Hollywood is also perfectly sharp and devious enough to understand fully that, in order for Jews to make money, White people who have no interest whatever in Jewish culture or Jewish religion need to see a Jesus who looks like… Well, this:

    • Replies: @Rdm
  257. @Z-man

    You shock me, Sir. I am shocked. SHOCKED, I tell you.

    Watching Cabaret for the very first time in my youth was one of the seminal events of my life. The overt and laughably nonsensical bias against the German people, the apparent Nazi rise to power for no reason at all, and the absurd and obviously deceitful picture of harmless Jews being harassed and hated by unintelligent German tyrants led me to question for the very first time the “received narrative” of innocent Jews, megalomaniac Nazis – and why the wars which changed Europe and the world actually happened.

    Then, far, far too late in life came serious research. And now I know that I have final truth. I have an understanding from the whole of history of what international Jewry has done for millennia – and an intelligent grasp of what they will do next once they have full power – unless they are stopped.

    Never mind the “Not Jewish at all” song – or the rest of a magnificent film which, in chutzpah-soaked Jewish hands, sends the smart viewer on all the “wrong” research journeys, to all the “wrong” conclusions. If you don’t watch any part of the film ever, you should still watch the heart-stirring thematic centrepiece which, as one of the most brilliant and powerful scenes in film history, is now an almost suicidally-depressing lament for the Europe which could have been – and the Europe we have lost.

  258. @Trinity


    Biden – “I’m a gutless moron”.

    • Thanks: Trinity
  259. bjondo says:

    the nicely attractive and very ME looking Madeleine Albright (I can’t remember her stage name):

    Same for the youngish, camera-loving Golda Meir (also had a non yid stage name):

    • Replies: @lloyd
  260. lloyd says: • Website

    I take this to be sarcasm. Jayne Mansfield was a crypto Jewish actress whore from what I could gather from wikipedia. Her father was an attorney of German origin. Her career was almost a copy of Marilyn Munro down to the Kennedy brothers. All American actresses indulge in the Jew scene. Even if they are not actually Jewish they pretend to be so. Whoopi Goldberg is a coloured example.

  261. @Marckus

    I see your point and I too despise those you describe.

    Full disclosure I have tattoos. Both arms full sleeves, and a giant piece covering my entire back. I got them all while I was in the Navy 18-36 and I am 44 now and since all were professionally done even the first ones look as new as the newest ones. I have never had a piercing and don’t dress like a wigger. I am married with 3 kids and I am done with tattoos cause I would rather spend money on my family. I don’t regret my tattoos though. I don’t worry if I am identified because I have never been arrested or even been given a ticket. I keep my hair like I kept it in the military, and my values are extremely right wing and 2020 just pushed them even further to the right.

  262. Rdm says:
    @Dave Bowman

    If that’s the case,

    Would Christopher Reeves decline the Superman role, given the Superman was written by Jews?

    Would Kaley Cuoco reject the role in Big Bang Theory, which is again under Jews? (albeit awful actress) [Remember \$ 1 mil per episode] sweet sweet love.

    Would Tom Cruise decline the role in Eyes Wide Shut, which is also under the great Stanley Kubrick?

    • Replies: @Dave Bowman
  263. AceDeuce says:

    My understanding is that Sec. of War Henry Stimson, who honeymooned in Kyoto back in the 1890s, overruled the military brass, and spared Kyoto from being bombed at all during the war.

  264. Malla says:
    @Colin Wright

    If, after all, I say something that is true, your agreement doesn’t necessarily signify anything. If, on the other hand, I can compel you to assent to an obvious falsehood, I have forced you to submit to my will.

    It is also a test of loyalty to the state and party. If you prater party lies and propaganda, which goes against self evident truth, you are loyal and loyalty to the party is what matters at the end. It is a uniform and badge of loyalty, to accept the obvious bullshit.

  265. Malla says:
    @Johnny F. Ive

    Creating civilization doesn’t appear to be North Western Europe’s strong suit. They were late bloomers.

