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Donald Trump Joins Rumble – Rumble Bans Criticism of the Jews!
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The real president Donald Trump was banned from most of the internet after the FBI organized a fake riot at the Capitol on January 6.

At the same time that Trump was banned, the Twitter alternative Parler was also totally banned from the internet. (Arguably, Parler could have fixed the situation using methods similar to what the Daily Stormer used when it was banned, but they didn’t, and just remained banned.)

However, one alternative social media site, which has maintained some resilience, stayed up: Gab. I have my own issues with that site, and don’t personally use it or encourage others to use it (at least not without a VPN, and good op-sec to not put any private information into it). But here’s the thing: Gab was there and it was online and Trump could have been posting on it as soon as he was banned from Twitter. Yet, he chose not to.

Back in May, Gab founder Andrew Torba told TruNews’ Lauren Witzke that after Trump was banned from Twitter, Gab was contacted by Trump’s team.

According to Torba, he was told that Trump might be interested in posting on the site, but that Jared Kushner had some demands for changes, including that Gab ban all criticism of both Israel and Jews generally.

There was no way to confirm these claims by Torba, of course, but it seemed true.

As we know, everything that went wrong in the Trump Administration can ultimately be traced back to the Jew-Democrat infiltrator and subverter Jared Kushner. So it is common sense that Kushner would be the one subverting Trump’s ability to contact his supporters.

This week, Torba’s claims appear to have been confirmed when Donald Trump announced that he had signed up for the alternative video-hosting website Rumble – and Rumble changed its terms of service (ToS) to explicitly ban criticism of the Jews.

On Sunday, Torba posted on Gab screenshots of the Rumble ToS from before and after June 6, showing that “anti-Semitism” is now mentioned as a bannable offense.

Torba used the Wayback Machine, a website that archives old versions of websites, to show the change.


This might seem like a small thing, but it really is the veil being drawn back on the machine that destroyed Donald Trump, his presidency, and his political movement.

We’d already heard a whole lot about Kushner’s various issues with so-called “anti-Semites” in Donald Trump’s base. It appears now that he played a key role in undermining Trump’s most aggressive supporters in order to push his Jewish agenda.

Although I do not personally credit Daily Stormer as being responsible for electing Donald Trump in 2016, several high level Jewish think tanks published papers claiming that our memes and trolling efforts played a significant role in the election. Certainly, at the time of the election, so-called “anti-Semites” had a lot of influence in the MAGA movement.

It’s ancient history now, but the way the censorship came down on the Daily Stormer was clearly a result of our support for Trump, and the way our prominent role in making memes gave us influence over normal Republicans. After decades of “Judeo-Christianity,” the average white American conservative was being asked for the first time why they support the Jews, who have been the enemies of Christendom for thousands of years (and the enemies of Europeans before Christendom even existed).

While we were being banned from everything, people like Jack Posobiec and Mike Cernovich were exposed as cleaning their Twitter feeds of any mention of Jews or of white identity issues.

Before Trump won the election, both Posobiec and Cernovich were very open to talking about Jews and white identity.

That was all deleted.

What’s more, Baked Alaska posted messages from Cernovich giving him an ultimatum to clean his feed of anything related to Jews or white identity.

This was clearly being orchestrated by someone. Shortly after Cernovich cleansed his Twitter, he was given a press pass by the Trump Administration.

Posobiec literally took a trip to Israel.

Over a period of months, virtually everyone who talked about Jews and white issues was banned from social media. People who did not talk about these issues were allowed to remain on social media. To this day, Posobiec and Cernovich remain among the most trafficked MAGA accounts on Twitter. They do nothing but spew straight narrative, overlapping in an identical manner with Breitbart, which is now totally controlled by Jews.

At the same time as Posobiec and Cernovich (and others) were cleaning their feeds of mentions of Jews, various intelligence operatives were turning the “anti-Semitic” and pro-white side of the MAGA movement into a disaster. FBI informant and emotionally unhinged steroid user Christopher Cantwell and several other freaks were put out by the media as “leaders of the Alt Right,” and the whole thing fizzled into an embarrassing mess. Cantwell and fellow FBI informant Paul Nehlen doxed Ricky Vaughn, who was the single most effective bridge between normie conservatives and white identity ever.

Jack Posobiec pictured with prolific FBI informant Joe Biggs
Jack Posobiec pictured with prolific FBI informant Joe Biggs

Then – very conveniently – QAnon appeared, and filled the void, providing a weird new narrative for Trump’s most devoted supporters. The people who followed Q would have been the same kind of people who would have been open to looking at the Jewish Problem. But information on the Jewish Problem was banned, while Q material was spammed all across Twitter and Facebook.

Meanwhile, Gavin McInnes was ousted from the leadership of the Proud Boys and replaced with Enrique Tarrio, who has been confirmed as a long-time FBI informant (who effectively works as an undercover agent).

FBI informants Enrique Tarrio and Joe Biggs
FBI informants Enrique Tarrio and Joe Biggs

I know some of the inside baseball here, but I obviously can’t say who told me what (I have the zippedest of all lips). But you don’t really need insider information to piece this whole thing together: the feds were working to destroy any movement towards white identity growing within the Trump movement. At the same time, Jared Kushner (and probably Steve Bannon and some others) wanted to build a support base for Trump that was not explicitly pro-white or anti-Jew.

Therefore, the agenda of the FBI – Trump’s main antagonist throughout his presidency – overlapped with the agenda of his son-in-law, who was serving as his most trusted aide.

I have spent such effort documenting this not only so that you, the reader, understands – but so that the historians of the future have something to guide them in deconstructing this mess. Hopefully, the historians of the future will have access to some of the private communications of the rats involved in all of this. But they won’t necessarily need them. Though we don’t understand all the details, the general picture is very clear.

The Jews Destroyed Donald Trump

You must remember that the whole way through all of this, Donald Trump’s instincts were correct.

You must remember that after Charlottesville, Donald Trump went ape on the media, telling them that their entire narrative was a total hoax, and that it was Antifa who created the violence.

You must remember that it was Jared Kushner that convinced Donald Trump to apologize for these accurate and truthful statements.

From there, you have a very straightforward downward spiral.

Having taken a stand against the Charlottesville protesters, Donald Trump couldn’t defend freedom of speech on the internet. This led to a situation where by mid-2019, there was literally no one on the internet allowed to defend him.

Going into the coronavirus hoax, the internet was completely shut up, locked down like a gulag.

Along with giving birth to the Black Lives Matter chaos, the virus hoax was the justification for the mail-in ballot hoax, which was used to steal the election.

I don’t play myself up much, but I can say as a matter of fact: if I had normal internet access, and my Troll Army intact, there is zero chance that the coronavirus hoax would have been possible. It was simply too dumb and too easily picked apart with very simple sound bites/memes.

It is truly astonishing that even after Kushner enacted policies that led to Trump being run out of office in an election hoax, he is still running the Trump operation to the point where he decides what social media Trump is allowed to use.

All of history would have been different if Donald Trump’s daughter had not married this Jew.

Now, all is lost, and the only thing any of us can do is wait for this system to destroy itself.

The other fact of reality is that Trump cannot possibly be of any use now, because Kushner is still controlling him.

(Republished from The Daily Stormer by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Trinity says:


    Cue: Long Haired Country Boy by Charlie Daniels Band

    • Replies: @Leo Den
    , @GomezAdddams
  2. So Andrew, trump wasn’t worth it given all the trouble, except it showed us all the ways our enemy acts as an enemy. They certainly exposed themselves. At least the terms are well defined. Could then be the clock is ticking on

  3. Angharad says:

    Trump is an adult male, and if Kushner is “controlling him” it’s because Trump is letting him do this.

  4. Anon[153] • Disclaimer says:

    Straight Narrative: Salvation is from the Jews. Believe it or be boiled alive in hell!

    • Replies: @John S
    , @LarryS
    , @Hans
  5. Donald Trump is jewish—Joe Biden ex Catholic–John Hagee—Jewish/Christian.

    • Agree: RedpilledAF
    • Disagree: Fr. John
    • Replies: @The Real World
  6. Chris Moore says: • Website

    The ((Jewish)) problem is now out in the open for the entire world to see and to hammer away at both openly (anti-Zionism) and cryptically, and to use to decode what’s really going on in Empire, as this article does.

    The “secret weapon” (international Jewry) has become a major liability, more so because they have absolutely no idea how to operate in an atmosphere where there are fewer and fewer secrets, back room deals, and privileged rackets that don’t get unearthed by the Internet. Big conspiracies have simply become impossible to pull off, and the world of crypsis that served the Jews so well is a thing of the past. The entire “chosen” and entitled Jew mentality is a thing of the past, just like royalty. Yet the kosher establishment continues to play act, and simply can’t accept that their illusion is disintegrating, and so keeps going through the motions as if waiting for the world to return to its state of ignorant superstition and dumfounded naivety.

    There is no going back. There really never was. “Zion” was always a fantasy and an illusion feeding off of two WASP Empires that thought their hegemony would last forever, but will be lucky to make it through the decade without a civil war, thanks to the ((Jews)) who are not even Jewish, but pathological grifters and parasites working for their own accounts.

    • Thanks: Iris
    • Replies: @Josh Kenn
    , @Ray Caruso
  7. Josh Kenn says:
    @Chris Moore

    Perhaps they can’t help themselves because their Talmudic eugenics program selected them for that behavior. I think some poster guest poster on this site wrote something to that effect.

    • Replies: @Chris Moore
    , @Anon
  8. @Angharad

    “Trump is an adult male, and if Kushner is “controlling him” it’s because Trump is letting him do this.”
    Fair point.
    But don’t forget the “excluded middle” — his daughter. You can bet she “pisses in his ear” non stop about how fucking wonderful Jarad is….

  9. Mike Tre says:

    I don’t remember Trump being particularly critical of jews.

    • Replies: @halfhearted
  10. Feuerbach says:

    US demographics are rapidly deteriorating. The Republican party will never support a pro-white movement. In 15 years everyone in the US will have to pander to the non-white majority in order to have any chance of getting into power.

    • Agree: Z-man
    • Disagree: CSFurious
    • Replies: @Anonymous
  11. It should, by now, be obvious that Jewish interests control the media. This was not always the case in this country. Before we had the internet and social media, local interests stood a chance of purveying the news and commentary that served local interests. In short, the internet is an absolute curse, because it destroys small communities. Small communities were, for most of American history, the backbone of the country and the key to what has become known generically as “the American dream.”

    We are never going to wrestle Pandora back into her box until we recognize that the technology that has produced this leviathan that we call “the internet” is stifled. Probably a hopeless endeavor, I have to admit. This leaves us with the only viable option that could revive at least pieces of the America that those of us who are old enough to remember, would care to inhabit. That option is “separation.” And any separatist movement must have some guiding principles. How about Christianity and the un-deconstructed US Constitution, which propagated the rule of law in accordance with western civilization and the English common law? At this point, you will only find viable communities in this country that are Amish or Hutterite, or other “ancient” sects that prohibit unnecessary technology that, they know, will destroy their communities.

    If you don’t want a country that is destroyed by Jewish interests, abjure the internet and go “back to the land.”

    Andrew Anglin, you are a jewel. (no pun intended) But you are playing on the enemy’s turf and by the enemy’s rules. The quest you pursue (just as do those of us who read your wonderful insights) is utterly hopeless. If you want to live in a better world, you need to pick up your marbles and go start your own game. This one is hopelessly rigged. (Trump got that part right at least.)

    • Thanks: Dumbo, Joe Levantine
  12. Trump was a pu**y while in office. I don’t want to hear from him now.


    • Agree: Robin Hood, Flubber
    • Replies: @Trinity
    , @Truth
  13. Trump became garbage the instant he no longer had to pander to whites for votes. He was always a grifter, and whites were in a desperate enough situation to breathlessly buy the snake oil. Even four years later with zero promises fulfilled they were ready to buy it… The sooner people accept that there isn’t a political solution the better imo. The system is too corrupt, it literally can’t happen.

  14. @Angharad

    Yep – best not look to NY for politicians.

    • Agree: By-tor
  15. Rico says:

    Trump is trying to re-invent himself as a neo-con now
    He has struck some kind of deal with the Deep State.
    No prosecution as long as he keeps the MAGA movement frozen and impotent.

    • Thanks: The Real World
  16. Trinity says:

    IF America is to survive our real leader will come from the working class. No elitist fairy who has more Jews in his life than a New York or Miami phone book combined is going to get the (((monkey))) off our back. A NYC businessman who has a daughter married to Super Jew Jared? “Come on, man.” IF you think this Orange Clown is going to turn things around for Whites you are as dumb as those patriotards applauding Trumpstein moving the embassy to Jew-roose-see-lem. Do they actually make those tards applaud every time Trumpstein mentions that?

    These “elitist” fairies, weirdos, sociopaths, child molesters, white collar criminals, etc., are not about to help anyone but themselves. While it appears Trump isn’t part of the pedo-gang in the District Of Criminals, he appears to not have had a problem hanging around people like Epstein/Maxwell and Slick Willie. Are we so naive to believe that Trump did not hear things about these perverts and pedophiles? A decent man would have been informing the proper authorities, ( haha, yea, I know but at least try and have these people arrested, you can only do what you can do) and he certainly would have never attended parties or weddings of scum like these people.

    The only reason Trump looks good is because of what came before him and the POS who came after him. Would I vote for Trump over Honest Joe? Well, what other choice do I have at the time. Will Trump have the balls to turn America around? Doubtful. He had 4 years and did little except sucking Jew ass like all the others before him.

  17. Trinity says:
    @Sick of Orcs

    DeSantis is yet another Jew ass sucker. Hell, he is more of Jew ass kisser than the Orange Man.

  18. fnn says:

    Mel Brooks must also be a “white supremacist anti-Semite.”

  19. Skeptikal says:

    Trump’s Achilles heel is his daughter Ivanka.

    He’ll do anything to please her, including bowing down to her awful hubby (probably hubby controls Trump via Ivanka).

    It’s Greek. I mean, you don’t have to be a perfect hero —in fact there is no such thing as a perfect hero.

    You can even be more of a heroic fool—the Greek lens still fractures light in meaningful ways.

    Or, to bring it all a few eons forward, Cherchez la femme!!

    • Agree: Angharad
    • Replies: @Angharad
  20. @Gina Schrank

    Yes, lets all become Ludites. That will surely fix everything.

    The reason the deep state can control everything is because people are ignorant of what’s really going on. The Internet is the only place left where people can reach each other and have alternative views expressed that the controllers keep wanting to stifle. You can only fix ignorance with education and if you switch off from the Internet all that’s left is the official propaganda the MSM puts out.

    Lots of people have left the MSM space and have found a more compelling argument for why things are as they are via the Web. If you want to stick your head in the sand, that’s your business, but to proselytize for others to do the same is nuts.

    • Agree: Nisbe, frontier
    • Thanks: Angharad
    • Replies: @Gina Schrank
    , @Lem
    , @Emslander
  21. The first question upon meeting someone new is to ascertain their position on Jewish power.

    Like the Soviet satellite states of the east bloc, you have to know who is a believer of the communist regime and who is a dissident.

    This is the new reality of choosing friends in the 21st century USSA.

    Nobody can remain ignorant of the zionist takeover. Eventually, everyone must have an opinion on the JQ.

    “If you want to know who rules you, look to whom you may not talk about.”

    • Replies: @Colin Wright
  22. @fnn

    Yari thinks that the phrases “white supremacist” and “anti-Semite” still sting us and strike fear in our hearts. I hate to tell him, but to some of us, our only reply would be, “So? What about it?” Or, as at least one Unz commenter has posted, “Thanks for noticing.”

  23. Remember Trump authored a book titled, “The Art of the Deal?” I have had a theory that, in order for the (probably Jew-controlled) electoral college to vote for him, he had to agree to bring Kushner along. Of course, he could be so dumb that it was his (Trump’s) own idea. But let’s not discount the notion that he could have been instructed. And instructed by his Godfather donor Adelson to bring Bolton and Elliot Abrams.

    Anyway, I mentally turned the corner a long time ago on Trump. And the Republican party. And voting at the Federal level. They’re not on our side and never will be again. Even that congresswoman down in Georgia was made to grovel.

    Really, I can’t think of one other solution than for non-cucked White Americans and/or White Christians and/or Trad Christians to have their own nation state with ocean access so that it can’t be blockaded. It needs to have the natural resources so that sanctions won’t starve or cripple the economy or population. The pressure will be intense, just ask Viktor Orban, but we are (were) hardy people. Look at our history and the adversities that our ancestors endured.

    Is it even possible for a leader to emerge that won’t be compromised? His credentials would have to be impeccable. There will be many efforts to subvert and frame him and his group. But if Liborio Bellomo can survive all of these years, that proves it can be done. Anyway, this leader, and the group, needs to have vast reserves of wealth to defend against ADL and SPLC lawsuits. But, as we have seen in the past year with Chauvin and Giuliani, the chance of a fair trial is in doubt. Even the chance to have a trial at all is in doubt. Ask Assange. The Empire can swat you like a fly.

    • Agree: Craig Nelsen
  24. @Trinity

    I’m aware DeSantis is a philo-semite but they all are. Like early Trump, DeSantis knows how to shut down (((fake news))) and unlike Trump, has been known to take action.

    Secession is coming anyway so why not?

    • Replies: @Nisbe
    , @Mulga Mumblebrain
  25. BuelahMan says:

    The author of this piece cannot really be this clueless about Trump. Hence, the misdirectionist I have always known him to be.

    Trump was, is and always be the jews’ Inside Man

    • Agree: Schuetze
  26. @RoatanBill

    You are probably right, RoatanBill. But I think you are naive if you think that people who have been immersed in the internet blather are ever going to become educated. Just to add a little bit to my luddite sentiments (which I acknowledge), I believe that democracy is unfortunately not possible to sustain once the community gets too large or too diverse. Democracy works in small groups of similar ethnic background. It also seems to require at least a smattering of education in the Western tradition. The great masses who flock to the internet have left education behind long ago and they won’t be converted back into thoughtful citizens, despite our wishful thinking.

    • Troll: Twodees Partain
    • Replies: @Drapetomaniac
    , @Angharad
  27. Chris Moore says: • Website
    @Josh Kenn

    Perhaps they can’t help themselves because their Talmudic eugenics program selected them for that behavior.

    Then Talmudism and its cultural practicioners need to be banned from the nation. Because as it stands, those it has corrupted are allowing the ((Jews)) to feast on the People and what remains of the nation, and taking a cut of the criminal proceeds in exchange.

    • Agree: HeebHunter
  28. anon[338] • Disclaimer says:

    Ziocons did same thing to Lancet and Scientific American .

    But Mondoweiss is hate site ( 3rd in Google search engine algorithm ) because it has exposed the intolerance of the Zionism to the truths .

  29. There is no political solution as jews control both “sides.”

    Trump was never our guy. FTN did a deep dive on Trump and his father….close connection to Roy Cohn. Trump was always Zion Don….his crew used analytics to figure out what people wanted to hear….that got him in and…..he fulfilled none of his promises.
    I will concede that he was better than Biden and that whites are now in a dire situation.

    Besides the demographic disaster we face, the small hats stole the election and rubbed it in our faces. Elderly people are being arrested by the jews’ FBI for having the audacity to go to a Trump rally.

    White people have been stripped of all rights….I think the big turn came at C’ville with the James Fields sentence…..I think C’ville made the jews shit their pants so now they have declared total war on our people. They have lost their minds. Bret Weinstein is warning them to slow down….to boil the frog more slowly….but I think forces have been loosed that they are unable to control. Blacks are offing whites and getting away with it.

    Yesterday I was sitting in my car, stopped at a red light, and a crazy buckwheat tried to climb in the passenger side of my car. I just ran the light and drove away…..and I thought of poor James Fields.

    This is not going to end well. They’ve cranked up the hate whitey volume control to 11 on a dial that only goes to 10. And the gaslighting is so ridiculous…..joggers doing mayhem all over the country…..but white people are terrorists.

    • Agree: Katrinka, TKK, ziggurat
  30. @Angharad

    Absolutely. I had always had the sneaking suspicion that Trump’s original plan had been to gear things up for a war in Iran in his 1st term and then go ahead with it in the 2nd. If that was the intent, then the rabid hostility shown towards him by so many well-funded Jewish-run groups must have persuaded him to drop the idea. I voted for him in 2020, though not in 2016. By 2020 I was persuaded that even if Trump tried to set off a war for Netanyahu, then he would encounter the most ferocious opposition from the media. In contrast, I’m more concerned that Biden may suddenly be advised that he needs to create a distraction by sending US troops into Syria. If that happened then the media would just blather on about what a great President Biden is.

  31. John S says:

    But who are the Jews? Certainly not the synagogue of Satan running the US and occupying Palestine.

    • Agree: Z-man
  32. Chris Moore says: • Website
    @Patrick McNally

    Trump’s original plan had been to gear things up for a war in Iran in his 1st term and then go ahead with it in the 2nd. If that was the intent, then the rabid hostility shown towards him by so many well-funded Jewish-run groups must have persuaded him to drop the idea.

    These well-funded Jewish groups don’t want to disrupt their war on Whites and their advocacy of ((Globohomo)), nor do they want the hard-core Zionists to force them into Israel. But they want to retain their Jewish identity because they like the “chosen” racket spoils and the Weimar Republic-like licentiousness.

    Typical of Jewry as a whole, they swing in multiple directions.

    What is the common denominator between hard-core Zionists and ((Globohomo))? Treason.

  33. Angharad says:

    This is my personal opinion, and it’s SOLELY that – but I think Trump and Ivanka were more than Daddy/Daughter, is you catch my drift. Jew like to slander Humans, especially Southern Whites, as “inbred hillbillies”. but incest is very very VERY common among Jews. Have you seen the Donald/Teenaged Ivanka pics? And when Trump accepted the nomination in 2015, Ivanka introduced him onstage. Do recall how Trump grabbed her by her hips? I saw that at the time, and I instinctively thought, “Ewwwwwwwwww”…

    I personally believe this is what Kushner has on Trump.

  34. @Gina Schrank

    Democracy is not designed to work – it is designed to deceive.

    The masses were never part of royalty and they will never be part of the elite.

    • Agree: Angharad, Joe Levantine
  35. Angharad says:
    @Gina Schrank

    Oh do get over yourself. Plenty of people have discovered the real causes and effects of everything do to the access to information on the Internet, Gina, including Yours Truly. (that’s your real concern, isn’t it, Brett Weinstein?)

    Democracy SUCKS, Always. Meritocracy is the way to go. And the Western Tradition is safe and sound in White DNA, So don’t worry about that. The real revolves around making the West WHITE again.

    • Agree: Drapetomaniac
    • Replies: @Joe Levantine
    , @profnasty
  36. Thomasina says:

    Trump would never have been elected if not for Kushner persuading Jewish groups behind the scenes that he (Kushner) would be right there steering Trump. And he kept his promise, didn’t he?

    I remember Trump saying to a reporter one night (while motioning towards Kushner): “I owe a lot to Jared. I’m still amazed how he was able to get so many people on board.”

    It’s a tragic situation when, as a politician, you don’t get elected without first being pre-approved by the Jews, and then only after promising to have a Jew watching over your shoulder the whole time. And it’s not just Trump; all politicians are bowing down.

    Jared got Rumble to disallow criticism of Jews before Trump started posting comments because, if he hadn’t, he knew that the Jews who hate Trump would use this against him. “Look, Trump is posting on a site that allows criticism of Jews!”

    The Jewish mafia has taken control of the country.

    • Agree: mark green
  37. lloyd says: • Website

    This is all depressing but also hopeful in the long term. As Israel Shamir wrote, America’s relationship to Israel is analogous to India’s imperial relationship to England. A micro group of upperclass British indirectly ruled India, as a micro group of Zionist Jews indirectly rule America. It is clear that this unfair relationship cannot be ended peacefully and politically. Donald Trump has shown to be content to be ruled by the Zionist Jews outside his American nativism. So I will on the lesson of history continue the analogy. In 1911, King George of England was crowned Raja of India. In 2011, King Bibi was crowned in U S Congress. The adorations in both are equally phoney and sickening. In India, there was at least colour and display while in Washington just sordid. The conservative Raja Kingdoms supporting the British Empire were the equivalent of the Christian Zionists. I don’t know if there was a Trump conservative Raja who was popular among conservative Indians for his campaigns against Western decadence. I suspect there was. In 1930, a forty year old Indian lawyer “racist” against blacks, and advocate of return to India’s Brahmin roots led the first civil disobedience and boycott of the salt tax. In 2030, after a decade of Democrat BLM LGBT rule, a nativist arises in America and leads a successful boycott of Federal tax. In 2047, he is assassinated and America breaks free from Zionist control. America formerly splits between blue and red States. There is a mass flight and exodus of many millions of Americas seeking refuge in blue or red. This Gandhi figure in America is now a nativist of about thirty years old.

    • Replies: @Oracle
  38. snag says:

    Nick my friend, you’re replicating zio-BS – First transports of Jews to Birkenau concentration camp started in the middle of July 1942. The (Auschwitz-Birkenau) camps were abandoned by Germans in January 09 1945, so it’s not 5 years you’re talking about but less than 2.5 years.

    BTW, there were no Jews in Auschwitz except Jewish kapos

    • Replies: @SaneClownPosse
  39. @Mike Tre

    @Mike Tre “I don’t remember Trump being particularly critical of jews.”
    He was critical of jews who were critical of jews.

  40. Orange Man defeated both crooked parties in 2016. For that I will always love him. But without the element of surprise he will never do it again. The 2020 election revealed the extent of corruption in the judiciary. The same people who stole the last presidential election will steal the next one with no fear of negative consequences.

    And I don’t want him back anyway. He never left a mark on the Deep State. Xi and Putin will have to do that. FUCK the entire federal government. And DOUBLE FUCK the Oligarchy that owns and operates it.

    I was born in ’44. I was already here when the boomers arrived. I participatd in Johnson’s war crimes. I have seen a lot of America over a lot of time. It’s time to roll the credits. The show is over. If you still have years ahead of you turn your back on Imperial Washingtown. Come home to Red America and for a time at least, enjoy your life unmolested.

    • Replies: @gotmituns
    , @profnasty
    , @TheMoon
  41. My god kushner is cute! Just so elegant and patrician looking. And rich to boot. Where are YOUR Harvard degrees? You guys are jealous.

    • LOL: Truth
  42. Biff says:
    @Tom Marvolo Riddle

    Even four years later with zero promises fulfilled they were ready to buy it…

    Trump found out the hard way the Presidency is a puppet position with limited power.

  43. @Trinity

    Which politician:
    puts Americans above Israel
    on the road to electoral victory

    Answer me or I will vote for DeSantis as best available.

    • Replies: @Nisbe
  44. Anonymous[218] • Disclaimer says:

    Slightly off topic but — why is it that every picture of Kushner + Trump has Jared staring ominously directly at him.

    It looks like the guy’s plotting Trump’s demise right before our eyes 😂

  45. Truth be told, none of us should have supported Trump once we learned he let his daughter marry a Jew and turn Jewess.

    • Agree: Naughtius Maximus
    • Replies: @Mike Tre
  46. Thanks Jews

    • Replies: @Rurik
  47. @GomezAdddams

    I have long thought that Trump likely has some Jewish DNA, from his father’s side.

    If you ever lived in metro NYC, you’d also notice how much his brash demeanor, aggressive outlook, showy style, money obsession and mega motivation lines-up cleanly with the Jews of that metro.

    • Agree: moi
    • Replies: @Mevashir
  48. Gavin McInnes wasn’t ousted from the Proud Boys.
    He CUT and RUN.

    Trump may have had good populist instincts, but he rarely let them conflict with his long-standing Zionism.

    In fact, I think he was pushed into the presidential race by the bankers who owned him. They had owned him since the early 90s, when he nearly went bankrupt. The banks could have seized everything and sold it off, but they chose to keep the empire intact, because they saw the value in Trump as a brand, and a figurehead. Wilbur Ross, later his treasury secretary, was closely involved in this, and supposedly linked with the Rothschilds.

    My own personal theory for the bankers wanting Trump to run, is how nervous Ron Paul had made them in 2012. Without some dirty GOP tricks, Paul would have been the GOP candidate. A Paul presidency would mean: no more wars fought for Israel, and no more foreign aid for Israel. (Not that Paul is anti-Israel, but his isolationist tendencies would have dealt Israel a fatal blow.) The prospect of his son, Rand, getting the nomination, was a nightmare of equal proportions.

    I think Trump was just meant to split the populist vote with Rand, allowing some clown like Jeb to win the nomination. But hot diggety, Trump went and won the thing! And we’ve been in uncharted waters ever since.

    • Agree: geokat62
  49. President Trump is the luckiest unlucky person in America to have ever held the highest office in the land. There’s not one career politician or government pandering leech who would have taken the kind of attacks that Trump was subjected to and survived with most all his base intact.
    America showed the world its true colors when they banned and censored a sitting president because Global Homo/Globalist Jew did not like his America first agenda and stop endless wars agenda.

    If anyone needs proof, just look at what the bobble head puppet did as soon as he was sworn in. The left hate Trump and his supporters so much that they ordered every agency they control both foreign and domestic to attack and demonize Trump and his loyalists 24/7/365.

    They don’t declare whites – white Supremacists and domestic terrorists because it sounds good, no way Jose, they mean business.

    • Agree: TKK, Rurik
  50. mcohen says:

    trump is a good bloke.he will be reelected 2024.trump is a business man and knows that white sourness is bad for do business you need to get on with people.

    white sourness is supported by losers who were hoping for freebies from trumps administration but that never happened.
    trump got the Abraham accords up and running and for that he deserves the nobel peace prize.

  51. Truth says:
    @Sick of Orcs

    Trump was a pu**y while in office. I don’t want to hear from him now.


    Wash… rinse… repeat.

    Lord, are you morons ever going to learn anything?

    • Replies: @Sick of Orcs
  52. LarryS says:

    Give it a rest. You are either ignorant of Christian theology or being deliberately dishonest.
    You hate Christianity. So what.

  53. bcos says:

    Instead of straight-up Democracy, an idea presented in the Urantia Book is that:

    1) each person 20+ years of age gets 1 vote
    2) individuals who have rendered great service to society,
    or who have demonstrated extraordinary wisdom in government service,
    and scientists, inventors, teachers, philosophers, and spiritual leaders

    …may have additional votes conferred upon them not oftener than every five years and not to exceed nine [votes]. The maximum suffrage of any voter is ten. are also thus recognized and honored
    with augmented political power.

    Everyone gets a vote. But the superior contributors to a great society get more of a say-so in determining who the leaders of that society are. Like the 3/5 compromise, but on steroids, for the good of society. All people in a democracy are not equal in an intellectual sense – only in a spiritual sense.

