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The COVID Crematoria Conundrum
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Uh-oh. Alarming news (is there any other kind these days?) suggests that the COVID-19 pandemic has put a catastrophic strain on the world’s crematoria not seen since … well, we’ll get to that in a moment.

Let us take these headlines at face value for the sake of argument:

Zittau, Germany: Reports from this Saxony city describe a backlog of bodies in the first three weeks of December 2020 totaling 115 deaths, or about 5 deaths per day. “Despite optimised procedures and permanently working machines, the number of cremations necessary is higher than the capacity of the Zittau crematorium and its staff,” city officials warned. The city has allegedly resorted to storing corpses in a large hall.

New Delhi, India: More than 650 people died from COVID-19 last summer in India’s capital city. An article from AFP stated that “[i]t takes about two hours to incinerate a body in a furnace.” This implies that a single oven was capable of handling only about 12 bodies per day, assuming the oven operated continuously 24 hours per day. New Delhi’s crematoria, some of which were not operational, could barely keep up, by official accounts.

Mexico City: In early summer, there was reportedly a backlog for cremation at every public crematorium in Mexico City due to the COVID-19 pandemic. “Black smoke billows out over cemeteries as the ovens are cremating on an industrial level in the city but the bodies don’t stop coming,” Sky News reported. “In fact, the ovens simply cannot cope and there are regular reports of breakdowns only adding to the backlog.” An analysis of data from 30 crematoria across the city showed that each crematorium “is disposing of between 18 and 22 bodies each day.”

Wuhan, China: Last February, the Daily Mail reported that all the crematoria in Wuhan, China, were operating 24/7 to cope with COVID-19 deaths. At that time, the death toll from the virus in China (not just in Wuhan but in the entire country) was reportedly 490.

Los Angeles, Calif.: “Hospital morgues are so full that the National Guard is being called in to help county workers as corpses are moved into storage at the L.A. County Department of the Medical Examiner-Coroner,” the Los Angeles Times reported. “The overcrowded crypts at hospitals are the result of private mortuaries running out of space and staff to handle the unprecedented number of COVID-19 deaths.”

Some cities, including New York , Indianapolis, Riverside, Fresno, El Paso, and Waco, are reportedly using refrigerated trailers for auxiliary storage of COVID-19 corpses. In Ecuador, people who died of COVID-19 were simply left lying in the streets, according to the Daily Mail.

We know that such hyperbolic claims of mass death and disease transmission in the age of pandemania have repeatedly withered under scrutiny—the overflowing field hospitals that never were and the Sturgis, South Dakota, superspreader event that wasn’t, for example.

But assuming the global reports of clogged crematoria are true (or mostly true), we arrive at a rather interesting and delicate COVID crematoria conundrum: The number of bodies that have pushed modern crematoria to their limits pales in comparison to the number allegedly incinerated at German concentration camps during World War II. A single crematorium at Auschwitz was reportedly able to incinerate 768 corpses every day, according to the Jewish Virtual Library. That’s more than six times the total number of deaths in the city of Zittau between December 1 and December 23.

Townhall columnist Marina Medvin recently cited a claim that “more than half” of thousands of inmates were gassed and “half cremated” at Dachau concentration camp within just three hours. When readers tried to challenge that claim, Townhall staff removed their comments.

When podcaster Nick Fuentes seemed to suggest that the standard Holocaust narrative overstates crematoria capacity, conservative commentator Ben Shapiro responded indignantly, repeating a claim by an alleged eyewitness that Auschwitz (or maybe a single crematorium at Auschwitz) cremated 2,500 bodies per day. The eyewitness said the high volume was made possible by shoving numerous corpses into each oven during each cremation.

Why, if those numbers are correct, were Nazi crematoria of the 1940s so much more efficient than modern crematoria? To paraphrase Fuentes, the math just doesn’t seem to add up.


Reinhard K. Buchner, The problem of cremator hours and incineration time

• Category: History, Science • Tags: Coronavirus, Holocaust 
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  1. There is no good reason the believe any of the reporting about Covid® excess deaths, body storage/disposition issues, none of it. At best the reporting is truthy, which is to completely false but politically unwelcome to factually examine or refute.

    Remember the reporting of mass graves being dug by New York City prisoners (Rikers Island??) to dispose of all the dead? Total BS, never happened. If there are mass graves being dug in New York, you can be sure that Union men are doing the job, not prisoners. El Paso had to call in refrigerated trailers to all the inconvenient stiffs? Never happened. Chinamen burning so many of their fellow countrymen that the effluent (some noxious Nitrogen compound associated with the commercial scale cremation of humans) was observable from space thru satellite sampling or some such. Never happened.

    Propaganda and BS from start to finish. I am staying out of the Holocaust dispute.

  2. The total number of deaths this year is the same as previous years.

    There are no excess deaths.

    However…..heart attacks have disappeared. Cancer deaths have gone away. Flu is gone!

    The only thing people die from is covid.

    It’s MAGIC!!!!!!

  3. Why, if those numbers are correct, were Nazi crematoria of the 1940s so much more efficient than modern crematoria?

    Those damn ebil Naughtsees were just so efficient! /sarc

    It’s always interesting to see how truth is finally revealed.

    • Agree: annamaria
    • Replies: @Cave Empt
    , @Adam Smith
  4. Icy Blast says:

    I think Nick has gotten a bad rap.

  5. Periodically re-bricking the muffles is also not factored in the calculation. It’s amazing what a belief can achieve, especially in The Matrix.

  6. I believe standard Holocaust scholars don’t claim that millions of bodies were incinerated in crematoria. They claim that millions of bodies were incinerated outdoors in open air burn-pits or something.

    I’m sure Wally will tell you all about it. Repeatedly.

    • Replies: @Alfred
    , @GeeBee
    , @Wally
  7. TG says:

    Hmm… I do think that the statistics show some significant “excess deaths’ this past year. But bear in mind that, in a “normal” year in the United States, something like 4 million people will die. That doesn’t make COVID wonderful, but it should put it into perspective.

    As far as ‘excess deaths’: if these are all in the very old, then in the next few years we should have fewer ‘excess deaths’. It doesn’t make it good, mind you, but in the bigger picture perhaps we should be talking about total years of life lost. I mean, if someone who was going to die at 80, Dies at 78, that is still sad: they lost two years to experience with family etc. But it’s still in some ways worse than someone who was going to die at 80, dying at 20. Just saying.

    As far as the flu – for six months I’ve been saying that either the flu goes away, or the flu is as usual. If the flu goes away, it means that masks and social distancing etc. are really effective, it’s just that COVID is so incredibly infective. If the flu season hits about as usual, then it means that all this mask stuff is nonsense.

    Really, we don’t have any experience with COVID: but we do with the flu. Some seasons are worse than others, but all fall within broad guidelines. So the flu is kind of an experimental control: does all this masking and social distancing really do anything, or not?

    And if the flu does go away, then even when COVID is under control, perhaps we should keep the masks? I mean, in a world with about 10 billion people flying around incubating disease and spreading it in a sort of human Petri dish, perhaps this is the new normal?

    • Replies: @anonymous
  8. LeoB says:

    John, you’re kinda late to the party. this controversy was discussed to no end through the years by both sides of the debate and by now is all figured out as much as humanly possible. you could just google it.

  9. The Shanghai Shivers death count is as real as the HollowHoax death count.

  10. Shapiro is hilarious. He cites a complete nonsense story as if it is a definitive account. “We would add women’s bodies to accelerate the burning” ONLY a city boy could hear this without bursting into laughter.

    It ain’t rocket surgery. Humans are around 96% water. Males weigh more on average. Thus the average male body would be cremated slower than the average female. But the Jew fantasy is that bodies are combustible and the reality is the opposite. Toss a body on a fire and chances are you’re going to extinguish the fire. It takes a massive amount of heat to first evaporate the 96% of mass in H2O, before we can begin to think about burning the not very combustible stuff that remains.

    As a fun experiment anyone can do at home, next time Fluffy croaks, instead of paying a veterinarian for disposal, cremate Fluffy in the fireplace. When you see what it actually takes to make Fluffy turn to ash, you’ll never again believe Jewish fairy tales..

    • Agree: Pop Warner
  11. Lee says:

    I went down the cremator rabbit hole link at the end of the story for a bit.

    Has there never been a fact based Nazi account of how the cremators worked that detailed the number of bodies that could be incinerated per day?

    Has anyone ever set up a simulation of a Nazi cremator and then tested it with animal carcasses perhaps?

    This shouldn’t be that hard.

  12. @Brian Reilly

    Propaganda and BS from start to finish. I am staying out of the Holocaust dispute.

    Your perception of present events is clear, why would we doubt that your perception of the historical narrative would be just as astute?

  13. There’s no question that we will need to rediscover the Nazi’s cremation secrets. The author deserves accolades for his keen observation. The Nazis developed extremely advanced cremation technology that allowed them to cremate thousands of corpses in a very short time, including reducing all human bones to a fine ash.

    We all agree that the Nazis were incomprehensibly evil. But at the same time we should acknowledge that they developed procedures that will help us today in dealing with these incredible numbers of Covid corpses.

    Perhaps there are very old Nazis, yet undiscovered, that Israel will capture to help us solve this terrible cremation problem.

    • Replies: @GMC
    , @anarchyst
  14. BEDEMIR: And what do you burn apart from witches?
    VILLAGER #1: More witches!

  15. raga10 says:

    Why, if those numbers are correct, were Nazi crematoria of the 1940s so much more efficient than modern crematoria?

    Gee, I don’t know – possibly because they were much bigger? Auschwitz had large buildings with a number of ovens. Modern day Zittau (population approx. 22,000) probably doesn’t need quite the same capacity in more usual conditions.

    But hey, never let logic get in a way of a good conspiracy theory.

    • Troll: Hippopotamusdrome
    • Replies: @GeeBee
    , @annamaria
    , @Bojo
  16. nsa says:

    Takes about 4 hours to cremate a body. So setting the dial to extra crispy and running an oven continuously results in the cremation of 6 bodies a day. So it would take 1000 ovens running day and night for 1000 days to dispose of 6 million bodies. Might even require 2000 ovens if you allow for maintenance and down time. Anyone ever locate the 2000 ovens or the massive workforce needed to operate and maintain them? Hmmmmmm………

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  17. nsa says:

    Off topic, but you MAGAstinians may have a lot more election “fraud” to whine about next week. called the Nov. 3 popular vote results to within 0.3% . Using their proprietary polling algorithm for the GA runoffs, they now have Ossoff (D) up by 1.2% and Warnock (D) up by 1.5%. No shooting the messenger as humble nsa loves froggies and birdies and fishies so he voted for Howie the Greenie.

