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Refugees, Germans and the Holocaust Complex
Islamic world refugees prefer Germany “Über Alles”
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It was inevitable that Europe’s refugee crisis would get tied up in Holocaust symbols. This time the policies of eastern Europeans, not Germans, evoke analogies. Since World War II ended, Germany’s liberal media has competed with US counterparts like the New York Times in the contest of who is more against the Holocaust. The German side lately has been getting a sportsmanlike pat on the back from the US for championing a multicultural worldview diametrically opposite from the country’s old nationalist ideology.

Winston Churchill was understandably cross with the Germans in 1943 when he said they’re “either at your throats or at your feet.” A less intemperate wording in today’s climate might have suggested they often overdo it in wanting to be either feared or loved. The last two could be summed up as “respected.” Many of its neighbors at the moment would like to see a more measured balance in trying to achieve this.

When the Czechs used “indelible markers” to put “identification numbers” on the hands of a couple of hundred among the recent hundreds of thousands of asylum-seekers arriving in Europe from various Muslim lands, the image of Auschwitz was recalled. Quoting prominent Jews in Europe and the US who raised the Holocaust analogy, the Times reporter suggested the images “may reveal a deeper truth about Europe,” that resistance to “immigration and diversity” was at odds with “virtues of human rights.” The Czechs, struggling to comply with EU rules and keep tab on the sudden influx, quickly ceased the practice.

Adil from Mosul via Hungary

Adil from Mosul via Hungary

Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban, long demonized in western media for his rightist politics, was faulted this time for essentially upholding EU rules. He initially attempted to control the EU’s external border and register the tens of thousands of refugees who already broke through the border. Germans, leading the criticism, have taken in the most refugees and expect at least 800,000 this year. Germans are bitter about the lack of EU solidarity in sharing the burden. Yet, they insisted the Hungarians free the refugees to continue on to Germany, where all Syrians, the bulk of the refugees, have been declared welcome. Their enticing statements and actions will massively increase the refugee “invasion,” including those wanting to leave their safe but less comfortable refuge in Turkey and Arab lands. Orban like many others must be secretly wonder what the Germans have been putting in their beer lately.

The core issue that Germany’s politically correct establishment avoids mentioning when scolding others for conveniently forgetting their refugee pasts is that the refugee masses now are from a different civilization and religious based-culture. Eastern Europeans and their leaders have no qualms about identifying this as key to the problem. Nor do many French, especially Jews whose fears the Germans would find it most awkward to dismiss.

The dilemma among Jews on the issue of mass Muslim immigration echoes the polarization within France with its five million Muslims, mostly North Africans or their poorly assimilated descendents. As I witnessed during my July stay in Toulon, the recent terror attacks of fanatic Islamists has increased the tensions long growing as a result of the demographic upheaval. A Vanity Fair article sent me by a Jewish friend when I returned home to Vienna focused on the particular fears of French Jews. Even before the Charlie Hebdo massacre, others pointed to an evolving hostility toward mass immigration and the multicultural model, previously an article of faith rivaling the Torah among many secular and non-orthodox Jews. Jewish community organizations (Israelitische Kultusgemeinde) in Germany and Austria sponsored welcoming events for new migrants. Privately, concerns reflect those of their French brethren.

In Europe’s far west, non-European immigration is a legacy of colonialism. In Germany, it is a legacy of a post-war economic boon and labor shortage that led to a mass inflow of “guest-workers,” mostly Muslims from Turkey’s “backward” Anatolia region. The jobs they took were often victim to later automation. German speaking countries have not had the degree of culture-clash that France has experienced. But as in France, offspring of immigrants often remain culturally separated. Mutual resentments simmer. A million new Arab immigrants in Germany, a number of future voters that will be increased through the multiplier effect, will not make it easier to lobby for Israel.

They’re coming to Germany now, Neil Diamond, and it’s OK with their eastern neighbors

Holocaust guilt shaping German deference to Israel and Jews is probably less ridiculed by descendents of Turks than of Arabs. Until now, the Arab portion was far less pronounced than in France. The changing numbers are ironically tied to the same guilt complex driving the amazing embrace of current refugee masses from the Islamic world. Many Germans do not want to be outdone in demonstrating tolerance and openness. All the migrants whom I spoke to at Vienna’s train station the past weekend were continuing on to Germany. Of an estimated 20,000 who just crossed the border from Hungary, only about 100 officially applied for asylum in Austria. They were greeted with welcoming applause and shouts usually accorded to returning champion football teams. Tons of food, clothing and toys for the children were on hand. Like Germany’s government, Austrian authorities put on a great display of welcome. The arriving migrants were grateful. Austrian officials quietly breathed a sigh of relief that nearly all were just passing through. Glad to see you come, glad to see you go. But they haven’t stopped coming yet.

Both German-speaking peoples for the moment are basking in their “good guy” image, in stark contrast to the Hungarians. As the first contiguous EU country to be hit by the refugee invasion, Hungary had initially tried to fence them out. When the flood gates were first forced open, they had less time and resources to deal with the inflow. When the government in Budapest tried for a few days to keep them from travelling west,crowds of protesting Syrians at the main train station demonstrated and chanted “Germany, Germany.” If they had been chanting “Deutschland” instead of its English version, it might have sounded like a Nazi Party rally. On the other end, crowds of disappointed young Germans who had created a welcoming center outside Munich’s main station were furious at the Hungarians. For a couple of days, they had to mill about with few migrants to help. Some migrants have accused Hungarians of the vilest practices, including murder. A few blamed them for the death of 71 refugees who suffocated in a Hungarian registered van found on the Austrian side of the border. The paranoia and baseless accusations were familiar to me from my experience in Central Africa and in countless Bosnian refugee facilities. But it helped make the cheerful Austrian and German welcoming committees feel like liberators.

German officials and media particularly have been getting on the nerves of eastern Europeans with their incessant calls for solidarity, translated as sharing the refugee burden. The eastern neighbors would like to see EU solidarity in resisting the inflow and working on a common, unambiguous message that would discourage continued migrant invasions. That might include a belated EU reminder that refugees will be eventually expected to return home; details on how and when could follow. Meanwhile, the German and Austrian kumbaya message is only encouraging more to come who might otherwise find alternative ways, however unattractive, to deal with their unquestionable hardships. Poles, Czechs etc. are more accustomed to ritual German professions of contrition for the ravaging of their lands in WWII. A common reaction among Easterners is essentially “deal with your own historical guilt complexes.” That might also apply to the legacy of slavery and colonialism in other western countries. Eastern Europe, so the thinking goes, had already “paid its dues” in almost a half-century under communism, a birdbrain idea spawned in Germany. Multicultural ideals are far less fashionable than in the West, whose college students regularly opt to major in political correctness and minor in moral posturing.

As is the trend these days, internet postings reflect popular sentiments scoffed at by establishment media. One of the more creative YouTube videos on the mass Muslim immigration theme depicts scenes of the 1683 defeat of the Turks, led by a Polish king, at the walls of Vienna. The caption: “The Polish Army will not come again to save you.”