  54. Anon[197] • Disclaimer says:
    @Gina Schrank

    You’re lying for Rabbi Jesus. Fact:

    “Christianity neither is, nor ever was a part of the common law.” -Thomas Jefferson

    Read the whole essay of Jefferson’s, part of his Reports of Cases Determined in the General Court of Virginia, in which he details how English common law is at least two centuries older than the introduction of the Jewish cult of Christianity to England. I’ve included it below:


    For we know that the common law is that system of law which was introduced by the Saxons, on their settlement in England, and altered, from time to time, by proper legislative authority, from that, to the date of the Magna Charta, which terminates the period of the common law, or lex non scripta, and commences that of the statute law, or lex scripta. This settlement took place about the middle of the fifth century; but Christianity was not introduced till the seventh century; the conversion of the first Christian King of the Heptarchy, having taken place about the year 598, and that of the last about 686. Here, then, was a space of two hundred years, during which the common law was in existence, and Christianity no part of it. If it ever, therefore, was adopted into the common law, it must have been between the introduction of Christianity and the date of the Magna Charta. But of the laws of this period, we have a tolerable collection, by Lambard and Wilkins; probably not perfect, but neither very defective; and if any one chooses to build a doctrine on any law of that period, supposed to have been lost, it is incumbent on him to prove it to have existed, and what were its contents. These were so far alterations of the common law, and became themselves a part of it; but none of these adopt Christianity as a part of the common law. If, therefore, from the settlement of the Saxons, to the introduction of Christianity among them, that system of religion could not be a part of the common law, because they were not yet Christians; and if, having their laws from that period to the close of the common law, we are able to find among them no such act of adoption; we may safely affirm (though contradicted by all the judges and writers on earth) that Christianity neither is, nor ever was, a part of the common law.

    • Replies: @Dumbo
  55. @beavertales

    ‘The first question upon meeting someone new is to ascertain their position on Jewish power…’

    I dunno. A lot of people are brainwashed — and going straight to that will alienate individuals who really are potentially on our side.

    Maybe it’s better to work up to it.


    1. Blacks are a problem.

    2. Why are they a problem? The media and political establishment eggs them on.

    3. Who exactly is it in the media and political establishment who eggs them on?

    4. Notice something about these individuals?

    Let your audience start to figure it out themselves.

    • Replies: @Pteronarcyd
    , @TheBoom
  56. @Chris Moore

    Just because it’s possible to acquire some bit of knowledge, in this case the true nature of the aliens in our midst, that doesn’t mean most people actually acquire that knowledge, since most people are lazy and stupid. That’s why they still control one of the two major parties in the US, while the core constituency of the other party (White Evangelicals) loves them.

  57. I’m not at all confident Trump is not a Jewish puppet.

    He’s a sleazy businessman from a city where half the machers must be Jews.

    1. There must be some skeletons in his closet.

    2. There must be some Jews who know what they are.

    • Replies: @Truth
  58. Miro23 says:

    Now, all is lost, and the only thing any of us can do is wait for this system to destroy itself.

    That’s one consolation. Totalitarian societies are dysfunctional since the most valuable citizens mentally “opt-out”. The Soviet Union prior to its collapse was an economic basket case – as was Maoist China. The WEF/Davos/CIA run Jewish Empire is no different. It’s targeting the most productive citizens in the US (White Europeans) as the new Class Enemy.

    But the process can still be speeded up by economic collapse or military defeat – both quite possible.

  59. Anon[197] • Disclaimer says:
    @Josh Kenn

    You lying Christfags call the Jew’s plan “Talmudic” to deflect from the fact that Zionism is straight out of the Jewish-authored Bible you carry to your Jew-worshiping Christian Church.

    “Of course, we say it’s our land, the Torah [first 5 books of Old Testament] says it, but they [Palestinians/Arabs] don’t believe in the Torah. So that’s the reason there is not peace.”

    ~Senator Chuck Shumer, AIPAC speech

    • Agree: CelestiaQuesta
    • Replies: @Joe Levantine
    , @Gapeseed
  60. @Trinity

    With De Santis at least there is the possibility he’s pretending and might break free. With Trump, since he has a Jew daughter and grandchildren, not to mention his sickening son-in-law, there is no such possibility. He’s irredeemably beholden to them.

    • Replies: @Z-man
  61. @Angharad

    “ Plenty of people have discovered the real causes and effects of everything do to the access to information on the Internet, Gina, including Yours Truly”

    This is absolutely true. However, let us remember that the internet was an invention of the MIC which was brought to the public for the sake of exponentially increasing the spying potential of the corporatist state by creating a commercial and political profile for every internet user. The deep state was taken aback when their desire to gather evermore information on the citizens boomeranged and started creating awareness among the plebs; hence the censorship and the institutionalised trolling and misinformation followed. Unfortunately, the internet decimated most local newspapers that could afford some views that were not palatable to the masters of discourse.

    Will the Andrew Anglin Davids be able to slay the MSM/deep state Goliath? it looks doubtful if members of the public will not reach out to each other by reviving the community spirit.

  62. Treg says:

    Gab….. come on Donald Trump get yourself over to Gab

  63. Josh Kenn says:

    Why does anyone care if Jews call them an “anti-Semite”? What makes Jews so special that they get to make up pejoratives for people they don’t like?

    • Replies: @Nisbe
    , @Flubber
  64. Nisbe says:
    @Sick of Orcs

    DeSantis made it illegal to criticize Israel in Florida, so good luck voting your way out of this mess.

    • Replies: @Sick of Orcs
  65. Iris says:

    A decent man would have been informing the proper authorities,

    We still don’t know what political motive or agent suddenly triggered Epstein’s arrest and the demise of his paedophile political network, which had been running for about 3 decades under 3 American presidents.

    But Epstein’s very public fall happened under President Trump’s presidency, so may be he played a role and can be given credit for that at least.

  66. Apparently this gentleman didn’t get Jared’s memo.

  67. Anonymous[399] • Disclaimer says:

    I doubt from your point of view he was ever of much use other than to openly call for the destruction of the deep state. Go back to his inaugural address where he proclaimed his enemies to be the people seated before him. That was the high point of his Presidency. He never made any serious attempt to fulfill this promise. All else was theatre and in the end he was routed in a display of power which nearly ended in his total humiliation.

    He named the enemy, in part. It is now time to find someone else to carry this cause forward. He may have been mislead by his advisors in the beginning, but he never learned and never disposed of them. He may have been fooled, or suborned, or threatened, or loyal to his family. It does not matter. He proved himself to not be the man to lead.

    The government is illegitimate, it has been conquered from within. This situation requires more determined, knowledgeable and skilled leadership than a man like Donald Trump could ever provide. The possessor of the required vision and skill likely would not ordinarily come near power under the current system. Yet such a person needs to be found.

    Perhaps in collapse there is salvation for collapse may be the only way to bring forward the needed leadership.

    • Agree: Emslander
  68. aspnaz says:

    More interestingly, who is controlling Jared Kushner?

    Kushner is not bright enough or knowledgeable enough to be running this on his own, so who is the person that persuaded him to be a traitor to his wife’s family? Who persuaded him to destroy his father in law’s presidency?

    I think we can guess.

    You might think that it is amazing that Trump is too dumb to see the traitor in his own family, but this is a staged act: Trump and Jared report to the same person, but in order to keep the Trump supporters happy, his more outrageous pro-Jew behavior is blamed on Jared.

    • Agree: frontier
    • Replies: @Katrinka
  69. I’ve written Trump off, he’s shown it over and over again that he’s led around by Jared Kushner on a very short leash attached to a cock ring. If Trump gets out of line, Jared just pulls and Trump jumps. Some might say that he’s all we’ve got, but he’s too old now to be of any use anyway regardless of the leash. New blood’s needed in the Republican leadership of which there are a few candidates that look a lot better than the last slew of candidates.

  70. @Angharad

    Entirely plausible. Amerimutts are the most shameless, satanic kike lovers. The anglo island monkeys stepped down and the mischlings stand up, haha

    • Agree: Supply and Demand
    • Replies: @Supply and Demand
  71. Lee says:

    Article stated:

    You must remember that it was Jared Kushner that convinced Donald Trump to apologize for these accurate and truthful statements.

    DT didn’t apologize for his comments in VA and there is nothing at the link that you provided or the copy and pasted article above that suggests that he did.

    NEW YORK — Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, President Donald Trump’s Jewish daughter and son-in-law, tried and failed to convince her father to moderate his comments on the white supremacist rally and subsequent violence in Chancellorsville, Virginia, The New York Times reported.

    It wasn’t the Jews who cost DK the election———–it was the systemic cheating that a handful of states got away with because the SC didn’t have the stones to either stop it or look into it after the fact.

  72. The real issue is simpler, to wit, American Cowardice and Ignorance, due to a loss of ideals and the true values being replaced by the false..

    Remember the young folks in Hong Kong standing up against the Chinese? Remember the young guy in front of the Chinese tank at Tiananmen Square during those protests? What about the young Czech’s in 1968? What about the brave Hungarians that got in front of the Soviet tanks during the 1956 Hungarian revolution?

    And Pelosi, Schumer and Co. think Jan.6 was an insurrection? Too funny.

    • Replies: @Dave Bowman
  73. Iris says:
    @Patrick McNally

    By 2020 I was persuaded that even if Trump tried to set off a war for Netanyahu, then he would encounter the most ferocious opposition from the media.

    IMHO, and for the sake of precision, I think that the key policy principle that differentiated President Trump from other American presidents before him (and sadly after him) is precisely that he did have a red line not to initiate or fuel a global geopolitical conflict, for fear of imperial overstretch.

    Trump did incommensurable harm to the Palestinians and Iranians in particular; but his actions were carefully designed to serve Israel by crushing local actors without being a direct provocation to other global superpowers.

    Some UR enlightened commenters, such as this excellent opinion by Sarz, have made a compelling point that Trump himself is a Jew and a Zionist:

    That did not stop the Israel party from getting rid of him. The key lesson from the Trump presidency is that Israel is a main driver behind the USA’s expansionist imperial agenda.

    • Agree: Annony Mouse
  74. Oracle says:

    The analogy is imperfect because the British rulers of India were not attacking the demographic of India. India’s homogeneous population is still in existence whereas the European populations will not exist anywhere due to feminism, mass immigration, miscegenation, gay lifestyle, abortion, destruction of the family and so on, i.e. the entire system that the current rulers have used to destroy the demographic of their enemies. None of these population destroying techniques were forced upon India.

    • Agree: Sick of Orcs
    • Replies: @lloyd
  75. gotmituns says:

    Well said sir. At least people like you and me aren’t boomers like all my siblings – total liberals to some extent. Interestingly, I have a nephew who has escaped the liberalism of his mom and dad and is a staunch/arch “Conservative.” He sees everything logically. Actually, the concept of logic is what separates us from the boomers. For some reason they’re repulsed by Logic. It’s all fascinating. Lastly, I think this lunacy we’re seeing is somehow, in a big way, tied to the TV.

  76. @Truth

    You have a better candidate, let’s hear it, chief, but limit your selection to people who could actually win.

    • Replies: @Johnny Smoggins
    , @Truth
  77. “As we know, everything that went wrong in the Trump Administration can ultimately be traced back to the Jew-Democrat infiltrator and subverter Jared Kushner. So it is common sense that Kushner would be the one subverting Trump’s ability to contact his supporters.”

    That’s an absurd statement. Trump had no problem his daughter (the child he is closest to) marrying Kushner; therefore, it’s reasonable to guess that whatever Jared did was done with the blessing of his father-in-law. I’ll repeat: DJT is not a nationalist but an internationalist and the blame lies squarely with him not with JK.

  78. Rich says:

    Where is the successful politician in the US who isn’t a “Jewish ass sucker”? That Green woman from down South says something that they take as an insult and the next day she’s in sackcloth and ashes. That’s the way it is. You have to go with the better devil and any demon in the repub party beats every imp with the dems when it comes to the Anti-White nonsense.

  79. Anonymous[661] • Disclaimer says:

    In 15 years I see the US being run by an updated version of Idi Amin and his Jewish backers.

  80. @Nisbe

    DeSantis made it illegal to criticize Israel in Florida, so good luck voting your way out of this mess.

    And you think that “law” would hold up in any court?

    Again: am aware DeSantis is a philo-semite. Anyone running for office is. If you have a better choice of candidate who could actually win, let’s hear it.

    Until more folks realize Seccession is inevitable, the best course of action is to work with what’s available.

    • Replies: @Nisbe
  81. Nisbe says:
    @thou/thee/thine pronouns

    He made it illegal to criticize Israel in Florida, so he defiantly puts Israel above the US Constitution.

    Political solutions seem ineffective, given how politicians act.

  82. Breitbart, which is now totally controlled by Jews. Oh, Kikebart…..

  83. Nisbe says:
    @Josh Kenn

    It can get you arrested in some Western countries.

  84. Dumbo says:

    Always repeating the same crap like a broken record.
    You’re one the most boring, annoying, and utterly stupid commenters here, you know that?
    And that’s saying a lot.

    • Agree: Getaclue
    • Thanks: Katrinka
    • Replies: @Getaclue
  85. Hans says:

    And Trump needs to be saved from them. LOL.

  86. moi says:
    @Jim Christian

    What a family–Ivanka polishes Jewish knob, and daddy giving Ivanka hubby a tongue-bath.

  87. geokat62 says:
    @Happy Tapir

    My god kushner is cute!

    Fran, is that you?

    • LOL: Iris, Sulu
  88. @Rico

    No prosecution as long as he keeps the MAGA movement frozen and impotent.

    The MAGA movement has done a great job doing that on their own. OK, maybe with some help from “QAnon”, which told them to sit on their asses and “trust the plan”. But if they trusted a plan without even knowing what it was or who was going to implement it, then what kind of movement could they ever be?

    • Agree: Robert Bruce
  89. Nisbe says:
    @Sick of Orcs

    Just the fact he passed it tells you that if he finds a way to guarantee it gets enforced, it will. And it doesn’t make him any less of a traitor to the US Constitution, forcing his constituents to spend time energy and money in the courts for “daring” to criticize a foreign hostile power.

    Minimizing the implications of his betrayal is acting like a cuck, in my humble opinion.

    • Replies: @profnasty
    , @Sick of Orcs
  90. jsigur says:
    @Jim Christian is controlled opposition but you are right. As free speech continues to be undermined, Unz will have to cease allowing Jewish criticism or be banned.
    Andrew Anglin himself was herding folks away from some frowned upon by the elites, positions. such as his suggestion that 911 had happened because of 19 Muslim renegades!
    At the same time, Anglin had his site spew out the most extreme forms of white identity and this making them seem like a bunch of crazies, such as posting articles claiming slavery was good for blacks and promoting the use of tons of derogatory names aimed at feminists, Islam, blacks and Indians when all these groups had Jewish problems as well if they could be enlightened
    Weev claimed all Jews should be killed on the
    daily stormer site and lets not forget how Anglin let a Jew pretending to be a white identarian become the 2nd most prolific writer on his site back in 2017 for three months and when discovered, immediately cleansed his site of all material written by the guy while claiming to have been taken in. However, interestingly, all others who had supposedly been “taken in” left the Goldberg content up
    Controlled ops are great at rewriting the past in a way to make themselves look good. I remember this guy named Brandon Martinez (alias ZCF) who “exposed” David Cole two years after his 2015 book tour where Martinez himself gave him favorable press, Cole being the celebrated Jew from the ’90s who worked with whites concerning the accuracy of the holocaust narrative

    • Thanks: Rurik, Jim Christian
    • Replies: @R2b
  91. Anon[195] • Disclaimer says:

    East Indians have a problem with Chinese. Chinese have a problem with blacks. Blacks have a problem with whites. Whites have a problem with Jews. Jews have a problem with everyone.

    What a merry go round ! What a waste of time and energy complaining about things over which one has no control and wishing the world were a utopia.

    Ever notice few Jews comment here ? While people are busy complaining about them, they are busy thinking how to get THEM to give up more money and power. Stop supporting their businesses and enterprises and they will wither on the vine. When people buy from Amazon, when they post some stupid comment or photo on FB they give the Tribe the stick and whip.

    None of these enterprises produce anything tangible. Shitty movies, sitcoms with fags, porn, a site to post shit, a warehouse to buy other people’s products. Dopes buy their bread from Schlomo’s grocery because they get it for 25 cents less than at the Italian bakery. Schlomo chats them up, is “concerned” about their family, smiles with them all the while shaking every nickel out their pockets. These customers then complain the man is exploiting them.

    99% give the 1% the staff and then wonder why they take it up the ass.

    • Agree: Sulu
  92. Fred777 says:

    2) Anyone whose income is derived from government should be given zero votes.

    • Agree: Drapetomaniac
  93. Anon[173] • Disclaimer says:

    Kushner is trumps rasputin. A psychopathic minus man but super manipulator.

  94. @Anon

    “ God was never a real estate agent and the Bible is no a land deed” Gerald Celente of

  95. Richard B says:
    @Jim Christian

    They certainly exposed themselves. At least the terms are well defined. Could then be the clock is ticking on

    And Andrew too. Unless, of course, he’s really Andrew Anglinberg, as some have suggested, not without reason. After all, it is odd that Parler gets banned but not Andrew.

    By Anglinberg doesn’t mean he’s jewish. Of course not. It just means he could be controlled by them. Would it surprise anyone? It’s what they do because it’s who they are. People like Andrew could very well be sincere and very well may be.

    The point is…. Pfft, like I need to explain it to you guys.

    This might seem like a small thing, but it really is the veil being drawn back on the machine that destroyed Donald Trump, his presidency, and his political movement.

    More like drawn back to 600 B.C. But that should come as no surprise to most TUR readers and commenters. The US Constitution was replaced by The Torah a long time ago. At this point, it’s worth keeping in mind what Ron Unz himself said in his excellent essay on WWII on the subject of Jews and mass murder.

    Hands down one of the most important documents in the TUR library. A must read.

    • Thanks: Jim Christian
    • Replies: @Richard B
    , @geokat62
  96. Lem says:

    The internet has helped a lot of people see things. But as far as I can see, the internet has not helped anybody do anything about it.

    Regarding constructive Luddism, while we can’t (and probably shouldn’t) get rid of the internet as such, we could (and probably should) get rid of mobile internet.

    • Agree: Jim Christian
    • Replies: @RoatanBill
    , @Jim Christian
  97. Love the sinner, hate the sin.
    Hate the war!
    Hate the aggressiveness.
    Hate the concentration of power.
    Hate the urge to dominate people.
    Hate the laziness.
    Love the creativity.
    Hate the lies.
    Love the truth.

  98. nsa says:

    Veterans Today has published numerous pics of TrumpTrannie in drag with a heavily made up Roy Cohn attending gala Jew York events back in the day. So it is more likely TrumpTrannie has been getting down with Kushie. Do you figure TrumpTrannie is the bottom, or maybe it’s a switch with I-a-skanka working the camcorder?

  99. To see who rules over you, find out who you can not criticise – Voltaire.

    • Replies: @klcard
  100. Mike Tre says:
    @Ray Caruso

    We aren’t supposed to notice the pattern of daughters of presidents marrying jews, most of them hedge fund guys. HW Bush, Clinton, W, Obama (older daughter dating a jew and works at the Weinstein Corp), and of course, Trump.

  101. Richard B says:
    @Richard B

    Here’s the passage from Ron Unz’s WWII essay referred to in my previous comment.

    the inescapable conclusion is that in per capita terms Jews were the greatest mass-murderers of the twentieth century

    It’s from the last chapter He Who Controls the Past Controls the Future

    The link to Douglas Reed’s The Controversy of Zion and my comment/recommendation should have come with a P.S. So, I’m correcting that now. In any event, I mention the book because it makes it pretty clear that their penchant for mass murder goes a lot further back than the 20th century.

    Their point of view on any opposition to their preceieve divine right to rule over everyone else is expressed in their own words. “Death to the transgressor.”

    • Replies: @Rumpelstiltskin
  102. geokat62 says:
    @Richard B

    Hands down one of the most important documents in the TUR library. A must read.


    For those who have neither the time nor the inclination to read the entire book, I’ve compiled below a list of the most pertinent quote.



    Where does responsibility lie between those who incite to a deed and those who commit it?

    Their name, Habiru, denoted no racial or tribal identity; it meant “nomads”. ..

    The Jacobin leaders directed the Reign of Terror and, as good Illuminates, used classic pseudonyms in the manner initiated by “Spartacus” Weishaupt himself: Chaumette was Anaxagoras, Clootz (described as a Prussian baron) was Anarcharsis, Danton Horace, Lacroix Pllblicola and Ronsin Scaevola…

    when politicians shun the truth as the devil might shun holy water…

    In matters of fact he was always right; in those of opinion, he was ever on the side of the angels…

    This was the process by means of which, as Disraeli said in Lothair (1870) “democracy has degraded statesmen into politicians”…

    The German Jew then was wont to refer to “diese Ostjuden” (these Eastern Jews!) with aversion; the Eastern Jew for his part, when after the first world war he made his way from Russia and Poland into Germany, spoke with contempt of the settled Jews there as “diese Berliner” (these Berliners!).

    the Levitical scriptures…

    The Jews spoke similarly: one told him, “The land of our forefathers is dead, and Palestine is its grave . . . to attempt to form a nation from the polyglot people of Judaism today would only end in utter failure”…

    Mr. Lloyd George’s later ones, “Acetone converted me to Zionism”

    In particular, this applies (in Weishaupt’s papers and the Protocols alike) to the knowledge of human weaknesses, which are singled out with analytical exactitude, the method of exploiting each of them being described with disdainful glee…

    Dr. Weizmann chose Manchester for his residence. He says “by chance”, but credulity balks…

    In 1900 Americans still clung to their “American dream”, and the essence of it was to avoid ….foreign entanglements”…

    Such notions, in a Texan of the late 19th Century, are as unexpected as Buddhism in an Eskimo…

    “If The Times does not return to its independent line and act as watchdog of the public I shall wash my hands of it”…

    No precedent existed for the donation of Arabian territory, by a European conqueror, to an Asiatic beneficiary…

    “The diplomat’s word” and his “deed” were different…

    it is like playing billiards with twisted cues and elliptical balls…

    the Talmudic fingerprint mockingly left in the death-chamber of the Romanoffs…

    The politicians of the West became professional dissimulators…

    During the Second World War the Soviet dictator Stalin, being urged by the Western leaders to take account of the influence of the Pope, asked brusquely, “How many divisions has the Pope?”. Such at least was the anecdote, much retold in clubs and pubs, and to simple folk it seemed to express essential truth in a few words. Dr. Weizmann’s case shows how essentially untrue it was. He had not a single soldier, but he and the international he represented were able to obtain capitulations never before won save by conquering armies…

    [Dr. Weizmann] wrote to Lady Crewe, “We hate equally anti-semites and philo-semites”.


    … for thou art an holy people unto the Lord thy God; the Lord thy God hath chosen thee to be a special people unto himself above all people that are on the face of the earth . . . Thou shalt be blessed above all people . . .

    By giving material ambition the largest shape it can have on earth, they identified themselves forever with the baser of the two forces which eternally contend for the soul of man: that downward pull of the fleshly instincts which wars with the uplifting impulse of the spirit…

    “A unifying idea underlay it all”, says Dr. Kastein, and this unifying idea was tribal nationalism, in a more fanatical form than the world has otherwise known. The Torah was not revealed religion but, as Mr. Montefiore remarked, “”revealed legislation”, enacted to an end…

    With this glimpse of a loving God of all mankind the protests ended. The Levites and their Law were left paramount and there with the true captivity of ”’the Jews” began, for their enslavement to the law of racial and religious hatred is the only geniune captivity they have suffered…

    These are the characters. Then comes the denouement, a Jehovan vengeance on “”the heathen” and a Jewish triumph in the form of a symbolic “restoration’ -. ….King Belshazzar”. when Daniel has foretold his doom, is killed “in the same night’ – and his kingdom falls to the enemy. The Jewish captors who killed the Russian Czar and his family, at the end of the First Twentieth Century war, quoted this precedent in a couplet “written on the wall” of the room where the massacre occurred; the Nazi leaders, at the end of the Second Twentieth Century war, were hanged on the Jewish Day of Atonement…

    Thus the two World Wars of this century have confonned, in their outcomes, to the pattern of the Babylonian-Persian war of antiquity as depicted in the Old Testament…

    The sect had yet to complete the Law and then to apply it to its own people. When that happened in 458 BC, under another Persian king, the controversy of Zion at last took the shape in which it still implacably confronts its own people and the rest of mankind. The umbilical cord between the Judahites and other men was then finally severed…

    “Strangers” are usually puzzled to imagine any means by which the ruling sect could keep so firm a hold over a community scattered about the world. This power is based, ultimately, on terror and fear. Its mysteries are kept hidden from the stranger, but by diligent study he may gain some idea of them.

    The weapon of excommunication is a dreaded one, and the fear which it inspires rests to some extent on the literal Judaists belief in the physical efficacy of the curses enumerated in Deuteronomy and other books; the Jewish Encyclopedia testifies to this continuing belief. In this matter there is a strong resemblance to the African Native’s belief that he will die if he is “‘tagati’d”, and to the American Negro’s fear of voodooist spells. Casting out of the fold is a much-feared penalty (and in the past was often a lethal one), of which examples may be found in the literature of our day…

    During that period the Levites in Babylon completed the Law, the impact of which all nations have felt ever since. Ezekiel of the High Priest’s family was its chief architect and probably all five books of the Law, as they have come down, bear his mark. He was the founding-father of intolerance, of racialism and vengeance as a religion, and of murder in the name of God…

    Then, in 458 BC, the Levites struck.
    Their Law was ready, which was not by itself of much importance. The Persian King was ready to enforce it for them, and that was of the greatest importance, then and up to the present moment. For the first thing the ruling sect accomplished the wonder which they have since repeatedly achieved: by some means they induced a foreign ruler, who was their ostensible master and to all outer appearances a mighty potentate in his own right, to put his soldiers and money at their disposal.
    On this day in 458 BC the Judahites in Jerusalem were finally cut off from mankind and enslaved in a way they never knew in Babylon. This was the true “”start of the affair”. The story is told in the books of Ezra and Nehemiah, the Levitical emissaries from Babylon who were sent to Jerusalem to enforce Ezekiel’s law…

    Ezra brought the new racial Law with him. He enforced it first among his own travelling companions, allowing only those to accompany him who could prove that they were Judahites by descent, or Levites. When he reached Jerusalem he was filled with horror and dismay” (Dr. Kastein) by the prevalence of mixed marriages. The Judahites were finding happiness in their fashion “by tolerating miscegenation with neighbouring tribes they had established peaceful relations based on family ties.”

    Dr. Kastein says that ”’Ezra’s measure was undoubtedly reactionary: it raised to the dignity of a law an enactment which at that time was not included in the Torah (which the Levites, in Babylon, were still writing down). Dr. Kastein’s use of the word “dignity” is of interest in this connection; his book was published in Berlin, in the year, twenty-four centuries later, when Hitler enacted exactly the same kind of law; it was then called “infamous” by the Zionists, and the armies of the West, reversing the role of the Persian soldiers of 458 BC, were mobilized to destroy it!…

    What had happened was that the earlier, Israelite tradition had been expunged or cancelled, and in its place the Judaic racial law had assumed ”’final and conclusive form”…

    The subject motter, then, was the important thing, not historical truth, or “philological exactitude”, or the word of God. The subject matter was political nationalism in the most extreme form ever known to man, and conformity with this dogma was the only rule that had to be observed. The way in which these books were compiled, after Judah was cast off by Israel and the reasons, are clear to any who study their origin…

    He was being enticed to declare himself openly: to say that “the heathen” were also “neighbours,” and thus to convict himself of transgressing The Law. In fact he replied in this sense, but in such a way that the interrogator was undone. Seldom was a lawyer so confounded.

