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I’ve been very pleased with the response to my eBooks, and the continuing number of daily downloads has considerably exceeded my total hard copy sales at Amazon over the last few years. Although the material has already been available on this website, eBooks may be conveniently read off-line, allow note-taking, and have various other advantages over accessing the same material on a website.

Therefore, I’ve now produced three additional eBooks, representing some of my longest and most substantial remaining articles, all appearing in the American Pravda series:

American Pravda: Jews and Nazis
The Hidden History of the 1930s and 1940s
6,800 Words • EPub FormatMobi/Kindle Format

American Pravda: The ADL in American Society
From the Leo Frank Case to the Present Day
7,300 Words • EPub FormatMobi/Kindle Format

American Pravda: John McCain, Jeffrey Epstein, and Pizzagate
Our Reigning Political Puppets, Dancing to Invisible Strings
6,400 Words • EPub FormatMobi/Kindle Format

Interestingly enough, a few weeks ago I’d added the audio copies of over 100 of my articles to a new YouTube channel. And of these, only one was quickly purged as violating “community standards,” namely the article discussing John McCain, Jeffrey Epstein, and Pizzagate. So interested readers might want to take a closer look for themselves and decide what may have triggered the YouTube censors.


In addition, I’ve now added Persian (Farsi) as one of the languages to this website given the significant amount of material we publish related to Iran. As with the other dozen languages, selecting the drop-down menu at the top of the right sidebar converts the entire text of the website and all of its pages from English to the desired language based upon the Google translation system.

Finally, over the years various commenters have indicated their desire to contact and communicate with each other outside of the comment threads of this website. Therefore, I’m thinking of adding an option allowing website users to provide a phone number that can be used for SMS text-messaging, allowing others to contact them. Naturally, the number provided wouldn’t need to be your real one, but merely a number that forwards text messages to your own device.

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  1. anon215 says:

    Why would you do SMS? Why not host an XMPP server so everybody can communicate that way?

    • Agree: GeeBee
  2. Xmpp and end to end encryption. Registering without credentials, it all does not matter, when the server is not in the control of the interested. The physical network not under control, when DNS is as it is today. What is evidently chosen, the sms “format”, it must have to do with some-one suggesting that this is technology that is readily(without effort) subverted as in already, infrastructure in place.

    The positive side, for once, Ron is without a narrative of five-thousand words up to the “solution”.

    • Replies: @Craig Nelsen
    , @anon215
  3. stratamp says: • Website

    Real good idea.

  4. Naturally, the number provided wouldn’t need to be your real one, but merely a number that forwards text messages to your own device.

    Grateful for advice on how to do this. Seems like a great idea.

    • Replies: @D. K.
  5. anonymous[337] • Disclaimer says:

    We may not always exactly agree with you but you are a great man in human history. Your defense of freedom of expression and information is historic under this totalitarian regime.

    SMS is inherently untrustworthy. Leapchat, onionshare, ricochet are probably state of the art for private communications. A means of securely exchanging chat room URLs would protect our privacy, and allow multiple people to talk turkey in a confidential setting. This may be of particular value when plugged-in people like Old Micro want to contribute. You have a lot of them here, holding their tongues.

  6. Anonymous[271] • Disclaimer says:

    • Thanks: Bubba, Iris
    • LOL: Rdm
  7. @PetrOldSack

    What is evidently chosen, the sms “format”, it must have to do with some-one suggesting that this is technology that is readily(without effort) subverted as in already, infrastructure in place.

    What are you trying to say?

    • Replies: @PetrOldSack
  8. @Craig Nelsen

    Xmpp, SMS, IRC, BBS, phone, phone over IP, Skype, TelegraMs, —what is in a name?

    Sorry to be in-concise, my error. Meant is: there must be a banal practical reason(s) for choosing one or the other(s), since anything Amazon, Cisco(routers), Google, WordPress, SMS, DNS, Paypal, Patreon, any technology, hard and soft, the technology players, owners, shareholders(of meta stakes, a billion is a unit of social power, not a dollar to buy bread), is since long modeled to be easily converted for manipulation. It amounts to “it does not matter”, is riding the mainstream, never questioned any modeling into privacy effort. The software capabilities and fine taste in word-setting of Ron and php, is about the front-end, the interface with the consumer, and the type-setting, again, the combined functionality, the concept of R. Unz’s whats about “conversation” are very fine indeed.

    • Agree: Unpersoned by fb
  9. D. K. says:
    @Stebbing Heuer

    Isn’t there a severe chance of choosing someone else’s real number? As far as I know, the numbers are all controlled by companies, such that unassigned numbers may be assigned to a new customer, at any time.

    • Replies: @Craig Nelsen
  10. anon215 says:

    But that’s why XMPP *IS THE ANSWER*. Ron Unz (or anybody, for that matter) can run his own XMPP server. The XMPP addresses would be (or something similar).

  11. @D. K.

    Because Unz doesn’t have a login and registration system already in place, it would be a major undertaking to provide a native private messaging function–especially one that could do stuff like alert you when you got a message, let you block certain users, listed who was currently online, and so on, and was still tied into everyone’s already established screen names.

    But the phone number solution does seem clunky. There are plenty of free open source stand-alone secure private chat systems written in php and mysql that you could probably just embed in your sidebar and forget about it. I haven’t looked, but I imagine some will even hold a message for someone if they aren’t online when the message is sent.

    Another option would be a stand-alone forum, which would come with a log in system already built in, if you wanted to go that route.

