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Almost Missouri views localism and agorism as dead ends:

Several states tried this in 1861. It turned out the the President did indeed have that power, that power and more, so much more, never mind it wasn’t in the Constitution.

A couple of generations ago a few school districts tried to go their own way, not even seceding, and wouldntcha know it suddenly they were filled with Federal troops even though the Governors hadn’t asked for them. Again not in Constitution.

Kinda weird how that keeps happening.

Just because you’re a decent guy who will leave others alone to pursue their own happiness, doesn’t mean that they will do the same for you. They won’t. If the cities—and the City of DC in particular—were content to do things their way while the outback did things a different way (i.e., if they were truly “multicultural”), then you would be correct: leave them to their own devices and they’ll leave you to yours. But they aren’t truly multicultural, and they won’t leave you alone.

Contrary to the frame you apparently carelessly accepted from the media, it is not the Red Rustics who incessantly poke the hornets’ nest on the other side of the political fence. It is the Blues who cannot rest until all Redland bakers are gay-sued, all Red towns are Section 8-ed, all Housing is Affirmatively Furthered, all refugees are resettled, all bathrooms are trannied, all schoolchildren are gender neutered, all abortions are on-demanded, all guns are controlled, and all speech is policed and all pronouns are preferred. Red America didn’t send Trump to Washington because we want to move into Georgetown condos. We sent Trump to Washington to make Washington’s provocations stop. He failed. So a bunch of us went there personally to make our displeasure known, or “petition for redress of grievances” as a quaint but apparently long obsolete document puts it.

But hey, if you can get Blue America to sign up for the same thing, you’ve got a deal. (Note that the deal will have to have a nuclear-strength enforcement clause as Blue America has never once stuck to its side of a political deal.)

tl;dr: Localism only works if both sides agree to it. One side never has. That side happens to have infinite currency, the world’s most powerful military, a global media monopoly, and as of Monday a permanent hammerlock on the political process, oh and a bottomless appetite to impose its will on others. Plan from there.

Marijuana legalization came about in the face of federal opposition. It occurred in direct violation of federal law. States started legalizing it, the feds pushed back a little, and then essentially gave up. The feds couldn’t enforce compliance without the cooperation of the states. Well, they could have tried to force the issue militarily, but the public backlash would’ve been very hostile to that kind of federal action. The herculean task at hand is to foster an atmosphere where the same sort of negative public backlash will occur in the case of a part or parts of the country being militarily prevented from partially seceding.

Full political dissolution is unlikely prior to the breaking of the US dollar, but decentralization can begin in a thousand different ways before that. As far as “plan from there” goes, what is the better approach? We’re perilously close to what could be the beginning of an American Thirty Years’ War that will leave everyone worse off for the wear. Maybe it’s too late to diffuse the situation, but it’s worth trying.

dfordoom on fertility and modernity:

In the developed world fertility rates have plummeted pretty evenly across all races and ethnic groups.

It’s not a race problem, it’s a problem with the developed world.

In anticipation of the objection that sub-Saharan Africa refutes this, consider South Africa. The country has a TFR of 2.2, just a smidge above replacement. Niger, in contrast, has a TFR of 7.0. South Africa’s purchasing power parity is over ten times that of Niger’s. Developing Africa–easier said than done, though China is giving it a shot–is probably the best chance the continent, and the rest of the world, has of managing the population explosion Africa is experiencing.

Wency on the same topic:

Do lack of resources have an effect on fertility in the present age? That seems a matter of some dispute, but it’s at least a much, much less important factor than it was in the pre-industrial world.

Setting aside Christian morality, a matrilocal free-for-all with early first pregnancies, weak marriages, relatively few patriarchal features, and men and women mostly living separately, was historically the optimal arrangement for maximizing fertility, as existed in those parts of Africa where the population size was primarily kept in check not by a dearth of resources (as in Eurasia) but by an excess of deaths due to violence, animal attacks, and disease.

But right now, while matrilocal free-for-alls are far more viable in Eurasia than they’ve ever been, they’re still not all that common, or producing all that many children, despite some exceptions within the lower classes (especially but not exclusively among the African diaspora). I think a large cause of this is that such arrangements are considered very low status — civilized places have discriminated against single motherhood for untold millennia, and that’s not going to change overnight. While the stigma has softened quite a bit against the sort of single mother who slipped up a time or two and got impregnated by a cad, the “Octomom” example of willfully producing a gaggle of children without a father figure is still widely reviled.

Another factor is that matrilocal arrangements seem to have arisen out of the state of nature, and they’re highly vulnerable to suppression by any sort of birth control, perhaps more so than under patriarchal, monogamous systems where birth control of one form or fashion has always existed and the birth of children was generally more deliberate.

So right now, society doesn’t really have a model for producing children that’s adapted to present cultural and material circumstances. And for such a model to arise spontaneously via natural selection would take a very long time, and it’s made harder by the fact that cultural and material conditions keep changing at a pretty rapid pace.

The result is that fertility is highest right now in cultures that place themselves in opposition to modernity — a force that caused the old patriarchal, monogamous model to both weaken and to produce fewer children even where it’s mostly intact. There hasn’t been enough time to invent a new model, and so what works is the old model, kept in a time capsule. Hence the Anabaptists and Hassidim, who have religious reasons for rejecting modernity and for passing this down from generation to generation.

