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Devoted to the cause or aren’t you? To the front, then, soldier!

• Category: Culture/Society • Tags: Civil unrest, Humor 

Peaceful parenting is slowly but steadily gaining acceptance:

There is no greater power disparity than that which exists between parent and child. An abused wife can leave her abusive husband and take most of his stuff on the way out. An abused drug pusher can turn his contentious encounter with the police into a winning lottery ticket. But an abused toddler has nowhere to go, no one to turn to. A parent is a child’s custodian, not his owner. Hitting any person other than one’s own child is battery. If it doesn’t get the assailant killed, it will get him cuffed.

That it is done behind closed doors hardly grants it justifiability. To the contrary, if a parent is worried what the neighbors will think about the severity of the physical punishment he dishes out to his child, what’s going through the mind of the helpless child on the receiving end? That might makes right, and when he’s mightier than dad, dad can go pound sand, that’s what.

Relatedly, parents who put their children in daycare have no leg to stand on when their adult children ship them off to a nursing home to deteriorate in their dotage. Mom chose work when the kids needed her. Is it not natural, then, for the kids to choose work when she needs them? You reap what you sow.

To the objection kids these days are going off the rails on account of a spared rod, fair enough. But a shepherd’s rod isn’t used to hit his sheep, it’s used to guide them and protect them from wolves. With the perpetual rise in single-parent households and decline in homemaking as dual incomes have become increasingly necessary to materially support a family, parental neglect is a large and growing problem. Instead of mom and dad transmitting norms and values to their kids, the kids are being raised by the wolves in their internet devices.

GSS variables used: SPANKING(3-4), YEAR, POLVIEWS(1-3)(4)(5-7)

• Category: Culture/Society, Ideology • Tags: Ethics and Morals, GSS, Parenting 

Twinkie on health care:

The fundamental problem with healthcare in the United States is three-fold. First, medical insurance is not a true insurance system – it is an entitlement system which guarantees a higher payout (in benefits) than costs paid. That is clearly unsustainable, because it rewards overuse. What will really fix the system is to de-couple health insurance from employment and then it should be made to become a true insurance system, whereby people pay out of pocket for primary care and then seek insurance benefit only for what today would be called “catastrophic” illnesses/injuries (the premium for which should be, in turn, quite inexpensive).

That sounds a lot like auto insurance. If companies provided auto insurance and in turn auto insurance covered oil changes and tire rotations, it’d be a lot more expensive, too.

What about the relatively novel subscription model? It has exploded from nothing to hundreds of primary care facilities in the span of a few years. Clients pay a physician something like $80 a month for all the visits, virtual consultations, common prescriptions, and basic operations the clients need. They get a subscription and barring something catastrophic occurring, they’re set. Some facilities accept insurance but many, maybe most, do not. With the ACA non-compliance penalty at zero, it’s a sensible approach for a lot of healthy people.

Twinkie continuing on costly CYA:

The second necessary fix is tort reform. As it stands now, any negative outcome for patients (whether caused by healthcare providers or not) is a lottery jackpot for them (and far more of a boon for medical malpractice lawyers). And these days there is A LOT of negative outcomes due to the poor health of the general public (which in turn is largely due to poor diet and sedentary lifestyle). Not only does this increase medical liability costs for the providers, it dramatically increases the costs of healthcare provision by forcing the providers to practice “defensive medicine,” which reportedly eats up a third of the total healthcare costs in the U.S.

Twinkie’s third prong deals with bureaucratic overregulation:

The third fix is deregulation of medicine. People often complain that doctors get paid too much, but physician salaries are not what drive the increase in healthcare costs. Physician services account for roughly 20% of the total healthcare spending. Of that amount, about half is the cost of practicing medicine. In other words, actual physician income is 10% of the healthcare costs. Even if, say, you make physicians take a massive pay cut of 20%, it’s only going to reduce healthcare expenditure by 2%. What’s driving up the cost of medicine – as in the education industry – is the massive rise in “administration” (and compliance). For every doctor there is at a hospital, there is now an army of clerks and desk-bound staff who do byzantine regulatory-compliance and other paperwork. Practice of medicine today is extremely bureaucratic – even though it is notionally not government-run, it is largely dictated by government regulations and is run like a government-provided service. Until that is fixed, just as with education costs, healthcare costs will continue to balloon.