    The kind of land they Northern Europeans were on, its agricultural productivity including remoteness in Eurasia did not create the conditions of agricultural excesses for early civilization. There is a reason why most civilizations started near rivers (Nile, Indus etc…) . The same could be said about mountainous Japan. It was only when agricultural techniques improved in the Middle Ages that Northern Europe truly boomed, North Western Europe before North Eastern Europe. Before the industrial revolution, excess grain production or proximity to those early grain producing civilizations mattered most. After the Industrial revolution, average population qualities like IQ and other traits started mattering more. That is why White and Yellow nations boomed after industrialization and many populations of ancient civilizations like India or Egypt could never take off in the post industrial revolution age and become First World countries. We may never take off ever.
    Many of those traits that North Western Europeans (especially Anglo-Germanics) and Japanese possessed, both culturally and genetically, helped them make first class societies. The only problem is that Northern Europeans foolishly believed that other populations could become like them in the long run (White Man’s Burden both during colonization, Communism and mass immigration) which could not and will not happen. The German National Socialists came from a school of though that realized the futility of this very early. The importance of race and tribe, which the whole World subconsciously agrees and understands, most White people cannot bring themselves to accept it, partly due to Judeo-leftist propaganda and Christianity. By the time, the majority accepts it, a lot of damage would have been done. Christianity has been a blessing as well as a curse in many ways to the White World. It has its own pros and cons.
    It is extremely false that Northern Europeans cannot build civilizations. Take the British Empire for example, the most remarkable Empire in human history. Conquered the ancient land of India like butter and ran this most difficult nation like butter. Built it up with a maze of railways and telegraph lines and irrigation channels and modern universities like Roman Empire built roads and aquaducts. Or the mighty USSR which sent man to space. Even during the late medieval age, Europe was swiftly moving ahead of the world. After the Industrial revolution the White World (and the Yellow World) boomed.

  266. Malla says:
    @Johnny F. Ive

    False, Western Civilization as we know it is at its core a Germanic civilization.

    This Greeco Roman primacy was pushed just a few centuries ago.

    The reason Western Civilization is so distinct is because it is at its core a Germanic civilization, Greeco-Roman culture and Christianity were just supports just like Celts, Western Slavs, Balts, Meds, Hungarians, Finns etc… were supports to a core Germanic Civilization. This Greeco Roman primacy was pushed just a few centuries ago.

    • Disagree: geokat62
  267. Malla says:

    How can this video be downloaded?

  268. Goyboy says:

    The Jewish war on Truth, Beauty and Goodness all designed to undermine your faith in everything.

    • Agree: geokat62
  269. Malla says:

    Collapse of Civilization and road to barbarity

    People like them explored distant lands, made trade deals and conquered the World. Braved new strange lands, conquered savage tribes before anti-biotics and modern technology even existed.

    People like them, ran the World

    People like them, lost the World.

  270. Next up , Ginsberg doppelganger Larry King to be played by Brad Pitt in upcoming biopic.

    • LOL: Trinity
  271. @Rdm

    You appear to have completely misunderstood the point of my comment.

    It is precisely BECAUSE Hollywood Jews understand how physically, as well as morally, repulsive they are to other people that they take great care always to place good-looking (mostly White) Gentiles in the most significant and publicly-visible film and tv roles. This is exactly the same principle which ensures that, as far as possible, they always place shabbos Goy Whites in prominent public-speaking and public-facing positions in their wholly Jewish-funded and Jewish-run organisations. This principle of instinctively and automatically hiding themselves by using others as a shield from instant recognition as Jews is called “crypsis”, and although there have always been plenty of ugly, talent-free Jew chancers in front of the camera, from Woody Allen and Dustin Hoffman to Adam Sandler, their numbers are dwarfed by those of the “beautiful people” – the White talent whose movies bring in the big money – from overwhelmingly White punters – every day of the week.

    So should Whites like the ones you mention avoid the roles offered to them by Jew Hollywood – and effectively cancel their own highly-lucrative careers overnight ? Many people like me (who stopped watching Hollywood output with any interest years ago) think they should – and many probably would, if they had any understanding of the extent to which they are being politically manipulated for Jew Hollywood gain. But I’m also prepared to acknowledge that must be a very, very hard choice to make for most aspiring and talented White actors, in an industry where you either sign Contracts and work every day with Jews – or you don’t work.

    • Replies: @Rdm
  272. Rdm says:
    @Dave Bowman

    I understand your point completely. In fact, I partially agree to your point that Jews tend to showcase their works by exclusively using Gentile faces.

    This led me to reconsider, just pause for a moment, and give some credits where credit is due, i.e., Jews are excellent story tellers in general. That’s why they excel in any form of communications. People love to listen to stories, either small or big. Jews are also astute at business. Combined with those money making talent, do you think Jews will go for ugly looking their ethnic Jews and sell it in 70% Whites dominant US?

