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Chinese Media Coverage, Biowarfare, and My Covid EBook
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I don’t use social media much myself, but I try to monitor the activity on my own articles. About ten days ago, my most recent Covid piece suddenly caught fire on Twitter, with many dozens of Tweets that day, almost all of them from Chinese people. Most of these Tweeters had relatively few Followers, suggesting that they were far more active on Weibo than any of our own social networks and therefore probably lived in China rather than were immigrants to the West.

Entitled American Pravda: George Orwell’s Virus Lab-Leak, this article had been published more than a month earlier and had gotten the usual handful of Tweets plus some Retweets of its release announcement, with the activity soon tailing off to almost nothing. But the new wave of Tweeters came in a flood and continued for many days, soon totaling around 200, many times more than any of my other recent pieces. Something was obviously stirring up the Chinese Internet.

The article itself might certainly interest the Chinese. It came as the latest installment in my fourteen month series strongly arguing that the worldwide Covid epidemic had been the unintended blowback of an American biowarfare attack against China (and Iran). With the mainstream American media these days so heavily vilifying China for the alleged Wuhan lab-leak that unleashed a virus killing millions, my own writings stood virtually alone in making the contrary case. My evidence seemed strong even overwhelming, but how had those Chinese citizens discovered my work?

I soon learned that China’s second largest official news agency had run a brief summary of my controversial views on its English-language website:

U.S. publisher rejects random lab-leak theory of COVID-19

The outbreak of COVID-19 is less likely to be the result of a lab leak than a biowarfare attack, a U.S. publisher has said in a recent article.

Existential evidence suggested the possibility of a coronavirus biowarfare attack launched by Washington more than the lab-leak theory, said Ron Unz in a review article published on the Unz Review website in late May.

China had been hit by various viruses right when the country was locked in a growing conflict with America for years, noted Unz, the website’s editor-in-chief and publisher.

Additionally, the outbreak of COVID-19 “appeared at the worst time and place for China,” referring to the Lunar New Year holiday with a travel rush, and the major transit hub of Wuhan in central China with a huge volume of passengers, said Unz, who believes the timing of the emergence of COVID-19 is “suspicious.”

“300 American military servicemen had just visited Wuhan as part of the Military World Games, providing a perfect opportunity for releasing a viral weapon,” he noted, calling the scenario “a strange coincidence.”

“The characteristics of COVID-19, including high communicability and low lethality, are absolutely ideal in an anti-economy bioweapon,” Unz said, adding it’s odd to speculate that a Chinese lab would release a virus perfectly designed to damage the Chinese economy.

Although just a small first step, this development might eventually have major consequences. My original April 2020 article making the case for an American biowarfare attack had quickly provoked an unprecendented amount of interest and engagement on Facebook, but this immediately came to a halt when that social media giant summarily banned our entire website one week later. That purge was soon followed by a complete deranking of all our web pages by Google.

With those two primary gatekeepers to the Western Internet having slammed shut their doors and all our material already totally boycotted by the mainstream media, getting others to take notice of subsequent analysis had become quite challenging. But if the Chinese began discussing it, Western journalists might be forced to do so as well, and they would soon discover astonishing information, facts that had been entirely ignored by our mainstream media but in most cases were very well documented.


Much of this remarkable material is summarized in my most recent Covid article, released just a few days after that flood of Chinese Tweets began and at 13,000 words by far the longest piece in the series. The article was intended to tie up many of the loose ends that had already been generated during this past year of heated debate, involving 7,500 comments totaling more than a million words.

As early as April 2020, I had noted the very strange fact that after the Covid outbreak in Wuhan came to world attention, the deadly disease next suddenly appeared in Iran’s Holy City of Qom, more than 3,000 miles away, a very unexpected development given the near-total absence of any significant local Chinese population which might have served as plausible vectors for the virus.

As the coronavirus gradually began to spread beyond China’s own borders, another development occurred that greatly multiplied my suspicions. Most of these early cases had occurred exactly where one might expect, among the East Asian countries bordering China. But by late February Iran had become the second epicenter of the global outbreak. Even more surprisingly, its political elites had been especially hard-hit, with a full 10% of the entire Iranian parliament soon infected and at least a dozen of its officials and politicians dying of the disease, including some who were quite senior. Indeed, Neocon activists on Twitter began gleefully noting that their hatred Iranian enemies were now dropping like flies.

Let us consider the implications of these facts. Across the entire world the only political elites that have yet suffered any significant human losses have been those of Iran, and they died at a very early stage, before significant outbreaks had even occurred almost anywhere else in the world outside China. Thus, we have America assassinating Iran’s top military commander on Jan. 2nd and then just a few weeks later large portions of the Iranian ruling elites became infected by a mysterious and deadly new virus, with many of them soon dying as a consequence. Could any rational individual possibly regard this as a mere coincidence?

My critics had regularly complained that if there had been any serious suspicions that Covid was an American bioweapon, the countries attacked would surely have denounced what had happened to the world or complained to international organizations, even if they had no actual proof. But I recently discovered that Iran’s top military and political leadership had done exactly that at the time, condemning what they strongly suspected was an American biowarfare attack, with those charges being widely made by Iranian television, radio, and news agencies. Iran’s former president had even sent a formal letter of protest to the United Nations.

However, none of these facts were reported in the American media, so almost no Americans ever became aware of them. Moreover, not long before the Covid outbreak, Iran’s global and UK PressTV video channels had suddenly been removed from YouTube, greatly complicating that country’s efforts to make its accusations known to the English-speaking public.

During the late 1960s American critics of the Vietnam War frequently repeated the saying “What if they gave a war and nobody came?” But today the more worrisome question is “What if biological warfare broke out but the media failed to report it?”


Another interesting fact discussed in my new article was the professional background and activities of a certain Robert P. Kadlec. From the late 1990s onward, Kadlec had become one of America’s leading military experts on biological warfare, with his major writings promoting biowarfare as a powerful technique for severely damaging the economy of a geopolitical adversary, but doing so while retaining “plausible deniability” since the diseases could not easily be proven as man-made rather than natural in origin.

After serving as a top biowarfare expert in the Bush Administration, he had more recently been brought back into government as an Assistant Secretary under Trump in 2017. The following year, the Chinese economy began suffering sudden viral epidemics, which severely damaged its important poultry and pork industries, and the Covid virus that mysteriously appeared in Wuhan in late 2019 shared similar characteristics:

[D]uring the previous two years, the Chinese economy had already suffered serious blows from other mysterious new diseases, although these had targeted farm animals rather than people. During 2018 a new Avian Flu virus had swept the country, eliminating large portions of China’s poultry industry, and during 2019 the Swine Flu viral epidemic had devastated China’s pig farms, destroying 40% of the nation’s primary domestic source of meat, with widespread claims that the latter disease was being spread by mysterious small drones…So for three years in a row, China had been severely impacted by strange new viral diseases, though only the most recent had been deadly to humans. This evidence was merely circumstantial, but the pattern seemed highly suspicious.

Furthermore, the particular features of Covid itself seem to fall into this same category. Early last year, we published the perspective of a retired forty-year veteran of American biodefense, who focused on the unusual epidemiological characteristics of the virus, which was extremely contagious but had a low fatality rate of 1% or less. As I summarized his analysis:

One important point he made was that high lethality was often counter-productive in a bioweapon since debilitating or hospitalizing large numbers of individuals may impose far greater economic costs on a country than a biological agent which simply inflicts an equal number of deaths. In his words “a high communicability, low lethality disease is perfect for ruining an economy,” suggesting that the apparent characteristics of the coronavirus were close to optimal in this regard.

According to a long article in the New York Times, from January to August 2019 Kadlec had run an important American simulation-exercise called “Crimson Contagion,” in which a large group of federal and state officials dealt with the consequences of the sudden appearance of a deadly respiratory viral epidemic in China, seeking to protect America from any spread into our own society. And two months after one of America’s leading biowarfare experts had wrapped up that national practice drill, a viral disease of exactly those characteristics suddenly and mysteriously appeared in the city of Wuhan, surely a coincidence that many might find quite troubling.

If a business enterprise in serious financial difficulty suddenly doubles its fire insurance and a couple of months later its main factory burns to the ground, the insurance adjusters would naturally turn a suspicious eye to the circumstances.

We should also hardly be surprised that the Wikipedia page for Kadlec heavily whitewashes his background, making absolutely no mention of his extensive writings on the effectiveness and strategy of offensive biowarfare.


Over the last couple of months, our elite media has undergone a truly Orwellian shift on the origins of Covid, now mostly accepting that it probably came from a lab after having spent the last year denouncing as a “conspiracy theorist” anyone making that same suggestion. But one of the most extreme swings has received almost no attention.

Since at least late 2020 noted Rutgers molecular biologist Richard H. Ebright has probably ranked as the loudest and most vocal scientific advocate of the lab-leak theory, and in interviews he has claimed that he had such suspicions within “a nanosecond or a picosecond” after he first heard of the Wuhan outbreak. Yet oddly enough, during the early months of the epidemic he had actually been the most prominent scientific voice on the opposite side, loudly proclaiming that Covid was an entirely natural virus with absolutely no signs of any lab origin.

His radical reversal has been completely ignored by the media, and I proposed a plausible explanation of why it might have occurred.


Finally, there is what I and others have sometimes characterized as the “smoking gun” evidence of American complicity in the Covid outbreak, which can easily be summarized in a few paragraphs:

But with the horrific consequences of our own later governmental inaction being obvious, elements within our intelligence agencies have sought to demonstrate that they were not the ones asleep at the switch. Earlier this month, an ABC News story cited four separate government sources to reveal that as far back as late November, a special medical intelligence unit within our Defense Intelligence Agency had produced a report warning that an out-of-control disease epidemic was occurring in the Wuhan area of China, and widely distributed that document throughout the top ranks of our government, warning that steps should be taken to protect US forces based in Asia. After the story aired, a Pentagon spokesman officially denied the existence of that November report, while various other top level government and intelligence officials refused to comment. But a few days later, Israeli television mentioned that in November American intelligence had indeed shared such a report on the Wuhan disease outbreak with its NATO and Israeli allies, thus seeming to independently confirm the complete accuracy of the original ABC News story and its several government sources.

It therefore appears that elements of the Defense Intelligence Agency were aware of the deadly viral outbreak in Wuhan more than a month before any officials in the Chinese government itself. Unless our intelligence agencies have pioneered the technology of precognition, I think this may have happened for the same reason that arsonists have the earliest knowledge of future fires.

According to these multiply-sourced mainstream media accounts, by “the second week of November” our Defense Intelligence Agency was already preparing a secret report warning of a “cataclysmic” disease outbreak taking place in Wuhan. Yet at that point, probably no more than a couple of dozen individuals had been infected in that city of 11 million, with few of those yet having any serious symptoms. The implications are rather obvious.

In my latest article I noted that the Israeli confirmation of the existence of that officially-denied secret DIA report was apparently considered so potentially damaging that within days a Harvard Medical School professor with close ties to ABC News urgently began a research project aimed at explaining away that report. Completed in record time—a single month—his analysis immediately received massive publicity, being Tweeted out by Donald J. Trump, Jr. and other high-profile individuals. Yet the methods and conclusions were so obviously fallacious that the study seems to have been uniformly rejected by every journal and still remains unpublished today.


My latest article runs over 13,000 words and summarizes all of this material, plus a great deal more besides. Together with four of my previous Covid articles, the material has been conveniently collected together in the latest edition of my Covid eBook. This collection now runs over 40,000 words, providing a unique perspective on what is probably the most important global event since the end of World War II. The eBook is available in both epub and mobi formats, and is freely available for downloading and redistribution elsewhere. Those who already have previous versions should consider replacing them with this updated edition, which now incorporates all my latest articles.

By most estimates, Covid has already killed between 600,000 and a million Americans, while enormously disrupting the daily lives of the remainder of our population. So one would might hope that our leading journalists and public intellectuals would begin to show a little more interest—and courage—in exploring the likely cause of this great national tragedy.

American Pravda: Our Covid-19 Catastrophe
Was the Epidemic the Result of Biowarfare Blowback?
40,800 Words • EPub FormatMobi/Kindle Format


I’ve also been very pleased that the addition of our recent Emailing option has already generated thousands of new subscriptions, so those interested in our website and its collection of highly heterodox bloggers, columnists, and contributors should consider signing up:

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  1. Rahan says:

    But if the Chinese began discussing it, Western journalists might be forced to do so as well, and they would soon discover astonishing information, facts that had been entirely ignored by our mainstream media but in most cases were very well documented.

    Mr. Unz, hope for the best, but also I would suggest making preparations for being publicly accused of “being a foreign agent and conspiracy-spreading terrorist” by people capable of orchestrating a great many things, from rape accusations, to midnight SWAT raids, to indefinite detention, to bank account blocking, and so forth.

    Maybe try and swing a Joe Rogan interview or something of the sort, to try and be “too visible to easily crush”..? A thin line to walk, but some manage it.

  2. Chris Moore says: • Website

    The article itself might certainly interest the Chinese. It came as the latest installment in my fourteen month series strongly arguing that the worldwide Covid epidemic had been the unintended blowback of an American biowarfare attack against China (and Iran). With the mainstream American media these days so heavily vilifying China for the alleged Wuhan lab-leak that unleashed a virus killing millions, my own writings stood virtually alone in making the contrary case.

    Please don’t refer to the treasonous and anti-Constitutional, Lib-Con-Zionist occupation government as “American,” which gives it a legitimacy and authenticity it doesn’t deserve.

    When the ((Bolsheviks)) were occupying Russia and murdering millions of indigenous Slavs, were they “Russian”? Of course not.

    These “Americans,” who have been waging a war against the US Constitution (the legal basis for the USA) for decades now certainly aren’t “Americans.” Neither are their whores, anymore. They loudly proclaimed their treason when they declared war on the US Constitution.

    Packing the Supreme Court with a cabal of their ((paritisans)) who proclaim this or that ((Bolshevik)) power grab “constitutional” doesn’t make it so.

    • Agree: Richard B
    • Disagree: Mevashir
  3. When someone declares “people will die” as a justification for curtailing liberty, the correct response is “what are you suggesting – that liberty isn’t worth dying for? That those who sacrificed their lives for our freedoms made the wrong choice?”
    -Techdirt Forum Post by OldMugwump, 2013

    The above applies to this bio-security fraud as well. If we do not stop this madness we will soon find ourselves locked inside a technological panopticon prison unlike anything seen in history.

    • Agree: profnasty
  4. Congratulations Ron, you beat me to mentioning the coverage.

    Needless to say, I’ve been redpilling many Chinese about your website. They are good people: they hate Trump, they hate American “conservatives”, and they are growing increasingly ambivalent about Israel — the three root causes of all evil in the World.

    Cheers from Dalian.

  5. Through this great coronavirus revolution, I am reminded of the wisdom of the sophisticated Luke Smith, who encouraged his audience to move towards autonomy.

    Silly games and TV broadcasts have nothing to do with those who can support themselves outside of large structures. Corona-chan transforms into a helpless witch if you rely on your close friends and family for food, entertainment, and society.

    During the Industrial Revolution, many farmers abandoned their resilience in favor of Caesar’s image (i.e. higher wages). Today, billions of people live in areas with a high density of degenerating human parasites and a low density of food production. These people will disappear en masse if vulnerability is ever exploited in our complex and interconnected global consumer apparatus. A sort of collapse of the Silicon Age.

  6. Anonymous[907] • Disclaimer says:

    Mr. Unz, hope for the best, but also I would suggest making preparations for being publicly accused of “being a foreign agent and conspiracy-spreading terrorist” by people capable of orchestrating a great many things, from rape accusations, to midnight SWAT raids, to indefinite detention, to bank account blocking, and so forth.

    When Deep State comes for Ron he’ll need to go dark and cover his trail and bounce around to various third-world locales staying in fleabag hotels without internet.


    Ron’s shithole safehouse sherpa

    • LOL: GMC
  7. @Anonymous

    On the contrary: For the Deep State, an attack against Ron Unz would be counterproductive – too spectacular. However, if he were known for his ability to remain in the slums of the Third World, a local opportunist could equally secretly acquire wealth of ambiguous origins by killing Mr. Unz.

    • Agree: Rahan
    • Replies: @Bill Jones
  8. A very interesting development, Ron Unz.

    Congratulations on your role in this ongoing debate.

    • Agree: moi, Anon62
  9. JimDandy says:

    Joe Rogan wouldn’t interview Ron. Rogan is cannier than he his brave. Why hasn’t China made the accusation more directly?

  10. congratulations, ron unz. your courage & steadfastness on this has been admirable. blessings be upon you & may you stay safe & protected.

  11. Fantastic article on Kadlec. Whitney Webb already did it though.

    • Replies: @Ron Unz
  12. Mr Unz, you say this is a deadly bioweapon. Yet this supposed weapon predominantly kills the sick and elderly. Frankly, killing that demographic would be beneficial to China as they have a huge aging population. Seniors and ill people are an economic drain to society. Imagine the savings. Why make a bioweapon that aids the enemy? Illogical.

    The mainstream media are only allowing this rhetoric now (if you recall it was a racist conspiracy theory on March 2020) because elites want to solidify the premise that the virus is deadly to the entire population, “Biological Weapon” is scary.

    I think you are too smart to fall for this trap.

    • Disagree: frontier
    • Thanks: Je Suis Omar Mateen
  13. Anonymous[428] • Disclaimer says:

    Mr Unz, you say this is a deadly bioweapon.

