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Magnus Hirschfeld’s Racism (1934)
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Back in May, the Scientific American published an article on “The Forgotten History of the World’s First Trans Clinic.” Having written an essay on Jewish ‘sexology’ in 2015, it came as no surprise that the Scientific American opened the piece by celebrating the fact this clinic, Institut füer Sexualwissenschaft (the Institute for Sexual Research), “was headed by a gay Jewish man” — Magnus Hirschfeld (1868–1935). Hirschfeld was probably the most influential pervert of the twentieth century, and his legacy is so extensive in the present that I would go so far as to suggest that we are truly living in an age of his design. Our contemporary culture is molded and shaped by the homosexuality, promiscuity, transsexuality, and transvestism that this subversive degenerate devoted his entire life to promoting. If he were alive today, one imagines that Hirschfeld would be overjoyed and profoundly delighted; filled with glee at the sight of drag queen story hours and transsexuals running for state governor. We truly live in a pervert’s paradise.

So overwhelming is Hirschfeld’s legacy in the sexual sphere, however, that it is often overlooked that this Jewish medical charlatan was also a vocal and innovative “anti-racist.” This fact had escaped my attention until a reader contacted me several years ago requesting that I review Hirschfeld’s 1934 book Rassismus (Racism). Unfortunately, I couldn’t find an English translation of the text at that time, and so I had to decline the request. Then, last month, I was directed by a friend to a 1938 translation that had been produced by two English communists, and was now available online at What follows is a review of this book and a contextualization of its contents within Hirschfeld’s activism, thought, and politics.

Hirschfeld’s Culture War

Hirschfeld came from a family of Jewish merchants, and Elena Macini writes that Hirschfeld’s Jewishness was “a socially and politically determinant aspect of his life.”[1]Ibid., 4.
Like many other founders of Jewish intellectual movements, Hirschfeld promoted social, cultural, and political universalism, and advanced theories of social and sexual behavior amounting to “the existence of fundamental irreducible sameness in human beings.”[2]E. Mancini, Magnus Hirschfeld and the Quest for Sexual Freedom: A History of the First International Sexual Freedom Movement (Palgrave Macmillan, 2010), 30. A common feature of his work was the hatred he had for Christianity, and his criticisms resembled in many respects those concocted by Freud and the Frankfurt School. To Hirschfeld, Christianity was “essentially sadomasochistic, delighting in the pain of ascetic self-denial.”[3]Ibid., 160.
(E. Mancini, Magnus Hirschfeld and the Quest for Sexual Freedom: A History of the First International Sexual Freedom Movement (Palgrave Macmillan, 2010), 30.)
Western Civilization had thus been “in the grip of anti-hedonist exaggerations for two thousand years,” thereby committing “psychic self-mutilation.”[4]Ibid.
(E. Mancini, Magnus Hirschfeld and the Quest for Sexual Freedom: A History of the First International Sexual Freedom Movement (Palgrave Macmillan, 2010), 30.)
Sickness and degeneracy were therefore to be associated with Western society, rather than Jews, homosexuals and other outsiders, and Hirschfeld’s prescribed cure was sexual hedonism and the acceptance of a proliferation of “identities” and “sexualities.” Although coming from a close-knit, observant, Jewish community, and possessed of an abiding hatred for Christianity, Hirschfeld superficially advocated a “pan-humanistic” outlook and was fond of declaring himself “a world citizen.”

Hirschfeld engaged in a direct form of political and social activism in the fight to break down Western social and sexual mores. He was a “socialist and an active member of the Social Democratic Party.”[5]Ibid., 4.
(E. Mancini, Magnus Hirschfeld and the Quest for Sexual Freedom: A History of the First International Sexual Freedom Movement (Palgrave Macmillan, 2010), 30.)
Hirschfeld, described by Mancini as “cosmopolitan to the core,” essentially created the first homosexual “communities,” beginning in Berlin where he would parade in women’s clothing and was known as “Aunt Magnesia” by the city’s sexual homosexuals. Hirschfeld organized homosexuals, encouraging them to openly flaunt their predilections and get involved in the growing campaign for “emancipation” that was developing under the auspices of the Scientific Humanitarian Committee which he had formed in 1897. Hirschfeld pioneered modern Social Justice Warrior tactics by urging celebrities and high-profile politicians to add their names in support of the campaign for “sexual equality.” Hirschfeld and his protégés produced a vast number of books, manuscripts, papers, and pamphlets concerning sexuality, transvestitism, and “transgenderism” (the latter two terms were Hirschfeld neologisms). Through his work with the Scientific Humanitarian Committee, Hirschfeld published the 23-volume Yearbook for the Sexual Intermediates, the first periodical devoted to “homosexual studies.” Hirschfeld’s Institute for Sexual Science was the world’s first gender identity clinic and his staff performed the first known transsexual surgeries.

Despite the labels attached to his committees and journals, Hirschfeld’s work rested largely on political argument rather than legitimate scientific investigation. Edward Dickson argues that Hirschfeld’s field was “characterized by unresolved and often speculative arguments.”[6]E.R. Dickson, Sex, Freedom and Power in Imperial Germany, 1880–1914 (Cambridge University Press, 2014), 249. Whereas many of the early non-Jewish sexologists had a background in zoology and the sexual behavior of animals, particularly primates, Hirschfeld rejected such strictly biological or evolutionary interpretations of human sexual behavior. Following from this, the methodology he employed was extremely close to that employed by Freud — sexology was conceptualized as a “science” of patient interviews and circular reasoning rather than statistics and empirical observation. The same ‘methodologies’ will be apparent in his discussions of race.

Despite the bankruptcy of his science, the dramatic success of the Scientific Humanitarian Committee at mobilizing large sectors of German and European society on behalf of homosexuals was due to Hirschfeld’s personality. Like many Jewish intellectual leaders, he was an aggressive and relentless agitator. Respecting few social codes, he was the darling of the Social Democrats and the reviled enemy of Weimar conservatives (Hitler referred to Hirschfeld as “the most dangerous Jew in Germany”). By the end of the 1920s Hirschfeld’s activism meant that Weimar Germany saw homosexuality less as a medical disorder and sign of degeneration than as a major cause célèbre.

Hirschfeld’s perverse bonanza came to an end on May 6, 1933 when Nationalist German student organizations and columns of the Hitler Youth attacked the Institute for Sexual Science. The Institute library was liquidated and its contents used in a book burning on May 10. The youths also printed and disseminated posters bearing Hirschfeld’s face complete with the caption: “Protector and Promoter of pathological sexual aberrations, also in his physical appearance probably the most disgusting of all Jewish monsters.” Hirschfeld himself had been on an international speaking tour since 1931. He lived in exile in France until he died of a heart attack in 1935, shortly after he wrote and published Racism.

“Sexual Type Conquers Racial Type”

Hirschfeld’s theories on race and sexuality are essentially linked by flighty invocations of love, human universality, and what Hirschfeld described as “Panhumanism.” At the most basic level of his sexual theory, Hirschfeld had “subverted the notion that romantic love should be orientated toward reproduction,” arguing instead for the acceptance of homosexual lifestyles and hedonistic, non-reproductive, sexual relations in general.[7]Ibid., 7.
(E.R. Dickson, Sex, Freedom and Power in Imperial Germany, 1880–1914 (Cambridge University Press, 2014), 249.)
A key element of Hirschfeld’s theory was the deployment of “love as a primary weapon in his ethical and philosophical campaign for the liberation of same-sex relationships.”[8]Ibid., 5.
(E.R. Dickson, Sex, Freedom and Power in Imperial Germany, 1880–1914 (Cambridge University Press, 2014), 249.)

Love as a concept was altered and weaponized by Hirschfeld, who imbued it with transcendental and cosmic qualities in an effort to distance it as much as possible from biological, reproductive drives. Mancini writes that “the idea that love had the potential to not only lift the individual but to enrich the broader mission of humanity was articulated in Hirschfeld’s condemnation of theories of racial hygiene and his appeal to Panhumanism in order to extinguish the hatred among nations and races.”[9]Ibid., 6.
(E.R. Dickson, Sex, Freedom and Power in Imperial Germany, 1880–1914 (Cambridge University Press, 2014), 249.)
Today we see this legacy everywhere, in the constant use of “love” slogans as a kind of incantation against the perceived twin evils of racism and homophobia.

Demonstrating ‘love’ now involves little more than adopting a flamboyant and performative passive attitude to the displacement of White people on their own soil, or to the endless demands made by increasingly strange and deviant sexual subcultures. The ‘loving’ people of postmodernity are, in their own mind at least, morally superior beings by basically leaving themselves open to anything except the self-assertion of White identity and normal sexuality, which are sins beyond redemption. Racism, homophobia, and transphobia, which together essentially boil down to the idea that Whites should be able to live normally and by themselves, are perceived today as beyond the sphere of this deified ‘love’ and are therefore representative of a kind of modern heresy.