The Economist end of August issue sniffs at “the more atavistic concerns” of these former East Bloc countries, pointing to statements such as those out of Slovakia that it wanted Christian refugees only. Or Hungary’s wanting to restrict mass immigration of people from “different civilization roots.” Czech President Milos Zeman was a step ahead of them last June in saying his country did not want “to accept any refugees from countries distant from us in terms of culture.” The argument is that EU resources would be better spent housing refugees closer to their own cultural spheres. The fact that countries in the region already house most of the refugees makes little impression. Geographically, that makes sense too. Turkey and the Gulf States were also largely behind the destabilization of the Damascus government.

Given the reality that culture-clashes within so many non-western societies are an important element among migrant desires to flee them, reluctance of many to get on the multicultural bandwagon seems reasonable enough. Variety is the spice of life, but while small communities of “others” within the larger collective usually add flavor, eastern Europeans understand what policy shapers to the west don’t seem to grasp: too much is too much. The West, in the view of many, is guilty of gross negligence for naively maintaining it is not creating a precedent that will entice multitudes of more migrants to come.

Migrant trains packed – but not all Germans onboard

Mahmoud from Syria via Hungary

Mahmoud from Syria via Hungary

Many Germans likewise scoff at the folk festival welcoming festivities organized by their compatriots. Despite kudos generally bestowed on their country by western media, a New York Times opinion page commentary by a “vigilant” German newspaper reporter warned about the danger of surrendering to “our darkest demons.” A planned refugee facility in Germany was torched before it was opened, and a refugee family narrowly escaped the burning down of their smaller abode. Concern about rightwing terrorism sometimes triggered more public debate that the developing migrant “invasion” itself. Resistance had been mounting earlier as the number fleeing from North Africa across the Mediterranean approached a hundred thousand. Attention then shifted to mass migration via Turkey to Greek islands a few miles distant. Images of chaotic conditions in makeshift island facilities invoked compassion, alarm and some bemusement. Some of the refugees immediately complained that they had expected more from “Europe,” and some seemed not to know that Greece was part of the EU or even Europe. Among European host countries bracing for still more arrivals, eyebrows were raised by images of refugees brawling with each other and of some kicking others cowering prostrate on the ground.

Headscarf-covered women, with children whom they would almost certainly discourage from one day marrying non-Moslems, seemed baffled by the occasional resistance to their Allah-given right to settle among infidels further to the northwest. Another headscarf-covered woman, similarly befuddled, told a TV reporter she was a lawyer. One wonders why an educated and devout lady, fleeing the violence of a region ravaged by disagreement over how to interpret Muhammad, would be surprised by the reticence of many westerners to see a vast expansion of Islam into their own cultural sphere.

Even after getting to Hungary, migrants still talked about “Europe” as a place they hadn’t yet reached.Europe for them quickly became Germany. “That’s where the money is,” as legendary bank robber Willy Sutton might have put it. He too had been “searching for a better life,” a basic human aspiration that asylum advocates and reporters routinely evoke to remind skeptics that the refugees were just like the rest of us. There is naturally some concern about refugees also relying on crime, like Sutton, to better their lifestyles. But a favorite straw-man tactic is to imply that asylum opponents consider migrants in general as criminals. Fears about rising crime rates or even terrorism accompanying the mass migration are usually dismissed as irrational or based on racism or xenophobia. Regarding material costs, more recognition is accorded to the inevitable lure of jobs as well as magnanimous state welfare benefits for those now arriving and for the many family members who will surely follow. They constitute an offer the migrants can’t refuse.

Secular televangelism

German state TV is emblematic of media tendentiousness on the subject. It largely avoids context that might assist arguments outside a politically correct framework to seem reasonable. Of course interviews with refugees recounting harrowing ordeals must be a main element in the story. But it is hardly the whole story. When serious qualms about the longer-term societal impact are covered at all, they tend to be quickly neutralized. Blithe assertions follow about manpower shortages in the decades ahead. Reports about future technology replacing jobs never appear in the same context. Nor do reports about the 50% youth unemployment rate in some regions of the EU, a single job market open to all member citizens.

The case for permanently settling refugees is also accompanied by reminders of Germany’s “historical debt” to humanity from the suffering Germans had once inflicted on others and themselves. Many Germans had also been refugees once and host societies usually profited from the migrant inflow, compatriots are told. It would be bad journalistic form, apparently, to note the obvious differences that allow masses of immigrants to integrate more seamlessly into one culture than another. At the height of the migrant inflow, it was rather unusual to see a report devoted to problems instilling 2nd generation Muslim youth with “European values” regarding the treatment of women and respect for the constitution. Events may be prompting at least a few editors to reflect more deeply about packaged humanism’s unintended consequences. More often, however, the integration success stories are highlighted by introducing charismatic immigrants or their descendents who have “made it.”

The fact that most of the refugees are Muslims is generally the elephant in the room that media elites would rather not talk much about. But the masses of incoming refugee women with head scarves are clearly visible to news audiences. The happy talk from the refugee-welcome advocates is contradictory. The multiculturalists think permanently implanted parallel societies are the way to go. The integrationists claim that in a generation or two religious-culturally based tribal loyalties will disappear. The nation will be one big united family again. Both they and the “Islamophobes” point to their favorite passages from sacred scriptures to justify their conflicting positions, glossing over any textual incoherence and self-contradictory messages within.

“Islamophobe” is the epithet commonly used to suggest that only irrational fear, i.e. a phobia, could explain concerns about inherent conflicts of interest between the cultures. Opponents of mass immigration from the Islamic world are the spiritual offspring of Germans who used to gas Jews, the irrepressible champions of tolerance often imply. Earlier this year, Germany’s press went on the counteroffensive when its journalistic integrity came under attack by demonstrators’ chants denouncing the “Luegenpresse” (lying press). The chants were part of regular protests in former East German Dresden calling for an end to the alleged “Islamization” of Europe. There were indeed some unsavory characters behind the movement who helped make it an easier target. But critics harped as much on the fact that Dresden didn’t have many Muslims compared to other German cities. Fears, therefore, about a growing Islamic presence were dismissed as irrational at best. The city’s depressed topography, coincidently, had in fact prevented it from receiving West German TV signals and much information about the outside world during the Cold War. Those days of communist censorship are over. The more limited self-censorship of western TV these days had not gone so far as to prevent audiences — Dresdeners now included — from keeping abreast of the radical demographic upheavals elsewhere in Europe. Many obviously are not enthusiastic about following in their footsteps. They announced new protest marches this month.