    No, he doesn’t. He said it had low lethality. Despite acknowledging an increase in deaths, Mr. Unz has stated that “high communicability and low lethality“ are effective characteristics of an anti-economy bioweapon.

    The fact that this virus, like any virus, mostly kills the sick and elderly should come as absolutely no surprise.

    • Replies: @Beetlejuice
    , @Observator
  14. Half Back says:

    Ron say/or correctly Robert P. Kadlec muses. ” In his words “a high communicability, low lethality disease is perfect for ruining an economy,” suggesting that the apparent characteristics of the coronavirus were close to optimal in this regard”

    It wrecked US economy didn’t it. It wrecked the whole western economies.

    In the balance of probability (which civil Courts adjudicate) Ron’s ‘thesis’ is the most believable and more importantly have substantiating facts and Highest of probability of ALL the narratives be pushed by a assortment of interests/parties/Security/Weapon/Military Gov Complex.

    • Agree: RedpilledAF
    • Troll: Je Suis Omar Mateen
  15. Biff says:

    History has a way of repeating itself.

    The United States, which has deployed its CBW arsenal against the Philippines, Puerto Rico, Vietnam, China, North Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Cuba, Haitian boat people and Canada, plus exposure of hundreds of thousands of unwitting US citizens to an astonishing array of germ agents and toxic chemicals, killing dozens of people.

    At the close of World War II, the US Army put on its payroll, Dr. Shiro Ishii, the head of the Imperial Army of Japan’s bio-warfare unit. Dr. Ishii had deployed a wide range of biological and chemical agents against Chinese and Allied troops. He also operated a large research center in Manchuria,where he conducted bio-weapons experiments on Chinese, Russian and American prisoners of war. Ishii infected prisoners with tetanus; gave them typhoid-laced tomatoes; developed plague-infected fleas; infected women with syphilis; performed dissections on live prisoners; and exploded germ bombs over dozens of men tied to stakes. In a deal hatched by Gen. Douglas MacArthur, Ishii turned over more than 10,000 pages of his “research findings”to the US Army, avoided prosecution for war crimes and was invited to lecture at Ft. Detrick, the US Army bio-weapons center in Frederick, Maryland.

    In 1971 the first documented cases of swine fever in the western hemisphere showed up in Cuba. A CIA agent later admitted that he had been instructed to deliver the virus to Cuban exiles in Panama, who carried the virus into Cuba in March of 1991. This astounding admission received scant attention in the US press.

    • Agree: GomezAdddams
    • Thanks: RedpilledAF, emersonreturn
  16. Anon[182] • Disclaimer says:

    Kadlec, Garry, Daszak, we know who needs to get shipped to Khabarovsk first to get cooperated. These are the foot soldiers. They can trace command responsibility, which implicates Gates, Haspel and probably a dozen DO assholes.

  17. @Anonymous

    How do you focus on one word in my comment?

    A virus that kills the elderly would help the economy hence it is not an “anti economy ” bio weapon

  18. @Half Back

    “It wrecked all western economies ”

    The policies of the response by our elites wrecked the economy, not the virus itself. You people are dense. Ron Unz is not dense, so I am only left to question why he is focusing on an irrelevant issue.

    • Agree: Stan d Mute, St-Germain
    • Replies: @Morton's toes
  19. @Rahan

    Maybe try and swing a Joe Rogan interview

    I have been suggesting that for some time – since May 2, 2020

    @Ron Unz

    We’ve all been ruminating over ‘handshakes through history‘ recently.

    A candidate for an important handshake for 2020 would be you and Joe Rogan shaking hands after a 3 hour podcast.

    Your Wuhan flu material is extremely interesting (I don’t agree with your assessment of its severity), and very timely and relevant.

    Rogan is exceptionally good at letting his guests state their positions uninterrupted.

    Rogan’s audience doesn’t listen with the podcast on for background noise: they listen.

    I’m going to start agitating on the JRE side… I really want this to happen.

    Unfortunately I’m just a middle-aged Guided Missile Frigate[*], sitting on the other side of the planet – making surethat the control group for the current Pfizer grift contains at least N=1.

    Since I’ve mentioned Pfizer: in CurrentYear nobody has noticed that in 2009 they paid \$2.3 billion in a settlement with the US DoJ… the charge: fraudulent marketing of several drugs, and payment of kickbacks to health-care providers (i.e., suborning corruption).

    Pfizer promoted the sale of Bextra for several uses and dosages that the FDA specifically declined to approve due to safety concerns. The company will pay a criminal fine of \$1.195 billion, the largest criminal fine ever imposed in the United States for any matter. Pharmacia & Upjohn will also forfeit \$105 million, for a total criminal resolution of \$1.3 billion.

    In addition, Pfizer has agreed to pay \$1 billion to resolve allegations under the civil False Claims Act that the company illegally promoted four drugs – Bextra; Geodon, an anti-psychotic drug; Zyvox, an antibiotic; and Lyrica, an anti-epileptic drug – and caused false claims to be submitted to government health care programs for uses that were not medically accepted indications and therefore not covered by those programs. The civil settlement also resolves allegations that Pfizer paid kickbacks to health care providers to induce them to prescribe these, as well as other, drugs. The federal share of the civil settlement is \$668,514,830 and the state Medicaid share of the civil settlement is \$331,485,170. This is the largest civil fraud settlement in history against a pharmaceutical company.

    Fast-forward to 2020, and we’re supposed to take their lab results for their ‘vaccine’ at face value.

    Fuck that – anyone who believes any utterance from a modern Pharma company, deserves what happens thereafter.

    (Pfizer’s representative of the industry as a whole; J&J’s asbestos powder, Merck’s Vioxx, AstraZeneca’s \$520 fine for off-label marketing of Seroquel… these are basically organised criminal syndicateswith white lab-coats and deep pockets to buy bureaucrats and KOLs).

    • Agree: Morton's toes
    • Thanks: Greta Handel
    • Replies: @Ron Unz
  20. I’ve kept current with each of Ron Unz’s pieces on the bioweapon attack hypothesis, and find it compelling, in particular the “smoking gun”: the Defense Intelligence Agency special medical intelligence unit report from November 2019. Regarding that piece of the puzzle, I would offer this comment, in the form of a question: If a medical intelligence organization detects a looming “cataclysmic” disease outbreak in a foreign country, an in particular before anyone in the affected country becomes aware of the danger, wouldn’t the morally compelling response be to notify the endangered country, both for their sake and for the sake of the world community? And wouldn’t the withholding of that information be yet another indication of “guilty knowledge”?

    And let me add another on-topic item. Just today I chanced to watch this video from Jimmy Dore’s YouTube channel: “CIA Considered Bombing Miami To Blame Cuba!”

    At 19:50 in, Max Blumenthal of The Greyzone states the following:

    “Then you have biowarfare by the CIA against Cuba. In 1971, Newsweek revealed that a virus from a US military base had been sent by fishing boat into Cuba. The next year swine fever had been introduced into Cuba by CIA agents — the African Swine fever — killing half a million pigs. Forcing Cuba to basically wipe out its entire pig population, which led to hunger and massive food rationing. I mean, this is well-documented stuff.”

    He continues, “a biological warfare against Cuban poultry production was introduced years later”.

    I was just astonished! Poultry disease and African Swine Fever! The same bio-weaponized diseases that struck China in the Pompeo/Trump period. Just before the emergence of the Coronavirus pandemic! Just as reported by Ron Unz in his essay series!

    How much circumstantial does it take?

    In the words of Henry David Thoreau, “Some circumstantial evidence is very strong, as when you find a trout in the milk.” (In reference to a claim that milk has been watered down.)

    • Thanks: Ron Unz
    • Troll: Je Suis Omar Mateen
    • Replies: @Ginko
    , @Iris
  21. Ron Unz says:

    Fantastic article on Kadlec. Whitney Webb already did it though.

    You’re absolutely correct about Whitney Webb’s articles. I’m sure I must have at least glanced at them when they appeared over a year ago, but none of the (voluminous) Kadlec material stuck in my mind. I think part of the problem was that they were very long and somewhat diffuse, I’d never heard of Kadlec, and much of the focus seemed to be on his business-lobbying activities, which I didn’t really care about. Since she wasn’t suggesting that Covid was an American biowarfare attack, her focus was necessarily different than mine.

    As I explained in my article, the material in the Andreas Canetti article was what brought him to my attention, and led me to discuss that remarkably suspicious coincidence of timing.

    • Replies: @Bill Jones
  22. Ron Unz says:

    Maybe try and swing a Joe Rogan interview

    I have been suggesting that for some time – since May 2, 2020…

    Sure, I’d obviously be extremely eager to get that sort of visibility for my ideas, but given their ultra-controversial nature I’d think it’s pretty unlikely at this stage.

    As I explained in my long article, media people are extremely skittish about anything remotely close to the analysis I’m suggesting. Various people with relatively small platforms have explicitly told me they’d be very fearful for their careers if they had me on, even if they strongly opposed my theories. I think Rogan is getting tens of millions of dollars for his podcast, so I’d say the chances of his risking that to interview me is nil.

    On the other hand, if my theories do manage to break through into the MSM, then the situation might certainly change.

  23. @Rahan

    I agree, Joe Rogan is the place to detonate this civilizational nuke, and end the Anglo-Zionist Empire with a bang.

  24. @Rahan

    Have you been following JR’s youtube channel?

    Full of anti China stuff 😛 He is part of the narrative control 😛 There is no way in hell he would ever interview Mr Unz.

    I do have to admit he is way, waaay better than trash like serpentza or our very own retarded old man derb. He deserved the 100 million payout cause he has the power to feed a narrative to his very, very loyal viewers. Millions of them.

  25. “300 American military servicemen had just visited Wuhan as part of the Military World Games, providing a perfect opportunity for releasing a viral weapon,” he noted, calling the scenario “a strange coincidence.”

    Unless I am mistaken, in your latest article on the origins of the pandemic you abandoned the idea that the virus was introduced into Wuhan during the military games. I could see why the Chinese would be interested in that angle, though.

    • Replies: @Ron Unz
  26. @Ron Unz

    Thing is though, Rogan’s been supportive of ‘lab leak’ hypothesis for most of the last year.

    The JRE with Jamie Metzl (#1616), which predates the Nicholas Wade Medium story by two months), where Metzl completely destroys the ‘wet market’ hypothesis; discusses GoF research; gets to the “bioweapon” idea… and backs away, claiming that the most likely scenario is that everyone was doing well-intentioned research into potential zoonotic virii, and then Oops – slipsies!

    JRE literally just needs someone to take it by the hand and lead it across the line in a non-histrionic way. Rogan is completely alive to the misdeeds of the US government (e.g., Wormwood; MKUltra), and has a track record of engaging ‘controversial’ theories (e.g., Graeme Hancock, Alex Jones, Paul Stamets, Douglas Murray).

    “The line” in the discussion of COVID19, is the point where the balance of probability is that elements within the US government deployed a bioweapon without executive or legislative approval. It will, in time, be seen as self-evident )(the thing that convinced me, was the active suppression of Iranian complaints).

    This excerpt of JRE #1616 gets most of the meat: Metzl literally walks up to the ‘bioweapon’ idea (line before the line), and turns back with a hand-waving explanation that most JRE listeners recognise as a ‘punt’.

  27. mike99588 says:

    Drawing quite the sino rouge crowd here, and 50 centers with 2 cents opinion…

    • Troll: Supply and Demand
  28. monopduly says: • Website

    China is Iran’s major geopolitical backer and Oil importer. Iran’s leadership was hit just after the Chinese in Wuhan. Unz takes the word, and if I’m not mistaken, this is his only source, of the various neocon Mossad outlets, that this was a MIHOP (the Pentagon Made It Happen on Purpose) attack on China, because, the Israelis claim the pentagon had foreknowledge (which they have denied).

    Isn’t it more likely thart the Israelis had foreknowledge, as they did on 9/11, and warned the Pentagon, later claiming as cove that the U.S. had warned them first?

    How did did Israeli Breitbart have foreknowledge, assembling the Bannon pandemic show even before the CDC and WHO even acknowledged the pandemic’s existence? Why did Bannon assemble a cabal of 9/11 t disinformation actors like LTC Anthony Schaffer and Dr. Hatfill?

    Why were the Israelis, a leading power in biotech, get hit at the AIPAC conference, and then lead the world in vaccination ?

    Because it was a rogue military operation, as Unz pointed out, meant to target the US 2020 elections, throw out Netanyahu and Trump, and install the Biden Israeli puppet in place?

    The China and Iran attacks were warning shots. Their authoritarian systems could shut the spread down. The Western open systems were always the most sensitive to bio-war. This was the central target.

    Alternatively one must believe that Trump and Netanyahu somehow corralled a hostile Military Industrial Complex to attack China and engineer a devastating unwitting blowback disaster that threw the bums out?

    Even Trump is not that stupid.



    AIPAC’s 2020 conference took place just as the pandemic accelerated and at least two of its participants were among the first to have contracted the virus.

    • Thanks: Kali
  29. Ginko says:
    @Jeff Davis

    I saw this interview today as well, it reminded of Mr. Unz’s Covid thesis for sure

    Pepe Escobar hinted something along those lines(Although I believe he emphasised the Ft Detrick theory If I remember correctly) When Moderate Rebels had him on last year. Tbh I could half see Jimmy Dore being the one guy in semi-alt media land who would let Mr Unz discuss this theory, The dude’s pretty brave it seems to me.

    • Replies: @Ron Unz
  30. Many events in the past year, decade, century had precognitive incite before they happened.
    We’re dealing with powerful dark force that plot evil around the world .
    They really do think we’re stupid, blind and easy to manipulate.

  31. @Beetlejuice

    Anti-economy in the chaos (from people’s reactions) it causes, rather than the actual deaths. Honestly, even unexpected elderly deaths are bad on an interpersonal level. Especially so when they kill political leadership.

  32. @Ron Unz

    Well, the nice thing about this era is that, just as the corruption, mania, and evil is coming to the surface in many places as our culture reaches a certain logical extreme, so to is the opposite. It means then, both elsewhere and here, they will gain traction and power.

    It will be especially funny if foreign media starts blasting information from here, forcing the US media eventually to try to respond. Even then, it’s just enough that people read it and see it.

  33. I found Ron’s argument about the virus as being a bio-warfare attack, orchestrated by elements in America, very convincing.

    Having seen what damage the so-called vaccines caused, these vaccines’ origin must also be investigated. Surely it is probable that the people who orchestrated this attack, thought further and produced the “answer” to the “pandemic”, being the vaccine”!

    They could call people like us whatever they want to: “nuts”, “conspiracy theorists”, whatever. I don’t care. Fact is, I never believe the MSM exactly because they lie every time they speak. And, wasn’t Noah not also called a conspiracy theorist? And then it started to rain….

    Thank you for your investigating journalism and the open debate that you allowed. The truth will set us free.

  34. GMC says:

    Time for Mr. Unz to switch into overdrive and open up the work from Dilyana Gaytandzhieva from Bulgaria and follow the US /Nato Bioweapons labs located around the world. But it’s also time to use a Pen name, change his excellent writing format, and throw out at least one good article/review { incognito} on this subject. Thanks.

    • Replies: @Rev. Spooner
  35. Jiminy says:

    Of course with the good publicity comes the bad. I certainly wouldn’t be planning any cross country jaunts via light aircraft any time soon.
    But obviously China would not necessarily need to read the unz review to get a lowdown on the unfolding situation, more like the American population needs to start demanding to know the truth instead of being fed the usual diet of lies and propaganda. Although when you consider that the majority of Americans don’t, won’t or can’t read, but get their information via websites like tic-toc , then I think all hope is lost as it’s ultimately irrelevant what is published on the unz site really.
    He could have an exclusive interview with Christ on his second coming, but unless the American media and population are tuned in , what does it matter?

  36. Very illuminating, thank you. Perhaps you can also advise on how we should respond?

  37. eah says:

    So some Chinese and a Chinese media outlet have taken note of someone’s ‘view’ that SARS-CoV-2 is an American bioweapon aimed at China — shocker.

    • Agree: New Dealer
  38. “By most estimates, Covid has already killed between 600,000 and a million Americans”

    With all I’ve heard about American hospitals being paid to put Covid on the certificate of death and the Flu season magically disappearing after January 2020 and not re-appearing in the 2021 Flu season, the above estimates seem very dubious to me. Ron Unz’s theory about the US Biowarfare Lab origins of the virus, makes the most sense to me. Other diseases that seem to have just popped up out of nowhere include, Lyme Disease and Aids. It’s too much of a coincidence that Lyme Disease appeared for the first time in 1976 in Lyme, Connecticut ten or so miles across the water from Plum Island, NY where the US had a bioweapons research lab.

    • Agree: Thim
  39. angmoh says:

    About ten days ago, my most recent Covid piece suddenly caught fire on Twitter, with many dozens of Tweets that day, almost all of them from Chinese people. Most of these Tweeters had relatively few Followers, suggesting that they were far more active on Weibo than any of our own social networks and therefore probably lived in China rather than were immigrants to the West.

    Most likely bots

    • Agree: Sollipsist
    • Replies: @Sollipsist
  40. “I only erly on teh experts –guys who know science –people like Joseph Biden—Donald Trump –Tommy Cotton —Navarro —Mike Pempeo and Elmer Fudd !” and thus Mickey M. raises a good opinoin.

  41. What happened to the “it’s all just a hoax” people. The “all the world leaders are in cahoots, pushing this fake epidemic so as to tighten control” people.