    • Replies: @Rahan
    , @davidgmillsatty
  18. Alfred says:

    They claim that millions of bodies were incinerated outdoors in open air burn-pits or something.

    How about some links? More fake history? 🙂

    Indeed, why incinerate anyone outdoors. Just fence them off and leave them in the open to die of exposure, thirst and hunger. It worked for General Eisenhower with his Wehrmacht prisoners. The birds and rats will take care of the flesh. A bulldozer a little later will turn their bones into soil once more. Easy-peasy.

    Most of these prisoners were kids. The Soviets had taken care of the older ones.

  19. Not that it justifies the global house arrest, mass censorship, selecting market place winners etc., but an elevated death rate last year may be real and a true signal of some new contagion.

    p.s. What a bright kid, that Nickie with his wicked funny satire. The outrage is that in a number of countries voicing mere doubt about an historical event can end you up in prison. Who pulled that off?

    End Judeo Lese Majeste
    FREE Ursula Haverbeck

  20. J says:

    Most of the cadavers were incinerated al fresco. The SS carried out experiments how it could be done with minimum fuel, and discovered that with the fattest in the lower layer and the driest in the upper layer, all the bodies were consumed.

    • Replies: @GeeBee
    , @Katrinka
  21. Miro23 says:


    Sixteen European countries and Israel have laws against Holocaust denial, the denial of the systematic genocidal killing of approximately six million Jews in Europe by Nazi Germany in the 1930s and 1940s.

    Holo – Caust (Whole – Burning)

    Zittau, Germany: Reports from this Saxony city describe a backlog of bodies in the first three weeks of December 2020 totaling 115 deaths, or about 5 deaths per day. “Despite optimised procedures and permanently working machines, the number of cremations necessary is higher than the capacity of the Zittau crematorium and its staff,” city officials warned. The city has allegedly resorted to storing corpses in a large hall.


    Construction of Auschwitz II began the following month, and from 1942 until late 1944 freight trains delivered Jews from all over German-occupied Europe to its gas chambers. Of the 1.3 million people sent to Auschwitz, 1.1 million died. The death toll includes 960,000 Jews (865,000 of whom were gassed on arrival)…

    If 865.000 Jews were gassed on arrival then that works out at an average of 865.000/1000 days = 865 bodies per day + 100 per day dying from other causes = 965 bodies per day.

    There is no evidence of 960.000 buried bodies at Auschwitz (unlike the 22.000 bodies of Polish officers executed at Katyn forest by the NKVD April 1940) – so supposedly they were incinerated.

    That gives Auschwitz crematoriums supposedly cremating on average 965 bodies per day ( 193x the daily throughput of the Zittau crematorium). This must have been a vast building using enormous quantities of fuel.

    But from aerial photos no such building existed – and the Germans in fact had critical fuel shortages throughout the war:

    The typical cremation conducted in a modern crematory requires an average of 28 gallons of fuel (about the amount of fuel that can be held in an SUV gas tank).

    [Request] How much energy does it take to cremate a human body? from theydidthemath

    So this imagined Auschwitz crematorium used on average an imaginary 27.000 gallons of fuel (36 tons) a day to cremated those imaginary corpses while the Wehrmacht was meanwhile desperately searching for any fuel it could find. Also, as a separate point, the British intercepted camp commander communications recording plenty of discussion about typhoid epidemics but none whatsoever about “gas chambers”.

    It’s true that the Jews were chased out of Central Europe (mostly arriving in the US) and that they experienced serious hardship (the same as other European populations) but no Holocaust.

    • Thanks: Peripatetic Itch
  22. unit472 says:

    The Germans also used open air fire pits to incinerate bodies at some camps and they had more or less unlimited manpower to operate their crematoriums but I get the point. They had thousands of bodies to get rid of after a transport of prisoners arrived and managed it without having decomposing corpses laying around.

    California might have a problem if their Covid death toll runs over 500 day for weeks on end and it could given the explosion in cases they are experiencing. Last spring New York was burying some covid victims in paupers graves to alleviate the strain on crematorium.

    • LOL: General Nuisance
  23. Anon[189] • Disclaimer says:

    Is it so hard to understand that the Germans’ current capacity for cremation wasn’t built with genocide or mass extermination in mind?

    No doubt the Germans would have no issues increasing capacity if this excess of deaths was to go on forever, but since most Germans are normally buried rather than cremated this is clearly catching them by surprise.

    This is all very similar to how Nordic nations and Canada have the infrastructure to deal with feet of snow whereas Florida would come to a standstill with an inch of the stuff. The question here is one of preparedness rather than capability.

  24. GeeBee says:

    What they claim is whatever is left once the original claims have been exposed for the nonsense that they are. Thus the impossibility of burning millions of bodies in crematoria was replaced by the equally preposterous idea that they were burned in the open air. Next, they decided that the best policy was to ignore all this inconvenient stuff demonstrating the impossibility of the thing. Their latest stance is therefore one of ‘we don’t care about the evidence. It must have been possible because we know that it happened.’

    • Agree: Peripatetic Itch
    • Replies: @Irish Savant
    , @Whitewolf
  25. @Alfred

    A bulldozer a little later will turn their bones into soil once more. Easy-peasy.

    Nature does take a while. They are still digging up human remains, mostly bones I presume, from the French genocide in the Vendée of 1793. Occasionally we even hear about even more ancient cemeteries with bones, as for instance, the Mount Vesuvius volcanic eruption of supposedly 2000 years ago, or even older native American burial mounds.

    • Replies: @John Johnson
  26. GeeBee says:

    Your glib remark – which has ‘smart-Alec’ written all over it – is all too typical of ‘normies’, who have not the faintest clue just how much meticulous research has been conducted into every aspect of this subject. Carlo Mattogn’s The Crematoria Ovens of Auschwitz and Birkenau is just one example. This magisterial work comprises two volumes, the first of which provides the text, and which runs to 500 pages, the second which contains 270 documents and 360 photographs.

    Essentially, the crematoria were designed and provided by the firm of Topf of Erfurt. There were six crematory furnaces in all, two of which were never used for various reasons. Originally there were just two, which were felt to be sufficient to deal with a normal incidence of deaths at a camp in which up to 50,000 people lived and worked. When the typhoid epidemic struck in late 1942 and 1943 (from memory) it was realised that further facilities were needed to dispose of the bodies. Burial was impossible, because of the very high water-table in that place. The camps stood between two rivers, the larger of which was the Oder, hence the water table was less than a metre below ground.

    Once the mythology about ‘evil Nazi death camps’ got going, it was necessary to invent ever more ludicrous nonsense in order to attempt the impossible, which is to say provide an explanation as to how four million (the original figure) bodies were disposed of there. One ‘solution’ has been to reduce the Auschwitz death figure from four million to ‘about a million’ – still way in excess of the c70,000 shown in three independent sources: 1. the ‘death books’ kept by the Germans and now in the hands of the Russians, but which have been made available for research, 2. the Red Cross’s records, kept under lock and key at Bad Arolsen (for obvious reasons, although certain researchers have seen them), and 3. the Bletchley Park ‘Enigma’ intercepts, kept at the Public Records Office in London. Virtually all of these deaths were from the typhoid outbreak.

    I would also point out that your example regarding Zittau – which you usefully confirm has a population of 22,000, and is thus around half that of Auschwitz – of which the quote provided in the article mentioned ‘machines’, ie they have more than one. Auschwitz, as I said, had effectively twice that number , which is consistent.

    • Thanks: Robjil, Alfred, Miro23, Oemiktlob
    • Replies: @TKK
    , @KHitt
    , @raga10
  27. @Lee

    Has there never been a fact based Nazi account of how the cremators worked that detailed the number of bodies that could be incinerated per day?

    Auschwitz: Open-Air Incinerations by Carlo Mattogno [PDF, 9.90MB]

    • Thanks: Lee
  28. GeeBee says:

    Morning Shlomo. You wouldn’t care to provide some evidence for this I suppose?

    • Replies: @David
  29. So many ways Mathematicians and Statisticians could completely destroy all the Jew Lies.

    Shame that so many close their eyes to the Truth, easily revealed.

  30. anonymous[144] • Disclaimer says:

    Why is the wearing of masks so important to the New World Order? Does it replace party armbands and the obligatory Salute Romano? Is it like the repeated picture of the Dictator in totalitarian dictatorships? Is it the use of group pressure to conform? Is it in Orwells’s 1984?. If you don’t know, surely there is someone there you can ask.

  31. theMann says:

    USAAF burned upwards of 1 million Japanese civilians in 1i44-1945, but it took enormous Air Power firebombing wooden cities. Maybe 80 000 died at Dresden, which took well over 1000 tons of incendiary material, oh, and city full of burnable materiel. 10 Dresdens is 800 000 deaths, a hundred is 8 million. So we are talking nearly 100 Dresdens to burn 6 million bodies, by no means in all cases to ash. So 6 million in crematoriums would be an enormous undertaking. Not absolutely ruling out, but the entire “who, whom” of the Eastern Front should invite scholarship, not censorship.

    In any case:

    It does not matter how many died or by what means. The initial War Crime is mass incarceration without charge. Once that happens, you can be certain something bad is going to happen the people rounded up. And the easiest way to cause mass death is to round people up, and then cut them off from food and water.

    Today we have mass incarceration without charge, we call them “lockdowns”. All the other crimes of the Nazis and Communists began with mass incarnation. All the coming crimes due to “the Covid”, and rest assured, they will be dillies, will begin with the lockdowns.

    Different lies, same Totalitarianism.

    • Agree: acementhead
    • Replies: @AnnonnGuest
  32. @Robert Dolan

    On the flip side, it does seem to have dropped the global IQ by about 10 points.

    However…..heart attacks have disappeared. Cancer deaths have gone away. Flu is gone!

    I had heard also that opiate deaths are down too, but I don’t have a reference. The causes of death are clearly being misclassified – this should be obvious to anyone. Indeed, these deaths could be expected to increase in an environment where people are afraid to seek treatment or the usual health services are disrupted.

    It goes back to the rule that what you can’t measure (properly), you can’t manage. With this as the starting point, all other arguments and policy decisions about the pandemic are fundamentally flawed

    • Agree: Alfred
    • Replies: @theMann
  33. annamaria says:

    “But hey, never let logic get in a way of a good conspiracy theory.”