Though the religious outbreed the irreligious in the developed world, religiosity and fertility both continue to decline. At some point this may reverse but it looks like it will be generations in the future with a long way for total population to decline between here and there.

• Category: Culture/Society, Economics, Science • Tags: COTW 

The inverse relationship between fertility and educational attainment is more pronounced among people of color than among whites and more pronounced among women than among men:

When it comes to educational attainment the inverse correlation with fertility is barely detectable among white men, while it is quite pronounced among non-white women.

If hypergamy is real, we would expect educational attainment to be more ‘detrimental’ to female than to male fecundity. High status men will pair off with women of more modest status than themselves more readily than high status women will pair off with lower status men.

GSS variables used: CHILDS, YEAR(2000-2018), RACEHISP, SEX, DEGREE, AGE(35-89)


From five questions concerning social media companies deplatforming users for venturing off the reservation of allowable opinion, a censorship index by selected demographics follows. Because pro-censorship rates are similar by subgroup for each item the index is calculated by a simple average of percentages in favor of deplatforming across the five categories. These categories are “violent content” (a movie trailer for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood?), “hate speech” (sex is a biological construct?), “supporting overthrow of the government” (the Declaration of Independence?), “promoting racial division” (Black Lives Matter?), and “spreading disinformation” (Iraq had weapons of mass destruction?):

They made Socrates drink hemlock. They nailed Jesus to a cross. And you thought they’d support your right to criticize their overlords?

• Category: Culture/Society, Ideology • Tags: Censorship, Free Speech, Technology 

Ratioed hard:

The company once boasting about being the free speech wing of the free speech party is now so strongly associated with biasedly suppressing human expression it makes tin pot African dictators blush.

The biggest threats to human liberty no longer come from governments, they come from Woke Capital. The US government can’t get you kicked out of higher education for unorthodox opinions, but Woke Capital can. The US government won’t prevent you from opening a bank account for unorthodox opinions, but Woke Capital will. The US government can’t get you fired for unorthodox opinions, but Woke Capital can. The US government won’t provide your home address to nefarious actors interesting in causing you bodily harm for unorthodox opinions, but Woke Capital will.

The oligarchs who own Woke Capital have the ability to extinguish the flames of madness they are stoking. The power the cancellers have to figuratively force hemlock down the throats of those who question the gods of the state is a power lent to them at the pleasure of Woke Capital. Hold the line against taking action unless the behavior is illegal and it all ends. There are still plenty of people who are happy to speak truth to power–so long as it doesn’t mean ending up emaciated and living under a bridge.

But Woke Capital doesn’t want to fix this. They view it as a feature rather than a bug. In the internet age there is always something to hang a worker with. McDonald’s loves being able to fire a cashier at will for liking the wrong tweet. Wokeism allows the neo-liberal establishment to destroy anyone at any time for anything. That kind of power will not be relinquished voluntarily. We live in a world of Saurons and Smeagols, not Frodos.


The advancedatheist takes issue with the relationship between atheism and nihilism:

Nihilism is not an atheist belief. Nihilism is a Christian belief about atheism. Notice the difference.

According to the GSS, atheists are four times as likely as firm theists to definitively agree that “life serves no purpose”. The percentages are small though, 8% and 2%, respectively. Fortunately the survey asked the question on a five-point scale, so it’s easy enough to create an index by both theistic orientation and religious service attendance. To avoid racial confounding, responses are restricted to whites:

To put it into political terms, most Democrats aren’t Marxists, but Democrats are more likely than Republicans to be Marxists. Likewise, most atheists aren’t nihilists, but atheists are more likely than theists to be nihilists.

GSS variables used: NIHILIST(1,2,3,4,5), GOD(1)(2)(3-5)(6), ATTEND(0)(1-2)(3-4)(5-6)(7-8), RACE(1)

• Category: Arts/Letters, Culture/Society, Ideology • Tags: GSS, Purpose, Religion 

The live action role playing occupation of the Capitol building went over America like a lead balloon. Support for the action is dismal:

“Not sure” responses, constituting 9% of the total, are excluded, so the residuals are the percentages who disapprove of the takeover.

As if the optics weren’t bad enough, that 1-in-5 working-class white men indicate support will be yet another reason the powers that be will feel justified in grinding them into dust. After 9/11 we got the Patriot Act. After this, something like the End Hate Act. The fracas that led to one protester being shot by police, a police officer being killed by head trauma, a couple of people dying from extenuating health complications, and another protester being trampled to death will be forever referred to as “deadly”, a bloody shirt to wave around to remind everyone who the officially designated bad guys are.

The greater support among zoomers and younger millennials should come as little surprise even though those age cohorts are further left than older cohorts are. When it comes to politics, young people think violence is golden.


The Senate convicts Trump. Pence briefly becomes the country’s 46th president. Biden dons the purple to become the 47th president but doesn’t make it to the end of the year before being replaced by Kamala Harris, the nation’s 48th president.