The CNN Factor: misleading media images and unintended consequences

Fear of how emotive images might distort the bigger picture was behind a catastrophe in Central Africa that I saw unfold in 1996. Superficial attempts to help refugees at the time unwittingly helped trigger one of the continent’s deadliest wars. Rwandan leaders in Kigali were determined to close, by force if necessary, camps full of Rwandan refugees across the border in the Congo. The camps had been established by the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) in 1994. My embassy colleagues and I convinced Washington that Kigali was serious and that the refugees could safely return to their homes, except those suspected of actively participating in the 1994 genocide against fellow Rwandans. The local UNHCR head and most of my EU colleagues were similarly convinced. Officials at UNHCR Geneva and in EU capitals remained skeptical. The UNHCR camps were controlled by former Rwandan government militias, organizers of the earlier genocide, who continued to stage deadly raids into Rwanda. But the specter of newscasts showing terrified refugees forced to go home — the so-called CNN Factor – further contributed to EU/UNHCR dithering. As promised, the Rwandan army eventually invaded and closed the camps itself. Tens of thousands of refugees fled into the Congo’s interior. The protracted war that thus ensued drew neighboring countries into the conflict in which millions possibly died. The road to hell had been paved with humanitarian intentions.

UNHCR and the West are again at a crossroad. No one of significant influence is suggesting today’ refugees not be helped, or that they now be driven back to Syria or wherever at the point of bayonets. But unlike the earlier Central African tragedy where camps should have been closed but weren’t, an option today that strikes so many as morally indefensible involves opening additional camps in regions where the refugees are from, and relocating them there.

Following this weekend’s massive refugee onslaught, European leaders talked again about addressing the source of the refugee drama. German Chancellor Angela Merkel told her nation that the breathtaking influx is something “that will occupy and change our country in coming years.” Such talk is a mild change from the months of arguing about distribution quotas while passively absorbing any migrants who show up. Publically, however, there’s been no high level talk about revamping Europe’s military and strategy to either deal with refugees directly or effectively tackle the “source” of their exodus. French President Hollande merely announced that France would start bombing ISIS in Syria, not just Iraq. Policy nevertheless remains hostage to media-shaped public perceptions.

Media exploiting emotions

The visual media is doing what it’s supposed to do in capturing images deserving of our sympathy. Too often, however, journalists exploit the emotions triggered by these images to badger officials into adopting superficial policies that exacerbate rather than alleviate fundamental problems. None of the images of bodies floating in the Mediterranean or refuges being hauled aboard rescue vessels had anything like the global impact of the horrendously sad photos of a little Kurdish boy found on a Turkish beach after he and his brother drowned in a family attempt to flee to Greece. The photos were juxtaposed alongside “heartless” officials stumbling to explain why the family hadn’t been allowed normal entry to the EU or Canada, where an aunt already resides. No report that I had seen noted that the Kurdish family was fleeing from a country in which 14.5 million indigenous Kurds lived mostly in peace (Greece’s population is under 11 million). Nearly as many live in secured Kurdish regions in Iran and Iraq. The implication behind the “hard-hitting” journalistic reporting, of course, is that efforts by nations to control immigration are inherently immoral.

The case for an emergency suspension of border controls for those fleeing war is irreproachable. But permitting the “leapfrogging” over countries which offer less than the optimal deal is a recipe for future social upheaval in countries with more generous social policies. TV coverage of the refugee crisis has been largely superficial and tendentious. Images are not being accompanied by a package of questions, commentary and analysis that might help viewers better understand the much less obvious implications of the scenes they are witnessing. Without the collective sense of historical guilt for a crime like the Holocaust, few countries if any would likely have agreed to open its doors so widely to an onslaught of people with such different — and in many ways conflicting — value systems.

The problems in much of the Islamic world will not be fixed by enlarging it within Europe’s borders. More attention needs to be given to other lessons about unintended consequences such as the Central Africa debacle exacerbated by humanitarian good intentions.

PR resistant alternatives

There are encouraging signs of a sobering up in some of Europe’s mainstream newspapers. Among Western leaders, the need for a military component in dealing with a problem fueled by military conflict is becoming increasingly apparent. But, as Hollande’s planned bombing expansion shows, there’s not much sign of fresh thinking. Top US diplomat John Kerry reportedly cautioned Russian leader Vladimir Putin against reported plans for additional Russian military support of Syria’s Assad regime. The State Department claimed that could “further escalate the conflict.” Escalating might be what the US and EU countries ought to be working with Putin to accomplish, instead of dreaming that Russia abandon the regime it considers important to its strategic interests in the region. Russia is as threatened by Islamist terror as much as the rest of Europe.

Mosul and the ISIS strongholds need not be retaken by Russian and NATO ground troops. Syria itself is already being carved up along vaguely sectarian lines. Moscow, Washington and Brussels effectively working with regional “allies” to break the current stalemate could help shape clearer and more defensible borders in that ex-nation state. Safe areas for refugees separated along ethno-religious lines could be an interim stage.

EU citizens, suddenly awakened to how easily Middle East instability can be exported to their heartland, are the outsiders who stand most to benefit from solving the refugee-generating conflict. Their economic and potential military resources will almost certainly be directed more to that goal. They will have to rely on more than the usual cast of characters for the military and logistical part of the task. An obstacle to working with Moscow may be Washington’s fixation on removing the Assad regime, still preferred by its own Alawites, Christians and Shiite minorities to any currently plausible alternative. If Washington becomes the obstacle, Germany and Italy might hint about closing some US bases and converting them into refugee settlements.

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  1. asdf says:

    Germany, too much one way, then too much the other. All countries could take a lesson from England and sort of smooth things out, instead of throwing everything up in the air, and seeing what happens.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @conatus
  2. Rurik says:

    white countries and Germany in particular forfeited their right to exist when they proved they were racists

    their only salvation is to become blended into something more benign

    ‘Never again’

    • Replies: @bomag
    , @Art
    , @Pooh
  3. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says:

    WWII and Holocaust was about Germans and their allies forcibly invading other nations and moving masses of will against their will from their homes.

    This current mess is about people leaving their own homes in the Middle East and invading Europe. Europeans are not forcing them to move from here to there. The migrants are doing it on their own.

    If anything, Europe is being forced to deal with this problem.

    So, what does this have to do with the Holocaust?

    We live in a world of funny logic.

    It was wrong for Europe to conquer others, but it is right for Europe to be conquered?

    If nation A attacks and invades nation B, it is to be blamed, of course.

    But if nation A is attacked and invaded by nation B, the current logic blames nation A for not accommodating the invasion properly.

    • Agree: Sam Shama
    • Replies: @Rurik
    , @guest
  4. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says:

    “Slovakia that it wanted Christian refugees only”

    No, even Christians won’t do. They are foreigners, of a different race.

    Religion isn’t important. Anyone can be Christian. If I were Slovakian, I would favor a white Muslim over a black Christian.

    Religions can be taken on and off like clothing. It is race and ethnicity that really matter.

    • Replies: @Jefferson
  5. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Yellow and white cultures should always learn something useful about the dirty tactics of Bolshevik class supremacist.

  6. Mark Green says: • Website

    This is a very unsatisfying article. The author spends too little time examining the political policies that gave rise to this wave of refugees.

    Yes, preserving Europe as a civilization that reflects the image and traditions of the people who created it is essential. And much of EU’s response to this crisis is inadequate if not disgraceful. But part of the problem is that the entire (white) world is suffering from a Holocaust hangover. We’re paralyzed. White Europeans are no longer allowed to consider their long-term racial interests. It’s time to throw off these chains and look ahead.