Hirschfeld lies at the heart of this weaponized quasi-New Age nonsense—indeed, our new religion, and yet for all his bogus rhetoric he must have known on some level that ‘love’ featured significantly less in the lives of homosexuals than mental illness, pederasty, promiscuity, and disease. But it was the idea and “feeling” that mattered most in creating a homosexual movement (and later, “anti-racist” movement) and public support behind it. As strategy it corresponded perfectly with efforts to achieve “Jewish emancipation.” In this respect Richard Wagner put it most astutely and succinctly when he wrote that

when we strove for emancipation of the Jews, we were really more the champions of an abstract principle than of a concrete case: … Our zeal for equal civil rights for Jews was much more the consequence of a general idea than of any real sympathy; for, with all our speaking and writing for Jewish emancipation, we always felt instinctively repelled by any actual, operative contact with them.

One could easily substitute “homosexuals” or even BLM and “anti-racism” for “Jews” and achieve significant insight into the basic psychological processes at work in our culture today, with Hirschfeld’s “general idea” being a florid abstraction of love around which the fashion-following and easily duped may gravitate. Whether it’s gays, transsexuals, or dead Black criminals, Whites everywhere are much more inclined to comfort themselves with some feel-good, abstract, morally framed principles rather than walk the more socially uncomfortable path involving a confrontation with hard reality.


So much, then, for Hirschfeld’s corrupt vision. But what of his 1934 text? Hirschfeld’s Racism is a strange book that left very little lasting impression on me. As such, I must apologize to readers expecting an interesting review because what follows resembles something closer to a sift through garbage. At 320 pages of 20 chapters that follow no logical progression, Racism is about 200 pages too long, being a poorly organized mass of repetition. Hirschfeld doesn’t so much attempt to convince his readers as hypnotize them, repeating stock phrases and approaches when discussing even the most basic themes. In terms of style, and assuming he has been translated well, Hirschfeld writes in the same terse, sarcastic tone throughout, which is interesting at first and excruciating some hundred pages later. The book is above all a bitter invective. Hirschfeld hates the National Socialists, and especially the race scientist Hans Günther. Hitler, Rosenberg, and Günther are trotted out with monotonous regularity for repetitive and pithy straw-man treatment. Aside from these issues of style and approach, the book is made all the more tedious for its lack of any serious engagement with the concept of race. Instead, the tome is a 320-page promotion of a GloboHomo prototype, in the form of Hirschfeld’s “sexually diverse” Panhumanist Utopia—the Pervert’s Paradise. One is thankful to read the text in digital form, thus alleviating the urge to consign a physical copy to the flames.

The book opens with an introduction by the prolific English Communist translators Eden and Cedar Paul. The introduction is a panegyric to the then-deceased Jew, with the writers asking “Is it not fitting that Magnus should arise from the tomb with a work which is intended to dispel the poison gas of racism?” No sooner had I recovered from this interesting turn of phrase than I found the only truthful sentence in the introductory essay: “Certainly no one could have mistaken him for an Aryan or a Nordic.”

Truthful as it is, it’s a strange way to open a book intended to dispel the notion that there is any such thing as an Aryan or a Nordic. And yet, on such already shaking foundations, we move on to the thoughts of Aunt Magnesia himself.

In the book’s first chapter, “Origins of German Racism,” Hirschfeld offers nothing of the sort. Acting as if such figures as Bernhard Varen (1622–1650) and Johann Friedrich Blumenbach (1752–1840) never existed, Hirschfeld doesn’t give a full history of the development of racial thought in Germany but rather highlights a very small number of near-contemporary German race scholars whom he despises. Opening with the statement, “I trust that my readers will find me fair and unprejudiced,” Hirschfeld immediately outs himself as a Communist by castigating German race scholars for promoting “race war instead of class war.” Count Georges Vacher de Lapouge, whose thought isn’t even remotely touched upon, is declared a “prophet of the race war,” while Ludwig Woltmann is patronized as “recalling Parsifal the pure fool.” Also coming in for scathing insult without serious engagement are Hans Günther for his Rassenkunde des deutschen Volkes (Racial Categories of the German People), and Ludwig Ferdinand Clauss for his Rasse und Seele (Race and Soul).

The second chapter, “Arthur Gobineau and H.S. Chamberlain,” takes petty aim at two of the innovators in racial thinking as well as the Russian-born Joseph Deniker (son of French parents, and author of The Races and the Peoples of the Earth, 1900). It’s been a common tactic of Jewish activists over the last century or more to portray themselves as truly native while describing any co-operation among Europeans as being a kind of “foreign” threat. In this view, Jews are always the ultimate patriots while things like anti-Semitism or racism are a “foreign subversion” of native values. Hirschfeld falls immediately into the same well-worn trope, remarking “Strangely enough, Günther’s forerunners, the pioneers of modern racist theories, were not Germans but a Frenchman, an Englishman, and a Russian.” Petty and superficial, Hirschfeld doesn’t even pause to reflect on the meaninglessness of his criticism, ignoring the fact that, in the scheme of Hans Günther, the Anglo-Saxon Chamberlain and the Nordic Deniker were about as close to racial kin as one could find outside the immediate family and locality. In terms of criticism of the ideas of any of these scholars, Hirschfeld does little more than condemn them for attempting to divide humanity while attacking Gobineau in particular as a “misanthrope” and an “asexual.” This latter accusation I found interesting not only because it hints at Hirschfeld’s own preoccupations but also because it prefigures today’s accusation of “incel” directed at conservative males. In other words, one’s intellectual legitimacy is apparently tied to sexual activity—the logic of the sex-obsessed. In terms of any potential substance behind the claim, Gobineau does appear to have been childless (I may be wrong), but most accounts of his life seem to suggest Gobineau was possessed by fears that his Martinique-born wife may have had some distant Black ancestry. Gobineau, occupied by the science of racial lineages, would have been horrified less by sex than the prospect of mingling his genes with Africans.

The next two chapters concern “Race as a Concept” and “Aryans and Semites.” In the first of these we find a brief etymology of the word “race,” followed by a snide and unconvincing denunciation of Immanuel Kant’s 1775 lecture Von den verschiedenen Rassen der Menschen (On the Different Races of Man). Kant is condemned for advancing the idea that there is a “unified race of Whites,” with Hirschfeld remarking in Chapter 4 that the “White or Caucasian race is non-existent.” By way of argument, Hirschfeld merely invokes his fellow Jew Ludwig Gumplowicz, who “stressed in every way the immeasurably small role of biological heredity and the decisive role of the social environment in the determination of human behavior, while attaching a positive significance to the mixing of races.”

As well as resorting to ethnic nepotism in his habits of citation, Hirschfeld is prone to descending into fits of fantasy. In one of the most ludicrous, he claims that German Jews are descended for the most part from ancient Teutonic tribes, since “The German tribes of that part of the world were converted from Paganism to Judaism, as well as to Christianity, these conversions leading to or resulting from mixed marriages.” I have to hand it to Hirschfeld because I’ve spent over a decade reading endless reams of Jewish nonsense and I think this may be the boldest and most daring piece of bullshit ever to dribble from a Hebrew pen. Aunt Magnesia caps this stunning intellectual jab by declaring ethnology a “pseudo-science,” and insisting that “to speak of Aryans is fraud.” This then leads into an unexpected and diversionary condemnation of Hitler, whom Hirschfeld insists is a bad nationalist for renouncing his Austrian citizenship. One suspects that even had he lived to see the Anschluss, Hirschfeld would not have been honest enough to recant.

The hogwash valve is turned once more in Chapter 5, “Race and Genius,” which opens with the claim that Goethe was probably Jewish, and proceeds with the argument that “most persons of genius are of mixed type.” Those seeking any kind of reliance upon statistical data for such claims will be sorely disappointed. As with the case of his work on “sexualities,” Hirschfeld’s methodology is purely in the realm of anecdotes and speculative and unresolved arguments, and is supplemented by tales of personal interaction and observance that read like extremely poor fiction. Most confusing of Hirschfeld’s tactics is the fact he engages in outright denial of Günther’s racial categories for Whites while using the same categories to defend his ideas about the mixing of racial groups. Hirschfeld, for example, declares such groups as Ostics and Dinarics to be non-existent, and then later proceeds to argue that the mixing of racial groups is beneficial because Schopenhauer, Luther and Beethoven were a blend of Nordic and Ostic types. Making both arguments simultaneously in the same work is a clear instance of logical fallacy.