    The Levitical-Pharisaic teaching was that only Judeans were “neighbours,” and of all the outcast heathen they especially abominated the Samaritans (for reasons earlier indicated). The mere touch of a Sarnaritan was defilement and a major transgression (this continues true to the present day)…

    uJe~l’ish I~je ~vas regulated by the leaching,\,’ qfthe Pharisees: the It’hole history (~lJudaism ~vas reconstructedfronl the Pharisaic ]Joint of’vieli’ . .. Pharisaisln shaped the character of’Judaisln and the life and the thought q{ the Jell’ fe);- all the ./llture … It lnakes (separatisrn’ its chie./’ ehar{leleristie”…

    The story of Zion, from its start, falls into five distinct phases: those of the Levites, the Pharisees, the Talmudists, the “emancipation” interlude and the Zionists…

    Nevertheless, in the case of the Jews there was an obvious paradox which repeatedly baffled and alarmed the peoples among whom they dwelt. The Jewish Law expressed the theory of the master-race in the most arrogant and vindictive [or inconceivable to the human imagination; how then could the Jews attack nationhood in others? Why did the Jews demand the levelling of barriers between men when they built an ever stronger barrier between the Jews and other men? How could people, who claimed that God had made the very world itself for them to rule, and forbade them to mix with lesser breeds, complain of discrimination?…

    It was true that the Jewish clamour for emancipation was not truly concerned with the great idea or principle at issue: human liberty. The Judaic law denied that idea and principle. The Talmudic governors of Jewry saw that the quickest way to remove the barriers between themselves and power over nations was to destroy legitimate government in these nations; and the quickest way to that end was to cry “emancipation!”.
    Thus the door opened by emancipation could he used to introduce the permanent revolutionary force into the life of nations: with the destruction of all legitimate government, the revolutionaries would succeed to power, and these revolutionaries would be Talmud-trained and Talmud-controlled. They would act always under the Mosaic Law, and in this way the end of Babylon could be reproduced in the West…

    Apart from that permanent reason for revision, the new factor, Christianity, had arisen and the Law’s application to it had to be defined. Thus the Torah (the Law) began to receive its huge supplement, the Talmud, which was of equai or greater authority…

    The core of dogma remained as Ezekiel, Ezra and Nehemiah had shaped and enforced it; but the Talmud, in effect had taken the place of the Torah, as the Torah earlier had supplanted the “oral traditions.”…

    The Jews who entered Spain with the Moors came from North Africa and when they left most of them returned thither or went to Egypt, Palestine, Italy, the Greek islands and Turkey…

    An example of the different language which the Torah spoke, for Jews and for Gentiles, has previously been given: the obscure and apparently harmless allusion to “‘a foolish nation” (Deuteronomy, 32.21). According to the article on Discrimination against Gentiles in the Jewish Encyclopaedia the allusion in the original Hebrew is to “”vile and vicious Gentiles”, so that Jew and Gentile received very different meanings from the same passage in the original and in the translation. The Talmud, however, which was to reach only Jewish eyes, removed any doubt that might have been caused in Jewish minds by perusal of the milder translation~it specifically related the passage in Deuteronomy to one in Ezekiel, 23.20, and by so doing defined Gentiles as those “whose flesh is as the flesh of asses and whose issue is like the issue of horses”! In this spirit was the “interpretation” of the Law continued by the Tahnudists…

    the Jew who sells to a Gentile landed property bordering on the land of another Jew is to be excommunicated. A Gentile cannot be trusted as witness in a criminal or civil suit because he could not be depended on to keep his word like a Jew. A Jew testifying in a petty Gentile court as a slngte witness against a Jew must be excommunicated. Adultery committed with a non-Jewish woman is not adultery “for the heathen have no lawfully wedded wife, they are not really their wives”. The gentiles are as such precluded from admission to a future world…

    In 1898, at the Second \Vorld Zionist Congress at Basel, a Zionist from Russia, Dr. Mandelstamm of Kieff, declared~ “The Jews energetically reject the idea of fusion with other nationalities and cling firmly to their historical hope, i.e., of world empire”…

    The Zionists have gained political control over gentile governments and the Jewish masses alike, so that what the individual remonstrant says is of little weight. The Zionists have restored the Levitical Law, in its Pharisaic and Talmudic interpretations, in full force. Their actions towards others in the past have been and in the future will be guided by that, and not by what “the attitude of Modern Judaism” was in 1916…

    This act of Gentile submission to the ruling sect recurs through all hIstory, from the time of Babylon to the present day…

    What was actually permitted in the synagogues and schools was a unique form of dialectics, designed still further to strengthen the edifice of The Law. ‘The disputants were merely allowed to prove that anything was legal under the Talmud; one debater would state a proposition and another the contrary, each demonstrating that The Law allowed it!
    This practice (the brothers Thoreau give glinlpses of it in their books) was called “pilpulism”. It gives the key to a mystery which often baffles Gentiles: the agility with which Zionists are often able to justify, in themselves, precisely what they reproach in others. A polemist trained in pilpulism would have no difficulty in showing the Judaic law ordaining the enslavement of household Gentiles to be righteous and the Roman ban on the enslavement of Christians by Jewish masters to be “”persecution”; the Judaic ban on intermarriage to be “voluntary separation ” and any Gentile counter-ban to be “discrimination based in prejudice” (Dr. Kastein’s terms); a massacre of Arabs to be rightful under The Law and a massacre of Jews to be wrongful under any law…

    The study of hundreds of volumes, during many years, gradually brought realization that the essential truth of the story of Zion is all summed-up in Mr. Maurice Samuel’s twenty-one words: ~”We Jews, the destroyers, will remain the destroyer forever … nothing that the Gentiles will do will meet our needs and demands” …

    Out of the experience of 458-444 BC, when the Levites with Persian help clamped down their law on a weeping people, the nation was born which ever since has performed its catalytic function of changing surrounding societies while remaining itself unchanged…

    If neither king Ahasuerus nor “Mordecai sitting in the king’s gate” truly lived in 550 BC nevertheless Mordecai in our century is real and powerful and two generations of public men have adlninistered their offices from fear of him more than from care of their peoples’ interest.
    It is our today which makes this remote, unplausible yesterday so plausible.
    On the face of it. Belshazzar and Daniel, Ahasuerus and Mordecai seem to be symbolic figures, created for the purpose of the Levitical political programme, not men who once lived. But . . . the massacre of the Czar and his family, in our century, was carried out according to verse 30, chapter 5 of Daniel; the hanging of the Nazi leaders followed the precept laid down in verses 6 and 10, chapter 7, and verses 13 and 14, chapter 9, of Esther…

    Dr. Kastein, the sect’s devotee, says of Greece and its civilization merely that “it was intellectually brilliant … but the prototype of everything that was mendacious, cruel, slanderous, cunning, indolent, vain corruptible, grasping and unjust”. He dismisses the episode of Greece with the triumphant note, “The Alexandrian Jews brought about the disintegration of Hellenic civilization”…

    In our century conflicts between nations, on the Babylonian­ Persian model, even though they seemed at their start to be concerned with issues remote from any Jewish question, were turned into Judaic triumphs and Judaic vengeances, so that the destruction which accompanied them became an act of fulfilment under The Judaic Law, like the slaying of the Egyptian firstborn, the destruction of Babylon, and Mordecai’s pogrom…

    Greece and Rome, in the Common Gentile view, created enduring values on which the civilization of Europe was built. Out of Greece came beauty and Greek foundations lie beneath all poetry and art out of Rome came law and Roman ones lie beneath Magna Carta, Habeas Corpus and the right of a man to fair and public trial, which was the greatest achievement of The West.

    To the Zionist scholar Greece and Rome were just transient heathen manifestations, equally repellent. Dr. Kastein says disdainfully that in Rome “from the very beginning Judea quite rightly saw rnerely the representative of unintellectual and stupid brute force”…

    The 450 years have seen three of these “‘revolutions” (counting only the chief ones). Each was more destructive than the last. Each was recognizable as the heir of the former one by its chief characteristics, and these, again, were the chief characteristics of the Judaic Law as laid down in the Torah-Talmud. The main assault in each case was on legitimate government, nationhood and Christianity. Under the Judaic Law the only legitimate government is that ofJehovah and the only legitimate nation is that of Jehovah’s chosen people, under the Talmudic supplelnent of that Law Christianity is specifically the chief of those “”other gods”, after whom the chosen are forbidden to “”go a-whoring”; and “”destruction”, as has been shown, is a supreme tenet of that Law.
    When these revolutions began they were supposed to be aimed at “‘kings and priests”, as the symbolic figures of oppression. Now that the power of kings and priests is gone, but the revolution is established in permanence, it may be seen that these were false words, chosen to delude “”the multitude”. The attack was on nationhood (the rnurdered king being in each case the symbol) and on religion (the destruction of churches being the symbolic act)…

    Talmudic incitement and control of the English and French revolutions cannot be discovered, at any rate by the present writer’s research. In each case the results bore the familiar signs of the Judaic triumph (the “return” of the Jews to England, the emancipation of the Jews in France), although at the start of both revolutions the Jewish question had not been present in the public mind as an issue at stake. As far as the student can ascertain at this distance of time, the projection of “the Jewish question” into these issues, and its elevation to a chief place among them, was sonlething achieved while the revolutions went along, and the Judaic elders who accomplished this did not actually bring about the revolutions.
    The third case, that of the Russian revolution, is entirely different. It culminated in the greatest Judaic triumph and Judaic vengeance on record, either in Old Testamentary history or in later history, and was organized, directed and controlled by Jews who had grown up in the Talmud-controlled areas. This is a fact of our present day, demonstrable and undeniable, and it is the most significant fact in the whole story of Zion, illuminating all the past and giving the key to all the future.
    For our century, which produced that event has also seen the word ”’revolution” given a new meaning, or more accurately, given its true meaning: destruction without end until The Law is fulfilled…

    What was airned at was plainly the final consummation of The Law, in its literal form: “Thou shalt reign over every nation but they shall not reign over thee … the Lord thy God shall set thee on high above all nations of the earth”.
    Without this motive the three revolutions would never have taken the course they took, the course they took prefigures the shape of the future. They represent stages in and steps towards the fulfillment ofThe Law, and, once again, those who in their day seemed to be great or powerful men in their own right, like King Cyrus and the mysterious King Ahasuerus, now look like mere puppets in the great drama of Judaic history as it moves towards its miraculous end in Jerusalem…

    What is certain is that the French revolution, while it was brewing, was supposed to be for “the rights of man” (which presumably meant all men, equally), but when it began “the Jewish question”, as by magic, at once came to the fore. One of the earliest acts of the revolution (1791) was the complete emancipation of the Jews (just as the law against “anti-semitism” was one of the first acts of the revolution in Russia)…

    The story of the Jews, under this control, was the same in Babylon, Persia, Egypt, (Greece, Rome and Spain, and could not be anything else, given the unique Judaic Law…

    In Napoleonic manner he took it by the throat and tried to extract an answer from it to the eternal question: did the Jews truly desire to become part of the nation and to live by its law, or did they secretly acknowledge another law which commanded them to destroy and dominate the peoples among whom they dwelt?…

    The strange world in which Napoleon thus set foot is little understood by Gentiles. It is illumined by the following two quotations:
    “”Owing to the acceptance of the idea of the Chosen People and of salvation, the Jewish world was Judeocentric, and the Jews could interpret everything that happened only from the standpoint of themselves as the centre” (Dr. Kastein).
    “The Jew constructed a whole history of the world of which he made hilnself the centre, and from this moment, that is, the moment when Jehovah makes the covenant with Abraham, the fate of Israel forms the history of the world, indeed, the history of the whole cosmos, the one thing about which the Creator of the world troubles himself. It is as if the circles always become narrower; at last only the central point remains: the Ego” (Mr. Houston Stewart Chalmberlain)…

    [Napoleon] knew that, according to the Judaic Law, the world had been created, at a date precisely determined, solely for the Jews and everything that happened in it (including such an episode as that of his own fame and power) was calculated simply to bring about the Jewish triumph…

    Napoleon’s questions went, like arrows to a target, straight to the tenets of the Torah-Talmud on which the wall between the Jews and other men had been built. The chief ones were, did the Jewish Law permit mixed marriages, did the Jews regard Frenchmen as “strangers” (foreigners) or as brothers, did they regard France as their native country, the laws of which they were bound to obey; did the Judaic Law draw any distinction between Jewish and Christian debtors?…

    The Sanhedrin acknowledged the extinction of the Jewish nation to be an accomplished fact. This solved the central dilemma thrown up by the fact that the Law, which theretofore had always been held to be exclusively binding for Jews, allowed no distinction between religious and civil law. As “the nation” had ceased to exist, the Talmudic laws of daily Iife were proclaimed to be no longer be effective, but the Torah, as the law of faith, remained immutable, thus said the Sanhedrists. If any clash or dispute were to occur, the religious laws were to be held subordinate to those of the state in which individual Jews lived. Israel thenceforward would exist only as a religion, and no longer looked forward to any national rehabilitation.
    It was a unique triumph for Napoleon (and who knows how much it may have contributed to his downfall?). The Jew’s were liberated from the Talmud; the way to their re-integration in their fellow men, their involvement in mankind, was reopened where the Levites had closed it over two thousand years before; the spirit of discrimination and hatred was renounced and exorcised. These declarations formed the basis on which the claim for full civil liberties was made and realized throughout the West in the years that followed…

    Thenceforth Orthodox Judaism, “with the face it turned toward the West, denied any suggestion that the Jews would form a nation within nations. Reform Judaism in time eliminated every prayer expressing so much as even the suspicion of a hope or a desire for any form of Jewish national resurrection” (Rabbi Moses P. Jacobson). The ground was cut from beneath those opponents of Jewish emancipation in the British Parliament who contended that “the Jews look forward to the coming of a great deliverer, to their return to Palestine, to the rebuilding of their temple, to the revival of their ancient worship, and therefore, they will always consider England not as their country. but merely as their place of exile” (quoted by Mr. Bernard J. Brown).
    Yet these warning voices spoke the truth. In less than ninety years the declarations of the Napoleonic Sanhedrin had in effect been cancelled…

    It was an illusion. In the eyes of today’s Gentile student it seems to have been a great opportunity missed. In the eyes of the literal Jew it was an appalling danger narrowly averted: that of common involvement in mankind…

    The one movement Zionism, aimed at reassembling a dispersed nation in a territory promised to it by the Jewish god,’ the second movement, Communism, aimed at the destruction of separate nationhood as such.
    Thus these two movements appeared at first sight to be fixedly opposed to each other- for the one made nationalism its religion, even its god, and the other declared war to the death on nationalism. This antagonism was only apparent, and in truth the two movements ran on parallel tracks, not head on towards a collision on the same line, “for the god who promised land to the nation to be gathered-in also promised to set it “above all people that are upon the face of the earth” and to destroy all other nations ··with a mighty destruction until they be destroyed”. The world-revolution, which pursued the second of these aims, thus fulfilled the condition set for the first of them; either by accident or by design, it too was doing the will of Jehovah…

    that fantastic feat of international stage-management on the grand scale in October 1917 when Communism (the destroyer of nationhood) and Zionism (the creator of the dominant nation) triumphed at the same instant!

    “”Our governments”, in the half-century that has elapsed, have become such “willing slaves” of the Judaic master-sect that they are in fact the bailiffs or agents of a new, international ruling-class, and not true governors at all…

    The West has come to this dilemma through the pressure of two rnillstones, Communism and Zionism, the nation-destroying world-revolution and the new, nation-creating, ruling-class. The one has incited the mob, the other has gained mastery over rulers. Are the organizers of both the same? This book seeks to answer the question in its rernaining chapters. What is clear is that each stage in the ruination of the West, during these 170 years, has been accompanied by successive stages of “the return” to the promised land. That is an indication of common managership too strong to be set aside unless it can be conclusively disproved. To the ”’heathen” masses of Christendom the process which began with the emergence of the world-revolution in 1789 has been merely one of sound and fury, signifying nothing; but the student perceives that in majestic rhythm it fulfils The Law and The Prophets of Judah…

    The French revolution of 1789 is the one that provides the key to the mystery. It forms the link between the English one of 1640 and the Russian one of 1917 and reveals the whole process as a planned and continuing one which, having passed through these three stages, clearly will reach its final orgasm at some moment not far distant, probably during this century. That climax, foreseeably, will take the shape of an attempt to consummate and complete the world­ revolution by setting up a world-government under the control of the organization which has guided the revolutionary process from its start. This would establish the sway of a new ruling-class over the submerged nations. (As Dr. Kastein would say, it would “deterlnine the fate of the whole world”)…

    Then, after the outbreaks of 1848, Disraeli returned to the subject, telling the House of Commons in 1852: “The influence of the Jews may be traced in the last outbreak of the destructive principle in Europe. An insurrection takes place against tradition and aristocracy, against religion and property … The natural equality of men and the abrogation of property are proclaimed by the secret societies who form provisional governments and men of Jewish race are found at the head of every one of them” (exactly the same thing recurred in Russia, in 1917, that is, seventy years after the 1848 outbreaks). Disraeli added, “The most skilful manipulators of property ally themselves with Communists; the peculiar and chosen people touch the hands of all the scum and low castes of Europe”. This, he said, was because they wished to destroy Christianity…

    The whole dispute between ancient Israel and Judah of the Levites raged round this false deity [Moloch] and his demands, and Israel turned its back on Judah on this very account; this is the root of the controversy of Zion, three thousand years ago and now…

    The god of love and mercy, the god of hatred, vengeance and human sacrifice: that was from the start the issue, and is today, and if Disraeli had lived a hundred years later Christendom might by this scion of Jewry have been spared the stigma of the Talmudic vengeance at Nuremberg. Similarly, Disraeli cannot be imagined lending himself, his office and his country’s strength to the support and spread of the world-revolution, as the leaders of Britain and America lent themselves in the fIrst and second world wars; his whole public life was spent in forewarning his country against the destructive conspiracy which their acts promoted…

    The present writer thinks he erred in one matter, namely, in his opinion that the doctrines of Jesus were the completion, not the repudiation, of Judaism. The contrary seems to me to be true, namely, that Judaism was that very heresy (”’the worship of Moloch”) which Disraeli spurned, and which Jesus came to change…

    Karl Marx and his Communist Manifesto were the outward and visible signs of a significant historic event: Talmudic Judaism had taken over the world-revolution…

    That verdict of 1951 is obviously true and agrees with the contemporary one of the revolutionary eye-witness Benoit Malon: “Communism was handed down in the dark through the secret societies of the 19th Century.”

    Thus when Disraeli died the thing he had striven to avoid had come about: the “secret societies had been welded into one world-revolutionary movement under Jewish control, and this was preparing to blow up the foundations of the 20th Century…

    The sequence of events is significant. In 1772 Poland was partitioned and, after more than 2,500 years, the “centre” of Jewish Government “ceased to exist” (according to Dr. Kastein) or became a secret Jewish government (as the Russian authorities believed). In 1776 Adam Weishaupt founded his Illuminati. By 1846 Disraeli was writing that “the revolution is developing entirely under Jewish auspices”. In 1869 Michel Bakunin, the disciple of Weishaupt, attacked the Jews in the revolutionary movement. In 1872 Bakunin was expelled and the united Communist movement plainly emerged, under Karl Marx (in 1917 it produced an almost exclusively Jewish Bolshevist government).

    Such was the result, foretold by Disraeli, of the removal of Jewish disabilities and of a few decades of Jewish emancipation. The lowering of the barriers had not had the effect of amalgamating the Jews in the comity of peoples, its consequences had been to give “the most formidable sect (Bakunin’s words) freedom to work for the ruination of these peoples by revolution. The responses given by the Sanhedrin to Napoleon’s questions at the century’s start by its middle-age had been shown to be void of force. Jews would not thenceforward be allowed to involve themselves, with other men, in the nationhoods and laws of the lands where they dwelt; on the contrary, identification with the world­ revolution set them more apart from others than even they had ever been before. The century of emancipation had been turned into a fraud even before it ended.

    During the 19th Century (as Dr . Kastein, again, records) the term “antisemitism” was born, for “persecution” could no longer be said to exist, some new word had to be found, capable of intimidating Gentiles and terrifying Jews, the second purpose being more important than the first, and “antisemitism” was invented. “Abracadabra” might have served as weIl for the term ….antisemitism.. is patently absurd in relation to people who are demonstrably not Semites and whose Law commands the extirpation of Semites (the Arab peoples of Palestine, any expression of sympathy with the Semitic Arabs, expelled from their native land by the Zionist intruders in 1948, in time came to be attacked as “antisemitism”)…

    Contemplated in that historical perspective, the threefold purposes of the grand design become clear, and events have demonstrated them. First, through revolution the process of emancipation (and therewith of Jewish assimilation in the West) might be reversed and the supremacy of the ruling sect in Jewry maintained. Second, through revolution vengeance might be taken on Christendom for the expulsion from Spain. or perhaps for the existence of Christendom (for that is the affront to which the Talmud is in effect the answer). Third, revolution would promote the fulfillment of The Law, which ordained the ruination of the heathen and the triumph of the Chosen People, or at any rate of the sect which used that beguiling term…

    Under The Law this destruction was not an end in itself; it was a means to the end laid down in The Law. The extirpation of nation-states was to be the essential prelude to the establishment of the triumphant nation-State, that of the chosen people in their promised land. Thus, in the middle of the last century, a second force also was brought into being in those same Eastern, Talmudic, ruled areas where the world-revolution received its shape and impetus…

    The dominant-force [Zionism] corrupted the governments of these states at the top level; the revolutionary-force [Communism] eroded their foundations at the bottom level…

    Thus the story of the emergence of Zionism from the ghettoes of Russia and of the delicate interplay between the two forces, the one coiling itself round the rulers of the West and the other undermining the structure of the nation-states, forms the next chapter of the controversy of Zion…

    Communism was designed to subvert the masses, it was the “great popular movement” foreseen by Disraeli, by means of which “the secret societies” were to work in unison for the disruption of Europe. Zionism set out to subvert rulers at the top. Neither force could have moved forward without the other, for rulers of unimpaired authority would have checked the revolution as it had been checked in 1848…

    He shows how, in those remote Talmudic communities nearly a hundred years ago, the strategy took shape which in its consequences was to catch up, as in a vortex, all peoples of the West. Americans and Britons, Germans and Frenchmen, Italians, Poles, Scandinavians, BaIts, the Balkanic peoples and all others were to be implicated. The lifeblood and treasure of the West were to be spent on the promotion of these two complementary purposes like water from a running tap…

    The remaining mass of Jews in Russia. (that is, those that lived in the ghettoes under Talmudic rule) were divided into two groups by a vertical line which split households and families, including Dr. Weizmann’s own house and family. Both groups were revolutionary, that is to say, they agreed in working for the destruction of Russia. The dissension was solely on the point of Zionism. The “Communist-revolutionary” group held that full “emancipation”, would be achieved when the world-revolution supplanted the nation-states everywhere. The “”Zionist-revolutionary group”, while agreeing that the world-revolution was indispensable to the process, held that full “emancipation”, would only be achieved when a Jewish nation was established in a Jewish state.
    Of these two groups, the Zionist one was clearly the superior in Talmudic orthodoxy, as destruction, under The Law, is but a means to the end of domination, and the dominant nation is that ordained to be set up in Jerusalem. In the households, dispute was fierce. The Communists maintained that Zionism would weaken the revolution, which professed to deny “race and creed”; the Zionists contended that revolution must lead to the restoration of the chosen people, of whom race was the creed…

    The [first World Zionist] congress was in fact a Sanhedrin summoned to cancel the avowals made by the Napoleonic Sanhedrin eighty years before. That Sanhedrin repudiated separate nationhood and any ambition to form a Jewish state, this one proclaimed separate nationhood and the ambition of statehood…

    Dr. Herzl found hiinself face to face with his masters and with the conspiracy, which through him was about to enter the West. He had declared war on emancipation and, like many successors, was unaware of the nature of the force he had released. He was soon left behind, a bugler whose task was done, while the real “managers” took over…

    Herzl’s method was to exploit this general fear for his particular end, the Jewish State. He offered domestic peace if it were supported and revolution if it were not and he claimed to speak in the name of all the Jews…

    The two forces moved forward together in synchronization (for Zionism, as has been shown, used the threat of Communism in Europe to gain the ear of European rulers for its territorial demand outside Europe). It was as if twin turbines began to revolve, generating what was in effect one force, from which the new century was to receive galvanic shocks…

    The Greek drama continued. Mr. Balfour’s prime-ministership ended in a fiasco for his party when in the 1906 election eight out of nine Manchester seats were lost to it. He then faded temporarily from office. At that moment another personage entered the present narrative. Among the triumphant Liberal candidates was a rising young man with a keen nose for political winds, a Mr. Winston Churchill. He also sought election in Manchester and commended himself to the Zionist headquarters there, first by attacking the Balfour government’s Aliens Bill (which set a brake on large-scale immigration from such places as Russia) and next by supporting Zionism. Thereon the Manchester Jews promptly fell into line behind him as though he were a kind of latterday Moses, one of their leaders got up at an all-Jewish-meeting and announced that “any Jew who votes against Churchill is a traitor to the common cause” (Mr. R.C. Taylor). Mr. Churchill, elected, became Under Secretary for the Colonies. His public espousal of Zionism was simply a significant episode at that time; three decades later, when Mr. Balfour was dead, it was to have consequences as fateful as Mr. Balfour’s own aberration…

    The later events showed that the Eastern conspiracy, in both its forms, entered America through this mass-immigration. The process of acquiring an ever-increasing measure of politicai power began, behind the scenes, about 1900 and was to become the major issue of American national life in the ensuing fifty years…

    Mr. House did not guide American State policy, but deflected it towards Zionism, the support of the world-revolution, and the promotion of the world-government ambition…

    Between 1900 and 1910 a million new Jewish immigrants arrived from Russia and under Zionist organization began to form an important body of voters…

    Mr. Wilson, under coaching for the campaign, made a speech on “The rights of the Jews”, in which he said, “I am not here to express our sympathy with our Jewish fellow­ citizens but to make evident our sense of identity with them. This is not their cause; it is America’s”…

    To the initiates it was a pledge to Zionism. It was also an oblique allusion and threat to Russia, for the implication of Mr.Wilson’s words was that he recognized the Jews in Russia (who were then the only organized Zionists) as representing all Jews. Thus he took the Balfourean part in the American production of this drama…

    Before the election Mr. House drew up a list of cabinet ministers (see Philip Dru) in consultation with a Mr. Bernard Baruch, who now enters this tale. He might be the most important of all the figures who will appear in it during the ensuing fifty years, for he was to become known as “the adviser” to several Presidents and in the 1950’s was still advising President Eisenhower and Mr. Winston Churchill. In 1912 he was publicly known only as a highly successful financier. His biographer states that he contributed $50,000 to Mr. Wilson’s campaign…

    In 1913 B’nai B’rith put out a tiny offshoot, the “Anti-Defamation League”. It was to grow to great size and power; in it the state-within-states acquired a kind of secret police and it will reappear in this story…

    In England in 1914 the situation brought about in America by the secret captivity of President Wilson did not prevail. The leading political and military posts were held by men who put every proposal for the political and military conduct of the war to one test: would it help win the war and was it in their country’s interest. By that test Zionism failed. The story of the first two years of the four-year war is that of the struggle behind the scenes to dislodge these obstructive men and to supplant them by other, submissive men…

    To the initiates they carried a commitment to support the plan, of which Zionism and Communism both were instruments, for establishing a “world federation” founded on force and the obliteration of nationhood, with the exception of one “nation” to be recreated…

    The draft experienced revealing adventures between October 9 and November 2, when it was published. It was sent to America, where it was edited by Mr. Brandeis, Mr. Jacob de Haas and Rabbi Wise before being shown to President Wilson for his ‘”final approval”. He simply sent it to Mr. Brandeis (who had already had it from Dr. Weizmann), who passed it to Rabbi Stephen Wise, “to be handed to Colonel House for transmission to the British Cabinet”…

    The conclusion cannot be escaped: if any honest explanation of his actions in this matter could be found Mr. Lloyd George would have given it. From this period in 1916-1917 the decay of parliamentary and representative government can be traced, both in England and America. If secret men could dictate major acts of American state policy and major operations of British armies, then clearly “election” and “responsible office” were terms devoid of meaning. Party distinctions began to fade in both countries, once this hidden, supreme authority was accepted by leading Western politicians, and the American and British electors began to be deprived of all true choice. Today this condition is general, and now is public. Leaders of all parties, before elections, make obeisance to Zionism, and the voter’s selection of president, prime minister or party makes no true difference…

    These records show that the Central Committee of the Bolshevik party, which wielded the supreme power, contained 3 Russians (including Lenin) and 9 Jews. The next body in importance, the Central Committee of the Executive Commission (or secret police) comprized 42 Jews and 19 Russians, Letts, Georgians and others. The Council of People’s Commissars consisted of 17 Jews and five others. The Moscow Che-ka (secret police) was formed of 23 Jews and 13 others. Among the names of 556 high officials of the Bolshevik state officially published in 1918-1919 were 458 Jews and 108 others. Among the central committees of small, supposedly ”’Socialist’· or other non-Communist parties (during that early period the semblance of “opposition” was permitted, to beguile the masses, accustomed under the Czar to opposition parties) were 55 Jews and 6 others. All the names are given in the original documents reproduced by Mr. Wilton. (In parentheses, the composition of the two short-lived Bolshevik governments outside Russia in 1918-1919, namely those of Hungary and Bavaria, was similar)…

    The law against “”anti-semitism” (which cannot be defined) was in itself a fingerprint. An illegal government, predominantly jewish, by this measure warned the Russian masses, under pain of death, not to interest themselves in the origins of the revolution. It meant in effect that the Talmud became the law of Russia, and in the subsequent four decades this law has in effect and in growing degree been made part of the structure of the west…

    The chief reason for recounting the details of the pogrom of the Romanoffs is to point to the “‘fingerprint” which was left in the room where it was done. One of the assassins, presumably their leader, stayed to exult and put a significant signature on the wall, which was covered with obscene or mocking inscriptions in Hebrew, Magyar and German. Among them was a couplet which deliberately related the deed to the Law of the Torah-Talmud and thus offered it to posterity as an example of the fulfilment of that law, and of Jewish vengeance as understood by the Levites. It was written in German by someone who parodied the Jewish poet, Heinrich Heine’s lines on the death of Belshazzar, the imaginary potentate whose murder is portrayed in Daniel as God’s punishment for an affront offered to Judah:

    Belshazzar became the same night
    Killed by the same servants.

    The parodist, sardonically surveying the shambles, adapted these lines to what he had just done:

    Belsatsar was the same night
    Killed by his servants.

    No clearer clue to motive and identity was ever left behind…

    At this period (1917­-1918) the student for the first time is able to establish that leading men began to give that secret support to Communism which they were already giving to its blood brother, Zionism…

    Both of them Russian-born . . . they had swayed the crowds of Jewish students from one side of the street to the other; Leon Trotsky, apostle of Red revolution; Chaim Weizmann, apostle of a tradition unbroken for two thousand years. Now by a most strange coincidence in the same week each of them accomplished the fulfilment of his dream”.
    In truth, the pincers in which the West was to be gripped had been forged, and each handle was held by one of two groups of revolutionaries “‘Russian-born” (but not Russian).

    For Dr. Weizmann and his associates in London and Washington, the event in Moscow was a passing embarrassment, in one respect. They had based their demand for Palestine on the legend that “a place of refuge” must be found for Jews “persecuted in Russia” (an obvious non sequitur but good enough for “the mob”), and now there was no “persecution in Russia”, On the contrary, in Moscow a Jewish regime ruled and “anti-Semitism” was a capital offence. Where, then, were the Jews who needed ‘”a place of refuge”? (This is evidently the reason why Mr. Robert Wilton had to be prevented from reporting the nature of the new regime in Moscow)…

    The corruption of the press (foretold by the Protocols) began with the censorship introduced during the First World War; the rise of the directing power behind the scenes had been shown by the cases of Colonel Repington, Mr. H.A. Gwynne and Mr. Robert Wilton in 1917-1918; experienced correspondents were driven to resign or to write books because their reports were ignored, burked, or suppressed; an editor who published the faithful report without submission to the censorship was prosecuted…

    ‘The fiasco of the ”’national home” was so clear that even the politicians began to hedge. Mr. Lloyd George in 1925 told the Zionists publicly “”any policy of expropriation or anything that suggests it will only make difficulties in the path of Zionism”. Dr. Weiznlann at once replied: “Mr. Lloyd George will believe me when I say that the Jews are the last people in the world to build their home on the back of somebody else. ‘The Jews have suffered so much from injustice that they have learned their lesson and I can assure you that the Arabs will not suffer at our hands”. Again “the word” invites comparison with “the deed” that ensued later…

    Mr. LJoyd George in 1925 told the Zionists publicly “”any policy of expropriation or anything that suggests it will only make difficulties in the path of Zionism”. Dr. Weiznlann at once replied: “Mr. Lloyd George will believe me when I say that the Jews are the last people in the world to build their home on the backs of somebody else. The Jews have suffered so much from injustice that they have learned their lesson and I can assure you that the Arabs will not suffer at our hands”…

    The emancipated Jews could have offered effective opposition to the Zionists if they had formed an anti­ Zionist organization. They feared to do so, and this was their undoing. ‘They did not want Zionist nationalism and a Jewish state, but they did want the Judaist Mecca, the cultural and religious centre, and feared that the term “anti-Zionist” would imply antagonism to that. Through this chink in their armour Dr. Weiztnann unerringly reached…

    The gap left by the collapse, in 1917, of the legend of “Jewish persecution in Russia” was filled by ….the Jewish persecution in Germany” and, just when Zionism was “helpless and hopeless”, the Zionists were able with a new cry to affright the Jews and beleaguer the Western politicians. The consequences showed in the outcome of the ensuing war, when revolutionary-Zionism and revolutionary-Communism proved to be the sole beneficiaries…

    Mr. Roosevelt, after the Republican interregnum of 1921-1933, resumed the Wilson policies and in that spirit approached the major problem of America’s future at that moment: namely, whether the forces represented by the great Jewish immigration from Eastern Europe, which had occurred in the six decades following the Civil War, should or should not govern America. All competent authorities had observed – usually with foreboding – the rapid rise of this new problem in American life, and had depicted the effects of the transplantation to American soil of a large population-mass which, under its religious directors, rejected the concept of “the melting-pot” and of “assimilation”…

    Such was the background of the dominant issue in American life when Mr. Roosevelt became president. Between 1881 and 1920 over three million legally­ recorded immigrants entered the United States from Russia, most of them Jews. According to the United States Census Bureau the country contained 230,000 Jews in 1877 and about 4,500,000 in 1926…

    The next Congress went much further than the general statement above quoted; it was specific about the danger, the same Committee reporting:
    “If the principle of individual liberty, guarded by a constitutional government, created on this continent nearly a century and half ago is to endure, the basic strain of our population must be maintained and our economic standards preserved . . . The American people do not concede the right of any foreign group … to dictate the character of our legislation”.