    In any case, I’m glad to see this coming. And, that makes two suggestions from me you’ve reacted positively to. I was one of those requesting a pm function (twice) and I also had some suggestion about monetizing comments you viewed favorably. Now , I’m going to try once again to get you to respond favorably to another suggestion of mine: sue Google.

    There is the evidence here: and the legal argument is in the comments on your piece, which I can’t find now, titled something like “One Year After the Facebook Google Ban”. You would be a great lead plaintiff in a class action.

    • Replies: @Unpersoned by fb
  12. Since you already have email addresses and a mechanism to send them, why not use the normal comment area to allow a user to submit an email to your system as opposed to an actual comment. An additional field could accept the destination users site handle and signal that it’s not an actual comment, but an email.

    Now that you’ve got the message and the destination handle, match that handle to the users real email address and send it off. The subject could be the posters handle.

    • Replies: @Ron Unz
  13. Ron Unz says:

    Since you already have email addresses and a mechanism to send them, why not use the normal comment area to allow a user to submit an email to your system as opposed to an actual comment.

    Sure, that was the first thing I considered, but there are some serious problems.

    (1) Many perhaps most commenters probably use fictitious emails that don’t actually work, and there’s no way of telling. So a large fraction of the “private” emails sent would never arrive, leading to all sorts of irritation and fraction.

    (2) I suspect that commenters trying to use such a system would sometimes get confused or careless, and the intended private email would instead be registered as a public comment, possibly causing major problems for people.

    For those reasons, adding an entirely separate text-messaging facility seemed much more advisable.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  14. @Ron Unz

    You would certainly know about phony email addresses, but that never occurred to me. I figured people would want to get notified of replies and therefore would use working addresses.

    Your #2 reason is probably the real fly in the email ointment. Mucking up the comments section with what was intended to be a private conversation would probably happen quite often.

    I’ll make one last suggestion. I’m on dozens of lists, from software development to welding to scuba diving, etc. Many have a dedicated area for private conversations using nothing more than another web page. That eliminates other protocols and you’ve already demonstrated your ability to produce a quality product. Nuking a conversation that’s had no activity for X days would conserve resources.

    I haven’t checked on the costs involved with SMS messages to destinations outside the US or how telecom providers might interfere in what is really their domain and the costs to users that receive SMS messages. I know that where I am, I pay for all the nuisance unsolicited promotional SMS messages I get.

  15. Ron, OT but just to let you know that about half an hour ago I was suddenly unable to connect to from a 3G phone, LG. It can still connect to ICH, the Saker, SOTT, others, but for a long time has been shut off from RT and others.

    I guess you just made a security adjustment and the old phone needs a browser upgrade, not possible.

    Just letting you know you’ve possibly just slammed the gate on some.

  16. I recently re-read Jews and Nazis here on the website. Truly exellent work!

    I’m not bothered about private texting though. Message me at and I may (or may not) reply from my proton mail account. – There are always ways we can reach one another without imposing on you (or any other third party) to facilitate.
    Very kind offer though. Thanks. ☺

  17. @Craig Nelsen

    Google is not “too big to fail”, but it is too big to beat in a head-on confrontation in the courts. Especially emediately following a coup, as thats when the new regime will be doing the most damage to the…. what do they call it now? The “rule of law”? 😂 – Take the Chauvin verdic as a clear example.

    Keep your powder dry. And keep your wits about you.

    I’m not sure this website needs a forum (it kind of already is one), but a chat room could be a lot of fun, and could be of great value too. Nice idea! ☺

  18. anon[134] • Disclaimer says:

    i would rather see a regular forum added and maybe a chat room

    a standard forum would have options to list an SMS number and contact email in the public facing user profile

  19. iffen says:

    It will be interesting to see how many of the “regulars” at Unz will give all of their identifying information to this “righteous” Jew.

    • Replies: @anon215
  20. anon215 says:

    Won’t have to if XMPP/OMEMO is used.

  21. utu says:

    A real chance for Ron Unz to be noticed. Unz Review placed in the category of Kremlin Amplifiers of vast Russia’s disinformation ecosystem.
    Russia’s Disinformation Ecosystem – A Snapshot

    Unz Review: White supremacist website that “supports pro-Kremlin narratives”.

  22. With the same disregard for anonymity and encryption, independency, and the same taste for analytics subcontracted, Hacker News functionalities could be a suggestion. When choosing to login the same top single toolbar changes and adds additional functionalities, one is “threads”, where the user can see his own comments, and their responses, follow ups to them, all arranged comment per comment, respecting the time-line, inspired by mailing lists and email threads. Other users can answer and return comments on that same page without jumps. As they can from the comfort of their own history of comments page. It is all inspired by mailings list functionality.


    There are a few full-blown high-functionality web pages (as Hacker News) that keep the interface rather clean (single tool bar), in that sense the suggestion might make sense also, is getting rather interface crowded, and the “Blue” and the “Large suggestive images”, the multi columning, a multi-line toolbar are taking over.

    As a minimum, could start to print the threads of original comment and follows up to every comment, per user on the same single page. (threading). I do not have access to the meaningful analytics but my intuition says that the above might not be what the readers expect from efficient workflows. Seen the average age of the reader, and the dwelling on narratives and analog sources, it might be out of line to consider something as above. That noted, Hacker News audiences are far younger, but their contextual in-depth is not far above that of What might look un-intuitive to readers would be rather the “button” festival missing, since they come out of the Microsoft interfaces experience of the Ninetees.

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