The next three chapters are some of the worst in the book, concerning mostly Africans and those of mixed race. In Chapter 6, “Is a human being’s worth dependent on the colour of his skin?,” Hirschfeld has nothing to say other than that skin tone is a matter of sun-bathing and that he once saw some very darkly tanned Swedes at a Mediterranean resort (I urge anyone thinking that I’m joking to consult the text). In Chapter 7, “Coloured Peoples,” Hirschfeld asserts that Black Africans are equal to Whites, and that pygmies are intelligent and peaceful (the IQ of African pygmies is in fact estimated at 53, which is in the category of mild mental retardation). In Chapter 8, “Half-Breeds,” Hirschfeld insists that “the alleged dangers of [racial] crossing are apocryphal.”

In fact, science clearly shows that, but for advances in medicine, many mixed-race children would not survive birth, and many non-White mothers would die in childbirth. Asian and Black females, for example, very often struggle to give birth naturally to offspring of a White father, due mainly to increased cranial size and birth weight. One 2012 study found that “Biracial status of parents was associated with higher risk for adverse pregnancy outcomes than both White parents.” A 2008 study by Stanford also found that “Pregnant women who are part of an Asian-white couple face an increased risk of gestational diabetes as compared with couples in which both partners are white. … The researchers say the findings suggest that the average Asian woman’s pelvis may be smaller than the average white woman’s and less able to accommodate babies of a certain size.” Moreover, mixed-race offspring are on average more socially dysfunctional, with those who call themselves biracial tending “to be more likely to smoke and drink, to have sex at younger ages, and to have poorer experiences at school such as through suspensions, skipping class and repeating grades.” Mixed race children are also “more likely than others to suffer from depression, substance abuse, sleep problems and various aches and pains.”

Hirschfeld, meanwhile, offers the opinion that “mixed breeds are beautiful,” and praises the German Jewish physicist Heinrich Hertz for suggesting Whites are globally outnumbered and could be exterminated in their African and East Asian colonial territories:

The White race makes up only a fraction of mankind, and its members are greatly outnumbered by the coloured races. … This ferment may lead ere long among the Yellows to a war of extermination against the Whites within their borders.

In terms of promoting the mixing of races, Hirschfeld also refers to the work of Dutch “anti-racist” anthropologist Herbert Moens, who castigated Whites for “false belief in our own superiority,” and predicted a “great race war of the 20th century.” Moens, the self-promoting anti-racist, was in fact a fraud (his credentials were faked), a pervert and a pedophile, who was eventually convicted in the United States in 1919 for taking obscene photographs of naked Black children under the guise of “anthropological research” while on a bogus “research tour” undertaken to prove that Whites had “as much Negro blood in them as coloured people.” Frauds, fellow Jews, perverts, and child abusers — such are the authorities relied upon by Magnus Hirschfeld in his quest to debunk racism.

In Chapter 9, “The Little Races,” the repetitive Hirschfeld returns again to Günther’s racial categories for Whites, offering nothing that he hasn’t already said in Chapters 4 and 5. In the chapter that follows, “Is a human being’s worth dependent on the shape of the bones?,” we find a mixture of maudlin appeals to sentimentality, a shameless promotion of the likely fraudulent cranial studies of fellow Jew Franz Boas, and the ludicrous anecdote-backed claim that the physical features normally ascribed to Nordic Aryan types are found more commonly among Jews than among Germans.[10]The precise anecdote concerns a Jew who in Hirschfeld’s presence, while looking through Günther’s text, pointed to a portrait of a Nordic Aryan and exclaimed “That looks like my Aunt Selma!” Such is the extent of Hirschfeld’s empiricism. In Chapter 11, “The Blood Myth,” Hirschfeld engages in straw man tactics by pretending not to know that when early twentieth-century racialists spoke of ‘blood’ they meant the transmissible hereditary composition of the human being. Hirschfeld instead portrays racialists as mystical fantasists, and remarks “it is a futile dream to suppose that race can ever be ascertained by an examination of the blood.” Of course, this “futile dream” is today not only a reality in relation to blood, but race can also be accurately ascertained by an examination of every other bodily fluid, as well as hair, teeth, and bones.

In Chapters 12 and 13, Hirschfeld returns to a subject close to his heart—sexual perversion. Hirschfeld remarks that all races must be identical because sexual abnormalities occur with equal frequency in all ethnic groups, but provides no evidence for any such parity of frequency. (It was the claim of several historical anti-Jewish activists, and also of Hans Günther, that there was a particularly high frequency of homosexuality among Jews but this has never been empirically proven.) Hirschfeld then departs from the topic of race to rant about the equality of homosexuals, remarking that heterosexuals only “regard themselves as ‘normal’ because they are in the majority.” I leave readers to judge just how normal Magnus Hirschfeld was, leaving for their consideration only the facts that this man walked around in women’s clothing as Aunt Magnesia, and oversaw a fatal attempt to transplant a uterus into a Danish man.[11]It’s an interesting point of history that the National Socialist government more or less pardoned and then adopted the equally freakish non-Jewish surgeons of Hirschfeld’s clinic responsible for these monstrous procedures (Kurt Warnekros and Erwin Gohrbandt). The pair were then recruited as surgeons for a program of involuntary sterilisation to be performed on designated undesirables.

Above all, Hirschfeld asserts in these chapters that race has no biological basis but that sexuality does. Or, to put it another way, Hirschfeld argues that a homosexual is “born that way” and thus on some level determined by his biological make-up, but that a African man is not determined in any way by his genetic ancestry. As Hirschfeld says, “beyond question, the sexual type conquers the racial type.” Isn’t this the philosophy of the present day? Belief in race is derided and scorned while the homosexual and the transsexual are celebrated for their “Pride.” Meanwhile, in scientific terms, it is perfectly possible to determine the race of someone from their skin, fluids, and bones, while it remains utterly impossible to determine their sexual proclivities in the same manner. Which is the real pseudo-science here? The science of race and genes, or the ‘science’ of Hirschfeld’s “homosexual panhumanism”? We all know the answer, even if it is suffocated by cultural manipulation.

Hirschfeld’s true priorities lie in merging the populations of the world, either biologically or psychologically — the “Globo” that compliments and enables the “Homo.” He writes,

The individual, however close the ties of neighbourhood, companionship, family, a common lot, language, education, and the environment of nation and country, can find only one dependable unity with which to seek a permanent spiritual kinship — that of humanity-at-large, that of the whole human race.

Chapter 14, “Race in the Melting Pot of Mimicry,” is dedicated to the advancement of this idea of “oneness with humanity,” with Hirschfeld pointing to “the Unified Americans” as an example of how this can be accomplished. Reading this chapter, I wondered if Hirschfeld had ever actually been to the United States and seriously considered the history and lives of its citizens. On one level, it must be admitted, Americans are united — overwhelmingly by language, government, dress, pop culture, and other customs. But Americans are also strongly divided, as they always have been, on racial grounds. In fact, this is one of the defining features of the American trajectory when compared, for example, with European migrations to South America (although even there racial, considerations have at times been strong). North Americans are not universally racially united. It is true there has been a mixing of European populations (the Celt with the Slav, the Nordic with the Mediterranean, etc.), and the inevitable mixing of some Europeans with non-European peoples, but for the most part, American history is the story of the White man carving out a new world for himself. And any mawkish suggestions during the Obama era that we might enter a kind of post-racial America of Hirschfeld’s imaginings, have evaporated dramatically in this age of Critical Race Theory and Black Lives Matter. Race is here, and it is here to stay.

Chapters 15 and 16 contain Hirschfeld’s thoughts on the Nature versus Nurture debate, which have already been uttered countless times already in the book and are unremarkable. In Chapter 17, “Are there ‘Elect’ Nations and Races?,” Hirschfeld launches himself into Freudian analysis of “racists”:

Racist dislikes … can only be elucidated by ‘depth-psychology’ for they are rooted in the unconscious. … The taproot of racial hatred is the self-assertive impulse which is so deeply planted in human nature.

Hirschfeld is forced to concede that Jews have designated themselves an ‘elect’ race. While Germans are pathologized, however, Jews are excused because of an “inferiority complex” initiated by their “positions as members of a despised race.” The problem with Hirschfeld’s reasoning here is that the concept of the Jews as a chosen and elect race is rooted many centuries before their arrival in Europe, and thus precedes anti-Semitism rather than proceeding from it. This doesn’t prevent Hirschfeld, who declares himself a Zionist (what happened to “world citizen”?), from continuing with the argument that “anti-Semitism is more dangerous to the peace of the world than all other class divisions, religious dissensions, and artificial severances.”