    The years which then followed showed that the effect of Mr. Roosevelt’s presidency would be further to break down the principle stated, to alter “the basic strain”, and to enable “a foreign group” to dictate State policy…

    Therefore Mr Long, although he could not have become president at that time, certainly could have prevented Mr. Roosevelt’s re-election, and the ruling few suddenly beheld a disturber of their regime. However, as Mr. Flynn says, ”Fate had gone Democratic and remained so”; on September 8, 1935 Mr. Long was shot in the Louisiana State Capitol by a young Jew, Dr. Carl Austin Weiss. The motive will never be known because Dr. Weiss, who might have explained it, was shot by Mr. Long’s tardy bodyguard…

    Mr. Brandeis in America similarly, and imperially, decreed that “No Jew must live in Germany”. Mr. Churchill desired that “three or four million Jews” should be transplanted to Palestine; the Communist state, by profession anti-Zionist, supplied the first contingent of these.

    When the smoke of battle cleared only three purposes had been achieved, none of them disclosed at its start: the world-revolution, with Western arms and support, had advanced to the middle of Europe; Zionism had been armed to establish itself in Palestine by force; the one-world-government”, obviously the result which these two convergent forces were intended to produce, had been set up anew in embryo form, this time in New York. The war behind the war was the true one; it was fought to divert the arms, manpower and treasure of the West to these purposes. Through the dissolving fog of war the shape of the great “design” first revealed by Weishaupt’s paper, and exposed again in the Protocols, showed clear…

    The war was hardly begun when Dr. Weizmann appeared in Mr. Churchill’s offIce. Unknown to the general public, this remarkable man for thirty-three years (from the day of his interview with Mr. Balfour) had exercised mastery over the politicians of England and America. His person cannot have inspired such awe, so that they must have seen in him the representative of a force which cowed them; the one which Dr. Kastein called “the Jewish international” and Mr. Neville Chamberlain “international Jewry”.

    Mr. Churchill. returned to office after ten years as First Lord of the Admiralty, presumably should have been absorbed by the war at sea, but Dr. Weizmann was concerned with other things. He said, “after the war we would want to build up a state (“three or four million Jews in Palestine” and states that Mr. Churchill replied, “Yes, indeed, I quite agree with that”. Mr. Churchill, twelve months earlier, had called for “solemn assurances” to the Arabs that Zionist imnligration would be regulated and restricted…

    The ground had been prepared for him in America, where Rabbi Stephen Wise was instructing President Roosevelt (as he had instructed the long-dead President Wilson) about his duty towards Zionism: “‘On May 13,1941 I found it necessary to send the president firsthand reports from Palestine” (the rabbi’s firsthand reports about a “‘reported” pogrom in 1933 had produced the boycott in New York) ….and write about the imperilled status of the unarmed Jews . . . The British Government ought to he made to understand how enormous would he the shock and how, damaging its effect upon the democratic cause, if there should be a general slaughter because of failure adequately to arm the Jews as well as to strengthen the defences of Palestine with guns, tanks and planes”.
    The president replied, “I can merely call to the attention of the British our deep interest in the defence of Palestine and our concern for the defence of the Jewish population there; and, as best I can, supply the British forces with the material means by which the maximum protection to Palestine will be afforded”. Equipped with this letter (as Dr. Weizlnann once with a report of an interview written on British Foreign Office letter-paper) Rabbi Stephen Wise “‘the next day left for Washington, and after conference with high government officials felt more confident that the British would be made to understand that there must be adequate equipment (guns, tanks and planes) for our people in Palestine . .. And probably thanks to the intervention of Mr. Roosevelt, the business of parity had been dropped to a large extent” (the last allusion is to the insistence of responsible British administrators that, if arms were being handed around, Arabs and Zionists in equal numbers should be armed in Palestine; even Mr. Churchill had found difficulty in resisting this proposal).

    These Zionist potentates in the various countries applied “‘irresistible pressure on international politics” in perfect synchronization. If London lagged in compliance, it was “‘made to understand” by Washington; had the positions been reversed the procedure would have been the opposite. Thus the mechanism had been well oiled when Dr. Weizmann arrived and he soon satisfied himself that “‘the top political leaders” showed “real sympathy for our Zionist aspirations”…

    At this stage he began close co-operation with Mr. Henry Morgenthau, junior, of the president’s inner circle, who was to prove of “peculiar assistance” at the later, decisive moment…

    For nearly forty years, at that time, Dr. Weizmann had worked “behind the scenes”, deviously and in secret; history shows no comparable case. At one more behind-the-scenes meeting with President Roosevelt he then imparted Mr. Churchill’s message, or rather (according to his own account) a different one: he said Mr. Churchill had assured him that “the end of the war would see a change in the status of the Jewish National Home, and that the White Paper of 1939 would go”…

    Mr. Roosevelts achievement may now be seen to have been threefold and in each respect perilous to his country’s future: he helped to arm Zionism, he armed the revolution in its Moscow citadel; and he opened the doors of his American citadel to its agents…

    Mr. Roosevelt began by breaking down the barriers against uncontrolled immigration which the Congresses immediately before him strove to set up; because they saw in it the danger of the capture of the American administration by “a foreign group”. Under various of his edicts the supervision of immigration was greatly weakened. Immigration officials were forbidden to put questions about communist associations; and the separate classification of Jewish immigrants was discontinued. “this was supported by a continuous press campaign against all demands for enquiry into loyalty or political record as “discrimination against the foreign-born”.

    None can say how many people entered the United States during that period. By 1952 Senator Pat McCarran, chairman of the United States Senate Judiciary Committee, estimated that apart from legal immigration, five rnillion aliens had illegally entered the country, including large numbers of “militant communists, Sicilian bandits and other criminals”.

    This mass of immigrants went to swell the size of the “fluctuating vote” on which Mr. Roosevelt’s party (still following Mr. House’s strategy) concentrated its electoral effort and its cry of “no discrimination”. Under the president’s restrictions on loyalty-interrogations the way into the civil service and armed forces was opened to American-born or legally-domiciled alien Communists…

    The renewal of large-scale immigration formed the background to the political invasion of the Republic. This was a three-pronged movement which aimed at the capture of the three vital points of a state’s defences: state policy at the top level, the civil services at the middle level and “public opinion” or the mass-mind at the base…

    This form of political invasion is called by Dr. Weizmann, who exhaustively studied it in his youth, when he was preparing in Russia for his life’s work in the west, “the technique of propaganda and the approach to the masses”.

    Far back in this book the reader was invited to note that “B’nai B’rith” put out a shoot… The little offshoot of 1913, the “Anti-Defamation League”, had by 1947 become a secret police of formidable power in America. *
    In Doublespeak “anti-defamation” means “defamation” and this body lived by calumny, using such terms as anti-semite, fascist, rabble-rouser, Jew-baiter, Red-baiter, paranoiac, lunatic, madman, reactionary, diehard, bigot and more of the like…

    Under this regime reasoned debate became outlawed; there is something of sorcery in this subjugation of two generations of Western men to the mumbo­
    jumbo of Asiatic conspirators…

    the first Bolshevist administration in Russia, the “law against anti-semitism” introduced on July 27, 1918…

    Therefore the authors of the vengeance of 1945 must be sought in the revolutionary area, and for this reason the nature of the revolution in 1945 may be examined, to discover whether it, and its leadership, had changed from 1917 (when it was ninety percent Jewish) and 1848 (when Disraeli said it was led by Jews)…

    In my opinion the directing force of the revolution was from 1848 onward demonstrably that of the Talmudic rabbinate in the East, and in that sense “the revolution” was “a Jewish conspiracy”…

    Thus the identity of the managers of the revolution did not change substantially between 1917 and 1939, they withdrew from most of the frontal places but retained the true “levers of control’…

    This is an interesting case of the dissension in a Jewish family described by Dr. Weizmann in his account of his boyhood in Russia, where Jewish households were split between “revolutionary-Communism” and “revolutionary-Zionism”, and only in that question…

    This was the requital for Mr. Churchill’s forty years of support for Zionism, he had not actually ordered British troops to clear Palestine of Arabs and, for a while, was an enemy…

    Among the victorious Socialists a worthy party-man, one Mr. Hall, inherited the Colonial Office from Lord Lloyd, Lord Moyne and others dead or defamed, and was barely in it when a deputation from the World Zionist Congress arrived:
    “I must say the attitude adopted by the members of the deputation was different from anything which I have ever experienced. It was not a request for the consideration by His Majesty’s Government of the decisions of the Zionist conference, but a demand that His Majesty’s Government should do what the Zionist Organization desired them to do”…

    Dr. Weizmann knew exactly what was at stake and in his old age shrank from the prospect that reopened before him: reversion to the worship of Moloch, the god of blood. He had seen so much blood shed in the name of revolutionary-Communism and revolutionary-Zionism, the two causes which had dominated his parental home and home town in the Pale…

    Dr. Weizmann (though deposed by the Zionist Organization for his warnings against terrorism) was once more the chief authority heard by UNSCOP in Jerusalem, and then quickly returned to New York where, in October and November of 1947, he dominated the hidden scene as lobbyist supreme. “irresistible pressure” operated with relentless force…

    In these circumstances the successful candidate could only feel that election was a reward for “supporting partition” in November 1947 and “granting recognition” in May 1948; nothing could more clearly illustrate the vast change which the mass­ immigration of Eastern Jews, in the period following the Civil War, had brought about in the affairs of the American Republic…

    (if American troops in the 1950’s or 1960’s find themselves in the Near East, any of them who have read Mr. Forrestal’s Diaries should know how they came to be there)…

    on November 29, 1947 the General Assembly of the United Nations recommended (Zionist propaganda always says “decided”) that “independent Arab and Jewish states, and the specific international regime for the City of Jerusalem” should come into existence after termination of the British “Mandate” on August 1, 1948…

    Dr. Weizmann then had called “the terror in Palestine” the “old evil in a new and horrible guise”. April 9, 1948 showed what he meant, and in particular why he called it the old evil. On that day the “activists”, the terror-and-assassination group of Zionism, “utterly destroyed” an Arab village in exact and literal fulfilment of ”the Law” laid down in Deuteronomy (which, the reader will recall, is the basic Judaic law but was itself an amendment of the original Mosaic law of the Israelites)…

    Thereon alrnost the entire Arab population of Palestine fled into the neighbouring Arab states.
    The massacre at Deir Yasin was briefly reported in the West, for instance Time Magazine of New York said:
    “Jewish terrorists of the Stern Gang and Irgun Zvai Leumi stormed the village of Deir Yasin and butchered everyone in sight. The corpses of 250 Arabs, mostly women and small children, were later found tossed into wells”.

    At the Versailles Peace Conference in 1919 Dr. Weizmann had declared, “”The Bible is our mandate”, and the words sounded good to Western ears. This event showed what they meant, and the same words were repeated by the Zionist leaders in Palestine thirty years after Dr. Weizmann used them. The massacre at Deir Yasin was an act of “observance” of the ancient “statutes and commandments”, including the relevant passage in Deuteronomy, “When the Lord thy God shall bring thee into the land whither thou goest to possess it, and shall cast out … seven nations greater and mightier than thou … then thou shalt utterly destroy them; thou shalt make no covenant with them, nor show mercy unto them”, and the related passage, “thou shalt save alive nothing that breatheth, but thou shalt utterly destroy them”. There are seven Arab states today, and each of them has its share of the fugitives of 1948, who for eight years now have been a living reminder to them of the common future fate with which Zionism threatens them under the ancient Law.

    The passive condonation of this deed by Jewry as a whole showed more clearly than anything else the change which Zionism had wrought in the Jewish mind in a few years. Writing in 1933 (only fifteen years before Deir Yasin), Mr. Bernard J. Brown quoted the above passage from Deuteronomy as the reason for Arab fears, and added, “”Of course, the uncultured Arabs do not understand that the modern Jew does not take his bible literally, and that he is a kind and charitable person and would not be so cruel to his fellow-man, but he suspects that if the Jews bottom their claim to Palestine on the strength of the historic rights to that land, they can only do so on the authority of the Bible, and the Arab refuses to reject any part of it”. The Arabs were right and Mr. Brown was wrong; this enlightened Western Jew could not conceive, in 1933, that Zionism meant a full return to the superstition of antiquity in its most barbaric form…

    All impartial authorities agree about the intention and effect of Deir Yasin, and from April 9, 1948 no doubt remained about the governing force of the ancient Judaic Law on all future acts and ambitions of Zion…

    As the days passed, and the news from Deir Yasin flickered briefly over the tapes, [Dr. Weizmann] laboured tirelessly at his supreme task: the winning of “recognition” for the Jewish State set up by the terrorists at Deir Yasin…

    Dates are again significant. On May 13 1948 Dr. Weizmann saw President Truman, the contest for the presidential nominations then lay immediately ahead and the presidential election a few months beyond, so that this was the ideal moment to apply “irresistible pressure”. Dr. Weizmann informed President Truman that the British mandate would end on May 15 and a provisional government would then take over “the Jewish state”. He urged that the United States “promptly” recognize it and the President acted with zealous alacrity…

    “I [Dr. Weizmann] am certain that the world will judge the Jewish state by what it will do with the Arabs”…

    The Iron Curtain, which had opened to let the invaders of Palestine leave, opened again to allow arms to reach them in decisive quantities.
    This was the first major consequence of General Eisenhower’s order, issued under President Roosevelt’s direction, to halt the Allied armies west of the Berlin-Vienna line and allow Czechoslovakia to fall to the Soviet: the arms came from that captive country, where the great Skoda arsenal, as a result of his order, had merely passed from Nazi into Communist hands…

    Speaking at Tel Aviv during an election campaign in 1950, Mr. Begin claimed credit for the foundation ofthe Zionist state, through the deed at Deir Yasin. He said the Irgun had “occupied Jaffa”, which the government party “had been ready to hand over to the Arabs”, and added:
    “The other part of the Irgun’s contribution was Deir Yasin, which has caused the Arabs to leave the country and make room for the newcomers. Without Deir Yasin and the subsequent Arab rout, the present government could not absorb one-tenth of the immigrants.”…

    For five years the public pretence was maintained that “the terrorists” had acted without authority at Deir Yasin and then, in April 1953, four Irgun men wounded at Deir Yasin claimed compensation. The Israeli government, through its Ministry of Security, denied the claim on the ground that the attack was “unauthorised”, whereon the Irgun commander produced a letter from the official Zionist military headquarters in Jerusalem authorizing the action. By that time the signatory was Israeli Minister in Brazil…

    The “rigging” of the American electoral system is the determining factor in the events of the 20th Century. A mechanism originally designed to enable John Doe to express his opinion about policies and parties has been adjusted to such a point of nicety, almost precluding error, that he is left without voice in his national affairs; no matter what coin he inserts in which slot, the governing syndicate wins…

    When 1948 ended, thirty-one years after the first triumph of the dual­ conspiracy (the Balfour Declaration and the Bolshevik revolution) the Zionist state had been set up…

    The captivity of the London and Washington governments, and the identity of the captors, even today (1956) is not realized by the American and British masses (though the now apparent danger of a new world war beginning in and spreading outward from Zionised Palestine is for the first time disquietening them). In the rest of the world it has long been understood. As long ago as the 1920’s for instance, the Maharajah of Kashmir asked Sir Arthur Lothian (as that British diplomat relates), “why the British government was establishing a ‘Yehudi ka Raj’ (Rule of the Jews) in India. I demurred to this description, but he insisted that it was true, saying the Viceroy, Lord Reading, was a Jew, the Secretary of State, Mr. Edwin Montague, was a Jew, the High Commissioner, Sir William Meyer, was a Jew, and what more evidence did I want?” Thus a remote Indian Maharajah, thirty years ago, clearly saw the true shape of coming events in the Western world…

    Probably the most characteristic passage in this typical statement is that which refers to “resettling Jews driven out of Europe by the Nazis”. Israel is the one place in the world where the numbers of the Jewish population may with accuracy be learned. According to Israeli government statistics, it was about 1,400,000 in 1953, and among these were only 63,000 Jews (less than five percent) from Germany and Austria. These 63,000 were the only inhabitants of Israel who by any stretch of imagination might have been said to have been driven out of Europe and to resettle in Israel. The great mass came from Poland, Rumania, Hungary and Bulgaria some time after the war’s end (and certainly were not “driven out” as they were protected in those countries by special laws and preference in state employment) or from North Africa…

    During the period of violence in Palestine which culminated in the pogrom of Arabs at Deir Yasin, this Mr. Hecht inserted a full-page advertisement in many of the leading newspapers throughout America. It was addressed “To the Terrorists of Palestine” and included this message:
    “The Jews of America are for you. You are their champions . . . Every time you blow up a British arsenal, or wreck a British railroad train sky high, or rob a British bank, or let go with your guns and bombs at the British betrayers and invaders of your homeland, the Jews of America make a little holiday in their hearts” …

    By March 1939 Mr. Winston Churchill felt able to inform Mr. Baruch (then in residence at his Barony in South Carolina) that “War is corning very soon … You will be running the show over there”…

    His biographer quotes: “Of course we can flx the world, Baruch has said on many occasions”. And then, during the Second War, “Baruch had agreed with President Roosevelt and other leaders that a world organization should be established at the height of allied unity in the war”…

    The disclosure in 1946 of his plan “to fix the world” gave that world a glimpse of what it might expect to be attempted in the later stages and aftermath of any third war; the “global plan” was fully revealed. In 1947 Mr. Baruch stated that his father “came to this country a hundred years ago”. The case offers the most significant example of the effect on America, and through America on world affairs, of the “new immigration” of the 19th Century. After just that hundred years the son had already for nearly forty years been one of the most powerful men in the world, though he worked “in the long grass . . . out of sight”, and he was to continue this work for at least another ten years…

    The first fifty years of “the Jewish century” have had their natural effect on the Jewish soul, which once again is in violent unrest. They have made chauvinists of a mass of Jews who, a hundred and fifty years ago, seemed committed to involvement in mankind. They are once more in captivity (the recurrent “captivities” of the Jews were always captivity by the elders and their creed of exclusion, not by alien taskmasters). In the Zionist captivity, and under the pressure of the elders, they have been made into the most explosive force in recorded history. The story of this century, of its wars and revolutions and the denouenlent yet to come, is that of Talmudic chauvinism, which has its roots in Deuteronomy.

    The very word “chauvinism” means an extravagant emotion… Nevertheless, the word is inadequate to describe the effect of Talmudic Zionism on the Jewish soul; no word exists, other than “Talmudism”, for this unique and boundless frenzy.

    In 1933 Mr. Bernard J. Brown wrote, “Being consciously Jewish is the lowest kind of chauvinism, for it is the only chauvinism that is based on false premises”. The premises are those of the Talmud-Torah; namely, that God promised a certain tribe imperial supremacy over all enslaved others in this world, and exclusive inheritance of the next world in return for strict observance of a Law based on blood sacrifice and the destruction or enslavement of the lesser breeds without this Law. Whether Talmudic chauvinisln or Zionist chauvinism (I believe either term is more correct than Mr. Brown’s “Jewish chauvinism”) is or is not “the lowest kind” of chauvinism, these fifty years have shown that it is the most violent kind yet known to man…

    The Zionist state itself. as I have shown, was founded on a deed of ”utter destruction”, and thus of literal “observance” of this Law, at Deir Yasin…

    The revolution and Zionism are both essential to the Deuteronomic Talmudic concept. and both movements, in my estimate, were developed under Talmudic direction…

    Mr. Arthur Koestler, describing his scrutiny of Judaism, wrote, “Most bewildering of all was the discovery that the saga of the ‘Chosen Race’ seemed to be taken quite literally by traditionalist Jews. They protested against racial discrimination, and affirmed in the same breath their racial superiority based on Jacob’s covenant with God”. The effect of this “bewildering discovery” on this particular Jewish soul was that “the more I found out about Judaism the more distressed I became, and the more fervently Zionist”…

    Mr.Hecht once wrote, “I lived forty years in my country” (America) “without encountering anti-semitism or concerning myself even remotely with its existence”. Therefore Mr. Hecht logically intended to live nowhere else. Nevertheless, when the Zionist state was being set up, he wrote that every time a British soldier was killed in Palestine “the Jews of America make a little holiday in their hearts”…

    Other latterday Jewish remonstrants raised the ancient cry of a coming “catastrophe”. In 1933 Mr. Bernard J. Brown had seen disaster coming: “Never in the history of the human race has there ever been a group of people who have enmeshed themselves into so many errors and persisted in refusing to see the truth, as our people have done during the last three hundred years” (the period which saw the emergence of the Talmudic “‘Eastern Jews” and the victorious Talmudist war against Jewish assimilation)…

    The influence of his heredity and upbringing were still strong enough in him, a Catholic in North America, to form his first thought in those terms: the ordeal of 350,000,000 souls in Europe, which has left nearly half of them enslaved, was “the great Jewish catastrophe”…

    Before studying the examples which follow, the reader might consider that the great mass of “explosive Eastern Jews” is now in America. This fact, more pregnant with possible consequences than any other of our day, seems scarcely to have entered the consciousness of the Western world, or even of America…

    He concludes, therefore, that American Jews should be propagandized to become only ‘Lovers of Israel’, not actual Israelis in body and soul”…

    Unless that happens the concluding decades of this century foreseeably will see either the fiasco or the transient triumph of Talmudic chauvinisrn. Either way, in failure or success, the accompanying “catastrophe” would be that of the non­ Jewish masses and Jewish suffering would be a minute fraction of it.
    Afterwards, as the world obviously will not accept the Talmud, the Jews would at last have to accept the world as it is…

    In 1953 Sovietized Russia was held up as the new anti-semitic monster, as Germany was held up in 1939 and Czarist Russia in 1914. This all-obscuring issue, to judge by the propagandist hubbub of that period, would again have befogged the battle and deceived the nations…

    Mr. Ilya Ehrenburg, whose broadcasts to the Red Armies as they advanced into Europe incited them not to spare “even unborn Fascists”. A few days before he died Stalin prompted the Red Star to state that the struggle against “Zionism had nothing to do with anti-semitism; Zionism is the enemy of the working people all over the world, of Jews no less than Gentiles”…

    The menace was always implicitly the same: ”Persecute men if you will, but you will be destroyed if you oppose the Jews”…

    The masses in Russia, and later in the other countries which were abandoned to Communism, could not rise against the terror without being accused of “anti-semitism,” because the terror was always a Jewish and Talmudic terror, thus identifiable by its acts, and not a Russian, Communist or Soviet terror…

    “In Czechoslovakia, as elsewhere in Central and South­ Eastern Europe, both the party intellectuals and the key men in the secret police are largely Jewish in origin; the man in the street, therefore, has been inclined to equate the party cares with the Jews and to blame the ‘Jewish Communists’ for all his troubles” (New Statesman, 1952);”…

    Once more revolutionary-Communism and revolutionary-Zionism worked as in perfect synchronization, as in October 1917; the acts of each directly benefited the other…

    The creation of the Zionist state proved to be even more ill-omened than the other creation of the Talmudic Jews in Russia, the Communist revolution…

    Assured of this unstinting monetary backing, and of a political support in Washington which could not change, the new state set out on its grandiose ambition: to restore to full force, in the 20th Century of our era, the “New Law” promulgated by the Levites in Deuteronomy in 621 B.C. All that was to come was to be “fulfilment” of it; the Mongolian Chazars were to see that Jehovah kept his compact, as the Levites had published it. And what ensued was in fact an instalment on account of this “fulfilment”; the vision of “the heathen” bringing the treasures of the earth to Jerusalem began to become reality in the form of American money, German tribute and the like…

    “In essence, the political support the state of Israel has in the United States makes any settlement antagonistic to Israeli interests irnpossible for a United States administration to contemplate” (1956). If this merely alludes to control of the election-machine, it means that the process of parliamentary government through “free elections” has been completely falsified. In my opinion, that is the case in the West in this century…

    Assured of this unstinting monetary backing, and of a political support in Washington which could not change, the new state set out on its grandiose ambition: to restore to full force, in the 20th Century of our era, the ‘”New Law” promulgated by the Levites in Deuteronomy in 621 B.C. All that was to come was to be “fulfilment” of it; the Mongolian Chazars were to see that Jehovah kept his compact, as the Levites had published it. And what ensued was in fact an instalment on account of this “fulfilment”; the vision of ”the heathen” bringing the treasures of the earth to Jerusalem began to become reality in the form of American money, German tribute and the like.
    With a purse thus filled, the little state began to pursue the fantasy of entire and literal “fulfIlment”, which in the miraculous end is to see all the great ones of the earth humbled, Zion all-powerful and all the Jews “gathered”…

    The world would have raised a pandemonium of protest if a Kaiser or a Hitler had said such things. The ambition expressed by such words as “the full and undiminished programme of Zionism” is in fact boundless, for it is the political programme contained, in the guise of a compact with Jehovah, in the Torah; world dominion over ”the heathen”, wielded from an empire stretching from the Nile to the Euphrates. The support of Western governments gave reality to what otherwise would be the most absurd pretension in all history…

    “Activism” was always, from the old days in Russia, an euphelnism for violence in the forms of terror and assassination. From the moment when this word reappeared in the news the student of Zionism knew what to expect before the year’s end…

    Therefore the last section of this chapter and book must survey again the workings of “irresistible pressure” behind the Western scene, this time in the phase of the approaching climacteric, the years 1952-1956. At the end of this phase revolutionary-Communism and revolutionary-Zionism, the twin destructive forces released from the Talmudic areas of Russia in the last century, were in extremis. By the act of the West, in the autumn of 1956, both were reprieved for further destruction…

    This event showed, long before the actual election, that the nomination-mechanism had been so mastered that neither party could even nominate any but a candidate approved by powerful selectors behind the scene. The outcome of the presidential election itself is in these circumstances of relatively little account in America today, nor can the observer picture how the Republic might escape from this occult control. It is not possible for either party to nominate its party-leader, or any other man, unless he has been passed as acceptable to “the internationalists” beforehand…

    On April 24, in Jerusalem, Mr. Ben­ Gurion once more proclaimed the nationalist and expansionist aim: “The continued ingathering of exiles is the supreme goal of Israel and an essential precondition for realization of the messianic mission which has made us an eternal people.”…

    The American people in general know nothing of what “The Voice of America” says, or to whom it speaks. Even my research has not discovered what official department is supposed to supervise this “”voice”, which to listening peoples far away is taken to express the intentions of the American Government. I was able to learn that its funds, budgetary and other, are immense and that it is largely staffed by Eastern Jews. It appears to work in irresponsibility and secrecy.

    From this moment the whole weight of Western propaganda was turned against Egypt. The events which followed might be considered in the light of Secretary of War Henry Stimson’s diarial note in the period preceding Pearl Harbour, to the effect that the aim of President Roosevelt’s administration was to manoeuvre Japan into “firing the first shot”. Subsequent events had all the appearance of being designed to manoeuvre Egypt into firing the first shot. Egypt did not do this. Then the world found that the firing of a first shot was no longer necessary to qualify as an aggressor; the country in question could be dubbed the aggressor while it was being invaded, and even before that; so far had the resources of mass-propaganda developed in the 20th century…

    From that moment President Nasser received the “wicked man” treatment; this is the sure sign of the imminence of war. I have seen many “wicked men” built up in my life, and have observed that this propaganda can be turned on and off as by a tap, and infused with toxic effect into the public mind…

    The state of servitude into which England had fallen at this period was shown by two symbolic events. In June 1956 the “Anglo-Jewish Community” held a banquet at the Guildhall to commemorate “the three hundredth anniversary of the resettlement of the Jews in the British Isles”; the young Queen’s consort, the Duke of Edinburgh, was required to appear in a Jewish skullcap. In September the “Cromwell Association” held a service at the statue of the regicide and butcher of Drogheda to celebrate this same fiction (that he “restored” the Jews to England three hundred years before). In his speech the president of this body, a Mr Isaac Foot, recommended that the young Prince Charles, when he reached the throne, take the name of “Oliver II” because “We don’t want Charles III”…

    In any case, the only effective answer, if his act was intolerable, was to reoccupy the Canal forthwith, and that was not done. Instead, all the oracles, as if reading from a long-prepared script, began to dub him “Hitler”. Premier Ben­ Gurion began with ”dictator”, which soon became “Fascist dictator; and the French Prime Minister (a M. Guy Mollet at that instant) changed this to “Hitler”. Thereafter the campaign followed the lines of the one against Stalin in 1952-3. Dictator-Fascist Dictator-Hitler: the inference was plain; President Nasser was to be depicted, and punished ifhe were punished, as an enemy of the Jews…

    These two policy statements gave the picture of a world in the Zionist thrall, and complemented the statements then being made by the British Government. They had no relation to any native American interest but reflected simply Zionist control of the election-machine, or the unshakeable belief of the party-managers in that control…

    Mr Eisenhower was able to present a face of patient suffering to his people when he appeared on the television screen with the words, “We believe it” (the attack) “to have been taken in error for we do not accept the use of force as a wise or proper instrument for the settlement of international disputes”…

    The ultimate “internationalist” ambition is the world-government project, to be achieved through the convergent, destructive forces of revolutionary-Communism and revolutionary­-Zionism, and it is the essence of this ambition that the two great English-speaking countries on either side of the Atlantic be kept divided, for only through their division can empire be achieved. This ambition dominated the Second War…

    When was the case, for supporting “the fulfillment of Zionist aspirations”, ever put to the British elector in those terms?…

    Can time distil good of all this? Clearly it can and will; only for contemporaries is the needless turmoil in which we live infuriating. The first signs of the long­ delayed turn for the better begin to show. The nations which lie in the chains of revolutionary-Communism are beginning to throw them off: the Eastern European peoples yet may save themselves by their exertions and the rest of the captive West by their example. I believe the Jews of the world are equally beginning to see the error of revolutionary-Zionism, the twin of the other destructive movement, and as this century ends will at last decide to seek involvement in common mankind.*

    *A development which may have been foreshadowed by a report (if it was accurate, l published in the New York Times on December 30, 1956, that “fewer than 900 of the 14,000 Jews who have fled from Hungary … have decided to resettle in Israel”, the “vast majority” preferring to go to America or Canada. On the other hand, if they follow the example of their predecessors they will swell the mass of “explosive” Eastern Jews there whose transplantation, during the last seventy years, has produced the present situation: the incitement of these against America was shown by quotation from Jewish authorities in the preceding chapter…

    I have seen more of the events of our century and of the secret perversions of national purposes than most, and have discovered through this experience that it was not all chance, but design…

    In our time, I judge, a barbaric superstition born in antiquity and nurtured through the ages by a semi-secret priesthood, has returned to plague us in the form of a political movement supported by great wealth and power in all great capitals of the world. Through the two methods used, revolution from below and the corruption of governments from above, it has come far towards success in a fantastic ambition of achieving world dominion, using these two instruments to incite nations against each other…

    In my judgment we have to deal with a force, released on the world in the 20th Century, the leaders of which think in terms of such superstitions; to what else can Dr. Chaim Weizmann’s belated, tormented words have alluded, ” …the resurgence of the old evil in a new and more horrible guise”.
    Only this element of dark superstition, in my estimate, can account for the fear to which the Jewish masses yield, when they surrender to Zionist nationalism. They were almost liberated from it by the century of emancipation and in another fifty years would have been involved in mankind, but now have been drawn back into its clutch…

    In this 20th Century process, which I feel as an accompanying “evil presence” all of us now alive, Jew and Gentile, are involved, and most of us will see the denouement. As to that Mr. Bernard J. Brown in 1933 misgivingly wrote, “Of course we must be feared and eventually hated if we persist in absorbing everything America offers us and yet refuse to become Americans just as we have always refused to become Russians or Poles.”
    This statement applies to all countries of the West, not only to America, but Mr Brown was wrong. What he foresaw is one thing the Talmudists cannot achieve; hatred is their monopoly, and creed, and they cannot make Christians, or Gentiles, hate Jews. The hateful things done by the West in this century were done under Talmudic prompting; hatred and vengeance are not innate in Westerners, and their faith forbids these. The teaching of hatred, as part of a religion, still comes only from the literal Torah-Talmudists in the revolutionary area, in Palestine, and where they have nested in the Western capitals. No Westerner would speak as a Zionist leader spoke to a Jewish meeting at Johannesburg in May, 1953: “The beast that is called Germany must not be trusted. The Germans must never be forgiven and the Jews must never have any contact or dealings with the Gennans”.
    The world cannot live like that and for this reason the insensate plan must ultimately fail. This is the heresy which the teaching of Christ above all else repudiated, it is the one to which the political leaders of the West have lent themselves since Mr Balfour, just fifty years ago, began to subordinate national policy to it. When the approaching climax has been overcome this heretic teaching, injected into the West from the Talmudic centre in Russia, will pass.
    As a writer, I believe it will pass sooner and with less trouble for all involved, the more the general masses know about what has gone on in these fifty years.