    — You certainly meant the fables of certain Elie Wiesel, don’t you? Or you still rely on the ghastly lies of Soviet propagandist Ilya Ehrenburg (“Jewish soap & lampshade”)? The case of Ehrenburg is particularly jarring since his co-tribalists has converted tens of millions of Russians into dust by organizing and running concentration camps (Naftali Frankel), starving millions of human beings of all ages to death in Ukraine and Kazakhstan (Lazar Kaganovitch and Filipp Goloschyokin), murdering the priests and valiant officer corp by the most sadistic ways (Rosalia Zalkind).

    And don’t forget the Jewish activist Yurovsky who conducted the extermination of the Russain imperial family, including a child (who was, of course, just another Amalek for the shameless and blood-thirsty chosen). The same tribe never stopped wailing about antisemitism in Russia, like the wailing of the “exceptional democrat” (and darling of Bush the lesser) Scharansky, an Israeli thug.

  34. GMC says:
    @Just another serf

    And maybe, after we discover how the Nazi’s got sooo proficient on Crematory methods, they will share with us – their methods of cheap energy – that they must have used in all those years. Good Post J A S

  35. @Brian Reilly

    No wonder that journalists are less trusted than politicians.

  36. Ugetit says:

    The death toll includes 960,000 Jews (865,000 of whom were gassed on arrival)…

    I’ve finally figgered it all out. You have it right there; i.e., they were gassed. Dem “Nazis” were into synfuels and even turned wood into gas which was burned to power wheeled vehicles. Mother Earth News had an article about running cars on wood back in the ’70s, even. I bet them nasties turned humans into gas, then burnt the gasses even destroying the evidence, even.

    Ss see, even I done figgered it all out an’ I ain’t even no IQ jeenyus!

    All the rest of you have yer heads up yer buttz! I mean figger it out, will ya, dem eternal viktumz is honest, I tell ya!!!

  37. Cave Empt says:
    @Jimmy le Blanc

    It takes about two hours to incinerate a body in a furnace. This means that it would take 417 years to cremate six million bodies. We are talking of impossibilities not efficiencies

  38. Realist says:

    All of the news sources cites are full of shit.

  39. “Why, if those numbers are correct, were Nazi crematoria of the 1940s so much more efficient than modern crematoria?”

    Because in the 1940s, crematoria were run by the efficient Germans (like having trains run on time) whereas, modern crematoria, notwithstanding its, well, modern design are run on Israel time, i.e. a slow moving, inefficient train. What else could be the explanation?

  40. RouterAl says:

    I was looking at this from a modern British point of view. In this country as far as I can find we have about 300 – 320 crematoria ovens. This is to cremate about 375,000 people who die each year in the UK and wish cremation. Simple arithmetic gives you say 1250 bodies per crematoria per year. If we take about 300 working days per year that gives about 4 bodies per crematoria per day. This is what you would expect with a modern gas oven , 1.5 – 2 hours start to finish allowing for cool off and to clear up and reducing to powder of the remains. Most crematoria I understand have now a waiting list which in personal recent experience can be between 10-14 days.

    If that’s what we can achieve with a modern computer controlled gas oven , it strains credulity that even the Germans would manage any better with 80 year old technology based on invisible coke and uncooperative operator skill.

  41. David says:

    Something similar happened recently:

    A crematorium went up in flames when the excessive fat from an “overly obese” body caused the pyre to burn too brightly, according to local reports.

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  42. Obviously need the NAZI’s to give the municipal council a lesson in crematoria.

  43. Rahan says:

    Off topic, but you MAGAstinians may have a lot more election “fraud” to whine about next week. called the Nov. 3 popular vote results to within 0.3% . Using their proprietary polling algorithm for the GA runoffs, they now have Ossoff (D) up by 1.2% and Warnock (D) up by 1.5%. No shooting the messenger as humble nsa loves froggies and birdies and fishies so he voted for Howie the Greenie.

    If even the words are like those of an alien awkwardly attempting to communicate in an Earthling manner, what Lovecraftian horrors must constitute the actual mind.

  44. Zittau,Germany borders on the Czech Republic,where they had about half of their corpses cremated so far.Now that border was closed as part of the Corona measures,thats why the backlog.

  45. theMann says:
    @The King is a Fink

    “It goes back to the rule that what you can’t measure (properly), you can’t manage”

    And what you deliberately mismeasure, you deliberately mismanage. As I have said repeatedly, every single word of CoronaFraud is a God-Damned Lie. Time to root the liars out and hold them accountable.

    • Replies: @davidgmillsatty
  46. TKK says:

    Stephen King (who lost his mind and is now a woke Retard) wrote in his novella “1922”:

    Murder is damnation. Murder is turning your face from God.

    And Murder is hard work.

    The protagonist killed his wife over a land dispute and the story details the back breaking labor it takes to dispose of one body by 2 strong males on an isolated farm surrounded by corn.

    To dispose of 6 millions bodies… inconceivable. But until I starting reading here- I never knew it was a crime to even question the absurd logistics of it.

    • Replies: @Culpepper
  47. Great job on this one Jon. You get the full monty of snaps. Hahahaha

  48. @Miro23

    The Jews were not thrown/chased out, as they actually, unlike ethnic Poles, could obtain a passport an leave the “anti-Semitic” country. As an ethnic Pole I had to marry a man from West-Europe in order to be able to leave Poland. Alas, the omnipresent lies can reign supreme; people simply prefere not to think for themselves.
    The anti-German propaganda in Poland is now more successful/efficient than ever: although somewhat moderate in MSM; no limits för the hatred in the “alternative” media.

    A court in Poland has recently issued a European Arrest Warrant for a former guard at a Nazi concentration camp. Prosecutors want the 97-year-old woman, who “oversaw Polish prisoners in the camp”, extradited from Germany to face charges for crimes against humanity.
    I do hope that the poor woman dies in peace before being subjected to the now in Poland prevailing “Catholic love”, according to which all Germans (children included) are barbarians.
    There is no more convincing testimony – as to the German “atrocities” – than the chauvinist “patriots” in Poland.

    • Replies: @J
  49. @Stan d Mute

    I believe you, but please bury Fluffy. Besides Fluffy deserving better, the smoke and smell would be horrible in your home. Bet it adds creosote to the chimney due her fury little body not being dried properly.

  50. I’ve got an idea, ship the Covid dead to Auschwitz. Isn’t it suppose to be historically and accurately preserved? Just fire up its ovens, and poof the corpses go.

    • Agree: Johnny Walker Read
    • LOL: Jimmy le Blanc
  51. Trickster says:

    I once attended a Hindu cremation ceremony in the Caribbean. I would say it took about one cord of hardwood and over 5 hours to reduce the body to ashes. At the end there were still fragments of bone and undamaged teeth in the residue. I dont know what a cord of wood would translate to in terms of gas but I imagine it would be enormous. Times 6 million ??

    I find it difficult to believe the Germans who would end up fighting a war on three fronts and continually short on fuel toward the end of the war would use up that amount of energy resources.

    Further, there would have been the additional fuel and other resources to transport the subjects to the camps, the resources to build, staff and maintain the camps. Finally, 6 million, would have left a lot of bone and teeth fragments behind. Question is : Where are they ??

    The logistics and resources would be staggering. I dont think anyone has to be an expert to realize how implausible this all sounds. Further, if there is any truth to the scenario it would be simple to demolish the HoloCOST deniers….simply produce the remains.

    Instead we have legislation designed to shut up and imprison the deniers which dictates the whole Holocaust was a HollowHoax

  52. Trickster says:
    @Robert Dolan

    NO!! what is Magic is that millions did die according to Anatoli Karlin and like the 6 million of old,,,,,,,,,have disappeared…………….not just in Germany but worldwide.

    Is that Supernatural or what !

    On another note we have to thank the Covid outbreak for a cure of all other diseases as pointed out by other UR readers. While disease is down on many fronts Smoking weed is UP UP UP though to the point where I understand the legit vendors are unable to make a dime but the dealers are lighting their stogies with Benjamins. I thought legitimizing the trade would crash the cartels product ! No??

    The liquor stores are doing a brisk business with lineups and so forth.

    I dont have any first hand information on other hospitals. What I do know is that in my hood one now rarely hears the sound of sirens and the nearby hospital looks like a …….morgue ? Nurses and hospital staff have been sent home as there is no work. The place is …….dead. Even the nearby cemetery which welcomes one corpse a week is…..dead ! What is going on here ?

    These anomalies tend to make the sceptical and cynical suspicious to say the least.

  53. If the Germans wanted to kill the Jews they would have simply shot them all.

    There was no shortage of ammo.

    There was never any intention of killing them.

    The goal was to stop the communist takeover.

    • Agree: Ugetit, TheTrumanShow
  54. Katrinka says:

    Idiotic. I guess when you have no facts to support your position you just make things up!

  55. I find it hard to believe that Indians had problems incinerating those few that died due to Covid-19 considering more than 7 million Indians die each year and most are cremated per tradition. I’d still expect the Germans of 80 years ago to be more efficient than the Indians of today.

  56. KHitt says:

    Do you have a link to download or buy a copy of that particular book by Carlo Mattogno ? ( “The Crematoria Ovens of Auschwitz and Birkenau” ). I’d never heard of him before. I found several other titles by him online but not that one.

  57. For the re-tah-herds:

    The illegally constructed National Socialist crematoriums used multiple muffles loaded with multiple bodies to maximize efficiency. Legitimate crematoriums use single muffles with one body per burn, to reduce the cross-contamination of ashes between bodies, so the customer can be confident that most of the ashes they received belonged to their loved one, per law. Something the National Socialists didn’t care about.

    In many cases the bodies weren’t fully incinerated, just charred enough such that they could be easily ground up to be used as fertilizer. The Germans are still eating wheat grown on the remains of Jewish people. Put that in your muffle and smoke it.

  58. Jiminy says:

    I remember after an old neighbour died and was then cremated, while the urn was emptied in her garden out came pieces of bone with the ashes. So even after hours of heating you still have solids. When you think about the amount of energy needed to cremate millions of people, you’re probably looking at an atomic bomb being dropped like in Japan. Even in the Dresden firestorm , with the massive amount of bombs dropped, people were still recognisable though shrunken and desiccated…..Where’s Eichmann when you need him.