Medicare-for-all or the car insurance approach both strike this blogger as better than the current system. Politically, we demand both the best, most cutting edge care in the world and affordable coverage for all Americans. There is an inherent, unresolvable tension between these two demands.

MattinLA isn’t much encouraged by the integrity collapse of the major media over the last few decades. To the assertion that the neo-liberal establishment couldn’t get away with Iraq Attaq today, Matt wonders where I’ve been over the last year:

The insane lies they’ve gotten away with about this phony “plague” are a million times worse than those uttered during the Iraq war. And the damage incalculably worse. We are on the verge of full scale communism. If media skepticism was some sort of game changer, we wouldn’t be in this situation. I think we are past the stage where wry comments and dry irony can save us.

I’d call it totalitarian corporatism rather than communism. Fed money creation, strangulation of small retail operators, and severe disruption in the rental market–the eviction moratorium is still in place–have been great for large corporations. And now forever Covid vaccines promise new perpetual income streams for the pharmaceutical companies that own big shares of both major political parties.

If two years ago you’d been told that seeing a parent, going to church, or going to work would require explicit government approval, you’d have scoffed at the absurdity and yet here we are. Allowing for Matt presumably being in Los Angeles, which has been more restricted than just about anywhere else in the world over the last year, his is a tough point to argue against.

Almost Missouri suggests throwing Qaddafi to the scorpions was an even greater blunder than toppling Saddam Hussein was:

Obama’s and Hillary’s pointless and gratuitous war against Libya in order to show that lefties could make war too not only destroyed the cooperative government of a strategic country, it also served notice to every second- and third-tier power that the only sure way to prevent an arbitrary attack by the US is to make sure you have WMDs. None will be foolish enough to give up their WMD programs anymore.

Sounds pretty bad, and he didn’t even mention it opening up the migration floodgates from Africa into Europe.

Reacting to the revelation that close to half of African women bleach their skin, Paperback Writer offers the very sensible insight that people should accept themselves for who they are. After all, it’s hard to celebrate diversity if you won’t admit it exists:

There are good looking and bad looking people of all races. People really should accept their racial characteristics.

He can write that, can’t he? Is a white man criticizing black women for making their skin whiter cultural imperialism or fighting against cultural imperialism? Beats me.


If it is necessary to calibrate the climate, calibrating it through technology rather than by Luddism is the preferable way to go about it:

Microsoft’s billionaire founder Bill Gates is financially backing the development of sun-dimming technology that would potentially reflect sunlight out of Earth’s atmosphere, triggering a global cooling effect. The Stratospheric Controlled Perturbation Experiment (SCoPEx), launched by Harvard University scientists, aims to examine this solution by spraying non-toxic calcium carbonate (CaCO3) dust into the atmosphere — a sun-reflecting aerosol that may offset the effects of global warming.

On the other hand, Bill Gates is critical of cryptocurrencies. Energy is a big cost to the blockchain:

If the sun provides less light, electricity will have to provide more! Elon Musk won’t go to Mars because his finance vehicles aren’t going to the moon, Gates will make sure of that! It’s the hundred-billionaires’ world, we’re just living in it.

• Category: Economics, Science • Tags: Entertainment, For fun, Science 

The grass isn’t greener on the other side, it’s greener right where you are:

The corporate media deserves a lot of blame for indefatigably fanning the flames of racial discord as a matter of policy. Certain situations are sensationalized, others effectively ignored, and nothing is ever put in proper perspective.

But this also suggests decentralization and eventually political dissolution will have an ameliorative effect on race relations across most of the former United States. Localism will lead the way.


Just one-in-four Americans following–or not following–the Chauvin case from the sidelines have suspended judgment on the outcome of the trial until the jury deliberates and presents its verdict:

Sitting in judgment as a man’s life hangs in the balance would be hard enough when being presented, without distraction, with the best prosecutorial and defense cases assembled. To make that judgment based on a few news reports, gossip, or incomplete video footage as most Americans are doing is a task beyond the feeble faculties of any man or woman.

A nation of men, not of laws.

• Category: Culture/Society, Ideology, Race/Ethnicity • Tags: Justice, Polling 

Put voter ID up for a national vote and it will win in a landslide:

Joe Biden may say it’s more restrictive than Jim Crow, but almost nobody believes him, including black Americans. Nobody does because it’s obviously not. Everyone knows it’s nearly impossible to function in modern America without photo identification. No bank accounts, no beer or cigarettes, no car rentals, no EBT or social security cards, no mortgage or apartment rentals, no airplane flights, no gun purchases, no prescription medicines, the list goes on and on.