    Do you happen to observe any Gentiles on the street that make you take a double look at them? Are we brainwashed by Hollywood incessant display of good-looking Gentiles over 70 years and thought Gentiles are more good-looking than Jews or any other races?

    I don’t have time to go over everyone of those, measure and do statistically. But just a couple of examples here (I don’t mean to humiliate or insult to any person). Just an observational discussion.

    1. Shailene Woodley
    Her right and left eyes are not at the same level. If you check the tear duct, the right eye is slightly lower than the left. That’s why every time I happened to glimpse at her movies, she looks awkward to me and I couldn’t pinpoint until I study her face.

    2. Cameron Diaz
    You’d get the point

    3. Jennifer Aniston
    We all know her nose job.

    Those are celebrities. If you happen to sit down at any coffee shop and observe Gentiles on the street, you’d see there are defects. Ordinary people, not celebrities. But since we can only google somebody with public reputation, we observe their physique. Some have one eye bigger than the other. Some have nose crooked to one side.

    Granted, there are good looking and ugly people in every races. It all comes down to proportion.

    • Replies: @gatobart
  273. E_Perez says:
    @Dave Bowman

    For your much-needed information and education – coming from a

    Latin …

    I always knew the Brits have no humor – except some black one, which is not my kind – but I thought they at least recognize satire.

    Your “much needed education” should have noticed that my comment agreed completely with @Trinity, to whom it was directed, and also agrees with your opinion on Sir Jones…

    • Replies: @Dave Bowman
  274. gatobart says:

    Speaking of Cameron Diaz, which is not a Jew, this is a little gem I found in the caption dedicated to her in the webpage Jew Or Not Jew.

    “And then it hit us. Celebrities WANT to be Jewish. They live such a hollow life, these Hollywood types. Oh, sure, it looks glamorous to the outsider: the movies, the gowns, the jewels, the parties. Where is the substance?

    We, Jews, offer substance. We offer a culture based on millennia of thought and reflection. We offer centuries of tradition. We offer rituals of criticism and arguing. Goyishe celebrities can have it all… and yet they can’t have THAT”.

    Mm…so that’s how Jews see celebrities who are not fortunate enough to be one of theirs. Mm again.
    Q: If non-Jewish celebrities want to be Jewish, then, why, why, why most Jewish celebrates anglicize their names, ah…? They should be more than happy to keep them…!

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  275. gatobart says:

    BTW, something that struck me too late to include it in my comment but which is quite relevant. The comment shown here originated in the fact that Cameron Diaz chose to have a Jewish wedding despite the fact that there was no Jew in sight during that ceremony. From that came their comment that Gentiles would like to be like Jews and so they try to adopt their lifestyle. Which of course is an absurdity. If that was true then the fact that a North American family install a pinata in their backyard and they play the pinata ritual when one of their kids is having his/her birthday party would mean that they want to live like the peasants in Central America. Or the fact that many in the U.S. enjoy their doritos, tostitos, tacos and enchiladas would mean that they’d like to live like Mexicans. No, sorry, no; people copy from others what they like of them or what they think will make them look non conventional and cool and that includes sushi, saunas, paellas, fondues, tango dancing and conga lines among many other things.

  276. Alden says:

    What makes you think supply and demand is a Jew? Jewish man asian woman is a common match now days. But generally the man isn’t a loser can’t manage to make a living in America.

  277. Alden says:
    @Priss Factor

    If medical insurance would pay for it, surgeons would happily and greedily preform the surgery.

  278. Alden says:

    The whole point of the hideous prematurely aged dwarf Dr Ruth Wisenheimer or whatever her name ; was to parade a hideous wrinkled old dwarf around as the sex advisor. As if people couldn’t figure it out for themselves. Before hideous Dr Ruth some dorky looking rabbi write a sex advice book. Eewwww
    I only saw Dr Ruth occasionally for a few minutes on talk shows before I switched to another channel. That was one advantage of a full time job 4 kids and being a landlord. No time to waste on TV.

    My mother was 11 years older than Dr Ruth and far less wrinkled. And never had a face lift or collagen injections. I believe Dr Ruth’s wrinkles were the result of theatrical aging make up.

  279. @Badger Down

    Priss, your comment was fine until you off-tracked to Germany.
    Are you sure that Germany started the second world war?