    What caused this refugee crises in the first place? Was it not preemptive US wars?

    Why was Libya destroyed? Was it legal?

    Not according to the UN Charter or the Geneva Accords.

    The destruction of Libya was an Zio-American hit job engineered via NATO. It was a war of choice. But the UN cannot stop Washington. Like the ICC, the UN has no teeth. The UN is either a useful tool for Washington or an annoyance.

    As for the flood of refugees into Europe, remember that millions of Iraqi refugees ended up in Syria toward the end of the US war on Iraq. Since then, Washington has worked hard to topple the Assad regime. This has produced even more chaos. But Washington is belligerent and unaccountable.

    Washington has played a destructive role throughout much of the Middle East for decades. Israel however is always protected by Washington and given uppermost consideration by Washington. This thuggish nepotism has further raised tensions throughout the region.

    For instance, if Iran’s lawful development of nuclear energy is a ‘crisis’, what about Israel’s arsenal of nuclear bombs?

    Will one TV journalist or one candidate for POTUS kindly weigh in on this glaring double-standard?


    America has become a transparently corrupt empire. Zionists are behind this transformation.

    Indeed, even though neither Syria nor Libya nor Iraq ever posed a a genuine threat to the American people (or sought war with our country) our military attacked them ruthlessly. In a normal world, this kind of behavior would be considered a war crime.

    It’s worth remembering also that Syria is still technically at war with Israel (Golan Heights) and that Saddam’s Iraq was implacably hostile towards the Jewish state, too. Libya’s Khadafy was similarly anti-Zionist. These facts must be remembered and hammered home.

    The refugee crisis now damaging all of Europe is a byproduct of Zio-America’s wars and machinations. The chickens are coming home to roost. Washington’s ‘made-in-Israel’ foreign policies are to blame for this refugee crisis.

    Israel’s objective is to cut up and redraw the borders of the Middle East. Large threatening states must be turned into smaller entities. This is now happening in Iraq and Syria and Libya. Divide and rule. Even Iran is not out of the woods. Using Washington, powerful Zionists still hope to use ‘nuclear inspections’ to subvert Iran and impose regime change on Tehran. This is how the neocons incrementally destroyed Saddam’s Iraq. It all began with nuclear ‘inspections’.

    Towards these diabolical ends, US power has been useful to Israel. Very useful

    Entangling, Zio-Amerian cronyism has degraded international law as surely as it has endangered Europe’s future as a civilization tied to Western traditions and the well-being of European-derived people. We are all threatened.

    Ironically, even the unwanted Muslims now pouring into Europe are victims, too.

    • Replies: @RobinG
    , @geokat62
  7. hbm says:

    The Jews won WW2, and their media telegraphs one message to Europeans and another to brown people.

    Germans didn’t genocide Jews, but it sure looks like Jews might very well succeed in the reverse.

    • Replies: @AnstraingenousDrog
  8. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Yes, Britain is a shining beacon when it comes to mass immigration and implementing multi-culturalism. All other white countries should take note.

  9. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says:

    Ahh, the wonder of joining the EU.

    Soon to discover you just joined the Union of Europe, Middle East, and Africa.

    In a way, Europe deserves this for causing the mess in Ukraine with the US.

    By toppling the government in Kiev, EU helped US unleash an unnecessary war that led to massive migrants and refugees. But at least Russia took in Russians from Ukraine.

    Still, EU was glib and smug about the problems it caused on Russia. EU was happily playing whore to US while snubbing Russia.

    But it was Russia that was looking out for Europe. Russia was saying that Europeans should preserve their ethnicity, history, and spirituality. Putin was actually more pro-European than the European elites who were cucking themselves out to globalist Jews who control US which is now the evil empire.

    But EU clung to the US and spat on Russia.

    But it was Russia that urged US and Nato not to topple Gaddafi.
    It was Russia that saw the need to aid Assad as the bulwark against ISIS and other groups who will turn Syria into a total hellhole.

    But what did US and EU do? They messed up Libya, aided and abetted the terrorists of Syria, and even messed up Russia and did everything to ruin the Russian economy.

    And EU thought it was getting a grand bargain from all it by hating on Russia.

    But what do they get from being a US ally? Their nations are being invaded by massive hordes.

    With the rise of right-wing movements in Europe, it could be that Jews are hastening the demographic demise of Europe so that rightism will be hopeless in Europe. If Europe is overrun by foreigners, there will be little that right-wing parties will be able to do. It’s like once Kosovo was overrun by Albanians, there was nothing that Serbs could do to take it back.
    Jews took Israel/Palestine back, but that required massive ethnic cleansing. Once Europe is overrun by hordes of non-Europeans, will whites have the guts to expel possibly 100s of millions of Arabs, Africans, and etc? I doubt it. Europe will be lost forever and even rightwing parties will just seek an accommodation.

    East Germany and all former Warsaw Pact nations should leave the EU and form a new alliance with Russia.

    • Replies: @Andrei Martyanov
  10. @Anon

    Not too sure about that video – seemed kind of rehearsed and put on. Like when he was laughing – didn’t sound much like genuine laughter. Also he was going on – too much in fact – about banging white women, that seemed like the be all and end of all of his call to invasion. Say it is real though, what are they going to do once they achieve their end goal? There’ll be no more white women for them to have sex with, they plan to destroy European civilisation – and replace it with what exactly? They’ll just end up with the same ruined wasteland they came from but with colder winters.

    • Replies: @bomag
    , @Mannstein
  11. bomag says:

    their only salvation is to become blended into something more benign

    Even as sarcasm, this doesn’t work. To solve “racism”, the usual fools call for even more racism.

  12. bomag says:
    @The Albino Sasquatch

    ” what are they going to do once they achieve their end goal?”

    What they have now is a baseline existence, something not THAT bad, and something they will always have. Europe is just a place to party for awhile; a nice thing to use for awhile until it is gone; then it is back to baseline.

  13. Sean says:

    Sub Saharan African men are successful with girls. This is a fact that should surprise no one in view of the polygyny that is practiced in Africa. As well as selecting for traits attractive to women, polygyny means there are excess young men. No one needs a youtube video to know they are coming to Europe partly to have European women.

  14. Poorly researched article, there is no “deference to Israel” in Germany. It’s true that Germans are still laboring under feelings of guilt for the holocaust, but that leads not to deference but to brooding resentment. Actually, most Germans have more important things to worry about. But a large minority of them obsessively catalog every fault committed by Israel’s government in an enduring attempt to fabricate moral equivalence between the Nazis of yesteryear and today’s Israelis. Insane on the face of it, but they get all huffy when you call them on it.

    Germany, like the rest of the EU, is also paying billions to the Palestinian authority and their various hatemongering NGOs.

    Only a small minority of Germans rationally decide that the past be damned, Israel is a western-style democracy in a sea of craziness and for this alone deserving of their unequivocal support. That’s too bad. Now in their insane desire to expiate their guilt in the court of international opinion (as if Germany was on trial there), Germans are importing millions of Muslims that will never leave. All of whom come bursting at the seams with hatred of Israel and prejudices against Jews.