    If it’s biowarfare, then it’s not a hoax. No two ways about it.

  42. Kali says:

    Congratulations Ron.

    [Dare we hope that this development will lead to you looking beyond the origins of covid to its massive social, economic and political effects? 😉 ]

    All the best,

    • Agree: gsjackson
  43. sbio says:

    Thank you, Mr. Unz, for your (sorry, it is an overused word…) brilliant article(s) on this subject. So well researched and utilizing the highest degree of intellectual honesty evident anywhere on the internet.

    I have one more observation of my own I would like to offer to your mounting evidence: It was the very early (almost as early as Iran) and very severe (almost as severe as Iran) outbreak in Northern Italy. It struck me as odd: China, Iran, Italy? What’s the connection? I then realized it was because Italy had decided to join China’s Belt and Road Initiative and had agreed to use Huawei’s 5G technology. That was the connection.

    China sent an army of doctors and equipment to help the Italians with the onslaught. After that, I remember a neocon commenter on TV seething with anger (no word of exaggeration) that China had managed to get into a European country to offer assistance with covid.

    This weekend it was reported on TV that over 9 million Italians are living in “absolute poverty” and 2 million in “relative poverty” because of covid.

    Job done?

    • Troll: Je Suis Omar Mateen
    • Replies: @Sarah
    , @Ron Unz
  44. @JimDandy

    Why hasn’t China made the accusation more directly?

    Then they will be forced into a war by their own domestic public opinion. The Chinese government knows time is on their side, there is no hurry to make dangerous moves now. The US is doing a stellar job shooting itself in the foot everyday.

    • Agree: utu, emersonreturn
    • Replies: @utu
    , @JimDandy
  45. Anon[362] • Disclaimer says:
    @Supply and Demand

    Trump and conservartives are the root cause of evil?

    Blow that out your ass… Obama started more wars than Trump didn’t he? So did Hillary…

    You are full of crap. The US Deep State existed before Trump and will go on happily without him. And it is full of liberals.

  46. @Anonymous

    It would be rather counterproductive to kill off the workers in the country you intend to turn into a revenue-producing colony. Not good for the old bottom line if there’s no one left to toil in the factories and fields for the new overlords. And it’s a win-win situation for the US health insurance industry, get rid of the wrinklies here whose illnesses cut so deeply into the old profit margin in the last few years of their lives.

  47. profnasty says:

    Jump the shark.
    CoVid is just another Big Lie.
    It’s time to move on to bigger and better things.
    Such as; spendthrift welfare, military terrorism, Black Privilege, and National Debt.
    Get busy!

    • Replies: @cohen
    , @obwandiyag
  48. profnasty says:

    Actually, the Devil lives happily in the Bush family’s basement.
    Do NOT go in there!

  49. utu says:

    Why Chinese authorities are trying to rein in jingoism (May 2019)

    This hyper-nationalistic, and at times xenophobic and chauvinistic, rhetoric has become widespread over the past few years.

    With China focusing more of its energies outwards, authorities have become attuned to the risks of whipping up nationalism.

    China’s jingoism risks boiling over. (Mar 2021)

    The problem is compounded by a victim complex over perceived historical grievances that are often exaggerated and stripped of all historical context — China was and still is an empire that has enslaved and subjugated other peoples.

    How nationalism is shaping China’s young (Jan 2021)

    They feel more defensive than ever of their country’s achievements

    • Replies: @frankie p
  50. onebornfree says: • Website

    I wonder what would happen if/when Mr Unz comes to understand that there is power over and above both the US and Chinese governments that commands/instructs both “sides”, and that therefore, attempting to pin the blame on one side or the other is a complete waste of time, and a distraction from what is occurring right in his face, world wide, right _now_.

    Unless, of course, that distraction is a deliberate intention on his part.

    Regards, onebornfree

  51. profnasty says:

    This is contemporary China. Those people know all about the CoVid flu virus.

  52. cohen says:

    I am getting Covid fatigue. Time to move on. Now the MSM is getting into the act and almost tripping over each other. Who is to discover first and what? It will be interesting to uncover Fauci’s past role in all virus development here in US and abroad. And perjury in his testimony before congress. He probably writing a book on virtues of his active duty of past 40 years.

    Why the Israeli IDF are coming to Miami Building Collapse on a peace mission. What is the angle.
    Is Hunter Biden is getting fair market value (bribe) for his work.

    • Replies: @profnasty
  53. Sarah says:

    March 5th, 2020 :

    March 12th, 2020 :

    Abstracts :

    Germany and France are among the EU countries to have imposed limits on the export of protective medical equipment, while China has offered to sell Italy 1,000 lung ventilators, 2m masks, 20,000 protective suits and 50,000 swabs for coronavirus tests.

    But unfortunately not a single EU country responded to the commission’s call. Only China responded bilaterally. Certainly this is not a good sign of European solidarity.

    The Italian officials said, “We will remember this. ”

    Northern Italy is Italy’s region where the Lega is the strongest. Salvini, leader if the Lega, was the strongest opponent to the flow of so-called “refugees” from Africa when he was Interior Minister

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  54. Anon[150] • Disclaimer says:

    Meet Glaxo’s Fixer — The Man Who Scuttles Drug Critics With One Phone Call

    China’s gene giant harvests data from millions of women

    Bill Gates Foundation Funded Genomics Firm ‘Mining’ DNA Data Through COVID Tests.


  55. JimmyJohn says:

    In recent times Saker has come out very strongly against COVID Conspiracists. To be quite frank I was stunned at the arrogant way that he did it. I can’t shake the feeling that Ron’s American Pravda George Orwell article is causing him grief and he needs to distance himself from it. He has been a high profile contributor to for some time so would automatically be implicated and included for serious ‘blow back’ coming from the swamp. He can’t afford to take heat generated by others as his USA residency, by his own admission, is tenuous. How ‘warm’ am I? I wonder!

    • Replies: @gsjackson
  56. MLK says:

    You will note that this author only mentions President Trump once in this article, and even then only to identify when Kadlec was appointed.

    I mention this because this author has always been ahead of the curve in this context in retconning Trump into a hapless POTUS. I give the devil his due, Unz remained radio silent throughout on even mentioning let alone acknowledging and considering that removing Trump might be the or a principal objective of the Covid conspiracy.

    While curiously like a light switch no one talks about narratives any longer, this author has from the beginning of this saga adopted without question the most enduring one throughout — that Trump handled the USG response poorly.

    He then tosses a disingenuous bone by occasionally mumbling a sentence or two about how he’s removed Trump from his list of suspects in this terrible, awful plot to take down CCP China by destroying the American economy, stealing the 2020 election, and installing a compromised asset of China in the White House . . .

    Look, anyone who finished middle school can write what was the intended script. Indeed, all you had to do was listen to the Fake News and their Fake Polls before the election and right after the monumental steal: Trump will and did lose because of his “lackadaisical” handling of the pandemic.

    Now, think about that, the American electorate purportedly chose a cognitively impaired Biden who hide in his basement and could only muster a half dozen to stand in circles on the rare occasions his handlers let him out, because they thought he’d handle the Covid better than Trump.

    By the way, didn’t anyone else notice that this baseless narrative was all that was transmission belted to counter the innumerable and still not explained “anomalies.”

    I wish this author, who has done definitive if not superlative work on McCain and Vietnam MIA/POWs, would explain why he channels Omar (on 9/11: “Some people did something”) when it comes to Soleimani. What happened according to him? “Trump assassinated Soleimani. Nuf said!”

    I’m not going to belabor it again. Suffice it to say that the Covid breakout and Iranian leadership deaths in Qom, which were serendipitously broadcast worldwide by what all agree is an Iranian government as committed to the free flow of information as CCP China, were just what the doctor ordered in terms of deflection (from the plot to seize American Embassy personnel in the Green Zone) AND keeping the Iranian leadership right up to the (not so) Supreme Leader on team.

    • Agree: Peripatetic Itch
  57. @Sarah


    Both Russia and China helped Italy enormously in the early days of the fight against Covid and how did Italy repay them? Did it accept their vaccines for entry into Italy? Did it F***. Slimy ungrateful Italian scum! Only Slovenia and Hungary accepted both Russian and Chinese vaccines and Greece the Russian one.

    • Replies: @utu
    , @skrik
    , @Sarah
    , @Levtraro
  58. JackOH says:

    FWIW-my unsupported street-level guess is the Biden Administration will spin the Covid-19 narrative with “blame China” and “disproportionate impact upon minorities” and other themes that will likely have some truth to them, but also have the advantage of being acceptable to Big Medicine’s Iron Pyramid, and have a desirable soporific effect on the public.

    The role of uninsured but asymptomatic and Covid-infected essential workers without sick pay will rate a footnote, I suppose.

    Ron, I’ve only casually read some of your Covid-19 origin articles, but you’ve got a real monster of a story there. I glommed on to your characterization of possible rogue American perpetrators as “crazy” and “inept”, because I’ve known a state-level bureaucrat who fits that description, and seems to be driven solely by vindictiveness, revenge, megalomania, etc.

  59. @Anon

    Who unleashed the pandemic on China and the rest of the world? Who crowed about how epic his “mark of the beast” vaccines were? That’s warfare in its most cowardly, Hebraic form.

    Obama didn’t do this. Bush didn’t do it. Trump did, his 60 million Shabbas Goyim marched along, and you need to accept it lil’ hasbara agent.

    • Replies: @mike99588
  60. Iris says:
    @Jeff Davis

    If a medical intelligence organization detects a looming “cataclysmic” disease outbreak in a foreign country, an in particular before anyone in the affected country becomes aware of the danger, wouldn’t the morally compelling response be to notify the endangered country, both for their sake and for the sake of the world community?

    It is a good question, but very respectfully, a very naïve one, that does not have its place in the context of geopolitical rivalry between two superpowers. For all intents and purposes, the answer is the opposite way round.

    The NCMI intelligence report with foreknowledge of a pandemic in Wuhan, produced in late November 2019, has now become a smoking gun of the US’ malicious involvement only because things did not turn up as expected: the report was issued too early.

    What the report’s issuance date indicates is that the intelligence services involved in executing the bio-attack on China were expecting the Covid19 epidemic to become an all-out, highly-visible outbreak in Wuhan earlier than it actually did, probably in early December 2019.

    (Instead, the contamination process was slower than they expected, and the outbreak only became fully visible to the relevant central authorities around 30th Dec 2019).

    In this way, the US Intelligence and NCMI report issued late November would have been just slightly ahead in its insider knowledge about the nascent pandemic, thus making the US look plausibly innocent of any foreknowledge or involvement.

    And more importantly, US intelligence could have then relied on their slight and plausible insight advance to publicly criticise Chinese dissimulation of facts, cover-up, lack of transparency, and subsequent endangerment of the “international community”.

    Not informing the world about the Covid19 outbreak was actually the goal as a means to undermine China. It is a perfectly defendable position since we are talking geopolitics, not morals. It is fair game to highlight a foe’s policy blunders. That’s for the Machiavellian aspect.

    As for the legal, diplomatic aspect, the US had no duty to inform the world about an epidemic in Wuhan, China had.
    Furthermore, the US doing so would have, at minimum, attracted accusations of spying and of breach of sovereignty of an independent nation. Even if it were non-malicious, nations worldwide would not have expected the NCMI report to be made public, except for the US’ closest allies.

    What one should really conclude from the NCMI report is that the intelligence services involved in the bio-attack relied on flawed simulations/epidemiological calculations, and were off by about a month (leading) with regard to the outbreak commencing.

    This conclusion logically points that Wuhan was most likely “seeded” at the earliest within the Oct-Nov possible time window. It also shows that epidemiology is not mathematics, but a complex process that cannot be mechanically represented by abstract figures and concepts such as “doubling time” and “extremely contagious”.

    Finally, a speculative but legitimate question: where did the intelligence coordinators get their contagion epidemiological model from?
    Was it only mathematical calculations, or did they actually experiment with limited-scale mini-outbreaks, shortly before seeding Wuhan?
    Could that be the explanation for the noticeable disparity of virus strain from the onset, with 3 distinct genomic clads appearing, one in the US West Coat, a second in Wuhan, and a third in Europe?
    Was SARS-Cov2 released before Wuhan for experimentation before the “Big Day”?

    The world needs answers, and these answers can only come if the WHO is allowed to investigate reports of Covid19 contaminations earlier than the Wuhan’s confirmed outbreak , and scientifically compare the phylogeny of all early virus strains involved for chronology.

    As long as the US refuses to let the WHO investigate its Covid19 early cases, all suspicions of rogue biowarfare will legitimately point to it.

    • Thanks: emersonreturn
    • Replies: @Peripatetic Itch
  61. Dystopian says:
    @Supply and Demand

    In your little world where the red team is bad and the blue team is good it stands to reason that you can expand your erroneous thinking and conclude that the CCP is good and the USA is bad. Just as the red and blue collaborate here to keep tiny minds confused the global cabal plays the same game on an international level. The perpetrators of the Covid hoax are not governments. Governments are their minions. It doesn’t matter which government developed or released the virus because they are all on the same team. For me the jury is still out as to whether Ron Unz is a moral crusader or a willing CCP shill, but the noise he creates here is taking the spot light off the true perpetrators. Blind allegiance by useful idiots to ideologies, be they left or right, are the enablers evil. I would rather get all of their boots off my neck than choose which one less painful.

    • Agree: Kali
    • Replies: @John H
  62. removing Trump might be the or a principal objective of the Covid conspiracy

    Trump was either President of the US in 2020 or he wasn’t. This fellow who spent each and every day attacking the US’s fruitful trade relationship with China would have no reason to fire off this thing at the Wuhan military games which America was so graciously invited to? Come on buddy. ZOG = Trumpenstein.

    This is more of the Glenn-Greenwald style retconning in which he recently tweeted that Joe Biden was president of the US during 2020. You hasbara peddlers are the slimiest of the slime.

    • Replies: @GomezAdddams
  63. nsa says:
    @Half Back

    “It wrecked US economy didn’t it”
    Who you gonna believe….the judenTV and the yidNet or your own eyes? What wrecked economy? Looking out over Hwy 101, there is an endless shit stream of bright shiny new cars and urban assault SUVs, giant tricked out \$60k 3/4 ton trucks towing \$80k aluminum boats, non-stop \$100k motorhomes and RVs, expensive highway expansion projects every 10 miles. In this area, real estate has doubled in the last two years. Any realtor creep will tell you the asking price is the starting price for the up bidding. Every big box store parking lot is full. Help wanted signs everywhere. Clogged fast food drive throughs. Some depression. See any cars by the side of the road with their hoods up and chicks holding cardboard signs offering to blow you for a hamburger? See any lineups at the bank doors at opening? See any soup kitchen lines anywhere? Every state park and campground is clogged with vacationers. Every beach is overun with frollicking tourists. The wu-wu caused a 2 trillion dollar shortfall in GDP, so the feds simply printed up 6 trillion and gave it away to every piece of shit with his hand out. The faggy catholic church and demented scientologists even got the feds to pick up their payrolls with the care ppp scam. Free money for all. Manna from heaven. If this is a depression, imagine what a boom would look like.

    • Thanks: Je Suis Omar Mateen
    • Replies: @Half Back
  64. Here in Montana if you tell someone that a grizzly bear is in the neighborhood people are scared even if there is no grizzly bear and the story is a hoax, this is the same principle used by the depopulation agenda of the globalists, they created a hoax, a scam and a psyop, an illusion, there is no covid-19, but the illusion works just as well as if it were a fact, this is what the globalist elits have done.

    This lie and illusion has driven the people of the world to get an injection, not a vaccination, it is not a vaccination, it is an injection of mRNA that alters the DNA and destroys the immune system and acts as a genocide depopulation agenda, which is what the globalist elites want, this is genocide, plain and simple.

    The Wuhan story is another illusion, that serves to give credence to the covid-19 scam and psyop, but it is all an illusion and the delta variant is another illusion, and since an illusion works, that is what they use.

    Covid-19 is the biggest scam and psyop in the history of the world.

    • Replies: @Realist
  65. @Supply and Demand

    I can feel it. The man is going to go viral.

    : )

    • Agree: Supply and Demand
  66. Ron, I did not see anywhere anybody mentioning that Xi has addressed the Chinese nation in January (?) saying that it was an attack of the foreign devils… Why is that…? In 2020.

  67. @Beetlejuice

    This is like that old economist’s joke about the difference between a recession and a depression is that a recession is when your neighbor loses his job and a depression is when you lose yours.

    The economy has not been wrecked at all. It is precariously thriving. We are borrowing one huge flux ton of money from the future but if Elon Musk forecasts come through the precariousness will be navigated with NO PROBLEM. Prices are way up but so are our retirement savings funds. If you are an investor then on paper you have done enormously well. Enormously.

    Hold on.

    • Agree: Beetlejuice
  68. utu says:
    @Commentator Mike

    Russia better keeps its vaccine for Russians because they had serious difficulties manufacturing it. As of today only 14.4% were fully vaccinated in Russia. Russia in its eagerness to score PR point overcommitted to supply vaccine to the world. Less than 40 million doses in Russia were produced so far which is slightly more than what is administered daily in the whole world.

    China was not that eager to share its vaccines as the case of Iran shows.

    Iran Official Blames Chinese, Russian Covid Vaccine Firms For Shortages

    Slovakia’s experiment with Sputnik vaccine ends with a whimper

    Argentina, Mexico Face Second-Dose Shortages of Russia’s Sputnik V Vaccine – Reports

  69. @Iris

    The NCMI intelligence report with foreknowledge of a pandemic in Wuhan, produced in late November 2019, has now become a smoking gun of the US’ malicious involvement only because things did not turn up as expected: the report was issued too early.