The first domino is unlikely to fall, but would it shock anyone if it did? The Crisis of the Third Decade is a curse that keeps on cursing.

• Category: Culture/Society, History, Ideology • Tags: History, Humor 

The establishment hates that there is no organic interest in the conspiracy theories they approve of and enormous interest in the conspiracy theories they disapprove of:

These are the same people who lied to us over and over and over again about WMDs in Iraq. They have the blood of hundreds of thousands and the displacement of tens of millions on their hands, but some rube who questions the outcome of an election? He’s the dangerous extremist!


Other companies will stop spreading money around to politicians of either party:

  • Marriott, Morgan Stanley, and Dow are among companies cutting off donations to GOP lawmakers who objected to certifying Democrat Joe Biden as president.
  • Goldman Sachs is reportedly likely to follow suit.
  • Separately, JP Morgan, Citibank, Microsoft, and Facebook said they will temporarily pause all political donations to both Republicans and Democrats completely.

It’s hard to have any hope for the Republican party, but if any can be had it is this.

Despite the Democrat party having vastly outraised the GOP in corporate donations since 2004, the hapless GOP continues to allow itself to be portrayed as the corporatist party. Trump personifies this–the businessman cheer led hard for corporations like Pfizer and Johnson and Johnson to deliver America from the Covid catastrophe at warp speed. For his adulation, praise, and favorable government treatment, the corporations sat on the news of an impending vaccine until the week after the presidential election, denying him a much needed electoral bump for his efforts.

A populist party existing for America’s working men and women and their families cannot be the party of Morgan Stanley, Citibank, and JP Morgan. There is going to be a growing number of politically homeless economic leftists progressively disillusioned by the hard reassertion of the unchallenged political power of the neo-liberal establishment under the Biden administration. There is a big opportunity for the budding new Republican party here.

And they can be good company. Just because Wokeists are utterly humorless doesn’t mean all leftists are:

• Category: Economics, Ideology • Tags: Business, Election 2020, Populism 

Commentary on Covid from a hawk, a dove, and a retired epidemiologist. Trusted Talha:

I do keep up with my friends that are doctors, many of them ER doctors. These are guys I have known longer than I have been married, I would trust them with my children’s lives – at least one of them has been my kids’ pediatrician before. They are mostly in So Cal where things are particularly bad.

A few things they have told me and from what I have heard directly from relatives and friends…

1. One of them usually fills out 1 or 2 death certificates a month – he is on pace to fill out around 20 this month.
2. One of them said that the hospital he works at was not built to deliver the level of oxygen that they are providing to their patients. They are making sure oxygen trucks are on stand by in case the system is tasked beyond the breaking point.
3. My sister in law’s aunt died last week of Covid.
4. That week they held 7 separate funeral prayers (outside) on just one day (most from Covid) – I confirmed this with my mother – I’ve never heard of anything like this, even if you assume all deaths are being attributed falsely to Covid.
5. In my local mosque in Chicago-area, I hear of requests for prayers for deaths due to Covid on a near-weekly basis. It’s not as bad as So Cal, but there is an uptick in deaths for sure (again, whether they are truly due to Covid or are just being attributed).
6. A brother who is a neurologist that I have known since university and who I consulted about my own father when he was in a unresponsive state after cardiac arrest stated:
“Even for my field as a Neurologist, I have never consulted on as many COVID patients for Coma/Brain Death prognosis in one week as for influenza in the last >10 years.”
7. Another brother said that it’s like a war zone with patients laying out in the hallways, like something out of the movies.

Do with the above info what you will.

I would suggest people get their information from people they know and trust in the medical field; this issue is way too politicized at this point to rely on media sources.

Intriguing Intelligent Dasein:

I am taken ill with it right now. I caught it from a coworker and the rest of my family caught it from me. So this week I am home sick, and caring for the sick.

I now understand why people fear this thing. It’s not that it’s particularly dangerous, because it isn’t. Of all the members of my family, I have gotten much more ill than anyone, and yet I’ve had plenty of colds and flus throughout my life that made me quite a bit more miserable than this has. The experience all in all has been rather mild. I never even developed a fever, but I do have recurring night sweats that still continue even now, 8 days after my symptoms started. I have a cough, my lungs are wheezing a little bit, and I get short of breath when I walk up a flight of stairs. Then there was also the lost sense of smell, but that’s starting to return now for me.

The problem is that the range of symptoms is broad and unusual. I have joint and muscle aches throughout my body and I’ve lost a lot of sensation in my legs. Indeed, I would characterize general presentation of Covid-19 as being a sort of “numbness” that affects multiple tissues, organs, and systems according to their specific nature.

For one thing, the lost sense of smell is more than merely a sensory deprivation. When I was in the thick of the disease, in order to test myself, I opened up a bottle of white vinegar I use for cleaning the kitchen, stuck my nose directly in the spout, and inhaled deeply and repeatedly—and felt nothing. I wasn’t just that I couldn’t smell the vinegar, but I couldn’t feel it either. The chemical astringency of the acetic acid is a different phenomenon from its aroma and, being a more direct physical action, is not subject to the same epistemological doubts arising from the possibility of hallucination, fatigue or other aberrant states of mind attendant upon a bout of illness. This leads me to conclude that my nose had gone completely numb. Since the coronavirus takes up its primary locus of infection in the nasal mucosa, this is where its characteristic numbness is experienced most frequently and severely. The numbness I have in my legs is a more distal instantiation of the same tendency. I suspect that if the “numbness” grows to encompass the lungs, this is when people lose the ability to breathe on their own and either require ventilation or die. If the disease ever reaches that stage, death is quite likely and there isn’t much that any medical science can do about it.