    • Replies: @Dave Bowman
  59. Schuetze says:

    With the vaccine deniers cowering in their attics and the Covid Stasi setting up infection concentration camps and prowling about in their Ewige Kristallnacht, we are all Anne Frank now.

  60. J says:
    @Lucy Lipinska

    It is true that Jews could leave Poland (before German occupation) – the problem was that no country was giving them visas. Some consuls could be bribed and saved a few dozen Jews and they are counted among the “Just”.

  61. @JohnPlywood

    Typical modern crematorium, one muffle oven:

    Unusually numerous “communal” crematorium (note the space between the muffles – single muffles):


    Birkenau crematorum (notice the lack of space between the muffles – triple muffles):

    National Socialist crematoriums were effectively the equivalent of several modern crematoriums rolled in to a much smaller package.

    The blood of the Jewish people is on your hands, when you deny the Holocaust.

  62. @JohnPlywood

    How did they grind up so many bodies, and to such an extent that one cannot even find literally tonnes of bone fragments around where the alleged death camps were?

    Another absurdity is the story surrounding the Aktion Reinhardt camps, orthodox storytellers have it that hundreds of thousands of gassing victims (gassed with diesel engines no less) were exhumed and then burnt on sections of railway track.

    • Replies: @JohnPlywood
  63. Ben Shapiro is not a ‘conservative’ columnist. His sole criterion on any issue seems to be ‘is it good for the Jews?’. It just so happens that some conservative positions conform with that criterion.

  64. @GeeBee

    Their latest stance is therefore one of ‘we don’t care about the evidence. It must have been possible because we know that it happened.’

    If I’m not mistaken that was exactly the position of the Canadian judge in the trial of (I think) Zundel.

    ‘Guilty as charged’.

    • Agree: GeeBee
  65. @JohnPlywood

    The blood of the Jewish people is on your hands, when you deny the Holocaust.

    Whose hands are bloody when Jews “rise and kill first?”

    Whose hands are bloody when US Congressmen give US taxpayer money to Israel, where IDF kills Palestinian children?

    National Justice Investigates: American Tax Payers Spend At Least \$23 Billion On Israel Every Year
    ERIC STRIKER • Jan 1 2021

    Dec 2020:
    Israeli forces fatally shoot Palestinian child during village protest
    Ali Abu Aalya succumbs to wounds after being shot in stomach by Israeli forces near Ramallah in occupied West Bank

    March 2020:

    • Agree: Lurker
  66. [Off-topic Flu Hoaxing nonsense.]

    • Agree: Hippopotamusdrome
  67. GeeBee says:

    I was writing my post from memory, and somehow managed to transpose the title of an essay by Carlo Mattogno (who writes in his native Italian, but I believe that all of his works are now available in English) with his very large two-volume book on the same subject. I therefore apologise for confusing you and hence for you not being able to find it. ‘The Crematoria Ovens of Auschwitz and Birkenau‘ is actually the title of one of his essays, which you can see here:

    His far larger two-volume work is actually called ‘The Cremation Furnaces of Auschwitz‘ and is available on Pdf.

    • Replies: @KHitt
  68. Whitewolf says:

    Surely the Nazis left blueprints that can be used to recreate the super efficient crematoria used to incinerate millions of Jews? After all the allies were careful to take all the documentation they could find from the camps. There were numerous camps as well. You can’t tell me that the blueprints for the crematoria don’t exist anywhere.

  69. Whitewolf says:

    Their latest stance is therefore one of ‘we don’t care about the evidence. It must have been possible because we know that it happened.’

    The same attitude they have now regarding the US election.

  70. Zittau, Germany: Reports from this Saxony city describe a backlog of bodies in the first three weeks of December 2020 totaling 115 deaths, or about 5 deaths per day. “Despite optimised procedures and permanently working machines, the number of cremations necessary is higher than the capacity of the Zittau crematorium and its staff,” city officials warned. The city has allegedly resorted to storing corpses in a large hall.

    So, the people who [supposedly] burned through 6,000, 000 bodies in roughly 4 years, give or take [1,460 days] -that’s is the equivalent of 4,109 bodies, every single day, 24/7, 4 years in a row, without a single day’s break- get their panties in a twist over a mere 5 dead bodies per day?

    Makes the holocasut BS [sorry, I’m Holywood excec] even more ridiculous than before.

    “Sarah, I need my oranges at the fence in an hour, coz that’s the time it takes to pull my granddad’s watch outa muh a-hole!!!”

  71. @Brian Reilly

    Staying out of the “Holocaust(hoax) dispute? Coward!!

    • Thanks: Jett Rucker
  72. @Irish Savant

    Here is a slightly modified extract from an article Shapiro wrote for Townhall in 2003, Transfer is not a dirty word

    Here is the bottom line: If you believe that the Europeans have a right to exist, then you must allow Europeans to transfer the non-Europeans, both with and without European passports, from Europe It’s an ugly solution, but it is the only solution. And it is far less ugly than the prospect of bloody conflict ad infinitum. When two populations are constantly enmeshed in conflict, it is insane to suggest that somehow deep-seated ideological change will miraculously occur, allowing the two sides to live together.

    Unfortunately, this insanity is generally accepted as “the only way forward.” European leaders accept it because it is politically palatable. The non-Europeans accept it because for them, it is a Trojan horse. The European people accept it because they are afraid that if they expel the non-Europeans, they will be called Nazis.

    For anyone who has been subjected to Holocaust indoctrination in European schools, being called a Nazi is unspeakably terrible . That is the secret weapon of the Jews. Any time the Europeans get wise and threaten mass expulsion of non-Europeans, the Jews pull out their big stick, equating Nazism with the desire for European ethnic self-determination. Their newspapers call Nick Griffin, Le Pen and others, another Adolf Hitler. Their spokespeople cry “Genocide!” And the Europeans cower in fear that they could be equated with mass murderers.


    • Thanks: Jimmy le Blanc
  73. @Irish Savant

    Conservatives are such gullible dupes. Shapiro is the epitome of the loud mouth, fast-talking Jew that leads “conservatives,” especially evangelicals, down the path of lies and eventual destruction.

    It’d be absolutely hilarious if it wasn’t so tragic.

    • Agree: General Nuisance
  74. @The Spirit of Enoch Powell

    Are you asking me how they used mill technology to grind human remains up to a powder, or so I have to explain to you what a mill is?

    Over 50 million American bison were slaughtered in the great plains region in the 1800s. Most of their skulls were eventually collected and ground in to fertilizer to recharge midwest farms with, before the advent of phosphate fertilizers. This was a big industry back in the 1800s. Should one deny the buffalo extermination simply because reports of grains of buffalo skull dust are rare?

    The obvious answer is that the Jewish bone dust has agglomerated in to the soil of German and Polish farms where it was deposited, and also in the river banks. Just like the American bison skull dust did in the midwest, and indeed in Germany where it was imported.

    The diesel exhaust and AR shit has been explained over and over again, you can easily get to the truth by googling it (something I’m afraid many people haven’t figured out how to do even in 2021), it’ll be in the top results unlike whatever trash you read.

  75. The obvious answer is that the Jewish bone dust has agglomerated in to the soil of German and Polish farms where it was deposited, and also in the river banks. Just like the American bison skull dust did in the midwest, and indeed in Germany where it was imported.

    Yes, this must be why Rabbis prohibit excavations at the Treblinka site, one also has to wonder how the Germans managed to dig up hundreds of thousands of damp and decomposing bodies and get them to burn while piled up on top of each other on rail tracks.

    The truth is that after the Soviets had ‘liberated’ Eastern Europe, many of the Jews there met the same fate as many millions of others, deported to Siberia and worked to death. A Times of Israel piece told us how Simon Wiesenthal completely made up the death toll of 5 million Gentiles being killed in the concentration camps for political purposes, the same could be done for Jews. Although of course exposing such a thing would be much harder as Jewish victimhood is central to the WW2 war crimes narrative.

    ‘Remember the 11 million’? Why an inflated victim tally irks Holocaust historians

    The only way one can believe the Holocaust narrative is if one believes that bodies burn easily by themselves and burn down to the bones by themselves.

    • Replies: @Alfred
  76. Ron Unz says:

    Do you have a link to download or buy a copy of that particular book by Carlo Mattogno?

    You’re probably already aware of it, but this website has a very large collection of Holocaust books, most of them freely available in electronic form:

    Back a couple of years ago, I incorporated the complete archives of the Journal of Historical Review, which contains many hundreds of articles along similar lines. You you can easily filter by author, general topic, or time period:

    For example, here are the articles by that particular writer you mention:

  77. Schuetze says:

    I do believe you are projecting guilt like a shyster jew. Can you provide some links instead of demanding that we rely on jewgle?

    The gas wagon (Russian: душегубка (dushegubka) was invented and used by the Soviet secret police NKVD in the late 1930s during the Great Purge. The vehicle had an air-tight compartment for victims, into which exhaust fumes were transmitted while the engine was running. The victims were gassed with carbon monoxide, resulting in death by monoxide poisoning and suffocation.

    • Replies: @Schuetze
  78. Schuetze says:

    The Judeo-soviet gas vans were produced in the Ford factory created for Stalin. IIRC it was located in “Stalingrad”. Just as with the Katyn forest genocide of Poles, jews managed to project the collective jewish guilt for the genocide of millions of Russians onto Germany during the Nuremburg “trials”. Jewish kommisars used the ford gas van to accomplish this. Likely the bones of their victims were scattered all over the labor camps after the interned fled the gangs of rapists and brigands later known as “The Red Army”.

    • Replies: @bp
  79. Ivan Lagace ran North America’s largest crematorium. It was virtually identical to the ones at Bullschwitz.

    Ivan testified for the defense at the Zundel trial. Ivan explained the process, and then confirmed that the horror stories about the Bullschwitz crematoria were “ludicrous”, “preposterous” and “beyond the realm of reality.”

    Anyone interested in this subject should read the summary of his sworn testimony here.

    @ The Spirit of Enoch Powell says:
    January 3, 2021 at 6:56 pm GMT • 27 minutes ago • 200 Words ↑

    QUOTE The only way one can believe the Holocaust narrative is if one believes that bodies burn easily by themselves and burn down to the bones by themselves. END QUOTE

    Do you not remember that dead Jews are inflammable, and burn on their own after you hold a match to their toe?

  80. Wally says:

    “I’m sure Wally will tell you all about it. Repeatedly. ”

    Indeed I will, and only when the topic is brought up by others … as the record at verifies. Ah. Odd that you don’t mention the endless repetition of the fraud by “The Holocaust Industry”. Anyway.