  103. Skeptikal says:

    Yep, I have often thought this (on the basis of Trump’s own statements, and photos).

    Dad’s interest in nubile daughter really is not a good thing to joke about . . .

    In fact, it is really pretty off for anyone to call attention to a teen or preteen girl who is starting to “develop.” Yuck. Unless your intention is to treat her like a slut-to-be.

    [[Digression: And there is almost always some truth behind “wisecracks.” It’s almost as though people can’t help themselves letting things out as wisecracks and then thinking they can “cancel” what they said with a “Just joking.” In fact, I find the wisecracking obsession to be typically American. It really struck me when I returned to this country after a decade abroad. Then I wondered whether the “every man and woman a standup comic” style of American “conversation” wasn’t a symptom of the influence of Jewish standup comedy and comics on Americans’ sense of humor and actual ability to carry on a normal conversation. Always sayingn “me me me aren’t I funny” instead of actually listening to what one said and responding appropriately. Seemed like many people just could not stop the obnoxious wisecracks and poor-taste “jokes.” But are they actually some weird form of confession? ]]

    I wonder whether Trump’s interest in Ivanka figured in the Donald-Ivana divorce.

    But hadn’t thought of the Jared angle—Jared as holding this over Dad-in-Law’s head.

  104. Skeptikal says:
    @Happy Tapir

    Kushner looks like a bot of some kind.
    A latex doll.

    • Agree: Trinity
    • Replies: @Trinity
  105. @Lem

    More and more people are waking up to the fact that elections change nothing in the long run. The political system is just theater. That alone is worth something as more people withdraw their vote of legitimacy from a corrupt system.

    Voting for Trump brought out record numbers of voters and what did they get for their exertion and support – nothing. That too has educated some people about the insanity of voting to change a system where the system controls the entire voting process.

    The Internet is the only thing that has woken up the vast majority of people that are now realizing in what deep shit the country is in.

    I have a smartphone. I use it to make phone calls. I’ve never used it for browsing or email as I hate the damned thing. My hands are too big for the puny keyboard, the text and icons too small for my old eyes and the operating system (Android) is a piece of shit. That being said, I see no reason to remove its mobile capabilities because some people see a value in navigation and other features.

    Trying to put the technology Genie back in the bottle never works, so don’t bother trying.

    • Replies: @Rurik
  106. Z-man says:
    @Ray Caruso

    No possibility.
    He’s the governor of Florida, he’s young with a family and he’s not a multi billionaire. He’s owned by THEM f-o-r-e-v-e-r.

  107. Discombobulated by the juuz, after all what he done for plucky little izrail. Whodathunkit?

  108. profnasty says:

    So what you’re saying, “There’s no way out.”
    But, every problem has a solution.

    • Replies: @Nisbe
  109. Katrinka says:

    Good analysis, sort of a “good cop, bad cop” schtick.

  110. @Iris

    It makes more sense to give Michael Reiter the credits. He was the police chief in Palm Beach, Florida, who started the investigation of Epstein way back in 2004. Everything else has really just been a fallout from that point.

  111. profnasty says:

    Race consciousness, nationalism, socialism, hard work, and organization.
    It’s so easy. Even a cave man could do it.

  112. profnasty says:

    Red is the designated color of Communism.
    There’s no way out.

  113. Nisbe says:

    What I mean is, vote for the lesser evil, sure, but constantly remind everyone that it is still not good enough and that means that voting won’t solve the problems, even if you one day have fair elections (which you don’t, and Trump showed that to everyone), all the politicians bend the knee to the interests of Israel, and they don’t give a shit if that means using the US Constitution as toilet paper, as long as their Israel first donors and blackmail yeilders get what they want.

    There is a real possibility a political solution is not possible if the US people are to ever get the power given back to them (the biggest promise Trump made to his people).

    • Replies: @Drapetomaniac
  114. geokat62 says:

    In Brother Nathanael’s latest instalment, America’s War On White Christians, he concludes his biting remarks with this admonition:

    White Christians!

    You’re being sidelined, marginalized, and now criminalized in today’s America.

    And it’s the Jews and their shills who are doing this to you.

    Milley and the Schwarta aren’t prepping for foreign wars.

    They’re prepping for a Jewish War on White Christian Americans coming to a town and neighborhood near you.

    For the transcript of the complete article, see below.


    America’s War On White Christians

    What’s fat, stupid, and dressed in a military uniform?
    A general making a total ass out of himself.
    Mark Milley is his name, chief military adviser to the president, and head of the Joint Chiefs Of Staff.
    If he wasn’t so dangerous you’d have a really good laugh. [Clip]
    [”Um, sure. Um, first of all, on the issue of critical race theory, etc, I’ll obviously have to get much smarter on whatever the theory is. Um, but I do think it’s important, actually, uh, for those of us in uniform to be open-minded and be widely read.”]
    The idiot admits he doesn’t know what Critical Race Theory is yet he defends it.
    Who’s he working for?
    The people?
    Or the Jews who want to annihilate the one political bloc that could potentially oppose them? [Clip]
    [”The United States Military Academy is a university, and it is important that we train and we understand, uh, and I, I, want to understand white rage and I’m white and I want to understand it. So, what is it that caused thousands of people to assault this building and try to overturn the Constitution of the United States of America? What caused that? I want to find that out.”]
    Not only fat and stupid, he’s a liar too.
    “Thousands” did not “assault” the Capital building.
    “A few hundred,” (FBI plants notwithstanding), “unarmed,” entered the Capital building opened to them by Capital guards, to Constitutionally protest the fraudulent election that put an unpopular, leftist, senile old pervert into the White House.
    That is not “white rage.”
    It’s a “citizens’ page” out of “We The People” telling the government that when it ceases to represent the voice of the people it becomes an organ of tyranny.
    Milley digs deeper into his ignoramus brain. [Clip]
    [”I’ve read Mao Tse Tung. I’ve read Karl Marx. I’ve read Lenin. That doesn’t make me a communist. So what is wrong with understanding, having some situational understanding, about the country for which we are here to defend. And I personally find it offensive that we are accusing the United States Military, our general officers, our commissioned, non-commissioned officers of being quote ‘woke’ or something else because we’re studying some theories that are out there.”]
    If it’s so important for Milley to ‘understand white rage’ then why doesn’t he command his officers to read social theorists?
    Like Aristotle’s “Politics,” Nicholas Wade’s “Race And Human History,” or even Dr David Duke’s, “My Awakening,” just to have some ’situational understanding?’
    Because the Jews would fire his fat ass in nothing flat.
    He is so replaceable.
    An affirmative-actionated schwartza shilling for the Jews can read the Jewish script just as well. [Clip]
    [”Hello, everyone. I’m Lloyd Austin, Secretary of Defense. I want to thank you for participating in this stand down, and I thank your leadership for supporting this important initiative. {Splice to 3:28} I also want you to share with your leadership your own personal experiences with encountering extremist and extremist ideology in the military should you have any, and I want your leadership to listen to those stories. And I want them to listen to any ideas that you might have to help us stamp out of the ranks the dangerous conduct that this ideology inspires.”]
    He’s turning troops into snoops.
    All the White Christian Trumpsters in each and every barrack will be snitched on via Austin’s exact orders to stamp out White Christians in the military.
    What’s bewildering to me is that Austin is as “white” as any schwartza can be.
    A child of the Civil Rights Era, raised Catholic in White Christian oriented schools, with a very, very WASPY name of “Lloyd James Austin III.”
    Raised through the ranks of a desegregated military to General, with a little help of White-enabled Affirmative Action, and in Biden’s segregated regime awarded for being the right color to Secretary of Defense, he’s whimpering about “white racism?”
    He’s got to be the biggest Black “White Supremacist” of them all if he’s willing to tell the truth.
    He can’t do that.
    He’s shilling for the Jews so that he’s awarded good press, perks and retirement from Jewish Wall Street that finances the armaments industries, and good standing with Jewry’s father the devil who roasts black meat shilling schwarzas in hell.
    Every single thing that blacks and their slave masters the Jews enjoy today was invented and developed by White Christians:
    The telephone, the light bulb, the automobile, the airplane, irrigation and farm machinery, (not peanuts and a cotton gin), all developed by the “whites” they scourge as “racists” in order to defame US history.
    Erase American history and all that’s left are HoloHoax Museums honoring rotting Jewish carcasses most of which are burning in hell.
    And why do you think this apostate Catholic schwartsa Austin celebrates Pride Day as Defense Chief?
    And applauds fags, queers, trannys and transvestite freaks?
    And endorses anti-White, lesbian oriented, military recruitment ads?
    Because he and Milley know that wars today are no longer fought with troops, I mean, just look at how fat these two generals are.
    Wars today are fought with drones, jets, bombs, proxy terrorists like US supported ISIS, bio-weapons, cyber jamming, and economic and financial sanctions.
    Austin and Milley–I mean the Jew-owned Fed and Jewish Wall Street that cuts their pay checks with perks galore–need homos, lesbians, trannies that spit on the Bible’s teachings, and anti-White minorities to turn on “domestic extremists” when the War on White Christians reaches its apogee.
    Didn’t you hear these two Jews at DOJ and DHS–Merrick Garland and Alejandro Mayorkas–tell you what the greatest threat to America is?
    Not BLM, not Black rioters, not Black looters that run amuck, nor the “New Black Panthers” which are now on the run after shooting a White cop in the head in Daytona Beach.
    The Jews need them all to disrupt and tear down America so that only one minority, them, rises to the top.
    And is it because Garland and Mayorkas really care about schwartzas so that they keep protecting them from criticism?
    Give me a big break.
    I grew up as a Jew and it’s considered a disgrace for a Jew to live in a mixed Black-White neighborhood like in Pittsburgh’s Penn Hills area.
    In racist Israel, you must know, the black Ethiopian women–”Falasha Jews”–were given sterilization shots touting them as flu shots.
    Black Babies Lives DON’T Matter to Jews.
    Israel gets a free pass while Jews are hellbent on fragmenting, diluting, tearing down, dividing, debouching America, and annihilating Christian mores bolstered by Whites AND Blacks upon which our nation was built.
    Yet it’s White Supremacists–where not one identifiable militia or action can be cited–that’s the “greatest threat.” [Clip]
    “Thank you very much for inviting me to join you today.
    “For more than a century the Anti-Defamation League has been at the forefront of fighting Anti-Semitism and securing justice and fair treatment to all.
    “Just last month the FBI Director testified that racially or ethnically divided, motivated domestic violent extremists specifically those who advocate for White Supremacy are the top domestic terror threats that we face.”
    Leahy: “But you do agree with your predecessors that white supremacist extremists remain the most persistent lethal threat in the homeland?”
    Mayorkas “I do believe they, they do at this time, Mr. Chairman.”
    Leahy: “And Attorney General Garland, do you agree?”
    Garland: “I do”
    “White Supremacy” is a Jewish buzzword for “Trump supporters” whose only wish is to maintain Christian mores in America and the centrality of the family from which civic responsibility and ethical cohesion springs.
    White Christians!
    You’re being sidelined, marginalized, and now criminalized in today’s America.
    And it’s the Jews and their shills who are doing this to you.
    Milley and the Schwarta aren’t prepping for foreign wars.
    They’re prepping for a Jewish War on White Christian Americans coming to a town and neighborhood near you.

    • Replies: @Skeptikal
  115. Truth says:
    @Colin Wright

    I’m not at all confident Trump is not a Jewish puppet.

    Collie, I’m not at all confident that water doesn’t flow downhill.

  116. @Sick of Orcs

    You and Truth are both right. DeSantis is probably even more of an Israel firster than Trump, but anyone who isn’t doesn’t stand a chance of getting elected in Florida, at least.

    Any candidate who makes it to the election has been vetted to make sure they’re kosher enough.

    Democracy is done. We’re not voting our way out of this.

    • Agree: Drapetomaniac
    • Replies: @Sick of Orcs
    , @Skeptikal
  117. zundel says:

    it’s almost as if dysgenic yamnaya backwash like ‘anglin’ and the ilks represented here are somehow genetically predisposed to be grifted

    • Replies: @Rumpelstiltskin
  118. Truth says:
    @Sick of Orcs

    The better candidate is God. The office is your soul, and the Vice President is YOU. Everything else is distraction.

    Now let me make this perfectly clear. From what I have read of your posts, the ticket above is likely to lose in a landslide.

    • Replies: @Sick of Orcs
  119. Truth says:
    @Mike Tre

    Do we notice any other patterns about Presidential daughters?

    • Replies: @Skeptikal
  120. Emslander says:

    Yes, I remember the internet. It was a beautiful thing. You could do a search on Netscape and you would get a whole list of results that weren’t filtered, doctored or monetized. Hell, I remember it even before Netscape came along. It was a Yellowish green list of results on a black background and, when you clicked on one, it might take a while to download, even if it was just text. There was a lot of very interesting text.

    I loved it. It was just bait, though, to snag the searchers for truth. It was free, wild and full of crazy stuff, but you could find truthful, serious stuff there. It didn’t take much to determine what had been created by the knowledgeable. They usually used proper grammar and spelling.

    What we have now is mostly advertisements and garbage, monitored by government algorithms for disloyal thoughts. I’ve never believed that Fa(k)ebook appeared, in all its glory, inside of the mind of that twisted sicko from LA/Harvard. It was something the government created to gather all the data about untrusted thinking across the world and they found an Augustus Caesar wannabe to front it.

    Maybe Unz is uncontrolled and maybe it’s not. If it’s not, it’s good attempt to bring back the old feeling, but it’s still monitored by government algorithms.

    • Agree: TKK
  121. Trinity says:

    He looks like a child molester.

  122. @Lem

    The internet has helped a lot of people see things. But as far as I can see, the internet has not helped anybody do anything about it.

    A line from North Dallas Forty: “Seeing through the game isn’t the same as winning the game”. Truest words ever spoken. They have the guns, they have the money, they have, or are, the ruling class. Confidence is not high.

  123. anon[108] • Disclaimer says:
    @Jim Christian

    How true. Before Trump, I never paid much attention to Jews. Now everywhere I look, I see Jews and their menace. I’ve been living under a rock, now I’ve swallowed the red pill.

    Jews are working hard to channel all the hate towards them into hate for China. Ziocon mouthpieces Breitbart and Zerohedge are working hard on that front with daily hit pieces on China, as if we are to believe people like the fat fuck Mike Pompeo gives a rat’s ass about the Uighurs. Unfortunately Trump and his followers are lapping it up, howling and yapping like crazy at China, doing as they are told, even on Does anyone really give a flying fuck about the Uighurs? Conservative whites need someone to hate on, and they’re now too afraid to hate on the Jews, the real source of their misery, so they’re hating on the Chinese instead. What a sad sorry bunch of idiots.

    And then of course, we’re told to hate on one another by Goldstein: Race war, class war, gender war, generational war, culture war…never ends. From Wall Street to Hollywood, DC to SV and everywhere in between: media, academia, judiciary, Jews run this country from top to bottom, coast to coast.

    Let it burn I say. JUSA is now more of a detriment to world peace and prosperity than a boon. Jews have fundamentally destroyed this country from inside out. It’s time for it all to go down in flames. Now this country needs to be completely destroyed economically, socially, politically, so we can rid ourselves of these parasites and rebuild.

  124. Trinity says:

    Is there some unwritten word that says a politician can not run for political office and be critical of Jews, Blacks, or muh Israel? My gawd, how do you expect to ever win playing by the other team’s rules.

    Not only was Trump afraid to mention how Jews control this nation and how they abuse their power in the Middle East, but he was afraid to tell the truth about Charlottesville and Black on White crime.

    The biggest threat to “our democracy” is NOT that joke called, “White Supremacy”, but it is Jewish Supremacy and deliberate manufactured genocide of the Founding Stock of America aka Whites.

    After Jewish racism, power, influence and their anti-White crusades, the next biggest domestic terrorist problem we have in America is Black on White crime. Oh but the anti-White Jew media won’t go there, they want you in the year 2021 to believe that Blue on Black violence is out of control or Trump will focus entirely on illegal invader crime and not dare whisper about Black on White rape. Maybe this is WHY they have to control the internet, hmm. Someone in Deer Creek Montana can get educated on Jewy behavior and TNB even in the sticks in the year 2021.

    There are other issues of course, one being an obviously stolen election which should be a major concern, that and rich multi-billionaires buying up huge amounts of farm land. IF (((they))) don’t make a big stink about something, you better get on it because (((they))) are scheming AGAIN.

    Back to Trumper, every single time that guy has a rally, he always places a few Black faces right behind him, some are the same people every single rally, is this a COINCIDENCE? Hell, more like a COHENcidence. The Orange Man knows about Black on White violence, he knows about the JQ, that I am sure of, but he won’t go there? Until you have a White man who will go there, all is for naught. DeSantis or Trump? Hell, these are the type of men that mock David Duke, they wish they were half the man that David Duke is, if we lived in a healthy nation, it would be Trump and DeSantis being mocked as jokes. Remember good ole paleo-CON, Pat Buchanan. hahaha. Trump is another Pat.

    None of these guys go after people like Soros. I thought Trump was going to lock up, Hillary? lololol. Dog and Pony Show with clowns.

  125. Gapeseed says:

    The divorce of cradle Christianity from Judaism was paid for in the blood of the martyrs. Judaism and Christianity are distinctly different and anybody who insinuates otherwise is an ignorant fool.

  126. Angharad says:

    Alas – lots of White folks don’t seem to be able to do that these days

  127. There needs to be some research on this but when Kushner was using his influence to keep Trump off of Gab, the general thought was that he did not want the Donald to be connected to the more direct criticism of Jews including the uglier anti-Semitic parts of that. That is how it was explained and understood. But Parler was owned or controlled by the Mercers and later after thinking a little realized Kushner also might have been steering Trump towards a medium that was controlled by the usual suspects which is really why Gab was unacceptable. Parler was haled as a “free-speech” platform but certainly not in the real sense. Who owns /controls Rumble, would be the first question we need to ask. At this point, it would seem easy for dissident voices like Trump and his 75 million voters to find small rebel platforms that nobody controls, but I think that is the whole point. They need to be corralled and sold cheap plastic garbage not given an independent voice.

  128. Rurik says:

    Voting for Trump brought out record numbers of voters and what did they get for their exertion and support – nothing.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  129. Agent76 says:

    Oct 29, 2020 Robert O’Brien – Trump’s Foreign Policy

    Donald Trump is the first American president since Ronald Reagan not to initiate a foreign war. Moreover, peace is breaking out in the Middle East. National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien explains the Trump approach.

    • Thanks: Iris
  130. Rurik says:
    @Priss Factor

    Six million was not enough for Tucker Carlson!!!

    What’s the matter Tucker, not enough lamp shades to light your Nazi house with?!!

    Not enough soap to wash your and your family’s Nazi white skin with?!!

    If god’s chosen people are to prevail, then all Nazis must perish!

    What is it about that that you don’t f-king understand?!

    You WILL be replaced, and there won’t be another ‘Final Solution’.

    What is it about Never Again! that you don’t understand?

  131. @Rurik

    I assume your point is that without Trump it would have been president Hillary.

    So what? Foreign policy would have been largely the same since even with Trump, nothing substantial changed. All the wars continued. Guantanamo is still open. The military has grown with Trump’s full approval. Trump wanted Assange’s head. He kissed up to Israel at every opportunity, etc, etc, etc

    I know I’m supposed to bow down and say a few hallelujahs because Trump didn’t start a new war, but if that’s the test, then a corpse could do that. Doing nothing was Trump’s forte.

    The military and their hangers on are the deep state. They run the country and it doesn’t matter which figurehead is propped up as Joe Biden clearly exemplifies.

    • Agree: Drapetomaniac
    • Replies: @bike-anarkist
    , @Rurik
  132. Truth says:

    Trumps fake, wretched, child-molester behavior was an attempt to feminize his son Ivan, so that you would think he was an Ivanka for some reason. They did a pretty good job with the hormones and surgery, but just to put the possibility of 6’0 Ivan being a boy, out of your mind.

    • Replies: @anon
  133. They are smarter than us. We should accept it.
    Read this
    Sassoon’s eights sons all went into one branch or another of the family’s business empire, with the Sassoon presence being felt in Hong Kong, Shanghai (where they became major players in the realm of real estate), and India (where they had their own textile mills), among many other lands. The vast Sassoon Docks of Bombay, built by Sassoon’s son Albert Abdullah, were the first wet docks in the west of India.
    In Jewish history books, David Sassoon, an observant Jew, is remembered mostly for his philanthropy, which included the construction of “Baghdadi” synagogues in Bombay (Magen David) and Pune (Ohel David), and also numerous schools and hospitals throughout India and other parts of Asia. David became a naturalized British citizen in 1853, although he continued to live in Pune.
    His son Albert Abdullah moved to England, where he married into the Rothschild family and was elected to Parliament on the Conservative party’s ticket. Another son, Sassoon David Sassoon, was the father of Rachel Sassoon Beer, who became owner and editor of the Sunday Times at the turn of the century, and grandfather of the great poet of World War I, Siegfried Sassoon.

    According to the 1944 Jewish Encyclopedia: “He employed only Jews in his business, and wherever he sent them, he built synagogues and schools for them. He imported whole families of fellow Jews…and put them to work.”
    They took down the British, USA is next in line.

    • Thanks: geokat62
  134. @Gina Schrank

    I agree.
    This one is hopelessly rigged. (Trump got that part right at least.)

    I am venturing down a “Luddite -like” path through my proprietorship. I operate a bicycle “only repair and service” shop. At first, I would accommodate the e-bikes that came in to the shop for electrical problems. If not from a dealer-supported brand, every e-bike took an average of 14-21 days to resolve.
    dealer-supported brands took 3-5 days, maybe 1-2 days longer than the Non e-bike industry. So now,
    no dealer-supported brands are dealt with. The customers that complain are told that there bike is nothing more than an appliance, and one more thing for the convenience class to fret about!

    Also. because of my age (60’s) I get cycling peers that still have it in their heads that ti’s possible to approximate performance of 30 years ago: bike not light enough, tyres too sticky, friction from “somewhere”, bike not light enough, ETC. I tell them,

    “Your not as good as your equipment!”; or
    “It is the motor. Too many miles and wear and tear!”

    Lastly, I get customers that want stuff that I am unable to get from suppliers, so they insist on online ordering, usually Amazon is invoked. My answer,

    “Amazon IS the race for the bottom! If you really give a shit about local businesses you wouldn’t resort to Amazon.”

    • Agree: Badger Down
  135. @HeebHunter

    The only thing more Jewish than a Jew is a patriotic Amerimutt.

  136. Anonymous[502] • Disclaimer says:
    @Patrick McNally

    I’m more concerned that Biden may suddenly be advised that he needs to create a distraction by sending US troops into Syria.

    What the actual eff, dude? U.S. troops have been in Syria since Obama. Read a freakin’ newspaper once in a while, won’t you?

    • Replies: @Patrick McNally
  137. sally says:
    @Leo Den

    thank you for the link.

    I think it might make sense, to quit talking about Jews, instead name the people that force the USA to force Americans to shut up about Jews, in absolute violation of the First Amendment. Identifying the import few, that is, the high level few, who often try to force the USA to give money to foreign causes or to start wars around the globe for gain and profit, or who insist that the military drop bombs on people in foreign places might be forced to surface and make them come into full view.

    The average Jew is rewarded just for being a jew but that reward system is very much like the Feudal like system: the nation state system is composed of 256 different nation states, but it is a system whereby its top level players are globally linked and interactively engaged. The 256 different nation states house the entire 8 billion humans, the populate of the world caught in net made of nation states. Managing the behaviors and thinking of 8 billion people is not so difficult where one considers the average number of living cells in the average human body is 15-30 billion live living cells (15 billion by weight, or 30 billion by volume).

    The control system works like a global franchise, its local owners [the franchisee] are each required to follow the Franchisor’s corporate rules, but the franchise owners are left individually to manage the franchise in their local market, to adopt their local nation state business to fit local custom and culture. Its the 256 named cells, that constitute the nation state system. The powerful few control own the global nation state system (they are the franchisors) and just like a national franchisor controls its franchisee owners, the global franchisor dictates most things to the nation state franchisees.

    Until the dictators are fully exposed nothing can be done to change things. IMO the Jewish question is just one more binary used to divide the populations of the world in order to make things easier for the Franchisor (dictator few) to use the chain of nation state franchisees, to control things.

    Few people (Jews or Christians) fail to respond when hand outs are offered for supporting the Jewish (Jew or Christian) dictum. I for one do not blame the people especially when they are victims of the MSM. The support is strong, it determines who gets promoted, who gets hand outs, and who gets the better and higher education, who gets rich and so on. In short supporting the Jews dictum is the gateway to success in nation states where the global few have accomplished total control over the local puppets.

    Between 1897 and 1948.. every important banker, corporate chieftain, oil and gas bandit, and puppet politicians were at work chasing the Jews and other refugees from Hungary, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Germany, Italy, France, Belgium etc. and where ever to immigrate to post WWI British Palestine ..The Balfour Agreement was a part of the massive herding. Once the immigrants were in Palestine, the average Immigrant (mostly Jews) were expected to be part of the destructive forces that decimated the Palestinian society.. (see the Palin Commission Reports and read the literature of the time)

  138. @bcos

    I have a better scenario.

    Those who want government don’t get to vote.

    Those who don’t want government won’t vote for things only to satisfy their emotions.

  139. geokat62 says:

    Pardon this interruption.

    I’d like to take this opportunity to address the “Lesser of Two Evils” (LOTE) fallacy. I’m doing so because this Hobson’s choice is what the shrinking majority of white peoples all over the Western world will be facing in the coming elections.

    Could you imagine relying on this decision rule to choose a prospective mate, “Brenda likes sleeping with other men, but she won’t sleep with as many as Susan would. So it makes sense to marry Brenda.”

    Or for choosing what to have for dinner at a restaurant, “They are serving shit on a bun and shit without the bun. I think I’ll go with shit without the bun to avoid the carbs.”

    No one would advise their own children to rely on the LOTE decision rule when making these important choices, why should we recommend it in making political choices?

    If we continue accepting this shit, our Jewish Supremacist rulers will continue serving it. More of us need to reject this logic and tell them “we ain’t eating your shit any longer.”

    Thanks for listening… back to regularly scheduled programming.

    • Thanks: John Fisher
    • Replies: @Dumb4asterisks
  140. @RoatanBill

    As we are finding out. A corpse CAN start a war.

    • Agree: Iris
  141. Mevashir says:
    @The Real World

    I have long thought that Trump likely has some Jewish DNA, from his father’s side.

    He’s also a faggot like his redbaiting faggot kike lawyer Roy Cohn.

    His father looks a lot like Geraldo Rivera:

    • LOL: 36 ulster
    • Replies: @Trinity
    , @Dave Bowman
  142. @Angharad

    I had previously seen a couple of the cringe-worthy photos of Trump and his daughter when a teenager. But, based on your comment, I decided to install keywords: Trump and teenage Ivanka …into an image search engine and, holy chit, there were ALOT of cringey photos.

    Even though photos are only a moment in time, I have long believed they can often reveal plenty. I have “read” the motivations of friends or family members in photos and have MANY TIMES been proven right later on.

    I also think that Skeptikal’s comment has merit. That, often, the off-kilter but, casually-delivered or supposedly humorous comments people speak can be very confessional in nature. As I always say, “Just LISTEN to people, they reveal much about who they are and what they want, just listen”.

    • Replies: @Robert Bruce
  143. In essence, it’s not about the ‘left’ censoring the ‘right’ but about the ‘left’ and ‘right’ as shills of Jews censoring criticism of Jewpremacism.

    The most censored speech in the US, by capitalist industries and government institutions, is the Left-associated BDS.

    US is not being turned into Soviet Union by Communists. US is being turned into West Bank by the Jewish Capitalists, and Whites are the New Palestinians. Whites need to support BDS, the most censored voice in the US.

    • Replies: @geokat62
  144. @Nisbe

    Just the fact he passed it tells you that if he finds a way to guarantee it gets enforced, it will.

    Is this more of an issue for you than Fraudsident biden’s open border invasion?

    And it doesn’t make him any less of a traitor to the US Constitution, forcing his constituents to spend time energy and money in the courts for “daring” to criticize a foreign hostile power.

    Most of the existing federal mafia violates the Constitution.

    Minimizing the implications of his betrayal is acting like a cuck, in my humble opinion.

    You’re easy to disappoint if that’s your sole reason for disliking DeSantis, especially now with King Peepads Alzheimer on the throne.

    You had no answer for a viable candidate, and no matter who you might select they arrive with their own set of problems in addition to being saddled with pleasing Noseberg.

    Anyone can be a cynic. How about trying something else?

    • Replies: @Nisbe
  145. @mcohen

    “white sourness is supported by losers who were hoping for freebies from trumps administration but that never happened.”

    White sourness is supported by those that wanted the manufacturing base to return to the U\$A, ie. reasonable paying employment, not low paying service employment supporting a grossly over-compensated Financialized Convenience Class that directs WHO gets to practice their trade, based on whether it serves the Financialized Convenience Class enough, or not!