This is why people fear it, other than the media scaremongering of course. The disease manifests itself in such a way that death can be brought about simply by an increase in the degree, not a change in kind, of the symptoms. To experience it at all is to taste the incipient death behind it. The fact that this only happens in a vanishingly small proportion of cases avails little to the imagination of so hysterical an age as ours. The contemporary world is now getting acquainted with a disease that, to a very minor and muted degree, approximates the threat of latent lethality that obtained when cities routinely had to endure outbreaks of tuberculosis, small pox, cholera, and so forth.

Salubrious Jus’ Sayin’…:

The strain on medical facilities is no worse now than it has been in past years of heavy flu outbreaks. The difference is that the current reporting is based solely on overcrowded ERs and ICUs. Other parts of many hospitals are very much under-utilized right now. I’ve determined that to be the case in at least one instance by a personal visit to my local hospital, an affiliate of the Harvard University Medical School. On-line videos of bored nurses and other hospital staff performing impromptu conga lines and other selfie videos on YouTube suggests that this a far from unique situation.

The most rational policy for freeing up hospital ICU and ER beds and dealing with this pandemic would be to set up separate ad hoc medical facilities for dealing with all persons who present with Covid-19 symptoms and quarantining such persons in these facilities. This has been the usual extreme measure for dealing with pandemics like the current one. It worked well in the past, it could have worked well in 2020, and it could still work well if given a chance. Unfortunately our current political, public health, medical, and pharmaceutical establishments are too panicked and/or incompetent, and/or grasping for power and wealth to do the right thing.

Looking at reports of deaths by cause right now, it seems like flu deaths are way down from their usual numbers. This is unlikely. It’s more likely that these missing flu deaths have been improperly reported as due to Covid-19.

There are excess deaths right now. A lot of these are due to Covid-19. Many others are deaths caused by the Rona Panic lockdowns, e.g. suicides, drug ODs, deaths caused by deferred or delayed medical treatment. Making allowances for these deaths and flu deaths mis-coded as being the result of Covid-19, it seems that the numbers of excess deaths, which are likely due to Covid-19, are about the same order of magnitude as the deaths from the Hong Kong Flu, back during the 1968 Hong Kong Flu pandemic.

It’s worth remembering that this country and the world got through that pandemic just fine without any panic or excessive restrictions on individual rights and liberties.

If direct payments to American citizens are good, then it is incumbent upon our Republican incumbents to articulate why prioritizing other legislative spending is even better. That is, after all, what they signaled by refusing to sign onto the $2,000 proto-UBI publicly supported by both Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. They made no coherent attempt to articulate such a thing, of course. And they never will because their position is rhetorically and philosophically untenable. Direct transfer payments are desirable, but only as long as they are limited to $600 once every nine months? C’mon, man!

No one is buying it, including nebulafox:

If you want to argue that giving away 2,000 dollars per head on fiscal grounds is a bad idea, go ahead and do so. But don’t expect people to take your arguments with a straight face if you can simultaneously still find the money to go and drone wretched Pashtun shepherds or educate Mirpuris on the finer points of 3rd wave feminism. Whether it is part of the same bill or not is irrelevant. The optics do the talking: namely, that the American government will prioritize anything over its own citizens, Democrats and Republicans alike.

Authorities in the United States are not willing to let increasing amounts of Americans work. They also won’t give aid. This won’t end well.

The progressive wing of the Democrat party showed the country it is housebroken by returning Nancy Pelosi to the speakership despite it guaranteeing Medicare-for-all is tabled for at least another two years. Sure, these progressives ran on Medicare-for-all, but now isn’t the time. Maybe it will be time when they can get public support up to 90%. But just 70% support? Nope, definitely not the time!

The problems that got Donald Trump elected are all worse than they were four years ago. The establishment hasn’t spent a day since then reflecting on why the Republican electorate gave them the middle finger by nominating him and then why the American public gave them the middle finger by electing him. This last minute bid to impeach him a second time is an absurd illustration of that. They have no idea what created a president Trump, let alone any clue how to address it. All they can do is shoot the messenger again and again and again. When the corpse is dragged away next week, then what?

• Category: Culture/Society, Ideology • Tags: COTW 

The following graphs show the mean number of children by frequency of religious worship service attendance. The survey period covered is from 2000 to 2018 covering adults aged 30 through old age, so TFRs are higher across the board than they are among people in their reproductive primes today:

There is nothing to the color scheme in the first graph. Those are default colors. It’s a little easier to comprehend at first glance than the second graph is, but both are interesting so both were included.

The relationship between fertility and religiosity is weakest among blacks. Parenthetically but not unrelatedly, the inverse correlation between fertility and intelligence is most pronounced among blacks.