    Maybe that’s the reason why?

    • Replies: @silviosilver
    , @Anonymous
  15. The case for an emergency suspension of border controls for those fleeing war is irreproachable.

    Like hell it is. What’s “irreproachable” is defending your own nation from invasion. If millions of Russians were swarming into Germany, 90% of them military aged males, I doubt Germans would be so sanguine. These invaders shouldn’t be allowed a single toe over the border. They should be warned verbally, then a warning shot, then fired upon. It would take fewer than the number drowned in the Mediterranean before the message was understood and the invasion stopped cold.

    *NOBODY* has the *right* to invade another nation. And *every* nation has the moral right and imperative to protect herself from invasion. To allow, let alone encourage, invasion is Treason and the guilty should be publically hanged. These invaders should do what people have done since time immemorial – stay home and fight for the betterment of their own nation. Again, what they’re doing is an act of War. It must be treated as such. That the soldiers appear “unarmed” is of no consequence whatever.

  16. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Syrians don’t make up the “bulk of the refugees”. Less than 20% of all asylum applications in the EU are from Syrians.

  17. Tom_R says:


    Thanks for the interesting article, Sir. But I would like to add 2 points.

    Firstly, this invasion has NOTHING TO DO with the holohoax. The current German people did not participate in the holohoax and, secondly, the African and Muslim invaders have no connection with it either.

    2. Alien Invasion—Jewish Genocide by Proxy in Retaliation the Holocaust Delusion?

    Secondly, this alien invasion is being incited and planned by the European politicians who are owned and operated by their Jewish masters. The Judaists are behind this invasion of Europe, to exterminate whites. Eg. Jewish Barbara Lerner Spectre’s incitement to blacks to invade Europe, the Jew York Times and other Jewish media calling these criminal invaders “migrants” to con the public.

    So why are the Judaists (who are mostly white) destroying their own nations and race?

    Judaists believe they are “special race” called “Jews” from Africa, children of Avram (who was a pimp and sold his wife to the black Pharaoh). They worship a mass murderer Moses, who was so black, the Pharaoh assumed he was his grandson for decades and never saw him any different.

    Their rabbis and leaders con them that the white goyim tried to exterminate them during the holohoax, etc. so they must exterminate the white goyim first. Unable to do this militarily, they resort to the alien invasion so that blacks and Muslims will kill the whites, instead. Brainwashed by these lies, the Judaists (who are mostly whites and whose ancestors converted to this criminal cult of Judaism in the Middle Ages) develop paranoid delusions and start inciting the alien invasion to kill off other members of their own white race.

    • Agree: Stan D Mute
    • Replies: @Wally
    , @Stan D Mute
  18. @Stubborn in Germany

    But a large minority of them obsessively catalog every fault committed by Israel’s government in an enduring attempt to fabricate moral equivalence between the Nazis of yesteryear and today’s Israelis. Insane on the face of it, but they get all huffy when you call them on it.

    Equivalence isn’t required in order to find Israeli behavior morally abhorrent, nor is there anything remotely “insane” about documenting Israeli misdeeds and drawing people’s attention to them. Indeed, you yourself could do with a healthy dose of apprisal if you think “Israel is a western-style democracy in a sea of craziness and for this alone deserving of their unequivocal support.”

  19. Wally [AKA "BobbyBeGood"] says: • Website

    Well, there are the Germans / ‘Nazis’ with the mythological ‘6M & gas chambers’ and there are the Germans / ‘Nazis’ without the mythological ‘6M & gas chambers’.

    The ‘6M & gas chambers’ are scientifically impossible frauds.
    see the ‘holocaust’ scam debunked here:
    No name calling, level playing field debate here:

    The ‘holocaust’ storyline is one of the most easily debunked narratives ever contrived. That is why those who question it are arrested and persecuted. That is why violent, racist, & privileged Jewish supremacists demand censorship. What sort of truth is it that crushes the freedom to seek the truth? Real truth needs no protection from scrutiny.

    The tide is turning.

    • Replies: @Andrew E. Mathis
  20. Rurik says:
    @Priss Factor

    WWII and Holocaust was about Germans and their allies forcibly invading other nations and moving masses of will against their will from their homes.

    that’s the trite narrative of the victors

    WWII and the Holocaust were a consequence of Allied treachery during and after WWI- especially, and the very real- Bolshevik, genocidal commie threat metastasizing in Russia and spreading to the west including Germany which brought on WWII. The Holocaust was the Nazi’s way of purging- Spanish Inquisition like- the people they considered disloyal to Germany and who had participated in the ravages of the German people following WWI and who they considered the vanguard of the commie threat coming from the East. Jews, homosexuals, assorted untermenschen and some Catholics.

    Basically the Nazis were trying to prevent in the 1930s the kind of thing that’s happening to Europe right now. And in order to do that, they’d have to remove from power and influence the people who were foisting this genocidal agenda on Europe in the 1930s just as surly as they’re doing it in 2015.

    That’s what WWII was about. ~ Did the German (and Italian and Serbian and French, etc..) people have a nationalistic right to exist as a race in their “own” lands? Or were such parochial notions just the rantings of hateful racists hell bent on ‘white supremacism’ (the evil determination of white people to want to control their “own” lands and destiny and persevere)

    Just ask youself what all the do-gooders are calling any German (or anyone else for that matter) who objects to Europe being over run by Third Worlders.


    That’s what they’re called today and that’s what they were called yesterday, and for the same reason.

    • Agree: SolontoCroesus
  21. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    What we are witnessing could partly be the homofication of society.

    Globalism favors the fruitkins. Why? Homo identity is sexual or thexual than tribal. While white homos may feel kinship with fellow white homos and other whites, many fruiters feel closer to homeos around the world. Where art thou, homeo, come and boof my ass.

    Many tootsers identify more with global fruitiness than with national or tribal culture.
    This is why the Jews love this homo crap as the proxy of their supremacist domination of the world. Homos all around make perfect collaborationist fifth columnists for the Jews. They destabilize nationalism everywhere.

    Since homos gain more power, privilege, and position in the globalist order, they get to define the New Normal of the culture(which is mostly defined by pop culture of fashion, celebrity, and trends.) We get globalist decadence as the New Decency. Bruce Caitlyn Jenner is worthy of virtue awards in the world of the New Normal..
    Bearded ‘lady’ is the star of Europe.

    When society becomes this degenerate and silly, it’s difficult to maintain patriotism and nationalism that have substance and carry weight but are not ‘cool’ and ‘hip’ and ‘flashy’.

    The homo-genization of the world is leading to the collapse of the West. Jews knew this all along.
    Western men castrated by homocentric culture have no pride or manliness left, (There is the thug culture of Rap, but it only encourages whites to worship black power and, furthermore, thug culture is too stupid and brainless and savage to promote and sustain love of heritage and the need for unity and cooperation. Thug culture is about individuals and gangs atomized and pitted against one another.)