    I haven’t yet seen any convincing refutations of the obvious alternative interpretation: that the U.S. has very sophisticated satellite monitoring of all communications within China and thereby knew of the developing epidemic even before the Chinese government.

    • Replies: @Ron Unz
  70. Anon[133] • Disclaimer says:

    Ron regarding the Smoking Gun; there is a possible unexplored explanation for the DIA report – the “leaked” reporting and subsequent confirmation by Israeli news could itself be a psyop designed to make China look bad, without actual intelligence confirmation.

    It’s perfectly reasonable to sow doubt over the China’s reporting and it’s already accepted in western media that official Chinese narratives are deceptive .e.g Uighers

    Therefor the existence of the DIA report could very well have been made up on the assumption that China probably is lying about when they knew, regardless if the U.S actually knew or not .

    Basically the U.S said “fuck those guys let’s leak that China already knew and make them look bad, they probably did know before,”. China said “Hol up we really didn’t know”

    • Replies: @Anon
  71. Realist says:

    What happened to the “it’s all just a hoax” people. The “all the world leaders are in cahoots, pushing this fake epidemic so as to tighten control” people.

    If it’s biowarfare, then it’s not a hoax. No two ways about it.

    One should note that not all regular commenters on this blog have weighed in. And many of the commenters are new….always suspicious.

    Perhaps some will check out the Newslinks I posted today.

  72. Realist says:
    @Desert Fox

    Covid-19 is the biggest scam and psyop in the history of the world.

    Agreed, check out the Newslinks I posted today.

  73. skrik says:
    @Commentator Mike

    Did it F***. Slimy ungrateful Italian scum!

    You could possibly try to discriminate between [honest] citizens and their [criminal] ‘rulers.’ IMHO Draghi, Macron, Merkel & Johnson etc. are ‘totally unrepresentative swill’ and are ‘not with us but against us.’ Perhaps somebody can answer a BIG Q: Why, almost across the ‘West’ are the so-called ‘leaders’ pushing almost exclusively mRNA vax? Could it actually be, that they trying to kill many of ‘their own people?’

    “For three deaths prevented by vaccination we have to accept two inflicted by vaccination.”

    [Then see 9/11 etc., ~3k dead in NY, *not* hijackers but *inside-job*. The lies are myriad.] rgds

  74. Sarah says:
    @Commentator Mike

    Abstract of the article (your link) :

    On the other hand, the following four are currently under rolling review of EMA, but a decision on their approval is yet to be taken:

    CVnCoV (CureVac)
    NVX-CoV2373 (Novavax)
    Sputnik V (Gam-COVID-Vac)
    COVID-19 Vaccine (Vero Cell) Inactivated (Sinovac)

    Since the EMA (EU) has started the evaluation of the Russian and Chinese vaccines, it should be finished. BUT there are always new excuses to delay the authorization:
    “Ohhh there is always this or that paper missing… ”
    “Ohhh we have received the requested paper but it is not in accordance with our regulations. ”

    As for Italy, in September 2020, it defied the EU by authorizing the prescription of HCQ.

    • Replies: @skrik
  75. @Kratoklastes

    I’ve tried to get through to Rogan using the contact page on the JRE website … without success. I would guess that he is so popular that his contact page is flooded with attempts/suggestions. We need a better approach to get the message across. I suggest finding an intermediate, someone with a direct line to Rogan but easier to contact.

    Suggestions? My email is

  76. @Beetlejuice

    a vast number of CCP members (those that truly matter) and the very intellectual core of shia scholars in Qom Iran are old….in some cases very old.

    their death would not only be a blow socially, but politically and economically as well…as it would create a strong air of uncertainty and fear.

  77. Ron Unz says:
    @Peripatetic Itch

    I haven’t yet seen any convincing refutations of the obvious alternative interpretation: that the U.S. has very sophisticated satellite monitoring of all communications within China and thereby knew of the developing epidemic even before the Chinese government.

    That’s a very foolish suggestion. According to the best estimates, probably only a half-dozen Chinese in a city of 11 million had been infected with an unknown and unsuspected new viral disease at the time that secret DIA report was being prepared, which warned of a “cataclysmic” epidemic in Wuhan, China.

    Our satellites must be very good if they could detect something like that. And a few months later, the American government failed to notice that tens of thousands of Americans had become infected during spring of 2020, allowing the epidemic here to silently grow.

    • Replies: @Levtraro
  78. Levtraro says:
    @Commentator Mike

    Italy is in a strange position in the EU. Very dependent of economic help and two of the latest four heads of state (Monti and Draghi) being installed by other EU countries (probably just Germany). Monti and Draghi had a grand aggregated total of 0 votes, yet they became heads of the State and formed governments and passed laws. Nobody cares.

  79. Ron Unz says:
    @Weston Waroda

    Unless I am mistaken, in your latest article on the origins of the pandemic you abandoned the idea that the virus was introduced into Wuhan during the military games. I could see why the Chinese would be interested in that angle, though.

    Not at all. My views haven’t changed since April 2020 and I still think there’s a strong likelihood that the Wuhan Military Games and the 300 American military servicemen participating were used as the cover to slip in a couple of operatives to release the virus. Here’s a link to my hypothetical biowarfare attack scenario:

  80. Ron Unz says:

    I have one more observation of my own I would like to offer to your mounting evidence: It was the very early (almost as early as Iran) and very severe (almost as severe as Iran) outbreak in Northern Italy. It struck me as odd: China, Iran, Italy? What’s the connection? I then realized it was because Italy had decided to join China’s Belt and Road Initiative and had agreed to use Huawei’s 5G technology. That was the connection.

    Your theory is possible, but there were also something like 300,000 Chinese people living and working in that part of Italy, so it’s very possible that some of them traveled home to China for the Lunar New Year holiday and returned infected with the virus.

    By contrast, only an absolutely negligible number of Chinese live in Qom, Iran, making the very early outbreak there extremely suspicious.

    • Replies: @utu
    , @Michael999
  81. Levtraro says:
    @Ron Unz

    This is a good counter-argument. If there were just a handful of infections at the time of the DIA report, then it could not be the work of routine intelligence gathering.

    There is also the chance that there were a lot more infections at the time of the DIA report but the Chinese did not report them, kept it secret while deciding how to proceed, but then a little Chinese spy working for the USA passed the info used to prepare the DIA report.

  82. Irwin says:

    Brilliant video, shocking content. Daszak admits development of lab virus in 2018, NIH hacked emails confirming Wuhan Lab as sub-recipient of grant. No chance YouTube would allow this.

  83. Ron, You-are-a Saint.
    You will be remembered long into History.
    Thank You for, disproving the ‘rhetorical device’ *all Jews are Bad*”.

    I’d like to note my comment earlier this year about the ‘bio-weapon attack’ against Iran with a clarification; the Covert War between the Anglo Zionists & Iran has shown time-and-time again, these psychopaths will use any & all resources to defeat Iran.
    The *Beirut Bombing* with some type of nuclear device 1 year ago that they will use ‘whatever it takes’ as weapons.
    The ‘shootdown’ of the cia -guy (’Andrea) in Afghanistan shortly after Qasem Soleimani’s assassination was, IMO, was facilitated by RF-Russia’s Military’s intelligence ‘giving the specific data’ as a counter-warning to these Crazies hell-bent on gettin’-what-they-want.
    Regards X-

  84. Ron Unz says:

    Tbh I could half see Jimmy Dore being the one guy in semi-alt media land who would let Mr Unz discuss this theory, The dude’s pretty brave it seems to me.

    That sounds like a reasonable possibility. I’d obviously be very eager to have him interview me if someone knows how to get in touch with him.

    • Replies: @Levtraro
    , @Ginko
  85. @GMC

    You are right, pseudonym would be a better way to go. And since Unz is versatile with software, it might offer some protection.
    Here’s a link to Dilyana Gaytanzhieva…… and another one


    A very brave young woman.

    • Thanks: GMC
    • Replies: @GMC
  86. gsjackson says:

    What happened to them? They probably think Ron is riding an old hobby horse, troubling over an ancient history red herring, while ignoring the main story of how the “virus” has been used to destroy the very concept of human rights, torpedo the economy of small businesses and overturn everyone’s life. They probably don’t consider Ron to be ‘must-read’ material on this issue, and probably aren’t here on this thread. Did you think that at any point over the past 16 months they and Ron have ever been in agreement about covid?

    The whole shitshow obviously originated somewhere in Deep State planning. Ron’s thesis I suppose is as likely as any. All the political actors work for the same people. But 16 months down the road we’re confronted with some pretty pressing existential dilemmas, and where the first shot was fired is mainly of academic interest now. It’s an interesting question, to be sure, but not the main issue.

    • Replies: @Hal Duell
  87. utu says:
    @Ron Unz

    “300,000 Chinese people living and working in that part of Italy” – numbers matter but more important is how many from Wuhan. Vancouver has 499k (possibly mostly from Hong Kong) and the whole British Columbia had 1,7k deaths which is over 6 times less per capital than Italy. Yet still first 6-7 covid cases in Vancouver were from China while the following 10 or so from Middle East including Iran and then Europe.

    The second largest population of Chinese in Italy is in Prato in Tuscany which had very low number of cases. Iirc I read somewhere they were mostly from eastern provinces of China

    How Italy’s ‘Little China’ dodged the coronavirus

    I realized that PC stories about how Chinese did not contribute to the pandemic in Italy were a must but apparently they did not work regardless of what were the facts on the ground. There is a backlash and Chinese are leaving Italy some blaming there is no future for them in Italy also because of pandemic related ‘racism’.

    Going home: COVID sparks Chinese exodus from Italian textile town

    It is very hard to find any information about patients zero, one, two, etc. in Italy. There was infected Chinese couple who flew to Milan in January and then travelled through Italy for 3-4 days before discovering they had symptoms. But no further cases are attributed to them. And then next cases are from mid February which are not connected to China but to Germany.

    And finally when the paper has been published that they discovered antibodies in blood of Italian patient collected in Sept, Oct, Nov 2019 tracing the early course of the pandemic in Italy almost lost sense and people stopped believing in anything. (Personally I suspect that the paper is total BS and possibly paid by China to old Italian communist comrades.) But I still believe that it would be possible to get more info from Italy as most Italians are not very ideological and are easy going and not very PC while otoh getting anything from Iran that would be believable is hopeless.

  88. Richard B says:

    Mr. Unz, hope for the best, but also I would suggest making preparations for being publicly accused of “being a foreign agent and conspiracy-spreading terrorist” by people capable of orchestrating a great many things, from rape accusations, to midnight SWAT raids, to indefinite detention, to bank account blocking, and so forth.

    You may have a point. On the other hand, it could be that Ron is confident in his decision to share this sensitive information exactly because he knows the Chinese have his back.

    Who knows? Could be.

    After all, Ron is clearly a brave and learned man. He doesn’t exactly strike one as being reckless and foolhardy. In other words, it’s kind of hard to believe that he doesn’t know what he’s doing. But, again, who knows? Maybe I’m wrong.

    In any event, check out this gem.

    Existential evidence suggested the possibility of a coronavirus biowarfare attack launched by Washington more than the lab-leak theory, said Ron Unz in a review article published on The Unz Review website in late May.

    I can’t be the only one who loves the idea of the Chinese reading TUR.

    Maybe. But I doubt it.

  89. Levtraro says:
    @Ron Unz

    If that happens, let us know please. Here looking forward to such a mix, Dore + Unz.

  90. Richard B says:
    @Chris Moore

    Please don’t refer to the treasonous and anti-Constitutional, Lib-Con-Zionist occupation government as “American,” which gives it a legitimacy and authenticity it doesn’t deserve.

    Bravo Chris! And great comment!

    When the ((Bolsheviks)) were occupying Russia and murdering millions of indigenous Slavs, were they “Russian”? Of course not.

    Exactly! There’s a lof of convergence of opinion on that one. For a reason.

    And speaking of which, though I’m sure many TUR readers are familiar with the Solzhenitsyn quote, it’s still worth sharing here.


    “You must understand. The leading Bolsheviks who took over Russia were not Russians. They hated Russians. They hated Christians. Driven by ethnic hatred they tortured and slaughtered millions of Russians without a shred of human remorse. The October Revolution was not what you call in America the ‘Russian Revolution.’ It was an invasion and conquest over the Russian people. More of my countrymen suffered horrific crimes at their bloodstained hands than any people or nation ever suffered in the entirety of human history. It cannot be understated. Bolshevism committed the greatest human slaughter of all time. The fact that most of the world is ignorant and uncaring about this enormous crime is proof that the global media is in the hands of the perpetrators.”

  91. gsjackson says:

    Saker is a hypochondriac. I suspect he truly fears “the virus.”

  92. frontier says:

    Oh my mistake, I intended to hit “AGREE”, sorry about that…

    I don’t think anyone would disagree with the high possibility of Covid being a bioweapon. Ron spends way too much time on that point which, frankly, isn’t controversial on this site. Bit then he goes on to claim that the damage to the West was a coincidental blowvback. Those claims are never well argumented beyond references to people who argued about using bio-weapons for economic warfare. That, however is absolutely not an argument for “US targeted China and burned itself in the process”.

    I see quite a few confused people here, like @Half Back for example, claiming that yes, that kind of bioweopon can damage an economy (look at US), and that low-lethality plus high communicability is indeed what the experts recommended. But none of these is an argument that China was the sole target or that China was a target at all. “High communicability” guarantees the spread of the desease everywhere. China might have been simply a patsy or co-conspirator because the “economic damage to China” theory is bullshit. “Virus damage to the US economy” is more bullshit.

    I’m not sure how we can talk about the economy and completely disregard the one fundamental economic question – Quo bono? During covid, China increased both their share of the world economy and the average price of their exports, that’s not damage to China, it’s gain.

    China’s economy grew as one of the few major growths last year. It is expected to announce GDP growth of more than two percent for 2020 on Monday, while global economic performance fell by about four percent last year. This means that China’s share of GLOBAL GDP will increase to 14.5 percent, about two years earlier than expected.

    The “US economy” is what the rich say it is, and they got twice richer during the pandemic, only the non-minority middle class got ruined, the poor still got their welfare and free crime. From the point of view of the rich monopolies, Covid benefited greatly the US economy… With regard to US politics, Covid was simply a continuation and expansion of Obama’s policies, nothing more. Ron, are you saying that it’s an honest mistake of the people in power when they get twice richer and their smaller competitors get crushed?

    American billionaires have grown significantly richer during the pandemic, led by Elon Musk, who crossed the \$100 billion benchmark in August to become the world’s fifth centibillionaire, and saw his wealth increase by 242% over the first eight months of 2020 (Jeff Bezos has added \$65 billion to his net worth this year).

    “Blowback”, eh?

    • Agree: Sollipsist
    • Replies: @Noble74
  93. mike99588 says:
    @Supply and Demand

    Who made it? (IMHO more likely) China and our Deep State types (sorry Ron), including Fauci who at least financed so much, maybe Gates, certainly not Trump. I’m not giving a high likelihood to Ron’s base hypothesis, and think passionate stridency weakens his credibility on other, longer efforts. Sorry folks, imo.

    After the sabotage of HCQ trials (and ivermectin) and hot medical/media attacks, Trump was cornered, he could not continue empty handed. So they in essence got him to embrace vaccines for his need for a political “accomplishments list” and his triumphal personna.

    • Replies: @Ryan2
    , @Ryan2
  94. GMC says:
    @Rev. Spooner

    We are having a big spike in the virus in Crimea, , yet it’s 40′ C and the Ukrainian borders are open for business. This makes No Sense at all. The Borders and the Bioweapons labs should be totally closed down. Thus, my comment for Mr. Unz to go underground and key on Dilyana’s great work.Spacibo Rev.

  95. @angmoh

    That was my first thought too. When I read “Most of these Tweeters had relatively few Followers, suggesting…” it suggested to me that these were accounts specifically deployed for a purpose.

    I’m a little surprised that this wasn’t more of a working assumption among a readership with such so many people accustomed to seeing shills, plants, and false flags everywhere.

    • Replies: @Ron Unz
  96. Supposedly the markets took a dump today because “people are worried” about #covidhoax’s ominous-sounding “Delta variant.”

    Of course, it’s the fraudconomy and they make it up as they go along (like biden’s 81 gorillion voters) but I’ll be extra-disappointed in humanity if grubers really fear Sniffles Two.

    • Replies: @mike99588
  97. Mevashir says:

    If a business enterprise in serious financial difficulty suddenly doubles its fire insurance and a couple of months later its main factory burns to the ground, the insurance adjusters would naturally turn a suspicious eye to the circumstances.

    Isn’t this what Larry Silverstein did with his WTC towers?

    Good article, nice progress. Please be careful.

  98. JimDandy says:

    Makes sense. They have made very subdued references that it came from America.

    • Replies: @littlereddot
  99. Mevashir says:
    @Chris Moore

    Packing the Supreme Court with a cabal of their ((partisans)) who proclaim this or that ((Bolshevik)) power grab “constitutional” doesn’t make it so.

    Isn’t SCrOTUS 7/9 Roman Catholic?

    • Replies: @Chris Moore
  100. @Chris Moore

    You can add this as another vector on their war on the US Constitution.

    Make sure to scroll down and visit some of the links provided.

    The North American Union, (NAU), project didn’t die with the end of the “W” regime.