Orthodox Jews are fecund, non-Orthodox Jews are not.

GSS variables used: RACEHISP(1)(2)(3), RACECEN1(4-10), HISPANIC(0), RELIG(1-2,4-13)(3), CHILDS, YEAR(2000-2018), AGED(30-89), ATTEND(0)(1-2)(3-4)(5-6)(7-8)

• Category: Culture/Society, Race/Ethnicity, Science • Tags: Fertility, GSS, Religion 

A desire to defend the homeland is an intrinsic part of human nature. It’s a universal instinct, not something unique to those on the political right. To the contrary, the story of the last several years has been one of rightists stepping onto leftist land and getting a comeuppance for the trouble. Aggressors come, they see, and they are conquered.

The latest and most spectacular example of this occurred yesterday in Washington DC. The residents of the capital are further left than virtually any other population in the country. The city went for Biden over Trump 93%-5% in November. The MAGA marchers were an invading force. And when the marchers invaded, they were lured into a trap, engulfed, and set upon. During the melee, the Capitol Police killed an unarmed MAGA maid in cold blood. Vice president and DC denizen Mike Pence predictably threw in with the defenders of his realm:

He made no mention of Ashli Babbitt, the woman killed by that same police force, and he never will.

Pence had no words for the Minneapolis police force that had a man die in their custody last May, but he had praise and prayers for the deceased:

Who poses the more imminent threat, a female trespasser or a convicted felon driving under the influence, trying to pass counterfeit money, and resisting arrest? With the qualified exception of the DUI, neither pose imminent threats to anyone, but the parenthetical about policing practices is a digressive distraction at the moment. The point is one will be portrayed as having played stupid games to win stupid prizes, the other to have joined the choir of angels in heaven. The miscreant was invading, the martyr invaded.

In Portland, Boston, Seattle, Charlottesville, Louisville, and several other leftist cities across the country, right-leaning public demonstrations have reliably ended in disaster. When the police departments of one of these cities gets tangled up in a controversial killing, civil unrest spills into the streets. The protests, peaceful or not, go largely unmolested. Few are arrested and even fewer are charged. The residents of these cities don’t want cops killing people they are sympathetic to. More power to them. Those are their cities, let them run them how they want to run them.

There was one notable exception to this trend. In Lancaster, the police shooting death of a man wielding a knife was followed by a night of angry rioting. Only a single night. The police, backed by the justice system and supported by the conservative residents of a red Pennsylvania county, came down hard on the rioters. Unlike the cities listed above, Lancaster is not a leftist stronghold. What was celebrated elsewhere not only was not celebrated in Lancaster, it wasn’t even tolerated.

The differences between Seattle and Lancaster are what separate countries are for. The US is an empire with several countries crammed together inside of it. It doesn’t work, and it’s working ever worse by the day.

It is self-defeating futility for the right to keep trying to loudly proclaim itself on leftist turf. Don’t antagonize the opposition. This doesn’t just apply to the geographical. The right needs to get off hostile platforms. They must stop using social media giants that hate them. Stop focusing on changing Washington DC and start focusing on separating from it. Forget the national, focus on the local. Don’t join the military; if anything, join the sheriff’s department. Cut the cable, don’t pay for sewage streaming sites like Netflix and Hulu. Employ agorism wherever and whenever possible.

There is no hope for traditional Americans to reclaim control of the country. They voted for border control, trade barriers, and an end to foreign wars. They got a tax cut for multinational mega corporations who view America as a shopping mall, four more years of facilitating Yemeni genocide, and borders that will be more porous in a month than they were when Trump was inaugurated. Despite coming up short, they tried to vote for it again. They lost. When they thought things looked fishy, they asked for their concerns to be addressed. They were dismissed without standing. When they assembled to air their grievances, they were treated like terrorists for causing an infinitesimally small fraction of the damage that leftist protests caused day after day over the better part of a year.

The civil rights struggle of our age is one for self-determination. This doesn’t mean civil war and the hell on earth that would unleash, it means working towards civility in separation, equity in ending the empire. It doesn’t mean mocking CHAZ and it certainly doesn’t mean invading CHAZ. It means wishing CHAZ well enough and ensuring CHAZ doesn’t come to flyover country. Your county commissioners have that power. The president of the United States doesn’t. Put your efforts into the former and forget about the latter.


TomSchmidt suggests a spot check for circumstantial evidence of Dominion Voting Systems chicanery in New York:

I’d be interested in an analysis of two suburban NYC counties, AE. Westchester County voted for Biden, more strongly than for Clinton (who lives there) and I think Nassau went for Trump. Last time I think both went for Clinton.

I ask, because both counties are relatively wealthy, and decent analogues of each other. Except: Nassau and Westchester used different voting machine technology, ES&S in the case of the former, and Dominion in the case of the latter. No one is looking for fraud in NY state, and there might be none. But a comparison of the two might be interesting.

Both counties broke Democrat in 2016 and 2020.

In 2016, Clinton won Westchester by 33.7 points; in 2020, Biden won by 36.3 points. Democrats improved 2.6 points there from 2016 to 2020.