    Joe Biden the stooge of the Jomos:

  22. Jim Glenn says:

    The obviously intelligent, perceptive and well-informed author of this article has provided us with a comprehensive overview of the so-called migration crisis. As he correctly observes, it is actually an invasion crisis.
    Yes, the second barbarian invasion of Europe has begun and is accelerating. The incompetent, irresponsible, cowardly and arrogant politicians and bureaucrats running the European Union and most of its 28 member states are doing nothing to prevent its continuation. Why is that the case?
    Political correctness and moral posturing, as noted by Mr. Tuttle, are the root causes. Many do-gooders cannot accept reality and so adopt a warped version of it, such as the claim that all people are equal and diversity must be embraced. In reality, people and cultures are not equal, and many of the latter just do not mix well.
    Leftist ideologues are supplemented by those ravaged by feelings of guilt, whether by virtue of being white, well-off, or, in the case of Austria and Germany, affected by the Holocaust complex mentioned by Mr. Tuttle. What I would call the “Noble Savage” complex is also at play. Many Europeans consider the invaders as innocents abroad who need the help of superior, or, as it appears in some cases, semi-divine beings. Such an attitude, of course, simply amounts to incredible condescension. So many just want to feel good. “Oh, aren’t I good? I’ve just helped the poor savages.”
    The invaders are coming because a supposedly better life is on offer in Europe, especially in Germany. They are parasites and offer Europe absolutely nothing. Witness the invader with ten children who was found at a Vienna train station this past weekend. This jack, who had so many children because fathering many is a sign of manhood in his benighted culture, wants Europeans to support them.
    The invaders have no intention of integrating. They will form a parallel society in ghettoes based on their values and religion, Islam. The overwhelming majority will cause increased poverty, disease, social conflict and terrorism in Europe. It is no secret that ISIS has been planning to infiltrate terrorists among the invaders. They will also take over if they become numerous enough, and, let’s remember, there are millions out there.
    To elaborate on Mr. Tuttle’s point, the road to hell is paved with self-deception as well as good intentions. Europe’s decline began in 1914 with the start of what some have called the continent’s second Thirty Years’ War. After a brief respite provided by the Iron Curtain and US protection, the decline began to accelerate after 1991 and has been turning into suicide.
    If present trends continue, old Europe will disappear. Nothing lasts forever, but the current spectacle of Europe’s suicidal course makes me very, very sad.

  23. Ein Deutsches Requiem? Ein Europäische Requiem?

  24. Art says:

    “their only salvation is to become blended into something more benign”

    Like Israel – right?


    • Replies: @Rurik
  25. Pat Casey says:

    I keep hearing that all the Syrians just want to go to Germany. Has anyone pointed out how funny that rather is?—since maybe the Muslims want to be German because of the Holocaust.

    But in the long run, I suppose by a bank shot Germany could have a greater say, and more power on the global stage, by indulging the blood-tie sentiments of a vast Muslim population. Recall that the foundation of the peace deal presiding in Northern Ireland was established when Tip O’Neil orchestrated an aggressive overture by Reagan to Margaret Thatcher in 1985 suggesting she try something new. That did indeed work out in the end, resolving an intermittent conflict of some seven decades by putting Dublin power in Belfast at last. If assimilation, peaceful coexistence, means putting aside the destiny of a worn-torn homeland, Germany may have to step up and start pressing serious policies that will make peace over there, and obviate radicalization and angry protests in Germany for generations to come.

    Of course, Irish-Americans were uniquely positioned to make a difference, and I’m reminded of the legend about the IRA guys who headed south on dime from Boston to DC when word went out that Reagan had been shot, and proceeded to appoint themselves posts guarding the hospital. Never forget the Kennedys.

    • Replies: @Jefferson
  26. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    ‘Quisling’ became a word for collaborationist traitor.

    We need to turn ‘Merkel’ into a similar word.

    That bitch merkeled Europe into this mess.


    noun – a person of power who uses one’s leverage to destroy one’s own people by mass invasion.

    verb – to use one’s elite power to recklessly undermine the demographic foundations of one’s own nation.

    Other leaders have merkeled Europe into this mess but Merkel really took it to a whole new level.. She openly declared COME AND INVADE US. So, she deserves the (dis)honorific.

    The Merkelization of Europe.

    Europe, from mercantilism to Merkelitism.

  27. Max Payne says:

    Maaaaan this some bullshit. I’ve been trying to get work in the EU so I can apply for a work-permit (the only continent I’ve yet to work in) and these motherfuckers just cross willy-nilly and get to live in the heart of the EU. Maybe I should apply from Canada to the EU as a refugee. Seems easier….

    On a side note I thought NATO was desperate to keep itself relevant in the post-Cold War world. So why not open up a full ground, air, and sea campaign against ISIL. NATO already stated that Afghanistan is part of its mission now. Syria and Iraq are significantly much closer than Afghanistan so what’s the problem?

    ISIL has done more “evil” things than basically all the targets that NATO and the US have struck in the past 15 years. Finally a REAL enemy with REAL evilness and the West all of a sudden is military-shy. Oh…..

  28. This bullshit article skips the pure cynicism of Merkel’s invitation to the Syrians:

    Bundesnachrichtendienst or BND (German CIA) has been up to its armpits in assisting the USA, France and UK attempt overthrowing Assad. The result of this focus on a single man whose crimes are dwarfed by the crimes of those arrayed against him, has been 250,000 Syrians dead, 4 x that many wounded & disabled, and millions of refugees displaced internally and externally. Those Syrians with higher educations and skill level are generally those wealthy enough to get out and migrate to Europe.

    Germany’s Merkel is prioritizing welcoming Syrians above other refugees on ‘humanitarian’ grounds but in actuality Germany is capitalizing on having essentially destroyed Syria, taking the cream of Syria’s educated, bolstering Germany’s demographic where the skilled population had been retiring faster than it can be replaced and keep growing the German economy; while leaving a devastated nation drained of its best talent.

    Merkel is and has been focused on the German economy above all else. With a demographic demanding up to 500,000 immigrants a year to keep the German economy going, Merkel is grabbing the better educated and likely to be more successful Syrians and hoping to slough off the Africans et al, on the the other EU states. Multi-culturalism and holocaust guilt has little to do with what we see happening with the Germans inviting the Syrians, it is actually about economics.

    Am I defending multi-culturism? Plainly not:


  29. @hbm

    The refugee crisis now damaging all of Europe is a byproduct of Zio-America’s wars and machinations. The chickens are coming home to roost. Washington’s ‘made-in-Israel’ foreign policies are to blame for this refugee crisis.

    Israel’s objective is to cut up and redraw the borders of the Middle East. Large threatening states must be turned into smaller entities. This is now happening in Iraq and Syria and Libya. Divide and rule. Even Iran is not out of the woods. Using Washington, powerful Zionists still hope to use ‘nuclear inspections’ to subvert Iran and impose regime change on Tehran. This is how the neocons incrementally destroyed Saddam’s Iraq. It all began with nuclear ‘inspections’.