    – There were no gassings at the mentioned Dachau, nor anywhere else by ‘the Nazis’. There is no such proof and the ‘gas chambers’ claims are simply scientifically impossible, no, laughable. The alleged cremations rates fall apart based upon that fact alone.

    – As for specifically shooting down those absurdly claimed cremations rates, I recommend:
    Modern cremation facts dispel the holocaust claims:
    The Crematoria Ovens of Auschwitz and Birkenau, By Carlo Mattogno:
    The Crematories of Auschwitz / A Critique of Jean-Claude Pressac:
    Impossible cremation claims / Bischoff ‘Letter’ of June 28th 1943 and Krema 4 exposed:

    • Replies: @cohen
  81. @KHitt

    Do you have a link to download or buy a copy of that particular book by Carlo Mattogno ? ( “The Crematoria Ovens of Auschwitz and Birkenau” ). I’d never heard of him before. I found several other titles by him online but not that one.

    Clicking on the link below should either open up the book in your browser’s built-in PDF reader or start a download. The book itself is around 1100 pages, with more than half of it being footnotes and high quality photographs of the Auschwitz cremation ovens and facilities, which means the file size is a hefty 163MB,

    The Cremation Furnaces of Auschwitz: A Technical and Historical Study by Carlo Mattogno and Franco Deana

    Mattogno’s other works can be found here.

  82. @Lee

    Some time ago, a commenter on this site noted that the Bletchley intercepts had been released, and posted a link. The intercepts included daily reports (except Sundays) from all of the concentration camps about the numbers entering and leaving. The “leaving” included deaths. All of the numbers “leaving” come nowhere near the 6 kagillion. I have been unable to re-locate that link. As for the “Nazi” crematoria, Ivan Lagacé, a funeral director, testified at the Zundel trial in 1988. He compared the crematorium at Birkenau to his own using the Birkenau plans, and provided an estimate for cremation time, but noted natural gas was different than coke.
    One of the questions posed by the “deniers” has been where are the records of the coke shipments required to burn the number of bodies alleged to have cremated.

    • Thanks: Lee
  83. Culpepper says:

    Eleven million. Six million Jews and five million Gentiles

    • Agree: TKK
  84. @nsa

    Not to nitpick, but the cremation time is about 2 hours. The cooling down time is a minimum of 1 hour after the 1st cremation, and 2 hours after the 2nd cremation, with no more than 3 cremations in an 8 hour period, and no more than 50-60 per month.
    Please see link at my comment # 79

  85. @David

    Are you saying that all of those cremated at the “death camps” were overfed?

    • LOL: GeeBee
  86. German_reader says:

    imo a few hundred Holocaust deniers should volunteer for an experiment, let themselves be interned in a replica concentration camp, be gassed and then incinerated in crematoria. Only then can we have certainty whether it was logistically possible or not. They should make that sacrifice for truth. I don’t know about the legal issues, but maybe Ron Unz can organize this experiment and find volunteers among the UR commenters.

  87. Bojo says:

    OK raga10 or Troll # A7713
    Same number as Elie Wiesel Tattoo which he never substantiated.

    I am on your case now so get ready for questions that your tribe has/had been avoiding to answer with accusing the inquirer as Anti-Semite. You and your Talmudist Tribesmen had used this bullying techniques successfully for some time. Sorry that playing field is getting a little bit leveled because of flow of information without interference from Jewish Papers like New York Times (May be The Jews Times for lack of better words). Demand more money from your handler for extra work you are going to do in replying such questions from now on. Or change you Troll number.
    First Question? Where did you dream up the magic 6 million number? you can check on bitchute.

    ””” Magic number before WWI

    And Magic Six Million during and after WWII………

    • Replies: @Jiminy
  88. Mulegino1 says:

    The crematoria in Birkenau had coal fired cremation ovens and 52 cremation retorts/muffles, with a one hour plus per body capacity. They were never all in operation at the same time. They had a total use/life span of about 3,000 or so bodies/cremations, and were all in need of periodic maintenance. There is no record of any one of them being replaced. And there is no evidence in the camp records of the enormous coal requisitions which would have been necessary to fire them up for the cremation of hundreds of thousands of bodies. The fact that they were not replaced and not all simultaneously in operation is perfectly conformable with the camp death records which show some 60-70,000 deaths of all causes; perhaps in the final months of the camp there were additional deaths, but the current revised “official” figure of 1.2 million is practically impossible. The latter figure is almost certainly overstated by a factor of ten, i.e., 120,000 or so total deaths of all causes. After all, a revision of the figure from the original 4 million to 1.2 million is much greater in total numbers than a count of 120,000 from 1.2 million.

    As far as the “official figures” from the Aktion Reinhardt transit camps- especially the alleged 800,000 victims at Treblinka II- the accounts of outdoor cremations on pyres are utterly ridiculous. Bodies do not burn on their own. It takes hundreds of pounds of dried, cured firewood to cremate one single human body on an outdoor pyre. If the fantastic claims about Treblinka II were true, there would be an enormous quantity of wood ash and massive ground disturbances traceable from the burial pits. There would have had to have been a giant warehouse to keep the dried firewood dry- we are talking about millions of pounds. None of this is in evidence. There is literally nothing at Treblinka II that would substantiate this nonsense.

    The official 6 million legend can only be held as an article of faith. There is virtually no physical or authentic documentary evidence that can substantiate any of it. No evidence of homicidal mass gassing chambers, no traces of human remains remotely indicating millions, or even hundreds of thousands, and no authentic documents that demonstrate that the “Final Solution” consisted of anything other than removal/evacuation of the Jews from the German sphere of influence.

    The Shoah Business is a pseudo-religion based upon a calumny which world Jewry has freely invented to falsely indict the Christian people of Europe.

  89. @German_reader

    If by “being gassed” you meant standing in an unheated basement room in Poland in November-March, waiting for the heat activated Zyklon B pellet to work, that’s already been done. Nothing would happen to any of these imaginary deniers. Zyklon-B is activated by heat, and is otherwise inert.

    As Nick Kollerstrom so succinctly phrases it “If you believe a can of Zyklon works exactly as per the instructions on the can, you must be a ‘holocaust denier’”.

    • Agree: Mulegino1
  90. Oemiktlob says:

    No, let the ones making the claims that events occurred as they say do it. The burden of proof is on them.

  91. @JohnPlywood

    My understanding is that the slaughter did not occur as you described. It happened due to the bison lacking the immunity necessary to combat all the diseases brought over from Europe, Africa and Asia. This is what happened to Native Americans. Upwards of 90% of Native Americans died from lack of immunity to European and African diseases.

    It also happened to the American Chestnut tree. Between 1900 and 1950, four billion (that is billion) trees died from the blight brought over by the Chinese Chestnut.

    • Replies: @JohnPlywood
  92. It’s remarkable the coinintelpro commenters that come about on Unz when that jew fairytale, their holocaust religion is brought up. The math doesn’t add up. Forensics have already proved to be false on gassing with bug spray. Most if not all who testify about this fake event are jews, known liars throughout our known history. You can be jailed in numerous countries for just questioning it. The truth fears no investigation.

    This one false event in history lets these jews get away with all their crimes in every country by pleading victim status. Did you know us Amerikans and EU countries pay into that holocaust fund through our tax\$. I thought we won ww2 in the west? It’s apparent the jews and their lacky freemason goy won that war and now they war on us. Silencing our free speech, making special jew laws and taking every bit of freedom we have left by huge jew lobbies!

    Ernst Zundel who the jews tortured and made prisoner made a prediction that what happened to the jews in 1940 Germany will eventually happen again in the west. The jews don’t know how to behave like normal people!

    • Thanks: anarchyst
    • Replies: @Oemiktlob
    , @Jimmy le Blanc
  93. @JohnPlywood

    Time for an IQ test:

    Same or not the same:

    • LOL: Genrick Yagoda
  94. anarchyst says:
    @Just another serf

    Q: “How many jews can you fit in a Volkswagen?”

    A: “14–4 in the seats an 10 in the ashtray.”


  95. @nsa

    538 has been in on the fraud since Silver was at Daily Kos. Man did he suck back in 2004. Anyone who believes that idiot wouldn’t know fraud if it hit him in the head with a shovel.

    Analysis has been done on the Dominion vote all over the country and it averages about 6 % higher for Biden than every where else and they counted about 40% of the vote. So Silver’s call on the popular vote was way off the mark.

  96. KHitt says:

    Ok got it. Thank you for taking the time to clarify that.

  97. Oemiktlob says:
    @General Nuisance

    “The truth fears no investigation..”

    No, it doesn’t, and that’s part of what makes Ron Unz publishing the material he chooses to so admirable and impressive.

  98. @theMann

    What exactly is the fraud? I got the shingles two years ago because somehow I flew under the vaccine radar and failed to get the shingles vaccine. I got the shingles from fucking hell but at least I didn’t die. I will be first in line to get the Covid vaccine. I am not about to fucking risk going through something that might be worse.

    And my daughter, son in law and granddaughter got COVID about two weeks ago and all felt like shit. The symptoms are very well known. Both my daughter and son-in-law lost their sense of smell and taste. That happens to about 70% of the people who get it. They are just beginning to recover. They got it from my other granddaughter who got it at school and who remained asymptomatic. They had to shut the entire school system down because there were too many sick people to even run it.

    So what the fuck is the fraud? The disease doesn’t exist? It doesn’t kill people? Or governments all around the world should have done something else?

  99. @Alfred

    The following link to David Irvine’s Nuremberg book is worth a look (try before buy).

    See pages 349 ~ for the alleged outdoor burials but note the following passage:

    “As the car pulled into the British unit’s barracks at Heide, a blizzard was blowing. Höss was marched naked across the parade ground to a cell. For the next three days he was kept awake and repeatedly interrogated in German – he understood no English. Kenneth Jones, a private with the Fifth Royal Horse Artillery, and two other soldiers were detailed to take turns to sit in his cell, armed with pick-axe handles to jab him every time he fell asleep. ‘After three days and nights without sleep,’ said Jones, ‘Höss finally broke down and made a full confession to the authorities. Höss himself wrote later, ‘At my first interrogation, evidence was obtained by beating me. I do not know what is in the record, although I signed it. Alcohol and the whip [his own] were too much for me.’ The ‘record’ was an eight-page text typed in German, which Höss signed in the early hours of March, having the presence of mind even now to add the time, ‘A.M.’ after the date. This confession, which subsequently came to be submitted to the Nuremberg tribunal as document NO–1210, had taken three days of torture, as his captor, Sergeant Bernard Clarke himself would describe, to obtain.”