  101. SafeNow says:

    Don DeLillo famously wrote in 1991 that “the future belongs to crowds.” He was prescient regarding crowds in the streets, but could not foresee that the principal “crowds” would become Facebook, Twitter, Google, and the mainstream TV and print media. Being part of the crowd creates, let’s face it, a surge of religious feeling; of belongingness. Cognitive beliefs come along for the ride.

    Ron has understood and lamented for a long time that he presides over a relatively small crowd. The China News Agency he cites is, alas, traditionally directed at overseas Chinese, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, according to Wikipedia. But it’s a start. Perhaps China is testing the waters. I have little hope that a mainstream conservative politician such as DeSantis will ever risk publicly embracing the pattern of thought, the philosophy, of Ron, his essayists, and his (the non-unhinged) commenters. And anyway, a measured-style DeSantis lacks the requisite con style of Cuomo, Fauci, or Biden.

  102. skrik says:

    As for Italy, in September 2020, it defied the EU by authorizing the prescription of HCQ

    Late where I am, so this must be a ‘quicky.’

    I note that England has declared today to be “freedom day” [or some such], but their ‘new cases’ are soaring ‘through the roof.’

    BUT [according to ] their death-rate is approaching zero.


    Which in turn means that all vax-EUAs must now, immediately, expire. rgds

  103. Anon[133] • Disclaimer says:

    I take this comment back, it would not make sense for a DIA report to be a psyop campaign way back in November 2019.

  104. profnasty says:

    idk, but thanks, I share your sentiment.

  105. I have read quite a lot of your writings about Covid. Already in Spring last year, my idea/speculation was that the origin of Covid could well be natural, but that in the sequel, some people benefited from the opportunity in order to bio-attack others. In particular, this could well explain the fact that Iran was particularly touched.

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  106. Ron Unz says:

    numbers matter but more important is how many from Wuhan.

    That’s absolutely true, but there’s no way of knowing. All things being equal, we’d expect many more people who’d recently returned from a visit home to Wuhan among in a group of 300,000 Chinese than a group of 300.

    And finally when the paper has been published that they discovered antibodies in blood of Italian patient collected in Sept, Oct, Nov 2019 tracing the early course of the pandemic in Italy almost lost sense and people stopped believing in anything. (Personally I suspect that the paper is total BS and possibly paid by China to old Italian communist comrades.)

    I just published an entire section analyzing those very early supposed infections in Italy, and elsewhere:

    I doubt they were fraudulent, but I’m almost sure they were fallacious. The key fact is that it recently came out that probably over 95% of those sorts of antibody tests are false-positives.

    • Thanks: utu
    • Replies: @utu
  107. @JimDandy

    If China mad the accusation directly, it would just be met by a frenzied outburst of racist hatred and lies from the Western ‘Free Press’ and Western ‘elites’. The truth dies long, long, ago in the West.

  108. Ron Unz says:

    That was my first thought too. When I read “Most of these Tweeters had relatively few Followers, suggesting…” it suggested to me that these were accounts specifically deployed for a purpose.

    I’m no expert on Twitter, but I tend to doubt that. I don’t see any purpose.

    They weren’t using a hashtag to start something trending, and since most of them had relatively few Followers, they didn’t generate all that much additional traffic. If some prominent Chinese figure had sent a single Tweet, the impact would have been much greater. Glancing at a few of their Tweet-timelines, they seemed pretty much what you’d expect from random Chinese people who’d noticed the story and decided to Tweet out my article.

    • Replies: @angmoh
  109. @Paul Schmutz Schaller

    Pardon mon ignorance, but if CoViD is easily spread to various animals eg big cats in zoos, domestic cats, minks etc, how readily can it be spread from those creatures back to humans? If readily, why could not the natural reservoir be some Wuhan moggy that liked cruising the markets, or a pet such and such that was a present from a relative in backwoods Yunnan?

  110. @utu

    I just had to see a few words at the bottom of this pile of vomitus to know that it was unter-troll ‘utu’ spewing bile. Add adding slimy Sinophobia and sneering contempt for Iran to its Russophobia and BigPharma trolling and disinforming. I suspect a sunny, seaside, pad in Tel Aviv is its natural habitat.

    • Troll: Mulga Mumblebrain
    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  111. John H says:

    I’m curious: does your thesaurus show “dystopian” as a synonym for “paranoid”?

    • LOL: emersonreturn
  112. Ro.n Unz, super jew, keeps spreading hiz totally unproven theory of how America spread Covid.
    We all know it was Mossad, despite the best efforts of lying kikes.

  113. Chris Moore says: • Website

    Isn’t SCrOTUS 7/9 Roman Catholic?

    Actually, it’s 3/9ths ((Jewish))

    …and probably 100% ((Jewish)) compromised/coerced/extorted

    • Replies: @Mevashir
    , @Mevashir
  114. Mevashir says:
    @Chris Moore

    Actually, it’s 3/9ths ((Jewish))

    A Catholic publication arguing there are too many Jews on the Supreme Court. That’s rich. I think they have more chutzpah than the Jews!

  115. Hal Duell says:

    I have to agree with this comment. The where and why of the origins of Covid19 are of academic interest, and someday we may know more. It’s a bit like was there a second shooter in Dallas, and how did Building 7 collapse into its own footprint.
    What is of interest, regardless of its origins, is the global response to this virus. First the fear, then the control. To this point, I mention the concerted effort to disallow any conversation of a possible treatment, not cure or prevention, of the virus. Such as Ivermectin, to name one. An effective treatment would take the fear out of the fear/control equation. And no one seems interested in that.
    All the world’s governments are acting in unison here.

    • Agree: Kali
  116. Half Back says:

    But the Pied Piper will have to be payed very soon. All the shiny toys you speak off will increase markedly in price as well as food and already high rents. The populace will have to get used a very reduced living standards which normally drives crime through the roof whereby AmeriCIA will ALMOST resemble any South American countries for the lower income groups. The stock market is going to blow. Every market is rigged their is no price discovery which could alleviate the corrupt way America does business.

    So it wont be long before the events take place- So the economy is ruined- its just it hasn’t occurred yet and probably the only prescription (higher rates) can’t be enacted due to the huge debt levels.

  117. The only problem with your theory is that the US Government contains a lot of Sinophiles. Well, maybe philia is the wrong root word. What’s the Greek for whore?

  118. frankie p says:

    What a clown you are, quoting articles from the Taipei Times, a rag that I read here in Taiwan every day, and shake my head at how unhinged it is. It’s amazing that I have to educate so many Taiwanese people about what “the Century of Humiliation” was, to the point where I have to show my university educated students pictures from Shanghai saying “No dogs or Chinese allowed”. When I tell them they should be angry about that, they agree, and they are angry, even those who love singing the new boring tune “I’m Taiwanese, not Chinese.” For even the idiots, upon reflection, know in their hearts that they ARE Chinese, culturally, linguistically, behaviorally, etc. The fact is that the Chinese know that they were humiliated, and instead of demanding special rights and protections like (((our friends))), blacks, queers and gender freaks, etc., they have decided that THEY, the Chinese nation, will be the ones to make sure that NO FURTHER HUMILIATION occurs. I admire that attitude, and the Chinese “Can Do” spirit is still alive and well. Gung ho, which made it into the English language, “He’s really gung ho about this project.”, is misused, of course, because it really means “work together” or “cooperate”.

    • Agree: Iris
    • Replies: @utu
  119. Anonymous[268] • Disclaimer says:

    Please go on to consider if this bioweapon against China was also used against America either directly or as propaganda weapon to justify economic contraction which was also in progress in March 2020. Possibly both. Given the state forced, over the top push to make and distribute vaccines there may be even a more systematic ongoing warfare campaign.

    Since 2008 a systematic program of suppressing the economies of Europe and America to justify money issuance as a protective measure and to counteract and suppress induced inflation can be explained on the grounds that it advances elite wealth acquisition by stripping populations of existing assets.

    In 2008-9 Quantitative Easing through several programs of the Federal Reserve began to counter risks of economic contraction arising from massive financial instability greatly increased the wealth of the banks and other elites. Perhaps a fortuitous result for the banks at that time the thought occurs that a repetition would be nice for them.

    A bad recession was in the offing in 2020. A similar program of money printing may have been hard or embarrassing to justify on grounds similar to 2008 so a reason had to be found of a different nature. The lockdowns accentuated the depth of contraction and provided a novel reason for rapidly expanded money creation by the Federal Reserve which has had similar wealth transference effects.

    Perhaps, if Covid was a bio attack against China the blowback (release here?) was intended to justify state mandated, domestic economic depression for profit and control experimentation? Nothing is going to suppress economic activity more quickly and thoroughly than by ordering everyone to stay home. One just needs a plausible justification to issue such an order. Medically justified depressions used for money creation and asset stripping may continue indefinitely.

    China, Iran, perhaps Italy, and who else? If this virus is meant for economic war against nations and populations then in total how many economies have been reduced in various ways to the perpetrator’s profit?

  120. @Mulga Mumblebrain

    LOL, calling yourself a troll. But I guess you meant it for utu.

    • LOL: Iris
  121. Mevashir says:
    @Chris Moore

    Can you explain the convention of writing Jewish as ((Jewish))???

    • Replies: @Chris Moore
  122. utu says:
    @frankie p

    I hope that Taiwan disinvites you soon if you really are who you say you are. Taiwan does not need foreigners stirring up unnecessary resentments and discords. But most likely you are lying and you are just a regular ChiCom propagandist. Stay in communist China and enjoy not being a dog to the white devils anymore. Just keep licking the CCP’s ass.

    “No dogs or Chinese allowed” sign is a myth. The park was reserved for Foreign Community (was private) and indeed dogs were not allowed. But there was not sign your lie implies. Chinese amahs were permitted to enter the park and I am pretty sure other Chinese could enter as guest of a member/foreigner. No different than Faculty Club or Country Club.

    “I’m Taiwanese, not Chinese.” is perfectly reasonable and has historical basis from Taiwan history, its population and subsequent colonization and minimal links to mainland China over centuries. Not different than “I am Australian not British”, “I am Kiwi not British”. People have a right for self-determination and if Taiwanese residents decide so, the world will accept it regardless of what the Big Brother in Peking says.

    “National aspirations must be respected; people may now be dominated and governed only by their own consent. ‘Self determination’ is not a mere phrase; it is an imperative principle of action.” – Woodrow Wilson

    During World War II, the principle was included in the Atlantic Charter, declared on 14 August 1941, by Franklin D. Roosevelt, President of the United States, and Winston Churchill, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, who pledged The Eight Principal points of the Charter. It was recognized as an international legal right after it was explicitly listed as a right in the UN Charter

    Go gung ho FY.

  123. Ebolan says: • Website

    Could anyone tell us if Ronald Unz got the shots (“vaccine”)?

    Perhaps Mr. Unz will tell us but I doubt he reads every comment so he probably will never see this.

    Thank you.

    • Replies: @Ron Unz
  124. Ryan2 says:

    So that, like, make it’s like, ok?
    He got tricked that one time? Because he needed to be triumphetudenal?

    • Replies: @mike99588
  125. mike99588 says:
    @Sick of Orcs

    China’s threat to nuke Japan over Taiwan has no effect on the markets ???
    What could possibly go wrong with that?

    • Replies: @Sick of Orcs
  126. Ryan2 says:

    Seriously. Whatever happened. Covid doesn’t seem like “happy making time” unless you are Soros or something.

    • Replies: @mike99588
  127. mike99588 says:

    Trump was “tricked” a lot, he never really had much control of his four years.
    I merely identified his dilemma in a no win situation.

    If he had continued with 100% correct support for IVM and HCQ (improving techniques too), no telling how many people the Medical Industrial Complex would have deliberately poisoned, with full media support at 160 db.

    • Replies: @Ryan2
  128. Chris Moore says: • Website

    ((Jews)) or “Jews” aren’t really Jewish. They’re frauds, imposters, identity thieves. They actually hate the founder of Judaism, Moses, because he executed their forebears, the Golden Calf gang. He wanted to put limits on the grifter character of the Hebrews with the Ten Commandments, to build the nation. But these Hebrews were into debauchery, Ponzi scheme-style trickery, and human sacrifice. So he killed most of them. That faction has been at war with authentic Judaism ever since. Their most depraved and twisted trick is calling themselves “Jews” and then engaging in relentless geopolitical treachery and mass murder, thus discrediting Moses, Judaism, and the Ten Commandments.

    The Bolsheviks are this type of ((Jew)). So are the Zionists.

    • Replies: @Mevashir
  129. mike99588 says:

    Covid was an unwasted opportunity for all oppressive government types (Europe, USSA, China) over what should have been a contained, temporary problem with multiple known/knowable treatment protocols and formulations, especially once low mass solutions were identified in the summer of 2020.

    Low mass e.g. a combi pill 15-25 mg IVM, 1-2 mg cholecalciferol, with perhaps a magnesium salt filler, some K2 and flavonoids.

  130. Mevashir says:
    @Chris Moore

    So the parentheses are like air quotes? Thanks for the explanation. How do you explain Matthew 23:1-3 when Jesus says that the Jews should obey their rabbis who sit in Moses’s seat?

    Do you respect the Naturay Karta Orthodox Jews who oppose Zionism?

    • Replies: @gsjackson
  131. Ron Unz says:

    Could anyone tell us if Ronald Unz got the shots (“vaccine”)?

    Perhaps Mr. Unz will tell us but I doubt he reads every comment so he probably will never see this.

    I recently had my second Pfizer dose, and I feel perfectly fine. I’m virtually certain that all this anti-vaxx nonsense is just total crackpottery, mostly appealing to the gullible or the crazy. But if I’m wrong and suddenly drop dead, it will certainly serve me right.

    Flu Hoaxery, anti-Vaxxery, and unorthodox medical treatment for Covid are entirely off-topic on this comment-thread, and such remarks are likely to be trashed. However, there’s an extremely popular PCR column from a couple of days ago that is perfectly suitable for such discussions. So take all your anti-Vaxxery over there.

  132. gsjackson says:

    Actually, the way these parentheses are typically used on this site is to identify the group of people or process being discussed as Jewish or Jewish-driven. For example, the terms bolsheviks, finance capitalism, BLM, the corporate media, academia, feminism, LGBTQ, the intelligence community, etc. might be written with two or three parens around them to suggest Jewish control.

  133. angmoh says:
    @Ron Unz

    The incompetence of Chinese propaganda operations on twitter is well documented:

  134. Anonymous[609] • Disclaimer says:

    News from Global Times:

    Half a million Chinese netizens sign joint letter to the WHO demanding a probe into the US’ Fort Detrick lab

    By GT staff reporters
    Published: Jul 18, 2021

    More than half a million Chinese netizens have signed a joint letter to the WHO as of the press time on Sunday, demanding the organization conduct an investigation into the US’ Fort Detrick lab, a place whose sudden shutdown is still shrouded in secrecy which has not been subject to any scrutiny from the international community. They believe a thorough probe into the US lab could prevent a future epidemic.

    The move came as certain Western politicians and media stirred up a new round of the smear campaign of pinpointing China as the culprit for the coronavirus origin.

    A group of Chinese netizens drafted the joint open letter to ask the WHO to investigate the US Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID) at Fort Detrick, Maryland. They entrusted the Global Times with posting the letter on its WeChat and Weibo platforms on Saturday to solicit a public response. It has garnered half a million signatures within 24 hours…

    Ron Unz is not even referred to in this article. C’mon GT, even The New York Times was honest enough to give a hat tip to Ron in their front-page article about discrimination against Asians at Harvard.

  135. @Kratoklastes


    yes, a leak, but from wuhan. that is what he supports.

    the very narrative the MSM is pushing atm.


  136. @Ron Unz

    Mr. Unz,

    Your analysis, unfortunately, is imho entirely plausible and deserves consideration.

    But in regards to the Qom outbreak, however one personally weighs the probabilities, one needs to bear in mind that there are two relevant questions: how many Chinese live in Qom and travelled as potential vectors between Wuhan / China and Qom, and how many Iranians or third country nationals live in China and or elsewhere and travelled between Wuhan / China and Qom.

    There is no reason to assume that only a Chinese citizen could have been a vector, and given the volume of trade and more between the PRC and Iran, it’s highly likely that there would be substantial traffic of Iranians, also from Qom, to the PRC.

  137. Rose says:

    Hi guys, here is the best paper on Pentagon bio-warfare I ever found. The research is international, the lady is Romanian I believe and she has all the original documents, pics, maps, etc.. I have no idea where she got all that stuff, were in deep trouble!

    Did COVID-19 escape Fort Detrick vaccine trial?

    Labs often leak.

    Enjoy, this could be your last day…

    • Thanks: emersonreturn
    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  138. @JimDandy

    I agree. When commentators comment about how China is “playing the long game”, they really don’t realise just how right they are.

    Just to put things into perspective, the Chinese polity has seen the rise and fall of the many empires, Greeks, Romans, Parthians, Arabs, Mongols, Spanish, Dutch, English.

    When Americans think interstate history, they think of the aftermath of WW2. And if they stretch their historical memories, they think of their Founding Fathers.
    When Chinese think of interstate politics, it really goes back 2500 years or more. So what is 50 years of patience and playing the slow game for the Chinese? Americans really do find it hard to relate to the Chinese perception of time scales.

    • Replies: @JimDandy
  139. @utu

    I totally agree with you, a people should have the right to self determination. In an ideal world, Taiwan should be independent if it chooses.