    Towards these diabolical ends, US power has been useful to Israel. Very useful

    Entangling, Zio-Amerian cronyism has degraded international law as surely as it has endangered Europe’s future as a civilization tied to Western traditions and the well-being of European-derived people. We are all threatened.

    Ironically, even the unwanted Muslims now pouring into Europe are victims, too.

    AGREE AnstraingenousDrog
    • Agree: Bill Jones


    September 9, 2015 at 9:53 am GMT

    The Jews won WW2, and their media telegraphs one message to Europeans and another to brown people.

    Germans didn’t genocide Jews, but it sure looks like Jews might very well succeed in the reverse.

    . . . did you mean to say they may complete the job?
    Far more Germans were killed — holocausted in a planned, industrialized attempt to exterminate the German people — between 1917 – 1950 than were Jews, hands down.

    Jews emerged from Versailles “triumphant;” and emerged from the second genocidal war against Germany with a new “homeland” to squat on.
    Germans were left with rubble and corpses and a brainwashed leadership as well as populace.

    The same is planned for Iran.

  30. guest says:
    @Priss Factor

    “what does this have to do with the Holocaust?”

    Nothing, except “racism.” There is symmetry between making refugees during WWII by forcing Jews and others out and blindly accepting any old refugees now, I suppose. Needless to say, keeping immigrants out isn’t the same as attempting to remove a well established people because you don’t like them.

  31. @Ronald Thomas West

    bolstering Germany’s demographic where the skilled population had been retiring faster than it can be replaced and keep growing the German economy; while leaving a devastated nation drained of its best talent.

    turnabout is fair play.

    mayhaps the “skilled” and “brainy” Syrians can dilute the Israel-trash polluting Berlin.

  32. Jefferson says:
    @Pat Casey

    “I keep hearing that all the Syrians just want to go to Germany.”

    Those swarthy black haired and brown eyed Syrian Muslim men are salivating at the thought of having sex with blonde haired and blue eyed German Infidel women, especially if they are wearing those sexy skirts like during Oktoberfest.

    • Replies: @Pat Casey
  33. Rurik says:

    “their only salvation is to become blended into something more benign”

    Like Israel – right?


    Israelis are God’s people, (it says so right in the Bible!) and to dilute Them, is to dilute God. This was the unprecedented crime of the Holocaust. That the German people tried to kill God Himself. That’s why they are all, down to the last blonde haired child, the children of Satan. And also why they must be diluted and blended. It’s not like the genocide the Nazis did and put God’s people into ovens and made soap and sicko lampshades out of them. It’s a more kind and gentle sort of tikkun olam kind of healing of the world, where the children of Satan are gently and humanely removed from mankind in a humane way- by blending over generations. And thereby we remove the threat that these evil people can never again try to kill God.

    The Syrian refugees tried to defy God and were at war with Israel over the Golan Heights. The Bible says what happens to nations who defy God. Perhaps when the Germans (and Europeans in general) are blended with others who defy God, the resulting offspring will be more willing to obey the word and will of God.

  34. Jefferson says:
    @Priss Factor

    ““Slovakia that it wanted Christian refugees only”

    No, even Christians won’t do. They are foreigners, of a different race.

    Religion isn’t important. Anyone can be Christian. If I were Slovakian, I would favor a white Muslim over a black Christian.

    Religions can be taken on and off like clothing. It is race and ethnicity that really matter.”

    If you love “White” Muslims so much and think they are not culturally different at all from White Christians, you should be extremely happy that Germany is receiving 800,000 Syrian Muslims. After all Syrian Muslims are Caucasoids.

    I am sure Syrian Muslims and German Catholics/Atheists will get along well with each other the same way Bosnian Muslims and Serbian Christians get along well with each other or the same way Russian Christians and Chechen Muslims get along well with each other, or the same way Turkish Muslims and Armenian Christians get along well with each other. What could possibly go wrong?

  35. Andrei Martyanov [AKA "SmoothieX12"] says: • Website
    @Priss Factor

    East Germany and all former Warsaw Pact nations should leave the EU and form a new alliance with Russia.

    Did you ask Russians? Try to imagine (I don’t hold my breath, though) the answer.

  36. @Wally

    That’s right, Tom! Without six million dead Jews and gas chambers, the Nazis were totally swell!

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  37. Pat Casey says:

    That, but the master won’t hear my truths about a nihilistic Root Cult… 😉 Come to think of it, I don’t doubt that that predatory-looking fellow the press loves to splash is beloved to keep Merkel’s wrinkled image ever at hand, given the prospect of Germany’s legal and fully-employed prostitution industry.

  38. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    “If you love ‘White’ Muslims so much and think they are not culturally different at all from White Christians, you should be extremely happy that Germany is receiving 800,000 Syrian Muslims. After all Syrian Muslims are Caucasoids.”

    You dammy, Syrians are caucasoid but not white.

    I didn’t say i love muslims.

    I said i prefer white muslims to christian africans.

    If you converted to Islam, I would prefer you to al sharpton who is christian.

  39. Aurelius says:

    Wait until the rapes start. And they will start.

  40. “In the years ahead, populations will be fleeing and shifting from many more unfavorable corners of the world. The pressures are mounting all over. Alas, the richer nations in which the fleeing poor aspire to gain a foothold, will also be contending with the disabling effects of a universal economic contraction — the winding down of the techno-industrial system and the global economy with it. That process has the potential to shatter political unions, overthrow established social orders, and provoke wars between the demoralized countries who still possess dangerous military hardware. At the least, it will produce economic conditions in Europe and North America probably worse than the Great Depression of the 1930s”

    Great Depression 2.0
    It was popular back in the early sixties. A singer named Piaf. Then the paratroopers took it over. Sang it at Zéralda. Algeria
    remember? The coup that failed? General Challe and his friends? … Decided you can’t fight a war with creampuffs. Which is what
    French army was those days. A bunch of creampuffs … I was nineteen back then. Enlisted in the Legion. First Paratroop Regiment

    And we sang it in the trucks on our way out of camp, when the
    regiment broke up. What a damn racket! Dead and buried, but still
    , what
    a show! … The way we felt then, I never would have dreamt we’d be singing it again, and for keeps this time! I guess there are
    things that just won’t die. Sooner or later, they’re bound to come out. After everything settles. Like a bottle of wine.”
    “Well,” said Perret, “this is one wine that’s damn well settled! Twelve voices left. Not much of a chorus!”
    “Never mind,” Dragasès answered. “How much do you want to
    bet the twelve of us can make one hell of a noise!”

    Waste some powder on fireworks because as Jim said, the future’s uncertain and the end is always near. They have it jury rigged to fill more cells and the political nuts are running the asylum.