Weaponized wokeism is when those with power oppress those without power in the name of standing up to the powerful in the name of the powerless. It’s a real mindfuck, and our corporate class has it down to a tee.

Coca Cola has a big problem with Georgian politicians enacted laws supported by Georgia’s elected representatives but no problem doing business in non-democratic countries like Saudi Arabia or countries that view minorities as a problem to be solved rather than a vulnerable group whose rights must be protected like China. Delta requires photo ID to board its planes, but that’s different because, well, because Democrats are even better on corporate bailouts than Republicans are!

These aren’t criticisms of Saudi Arabia or China. Let them manage their affairs as they see fit. But Woke Capital is the rot at the center of America’s social structure.


The percentages of people, by selected demographic characteristics, who describe those who display American flags on their homes or vehicles as “racist”:

One-in-five “very liberal” people view the American flag as a racist symbol, as do one-in-eight blacks and one-in-nine people under the age of 35.

The stars and stripes haven’t suffered the same fate as the Union Jack yet. But the stars and bars are done and dusted, the Gadsden flag is under siege, and even the Betsy Ross flag is in trouble. It’s on the radar.


• Category: Ideology, Science • Tags: For fun, Original memes 

Wency on how entrepreneurial evangelicals have outhustled corporate Catholics. Profiting from (and for!) the prophet:

A disciplined denomination ought to be able to staff itself better than a collection of guys trying to outhustle one another for congregants and donations. But in practice you get better pastors with the Evangelical model — that hustling at least draws leaders who can lead and sermonize. The Catholic and Mainline models both seem to be almost totally without discipline; anyone who finishes seminary more or less gets a job for life despite being incompetent or a total misfit for the job, and perhaps despite breaking some denominational rules or even breaking the law.

It’s drying up for both. A shame, for we could use as many good explications of how the new covenant meant an end to offering sacrifices as the country prepares to offer up a human sacrifice in another futile attempt to gain a fleeting spot of atonement for the perceived collective sins of white America.

Is the spirit of 1776 merely the cult of self by a different name? Dfordoom:

The cult of self is not only common, it’s the basis of the current model of western civilisation that began in the mid-18th century.

“Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law” (which was formulated by Aleister Crowley) is not really much different from “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”. The United States was the first nation to be established purely on the cult of self.

And capitalism is a system that is based on abandoning any concept of morality or transcendence.

So you could describe the current model of western civilisation as fundamentally luciferian. Whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing depends on your point of view.

Chrisnonymous on why the expectation that a man’s wife will also be his best friend may be counterproductive:

If you are giving advice to a young man, I think “look for your best friend to marry” is bad advice. For one thing, it’s impossible for men and women to plumb the depths of their relationship fully without experiencing sex and co-habitation, both of which theoretically come after the decision to get married.

Much better than “friendship” as a criterion for marriage are things like (1) similar sense of humor, (2) similar family background, (3) stable family background, (4) similar expectations about the future, (5) similar attitudes to money and privacy…etc.

As for whether you should expect your wife to become your best friend, that also I would not say to a young man. Many men and women have dissimilar interests, and that is fine, but it also makes it very difficult to be “friends” in the way a man could be “friends” with a man of similar interests. In marriage, loyalty must be total and absolute. Friendships can suffer different degrees and contexts of loyalty. Interests, loyalty–there are many such differences between marriage and friendship that make the expectation of your wife being your best friend not very realistic or necessary.

The excerpt is part of a discussion thread in which the reliably astute Twinkie offers a different perspective in a series of highly recommended comments.

• Category: Culture/Society, History, Ideology • Tags: COTW 

When it comes to liking themselves as individuals, blacks come out on top and whites on bottom:

If a man doesn’t like himself, why should he expect others to like him? What does he know that they don’t?

Quoth Broken Record Man, we’re told society pedestalizes whites while causing people of color to feel bad about themselves. The data say otherwise.


Trust in American institutions is in secular decline. One salient exception to this trend is the US military. The way the military was regarded and soldiers treated after Vietnam is a far cry from how it’s regarded and they are treated today:

Following the collapse of the Soviet Union and the obliteration of Iraqi forces in Desert Storm, confidence in the military spiked before settling back into a pattern of modest but steady climb. After two decades of bleeding out in Iraq and Afghanistan, baseline confidence is now where it was after Saddam Hussein was kicked out of Kuwait.

