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Alabama to Araucanía: Racial Polarization Looks the Same
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Earlier by Benjamin Villaroel: The War On Whites And White Heritage Has Arrived In Chile

Crossposted from American Renaissance

In the USA, the GOP’s share of the white vote is highest in states with the most blacks. Whites in northern states with few blacks, from the Pacific Northwest to New England, vote majority Democrat. But in the Deep South, where blacks have been a large share of the population for centuries, whites vote overwhelmingly Republican. Mississippi’s population is nearly 40 percent black—and 90 percent of them vote Democrat. But the state is solidly red because at least 80 percent of the state’s whites vote Republican in every election. The same is true of Alabama. Political scientists call this “racial polarization.” When two races have lived together for generations, they vote as blocs against each another. Studies consistently show that the presence of non-whites makes whites more conservative, even on issues unrelated to race and immigration.

This is true around the world. In Chile, the right-wing coalition Chile Vamos is in tatters and the left is on the rise up and down the country—except in one place: La Araucanía. This region, in Chile’s mid-South, is the nation’s most racially polarized. Of the 16 “regions” (somewhat like America’s “states”), Araucanía has the largest share of pure Amerindians, estimated to be at least 30, and perhaps as high as 45 percent:

Demographic map of Amerindian populations in Chile, by region (not tribe-specific), though those in the mid-south are Mapuche.

Just as important: The “non-Indians” in Araucanía are very white. In Chile, anyone who isn’t a full-blooded Indian is considered white, regardless of how much Indian blood he has. In the north, “whites” are mostly mestizos. But in the South, German and Czech immigration has kept the non-Indian population fairly white, even by American standards. The racial division between whites and Indians is therefore much more pronounced in the South, as in Araucanía, than in the North.

Moreover, conflicts between northern Indians and settlers were unusual. But the largest southern tribe, the Mapuches, fought Spanish colonists and Chileans alike for centuries, decisively losing only in the late 19th century.

To this day, Mapuche terrorists kill white landowners, sabotage trucks and machinery owned by large foresting and agricultural corporations, and burn down churches.

La Araucanía has always been at the center of racial conflict. More than any other region, it has a “binary” racial problem as in America’s South. Its white population therefore votes the way Alabama’s white population does: As a bloc for the right. In 1988, Chileans voted in a referendum to decide whether General Augusto Pinochet, the military dictator since 1973, should stay in power for another eight years. Pinochet lost the referendum; 44 percent of the country voted to keep him, 56 percent voted to oust him. But Araucanía voted to keep the General 54 to 46 percent. The only other region to vote for Pinochet was Los Lagos, Araucanía’s demographically similar southern neighbor (Los Rios, the region between Araucanía and Los Lagos today, was established only in 2007).

Since then, not much has changed. Araucanía consistently votes for the Right, and at times the moderate Left. Communist and Socialist candidates, popular in many parts of the country, have almost no support in Araucanía. In every presidential election, the left-wing candidate does badly in Araucanía. In over 30 years, there hasn’t been one exception.

YearLeftist Share of the National VoteLeftist Share of the Araucanía Vote
198955.17 percent47.16 percent
199357.98 percent56.76 percent
200051.31 percent42.97 percent
200653.5 percent45.87 percent
201048.39 percent42.52 percent
201362.17 percent58.74 percent
201745.42 percent37.60 percent

Last month, every region voted for governor. The Left won 15 of the 16 races. The only holdout was Araucanía, which elected libertarian Luciano Rivas with 58 percent of the vote. Mr. Rivas campaigned on a platform of law and order, and attacked the federal government for not doing enough about the region’s Mapuche terrorist problem. The leftist press called his platform “the right’s old formula of racism and oppression.”

Above, Mapuche’s demonstrators fought with police as President Sebastian Piñera visited Ercilla, Araucania in 2012.

The Chilean senate has 43 members, of which only 19 are part of the right-wing’s broad coalition. Araucanía has five senators, and three of them are on the right. Its two leftist senators are members of the right-most leftist parties in the country. Chile’s congress has 155 members, 71 one of whom are right-wingers. Araucanía has 11 congressmen; six are part of the right-wing coalition, two are independents, and three are—again—members of the right-most leftist parties. In Congress, there are 17 Socialists, three Communists, and another 17 left-wing radicals from small parties. None of them comes from Araucanía.

Ideologies come and go, race is permanent. In politics, remember what the late Sam Francis said: “It’s race, stupid.”

Benjamin Villaroel (email him) is a full time white Hispanic and a sometime writer.