The final three chapters are highly propagandistic, promoting meaningless, raceless, forms of patriotism and advancing a kind of neo-Lamarckism in which all races have the ability to adapt to their surroundings because “Nature has no sharply defined frontiers.” Racial conflicts are said to occur from selfishness, the Will to Power, fear, and an inferiority complex. Any idea that they might arise from a genuine conflict over resources or interests is glossed over. The book concludes with a call for the creation of an international “League for the Prevention of Racism.”

Concluding Thoughts

Magnus Hirschfeld’s Racism is an extremely poor text which merits even less attention than some of its more recent echoes like Stephen Jay Gould’s The Mismeasure of Man. It contains almost nothing of scientific or philosophical merit. The book is, however, an interesting historical artefact to the extent that it anticipates ideas and trends which are now widespread, such as the promotion of “love-based” globalist panhumanism, and the proliferation of sexual identities. The book also offers an interesting glimpse into the psychology and tactics of one of the twentieth century’s most influential and destructive Jewish intellectuals. As noted, Hitler once remarked that Hirschfeld was the most dangerous Jew in Germany — an interesting choice given the preponderance of influential Jewish politicians and financiers at the time the remark was made. What set Hirschfeld apart was his socially destructive ambitions, which were both more amorphous and more far-reaching than the ambitions of any politician or banker. We can see these ambitions fulfilled today, in the daily advance of the multiracial Pervert’s Paradise. The monstrous Hirschfeld has truly risen from his tomb.


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[10] The precise anecdote concerns a Jew who in Hirschfeld’s presence, while looking through Günther’s text, pointed to a portrait of a Nordic Aryan and exclaimed “That looks like my Aunt Selma!” Such is the extent of Hirschfeld’s empiricism.

[11] It’s an interesting point of history that the National Socialist government more or less pardoned and then adopted the equally freakish non-Jewish surgeons of Hirschfeld’s clinic responsible for these monstrous procedures (Kurt Warnekros and Erwin Gohrbandt). The pair were then recruited as surgeons for a program of involuntary sterilisation to be performed on designated undesirables.

(Republished from The Occidental Observer by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Rational says:


    Thanks for the good article, Sir. Very interesting. Kinsey is a similar fraud, who published bogus research promoting sexual depravity. Why are Judaists such sexual perverts?

    The reason is that Judaists grow exposed to sexual depravity at a young age. They are told they are “Jews”, children of Sarah, who was a prostitute in the Torah and was sold by Avram, her husband and brother, again and again. The Torah is the most pornographic book ever written.

    Also, most Jewish boys and girls are sexually assaulted from a young age.

    Incest rampant among the Judaists:

    Jewish Child Rape Assembly Line Run By Rabbis (aka Rappis):



    Judaists turn around and promote this depravity, pedophilia, and the rape of others, as revenge and the defense mechanism of identification with the aggressor makes them feel better and helps them overcome the anger of having been sexually assaulted. They are promoting the alien invasion because they wantwhite women to be raped by the alien invaders, as revenge for Judaists being raped by their relatives and rabbis.

  2. Wyatt says:

    I’m not really interested in Jewish men being subversive shitheads because it’s like going into a quarry and finding rocks that keep bitching about the six quartzillion.

    But holy God, have I discovered how much I hate the way people from a hundred years ago wrote. There’s so much circuitousness that the point gets lost as some collegiate demonstrates how literate he is as he meanders his way through his contention. It’s so bizarre, yet I can see the relationship between people like this and leftist “intellectuals” of today who are so in love with the way they talk that they will speak endlessly and say absolutely nothing.

    Maybe it’s just the nature of academics, but there very well might be a point where too much education has a negative impact on the way people communicate. I find this to be generally true amongst people who fancy themselves as intelligent, but tend to gloss over the hard points in a debate and think that their time spent arguing is valuable and not to be wasted.

    I dunno. Maybe this is just the nature of humanity and we’re doomed both by idiots who want to moralize everything so they can achieve high social status as well as jews who think they know what’s best for humanity cuz muh tikkun olum.

    • Replies: @animalogic
  3. I very much appreciate your researches into some of the arcana of what passes for “thought” in the realm of psychologically motivated Jewish intellectuals, Mr. Joyce. As a Jew, and one who was raised in the psychoanalytic babble of Jewish intellectualism, I can tell you that you are very much on target in your assessments of the devious justifications for what amounts to perverse behavior among many Jews.

    My own researches on these subjects — for I began to reject these deceptive psychological interpretations of life as I became more mature — took me ultimately to the works of Otto Rank. Rank came out of the Freudian “stable”, along with Jung. They were both notable for rejecting much of the sexualized reasoning of Freud and the over-analysis of invented psychological theories that lead down empty roads.

    If you are not familiar with Rank’s writings, I encourage you to search out a volume entitled “Modern Education,” There are others that I would also recommend, but that one has particular relevance, in my opinion, to some of our current societal problems here in the United States.

    Rank, a Jew, ultimately emigrated to the U.S. and wound up with a couple of volumes entitled ” Psychology and the Soul” and “Beyond Psychology.” With reference to some of your writings perhaps, I was particularly intrigued by Rank’s summary thoughts in those two books, in which he found much of Jewish psychological pathology just that — pathological. He found hope ultimately in Christian ideology and justified that hope far more eloquently than I ever could. I will leave it to you to follow up on Otto Rank, if you see fit to pursue it. Thanks, as always, for your insightful and provocative ideas.

    • Thanks: Irish Savant
  4. anon[247] • Disclaimer says:

    I’ve been kicked out of 109 clubs, but it’s not my fault

    • Replies: @anonymous
  5. Apparently, this is the man who coined the word ‘racism’:

  6. Hitmarck says:

    Since Tel Aviv calls itself the gay capital of the world, at least when Eurovision is, jewish gayness can be classified as proven.

  7. Thomasina says:

    “Hirschfeld did not return to Germany from his world journey in 1932, and Giese went to meet him in Paris. Hirschfeld was by then living with another partner, a 23-year-old Chinese medical student named Li Shiu Tong. Despite some initial jealousy, they all lived together in Paris in a ménage à trois.”

    Hirschfeld met Karl Giese in 1918 when Hirschfeld was 50 and Giese was 20. Giese was the “woman of the house” who looked up to Hirschfeld as a father replacement. Hirschfeld was 64 when he set up house with 23-year-old Li Shiu Tong. Hirschfeld certainly liked them young, or is it that they liked him old?

    Talk about brazen and bold, especially considering the timeframe involved here. Uninhibited in dress, speech, lifestyle, he wanted what he wanted, and he certainly wasn’t going to let others’ values or morals get in his way. Pushy and aggressive, self-assured in his rightness, so much so that he writes a book on racism from his self-centered perspective.

    Jordan Peterson, who gets a lot wrong about history, does understand how evil works. He said, “Unless you can think the way an evil person thinks, then you’re defenseless against them because they’ll go places you can’t imagine and then they win.”

    And: “A harmless man is not a good man. A good man is a very, very dangerous man who has that under voluntary control. If you are around a man who is dangerous AND disciplined, then everybody should watch their step. You have to have imagination for that kind of evil.”

    The Jews have set themselves up as authorities in every single discipline (economics, psychology, law, etc.) and then they go around quoting each other, the media ram it down our throats, you are ridiculed and shamed if you disagree.

    As Peterson said, a man who thinks he’s taking the high road, who thinks of himself as “good” and “moral”, is nothing but a coward.

    Where is the next place we can’t imagine or envision? Pedophilia? Is that the kind of “love” that’s next?

    Maybe it’s time we became dangerous.

    • Replies: @Bill Jones
    , @Stan d Mute
  8. @Thomasina

    I agree.
    Pedophilia is clearly next up, after that It’s the Dog or the Dead.

    • Replies: @Thomasina
    , @Irish Savant
  9. Thomasina says:
    @Bill Jones

    I remember being in the presence of what I’m quite certain now was a pedophile. I remember what was going through my mind at the age of 10 or 11: how was I going to get away from this 40ish-year-old man. There seemed no means of escape, and even at that young age I knew I was in trouble. Lately I’ve reflected back on what might have happened had I not taken the opportunity to immediately run when a loud noise pierced the silence for a split second and diverted his attention. I put my escape down to being able to recognize evil when I saw it, being athletic, and playing lots of neighborhood games.

    Now, that was a pedophile in the wild, but just imagine if it becomes legalized. No child should be subjected to this – ever. The age of consent should never be lowered. These are children.

    Homosexuals, transvestites, pedophiles are mentally ill, suffering from an early childhood developmental disorder. Somehow they didn’t make the cross-over to a healthy sexuality, but they certainly weren’t born this way. I think their numbers are increasing, though, as our family structures become more splintered. We need intact, healthy families who have time to nurture their children, not families who are being torn apart by the current “greed is good” system.