    • Agree: HbutnotG
    • Replies: @Miro23
  146. “As we know, everything that went wrong in the Trump Administration can ultimately be traced back to the Jew-Democrat infiltrator and subverter Jared Kushner.”

    Oh right! Like the Orange Moron was a bleeding genius.

    Good god, how do people come up with such crap!

    • Agree: Robert Bruce
    • Replies: @Pat Kittle
  147. @Johnny Smoggins

    Democracy is done. We’re not voting our way out of this.

    I agree, but until Secession arrives, it’s better to fight within the crumbling system.

  148. @anon

    Good observations and accurate, I’d say.

    Unfortunately, I think the USA will need to be bludgeoned into a smoking heap – like Champlain South tower – because the (((vampire squid))) has got it’s tentacles into everything where there is substantial control to be had.

    Now everywhere I look, I see Jews and their menace.

    That comment made me smile a little because just think how many crypto J’s are out there that we don’t even know about? More than we’d like to realize is my guess. Then, add all the g-o-y that have been compromised by them and are now servants of the squid. Not an encouraging picture…

  149. @Truth

    Now let me make this perfectly clear. From what I have read of your posts, the ticket above is likely to lose in a landslide.

    Thanks for reading my posts, always nice to meet a fan.

    The better candidate is God. The office is your soul, and the Vice President is YOU. Everything else is distraction.

    In this instance your non-answer is the distraction.

    • Replies: @Truth
  150. geokat62 says:
    @Priss Factor


    PF, the undisputed king/queen of neologisms!

    • Replies: @TheMoon
  151. @Nisbe

    “a political solution is not possible if the US people are to ever get the power given back to them”

    If a government exists the public has essentially agreed to be powerless.

    • Replies: @Nisbe
  152. anonymous[589] • Disclaimer says:

    Lets be realistic it is more than obvious that after Mumbling Biden met with Putin …PUTIN/Russia is the Center of worlds power. After the last antifa which Palestinians WON, that means that Israel lost morally, politically, Israel is costing USA Trillions\$\$ and blood….and the USA will follow Israel to do the abyss…by destroying its Constitutional Order.

  153. Trinity says:

    Did God choose the Jews because they are the least of the least? I think I heard a preacher say that once. I mean think about it, this tribe is certainly not blessed with any gift other than sleaze. They gain power by blackmail, corruption, violence, and theft, they offer nothing in the way of art, literature, creativity, nothing of any real worth comes from these people. Why or how did Europeans get mixed up with this tribe of clingy whiny people? Why did Europeans keep welcoming these people back after being stabbed in the back over and over.

    You have to think this shit really went up a notch right after WWII. Europe was leveled and America became the Superpower flavor of the month by default. Next thing you know the skinny overrated big dickhead Frank Sinatra is telling us about “auntie Semitism” in “The House I Live In.” I mean this shit literally was amped up overnight. Sure, we had been infiltrated by (((termites))) during the Wilson years and probably before that, but it really started becoming in your face right after WWII. This shit of Jew worship was being pushed night and day with muh holocaust movies, and demonizing Arabs who were always attacking those poor Jews according to (((sources.))) lolol. Shit, who didn’t fall for this shit? IF you said you didn’t and you were alive back then, you are probably lying. The race issue could not be hidden from people who dealt with Blacks, only naive, dimwitted Yankees who never saw a Black unless they traveled “into the city” bought that bullshit about poor Blacks dindu nuffin. But this feeling sorry for those poor Jews was preached over and over.

    It is 2021, ( I like how all the leftist Jews used to use that horseshit line, it is 1980 or it is 1999, why are we still wayciss. hahaha) does anyone out there beyond the crib think the Jews are innocent victims or the Jews are oppressed? My gawd, it would be easier to believe in the Tooth Fairy or Santa Claus. Yet people like Donald Trump and even Tucker in the year 2021 still keep calling the enemy anything but the correct name. We are being taken over by the “Deep State,” “the Biden Administration,” the One-Eyed Purple People Eaters. lolol.

    • Replies: @TheMoon
    , @anon
  154. AReply says:

    //As we know, everything that went wrong in the Trump Administration can ultimately be traced back to the Jew-Democrat infiltrator and subverter Jared Kushner. So it is common sense that Kushner would be the one subverting Trump’s ability to contact his supporters.//

    “As we know”? How much begging of questions can the erudite at Unz stand? Mensa members pls engage.

    //However, one alternative social media site, which has maintained some resilience, stayed up: Gab. I have my own issues with that site, and don’t personally use it or encourage others to use it (at least not without a VPN, and good op-sec to not put any private information into it). But here’s the thing: Gab was there and it was online and Trump could have been posting on it as soon as he was banned from Twitter. Yet, he chose not to.//

    Let the above paragraph just speak through you in all its glory; sit back and just enjoy.

    //Although I do not personally credit Daily Stormer as being responsible for electing Donald Trump in 2016, several high level Jewish think tanks published papers claiming that our memes and trolling efforts played a significant role in the election. Certainly, at the time of the election, so-called “anti-Semites” had a lot of influence in the MAGA movement.//

    Anglin is breathlessly bragging about his application of overt intra-rightwing thought-control!

    Also, he regards ordinary white Republicans as something like minions.

    Free, great minds think for you!

    //[Inserted photo of Proud Boy ass-hats contextualized as turncoats and sell-outs to Federal law enforcement]//

    This writeup doesn’t come off as very USA conservative! It sounds USA libertarian meets white-nationalist terrorist flying freak-flags. Where is Tim McVeigh when you need him?

    //Fake riot and Covid hoax//

    Anglin moving beyond white freak-flag to full cray-cray and Unzcom following along like a puppy that’s just added roll-over to his training after being taught sit and speak.

    //Now, all is lost, and the only thing any of us can do is wait for this system to destroy itself. The other fact of reality is that Trump cannot possibly be of any use now, because Kushner is still controlling him.//

    Woe is me! What went wrong? Was it Satan?

    So Trump was the alt-right’s Manchurian Candidate but a jooo who wrote the FORTRAN program controlling Trump’s mind put a period where a comma was needed and a FOR statement was mis-conpiled into an assignment causing Trump’s empire to fall out of orbit and crash into the sea? Why didn’t Trump go to Gab? OMG!

    So the word on street now is the GOP has falling apart and white America is a failure lying in ruin with Tucker’s enormous stone head floating over it spewing hate and guns?

    But every white man knows his is a personal expression of God’s majesty through Jebus.

    Thanks for the status report Andrew Anglin!

    >>> Trevor Lynch, please review Zardoz

    • Replies: @Dave Bowman
  155. Nisbe says:
    @Sick of Orcs

    Perhaps I didn’t express myself properly, read my other post to another user on comment 117.

    • Replies: @Sick of Orcs
  156. Nisbe says:

    Well, there’s always gonna be a government, some are better than others thou. The Founding Father’s knew that sooner or later you’d have to fight your way out of some tyrannical form of government, they were wise.

  157. Rumble is not that different from Facebook or YouTube. I’ve been there more than a few times and I have seen how it is changing.

    • Replies: @Art
  158. @Anonymous

    Yes, there are 900 troops there. I can easily imagine a scenario where this is greatly expanded for the sake of a distraction by Biden’s handlers.

  159. TheMoon says:

    That’s the most depressing part of it all. Six months out from Trump’s run, and things are worse than ever, and the whole power structure was in on the steal. My parents used to be involved in politics, and all their old contacts report that *everyone* in D.C. and beyond knows the election was stolen. The whole world knows. The only ones believing differently are the farm animals who only watch MSM news. Everyone else is lying.

    I was born in ’44.

    Yeah, well, imagine being me. Born in 1990, I’m starting a family in a civilization on fire and a future that promises nothing but ashes and horror and an eternal hellworld ruled by savages and degenerates. That’s the reason why many of my generation curse our honored elders. Did everyone think Posterity was a just a diet fad or something? The future was forced to kneel down by *all* sides and shot dead before I was even born. I can’t find a group of people throughout history who cared less about future generations and the world they were leaving behind. The Left treated everyone like statistics while the Right treated civilization like a spreadheet.

    Move our critical industries to a hostile Communist nation for an extra 2 cents on our stonk trades? Yes, please!

    My family has accepted we might have to leave the U.S. if necessary. There’s a point where anything, including living a simple life in a remote mountain monastery teaching my children sheep herding and airbending- will be better than what the psychopaths running this country appear to have planned.

    • Replies: @No Tattoos
  160. Getaclue says:

    Thanks! What he says is moronic — and he keeps saying it over and over (Yes — Jesus was Jewish at the time they/Jews/Pharisees et al chose not to follow him and then forced Pilate to crucify him (Pilate was in a bad situation there opposing them for historical reasons due to who appointed him, that person having been executed by the current head of Rome, the Jews were using this to force Pilate to do what he did not want to do as to Jesus….) — there was an obvious split — this guy can’t fathom that for some reason….)….I make the mistake of starting to read his comment and the same utter bs is there yet again and I can’t continue with it, it is so stupid — to be that clueless and keep posting it to the world….

  161. TheMoon says:

    “The Biden Administration” would be a step up.

    Most of Conservative, Inc. is still leading with “President Biden’s decision to… blah blah blah.” They’re still acting like Biden is making any decision more important than whether he wants a second pudding cup after supper. The (bleep)sucking collaborators at National Review are discussing the finer points of Bidenomics.

    • LOL: Trinity
  162. @anon

    Destroying the country will not get rid of the problem. On the contrary, JUSA will be replaced by JUSA-2( the worst option).

    • Replies: @TheMoon
  163. Flubber says:
    @Josh Kenn

    As HL Mencken said, an antisemite is someone who hates Jews more than is necessary

    • Replies: @Dumb4asterisks
  164. Trinity says:

    Good lawd, did some cat scratch that freak’s nose? The cat must have been attacking the skunk on that guy’s head. What an ugly looking critter.

    • Agree: Bubba
  165. I knew something was wrong with Trump after 9/11. You have a man that spent his life in NYC building skyscrapers and he initially stated no way in hell those buildings would have collapsed and within a day HE QUICKLY REVERSED HIMSELF. He further learned from witnessing the very public crucifixion and obliteration of Jesse Ventura and Charlie Sheen.

    Every US Politician must collude with the Jews if they want to rise or remain in power. It is a known trade-off. That’s why you see every one of them effusing love and support for Israel and soapboxing “Anti-Semitism” and never, ever refusing an AIPAC invitation. Additionally, I think most politicians are simply not awake. Most know nothing of WWI or WWII history. They believe, hook-line and sinker, the “The Axis of Evil” and the Jewish HOLOCAUST Swindle. Most of them are just crooked, unintelligent grifters bellying up to the hog trough of the US taxpayer. Most US politicians masturbate to money and power. Only the nieve, virgin politicians believe in God and Country and their cherries get popped pretty quick by the swamp.

    On the public stage, to present yourself to a completely indoctrinated America, you must support the sanitized version of all events or be labeled a filthy, unhinged..”Conspiracy Theorist”: The Axis of Evil, WWI, Peral Harbor, and WWII, The Holocaust, The Lindberg Baby, JFK Assassination, USS Liberty, Gulf of Tonkin, Viet Nam, MIA POWs, TWA-800, Oklahoma City, Ruby Ridge, Waco, 9/11, WTC BLD 7, Al-Qaida, The Patriot Act, Weapons of Mass Destructions, Anthrax Hoax, All Middle East Wars, The Pre-emptive War on Terror, Israel has the right to Defend Herself, The Wuhan Wet Market…….”We are a Judeo-Christian Nation”.

    I voted for Trump because the Clinton’s are thieves, rapists, and murderers. Trump’s mistake was not adequately preparing for war and grossly underestimating the resolve and tactics of his enemy. He remained civil while his enemy had disemboweled him and was crouched over him …chewing on his guts. At what point do you get mad and realize what needs to be done.

    Defeating the swamp and righting America requires a huge amount of bloodletting and unhinged, fanatical military planning. Politics is WAR. One must be willing to use the enemy’s own tactics. One must be willing to seize by force and intimidation, all the levers of power and control. One must be willing to murder and kill and mutilate. What we need is a temporary fascist dictator willing to murder and purge all of his opposition (Like Stalin, Like the Bolsheviks, Like the Katyn Forrest massacre, Like the resolve of the German Einsatzgruppen, like the Rwanda Genocide ).

    Treason in War Time is Punishable by Death. Declare War.


    1. Lie to the Zionist Jews – Flip the script. Use them and their media outlets to get installed.
    2. Bring your fellow loyal foot soldiers with you. You will need an army. These are men/women willing to kill and gut the enemy with a blade. Immediately remove all Jews from everywhere in your inherited cabinet. They simply can’t be trusted. Fire every democrat for the same reason.
    3. Recruit in the House and in the Senate….for sweeping laws must be passed. You need a majority in both the house and the senate. If they are not loyal, then threaten their families with death and mutulation. Let them shrink from your gaze and whisper tales of horror about you…and your “methods”.
    4. Insulate your communication /propaganda channels. You need a Twitter Like Platform. A News Channel. A Public Address Channel. Pass Laws to criminalize censorship – make examples – absolutely crucify leaders of FaceBook and Twitter -publicly hang them if need be.
    5. Absolutely destroy the Media Empires owned by Zionist Jews. Criminalize their tribal monopoly, lock them up, seize their assets. Black ops – kidnap them and disappear them ( A great purge is needed) –Most likely they will voluntarily flee to Israel.
    6. Purge the CIA, FBI and DOJ, and Military of all opposition. Remove every corrupt fucker. Every one of them. Imagine the good done for humanity.
    7. Target every CRT, Bolshevik, or Communist Teacher /Professor in America. Have your brown shirts pay them a visit to their homes. Give them one chance to right themselves. If not….surgically remove their tongues. Normalcy will return to our College campuses.
    8. Every communist “Journalist” working for the enemy is fair game. Presidential pardons for any patriot with enough salt.
    9. Target and Destroy any Communist organization being funded by George Soros or shitheads like him. Disappear all of their leadership….their million-dollar race-grifting mansions now vacant, eerily silent, and collecting dust.
    10. Billionaire Zionists should all be expelled from America, never to return. All Christian-Zionist leaders should be exposed (their bank accounts and funding from Israel publicly exposed) and expelled as well.
    11. Once and for all, break all ties with Israel. Denounce her. Take their 10 Billion per year in American tax dollars and give it to Palestine. Install a US Military Base in Palestine and protect her.
    12. Open a National investigation into the Holocaust. Absolutely Expose it WORLDWIDE as a hoax.
    13. Have the CIA seize Hollywood and produce balanced movies on the true mechanisms behind WWI and WII, Germany, and the Holocaust Hoax. Hollywood is now used to Re-educate America.
    14. Use the CIA, NSA, FBI, and DOJ to monitor all your enemies (surveillance, email, cell phones…). If a plot materializes….they disappear. Their plans halted. Their emails are unanswered. Their million-dollar mansions in Martha’s Vinyard obliterated by a loitering predator drone 30,000 feet above (oh..the irony). Their collaborators scurry in the kitchen light.
    15. Start Militarizing the White House. Much Like today. Prepare for the declaration of Martial Law when the real purge takes place.
    16. AIPAC, the SPLC, and the ADL should be declared terrorist organizations. All leadership arrested and deported to Israel.

    • Troll: Mulga Mumblebrain
    • Replies: @Chris Moore
  166. @Angharad

    Trump does what the Jews tell him to do. Why? They hold his “paper.” That is the debt he has in all of the banks on his so called “fake fortune.” You don’t wheel and deal in the real estate market like Trump does without the Jews allowing you to do it. Why? Because they “invented” the fake leverage pyramid that Trump uses.

  167. anon[124] • Disclaimer says:

    Yep. Those who think any GOP can get elected without being a Jew ass kisser are just deluding themselves. GOP is completely owned by Ziocons, inside and out. What’s more DeSantis came from a state crawling with rich old Jews, just look at what a Jew ass kisser Marco Rubio is, he’s the one who pushed the hardest for that law that makes any criticism of Jews, Israel or support of BDS a crime, which Trump couldn’t sign into an EO fast enough.

    Trump did everything he could for the Jews, yet they are still coming after him. His company and accountant Alan Weisselberg will now be charged for tax evasion for giving executives perks like paying their kids’ private school tuition without reporting them as taxable income. Karma’s a biatch. I would’ve had a lot more sympathy for him if he didn’t spend 4 years bending over backwards to Israel and the Jews on Wall Street while doing absolutely nothing on cutting legal immigration. Now he gets no sympathy from me. Ask his precious Jared for help.

    I read that he held a rally in Ohio last week. What kind of people still show up to his rallies? Must be the biggest suckers ever. Trumptards are hopeless. Don’t they know by now he’s all about MIGA not MAGA?

    • Agree: Trinity
  168. lloyd says: • Website

    An Indian might reply. “India under the British Raja endured repeated famines because their industry was deliberately destroyed to make way for British imports and their peasantry was taxed. Malthus certainly applied there. The Raja needed the toiling masses. They are no longer needed while the welfare blacks are useful as BLM shock troops. I have just heard the astonishing news that Bill Cosby’s rape conviction has been overturned. Cosby had some very pertinent things to say about black youth. So his immunity as a celebrity had been taken away. But this conviction overturn on a technicality and linked to Trump’s failed impeachment seems a new low on blind justice. W W L D M. White women’s lives don’t matter.

  169. Art says:

    Clearly the Trump administration was really the Kushner administration (Jared and Ivanka). Every time Trump did something that did not make sense – the Kushners dirty hand was behind it. All those bad appointments, had the Kushner’s stamp on them. All the domestic liberal political decisions flowed out the Kushners.

    Trump is forever compromised by Jared and Ivanka. If somehow Trump where to regain the presidency – his new administration would be moneyed NY Jew liberal – period.

    A new Trump administration should be feared by all good people.

    • Agree: Sick of Orcs
  170. @Jim Christian

    I would think that Ron Unz with his Physics and Computer Background is intelligent enough to have alternate plans for this site including putting his site on servers in Iceland, the Netherlands, or even Russia. The Orwellians and their ilk will eventually come for Unz as they pursue their Utopia. And it may be sooner than anyone thinks.

  171. anon[124] • Disclaimer says:

    Did God choose the Jews because they are the least of the least?

    God never chose the Jews. They made the whole thing up. There is no account of a man named Moses ever existed in history. The Egyptians had no record of him, nor the exodus. We know how good these people are at inventing tall tales. Judaism to this day remains the only religion in the world that claims a certain group of people has a right to a particular piece of land. Total BS.

    • Agree: HbutnotG, Robin Hood
  172. Panglossian Turley is such a tard. Get a load of this.

    What is truly embarrassing isn’t Gwen Berry dissing the American Flag but the fact that so many athletes still honor the flag that now stands for Globo-Homo degeneracy, ‘woke’ retardation, broken borders, deep state tyranny, Wars for Israel, support for Zionist genocide of Palestinians, Jewish-led Censchwarzship, tranny-mania, massive election fraud, Covid-fraud-and-hysteria, media-CIA collusion, state-sponsored BLM riots, legal protection for Antifa terrorism, destruction of monuments & heritage, and imprisonment of patriots on false charges. It would be inspiring if ALL athletes, for whatever reason, turned their backs on the US flag.

    • Replies: @Sick of Orcs
  173. Art says:

    Rumble is not that different from Facebook or YouTube.

    Clearly Rumble sold out American free speech for clicks and money – end of story.

    The Jew cloud of suppression, thickens over America.

  174. Truth says:
    @Sick of Orcs

    In this instance your non-answer is the distraction.

    No, Old Sport, you still don’t get it, so I will make it as simple as I can:

    Stupid, phony, fixed elections, are dog-and-pony shows and have nothing to do with anything significant.

    What is significant is the choices you make from here on out.

    Choose wisely, the clock is ticking.

    • Replies: @Sick of Orcs
  175. anon[327] • Disclaimer says:

    Not only was Trump a total dog to the Zios, he was a total dog to black power. Let’s not forget he let all the black criminals, thugs and drug dealers out of jail. I think letting these thugs loose has a lot to do with the violence we saw last summer. Jared may have come up with that idiotic idea but Trump never stopped touting it as one of his proudest accomplishments.

  176. @Truth

    Stupid, phony, fixed elections, are dog-and-pony shows and have nothing to do with anything significant.

    If that’s true, what are you getting on about? Sit back and enjoy the ride.

    You won’t mind if I leave this here? The riggers don’t.


  177. anon[314] • Disclaimer says:

    Baron, not Ivan. Youre right about him seeming a bit feminine. I think he is supposed to be
    somewhat autistic. Definitely looks like his mom. He was 6 feet at 14 years. I would imagine he will be taller by now.

    I kinda think Trump is done unless the D.S. has enough on him that they can let him win in 2024 and control him through blackmail. We are in a blackmail state Truth. Our phones, laptops, public. cameras, social media, and files with various agencies, probably have quite the history of us all by now. If you meet a gal from work out for a drink, the security video in the bar, and latter at her place if she is in a building or apartment…….probably provide the D.S. a record of it if you have annoyed them in any way. I suggest young Americans of all races consider living someplace else if their occupations provide that opportunity. Our D.S. is a cruel bunch.

    • Replies: @Truth
  178. Chris Moore says: • Website
    @Mike Fridelle

    The Judeofascists have already done most of that, only against their White enemies. In Israel and environs, they’ve already done all of that against their Arab enemies.

    And in both places, Jew-stooge shysters and traitors are helping them for thirty pieces of silver.

    The Judeofascists won’t be out-muscled, they’ll be out-maneuvered.

    Years of taking it up the ass from rabbis has primed them for their fall. One will be amazed at how quickly the Kushners and the Schumers will fold when they get their first look at a major Christian-Islamic alliance arrayed against them.

    The Israelis will be a tougher nut to crack, but crack they will, because degenerate Talmudic rabbis are softening them up as well.

    Lol. If we didn’t want to hurry things along, we needn’t do anything but wait for the rabbinical ((Globohomo)) scat-rat to burrow away at the House of Zion until it falls.

    They simply can’t help themselves.

  179. Rurik says:

    your point is that without Trump it would have been president Hillary.

    So what? Foreign policy would have been largely the same since even with Trump, nothing substantial changed. All the wars continued.

    for a smart guy, sometimes you have no clue

    The only scumfuck more hawkish on foreign policy than the War Hag, was John McBloodstain.

    The War Hag’s entire mantra was “Assad has to go’, and the means to that was a ‘No fly zone’ over Syria, that would have brought the ZUS into direct confrontation with Russia.

    Or, just forget about the wars and slaughter and coups in places like Ukraine, and consider all the other consequences of having that vicious, uber-corrupt, white male-hating bitch in the White House for another eight years.

    The very thought of it is unspeakable.

    The same regime that burned those people alive at Waco. The same regime that bombed Serbia into submission.

    I could go on at great length about the evil of that murderous cunt, but I won’t belabor it here.

    It’s enough to simply state that the people of the United States, and the world in general, dodged a huge bullet when that power-crazed gorgon was defeated by Donald Trump.

    Hate Trump all you want. He was a great disappointment. But he did do a lot of good, starting with sending that cow into excruciating obscurity.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  180. @Nisbe

    Perhaps I didn’t express myself properly, read my other post to another user on comment 117.

    Per your own words, “vote for the lesser evil,” that’s who DeSantis is. You refuse to suggest who might be less evil than he, but even that doesn’t matter since you believe the game is rigged. Why bust balls over someone else’s choices, especially if you think choice doesn’t matter?

    I believe choices DO matter, even in a broken system. Had Trump won we still wouldn’t get a wall, but Keystone would be operational and there would not be a border surge (which alone seals our fate) from Fraudsident Fkface’s invitation.

    • Replies: @Nisbe
  181. Truth says:

    No, Old Sport, I meant Ivan: The Donald’s son, IVAN!

    And as for Baron, I believe he somehow went away for a few months and came back, miraculously, 6″ taller.

  182. @Rurik

    What Trump did and didn’t do is factual. What Hillary would have done is purely conjectural. No one knows what would have happened if she had gotten in. The worlds response to her would also have been different, so crystal balling the situation isn’t all that informative.

    I don’t hate Trump. I just think he has always been a showman, a blowhard and not to be trusted. He was the better choice than Hillary simply because she’s a more disgusting human being, but praising Trump for not being Hillary adds no points to his scoreboard total as far as I’m concerned. I didn’t want either of them anywhere near the presidential office.

    Foreign policy is set by forces beyond the office of president as is plainly seen with the Trump administration. He claimed to want out of the wars and not one was ended. It was on his watch that US missiles were fired in the ME and his orders killed an Iranian on a mission to try to resolve some differences. He went after Venezuela for no reason, continued the sanctions on Cuba, pissed off the Europeans, Russia and China and failed to make a dent in the N. Korea stalemate. He hired arguably the worst people for every job and they then helped hang him out to dry. His only accomplishment was to give Israel the Jerusalem embassy and to shovel more money into that terrorist state.

    The man is a bag of hot air with absolutely lousy instincts.

    • Replies: @Realist
    , @Art
    , @Rurik
  183. @TheMoon

    Very well said. My daughter was born in 1990 and she is just starting a family. She has dual citizenship with the EU so perhaps they will go there if things get too gnarly.

  184. Skeptikal says:

    Uh, Lloyd ain’t exakly WASPy.

    Not that it matters. But, just sayin’.

    But thanks very much for the transcript.

  185. TheMoon says:

    Sequels are rarely better

  186. frontier says:

    We still don’t know what political motive or agent suddenly triggered Epstein’s arrest

    Trump was the motive – he became very obedient during the pandemic that happened right after Epstein and made everyone forget about him. Trump then put Fauci in front of himself and let him run the country at Warp Speed.

    But Epstein’s very public fall happened under President Trump’s presidency, so may be he played a role and can be given credit for that at least.

    No, not credit, Trump was on the debit side of Epstein. Just think about it – under what president was the most important political witness suicided? In federal jail under Trump’s control? The camera broke? We’re talking about the most serious political corruption case in US history, who’s responsible for running it into the ground? Was anyone punished?

  187. Skeptikal says:
    @Johnny Smoggins

    “Any candidate who makes it to the election has been vetted to make sure they’re kosher enough. ”

    I suppose we can hope that such a candidate changes his or her spots once elected.

    Like Prince Hal.
    Like JFK.

    But, the problem now is money in the political system.

  188. Skeptikal says:

    What a stupid waste-of-time video.

    • Replies: @Trinity
    , @Truth
  189. Realist says:

    Foreign policy is set by forces beyond the office of president as is plainly seen with the Trump administration. He claimed to want out of the wars and not one was ended. It was on his watch that US missiles were fired in the ME and his orders killed an Iranian on a mission to try to resolve some differences. He went after Venezuela for no reason, continued the sanctions on Cuba, pissed off the Europeans, Russia and China and failed to make a dent in the N. Korea stalemate. He hired arguably the worst people for every job and they then helped hang him out to dry. His only accomplishment was to give Israel the Jerusalem embassy and to shovel more money into that terrorist state.

    Agreed. The fact that Trump chose not to pardon Snowden and Assange is a travesty.

    Somewhat off-topic check out the two articles I presented to Aggregated Newslinks

    Conspiracy: Theory and Practice


    I think you’ll find them interesting.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  190. @Sick of Orcs

    I seriously doubt that most of the Sabbat Goy slaves truly ‘love’ Jews’. Or anyone but themselves. They grovel to Jews because that is required for public life ANYWHERE in the West. And ANY criticism of the behaviour of ANY Jew, ANYWHERE, no matter how plainly odious, is impermissible in the West. Even mistakes and errors MUST NEVER be criticised, let alone outright crimes like slaughtering Gazan children. How long this situation can persist, and what prodigies of Evil Israel and various Diaspora elites can commit (eg the destruction of UK Labour)with this TOTAL impunity, makes one shudder, for the world, for Israel’s victims AND for Israel and Jews everywhere.

    • Replies: @Chris Moore
  191. @Tom Marvolo Riddle

    Our household is in mourning—‘Thing’ is playing the organ–Fester standing in a salute pose with lit lightbulb in his mouth—Pugsley and Wednesday attired in black and I am distressed and depressed –Donald Rumsfeld will be a hard man to replace –88 full years of talent—gone to hell—and this is life in the fast lane—–Morticia watering our Venus fly trap —-

    • LOL: TKK, Iris
  192. @Realist

    I read Snowden’s article this morning and found it lacking in depth. Too much mumbo jumbo philosophizing for my taste. I expected much much better from him.

    The Pseudopandemic article was more to the point and I liked his global coup d’état mention. I hadn’t thought of it that way, but he’s correct.

    He’s also correct that if they manage to get complete control over what people use as money, then there’s no stopping them from killing off large portions of the population. The mere mention of no jab equal no work, no education, no groceries should be enough to start a revolt to hang anyone that even thinks it, but the bulk of the population is in the pot, the water’s heating up and their oblivious to their plight.

    • Replies: @Realist
  193. Trinity says:

    haha. I didn’t know that anyone bothered to click on Troof’s videos. Troof is about as trustworthy as ? Never mind. Anyhow, Troof thinks every attractive White lady is a tranny. He told me that Sophia Loren and Raquel Welch were trannies. Troof has tranny on the brain and me thinks he protest too much. Remember that cat named, Eddie Murphy? Speaking of Murph dawg, Bill Cosby was let out of the pokey cuz he received an unfair trial. “Unfair trial?” Tell that to the Fields kid in Charlottesville or Derek Chauvin. Dem Blacks beeze oppressed and sheeit, yo jus likeded dem jooz.

  194. @Trinity

    Jews are God’s chosen people –don’t believe me ask Jesus Christ—who came in second to that other guy–Barabbas—-

    • Replies: @Trinity
  195. Art says:

    He was the better choice than Hillary simply because she’s a more disgusting human being, but praising Trump for not being Hillary adds no points to his scoreboard total as far as I’m concerned. I didn’t want either of them anywhere near the presidential office.

    I didn’t want either of them anywhere near the presidential office – Hear Hear!

    p.s. Anybody could have beat Hillary in 2016.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
    , @Rurik
  196. Not even Jews can criticize Jews. As a Jew I get criticized for criticizing Jews but am myself being criticized. (Sigh.)

    The most loyal friends Jews and Israelis have in this world are American right wing evangelicals. It’s stupid and self destructive to kick them in the teeth.

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
    , @saggy
  197. @Mike Tre

    It is not just the daughters of US Presidents, but those of European Royalty. Our elites are going to be all Jewish soon.

    • Agree: Naughtius Maximus
  198. @anon

    You don’t need to worry about the Uighurs. ALL the stories of ‘genocide’, ‘forced labour’, ‘slavery’ etc are the most putrid lies, easily exposed, but peddled by the Evil swine of the Western fakestream media without a second’s hesitation. All the Chinese are doing is protecting the Uighurs and the rest of China from Wahhabist, salafist, terrorists, aided, abetted, financed and trained by the West.

    • Replies: @GomezAdddams
  199. @A Competent Physicist

    You’re a ‘self-hating Jew’. I feel that such a descriptor is the height of really existing Judeophobia. Attacking the best of your community is truly despicable.