In 2016, Clinton won Nassau by 6.2 points; in 2020, Biden by 9.5 points. Democrats improved 3.3 points there from 2016 to 2020.

In the county that did not use the Dominion system the Democrat advantage grew more than it did in the county that used Dominion.

It’s not a kraken, it’s a water lily.


This sloppiness creates a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach:

These two results obviously cannot simultaneously be accurate, yet they are being reported in the same exit poll with an identical sample.

Salt in hand, we soldier on. Interestingly, Republicans express more confidence in the integrity of the vote count than Democrats do:

When things don’t go their way, voters will find fault whatever party they’re from. Baseline trust is lower for Democrats, though, and even the 2020 presidential election and subsequent fallout from it hasn’t been enough to reorder that.

A majority of Georgia voters think abortion should be legal. The Bible Belt has broken.

The GOP’s relatively strong showing among Hispanics in November does not appear to have been a fluke. The Georgia exit poll shows Democrats winning them by a modest margin, 52%-43%.

About the broken Bible Belt, 1-in-14 Georgian voters are LGBTQ.

The ultra rich are firmly Democrat. Even in this southern state, Democrats beat Republicans 60%-39% among those earning more than $200,000 a year. Republicans won those earning between $50,000 and $200,000. Democrats won those making less than $50,000 annually. The top and the bottom against the middle, part CXXVIII.

Will the Biden administration double down on the Covid lockdowns or will it ride the vaccine and seasonality waves into the Spring, claiming victory and coming home by summer? The former is more likely:

Chin up, conservatives. The dollar is getting clobbered by the yuan, down 10% since May with nothing but air below. Commodity prices, real and virtual, are spiking. The consumer price increases that must come are coming. And the Democrats get to own it all. The country, you ask? Terminal. A different electoral outcome here wouldn’t have changed that. No electoral outcome can and no electoral outcome will.

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Trump’s best looooong shot chance to win his reelection bout in a controversial TKO decision is for the Georgia Republicans to lose tonight. That aligns the GOPe’s interests with his own. If they really do want the Senate but Loeffler and Perdue lose tonight, they can still get the upper chamber through a Biden defenestration and a Trump installation.

Is there any evidence Trump realized this? It doesn’t seem like he was pulling any punches with his endorsements, so probably not. Was he hoodwinked by the promise that if he helped Loeffler and Perdue that the GOPe would leave it all on the field tomorrow? It strains credulity to think he would put the party before his own ambitions, so he probably either doesn’t realize this dynamic or no longer cares about reelection.


Things are getting really bad as the third wave washes over the American landscape:

The Covid-19 epidemic is sending people to hospitals and urgent-care centers in every state, and medical centers are responding with extraordinary measures: Asking staff to work overtime, setting up triage tents, restricting friends and family visits and canceling elective surgeries, to name a few.

“We are pretty much at capacity, and the volume is certainly different from previous years,” says Dr. Stephen Austin, professor and chair of family medicine at the Canned Holler Equus Asinus Medical Center in Palo Alto, California. “I’ve been in practice for 30 years, and it’s been decades since I’ve seen a scenario like the one we’re experiencing now.”

Austin says his hospital is “managing, but just barely,” at keeping up with the increased number of sick patients in the last three weeks. The hospital’s urgent-care centers have also been inundated, and its outpatient clinics have no appointments available.

The story is similar in Alabama, which is under a state of emergency like so many other states are. Dr. Edward Guerrero, associate professor of infectious diseases at the Victor Center of Swindling Therapeutics, says that VCST cancelled elective surgeries scheduled for Thursday and Friday of last week to make more beds available to Covid-19 patients.

“We had to treat patients in places where we normally wouldn’t, like in recovery rooms,” says Guerrero. “The emergency room was very crowded, both with sick patients who needed to be admitted.”

In New York, which has been particularly hard hit by the pandemic, several hospitals have set up large “surge tents” outside their emergency departments to accommodate and treat Covid-19 patients. Even then, the NY Times reported this week, emergency departments had standing-room only, and some patients had to be treated in hallways.

The Peaceful Rest Valley Health System east of Tucson set up a similar surge tent in its parking lot on Monday, in response to an increase in patients presenting serious viral illnesses, including Covid-19 but excluding the flu. “We’ve put it into operation a couples times now over the last few days,” said a hospital spokesperson. “I think Tuesday we saw upwards of about 40 people in the tent itself, writhing helplessly on the ground.”

When the wolf comes, few will believe it’s here. Collapsing social trust has dire consequences.

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DanHessinMD on the Covid catastrophe:

A major problem has been that the powers that be have massively distorted reality on the dangers of COVID and have literally censored anything that went against the panic narrative.

Early in the pandemic, sincere scientists and doctors made videos advocating against lockdown and saw their content banned. It was only the BLM street activism that broke the stranglehold of lockdown thinking, because suddenly gathering in large groups was fine.

Nobody dares publicly take the view that COVID is not so bad. Big tech actually invented a new ban category in 2020, “false” medical information as per the judgment of the blue-haired women’s studies majors at Twitter, Google and Facebook’s “Trust and Safety” teams whose medical competency is nil. Much of this new power was used against those who wanted to resist the panic.