    The more I learn the more I conclude that Germany was just trying to survive. The central banking cartels can’t allow sovereign currency of any nation so Germany had to be destroyed.

  280. Ian Smith says:
    @James J O'Meara

    I should avoid stereotypes and sloppy generalizations, true. You’ve written a lot about your intellectual interests. And while I think seeing Detroit pre- and post- Coleman Young would red pill anyone on the blegs, I don’t think you’ve ever written on how you came to be aware of the Early Life crowd.

    Forgive me, I get nosy about these things.

  281. @Colin Wright

    “One can also point to writers and musicians”

    You don’t have a fucking clue as to what you are blathering about.

    Without the magnificent contributions of Hebrew “Tin pan alley” composers : Gershwin, Kern, Hammerstein, Arlen (Over the rainbow”) , Berlin, , the list is miles long, including the Hebrew author of the the number one tune for American GIs in ww2: “I’ll be seeing you”, the US would be a cultural wasteland, as far as music is concerned.

    Regarding architecture : A Kahn of Detroit created some of the most beautiful, original, works of art to been seen in the US.

    Authenticjazzman , Pro Jazz artist, and airborne trained US army vet.

    • Replies: @Vojkan
  282. anon[397] • Disclaimer says:

    Maybe you could provide some examples of Albert Kahn’s beautiful, original
    works of art. I couldn’t find anything that I considered better than boring.

    As for schlock music pushed over and over and over by
    schlock meisters, I never could stand any of that crap.


  283. @E_Perez

    My sincere apologies indeed, Sir… ‘Fraid my Satire-ometer hasn’t been performing too well lately. But good to know we see alike.

  284. Vojkan says:

    If they’re the best the US has to offer then it is a cultural wasteland indeed, as far as music is concerned. Norway with Grieg, Finland with Sibelius have produced more worth each than all those you mentioned put together. The Czechs, the French, the British, the Russian are already in a different league, while the Germans / Austrians, Italians are outright aliens in comparison. Black jazz musicians have made something of worth, not the Khazarians.

    • Replies: @Authenticjazzman
  285. Michelle says:

    Well, yeah. But the ones who look Arab/Semetic?

  286. Michelle says:

    Most Jews have left Russia and most Holocaust victims have died, except for those who qualify for “Cosmic justice”. Have not seen the “Girl”, you are talking about. Give me a link.

  287. @Vojkan

    ” Black jazz musicians have made something of worth, not the Khazarians”

    Black ( and white, such as myself) jazz musicians first utilize the creations of the Hebrew, and other, song writers as the basis for their improvisations, they first present the Hebrew and other tunes such as “All the things you are, ( J Kern) and they then improvise over the chord progressions of said tune to form their own new version thereof.
    You obviously have no clue to the functioning of jazz performance and as to the importance of the providers of the tunes employed therein.

    I just love it when an a person totally ignorant of the subject at hand voices an absurd opinion thereof


  288. @gatobart

    Sure, the Jews are along-lived people with a compendious history, with many high points, but there are the downsides, too.
    After all, the Judaic cult is basically a xenophobic and aggressive rejection of the rest of humanity. The enmity for the goyim has led to plenty of hideous massacres, suffered by the Jews and inflicted by them. The ‘religious’ tracts are a boring collection of genealogies, numerous genocides and massacres of others, hideous punishments for non-compliant Jews, and the usual misogyny. There are moral exhortations, too, but for Jews only, I’m afraid.
    The Hollywood crowd know that Jews control their business and livelihoods. Groveling toadyism is de rigueur, even to the extent of letting creatures like Harvey Weinstein and numerous other Judaic ‘moguls’ grope all over them, and, when forcibly rejected, break down and blubber about how ugly they are.

  289. Samira says:

    As a Muslim, I find it despicable that Muslims don’t see the game and join this hateful war against whites.
    Not that whites haven’t their own share of inflicted misery on others, but at least, for a long period of time they fought for themselves and lost millions of white lives to build empires.
    not like Jews who kept fleeing persecutions or disguised themselves to destroy civilizations from the inside out.

  290. The tone of this piece is reminiscent of the black tradition of “playing the dozens” or “signifying.” Odd, coming from someone who hates black culture so much…Too bad this article isn’t as clever as, say, Bo Diddley’s “Say Man”…

  291. Can we have an article about this guy? I’ve never heard of his groups, but he speaks like Tobias Langdon.

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