    • Replies: @TKK
  200. Miro23 says:

    White sourness is supported by those that wanted the manufacturing base to return to the U\$A, ie. reasonable paying employment, not low paying service employment supporting a grossly over-compensated Financialized Convenience Class that directs WHO gets to practice their trade, based on whether it serves the Financialized Convenience Class enough, or not!

    That bus left many years ago. Trump just tapped into futile public daydreaming, wishing and hoping.

    Probably the last chance that the US had to put this right was about 100 years ago.

    Henry Ford wrote “My Life and Work” (1922) which is a fine expression of American industrial creativity (that led to US world leadership in manufacturing and industrial technology). And, about the same time he wrote (or rather arranged to be written) “The International Jew: The World’s Foremost Problem” (1920) describing the Jewish financialization and looting of nations throughout history.

    P35 – “Industry and Finance, are in a struggle to see whether Finance is again to become the master, or creative Industry. This is one of the elements which is bringing the Jewish Question to the bar of public opinion.”

    One hundred years later it’s clear to see that Finance has won (in the US). It’s getting that chaotic third world feeling, and will likely stumble from one financial crisis to the next – each one removing another chunk of the middle class.

    • Thanks: Iris
  201. @Art

    The D party made the mistake of even running that cow for the office.

    I guess they learned to dispense with a candidate that might have some appeal and wound up with Biden knowing they were going to cheat and had the deep state on their side along with the courts to not ask any questions and not allow anyone else to ask any either.

    Why anyone with a conscience would vote in ANY US election is beyond my comprehension. Even a democrat should be appalled at the rapid decline in the US and refuse to participate.

    • Agree: Realist
    • Replies: @SaneClownPosse
    , @Rurik
  202. Tom Pain says:

    Desantis has done some good things, but shortly after entering office he held a Florida cabinet meeting in Israel.

    • Replies: @Nisbe
  203. @Happy Tapir

    For many years I noticed that many US Americans have those bleak eyes, but I didn’t think too much about it. When I did, of course it was obvious: Jews.
    Kushner aint cute, he’s Borg.

  204. @The Real World

    I have seen some pics of him when Ivanka was a full fledged adult. He looked like he was ready to jump her bones. I would not be all that surprised if that is indeed how Trump has been compromised. The fact that he liked to bang porn stars and Playmates, just adds fuel to that possibility. He was listed as a guest at Epstein Island ices it.

  205. Trinity says:

    Jews were chosen by God and then God broke his covenant with them. John 3:16.

    So even God grew weary of them. lololol.

  206. @bcos

    It might be better to do away with representative politics. Use the internet. Let very major issue be decided by referendum. Instead of voting for Blabbermouth “is”bots, the people get to vote on:
    1. Should we bomb Asia again?
    2. Bring the troops home?
    3. Send billions of dollars to “israel”.
    4. Raise taxes?
    5. Lower taxes?
    6. Build hospitals?

    You get the idea. Not all at once. A couple of issues every month. Clear up the top ten Major Problems of the USA in the first year.

    Whaddya say?

  207. @snag

    “First transports of Jews to Birkenau concentration camp started in the middle of July 1942”

    Operation Barbarossa started 22 June 1942 in Poland. Less than a month later, the Germans were transporting Poles to Birkenau.

    The Germans were removing probable sources of resistance behind their advance, as they rolled East. Think of it as a Strategic Hamlet Relocation program.

    The fact is that over half of the Third Reich’s Officer Corps was Jewish or half-Jewish as was Hitler, Himmler, Goebbels, and Eichmann.

    The “Final Solution” was a lie, used to sell “Ersatz Israel” to the world after WW2.

    Same as Osama bin Laden doing 9/11 was used to sell a 20 year long phony “war on terror” to the world.

    • Agree: RedpilledAF
    • Replies: @Kapyong
    , @snag
  208. @RoatanBill

    Unless the elections are always meaningless theater for the masses.

    They put up two screwy candidates for POTUS in 2016.*

    Win-Win for the bosses, Lose-Lose for the voters. Same as it ever was.

    With Trump they brought the people supporting and following a Trump, out into the open where they are easier targets.

    Giving them hope, then crushing that hope.

    Giving them rope, then hanging with rope.

    *Screwier than Bush-Dukakis, Clinton-Bush, Clinton-Dole, Bush-Gore, Obama-McCain, or Obama-Romney?

  209. Chris Moore says: • Website
    @Mulga Mumblebrain

    what prodigies of Evil Israel and various Diaspora elites can commit (eg the destruction of UK Labour)with this TOTAL impunity, makes one shudder, for the world, for Israel’s victims AND for Israel and Jews everywhere.

    Quite shuttering for Jews and start freeing them from Zionist criminals by demanding zero tolerance for ((Jews)). Weeping over ((Jews)) begets nothing but Zionist criminals. ((Jew))-stooges are either criminals themselves, or complete and total dunces, left to right.

  210. Rurik says:

    What Hillary would have done is purely conjectural


    presidents don’t determine foreign policy, but they effect it.

    Everything we know about Hillary says war, murder and unrestrained abuse of power.

    Ron Paul may have not been able to end the wars, but we can be pretty sure he would have acted as a restraint.

    Vs. Lindsey Graham, for instance, who- like Hillary, would have unleashed the (((dogs)))

    but praising Trump for not being Hillary adds no points to his scoreboard total as far as I’m concerned

    I wasn’t praising Trump for not being Hillary.

    I was saying, in no uncertain terms, that Hillary would have been a catastrophe. And I was, and do, praise Trump for beating her. And preventing her from what must have been her ultimate dream and feeling of entitlement of imposing herself upon the planet’s people.

    It was on his watch that US missiles were fired in the ME and his orders killed an Iranian on a mission to try to resolve some differences. He went after Venezuela for no reason, continued the sanctions on Cuba, pissed off the Europeans, Russia and China and failed to make a dent in the N. Korea stalemate.

    I’m glad he pissed off the Europeans. Mocking Merkel and Macron and Trudeau, were some of my favorite things about Trump. And I’m also a big supporter of tariffs, and engaging with China in their trade war against us.

    Sure, he did a lot of stupid and fatuous things. Even cowardly war crimes, like killing that Iranian general.

    But in context, looking at the trajectory of presidents, from Clinton to Bush to Obama, he didn’t involve America in any new wars, al la Clinton, Bush and Obama, even tho we’d only destroyed three or four of the seven nations on the list.

    This was perhaps the main reason the media was hysterical with Trump Derangement Syndrome.

    The only time they liked him was when he bombed Syria.

    If he had coveted the adoration of those Trumpsters, + the media, and be guaranteed a second term, then all he would have to have done is simply started another war. Even Lebanon or somewhere! But he refused.

    You say that presidents don’t determine foreign policy, but then you berate Trump for what “he” did, and also for what he didn’t do, as in ending the wars. You can’t have it both ways.

    The man is a bag of hot air with absolutely lousy instincts.

    How do any of us know what the parameters Trump was operating under?

    Do you really believe he hired Bolton because he was listening to his instincts, or because he was ordered to by Senators and others with the power to break his presidency.

    I’m not saying or suggesting that Trump was a good president. But one thing I know for certain, is that I personally was, and am thrilled that he was able to thwart a Hillary Clinton presidency.

    We could banter endlessly about what Hillary may or may not have done. But for myself, I know in my heart that she was, and is, as bad and evil and vindictive and vicious as a power-crazed bitch can be.

    Perhaps for you, she isn’t all that bad.

    I suppose it’s for us all, to look into our hearts, and parse out what we consider her motivating principles to be.

    For Trump, I suspect that it’s all ego. But I also suspect he has a shred of nostalgic affection for what ‘America’ used to be, and loves his family, and wants a legacy his children can be proud of.

    I hope he doesn’t run again, but if he does, and he wins the primary, well then RotanBill, you can bet your boat, that if it’s a contest between Trump vs. Kamala, that I and millions of other Americans will go out and vote. Not because we trust the system, or because we love Trump, but because our nation and our would is menaced by a fiend.

    A fiend who’s heart is even blacker than Hillary Clinton’s. A fiend who’s even more murderous, and power-crazed, and psychopathic, than anything or anyone who’s a sane and moral person can even comprehend.

    And even if it’s just a protest vote against a Kamala presidency, (that would, with a certainty, give that fiend a free hand), then for the sake of all that’s holy, and decent, and honorable, then I will be voting against that fiend.

  211. Rurik says:

    p.s. Anybody could have beat Hillary in 2016.

    Trump electrified this nation

    Telling America that they aren’t going to lose their nation to hostile immigrants who hate white American’s guts, and intend on stealing everything they have, was a message no American of any race even imagined that they’d ever hear.

    Not from Jeb!, not from Mitt or Marco, or any of the other zio-stooges, that would have dutifully lost to Hillary.

  212. @geokat62

    I’d like to take this opportunity to address the “Lesser of Two Evils” (LOTE) fallacy.

    Don’t forget to address the fallacy to the man holding a gun to your head giving you the opportunity to hand over your wallet.
    You are confusing two evils, in the example above, with three or more, in the examples you gave, where you have other “lesser evil” options, such perhaps as not voting.

    • Replies: @Dumb4asterisks
    , @geokat62
  213. OldHeeby says:

    The fact is that over half of the Third Reich’s Officer Corps was Jewish or half-Jewish as was Hitler, Himmler, Goebbels, and Eichmann.

    Another day, another demented amerimutt with a retarded statement.

  214. Rurik says:

    Why anyone with a conscience would vote in ANY US election is beyond my comprehension. Even a democrat should be appalled at the rapid decline in the US and refuse to participate.

    if more Americans would have voted for Ron Paul in the primary, and if ((they)) didn’t manage to assassinate him, the planet might be in a very, Very different place today.

    Allowing the PTB to select the stooge in the White House, without even the pretext of a popular election, would simply result in people like John McCain, or Lindsey Graham or a future Stacy Abrams or hell, John Bolton as our president.

    Just consider the Florida 2018 governor’s race. If good people would have stayed home on election day, Florida would have Andrew Gillum as its governor.

    I’m not a big fan of Ron DeSantis’ fealty to all things Israel, but his tenure as governor so far, is a very refreshing surprise from the standard corruption and cowardice that we’re used to.

    Voting sometimes matters.

  215. Realist says:

    The Pseudopandemic article was more to the point and I liked his global coup d’état mention. I hadn’t thought of it that way, but he’s correct.

    He’s also correct that if they manage to get complete control over what people use as money, then there’s no stopping them from killing off large portions of the population. The mere mention of no jab equal no work, no education, no groceries should be enough to start a revolt to hang anyone that even thinks it, but the bulk of the population is in the pot, the water’s heating up and their oblivious to their plight.

    Yes, the insouciance and stupidity of the world population are stunning.

  216. @Rurik

    Please look up the word conjecture. Your first one word sentence fragment of ‘nope’ as a reply to conjecture means you have access to future information which is impossible, so all you’re doing is speculating on what that cow might have done. You may be convinced of many things, but that’s just another belief system too many people conflate with fact and reality.

    As commander in chief, Trump could have issued orders to stand down and according to law, the military would have to follow those orders. Trump could have caused a crisis if he had the balls to do it, but didn’t. Why put someone in the position and then have him be unwilling to use the power of the office potentially against the other 2 branches of the gov’t. He ran on noting but lies. The executive is a coequal branch of the gov’t and the man just wasn’t up to the job.

    Perhaps for you, she isn’t all that bad.

    You’re looking at this from the wrong end of the telescope. Everyone in the gov’t is a POS, absolutely everyone. They sell their humanity for power and perks. If they all dropped dead tomorrow, I’d throw a party.

    By voting, you show that you support the crazy system that you otherwise rail against. You and people like you keep the system from imploding via neglect. It would be a grand and glorious day when a presidential election reported a turnout of a few thousand people and then watch the pundits claim a mandate for the winner.

    • Replies: @Rurik
    , @InnerCynic
  217. @Colin Wright

    Even if no one was egging them on, low IQ and highly impulsive Blacks would still be a problem.

    • Replies: @Colin Wright
  218. Whenever a ban on criticizing Jews is imposed, the fact that Jews are worthy of criticism and cannot defend against it is being admitted.

  219. aandrews says:

    For God and country…

  220. TKK says:
    @Mulga Mumblebrain


    You do not understand nuance. He is clearly stating that the bulwark of American Evangelicals support Israel with both cash and heart. Do you know how much money their tour groups bring to the country? No one is making them go. They eat it up. They eat some hummus, float in the Dead Sea, go to the Wailing Wall and go home with a mawkish sentimental Disney version of Jews.

    He is not “attacking”. He is stating he can’t offer criticism, even as a Jew, because Jews are so untouchable in the West.

    I think you are actually Godfree Roberts on a different IP address.

  221. @Dumb4asterisks

    My apology. I now understand that you mean that it is a fallacy that people have only two options, not that it is a fallacy that one should choose the least evil of the available options, which indeed, might only be two.

    “I’m doing so because this Hobson’s choice is what the shrinking majority of white peoples all over the Western world will be facing in the coming elections.”
    In a Hobson’s choice, one has only one option, whether to take it or leave it (hire a horse) but no option regarding which horse; it is essentially one choice regarding the hiring, no choice regarding which horse.
    “When a Man came for a Horse, he was led into the Stable, where there was great Choice, but he obliged him to take the Horse which stood next to the Stable-Door; so that every Customer was alike well served according to his Chance.”
    An election can be viewed as a Hobson’s choice in that you can abstain (take it or leave it), but if you do participate, you do have choices – of lesser of evils if you will. Unless you mean that the (two) choices are equally evil, and thus amounts to no or irrelevant choice as to the “horses” – i.e. the parties being the same.
    Sorry if I am nitpicking too much, but as you can see it is also not so straightforward.

    • Replies: @geokat62
  222. @Rurik

    Voting always matters. It guarantees the continuation of a corrupt system using the pretense of voting to provide the aura of legitimacy the gov’t needs to rule over their tax cattle.

    I have solved this political dilemma in a very direct way: I don’t vote. On Election Day, I stay home. I firmly believe that if you vote, you have no right to complain. Now, some people like to twist that around. They say, ‘If you don’t vote, you have no right to complain,’ but where’s the logic in that? If you vote, and you elect dishonest, incompetent politicians, and they get into office and screw everything up, you are responsible for what they have done. You voted them in. You caused the problem. You have no right to complain. I, on the other hand, who did not vote — who did not even leave the house on Election Day — am in no way responsible for what these politicians have done and have every right to complain about the mess that you created.
    George Carlin

    • Agree: InnerCynic
  223. geokat62 says:

    You are confusing two evils, in the example above, with three or more, in the examples you gave, where you have other “lesser evil” options, such perhaps as not voting.

    Who do you consider to be the lesser of the two evils in ‘24, Kamala or DeSantis?

  224. klcard says:
    @Desert Fox

    Voltaire never said it – why would he? He lived in an absolute monarchy.

  225. geokat62 says:

    Sorry if I am nitpicking too much, but as you can see it is also not so straightforward.

    No worries. You can ignore my latest response, as I hadn’t seen this comment when I posted it.

    You’re correct about the interpretation of Hobson’s choice being no choice at all. I used those terms to indicate that regardless of whether an evil is lesser than another evil, you’re still left choosing between two evils.

    The essence of my comment is that I’d rather be in the position of choosing the greater of two goods than the lesser of two evils.

  226. Trump is a super Shabbos Goy and his paternal and maternal ancestors were Jews some generations back. His father worked with Chabad and his father’s lawyer was a Chabadnik.

    No excuses for Trump. He was, and is, a worthless traitor.

  227. Truth says:

    What a stupid waste-of-time video.

    Well spoken, by a man who seems an expert at both “stupid” and “wasting time.”

  228. I do enough SM (social media not sado-masochism). I can catch all the Trump news I need to catch w/o joining Rumble.

  229. Rurik says:

    reply to conjecture means you have access to future information which is impossible,

    if a person has been alive on this planet for several decades, and has uniformly conducted themselves in a particular way, then a reasonable person can be reasonably assured that such a person will in the future conduct themselves in a similar way.

    Especially if that person has shown virtually no sign or indication of any kind of change of heart.

    If Ron Paul had been elected president, then it’s not likely that he’d morph into a war mongering zionist dog.

    Just as it’s not likely that Hillary would, upon entering the Oval Office, morph into a Jeffersonian statesman and patriot.

    Now, you’re correct that I can’t know that, as in an epistemological certainty, but I can know it to the extent that a reasonable person could reliably say, ‘nope’, to the very idea of it.

    As commander in chief, Trump could have issued orders to stand down and according to law, the military would have to follow those orders

    He could have also demanded from the bully pulpit the extradition of the cowardly war criminals that attacked the USS Liberty, and ordered from his Justice Department an immediate and thorough investigation of 9/11, and so on…

    I’m not heralding Trump as any kind of patriotic savior, except insofar as he did save us (me!) from Hillary Clinton.

    Why put someone in the position and then have him be unwilling to use the power of the office potentially against the other 2 branches of the gov’t. He ran on noting but lies.

    For the same reason I’d vote for him again, if it was between Trump vs. Kamala.

    Everyone in the gov’t is a POS, absolutely everyone. They sell their humanity for power and perks. If they all dropped dead tomorrow, I’d throw a party.

    Not just you. I think 99% of the planet would throw a party, myself included.

    But just for the record, Ron Paul was and is not a POS. Hardly. He was one of the best of the best. An actual Jeffersonian statesman and decent man all around.

    By voting, you show that you support the crazy system that you otherwise rail against.

    It is the system I live in. Pretending otherwise, as Andrew Gillum orders another statewide lock-down for Covid Climate Justice- BLM, homo-anus celebrations, because I didn’t vote, would be a terrible folly on my part. I’m a realist. I live in the world that I live in, and up to a point, voting matters.

    You and people like you keep the system from imploding via neglect.

    We’ve been down this road over and over.

    You’d love nothing more than to see the ZUS implode into a dystopian hell on earth yesterday. Because you’ve managed to escape.

    But I have lots and lots of relatives that I don’t want to see ground into the dirt of the looming dystopian hell on earth.

    Is it coming? Yes, it’s inevitable. But I’d like to see it later, rather than sooner, so that a maximum number of my relatives, and all the good and decent people left in America, can also get the fuck out.

    Until that day, I’d prefer to see this dying nation linger on for a few years longer, so that I don’t have to watch from a front row seat the horrors that await.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  230. @Flubber

    As HL Mencken said, an antisemite is someone who hates Jews more than is necessary.

    I disagree with Mencken that there are no antisemites.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  231. Rurik says:

    George Carlin was a great American, prophet and visionary. [RIP]

    But he’d be one of the first people sent to the modern gulags once wokeness is unopposed.

    Voting for the lesser of two evils simply buys us time, to get out, or at least get to the rural areas.

  232. Nisbe says:
    @Sick of Orcs

    “You refuse to suggest who might be less evil than he”

    If I was to vote (I’m European) I would vote for Trump. And I am sorry if I sounded like a dick, it was not my intention to sound like a ball buster, it’s OK to disagree. What I was trying to convey (and failing at that, twice) was that I think the US people have the most to win if they put constant pressure on all the politicians (regardless of whom they vote for) regarding the pandering to Israel, so Israel loses the most general public support possible, so politicians have to be forced to stop pandering to Israel (people will get tired of that bs and there is a threshold of insatisfaction that will make the body politic either change their MO, or risk having the people tear apart the system due to lack of perceived legitimacy (which it doesn’t have, it’s an Israel first uniparty that is not geared to serve the constituents first and foremost, due to extreme foreign interference from Israel).

    But that’s just my opinion, and I could be wrong or just being retarded, but it’s what makes sense to me given how the situation looks to me.

    • Replies: @Sick of Orcs
  233. @Pteronarcyd

    ‘Even if no one was egging them on, low IQ and highly impulsive Blacks would still be a problem.’

    Well, compare and contrast.

    Are Labrador Retrievers a problem?

    No. Okay…start letting them get up on the table and have equal rights to your dinner. Let me know how that goes.

    Blacks are never going to be a blessing and a boon to America. But at least three-quarters of the misery they cause stems from our attempts to treat them as if they were equal to the rest of us.

    Take George Floyd. Now, had he been employed hauling sacks of onions to the truck, provided with regular health care, and let out on Saturday nights, I doubt he would have ever wrecked half the planet. Moreover, he’d be alive, and probably happier than he was.

  234. Nisbe says:
    @Tom Pain

    The way I see it is: the progressive/commie side of the Israel first uniparty destroys the US with the 1965 Immigration Act and other bs (aided by thousands of Jewish organizations, NGOs, etc); then when the R party supporters start getting too restless, the cuckservative side of the Israel first uniparty gets “elected” and bs like 9/11 and the “patriot” act are enacted; then to calm the D party supporters…

    When the judeocrats control both wings of the Eagle, America cannot ever be free, and the illusion of freedom is just a myth engineered to pacify the tax cattle subject to all kinds of indignities (such as dying in the sand thousands of miles away from home so the star can try to gorge on more clay).

  235. Nisbe says:
    @Robert Bruce

    But the witnesses testified he never flirted with any of the girls.

  236. Anonymous[218] • Disclaimer says:

    I disagree with Mencken that there are no antisemites.

    That’s not what the quote means you stupid poojeet LOL

  237. funny says:

    Trump is an actor, the same as all the rest. When Trump was having financial troubles in New York it was the Jew bankers that bailed him out. He is, and always has been in their pocket.
    His whole presidency was a sham. The bellicose behavior was meant to incite. He learned his lines well.

  238. saggy says: • Website
    @A Competent Physicist

    Not even Jews can criticize Jews.

    Whaatt? Jews criticize Jews constantly, they love it, it’s all part of the show. Jews don’t criticize the holohoax, do you?

  239. Voltara says:

    Daily Stormer? That site is widely known as controlled opposition. No surprise they survived the purge.

    Trump was amusing on Twitter when he was president, only because of the reaction to him. Who wants to listen to him big-note himself now?

  240. All the whining about Jews masks one simple irrefutable fact: the Jews completely have us by the balls. The whining is a poor man’s substitute for surrender. Even the whining would stop should the Jews so decree. No question. Get over it fellow Americans. Accept Jewish colonization of our country. The Jews know full well that the world is controlled via control of Washington. We have lost the will to even launch intifadas as Palestinians have done to keep alive the hope of recovering our sovereignty and independence. Back to your football games and Jewish-owned entertainment to keep you in states of perpetual stupefaction.

  241. @Robert Bruce

    What is this list where Trump was included? I’ve heard nothing about a guest list of visitors to the island. Perhaps you mean flight manifest? I scanned some of those a few years ago that were posted online. Didn’t notice his name on them.

    I’m not defending Trump, don’t care about him. But, I’m a fan of facts so, what do you have on that?

  242. TheBoom says:
    @Colin Wright

    “Maybe it’s better to work up to it.”

    Yep. The greatest taboo among the right of the divide is the JQ. Most people on our side of the divide are not even comfortable with racial realism. Best to get them talking about races and immigration. I have found the JQ is more palatable if you get people to be openlycritical of immigration then ask them “isn’t it odd that Jews have a very strict and biased in favor of Jews immigration system in Israel but then condemn us of we want any restrictions for the US?”

    Most conservatives have never allowed themselves to connect those dots. You will likely never get them to fully comprehend the JQ and the full ramifucations but you can get it on the table

    • Agree: Colin Wright
  243. Kapyong says:

    “Operation Barbarossa started 22 June 1942 in Poland. ”

    The recent HMS Defender incident was on the 80th anniversary.

  244. @Rurik

    While I never voted for either of the Clintons, Bill or Hillary, you’re definitely exaggerating things there. During the Clinton administration of the 1990s the Oslo Accords were one of the first significant attempts to push the Israelis to make some kind of compromise on their Mideast territorial claims. Hillary Clinton was obviously part of that. During the Obama administration the preeminent which hung over most of those 8 years was defiance of the Israeli lobby’s demand for war on Iran. Again, Hillary was all part of this.

    Yes, it’s true that the Obama administration went along with a lot of limited interventions at a time when John McCain was calling for a full-scale occupation of Iran and then later on Syria and Libya. The Obama approach was to compromise with Republicans like McCain by offering a more limited intervention. Very much like Donald Trump actually. There’s no reason to believe that Hillary Clinton would have been more of a militant war-monger than Trump himself was. If anything, I imagine that she would have tried to maintain the agreements with Iran since she had been part of the administration which made those agreements. Trump just casually threw them out as a bone to Israel.

    • Replies: @Rurik
    , @Colin Wright
  245. @Mulga Mumblebrain

    Adrian Zenz has never been to Xinjiang and Jimmy Lai has never been to Sing Sing.

  246. @Rurik

    You’d love nothing more than to see the ZUS implode into a dystopian hell on earth yesterday. Because you’ve managed to escape.

    I want the US economy to do what it’s trajectory suggests it’s going to do and what the Fed is pushing it to do and that is to hyperinflate the dollar. What comes next won’t be pleasant but it’s coming, so I’d like to get it over with now because doing so later means more people unemployed, more homeless, more in debt, etc.

    My entire family is in the US, so why would I want to harm them? The harm is baked in the cake, whatever it is, and delaying only makes it worse. The US economy has the equivalent of a cancer diagnosis. The earlier action is taken, the better the prognosis. You, on the other hand, are waiting for a lingering death by stretching out policies that haven’t worked and won’t work to correct the situation.

    Most people don’t want to get out. Realistically, most can’t get out because they have no place to go to. The US and other countries have largely cut off the easy exit routes via the Covid rules. Next comes exchange controls where your wealth is held captive. With CBDC, they own you. The noose is tightening every day, so waiting is a losing strategy.

    Once the SHTF, the entire world will feel the pain. No one, including myself, will be spared. I may be further away from ground zero, but the fallout will reach everywhere. There is no escape for anyone, not even the billionaires.

    • Replies: @Rurik
    , @Ralph B. Seymour
  247. I always asked myself just who in the hell elected this Kushner putz who just so happens to be everywhere and gumming up the works? Besides… you’d never catch me dead wearing some goofy ass maga hat. Sorry folks but they look “gay”.

  248. @RoatanBill

    …If they all dropped dead tomorrow, I’d throw a party

    Amen to that. They’re there because they want to be not because of any moral epiphany and certainly not because they give a shit about anyone but themselves.

  249. @RoatanBill

    No different than the masses who bitch and moan about twisted garbage on TV but, strangely enough, never stop watching TV or the very channels that pimp that garbage

  250. You can say everything you want but Rothschild told you.
    “Give me control of a nations money and I care not who makes it’s laws.”
    1815 Rothschild took control of the Bank of England by lying about who won the Battle of Waterloo.
    He said England lost and down crashed the Bank of England, he bought wholesale.
    Soros is merely just their bagman.
    The end.

  251. @Nisbe

    If I was to vote (I’m European) I would vote for Trump.

    Trump had his shot, and he blew it. Every Trump supporter likely has their own list of things Trump could’ve done–well within lawful Executive powers–but didn’t. Trump is not a leader. If he comes back, kushner comes back. Granted, anyone beats King Peepads and Queen Kneepads in office, but another 4-year Trump seat-filler session won’t be enough.

    And I am sorry if I sounded like a dick, it was not my intention to sound like a ball buster, it’s OK to disagree.

    Thank you.

    Brother, the Chosen are trouble everywhere, and I say this as someone who doesn’t hate Jews but recognizes, as you do, their “elites’” undue and often extralegal influence. We in the Colonies at least have a First and Second Amendment (forever under assault) while you poor Euros are being arrested for memes and questioning the Holocoaster.

    No one is asking questions about the benefits of the USA/Z’rael “partnership,” where Uncle Simp always has his wallet out to pay for everything while not getting so much as a goodnight kiss.

    Until someone can write a concise, easy-to-understand pamphlet questioning what value and benefits this “partnership” offers the US (and Europe) nothing changes.

    Such a pamphlet writer would also have to be shielded from fake news and financial semitic vengeance, and currently there’s not enough unity or support for it. We’re at the crossroads yet again.

  252. Rurik says:
    @Patrick McNally

    During the Clinton administration of the 1990s the Oslo Accords were one of the first significant attempts to push the Israelis to make some kind of compromise on their Mideast territorial claims. Hillary Clinton was obviously part of that.

    I’m not an expert on the Oslo Accords, but from what I remember there was no Palestinian state, no right of return, no corridor between Gaza and the West Bank, but just an Israeli controlled mish-mash of ‘bantustans’, and the recognition of Israel’s ‘legitimacy’ and sovereignty for all eternity.

    I remember reading at the time that Arafat would have certainly been assassinated by the Paletinians if he’d agreed to them.

    From Wiki:

    The Accords were strongly opposed by a large portion of the Palestinian population; philosopher Edward Said famously described them as a “Palestinian Versailles”.[4]

    Hillary Clinton was obviously part of that.

    Just watch from 42 to 45 seconds. Perhaps watch those three seconds a few times to really allow it to sink in.

    She didn’t just vote for the Iraq war, and the athorization for war on Iran, but she was instrumental in leading the war on Libya. Even cackled famously about that one.

    Who cackles like a giggly ghoul about wars?!

    But for me, it was always Waco. That was the moment in time when I realized the true nature of my government. Especially as I discovered it was the government that started the fires, and shot anyone trying to escape the flames. And then of course, lied about it all, with the eager and complicit cooperation of the ((media)).

    And I’ve always considered Waco to be Hillary’s handiwork.

    Bill is amoral and opportunistic, but I don’t consider him a murderous, vicious fiend. I can’t say the same for the war hag. And millions of people throughout Palestine and Iraq and Libya and Homeland America, who’ve lost loved ones in wars of opportunity, can attest to my characterization.

    Yes, it’s true that the Obama administration went along with a lot of limited interventions…

    That’s what you’d call the war on Libya? A “limited intervention”?

    Or the “civil” war in Syria? With Obama’s “moderate rebels”? Who burn men alive, and torture men and boys before they execute them?

    Do a search of ‘ISIS executions’ to see Obama’s (Hillary’s State Dept.) allies in his war on Syria.

    These are America’s allies. Funded and armed by Obama’s and Hillary’s CIA.

    I’m “exaggerating things”? Not hardly.

    There’s no reason to believe that Hillary Clinton would have been more of a militant war-monger than Trump himself was.

    with all due respect, that is preposterous.

    If anything, I imagine that she would have tried to maintain the agreements with Iran since she had been part of the administration which made those agreements.

    I doubt it, as the bombs dropped on Syria, and a confrontation with Russia would have brought Hillary Clinton into a direct showdown with Vlad Putin.

    How many lives would Hillary Clinton be willing to sacrifice to impose her will on Vladimir Putin?

    Here are two peas in a pod, with the 500,000 Iraqi children dying for lack of clean water and medicine, being “worth it”, to impose Israel’s will.

    We all dodged a massive bullet when Donald Trump defeated that bitch.

    • Replies: @Patrick McNally
  253. aandrews says:

    Attn: Andrew Anglin

    Wait a minute! Isn’t this the same thing that got Douglass Mackey (“Ricky Vaughn”) indicted??