The public has been completely failed by those who would guide public thinking. Florida has been open normally for most of the year while New York has been on lockdown for most of the year. Masks are not required in Florida and schools are open. The opposite is true in New York. Florida has a larger and older population than New York. Yet Florida has had 1/2 a many COVID deaths as New York.

How many people even know this? If you follow mainstream media you would think that Florida has had far worse outcomes that New York but instead Florida’s outcomes have been far better, while having virtually no restrictions. Can the public be blamed for giving up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety when they aren’t even allowed to know the truth?

The most obvious remedy for respiratory infections, humidifying living spaces in winter, has gotten virtually no traction. A curious person could learn about the respiratory system and figure out within days that moist air is of paramount importance. No matter how low your opinion of our thought leaders, it should be lower still.

Our intellectual overlords are profoundly intellectually incompetent. Their minds do not specialize in truth but in enforcing conformity.

The Unz Review is still banned on Facebook–even links attempted to be shared in private messages–on account of having allegedly spread misinformation about the pandemic, despite UR hosting Anatoly Karlin, one of the first people in the English-speaking world to sound the alarm on the virus. It has become a handy pretense for silencing dissent.

New York vs Florida over here, Italy vs Sweden over there. It’s an exercise in futility to try and tell by looking at graphs of cases, hospitalizations, or deaths over time of states and countries when various mandates, restrictions, and lockdown orders were issued. China rolled out a response tighter than the US could’ve managed even if it had the will to. And that’s why China nipped the problem in the bud while the US flailed around incompetently–except Japan didn’t do much of anything and fared far better than many other countries that locked down hard did, including several states in the US.

Meanwhile, for healthy non-geriatrics without co-morbidities, Covid isn’t even “just the flu, bro”, it’s less than that. Despite never being at risk from the disease, they’ve effectively had a year of living life taken from them.

Jay Fink on Ron Paul’s revenge:

The gap [between the top 1% and the bottom 90%] increased when Obama was President as much as anytime. The neolibs/Democrat establishment favor policies that lead to this gap as much as anyone.

What makes things worse is the left blames the wealth gap on “tax cuts for the rich”. In reality this is a trivial reason. It’s Wall Street bailouts, QE [ie the Federal Reserve] and other stimulus that cause the gap.

Mainstream Democrats strongly favor this and will destroy anyone who tries to get in the way.

Taxation, euphemistically referred to as government revenue, and government expenditures need not have anything to do with one another. In fiscal 2020, which ran through the end of October 2020, the government conjured more money out of thin air than it taxed from the citizenry. That isn’t an aberration. It’s going to happen again in 2021. States and municipalities are underwater all over the country and the TreasureFed is going to bail all of them out. It will be the norm until the dollar breaks.

Twinkie truth#389:

Men pursue beauty and women pursue status.

A simple thought experiment will confirm this. Think of the person you find most attractive in the world. Removing spousal and family commitments from the equation, if you could either spend one night with that person either in a private hotel room away from prying eyes or out and about rubbing elbows with celebrities in Hollywood or Manhattan but never alone together, what would you choose to do? Men will overwhelmingly choose the private hotel room; women the conspicuous night on the town.

Boomer follyofwar on the youngins embrace of the carapace:

As a retired boomer, I feel very sad that this Covid hysteria is “destroying the lives of Zoomers and Millenials.” But, from what I’ve observed, as a group, they object to these lockdowns less than my generation. Many are so afraid of the virus that they shop at home for groceries. And they willingly wear masks more than boomers. I’ve seen many wearing masks while riding their bikes. Such is the power of propaganda, which has destroyed their free will. There was so much more freedom when we boomers were young. We grew up in a different world.

With the bars shut down, as well as most social gatherings, how many college students, living under enforced dictatorships, are even dating when they can’t see the opposite sex faces? Parents should not pay for their kid’s college ‘mis-educations’ if they are staying home in their pajamas taking classes remotely. Better to work at Walmart. I predict a Baby Bust in 2021.

Indeed, boomers appear to be twice as resistant to the restrictions as zoomers are. From the latest YouGov survey, the percentages of respondents by age cohort who perceive a federal mask mandate as “a violation of your civil liberties”:

Aged 18-29: 22%
Aged 30-44: 35%
Aged 45-64: 33%
Aged 65+: 43%

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Support for QAnon by selected demographics:

It is a boogey man on the left. While only 7% of Democrats have not ever heard of QAnon, 29% of Republicans are unaware of it.

QAnon is the MAGA movement’s Prester John. The red hat crusaders’ last stand is less than a week away. If he doesn’t come then, he isn’t coming at all, because he doesn’t exist.


The results from the annual Gallup survey of the top 10 men and women Americans admire most tracks fairly closely to the demographics of the country itself. Blacks are overrepresented, Hispanics underrepresented, whites and Asians proportionally so.

If we count Pope Francis as white, which we probably should since he is a second-generation Italian immigrant to Argentina, we get a list that is 65% white. The country is 60% non-Hispanic white. The adult population is a bit whiter still, so that 65% is almost perfectly representative of the country as a whole.