    Note pagination differs between the printed and pdf editions.

  100. Bojo says:

    Identify your Troll number first. German Reader!
    What are your hourly rates for being a troll? Dont be shy
    Answer following.
    1.Six Million? where who, when, how?
    2.Why the inmates in concentration camps needed post office. What Holocaust “scholars”?
    3.What about the theaters in the camps? Deny if would about their existence.
    4.Swimming pools in concentration camps??????
    5.What happened to the fuel storage used for burning human bodies?
    6.or Was it green wood that was used. In the open pits or in the ovens?
    7. Can the holocaust promoters and profiteers (Speeeeeel Burrrrrrrrrrrg type) make up their mind if it was Carbon Monoxide or Zyclone Gases or Steam that was used for extermination.
    8. What was the story on the captured Russian Tank whose engine was used to produce Carbon Monoxide for killing (unfortunately it is not possible). Gasoline produces CO and not diesel (that the Russian Tanks used).
    9. How come the “gas chambers” have handles that could be open the door from inside
    10. Why you guys call yourselves Semite where your not Semites. And actually Ashkenazi
    11. Dont you guys feel ashamed of stealing lands from Palestinians and killing women and children

    Hope to hear from you soon. I will follow up. Come back with a different name, please.

    • Agree: GeeBee
  101. @General Nuisance

    The truth fears no investigation.

    That’s why the Jewish media dismisses any evidence of fraud in the Nov 3 election. They fear an investigation.

  102. Getaclue says:

    Learn to do some research maybe? You just believe the total bs you are fed and think others should? People get sick — how about that? How dare your family get sick…. — The point is that there have been massive LIES told as to CVirus from day one as part of a political/NWO Agenda that has been prepared and “gamed” for some years now — especially by the billion dollar Gates and Rockefeller Foundations.

    The “Experts” making bs predictions, causing hysteria and lockdowns (now stated by the UN to have put 200 Million people in 3rd World Countries at risk for STARVATION — you care about them?) are ALL related to and on the pay in one way or another of these Foundations/Gates (Neal Ferguson, Fauci, Birx etc.). The “testing” used — PCR– was stated by its inventor not to be reliable for what they are using it for — there are up to 90% false positives — yet they keep doing it to keep the hysteria going based on phony false positives.

    The survival rate for this CVirus is in excess of 99.8% even with all the phony deaths tossed on — gunshot deaths, car crashes etc. — so this is what people are pointing out (almost all deaths are of people with 2 co-morbidities the CDC finally admitted) — try not being such a tool maybe? Gates doesn’t “love” you nor do any of these other Billionaires pushing this NWO Great Reset using CVirus to bring in permanent Medical Martial Law and total impoverishment of all the non-“Elite” — just the opposite, they hate the Peons but the Peons are too stupid to get it or to get what is coming. Do some research on the “vaccine” and you will see they are talking about lessening of “symptoms” — it does NOT prevent you from getting the CVirus and it has had serious side effects on many people. People need to grow up and wise up.

    • Replies: @davidgmillsatty
  103. @Peripatetic Itch

    Nature does take a while. They are still digging up human remains, mostly bones I presume, from the French genocide in the Vendée of 1793

    It actually doesn’t if the remains are on top of the ground.

    Otherwise the forests would be filled with the remains of animals.

    • Disagree: Peripatetic Itch
    • Replies: @Hippopotamusdrome
  104. @davidgmillsatty

    Your understanding of what happened to the American chestnut tree is correct.

    Your understanding of what happened to Native Americans is an unverified theory and an overgeneralization. Possibly something like that happened in some locations, but not everywhere.

    Your understanding of what happened to the American bison is 100% hogwash pulled from your foul ass. They were exterminated by hunters armed with adjustable-windage rifles.

  105. raga10 says:

    Triggered much? I am not going to get into a pissing contest about exact numbers because I’m not obsessive enough to read “meticulous research” about crematorium ovens and in any case, I consider arguing about this subject pointless. The bottom line is, when all is said and done your own post actually agrees with me: they were bigger, end of story.

    • Replies: @GeeBee
  106. Patricus says:

    The Canadian judge utilized a legal concept from the Nuremburg trials called “judicial notice”. It means the crimes by the accused are what any of the allies claimed these to be. The crimes were stipulated and the accused were not allowed to dispute these crimes. Zundel’s legal team attacked the existence of these crimes and they provided extensive evidence that no gassings or other gruesome killings ever occurred. The judge instructed the jury to disregard the evidence by the defense. Zundel was found guilty but the conviction was overturned on appeal. He was retried for the same holocaust denial and once again convicted utilizing judicial notice. This was appealed to the Canadian Supreme Court where he was exonerated and the doctrine of judicial notice was ended in Canada.

    The above is a brief summary of the Zundel trials. There are extensive transcripts and books on these trials and well worth the reading if one has the time. These trials were the beginning of the end of the holocaust story, the gas chambers, the diesels of death, soap factories, lamp shades and other fictions. We still see holocaust museums in every other city but many of the younger generations aren’t buying the narrative.

    • Thanks: Miro23
    • Replies: @Peripatetic Itch
  107. @German_reader

    You don’t know how science works.
    Those making the claim bear the onus of proof.

    I’m sure you can find a few hundred thousand of the righteous chosen to settle this matter once and for all.

  108. Patricus says:

    Jews were persecuted by Germans, Poles, Soviets and many others. They were used as slave laborers at Auschwitz/Birkenau and elsewhere. That in itself is a war crime. There is no material evidence that they were gassed or murdered by the Einsatzgrupen. Documentary “evidence” requires bizarre interpretations of German words and phrases. Eye witness accounts have been thoroughly debunked. The soap factories, lamp shades, shrunken heads and other nonsense are comedic fantasies. Most killings of Jews occurred in the Soviet Union, either deaths in Gulags or freezing in Siberia. The revisionist literature is impressive and it began as soon as the holocaust story arose. The standard holocaust story is poorly stitched together. Read ten of the revisionist accounts and then dismiss all of these. Bet you can’t.

    • Replies: @Alexandros
  109. cohen says:

    Good back up document.
    Claim of 5000 bodies per day burning is simply rubbish because of the high heating/fuel requirements. Human body constitutes 70-80% of water. A lot of fuel would be needed. There had been no proof of fuel and wood storage facilities at any of the camps. All those witness account talk about the fuel supply lines, storage tanks, or wood piles. The Holocaust de-brief/ers did not do a good job. These are the questions needs to be asked or addressed.

    Now if the burning of the bodies does not fly then burial theory should be proven by bones in the mass graves. Zilch. And if the bones were burned to ashes (another Einsteinnnnnic theory) that would have required more fuel.

    All these Trolls need to get into huddle and agree upon some coherent story. Their Master race holocaust promoters and profiteers need to retrain them with more bizarre stories.

    • Replies: @Larchmonter420
  110. cohen says:

    OK Alfred Hitchcock. Why dont you glance at few links provided in the comments section. Example the a well known Jewish Newspaper the New York Times that consistently promoted the 6 million magic number since its invention in late 19th century.

    If you need the clip of Alfred Hitchcock and Billy Wilder filming or directing the holocaust documentary that is available on Bitchute,com. In the propaganda these were the American GIs who filmed the documentary, of course under the supervision of two great directors.
    I would be glad to send you the links at your main Troll Center.

    • Replies: @Peripatetic Itch
  111. @davidgmillsatty

    Asymptomatic people are those whose immune system is strong and is able to destroy the virus that enters their body with the help of their antibody available in their body. So, for your information, the virus is killed thru the Asymptomatic people, and hence no worries of people being around the Asymptomatic people.

    Please do some research for your own sake, and stop swallowing rubbish coming out of Mainstream Media.

    • Replies: @davidgmillsatty
  112. @Getaclue

    Well that was just a rant with zero substance.

    The fact that the mortality rate is less than 1% does not make the case that this is something we should not worry about. We now know that Long Covid affects about 10% of the men who get it and about 15% of the women. Polio didn’t kill people either, but it damn sure paralyzed a lot of people. I had shingles two years ago and I hurt every fucking day from it. People usually don’t die from shingles but we have vaccines because of that damage it does.

    We really do not know what the long term effects of Covid will be. Many people who live may end up with severe disabilities since the virus attacks the lungs, the heart, the brain, the kidneys, the liver, etc.

    You know zilch about medicine. Name me a doctor who says he wants to get Covid.

  113. @CyrusTheGreat

    Except that in my granddaughter’s case she is 10 years old with a severe chromosome abnormality. And she was at a special needs school when all of the other schools were closed. It was a very small class of five or six with several teachers and aids. My daughter got notification that the class had been exposed. All of the rest of the family was quarantined during that time. My granddaughter rides the bus to and from school. They were not exposed to anyone but her. Within a week the rest of the family started having symptoms.

    We all were worried about my granddaughter because she is far from a normal child and very likely to have a compromised immune system.

    I guarantee you I do not get my information from the MSM. I listen to medical professionals give online presentations about Covid nearly every single day and read lots of medical literature on the subject. I was a personal injury lawyer for thirty five years. There are lots of medical professionals in my family for me to consult. So unless you are an MD, or a PhD in one of the biomedical sciences, you probably don’t know anywhere near what I know about medicine.

    You don’t know what you don’t know.

  114. @Stan d Mute

    “Humans are around 96% water.”

    Wildly wrong. Normal fat content for women 25%. Men a bit less circa 20%. Even athletes 15%ish. Lot’s of women are obese which is fat content > 33%.

  115. Mike Tre says:

    Interesting your handle is a different color and does not provide access to your comment history. Exactly what kind of troll are you?

    • Replies: @GeeBee
  116. J Garbo says:
    @Robert Dolan

    From site below: Feb-Nov 2020
    Heart attacks: >550,000
    Cancer: ~500.000
    Covid: >240,000
    Influenza/Pneumonia: ~60,000 (“normal”)
    So, the Covid hoax isn’t. All other killers are happily killing folks as usual. It’s just that Covid came to the party, too.
    It’s real and lethal, even if sensationalized by the mad media.

    As for crematorium condundrums, were the Nazi burners “standard capacity”, or purpose built? What is the civilian standard? Is there one?
    The article is sloppy, easily refuted, as above.