    Meet the Anti-MAGA Trolls
    Inside the Reddit communities that can’t leave the right-wing internet alone
    By Kaitlyn Tiffany
    July 1, 2021
    8:15 AM ET

    Late in the evening on Christmas Day, the lawyer and Donald Trump loyalist Lin Wood tweeted an elaborate infographic [below] stating his views about the upcoming U.S. Senate runoff election in Georgia. The final tally would be corrupted by Dominion voting machines, it said, and the only way to expose the fraud would be to boycott the election. That would “break the algorithm” by producing a result in which the GOP candidates would receive fewer than zero votes—and then the Supreme Court would have “no choice” but to overturn the presidential election, while someone would have no choice but to arrest Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, as well as Republican Senator Kelly Loeffler and the other GOP candidate, David Perdue. “I just want an HONEST election,” Wood wrote above the image. “Don’t you?”

    The next day, on Reddit, the members of a vaguely leftist community called r/ParlerTrick started celebrating. One of them had created the infographic out of whole cloth, with the hopes that it would be picked up in right-wing internet spaces and persuade Trump supporters not to vote in the runoff.

  254. @Patrick McNally

    ‘…During the Clinton administration of the 1990s the Oslo Accords were one of the first significant attempts to push the Israelis to make some kind of compromise on their Mideast territorial claims…’

    Perhaps ‘last’ would be more accurate. Eisenhower forced Israel to withdraw from the Sinai, and after they invaded it again, Carter forced them to withdraw a second time — and agree to Palestinian autonomy to boot!

    The Israelis reneged on that commitment, but nothing new there.

  255. Fr. John says:

    “This is Nick Fuentes. He is a white supremacist anti-Semite. That’s not Twitter hyperbole, just a straight-up description. Here he is smilingly denying the Holocaust…”

    (((Rosenberg))) says this, like it’s a bad thing….?

    And will Rosenberg agree with me, that THESE ARE BAD THINGS???

    “Christianity is our only real enemy since all the political and economic phenomena of the bourgeois states are only its consequences,” Rakovsky, says. (All page citations from Griffin, Fourth Reich of the Rich, 1988, p. 264)
    – ‘Christian’ Rakovsky (born CHAIM Rakover in 1873) was a veteran Communist insider facing execution for plotting to overthrow Stalin. from ‘The Red Symphony’

    “The return from Babylon and the adoption of the Babylonian Talmud, marked the end of Hebrewism and the beginning of Judaism. It is well know among students of the Talmud that it is diametrically opposed to every law of the Bible.”
    —Stephen S. Wise, Chief Rabbi of the United States

    “The Jews have a right to subordinate to themselves the rest of mankind and to be the masters over the whole earth. This is the historic destiny of the Jews”
    Harry Waton, A Program for the Jews and an Answer to All Anti-Semites (New York Committee for the Preservation of the Jews, 1939), pp. 99-100

    “The role of the President of the United States is to support the decisions that are made by the people of Israel.” -Ann Lewis, speaking for Hillary Clinton, at the meeting for Jewish Leadership sponsored by the United Jewish Communities on March 18, 2008 (Jewess Ann Lewis is sister to Congressman Barney Frank).

    NO? Sorry, then neither is your anti-Christ animus valid…. times six million, Give or take 666.

  256. @Rurik

    Trump had been critical of the Iraq war because it wasn’t good enough for Israel since everyone knew that Iran was more of a menace to Israel than Iraq. Comments made by Trump during those years were fully compatible with everything Ms. Clinton says in that tape. Obviously I didn’t vote for her. The only time that I’ve ever voted for a POTUS candidate who was of the main parties was in 2020 when I voted for Trump in what was really meant as an anti-Antifa vote. But I can’t help suspecting that if Trump had been better received by the media in 2016 then he might have worked his way up to an attack on Iran.

    The most significant thing about Oslo was simply the way that it pissed off the rabid Zionist extremists in Israel. This resulted in Rabin’s assassination. Just as Trump can sometimes be hated for a lot of things which seem like small potatoes objectively, the same thing happens with other politicians. The Oslo Accord was not a great thing in itself, but it triggered some important people.

    • Replies: @Rurik
  257. Rurik says:

    What comes next won’t be pleasant but it’s coming, so I’d like to get it over with now…

    not me

    Not that I don’t agree it is necessary, and it will happen. I’d just prefer for all people of good will to be far away from the cities, and have lots and lots of silver coins, and be close to farming co-ops and be very, very well armed, before it does.

    The noose is tightening every day, so waiting is a losing strategy.

    I agree. But as you point out, for many of us, leaving now is next to impossible.

    And there’s more to it than just keeping the rotten system propped up for long enough to escape.

    I’m far from a perfect person. I don’t even aspire to be anything close to Christ-like. I harbor ill-will towards those who want all people who look like me to suffer and die off.

    Few things brought me more personal pleasure than watching the snowflakes and wokeness and BLM and Antifa and the SPLC and ADL and radical feminists and NAMBLA and all the assorted shitlibs and pedophiles and Democrats and Cuckservative Inc. neocons and Maxine and Schiff and Nadler and Nancy and all the rest, self-eviscerating over the triumph of Trump over Hillary.

    It was a wonderful and sublime moment, that actually in a way lasted for four years.

    After a lifetime of Affirmative Action and endless Hollywood movies and a million other outrages against being a working class white guy in America, I confess to a tiny bit of rancor towards those pampered, millionaire niggers like Kaepernick that have the pus-nads to accuse someone like me of being privileged.

    I’d like to see every millionaire celebrity like Kaepernick or the skanks on The View, driven to suicide on election night.

    Like I said, I’m not perfect. Living in this country has crated a bit of a ‘white man’s chip on the old shoulder’, so to speak.

    The left and media approve of what was done to Jonathan Foster, because they never mentioned it in their media, and that’s how you know they approve of something, by the thunderous sound of crickets from their media.

    They approve of what was done to him, because to their eyes, he was just another budding white supremacist domestic terrorist. He got what he deserved, as far as they’re concerned.

    Recently a thirteen year old girl was raped and murdered by “refugees” living on the tax dole in Vienna, Austria.

    And there again, the ((media)) approves of this act, because there isn’t a hint of it in the controlled media.

    But what of the parents?

    It turns out that little Leonie’s parents were not likely shitllibs who approved of ‘refugees’, but if they were, then RoatanBill, I’d like to think they spend every last moment of their remaining lives reliving the horror of their daughter’s depraved and cruel death.

    I’d like to think their souls will turn inside-out with despair and hopelessness and that they would, eventually, blow their brains out from sheer, unmitigated self-loathing- for the kinds of worthless, walking excrement they were when they were selling out their nation and children’s futures to bask in the approval of their status-whoring conceits.

    So you see, seeing someone like Trump getting re-elected isn’t just to postpone the inevitable collapse.

    It’s also for the pleasure of watching the shitlibs and pampered Negro celebrities and assorted scumbags of every hue from the left, coming unglued with derangement syndrome.

    And I have to hand it to Trump, few people are able to trigger them to hysterical apoplexy better than he does.

  258. WHO CARES??!! I’ve never been a big fan of the orange buffoon anyways. The only reason I voted for the jack4ss twice was cuz democrap drones in the borg commie collective are even more ABHORRENT.

  259. R2b says:

    There is only one solution to this, and sorry to say, for good worth in this essay, some critics may be right about this anglin-man.
    Now the one and only solution, to this problem is for you to become christians.
    That is no simple party decision, but something to pray for.
    And then I mean trad-Christianity, not zio-christian Heresy!
    There is only one anti-dote.
    And it is NOT white supremacy.

  260. Andrew Anglin sure is patting himself on the back for “the 2016 election of Donald Trump”. Wow, for all 12 people that visit his website, that sure is alot of power he wields. /Sarcasm.

  261. @Nisbe

    I am aware of the situation with Mr. DeSantis, but the question remains unanswered. We vote for the better, rarely for the best. Better to get out of confinement than chronic oppression.

  262. @Richard B

    Yes, essential reading.

    I’d add Israel Shahak’s short book, “Jewish History, Jewish Religion; The Weight of Three Thousand Years”

    • Thanks: Richard B
  263. Still. it’s not all bad news.
    Another Donald (Rumsfeld) died; the “Architect of the Iraq War”.

    Here’s an appraisal of his “repellent legacy”.
    Pictured among US soldiers in Fallujah, one of the places where Americans fired DU shells into the civilian population. Grinning away …

    ” … it is appointed unto man once to die, but after this the judgment.”

    Donald Rumsfeld was a criminal in the guise of a banal, semi-coherent bureaucrat in a well-tailored suit and tie.

    Stripped of all the de rigueur embroidery, that is the epitaph that instantly came to mind when I heard of his passing yesterday.

    That is also how, I suspect, he will be remembered by the many damaged people who inhabit what remains of the many damaged places where he caused such harm, suffering, and grief.

    And, if truth is any guide, that is how he must be remembered by anyone not blinded by the litany of agreeable lies that will be told now about who and what Rumsfeld was.

    • Agree: Rurik, Iris
  264. So much for the US first.

  265. @Rurik

    “I’m not a big fan of Ron DeSantis’ fealty to all things Israel, but his tenure as governor so far, is a very refreshing surprise from the standard corruption and cowardice that we’re used to.”

    That’s why we want to see DeSantis remain as Florida’s Governor and not a future POTUS.

  266. Rurik says:
    @Patrick McNally

    Trump had been critical of the Iraq war because it wasn’t good enough for Israel since everyone knew that Iran was more of a menace to Israel than Iraq.

    I don’t believe there’s any evidence for that.

    No one can know what’s in Trump’s heart, but I’ve seen him speak in blistering condemnation of the war on Iraq, as stupid and a catastrophe and a waste of trillions.

    If he wanted a war on Iran, then all he’d of had to do was simply unleash the chicken-hawk dogs that were yanking at their chains to send in others to die in such a war.

    He’d have greased green lights all the way. The Senate and House and media would have all heralded him as a great president and great American!

    He would have been guaranteed a second term, if only he’d had bombed Iran into the stone age.

    But I can’t help suspecting that if Trump had been better received by the media in 2016 then he might have worked his way up to an attack on Iran.

    You seem like you’re sincere, but your political antenna isn’t just broken, it’s missing altogether.

    There was massive pressure on Trump to attack Iran. From every angle. The ((Senate)), the ((House)), the ((media)), ((Big Tech)), MIC, Cuckservative Inc. He could have been bestest buddies with Mitt and the Bush crime family and even blubber-arse Billy Kristol!

    Sheldon’s millions would have gushed into the slop trough like a fire hose.

    It must have required heroic resistance on Trump’s part to resist all that pressure.

    Just as Trump can sometimes be hated for a lot of things which seem like small potatoes objectively…

    My theory is that Trump was hated with an insane fury because he gave white America some shred of dignity back.

    This was what was so unforgivable to the left. Straight, white Christians, and men in particular are demonized by Hollywood and the left at every opportunity, and have been for decades. It has taken an avalanche of movies and ads and radio programs and a thousand other cuts, both small and large, to chip away at white people’s self-esteem and will to persevere. If there’s a white man on an electronic screen, they’re either effeminate losers, or stone cold evil racists. Or, of course woke FBI agents tracking down the latest ‘domestic terrorist white supremacist’.

    Trump’s triumph, even if only for four years, gave white America some shred of hope and feelings of not needing to hate themselves, and for that, they’d like to see Trump boil in excrement in hell for eternity.

    • Replies: @Patrick McNally
    , @Art
  267. @Rurik

    There were definitely neocons like Kristol and McCain who wanted an imminent attack on Iran. But the types of people you see associated with Antifa and Black Lies Matter would have been screeching “white racist” the whole time if he had done anything like what the neocons wanted. No, for Trump the options were bound by the need to make sure that the economy went well enough that he could quiet enough complaints for enough quarters.

    You seem to be making the error of oversimplifying things with the view that there was one block against Trump acting out of a common motive. In fact there were rabid differences among different types of anti-Trumpers and they did not all pull in the same direction. That itself was reflected in the final candidate Joe Biden, a man who could not be more or less intellectually offensive to any faction because his brain was vegetable.

    • Replies: @Rurik
  268. @zundel

    Seems likely a grifter would see it that way.

  269. Art says:

    No one can know what’s in Trump’s heart, but I’ve seen him speak in blistering condemnation of the war on Iraq, as stupid and a catastrophe and a waste of trillions.

    Never ever take what Trump says at face value.

    Trump always says what he thinks is politically expedient. Whatever he says may be honest, it may be true, and it may be beneficial to others – but what he says, always benefits him personally at that moment.

    The last thing America needs is four more years of Trump. He is a crazy maker, his character invites discord. Someone else will do better. He is not the only choice for the populist middle class.

    We must find an authentic populist, that attracts a wide spectrum of Americans.

    p.s. When you get Trump are you really getting Kushner?

    • Replies: @Rurik
  270. geokat62 says:

    Telegram comment posted by Eric Striker:

    The idea that Trump had no idea the DoJ and FBI were loading the 1/6 crowd with informants and provocateurs is totally baseless and absurd.

    Would Trump make a deal with the Dept of Justice to lure his followers to the Capitol on 1/6 in exchange for prosecutorial immunity after leaving office? Absolutely and without hesitation.

    Out of all the Stop the Steal organizers, Trump himself glows the brightest.

  271. Rurik says:
    @Patrick McNally

    Kristol and McCain who wanted an imminent attack on Iran. But the types of people you see associated with Antifa and Black Lies Matter would have been screeching “white racist” the whole time if he had done anything like what the neocons wanted.


    BLM and Antifa and SPLC and ADL and CNN and the Democrat party and the entire length and breadth of progressive liberalism don’t give a flying fuck about the people of Iraq or Libya or Iran or Palestine or Syria…

    All they care about is their visceral hatred for whitey. And working class American Christian, straight, gun-owning, truck-driving, Confederate flag on the bumper, white men in particular.

    When’s the last time you saw a BLM or Antifa person protest any of the illegal wars based on lies, that have slaughtered untold hundreds of thousands of brown people in the Middle East, eh?


    You see they’ve all made a calculated devil’s bargain. They all know the wars are being fought to benefit Jewish supremacists, at the direct expense of Muslims and the American soldiers of all races that are fighting them. But they also know that Jewish supremacists are their most important ally in their hatred and war against whitey. So they’re all perfectly willing to overlook the misery and murder of Muslims in far away lands, so long as they can all collectively work to fuck over whitey domestically.

    You seem to be making the error of oversimplifying things with the view that there was one block against Trump acting out of a common motive.

    Yes. Hatred for whitey. Insane rage at Trump for pointing out that not all immigrants are wonderful people. Some are rapists and thugs. But for Trump to use that kind of language, is anathema to decades of anti-white hatred and propaganda. Non-whites are always innocent and victims. Whites are always guilty and racist.


    Any deviation from that mantra is utterly unacceptable to the ruling elites and their armies of brain dead shitlibs and minorities all agitating for their own ethnic or cultural societal advantage.

    In fact there were rabid differences among different types of anti-Trumpers and they did not all pull in the same direction.

    All those so-called differences would have been set aside if Trump would have simply bombed Iran.

    He could have even said complimentary things about whitey, so long as he was sending their sons over to Iran to kill and die in a war to bolster Israel.

    Just look at how the voices were all unanimous when Trump bombed Syria.


    The only one who doesn’t seem to have gotten the memo is Ilhan Omar, who insists on mentioning Palestine and Gaza.

    But they’ll explain it to her.

    ‘You hate white men’s guts don’t you?’


    You want them all castrated (at least metaphorically for now) and you’d like Somali Muslims to be able to invade and steal everything they have, right?’

    ‘Fuck Yes!’

    ‘Then do yourself and your people a favor honey, and lay off of Palestine. Because Palestine and Muslim nations in the Middle East are ((our)) price for destroying white civilization and handing it over to people like you.’

    My prediction is that Omar will eventually figure it all out, and stop harping on the murder, oppression and genocide in places like Gaza.

    • Replies: @Patrick McNally
  272. Skeptikal says:
    @Robert Bruce

    Someone can be a horn dog and like grabbing pussy without falling into Epstein’s jail bait traps.

    Trump qua president was stupid in a lot of ways.

    But as a NYC real estate developer I expect he was smart in a lot of ways, including the “ways” of Jews.

    Pity his daughter married one.

    A powerful one, with more powerful ones behind him.

    Agree that Kushner looks like a Borg (not sure what that is, but I reckon it is not human).

    I also expect that Kushner has had as much plastic surgery as Ivanka.

    Hence the Jewish Ken Doll “latex” look.

  273. Rurik says:

    The last thing America needs is four more years of Trump. He is a crazy maker, his character invites discord. Someone else will do better.

    there’s something curious about human nature that seems hardwired

    If a person says that he prefers B over A, then to a lot of people, that MUST mean, that he LOVES! B.

    When in fact he may hate B. But because he hates B less than he hates A, well then that automatically means that he loves! B

    why don’t you pick C?, they may ask.

    Well, because C isn’t one of the choices, it’s either A or B, the person may point out.

    But to a lot of people, such logic is irrelevant.

    I may want a ticket like Rand Paul and Tulsi Gabbard. At least it’d be a thousand times better than Trump or Harris.

    But if the choice is between Trump vs. Harris, and I’d prefer Trump, then everyone is going to screech ‘why do you love Trump so much?!


    [off for a few days]

    • Replies: @Art
  274. @mcohen

    trump is a good bloke… he will be reelected 2024

    This is a point I am struggling to understand – let alone accept – from anyone who pushes it.

    Since we now know that:

    a) the Democrat scum (and their friends in the shadows) stole the 2020 election with a corrupt, senile cretin and a Black imbecile who together never even gained “normal” opposition turnouts at their own election rallies, AND…

    b) the steal has never been adequately analysed, documented, pursued, prosecuted or over-turned by any authority, even by those with most to gain from such process, AND…

    c) there is now clearly no prospect whatever that the election can be negated, over-turned or re-run 7 months on, therefore a corrupted and false result now stands for all history to see…

    … therefore there is no realistic possibility whatever that the next “Election” result will be any different – as they have successfully stolen AND held the result unopposed and unpunished. Emboldened and much more confident, they will do exactly the same in 2024 as they did in 2020, no matter who either of the candidates are at that time.

    In other words, the precedent of victory by open fraud ensures there will now NEVER be another Republican government in the USA – whether Trump is a “good bloke” or not. What part of “never again” do you not understand ?

    They have won – by unopposed and colossal nationwide corruption and obvious cover-up. Now, if America is ever to be re-claimed, all you have left is open rebellion, and probably civil war, as you are cut down in your thousands by your own bought-and-brainwashed “National Guard”.

    Good luck.

    • Replies: @geokat62
  275. @Ralph B. Seymour

    You’re late!

    Check #194

    Thanks for the thought.

  276. geokat62 says:
    @Dave Bowman

    What part of “never again” do you not understand ?

    So true! For some strange reason, there are people who still think we have a choice. They don’t realize that it’s a selection and not an election.

  277. @Dr. Charles Fhandrich

    Pelosi, Schumer and Co. think Jan.6 was an insurrection? Too funny.

    Not funny. Funny is watching them twitch at the end of ropes.

    • Replies: @Dr. Charles Fhandrich
  278. In case we have forgotten, when Trump’s 6 casinos and family company went bust in the 90s, it was Wilbur Ross acting as a frontman for the Rothschilds that put together a group of Jewish investors that bailed Trump out.

    Trump has \$400M+ of personal debt and \$1B+ of debt on his family properties which are estimated to be abt \$2B. So far he has been paying only very low interest on those loans with no capital repayment.

    Add to all his claims for deductions by overinflating his gifts/donations, under-declaring his income, abusing his charities, he enjoys a luxurious life funded by his financial crimes and tax crimes. Not a single average investor who has put money into a Trump venture has ever made money from it. It is all used up in luxury expenses for Trump, or lost thru idiotically bad management.

    The brand “Trump” means “losses” for investors. His listed company DJT went bust, all its investors lost everything, but lots of the invested money went to expenses for Trump. Also all his pathetic ventures, Trump Univ, Trump steaks, Trump this and that, all losses and losses.

    To reiterate– he enjoys the income on his family properties while only paying very low rates on their mortgages, and the properties are owned by the banks and Jewish funds that hold his debt. They basically own his ass, because they own his properties.

    That will very probably change since his family company is now charged with various financial crimes with more to come. The banks won’t roll over his cheap loans, esp if he no longer has influence or power. They’ll just take his properties or force-sell them.

    He will probably end up having to force-sell his Trump Tower or his Avenue of Americas/555California assets to settle the debts once the banks refuse to roll over his loans.

    Although that poisonous toad Jared has an influence on him, IMO it is mainly thru his loans, that Jewish interests control Trump and own his ass.

  279. Art says:

    But if the choice is between Trump vs. Harris, and I’d prefer Trump

    Me too!

  280. @Rurik

    Here is an illustration of how BLM relates to Israel:

    The fact that I can agree with some very select statements put out by BLM does not mean that I in any way support them. But the issues are more wrinkled than your making it out to be. I have to return again to the fact that what appeared as Trump Derangement Syndrome was really Obama-AIPAC Schizophrenia. No President since John Kennedy had had such a sharp conflict with the Israel lobby as Barack Obama did. When Trump came into office it was a great relief for Netanyahu. However this triggered the explosion of Obama-AIPAC Schizophrenia among the Jewish populace of the US and even of the West at large. Most US Jews had for decades held 2 contradictory thoughts in their brains:

    “We must do all we can to help Israel!”

    “Jews and blacks are natural allies against white racism!”

    In 1968 it was easy to reconcile the 2 thoughts. As the decades went on there were signs of stress. But when Obama became President that stress started to enflame. Obama’s terms in office were heavily dominated by his resistance to demands from AIPAC, JINSA et al for a war on Iran. When Obama was eventually replaced by a white Republican who loved the Likud then this was too much for most US Jews to take. Their internal programming told them that the black Democratic President must have been better for Jews and Israel than the white Republican. Any evidence to the contrary must simply be proof of the most nefarious neonazi plot imaginable. To admit otherwise would explode their whole internal world.

  281. I just don’t get why anyone would expect not to be critiqued . That’s almost too bizarre to consider. Christians get criticized, Muslims get criticized, Mormons, Hindus, Buddhists, moaists, communists, capitalists, — I would need some rationale to justify the exception of Jewish protection from criticism

    I would like o see that works

    Blacks have been criticized from day one . . . native american . . .

    It makes no sense.

    So a Jewish commented can bast away at others and the others must sit silently. Laughing . . .

    Even Jesus would get the boot.

  282. @RoatanBill

    Maybe you missed this………..

    I was always confused by the HIV- AIDS story. It turns out that Tony Fauci fabricated the whole thing by telling a huge lie, which was that the common HIV virus caused AIDS.

    Ultimately, 0.5 Trillion tax dollars were wasted on it.

    • Replies: @Mevashir
    , @RoatanBill
  283. @Mevashir

    [Trump’s ] a faggot like his redbaiting faggot kike lawyer Roy Cohn


    “Grab ’em by the pussy”…

    “I’m a man who loves women”…

    Stormy Daniels’ photos…

    etc… etc…

    Not to mention his extremely …err.. “odd” long-term behaviours around pin-up daughter Ivanka, often caught on both cam and mike…

    Trump is many things – but I’d lay hard cash that a bender he most certainly is not, and has never been.

    Fyi… Cohn’s not a queer either. He’s just a demon in (quasi-) human form – probably conjured up at a Passover black mass.

  284. Mevashir says:

    You might be right. I suppose I will have to send Trump a letter of apology.

    A person I know who’s a former Intel expert says that Trump’s attitude to women is one of aggression and contempt. He said this often is the behavior of a homosexual who is forced to act like a heterosexual.

    Are you sure about Cohn? Was he ever seen with a female partner? Or was he simply asexual?

  285. @Ralph B. Seymour

    Thank You very much for this reference.

    The people explaining the testing fraud were the most interesting. It was only at the end that the connection to Covid was made, but I kept thinking of the similarity between what these people were saying about AIDS and what we currently experience with all the Covid nonsense throughout the video. The reference to the RNA mechanism was also helpful in connecting the dots.

    When some people claim that the p(l)andemic is a eugenics program, after viewing this video they’re probably correct.

    It also reminds me of the climate nonsense. The number of proxies used to draw conclusion is the same mechanism used for all the AIDS and Covid testing. I want to see the electron microscope and DNA analysis that proved to all the people in the field that they aren’t just bullshiting us.

    I don’t take aspirin and I’m certainly not taking a shot of some concoction being vouched for by Fauci.

    • Replies: @Ralph B. Seymour
  286. Anonymous[170] • Disclaimer says:

    Trump is an adult male, and if Kushner is “controlling him” it’s because Trump is letting him do this.


    Also, Western men are adult males. If feminists freely ream boys, dissolve marriages, ruin men’s lives with false allegations, and attack all things male with impunity…it’s because men let them.

  287. @Dave Bowman

    Yes. I actually think I would buy and open a bottle of campaign to celebrate the victory that actual American citizens would be getting with the just punishment of these criminals and I don’t even like campaign.

  288. @AReply

    Trevor Lynch, please review Zardoz

    Never mind. I’ll do it to save him the trouble.

    Zardoz was shit.

    You’re welcome.

  289. bayviking says:

    The minute you hear this, “after the FBI organized a fake riot at the Capitol on January 6”, you know you are listening to another lying Rethuglican,attempting to rewrite actual historical events. The author discredits himself.

    The orange sloth had been claiming he really won, because he doesn’t want to be remembered as a loser. Over the years Trump and Murdoch have demonstrated if you repeat a lie often enough many gullible fools will believe it.

    But as Lincoln said once, “you can fool all of the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time… and so the master con-artist lost, but he will never admit defeat, because he knows he can always fool some of the people all of the time.

    Trump loyalists from all over the country gathered at their own personal expense in DC to stage a protest on the day Biden’s victory was supposed to be certified. This date was selected and organized specifically because it was the date Biden’s victory was to be certified. Many Republican elected representatives of the 1% helped to organize the event, so that enough people would be available at the same time to storm the Capital. That is the true history of the American Empire in decline with millions of clueless angry people being systematically misdirected. But in decline only because the policies in place permit the 1% to acru wealth faster than ever, before the shit hits the fan.

  290. Bans and other forms of thought control are predicated on hate speech, a tactic copied from the bowels of the Talmud. This wretched, fraudulent concept of hate speech has infiltrated all of society. Anyone who accepts the idea of hate speech is either an idiot or a disingenuous leftist, all of whom do the bidding of the tikkun olam tribe. The concept of hate speech assumes you’re able to know someone’s inner motivations, then gives legal permission to criminalize them. But if you think you can know someone’s emotions or thoughts, then they can turn around and pretend they know the same about yours. The entire legal concept is anti-American. It was devised by the tribe as a preemptive weapon against their enemies. It provides a perfect excuse for double standards, depending on who’s in power. When they charge you with hate speech, it’s impossible to disprove. The system arbitrarily defines what is or is not evidence, based on non-physical, unverifiable personal attributes. It’s an abomination, a regression into a brutal historical past.

    People who blithely state, “I’m for free speech except …” haven’t a clue as to what free speech actually is, nor do they understand its underlying motivations. In a marketplace of free ideas, any idea can and will be met by opposing ideas, with the assumption that people with responsibility for their personal feelings then have the wherewithal to inform themselves and judge accordingly. Speech that is truly free can’t exist with exceptions, meaning that none of it can be censored, nor threatened by potential physical retribution. Leftists are well aware of all this, but to counter it, they devised yet another sly precept that speech is somehow equivalent to physical action. The only way leftists can support such an absurd claim is by making illogical chains of indirect associations and false equivalences. Their so-called reasoning is absolutely fraudulent, but nobody has ever called them out on it. If conservatives hadn’t been so stupid, they would have fought with all their strength to stop it. Now it’s too late, hate speech is enshrined as legal precedent within a justice system that is thoroughly corrupt.

  291. @Priss Factor

    The flag has many meanings and is both despised by Globohomo and beloved by patriots.

    Berry is just another narcissist seeking her 15 minutes. Her complaints are echoed by (((fake news))) around the clock.

  292. anon[582] • Disclaimer says:

    “Three Republican House members are calling on the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to investigate dubious connections between the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement (BDS) and terrorism.

    Last month Rep. Tim Burchett (R-TN) led a letter, cosigned by Rep. Greg Steube (R-FL) and Maria Salazar (R-FL), that was sent to FBI’s Counterterrorism Division. It claims that there are “serious concerns” that Americans who donate to BDS-affiliated organizations might be financing terrorist groups.
    Then they went for some changes to the nearest AIPAC office – service rendered before any payment . Hope they get paid and not betrayed like Trump was .
    1 Tuesday night at a campaign rally in North Carolina, President Trump told an approving audience, “The fact is, we don’t have to be in the Middle East, other than we want to protect Israel. We’ve been very good to Israel.”  

    2 Gérard Araud (French Ambassador to USA) talking to YARA BAYOUMY is (a former senior editor at The Atlantic).
    Araud: Exactly, but if need be, he may do it. Once Trump told Macron, “I have given everything to the Israelis; the Israelis will have to give me something.” He is more popular than [Benjamin] Netanyahu in Israel, so the Israelis trust him. That’s the first bet, Kushner told me.

  293. @Mike Tre

    And both of Biden’s sons. In fact, Hunter cuckolded his dying brother by porking the latter’s Jewish harpy.

  294. Stop reporting on the degenerate MTF transexual piece of shit aka Donald J Trump. He is absolute human filth and a traitor to the American people.
    Ignore him,his family and all the Qtards.
    They are irrelevant.

    • Replies: @Truth
  295. @Trinity

    Trump is filth. He betrayed everyone white, ie. The real America.
    I called this in 2018: the Great Betrayer.

    We need to control the land. If we own the food supply, we own it.
    This is flipping the script on these Bolshevik Vermin who ALWAYS use famine as a weapon.
    Fuck Biden, Gates, the Kikes and all the Vermin: this country is ours. Time for US to take it back.
    The Kike filth either leave or get put on trial for War Crimes.
    Enough fuckin’ around.

  296. Truth says:

    I think you mean FTM, but I’m glad someone is learning…

  297. @Iris

    You really believe the network went away?

    You really believe it was only 3 decades?

    You really believe Epstein WAS the network?

  298. @Truth

    Correct. Thank you.

    Yes. They are incapable of any level of honesty, ie. The Establishment class of filth.

  299. snag says:

    What I’m trying to say is that in 2.5 years (910 days) the Germans would have to kill and cremate twice as many Jews a day than Nike is suggesting, that means more than 1200 people a day…

    Cremate where, in those few primitive wood burning ovens ???

  300. bayviking says:

    Scientific American retracted pro-Palestine article lacking any factual errors because Jewish outrage (aka ADL) against the esteemed journal’s opinion piece expressing solidarity with Palestinians under Israeli bombardment.

  301. @Steve Naidamast

    “As we know, everything that went wrong in the Trump Administration can ultimately be traced back to the Jew-Democrat infiltrator and subverter Jared Kushner.”

    Oh right! Like the Orange Moron was a bleeding genius.

    Good god, how do people come up with such crap!

    If the Orange Moron was NOT a moron (& self-declared “best friend Israel ever had”) he would never have enabled (((President Kushner))) in the first place.

    (Having just perused your Commenting History, I must admit you are a more skillful hasbara troll than most.)

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