    There is no rehabilitating the current sexual deviants. The damage has already been done to them. But we should be devoting time and money on educating parents to not only defend their children from these monsters, but preventing them from ever coming into existence.

    • Agree: Bill Jones
    • Replies: @Dumbo
    , @Stan d Mute
  10. @Rational

    If your theory is right, then they would direct their anger not at goyim but at their own community, but that never happens. Instead, they use their own depravity, like other characteristics of theirs, as a weapon in their ethnic warfare against the whole non-Jewish world. The purpose is to weaken the goyim morally so that they cannot resist their economic exploitation, which is for them as parasites their main concern. Wilhelm Reich for example, openly said that his sexual theories were meant to prevent the rise of anti-Semitism. Members of the (nearly 100% Jewish) Frankfurt School said the same about the purpose of their theories, which were mainly not of a sexual nature.

    • Replies: @Chris Moore
    , @sally
  11. anon[307] • Disclaimer says:

    yeah. it’s clear at this point that YHWH gave the jews the torah because not one of them has a conscience. of course they preceded to talmud their way around the 613. there’s a very fundamental confusion in judaism between legality and morality. this has been condemned as casuistry and jesuitry when it’s occured in christendom, viz anthony fauci.

  12. Thank you. I enjoyed reading this.

  13. @Rational


    Who wouldn’t be traumatized (a victim) when a Rabbi cuts off your foreskin within days of birth and then places his mouth over your bleeding wee wee.

    • Agree: Montefrío
    • Thanks: follyofwar
  14. According to Jewish myth, the National Socialists burned every book they could find.

    In reality the German Student Union only burned books by Hirschfeld, Marx, and so on, in early 1933. Especially Hirschfeld.

    Today, many holo-hoax memorials include stylized displays of Hirschfeld’s published filth.

    Some Jews even claim that the National Socialists murdered Hirschfeld. (He died of a heart attack at age 67).

    • Agree: Arthur MacBride
  15. anonymous[171] • Disclaimer says:

    I have learned a great deal from Andrews work over the years and very much appreciate his efforts.

    I happened to stumble across an article just the other day and one more (every single time) moment. I have archived the article for future reference.

    A new biography explores the life of Hugo Marcus, a gay Jew who played a key role in the establishment of Islam in Germany before fleeing from Hitler

  16. Dumbo says:
    @Gina Schrank

    Speaking of Jewish Ottos, what about Otto Weininger? He’s an interesting one. His theories about genius and about sexual difference are at least something to consider. I don’t know if the book was ever reviewed at UR.

    • Agree: Mehen
    • Replies: @Mehen
    , @Paul Bustion
  17. Dumbo says:

    Pedophiles are clearly mentally deranged and possibly victims of child abuse. That doesn’t excuse their evilness. I was approached by a pederast on the street when I was 12 or 13. I managed to escape, too, but I think about those who didn’t.

    In our age, I think parents are less equipped to understand the danger because of the “love is love” nonsense.

  18. Dumbo says:

    What is it about Jews, and sex, and Christianity?

    Recently in a used bookstore, I leafed through an old book called “Human Sexuality” or something like that, published in the 40s or 50s. At some point the author mentions that people should just forget about the old-time prude Christian morality and enjoy hedonist sex with whomever pleases us, and if things go wrong, just abort. Later I googled and, sure enough, the author was Jewish. (Unfortunately I don’t remember his name, but it was no one famous.) Anyway, the discourse seems to be basically always the same, from Freud to Reich, to this Hirschfeld g(a)(u)y. No originality whatsoever.

  19. Schuetze says:

    Speaking of Hischfeld’s Transpocalypse, one of my favorite Twitter Feeds is Bad Astrid

    Astrid’s feed is dedicated to tranny’s, today and yesterday. We all know about Michael Obama, but Astrid exposes dozens of tranny’s every week. I often have a hard time believing some of her “uncloakings”, like Maralyn Monroe, but her feed is chock full of old and new photographs of what are clearly men dressed as women.

    One of her features is Tranny Tuesday. Below the more are a few recent uncloakings:


    CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky (look at that Adams Apple and the fingers)

    The DeCastro Sisters were an American singing group. They originally consisted of Peggy DeCastro, Cherie DeCastro and Babette DeCastro.

    Christine Ellen Hynde is an American singer-songwriter & musician. She is a founding member & the guitarist, lead vocalist, & primary songwriter of the rock band the Pretenders, as well as its only constant member. Hynde formed the Pretenders in 1978.

    The Runaways – Lita Ford – Joan Jett. Some real ‘tuff’ chicks there…. naaa, just some Trannies.

    The Transpocalypse.

    • Troll: beavertales
  20. @Rational

    Don’t disagree with your views per say, however, the Jewish obsession with sexual matters is often simply political.
    To emphasis, to, indeed celebrate every conceivable sexual practice (other than heterosexual monogomy) is to attempt to physically, literally undermine the cultural foundations of Western (indeed, any) civilisation.
    A culture can absorb deviancy — when it is informal & basically unspoken. However, when deviancy is not only celebrated but used as a baseball bat to crack down on ANY other view on sexuality, then we are looking at ideology & direct political action.
    Given the motives & intentions behind such a use of “sexuality” you might be forgiven for thinking words such as — “treason”, “war” & “conspiracy” etc.

    • Replies: @animalogic
    , @JackOH
  21. @Wyatt

    “I can see the relationship between people like this and leftist “intellectuals” of today who are so in love with the way they talk that they will speak endlessly and say absolutely nothing.”
    Post modernism is the font of rambling nonsense.
    The less the empirical content, the greater is the reliance on jargon & waffle.

    • Agree: Peripatetic Itch
  22. @animalogic

    “A culture can absorb deviancy — when it is informal & basically unspoken”
    I should add — there are limits. For example, child molesters etc are famous for their ability to form secret societies. A society can not take too much of that before the vile practices of the deviants poison their victims for all time — with incredibly ugly consequences for individuals & society.

    • Replies: @JackOH
  23. Hirscheld and Foucault – both degenerates – are today probably the most influential “theorists” of the 20th century, which is a terrible indictment on our society.

  24. anonymous[323] • Disclaimer says:

    I’ve been kicked out of 109 clubs, but it’s not my fault

    The only reason goys hate you is because you’re so much shmarter than they are. Remember, son, it has nothing to do with your being an untrustworthy prick with the disgusting habit of picking and admiring your ear wax in public.

    • LOL: Kolya Krassotkin
  25. “We truly live in a pervert’s paradise.”

    This past weekend, Union Square in Manhattan, was in throes of ugly bodies painting each other in the nude, in full view of children, as if awaiting the second coming of their mustachioed messiah, auntie Magnesia.

  26. Z-man says:

    The Germans should have started killing these serpents a lot earlier.

    • Replies: @druid55
  27. Che Guava says:

    Accidentally hit the ‘back’ button.

    Christians are misled to think that Torah means Jewish version of OT. It only means the first five books.

    The Hellenistic version of the OT, used by most Christians, was collected centuries before the ‘ebrew version. Jews refer to their version of the OT as the Talach, or Tanach, I forget which, not Torah.

    As a neo-Marcionite, I haven’t read it lately, but it has some value.

    The two creation myths in Genesis, taken from even then remotely ancient Sumeria, not bad. The tale of the flood, since it appears in many other cultures and may be a distant memory of the end of the last deep ice age, not bad. Here we arrive at the first real porno content. Noah gets drunk and engages in incest.

    The tale of Lot, and Sodom and Gommorah, the next.

    The later books of the OT, Kings, Ruth, Esther, Song of Solomon, others, had much more direct porno.

    However, the Psalms contain many songs directly from ancient Egypt at the time of Amenhotep or Akhenaton, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Ecclesiasticus have many words of wisdom. Job is a fascinating tale.

    Reading Kings on one level, it is like porn, on another, it is a ripping yarn.

    So, it is not devoid of philosophical and historical merit, which is why Greeks and Hellenised Jews translated it.

  28. Trinity says:

    EVERY SINGLE TIME. Hitler was right. The jew is behind it all. From pedophilia, to prostitution to pornography to drag queen story time hours. Lift up the rock covering sleaze & slime and you will find the jew slithering out from under it. Interracial porn and/or the promotion of groups like NAMBLA, LGBTQ, BLM, guess who? The jew, that’s who.

    With the past record of the jew, America was beyond stupid to ever allow them in OUR nation. These (((sociopaths))) NEVER change nor do they intend to change. They take pride in being a tribe of perverts, misanthropes and nation wreckers because they are incapable of building anything decent so they revel in their own shit.