Is it sustainable? A humiliating backing down in the face of Chinese revanchism against Taiwan will provide an answer in the next few years. For the little it’s worth, this blogger views such a putative humiliation as prudent for reorienting America towards a humbler foreign policy and avoiding an unnecessary military escalation drawing in much of the world over a dispute within China’s immediate sphere of influence.

GSS variables used: CONARMY, YEAR, POLVIEWS(1-3)(4)(5-7)


In terms of physical appearance, do you think you are more attractive than average, average, or less attractive than average?:

The white distribution approximates a normal one. The non-white distributions display various levels of Lake Wobegon effect.

We’re told society pedestalizes whites while causing people of color to feel bad about themselves. The data say otherwise.

• Category: Culture/Society, Race/Ethnicity, Science • Tags: Beauty, Polling 

Okay, the left has shifted drastically from moderate immigration restrictionism to something approaching open borders in the span of less than two decades, but the country’s demographics have changed over that time, too. Immigration begets support for more immigration, and immigrants to America tend to be on the political left:


What other trend happened during that time?

These sorts of charts are next-to-useless without separating out race.

Fair enough, there is a lot of utility in that as a general principle. And it applies in this case, too, but not in the way many would expect. The seismic shift in views on immigration have predominantly been driven by whites, especially white liberals:

Compare this to people of color:

And even to liberal people of color:

In 2018, the latest iteration of the General Social Survey to have been released as of this posting, half of white liberals want immigration increased, compared to less than one-third of liberal POCs. White leftists are more supportive of open immigration than even non-white leftists are.

Parenthetically, if we read the survey question carefully (and literally–which almost no one who participated in the survey likely did), it inquires about the number of immigrants in the country, not the rate of immigration into the country. So achieving a “remain the same” response would require something close to a moratorium on future immigration and “be decreased” would require deportation. As of 2018, then, people of color net out at the goldilocks position. The number of immigrants in the country is just right and should neither be increased nor decreased! The number of times the corporate media will present this reality to the public is precisely zero, of course.

GSS variables used: LETIN1A(1-2)(3)(4-5), YEAR, POLVIEWS(1-3), RACEHISP(1)(2-4)

• Category: Culture/Society, Race/Ethnicity • Tags: GSS, History, Immigration 

Until Donald Trump temporarily renewed the left’s faith in the corporate media, the integrity trajectory was down, down, down for the merchants of mendacity:

The media’s knob-slobbering, ring-kissing, bootlicking deference to and running interference for the Biden administration isn’t going to sustain liberals in the same way their acrimony towards Trump did. That blue line will stay just above the surface in the 2020 data set to be released this Spring, but in the subsequent iteration of the survey it will come crashing back down.

There are a lot of disheartening trends to contend with in modern America, but this is one of the good ones. Could the Iraq Attaq have happened today? Twitter and Facebook would’ve tried like hell to silence people pointing out all the absurdities and impossibilities in the claims that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. The sieve would’ve been leaky, very leaky. Judith Miller and her colleagues at other major newspapers would try to manufacture bipartisan consent but instead of the letters editor throwing reader reactions in the trash, the journos would be brutally ratioed all across cyberspace. Maybe the warfare state could manage a few airstrikes, but a ground invasion and occupation at anything like the scope of 2003 is unthinkable now, and a big reason for that is the public’s collapsed trust of the media.

General Social Survey variables used: CONPRESS, YEAR, POLVIEWS(1-3)(4)(5-7)


John Johnson offers pithy relationship advice:

If you have actually dated a lot of women you would know that most are kind of boring so if you find an interesting one then you should marry her.

More charitably, it will tend to be differences in interests rather than the woman being inherently boring. A man’s best friend should be neither his dog nor his wife. It should be another man.

Nebulafox on the state of the GOP and where it must go from here:

One of the reasons Trump won in 2016 was precisely because he ignored or mocked vast swathes of “conservative” orthodoxy, and one of the reasons he lost in 2020 was his decision in office to embrace the GOP Establishment at the expense of his voters.