    In the same vein, I also support the right of the indigenous native peoples of the Americas to self determination and not have their homeland forcibly incorporated into the European created states they are now forced to live in. Why stop there, Australia should be returned to the Aborigines too. NZ? South Africa, Zimbabwe? Europe is going to be awfully crowded with returning colonists.

    It would be a long process. So to start the ball rolling, perhaps if the Leader of the World, the USA were to return independence to the illegally annexed Kingdom of Hawaii, the moral pressure would be so great that China would be forced to give Taiwan independence too? Or maybe it can be terms for a mutual treaty.

    The benefits of such a treaty would be Peace on Earth, and a bonus of two new free countries…..that will be great!!! Lets all start writing to our Congressmen now.

  140. Bumpkin says:
    @Ron Unz

    Rogan has had several Neocon guests like Bari Weiss and Dan Crenshaw on, I’d consider him compromised and wouldn’t bother. Although, the Neocons are so stupid that the top video on Jimmy Dore’s channel is their skewering her inane responses to Rogan:

    Your only hope is to play the slow game of word of mouth and catch either someone courageous or too lazy to even look at your Wikipedia page, which marks you as taboo to anyone who values their career.

  141. anon[219] • Disclaimer says:

    An old liar is resurfacing to claim his lost legitimacy over lying for Iraq

    or to possibly sound like an expert despite continued lying over Iran (Dr. Gary Samore serves as President of United Against Nuclear Iran.).

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  142. Ginko says:
    @Ron Unz Is the only way I know how to get ahold of his crew. Shooting them a email about this as I’m writing this down. Hopefully someone on his crew might respond positively to the idea of a interview with Mr. Unz or Mr. Carnetti.

  143. Dumbo says:

    Am I the only one who thinks this is completely irrelevant, or plain misinformation?

    This is like trying to find out “how Bin Laden did 9/11”, or “how the shoe-bomber got into that plane”, when the issue is something else entirely, or is an argument from false premises.

    Ron may or may not be right about the origins of Covid; I personally don’t believe that it was done by “rogue neocons” who just wanted to attack China and Iran with a highly contagious virus, and somehow didn’t know it could go everywhere else, it really doesn’t make sense. But even if Ron is right, that it doesn’t really change much what’s happening.

    The whole thing is not really about Covid. It’s about controlling the population. Covid is a cover or an excuse for other, bigger stuff. It may or may not have been created in a lab, hard to prove anyway. It’s not what matters. What matters it’s how it’s being used for other stuff. Even the vaccines, I feel they are a diversion. “Never let a crisis go to waste”.

    (This comment will likely not be published, like my previous one, so I’ll keep it short)

  144. Matt B says:

    Hi Mr Unz,

    I did use this email address to pass on some info to Jimmy Dore but I didn’t receive a reply,

    reading between the lines I get the feeling Jimmy sails as close to the wind as he can dare on his youtube channel without triggering the wrath and censorship of youtube,
    it’s probably a fine line to tread and your analysis might discombobulate him somewhat beacause it is potentially earth shattering if it turned out to be true,

    to some degree I’m a little trepidatious now you’ve gained exposure on Chinese social media, they are the Borg’s current #1 bogeyman, I’m not embarrassed to admit I’m scared of the US intel services and the establishment in general, they have proven themselves quite venal if crossed or annoyed,

    the British establishment is equally venal and draconian,

    I wonder if part of keeping julian Assange in permanent limbo is to disable his activities and also scare off anyone who might emulate him and release shocking emails,
    if an email came to light that confirmed your hypothesis it would be the biggest story of the 21st century,

    please consider your own safety as being of equal importance as to the truth and honesty you try to share,
    best regards,


    • Replies: @Ron Unz
  145. @anon

    Samore says NOTHING about the HUGE US biowarfare establishment, or that of Israel, and just slimes the ‘usual suspects’. Industrial strength disinfo and hypocrisy, typical for an Imperial gauleiter.

  146. @Rose

    And Whitney Webb has plenty of stuff on the highly active US bio-weapons programs and their plans to attack China with bio-warfare. Exactly what the greatest force for Evil in all history would be expected to do.

  147. @utu

    Unsurprising to see that the BigPharma troll is a virulent anti-communist Sinophobe. China will NEVER allow the West to vivisect it and carve off pieces of its territory as in the case of Taiwan, Hong Kong as was, and the attempts to sunder Tibet, Xinjiang, ‘South Mongolia’, ‘Manchuria’ and others that the USA finances. You can take that to the bank, racist. Left alone Taiwan and China would peacefully re-unite, in their own good time, but THAT is NOT what racist Sinophobes like you want, is it.

  148. Ron Unz;

    What I find to work better than analyzing words of others, the claims, assertions,opinions of the punditerazzi and propagandists in cases as of Covid, is to, first, research for evidences. To hell with what any mouth says, what any finger-talker writes. Second, analyze the evidences. Look for foundation, factuality and plausibility. Third, define chronologies. For everything. Including what you hear and what you read.

    In the Covid case doing this gave me immediate answers to all but one question, which I had to await further information to have answered. My hanging question was if the Covid strain released, apparently through an aircraft ventilation system, in the Middle East, apparently to infect Iran’s political and diplomatic staff, the same as, or different from, the straain released in Wuhan? The answer that came was “The same”. This meant that the release to attack Iran was not Israeli opportunism, but was, instead, the second jaw of a pincer-attack that the evidences indicated would have been intended to squeeze the ‘Belt and Road’, ‘Silk Road’ Initiative. The attackers were, therefore, ones whose own economic plans would be negatively impacted by the Initiative.

    SAHRS One and MEHRS, you might recall, effected Asians. Neither was an issue in Europe, or in the Americas. Someone was expecting the same of SAHRS Two. They used to do the same releasing gas in WWI: “The wind always blows Down the valley…”

    In the beginning there were three preliminaries that formed groundwork for me:
    1. I understood “Gain of Function Research”. Much bandied by idiots who love the feel of the phrase laving their tonsils, but have no idea what it might mean (“But it sounds so, like, nefarious, don’tit?’) Gain of function tracking is the virological equivalent to meteorology. Just as weather-men look upstream for ‘precursor’ atmospheric activity and predict probable developments in weather patterns, virologists look to early adaptations and mutations to spot early indications of virii potentially gaining functionality. From those they may predict probable patterns of viral developments. and assess the dangers of those reaching species under their watch and protection.
    2. The virologists at Wuhan Institute fo Virology are predominantly Chinese, live in China, have families and sympathies there, and are competent virologists. This means there was virtually no chance that any of them would shrug and whistle if a potentially harmful virus appeared, or if a virus escaped, even only within the lab. Especially so in any case of anything with near to human vectoring potential. No virologist would pretend it nothing, or probably nothing and sweep ‘an incident’ under a carpet. They might not say anything out loud, or announce to any press, but they would for damn sure buzz within their institutional hive. This is why you look for buzz, not wait for announcements.
    3. As covered above, SAHRs-1 and MEHRs were predominantly Asia-effecting. And Asian virologists know this.


    To establish a base level to judge ‘buzz’, we look to WIV activity, ‘buzzing’ patterns prior to the Covid buzz-up. We see business as usual (or ‘buzziness as usual’). We recognize that which usual business at WIV included, in significant part, gains of functions monitoring. This means virologists there would have been monitoring for incoming proximative mutations, which might indicate potential problems developing.

    Then we look at the Covid buzz-up, at how it came, when it came, how it played: We do not see any stepping, or ramping. We see a Bang! Klaxons, sirens, an eruption. Then shutdown, total shutdown, and the government moving. We see government order destructions of all potentially relating viral cultures, not only in WIV, but anywhere around (we assume analytical samples of each were secured for later testing, virologists, and authorities, in China being competent, and whatever would set off that kind of immediate reaction alarm including, possibly, alien introduction). A perimeter was thrown out around Wuhan, and around China. A total lock-down was imposed.

    These kinds of instant buzz-up to full roar, reaction events exploding with the speed and intensity the records indicate, indicates a radical reaction to a radical report received and taken seriously. The reactions were bio-warfare attack defense reactions. They indicate a category seven Covid storm, not seen forming in natural course. But dropped from the sky in Wuhan. Bombers overhead with open bomb-bay doors and something falling from them. Winds instantly over 200km per hour. No developing, no warning. The indications would have been, to the virologist who, analyzing a sample and seeing fully developed human-host vectoring in his sample, and to the government he would immediately red-alert, a bio-war attack. A virology institute that engages in monitoring gains in functions would be very unlikely to be taken by surprise by even a virus at a probing-for-alternatives stage of development. The nature of the buzz-up indicates a detection of a human-vectoring virus that should have been impossible. That could not have occurred naturally, especially where a dozen gains of function should have been detectable, and detected, before, by detectors who were on the job and looking.

    The indication is of a virus variant whose early development stages stages occurred somewhere else. Somewhere outside the local area. The indication is of vector adjusting that had occurred somewhere else, somewhere outside the purview of the local, release-indicated target, population.

    China’s virologists’ reactions were what you would expect, given they and their families live in the area of the attack, were among the attacked. And China’s officials’ reactions were exactly right for a report of a surprise virus-release attack of unknown potential and only imaginable magnitude.

    The second question for Chinese officials, and the next question for observers, too, was who? And then, why? How is of interest, but, at the time, could be left for forensic discovery, later. Note that in the blah-blah you hear a lot about the how, speculations, from sick bats flying blind to illegal civet-cats prowling in fish-markets. Nor does it make a difference when, if ‘snuck’ in with a few early test drops, or foiled earlier attempts for unexpected viricides, or Monty Pythonesque attempts to infect bat-caves, so virologists would imagine it a ‘natural’ genetic alteration: “Remember that guy Bruce Wayne? He was so tasty! Let’s go looking for some more like him!”

    For us, reading the evidences, the kick-off was when the first captured of the new variant was put under a microscope for interrogation. When the interrogating virologist recognized it an unnaturally modified man-eating alien.

    There are lots of other questions. This is probably not the place to ask them, but one that is particularly intriguing derives from the expectation of the clever-idiots’ who released the bio-warfare tailored virus: Does Covid effect the Western equally as it does the Eastern? Without masking, to size down expelled droplets to micron-size, which ensures them longer floating and drifting times on air-currents, and, with mask-damping for breathing making a larger target area for micron-size virus-loaded droplets to drift to land on, and be inhaled through [the largest virus is 300nm, which means that in a square droplet going through a square one-micron-by-one-micron size mask breathing hole, three rows of three largest-size viri could go through abreast (cubing our square droplet would give us three largest virii across, three in column and three rows deep, for 27 virii able to pass through a one-micron mask hole in one droplet-bus. Make everything round the number of virii drops to about 20)]. Without the crutching of masking, to aid the spreading of Covid [and without the plethora of oxy-contin-addicted dying of fentenyl overdoses needing counting as dead for some other reason] would the West have an epidemic?

  149. Ron Unz says:
    @Matt B

    I did use this email address to pass on some info to Jimmy Dore but I didn’t receive a reply,

    Thanks. I just dropped him a note myself. My guess is that my analysis is a little too “touchy” for him to consider, but there’s no harm in trying.

    • Replies: @Antiwar7
  150. @mike99588

    China’s threat to nuke Japan over Taiwan has no effect on the markets ???
    What could possibly go wrong with that?

    No nation is serious about using nukes. Various A-rabs, however…

  151. @Evangelista

    But dropped from the sky in Wuhan. Bombers overhead with open bomb-bay doors and something falling from them.

    I very much doubt any bombers would be able to get even 1 m inside Chinese air space without being chased away or shot down, let alone to over Wuhan, but otherwise you raise some interesting points.

    • Replies: @skrik
  152. @Evangelista


    This is what we are reduced to when all the best evidence is confined within security perimeters. You have performed as good an analysis of the available data scraps as any I have seen. And you passed on explicitly blaming the Mosad. Congratulations!

  153. Noble74 says:

    I think Mr. Unz makes a good case that COVID-19 was a bioweapon unleashed on China by malign forces, and I commend him for having the courage to be one of the first to publish well-supported articles promoting that hypothesis. However, I disagree with his assessment that the damage caused to the US economy was blowback, since (if it is a bioweapon) studies must have been done to assess how quickly the disease would migrate to the US, given the inevitability of such an occurrence.

    Although the economic damage may have been slight to the major players in the economies of the world, or even played to their advantage, I think the intent was to cause economic damage to the middle-class. That raises a critically important question: why design a bioweapon mainly to impact middle-class individuals in their pocketbooks?

    If we restrict ourselves to the middle-class in the US, then there is an obvious reason why malign forces would want to target them in the year 2020 – the Presidential election! Trump’s economy was booming before COVID arrived, and if there is one thing that predicts an incumbent President being re-elected, it’s a booming economy – especially one that works well for the middle-class voter.

    Why release the virus on the Chinese mainland, near a bio-research lab? Plausible deniability. Who in the US would believe that this was a US bioweapon whose primary objective was to torpedo Trump’s re-election prospects? Less than one in a thousand Americans would believe that, even though this hypothesis fits well with the available evidence.

    Everyone with prior knowledge of the release would have plenty of time to buy futures for US pharmaceutical companies, who would be called upon to manufacture vaccine in huge quantities. I would be interested to know if there were indications of this process underway before the military games in Wuhan at the end of 2019.

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  154. Antiwar7 says:
    @Ron Unz

    I also left a reply to Edward Snowden with a link to your latest Covid article, in a comment thread on his Substack (and sent Jimmy Dore an email). And on Michael Tracey’s Substack. It would also be great if Glenn Greenwald, or the guys at the (Max Blumenthal, Aaron Maté, etc) would pick it up.

    • Thanks: Ron Unz
  155. @thou/thee/thine pronouns

    Ron does seem to have either chiseled out, or fallen into a special niche. His polysynchronous (neologism?) interests would seem worthy of crushing by the enlightened entitled but he attracts little attention. I think in an interview a couple of years ago his best explanation for it was that he’s relatively insulated from all but bodily harm and we are not quite there yet in this society ( The occasional dead journalist or DNC leaker might disagree with that if they could)
    one can only hope it continues.

    I’m open, but skeptical to the idea of bio-blowback but the Iranian thing certainly struck me as odd, especially given the muted crowing by the neocon filth, and think that as with so much, the action here is in the reaction. The point of covid is the vaccine.

    My fear is that we’ll know in five years, far too late.

  156. @Ron Unz

    Whitney Webb and James Corbett, along with Ron constitute a trio of treasures in debunking the Narrative.
    Ron’s site has a few people who discuss the verboten Human Bio-Diversity Webb and Corbett had a scary piece about the next step, as demonstrably planned by The Owners: Transhumanism

    As always by these two all sources impeccably cited.

    This is astonishing stuff.

  157. utu says:
    @Ron Unz

    FYI: Subsample of Italian blood samples was retested for anti-bodies as requested by WHO

    ‘Plausible’ evidence that Covid may have been circulating in Italy in October 2019

    According to a new paper published by the Italian researchers, which has not been peer reviewed, three samples were found by both Erasmus and VisMederi to be positive for Covid-type antibodies.

    However, Erasmus has a high bar for proof of infection and found that none of the samples contained enough levels of each of the three types of antibodies that it needs to consider proof of infection.

    • Replies: @Ron Unz
  158. Ron Unz says:

    Thanks. And it looks like only 3 of the 29 positive samples still came out positive after retesting, suggesting a false-positive rate of almost 90%. And not a single sample passed the full antibody requirements of the Erasmus researchers.

    This very much tends to support the “false-positive” framework I’d suggested in in my recent article analysis.

    • Replies: @Iris
  159. Kali says:

    “What happened to the “it’s all just a hoax” people…”

    Good point, but you forgot to mention the “It’s 5g radiation” people. (They really did do a great job of silencing that particular “crackpot theory” didn’t they!?)

    Sometimes it seem the whole world has forgotten about the devestating impacts of electro-magnetic radiation on health.

    Dear Arthur Firstenberg (of The Invisible Rainbow fame) sits on a tiny corner of the internet doing all he can to raise the alarm on this.

    I subscribe to his news letter, but feel I’m one of a tiny minority.

    Oh! Did you hear about the graphine oxide in the mRNA jabs? … Never mind, I’m sure it’s nothing.

    All the best,

  160. Iris says:
    @Ron Unz

    This very much tends to support the “false-positive” framework I’d suggested in in my recent article analysis.

    That’s not what the scientists who carried out the actual testing study are saying.

    The Italians:

    Giovanni Apolone, scientific director at the Milan cancer research centre, told the Financial Times: ‘The results of this retesting suggest that what we previously reported in asymptomatic patients is a plausible signal of early circulation of the virus in Italy.

    ‘If this is confirmed, this would explain the explosion of symptomatic cases observed in Italy [in 2020]. Sars-Cov-2, or an earlier version, circulated silently, under the surface.’

    The Dutch;

    Marion Koopmans, head of virology at Erasmus University in the Netherlands – which retested the samples along with a Siena laboratory at the request of the World Health Organization – said the new results were “interesting”.

    But according to the university’s strict criteria, she said none of the samples provided conclusive proof of prior infection with Covid-19.

    “We use a rather stringent threshold and cannot rule out that some of the observed reactivity is real,” she said. “However, for confirmation of earlier circulation we would recommend studies of patients with unexplained illness for virological confirmation. That does not mean it is impossible … Just that you would like to see other pieces of evidence.”