    • Agree: druid55, Schuetze
  29. @Gina Schrank

    Thanks for your comments concerning Otto Rank.

    One might note that even Wilhelm Reich, after ha came to America and met farmers in Maine, found that such people represented a healthiness that he respected.

    Of course Reich was attacked from the left as much as he was misunderstood by the right.

  30. Freud, Reich, and Hirschfeld – each one a freak, and fraud, and a pervert.

  31. anon[148] • Disclaimer says:

    There is nothing in the world of humanity except good and evil . Our creator gave us the intellect to identify this difference, and how we act accordingly.

  32. Chris Moore says: • Website
    @Franklin Ryckaert

    ((Jews)) are programmed by their religious and political culture to be sociopaths and psychopaths wreaking havoc around the world first in service of their tribe, and secondly in service of their personal fortunes. Look at Israel — tribe first, self-enrichment and ego-gratification second.

    The ((Jewish)) Frankfurt School is a prime example. People don’t like to see ((Jews)) and Israel as one in the same, but they are.

    The inherent nature of ((Jews)) can be identified by following Israel. Every ((Jew)) should be viewed as an operative of Israel as the default viewpoint. Some are not; some are one foot in, one foot out. But as a general rule, it’s a fair one.

    • Agree: Trinity, Z-man
  33. Mod:
    {not for publication}

    I have the “email replies to my comment” box checked but it has not been working for some time. I’m no longer getting replies to my comment in my email. Could you look into this and see if you can fix it. It did work for a long time.

    [The Email Reply system seems fine and it’s working for others. Maybe the emails are being trapped by your spam-filter, or perhaps your email address is misspelled with a typo.]

    • Replies: @Peripatetic Itch
  34. @Peripatetic Itch

    Negative to both suggestions. The email is not misspelled and my primitive email app has no spam filter (Windows 10 basic). The junk-mail box is empty, as it always is.

  35. @Che Guava

    “So, it is not devoid of philosophical and historical merit, which is why Greeks and Hellenised Jews translated it.”

    As I pointed out in my review of Skrbina’s book, it’s simply not true that “everyone always hated the Jews”. There were plenty of “God-fearers,” gentiles who admired their supposed moral strictness, went to synagogues to hear the stories from the scriptures, etc. Of course, they didn’t want to be circumscribed themselves, or obey kosher laws and other rituals aimed at keeping Jews separate (and which would therefore mean abandoning their gentile families and society). These, in fact, were the people Paul aimed his version of Torah-free Christianity.

  36. @Schuetze

    There are few things more hypocritical than someone denouncing transsexuality while at the same time misidentifying numerous women as men. Similar to the practice of condemning men as effeminate based on their appearance, and labelling them as homosexuals, even if they are straight.

    Seems like an implicit recognition that sexuality is a spectrum, not the simple result of a Y chromosome, but the complex result of hormonal expression. Yet some people refuse to recognize the diversity of God’s creation; instead they think everyone whose appearance does not conform to gender stereotype is guilty of sexcrime.

    • LOL: Schuetze
    • Replies: @Schuetze
    , @MrE 3001
  37. @Che Guava

    “Noah gets drunk and engages in incest.”

    Only the goyim would be dumb enough to believe that children in the Bronze Age never saw their father naked. “Uncovered his nakedness” must be a censoring of “slept with their mother while he was passed out drunk.” Another possibility is that it is a re-writing of the myth of Chronos and Zeus, with Ham being “cursed” for castrating his father (also perhaps then sleeping with his mother).

    Christians did the same things. Funny how Paul never mentions “the road to Damascus,” despite seeing the risen Lord and being blind for a couple of weeks. The author of Acts just made it up, based on Euripides’ Bacchae.

  38. @Che Guava

    “The later books of the OT, Kings, Ruth, Esther, Song of Solomon, others, had much more direct porno.”

    Esther (which never mentions YHVH) is so porno that in En Rade (Becalmed), Huysmans sequel to Against Nature, he has a dream sequence that incorporates Esther (who has been macerated for 6 months in vats of perfume) the King, and the King’s … scepter. It was a favorite of Breton and his Surrealist buddies.

    • LOL: Bardon Kaldian
  39. anon[307] • Disclaimer says:

    Truthful as it is, it’s a strange way to open a book intended to dispel the notion that there is any such thing as an Aryan or a Nordic.

    unfortunately in today’s world whoever would describe himself as a reformed nazi is just a nazi.

    the other chamberlain explained that the nazis’ obsession with the unalloyed indo-europeans was not just a matter of historical linguistics but also, as heidegger would say, finding one’s hero in the past, nietzsche’s supermen in men who really existed. whether the indo-europeans were supermen doesn’t matter. it is a myth of the past as a program for the future.

    chamberlain supposedly said:
    and one sees again that nazism was not hitlerism, that it was a long time in the making, beginning with darwin and nietzsche and the bayreuth circle.

    • Replies: @anon
  40. DrWatson says:

    You 1st link about incest doesn’t work (was it the publicization here at unz that contributed to its downfall, I wonder) but the 2nd about child rape does and it is truly shocking if true. What I cannot fathom is this: aren’t there (judicial) courts in Brooklyn to report these incidents to? The affected parties are so afraid from backlash and condemnation from the general public that they cover this up? Was there any consequence of the article, I wonder?

    Just went back to the article: it was published 8 years ago.

  41. druid55 says:

    they didn’t try to kill them, but they should have, wholesale. They just wanted them transferred, and aided and abetted their invasion of Palestine.

    • Agree: Z-man
  42. druid55 says:
    @Che Guava

    maybe the Tanach was just a porno novel that has survived because of the crazies who follow it?

  43. anon[242] • Disclaimer says:

    for the no readers of the above,

    i meant “reformed” in the same sense as “reformed church”, not a repudiation but a reformation, an advance on the ideological base of nazism. (but i do think protestantism is ridiculous and gross.)

    but of course the idea of “orthodox nazism” isn’t as…what?…as orthodox marxism. nazism was a much more organic phenomenon.

  44. anon[242] • Disclaimer says:

    zizek is ALLOWED to explain stalin in the way that i and others are NOT ALLOWED to explain hitler.

    holocaust deniers are ridiculous frauds, “jewish roaders, running dogs”, totally UN-serious people.

    but the question, “do you deny or condone?” is not a question a reformed nazi can answer truthfully without being cancelled.

    • Replies: @Schuetze
  45. Schuetze says:
    @Acoustic Pussy

    Michelle Obama’s Doctor Goes on Record on ‘What he saw’


    Dr. Rafael Espinanzo, who was entrusted with former First Lady Michelle Obama’s care during the 2008 presidential election, is speaking out…

    “I Know what I saw. Michelle Obama is not a woman who used to be a man. Michelle Obama is just a man with breast implants and a huge shaving bill. On the campaign trail, no medical staff were allowed to go near her other than to take vitals if she got sick, which she never did. I know what I know because I walked in on her…err…him…while he was taking a leak standing up in a bathroom in Trenton. They paid me millions for my silence but after seeing what they did to this country I just can’t keep quiet. Let them sue me.””

    What is really sick is when you consider that Sasha’s and Malia’s real parents turned their girls over to two homosexuals, one who was a crossdresser pretending to be a woman. I don’t know who is more depraved here, Barry and Michael Obama or the real parents of those girls.

    This is precisely what Hirschfeld wanted to do to the goyim. It is a jew thing. But I am certain that the stinky Acoustic Pussy Hasbara agent knows this already.

  46. So overwhelming is Hirschfeld’s legacy in the sexual sphere, however, that it is often overlooked that this Jewish medical charlatan was also a vocal and innovative “anti-racist.”

    A dejewnerate AND an anti-raysiss? Like squirting diarrhea onto a steaming turd.

  47. Schuetze says:

    Since in this day and age the only real meaning of “Nazi” is someone some Jew doesn’t like, how can one possibly become a “reformed Nazi” when only the Jew calling someone a “Nazi” could ever determine if they had “reformed”. Jews and their talmudic logic really are the biggest idiots on the planet today.

    But lets face it, this particular hebrew is just trying to deflect from the topic of this thread, Magnus Hirschfeld, the perfect jew: A Homo, a Pedo, and a Tranny. Truly Yahweh’s chosen son.