    • Agree: GomezAdddams
    • Replies: @Genrick Yagoda
    , @ia
  117. They need to resurrect the technology that the Third Reich used in WW2 for mass cremations.

  118. @davidgmillsatty

    One short term effect is that Covid replaced the annual flu.
    2019 normal flu statistics.
    2020 flu disappears.
    Evidently Covid kills flu.

  119. Jiminy says:

    The jews have no shame.

  120. @J Garbo

    The article is sloppy, easily refuted, as above.

    Easily refuted where, and by whom?

    In answer to your question, German crematory technology was far ahead of anyone else on the planet, per Lagace’s testimony. This is why the design used by Germans in the 1940’s was still current and at the forefront of crematory technology in the 1980’s, when Legace testified at the Zundel trial.

    • Replies: @ia
  121. @Jimmy le Blanc

    How many are doctors and how many of those are treating Covid patients all the time?

  122. @SaneClownPosse

    Flu does not give you loss of taste or smell. 70% of Covid patients have that symptom. It is a really unique symptom. There are a few others that are really unique to Covid, like a cytokine storm.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  123. @theMann

    Mostly agree with you, but I do think that, in the case of the holocaust, the “how many and by what means” does matter, in that all the reparations and concessions extorted by world Jewry and Israel depend on those numbers.

  124. @acementhead

    Actually there is something called the Watson formula that calculates what percentage of the body is water by weight. For adult males 12 to 50 water averages 59% of weight. Over age 51 it averages 56%. Women have less water. From 12 -18 they average 56%, 19 to 50 they average 50% and over 50 they average 47%.

    But still the body has a lot of water to burn off before it will burn off the rest of it.

    • Replies: @Stan d Mute
  125. @davidgmillsatty

    And you are, based on your posting, an ignoramus…or a troll/shill…or both ;-(

    • Replies: @davidgmillsatty
  126. @SaneClownPosse

    Social distancing killed the flu, Einstein.

    • Replies: @Larchmonter420
  127. Anonymous[216] • Disclaimer says:

    Were’d all the Jews go, if not killed? I mean, you have then rounded up and shipped away in every country and they just kind of disappear. Poof.

    • Replies: @davidgmillsatty
  128. The lie is always halfway round he world before the truth is out the door

    The great san fransisco earthquake was called the great san fransisco fire at the time in order to get federal funding to rebuild

    The purpose of vaccinating everyone is to be able to cure a non existent covid pandemic .before the truth gets out the door

    Lets face i8t even the Zombies dont believe in Main Scream Mmedia ANY MORE

    BS should lay off the helium

  129. @John Johnson

    Otherwise the forests would be filled with the remains of animals.

    Have you ever been in a forest? If not, how about a vacant lot in the city? I have seen dog skulls in forests. As a child I used to have jars of prairie dog skulls that could be collected within walking distance of my house.

  130. @acementhead

    Lot’s of women are obese which is fat content > 33%.

    In the 1940s?

    • Replies: @Jiminy
  131. GeeBee says:

    If you consider arguing about this subject pointless, and in addition cast your slur of calling people who undertake meticulous research into it ‘obsessive’, why make your original comment in the first place? Why not leave the task of attempting – against all odds – to demolish the Great Lie which forms the very foundations upon which the toxic and destructive narrative of White guilt, and thus of White destruction, is built to those of us who can be bothered? Because I can assure you that the very last thing we need is people like you, with your Talmudic hair-splitting and gaslighting.

    You clearly manage to combine your twin personae of being both that most boring of people, namely Mr Must-Have-The-Last-Word-Because-I-Am-Always-Right on the one hand, and Mr Whatever-Who-Cares-About-White-Replacement-Anyway on the other.

    Go on – have your last word. I promise not to reply.

    • Replies: @Alexander Turok
  132. @JohnPlywood

    That sounds like a reasonable explanation.
    But what about the fuel and manpower necessary? Any number pulled from the frontlines would be damaging the war effort. Especially since the genocide hinged on the idea that nobody would find out. This would make winning the war a much bigger concern.

    I understand the nazis were zealous and desperate. But doing this kind of thing while losing a (world) war would be schizophrenic.

  133. @Miro23

    The fact that each corpse would be literally toxic waste also needs to be factored in to any credible accounting
    Chemical suicides in motor vehicles are treated as HAZMAT incidents
    Gas chamber victims would have to be treated in the same way – you couldn’t just walk in and start dragging bodies out

    • Agree: davidgmillsatty
    • Replies: @Miro23
  134. GeeBee says:

    The JIDF are – totally predictably – out in force on this one! Take your horse-manure elsewhere Shlomo.

  135. GeeBee says:
    @Mike Tre

    He’s JIDF I imagine. They are always out in force whenever their sacred Holy-hoax is discussed.

  136. @SS-The Independent

    Care to elaborate? That is just an ad hominem.

  137. @davidgmillsatty

    So what the f… is the fraud? …. Or governments all around the world should have done something else?

    Exactly. First they should have recommended everyone get out in the fresh air and sunlight to increase their Vitamin D levels. Vitamin D is a hormone that acts by attaching onto Vitamin-D receptors on a cell. There are Vitamin D receptors on every cell in the body, including virus-fighting T cells, with many diverse functions besides raising Calcium levels.

    Scientists at the University of Copenhagen have discovered that Vitamin D is crucial to activating our immune defenses and that without sufficient intake of the vitamin, the killer cells of the immune system — T cells — will not be able to react to and fight off serious infections in the body.
    For T cells to detect and kill foreign pathogens such as clumps of bacteria or viruses, the cells must first be ‘triggered’ into action and ‘transform’ from inactive and harmless immune cells into killer cells that are primed to seek out and destroy all traces of a foreign pathogen.
    The researchers found that the T cells rely on vitamin D in order to activate and they would remain dormant, ‘naïve’ to the possibility of threat if vitamin D is lacking in the blood.

    Instead, they ordered us to stay inside, out of the sunlight, and never once advised us to take Vitamin-D supplements. Then they told us to wear masks, even outside, to cover up our face and stop all Vitamin-D production on the skin. Anyone with any understanding of human physiology could have predicted that would set us up for a huge second wave in the fall.

    Why? Because they’ve been telling us for many decades now that sunlight on the skin is going to give us all melanoma. Even though melanoma is commonly found on the soles of the feet, in the armpits, up the anus and inside your mouth. They’ve also been telling us that cholesterol is bad for us. You know, the same skin cholesterol that the body uses to make Vitamin D. Can’t change the narrative when it’s been so successful, can we?

    Next they could have given everyone a standard prescription for Hydroxychloroquine or Ivermectin, or made them freely available over the counter. Instead they did exactly the opposite, demonizing the former, suppressing the latter.

    And Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia.

    • Replies: @davidgmillsatty
  138. Miro23 says:

    The fact that each corpse would be literally toxic waste also needs to be factored in to any credible accounting
    Chemical suicides in motor vehicles are treated as HAZMAT incidents
    Gas chamber victims would have to be treated in the same way – you couldn’t just walk in and start dragging bodies out.

    Intercepted camp communications don’t refer anywhere to “gas chambers” or hazmat suits.

    There were delousing rooms, and after the Jews and others were deloused, they walked out themselves without needing to be carried. It depends on how far you want to go into this fantasy world.

  139. @Anonymous

    Where were they in the first place, and how many of them were there in the first place, and are we just supposed to accept your word on this as an article of faith?

  140. @davidgmillsatty

    A blocked nose due to flue could cause some loss of smell.

    • Replies: @davidgmillsatty
  141. Wuhan, last year’s epicentre of the Covid-19 pandemic is now the party capital of the world: crowded New Year’s Eve street parties, crowded Halloween street parties, crowded aqua-park disco parties, crowded stadiums – everything long back to normal and even before any mass vaccination. What’s wrong with those white first worlders? UK, EU, US just going from worse to worse. How come those Chinks are putting Whitey to shame solving this problem so quickly and effectively? I want answers and to copy so we can get back to the new Wuhan normal asap!

  142. Jiminy says:

    A lot of those prisoners looked like a bag of bones, with no fat on them at all. Normally the women had nice figures though back in those days.

    • Replies: @Wally
  143. @Patricus

    This was appealed to the Canadian Supreme Court where [Zundel] was exonerated and the doctrine of judicial notice was ended in Canada.

    The Zundel appeal was indeed a seminal event in Canadian legal history but I think you may have gone too far in suggesting that the doctrine of judicial notice was ended therein. At best it might have been somewhat circumscribed. The fault, said the court, “lies rather in concepts as vague as fact versus opinion or truth versus falsity in the context of history.”

    Zundel was charged under a Canadian law proscribing the dissemination of false news:

    Every one is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to one year’s imprisonment who wilfully and knowingly publishes any false news or tale whereby injury or mischief is or is likely to be occasioned to any public interest.

    His first trial proved to be a debacle for the prosecution. The local and national newspapers were day after day filled with the accounts of prosecution witnesses who didn’t know their asses from a hole in the ground. The trial judge simply ignored the many holes in the prosecution’s case and decreed, as you say, a guilty verdict, which was forthwith overturned on appeal and sent back for a new trial. Wikipedia, incidentally, says it was overturned on a “legal technicality.”

    By then, however, the local (((tribe))) had got their ducks lined up to induce the media to suppress all reporting of the trial itself and only proclaim the verdict. In overturning this verdict the Canadian Supreme Court held that the law was unconstitutional and contrary to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms:

    The criterion of falsity falls short of this certainty, given that false statements can sometimes have value and given the difficulty of conclusively determining total falsity.

    That was not the end of Zundel’s trials, however. In 1995 his home was firebombed to the tune of \$400,000 damage and the leaders of the (((group))) claiming responsibility were apprehended breaking into his property a second time, but five days later. And but weeks later, he was targeted by a parcel bomb that was detonated by the Toronto Police bomb squad, who charged one David Barbarash, said to be an animal rights activist.

    The Barbarash charge was stayed and no charges were laid in the first bombing. Zundel, however, was deemed to be a threat to society and was charged (civilly) under Canada’s hate-speech laws. He fled to the U.S. but was deported back to Canada, where he was deemed to have lost his landed-immigrant status, and was then deported to Germany, where both he and his several attorneys were sentenced to lengthy prison terms for inciting racial hatred. The attorneys had made the mistake of thinking their role was to defend their client.

    And today the Canadian government is diligently trying to get around the “false-news” ruling and replace it with a law against disinformation. Once again proving the adage, “Six ways from Sunday.”