The GOP is now the populist party, whether it wants to be or not. It does not win on its own merits unless it embraces this reality and alienates some donors in the process. And as in every endeavor in life, you’d be an utter fool to bank on your enemy making enough mistakes to lift you to your goal. That’s putting your fate in the hands of others. Conveniently, that’s exactly what the Democrats are doing right now, so there’s really no excuse to not do this.

Focusing on “how to make the market work for ordinary Americans” is acceptable. Rote cries of “tax cuts” as a cure-all are not. The Democrats have a huge, fat target on their back when it comes to overseas money stored by tech titans… who happen to bankroll the DNC. Why not go after it? Sanity on immigration, free trade, taxes, trusts (in an era where big corps and big government are increasingly the same thing, don’t forget), freedom of speech, going after the health insurance vultures, an end to losing wars of choice, it all comes together in a recipe to attract all kinds of voters, including ones that the GOP supposedly can’t make inroads with.

Democracy naturally expands. This benefits the Democrat party because Democrats do better among marginal voters than Republicans do. Or at least that has historically been the case. If the GOP follows nebulafox’s advice, it needn’t necessarily continue to be so.

Dfordoom on Trump’s big talk and tiny stick:

What’s extraordinary about Trump is that he was able to galvanise his enemies without delivering a single lasting benefit to his own core supporters.

I’d add that he did open their eyes to just how deeply the bipartisan ruling class despises them. That’s not nothing.

Sollipsist with more pith:

“Voter ID? Trampling on our rights!”
“Vaccine ID? Now you’re talking.”

In a healthy society where humor hadn’t died years ago, this would form the basis of an opening Saturday Night Live skit.

Unlike Bill Clinton and Donald Trump, who survived attempts by their opponents to boot them from office, Cuomo has lost the support of his own party. Clinton and Trump retained theirs. And as Wency explains, unlike Virginia Governor Ralph Northam, Cuomo’s offense is an electorally consequential one:

The biggest reason that Cuomo has a tougher time than Northam is that practically no one who has a chance of voting Republican actually cares much about blackface. Plus the Democrats have made themselves the arbiters of when blackface is acceptable or unacceptable, and they have a lot of cultural power to define it as acceptable when it suits them, and the sort of people who care about blackface tend to go along with it.

The fact is that the belief that blackface is evil is entirely an idiosyncrasy and a learned belief within our particular culture. We could easily imagine a culture where such acts are considered entirely benign, or even a sign of affection towards the other race.

Meanwhile the votes of white women are still in play, and they care a lot about sexual harassment. While highly partisan women might give a lot of wiggle-room to “their guy”, independents and swing voters will not. Moreover, while some cultures might be more or less tolerant of powerful men leveraging their position for sex, I think it’s human nature, and not a cultural idiosyncrasy, that the women who are targets of their unwanted attention will be unhappy about it. Not to mention their husbands or boyfriends, in which case it doesn’t matter if the attention is wanted or unwanted. You don’t want your king to be a lech who might go after your wife.

No one seems to bring it up, but I’ve often wondered if the fact that Julius Caesar was stabbed 23 times outside the Senate is entirely unrelated to the fact that he’s said to have had a habit of bedding the wives of Senators.

Caesar’s out, guilty or not. Historical figures mentioned here must be above suspicion.

• Category: Culture/Society, History, Ideology • Tags: COTW 

Sensational stories like these aren’t the blog’s beat, but this tragedy so trenchantly captures the country’s decline it compels comment:

Two black girls kill a Pakistani immigrant in the heart of the imperial capital while thousands of National Guard troops occupying the city to allegedly protect democracy against elusive white supremacists who must somehow be responsible for the killing do nothing to prevent it.

• Category: Culture/Society • Tags: American decline, Crime, Tragedy 

The following table and graph show per capita* hate crime incidents by state for 2019 as reported by the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting program:

State Hate
1) District of Columbia 314.6
2) Washington 71.4
3) New Mexico 61.0
4) Massachusetts 57.3
5) New Jersey 54.6
6) Vermont 52.5
7) Michigan 43.5
8) Oregon 43.1
9) Hawaii 42.1
10) Ohio 40.2
11) Colorado 36.8
12) Kentucky 32.7
13) Arizona 32.7
14) New York 32.2
15) Montana 30.3
16) Kansas 29.9
17) California 25.7
18) Nebraska 25.4
19) North Carolina 24.0
20) North Dakota 23.6
21) South Dakota 23.6
22) Delaware 22.6
23) Connecticut 22.5
24) Indiana 20.6
25) West Virginia 19.7
26) Virginia 19.1
27) Minnesota 18.8
28) Tennessee 17.1
29) Rhode Island 16.1
30) Mississippi 15.9
31) Texas 15.8
32) Alaska 15.1
33) Nevada 14.3
34) Maine 14.1
35) Missouri 13.7
36) Idaho 13.5
37) South Carolina 13.4
38) Wisconsin 12.7
39) New Hampshire 12.2
40) Georgia 11.0
41) Wyoming 9.8
42) Louisiana 7.4
43) Oklahoma 7.1
44) Utah 5.8
45) Illinois 5.4
46) Florida 5.3
47) Pennsylvania 3.3
48) Arkansas 3.2
49) Iowa 3.2
50) Maryland 3.0
41) Alabama 0.0

The nation’s capital–capital of both government and of hate!–is more than five times as hateful as the most hateful state is. And the district thinks it deserves statehood?!

That the bluest place in the country is also the most hateful is not an anomaly, it’s part of a pattern. The correlation between Trump’s support and the hate rate at the state level is an inverse .63. The fewer hate crimes the residents of a state commit, the more likely those residents were to vote for Trump.

Hold the phone! Trump is hate personified. How is this possible? Sure, the most heinous and notorious hate crimes do tend to happen in blue places. But the perps are right wing extremists like the red hat-wearing, noose-wielding polar vortex night travelers of Chicago or the smirksome Catholic high school scalper in DC. If they’re bold enough to strike in inclusive places, though, vulnerable groups must be the targets of relentless torment in MAGAland.

It must be that Bigotville doesn’t record crimes of hate as hate crimes. The cops are bastards everywhere, but they’re doubleplus bastards in flyover country. Thanks to the tireless efforts of social justice advocates in inclusive places, law enforcement there must at least document incidents of hate–even if they cannot be bothered to do anything about stopping them. More hate crime thus indicates lower levels of actual hate. Just as the first step to dismantling racism is for white people to admit how racist they are, the first step in ending hate crimes is having more of them, or reporting more of them, anyway.

Also, the hate crime concept is a serious one. It’s driven by facts, not political motivations. There is nothing arbitrary or subjective about any of it. To insinuate as much is practically a hate crime in itself. The breathless stories about an uptick in incidents still means hate is a bigger problem now than ever before because [unintelligible].

* The program covered 93% of the US population in 2019. Per capita calculations are based on the size of the populations covered, not total state population, so even though not all states have full coverage, the per capita rates as presented provide an apples-to-apples comparison between states.

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The following graph shows the percentages of respondents (listed along the horizontal axis) who say members of putative victim groups (color-coded near the top) are either discriminated against “a great deal” or “a fair amount”. Residual percentages describe the amount of discrimination they faced as either “not much” or “none at all”. So for example, 53% of men view conservatives as being discriminated against, while 47% of women and only 22% of liberals do:

The graph is ambitious. Put another way, it’s cluttered. But it offers a few insights into the modern American cultural-political landscape.

It’s encouraging to see conservatives take their own side for once. They feel they are the most put upon people in the country. YouGov pushed as far as a mainstream liberal organization can by even designating conservatives as a victim group. There is another group, a founding one in fact, that has an even tougher time taking its own side than conservatives do, but insinuating they are deserving of victim status remains a taboo–for now.

After themselves, conservatives identify Jews as the most discriminated against. In contrast, every other group in the poll views Jews as the second least discriminated against after conservatives. The age distribution for perceptions of discrimination against Jews suggests Jewish victim status will decline in the coming decades as the boomers fade from the scene:

Aged 18-29: 58%
Aged 30-44: 58%
Aged 45-64: 62%
Aged 65+: 75%

Americans see discrimination everywhere, and a lot of it. Four-in-five liberals say everybody other than white men are being discriminated against at least “a fair amount”. Parenthetically, the choice of the word “fair” in this context is humorously suboptimal. Yeah, they’re being discriminated against a fair amount–exactly as much as they deserve to be!

Anyway, Wokeness is an autoimmune disorder. It’s rendering us unable to fight a real infection when it comes. Fortunately Covid wasn’t it, but our luck won’t last forever.

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Percentages professing support for maximum pro-choice permisiveness, defined as making it legal for a woman to have an abortion “for any reason”, by social class:

GSS variables used: ABANY, CLASS, YEAR(2008-2018)

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