    Of course when the NSDAP finally shut down Hirschfeld and his perverted homo associates, the jews threw a major hissy fit. They were kvetching and flinging spittle all across the planet. How dare those “Nazis” burn their homo-pedo-porn collection:

    Gay History – May 6, 1933: Nazi Youth Attack Magnus Hirschfeld’s Berlin Institute for Sexual Research – The “Säuberung” Book Burnings

    “On the night of May 10th. Hitler Youth and right-wing students in 34 university towns across Germany marched in torchlight parades “against the un-German spirit” and called for Nazi officials, university faculty and chaplains, and student leaders to address the participants and spectators. Then, singing songs and taking “fire oaths” as band music played, in large open-air bonfires, the students burned thousands of “un-German books,” taken in raids on public and university libraries, private collections, and bookstores. The events also received widespread media attention – not only newspaper coverage, but also “live” radio broadcasts of the songs and speeches.”

    Lets face it, after the NSDAP burned the jews’ homo pornography collection, world war was inevitable. This is the most important lession of WWII: Don’t ever mess with a jew’s porn collection.

    • Replies: @anon
  48. An interesting and well written article, undiminished by the several unsavory commenters who have treated it as an invitation to denigrate “the Jews” en-masse — as this sort do in any venue that will tolerate it, no matter how tenuous the relevance (though I admit that the reprobate Hirshfeld’s attempts to trade on his ethnic heritage to somehow ameliorate or justify his sexual perversity doesn’t help the cause of the true Jews).

    Not calling for suppression, mind you, just pointing out that right-thinking people judge others on their individual merits, not their group identity. By that measure Hirschfeld certainly deserves condemnation.

    • Replies: @Schuetze
    , @Exile
  49. Mehen says:

    Yes. I would very much like to see a review of Otto Weininger by Mr. Joyce.

  50. Schuetze says:
    @The Norse Whisperer

    “Hirshfeld’s attempts to trade on his ethnic heritage to somehow ameliorate or justify his sexual perversity doesn’t help the cause of the true Jews

    Care to define “true Jew” for us “unsavory commenters”? Would Epstein, Maxwell or Weinstein be “true jews”, or are they “fake jews” like Hirschfeld?

  51. There is no doubt that an extraordinarily high proportion of leading Jews look truly evil. Hirschfeldt, Greenspan, Greenblatt (ADL), Soros, Kissinger, Weinstein, Schumer, RBG……that’s just off the top of my head. No other ethnicity even comes close.

    • Replies: @Franklin Ryckaert
  52. …Marxist esoterica

    From decadents the Reich had silenced

    Emerged and were suddenly ensconced

    In the academy. His psychologists,

    Critics, philosophers, apologists

    For every perversion of tradition

    And natural order took their mission

    Seriously, and from their campus

    They sent forth without compass

    A great wave of students intent

    On drowning the stricken Occident

    In chaos they learned to call progress.

  53. Voltara says:

    Can somebody tell me what the word “love” means? I’m genuinely confused.

    • Replies: @Jack McArthur
  54. anon[991] • Disclaimer says:

    yeah dude. but the nazis of today are this guy yesterday.

    totalitarianism is gross…even if it was necessary in 30s germany and 70s argentina…it’s gross.

    the point is the current reigning ideology uses nazis and bolshies as weapons…to defend its own total indefensibility.

    the reigning ideology is just a negation not a negation of the negation, aufhebung.

    hitler and stalin had reasons, not just delusions, but these reasons didn’t amount to a justification of what they did.


    • Replies: @Schuetze
  55. @Gina Schrank

    He found hope ultimately in Christian ideology

    Oh well, just as you have insight into your kinfolk and their problems, so have many of us goyim. If you are looking to the Jesus freaks for salvation you will have an eternity of pedophilia and Jew worship ahead of you.

  56. @Thomasina

    Maybe it’s time we became dangerous.

    From necessity, some of us always have been.

  57. @Thomasina

    What we need is for every MAN to behave like this father did, only perhaps with a little less self-control:

    This boy won’t be molesting kids for a while:

  58. @Dumbo

    Otto Weininger’s theories seem to be based on Jewish mysticism. I used to like them but I don’t anymore. They fit in with the androgyny agenda. Although I agree with him that sexuality is a net negative his theories are ones that could be used to justify making all persons into androgynes in order to end that net negative.

  59. @Voltara

    Perhaps C. S. Lewis “The Four Loves”. I read it many years ago. As it happens I was thinking about it this morning along with work of another Belfast lad – “Listen to the Lion” and who the lion is in the context of one of the works of C. S. Lewis.

  60. JackOH says:

    “A culture can absorb deviancy — when it is informal & basically unspoken”

    You’ve got something there, animalogic. I read your comment earlier and did a crude thought experiment. Here goes, and try to bear with me:

    Years ago I had a co-worker who’d blow his nose outdoors by stopping one nostril with a finger, then exhaling forcefully through the open nostril. He’d eject a large booger on the pavement or grass. Then he’d stop the now cleared nostril. Once again, a booger on the pavement or grass.

    Well, I think at the very least one could say there are less unsightly ways of clearing mucus from one’s schnozz.

    Imagine an overly intellectual observer from a talented but often despised and marginalized minority who adopts the practice of my co-worker. He erects an intellectual edifice to support booger-snorting, polemicizes in favor of booger-snorting, etc. The motive, of course, is the gaining of political power by over-amplifying an irregular practice (“deviant, informal, and unspoken”), booger-snorting.

    A traditionalist-conservative society with a deep understanding of humanity, I think, would tell the booger-snorter advocate something like: “Look, buddy, stand down from your booger-snorting advocacy. We really don’t care about booger-snorting or those with whom you’re booger-snorting, except as it might affect public health or civic order. We do care that you’re trying to create a constituency of booger-snorters out of people who might be most inclined to use handkerchiefs or paper tissues.”

    I’m not expressing the idea too well. The underlying idea, I suppose, is that a society unmoored from its traditionalist-conservative roots becomes vulnerable to bullshit intellectual hustles, such as Hirschfeld’s.

    FWIW-I think one response to Hirschfeld is to incentivize early marriage, but I don’t have the chops to make the case.

    • Replies: @animalogic
  61. Exile says:
    @The Norse Whisperer

    Do “right-thinking” Jews judge people as individuals?

    How many would you estimate there are, percentage-wise, in the worldwide Jewish community?

    “Right-thinking” = a fractured incoherent exploitable “nation of ideas” for the goyim, blood and soil for the Jews.

  62. @Schuetze

    No matter how low the woman’s voice (Joan Armatrading, for example), or how high the man’s voice (Sting, for example), you can immediately tell which is female and which is male. Don’t show us photos of singers!

    • Replies: @Schuetze
  63. Schuetze says:

    “but these reasons didn’t amount to a justification of what they did.”

    What exactly did Hitler do? Do you even know, or do you just blather Jewish and Shabbez Goyim lies?

    • Replies: @anon
  64. sally says:
    @Franklin Ryckaert

    Mancini.. potential to lift, enrich and Magnus Hirschfeld lies at the heart of the nonsense embedded in the new religious propaganda. Pairing ideologies with hormone induced human feelings is a well-known divide and conquer weapon. Non Reproductive emotion is paired to sexual satisfaction and promoted as a false but effective propaganda. It works in reverse, propaganda is used to pair reward satisfaction with some harmone induced emotion. the idea is to promote a normative outcome or a display of behavior.

    It’s been a common tactic of Jewish activists .. to portray themselves as truly native while describing any co-operation among Europeans as being a kind of “foreign” threat. In this view, Jews are always the ultimate patriots while things like anti-Semitism or racism are a “foreign subversion” of native values.

    Emotion paired to an actual or standard of behavior is the key to divide and conquer strategy. There are many branches of psychology which attempt to pair emotion with behavior.. What the propaganda warriors have done is to make propaganda out of the emotion::behavior <=paired elements. or the emotion::standards or normative behavior <=paired elements.

  65. Ephesians 6:12 … we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.

    If you try to fight spirit with flesh (‘race’), you could only lose. There is neither Jew nor Nordic, but a new creation in Christ that has been called to inherit life everlasting.

    Matthew 13:43 Then the righteous will shine forth as the sun in the kingdom of their Father. He who has ears to hear, let him hear!

    Ph. 3:20 For our citizenship is in heaven, from which we also eagerly wait for the Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, 21 who will transform our lowly body that it may be conformed to His glorious body, according to the working by which He is able even to subdue all things to Himself.

    Lift up your heart, dear friend. “Imagination (Faith) is more important than knowledge.” Albert Einstein

  66. @Irish Savant

    Indeed many look truly evil. I always found Canadian “abortion rights activist” Henry Morgentaler an excellent example of that fact:

    Satan’s Chosen People indeed!