    The abstract of the article itself mentions that a simple and convincing enough control method was used:

    Results suggest the presence of SARS-CoV-2 antibodies in some samples collected in the pre-pandemic period, though the detection of IgM and/or IgG binding and neutralizing antibodies is strongly dependent on the different serological assays and thresholds employed, while being absent in control samples collected one year before.

    If it were so easy to obtain “false positives”, how come not a single false positive result was obtained from the blood samples subset taken in 2018?

    Antibodies are by nature difficult to categorise, since they are produced by the human body, not by the virus. This is a general truth, and not a valid argument to reject studies which suggest, more than the contrary, that SARS-CoV2 was indeed circulating much earlier than Wuhan. This is certainly what the scientists seem to be hinting at in their conclusion:

    The findings indicate the presence of IgM and/or IgG antibodies in selected samples of the pre-pandemic period, only with different performance of serological assays used by the two centers. The results could give highlights on SARS-CoV-2 circulation in the pre-pandemic period and contribute to better predict future virus dynamic.

    • Thanks: emersonreturn
    • Replies: @Ron Unz
  161. 1. Military cover is the least likely cover for the US to use. That’s like trying to sneak into China with a sign saying “search me I am suspicious” written on it

    2. If the Israeli news report was correct or relevant. All of NATO was informed, but none of NATO took action and it is ridiculous to think that a list of 30 countries, including Turkey, would be able to keep it a secret, or even be minded to.

    3. Covid-19 appears to be the most contagious lethal virus in the world. It is absurd to think that it would be used as a bioweapon against the US’s biggest trade partner.

    4. The US not only didn’t have a cure, but didn’t have any idea how to test for it, nor how to treat it in even the most basic manner. People who can develop a complex bioweapon would also do at least some of that.

    5. The US and every other NATO country kept borders open with China, despite supposedly knowing.

    6. Alleging that the US already perpetrated a bioweapons attack to take out the Chinese pig industry is absurd on the face of it. China is not stuck in the Great Leap Forward.

    7. It is somewhat interesting that Iranian politicians got the virus second, at the same time as Italy. The country has various deals with China at the moment and was in election season. This explains it far better than the US sending in a super-Corona, which is speculative in the same way as thinking Martians did it. Weird mafia analogies notwithstanding.

    8. You have to be smoking crack to think that the US seeded the world’s most contagious virus into Italy, in the middle of borderless Europe, which makes the Iranian “theory” look boring.

    Technically this Covid as a US Bioweapon is a “theory”, but it is also a joke.

    • Replies: @Dumbo
    , @Triteleia Laxa
  162. Ron Unz says:

    My main point is that these retests tend to support the analysis I provided of the original paper a couple of weeks ago:

    There were allegedly 111 positives among 959 patients, or 11.6% by November 2019. I argued those figures were impossibly high given concurrent hospitalization rates, and must overwhelmingly be due to false-positives. The retesting showed that at least 26 of 29 positives now tested negative, implying almost 90% false-positives just as I’d predicted. And the Erasmus researchers say they didn’t find strong enough signals for any positives at all.

    The really troublesome results in the original paper were the 4 alleged positives from September, which totally contradict the Wuhan timeline, but it looks like all of them were false-positives since they’re not mentioned in the new results. Since those were the “headline” claims in the original paper, I’m sure they must have been among the 29 samples retested.

    There’s apparently still one possible positive from October 2019, which is still very problematic, but not totally impossible given the 300,000 Chinese living in Northern Italy, while the November positives aren’t nearly as troublesome.

    I certainly agree that Covid was probably circulating in Italy well before the public outbreak, which occurred in early March 2020, say late November or December. But that’s very different from the original paper which claimed 4 infections in September.

  163. utu says:
    @Ron Unz

    (1) Patients zero: It has been discussed here before that the patient zero is the one that succeeded causing an outbreak while it does not exclude the existence of other “patients zero who shoot blanks” who did not contribute to the outbreak. What would be the expected number of “patients zero who shoot blanks” when the epidemic outbreak is to occur with 0.5 probability? This in theory can be modeled but the complexity of the real environment is so high that the usefulness of such models would be negligibly small for a practical purpose ( I think). The estimate of the time zero of the patient zero from the curve of growth does not tell us about earlier “patients zero” who did not contribute to the epidemic but left a faint serological trace.

    (2) False positives: Iirc, the Red Cross blood study in California used several different tests but only one or two samples were positive according to the test that was deemed to be the least likely to be sensitive to antibodies caused by other viruses.

    I have glanced over the manuscript of the new paper

    Timeline of SARS-CoV2 spread in Italy: results from an independent serological retesting

    but I found it not clearly written and the fact it was written by VisMederi people together with Apolone people and there are no Erasmus Lab people made me somewhat skeptical so I did not get to the bottom of it. It is not clear what were original test results by Apolone group in this subset. It does not seem they were all positive or were they?

    In Table 1 I see that there is only one sample that is positive on both IgG and IgM according to Erasmus Lab and still IgG is borderline. And there is only one sample that three out of four tests are positive (2 by VisMederi and one by Erasmus). There is no sample positive on all four tests.

    I do not quite get the results on the control set samples (Table 2). There is only one convalescent symptomatic case with all four positives and one with three positives. But they have only two negative control samples presumably from 2018. Too few to establish the false positive rate. And all convalescent asymptomatic cases are positive only on one test. I hope that for people who understand the science behind the tests it makes sense.

  164. Dumbo says:

    A while ago, Mr. Unz said something to the effect that it was “absurd to expect a collusion of all world leaders” and that therefore the theories about a “plandemic” were wrong.

    Now, is there any country where rainbow flags do not fly and that does not celebrate “Pride”?

    Is there any major global corporation not pushing Pride and BLM and COVID narratives 24/7?

    Is there any White country where massive migration and miscegenation and diversity are not being pushed like hell?

    Is there any place where people accused of “anti-semitism” and “racism” are not being persecuted?

    Is there any place where no one is pushing for vaccines and the exclusion of the “unvaccinated” and considering vaccine passports?

    Is there any place on Earth where no one celebrates transgenders?

    Is there any place on Earth when one can escape “clown world”?

    In fact, in a really free world, any of those things could be possible. There is nothing mandating that homosexuals should be able to marry anywhere in the world and that anal and oral sex should be celebrated for a whole month in the whole planet. There is nothing mandating that any White country should not get to choose its own population and ban immigration. And the same applies to Covid.

    This indicates global collusion to me, certainly a collusion of Western leaders, in most important aspects, or at least those that those psychos consider important.

    Now they want to push for vaccination for children under 12, who are completely immune to the virus. Why? What is the meaning of all this madness? Is it a test-run for something else?

    I wish I knew. I wish there was a place one could escape to.

    • Replies: @skrik
  165. Dumbo says:
    @Triteleia Laxa

    Ron Unz is wrong about the “bioweapon to hit China and Iran”, which, you’re correct, doesn’t make a lot of sense, however, you’re wrong about “Covid-19 being the most contagious lethal virus in the world.” It is not. It is, mostly, a massive propaganda operation. I mean you can’t even use Google Translate or post something on Facebook that has the world “corona” or “covid” or “vaccine” without some kind of Covid warning or vaccine propaganda appearing to you. It has been one of the most relentless propaganda operations of history, even greater than Homo/Transgender mania (which is saying a lot).

  166. skrik says:

    Then we look at the Covid buzz-up, at how it came, when it came, how it played: We do not see any stepping, or ramping. We see a Bang! Klaxons, sirens, an eruption. … These kinds of instant buzz-up to full roar, reaction events exploding with the speed and intensity the records indicate, indicates a radical reaction to a radical report received and taken seriously. The reactions were bio-warfare attack defense reactions

    If you are still looking for a ‘trigger’ for the Wuhan “buzz-up,” have you considered the PRRA insertion:

    “Now the functional reason why SARS2 has a furin cleavage site, and its cousin viruses don’t, can be seen by lining up (in a computer) the string of nearly 30,000 nucleotides in its genome with those of its cousin coronaviruses, of which the closest so far known is one called RaTG13. Compared with RaTG13, SARS2 has a 12-nucleotide insert right at the S1/S2 junction. The insert is the sequence T-CCT-CGG-CGG-GC. The CCT codes for proline, the two CGG’s for two arginines, and the GC is the beginning of a GCA codon that codes for alanine.
    There are several curious features about this insert but the oddest is that of the two side-by-side CGG codons. Only 5% of SARS2’s arginine codons are CGG, and the double codon CGG-CGG has not been found in any other beta-coronavirus. So how did SARS2 acquire a pair of arginine codons that are favored by human cells but not by coronaviruses?”

    Posit [repeat]: When WIV/Dr Shi saw the PRRA in the genome-readout, they/she knew immediately that they and China were under bio-warfare attack, and the rest is history. rgds

  167. skrik says:
    @Commentator Mike

    Bombers overhead with open bomb-bay doors

    Bombers are sooo yesterday. I expect that @Evangelista was being a bit ‘whimsical;’ these days it’s drone, drone, drone [with mini-nebulisers filled with CoV-2 as ‘payload.’] Not so BTW, ditto for Qom [some say that Iran is overrun by z-spies.] rgds

  168. skrik says:

    This indicates global collusion to me, certainly a collusion of Western leaders, in most important aspects, or at least those that those psychos consider important

    Me: Yes. There used to be a ‘class’ of people, loosely referred to as ‘the intelligentsia.’ They often worked together, outlining places we would most likely wish to work towards. They were often a big part of ‘academia’ which has now been largely destroyed via \$s and privatisation [a scourge of the planet]. If any intelligentsia still exists, they have been driven into inconsequence, starting possibly by Bernays and finished off by TV, the bogans and ‘social media’ all singing from the same stupid song-sheet = neoliberalism, libertarianism plus social Marxism. It is no coincidence that the current Aus-PM is “Morrison from marketing.” Then, of course, come the LGBTIQA+ sexist-crazies. The (((racism))) theme seems planned and deployed to destroy all remaining decent, uncorrupted ‘white Anglo-Saxons’ and their once-great living-spaces. [Always and as usual IMHO.] Lastly, there is the push to get everybody vaxxed with mRNA, WTF?!

    Repeat: The so-called ‘leaders’ of most of ‘the West’ are not with us [we, the people], but against us. Bah!

  169. @Rahan

    “Micheal Gordon is the man Gomez—a lot smarter than Donald Trump and Joe “Antrak” Biden and has 11 doctorates in Science ( Fiction) and pens articles whch politicians swoon over—-and Michael Gordon called out Iraq and its weapons of mass destruction and now KNOWS covid escaped from a lab—–” and with this I claim Dudley Dooright is not only blind to reality but is 101% gullible to gibberish. …Wall Street Journal included—-

  170. @Half Back

    “It wrecked US economy didn’t it. It wrecked the whole western economies.”

    Sickly 80-year-olds are not the backbone of any national economy. Democratic shutdowns wrecked the economy. You’re an imbecile who gets his talking points from the Covid Nonsense Network and

  171. @obwandiyag

    ‘What happened to the “it’s all just a hoax” people.’

    We’re still here – and we never fell for the obvious CHINA BAD BIOWEAPONZ ploy, though most rightwingers did.

    The Prick wasn’t created for Covid; Covid was created for The Prick. In two years, most everyone who let President Trump stick his tiny Prick into them will be dead.

  172. @Noble74

    Release in China near a bio-research lab as a casus belli for war on China, surely. Don’t you watch Fox or other Murdoch orifices?

    • Replies: @Noble74
  173. @Triteleia Laxa

    I am pretty sure my comment ended the thread and the argument. Seems like bad faith to still promote this “theory” in the face of such an overwhelming demolition. 😳

    • Troll: skrik
    • Replies: @Kali
  174. Kali says:
    @Triteleia Laxa

    But it seems she does punch with the “interlectual heft” of Fran Traubma, so maybe I was wrong about her true identity.


    • Agree: Mehen
  175. Noble74 says:
    @Mulga Mumblebrain

    The US and China can never go to war. Too many nuclear weapons on both sides, and both sides know that – well, unless some idiot in power actually wants to destroy planet Earth.

    • Replies: @nsa
  176. BaronAsh says:

    I read the conclusion of your ebook in which you excoriate conspiracy theorists espousing Great Reset level international cooperation etc. As always, it is well argued. But I don’t buy that this whole global level catastrophe happened from a rogue neocon biowarfare attack against China gone wrong.

    As you point out often, the virus is designed to be highly infectious but not all that deadly – albeit according to CDC there was a 30% increase in mortality in 2020 which is huge, albeit a significant percentage of those may have been caused by a combination of the virus and lockdown aftereffects. So how do you figure they could put a virus in one of the world’s principal travel hubs in the Chinese New Year season and it would only stay in China and not spread throughout the world? And it’s not much of an argument that because China was Ground Zero, therefore they are the victims not the perpetrators. Of all nations in the world, China is best suited to be Ground Zero because they have the ability to react in the most authoritarian and draconian way. So they can start the world wide pandemic without it doing too much damage letting it then spread throughout the rest of the world which is ready and waiting to do just about everything wrong you can do: shut down businesses, lock people in home, reduce their exposure to fresh air and exercise, start riots to topple a rogue President messing up their regimes and so forth, shred their constitutions with upcoming vaccine passports etc. etc. I’d say there is as much persuasive argument that ‘China did it’ as that ‘America did it.’

    However I don’t think terms like ‘China’ and ‘America’ make much sense any more without identifying which faction or power network you are referencing, and increasingly most power networks are linked internationally with fellow agencies or corporatocracies or combinations of both. This is the sort of conspiracy theory thinking you decry, but although I don’t pretend to know what exactly went on, how bad covid is or isn’t, clearly there was a huge amount of organized deception,dysfunction and coordination so much so that clearly THAT is why this may well be a huge event in history, as you point out, however one that goes far beyond the tactical logistics involving a bio-weapon. That was a pretext for everything that has unfolded and is still underway, namely the final nail in the coffins for the Westphalian nation state post-enlightenment Christian-based European – Western civilization.

    I don’t know who, how or why, but much of this was organized.

    • Agree: Je Suis Omar Mateen
    • Thanks: Kali
    • Replies: @Ron Unz
    , @Patrick McNally
    , @utu
  177. BaronAsh says:

    And from Paul Craig Robert’s latest article on your site:
    “The patent expert whose video interviews I posted proves that the US has been working on the virus for two decades or longer. There seems no doubt that it was an American project. The question is how was it released. Some who give it much thought think it was an intentional release to create a case for mass inoculation, and that it was released first in China to have a party to blame.”

    I personally ascribe to the mass inoculation theory, meaning that the virus was used as a justification for using a medical emergency to effect functional regime change resulting in what will be a ‘new normal,’ or so-called ‘building back better.’ What sort of paradise or dystopia this new normal will be remains to be seen. Clearly a work in progress…

    As to ‘blame:’ We can blame them, and they can blame us. Our media, in other words, blames them – in this case ‘China’ – whilst Chinese media blames ‘America.’ Perfect. (With the added virtue that both sides are probably right!)

    • Replies: @Ron Unz
  178. Ron Unz says:

    I read the conclusion of your ebook in which you excoriate conspiracy theorists espousing Great Reset level international cooperation etc. As always, it is well argued. But I don’t buy that this whole global level catastrophe happened from a rogue neocon biowarfare attack against China gone wrong….I don’t know who, how or why, but much of this was organized.

    First, on a practical matter, I don’t think there’s much difference between your hypothesis and my own, except that I consider it *extremely* unlikely that the Chinese government itself was involved. China is a normal country, and it doesn’t have “factions” that support starting dangerous viral epidemics in a major transit hub just before Lunar New Year.

    So it was clearly done by the West. I say rogue Deep State Neocons trying to cripple China and you suspect other plotters, perhaps hoping to “Reset” the West and defeat Trump. It’s all just speculation at this stage, and those sorts of groups aren’t necessarily distinct.

    However, in partial support of my position, here’s a point I made in a comment a few weeks ago:

    As to a national government actually deploying a virus bioweapon without having a ready defense, I very much doubt that would have happened under normal circumstances, since there would have been all sorts of objections at the endless bureaucratic planning sessions involved in that momentous decision.

    But if it were an exceptionally reckless rogue operation by maybe a tiny group of 4-5 exceptionally reckless Deep State Neocons, it’s much more likely that might have occurred. The Iraq War was also a totally reckless undertaking for America, appropriately described by my old friend Bill Odom, the three star general who ran the NSA for Ronald Reagan, as “the greatest strategic disaster in US history.” And it was orchestrated and promoted by a similarly pretty small group of Neocon activists.


    The deadly SARS and MERS outbreaks in East Asia and the Near East had never significantly spread back to America (or Europe), so the plotters wrongly assumed that the same would be the case with Covid-19. Anyway, since international organizations always ranked the US and Europe as having the best and most effective public health systems for combating any disease epidemic, they believed that any possible blowback damage would be very minor.

    • Agree: Sarah
    • Troll: Je Suis Omar Mateen
  179. @BaronAsh

    The biggest problem with any thesis that postulates the Chinese government letting the virus loose in its own country is that no one really knows how lethal a virus is until it’s been released. One can have an approximate idea and assume that certain forms of germ warfare will be more dangerous than others. But there’s always the chance that a particular virus which you made up in a lab and then released somewhere will have unanticipated effects.

    For the Chinese government to create this virus in a lab and then let it loose right in Wuhan would mean a risk that economic paralysis of a kind which we know did not happen in practice would be a real possibility. That’s why I’ve always said that the “China using bio-warfare against US” thesis would have been more persuasive if the virus had broken out in northern Mexico and then crossed the border into Texas. That doesn’t really mean that neocons planted the virus in China. But this is more plausible than the Chinese government having sufficient surety that they could just plant the virus in Wuhan and assume it would be contained through draconian measures.