    • Disagree: geokat62
  41. Pooh says: • Website

    Nothing wrong with racism. In fact, let’s take back the word, like with “nigga”

  42. Anonymous [AKA "U"] says: • Website
    @Andrew E. Mathis

    They’re just damn good at whatever they set their minds to. Radios, engineering, physics, design, genocides
    I don’t begrudge them that. Hutus couldn’t get beyond rocks and machetes, no wonder their efforts as in other realms was so … meh

    • Replies: @Wally
  43. Jim Glenn says:

    Additional comment from Jim:
    Merkel may have economic goals in mind in encouraging immigration, as Ronald Thomas West said, but she will be disappointed if that is the case. Sure, some of the Syrians are professionally qualified, at least by homeland standards, but that doesn’t mean they will be successful in Germany in their old professions. A few may, but they will probably cater to their fellow Syrians, most of whom will be permanently living on welfare.
    Take a look at the economies of the non-oil-rich Arab states, and you will see what I mean. They have demonstrated little ability to achieve sustained economic growth and have been suffering from rampant corruption. Most people live in poverty, as Westerners would define it.
    My highest priority is self-defense or survival, whether my own, my family’s, my culture’s or my country’s. The survival instinct is primus inter pares among most human beings, at least those in contact with reality. In the old days, for instance, those who decided that lions, rhinos, hippos, etc. were not dangerous invited themselves to a lunch that was definitely not Dutch-treat.
    European leftists have used various slurs in an attempt to delegitimize political opponents since WWII. The first, of course was “neo-Nazi,” followed by “populist” and now “racist” and “anti-foreign.” I doubt that many of them could accurately define what these words mean.
    A populist supports what people want, which is what democracy supposedly is all about. A racist may not like people of other races, but the reality is that racism has existed since the dawn of humanity and will probably exist until its end. No one has to like people of other races. Humans are tribal, and there is no indication that will change other than among totalitarian leftists. Racism exists in all societies and countries.
    The worst racists are those who hate their own race, as is evidently the case among many whites who profess to love members of other races.
    Most societies reject massive immigration by those with different religious-cultural backgrounds. That doesn’t mean people want to attack or kill residents of societies from which such immigrants come; they just want to protect themselves and their own way of life. Nothing wrong with that, in my opinion.
    The totalitarian leftists, or “cultural Marxists” as they have been called, are either opportunists or do-gooders who want to save the world, usually by imposing their own values and way of life on everyone else. Such attempts to create utopia on earth are doomed to fail but have negative consequences if they go too far. They result either in totalitarian systems like Communism or in massive chaos, destruction and death, as achieved in a number of countries by the US recently.
    Einstein was right. Human stupidity will always be with us, at least as long as always is. As I said in my first comment, nothing lasts forever, pace Einstein, but ongoing trends have increased my fear that the end of forever may prove to be much closer than many think.

  44. Wally [AKA "BobbyBeGood"] says: • Website

    The indoctrinated need to wake up, there was no genocide committed by the Germans.

    Show me verified, excavated enormous mass graves as alleged with the contents of Jews shown, their exact locations are claimed to be known. So let’s see the alleged contents. We won’t see them because the narrative is a scam, the claimed mass graves are fraudulent.
    The laughably claimed mass grave at Treblinka supposedly containing 900,000 Jews. These enormous mass graves do not exist, but they should if the ‘holocau\$t’ storyline was fact.

    The utter scientific impossibility of the ‘6M & gas chambers’ damns the propaganda which benefits racist, violent Jews.

    read here and learn:
    ‘Cyanide Chemistry at Auschwitz’

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  45. L.K says:

    @Andrew E. Mathis

    Oh Andy, Andy….

    There were no 6 million Jews killed by the NS and there were no homicidal gas chambers.
    The holocau\$t is, largely, a huge hoax, nothing but atrocity propaganda.
    The alleged NS gassings of Jews is as real as Assad gassing “his own people”.

    That is the reason the holohoax has to be shielded from open historical investigation and in many countries, people who dare to offer a different take on it, are fined and even thrown in jail.
    That is bc the official story does not have a leg to stand on.
    But you already knew all that.

    • Replies: @Andrew E. Mathis
  46. @Tom_R


    You have to give credit where it’s due: this is BRILLIANT. The Jews have had it in for Germans since they declared war against Germany in 1933. Second only to the Jews’ hatred for Germans is their hatred for Arabs. So what have they engineered here? Arabs invading Germany. Germans too demoralized to resist (indeed, the most demoralized are facilitating their own invasion).

    Now who can contest the fact that the Jews have the highest IQ of any population?

    And, as always, my disclaimer that I am *not* anti-Jew. Quite the opposite really. But what I am is anti-(anybody who puts others’ tribal interests ahead of their own). Every one of these cuckolded Germans needs to be given electroshock therapy at high voltage and current until they either recognize and embrace their right to survival or they’re reduced to blubbering gelatinous blobs incapable of further hurting their race.

  47. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @Ronald Thomas West

    So Merkel “has essentially destroyed Syria”? Really? And they did this to bolster the German economy those cynical Nazis, right?

    Dear God, how idiotic can your sophistry go? Do you even realtiy check your anti-German spins in the least?

    Did you have a look at what people are now arriving in Germany? Do they look like engineers and doctors to you? Even the German governemnt has now “admitted” that perhaps 10 per cent of these are fit to join the workforce, in whatever capacity. In reality the percentage of those who will stay a net drain on the German welfare state is probably even higher.

    When Germany wanted “cheap labor” they could get this much easier and with much less trouble from the rest of Europe, where unemployment is still high. (Besides, there is still considerable umemployment in Germany itself.)

    But even if Germans act in the most blatant manner against their vital interests it is always a secret plan for world domination by those evil Nazis, yes?

  48. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @Stubborn in Germany

    There is no deference to Israel but Germans are importing Muslims to expiate their guilt which they don’t feel but only brooding resentment.

    That makes total sense.

  49. geokat62 says:
    @Mark Green

    Welcome. It’s nice to add a very articulate voice to the choir.

  50. conatus says:

    Well I agree. I see the Brits as much more pragmatic than the Germans. At any rate the former Brits, however now I think these same Brits are under the magical sway of the globalist cheering media and that means insanity for individual countries.
    They used to divide the philosophical schools into Empiricists in the British Isles and the Idealists on the continent. In Britland, all the elegant sounding ideas philosophers could think of were tempered by the leavening powers of experience, but in Germany and France they would go off the rails of reality(on a crazy train) in the cause of the elegance of the ideas.

  51. Mannstein says:
    @The Albino Sasquatch

    You want to see what the future of Europe will be look to Sweden where a young mother of two was kidnapped and gang raped by 7 asylum seekers for 24 hours. It’s not the first case and it won’t be the last. Look at Sweden’s map. It is dotted with numerous no go areas where the rule of law is sharia. Who is cheering this invasion on? Check it out here:

    The good Rabbi in Paris claims only once Christian Europe is destroyed the Jewish Messiah will be born.

    Who is behind it?

    See what Barbara Lerner Spectre says. It’s straight from the horses mouth:

  52. @L.K

    If you want me to respond to you, you’ll need to make an actual argument.

  53. anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @Priss Factor


    wherein the author, one Priss Factory, reveals its utter vacuity and addiction to brainwashing chemicals of the lowest grade.

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