  144. @cohen

    I think you may well have misunderstood the comment. It was, I think, merely querying the fall-back explanation for the purported six million. That is, if (((we))) can’t prove all six million were incinerated in crematoria, then obviously the rest must have been incinerated in open-air fire pits.

    And even if you disprove that, there’s always the Elijah option.

    • Replies: @davidgmillsatty
  145. Alfred says:
    @The Spirit of Enoch Powell

    The only way one can believe the Holocaust narrative is if one believes that bodies burn easily by themselves and burn down to the bones by themselves.

    A human body is over 55% water. It should burn easily. 🙂

    • Replies: @Genrick Yagoda
  146. @Alexander Turok

    Social distancing killed the flu, Einstein.

    Great answer, Einstein. We should from now on always practice social distancing not just to kill the flu, but to kill all ills in life!

    Blessed be HaShem!

  147. @cohen

    Now if the burning of the bodies does not fly then burial theory should be proven by bones in the mass graves. Zilch. And if the bones were burned to ashes (another Einsteinnnnnic theory) that would have required more fuel.

    Why do you think the German’s lost the war! Instead of putting all their resources to winning the war, they put their resources to something very minor….

    Blessed be HaShem!

  148. @Alfred

    I think we can all agree that the only way to resolve this issue is to examine the words of the eye-witnesses who were there. I refer of course to Yenkel Wiernek and Leon Wells.

    Both of these eye-witnesses dug up dirty, reeking, slimy buried corpses, and because rotting women corpses burn better than men, the women were used as kindling. Once you lit a woman on fire, the gigantic Jew pile 3,000 corpses high would burn to nothing but ashes, gold rings, and gold teeth.

    Then the Ash Commander 🙂 would throw the ashes into the air so any traces of the Jews would disappear.

    Vhat, you doubt? You Monster!

    On a side note, just think of how hard it was to separate Jews from their gold. We are assured that Jews were robbed when they got onto the trains, then again when they got off the trains. They were again robbed when they were into the showers and when they had their hair cut. And they were robbed once again after they were gassed, having their teeth extracted.

    Finally, we discover that even after all that robbing, if you lit a Jew on fire after he croaked s/he would burn until all that was left was a pile of gold rings, ashes, and gold teeth.

    • LOL: Larchmonter420
  149. Lee says:

    If the German government believes that the Holocaust really happened and are willing to jail people who renounce it, and pay survivors and their relatives for their losses; who are we to argue with the often said superior German intellect ???

  150. ia says:
    @Genrick Yagoda

    Where did they get the fuel to burn all those bodies? Also, human bodies produce huge amounts of greasy smoke. To burn that many bodies in one place would have created horrific levels of grim and stench; and yet there are no eye-witness reports of such – at least to my knowledge. Go to Varanasi’s burning ghats and find out what a tiny number of bodies do to the surrounding area.

  151. @Peripatetic Itch

    Sure they could have done something else.

    But my point is governments all over the world did different things with pretty much the same result, except things were worse where the European variant of Covid was predominant.

    HCQ did not work very well. Ivermectin works very well, but nobody in Europe or the US (except for a few places) even tried it. The NIH still has not approved it for treatment. Ivermectin simply was not used much for humans in the US. It is primarily an antiparasitic drug used in the tropics for parasites we don’t have here.

    I bought some horse Ivermectin used for intestinal worms but I am reluctant to take it because no doctor here will prescribe it when it has not been approved for use. I would take it as an absolute last resort.

    But if you want something that works try Nigella Sativa (a medicinal spice) and honey. I am on nigella now prophylactically. If I get exposed to Covid I will add honey but I don’t want the sugar if I don’t need it.

    But saying the government could have done something differently is a far cry from fraud. I also have been on Vit D and Zinc and Copper and monolaurin since about March. All good anti-varials. But I didn’t need the government to tell me that and I don’t consider it governmental fraud that it didn’t.

  152. @Commentator Mike

    Not anything like what happens with Covid. Covid attacks the nerves in the pallet and damages and or inflames the nerve endings which both affect the sense of taste and smell.

    Doctors know the difference. Obviously you don’t.

  153. @Peripatetic Itch

    Maybe the Messiah finally came and took them in the flesh to heaven.

  154. @davidgmillsatty

    If we’re really going to be OCD about this,

    It’s called rhetoric. The logic remains unanswered: 60% water and a 200# adult is 120# of water. At around 9#/gallon, how many joules are needed to just boil off the water? How does this comport with the Jewish fantasy of bodies behaving like kindling?

    • Replies: @Alexander Turok
  155. @acementhead

    I wrote the word “water”. The fat between your ears appears to have affected your translation.

    • Replies: @acementhead
  156. It was the “hate” that made those older crematoriums operate at such efficiency.

  157. @Mulegino1

    The official 6 million legend can only be held as an article of faith.

    Hmm. Where have I heard that before?

    “A Jewish virgin (!!!) gets knocked up and spits out the son of God (ignore “sun god” parallel) who “saves” the goyim (from a future free of Jewish rule)…”

    Just believe.

    • Replies: @davidgmillsatty
  158. @GeeBee

    White guilt is based more than anything else on slavery. Not many white Americans(as opposed to Germans) feel guilty for the Hall Of Cost.

    • Replies: @GeeBee
  159. @Mulegino1

    The Shoah Business is a pseudo-religion based upon a calumny which world Jewry has freely invented to falsely indict the Christian people of Europe.

    Sorry for the double reply, blame Tito’s vodka.

    How about an edit:

    The Shoah Business is a another pseudo-religion based upon a calumny[*] which world Jewry has freely invented to falsely indict the Christian people of Europe.

    *Like the calumny that those wicked pagan romans murdered the Son of God?

    • Replies: @Mulegino1
  160. GeeBee says:
    @Alexander Turok

    Well it is indeed based in large part on slavery to Americans. But as I find myself having frequently to remind them, there is actually a world beyond those not-quite-so-shining-as-once-they-were-seas!

    We humble Europeans have very little ‘fall out’ from slavery, because negroes were never imported into our lands en masse for that purpose. I think it fair to say that overall, even in America’s case, the chief weapon used to undermine and gaslight Whites over recent decades has been the endlessly hyped nonsense regarding the White man’s ‘ultimate sin’, which was of course to rumble what Jews were up to. Putting away ‘enemy aliens’ in purpose-built camps was undertaken by the USA (which of course incarcerated American-Japanese citizens) and by the United Kingdom (which did the same to Germans living in Britain).

    When Germany followed suit and incarcerated Jews (who had made it clear they were at war with Germany more or less en masse in 1933), however, this was regarded as an altogether different matter. It’s all very well for a bunch of gentiles to be hauled off in such a way; but the self-chosenites? Heaven forfend! Germany’s ‘crime’, as I say, was to understand what Jews were up to, and the ways in which they ate away at the social and economic fabric of the societies that they parasitised. Once rumbled, their fury knew no bounds.

    The rest of course is (fake) history: they came up with a story whose aim was to create a ‘war-crime’ out of ‘war time’: the camps were set up for the ultimate lie, and that is what has been used to ‘justify’ the latter day Morgenthau plan. Originally it was just Germany. Today it is everywhere that White people persist in living and breeding.

  161. Mulegino1 says:
    @Stan d Mute

    When Christianity was still a major contributory factor to contemporaneous European culture and civilization, the Jews had no effective counter-narrative to oppose to the Christian world view, so they mostly contented themselves with their insular and ghettoized Talmudic disparagement of Christians and Christ, and their perennial practices of economic parasitism, mostly on a local scale. The so called “Reformation” was the starting point of the Jews’ trajectory to political, cultural and economic domination, since it divided the historical enemy of the Jews in Europe, a broadly united Christendom.

    When the work of secularization and revolution precipitated by the Reformation had run its effective course, the Jews found a new and powerful weapon for subversion. The Shoah Business sank its teeth deeply into a mostly de-Christianized Europe, by making use of the senile moral sentimentality of liberalism and universalism, which were the bastard children of a once mighty and vigorous Christendom.

    The real coup de grace for the Jews against Christianity was the Second Vatican Council, which ratified the moral legitimacy of the post-war order. Once this was accomplished, the Jews now had the upper hand in dictating the terms of their domination over the formerly Christian world. The Shoah legend was a perfect instrument: it provided both a means of limitless extortion of the gullible goyim and a fulcrum for Jewish claims of righteous victimhood and moral superiority.

  162. @Stan d Mute

    Both are articles of faith. Which make them both religions. Which should permit others who disagree with articles of faith to say so.

    But unfortunately, some have decided that disagreement with an other’s religion constitutes a hate crime, which in some places in the world lands you in jail, often for an extended period of time. See the Zundel case as an example.

  163. By allowing outrageous stories like that of the ‘Holocaust’ to go unchallenged and become a part of history, we embolden our oppressors and aid their next gambit. For example: if people had demanded answers for the assassination of JFK or the OKC bombing, we would never have had 9/11. The price of freedom is our eternal vigilance.

  164. Wally says:

    Indeed, typhus and other disease did that to some.

    But here was the norm:

    – Jews at Auschwitz ‘liberation’:

    How about these children which according to the “Holocaust” religion were killed because they were too young to work:

    Lot’s of Jew Babies born in Auschwitz. Alive & well.:

  165. @JohnPlywood

    “The blood of the Jewish people is on your hands, when you deny the Holocaust.”


  166. @Patricus

    Being sent to a work camp is certainly not a crime. Not even in peace time.

  167. bp says:

    The Soviet car factory that produced Fords first and derived own models later was located in Nizhnyj Novgorod first or Gor’kij later in the North (as opposed to Stalingrad in the South), therefore GAZ (Gor’kovskij Avtozavod) cars. The ability to smash the Nazi Wehrmacht and the Nazi Reich just with gangs of rapists and brigands was probably much helped by those GAZiks.

  168. @Jiminy

    Where’s Eichmann when you need him

    Good question.

    (((They)))… umm… got rid of that very important, credible and articulate witness very early on. What a coincidence.

  169. EH says:
    @Robert Dolan

    According to the SSA figures, growth of the US population over age 65 is down about 25%, from 1.2 million to 900,000 per year.

  170. @Stan d Mute

    “I wrote the word “water”.”

    Ya I saw what you wrote. if you think that a body can be 30% fat and at the same time 98% water, you must be the dumbest commenter on UNZ.

    No person has ever had a water content of 98%, it just ain’t possible.

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