If we count Barack Obama as black, which is what almost everyone perceives him to be, and Kamala Harris as black, which is the racial identity she now tends to lead with, we get a list that is 25% black. Without Harris’ inclusion, the list is 20%. The country is 13% black, so either way blacks are overrepresented.

As is often the case, Hispanics are unambiguously underrepresented. Without stretching to make room for Pope Francis, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the sole Hispanic inclusion. While the list is only 5% Hispanic, the country is 19% Hispanic.

If instead of counting Harris as black we count her as (South) Asian, the list is 10% Asian. If she stays in the black column, the list is 5% Asian. The country is 6% Asian, so like the white figure, the list is in broadly in line with the demographics of the country.

Bernie Sanders is the lone Jewish inclusion. Technically that still qualifies as Jewish overrepresentation, since Jews constitute 2% of the nation’s population, but from a list of 20 it is as diminutive a representation as can be achieved without being entirely absent.

Where there is staggering overrepresentation is by occupation. Those working in politics utterly dominate the list, garnering 11 of the 20 spots. The only inventors to make the cut are Bill Gates and Elon Musk. The rest are religious figures or celebrities.


What were the three biggest red pills of the year?

The top three from our vantage point:

– The corporate media permitting Joe Biden to use a teleprompter for interviews. The most common reaction to these revelations was, well, yuk yuk, there’s even more evidence Biden is a senescent, doddering old codger!

What they actually revealed is that the putatively independent media was working directly for a presidential candidate. Think about what this entails. The campaign writes a script for Biden and the interviewer. The media professionally produces the result.

That sounds like a campaign ad because it is a campaign ad, except campaign ads cost political campaigns donor money to produce and put on the airwaves, and they come with disclaimers about who paid for the ads (“I’m Joe Biden and I approve this message”).

At least they are supposed to. This degree of collusion makes whatever Russia was accused of doing look like child’s play. The media is not a watch dog, it’s a lapdog, staffed with bootlickers and ring-kissers whose sole purpose is to speak power to truth. That includes the bogus fact checking sites that claim everything is on the up and up because Biden was looking at something innocuous that we always use that is always there for everyone that no one has ever noticed before and no one has seen since. Right, of course.

– In March, April, and most of May, getting twenty people together to have a barbecue was an act of attempted murder. Then at the end of May, hundreds of thousands of people pouring on top of each other out onto the streets in big cities across the country became a collective act of righteousness.

As though that abrupt about face was not gobsmacking enough, the twenty people getting together for a barbecue remained an act of attempted murder–unless the event had the right political message. If it did, it endangered no one and was above any criticism. Ten proles gathering together to put an elderly family member to rest was beyond the pale, but hundreds of the most powerful swamp creatures sitting shoulder-to-shoulder to send one of their own to hell was a nationally televised religious event.

Inextricably related to this has been widespread, lasting compliance to whatever the powers that be decide The Science is at the moment. The restrictions of civil liberties done in the name of 9/11 pale in comparison to what has been perpetrated under the cover of Covid. Who would’ve predicted a year ago that the government would forbid American citizens from playing sports, running a restaurant, or having family over for the holidays? Yet to question any of these things now marks a person out as a dangerous miscreant. We’ve always been at war with the hospitality industry!

– Election fixing became an accepted part of the democratic process, undermining the very foundation of the democracy in the process. The Iowa caucus was stolen from Bernie Sanders. The conspiracy is hiding in plain sight. In mid-December, ten months after it mattered, Politico reported:

Democratic National Committee meddling, combined with missteps by the state Democratic Party, were the primary drivers of the chaos that torpedoed the Iowa caucuses earlier this year, according to a new audit commissioned by the state party.

The report, which was distributed to the Iowa Democratic Party State Central Committee at a meeting Saturday morning and obtained by POLITICO, identified a series of errors made by the DNC, IDP and the technology company contracted by the state party to build a reporting app to collect caucus results.

The February caucuses were overrun by foul-ups: The state party was unable to report a winner on caucus night, the mobile app to report results failed to work for many precinct chairs, the back-up telephone systems were jammed and some precincts had initial reporting errors. The state party chair, Troy Price, resigned in the wake of the debacle, which put Iowa’s status as the first in the nation nominating contest in serious jeopardy.

But the report pins the blame squarely on the DNC for the heart of the problem on caucus night — the delay in the reporting of the results. According to the report, the DNC demanded the technology company, Shadow, build a conversion tool just weeks before the caucuses to allow the DNC to have real-time access to the raw numbers because the national party feared the app would miscalculate results. The DNC’s data system used a different database format than Shadow’s reporting app, which caused multiple problems.

It wasn’t necessary to cheat Sanders out of the nomination to keep him from it. Once it was Sanders vs not Sanders, Sanders didn’t stand a chance in a fair election. Blacks wouldn’t vote for him and there is no winning the Democrat nomination without black support. But they broke the glass in case of emergency anyway, just to be sure, and they got away with it.

Something similar likely characterized the November general election, albeit on a must larger scale. Biden had the votes to vanquish Trump, but even if he hadn’t, it would’ve been made to look as though he did. And they’ll get away with that, too. They’ll get away with it over and over in the future. There is no reason not to think it is now a permanent feature of elections in the collapsing empire we’re living under.