    • Replies: @geokat62
  67. @JackOH

    I think you presented the idea pretty well, to be honest.
    The worm in the head of the last 50 years is that to just accept something, without fuss-fuss-fuss is not right. “Former” deviancy must be shouted from the roof tops. Hooray! .
    Identity — Jesus, I’m so sad my “identity” has something to do with my genitalia.
    Perhaps the 21st C is all about anomie…. (No personal identity in a slop, spew, dog’s breakfast of a culture)
    (incidentally, the snot blowers acts are called a “bushman’s hanky” in the old days in Aust’ — now “bushman” itself is being lost, is becoming incomprehensible…..”)

    • Thanks: JackOH
  68. Schuetze says:
    @Badger Down

    “Don’t show us photos of singers!”

    What about actors marrying actors and having “babies”, is that not allowed either? I mean if Barry Sotero can marry his boyfriend, “have children” and become president of the USA while his “wife” Michael is the first “Lady”, why can’t George Clooney do it too?

    George Clooney’s Wife Amal Alamuddin Is A Tranny Giving Birth To Twins Hoax

    Its all a show…

  69. Whew — talk about Christian perverts, running those Indian Boarding Schools, those Towers of Babel of the Jimmy Swaggart kind. Jews make up 1.6 percent of the global population, but perverted white Christians? Think hard about that perversion of the White “race.” This guy could not discuss solidly much of anything, if he wasn’t at the keyboard writing for Unz.

    For real reading, and real work, start the three part series here —


    By highlighting three of the most dominant themes in Bell’s CRT—materialism, realism, and anticolonialism—it becomes possible to understand the aspects of Bell’s philosophy that make it far more radical than the watered-down liberal ideology being trafficked as CRT today.

    Bell was born in 1930 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and in 1957, he completed a law degree at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law. Bell was highly active in civil rights litigation during the 1950s and 60s. After a brief appointment in the civil rights division of the U.S. Justice Department, Bell resigned to work full time for the NAACP’s Legal Defense and Educational Fund. During this time, Bell worked on dozens of desegregation cases, giving him firsthand experience where ligation and activism overlap.

    In 1967, Bell left the NAACP to take up academic work, first at the University of Southern California and later at Harvard Law School. At Harvard, Bell developed a critique of the civil rights movement’s litigation strategies, and this critique provided Bell with the foundational principles of CRT. In 1973, Bell published his groundbreaking textbook Race, Racism, and American Law, the first law textbook to examine the racial implications of U.S. legal structures. During the 1980s, Bell would move from university to university, often leaving to protest the refusal of schools to hire more faculty of color. In 1991, he began teaching at New York University, where he would remain active until his death in October 2011.

  70. anon[307] • Disclaimer says:

    1. he did a lot of good things. animal rights and social security. and he did get millions of jews out of europe…but in a really bad way…

    2. when the territorial solution became the final solution i would’ve folded my arms, i expect. maybe if i were convinced the jews were to blame for the war and i’d lost loved ones from allied bombing or at the front or that jews still ran the ussr (which they didn’t by the time of the war)…

    and if you deny operation reinhard why don’t you go dig up the evidence. it’s still there you know. until the US entered the war and the battle of moscow was lost the solution was territorial, like what the jews did to the palestinians in 1948, not liquidation like what the jews did to the canaanites.

    and if you have any doubt that hitler knew and gave the order read this:’s_prophecy. read the whole thing. or is it lies?

    3. i don’t believe barbarossa was preemptive, but if i did again i might feel differently about the endlosung if i also (wrongly) believed that bolshevism was still jewish. it was then…stalin killed all the old jewish bolsheviks except iron lazar, an illiterate cobbler. the soviets had their own mini-shoah before the war. i guess the abwehr didn’t know or didn’t tell hitler.

    4. the point is it doesn’t matter. hitler and stalin weren’t all bad. both the nazis and the bolshies were high IQ sophisticated intellectuals. but maybe that’s the problem. they treated people like they were just ideas. or hitler the artist thought of his fellow men as mere mannaquins for the tableau vivant he wished to compose.

    • Replies: @Bill Jones
    , @Bill Jones
  71. anon[307] • Disclaimer says:

    bobby fischer remarks on this too. even though he likely really was 100% a member of the tribe.

    so what’s the point?

    the point is BEAUTY.

    BEAUTY is a value of ancient greece but is never a value of the jews…NEVER!

    pentateuch to mishnah to gemara to Commentary magazine.

    1. aesthetics don’t lie.

    2. the difference between jews and european gentiles in their respective emphases on BEAUTY hasn’t changed…at least since the midget keats died from tb.

    “you can’t understand hitler without knowing he was an artist.” — charlie rose

    • Replies: @geokat62
  72. Schuetze says:

    “1… and he did get millions of jews out of europe…but in a really bad way…”

    Hmmm. Have you read about the Havarra agreement? It was in effect until 1941. Why was this agreement with the jews where jews got to leave Germany with all their stolen wealth, or even get subsidized by the Germans to leave, “really bad”?

    2. if you deny operation reinhard why don’t you go dig up the evidence.

    Read up on Stalin’s order 0428, then read up on the Geneva Convention which Stalin refused to sign, then explain to me why Reinhard was “illegal” or a “war crime”. Also read up on Katyn Forest and the Jewish Kommisar’s mass arrests in the Baltics in 1939/40. Get back to me when you begin to understand how many millions Stalin murdered and why Nationalists across Europe might have wanted to fight fire with fire.

    3. i don’t believe barbarossa was preemptive

    I do. The “endlösung” is Jewish anti-German propaganda. Check out and read up on the Havarra agreement and Walensee.

    4. the point is it doesn’t matter. hitler and stalin weren’t all bad.

    You are making moral equivalency between the two when there was none. Stalin was a genocidal maniac, Hitler was a nationalist trying to undo the crimes of Versailles and save his people from a war that Judea declared against Germany long before March 1933. Stalin had to have Jewish barrier guards armed with machine guns firing at the backs of the Red Army in order to get them to fight., and he refused to recognize Geneva Convention protections for German POW’s and guaranteed harsh treatment for Russian POW’s in return. Any Russian who surrendered knew that reprisals would be extracted against his entire family. Try to compare that to the SS, like Degrelle, who fought honorable to the last minute and whose motto was “Mein Ehre heisst Treue”. German honor before, during, and after the war was impeccable. The Red Russian Rapist Army raped and murdered its way across Europe like a plague of locusts. There simply is no comparison then, or now.

  73. anon[991] • Disclaimer says:

    so many things i might say but pearls to swine…it happens…sad.

    but andrew should know that God is on his side. the real God. not the jew God.

    Diogenes desevres a capital too.

  74. MrE 3001 says:
    @Acoustic Pussy

    You’re not very bright if you can’t figure out how many secret, illuminati trannies there really are. The fact that you would use the term “gender stereotype” sincerely shows that you’re just an advocate for Globohomo. Like, you’re not a real person with a real mind. You are, at best, a golum. Almost all “female” celebrities, “female” politicians, and royal “princesses” are trannies. And we won’t even go into the FTM’s running around, because you clearly are way too dim for that discussion. *cough cough Trump*

    For crying out loud, there is no “gender spectrum” that gives women male skulls, rib cages, hips, shoulders, arms, hands, and feet. There are like two dozen sex markers that can be analyzed. When you come up with 22/24 markers being decisively male, you’d have to be a complete lying jew to deny it.

  75. MrE 3001 says:

    Really, Marilyn Monroe is a tranny too far for you? HeShe’s one of the more obvious ones. That huge Adam’s apple.

    • Replies: @geokat62
  76. geokat62 says:
    @MrE 3001

    That huge Adam’s apple.

    Norman Jean?

  77. JackOH says:

    ” . . . [W]hen deviancy is not only celebrated but used as a baseball bat to crack down on ANY other view on sexuality, then we are looking at ideology & direct political action. Given the motives & intentions behind such a use of “sexuality” you might be forgiven for thinking words such as — “treason”, “war” & “conspiracy” etc.”

    I think the literature of those “liberation ideologies”, gay, feminist, Black, Brown, and on, sometimes tried to portray their goals as “liberating” all Americans in some way. Well, I can’t tell what’s in one’s heart, but it does seem those claims of “universal liberation” were an intentional or unintentional ruse to lure in the gullible.

    I’m sure there are plenty of exceptions, but I think the current crop of bureaucratized “liberationists” are pretty okay with the legal and regulatory environment and Zeitgeist that does put a baseball bat in their hands. Anyone who doubts that ought to try complaining about the predatory workplace gay, or the nasty Black woman in HR whose anti-White animus is barely concealed, or the so-so woman who’s promoted ahead of better qualified men.

    IOW-I’m agreeing with you. Thanks for your comments here.

  78. mahomet’s paradise, too.

  79. @anon

    When you base your argument about the holohoax on Wikipedia, you’re not dealing with a full deck.

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