    • Agree: Iris
  180. Ron Unz says:

    The patent expert whose video interviews I posted proves that the US has been working on the virus for two decades or longer.

    Actually, commenter “utu” said he looked at the underlying documents, and the fellow in the video was fudging the dates to support his “patent conspiracy theory”:

    I haven’t bothered checking the information myself, but it wouldn’t surprise me a bit. If so, he’re probably just a crank or a charlatan, one of the vast number producing videos on the Internet.

    Frankly, I’m not sure I’ve never gotten anything useful from a video. They’re frequently 100% propaganda, quite often dishonest or distorted. If you actually have important information, you can always put it in a written article, allowing people to carefully read it and check your references. If you don’t write an article, then you’re probably just a fraud.

    • Replies: @JLK
    , @Wizard of Oz
  181. utu says:

    However I don’t think terms like ‘China’ and ‘America’ make much sense any more without identifying which faction or power network you are referencing, and increasingly most power networks are linked internationally with fellow agencies or corporatocracies or combinations of both.

    Communists before WWI had difficulties understanding wars between capitalist countries. There was only one Capitalism and Capital. So they were also drawn to conspiratorial thinking that WWI was really about the subjugation and dividing of the international proletariat and the powers through “faction[s] or power network[s]” which ” linked internationally with fellow agencies or corporatocracies or combinations of both” conspired in orchestrating WWI. Rosa Luxemburg would be proud of you. I respect her for her pacifism very much but I cannot respect her for her inability to parse reality.

  182. @Anon

    The US Deep State is why no president has anything to do with starting wars. It is a ceremonial position and man opportunity to feed at the big trough for your gang while you’re in the seat. US politics is just a pantomime.

  183. Matt B says:

    Hi Mr Unz,

    a video broke on reddit, I looked at it on youtube and in an earlier vid the guy mentions ELE and gives a link to his odysee account,
    he’s ex military,
    with it comes this document that he’s really agitated about,

    you might want to download a copy and have a look,

    he had a link to a youtube vid by Dr Charles Morgan On Psycho-Neurobiology and War but it’s already been taken down on youtube,

    I know you don’t watch vids but here’s the link to the Odysee vid for reference,

    I’ve barely started scrutinising this stuff, it may be a red herring but it’s best to grab a hard copy while it’s still available,

    with regards


    • Replies: @skrik
  184. Matt B says:


    found the right youtube vid for Dr. Charles Morgan on Psycho-Neurobiology and War

  185. Half Back says:

    A different slant but has a US bio weapon release in Wuhan with a different motive. It could be several motives all coalescing in this ‘plandemic’.

    In the fall of 2019, around the time Covid-19 came on the scene, they were all set to go. Moderna was already at the head of the development line, patents in place, with its computer simulation vaccine featuring the S1 spike protein as its active agent, with Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson taking up the rear. Exactly where and how the virus got loose remains a mystery, though the Wuhan lab release (accidental or otherwise) is one hypothetical story with legs. A less-known one, because the Pentagon’s DARPA was involved in the same virus research, has to do with a US Army delegation sent to China for some sort of ceremonial exercise in the fall of 2019 with, perhaps, infected soldiers, intended to light up that country with yet another in a long-line of animal-to-human viruses… thus priming the heroic debut of Dr. Fauci’s sponsored world-saving vaxes.
    (except from below story)

    • Replies: @Matt B
    , @skrik
  186. skrik says:
    @Matt B

    Hi Mr Unz,
    a video broke on reddit, I looked at it on youtube and in an earlier vid the guy mentions ELE and gives a link to his odysee account, he’s ex military, with it comes this document that he’s really agitated about,
    you might want to download a copy and have a look

    Well, I did download it, snip:


    Stealth Viruses: The basic concept of this potential bioweapon is to “produce a tightly regulated, cryptic viral infection that can enter and spread in human cells using vectors” (similar to the gene therapy) and then stay dormant for a period of time until triggered by an internal or external signal. The signal then could stimulate the virus to cause severe damage to the system. Stealth viruses could also be tailored to secretly infect a targeted population for an extended period using the threat of activation to blackmail the target.

    Disclosure: I have no formal qualifications vis-à-vis the following ‘what if’ *speculations*:

    1. It is widely feared that the so-called *experimental* mRNA CoV-2 vaccines contain some undeclared malevolent component(s);

    ‘What if’ the mRNA vaccines contain some stealth virus component(s)?

    2. It is [not quite so] widely feared that these mRNA CoV-2 vaccines contain some substance referred to as ‘graphene oxide’

    [Graphene oxide (GO) is the oxidized form of graphene. It is a single-atomic-layered material that is formed by the oxidation of graphite which is cheap and readily available. Graphene oxide is easy to process since it is dispersible in water and other solvents.11 Dec 2018]

    Graphene has “good electrical conductivity”

    3. It is widely feared that 5G radiation may be able to affect humans. [I hold this to be extremely unlikely if not impossible but:]

    ‘What if’ 5G radiation can produce a ‘stimulus’ in the graphene oxide in mRNA vaccines, thus ‘switching’ any stealth virus component on?

    Me: Things that make one go “Hmmm.” rgds

    PS Q: Does ELE mean ‘extinction level event?’ [5G radiation in the West would come only via US ‘approved’ components.]

    • Replies: @Matt B
    , @Anon62
  187. Matt B says:
    @Half Back

    Jim Kustler does a podcast,

    has Mr Unz ever been a guest?

    it’s a conversation I’d enjoy sitting in on.

    • Agree: Half Back
  188. JLK says:
    @Ron Unz

    A patent is a legal instrument allowing inventors to exclude others from practicing an invention for a limited period of time in exchange for telling the world about the invention in a detailed publication.

    I consider it extremely unlikely that bioweapon developers would ever file a patent application for their works. It would be flagged by the security group at the USPTO, drawing unwanted attention even if it was somehow a fellow US Government effort. Any piracy obviously would never be adjudicated in a court, so why bother.

    Mitigation technology is another matter, but it too would probably be flagged by the security group, prevented from being published (and hence ending up on YouTube) and/or foreign filed, and held in secrecy for many decades.

    • Replies: @Half Back
  189. Matt B says:

    did you watch the video too?

    I’m always amazed stuff like this is available in the public domain,

    and yup, ELE is that, it was popularised in one of the meteorite impact movies a while back.

    • Replies: @skrik
  190. Half Back says:

    I would have thought if patents were given in this area the title would be something like Novel Protein for possible gene insert for various animal/human viruses. The point is it would not be called a bio weapon (naturally) but the patent title and mechanism of working would be dry academic/legal statements which would not state any possible future viruses remedies or inoculation success.

    • Replies: @JLK
  191. skrik says:
    @Matt B

    yup, ELE is that


    did you watch the video

    No. In general, I have found audio/visual to be a tedious and time-wasting method of acquiring information, and there’s no copy’n paste available; one has to take – again tedious – notes by hand. In any case, audio/visual would be / should be based on some sort of a script, so a text version could be provided by any ‘serious players,’ without all the umms and ahhs or brilliant, eye-catching but often content-free imagery. rgds

    • Replies: @Matt B
  192. Anon62 says:

    The same paper describes “binary” chemical or biological weapons. These are weapons which come in the form of two components A and B. Each component is inert on its own and has no pathogenic capacity. When A and B are mixed the resulting compound is pathogenic.

    In chemical weapons (such as artillery gas shells) the two components are mixed at the time the shell is fired. When the shell expodes on target the pathogenic compound is dispersed.

    When the paper discusses “triggers” I suspect it is referring to a bioweapon which also has two components. One is dispersed within the target population and lays dormant. When an attack is desired a second component is dispersed in the same population. An example might be a pathogen distributed within a food supply: the food is eaten by the target population and this infection is dormant or latent. At a later date the second component is distributed (for example by contaminating drinking water supplies) the two compounds interact within the body of the target population and the desired adverse biologic event is triggered.

    The author speaks of both “internal” and “external” triggers. In the above description the contaminated water would constitute an “internal” trigger. External triggers need not depend on RF. You could achieve the same effect if an inhalation trigger was used. Component A is distributed in the food supply and lies dormant until the target population is exposed to an inhaled Component B which triggers the pathogenic effect.

    I have no personal knowledge of these forms of weapons but, given the date of the publication for which you provided a link, I suspect work has been undertaken to determine the viability of this form of weapon. The best confirmation of this comes from the documented fact of the US military seeking to obtain samples of Russian and Chinese DNA. This would permit creation of a weapon which only activates on contact with a genetic characteristic exclusive to those target populations.

    • Replies: @skrik
  193. JLK says:
    @Half Back

    Half Back, if there aren’t protocols in place to draw the utility as a bioweapon in cases like that to the attention of the USPTO national security screeners, there is a gaping hole in the system. Even for dual use technology.

    Secrecy orders can last for decades, and there are severe penalties for violating them.

  194. skrik says:

    The same paper describes “binary” chemical or biological weapons

    Yes; I understand the principle, and my posited conspiracy includes speculating that the mRNA vax contains some malevolent component(s), which under your binary scheme could be part 1 of 2, but you go on to propose the distribution of part 2 of 2 as some physical substance (into water or air, say), which raises huge problems of covert introduction then mass-distribution. I think this is not the way things are likely to go, therefore returning to my suggestion of linking some ‘rogue frequency’ within a widely broadcast 5G signal received by tailor-sized graphene nano-particles as trigger to activate the stealth ‘payload’ within the mRNA vax, thus sickening the subjects. But no matter; my *prime-worries* are a) the novel mRNA vax itself [feared negative consequence(s)] but much, much worse b) the way it’s being *forced* upon us, we the people.

    When such a conspiracy is mentioned, people tend to go: “What!?” they cry, “All ‘Western’ leaders are on the same song-sheet page, all forcing mRNA upon us? Laughable!”

    But look around, that’s *exactly* what’s happening, and my big question is *Why*?!

    Kindly note; the so-called Western ‘leaders’ and the lamestream media both have mostly made themselves almost everywhere *totally-untrustworthy*, due to lie after lie after lie. How could their treatment of SARS-CoV-2 be any different in general, and their *insistence* on mRNA vax in particular? Something really stinks! rgds

  195. Matt B says:

    I find 99.9% of videos to be a waste of time watching,

    but the video of Dr. Charles Morgan on Psycho-Neurobiology and War is of him doing a presentation to students at Westpoint,

    it’s a review of the latest science and capabilities in connection with warfare and covert operations,
    towards the end it gets into what they can do with cells and gene therapy weapons,

    I’m not sure what un nerved me more, the technology described or the smugness with which it is described!

    it forced me to completely review my opinion of crackpot conspiracy theories because the things they obsess about suddenly don’t seem fanciful at all.

    anyway, sharing is caring, but I still hope everyone can sleep at nights!



  196. skrik says:
    @Half Back

    Thanks for the Big Fail link:

    “The S1 spike protein, as you know, is the inflammation-inducing toxin in Covid infections.”

    Actually, I do *not* know this; I’ve only seen ‘unsubstantiated’ assertions like that quote. [What I have on ‘good authority’ (incl. my own research) is that the spike seems to be a chimera based mainly on RaTG13 (bat, Yunnan), with the RBD/RBM apparently ‘snipped’ from MP789 (pangolin, Guangdong). I also know that there’s a very unique PRRA polybasic furin cleavage site at the cleaved S1/S2 junction, and that one of S1/S2 engages with ACE2 on the cell surface, while the other penetrates the target human cell, whereafter the thus invaded virus multiplies, killing the cell and allowing the ‘progeny’ to escape, forming an ‘explosive’ cascade].

    Sooo, another BIG Q: Anyone have any credible proof that “The S1 spike protein … is the inflammation-inducing toxin”? rgds

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  197. @Ron Unz

    I hope you get the chance to deploy your formidable debating skills (cp. English for the children campaigns) to present your thesis widely to a large audience and viewers hip. If you do then a well prepared interviewer would raise my superspreader hypothesis about the beginning of the Iran outbreak, but could go much further, e.g. by citing

    About one third of the way in you can read about the Santa Claus in a Dutch aged care facility who infected 200 staff and dozens of inmates. Consider.

  198. @utu

    If the results don’t agree with your preconceived notion that it started in China , the you don’t “quite get the results”.

    If the facts don’t agree with you, you lower your IQ ( which was not that high to begin with) and ignore the facts.

    • LOL: Iris
  199. @Ron Unz

    Much have been said about your IQbut you have just committed one of the most common logical fallacy, that befuddles low IQ people, known as the Base Rate Fallacy with sprouting nonsense about the false positive rate in the retesting. This betrays a lack of understanding about simple conditional probabilities.

    I hope you are still smart enough to realise your own mistakes after reading this wiki explanation.

    You series of articles on COVID origins are a “tour de force” on logical fallacies…


    Appeal to the stone (argumentum ad lapidem) – dismissing a claim as absurd without demonstrating proof for its absurdity.[60]
    Argument from ignorance (appeal to ignorance, argumentum ad ignorantiam) – assuming that a claim is true because it has not been or cannot be proven false, or vice versa.[61]
    Argument from incredulity (appeal to common sense) – “I cannot imagine how this could be true; therefore, it must be false.”[62]
    Argument from repetition (argumentum ad nauseam, argumentum ad infinitum, argumentum ad nauseam, or argumentum ad infinitum) – repeating an argument until nobody cares to discuss it any more;[63][64] sometimes confused with proof by assertion

    Circumstantial ad hominem – stating that the arguer’s personal situation or perceived benefit from advancing a conclusion means that their conclusion is wrong.[70]
    Poisoning the well – a subtype of ad hominem presenting adverse information about a target person with the intention of discrediting everything that the target person says.[71]
    Appeal to motive – dismissing an idea by questioning the motives of its proposer.

    Appeal to accomplishment – an assertion is deemed true or false based on the accomplishments of the proposer. This may often also have elements of appeal to emotion (see below).
    Courtier’s reply – a criticism is dismissed by claiming that the critic lacks sufficient knowledge, credentials, or training to credibly comment on the subject matter.

  200. What are you smoking , Ron?

    This is what is being reported in the Chinese media.

    The Fort Detrick theory is alive and well…not because China thinks that COVID originated there but to expose the unethical bioweapon programme that the US have inherited from the infamous Japanese 831 Unit which conducted human experiments on Chinese civilians during WW2.

    Your half truth are worst sin than lies.

    Americans are the most Evil people in the world.

  201. @Two whites don’t make a Wong

    ‘Americans are the most evil people in the wotld” reduces beyond crumbling point you implicit claim to be able to criticise Ron Unz’s logical processes. Mind you he will already have taken wry notice of your basing your criticism of his logic on Wikipedia (that I have yet to follow up) But an eruption of emotion in such a meaningless outburst is a killer for your credibility. (Not meaningless to you? Well I wonder where ctoss-examination would lead. Collective punishment for all Americans? Of all ages even if only birthright Americans? Punish only after evil is enacted in specified ways? Don’t take on Amrricans if they can afford good Jewish lawyers to show you up!).

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  202. xcd says:

    China asked officially and repeatedly for data on the earliest patients in USA. The response has been nothing but accusations in the hope of distracting everyone. So, of course, USA also ignores the subsequent call to inspect US bio-labs.

  203. @Wizard of Oz

    The ruling elites in the USA are by very far the most Evil monsters in history, and will, barring a miracle, destroy humanity.

    • Agree: GomezAdddams
    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  204. @skrik

    I agree but I suspect that where you said, ‘…the spike seems to be a chimera..’,you meant to say …the virus appears to be a chimera..’. That was known by March/April 2020, and chimeric viruses have been produced since 1999, in many countries.

  205. @Mulga Mumblebrain

    I have struggled with “Deep State” for many years on UR and at least now usually have some idea about who is probably meant by that expression and how to make sense of it. But I still have more trouble with “the ruling elites in the US”. I agree that the US is more like a plutocracy than a democracy and that whoever could, after nominally democratic decisions make some more disastrous decisions such as those which, since the mid to late 90s have begun to hurt even America, but who do you think these “ruling elites” are. Is it a useful expression for people who could hardly bear to be in the same room with one another and would never give a dollar to support party X?

  206. The Propaganda Ministry fights back at the Propaganda Industry:

  207. nsa says:

    “The US and China can never go to war”
    Correct. The war mongering jew cultists would gladly sacrifice unlimited white/black/brown/yellow lives to further their supremicist goals …..but would never ever risk jew filled shtetls like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and especially not the hallowed Izzieville itself which one nuke could take out entirely. So the chances of a US China or US Russia war are zero.

  208. @profnasty

    Only retards think there is such a thing as “spendthrift welfare.”

    I’m not speaking with you now, because you are a retard.

    I’m making this comment for the intelligent readers out there, of which you are definitely not one.

    Abolish all welfare and give every cent of the taxes that pay for it back to the people who paid the taxes–and they might get enough to pay for a cup of coffee.

    People like you are shills for the military-industrial-congressional complex, counting on the fact that most people are innumerate and have no sense of priorities. Welfare for the military complex dwarfs all other expenditures in the world by an infinite amount. Yet you think getting those welfare chiselers is more important.

    You are a retard.

  209. @Supply and Demand

    Trump Biden Obama Bush Clinton are puppets. The behind the scenes cast ensures War and Conquest must continue —the fake news is reality in Dumbstown USA–the hollow civilization of zombies…..

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