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Except in the US voting is meaningless. The process is corrupt. My vote is cancelled out by a ballot signed by no one cast for the corruptocrats, delivered in the middle the night. Until voting once again means going to the polls on election day, showing ID, checking your choices on a paper ballot that is counted by hand under the watchful eyes of both parties, I’m done with the whole charade. In the absence of that process, we can consider our government completely illegitimate. I have no doubt that Araucania’s election process is far more honest and therefore legitimate than the utterly illegitimate and corrupt process set up for us in the US. The US is now a criminal entity and unrecoverable.

    Voting in the US means nothing. Show me different.

    • Replies: @Anon
  2. Anon[255] • Disclaimer says:
    @Jim Christian

    The winning bet by the «system» is that very few people realize what you did. It’s a winning bet, always.

  3. The point of yet another VDare article being … what? Can Amerindians be sent back to Africa, too?

    Racial Divide & Conquer with a Latin beat harmonizes nicely with Derbyshire, Kersey, Weissberg, et al.

  4. benedetto says:

    The author is wrong on stating that the Mapuches of the Araucania territory of Chile murdered Whites and burned their farms and churches. No proofs of the alleged identification of the indigenous nature of these crimes were ever provided. The trials were farcical, staged. The current president of the Chilean Constitutional Reform was held in prison for years though released several times for the lack of evidence. Similar incidents on the Argentinian side were attributed to the Mapuches. The case is that unidentified forces were in both countries the culprits. They were protected by the governments and the police executed several people in both sides. It very much seems that foreign agencies are stirring the confrontation. These areas and up to the southern end of the continent, which constitute Patagonia, are permanently occupied by an alliance of foreign millionaires who own enormous extensions of land and have illegally appropiated the big water resources of the lakes, Israeli “tourists”-soldiers by the thousands, they control even some national sites like the Torres del Paine National Park which previously they intentionally burned down thousands of acres, and have private airfields, seed the skies with chemtrails, kill the locals and take posession of their lands, and get police protection and of politicians. All these territories are meant to be the New Israel, when the present one will be evacuated. Yes, they cover all this with the allegation of terrorism and racial hate.

  5. “In multi-racial societies, you don’t vote in accordance with your economic or social interests, you vote in accordance with your race and religion.” – Lee Kuan Yew

    • Replies: @Bite Moi
  6. Bite Moi says:

    beavertales———-Exactly correct.I find myself more tolerant of black people the less time i spend around them.

  7. anonymous[139] • Disclaimer says:

    Ideologies come and go, race is permanent. In politics, remember what the late Sam Francis said: “It’s race, stupid.”

    Nothing could be truer than this. People are blinded by ideology and can’t see what is right in front of them. Francis’ three little words say more than the uncountable millions produced by those who have substituted childlike wishful thinking for reality.

  8. Villano says:

    Wow, down here we are so screwed that I don’t know where to start (first, bear with my broken English). The Araucania problem seems to have obvious ethnic origins but lately there is nothing clear about it. Drug traffic, crime, land ownership, forestry industry, terrorists from other southamerican countries, you name it. Not a single government from the last 30 years have been able to give a solution to this conflict. Yes, there are attacks almost every week, many of them end up with Carabineros injured or dead. Land owners (most of them second or third generation Europeans) not only lose their homes but also their lives. If any Mapuche happens to die when people try to defend their possessions, or when their attacks are repelled by Carabineros, immediately are deemed heros and victims by the Left. There is a notorious inequality in the way the news are presented to the masses. Revolution, Left, Disobedience = good (or “cool”). Right wing, Carabineros, order, normality = bad (“ignorance”, “hatred”, etc.). Stupid Pinochet left us this legacy. His regime was brutal (“only” 3000 victims, still very brutal), and it castrated our society in such way that right now we are totally out of balance. The Left acts with extreme arrogance, supported by a false majority of votes (no more than 40% of the voters participated in the last election). It seems they scream louder and get more attention. There are so many people that won’t vote cos they don’t wan’t to help politicians to validate the current status quo, but I suspect they wouldn’t vote Left in any case. Anyways, the Left is trying to copy all that comes from Europe and USA regarding how to erase history and traditions they find “offensive”. Until five years ago, our society was rather homogeneous culturally and racially speaking, with white and amerindian minorities and a vast majority of mestizos. Now, we are turning into a melting pot with the overwhelming influx of people of great countries like Haiti, Venezuela, Colombia… Well, maybe you could guess where are we headed as a country and as a society. Add to it a new Constitution being written by a majority of left wing “independents”, trying to exclude any idea that doesn’t fit their ideologies. Going back to the Araucania problem, my guess for now is it became more of a crime problem. The government should militarize that region; honest Mapuches shouldn’t be worried at all. Kill or capture terrorists, drug dealers and such, and disregard any stupid shit said and done by the Instituto Nacional de Derechos Humanos (one of the effects of Pinochet’s brutality). The president must guarantee and restore the ruling of the Law in Araucania. This country is going nowhere since October 18th, 2019.

  9. Then how did Biden win?

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